Benefits one pager - Private Fleet Info



Benefits one pager - Private Fleet Info
Who is the ttsao?
The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario is a collection of
Professional Truck Driver Training Schools committed to providing
the trucking industry with the highest quality driver training
programs for entry-level individuals.
The TTSAO Carrier Group, the newest sub-division of the TTSAO,
provides the only forum for carriers to exert influence over training
curriculum to help ensure their business needs are being met.
Associate Members are comprised of various industry suppliers
including Employers, Associations, Insurance and other Stakeholders.
The TTSAO Board of Directors retains representation of Schools,
Insurance, Private Fleets and For-Hire Carriers. This allows balance
between industry needs and public safety by helping ensure
the delivery of best-practice training.
What’s in it for me?
The Chairman and Board of Directors actively work with governing
bodies and industry partners on issues affecting its members.
For more information on joining, Phone:
TTSAO Student Financing
Schools: access more students for training*
Employers: more students in training means
more qualified drivers for the industry
Schools: TTSAO is an approved
provider for Transcript Storage*
Companies: online document storage
1-866-475-9436 or Email: [email protected]
Network of Professional
Truck Driver Training
Schools across Ontario
Schools: tap into a support system of
like-minded business owners
Employers: tap into a system of
quality graduates
TTSAO Annual Directory
-Featured in the
Private Motor Carrier magazine Nationwide distribution
30% Discount on
MTO books*
Insurance Eligibility
Schools: recognized training for students*
Employers: well-trained graduates
Social Media
-Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
-Monthly Newsletters with
Featured Member
-Weekly Website Updates
Networking Opportunities
-Functions and Monthly Meetings
with Accredited Schools and Associate
Members, including employers and
industry suppliers
*applies to Accredited School Members only
MTO Recognized Authority
for Air Brake
-MTO approved Air Brake Course
-Qualified Signing Authorities in locations
across Ontario
Group Health &
Dental Benefits
TTSAO Carrier Group
Schools: access quality employers
for your graduates
Employers: help improve education
(Making Eligibility Easier)
Schools: a repository for your student
information and access to services for
Employers: help in qualifying drivers
Uniform AZ Program
Need we say more?