Awana Ministry
Role Descriptions
Game Director
Do you like fun and excitement? Then this role is for you! The goal of Awana® is to attract
kids so they come regularly to hear the gospel and learn God’s Word. Game Time draws
kids back to your church again and again. The Awana game director plays a key role by
planning exciting team games and encouraging an atmosphere of healthy competition,
good sportsmanship and teamwork. Game directors have three primary responsibilities:
Game directors are in charge of choosing ageappropriate games, knowing and providing clear
instructions and supporting ministry night themes
and activities. Game directors also organize,
maintain and request game equipment.
The annual AwanaGames™ regional event
is a highlight of the year for many clubs and
youth programs. Kids involved in local and
regional competition, such as Sparks-a-Rama
and AwanaGames, learn the value of healthy
competition, teamwork, self-control and discipline.
Implementing Games
During Game Time, the game director gives
instructions and facilitates each game by
communicating and demonstrating game rules.
They also maintain proper discipline and order,
stagger athletic with non-athletic games and
model good sportsmanship. Most importantly he
exhibits enthusiasm and a positive, “let’s-havefun” attitude! Simple, fast-paced games make
Game Time fun for everyone. A good rule of thumb
is to not play a game that takes longer to explain
than it does to play.
Game directors coordinate details with the
commander, program directors and local
missionaries to host the competition. They also
schedule practices and prepare teams for

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