Jan 2016 Newsletter - BGM Community School



Jan 2016 Newsletter - BGM Community School
BGM Elementary
Important Dates
January 4
Classes Resume – It will be a
Day 1 to start the semester
January 6
Early Dismissal 2:15
January 11-15
MAP testing for grades 5 & 6
January 11 – PIE mtg @ 7:00
January 13
Early Dismissal 2:15
January 18
No School (Snow Make-up
Day if needed)
January 19
iReady Testing Grades 3-4
Welcome Back to 2016!
January 2016
We hope you had a safe and enjoyable break and we are excited to start off with a great 2016
and strong finish to the 2015-2016 school year. We have a lot of mid-year district-wide
assessments coming up, so encourage your students to do his/her best. We hope all the
illnesses are past and our weather stays mild. As always, feel free to contact us with any joys,
questions, or concerns. As always, please contact me with any questions, concerns, and/or
Mary Sherwood – Principal
Kiwanis Character Counts Student of the Month
Kayden Heishman was named Sixth
Grade Kiwanis Student of the Month
for the month of December. Kayden
is the son of Tim and Angela
Heishman. Students are selected for
this honor by the elementary staff.
January 20
Early Dismissal 2:15
January 21-22
Preschool IGDI testing
January 26-29
FAST tests for grades K-3
January 27
Early Dismissal 2:15
Weather related announcements
will be available on the following
stations: KGRN 1410 AM radio
(Grinnell), KCRG Channel 9
TV(Cedar Rapids), WHO 1040
Channel 13 (Des Moines) and
KCCI Channel 8 TV (Des
Moines) Text messages, emails
and/or phone calls from the school
will also be sent to the first two
numbers listed in JMC. Call the
Elementary Office if you do not
receive these notifications so we
can update your information.
Mid-Year Testing
Mid-year district-wide assessments will be occurring during the month of January. Here are the
assessments that will be occurring during January:
January 11-15 – MAP testing in reading and math for grades 5 and 6
January 19-22 – Grades 3 and 4 will be taking iReady Assessment in reading and math–
this is similar to MAP testing, but we are hoping that it will be more diagnostic and better align to
our Ready Common Core instruction. This is a pilot to see if this is something we would like to
use in the future to replace the MAP testing.
January 21-22 – Preschoolers will be taking the IGDI tests (new state required test)
January 26-29 – Grades K-3 will complete the FAST testing for reading
We are in continuous improvement to do what is best for all students. We want to make a
reasonable balance of assessments and instruction, using materials and resources that align and
make sense for the education of our students. Please contact if you have any questions
regarding assessment results and/or instruction at BGM Elementary.
Stay Connected and Informed!
Find and like our BGM Elementary Facebook Page and check out our BGM
Elementary Website: https://sites.google.com/a/brooklyn.k12.ia.us/bgm-elementaryschool/ or click on the link on our BGM District webpage.
As colder weather approaches, please make sure that your child is dressed
appropriately. They should bring and wear hats, gloves, and warm coats. They will
also need snow pants and boots to be able to play in the snow. Please write your
child’s name on snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, and coats!!
The students will go outside for recess unless the actual temperature or wind chill is
below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
If your child cannot go out for recess, please send a doctor’s excuse stating the
reason and the dates he/she cannot go out.
BGM Character Counts!
Our Character Focus for January will be Responsibility. A great opportunity to set goals and reach those New Year’s
Resolutions! We will be starting our new Recess Tickets system. These are minor infractions that occur at recess to
help hold students accountable for showing good character and safe playground behaviors. A meeting with each grade
level occurred to explain the new system for students. We will continue to enforce the Office Referrals for reoccurring
misbehaviors and/or more severe infractions. Here is an example of the new recess tickets.
BGM Elementary Recess Tickets
Check box if
severe behavior
This section is for
Immediately send
to office.
! Fighting ! Bullying ! Intent to Injure ! Running away ! Severe Disrespect or Inappropri
ate Language ! Other ________ _____________ Student Name: ___________________
Teacher: __________________
! Unsafe equipment use ! Not speaking kindly to others ! Not following adult directions immediately ! Rough playing/not keeping hands/feet to self ! Inappropriate/disrespectful language ! Leaving assigned area ! Throwing objects ! Unsafe play ! Not lining up properly Notes:
Student Signature:
The BGM Elementary PIE (Partners in Education) will be meeting on Monday evening, January 11 at
7:00 in the Elementary Library. Everyone is welcome to come and help us make important decisions
on supporting the BGM Elementary students and staff. We have several fun events coming up that you
won’t want to miss!