Sister Angela is an extraordinary nun who adds a detective’s skill and keen
sense to her religious calling. She’s left a turbulent past behind her, even
serving a prison sentence where she found faith and received her call.
Marco Ferrari was the youngest, most brilliant detective in Italy. That is,
until a professional mistake cost him his budding career.
This strange couple finds themselves side by side conducting criminal
investigations in Modena, a beautiful city in the provinces where history,
stories and secrets abound.
To assist them are three charming girls that live in the boarding house at
Sister Angela’s convent:
Giulia - a computer genius who has a nine-year old daughter, Cecilia.
Exactly nine years ago Giulia had a brief, but intense, relationship with
Marco Ferrari…
Margherita - a student of anatomical pathology who shows a marked
predisposition for the examination of cadavers.
Azzurra - an irresistible fashion victim who is able to gather precious
information due to her charm.
Convent Mysteries is a detective comedy with a streak of mystery that also
conveys emotion, love and joy.
Format: Series 16 x 50’
Genre: Detective Comedy
Directed by: Francesco Vicario
Starring: Elena Sofia Ricci, Massimo Poggio, Serena Rossi,
Francesca Chillemi, Miriam Dalmazio
Year: 2011
Co-produced by: Lux Vide, Rai Fiction
Master: HD
credits not contractual
Via Luigi Settembrini 17A • 00195 Rome • Italy
tel: +39/06/36174348 • fax: +39/06/3232297 • [email protected][email protected]

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