June - Pajaro Valley Rod and Gun Club



June - Pajaro Valley Rod and Gun Club
PVR&G News
Newsletter - June 2012
Volume 1, Issue 005
June Presidents Column
by Bruce Kobara, President
The spring work party was a great success because of all
of the members that provided their skills. Many projects
were worked on and the club looks great because of all
the club members that showed up to help. We plan on
having another work party day in the Fall. Thank you to
all the members who helped out the club.
Our annual kids fishing derby was fantastic. Over 124
kids showed up with their families. The trout were
planted by the Calif. DFG at the start of the derby and
they stayed in the boat launch area. Over 190 fish were
caught by the kids, many got full limits of trout.
Our Hall rental Chairman Bill Sanchez has decided to
retire from the position. Bill has served our club for
many years in several offices including President of the
club. He will continue to give the orientation briefing to
new club member candidates. We are looking for a club
member to fill the position of hall rental chairman. If
you are interested contact me or any board officer or
board member.
Our spring raffle is for a Taurus stainless steel .44 mag
pistol. The pistol is in never been fired condition and is
ported for recoil and muzzle flip reduction. The pistol
has been donated by an anonymous club member.
Tickets will be on sale at the June dinner meeting,
at Markleys shooting range and at East Lake Hardware.
The drawing will be on the June general meeting.
The tickets will be 1 ticket for $10.00 or 3 for $25.00.
Gandrup & his tractor.
I have received reports of club members bringing their
own drinks to the dinner meeting. Wine may be brought
to the meeting, but it is subject to a corkage fee to be
paid at the bar. Any other alcoholic beverages are not
allowed under our state liquor license. I am sure that
none of us wants to have our license revoked or for the
club to be fined. Also I must remind the club members
that guests must be 21 years old or older.
We have seven new members voted in by the board of
directors; John Benich, Antonio Figueroa, Rosemarie
Fey, Steve Montgomery, Bill Nelson, Steve Remdeand
and Roger Zardo. We also have a re-enstateded member:
Mike Shaw, welcome back.
Those of you that would like to receive the newsletter
by email, please, email Mike Cigler. Mike’s email
address is; [email protected] . The club will
save about $14.00 per member per year for each
newsletter that is emailed vs mailing a hard copy.
Also the newsletter is posted on our web site
however; you will receive the email newsletter the
Bruce Kobara - [email protected]
Phone Home: 831 724-2902
Phone Cell: 831 254-2902
Saturday, April 28th, PVR&G Work Day
by Chuck Woodson
Clearing the reeds.
Tree trimming.
Reeds cut and new dock.
Range News
By John Maraldo
Range Work Party
Thank’s for the backhoe.
Range clean up.
Weed eating.
Kitchen crew.
Future Range Improvement
Over the last several months, the Board has been considering
many options for improving range ventilation. At its May
meeting the Board committed to a plan and voted to
immediately take the first steps toward its implementation.
The preparations to be completed this year are installation
of the necessary electrical service, construction of a pad for
the fan(s) and removal of the deck. In that connection we all
owe a debt of gratitude to Mike Holcroft who has already
stepped up to help with the electrical work. I ask any of you
who can help construct the concrete pad to contact me. And
I ask all of you to make it a point to attend our next Club
work party (likely in August) to help remove the deck and
restore the building's lake-side facade.
Thanks to Richard Eichinger, Brannon Schell and Stu
Lawson who came out for the May 5th Club work party
to improve the range.
Semiauto Pistol Clinic on July 14th
Robert Leonardich will conduct a third clinic the morning
of July 14th. As anyone who's attended can confirm for you,
this is very worthwhile couching. And it's absolutely free:
you only have to bring your semiautomatic pistol,
ammunition, eye and ear protection and a willingness to
learn. Only four slots are left. Contact me if you want to
take advantage of this training.
Range Safety Officer Certification:
I will be conducting NRA Range Safety Officer training
the morning of June 30th. Registration closes on May 31st.
Contact me immediately if you want this certification. Page 2 of 4
Range Master
John Maraldo, Phone Work: 831 728-8611, Home:
831 724-4202 email: [email protected]
Saturday, April 28th, PVR&G Work Day (Cont.)
By Chuck Woodson
Work day came off great. Jim Gandrup led and joined in with the work.
The work included the Kitchen vent system and wiring, Bar rewiring,
Landscaping, tree trimming, put in new water and power line for lower
area, fire wood restacking, reed removal in the lake, new dock, range
back drop cleanup, fire pit removal, peninsula brush and tree clearing
to the lake, and tilling and weed eating lower picnic area. A great
BBQ Polish Sausage lunch was served and then back to it. Great job
you guys!
The work party included: Michael Cooper, Ronnie Riveira, Scott
Goodman, Dean Moules, Eugene Moules, Shaun Reid, Steve Remde,
John Hodges, Mike Hampson, Bob Hampson and son, Roger Zardo,
Al Parish, Stephen & Mike Alciati , Randy Sharpe, Bill Conklin, Tod
Shallenberger, Jeff Robinson, Roger Welsh, Jim Roszell, Richard Rue,
Todd Barrington, Dave Martone, Julian Garcia, Terry Medina, Joe
Alba, Bob Erbe, Steve Walker, Eddie Moreno Jr., Joseph Moreno,
Greg Hernandez, Chris Giovannoni, Brent Wilcox, Wayne Coluin,
John Maraldo, and Richard Eichinger, Roger Silva, Harry Williams,
Robby Brooks, Rodney Mitsumi, Abel Campos, Glenn Slay, Brannon
Schell, Stu Lawson, and Jim Gandrup.
Tilling the lower field.
Look how safe we work.
Fire wood restacking.
Bar crew.
Landscaping crew.
Overseeing the trenching.
Brushing the peninsula.
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Landscaping crew too.
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Our Club Leadership...
Elected Officers
President - Bruce Kobara, Vice President - Jim Gandrup, Secretary - Mike Ciglar, Treasurer - Glen Slay,
Director at Large - Wayne Farrell
Elected Directors
Scotty Mitchell, Ron Gordon, Robbie Brooks, Rodger Silva, Mark Lauesen, Rodney Misumi
Appointed Directors
Bar - Paul Cunningham, Chef - Bob Moresco, Work Party - Harry Williams, Range Master - John Maraldo
Hall Rentals - Bill Sanchez, Assistant Cook - Abel Campos, Caretaker - Mark Neher
Newsletter Editor, Chuck Woodson, email Address - [email protected]
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