Celebrate the Mayhaw



Celebrate the Mayhaw
A River Runs Through It
The fishing bridge runs over Old River Slough, a tributary of the Sabine River. The upper reaches
of the Sabine River are characterized by sandy bottoms winding through pine forests. Further
south the river flows through cypress and tupelo gum swamps as seen here at Alligator Park.
The fresh water of Old River Slough is a prime location to catch bass.
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Bald Cypress Trees
Bald Cypress Trees, the Louisiana State Tree, adorned with
hanging moss line the waterway at Alligator Park. These
deciduous conifers are adaptable to both dry and wet
conditions but are best known in wet areas. They can grow
as tall as 50 to 70 feet tall.
Celebrate the
Alligator Park i
Starks, Louisia located in
from the Texas only six miles
Starks is mos isiana border.
t well known fo
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annual Mayhaw
celebrates the estival which
grows native a mayhaw berry that
long the bayou
s along
the Texas/Louis
iana border.
If you like the serene, tucked
away feeling provided by
Alligator Park, consider visiting
Lorrain Park in Hayes,
Holbrook Park in
Lake Charles and
White Oak Park
in Lake Charles.
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