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Putnam Ladder Form2.indd
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Architectural Products
Rolling Ladder Quote Form
Directions For Using This Form
Step 1:
In this step you must select the height of your ladder.Your choices are in six inch increments and you
must choose the measurement that is closest to
the height your ladder will be.There is an additional
charge of $34.00 per foot for anything over 8’, 11”.
You must also choose whether you would like a
Straight or Top Bent ladder.
Step 2:
Choose the finish of your track and how long your
track will be. The standard finish is Silver. Different
finishes have higher prices than others. You also
need to select any curves that may be needed in
your track and how many there will be.
Step 3:
Select the style of ladder fixtures you would like.
There is an additional cost for choosing the Old
Style bottom fixtures of $55.00. The finish of your
fixtures is determined when you choose the finish
of your track.There is an additional cost for finishes
other than standard Silver.
Step 4:
Choose the type of wood that you would like your
ladder to be made from.You may also choose wheter you would like your ladder to be unfinished, clear
coat finished or with a special Miniwax finish.
The cost of your ladder will be automatically calculated at the bottom of the form.THE PRICES GENERATED ARE ESTIMATES ONLY! This form may be
saved and e-mailed or printed and faxed to receive
a quote or to place an order.
FAX: 1-800-363-1542
Architectural Products
Rolling Ladder Quote Form
Step 1: Height and Style of the Ladder*
Straight Top
Top Bent
Choose Your Height
*Measure from floor vertically to the center of the track. A seven inch clearance is required above the track.
It is strongly recommended that you allign the track with a shelf one or two down from your target level.
Step 2: Track Options
Length In Feet
Finish Finish
Corner Curves
Oil Rubbed Bronze Antique Brass
Polished Nickel
Step 3: Ladder Fixtures
Roll Type Guide
Corner Curves
Satin Brass
Satin Nickel
Hook Type Guide
Brushed Chrome
#270 Regular Style
#270 Old Style
Step 4: Wood Species and Finish
Red Oak is the standard wood species used. There is an additional cost for any other species.
Wood Species
Total Ladder Cost
Calculate Price
Wood Finish
This form is an ESTIMATE ONLY! All pricing
is subject to change. Please call to speak to a
Custom Service Hardware representative for
actual pricing. Price does not include shipping.