high school march - Hamilton Girls` High School



high school march - Hamilton Girls` High School
“A wise woman shapes her own destiny”
The HGHS Music
Department was
privileged to have
Dame Malvina
Major come
and share her
knowledge and
experiences with
the senior music
students - pg. 21
pg. 17
Both PTR classes having been working hard this term
coming to grips with some of the theoretical components
of fitness and personal training with a specific focus on the
fundamentals of stretching - pg. 12
Six Y12 Biology classes have just completed their
first internal assessment for the year.
pg. 9
Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou
Leading into the Easter Break following a busy term, we
were really excited to receive a letter from the Minister of
Education, Hon Hekia Parata. I would like to share the first
part of her letter with our school community:
“I am writing to congratulate Hamilton Girls’ High School on the
improvement in NCEA achievement over the last two years.This
result is a direct reflection of the quality work done by the Board of
Trustees, school staff and families and whanau, who all contribute
to and support the success of your students.The NZQA provisional
results show you have significant improvement in NCEA levels
1,2 and 3 for your Maori and Pasifika students over the past two
years. I also note that their overall achievement levels were above
the national Maori and Pasifika students average for 2014. These
results speak volumes about the hard work being done by your
school, its teachers, the Board, and the students and their families
andwhanau to achieve this success.”
Hamilton Girls’ High School’s (HGHS) National Certificate in
Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 1 pass rate improved
dramatically in 2014, rising by an impressive 11.3%, from 73.1%
in 2013 to 84.4 % in 2014. In 2012, our pass rate was 67.2%.
The percentage of Maori students achieving NCEA Level 1
improved further in 2014. The pass rate increased by another
impressive 11.5%, rising from 63.2% in 2013 to 74.7% in 2014.
This represents another turnaround as the improvements
made both in 2013 and 2014 effectively ended the period of
relatively poor results which dated back to 2009.
HGHS’s overall NCEA Level 2 pass rate has increased by a
remarkable 7.4%, from 78.0% in 2013 to 85.4 % in 2014, refer
to table 9. Again, this pass rate is the highest NCEA Level 2
pass rate ever recorded at HGHS. As a result, the gap between
the national pass rate and HGHS’s pass rate has narrowed to
only 1.9% and likewise the pass rate compared to the average
Decile 6 School has also narrowed to a minuscale 0.5%. These
are very positive trends.
The percentage of Maori students achieving NCEA Level 2 has
increased by a significant 6.8% from 67.6% in 2013 to 74.4% in
HGHS’s NCEA Level 3 pass rate increased by a substantial
5.7%, from 79.4% in 2013 to 85.1 % in 2014. This is the first
time the school has enjoyed an NZQA Level 3 pass rate in the
80’s. Consequently, the school’s pass rate is now an impressive
5.7% above the national average and an even more incredible
7.7% above the average Decile 6 School. This is also the
highest positive differential against these schools that has ever
been recorded by HGHS.
The percentage of Maori students achieving NCEA Level 3
improved further in 2014. The pass rate increased by another
pleasing 6.6%, rising from 63.6% in 2013 to 70.2% in 2014. This
is the highest Level 3 pass rate achieved by Maori students
ever recorded to date.
This upswing in the Level 3 pass rate, which occurred from
2013 to 2014, has lifted HGHS’s rate above the national
averages. The Maori NCEA Level 3 pass rate has increased
from 4.4% below Maori in decile 6 schools in 2012 to 2.7%
above. Likewise, the pass rate has risen from 8.0% below Maori
nationally in 2012 to 1.2% above in 2014. Again, another set of
positive trends.
NZQA changed the requirements for University Entrance
(UE) in 2014. In addition to the previous requirements,
students are now required to gain NCEA Level 3, two
extra literacy and numeracy credits, and obtain 14 credits
in a third approved subject instead of spreading this credit
requirement over two approved subjects. This occurred at
the same time the subject realignment was fully implemented.
The realignment resulted in nearly all of the easier literacy
and number Unit Standards being removed. It also meant
the removal of nearly all of the curriculum Unit Standards.
This meant students now had to pass at least one external in
each of their three approved subjects to gain UE. Previously,
many students could have gained UE by only sitting internal
assessment, with the assessment advantages these offer.
Together, all of this represents a significant increase in the level
of difficulty which is required by a student to gain UE.
Understandably, there was a significant drop off in the UE Pass
rates across the whole country and this was reported on by
the media. The national average dropped by 9.6% from 69.5%
in 2013 to 59.9% in 2014, and the average decile 6 school pass
rate fell by an incredible 13% from 66.2% in 2013 to 53.2%
HGHS’s pass rate fell by a smaller margin than the fall
experienced nationally. HGHS’s UE fell by a relatively smaller
8.7% from 70.0% in 2013 to 61. % in 2014. This actually
represents an improvement nationally, as HGHS’s UE pass
rate is now 1.4% above the national average and a significant
6.7% above the average decile 6 School. These are the highest
positive differentials recorded against these national averages
since 2010. Therefore it can concluded that the underlining
trend is positive,
As Principal, it has been pleasing to see the considerable shift
in our achievement rates across the board, and this has been
a result of strong leadership throughout the school: Senior
Leadership and Management Team, Curriculum Leadership
Team, Heads’ of Houses,Year Level Deans, Professional
Learning Leaders, and Support Staff Team leaders. More
importantly, most of our classroom teachers have taken
on board the changes within school and the strategies and
initiatives that we continue to consolidate. Teaching and
learning continues to be our core business.
Excerpt from Principal’s Junior Prizegiving Speech 2014
“Following a similar line to my Senior Prizegiving speech I have chosen to offer advice to our junior
school from my experience as a mother and as Principal. You may find some of this interesting, you may
find some of this boring and you may find that you will probably forget this speech in a week or for
some….maybe in the next hour….nevertheless here are 10 points for you to consider:
Be micro ambitious – put your head down and work with pride on whatever is in front of you and focus
on the thing that you are passionate about. Give everything you have got from here and now…for most
of you, your dreams will change as you get older….and that’s ok!!
Michelle Obama once said “Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Learn to use your voice
now. Ask questions. Ask stupid questions. Don’t be afraid to trip, fall and don’t be afraid to get back up.”
Simply, life is a learning curve….and we must learn from our mistakes.
Boys – they are not worth it at your age. Focus on enjoying you being you and hanging out with your
mates – don’t let a boy come between you and your best friend, to encourage you to be someone other
than yourself and more importantly to “lose your voice”. When you are old enough to consider boys,
and as a mother…we would like to think that you are never old enough…reach for partners that make
you better. Do not bring people into your life who weigh you down.”
Snapchats - Some things mean less once you’ve snap chatted or put an image or text on Facebook. Be
careful you don’t rob things from yourself by giving them to thousands of strangers. Life is too short to
wake up in the morning with regret.
Sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.
Don’t mix bad words with your bad mood. You’ll have many opportunities to change a mood, but you’ll
never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke. Simply, think before you speak – treat people
how you want to be treated, and stop the “potty language” that we sometimes hear out and about
You are in control of you – no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Don’t stick with
anything or anyone too long if they make you feel less and less like yourself.
There is always someone that knows more than you – even about the thing that you think you know
loads about. On the whole people that are older than you, especially people that are very old - are a
treasure trove of experience and advice that you should definitely investigate.They have lived a lot of life,
and usually one that is harder than yours, and this helps with making your problems seem small.They
also tend to have stopped caring altogether about what other people think of them – this makes for a
great role model.Take the opportunity to listen more than speak.
Exercise…..Be good to your body.You only get one.Your body is your friend, your home, your ally.Try to
work on a values system of healthy and unhealthy, fit and unfit rather than thin or fat. Exercise not only
changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.
The last and final one – I promise - but I think the most important. Find the thing you love. It’s the thing
that when you’re doing it – it seems like the rest of the world disappears, it makes you feel like the best
version of yourself, like the world is sometimes too small for you.The only way to do great work is to love
what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking until you find it and don’t settle until you do.
To conclude– be proud to be a Girls’ High girl because for me, at the end of my two years here, I am
extremely proud to be your Principal.”
Excerpt from Principal’s Speech in Assembly
“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can
steer yourself any direction you choose “ - Dr Seuss
Here’s a nice breakdown of what it takes to get places.The brains in your head give your body the
directions it needs to take you where you want to go.You just have to know where it is you want to go.
Determining your destination is priority one.What the brain can dream up, the body can fulfil as long as
there is a strong determination and a clear vision of what it is that is wanted.The great part is that this
is all up to you; you have plenty of choices, and there are countless directions that you can head.
Take the opportunities that Hamilton Girls’ offers…with the support of our staff and your families, it is
up to you”
Marie Gordon
Deputy principal’s corner
We have had a busy but very productive start to the year.
There have been some improvements and transformations
within elearning for all staff and students as we have moved to
Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Hence, we have our own
school Google domain. All students’ school Google accounts
have been created and they simply use their school email
address and logon to gain access. We have IT support, for
students, in the library on Tuesday and Thursday’s at interval.
Advantages to using:
Reliable cloud based solution to access docs,
calendar, gmail and other apps
Can be linked to your other personal devices
Sharing and collaborative capabilities are second
to none
A perfect tool for anytime and anywhere learning
Stay connected and save time
Docs cannot be ‘lost’ or ‘unsaved’
HGHS eVision is for: students to be confident, responsible
digital citizens who are collaborative, critical thinkers, able to
construct knowledge.In order to do this we aim to provide
students with the tool, skills, knowledge, confidence and
guidance to be an effective, ethical and safe user of ICT.
Our BYOD policy was implemented at the beginning of 2014,
starting with our Year 9 students. This year, the expectation
is that all Year 9 and 10 students will have their own device.
Having said this, many students in all year levels bring their
devices and use them in the classroom. Students who have
their own device not only benefit from the advantages
mentioned above, using Google but also:
Information at their fingertips for research purposes
Further explanations or clarification of topics
Access to classroom resources, information
and lessons
Collaboration tools to work easily with peers at school and at home
More creative opportunities, including use of
creative apps
Digital files, as subjects are saved in folders or
saved in other tools
Dr Sam Speedy
I’m Dr Sam Speedy, and I teach English and Social Sciences. At university my interests came to be
representations of social issues in literary texts, which was where I first combined English with the Social
Sciences. However, it was also at that time that I had my first taste of teaching, and I realised that I could
actually get paid to talk about the things I want to talk about every day, and to hopefully make a difference in
young peoples’ lives. So here I am.
Hayley Harris
Kia ora! My name is Hayley Harris, I grew up in Te Aroha. I studied at Waikato University, and I am now an
experienced Mathematics teacher. Before joining the team this year at Hamilton Girls’ High School, I taught at
St Peter’s School in Cambridge. I have also taught at Waihi College, John Paul College (Rotorua), and Mount
Maunganui College. I also spent a year in Korea teaching English. I am married with two daughters aged 4 and
6. I enjoy teaching and it is important for me to build respectful, positive relationships with all my students. I
am looking forward to the year ahead at HGHS.
Monika Bali
Hi I am Monika Bali and I am a first year teacher. I teach English and I am also able to teach History and
Social Studies. I was born and bred in Hamilton and did all my schooling here. I am a proud ‘Kiwi Indian’ and
believe that culture is an important aspect of school life. I attended University of Waikato where I completed
a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. I enjoy reading, walking, watching films and attending
sports events. I am very excited to be a part of the Hamilton Girls’ High School culture and look forward to
what this year brings!
Rebecca Yarranton
Within our school environment we are protected by
‘watchdog’; a sophisticated filter system that blocks
undesirable sites and anonymous proxies, and filters images
and digital footage. Social network sites such as, facebook,
twitter, askfm and tumblr are blocked as they would be a
distraction for many students and if not used sensibly can lead
to issues at school such as bullying.
Hello, my name is Rebecca Yarranton, I am the new Graphic Design and Web administrator. I grew up in
Cambridge then moved on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College in Auckland and found
myself back in the Waikato after graduating at the end of 2014. I am excited to be in a role that has so much
diversity for creative output and am looking forward to the year ahead.
Sharleen Nathan
Every Tuesday 3pm – 4pm in the Library:
Tutoring is offered for all subject areas and all year levels.
Come along and get help from other students – they have done the work
before and know their stuff!! Everyone is welcome from all year levels. It is
also a great place to go to complete homework and work on assignments.
Stuart McNaughton
Shakira Baker
Lauren Sharpe
Kia ora koutou katoa. My name is Lauren Sharpe and I am one of the new English teachers this year. I teach
Yr 9, 10, 11, and 12 classes and am enjoying it very much. It is refreshing to be working with such diversity
and I appreciate the opportunities this opens up to the students as well! My interests include netball, choir,
and I am very dedicated to becoming the best at what I do. I am a part of the Pasifika group and will be
working alongside the cultural and service council; I will also be co-coaching and managing the U15 girls
rugby. I look forward to the year and am excited about what we can do to empower our students.
Every Thursday
Every Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri
Every Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri
Every Wednesday
Every Monday
Every Tuesday
Every Wednesday
Every Thursday
Every Friday
Thursday (Day 9)
1st half of lunchtime
1st half of lunchtime
1st half of lunchtime
1st half of lunchtime
1st half of lunchtime
Individual teachers also organise tutorials as required with their own classes they teach.
Year 12
Year 13
Statistics Technology
Tuesday (Day 2)
Wednesday (Day 3)
Every Thursday
Every Friday
Every Monday
Every Monday
Every Monday
Every Monday & Wednesday
Every Thursday
Every Tuesday
Every Wednesday
Every Friday
Every Monday
Kia ora. I’m Shakira Baker and I come from Wairarapa (Greytown) and am the youngest of four children. I
studied in Wellington for 3 years completing my BSC. I then moved to Auckland and did my Teaching Diploma
in 2013. Last year I was studying part time and playing Rugby. I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of
travelling with my rugby team. Due to an injury at the end of last year I decided I would love to pursue my
teaching career. I am a first year teacher and am looking forward to the year ahead. It has been a busy first 4
weeks, but I am enjoying every minute. Slowly and steadily I am beginning to get the hang of things. Thank you
to all the staff for being so supportive and I am really looking forward to working and sharing my knowledge
within Hamilton Girls’ High School.
Business Studies Level 3
Level 2,3
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12
Year 13
Physical Education Year 11, 12, 13
Stuart joins us from the rugged and beautiful Catlins, where it’s winter for half the year and rains the other
half. He was the only Maths/Physics teacher in the Catlins Area School and was solely responsible for the
department. Stuart is a keen fisherman and can often be found out in his dinghy in the weekends. No salmon
in the North Island, which is a pity, but plenty of snapper to be found. Stuart lived overseas in South Korea
from 2001 to 2009 and taught English to Koreans of all ages and backgrounds. He now lives in Melville with
his wife and three children. He is excited about this opportunity at Hamilton Girls’ and is looking forward to
the years ahead.
Leah Nicholson – English Prefect:
Hey everyone, my name is Leah Nicholson and I am the English Prefect for 2015. My love of English started
from a young age as my parents always encouraged me to read and create my own stories. I am sure many
of you had a similar experience. English at high school may seem scary, especially to our junior students,
but this year I want to make it as fun and enjoyable as it was when we were first learning to read. This year,
the English department, the English committee and I will be working to better promote region wide and
nationwide competitions while also rewarding more students who are doing great things in their classes.
Overall, this year is about increasing participation in English events and encouraging girls to become more
excited about one of the most important subjects at HGHS.
Michaela Naidoo – Technology Prefect:
Sara Elgoran
Academic Council Captain
2015 is going to be an exciting year and I am so excited to
encourage everyone to get involved with as much as possible.
The Academic Council already has some sensational things
planned for you! Watch this space! And lastly, remember that
there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!
Each newsletter we will profile a student that has consistently
performed extremely well in NCEA examinations and school
based assessments throughout her time at HGHS to offer
some tips and strategies that may assist other students.
Krystal Lin is in Year 12 taking Level 3 Biology, Level 3
Chemistry, Level 3 Calculus, Level 2 Physics, Level 2 Spanish,
and Level 2 English Extension.
Q. What is your favourite thing about HGHS?
A. My favourite thing about HGHS is the diversity and the
opportunities and encouragement to get involved in a variety of
Q. How do you study?
A. I don’t really have a set way of studying like a timetable but on
the way home I tend to put all the studying I need to do in order of
priority or urgency. During school, I may take note of it and then I
arrange them to form a rough idea of what I need to do that day or
over the period of the next few days.Then, I allocate respective time
periods for when to get each task done by and try to stick to this.
Q. Do you have any advice for students who are trying to
study but have no motivation?
A. I guess a motivation to study or a motivation for many things
is that we enjoy doing the task, so maybe find a way to somehow
make studying enjoyable and take into account how we learn. For
example my classmate is quite talented in music and she chose to
learn her biology material by using music clips off YouTube, which
incorporated her enjoyment of music into studying and she did
really well. I’ve often been told that we tend to focus more on things
we are passionate about. Alternatively, I think a way to perhaps
retain motivation is to avoid procrastination.
Bronwyn Kirby – Mathematics Prefect:
Hi, my name is Bronwyn Kirby and I am the Mathematics prefect for 2015. I have always had a love and
passion for Mathematics and I would love to share this with my sisters here at HGHS, encouraging them
to have a similar enthusiasm towards the subject. We have got a fun year planned ahead, filled with various
activities run by our amazing mathematics committee to get all of our girls involved! I can't wait to get
everyone involved and see our girls participate and succeed in everything we have to offer.
Ederlyn Perolina – Gifted and Talented Education Prefect:
Hello everyone. My name is Ederlyn Perolina and I am privileged to be your Gifted and Talented Education
Prefect for 2015. This year, my main objective as your HGHS GATE prefect is to promote opportunities our
departments offer for gifted and talented girls, so that they become more proactive in pursuing their gifts
and talents. Our goal is also to keep the girls inspired and motivated, to extend their potential through guest
speakers and other support means such as tutorials and competition training.
Hey there, I am Michaela Naidoo and I am your Technology prefect for 2015! I have done Food Technology
for 4 years and I really enjoy experimenting and creating new things in the kitchen. My main goal for the
Technology Department this year is letting all of my fellow peers at HGHS know that taking a technology
subject is not only fun but it can lead on to many great study and career opportunities in the future. All you
have to do is find the technology subject that suits you. Our Technology week is Week 10 of this term so
come along and have some fun. I can't wait to see all of you getting involved with the Technology department
throughout the year and taking advantage of what the department has to offer!
Caitlin Edwards – Social Sciences Prefect:
Hello my name is Caitlin Edwards and I am the 2015 Social Sciences prefect. The Social Sciences are an area
of schooling that has always been present throughout my years at Girls’ High. I have always enjoyed these
subjects and I want to pass on my passion to younger girls in the school. My aim this year is to organise
activities, competitions, and quizzes for everyone to participate in, in the hopes of promoting the Social
Sciences as fun and important subjects. I am so excited to work with my committee to show you girls what
we have to offer. I plan to strive to help all girls achieve their goals in these subjects.
Ashley Blackburn – Science Prefect:
Hello my name is Ashley Blackburn and I am fortunate enough to be the Science Prefect for 2015. I have
always been excited about learning and wanting to discover more, and learning Science at HGHS has really
helped me to fuel this. I can’t wait to share that spark for the sciences with others and to show them just
how cool science can be. We have got such an exciting year up our sleeve with plenty of great things to
come for girls to get involved in, including, right at the centre of it all being a part of science committee. It is
going to be an epic year filled with science fun, learning and success!
Monika Jarkiewicz – International Languages Prefect:
Salut everyone! I am Monika Jarkiewicz and I have the privilege of being the International Languages prefect
for 2015. I've always loved learning languages, and it's a passion of mine that has grown with every year
at Girls’ High. Last year I had the opportunity to travel to France and a few other European countries
with my French class, it was the best experience of my life and it inspired me to get more girls involved in
the languages! This year I'll be running clubs, activities, events and tutorials to get everyone excited about
international languages and to make 2015 the best year yet!
Laura Macnab – Health and PE Prefect:
Hi everybody! My name is Laura Macnab and I'm lucky enough to be your Health and PE prefect for 2015!
I love anything to do with the outdoors and sports so this was naturally the position for me! I can't wait
to get other like-minded girls here at HGHS involved in all aspects of Health and PE and showing them the
amazing opportunities that can arise through these subjects. We have such a busy and exciting year ahead
with events, competitions and many other things planned. I can't wait to see how all girls in the Health and
PE department are achieving their goals and celebrating their successes in the subject I love.
Passion Anderson – Ka-Awatea Prefect:
Kia ora! My name is Passion Anderson. My role as Ka Awatea prefect is to promote the Maori culture and
to support our Maori and Pasifika girls in our school. My committee and I have a fun filled year planned for
you, kicking off with Maori language week! Kai, sports, spot prizes and much more throughout that week!
We will also be starting the homework centre to provide help to girls struggling as well as somewhere
for completing homework with some extra help. I am excited to get everyone involved and see our girls
• Encouraging learning across the curriculums
• To promote and reward Academic Success
• To increase involvement in extracurricular
• Promoting each subject within the school
Biolumination Art Work
Auckland Arts Festival
As the Science Prefect, I decided that I should check out
some science events that were happening at the Auckland
Arts Festival to bring some ideas back to school. It was in one
word, remarkable.
The best part was seeing the Biolumination Artwork put
together by Dr Siouxsie Wiles. She challenged artists to great
living works of art using a solution of glowing bacteria, q-tip
and some super-sized Petri dishes.
It was an awesome collaboration between art and science
and the results were breath taking. It opened my eyes more
to know how science doesn't just exist on its own, it is
incorporated into so many other things.
Ashley Backburn - Science Prefect
Y12 Biology Microscope Assessment.
Six Year 12 Biology classes have just completed their
first internal assessment for the year. It was a three hour
assessment. Firstly the students prepared slides of potato cells,
paramecium and rhubarb epidermis cells.
Then they used a light microscope to view and draw the cells
using biological drawing techniques. Finally, the students then
answered questions about the organelles within the cells and
how they contributed to the function of the cells.
Gail Bergman - HOD Science
The Treaty of Versailles and WW1.
As part of the treaty unit in Year 10 Social Studies, students
have been looking at WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles. As it
is 100 years since New Zealanders were involved in WW1
and the Gallipoli landing, some Year 10 classes have gone to
the cenotaph on River Road to honour the dead.
10H1 went to the cenotaph on Wednesday 19th of March.
They learnt about the cenotaph and then were asked to pick
a name and create a poppy in their memory for the WW1
wall in their classroom.
The Biology Scholarship Group will begin in Week 9.
All students who are interested in Scholarship Biology
are invited to meet every Thursday after school in M1.3
with Mrs Bergman. The group will have its first meeting on
Thursday 26th March. Please see Mrs Bergman if you have
any questions.
The following girls have received Excellence
certificates from the New Zealand Association
of Language Teachers to congratulate them on
their Excellence endorsements in 2014 for the
following languages:
Level 1 Japanese
Grace Barry
Ashley Kim
Amelia Penfold
Level 3 Japanese
Hazel Panzo
Level 1 French
Rachel Li
Zoe Nyika
Raine Pearse
Josefina Pehrson
Mia Vink Level 2 French
Leah Nicholson
Level 1 Spanish
Sofia Gagnon
Krystal Lin
Sapna Pandaram
Lucy Xu
Hamilton Girls’ High School hosted a group of 16 students
and one teacher from Shizuoka Eiwa in Japan from March 9-16.
The girls really enjoyed their time here and were grateful to
the lovely host families who took such good care of them.
We would also like to thank the Maori department
who organised a wonderful powhiri, and the Technology
department who organised the food for this.
We are expecting another group of students from Japan at the
end of July, so anyone who missed out on hosting this time will
have the opportunity to do so later in the year. On Thursday 19th March the senior Japanese class was visited
by the Japanese adviser, Ms Akiko Harada. She taught the girls
about some less common types of Japanese food by showing
them photos and describing the food in Japanese. Everyone
was very hungry by the end of the lesson!
On Tuesday 21st March senior French students will go to
see the movie “Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas” as part of the
national French film festival. We hope they will enjoy this
The Languages department are currently planning some
activities as part of the Fusion Festival happening next term.
More information will follow.
Bronwyn Kirby
Level 3 French
Alex Mayer
Tyla Zillwood
Level 3 Spanish
Mirren Blake
Sunni Nasmith
Waikato E Day
Close to 140 HGHS students participated in the Waikato E
Day on March 6th. Our students were fantastic ambassadors
for our school. They learned about The Lion Foundation
Young Enterprise Scheme in the morning, and had the
opportunity to brainstorm business ideas and meet Hamilton
business coaches in the afternoon.
The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme is a
programme for year 12 and 13 pupils, giving them the chance
to set up and run their own business for a year. YES pupils
set up their company, create products or services, implement
a business plan and make profits or losses. Not only do the
students gain business knowledge but also develop teamwork,
communication, problem solving, negotiation, and decision
making skills.
We were proud to see how mature our students interacted
with their peers and mentors, and are pleased to hear that the
day offered valuable advice to our young business people. The
teams will pitch their ideas to a panel at the Dragon’s Den
in Term Two and will be selling their products at Market Day
later in the year. We are looking forward to supporting our
students throughout the year and to seeing their businesses
Hi, my name is Bronwyn Kirby and I’m the HGHS
Mathematics prefect for 2015. I’ve always had a love and
passion for Maths and I’d love to share this with my sisters
here at HGHS, encouraging them to have a similar enthusiasm
and warmth towards the subject. My aim is to spend my
final year at HGHS giving back to the staff that has helped
me through my time here by working alongside them and
representing their subject by promoting it. I’d love to see
an increase in participation not only in the subject but
the optional scholarships and out of school Maths related
activities/competitions which I’ll be promoting throughout the
year. Weekly tutorials are put in place to allow extra teaching
to ensure we do the best we can in all our assessments. I also
have plans for many fun activities the students can get involved
in throughout the year with a big focus on ‘Maths Week’.
Through this Mathematics prefect position I look forward to
promoting Mathematics at Hamilton Girls’ High School and
ensuring everyone knows about what the subject has to offer!
The Maths department is excited to introduce three young
and vibrant teachers of Mathematics. They are Hayley Harris,
Shakira Baker and Stuart McNaughton.
Peer tutoring has started on Tuesdays after school at the
library. All students who need help should attend these
Students who are away on Tournament in Week 9, will
need to be organised and to actively catch up, as many
internals are scheduled for week 10.
Mathletics for Years 9 and 10 students.
All parents have been informed that Mathletics is compulsory
for all students in Years 9 and 10 this year. This fee was due
at the end of February so we ask that if you have not already
done so, this subscription is to be paid to the finance office
as soon as possible. Teachers are using this site with your
daughters and some of them are currently missing out.
You may pay by internet banking if you wish and your daughter
can ask her maths teacher for the permission form that needs
to be completed. All students have received an information
sheet about Mathletics to take home and it gives parents
guidance as to how they can track their own daughter’s
progress when using the site.
Australian Mathematics Competition
For all those who enjoy a challenge in Mathematics, entries are
now open for the Australian Mathematics Competition. Entry
fee this year is $8 each and must be paid to the Finance Office
before the end of April 2015. The competition itself is held
on the 30th July 2015. Note that all 9XT, 10XT and 11MXT
students are required to participate and will be automatically
entered. These students must ensure the entry fee has been
paid before the end of April 2015. Any questions, please speak
to your Maths teacher.
Maths Tutoring
Maths tutoring will be offered to all students during the first
half of lunchtime in M11.
The schedule is as follows:
(Day 1) Tuesday (Day 2)
Wednesday (Day 3) Thursday (Day 4) Friday
(Day 5) WEEK 2
Monday (Day 6) Tuesday (Day 7) Wednesday (Day 8) Thursday (Day 9) Friday (Day 10) Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 11
Yr 12
Yr 13
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 11
Yr 12
Yr 13
Scholarship tutorials have started:Year 12 Scholarship Calculus
on Friday, Year 13 Scholarship calculus on Monday and Year
13 Scholarship Statistics on Monday afterschool.
Welcomes their new prefect Michaela Naidoo
A selection of short stories
from 9MA, inspired by Roald
Hi there! My name is Michaela Naidoo and I’m the Technology Prefect for 2015. I have done Food Technology for four years
now and have learnt a lot about the subject and the department over this time. I love baking, cooking, experimenting and creating
new things in the kitchen.
This year I plan to let all the students of HGHS be informed that the technology department is not just a “fun” option that they
could take but it could also be just as important as other academic subjects if chosen and could lead onto many career pathways.
There is a wide range of technology subjects within the department from Hospitality, Early Childhood, Textiles, Biotechnology
to Graphics; you just have to find one that suits you! Some of my other goals for 2015 in the Technology department are
encouraging more of the Year 13’s to apply for scholarship technology subjects. Also get more student participation, whether that
be to run workshops and testers for our subject weeks or evenings that would be led by the present technology students.
I look forward to improve on the development of the Technology department and reaching our goals for 2015!
Both PTR classes have been working hard this term coming to
grips with some of the theoretical components of fitness and
personal training with a specific focus on the fundamentals of
stretching. They have been exposed to a number of exciting
opportunities including getting all Zen like with Les Mills
Body Balance, learning the finer points to operating cardio
machines such as treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and rowers.
They will round the term off with their first fitness day. They
will start the day with Les Mills Boot Camp right on the field
at school. Les Mills Boot camp is a Military inspired, intense
physical training, adventure workouts & outdoor drills. After a
small recovery they will experience one of the fastest growing
fitness trends in the world right now, a cross-fit session at a
box. Finally, they will stretch out and strengthen those weary
muscles with a hot yoga session, which is as much about the
mind as it is about the body. Keep up the hard work girls.
My rewarding cough…
It has been eight days now and this raspy, scratchy cough has
been annoying me so much. It rattles my head and makes me
have really bad headaches. It feels like my head is going to
explode. Nothing seems to make it go away. I drink lots of
water and Mum has bought me this yuck medicine that tastes
like old socks and it has a terrible after taste. Got to get to
bed earlier, got to have a good sleep, got to get rid of this
Tonight will be different, I just know it. It started the same as
every other night, glass of water, good night to the family and
a wish to the universe that my cough will be better tomorrow.
Tomorrow came and something was different. My throat
was still rough but that wasn’t the only thing. My cheek had
something stuck to it. Was it my headphones or was it the
half biscuit I forgot to put in the rubbish? I turned on my light
and it was a gold nugget. When I looked closer there was
a small note attached to it. Use the money from this gold
nugget to help …? Could my cough actually be a reward?
Every morning I would wake up and find another gold nugget
and a note of how it should be spent. It even had one note
about my future. Buy yourself the ultimate makeup studio and
beautify the world and make people feel good on the outside
to match their inside beauty.
After what seemed like many mornings of cashing in gold
nuggets for the better good, it ended with the last gold nugget
and a message that read: Hand in your fantasy short story, you
have done well.
Mahina Peihopa
The Plughole
Kid hated washing the dog. She was big and smelly and was
always drooling; also she was washed in the bathtub where
everyone else in the house washed themselves, which Kid
thought was gross. The dog was called Princess and was always
happy. Even if you told her off she would sit there with her tail
going one hundred miles per hour and her tongue hanging out
of the left side of her mouth.
Once a week, Kid would have to wash Princess who would
jump around in the bathtub making as much mess as possible.
This time Princess was really dirty. She was coated from head
to toe in mud and left muddy pawprints on the carpet. Kid
turned on the tap and poured the dog wash into the bathtub.
Princess leapt into the bathtub, causing soapy water to splash
everywhere. Kid groaned and set to work on Princess’ tangled
muddy coat with the cloth.
Soon she was finally clean. Kid towelled her fur and pulled out
the plug from the plughole. The plughole always sounded like a
dying cat as the dirty soapy water gushed and swirled through
the plughole and into the darkness. When Kid was younger his
mum would tell him: “Never ever put your hand in a plughole
or you’ll be pulled in and never come out” Kid wondered if
it was true. He reached out with his little hand and stuck one
tiny finger in the plughole. Suddenly he felt his hand being
pulled into the darkness, Then his legs lifted up and he tipped
head-first into the plughole…
Zara Davies
Waking up at 5:30 in the morning to go caving at Waitomo,
slipping down every slope, banging my head on every possible
rock that was in my way, was so worth it. Never in my life
would I have thought to go caving underground, but I’m so
glad I did. Going caving was way out of my comfort zone but
once I got the hang of it all I didn’t want to get out of the
cave! When I thought of a cave I just thought of a humongous
ordinary rock with the inside missing, but it was so much
more than that and it was so out of it how many features the
cave had and how old it was!! Caving for me was unforgettable
and I would recommend anyone to go!! Caving has definitely
been my favourite trip this year so far!!
I look down at my desk. All the tagging from past years has been overcome with words of hatred, my name tagged onto all of
them. I hide my face in my arms as I hear the camera go off. “Hannah! Hannah!” My name is called from all directions. I try to
block it out, and take myself to my wonderland.... The yelling is the ocean waves, crashing down before me. The clicking camera
is the sand and sticks beneath my feet, comforting me. Seagulls fly high above me and crow their evil crows. I dive into the ocean;
the cold only bothers me for a moment, then I see a distant glow behind me. I know that the cold water has taken its effects
already. I shove my legs down in unison, and my scaly blue and green tail propels me forward. I swim deeper and deeper until no
noise exists. Water courses through my lungs, almost refreshing. The deep blue around me comforts me. But something is wrong,
something is missing... I realise a moment too late and something bites down onto my tail. I wriggle free but my fin still hangs
from the shark’s mouth. I leave a trail of blood behind me. Not helpful. I hide behind a coral reef nearby. But the blood trail has
been followed. Soon after I catch my breath, something grabs me and I am slowly pulled down deeper and deeper into the ocean.
Slowly I feel myself become heavier, heavier. Until I can take no more pressure and scream for the last time.....ever....
Meanwhile a teacher tries to find a lost student from her classroom..
Hannah Rose
Craig Scrimgeour
Visit from Mr Stuart Wright
Recently all Year 11 students, the two Year 10 Extension
classes and a large proportion of the Year 13 students were
entertained and challenged by Mr Stuart Wright of UCANDO.
Stuart delivered a two hour programme on whole brain
learning and taught them effective strategies and techniques
for improved learning. He informed the girls that multi-sensory
learning is important, as we remember:
20% of what we read
30% of what we hear
40% of what we see
60% of what we do
BUT 90% of what we see, hear, say and do
Stuart reinforced the importance of homework and regular
study – of learning little but often if you want to remember
something. Up to 80% of detail is lost after 24 hours. He
introduced the 10, 1, 1, 1 Review Schedule (review your work
after 10 minutes, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month).You might like to
ask your daughter to repeat the grocery list or the Chinese
words or the 1987 cyclone in Fiji!! The students were taught to
understand the importance of regular revision using a variety
of learning techniques and how to SCAR thoughts onto the
brain. Feedback from the students was extremely positive
overall, for example: “Actually useful! It was very good and
engaging”; “So beneficial. Love it. So good for this year level”;
“Very interesting. I learned a lot of things that I am going to try
and apply in my studies at home”; “Great. Learned lots. Would
gladly take it again and recommend it”; “Useful, as it gives
you fun ideas of ways to study”. It is important that that our
students practise some of the study techniques and develop
good habits towards regular revision. The revision programme
they were encouraged to adopt in the seminars was:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
study a topic for 35 minutes
have a break for 10 minutes
recap for 5 minutes
Steps 1 – 3 can then be repeated for subsequent topics. He did
stress the importance of making each session different from
the previous one i.e. study a different subject or topic each
session, as the brain likes variety.
Stuart also presented to the teaching staff during the day and
a group of parents and caregivers in an evening seminar where
he explained what is happening inside an adolescent’s brain and
then linked that to why certain study techniques are effective.
It is important that parents and caregivers play a role in their
daughter’s study programme. Often the girls need some
external guidance and motivation in order to settle down to
study. One way of helping them is to get them to talk about
how they study. If your daughter cannot explain it to you then
it probably suggests that she does not have a study programme
or she does not know what she is doing. The teaching staff are
available to assist the girls where required.
Our thanks to Stuart for engaging our girls and giving them
a memorable and meaningful learning experience, and to the
parents and caregivers for giving up their time to attend his
evening seminar.
At Hamilton Girls’ High School the Gifted and Talented
Education (GATE) program has several aspects to it. Our
focus in GATE is to nurture learners with special abilities
by providing learning experiences and support systems that
recognise both performance and potential in the following
domains: academic, cultural, sporting, arts and leadership
For 2015, we are focusing on developing our GATE register
further through identifying students with exceptional abilities
in the above domains. We will be mentoring these students
and tracking them throughout their years at HGHS to ensure
we are meeting their needs. Please look to our school website
for further information and links to documents which may be
of interest to both students and parents.
From 3-5th July 2015, the University of Waikato will be
hosting a conference, The Many Faces of Giftedness. Educators,
Parents and Students have been invited to express interest
in attending this 3 day conference. More information can be
found at: http://nzagc-40th-anniversary.org.nz/
This year we welcome Ederlyn Perolina, our GATE Prefect,
to the Academic Council team.
We have had a very busy and exciting start to the year. Robin
Clarke completed her Teaching Diploma in 2014 and is now
working 4 days a week in counselling (Wednesday Robin is
not here). Cheryl Steeves also has increased hours, working
at Hostel on Monday evenings and having Friday and every
second Thursday off. Pam is here full time.
We have trained 27 Year 13 students to Mentor some of our
Year 9 students to support them transitioning into Girl’s
High. These girls’ are meeting with students and us and will
probably finish off their regular meetings at the end of Term
1. Cheryl oversees the Mentoring Programme.
We have introduced ourselves and our service to all of the
Year 9 classes, as well as surveying all of the Year 9 students
for the Travellers Programme. This programme, which will
begin in Term 2, builds resilience and confidence whilst
helping them face life and its challenges. The Travellers
Programme is offered by way of invitation but it is not
compulsory – students can choose not to participate.
Students work in small groups once a week for 10 weeks.
Alongside the Mentoring and Travellers we also train Peer
Mediators and organise Peer Mediations. We offer one on
one confidential counselling together with some group
counselling. Appointments are necessary and can be made
by calling into our offices and either talking to one of us to
make a time or to fill out an appointment slip. As we are a
very busy service we rarely have space for ‘drop ins’ unless
it is a crisis or emergency where we would need to shift
appointments around to fit it in.
Ederlyn Perolina - GATE Prefect
Hello everyone.
Welcome to the Hillary learning Hub at HGHS
It is a centre where we provide a positive learning
environment, to enable students to work productively with
the intention that they reintegrate back into the mainstream
classroom after the appropriate, individualised remediation has
occurred. It is separate to a behaviour modification tool but
may be used as part of the rehabilitation/restorative process
of a student before re-entry into school. It will continue to
provide a safe haven for highly anxious students as well as
extend its previous role, encompassing additional support for
students in the Learning Assistance Programme, establishing a
peer/tutor reading programme, identifying learning difficulties
with numeracy and literacy based testing upon entry in the
hub. It is also hoped that the introduction of several literacy
and numeracy programmes and the use of IPADS and the
remodelled environment will create a pleasant learning
environment for the students to re-engage in their learning
Director of Learning Support
My name is Ederlyn Perolina and I am privileged to be your Gifted and Talented Education Prefect for 2015.
This year, I am taking Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics with Calculus, and English. I also like playing
musical instruments, singing, and art. In 2015, my goal as prefect is to promote opportunities in all subject
areas in order for gifted or talented girls to become more proactive in pursuing their passions.
Senior Debating
Hamilton Girls’ High School Senior Debating Team scored a number of successes
at the Russell McVeagh Waikato Regional Debating Championships on Saturday
the 21st of March. The team of Cheska Saavedra, Nodirakhon Askarova and
Monika Jarkiewicz remained unbeaten until the semi finals and were the highest
scoring team from all the schools in the Waikato-Bay of Plenty. They were beaten
by Otumoetai College in defending the moot that "Popular Fction should replace
the Classics in schools." Their defeat would perhaps have been applauded by their
English teachers! Cheska Saavedra won the prestigious Best Speaker Cup for the
Tournament, even though she was not a speaker in the finals. Her energetic, organised
debating style as second speaker and leader of her team, was recognised as the best
in the Waikato. Her team work skills were also recognised as she was appointed
the leader of the Waikato Debating Team and will go on to represent our area in
the New Zealand Competition in Wellington in May. We wish her all the best for
this competition, from which are selected the National Team in the International
Competitions later in the year.
30 March – 2 April
4 May – 8 May
18 May – 22 May
26 May – 28 May
15 June – 19 June
27 July – 31 July
10 August – 14 August
17 August – 21 August
24 August – 1 September
14 September – 18 September
6 November – 4 December
The appearance of our young woman is an important aspect of
our school life for setting and maintaining high standards and
Year 9 Uniform
All new students to school are to wear the correct school
uniform. This consists of the charcoal school skirt, white
blouse, maroon jersey, Hamilton Girls’ High School Blazer, and
a school tie. Below is a link of a youtube clip that will show
you how to tie a windsor knot for wearing your tie correctly.
Year 10 Uniform
The Year 10 uniform is essentially the same as the Year 9
uniform. In 2015,Year 10 students can continue to wear their
current core uniform. However, the addition of a school tie
and Hamilton Girls’ High School Blazer in 2015 is compulsory.
Year 12 Uniform
In 2015,Year 12 students can continue to wear their current
skirt and jersey. However, the addition of a senior pinstripe
blouse, school tie and senior blazer is compulsory for year 12
students in 2015. The soft shell jacket is optional, and Year 12
students can instead continue to wear their current school
Year 13 Uniform
In 2015,Year 13 students can continue to wear their current
skirt, blouse and jersey. The addition of a senior tie is
compulsory for Year 13 students in 2015. The senior pinstripe
blouse and senior blazer are optional. The soft shell jacket is
optional, and Year 13 students can instead continue to wear
their current school jacket.
Baylee Mitchell
Sports Captain
Hamilton Girls’ High School has a very proud history of achievement in sport, and this year I am
privileged to help guide and support our girls who get involved in sports as their Sports Captain.
I want to see HGHS as the top sporting girls’ school in the Waikato but most importantly I want
to give back to the school in an area that has given me so much. HGHS has given me many
sporting opportunities that I couldn’t get back home in Te Kuiti. I have tried a variety of sports
like Waterpolo, Netball, Touch, and Cricket, both competitively and socially, and never regretted
it for a second.
NZ Sporting
Aaria and Pania both made it into the New Zealand Junior
White Sox 2015 World Championship Team!
Head Coach Kevin Gettins is pleased to announce the
2015 JWS World Championship Team. The team is a mix of
experienced international athletes and younger players who
are making their mark.
With the 2013 Junior World Championship and the 2014
open Womens World Championship under their belt short
stop Mikayla Werahiko and pitcher Courtney Gettins are the
teams most experienced athletes. Gettins is joined on the
pitching mound by Amy Begg who is currently enjoying college
life in Baltimore, USA and youngsters Chelsea Brunner who
was awarded top pitcher at the U17 and U19 nationals and
Kim-An Quinn a new recruit with impressive pitching statistics
from Massachusetts, USA.
The catching position is covered by Emma Houkamau and
Zoe Tolhopf who have depth in other positions also. Talented
infielders led by Werahiko, include first base and back up
catcher Kayla Rangiawha, Brooke Eden, Makayla Mave, Marcelle
Parkes who can cover outfield and Mckenzie Giles-Martin who
impressed for the JWS team at the Bev Smith tournament.
The new soft shell jacket is optional and Year 10 students can
instead continue to wear their current school jacket.
Year 11 Uniform
In 2015,Year 11 students can continue to wear their current
uniform. However, the addition of a school tie is compulsory.
The addition of a Hamilton Girls’ High School Blazer is
optional for year 11 students in 2015. The new soft shell
jacket is optional, and Year 11 students can instead continue to
wear their current school jacket.
The school uniform must be worn neatly and tidily. Blazers are
to be worn to and from School throughout the year. Teachers
will check uniforms at the start of period 1 and only then may
students remove their blazer. At the end of period 5 teachers
will ensure blazers are put on to leave the school grounds and
return home. School ties are to be worn at all times. They are
to be tied correctly and worn appropriately. However, during
the warmer months, students have been given permission to
undo the top button and loosen the tie.
Students are encouraged to take a pride in their School
uniform and to wear it well. While wearing your uniform you
are representing your family and Hamilton Girls’ High.
Those students that are taking part in HGHS school sports
trainings after school and are leaving the school grounds do
not have to change back into their school uniform.
The outfield will be anchored by Mereana Makea who has had
an outstanding season for her club and province alongside
experienced campaigner Pania Monk, who can back up the
pitching staff, and Paiton Koko-Lutau who burst onto the
scene after a solid performance at the international Friendship
Championship in 2014. Rounding off the team are players for
the future in Aria Tawha and the surprise inclusion of Pallas
Potter a 15 year old from Hutt Valley who demonstrated
strong hitting at the U19 Nationals.
Coach Gettins is excited about the strength in the team and
believes that “there is a good balance across many positions”.
The team will assemble for a training camp in Hastings on
1 - 3 May 2015. The 2015 Junior Womens World Championship
will be held in Oklahoma City from 9 - 15 August 2015.
Isla attended the Bankstream NZ Rowing Nationals in Twizel
from 17th - 22nd February. Making it into the A Finals for the
Under-19 Double Skulls, she did not place but medalled in:
Womens Club Coxless Quad Skulls - Silver
Womens Club Coxed Four - Bronze
She also gained two Bronze Medals at the North Island Club
Champs two weeks prior to Nationals.
This team took a total sweep of all titles in their grade as:
New Zealand Champion Technical Drill Team
New Zealand Champion Display Team
New Zealand Champion Team
Amazing results from an extremely dedicated team of hard
working marching girls.
March 6-8 2015
HGHS Rowers had a fantastic weekend of rowing at Lake
Karapiro for the event. Although the cruel weather on
Saturday meant that semi-finals were cancelled for the
majority of events, we were still able to make it through to
four A finals and five B finals which had set the girls up for an
exciting finals day!
The U17 quad crew made up of Cassidy Armishaw,
Deanna Capon, Leah Scott, Jaimie Wilson and cox
Izzy Clarke had a positive win in their heat, and then a heart
wrenching A final to come into fourth place and just out of
the medals. The girls have been working extremely hard in
the weeks leading up to this event and it showed! To be piped
at the post was a hard deal to blow, but they are even more
excited for the upcoming Maadi and will put everything out on
the water to get onto that podium!
The U16 Quad crew made up of Charlotte Whitham,
Jaimie Wilson, Paige Ruri, Fenella Finlay-Yates and
cox Rachel Scott came 2nd place in the heat to put them
through into the A final, where they came 7th overall. It was a
tough competition with some very talented school crews in
their race.
From top:
1. U16 Quad crew - Charlotte Whitham, Jaimie Wilson, Paige Ruri,
Fenella Finlay-Yates and cox Rachel Scott
2. U18 Single - Rachel Hartstone
Left: The U16 doubles crew - Charlotte
Whitham and Jaimie Wilson
Below: The U17 double crew - Brooke
Baldwin and Leah Scott
The U17 double crew made up of Brooke Baldwin and
Leah Scott set a fast time to take out their heat, and then an
even faster time to take Gold in the A final. This result truly
shows the amount of hard work these girls have been putting
into training and is absolutely fantastic for HGHS rowing. We
are extremely proud of them! Counting down until Maadi cup
has never been so exciting! True credit must go to their coach
Jared Capon for pushing them to the limits in training and
getting the best out of these two come finals day.
The U16 doubles crew of Charlotte Whitham and
Jaimie Wilson also set a cracker of a time to win their heat,
and then fight their way to Silver Medal in the A final! This
competition is hotly contested by some talented rowers and
it shows that HGHS has some fantastic and hard working
talent as well! HGHS head coach Scott Wilson has given them
a lot of hard long trainings, but the effort is paying off. Looking
forward to Maadi cup and what else we can do on the water!
The U17 double crew
made up of Brooke
Baldwin and Leah Scott
set a fast time to take
out their heat, and then
an even faster time to
take Gold in the A final.
This result truly shows the amount
of hard work these girls have
been putting into training and
is absolutely fantastic for HGHS
rowing.We are extremely proud of
Next week we have a number of students heading across the North Island to compete in their chosen sporting codes. Rowing,
Softball,Volleyball, Waka Ama, Rugby 7’s, Water Polo and our Equestrian team will put their training, commitment and talent
to the test.
Coming on the back of a strong performance at the North
Island Secondary Schools Championships, Hamilton Girls’ High
School’s rowing squad is preparing for a big week at the Aon
Maadi Cup National School’s Championships starting Monday
March 23rd at Lake Karapiro.
A gold medal in the U17 double scull (Brooke Baldwin
and Leah Scott) and a silver medal in the U16 double scull
(Charlotte Whitham and Jaimie Wilson) were individual
crew highlights of the North Island Championships, but
reinforced a full squad improvement throughout the season
that saw four crews reach A-finals and five further crews into
B-finals in the last regatta before the national champs.
After the South Island Seconda ry Schools champs were
abandoned due to adverse weather at Lake Ruataniwha in
Twizel, the appearance of the South Island college teams at
the Maadi Cup will bring a new challenge. The form of the
U17 and U16 double sculls crews, however, along with an
improving U17 quadruple sculls crew (Cassidy Armishaw,
Deanna Capon, Leah Scott, Jaimie Wilson and cox
Izzy Clark), which finished fourth at the North Island C
hampionships, all have strong chances of coming away with
Maadi Cup silverware, while a number of other crews cannot
be discounted of making event finals.
The softball team are heading to the Division 1 Championships
in Wellington. They are a young team but their experience
cannot be discounted - boasting one Junior White Sox player
as well as multiple Waikato Representative players. They had a
slow start to the local competition but things have progressed
well over the last two games losing narrowly to St Paul’s
Collegiate Boys team 6-5 and then winning against Fairfield
boys team. Congratulations.
The Senior Girls Volleyball team are heading to Palmerston
North for the New Zealand Secondary School Championships
which run from Monday 23rd-Friday 27th March. It is the
first time we have sent a team to this championship event in a
few years and with record numbers attending the event it will
certainly be an exciting and challenging event.
The girls have done extremely well with their dedication to
Volleyball throughout the season for five weeks in the Waikato
Region. Playing 2 games each Saturday as well as being a duty
team, leads to some long hours. We competed within the A
grade competition and have been seeded as 5th in Waikato
Region heading into the tournament. The girls are very excited
to play Volleyball amongst a range of schools from throughout
New Zealand to continue to develop their knowledge and skill.
from 85 schools expected to be in attendance this year it will
once again be a spectacular event. With paddling commencing
on Tuesday 24th March and running through until Friday
27th March.
Our three W1 paddlers will take the water on day one
followed by our two J16 crews and one J19 crew over the
next three days. Waka Ama is held over 250m and 500m
distances and is an exciting spectator sport with the action
happening in such a small space. The 20 girls attending this
tournament come together from a number of Waikato clubs
to compete for Hamilton Girls’ High School and it is exciting
to see them put their club allegiances aside to form strong and
competitive crews.
Water Polo
Our Senior A Water Polo team are heading to the North
Island Secondary School Championships in Auckland from
Thursday 26th-Sunday 29th March. Making a splash in a
number of pools over the four days including West Wave,
Sacred Heart Aquatic Centre, Epsom Girls’ Grammar and
Auckland Diocesan Aquatic Centre this young team will be
exposed to some solid opposition across the four days. The
team have been performing well in the Waikato competition
building each week, gaining strength, cohesion and confidence.
Hamilton Girls’ High School equestrian team has had a
fantastic start to the year. Our first event was the Waikato
Show jumping. The team consisted of Sophie Hobbs,
Ashleigh Rosewarne, Brydie McAlpine, Bailey
Gallagher and Sian Potter. We had two riders that had
the opportunity to compete for the school for the first time.
This was a great experience for them. Sophie Hobbs riding
Regent Lad placed 8th. Sian Potter riding Miss Tint and
Brydie McAlpine riding Chippy placed 6th.
Our next event is the North Island Dressage. Our team for
this consists of Laura McNab, Brydie McAlpine, Morgan
Innes and Madison Schollum. This event requires the girls
to show the art of riding a horse in a manner of obedience,
flexibility, and balance while being judged.
The Hamilton Girls’ High School equestrian team put a huge
amount of time and discipline into their riding and always
represent the school with pride. Our next events for the year
are Waikato and North Island show hunter and North Island
show jumping.
Note: at time of printing, results were not available.
Waka Ama continues to be a very popular sport of choice
at Hamilton Girls’ High School with over 40 girls, of varying
experience levels, paddling this year. The New Zealand
Secondary Schools Waka Ama Championships are held at
the idyllic Blue Lake in Rotorua and with over 1400 paddlers
3 on 3 Basketball
3 on 3 Basketball head to Trust Arena in Waitakere for the
New Zealand Secondary Basketball tournament. 3 on 3
basketball is undergoing a huge push by Basketball New
Zealand as a targeted version of the code. Both the Senior
and Junior team boast girls who have been performing
exceptionally well on the 3 on 3 Grand Slam Tour and
with promising numbers entered in the tournament it will
be an action packed three days. They have been training
exceptionally hard throughout the summer break and all term
and we know that their dedication will reap them the rewards.
Rugby 7’s
The Senior Girls and U15 Girls Rugby 7’s teams both head to
Mount Maunganui to compete in the North Island Secondary
School Rugby 7’s tournament on Thursday 26th and Friday
27th March. Both teams have been performing extremely well
this term which is a credit to their hard work and dedication
as they are both young teams sporting girls who are new to
the rugby 7’s scene.
The Senior girls recently retained their Sir Gordon Tietjen’s
rugby 7’s title in a nail biting final that went into extra time
against Fielding High School. The U15’s 7’s team competed
strongly at the Pacific Aotearoa Cup in Auckland against some
strong opposition to finish runners up. Both teams are looking
forward to facing quality opposition in Mount Maunganui. The
U15’s will play in a round robin competition with 7 teams
competing. The U19 girls will face Te Puke, Fielding B and
Southern Cross Campus in their pool play.
Georgia Staples
Mirella Wilson
Shinae Brennan
Amber Hopkins
Team Ignite U16 Won:
2nd Championship Technical
4th Championship Display Overall
3rd New Zealand Champion U16 Team
We wish each and every player and the
coaching and management teams all the very
best for their respective tournaments.
Sir Gordon Tietjens 7’s Rugby
Photo Credit: Southern Focus Photography
Krystal Woodward
Arts Captain
Hey I’m Krystal Woodward and I have the pleasure of being
your Arts Captain for 2015! My job is to show off and
promote our incredibly talented Visual and Performing Arts
girls in our school. I started performing at the very young
age of two and a half years old and since then It has been
a massive part of my life! The Arts Council have a lot of
exciting things happening this year including our annual Talent
Quest, Fusion Festival, Kapahaka, Polynesian groups,Visual
Competitions, HBHS vrs HGHS talent quest and the HBHS
Joint Production. I am very excited to see what my leadership
role will bring this year. Whoop! Bring on a fantastic Artistic
year for Hamilton Girls’ High School.
The HGHS Music Department was privileged to have
Dame Malvina Major come and share her knowledge and
experiences with the senior music students on Monday 2nd
March. She spoke for an hour about how she coped with
stress and working in a team, as well as self-motivation and
pushing yourself to the limits and striving for excellence. She
answered questions from many students about pressure and
also about dealing with anxiety associated with performing
and how to overcome this.
Having such an esteemed musician share these experiences
with us was an absolute treasure and we are very thankful
for this opportunity. Dame Malvina Major began the ‘Dame
Malvina Major Foundation’ in 1991, which supports young
musicians and enables them to achieve their potential. We
have donated to her foundation as thanks for her coming to
our school.
The HGHS Music Department was invited to a jazz music
workshop held at HBHS on Friday 20th March. The workshop
was run by the New Zealand School of Music, assisted by Mike
Booth, Phil Broadhust, and Pete France. These three musicians
are very experienced and highly regarded internationally, so
it was a privilege to learn under their tutelage. The aim of the
workshop was to enhance performance standards with an
emphasis on jazz/blues style and improvisation. Overall, the
day was a success, ending with a concert of the pieces we
practiced. The New Zealand School of Music aims to provide
young musicians with opportunities to expand their musical
learning in an engaging and fun environment. We are thankful
that we’ve had the opportunity to learn and perform alongside
these established musicians and that they’ve taken the time to
share their knowledge with us.
The Drama and Dance Department has been very busy this term. Year 12 Drama performed an abridged version of Lysistrata
for their Greek Drama Assessment and Year 13 are working on acting and directing scenes from Twelfth Night. Year 9, 10 and 11
have produced some excellent devised work, and Year 9 are currently learning the skills of Clowning while Year 10 develop Mime
routines. There are groups running every lunchtime which anyone can be part of. These include Theatresports, Hip Hop and
Lyrical Dance groups, and Chinese and African Dance groups which are preparing for the Fusion Festival in Term Two. In the final
week of term a group will compete in the interschool Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition with one teacher directed and one
student directed scene. Singing auditions for this year’s Joint Production with Boys’ High of Jesus Christ Superstar will take place
in the last two weeks of term, with the dates of dancing auditions to be advised at a later date.
With so much going on it is very important that students refer to the daily notices every day to check for messages and
rehearsal times. For further information about these activities, contact Ms Wynne-Jones, Mrs Wenham, or Ms Belgrave.
Talofa and Warm Pasifika Greetings,
We have had a very busy month and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays. Our focus was to ensure that the Pasifika Council
was underway. To recap, our Pasifika Prefect, Haven Garisau, heads the Council and with her counsellors oversees all Pasifika activities
at school. Her Academic Counsellors, Tava Tyrell and Malia Ahofono, have met with the Academic Committee and are committed to
encouraging and fostering academic excellence. We are happy to announce the committee:Year 9, Janita Gupta;Year 10, to be confirmed;
Year 11, Litara Allan, and Year 12, Sapna Pandaram. To help the committee, we have a group of dedicated teachers who have charge
of mentoring at each year level. They are:Year 9, Mrs Nathan,Year 10, Ms Healy and Ms Sharpe;Year 11, Mrs Nathan,Year 12, Mrs Anand
and Ms Bali and at Year 13 is Mrs Meha-Uelese. The Social and Cultural Committee have also met.The student counsellors who run this
committee are Joan Leavasa and Vanessa Baledrokadroka. They meet with a dedicated and hardworking group of girls. The members of
this committee are: Year 9, to be confirmed; Year 10, Dawn Leavasa; Year 11, Caroline Tibwere and Year 12 Tuhe Teokotai. Our
hardworking secretary is Christian Baledrokadroka. The teachers who work with this committee are Ms Bali and Ms Sharpe. In addition,
we have Ms Belgrave, Mrs Turner and Mrs Lee who work hard with the Pasifika by Nature group.
The Pasifika Council and teachers worked hard in preparing and hosting the first Pasifika fono for this year. Although it was disappointing
that many families missed the opportunity to learn about NCEA and the impact it has for your daughters, those who attended reported
that they thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We were pleased that we were able to also enjoy and learn from a presentation from the Head
of Careers, Mrs Calder, who explained about vocational pathways and how this could be an alternative pathway to academic and career
success for the girls. If you wish to learn more about this area, please contact Mrs Calder to make an appointment for your daughter and
yourself. You may contact her through our reception.
Finally, we are busy preparing for the upcoming Pasifika by Nature festival. This year the festival will be on Saturday 2 May, at the
Claudelands Event Centre. Families, thank you for supporting your daughters and allowing them to come to practices. However, we ask
that if there is anyone who would like to take charge of the fundraising activities, to contact Mrs Meha-Uelese. We have some wonderful
ideas but we need parent help to organise and run these activities.
The Pasifika Mentoring Team
Pasifika Fono
Our Pasifika Fono was held on the evening of the 12th
March; we would like to thank all those who attended. We
are hoping for more families to attend in Term 2 when we
hold our next Fono.
The evening was led
by our Pasifika Prefect,
Haven Garisau; and our
Head Girl, Tava Tyrell.
The focus for the evening was to inform families of
how NCEA works; additionally, Mrs Calder shared a
presentation on Vocational Pathways which was very
relevant to all of our students.
We also heard from two senior students, who gave some
insight to their journey and experiences with NCEA.
Entertainment was provided by our wonderful Pasifika
By Nature Samoan group; they looked fabulous in their
costumes. We finished the evening with a supper and an
opportunity to talk and mingle.
All Yr13 students will be invited to attend a careers interview
with either Ms Calder or Mrs Lander during Term One and
Two. The intention of this is to assist the students with their
plans for 2016 and beyond.You can support your daughter by
encouraging her to attend the interview and discussing what
her ideas are for her future. The CareersNZ website www.
careers.govt.nz is a very good resource for both parents and
students. Those unsure about their plans are encouraged to
use the interactive tools that may give them a starting point
– Career Checker, CareerQuest, Know your Skills, and Skills
Waikato Trades Academy
49 students from Yr11 – 13 are involved in the Wintec
Trades Academy programme. They attend Wintec one day
per week for the whole year and the remaining four days are
spent at school. The students are involved within the Service
Sector, Health and Community Sector and Engineering. This
programme assists the students in gaining their NCEA Level 2
qualification whilst also exploring future vocational pathways.
The pictures show Yr12 students completing the Hair and
Beauty module before they move on to Tourism
and Hospitality.
All Yr13 students also have the opportunity to complete a Red
Cross First Aid Certificate and bookings are presently open in
the Careers Room for a range of different dates. This is a very
good addition to a CV.
Upcoming Events
Tertiary presentations:
Victoria University Otago University Auckland University 22nd May
24th April
5th May
Waikato University Open Day 22nd May
Waikato Careers Expo 7th & 8th June
Summer Bascand
at Radius Kensington Hospital
Deliya Jose
at Deloitte
This term I started out in a Gateway programme, to gain
experience towards Nursing. I got a placement at Radius
Kensington Hospital.
This year I had a great opportunity of being in a Gateway
programme which allowed me to experience the wonderful
world of Accounting in Deloitte, an acclaimed international
I thought this was great because I get to experience working
with the elderly and the friendly staff. I also get some one on
one with the residents, doing activities with them plus help out
the staff where I can.
For me the best part about it is making them smile, because in
a way that’s the aim of the day, “making them happy”.
I highly recommend taking on a Gateway programme. It’s an
awesome experience that could open gates to your career.
There, the real world of Accounting practices opened up
before me and I could have a glimpse of what it means to
be a Chartered Accountant and the career prospects in my
interaction with the staff, which has sharpened my appetite for
a career in Accounting.
The work I do there benefits me by having a different view of
Accounting from that of the work in class. The best part of
the programme is that I am able to strike a friendship with the
wonderful team at Deloitte, which always lifts up my spirits.
Leah Porima
Services Council Captain
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’ -Helen Keller. Something I
truly love about the services area of Hamilton Girls’ High is that anyone can be a hero
without any extraordinary talents. My goal for this year is to promote the services
and get as many girls as possible involved and excited about giving back to our school
and wider community. And ultimately to show my fellow sisters that together we can
do so much. During my years here at HGHS I have taken full advantage of the amazing
sporting opportunities and competed in Water polo, Soccer and Adventure Racing
teams. As well as sport I love art and enjoyed it as a subject for three years. I hope
everyone is as excited about this year as I am, and we can work together to make 2015
a year to remember. It is my honour and privilege to serve and nurture the growth of
my fellow sisters, as the Deputy Head Girl and Services Captain for Hamilton Girls’
High School in 2015.
Kelly Porima
Campbell House Captain
Tayla Duff
Edgecumbe House Captain
Celeste Rakena
Wilson Captain
Kaea Ruawai
Heads House Captain
Vanessa Baledrokadroka
MacDiarmid House Captain
Welcome to Wilson for 2015! This year we have Celeste
Rakena as our House Prefect and her deputies, Brooke
Gregson-McHardy and Amber Lewis. We are very excited
about 2015 as there are heaps of things we have planned to
make it a year to remember. Every month a tutor group will be
in charge of showing, through the newsletter, what their tutor
group has been doing, whether it be in tutor time or how they
have participated in House events. WCP was the first tutor
group to share with us about Athletics Day and Swimming
Sports. Thank you WCP!
have hoped for better. Our Wilson Photobooth was a huge
success! Of course, we couldn’t forget all the participants who
swam that day, we want to congratulate and thank them for
the hard work they've put in and we would also like to thank
all the helpers who made it so fabulous including the teachers,
the staff and also to the girls who really helped out with
the props for the photo booth and participation in events.
Just remember guys when the going gets tough “just keep
To all those who sadly missed out on one of the most
incredible days of the year, Athletics Day, it was one of many
great days to come! HGHS Athletic day was held at Porritt
Stadium and the first thing you notice as you enter the gates
are the awesome and crazy costumes showing off everyones’
creativity and house spirit! The day was full of surprises, fun,
cheering, chants, lots of falls and laughs, chilling out under the
shade and in the sun. The whole of Wilson house embraced
their house spirit and enjoyed the fun activities. One of our
own, Brooke Gregson-McHardy, won the hat competition.
There was so much colour and enthusiasm from those who
wore the hats, it was great to see! I think the highlights of the
day were our chants and our team effort. We are the smallest
house and we were so loud and showed a strong sense of
house spirit in the March Past with our chants! Be proud to be
Wilson, ‘when everything seems an uphill struggle, just think of
the view from the top!’ KEEP IT UP WILSON! WILSON is the
Swimming Sports was a BLAST! There was lots of swimming
and heaps of cheering! So much rivalry against the houses, the
dash against Hostel Girls and Day Girls and the nail biting race
between Teachers and Students was hilarious, even though
we (students) lost! Wilson may not have won but our House
Spirit was on point! Whether you win or lose, it is important
that we had so much fun, many good memories made and we
had strong teamwork throughout our house. We united as
one, our chants have become louder and prouder, we couldn’t
An Interim Report will be sent home with your daughter on Thursday 2nd April and also be uploaded to the Parent
Portal. Reading the report presents families with the opportunity to have good discussions about what is working well
and where further assistance or understanding would be of benefit.
The front page of our report addresses work ethic and is a reflection of character not of intellectual capacity. It
provides you with an overview of how well your daughter is managing herself, whether she is taking responsibility for
her own learning, her attitude in class, and homework completion. Every teacher offers four levels in each of these
indicators, describing the predominant response your daughter displays in each subject. The levels are in the range of
Highly Competent > Competent > Developing > Below Expectations.
The important question for our girls to ask themselves is “what do I need to do in order to shift to the next level?”.
A strong work ethic will usually generate higher levels of success and it is our intention to support the aspiration our
girls have to develop highly competent skills.
The report also lists all the assessments that are planned for the year. The grade is entered alongside those that
have been completed. While it is too late to alter completed assessments, all future opportunities will benefit from
reflecting on the past and setting future goals. Knowing what assessments are to come offers you an opportunity to
work with your daughter to manage her time effectively and prepare well.
Following on from the issuing Interim Reports, Parent-Teacher Meetings will take place during week 2 of Term 2 on
Wednesday 29th April and Thursday 30th April, starting at 2.30pm and ending at 6.00pm. Appointments will be made
using the online booking system at www.schoolinterviews.co.nz. Information regarding this process will be provided
closer to the time.
Terms One & Two 2015
Liaison Visits
Monday 2 March
Wednesday 11 March
Thursday 12 March Tuesday 17 March Monday 30 March Friday 24 April
Tuesday 5 May Open Days & Careers Expo
Friday 22 May
7 – 8 May
CAREERS EXPO - Claudelands Events Centre
Register your bobby
calves with NZ
Farmers Livestock
Phone 0800 695 483
35 cents per calf contribution to local
Committed to calf care
– same day procurement
Register in 2 simple steps:
- Complete the
0800 695 483–tosame
- Fax your completed registration form to (07)
889 1680 or mail to:
NZ Farmers Livestock,
PO Box 267,
Morrinsville 3340
Ngaa Puawaitanga
V2 V2
Careers Room
Ngaa Puawaitanga
April 2015 Holiday Programme plus
Netball, Football & Rugby Sports Clinics
Hamilton Girls High School and other various venues from
Tuesday 7 April to Friday 17 April 2015.
For children aged 5 to 13 years.
Kelly Sports Holiday Programmes and clinics are designed to
give children the opportunity to do the things they love and
enjoy in a supportive and encouraging environment.
Our programmes are full of exciting activities and trips that will
guarantee children have a great time.
Come and join us for a holiday of fun!
For more information or to enrol, go online to
www.kellysports.co.nz or contact our office on
(07) 8399017
1 APRIL 2PTR Fitness Day
WWS Swimming
U-Zone Student Art Exhibition until 21 April
Good Friday
Easter Monday
7-19 APRIL Term 1 Holidays
10 APRIL NZSS Adventure Racing Championships until 12 April
NZSS Ki-o-rahi Championships until 11 April
NZSS Water Polo Championships (Div 2 girls) until 31 April
NZCPA Eventing Championships until 18 April
1GEO GIS onsite Fieldtrip
3LAW Fieldtrip
29-30 APRIL
Parent -Teacher Meetings

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