2009-2010 - Hawaiian Humane Society



2009-2010 - Hawaiian Humane Society
Forming a partnership for life.
Hawaiian Humane Society
Annual Report to the Community • July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010
“Promoting the human-animal
bond and the humane treatment
of all animals.”
Cover: Dawn Konishi & Maka, a volunteer dog in the Pet Visitation program that touches the lives of thousands of people
at 143 facilities on Oahu.
Hawaiian Humane Society
Dear Friends,
This has been a banner year for the animals and people we serve.
More than 6,100 adoptions and 2,732 reunions of lost pets with
owners. Like so many, we are finding creative solutions to do more
with less. Through our partnerships with volunteers, business and
welfare groups we are helping more animals than ever before. We
are your island humane society serving every community on Oahu
from Kapolei to Kailua and Waimanalo to Waianae.
As we set our sights on renovations to our facilities and expansion
of our services, we’ve never been more committed to improving
the quality of our programs, providing aid to those in need and
strengthening our ties with every neighborhood.
We can’t do it without you. May this report stand as a legacy to your
With Aloha,
Larry Rodriguez
Chairman of the Board
Pamela Burns
President & CEO
Hawaiian Humane Society is formed on the grounds of Iolani Palace with King Kalakaua, a founding member.
Board of Directors
July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010
Larry Rodriguez - Chair
Norman M. Noguchi - Vice Chair
Robert R. Bean - Treasurer
Joyce Tomonari - Secretary
Francie E. Boland
Sharon Shiroma Brown
Gerri Cadiz
Bruce Coppa
Nicholas C. Dreher
Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr.
Ivan J. Ketterman
Lynn Y. Lally
Naomi Loewe
Jean C. Marchant
Stephen B. Metter
Pauline M. Osborne
Mark Polivka
Shelley B. Thompson
Ginny Tiu
Virginia S. Weinman
Mary H. Weyand
Republic of Hawaii deputizes Helen Kinau Wilder to enforce animal cruelty laws.
For more than 100 years, Hawaiian Humane Society has
served as a focal point of Oahu’s animal community and
plays an ever-evolving role as mediator on the changing
relationship between people and animals.
In its early days, the Society protected primarily working
animals, unwed mothers, adopted out children, and cared
for those with mental illness. The Society’s mission of
creating a “humane society” has always been about people
as much as animals.
Helen Kinau Wilder donates $5,000 for an animal shelter to be built on Kakaako land donated by Victoria Ward.
Our experience goes back more than 100 years when Helen Kinau Wilder was given law
enforcement authority to protect animals. Today, our humane officers specialize in animal law
enforcement and criminal justice and are deputized by the Honolulu Police Department. They
are the only authority outside of HPD who can
rescue animals and investigate cruelty on behalf
of the City & County of Honolulu.
Rescuing & Protecting
Barking dogs. Strays in the streets. Animal
hoarders. Neglected horses. Our humane
investigators are helping animals islandwide
– traveling 206,133 miles from Waianae to
Waikiki. In this past year, officers responded to 17,487 calls for service that included 2,120
emergencies involving people or animals in imminent danger.
Oahu’s communities
In every case we investigate, we walk a fine line
between education and enforcement, exercising both
based on what’s best for the animals. Often we find
that where the law lacks, our influence as advisors and
partners with pet owners yields far better results for
the animals than a citation that may result in minimal
or no penalties or dismissal. Our goal is to keep pets
and people together and encourage the highest standards of animal care and compassion.
Rescues & Emergencies
Cruelty Investigations
Loose & Aggressive Dogs
Barking Dog Complaints
Society relinquishes child protection functions to the newly formed Children’s Service Association.
Convicted of cruelty
Two 2010 convictions resulted in some of the stiffest penalties in recent history by Hawaii’s
courts. A KHON2 News viewer poll found that nearly 80 percent believe there should be stricter
punishments for animal cruelty and we couldn’t agree more. Recently we have seen an increase
in stronger penalties - a testament to the growing influence of animals.
Justice comes to those who are patient and for our investigators who specialize in building
compelling cases that stand up in court. In 2008, we rescued, rehabilitated, and found families
for seven dogs near death at a Salt Lake condo. We negotiated their custody from their owner,
an inmate at Halawa prison, who had entrusted their care to a friend. In 2009, the caregiver was
issued seven citations and failed to appear in court. At long last, she was arrested in 2010 and
found guilty on all seven counts and ordered to pay more than $2,000 in fines and court fees, as
well as to perform 350 hours of community service. She is barred from owning animals for a year.
Our passion for protection extends far beyond cats and dogs. Horses in Hawaii need plenty of
water. It took a water tanker with more than 600 gallons to satisfy eight horses left in a scorching
Waikele field. The owner paid nearly $1,500 in fines and court fees and is on probation for a year.
The horses now also benefit from mandatory welfare inspections by the Humane Society.
The hoarder next door
Imagine 45 cats, cramped in a small Mililani apartment, living in their own waste. The animals were
found starving, desperate for water and health care in the home of two sisters who professed that
they loved them deeply. It took hours to remove them all, ranging from kittens to seniors.
The owners surrendered all 45 cats and were issued 45 warning citations for animal cruelty.
Blinded by the unconditional and uncritical love that animals offer, hoarders suffer from a severe
psychological condition in which they keep more pets than they can properly care for.
While some would argue that there should be limits on how many cats one can own, we can just
as easily point to a case in which a Kailua cat owner cares for hundreds of felines in her residence
where they live a life of feline royalty.
City & County allocates $10,000 to build a new shelter on Waialae Avenue and Kalele Street.
Healing arts for animals
Reiki, a form of energy therapy, also helps heal and calm animals just as it does people. Reiki
practitioners volunteer their time at the shelter to reduce stress and anxiety, and help heal
injuries or illnesses.
This year we launched sound therapy featuring the music of Mozart and Chopin for our shelter
animals to alleviate separation anxiety, over-excitement and promote other calming benefits.
Research has shown regular patterns found in music help animals rest better and keep them
mentally and physically healthy.
Max’s legacy saves lives
Homeless dogs find their way to our doorstep with eyes full of hope for a healthy life. Through
Max’s Fund, we’re saving more lives. Established by Larry and Patricia Rodriguez in memory of their
own canine companion Max, this fund provides health care services beyond our shelter clinic’s
capabilities. Supporters can designate gifts to this special fund. Sixty dogs
received specialty care this year through the fund.
inside and out
One of the dogs helped by the fund this year was Samson, who was found
wandering in Ewa Beach with a life-threatening leg fracture. Max’s Fund
came to the rescue and saved his life. After recovery in foster care,
Samson now resides with the Cho family in Makiki.
Society hires it’s first full-time educational director to work with elementary students.
One of our foster families, The Tam’s, with Mana, who found a permanent home recently.
Our foster care provider network expanded to more than 200 families this year thanks to
relentless recruitment and our unrelenting desire to save more lives. Volunteers opened their
homes to provide care and comfort. Nearly 1,000 animals enjoyed a soft bed in a loving home.
This year we successfully piloted a newborn care program for kittens and launched a behavior
therapy foster program for dogs, as well as a medical rehabilitation program. Foster care is
successful because of the donors who fund it and the volunteers who
open their homes. More than $40,000 was raised this year by donors
who contributed through a special “Baby Shower” appeal to fund care
for newborns in Spring 2010.
a new beginning
Our pet foster care services extends to people’s pets too. When the
Reyes family home in Ewa Beach was destroyed by fire, our foster
volunteers provided temporary housing for their four dogs, Shy,
Diesel, Chewy and Coda. Anyone in crises or facing military deployment is eligible for foster care.
Society’s Animalport opens at Honolulu International Airport to provide care for animals during layovers.
We find more families for homeless animals than all other Oahu shelters combined. Our partnership
network has never been stronger. Our animals are available at PETCO in Kapolei and we host
adoptions events islandwide. Two hundred more animals found families than last year.
Creating families
It was certainly a banner year for orphan animals. However,
the reality remains that nearly just as many people acquired
their most recent pet from a store than a shelter.
Adopt. Don’t shop.
Our investigations this year uncovered that puppy mills
are thriving even in a downturned economy. For breeders
that sell pets through stores, the internet and puppy swap
meets, profit is often more important than animal welfare. Sellers charge big bucks for puppies
but the highest price is the cost of suffering by parents of these animals – enduring a life of
over breeding, lack of human companionship and poor living conditions. So wherever possible,
educate friends and family to adopt, don’t shop. There are more pets on Oahu than there are
families who want them.
“There’s no time limit
on how long we’ll hold
a pet awaiting adoption.
We’ve had pets in
residence who wait for
months before they find
their perfect family.”
Teddy was surrendered by a breeder during a Humane Society
investigation. Teddy is enjoying his new life with his new family.
– the Shimada’s of Kailua.
Other animals
Society’s Pet Visitation program begins work with ill and disabled residents around Oahu.
We helped 2,732 pets find their way home. We maintain Oahu’s pet ID
database so all licensed dogs and microchipped pets can be registered.
Owners should have their pets microchipped, even if kept indoors,
because collars and tags come off. In addition, owners must update
their new contact information with us to ensure more lost pets will find
their way home every year.
pets with people
Reunions 2,732
A microchip was critical to the reunion between Dennis Fujii and his dog Lover Boy aka “L.B.”
More than 4,000 pets were microchipped in August 2010 during the Humane Society’s
Microchip Madness month. This partnership with more than 20 veterinarians is a win-win for all.
We supply low-cost microchips to clinics to support pet identification. Microchipped pets who end
up lost often find their way home faster. And veterinarians have the opportunity to meet new pet
owners and educate them about health care needs.
Special thanks to our veterinary partners:
Aina Haina Pet Hospital
Animal Clinic of Honolulu
Animal Hospital of Hawaii
Animal House Veterinary Center
Blue Cross Animal Hospital
Feather and Fur Clinic
Haiku Veterinary Clinic
Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic
Island Veterinary Care
Kailua Animal Clinic
Kalihi Pet Clinic
Kapalama Pet Hospital
King St. Pet Hospital
Kokua Pet Clinic
Makai Animal Clinic
Newtown Veterinary Clinic
Ohana Veterinary Clinic
The Cat Clinic
The Pet Doctor
VCA University Animal Hospital
Wahiawa Animal Hospital
Waianae Veterinary Clinic
Waipahu-Leeward Veterinary Clinic
First annual PetWalk held at Thomas Square.
We welcome all
animals – not just
cats and dogs –
in need of our care.
with open arms
As Oahu’s only
open-door animal
shelter, we do not
turn any animal
away for any reason. We ensure that hundreds, if not
thousands of homeless animals are not roaming the
streets trying to survive on their own.
Caring for all
Given Shelter & Care
Other animals
Society begins neutering all dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens prior to adoption.
We are committed to reducing pet overpopulation with spaying and neutering. Preventing
unplanned litters reduces euthanasia and homeless animals in our neighborhoods. If every
pet owner sterilized their pets and those feeding feral
cats utilized our free spay and neuter services, together,
we could save more lives.
All adoptable animals are sterilized as a public service.
This has been made largely possible due to friends like
the Sophie Russell Testamentary Trust and you.
Saving Lives
Preventing unplanned litters
Our partnership with the City & County of Honolulu since 1986 for the Neuter Now program
provides for reduced-rate spay and neuter for owned animals with these partnering veterinarians:
Animal House Veterinary Center
Blue Cross Animal Hospital
Cat-Bird Vet Mobile Hospital
Kailua Animal Clinic
Kalihi Pet Clinic
Kapalama Pet Hospital
Makai Animal Clinic
Mililani Town Center Pet Clinic
Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic
Ohana Veterinary Hospital
The Cat Clinic
The Pet Clinic
The Pet Doctor
VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital
Waipahu-Leeward Veterinary Center
Sterilizations performed
at the Humane Society
Feral Cat Sterilizations
Neuter Now sterilizations
The 1912 Quarantine Law is updated to reduce the 120-day pet holding with possible direct airport release.
Sammy was rehabilitated and now lives a happy life with his new family, the Tikhonenkov’s of St. Louis Heights.
The Humane Society is supporting a bill to regulate large-scale breeders in Hawaii sponsored by Senator Clayton Hee
during the 2011 legislative session.
Making Hawaii more animal friendly requires mobilization of many
sectors of the community from people who simply love their own
pets to policy leaders in positions to create community-wide change.
Our advocacy initiatives count on your activism and political will, and
cover a broad spectrum. More access for pets in public places. More
pet-friendly housing. Stronger animal protection laws. These are just
a few of the many things we stand for on Oahu.
Whether it’s behind the scenes or
leading the charge, the Humane
Society is making Hawaii a better
Sammy, suffering from severe
place for animals and people.
mange, was surrendered by a
a voice for animals
When the county-supported
breeder during a Humane Society
sterilization program Neuter Now
was threatened, we mobilized
hundreds of advocates who sent in letters of support. When advocates for a Makiki dog park rallied
for an off-leash dog park, we testified to the Neighborhood Board in favor of their proposal. When
animal fighters rallied behind a legislative resolution to claim cockfighting as cultural, advocates
took action to ensure that it was dismissed.
This year we convened a forum on pets in public places. The message was clear: with dog ownership
at 43 percent, people need more places to go with dogs and better policies that support a more
integrated community of pets and people.
Someday, Oahu will see more parks that welcome dogs, an off-leash dog beach and a time when
restaurant owners can choose whether or not to allow patrons with their well-behaved dogs in
outdoor dining areas.
Stand with us to make Hawaii more animal friendly. Join our cause.
Legislature passes bill to set minimum standards of care for companion animals - establishing for the first time a definition
of criminal neglect that makes it possible to prosecute people who do not provide adequate food, water and shelter.
Several of our
new educational
Inspiring activism in youth
initiatives are
getting youth
actively involved
in mentoring
others in their community, advocating for animals
and learning from our shelter professionals. One new
program targeting Waianae teenagers has been made
possible by the James & Abigail Campbell Family
Foundation and James Kimo Campbell.
We are also expanding our outreach on the Waianae
Coast, in Kalihi and Waimanalo. The support of the
Atherton Family Foundation, Cooke Foundation, Ltd., Armstrong Foundation, and Kamokila Campbell
Fund allowed the Humane Society to purchase a community information van to help.
The Animal Transport Law passes and requires large animals to be safely and humanely secured in covered vehicles when
traveling on Oahu’s roadways.
Our volunteers outnumber staff
10 to 1. They are not only an
extension of our 65-member
workforce; they are our
coworkers, our advocates and
our ambassadors.
This year they worked more than
56,000 hours with us side by side,
driving our mission to promote
the human-animal bond to places
we’ve never imagined.
Our work force, our life force
Case in point: When nearly
100 volunteers with pets in
tow head to more than 140
of Oahu’s hospitals, hospices
and senior care facilities,
healing of the spirit happens.
More than 11,000 patients
have been touched by the joy
of our pet visitation program
this year alone.
Hawaii’s Pet Trust Law is established enabling owners to detail providers and provisions for their animals
should the owner pass away.
Many of our volunteers have also
pledged to help save animals
during a natural disaster and
times of emergency. As we
continue to ensure that disaster
response, emergency aid and
pet sheltering are effective and
a top priority, our volunteers are
taking classes to help us staff 30
pet-friendly shelters on Oahu.
Some volunteers fight for the
passage of stronger laws. Others
prefer to lead pet-friendly hikes
or comfort the grieving who’ve
recently lost a pet. Some assist
our veterinarian team while we
perform hundreds of sterilization
surgeries a week. While others
prefer to walk dogs, train cats to
sit or wash dogs in need of
a warm bath.
All volunteers are as much our
workforce, as the life force of
our organization.
Legislature passes a felony-level cruelty provision targeting abusers who hurt people’s pets through intentional torture,
mutilation or poisoning. Protected class of pets include dogs, cats, pet pigs and smaller animals. Horses were included in 2008.
Our donors ensure through their generous contributions that there
is always a voice for Oahu’s animals, 24 hours a day, every day
of the year. As an independent nonprofit organization that does
not receive funding from mainland animal welfare organizations,
our donors solely make possible our ability to strengthen the
human-animal bond and protect our animal ohana. Our donors make miracles happen every day.
Without them, we wouldn’t be here. We are pleased to recognize the contributions of friends who
made financial contributions of $100 or more between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.
Voices for animals
Fat Cats & Top Dogs Club
Mahalo to the members of the Fat Cat & Top Dogs Club (individuals, businesses, trusts and
foundations) who gave more than $10,000 between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.
Atherton Family Foundation
Harriet Baldwin
Robert & Frances Bean
Jacqueline J.H. Bean Fund
Joan Bellinger
Cooke Foundation, Ltd.
Larry Gardner
John R. Halligan Charitable Fund
Lynn & Jim Lally
John N. Leitich Estate
Ruth Clark Little
Jack & Marie Lord Fund
Tom Markson
Mark Mason
Homer Pearce
Richard Pentecost
Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez
Sophie Russell Testamentary Trust
Schuler Family Foundation
Barbara Tilley
Ginny Tiu
Margaret S. Van Poole Foundation
Virginia & Barry Weinman
Wilcher Trusts
Martha Wood
“Our donors make miracles
happen every day.”
History was made when a unique public-private partnership was forged between the state and all island humane societies
to ensure that disaster response relief and sheltering for pets is effective, seamless and a top priority.
$100 to $9,999
July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
12th Ave. Grill
Bernard A. Abbadessa, D.C.
Claudia J. Abbott
Eileen T. Abe
Joanne H. Abe
Robert N. Abe
Raymond Abelsen
Abercrombie For Congress
Brian & Patricia Aburano
Helene Acasio
Savannah Aceituno
Catherine Acena
Norma D. Acob
Simeon & Carolyn Acoba
April & Paul Acquavella
Cassandra Adachi
Kaipo Adachi
Daniel & Susan Adams
Leonard F. Adams
Robert K. Adams
Milton Agader
Mary K. Agor
Cariann Ah Loo
Charles Ah Nee
Jo Ann Ah Sam
Yolanda Ahana
Stephen & Linda Ahlers
Christi D. Ahnemiller
Linda S. Ahue
Gailyn A. Ahuna-Lum
Al & Audrey Aimoto
Dale & Katherine Aina
Jean K. Aio
Darrow L. Aiona
David D. Aiu, Jr.
Susan Ajifu
Glen Y. Ajimine
Robyn L. Akahoshi
Raymond Akaka, Jr.
Rodney R. Akamine
David R. Akana
Florence C. Akana
Susan & Moses Akana
Charles & Laurel Aki
Jinny & Ikaika Aki
Carol Ho Akimoto
Gwen A. Akimoto
Leroy & Carol Akimoto
Beverly A. Akiona
Michele Y. Akita
Wendell & Naomi Akita
Mary M. Akiu
K. Akiyama
Rene Akiyama
Richard Y. Akizaki
Valerie K. Ako
Claudia M. Akroyd
Linda M. Akui
Earlene M. Albano
Steven & Lea Albert
Alana Albertson
Benjamin & Clemencia Alcaraz
Tamila Alcoran
Keala Alcuran
Deborah Aldrich
Jacqueline Alejandro
Charles A. Alexander
Hays Alexander
Reynold & Laverne Alexander
Alexander & Baldwin Foundation
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.
Judy R. Allen
Leslie Allen & Milton Ebesu
Dr. Elaine Allwine
& Dr. Mark Caspers
Steven & Haunani Alm
Kandee K. Almond
Aloha Liquidation Trust
Aloha Petroleum, Ltd.
Joanne S. Amaki
Warren C. Amaral
Shaldyn Amedy
American Express Gift Matching
Charles R. Among
Dana Potter-Amundson
& Richard Amundson
Mary J. Amundson
Michael & Hwa Ja Anahori
Carole Anamizu
Richard & Ethel Anbe
Denise Q. Anderson
Eve Anderson
Geraldine Anderson
Margaret E. Anderson
Kenneth & Emile Andrade
Terrie Ann Andrade
John & Roxanne Andreoni
Mozelle Angel
Patsy A. Angel
Barbara A. Anglin
Judy Aono
Riichi & Laura Aono
Linda Aono
Lionel Apana
Angeline K. Apo
Jamie M. Apuna
S. J. Aquino
Victor Y. Aragaki
P. J. & Elvia Aragon
John & Trudy Arakaki
Michelle Arakaki
Cosmo & Ann Arakawa
Charles & Ellen Araki
Katherine S. Araki
Robert & Edith Araki
Steven S. Araki
Sandra H. Arashiro
Stephen & Susan Arbuthnot
Heidi & Shachar Argov
Diane S. Arima-Linscott
Rachel K. Ariola
Toshio & Hiroko Arisumi
Anna K. Arita
Donn & Lynne Ariyoshi
Ramon & Charlene Arjona
Michael D. Armenoff
Armstrong Foundation
Thomas & Loretta Arnold
Edmond T. Arquero
Francis & Bridget Arrastia
James H. Arscott
Art’s Obedience
Bert & Patsy Asada
Carol Asai-Sato & Dennis M. Tsuhako
James N. Asari
Patti, Dayne & Landon Asato
Dr. Wendy M. Asato
Patrice M. Ashfield
John & Lorraine Aslakson
Remedios J. Aspril
Associated Steel Workers, Inc.
Cynthia K. Au
Mildred M. Au
Nathan & Cheryl Au
Leona G. Auerbach
Mitzi C. Austin
Jolene Auvil
JoAnn H. Auyong
Cheryl Awaa
Michael & June Awai
Carrie Ayabe
James & Edna Ayling
Ada Azuma
Marsha Y. Azuma
Louis Baca
Dorothy N. Bach
Mara L. Bacon Chang
Imee G. Bacuitis
Daniel L. Badiang
Frank Baensch
Patricia Bagasol
Uriah & Emily Bagley
Catherine J. Bailey
Corrine P. Bailey
George & Ipolani Bailey
James I. Bailey
Jan Bailey-Yoshino
Adeline & Kenneth Baird
Diane T. Baker
Janice L. Baker
Lloyd & Kae Baker
Robert Baker
Ann P. Baldwin
Susan M. Ballard
Marshall & Carolyn Ballou
Ray & Rosaline Ballungay
Richard A. Balser
Carma L. Bamber
Bank of Hawaii
Martin F. Banks
Patricia A. Banning
Bruce E. Barben
Andrew Barbour
Kenneth J. Barclay
G. Bruce & Judith Bargfrede
Michael Barientos
Belinda B. Barnes
Mary Ann Barngrover
Walter & Toyoko Barngrover
Patricia Barr
Jennifer Barra
Clifford & Cynthia Barroga
Joanna L. Barroga
Joan Bartlett
Maria T. Barton
Joseph Basques
Suzie Bass
Towar B. Bates, Jr.
Nina Battiato
Laverne K. Bautista
Heather H. Beadle
Carole Beall
Mona W. Beard
Sarah & Harry Beasor
Bill & Janet Beaulieu
Jill M. Beaupre
Susan L. Beazley
Brenda L. Becker
Donald O. Beckwith
James & Barbara Bedient
Kelli M. Behrend
Stephen Beirne
Sue Beitia
Elizabeth R. Bell
Sandra T. Bell
Sally M. Belles
Jan C. Bellinger
Roger S. Bellinger
Edward & Helen Bendet
Rebecca Benefield & Riley Astrup
Randall & Heather Bennett
Chiho A. Bercovici
Donna Berg
Kathy & Steve Berg
Gertrude F. Berger
Leslie R. Berger
Dennis A. Bernard
Nancy & Beverly
Carleen K. Biernie
Peter Biggs & Nina Mullally
Ronald S. Biho
Barry & Anna Binning
Elizabeth Binning
Danielle Bird
Ralph M. Bishop
Soon Hee Bisol
Florence K. Black
Jasmine S. Black
Colleen H. Blacktin
Roger Blankfein, DVM
Alfred & Dorothy Bloom
Patricia E. Blum
Board of Water Supply FCU
Frank Boas
Thomas Boaz
Ute Boegel
Francie E. Boland
Henry Boland
Marcus Boland
Henrietta Bonifacio
Steven & Debra Bookatz
Borders, Inc.
Jennifer Bordonaro
William & May Borthwick
Gillian Boss
Tim & Gracie Bostock
& Melanie Holt
Jason & Nici Bothwell
Thais Bothwell
Elmer & Sharon Botsai
Alice W. Botticelli
Karen L. Bow-Villanueva
Lisa Bowden
Joseph Boyce
Brand Karimoto & Co., CPA’s
Maxine M. Bray
Peter Breeze
Eloise Brewer & Family
Michael Bridge, Ph.D.
William P. Bridges
Phillip & June Brieske
Jo-Anne K. Briseno
Alfred N. Brito
Dr. James Brock
Audrey C. Brooks
Bob Brooks
Carolyn J. Brown
Donald & Misao Brown
Donald & Joyce Brown
Kenneth & Joan Brown
Larry Brown
Lorraine B. Brown
Noel P. Brown
Patricia A. Brown
Virginia L. Brown
Joanne E. Brykczynski
Sheryl A. Bubier
Stephanie Buck
Edward Bugarin
Janet Y. Bullard
Barton W. Bunney
Mark & Margaret Burgessporter
Neil Burkart
Ralph Burke
Dr. Donna Burnett
Doris M. Burnette
Caleb E. Burns, III
Chad D. Burns
James S. Burns
History was made when a unique public-private partnership was forged between the state and all island humane societies
to ensure that disaster response relief and sheltering for pets is effective, seamless and a top priority.
Pamela Burns
John & Megumi Burzynski
Lelaine M. Bushey
John Butler
Pick & Catherine Bye
Eileen C. Byrnes
Kathryn Cabacungan
Brenda Cablayan
Benjamin & Jennifer Cable
Guy S. Cabral
Pamela Cabrera
Damon Caddell
Cades Foundation
Cades Schutte, LLP
Gerri & David Cadiz
Jason Cadiz
Stanley Cadwallader
Madeline Cahoon
Teresa Calabrese
Jeffrey & Jennifer Calamayan
Michael & Faye Caldonetti
Max & Carole Calica
Jim C. Callahan
Annette M. Camacho
Keith R. Camacho
Danny & Janet Camero
Adam Campbell
H. Loretta Campbell
J. Frisbee & Susan Campbell
Paullet Campbell
Phoebe & James Campbell
Dr. Danelo & Ann Canete
Michael J. Cannon
Victoria Cannon
Lori A. Cantu-Calimlim
Wayne & Arlene Capasso
Priscilla Cappis
Dr. Michele Carbone
Beverly S. Cardinal
Kirk D. Cardinotti
Fabio & Kristi Cardoso
Career Development Center
of Hawaii
Barbara J. Cargill
Emily G. Carl
Margaret A. Carlile
Adam & Jodi Carlson
Juliet Carlson
Richard & Wanda Carlson
Wayne Carlson
William W. Carmichael
Anita Carmona
Luke & Christine Caron
Marion E. Carpenter
Sherry Carpenter
Julio Carrillo
Don Carroll
Patricia Carroll
Edwin & Shirley Carter
John & Lois Carter
Suzanne D. Case
Landon Castellano
Larry Castillo
Marc & Sharlene Castillo
Sharlene F. Castillo
Emily O. Castle
The Cat Clinic
Laurel A. Cates
Ann B. Catts, M.D.
Catherine Caudle
Dawn Cavallero
Governor & Mrs. Benjamin Cayetano
Momi Cazimero & Lester Nakasone
Paige Cecil
Central Building Company
Rowena E. Cerretti
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Rosalia Y. Chan
Ronald Chandler
Alex & Francine Chang
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Rita Chang & Bill Quinlan
Susan & William Chang
Henry & Helen Chapin
Alice Chapman
Robert & Cara Chapman
John Chappelear
Colleen A. Char-Matsumoto
Mary R. Charles
Edith Chave
Joe & Laura Chavez
Hon Ting Chee
Wieland C. W. Chee
Wilbert C.F. & Queenie Chee
Emmet & Claire Cheeley
Barbara Cheever
Chelsea Enterprise, Inc.
Joyce Chen
Jung Chen
Lisa Chena
Melinda Chernesky
Sandy P. Chikasuye
M.G. Chillingworth
Edmund China
Grant & Julie China
Carol A. Chinen
Carolyn & Burt Chinen
Joanne Chinen
Rene Chinen
Mr. & Mrs. Russell M. Chinen
Carolyn & Sanford Ching
Christina N. Ching
Christopher & Kaori Ching
Evan & Cathy Ching
Han & Meredith Ching
June & Shannon Ching
Mike & Joyce Ching
Pamela R. Ching
Peter & Janis Ching
Stanley Ching & Jocelyn Nakashima
Abraham & Karlin Cho
Jonathan & Cora Cho
Eileen S. Cho
Henry & Sylvia Chock
Joan Phyllis Chock
Jonathan Chong
June T. Chong
Lori Chong
Luther H. Chong
Malcolm & Maya Chong
Joel R. Choo
David S. Chou
Donald & Ethel Chow
Janet & Calvin Chow
Keith K.S. & Stella Chow
Mel & Beverly Chow
Reynold Choy
Timothy Y.C. Choy
Alexander Christensen
Doris & Floyd Christenson
Grace L. Chu
Alexander & Cecilia Chun
Bernard K. Chun, M.D.
Calvin & Cyndee Chun
Carol T.Y. Chun
Deane T. Chun
Howard W. C. Chun
Kenneth & Tammy Chun
Larry S.G. Chun
Maile R. Chun
Stephen & Elsie Chun
Stewart Chun
Elsie & Aluma Chun Family
Gwendolyn Chung
Gordon Ciano
City Mill Company/Chung Kun Ai
Carissa J. Clark
Irene K. Clark
Joseph R. Clark, Jr.
Karen Y. Clarke
Mary A. Clavin
Alicia R. Claycomb
Glenna K. Clegg
Katherine E. Clifford
Richard & Teresa Clifton
Connie L. Clinton
Linda S. Coates
Kenneth & Rhonda Cody
Peter Colarusso
Joanne H. Cole
Chris K. Coleman
Christl Coleman & Nicole Baily
William & Pearl Coleman
Lt. Col. Selwyn J. Collins, II
Steven & Carrie Colon
Andrew & Lynette Colvin
Kevin Comcowich
& Maile McLaughlin
Leila V. Condon
Catherine Conrad
Claudia Conroy
Harold & Edna Conroy
Construction Associates, Inc.
ControlPoint Surveying, Inc.
Judith J. Conway
Charles & Hazel Cook
Dorothy M. Cook
Harry K. Cook
James A. Cook
Leslie C. Cook
Linda M. Cook
Catherine L. Cooke
Sue & C. M. Cooke
Dorothy C. Cooper
Bruce Coppa
Steve G. Coppel
William J. Corba
Frances E. Corcoran
Glenn & Inge Cordeiro
Matilda Cordero
Jean Cornuelle
Dr. Kleona Corsini
Amy L. Cosner
Armand A. Cote
Cynthia & Mike Cote
Rene Courtney
Rebecca Covert
Jack & Janet Covington
Karen J. Cox
Sachiko Cox
Leeann E. Crabbe
Earle M. Crabe
Timothy A. Craig
Crazy Shirts
June M. Cristea
C.B. Crockett, Jr.
James D. Crockett
Christopher & Marcia Croft
Robert & Gail Crone
Doris & Merle Crow
Irene Crowe
Moira Crowley
Judie A. Crummel
Marcelino & Mary Ann Cudal
Dan & Anandi Cullaty
Duane & Bonita Cunningham
Thomas R. Cunningham
Greg & Marisa Curtis
Ann & William Cuseo
Susan Cushman
Anne E. Cutting
John & Peggy Cutting
Maria Da Silveira Trust
Noelle M. Dagil
Katherine N. Daido
Paul & Dorothy Dale
Kathryn J. Dang
Joan N. Danieley
Mike & Pearl Daniels
Linda S.K. Dannaway
Harold & Floralei Darcey
William C. Darrah
Mahina Dauer
David & Mary Daugherty
Michael & Joy Davidson
Cheryl M.L. Davies
Gregory & Sandra Davis
Zan H. Dawson
Helen M. de Castro
Marlow A. De Rego
Robert & Mary Decker
Georgette T. Deemer
Elizabeth Flora Deinert Trust
Daniel Delbrel
Lisa DeLong
Norma Delos Reyes
Barbara C. Dendle
Phyllis & Bill Dendle
James D. DeRego
Ruth Marie Derigo
Amy E. Derrick-Frost
Scott & Joda Derrickson
Brenda & Donald Deryke
Jeanne L. Detor
Lorraine DeTour
Concetta M. DiLeo
Ray & Marchen Dingle
Andre P. Diuguid
Jeanne E. Dixon
John A. Dixon
Yoko W. Dixon
Laurie A. Doerschlen
Joyce B. Doheny
James F. Doherty
Clyde & Winifred Doi
Dean & Marjorie Doi
Kathleen D. Domen
Nicole Domingo
Patricia M. Domingo
Samuel & Lily Domingo
Anthony Donahue
Robert & Praneet Donle
Dian A. Dooley
Etsuko K. Douglass
Ann Dowie
Anna Doyle
Nicholas & Koren Dreher
Peter G. Drewliner
George & Dale Druger
DTRIC Insurance
Pat & Grace Duarte
Kristin N. Duin
Arlene K. Duncan
Archie & Diana Dung
Marilyn F. Dunlap
Harriet E. Dunn
Samuel & Kathy Dunn
Kay & D. Thomas Dunton
Marsha Durbin
Charles & Page Dwight
Kendrick Dwyer
Jason Dylik
Mary Lou Earll
Courtny E. East
Sharon L. Eberly
Gilbert M. Ebisui
Elinore S. Eckel
James E. Edington
Edward Enterprises, Inc.
Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer
John W. Edwards
Sally H. Edwards
Naomi Egami
Andrew & Barbara Egseth
Kyung H. Eichler
Rick & Susan Eichor
Lucius & Joann Eldredge
Eileen R. Elfsten
Janet & Mike Elinski
Jose Elizaga
Denise Ellinwood
Barbara S. Ellis
Kerri Ellis
Shauna Ellis
Cheryl Embry
Norman & Deborah Day Emerson
Nora T. Emerson
John P. Emery
Laura L. Emura
Nancy S. Engelhardt
Jennifer L. Engels
Todd Enokawa
Estelle A. Enoki
Ernestine K. Enomoto
Isami & Zora Enomoto
Chikako Epure
Carolly Erickson
Karen L. Erickson
Cynthia M. Erlinger
Ernst & Young LLP
Lee Ann Errett
Edsel W. Eshima
Sigrid W. Espejo
Bobby K. Esperance-Tracy
Jonathan Esperanza
Judy A. Esperas
Antonio Espiritu
Kathy Esposito-Mason
Sachie M. Etherington
Clarene Y. Eto
Dorothy M. Evans
Jana S. Ewing
Dean & Thyrza Eyre
Michael A. Fagundes
LTC Thomas Fairfull
Janet & Mel Falcon
Lydia & Isumu Faletoi
Sarah & Mark Falzarano
Gail L. Farley
Mr. & Mrs. C.P. Farmer
Douglas Farrell
Sonia Faust
Joyce T. Favorite
Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet
David & Ann Fazendin
Diane H. Fedor
The Feed Trough
Rosalind P. Fellezs
Mark & Joanne Felman
Albert & Anneliese Ferguson
Ida B. Ferguson
Roberta & Dennis Ferm
Everett V. Fernandez
Hubert Fernandez
& Pamela Kaleikini
Kristin K. Fernandez
Paul & Pat Fernandez
John H. Ferreira, Jr.
Dale E. Fey
Christopher & Kaori Fiack
Harry & Jane Field
Finance Factors Foundation
Sarah E. Fincke
Keith A. Finkboner
Nancy K. Finn
Jefferson Finney
First Hawaiian Bank
First Insurance Company
of Hawaii, Ltd.
Daniel J. Fischberg
Joy Y. Fischer
Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong
& M.J. Leong
Ralph E. Fisher
Vasanti F. Fithian
Erin M. Fitzgerald-Case
Judith Flanders
Reiko U. Flannagan
Eric & Renee Fleckles
Joan & Jim Fleming
Louise M. Fleming
Linda Flinn
Tim Flournoy
Eric & Clara Flower
Susan A. Flowers
Marvin & Sandra Fong
Mervy Fong
Clara L. Foo
Joseph & May Foo
Robert J. Foo
Foodland Super Market, Ltd./Give
Mary L. Forde
Forest City Residential Management
Dennis & Nona Forster
Sittarana Foster
Francis M. Fota
Don & Crystal Fox
Eddie Fox
Mary Lou Foy-Failla
Thomas & Linda Foye
Patrick Frane
Kathleen A. Franey
Scott & Tina Frank
Paul C. Franke
Diana J. Franklin
Charles & Betty Fraser
Thom W. Frazier-Dewes
Christopher & Tertia Freas
Richard Flagg
& Alberta Freidus-Flagg
Anthony D. Freitas
Theol H. French
L. Richard Fried, Jr.
Harry & Carol Friedman
Jill, Sandy, Lea, Josh & Jacob
Friedman Almanza
Cheyenne F. Fry, D.V.M.
Thomas & Diane Fudge
Alton K. Fujii, D.M.D
Kenneth & Violet Fujii
Terri & Garrett Fujii
Benjamin & Laura Fujimoto
Donald M. Fujimoto
Gail Fujimoto
Jerry & Shirley Fujimoto
Joanne Y. Fujimoto
Marc & Lori Fujimoto
Andrea S. Fujinaga
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fujioka
Sherry C. Fujioka
Yoshie Fujioka
Gary E. Fujisawa
Gayle Fujita
Joseph & Helen Fujita
Melinda E. Fujita
Wesley & Jean Fujita
Beverly Fujiwara
Blane Fujiwara & Elizabeth Ishii
Karin Y. Fujiwara
Ernest & LaVerne Fukeda
Glenn & Janice Fukuda
Leimomi Fukuda
George & Lei Fukuhara
Kent & Kayleen Fukuhara
Richard & Shirley Fukuhara
Lynn Fukumitsu & Carl Camanga
Arlene S. Fukunaga
Brian & Jane K. Fukunaga
Dennis & Annette Fukunaga
Dr. & Mrs. Francis H. Fukunaga
Wallace T. Fukunaga
Ann Fukushima
Jane Fukutomi
Linda Fukuya
Catherine L. Fuller
Lloyd I. Funada
Brent Funakoshi
Darrell Fung
Alfred & Leilehua Furtado
Louis & Mary Furtado
Dennis S. Furuike
Ed Furuike
Alan M. Furukawa
Edward & Grace Furukawa
Gary Furutani
Reid K. Furutani
Denise Furuya
John & Hsiu Mei Furuyama
Jan Futa
Hana I. Gabrielson
Gino Gabrio
Marilyn Gagen
Raymond & Alida Gandy, Jr.
Charleen & Glenn Ganeku
Marcelino & Esperanza Garcia
Sheryl P. Gardner, M.D.
Stacia Garlach & Clifford Bieberly
Gloria Jean Garner
Bill Garnett & Audrey Newman
Joanne & John Gasher
Lorena Gaskill
Karen L. Gates
Gates Hafen Cochrane Architects
Ryann Leigh Gavsemel
Patricia Geaghan
Harriet M. Gee
Lynette Gehring
GEICO Philanthropic Foundation
James & Gayle Geiger
Francis & Jayne George
Jolene F. Gerell
R. Keola & Erin Gerell
Monique A. Gevas
Nancy Ghali
Maimona Ghows
Gregory Gibbons
Capt. & Mrs. James F. Giblin, Jr.
Gary & Audrey Gibo
James & Lydia Gibson
Jennifer J. Gieser
Jo Gilbert
Monette & Gregory Gilding
Barbara L. Giles
Garnet & Lois Giles
Gilford Sato & Associates, CPAS, Inc.
Camille Gillette
Gail S. Gilman
Glenn & Judith Ginoza
Harry & Janet Ginoza
Girl Scout Troop #276
Girl Scout Troop #471
Robert L. Giuliani
William F. Gleason
Glickman Family Fund
Signe Godfrey
R. Chris & Debra Godwin
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Dorothy M. Goldsborough, Ph.D.
Wendy S. Golz
James K. Gomard
Carole A. Gomes
Sheila Gomes
Alejandro Gonzalez
Rhoda Goo
Marc Goodman
Marjorie M. Gordon
Peggy Heidel Gordon
Eleanor Y. Goto
Frank Goto
Colleen F. Goto-Ono
Kenneth & Susan Goya
Taro & Helen Goya
Lisa Goya-Nishikawa
& Gary Nishikawa
Donald & Kay Graham
Stephen Graner
Michelle L. Granson
Shirley T. Grant
Estella M. Grantham
Grass Skirt Productions, LLC
Rosalind Gray
Great Dane Club of Hawaii
Evelyn M. Greene
Martha L. Greenwell
Mark & Dawn Gregory
Troy Griffin, Jr.
& Annemarie Newman
Rhonda Griswold
The Grondolsky Family
Claire R. Groom
Timothy & Sheryl Gruber
Frank & Susan Gruetzmacher
Phyllis M. Guard
Robert & Devon Guard
Patrick & Lori Guerin
Andrew J. Guidotti
Morena Gullett
Ernest & Norma Gunther
Linda Y. Gushikuma
Joyce H. Haas
Robert Hackman
Joyce & Patrick Hada
Michael & Katherine Hadano
John S. Hagan
Carol A. Hagino
Sandra Hagstrom
Thomas & Shigeko Hahn
William & Diane Hahn
Beverly Haid & Sue Hillmann
Fatemeh Hajiani
N. Robert Hale
Colleen Hall
Deborah C. Hall
Marvin & Rae Alice Hall
Nancy B. Hall-Gerrell
Ernell W. Hallaman
Lyle & Sandra Halverson
Rachel A. Halverson
Aaron Hamada
Aaron & Tammy Hamada
David & Sybil Hamada
Guy & Joyce Hamada
Tomeo & Jane Hamanaka
Molly M. Hamanaka
Andrea Hamblin
Pat M. Hammers
Gary & Meryl Hanagami
Natalie Hanai
David & Gay Hanawahine
Luci Ann Haney
Paul & Susan Hangai
Nancy A. Hanks
Laurel E. Hannell
Kathleen J. Hannmann
Edward Hanohano
Jake & Jaime Hanohano
Patricia K. Hansen
Edward Hanson
Eric Hanson
Lorena S. Hanyu
Eric & Lavonne M.K. Hara
Kasumi Hara
Laurie Hara & Keoni Kilbey
Lavonne Hara
Gail Harada
Lynn H. Harada
Ryan M. Harada
Myrna O. Hardin
Gladys D. Harding
Neal E. Harding
Kazuko Hardy
Lynn Haring
Heather Harlow
Jack & Myrtle Harmon
Richard C. Harp
Harqua Foundation
Albert L. Harris
Donald & Mae Harris
Janet Harris
Robert M. Harris
John & Anne Harrison
Lily Harrison
Brett & Niranda Hartle
Michael & Sandy Hartley
David K. Hartline
Ruth O. Hartman
Sandra H.C. Harvey
Nan A. Harvie Estate
Henry & Alice Hasegawa
Annemarie S. Hashimoto
Charlotte S. Hashimoto
Jean H. Hashimoto
Harold & Yvonne Hashizume
James Hasselman
& Corie Lee-Hasselman
Emi Hata Charitable Lead
Annuity Trust
Irene Hatakenaka
Joy S. Hatakeyama
Nicole S. Hatch
Hawaii Bio-Waste Systems, Inc.
Hawaii Dental Group
Hawaii Mega-Cor, Inc.
Hawaiian Electric Industries
Charitable Foundation
Hawaiian Telcom
Hawaiiana Group Inc.
Shelley U. Hawkins
Marsha L. Hayakawa
Yuki Hayama
Ayako A. Hayashi
Bert Y. Hayashi
Beverly Hayashi
Clifford Hayashi
Linda E. Hayashi
H. T. Hayashi Foundation
Hayes Structural Design
Dorothy & Mark Hazlett
Dorothy Hazzard
Robert & Norene Hazzard
Noel & William Head
Darlene Heck
Marie B. Heck
Audrey T. Hedani
Clyde & Charlotte Hedani
H. John & Lea Heide
Sibyl N. Heide
Ralph Heidenreich
Ronald Heim
Ursula Heinz
Walter & Janet Helm
Janet M. Henderson
Julie L.P. Henderson
Virginia G. Henderson
Jayne Henley-Davis
Robert & Nancy Hensler
Gary & Jennifer Herald
Lynda Heran
Gail P. Hercher
Charles & Jacquelyne Hernandez
Robert Heros
Mary M. Herrera
Eileen C. Herring
Lynn Heslin
Randal J. Hewitt
Kathryn S. Heydon
Charles & Helen Higa
David & Patsy Higa
David M. Higa
George & Jane T. Higa
Kazuko Higa
Leonore L. Higa
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney S. Higa
Roy Higa
Shareen Higa
Shigeo & Florence Higa
Stefanie M. Higa
Wendee Higa & Jeff Uno
Charlaine T. Higashi
Charlotte Higashi
Larry H. Higashi
Gail Higashi-Takehara
Cheryl L. Higashida
Conrad & Lindee Higashionna
Ron & Sanne Higgins
Fay Ann Hill
Edith S. Hiltbrand
Manuel G. Himenes, Jr., D.V.M.
Robson Hind
Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino
George & Kay Hino
Anthony R. Hintz
Maressa J. Hipp
Sachiko M. Hirai
Todd Hirai
Florence Hiraiwa
James & Florence Hirakawa
Roy & Asaye Hirakawa
Joy T. Hiramoto
Tomie Hirano
Akiko Hiranuma
Ian M. Hirasa
Judy Y. Hirashima
Mr. & Mrs. Y. Bart Hirashima
Edward & Harumi Hirata
Robert Hirayasu
James & Toshiko Hironaga
Sandra M. Hironaga
Jacqueline Hironaka
Valerie K. Hironaka
Laura Hirono
Roy & Emi Hirono
Linda Hirsch
Ann N. Hisamoto
Alvin G. Ho
Brenda K.L. Ho
Cynthia M. Ho
Helen K. Ho
Timothy T.F. Ho
George & Cynthia Hoag
Patricia Ann Hoefer
Peggy Hoefer
Lisa Hogg
Maria Hohmann, M.D.
Russel P. Hojnowski
Elizabeth Hokada
Yoshitsugi Hokama
Hokuahi Lawns, Inc.
Colleen & Michael Hokutan
Sharon & Bill Holaday
Roy & Constance Holck
Holistic Education of Hawaii
Lynne Ellen Hollinger
Pamela J. Holloway
Michelle L. Hollum
Lurline Holly
Carol J. Holverson
Alexandra Holzman
Christina M. Hom
Diane Honda
Eric & Gayle Honda
Glenn & Janis Honda
Lynn C. Honda
Dr. & Mrs. Sadao Honda
Gregory & Stephanie Hong
Karen Ho Hong
Elsa L.D. Honma
John & Victoria Honold, Jr.
George C. Hopkins
Walter K. Horie
Mary Ann Horii
Nancy Horikawa
Allison Horimoto
Miriam R. Horita
Carole Horiuchi
Mandy & Eric Horst
Sandra Y. Hoshida
Marion Q. Hotchkiss
Eric & Susan House
Janet M. Howe
Teresa Hoxie
Howard M. Hu
Lehua Hulihee
Donna N. Hulstrom
Francis & Serena Humay
Lu & Judd Hummel
Kevin Hummert
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Humphreys
Hunt Development Group, LP
Dr. David M. Huntley
Mari Ichiki
Calvin & Mildred Ichinose
Mark & Deborah Ichiyama
Tadao Ida
Keith Idouchi
Ruby W. Ifversen
Irene Emiko Igawa
Julie Ann Iguchi
Jo Ann C. Iha
Kylen K. Iha
Sheri K. Iha
Yatsue Iinuma
Asa Ikeda
Roy & Cassy Ikeda
Diane M. Ikegami
JoAnn Ikehara
Mildred & Charles Ikehara
Florence S. Ikei
Fuki Ikeuchi-Lao
June F. Ikezawa
Nicole & John Ilae
Ben Imada
Lorraine K. Imada
Rodney & Cherie Imai
Jean R. Imamoto
Calvin Y. Imura
Doris Inafuku
Lynn Inafuku
Jan N. Inao, M.D.
Laurence & Joanne Ing
Sandra N.L. Ing
Susan K. Ing
Susie L. Ing
Tim S. Ing
Marshall T. Ingraham
Maria & Martin Inocelda
Ann Inouye
Bernadette E. Inouye
Craig & Yuka Inouye
Hester E. Inouye
Wallace J. Inouye
Insurance Associates, Inc.
Iolani Daisy Troop #2
Iolani School
Gaylen L.K. Isaacs
Kenneth T. Isekawa
Joy Ishibashi
Julie Ishibashi
Tammy Ishibashi
Wendy Ishibashi
Lois C. Ishihara
Lynn & Brian Ishii
Shari Ishii
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Ishii, Jr.
Richard & Allene Ishikawa
Gayle P. Ishima
Amy S. Ishimura
Hideo Ishizaki
Island Infotech
Island Pacific Academy
Island Style Images
LeeAnn M. Isobe
Margaret M. Isonaga
Gary A. Isono
Sandra H. Isono
Jay S. Itagaki
James & Pamela Ito
Lisa G. Ito
Marsha E. Ito
Sharelle M. Ito
Lisa M. Itomura
Kyle Iwai
Wilfred & Judy Iwai
Gertrude K. Iwaida
Jessica M. Iwamura
Kay Iwane
Marsha F. Iwane
Shirley Iwane
Dr. Tad & Carol Iwanuma
Regan Iwao
Lorraine M. Iwasaki
Dr. & Mrs. Allan K. Izumi
May R. Izumi
Wayne Izumi
Patsy M. Izumo
Audrey C. Izumoto
J & J Washerette
Bruce Jackson & Noreen Yamamoto
Donna T. Jackson
Kyle Jacobi
George & Pauline Jacroux
Gary A. James
Susan S. Jannuzzi
Mary Louise E. Jarrett
Carol M. Jaxon
Jean & Maury Myers Family
Catherine L. Jenkins
Elizabeth Jenkins
Frances Jensen
Col. Harold E. Jensen
Jens A. Jensen
Barbara Jessee
Michael Jewett
Richard & Judi Jinnai
Gayle & Larry Jitchaku
JJC Hawaii, LLC
Art & Betty Joao
Cynthia M. Johiro
David & Marlene Johnson
Dora S. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick E. Johnson, Jr.
Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson
Jacquelline L. Johnson
Louise A. Johnson
Mark & Lynn Johnson
R. Gary Johnson, M.D.
Robin R. Johnson
Tim Johnson
Terry R. Joiner
Annakaarina Jolkkonen
Christopher & Melissa Jones
David & Chiyono Jones
John & Andrea Jones
Klebert Jones, M.D.
Margaret-Helen Jones
Michelle H. Jones
Nicolette F. Jones
Pamela & Michael Jones
Patricia & Ronald Jones
Shirley Jones
Tory Jones
Dr. & Mrs. R.B. Joseph
Verna Joseph
Helen A. Josypenko
Henry & Linda Judd
Alice & Nancy Jude
Barbara S. Jurkens
Eleanor H. Kaaina
Nanette S. Kaaumoana
Kari K.K. Kaauwai
Steven & April Kachilla
Hiroko Kadomoto
James & Gail Kaeka
Debra A. Kagawa
Kathleen Kagawa
Walter K. Kagawa
Daniel & Grace Kagehiro
Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto
Edward & Margaret Kagihara
Lydia Bernie Kahale
Maydell M. Kahawaii-Smith
David K. Kahunahana
Lo Kaimuloa
Gail Kaito & Michael Shiroma
Shirley N. Kaiura
Joyce A. Kajioka
Stanley M. Kajioka
Clifford & Aileen Kajiwara
Jesse I. Kajiwara
Kurt & Keri Ann Kajiyama
Judith T. Kakazu
Rosalynne W. Kakogawa-Wong
Wanda Kakugawa
Kalani High School
Gail M. Kaleikini
Roberta & George Kalilikane
Lawrence & Clara Kam
William Kawato
Carl & Mutsumi Kawauchi
Arlene A. Kaya
Susan K. Kaya
Robin & Sally Kaye
Tracy Y. Kazunaga
Ke Kai O Kahiki
Joey P. Keanu
Bebe S. Kearney
Marilyn S. Keau
Margaret O. Keawe
Dr. Linde Keil
Joan B. Kekaula
Donna L. Kekauoha
Dr. Howard & Elizabeth Keller
Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund
Christopher & Pamela Kelley
Tracey & Timothy Kelley
David S. Kellogg
James & Audrey Kelly
Marla Kelly
Bob & Victoria Kenneally
Paula Kennedy
Lee Ann Kenolio
Daniel Kent
Roger & Annette Kent
Kay M. Kenton
Nicole Kepa
E. R. Kern
Ivan & Patricia Ketterman
Charles & Deborah Key
Saundra E. Keyes
Katharine Kickertz
Valerie Kidani
Valerie J. Kido
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Y. Kihara
Robert & Hope Kihune
Craig D. Kim
Damien Kim
Karen Kim
Lisa K. Kim
Mary J. Kim
Steven & Lorene Kim
Young & Kathryn Kim
Charleen Y. Kimata
Calvin S. Kimura
Daniel Kimura
Diane M. Kimura
Edith Kimura
Fred S. Kimura
Sandra Kimura
Yoko Kimura
Arthur & R. Mildred King
Thomas D. King, Jr.
King Street Pet Hospital
Cheryl H. Kirito
Dan & Kathryn Kirley
Caroline S. Kishida
Ronald & Linda Kishimoto
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Kistner
Terri Kitagawa
Lianne S. Kitajima
Hideko Kitamura
Susan S. Kitamura
Chris & Win Kitaoka
Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka
James & Sharon Kitazaki
Linda E. Kitsuwa
Evelyn Kiyabu
Estelle M. Kiyama
William & Rosebell Kiyan
Patricia I. Kiyoguchi
Julie & Jimmy Kiyono
Sandra & Douglas Klein
David Knutson & Lori Ann Fujioka
Elaine & Eugene H. K. Kam
Lissa W. Kam, D.V.M.
Malcolm B.L. Kam
Walter K.H. Kam
Sally Kamae
Heather Kaman
Ethel Kamemoto
Kenneth & Elaine Kamemoto
Dr. Haruo & Esther T. Kameoka
Aiko K. Kameya
Evelyn Kamikawa
Florence K. Kamimura
Gail N. Kaminaga
Kumiko Kaminaka
Amy E. Kamite
Kaneala Kanahele
Jean Kanaizumi
Gary & Jo Kanehiro
Myrna Kaneko
Terri Kanemaru
Calvin S. Kanemoto
William & Kathleen Kaneshige
Annie M. Kaneshiro
Bliss Kaneshiro
Carilyn Kaneshiro
Ethan Kaneshiro
Jean H. Kaneshiro
Jennifer Kaneshiro
Jo Anne Kaneshiro
Joan Kaneshiro
Keith M. Kaneshiro
L. Kaneshiro
Marion E. Kaneshiro
Wayne T. Kaneshiro
Ralph & Jan Kanetoku
Joyce Kang
Suzanne M. Kang
John & Betty Kaniaupio
Clarence & Janet Kanja
Faith I. Kanno
Mary K. Kanno
Ronald & Rose Kanno
Clayton & Karen Kanzaki
Grace A. Kaonohi
Alward & Kay-Lynn Kaopuiki
Laurie Kapaona
Judson W. Karlen
Vicki Kasal
Marjorie Kashiwada
Eric & Teri Kashiwamura
Michael & Rae Katano
Amy E. Katayama
Daniel & Jane Katayama
Alan M. Kato
Carrie F. Kato
Elane H. Kato
Hiroshi & Janet Kato
Jefferry Kato
Robert & Atsuko Kato
William & Karen Kato
Lee Katsumoto
Yoshio & Lorraine Katsumoto
Stanley & Debra Katsura
Dagmar Kau
Susan K. Kau
Barbara & Robert Kauahi
Evelyn R. Kawahara
Bette H. Kawai
Tsukumo & V.C. Kawakami
Jean Kawamoto
Leslie Ann T. Kawamoto
Eric K. Kawamura
Princess Abigail Kawananakoa
Aoi & Lance Kawano
Jewel & Wilfred Kawano
Todd Z. Kawashima
Laurie C. Knych
Kenton Ko
Koaniani Fund
Jane Kobashigawa
Minori Kobashigawa
Walter Z. Kobashigawa
Cynthia M. Kobatake
Carolyn K. Kobayashi
Hanako Kobayashi
Jan Kobayashi & Keith Ogasawara
Sandra D. Kobayashi
Tsuneo John Kobayashi
Silvia & Gerald Koch
Jo Ann Kocher
Mary Frances Kocsis
Karyn A. Kodama
Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto
Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund
Glenn I. Koga
Hiroko F. Koga
Kenneth & Inez Koga
Nanette Koga
Ruth Kamuri Koga
Lisa Kogachi
Christy Y. Kohama
Melvyn & Carol Kohama
Dennis & Barbara Kohara
Helen I. Kohashi
Katherine E. Kohashi
Thomas & Drucilla Koide
Renee Koizumi
James Koja
Kokua in Kind
Thomas Kokubun
Doris A. Kollars
CDR John Koller
Laurence N. Kolonel
Ginger Kolonick
Taeko Komatsu
Roy & Marian Komoto
Dr. Steven & Estrellita Komura
Sam & Eileen Kon
Kennard Y.T. Kong
Myra Kong
Dawn H. Konishi
Eleanor Konishi
Candace A. Konjevic
Aiko Kono
Deborah L. Koochi
Alvin & Blanche Kort
Susan M. Kosasa
Dr. Thomas & Mi Kosasa
Jane N. Koseki
Goldie & Robert Kouchiyama
Suzette S. Koyanagi
Rene Kozai
Kathy Krammer & Randy Jensen
Donna A. Krueger
Donald R. Krug
Rosalie & Leonard Kryston
Lily Y. Kuba
Julie Kubo
Tammy & Edward Kubo
Irene Kubojiri
Derek M. Kubota
Ricky & Ethel Kubota
Diana M. Kucmeroski
Emiko Kudo
Takeo & Barbara Kudo
Eric T. Kugisaki
Mary Kuhr
Gary J. Kukac
Mark & Linda Kuklinsky
Kari Kumashiro
Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa
Leanne S. Kunihisa
Clayton K. Kunitake
James K. Kuoha
John & Robyn Kurahara
Melvin & Karen Kuraoka
Stanley & Helen Kurashige
Atsuko Kuratani
Adeline & Kerry Kuraya
Linda L. Kuribayashi
Alvin & Kay Kurio
Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio
Marvin & Patricia Kurisu
Florence Kuroda
Maiko Kuroda
Evelyn Kurogi
Eldena L. Kuroiwa
Edward & Yoshiko Kurosu
Mona R. Kushimaejo
Lawrence M. Kusumoto
Darlene & Quin Kutara
Jason T. Kuwabara
Ethel M. Kuwasaki
Helene Kuwaye
Christopher R. Kuznicki
Neuman Kwong
La Mariana Trust
Margaret M. La Torre
Martha J. Labenz
Madeline C. Lacamiento
Louise Lai
Vivian N. Lai
Karen M. Laitila
Thomas & Carolyn Lalakea
Lezlie Lam
Marianne Lam
Ann K Lamb Trust
Annette Lamm
Terii A. Lamphier
Brian Landenberger
David Landry & Kimberly Chai
David & Lynn Lane
Melissa J. Lange
Robert & Betty Langley
Len & Terri Lantych
Berit V. Larsen
Alison G. Larson
Marion Vicki Yee Larson
Peggy A. Latare
Adrienne & Clifford Lau
Benita D. Lau
Bonnie V. Lau
Ching Man Lau
Daniel B.T. Lau
Juliana Lau
Dr. Lavay Lau
Licia L. Lau
Merilee Lau
Monique L. Lau
Lynden H. Lau
Lani Kae Lauahi
Jeff Lavenau
Kathy E. Lawton
Carole Learnard
Susan C. Leary
Faith Y. Lebb
David R. Lee
Deanna Lee
Edward & Annie Lee
Janette K. Lee
Jin S. Lee
Juliet A. Lee
Justin & Linda Lee
Kenneth A. Lee
Kenneth Lee & Kathryn Koos-Lee
Ki Y. Lee
Leonetta K. Lee
Mary Jane Lee
Leighton & Valerie Lum
Marlene M. Lum
Milton W. Lum
Reynold J.Y. Lum
Marie-Louise Lundquist
Fred & Alice Lunt
Timothy & April Luria
Paul & Kaoru Lyddon
Margaret P. Lyman
Mariko & Joseph Lyons
M Street Investments
Debbie Y. Macaranas
Stacey Maccarino
Erina Grace MacDonald
Dale & Victoria Machado
Kenneth & Suzanne Machado
Lance K. Machamer
Layne & Evelyn Machida
Karen Machida
Susan MacKinnon
Maureen A. MacLeod
Yoko MacMahon
Mary W. Macmillan
Helen S. MacNeil
Bruce & Cecilia MacPherson
Sharon MacQuoid
Owen & Marylyn Macy
Macy’s West
Benedict & Gail Madriaga
Ellen S. Maeda
Michael A.T. Maeda
Moira Maeda-Nakamine
Eugene Magnier & Malia Mallchok
Samuel Magno
Christine E.K. Mahelona
Isobel P. Mahimer
Susan Mahn Fund
Melissa Maii
Eddie A. Mak
Vito N. Makauskas
Margie M. Maket
Linda Makino
Nancy Makowski
Pat Malala
Kathleen A. Malik
Sylvia Y. Malilay
Clarita Y. Malinao
Diane K. Malinovich
Janet S. Malone
Matthew Mamiya
Keo & Minnie Mana
Mitchell K. Mana
Cheryl Mann
Sandra Mann
Steve & Jane Mann
Kimberly Manning
Downey R. Manoukian
Wendy & Darryn Manuel
Jean & Robert Marchant
Grant E. Marcus
Marcus & Associates, Inc.
Mishael D. Mariano
Jeanne Marn
John & Stephanie Marrack
Charles & Diane Marshall
Evan & Amanda Martin
Paul Martin & Lorren Loo
Robert & Susan Martin
Ron & Masae Martin
Watters & Christina Martin
Sylvia & Michael Martines
Megan Marumoto
Dorothea L. Marumoto
Patricia M. Maruo
Carole M. Maruyama
Mary B. Marx
Morris & Hiroko Lee
Penni Lee
Wendell & Rae Lee
Richard & Cynthia Lee
Richard & Karen Lee
Robert E. Lee
Robert M. Lee
Robert & Andrea Lee
Ronald & Deanna Lee
Terrence K. Lee
Terry Lee
Willie R. Lee
Worldster & Patricia Lee
Ann V. Leighton
Paul Lemcke & Kumiko Naiki
Didi P. Leong
Elaine W.F. Leong
Janet R. Leuenberger
Deanna L. Levy
Mahealani & Mapuana Lew
Ellen W. Lewis
Lisa M. Lewis
Peter & Mary Lewis
Richard & Rosann Lewis
Janet A. Liang
Edward & Ellen Libby
T. Kelly & Laverne Liftee
Scot & Delta Lightner
Ruth Limtiaco
Ian Lind & Meda Chesney-Lind
Colette A. Lindgard
Ruth H. Lindley
Priscilla W. Lindsay
David K. Lindsey
Gail S. Lindsey
Daniel K. Ling
Mark P. Ling
Vernon & La Verne Ling
Steven C. Link
Cheryl K. Lippman
Barbara G. Littenberg
David & Shirley Liu
Erinn Liu
Nicki Livingston
Sharon Llewellyn
Locations Foundation
Victoria Lodwick
Lorna L. Loebl
Paul & Naomi Loewe
John Loncar
Betty B. Long
Jacqueline L. Loo
Harold & Robin Loomis
Robert K. Lopes, Jr.
Jennifer A.K. Lopez
Natalia Lopez
Diane E. Lord
Maury H. Lorey
G.R. Lovinger & Helen Esselstyn
Barbara A. Lowe
Dara R. Luangphinth
Juliet Lucas
John Luciano
Lois Luehring
Marcia L. Lufkin
Daniel T. Luis & Becky Kawamura
Theresa Luke
Calvin K.H. Lum
Dorinda Lum
Duncan Lum
Grace C. Lum
Janice K. Lum
Jordan Lum
Kerri & Alan Lum
Kristen Lum
Laurie Lum
Nancy K. Masaki
Suzanne Y.H. Masatani
Brigitta Mason
The Massage Way, Inc.
Masayuki Masuda
Melvyn S. Masuda
Pamela N. Masuda
Henry & Coreen Mata
Edward & Margaret Matayoshi
Matthew & Ellen Matoi
Elaine Matsuda
Fujio & Amy Matsuda
Gayle M. Matsuda
Kylie T. Matsuda
Michael Matsuda
Joanne L. Matsui
Brian A. Matsumoto
Curtis & Ann Matsumoto
Glen & June Matsumoto
Glenn & Jo-Ann Matsumoto
Jill Matsumoto
Kaori Matsumoto
Matthew Matsumoto
Winifred M. Matsumoto
M Matsumoto Store, Inc.
April M. Matsumura
Herbert & Violet Matsumura
Iris M. Matsumura
Jodi M. Matsumura-Lam
Barbara J. Matsuo
Jane Matsuo
Darene K. Matsuoka
Henry K. Matsuoka, Jr.
Ruriko Matsuoka
Janet Andres Matsusaka
Sharon N. Matsusaka-Brewer
Dr. Michael M. Matsushima, II
Tadao & Clara Matsushima
Dennis K. Matsuura
Ken Matsuura
Gary & Lillian Matsuwaki
Thomas & Ellen Matthews
Myrna M. Mattix
Elliott C. Mattos
Noreen N. Mattos
Gay Mattson
David Mau & Jan Hirakawa
Douglas & Maude Mau
Bettie R. May
Melanie & Kenneth May
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. May
Julie C. Mayeda
Ronald Mayehara
D.E. Maynard
Guy & Carol Mazzanti
Doris McCabe
Wayne G. McCall
Stephen & Dani McCarthy
Donna A. McCartney
David P. McCauley
Frances McClurkin
Robert McConnell
Floyd & Ann McCoy
John & Elizabeth McCreary
David McCurdy
Annie M. McDonald
Tim & Jill McDonald
Brenda McDonough
Richard McDowell
& Darlene Loo-McDowell
Janis B. McEldowney
Rosemarie McElhaney
Janet McElheny
Michael M. McElroy
Dr. Shane & Merideth McEntire
Denise McFarland
Mary F. McGrath
Patricia McHenry
Anne W. McKay
Hugh G. McKenzie, Jr.
Casey McKinney
Rebecca L. McKinney
John McLaren
Scott & Gretchen McLLarky
Sophia A. McMillen
Jud & Jane McNamara
Alma U. Medeiros
Jennifer K. Medeiros
Janice Meguro
Robin Melchor
John & Marian Melish
Carol Melvin
Joni Y. Mendoza
F. Menezes
Anna Meng
Menu Foods Limited
Jeanne Mercado-Catalan
& Noelle Catalan
Gerald & Connie G.W. Meredith
Jean L. Merlet
Guy Merola
Elizabeth Merrill
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation
Oleta A. Merseberg
Stephen & Susan Metter
Pamela Mew
Victor & Agnes Meyer
Barry & Linda Meyers
Robert & Evanita Midkiff
Robin Midkiff
Rosemarie Mielke
Michael Migita
Kelsey A. Mihara
Audrey H. Mijo
Yoshiko Mikami
Mililani High School
Mililani Hongwanji
Clyde L. Miller
Cynthia A. Miller
Douglas & Christine Miller
Harriet C. Miller
Michael R. Miller
Susan K. Miller
Gregory A. Mills
Lance & Jennifer Mills
Milo Nursery & Landscape
Maintenance, Inc.
Marvis E. Minami
Dr. Harvey & Christine Minatoya
Priscilla Minn
Tyler S. Miranda
Bruce & Cyndee Mirante
Sally Mist
Dr. Randy T. Mita
Alexander S. Mitchell
Sylvia C. Mitchell
Tiare K. Mitchell
Edwin N. Mito
Robert & Joann Mito
Leslie B. Mitsuda
Dennis Mitsunaga
Kara L. Mitsunaga
Kathryn Mitsunaga
Sharon K. Mitsuyama
Glenn & Elaine Miura
Harry & Ethel Miyachi
Melvyn & Nadine Miyagi
Allen & Sue Miyahara
Mary Anne C. Miyaji
Allen Miyakado
Lisa Miyakado
Gary & Karen Miyakawa
Martha S. Mueller
Mr. & Mrs. Sherman W. Mugford
Douglas & Betty Mukai
Shayna Mukai
Jami K. Mullen
George & Adele Muneoka
Colleen Mung Lim
Kristine S. Munipalli
Gloria U. Munson
Stanley & Judith Murai
Archie & May Murakami
Jerry & Mikiko Murakami
Karen Y. Murakami
Kimiko Murakami
Leslene J. Murakami
Paul K. Murakami
Diane M. Muranaka
Gerald & Lillian Muranaka
Stanley & Gail Muranaka
Sandy Muraoka
Warren Muraoka
Bernard & Ethel Murata
Myrna B. Murdoch
Michael & Miwa Muromoto
Don & Marion Murphy
George & Bonnie Murphy
Janet H. Murphy
Ted & Thelma Murphy
Connie Muse
Joan Musgrave
Philip & Sandee Musgrave
J.N. & Linda Musto
Mutual Underwriters
MW Group, Ltd.
Daniel Myers
Gail Myers
Ethel Y. Nada
Lorraine M. Nagafuchi
Leila S. Nagamine
Lorna S. Nagamine
Alice Nagano
Clara M. Nagano
Peggy M. Naganuma
Eric Nagao & Lauren Yee
Richard & Euphemia Nagashima
Eric & Patricia Nagata
Gay Nagata & Frederick Tsuda
Shirley Nagatsuka
Alvin A. Naguwa
Leina’ala Naipo-Akamine
& Leroy Akamine
Michael Naito
Ralph K. Naito
Roy & Shirley Naito
Liane Nakada
Karen S. Nakagawa
Matsuka Nakagawa
Edwin & June Nakahara
Ann Nakahara-Higaki & Ross Higaki
Charlene & Leonard Nakahashi
Hisae Nakahodo
Paul Nakai
M. Nakai Repair Service, Ltd.
Margaret Nakakuni
Herbert & Jane Nakama
Joan Nakama
Lynette & David Nakama
Remy Nakama
Tasha M. Nakama
Jamy L. Nakama-Kaneshiro
Dean & Dora Nakamaru
Sam & Jolene Nakamatsu
Edward T. Nakamoto
Beatrice & Thomas Nakamura
Carl & Sachiko Nakamura
Eileen S. Nakamura
Mary V. Miyake
Patricia & Howard Miyake
Amy S.K. Miyamoto
David T. Miyamoto
Harold & Amy S.K. Miyamoto
Henry Miyamoto
Howard & Mildred Miyamoto
Reina Miyamoto
Wendy T. Miyamoto
Michael & Mona Miyamura
Barbara H. Miyanishi
Linda Miyashiro
Robert & Sally Miyashiro
Roy & Sharon Miyashiro
Sharon Miyashiro
Sharyn L. Miyashiro
Henry & Yoshiye Miyashita
Lori & Alan Miyashita
Melvin Miyata
Dick M. Mizuko
Blake & Stephanie Mizuno
Audrey A. Mizushima
Kazuko Mizushima
Walter & Helga Mizushima
David & Cheryl Moats
Rebekah A. Moberg
Willi & Janet Moelzer
Denise N. Moffitt
Christopher & Suk Mohr
Veronica I. Molyneux
Monarch Insurance Services, Inc.
Yolanda M. Mondo
Esther L. Moniz
Bill & Arlene Montania
Melinda C. Montgomery
Barbara S. Montpas
Julie Moody
Norma C. Moon
Yung Yong Moon
Catherine E.L. Moore
Fred J. Moore
Joe & Teresa Moore
Lila R. Moore
Monica M. Moore
Joyce Moran
Michael G. Moreno
Richard & Lucy Morgan
Paul S. Mori
Randal M. Morifuji
Aileen A. Moriguchi
Lester & Kelly Morikawa
Lorraine F. Morikawa
Charlotte S. Morikuni
Bruce & Joy Morimoto
Dianne C. Morimoto
Riki & Karen Morimoto
Michael Morioka
Jackson S. Morisawa
Aiko N. Morita
Darlene S. Morita
Naomi F. Morita, M.D.
Randall & Merle Morita
Ray Morita
Scott Morita
Karen & Robert Morneau
Chrissy Morris
Sally W. Morris
Alison J. Mosher
Arthur & Nancy Moss
Stephen S. Mossman
Tsutomu & Etsuko Motokawa
Albert Motooka
Miki Motoyama
Movie Museum
David Mowat
Audrey L. Mueh
Joan Nakamura
Keiji & Doris Nakamura
Laurie M. Nakamura
Melvin & Nancy Nakamura
Ronald M. Nakamura
Shirley Nakamura
Wesley & Liane Nakamura
Nakamura Educational Institute
Dayton & Joyce Nakanelua
Lawrence J. Nakano
Leane K. Nakano
Suzanne A. Nakano
Joyce M. Nakasato
Holly Nakasone
Kiyoshi & Hiroko Nakasone
Laura T. Nakasono
Pat & Jeanette Nakata
Walter & Gail Nakata
Dorothy Nakatsuji
Ronald & Theresa Nakayama
Cheryl Namiki
Nadine Nanbu
Thomas F. Nance
James A. Napier
Charles T. Narusawa
Winnie Narusawa
Gerald Paul & June Naughton
Hillary P. Nauss
Nannette Neel
Beverly E. Neese
Neiman Marcus
Roxanne Nekoba
Mr. Bradley Nelson
& Mr. David Lammay
Mike Nevin
Cindy Newburg
Peggy Newton
Edgar W.B. Ng
Nichiyo Air Service, Inc.
Alan & Linden Nichols
Sarah Lee Nichols
Bob & Roberta Nickel
Ronald & Phyllis Nicol
Dennis & Gail Niimi
Jane Y. Nikaido
David & Hallah Nilsen
Yu Ning
Sandy Nip
Leeann Nishida
Harriet Nishigaya
Mr. & Mrs. George Nishihara
Randy Nishii
Eileen Nishikawa
Ethel Nishikawa
Joy Nishikawa
Amy E. Nishiki
Warren Nishimoto
Alan T. Nishimura
Dennis Nishimura
Kareen Y. Nishimura
Milton & Lorna Nishimura
Robert K. Nishimura
Ruth M. Nishimura
Shirley N. Nishimura
Theone Nishimura
Glenn & Joy Nishino
Daikichi & Joyce Nishita
Jane Nishita
Ernest Nishizaki
Diane H. Nitta
Susan J. Nitta
Alan & Annette Nobunaga
Sereenna Noddings
Robert T. Nogami
Norman & Ann Noguchi
Judy Noh
Doreen Nohara
Greg & Julie Noji
George & Junedale Nojiri
John L. Noland
Dorothea Nomura
Cathy M. Nonaka
Anne M. Norton
Grayson Nose
Nancy Nott
Peter & Lois Nottage
Janeen Nozaki
Emaline & Kenneth Numasaki
Shelly E. Nuner
Alice Nunogawa
Rod Nystul
William & Margaret O’Connell
Brian T. O’Connor
Terry & Ann O’Halloran
Elizabeth H. O’Malley
Michael J. O’Malley
Joseph O’Mealy
& Hans Anderson
Shizuko O’Neal
Michael & Noriko O’Shea
Charlotte M. Oates
Gary Oba
Laura K. Oba
Bradly V. Ocander
Oceanic Time Warner Cable
Takashi Ochi
Caroline & Francis Oda
Cynthia T. Oda
Merilyn N. Oda
Sharon Oda
Diane Odo
Winifred N. Odo
Eileen Ogasawara-Chun
Nadine S. Ogata
Elaine S. Ogawa
Suzanne M. Ogawa
Mark Ogino & Paul Czubryt
Ohana Doggie Day Care & Spa
Ohana Military Communities, LLC
Geraldine A. Ohara
Ann A. Ohata, M.D.
Ohia Construction
Frances Ohira
Grant Oka
Mark & Frances Oka
David & Kellyn Okabe
Francis & Thelma Okada
Raymond & Trudy Okada
Ernest N. Okado
Amy Okamoto
Fay Okamoto
Alan J. Okamura
Mary & Miles Okano
Elaine & Osmond Okazaki
Richard & Melva Okazaki
Blake & Judy Okimoto
Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto
Harold & Betty Okimura
Sam & Genevieve Okinaga
Cynthia & Stan Okinaka
Mary & Aaron Okinaka
Patsy Okino
Richard & Grace Okita
Russell & Rachel Okoji
Ruth R. Okubo
Maria Teresa Okuda
Denise A. Okuhara
Cindy M. Okumura
Jean Okumura
Jeffrey Y. Okumura
Kyle K. Okumura
Lorna A. Park
Shay Park
Faye Parker
Jere & Carol Parker
Joanne & Michael Parker
Gerald & Judith Parrott
Adelaide Pasco-Pahinag
Ronaldo & Joy Pascua
Debby Past
Mary E. Pateman
Patricia A. Paterson
Katharine Payne
Celest Pearsall
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Pearson
Robert M. Pedigo
Kathleen & David Pellegrin
Lyn Pendragon
Muriel H. Penfield
Elizabeth Pereira
Frank Perkins
Russell & Virginia Perkins
Norali V. Perry
Wendell & Winona Pestana
PETCO Foundation
PETCO Marketing & Merchandising
Lynn Peters
Mollie G. Peters
Robert & Patricia Peters
Benny Y. Petersen
Sheila J. Peterson
Alan & Martha Peterson
Mary Peterson
Louis & Flori Petri Foundation
Pets Across America
Pettus-Crowe Foundation
Debra Pfaltzgraff
Adam Phillips
E. Alan Phillips & Audrey B. Buyrn
Jennie Phillips
Lisa A. Phillips
Marda Phillips
Ross A. Phillips
Mary Philpotts-McGrath
Philpotts & Associates, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Alex Pickens
Paul & Laureen Pidgeon
Helen Y. Pierce
James & Cherye Pierce
Gayle L. Pingree
Loretta S. Piniol
Roy R.C. & June Pires
Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle
Dayna Place
Bruce & Ginger Plasch
John H.R. Plews
Carl R. Pline
Diane J. Plotts
T. J. Pochinski
Tim & Laura Poell
Samuel E. Polson
Gilbert Ponce
Lori H. Popovich
Leonard & Laurel Portner
Lynn & Joe Porto
Alexis M. Pospischil
Alvin G. Potts
Eloise K. Potts
Jane Potts
Kristina Poulos-Lum
George & Hiroko Powers
Brian & Denise Poziembo
C. Dudley Pratt, Jr.
Joan C. Pratt
Margaret Pratt
Carol Pregill
Dr. Sada Okumura
& Dr. John H. Drouilhet
Yoko Okumura
Myra I. Olaso
Catherine J. Oliver
Artesha K. Olmos
Walter & Charlotte Olmos
Olson Family
Stephen & Cheryl Omatsu
Pamela K. Omidyar Trust
Sandra Omiya
Walter H. Omori
Carlos A. Omphroy, M.D.
Sabrina K. Ongos
Powell & Jeanette Onishi
Lisa Onizuka
Charlene E. Ono
Hiroko I. Ono
Ichiro & Sanaye Onoye
Chihana Onozeki
Susan & Lambert Onuma
David & Patricia Osaki
Masao Osaki
Gerrit B. Osborne
Pauline & Jamie Osborne
Sandra K. Osborne
Mike & Sheryl Oschin-Goodman
Beatrice & Clement Oshiro
Cheryl M. Oshiro
Roy & Darlene Oshiro
Masanobu Oshiro
Stephen M. Oshiro
Lyle K. Oshita
Dayle A. Ota
Sanford T. Ota
Liane & Aaron Otake
Terri Ann Otani
Gerald Ouchi
Our Savior Lutheran School
Delbert W. Ouye
Randy Overton
Katharine C. Owen
Oyama Family
Alvin & Gladys Ozaki
Walter & Gayle Ozawa
Pacific Asia Design Group, Inc.
Pacific Cares
Pacific Telecard & Wireless
Debra L. Pagatpatan
Beverly Sin Len Page
Louise Pagotto
Margaret Pahinui
Evelyn Painter
Diane Paiva
John Pampalone
& Connie Yu-Pampalone
Pan Pacific Realty LLC
Angel Pang
Carolyn S. Pang, M.D.
Gerald & Selma Pang
Jennie Anne Pang
Kenzie J. Pang
Margaret Pang
Renny & Valerie Pang
Sheila M. Pang
Susan Pang
Edward Pang Chew
Renee Pangilinan
Deborah B. Pannabecker
Papaya Press
Alan & Dorothy Park
Craig & Jan Park
Deborah Park
Janice K. Park
Judy Q.U. Park
Lily Y. Park
Vayne Pregill
Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy
J.M. & Diane Prior
James & Margaret Proffitt
Project H.O.P.E.
Patricia R. Prukop
Lealani Puana
Robert & Nanako Puckett
Doris Pulley
Punahou School
Punahou School 1st Grade Class
Marcie & Rip Purdy
Stan Pusieski & Ann Ludeman
Charles D. Putnam
Alice N. Puu
Queens Medical Center
Edward J. Quinlan, Jr.
The Quinlan Foundation
Ted & Leilani Quong
Jerry Rabago
Ann T. Rabinko
Diane & John Radcliffe
Klaus & Yoshiko Radtke
Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Trust
Russ & Tina Rainforth
Karin Rajdev
Martha M. Ramirez
Monica L. Ramirez
Alejandra Ramos
John & Myrna Ramsey
Virginia B. Randolph
Liane Rawlings
Enid Raynor
Tiare Malia K. Rebuldela
Starling & Carol Reece
Richard R. Reed
John & Be Regan
Lowell Rego
Makakaualii Rego
Iain Reilly
James & Kathleen Reinhardt
REIT Management & Research LLC
Camille Y. Rellinger
Renee K. Remigio
Rescue & Guard
Ronald & Faith Rex
Rita Reyes
Marion L. Reyes-Burke
Dr. Becky Rhoades
Wayne C. Rice
Richard Matsunaga & Associates
Architects, Inc.
James C. Richardson
Gail Y. Ridgway
Marie E. Riley
Stuart C. Rinehart
Jacqueline Rinn
Gail A. Ritch
Mark Ritchie
Lisa Rivera
RNO Hawaii
Kenneth & Shaunagh Robbins
Don & Michiyo Robbs
Edward J. Robello
Hope F. Roberts
Irma R. Roberts
Thomas & Elaine Roberts
Margaret C. Robideau
Alice K. Robinson
Elizabeth A. Robinson
Catherine M. Robley
Barbara & Rockey Rockfort
Erica & James Rogers
William T. Rogers
Jean E. Rolles
Scott & Ingrid Rolles
Marci R. Rollins
Colleen M. Romanek
Maile V.O. Romanowski
Sandra Diane Rosa
Susan L. Rosaldo
Richard & Patti Petri Rose
Roses Systems Solutions
Louis & Josette Rosof
George & Betty Ross
Linda Ross & Dr. David P. Reid
Mitchell Ross
Peter A. Ross
Madelyn Ross Fund
Rotary Club of Waikiki
Glenda K. Rother
Linda J. Rowan
Greg Rowland
Scott Rowland
Betty Royce
Michael Royce
Agnesia Roylo-Ching
Judith Rubano
June M. Rubie
Danielle Rubino
Timothy E. Ruel
Mary D. Rupard
Robert & Theresa Russio
Margaret Ryan
Joanne Ryckman
Jiro Saegusa
Mark & Dara Sage
James Y. Saiki
Anthony R. Saito
Christine T. Saito
Dianne S.L. Saito
Leslie Saito
Paul & Sybil Saito
Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Sakai
Bruce & Janine Sakaki
Marsha Sakamaki & Richard Saas
Jan A. Sakamoto
Kenneth Sakamoto
Kevin Sakamoto
Milton & Lani Sakamoto
Neil I. Sakamoto
Keith K. Sakanashi
Sheila L. Y. Sakashita
Clifford & Amy Sakata
Scott Sakata
Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye
Kathleen T. Sako
Thomas Sakoda
Christina Sakomoto
Bert S. Sakuda
Lorraine J. Sakuda
Michael K. Sakuda, D.D.S.
Walter T. Sakuda
Leila Salb
Michelle S. Saloma
Namie T. Salz
Joseph Sam
Jean M. Sampaio
Sherrie Samuels
San Diego Team
Ivan Sanches
Mary C. Sanford
Jane M. Sanidad
Barbara N. Sano
Sanrio Surprises
Rocco Sansone
Kevin & Jennifer Santo
Andrea N. Santos
Patricia & Francis Santos
Francine Joy Sapla
Keiko Sasada
Alvin Sasaki
Kristin S. Shigemura
John J.Y. Shih, M.D.
Keith Shimabukuro
Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro
Vinnie Shimabukuro
Toshiko Shimata
Masayuki & Frances Shimazu
Audrey Shimizu
Harry C. Shimizu
Lauren Shimizu
Reid & Joy Shimizu
Don & Julie Shimokihara
Stacey G. Shimomura
Chi Young Shin
Patricia B. Shine
Rodney & Sandy Shinkawa
Jennifer N. Shintani
Carl H. Shioi
Kenneth & Esther Shioi
Kathryn S. Shioi
Warren & Doreen Shioi
Dean E. Shipp
Linda & Chris Shirai
Richard Y. Shiraishi
Sylvia S. Shiraishi
Tamae S. Shiraishi
Elaine Y. Shiraki
Jennifer Shiraki
Calvin Y. Shiroma
Cynthia Shiroma
Gayla C. Shiroma
Russell & Charlene Shiroma
Shirley C. Shiroma
Wayne T. Shiroma
Susan H. Shishido
The Shishido Family
Tokio & Sally Shito
Greg Shiu
John Shupe
Nancy Sidun & Eric Vick
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Laine A. Skiendiel
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Kimlynne Slagel
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Frank & Marna Slocum
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Elizabeth J. Smeller
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Gil Sato
Hidemi Sato
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Phoebe & Robert Saucerman
Dave & Jan Sauer
Stephen & Alice Saul
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Karen Scharff
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Sandra Schlage
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Cindy Schoonover
Amy N. Schotch
Paul S. Schultz
Robert & Susan Schultz
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Robert & Ester Schumacher
Kerry Schuman
Leilani Schuman
Ann S. Schwab
Monica Schwartz
James & Monika Scola
Merrill F. Scoppetto, Jr.
Karen L. Scott
Donald Sealey
Karen S. Seddon
Esther K. See
Faith & Justin Seguirant
Kiyoharu & Teruko Sekimizu
Irene Selvaggio
Glenn H. Seo
Stanley T. Seo
Al & Connie Serafin
Diane M. Sether
Harold & Charlotte Sexton
Carl & Lu Seyfer
Lisbeth Shady
Frank B Shaner
Allan L. Shaw
John E. Shaw
Arthur & Linda Sheehan
Celia Shen
Dorothy G. Shepard
Grace Sherwin
Stanley & Theresa Shibata
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Joanne H. Shigekane
Cynthia Shigemasa
Kimberly A. Shigematsu-Mull
Helen A. Shigemura
Beverly & Arthur Soares
Stephany L. Sofos
Thomas J. Sofos
Tom Sofos
Sofos Realty Corporation
Larry Solomon & Theresa Vita
Hae-Suk Son
Diane Y. Sonoda
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Rolando Sotelo
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David & Jennifer Sousa
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John & Iris Spade
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Emily Sprague
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& Pamela Young-Sprinkle
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Monica & Alan Steele
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Mary Steiner & David Atkin
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Steinke Bros., Inc.
General Contractor
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Lien M. Stevens
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Mayumi Stiteler
Lynette Stobie
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P.D. Stocky
Suzanne M. Stokes
Diane L. Stonebrink
Gregg Stoyer
James Stragand
Roberta A. Straughn
S.A. & G.E. Strickland
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Nia & Mark Strungis
Rachel Struss
Marga Stubblefield
The Stumbaugh Family
Jeannette I. Sturges
Irma K.C. Sue
Lisa J. Sue
Sam & Marjorie Sue
Kendrick & Elizabeth Sue-Ako
Beverly M. Suenaga
Karl & Doreen Suenishi
Michiko Sugahara
Wesley H. Sugai
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Sugawa
Alice & Florence Sugimoto
Florence S. Sugimoto
Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto
Judy Sugita
Roy & Patricia Sugiyama
Christopher Sullivan
Clyde & Charlene Sumida
Fusae Sumida
Kenard A. Sumida
Naomi Sumida
Robin Sumida-Chang
Alan & Tsai Sumitomo
Summit Construction, Inc.
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Dai Woon Sur
Suzanne Surratt
Brian & Carolyn Suzuki
Glenn & Beverly Suzuki
Glenn Y. Suzuki
Max & Harriet Suzuki
Miles & Reverie Suzuki
Ralph M. Suzuki
Randal & Joyce Suzuki
Swab Wagon Co., Inc.
Robert L. Swan
Gregory J. Swartz
Janet Swift & Mary Jane Knight
Sharmaine & Robert Swisher
Edward & Karen Swofford
Karin G. Sykes
Aileen N. Sylva
Manuel & Margaret Sylvester
Phyllis N. Tabusa
Craig & Joanne Tachibana
Joseph & Phyllis Tachibana
Noble L. Tacras
Alison Taira
Faye K. Taira
Malcolm & Cathy Tajiri
Mildred M. Takabayashi
Janet Y. Takahara
Annette M. Takahashi
Merline S. Takahashi
Susan K. Takahashi
Susan T. Takahashi
Ted T. Takahashi
Terilyn K. Takahashi
Dr. & Mrs. Masao Takai
Lillian K. Takaki
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Naomi Takasaki
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Gary Takayama
Ann Takayesu
Enid Takazono
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Jason Takemoto
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Reuben T. Takeshita
Carey Taketa
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Karen Tiller
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Sachin Timbadia
Joyce Timpson
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Ben Tirnauer
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Hans R. Tobler
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Lorraine Togami
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Mike Toibin
Lisa Tojo
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Lynn Tolentino
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Lori K. Tonai
Thomas & Gladys Tone
Sheri Lee Tongg
Lois M. Torikawa
Bruce H. Tornquist
Liane Torricer-Adler
Jeanne & Roy Toshi
Jane A. Toya
Eric M. Toyama
Bob & Lynne Toyofuku
Russell & Pamela J.C. Toyooka
Kenneth & Karen Toyozaki
CDR & Mrs. Leslie R. Tracy
Mabel A. Trafford
Paula Trask
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Ricardo Trevino
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Tina Trombi
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Mike A. Trout
Victoria Trowbridge
& Allen Strasberger
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Linda Tsai
Ruth D. Tschumy
Dr. Lawrence K. Tseu
Bruce & Suzuko Tsuchida
Eliza Talavera
Charing Tam
Elizabeth K. Tam
Naoko Tamai
Clifford & Elaine Tamanaha
Monique Tamanaha
Vivian Tamanaha
Edward & Marian Tamashiro
Elaine Tamashiro
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Ellen N. Tamura
Gail & Neal Tamura
Iris T. Tamura
Benjamin & Jan Tamura
Maria & Jimpe Tamura
Masaru Tamura
Maurice Tamura & Nita Williams
Arlene N. Tanabe
Alan & Joni Tanaka
Benjamin & Dawn Tanaka
Earl M. Tanaka
Flora S. Tanaka
K.M. Tanaka
Krist & Paul Tanaka
Lydia & Dwight Tanaka
Grant A. Tanaka
Robert & Sandra Tanaka
Rodney S. Tanaka
Susan H. Tanaka
Walter M. Tanaka
Erin M. Taniguchi
Katherine Y. Taniguchi
Itaru Tanimoto
Doss K. Tannehill
Bert & Helen Tanonaka
Jay Tanonaka
Donna Tanoue & Kirk Caldwell
Mary Tanouye
Bert & Karen Taoka
Burt W. Tasaka
Gayle S. Tasaka
Raymond & Lorraine Tasaka
Joanne Tashima
Lucy T. Tashima
Takumi Tashima
Ronald & Angie Tateishi
Alexandra H. Tateyama
Maurine Taubman
Patricia Tavares
Guy & Monique Taylor
Mark Taylor
Elma F. Taylor Fund
Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige
& Edward Kaneshige
The Taylor-White Charitable Fund
Thomas J. Tehada
Connie Teixeira
Alice V. Telford
Carlton Tengan
Sadako Tengan
Lorraine M. Teniya
Elaine M. Teramoto
Robert & Setsuko Teramoto
Shoji Teramoto
Steven T. Teraoka
Tesoro Hawaii Corporation
Elden & Barbara Thelen
Catherine Thielen
Allen & Kristine Thiessen
Paul Tholl Company
Lawrence & Emma Thomas
Lori V. Thomas
Helen Ladd Thompson
Laura Thompson
Sandra P. Thompson
Shelley B. Thompson
Mitsuyo Tsuchiya
Sharlene K. Tsuda
Thomas Tsuhako
Candace Tsuji
Hatsue Tsukamoto
Reed Tsumoto
Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda
Shizuko Tsuruda
Jay & Dr. Lorna Tsutsumi
Richard M. Tuggle
Marcus & Robin Turner
Michael D. Tuttle
Thurston & Sharon Twigg-Smith
Hugh M. Uchida
Charles M. Uchimura
Alfredo & Belen Udani
Carolyn C. Uehara
Ali Uemura
Alice S. Uemura
Kenneth T. Uemura
Ron & Ali Uemura
Linda Uezu
Kathryn Ukishima
Glenn Umemoto
United Brotherhood of Carpenters
& Joiners
Paul L. Unkrur
Martha J. Urann
Lee & Henry Urstadt
Arthur & Ruth Ushijima
Leslie & Annie Usui
Alison A. Uyeda
Angela K. Uyeda
Bette T. Uyeda
Carol Uyeda
Franklin & Harriet Uyeda
Jon M. Uyehara
Keith B. Uyehara
Lloyd S. Uyehara
Machiko Uyehara
Riyusuke & Gladys Uyehara
Rosanne Uyehara
Seisuke Uyehara
Stanley H. Uyehara
Lisa H. Uyesato
Gregg & Janet Uyetake
Ruth S. Uyeunten
Patricia & Philip Valenti
Vanessa & Mark Van Doorne
Richard E. Van Ness, Jr.
Floraine Van Orden
Nancy S. Van Sciver
Gerald L. Vanderbeck
Dr. & Mrs. Lothar M. Varady
Suzanne Varady & Stan Bergstrom
Angel Vardas
Paul & Betty Varley
VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital
Michele Velasco
Patches Vetter
Trudi B. Vetter
Douglas & Linda Vincent
Janice Vincent
James & June Vinton
Doris W. Viola
VIP Rottweilers
Grace S. Visaya
Susan V. Viscovich
Marilyn J.H. Vitale
Nancy A. Vivas
Phillip & Peggy Vollmann
Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt
Kenneth & Sharon Von Deylen
Dr. Dennis & Pauline Wachi
Clyde J. Wadsworth
Christa Wagner
Michael Wagner
& Kay Yumoto-Wagner
Mary & Paul Wagner Charitable Fund
Buddy D. Wagoner
Lehua L. Wainee
Randy & Mariko Wakaki
Lori M. Wakumoto
Geri & Wes Wakuzawa
Myra N. Wakuzawa
Mrs. H.A. Walker
Johnny & Bubba Walker
Margaret S. Walker
Michael Walker
& Mary Ann Plahy-Walker
Marilyn Wallace
Mark Wallem
Eileen Wallenhorst
Denise L. Walterhoefer
Juli M.K. Walters
Jason Walthall
Daralee J. Wang
Marie Wang
Sarah Wang
Charles B. Wang Foundation
Amy C. Ward
Rebecca S. Ward
Susan & Michael Ward
Joan Warne
Linda G. Warrick
Gary & Pat Wassel
Sean M. Watabayashi
Anita Watanabe
Blake K. Watanabe
Gary Y. Watanabe
Irene & James Watanabe
May & Wilfred Watanabe
Myron Watanabe
Neil Y. Watanabe
Rosalie Watanabe
& Dwayne Cummings
Roy & Paulette Watanabe
Leinee L. Watase
Elizabeth J. Waters
Joyce K. Watkins
Janet Watts
William E. Watts
Patricia & James Wayman
WCIT Architecture, Inc.
Charles & Tekla Weber
Warren Weber & Jennifer Miyahira
Webling Elementary School
Joseph Wee
Linda W. Weeks
Patricia A. Weeks
Ann R. Weers
George & Leta Weir
Henry Weiss
Weit & Associates
Bronwen L. Welch
Wellness Lifestyles Hawaii LLC
Elizabeth A. Wells
Lynn L. M. Wells
Dongyan Wen
Miyo Wenkam
Karl & Sheila Wensel
Sally Wentzel
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Scott A. Whaley
Donald & Flora Whang
Henry & Amy Wharton
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Robert Wheeler & Marcy Fleming
Wheeler Middle School
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Iwalani D. White
Charlotte Yamada
Lorraine K. Yamada
Roy & Sandra Yamada
Stuart & Sue S.T. Yamada
David M. Yamagata
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Mika Yamaguchi
Ray & Elaine Yamaguchi
Amy M. Yamakawa
Kimberly S. Yamakawa
Debra T. Yamaki
Carol K. Yamamoto
Chris & Dale Yamamoto
Frances & Rodney Yamamoto
Frank S. Yamamoto
George & Carlene Yamamoto
Jan Yamamoto
Meiko Yamamoto
Mitsuru & Lorraine Yamamoto
Paul Y. Yamamoto
Rebecca M. Yamamoto
Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto
Ronald & Judy Yamamoto
Stephanie Yamamoto
Wilfred & Mary Ann Yamamoto
Corrine A. Yamane
Thomas & Jane Yamane
Stanley Yamaoka
Joan M. Yamasaki
Yuzuru & Alice Yamasaki
Nancy K. Y. Yamase-Namiki
Calvin Yamashiro
Claire M. Yamashiro
Patricia K. Yamashiro
Kenneth & Imi Yamashita
Lambert J. Yamashita
Naomi Yamashita
Sueo Yamashita
Thomas S. Yamashita
Yukiko Yamashita
Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi
Ralph & Yuriko Yanagida
Arick B. Yanagihara
Kathleen T. Yanagihara-Brooks
Randal & Joyce Yanagisawa
Isabel Yang
Akio & Frances Yano
Mr. & Mrs. Albert T. Yap
Beverly B. Yap
Carleton & Linda Yap
Richard & Naomi Yap
Kay Yara
Alvin K. Yasuda
Ernest & Joan Yasuda
Paul & Marlene Yasuda
Shoso Yasui
Karen Yasukawa
Donald & Annette Yasutake
Harriet N. Yatagai
Frederick J. Yearian
Dr. David Yee & Ms. Karen Tashima
Rodney & Frances Yee
Janet & Kwock Tim Yee
Selwyn M. Yee
Martha E. Yent
Karen A. Yim
Mark & Ernette Yim
Kathleen Yogi & Neal Yuda
Michele Yoho
Gareth & Anna Yokochi
Robin & Sharon Yokoyama
Wayne K. Yonehara
Sandra T. Yonemura
Audrey R. Yoneshige
Mary H. Yoon
Dr. & Mrs. Carl K. Yorita
John A. White
Karen K. White
Cynthia L. White-Yanaga
Carolyn K. Whitney
Colleen Whitney
Therese H.E. Whitney
Robert & Seiko Whittier
Ronaele R. Whittington
Wholesale Unlimited Express
Charles & Jeanne Wichman
Charie Wicklund
Jane C. Wicklund
Carol Wilcox
Edward & Marlene Wilcox
Wilma Wilkie
Lisa Williams
Mason & Trudy Williams
Rianna M. Williams
Jay & Lei S. Wilmoth
Perry Wilson
Valerie Wilson
Shelley Wilson-Bloom
Cindy Winegar
Clayton & Ginger Winger
Rudolph K. Wise, Jr.
Robert & Diane Witt
Jean Wittmaack
Robert C.W. & Betty Wo
Corinne K. Wolfe
Judith Wolfe
Abbielyn E. Wong
Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka
Chrystal Wong
Helen N. Wong
Jerry E. M. Wong
Jocelyn, Douglas & Nathan Wong
Kaupena Wong
& Scotty & Sharon Moore
Kevin & Cathy Wong
Lorraine L. Wong
Lorrie & Danny Wong
Maynette M.N. Wong
Raymond & Carol Wong
Robyn Wong
Dr. Randolph & Shigeri Wong
Vernon Woo, Esq.
Susan L. Woo-Schaffer
Philip & Lorna Wood
Sharon Woodbury
Lynne M. Wooddell
Lawrence & Lillie Woode
Chisa Woodley
Michael & Joanne Wood
Andrea Woods
Lani E. Woodward
Ida K. Woolsey
Workplace Solutions, Inc
Annie L. Worth
Joan H. Worthen
Darin O. Wright
Angela H. Wyatt
Dale & Angel Wyatt
Dr. & Mrs. A. Michael Wylie
George & Mary Ann Wyman
William & Helen Wynn
Cynthia G. Wyrick
Martin Wyss
Lisa Xiao
Lena Y. Yafuso
Renee Yafuso
Kenrick Yagi
Carol Jean Yakuma
Miles & Miko Yamabe
Melvin & May Yamachika
Ayako Yamada
Theodore York
Aleli & David Yoshida
Jamie-Lyn Y. Yoshida
& Jason del Mundo
Mark M. Yoshida
Richard K. Yoshida
Rumi Yoshida
Sandra Yoshida
Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara
Roy T. Yoshikane
Andrew A. Yoshimoto
Stephen & Cynthia Yoshimoto
Roy & Gladys Yoshimura
Betty Yoshinaga
Leslie & Catherine Yoshino
Lanette K. Yoshioka
Jozet Yoshitake
Harriet T. Yoshizaki
Darlani J. Young
Edward & Marina Young
Felix Young
Jerry & Glenna Young
John & Cleta Young
Joni Young
Leslie & Calvin Young
Pamela Young
Randolph & Rose Young
Rosalind J. Young
Sharon Young
Sylvia Young
Irene Youngberg
Louise Yount
Allan Yoza
Khine S. Yu
Mihae Yu, M.D.
Thomas K. Yue
Ann C. Yuen
Dr. Jo Ann W. Yuen
Mellissa Yuen
Norman & Joyce Yuen
Paul & Janice Yuen
Ronald & Joni Yuen
Ed A. Zane, D.V.M.
Fred & Eva Zane
Irene Zane
Ralph & Juana Zane
Patricia Zane
Henry & Ursula Zerbe
Aleda Ziegler
Thomas C. Zimmerman
Hanz K. Zinsman
Elizabeth Zivanov
Dahlia M. Zotos
O. S. Zukeran
Financial Report
Hawaiian Humane Society
July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010
City & County Animal Care Contract
City & County Neuter Now Contract*
Contributions, including Bequests
Fundraising Events
Adoptions and other Fees
Net Gain on Investments
Animal Care Expenses
Direct Neuter Now Program Expenses
Administration Expenses
Fundraising Expenses
Education & Community Programs
*Hawaiian Humane Society administers the county’s Neuter Now program at no cost.
This amount reimburses veterinarians for services provided.
I Rescued a Human Today
by Janeen Allen
Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor
peering apprehensively into the kennels.
I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her.
I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn’t be afraid.
As she read my kennel card I hoped
that she wouldn’t feel sad about my past.
I only have the future to look forward to
and want to make a difference in someone’s life.
She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me.
I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up towards her to comfort her.
Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship.
A tear fell down her cheek
and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well.
Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright
that I instantly jumped into her arms.
I would promise to keep her safe.I would promise to always be by her side.
I would promise to do everything I could
to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes.
I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor.
So many more are out there who haven’t walked the corridors.
So many more to be saved.
At least I could save one.
I rescued a human today.
Hawaiian Humane Society rescued more than 6,000 humans this year.
Our love for animals makes all of us better people.
Hawaiian Humane Society
People for animals. Animals for people.
2700 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 946-2187
[email protected]
Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250
Dog Licensing & Pet Microchips 356-2227
Donations & Gifts 356-2221
Education 356-2206
Hike Club 356-2217
Pet Adoptions & Lost & Found 356-2218
Pet Loss Support Group 356-2217
Volunteer Programs 356-2216

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