Geoconcept TourSolver: the simple tool for optimized routes!



Geoconcept TourSolver: the simple tool for optimized routes!
Geoconcept TourSolver: the simple tool
for optimized routes!
Geoconcept TourSolver is the ideal solution to calculate optimized route
schedules. Easy to implement, Geoconcept TourSolver offers a complete
tool with a fast return on investment to planners and logistics coordinators.
Data management, resources location, constraints setting, geographic display
and analysis...:
Geoconcept TourSolver, an all-in-one solution,
the efficiency at all levels!
Suitable for all sizes of fleet, Geoconcept TourSolver is THE optimization
easy to use
user-friendly interface,
quick start
integrated GIS features:
cartographic display...
Delivery drivers, technicians and sales forces will
never arrive late – customer satisfaction will soar!
business, visits and
human resources-related
reduction in mileage
and associated costs,
greater productivity
Geoconcept TourSolver, geoptimization made simple.
Define relevant, realistic and profitable routes in few clicks!
user-friendly wizards
fast assessment
of optimization gains
import of data
and geocoding
by drag and drop
10 to 30% recognized
productivity gains
accurate and high
quality map data,
worldwide coverage
assisted configuration
of constraints
manually adjusting
a route
management of several
profiles of vehicles
route display,
export and sharing (xls,
pdf, word, gpx...)
Go further with geo-optimization
Geoconcept TourSolver is a scalable solution which perfectly communicates with the Geographic Information System of Geoconcept. The user can then simply access
advanced geo-optimization features, such as districting and search around (e.g. optimized assignment of resources or definition of delivery areas), or siting simulation
to efficiently develop networks (stores, warehouses, agencies...).
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