WMV 300



WMV 300
WMV 300
Vehicle tracker with continuous vehicle parameter sending
Safety & logistics oriented GPS tracker with accurate GPS coordinate determination.
It can be installed into vehicles.
The device is able to read out the analog and digital parameters and alarm events
of the car through its IO-port and transmit data to the dispatching centre.
The main goal of the device is to continuously determine the vehicle position and
track its route.
• GSM/GPRS (reliable data sending)
• GPS (uBlox chipset, excellent accuracy & accurate
tracking and continuous location determination)
• Listening usage conditions, parameters:
• 3x digit. input s (ignition, car alarm system, sensors)
• 1x analog input (fuel level)
• 2x outputs (ingition control, other switching)
• Remote engine control by the dispatcher (enable or
disable power utilization - in case of unauthorized
usage, the operation of the vehicle can be prohibited
• Scheduled or fixed time life signal report
• 3D acceleration and tow sensing
• Geo-fence zones
• External accumulator connection
• Internal spare battery
• Simple installation, pre-configured software
 Tracking private vehicles, cars
 Guarding corporate fleet
• Open Street Map map usage
 Taxi services
• EMR Tracking remote dispatching software (option.)  Service vehicles
• External device connection - Garmin® PNA
 Tracking of vans, trucks, cargos
 Preventive solution against theft, break-in
 Finding stolen vehicles
• Compact design, invisible
• Several equipment ordering option
WMV 300 ®
User-friendly usage
Dispatching Center connection
• Simple connection and assembly to the car
• The IO port input wires can be connected to
vehicle sensors, the output can be connected
as ignition control
• Garmin® device connection (navigation)
• Observing life signal pass
• Further signalled alarm events
• Device switching off/on, antenna removal
• Low battery voltage level
• Geo-fence (leave/enter into zone, area)
• Alarms of the digital inputs
• Requested by the accelerate sensor
• In case of an alarm event, sends data with the
coordinates to the centre
Safety features
• Operation without ignition, low consumption
• Detecting: movement/non-movement, start/
stop of the vehicle, towing
• IO input: fuel level sensing, sense of car alarm
system and sensors, ignition
• IO output: remote control (ignition and engine)
• Detecting zone enter/exit
• Hibernation mode: in case of ignition off or nonmovements the device switches to this mode.
Wakes up to any external event (e.g. towing,
ignition, loss of connection)
The tracker supports data sending on GSM/GPRS
network and the GPS positioning and frequented
life signalling. It communicates on TCP, UDP.
EMR Tracking® server application*
• Positioning on map and movement tracking
• Displaying path of route
• Evaluating alarms, events, life signals
• Customizable settings
• Definable alarm reports and notification
Ordering options (Expansions)
• Driver identifier
• Car handsfree and microphone
• Temperature sensor package
• Fuel-level meter (ultrasonic)
• Tracker camera (RS232)
Technical data
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