The Perpetual Light



The Perpetual Light
The Perpetual Light
Presented to graduates, friends and supporters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
A Matter of Principal
By Bill Kovacich
In the past six months, people just like you--alumni, parents and friends of Our Lady of Perpetual
Help School--have already saved seven of our suddenly needy families from leaving the school.
Most of our students are children from two-parent families with zero or one sibling. I am aware of
four such families whose parents have lost their jobs in the past ten months. Added to this are three
single-parent families who have either faced job cut-backs or have totally lost employment. This
makes seven families (eleven students) whom we were able to help through the Mahoney Family
or the 75th Diamond Scholarship programs. None of these families received more than $450, yet
it was enough to keep them in school until they were able to recover on their own.
Our annual budget is well over a million dollars, and we have had to increase our tuition
for 2010-11 to $4,840 for a single student, which is usually paid on a 10-month program, or $484
per month. Long gone are the days of $5 and $10 a month tuition. Fees alone today are far in excess of what parents
used to pay for a whole year of education.
With this issue of “The Perpetual Light,” we are kicking off a new program which we hope will provide
emergency aid to even more families. We call it our “Adopt a Student” program. The funds received through this
program will be distributed to families who are able to pay the bulk of their tuition, but need just a little help to make
ends meet. When you make a donation, whether for a day, a week, a month or a quarter of tuition, we will communicate
to you the background of the family you are helping. With your permission, we will also inform the recipient of your
name so that the student will be aware of your generosity. Below this article is a form which provides you with details
of the “Adopt a Student” Program. Please help us to save another family with your donation.
YES! I would like to adopt an OLPH student by donating the following:
____ I consent to giving my name to student
______Adopt a student for one day ~ $27
______Adopt a student for one week ~ $134
______Adopt a student for one month ~ $484
______Adopt a student for 3 months ~ $1,452
Name_________________________________________________ Grad Year___________________________
Address________________________________________________ City/Zip____________________________
Phone Number_________________________________ E-Mail_______________________________________
Please make your check payable to “OLPH DEVELOPMENT” and mail to:
OLPH DEVELOPMENT 80 Wellington Avenue Daly City, CA 94014
Volume 6, Number 2 U SUMMER 2010
OLPH Alumni
Open House & Mass
The annual Alumni Open House has
managed to bring out a few new faces
each year. After signing in, Alums are
given a comprehensive tour of the school by
current OLPH students. The day finishes
up with a Celebration of the Eucharist
in the newly-remodeled OLPH Church,
in which several graduates participate.
This year, thank you’s go out to Tony
Bayudan ’82 for performing the readings and to Shirley Derham ’55 Green,
Joanna McCarthy ’56 Gernetzke and
Noly de la Cruz ’82 for participating in
the Offertory procession.
Also attending the event this year
were: Jeraldine Dispo ’96, Rich Rider
’57, Betty Rider ’60, Dennis Pustelnik
’69, Alyssa Nunez ’08, Ron Rose ’55,
Carolyn Rose ’58, Dorothy Russi ’60
Stubblefield, Eric Baarde ’83, Adora
Gonzales ’81, George Ambrosio ’56,
Mark Stanley ’74 and Michelle Correa
’77 Nunez.
Alums at 2010 Open House: (l-r) Ron Rose ’55, Shirley Derham ’55
Green, Dorothy Russi ’60 Stubblefield, Carolyn Rose ’58, Joanna
McCarthy ’56 Gernetzke and Ed Mahoney ‘61
OLPH ICON RETIRES Celebrating 32 years of teaching
at OLPH, Mary Lucett is joined by fellow OLPH retirees
Betty O’Connor (31 years)and Mother of 2 OLPH grads
and Rhody Sutherland ‘43 Valente (25 years employed at
OLPH, as well as Alumna and Mother of 4 OLPH grads).
Bay Area Elementary
Development Directors
Our Lady of Mercy School ~ Wednesday, May 5, 2010
(l-r, seated): Alice Lawrie (St. Gabriel’s), Marie Driscoll
(SAIC and St. James), Virginia Simon (Holy Angels).
(Standing): Marie Ferdon (St. Vincent de Paul), Jean
Anderson (OLM), Suzanne McCarthy (St. Brendan’s),
Margaret Purcell-Brisken (IHM), Ed Mahoney (OLPH),
Lily Angelopolis (St. Cecilia’s). (Unable to attend): Patty
Cavagnaro (ICA), Elizabeth Garvin (ICA), Alicia Carley
(Good Shepherd), Marietta Dalton (Good Shepherd),
Michelle Conci (Our Lady of Mr. Carmel), Sr. Marian Rose
Power (St. Peter’s), Rosemary Steubing (St. Timothy’s),
Dan Kelly (Our Lady of Loreto)
Page 2 U SUMMER 2010
Mr. Andrew Ferrari, Patriarch of the Ferrari Family and owner of ASF Electric in
Daly City, is the winner of the 2010 OLPH Community Service award. The award
was presented to Mr. Ferrari during the OLPH 8th Grade Graduation and Awards
Ceremony held in OLPH Church on Friday, May 28th. Andy’s entire family was
present to witness his acceptance of the award. The following letter was sent to
Mr. Ferrari, prior to receiving his award:
Dear Mr. Ferrari,
On behalf of the OLPH Awards Selection Committee, the Administration,
Faculty, Staff and Students of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, I would like
to notify you of our decision to present you with the 2010 OLPH Community
Service Award. Congratulations on being chosen to receive the most prestigious
award that can be given to an Our Lady of Perpetual Help Supporter.
Your devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help School began in the 1960’s
when you and your wife, Mary Louise, decided to send your first child, Cathy, Andrew Ferrari after receiving the 2010
Community Service Award with OLPH
to OLPH School. Cathy was followed by Jayne, John and Caren, all of whom
Pastor Father Antonio Petilla and OLPH
graduated in the 1970’s. The devotion and unselfish sacrifice that you and your Principal Bill Kovacich
wife, and your children, gave to OLPH during those years, and in the years that
followed, place you among the ranks of the staunchest and most generous supporters of our school.
When Louise passed away in 2007, you and your children generously encouraged friends and family to donate to
OLPH, in lieu of flowers, in her memory. The funds generated by that noble gesture provided the means to purchase display
cases for Alumni Hall, which today enshrine trophies and memorabilia of past athletic and academic achievements of OLPH
THE FERRARI FAMILY - John ‘76 and Natalie, students. These donations also established the FERRARI FAMILY
Caren ‘78 and Scott Severi, Andy, Cathy ‘70 and Steve BUILDING FUND which is used for repairs and general upkeep of
the school property. The Ferrari Family Fund relies upon donations
Lagomarsino, Jayne ‘72 and Jim Ferrari
from OLPH Alumni and Ferrari family and friends for its continued
During the Easter vacation of 2007, you brought in a
team of top-notch electricians and completely replaced all of the
outdated incandescent lighting with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs
and ballasts, for which you refused to take any kind of payment from
us at all. Not only was that donation of time and materials huge in
and of itself, but the long-range savings in energy costs to OLPH
every year continue to allow us funds saved to be used for other
You and your family continue to support OLPH in many ways,
including participation in the annual auction/dinner fundraiser, the
Alumni Open House, the 75th-Anniversary Diamond Donor Program and every other opportunity that you have had to give
back to Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. It is with heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation that this much-deserved
award is being presented to you.
Ed Mahoney
Director of OLPH Development
Please make your donation to the
by sending your check for any amount to:
OLPH Development
80 Wellington Avenue, Daly City, CA 94014
The Ferrari Family will receive notification of all donations to the fund.
Page 3 U SUMMER 2010
“Night in LAS VEGAS” Breaks Fundraising Records!
This year the pressure was really on for the annual OLPH fundraiser. As of the deadline date of February
26th, only 96 people had reserved places at the 6th annual OLPH Auction/Dinner, “Night in Las Vegas.” With a
concerted push, and some last-minute phone calls, the attendance jumped to 168, and the profits after all was said
and done amounted to over $18,000—establishing a 6-year record!
An impressive collection of oral and silent auction prizes, all donated by OLPH alumni, parents, faculty,
staff and friends of OLPH produced a sizeable donation to the Technology Department of Our Lady of Perpetual
Help School. While the house was not packed, it was indeed filled with hearty and generous bidders, as every one
of the Oral Auction prizes exceeded the values ascribed to them. The Silent Auction prizes, under the direction of
VP Sheila Ortega, also produced a tidy overall return.
Just prior to the auction, a surprise BINGO game ensued, utilizing all of the old familiar tools--the pingpong ball aerated selector, the lighted number board, even the cardboard “slider” BINGO cards, many of which
are permanently inscribed with the names of OLPH students from the early days. The luxurious prize, a 2/3-carat
diamond donated by Yadegar Diamonds and Fine Jewelry and arranged by former teacher Venus Cenizal, raised a
cool $1,400, all of which goes directly into the OLPH Technology Fund.
“Dino” (in the person of Matt Helm) was on hand to croon and swoon the diners, who were treated to a
delicious, and generous, served buffet from Lidia’s Italian Delicacies of South SF. The mood of a Las Vegas Casino
was re-created by the delightful decorations put together by teachers Sandee Chan, Terry Keller and Jaime Stella.
Overall support from the rest of the faculty and staff, as well as on-the-spot assistance from Parent Club coPresidents Jillian Ramos-Perez and Hanh Koh, and their team of able and affable OLPH Parents (not to forget our
OLPH Student Greeters) made for an extremely pleasant and rewarding evening for all.
• Al Menicucci ’45 • Lanty Molloy ’47 • Don Rode ’49 • Patsy Curley ’48 Craviotto • Janet Cirimele ’51
Bosma • Bob Brugioni ’53 • Frank Cirimele ’51 • Joyce Webb ’52 Dineen • Bob DeGroot ’58 • Roger Gordon ’51
• Terry Irwin ’58 • John Mahoney ’56 • Marianne Petroni ’52 • Rich Rider ’57 • Mike Ryan ’53 • Sheila Sullivan
’51 Castagnetto • Mike Stanley ’58 • Betty Rider ’60 • John Shea ’65 • Linda Kleinheinz ’65 Shea • Mike Shea
’61 • Judy Pearlman ’61 Shelver • Alan Stanley ’63 • Larry Murray ’65 • Richard Murray ‘67 • Marianne Lewis ’61
Hill • Kathy Harrison ’64 Duffy • Dona Pesino ’61 Edlund • Judie Crudo ’64 • John Ciernick ’64 • Denise Parodi
’65 Allen • Noelle Clark ’64 Bianchi • Diana Donati ’60 • Barbara Senkir ’64 Hall • Ed Mahoney ’61 • Madalyn
Tremaroli ’60 Fitzpatrick • Jim McGuire ’65 • Dennis Pardini ’60 • Mike Parodi ’63 • Gerry Nolan ’61 • Dennis
Pustelnik ’69 • John Quezada ’61 • Michelle Correa ’77 Nunez • Ben Parodi ’74• William Murray ’78 • Jayne
Ferrari ’72 • David Correa ’80
BINGO!! Marianne Petroni ‘52 wins the Diamond!
Class of ‘64
Page 4 U SUMMER 2010
Class of ‘65
Class of ‘61
“Dino” and Class of 1951
Big Bidders!
Carol and Rich Rider ‘57
Entertainer and
Auctioneer collaborate
Former Principal Jim Costello and teachers Venus Cenizal
and Mily Lam Cuenco party together.
Page 5 U SUMMER 2010
Notes from past grads...
1965 Tom Neary dropped by OLPH for a visit while back. He is a Sales Account Executive for United Site
Services, providing necessities for special events and construction sites. Tom says “Hi” to all of his Class of 1965
‘mates and swears he will make it to one of the March auction/dinners (Next one is Saturday, March 5, 2011, Tom.
See you there!).
1969 Ramona Murray Prieto, a Yolo County resident, was appointed as the first female Assistant Commissioner
in the history of the California Highway Patrol. For over three decades, Ramona has had hands-on
experience in seven field commands and three staff operations, working her way through the
ranks from cadet to Assistant Commissioner. Early in her career, she focused on traffic
enforcement and became the first female motorcycle officer in the history of the CHP—breaking
through a 51-year tradition of male-only motorcycle enforcement.
Among her honors and awards are numerous CHP Division Commander’s Commendations, the
Women Peace Officers’ Association of California Award for Professional Achievement, as well
as the Los Angeles Police Dept. Special Operations Leadership Award. She is a tenured fellow in the Mountain
Valley American Leadership Forum and belongs to several professional police associations.
Ramona was born in Daly City and attended OLPH with her three brothers: Larry ’65, Richard ’67 and William
’80. Upon graduation from Mercy Burlingame, she held five part-time jobs and put herself through CCSF,
graduating with an AA degree in Administration of Justice. After joining the CHP, she continued her education,
earning a BA degree in Public Administration from UCSF and a Master’s degree in Leadership from St. Mary’s
College in Moraga. She is also a graduate of the Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command,
and received a certificate in Workers’ Compensation from UC Davis.
1978 David Baldwin - The Perpetual Light Shines in China!!
Dear Mr. Mahoney,
A brief note to say thanks for the great newsletter, and a request to be added
to your mailing list. I stumbled upon the OLPH web site and Alumni
newsletters recently, which immediately brought back a flood of warm
memories. The Baldwin family numbers four OLPH grads, and was very
active in the school & parish during the 60’s and 70’s. Regrettably, I
lost touch after leaving Daly City for college. The Giants never called
(kidding), so I pursued a career in the hospitality business, and have been
running luxury hotels in major US markets (San Francisco, New York,
Houston, LA, Miami Beach), and abroad (the Philippines, Mexico, and
currently China).
As you may imagine, when you’re so far from home it’s a real joy to David Baldwin ‘78 runs Marathon on Great
hear news and see photos of your childhood friends....the Ferrari, Martin Wall in China.
and Murray families, among many others. It’s also a pleasure to see that
OLPH is still going strong, giving Daly City kids the foundation and tools to succeed. It’s a shame to have missed
the reunions and other alumni events over the years, but I’ll keep an eye out for the newsletters in hopes of joining
you in the near future. I’ll always be grateful for the solid start I received at OLPH, and am happy to support
the good work with a donation for the scholarship campaign or other worthy need. I’ll drop a check in the mail
tomorrow, but please be patient with the China postal service!.
Best Regards,
Let Us Know What You Have Been Doing !
David Baldwin
General Manager, Sofitel Hotel, Beijing, China
Contact Ed Mahoney E-Mail: [email protected]
Mail: OLPH, 80 Wellington Avenue, Daly City, CA 94014
Page 6 U SUMMER 2010
Where Are They Now???
1980 Daphne K. McCorery is looking forward to the reunion for classes 1978 to 1981
on July 31, 2010. She just wrapped up a play she wrote, Stealing Innocence: The Human
Trafficking Monologues, in April, and is busy producing an Off-Broadway, one woman
show by Claudia Shear. Daphne lives happily in the beautiful wine country of Livermore, CA with her cat, Glamourama, dog, Lucy, and boyfriend, Jim.
1981 Adora Gonzales visited Alumni Hall after Mass at OLPH Church in January. She
had to leave OLPH early to look after her ailing Mother, but has lovely memories of
years spent at her Alma Mater. “When we were in the auditorium, I had a flashback of the Christmas Play, Mary
and Joseph in 1st Grade. I still have the pictures.”
1988 Judy Wipf Silva came by with her son, Jake in March. After visiting with Mrs.
Lucett and touring the school, Judy dropped over to retired OLPH teacher Betty O’Connor’s
house to spend the afternoon. Judy’s sister Janice (Wipf ’84) Knight is currently living in
Tomales, CA.
2005 Dalina Trejo is a student at Canada College in Redwood City and
volunteers on Fridays at OLPH, helping out the Kindergarten teacher.
2006 Natasha Marston graduated third in her class from ICA and was
chosen to be the Commencement speaker for her class graduation.
Judy and Jake
2007 Sophia Quinlan was elected Student Body Co-President for her senior year at Immaculate
Conception Academy in San Francisco.
Dalina Trejo
OLPH ALUMNA 2011 Megan
Angeline Bonifacio shown here
with former Giant Mike Felder
has been participating in the San
Francisco Junior Giants Baseball
League since the age of 5 and is
now the proud recipient of the
Willie Mac Award. The Willie Mac
Award is named after Willie
McCovey, a retired First Baseman
for the Giants and is the Junior
Giants version of the annual award given to a Giants player by his teammates.
Megan received the award for exemplifying the 4 characteristics of a Junior
Giant, which are Teamwork, Leadership, Confidence and Integrity.
Diana Donati, graduate of the 1960 Golden Class (50
years) of OLPH, receives her honorary diploma at the
2010 OLPH Graduation ceremony.
2010 OLPH Auction Dinner Cash Raffle Winners
$1,000 Larry Tomsic
Riordan 1965/USF 1969
$500 Gabe Correa
$100 Monsignor John O’Connor
Father and Grandfather of OLPH Students
Former Pastor of St. Mary’s Cathedral, S. F.
$250 Michael Kennedy
$50 John Strebel
‘57 OLPH Alumnus
‘56 OLPH Alumnus
Page 7 U SUMMER 2010
OLPH Church
of the Cross
The Stations of the Cross in OLPH church are original paintings from, as the small label on the reverse of each
Station shows, “Czecho-Slovakia”. Before being shipped to the US, each painting was tacked onto a rough-wood
frame, and in 1925 the OLPH contractor later placed each frame into a permanent plaster mounting on the 2 side
and rear walls of the new church. The mountings were destroyed in the 1969 remodeling and more simple frames
were fabricated. In the 2009 remodeling, the original frames were again altered, and placed into new frames
fashioned in Peru. Luckily, the Stations are now mobile, making it possible and easy to take them down and see
Fr. Donohoe’s handwriting on the reverse of the old frames showing the names of each Station’s original donor.
Original 1925 Donors
First Station Mrs. Annie Beirne
Second Station Anonymous, in memory of May Michelsen
Third Station Mrs. L. Shaw, in memory of Jeremiah and Annie O’Brien
Fourth Station John Corish
Fifth Station Miss Tosi, in memory of Catherine Tosi
Names of 1925 donors are inscribed on
Sixth Station In memory of M. L. and Mary Callan
the back of the frames for each Station.
Seventh Station Anonymous, in memory of Ellen McDonald
Eighth Station Mr. & Mrs. J. Pamela
Ninth Station Given by Ferdinand Muller, in memory of Teresa, Angelina, Anna and Ferdinand Muller
Ferdinand Muller was the father of long-time parishioner John Muller, and grandfather of Dolores Muller ‘70 McCrum.
Tenth Station Mrs. John McGuinn in honor of St. Anne
The McGuinn family was the family of Sister of St. Joseph of Orange Sr. Anne McGuinn (RIP 2007).
Eleventh Station Mrs. Joseph G. Doernier “in memory of boy”
Twelfth Station E. J. & C. Ford
Thirteenth Station Mrs. Markovich.
Fourteenth Station Rob. & Elizabeth McMichael
For the past 25 years, seventh and eighth grade
students from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School,
in Daly City, have been dramatizing the Stations of
the Cross at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Each year, about
fifty students participate in this prayerful activity.
2010 Graduates Omar Larrea
and Derrick Bonilla
OLPH Students prepare for re-enactment
of Stations of the Cross on Good Friday
at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
Page 8 U SUMMER 2010
OLPH Class of 2010 Superstars
Melissa Marston, Nikki Pasamic - Recipient of the Spartan Scholar Award to Immaculate Conception Academy
Derrick Bonilla - Recipient of the Julac Scholarship to Archbishop Riordan High School
Arslan Rashid - Recipient of the Father Junipero Serra Academic Excellence Scholarship to Junipero Serra High School.
This is the highest award given at entrance
For Excellence in Religion: Noami Alvarado, Riofa-Gean Fernandez
For Excellence in Math: Giselle Marston
For Excellence in Reading: Gabrielle Sevilla
For Excellence in Language Arts Grammar: Camille Gacoscos
For Excellence in Social Studies: Joren Moreno
For Excellence in Science: Nerio Soliven
For Excellence in Language Arts Creative Writing: Melissa Marston
The High Academic Honors Award: Giselle Marston, Nikki Pasamic,
Rayann Solidum
The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Saint Award: Giselle Marston
The OLPH Drama Award Joseph Manio, Zachariah Masoli, Hope Young
The 8th Grade Effort Award: Jessica Navidad
The Technology Award: Omar Larrea
The Leadership Award: Gabrielle Sevilla
The Art Award: Riofa-Gean Fernandez, Jherlyn Sarmiento
(l-r) Dan Duggan, Angelo Nunez ‘10, Ruben Nunez,
Angelo’s Father, OLPH Pastor Father Petilla
Derrick Bonilla, Omar Larrea, Ariana Maldonado, Hope Young
Noami Alvarado, Christian Apellanes, Riofa Fernandez, Camille Gacoscos, Athena Gonzalez, Giselle Marston,
Melissa Marston, Joren Moreno, Nikki Pasamic, Bea Ramos, Arslan Rashid, Erick Reyes, Jherlyn Sarmiento,
Gabrielle Sevilla, Rayann Solidum, Nerio Soliven
for tutoring students in grades 5-8
Camille Gacoscos, Giselle Marston, Melissa Marston, Joren Moreno,
Nikki Pasamic, Arslan Rashid, Erick Reyes, Nerio Soliven
for volunteering far beyond service required
Athena Gonzalez, Giselle Marston, Melissa Marston,
Jill Millare, Nikki Pasamic, Bea Ramos,
Rayann Solidum, Hope Young
given to those for showing leadership to OLPH students
President: Joren Moreno
Vice-President: Arslan Rashid
Secretary: Gabriela Sevilla
Treasurer: Nerio Soliven
Religion Commissioner: Melissa Marston
Sergeant-At-Arms: Giselle Marston
Eighth Grade Class President: Zachariah Masoli
Page 9 U SUMMER 2010
Anna and
Dennis Pardini ‘60
Golden Class of 1960
Parodi Family
Gloria and
Don Rode ‘49
Faced with overall declining enrollment in most
Catholic elementary schools in the SF Archdiocese, an
ad campaign was kicked off in April, 2010, aimed at
recruiting students to attend OLPH. Four Bay Area schools
have closed recently, due to declining enrollment--St. Paul
of the Shipwreck, St. Emydius, Mater Dolorosa (South SF)
and, just this past month, St. Elizabeth’s.
In hopes of enlisting new students to enroll at
OLPH, ads touting the advantages of an OLPH education
have been placed in various publications. Huge posters
have also gone up in the 4 BART stations closest to the
school, for a period of 8 weeks. We need your help in offsetting the costs for this campaign. Please mail your taxdeductible check to “OLPH Development” today to help
protect the future of our beloved Alma Mater tomorrow.
Page 10 U SUMMER 2010
Recent OLPH Donors Since January 2010
Major Sponsors for March Fundraiser: Duggan’s Serra Family Mortuary ■ First National Bank of Northern California
■ Rick & Judy Cairo ■ Jack & Pat Ricci ’56 Casey ■ George Jackson Associates ■ Tita & John Mahoney ’56 ■ Lucky Chances
Casino ■ Taft Street Winery ■ Ada DePaoli ■ Linda & Ed Mahoney ’61 ■ Venus & David Cenizal ■ Yadegar Diamonds &
Fine Jewelry (SF) ■ Bill & Roxanne Kovacich
Donors of Oral Auction Items: John Ascuaga’s Nugget ■ San Jose Sharks ■ Silver Legacy ■ Larry & Kathy Carroll ’59
Nibbi ■ Carla Ticzon (OLPH Parent) ■ The Sands Foundation (Maricel Cating, OLPH Parent) ■ George Jackson ■ Bill &
Shirley Milano ’48 Allen ■ Venus & David Cenizal
Cash Donors: Al Menicucci ’45 ■ Bob & Rita O’Connell ■ Tony Spiteri ■ Kathy Burns ’59 Weatherwax ■ Charles Thone
(matching w/Wells Fargo) ■ Maureen Kennedy ’53 Moyer ■ David Gehre ’56 ■ Joanne Nunziati ’97 ■ Carol Garibaldi ’51
Hennig ■ Kathleen Schreiber ’41 Higgins ■ Brian Stanley ’65 ■ Michele Sans ’74 Smethurs ■ Larry & Betty Tomsic
■ William Ciabattari ’62 ■ Mary Lucett ■ Ed Mahoney ’61 ■ Carolyn McInerney ’52 Boers ■ David Baldwin ’78 ■ Gabe
Correa ■ Tony Spiteri ■ Monsignor John O’Connor ■ Robert Burns ’57 ■ The Ferrari Family ■ Kovacich Family ■ Gerry
Nolan ’61 ■ Marianne Lewis ’61 Hill ■ Judy Pearlman ’61 Shelver ■ Kathleen daRoza ’61 O’Rourke ■ Falcon Associates, Inc.
■ Dr. David Dempsey ’61 ■ Alex Wen
“In Kind” Donors: Marge Sarti ■ Diane Calcagno ■ Ada DePaoli ■ Janine Mignault ’70 Greenwald ■ Bruce & Terry Keller
■ Lou & Hanh Koh ■ Jillian Perez ■ Nadine Mignault ’63 Goyhenetche ■ Joan Waters ■ Gaviola Family ■ Gemma & Wilson
Glean ■ Casey & Tony Lazalde ■ Viray Family ■ Mariel Cating ■ Al & Sandee Chan ■ Jaime Stella ■ Rich & Mary Lucett
■ Sheila Ortega ■ Kerstin DeFrancis ■ Julia Dwyer ■ Hannah Flynn ■ Gorostiza Family ■ Archbishop Riordan High School
■ Mercy High School SF ■ Ramiro Raygosa ■ San Jose Sharks ■ Brian Marston Family ■ Bob Brugioni ’53 ■ Belle Glos
Winery ■ Frank Cirimele ’51 ■ Jim & Dinah Costello ■ Kim Magni ■ Betty Rider ’60 ■ S.J. Amoroso Construction ■ Susan
Lara ■ Robert & Angie Cairo ■ Linares Family ■ Kathleen daRoza ’61 O’Rourke ■ Rich Graham ’61 ■ Marina Safeway
■ Serra Bowl ■ Simply Uniforms ■ Nona’s Kitchen (Pacifica) ■ John Mahoney ’56 ■ Lisa’s Restaurant (Daly City) ■ The
Green Enchilada (Pacifica) ■ Bravo Pizza (SF) ■ Luigi’s Italian Restaurant (Pacifica) ■ Kaplan Tutoring ■ Golden Brands
(SF) ■ Mazzetti’s Bakery (Pacifica) ■ Camelot Fish and Chips (Pacifica) ■ High Tide Restaurant (Pacifica) ■ Val’s Restaurant
■ Far Niente Winery ■ Nickle and Nickle Winery ■ John & Arlene Castillo ■ John Madden ’50 ■ Masoli Family ■ Fine Arts
Museums of San Francisco
CLASS OF 1948 ~ April/May 2011
Contact Marion Elliot Oakley at (707) 425-7945 or
[email protected]
CLASS OF 1961 ~ March 5, 2011
“GOLDEN REUNION” at OLPH Auction/Dinner.
Contact Ed Mahoney at (415) 215-5441 or
[email protected]
CLASS OF 1979 ~ JULY 31, 2010
Contact Deanna Moreno at (415) 215-2581 or
[email protected]
(’78, ’80 & other years welcome!)
Class of 1948 at Nick’s Rockaway, May 5, 2010
Remember your departed loved ones in a special way
A donation of $25 or more to the Mahoney Family Fund will enter the
name of a deceased friend or family member into the OLPH Memorial
Book, present on the altar at all student masses. An acknowledgement
card will be sent to the family of the deceased. Please make your check
payable to Mahoney Family Fund and mail your donation to:
OLPH Development 80 Wellington Avenue, Daly City, CA 94014
Page 11 U SUMMER 2010
We will correct the oversight in the
winter issue of “The Perpetual Light”
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
80 Wellington Avenue
Daly City, CA 94014
Return Service Requested
San Francisco, CA
PERMIT #1734
The Perpetual Light
Father Antonio Petilla
OLPH Pastor
William Kovacich
Edward Mahoney
Development Director
Falcon Associates, Inc.
Graphics & Design
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
Mother of Dennis Pardini ‘60
Mother of Charleen ‘58 Hurton
and Maureen ‘61 Gonzales
Father of Linda Molini ‘61 Parini,
Bruce Molini ‘63
and Joan Molini ‘74 Schelstraete
Brother of Larry ‘55
on-line at
Music icon of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s
Performed for 10 summers
at the Rio Nido Ballroom