Page 1– Contents Page 2– Principal`s Report Charny Carny Cross



Page 1– Contents Page 2– Principal`s Report Charny Carny Cross
Page 1– Contents
Newsletter 8
Page 7- RE News
Page 8—Lenten Reflection
Page 2– Principal’s Report
Page 9
Charny Carny
Softball ACT
Cross Country
Spence Electrical Services
Harmony Day
For Sale
Parent Effectiveness Training
Merici Open Day
Page 3—Principal’s Report cont’d
* School Community Council
Page 10
School Community Council
Stamps Wanted
Value– Week 7 & 8
Page 4
Canteen News
* Student Award Winners
Have you returned all your notes?!?!
Upcoming Events
April Holiday Program
ACT Playgroups
‘I am the change when I
OSH Club
include others’
Page 5 Year 5/6 L Term 1
Page 6 Year 5/6 L Term 1
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Dear Parents
A Message from the Principal
Bella Hiskins’ beautiful
piece, creatively presented with
much effort, captures beautifully
the fundamental essence of
God: God is love. In simple
terms, whenever we act in a
loving way towards people, or a
person does so towards us, God
is present. God becomes manifest through our words and
deeds, whether we are conscious of God or not. Thank you
Bella for reminding us of this
simple but profound truth.
Dates to
26.3 Daramalan Open
Evening 56:30pm
26.3 Daramalan Year 7
2016 Information Session 7-8 pm
1.4 Athletics
2.4 Holy
3.4 Good
5.4 Easter
6.4 Easter
8-10.4 Year
5/6 School
10.4 Last day
of Term
27.4 Term 2
4-22.5 Enrolment Period
for 2016
Charny Carny and recent
A big thank you to the parent
community for contributing so
much to the Charny Carny on
Saturday. I thought it was a very
successful day, and a very
happy one, and while it is always
hard to tell, I thought that perhaps numbers were up on last year. Many, many parents
assisted at the Carny; however I would chiefly like to thank Nikki Bruno for her tireless
work in coordinating our involvement in the Carny. Thank you Nikki very much for your
selfless dedication. I would also like to thank the staff for their great work, the Scouts,
for all of their hard work, especially in logistics, and of course Charnwood-Dunlop Primary School, especially Leni Cleaves and Debbie Martens, the principal of CDS. It was a
great day.
Last Wednesday we held our Cross Country Carnival, which went very well and was a
great success. My thanks to Alisha Summerton and Brett Seaman who did a wonderful
job in organising the carnival. We have 50 students who will represent the school at the
PSSA carnival next term. More details about that event will be forthcoming.
I would also like to thank Danielle Roberts for doing a wonderful job in organising our
Harmony Day activities on Friday. Harmony Day provides an opportunity for the students to celebrate diversity and opportunity within our school – it is a chance for all students to celebrate their heritage. Another wonderful day was had by all.
… continued over page
Telephone: 6258 4077
Email: [email protected]
24th March, 2015
ELC Tel / Fax: 6258 5834
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School Community Council
Last night the School Community Council (SCC) met for the first time. The SCC membership includes:
Chair Tanya Farrell
Deputy Chair Niki Bruno
Treasurer TBA (Tanya Farrell will act as Treasurer until the transition is complete)
Parent Representative Gerard Gough
Parent Representative Renee Sutton
Parish Representative Peter Osborne
Staff Representative & Secretary Lee Black
Ex Officio Cameron Johns
Ex Officio Ben Kelly
Congratulations to our Office Bearers. More information will be forthcoming and the SCC looks forward to
working with and consulting the whole school community as it supports the school to be the best it can be.
Upcoming events
On Friday of this week, the following children will be participating in the PSSA swimming carnival: Jessica
Crane, Renee Gardner, Audrey McCombie, Jocelyn Moore, Max Shadbolt, Marc Skukan, Xavier Sligar,
Kane Smith, Elisha Stevenson and Jacob and Kleantha Williams (Jacob is in 50 and 100m freestyle, 50m
back, breast and fly). Well done to all our students and I wish them the best of luck on Friday.
A reminder to our mums and dads that next week we are having our Holy Week celebrations. A booklet
has gone home from Miss Lisa Mammoliti, REC, giving information about what each grade is
representing, and on what day they are re-enacting the story of Jesus’ Passion.
A reminder too that next week we are having our St Thomas Aquinas Athletics Carnival, at Charnwood
Oval. My thanks to Brett Seaman for organising the carnival. If you could spare any time, and volunteer to
assist Brett, it would be most gratefully received.
Have a wonderful week with your families.
Best wishes
Cameron Johns
April Holiday Program
There are still limited places available in our Holiday Program which runs from Monday 13th April to Friday 24th
Students from Preschool to Year 2 (Under 8) are eligible to
attend. The cost is $70 per day. The program qualifies for
the Childcare rebate.
Bookings must be made by 26th March 2015.
Ph: 6258 5834
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Students Award Winners— Week 7 & 8
Our wonderful award winning students this week are:
Explorers Amber Blake & Lucas Jambor
Discoverers Grace Barnes & Bailey Clarke
Adventurers Grace Robinson & Jack Coughlan
Kinder S
Nyantet Chuol & Saatvik Katoch
Kinder MM Akoul Maliet-Duot & Daniel Lim
Eve Kingham & Angus McCombie
Ignatius Murray & Awan Aleer
Jacey Sturgeon & Bul Diing
Jonathan Higgins & Finn McLaughlin
Joshua Snow, Georgia Smith & Emilio Rojas-Terry
Dominic Nikulin, Emily Tozer & Alexia Santosuosso
4/5KW Sebastian Trapani, Caitlyn Smith & Kody Seaman
4/5W Maxwell Shadbolt & Elisha Stevenson
5/6L Diing Diing & Kane Smith
5/6NM Malachi Johnson & Kai Fielding
Value - ‘I am the change when I include others.’
Hello Families,
As many of you may know OSHClub provide the children with a nutritious afternoon tea of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. For this reason we are calling out to any families or staff (using the OSH service or not) who would be interested in collecting the food scraps from preparing the fruits and vegetable for a worm farm, compost, or as feed for animals you may
have at home. Please speak with Stephanie if you are interested. We are very keen to up-cycle our food scraps!
On that note we would also like to add that while care is taken to ensure advertised and planned menu items are delivered,
some adjustments are made on a day- to-day basis due to availability or ripeness of delivered fresh produce.
Have a good week! OSHClub.
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Assorted baby and household items for sale.
All in excellent condition. Prices negotiable
Please contact Clare 6259 7365 or
Sasha on 0414 938 923
Larissa Dann
Supported by Parentline ACT
Communication skills for peaceful parenting and resilient children (without the use of punishment or reward). Helps
develop emotional intelligence, and grow confident, considerate children. Powerful, proven and practical. Yell less,
enjoy your children more. Build relationships that last a lifetime.
The course consists of three-hour sessions, once per week, for eight weeks. Booking is essential.
$290 pp for the course (investment includes a workbook and textbook).
Course begins: Thursday, 7th May, 2015; Time: 6.30 pm to 9.45 pm; Place: Weston, ACT.
Enjoy P.E.T. with Larissa, Canberra’s most experienced P.E.T. instructor.
0413 451 607 [email protected]
MERICI COLLEGE OPEN DAY: Wednesday 6 May 2015 9.30am to 7.00pm
Come and see the College in action!
For Year 7 Students for 2016
Tuesday 12 May 2015
For Year 11 Students for 2016
Thursday 14 May 2015
Careers Expo from 4.00pm
Wise Street Braddon – Ph: 6243 4100 – Fax: 6243 4199 Visit our website at or contact the Enrolment
Officer on email [email protected]
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Lucas Manning, Wil Hourigan, Ryan Fisher,
Aidan Holland, Ben Stevenson, Abigail Smith,
Tupou Save & Cameron Wilson
News from the School Community Council
Wed 25th March-Kirsty Zakharoff
Thurs 26th March-Volunteer
The School Community Council (SCC) held its inaugural meeting
last night. At the meeting, Tim Smith from the Catholic Education
Office spoke to the SCC members about its role, processes and
objectives within the school community. Office holders were
selected with the following positions decided:
Fri 27th March-Sue Willetts & Kirsty Zakharoff
Chair – Tanya Farrell
If you can spare some time on Canteen days
please let me know. I am desperate to fill
volunteer positions on Fridays in particular.
Deputy Chair – Niki Bruno
Secretary – Lee Black
Treasurer – To be confirmed
Thanks in anticipation.
Canteen Manager
Jennifer Moriarty
Assembly in the Hall
Each fortnight a class hosts assembly in the Hall
at 12:30pm. This week 4/5W will be presenting
at assembly.
Week 9 - 1J
The SCC will meet again on 7 April to discuss and establish a
Committee Structure. Once governance processes have been
established, the SCC would welcome and will need the assistance
of the wider school community to get the individual committees
up and running. Examples of events which will require the establishment of a committee include preparations / celebrations
for the 40 year anniversary of the St Thomas Aquinas
School. Other matters such as building and maintenance will also
require a committee given that the school will be undertaking
expansion and renovations this year.
If you have ideas about other matters or issues that you think
should be included for discussion concerning committees please
let me know at [email protected]
Week 10 - 3T
Altar Servers for Weekend Masses
28th and 29th March 2015
Saturday 6pm: Angela & Anjanette Benedictos,
Claire & Amy Filtness
Sunday 9 am: Vincent & Vittoria Palencia, Luke
Wyche & Tarlia Kayaba
Children’s Liturgy (4-13years)
Skye McPadden & Katie Walsh-Smith
Kind regards
Tanya Farrell SCC Chair
Used Stamps: The Srs of St Joseph collect and sell used stamps
and the money is sent to Peru. Each year several thousands of
dollars are raised through this simple means. A box is at the office
for you to help with this mission work. Thank you.
The value for Week 7 & 8 is……
Mass Times at St Thomas Aquinas
‘I am the change when I
Monday to Friday 9.30 am
include others.’
Saturday 6.00 pm
Have you returned your notes!!!
Sunday 9.00 am
Confession Saturday 4.30 pm
Athletics Carnival Permission due 27.3.15
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