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Kerotest AGA11 Brochure.indd - Precision Pipeline Equipment, Inc.
1917 The FIRST American manufactured cast steel
gate valve for the oil industry is introduced.
1971 Kerotest receives the
ASME “N” stamp and
introduces the FIRST Packless
Metal-Diaphragm valve for
nuclear service and becomes the
leading valve supplier to over 100
nuclear power plants worldwide.
The Kerotest of Time.
Generations of skilled workmen and engineers
building valves and equipment to last for
generations to come.
1976 The United
States Secretary
of Commerce
grants Kerotest
the President’s “E”
Certificate for exports.
“For an outstanding
effort to the Export
Expansion Program
of the United States of
Proudly serving
the world’s
energy markets
for over 100 years.
1995 Kerotest relocates to state-of-the-art
manufacturing, machining and office facilities in
Pittsburgh, PA, making a $7 million investment.
2010 Introduces PolyballTM
Polyethylene Ball Valve
for water and waste
water applications.
2000 Kerotest
acquires the
“Marsh-Bellofram Instrument
“MarshValve” pproduct line.
Timing is
1914 Kerotest
develops valves
for high pressure
compressed gases.
1921 Testing of high-pressure valves with
Kerosene is introduced and becomes an
industry standard.
1942-43 The United States
Maritime Commission
grants Kerotest three “M”
Awards for outstanding
production effectiveness
supporting war efforts, an achievement obtained by
less than 5% of participating manufacturers.
SINCE 1909
Kerotest Manufacturing Corp.
5500 Second Ave • Pittsburgh, PA 15207
412.521.5942 • FAX 412.521.5990
email: [email protected]
1909 Kerotest is incorporated as
Pittsburgh Reinforced Brazing &
Machine Company.
1927 “Kerotest” meaning
“Kerosene Tested” is adopted
as the new company name.
1963 Kerotest enters the
gas distribution industry
with “Model 1,” the FIRST
steel gate valve designed
specifically for natural gas
1985 Kerotest
the Innogaz
2002 Stateof-the-art
highlights $4.5 million investment
in Louisiana facility.
1930 Kerotest
introduces the
FIRST Packless
valve to the
1965 Kerotest develops
“special” ultra-clean valves
for the emerging semiconductor industry.
1988 Kerotest introduces the
ANSI Class 150 WeldballTM, an
all-welded steel ball valve line for
the natural gas market.
2003 PolyballTM
Polyethylene Ball Valve
is introduced to the
natural gas industry.
2008 Celebrates 25 years as an
“Employee Owned Company.”
Th e K e r ot e s t o f Ti m e . S i n c e 1 9 0 9
NOW with
GPS Fitting
Ball Valve
Bubble tight shut-off, lightweight, super strong, compact
design, chrome plated stems prevent galling and
stripping. With a full line of differential, natural gas, static,
integral and block & bleed, these valves excel under
virtually any condition or installation.
POLYBALLTM Polyethylene Ball Valves
Available in both high density (PE 3408/PE 4710) and
medium density (PE 2406/PE 2708) polyethylene, in full
and reduced port models, these valves meet or exceed all
industry testing and performance standards. Plus, each valve
features full forward and backward traceability.
WeldballTM Steel Ball Valves
Our all-welded gas distribution
valve is the overwhelming choice for meter and regulatory
stations, system blow down and hot tap applications or
any job that requires positive shut-off.
Along with operating pressures to 125psi and a temperature
range of -20 F to 140 F, our polyethylene ball valves offer
top flow capacity, a great size range, ease of operation
and unmatched value. Use them confidently in natural gas
distribution and gathering, landfill and inert gas applications.
Innogaz Couplings & Fittings
Check out the full line of PE-4710 Innogaz couplings and
tapping tees. All Innogaz fittings are universal barcoded for
ease of intallation and quality control.
Electrofusion Control Boxes
Available with a hand-held Smart Scanner, processing
is easier and faster than the standard scanner pen. And
NOW, the optional integrated GPS stores the fitting location
of each fusion performed. Made in USA.
Zunt Insulators
No assembly, no maintenance, meet all
applicable ANSI, ASTM, ASME, AISI, API,
IEC, and ISO standards. These joints
eliminate electrical shorts and stop stray
current in pipeline systems.

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