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Canberra High Times
Term 3, Issue
Friday, 18 September 2015
From the Principal
Dear parents and carers
Diary Dates:
Year 9 Exhibitions
25 Sept. Last Day Term 3
12 Oct.
First Day Term 4
27 Oct.
P&C Meeting 7pm
4-5 Nov Technology
11 Nov
Day Assembly
16 Nov
Yr 7
18 Nov
Yr 10 Maths Test
24 Nov
Yrs 8 & 9 Maths
25 Nov
Yrs 7,8 & 9 Maths
4 Dec.
Yr 10 Farewell &
9 Dec
Yr 10 Graduation
18 Dec
Last Day Term 4
In my time at the school I
have received a fantastic
welcome from staff, parents
and students, for which I
am very appreciative.
I would like to share with
you some of my
experiences and
impressions from my time
here at Canberra High. The
school offers some
wonderful opportunities for
learning and leadership to
the students. Here is a
sample: I was asked to be a
judge for the finals of the
young chef competition that
challenged the students not
only in their creative and
practical skills but in their
confidence as well. I
watched students engage
their mathematical skills as
they broke codes, produced
tessellations and solved
tangrams. I have seen
numerous lists for the
different sporting teams
representing the school. I
joined the whole school as
we watched a performance
by the dance students. I
tried to keep up with the
Inspire students having a
philosophical discussion. I
watched the year 10
students lead their houses at
the Athletics Carnival. I
graphed equations with
students from the LSUA.
Canberra High School is a
school that prioritises the
learning for its students.
This is led by a dedicated
Parent School Board
Rhonda Payget—0418495566
Roger Amey—0400372388
Alison Cerritelli—0402249111
A bit of fun in the snow at school
staff that work very hard for
the school community.
It has been a privileged
opportunity for me to be
part of the school
community for this time
and as I return to Belconnen
High next term I wish all
staff, students and parents a
productive Term 4 and a
great end to the year.
David McCarthy
T e r m 3 , I s su e
Page 2
Netball News
The 2015 Netball season is drawing to an
end. All teams competed with excellent
sportsmanship throughout the season and
showed huge improvements along the
Thank you to all students past and present
for your commitment to the Saturday
Competition. It was great to see so many
players participating, even in extreme
weather conditions. Thank you to all the
parents/guardians for your ongoing
support and encouraging your girls to get
out and have a go.
A huge thank you goes to all the coaches,
managers and umpires. Without your
help, the season would not have run so
smoothly: Keti Marsh Solomon, Melissa
Orr, Jess Orr, John Fowler, Emma Fowler,
Debbie Lees, Linda McLennan, Paul
Fowler, Lissi Chapelli, Kayla Riley, Nina
Wood, Natalie Soffe & Maddy Orr.
Keti will be hugely missed next season,
she has been a huge part of the Canberra
High Netball Club and the ADP program
at Canberra High School. She has
coached and mentored many of the girls in
the last 4 years on and off the court.
Keti’s dedication to the girls and to the
netball program will be greatly missed by
all involved.
Congratulations to the Ravens for once
again being the only public school team
competing in the Division 1 intermediates
competition. They made semi-finals and
were unlucky to advance.
Team: Emerina Marsh- Kiro, Jess
Langdown, Steph Margrain, Vanessa
Thompson, Maddy Orr, Grace Edwards,
Natalie Soffe, Montana Harrington and
Emma De Majnik. Coached by Keti
Marsh- Solomon.
Congratulations also to the Leopards team
who have advanced to the semi-finals to
have a shot at the grand final on Sept 12th,
12:30pm at Lyneham Outdoor Courts.
Please come along and support the girls if
you can!
Team: Tayla Edmonds, Caitlin
McLennan, Kayla Neiberding, Giselle
Thorley, Lily Conybeare, Favor
Wallace, Emilie Rowland, Sarah
Hatherley and Margeaux ArundelWilliams. Coached by Linda
Emerina Marsh Kiro was selected to
represent the ACT at the 15 Years and
Under Netball Championships being
held in Sydney at Olympic Park. She
has also been named the captain of the
team. The team has currently had
mixed results, including a draw with a
very physical NSW team. Canberra
High congratulates you on all your
achievements Emerina.
Jessica Nelson
CHS Ravens
CHS Leopards
ICAS 2015 Spelling Competition
Congratulations to all students who
participated in the ICAS Spelling
Competition this year.
Students from Canberra High who
achieved outstanding results were
Wasif Ali
Sayifi Badri
Raage Noor
AnAn Luong
Viviane Gerardu
T e r m 3 , I s su e
P age 3
Yrs 9 & 10 Ski and Snowboard Camp
Last Thursday and Friday 30 year 9 and 10 CHS students went on a two day Ski and Snowboard camp. Our activities were based at Blue Cow at Perisher and we stayed at The Station in Jindabyne. Fun was had by all!
Staff enjoying a sumptuous
meal prepared in the new
kitchen area in technology—
more information in the next
T e r m 3 , I s su e
P age 4
Stencil Art Workshop
As part of the Step Into The Limelight Art Exhibition nine students from Canberra High School attended a
Zine Making Workshop and a Stencil/ Free Painting Workshop held in the ANU School of Art Gallery. The students
had a great day and returned full of enthusiasm for further art making
Recipient of the Audrey Fagan Award
Receiving the Audrey Fagan award is a lifechanging and invaluable experience. Receiving
the award meant that I could ease some of my
mother's burden with the financial costs of
college but also seeing the look of elated surprise
on her face at the ceremony made it all worthwhile. Every applicant has varying reasons for doing so, some for themselves and others for their
loved ones. But I would strongly encourage
any young woman who dares to dream
and aspire to succeed to apply for this award. The
world needs more capable and talented
young women in the future. I could not have
achieved this award had it not been for my mentor
Ms McEwan, a dedicated and passionate teacher
who has been with me every step of the way on my
journey. Please remember that no matter how successful you are, never forget those who have
helped you and where you began.
Vy Dinh
Congratulations Vy for a well deserved award.
T e r m 3 , I s su e
P age 5
Canberra High School Athletics Carnival—2015
On Friday September 4, Canberra High
hosted the annual Athletics Carnival at
Aranda Oval. Over 600 students had a
fantastic day with clear blue skies and lots
of participation all round. Students
proudly displayed their house spirit and
spectators watched numerous high quality
performances throughout the day. Three
records were broken on the day by the
following students:
16 yrs girls Discus: Laura Pease 30.26
13 yrs girls Discus: Riley Lane 23.32
Senior Girls 1500m: Zoe Cuthbertson
The age champions were:
Girls Age Champions
12- Gena Wade
13- Molly Sturgiss
14- Ellie DeRuyter
15- Santal Tacconi
16- Keira Bobbin
Boys Age Champions
12- Lachlan Meibusch
13- Tadgh Williams
14- Mitchell Baker
15- Cameron Best
16- Tyler Ward
100m runner from each age group) was
a tightly contested competition with
Molly Sturgiss winning the girls race
and Sam Wade the boys race.
The House competition was also close
and the winner for 2015 on 1283 points
was Lyons, followed by Fisher, Gowrie
and Denman - 903.
Thank you to all the staff involved and
especially the SHAPE staff who put in a
huge amount of work.
Jakki Pyner
The handicapped CHS Gift (the fastest
T e r m 3 , I s su e
7 Page 6
News from the Arts and Languages Faculty
China Trip
Staff and students are counting down to
departure day for the China trip! Mr Yin
and Ms Davis are busy ensuring that the
final planning and administrative
requirements and deadlines are met.
Sincere thanks to both teachers for their
hard work and commitment to the success
of the trip.
Language Perfect
Congratulations to all the students who
received awards in the Language Perfect
World Championships. Students were
presented with their certificates at the
assembly on 27 August. Language
Perfect improves reading, listening, and
writing skills, and provides instant
feedback, a scoreboard and a competitive
aspect. There will be other Language
Perfect competitions throughout the
remainder of the year
Jack Witchalls is this year’s Art in, Butt
Out competition winner! Jack’s winning
design will feature on Canberra Milk
cartons very soon. Congratulations to
Jack, and to all the Year 8 students who
entered the competition.
String Ensemble
The Canberra High School String
Ensemble took part in the Step Into the
Limelight Gala Concerts at the AIS on
August 27 & 28. The ensemble joined
with the ACT Senior Concert Band
(featuring Canberra High students Aaron
Colebrook, Lachlan Gyles & Justen Tran,
and half a dozen former Canberra High
students) to perform a challenging
orchestral & choral work, Adiemus by
Karl Jenkins. Participating ensemble
members were: Caitlin Campbell,
Samantha Williams, Shamani Dodd, Alex
Powles, Naomi Goodwill, Jessica Philipse
& Jason Hurnall.
Canberra High students Caitlin Johnstone
and Shaylah McClymont were chosen to
provide media coverage of the Step into
the Limelight gala concerts. The students
were tasked with providing behind-thescenes images and interviews as well as
capturing pictures of all the performances.
Following the concerts, they will edit and
produce a promotional DVD for the
Limelight team.
Band Festival
All four CHS bands will take part in the
ACT Schools Band Festival in Week 8.
Bands will prepare a 20 minute program,
perform it for an adjudicator (and an
audience of parents and other school
students) and then workshop the pieces
with the adjudicator. Permission notes
have been sent home with students, and
should be returned by Friday September 4.
Dance Festival
Students and teachers are busy rehearsing
during lunch times to put the finishing
touches on their entry in the Ausdance
Youth Dance festival, Exploration of the
Imagination. The Artistic Director of the
Festival has visited and helped workshop
the piece. They will perform at the Dance
Festival on September 17.
Claim the Date: Arts & Technology
Canberra High School’s 6th annual Arts &
Technology Showcase Gala Concert will
be held on Thursday 5 November.
Students from the school’s Arts and
Technology Faculties will showcase their
skills in a variety of performances and
The evening will feature performances of
dance and music items, and a festival of
short films and animations created by our
media students. A highlight of the evening
will be the performance of school’s drama
production, an original play written by
Canberra High School students. A gallery
of student work from Visual Arts, Digital
Media, Photography, Ceramics,
Textiles, Food, Wood & Metal
Technology classes will be on display
throughout the evening. Visitors will
have the opportunity to vote for their
favourite exhibit in The People’s
Choice Award.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Band Excursion to see The Sound of
Music in Sydney
To reward students for their efforts in
Band throughout the year, an excursion
to see a live, professional musical
production is arranged every year. This
opportunity is only offered to students
in the band program. Previous
excursions have included Mary
Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The
Lion King, Wicked, and Les Miserables.
This year’s excursion is to see the new
Australian production of The Sound of
Music on December 16. More than 65
students have expressed interest in
attending the excursion (there are only
57 tickets available), so when notes are
issued in Week 7, it will be first in –
best dressed!
CHAMP – Canberra High Afternoon
Music Program
Canberra High Afternoon Music
Program (CHAMP) provides music
lessons by professional tutors, providing
enrichment and extension opportunities
for students who would like to learn a
musical instrument. Tutors are provided
through Canberra Music Tuition, with
weekly lessons priced at $31 per half
hour lesson.
If you are interested in taking up this
opportunity for your child to have music
lessons, please contact Eileen Currie
(Ph 62071546 or 6205 7038
[email protected])
Eileen Currie
Executive Teacher
T e r m 3 , I s su e
P age 7
News from the Library—Bookweek 2015
Bookweek came and went like a dream.
The theme this year was “Books light up
our world” and it is true. We started the
week with a quiz and have given out
prizes to nine people out of those who
came in the first ten. The tenth was Ms
Hutchison who did not come to collect her
prize. Maths teachers! Those who did
come were: Ashley, Dimitri, Elizabeth,
Grace, Samantha, Will, Finn, Jamie and
The art competition was won by Kiana
and runners up were Brodie and Jawad.
The winners of the Friday Parade will be
announced at the next school assembly
and they will receive their prizes then.
We had some great characters such as
Little Red Riding Hood, Thing One, Two
and Three, Katniss Everdeen, Mad Hatter,
Dr Who, Peggy Carter, The Punisher, and
a Jedi Knight. Both teachers and students
looked fantastic. Tuesday’s bookmarket
and Thursday’s book tasting were also
very successful and students now have
additional books to read or new genres to
‘taste’ and new authors to think about.
Three new book display units arrived on
Tuesday and we are busy with their
assembly. We are planning to use one
to display our QUICK READS which is
a new permanent section housing books
that are meant to be read in one sitting.
Come and borrow some and read them
Happy reading.
Library staff
T e r m 3 , I s su e
P age 8
World Challenge Borneo—2015
Planning for our three week expedition to
Borneo began early last year with the
world challenge launch, which saw 12
intrepid young adventurers sign up for the
adventure of a lifetime. 2015 saw these
students begin the early planning stages of
their trip – fundraising, getting to know
their other World Challenge team-mates,
and visiting Wee Jasper for an overnight
trek that allowed the team to assess their
readiness for such a big overseas
Our departure day for Borneo was June
26. The plan was to fly to Kuala Lumpur,
where we would stay overnight before
moving on to the town of Miri in
Sarawak, Borneo. Of course, not all plans
come to fruition and an extensive delay in
Sydney saw us miss all of our connecting
flights and helped us develop our skills at
sleeping on airport floors. Despite the
delayed and missed flights we arrived in
Miri, exhausted but only a few hours late.
Stage One of all World Challenge
expeditions is the acclimatisation stage,
which provides the Challengers with the
opportunity to learn the ropes of travelling
and to begin exploring their destination.
Our acclimatisation phase saw us visit the
Lambir Hills National Park, located just
outside of Miri, where we had the
opportunity to explore the park through a
number of smaller day treks from Park
Headquarters. Getting used to the
challenge of trekking in the heat and
humidity of the juggles of Borneo meant
that we would be well prepared for our
major trek later in the expedition. A
beautiful waterfall and lagoon made sure
we were all able to cool off at the end of a
hard day’s trekking.
From Miri we journeyed into the Kelabit
Highlands, a remote part of Borneo only
easily accessible by light aircraft. Our
base in the Kelabit highlands was Bario, a
small town of only 1000 or so people, but
also the major town in the Kelabit region.
The one thing everyone noticed about
Bario, apart from how beautiful it was,
was the friendliness and hospitality of the
people who lived there. We were in Bario
for our project, and everyone in the team
relished the opportunity to give back to a
community that made us feel so welcome.
For our project we helped landscape the
town square for their upcoming Food and
Cultural Festival, helped build a walkway
and handrails to a viewing platform
overlooking the town, and painted the
town’s traditional longhouse, which is
over 100 metres long and home to dozens
of families. Many from our team were
also excited to be invited to visit the local
school, where a lack of a shared language
did not stop our team quickly building
friendships with the children at the school.
As Bario is the hub of the Kelabit region,
many of these children were boarders
from outlying villages, and our visit
seemed to be as much a highlight for them
as it was for us. An invitation to Bario’s
Sunday service – a major focal point for
this community – meant we got to meet
our newly made friends from the school
again, and even got the chance to perform
on stage with them at church, where we
taught them how to do the Hokey-Pokey.
Doing the Hokey-Pokey in a packed out
church in the remote highlands of Borneo
is certainly an experience that not many
people can lay claim to!
Bario was also our departure point for our
major 5-day trek into the jungles of the
Kelabit Highlands. Our local guides,
Johnson and Nicholas, were absolutely
fantastic, as they made sure to share with
us their knowledge of the jungle. Our trek
saw us pass through a number of tiny
Kelabit villages hidden in the jungle, and
also provided us with the opportunity to
explore what remains a relatively
untouched part of the world. When we
weren’t trekking, we were either setting
up camp, swimming in one of the many
waterholes we passed, or cooking our
meals. One night’s meal was particularly
good, as Johnson served us up some wild
boar that he had hunted for us while we
were out for a swim. Sadly, one of
our team members, Kayla, as well as
one of our teachers, Ms Shaw, were
unable to join us for the trek, as
Kayla had become very ill and had
to return to Miri where Kayla spent
the next few days in hospital. Ms
Shaw’s fantastic nursing helped
ensure that Kayla was ready to join
us when we returned to Miri from
Bario at the end of our trek.
The final part of our expedition saw
us visit the resort town of Kota
Kinabalu, where we got to spend a few
days indulging ourselves during the rest
and relaxation phase of the expedition.
Some excellent budgeting throughout
the expedition, as well as the money we
saved by being stuck in the airport on
the first day of our trip, meant that we
had enough money to stay in a 4-star
hotel, eat at fancy restaurants, and enjoy
a day-trip to one of the beautiful
tropical islands that fringes Kota
Kinabalu’s coastline.
World Challenge was an absolutely
incredible experience for us all. Every
member of our team, whether student or
teacher, found themselves challenged at
times. But by stepping outside of our
comfort zones, we all discovered new
things about ourselves and became
stronger people in the process.
Sometimes, the challenges we faced
mean that we made mistakes – whether
it was getting lost in a new city,
forgetting an important piece of
equipment for trek (like a sleeping bag),
or not waterproofing our hammocks on
the night a torrential tropical downpour
visited our campsite. But again, it was
through these mistakes that we were
able to grow, and it was our mistakes
that sometimes gave us some of our
strongest memories. I don’t think too
many of us will ever forget the night we
were desperately trying to waterproof
our hammocks in the dark in the middle
of a rain storm! Overall, our World
Challenge expedition to Borneo really
was the trip of a lifetime. We met some
amazing people, visited some beautiful
places and built some memories that
will stay with us forever.
Mr Laenen and Ms Shaw
T e r m 3 , I s su e
World Challenge—Borneo—2015
7 Page 9
T e r m 3 , I s su e
Page 10
World Challenge— Vietnam—2015
Grace and Eva gave this speech at
assembly along with a slideshow
presented by the group who travelled
to Vietnam.
Eva: Hello everyone, today Grace and
I will be talking about our world
challenge trip and the one in a lifetime
adventure we had to Vietnam. On the
25th of June we all got on our first
plane to an adventure we’d never
forget. All up it took 30 hours to get
there and this was a good way to get
rid of the awkward tension between
everyone. The hours we spent in the
airports were exciting because we
were in charge and had to take care of
everything – literally everything! We
had to organise which of us would
take care of accommodation, where
and what we would be eating, our
transportation, gear and most
importantly our budget. Budget was
possibly the hardest task so luckily we
had the help of Maja and Kyah who
couldn’t have allowed us to spend our
money more wisely. However, Kyah
literally got sick of it, throwing up
while counting money probably
wasn’t the best. But even with vomit
bags being shared between two, we
managed to stay a team and continue
our adventure.
Grace: Our first phase was
acclimatisation, where everyone was
hit with the heat, humidity and
crowds! We adjusted to the climate
and began our adventures with a lot of
fun and laughter exploring the capital
city, Hanoi. The traffic was absolutely
crazy – there were motorbikes and
people everywhere, so crossing the
roads was a challenge for us all! We
all enjoyed trying new foods, and
trying to speak some Vietnamese to
the lovely locals. We also discovered
that Vietnamese bananas are delicious
and nothing compared to those in
Australia! After two nights in Hanoi,
we were now ready to begin our trek
phase. Our first trek was a 3-day trek
in Mai Chau, which was leading us up
to the 4-day trek in Sapa.
Eva: Sapa was definitely the most
memorable adventure we all had.
Everyone had their own struggles
trekking, falling and rolling in the
mud the whole way, but once we got
to the top of the mammoth hill the
scenery was amazing and well worth
it! Although climbing up the hills and
holding onto corn stalks was fun to
watch, it was intense and we were
pushed out of our comfort zones. We
still managed to finish trekking all
together as a team and driving back
from where we finished to where we
started was the best feeling in the
world. For us to see how far we had
walked and to see what we had
survived made everyone feel like they
had achieved something that they
couldn’t of (we were also proud that
we had managed to survive 4 days in
the heat without a shower!). After all
the hard and muddy work, we headed
off to Halong Bay for R&R. Rest and
Relaxation in Halong Bay was
amazing! We were lucky enough to
head out on a cruise, to enjoy a
delicious meal and to see the
incredible limestone formations
around the bay. As well as the
beautiful scenery around us, we were
all especially excited to be staying in a
four star hotel after trek, to treat
ourselves. Most of us spent the time
relaxing in the air-conditioned rooms
and watching weird Vietnamese TV
shows. After Halong Bay, we headed
off to Hoi An on an 18-hour overnight
train to begin our project phase.
Grace: Our project phase was so
much fun! We met so many lovely
children at their local school in a
village, as well as their lovely
families, who were amazing cooks.
During this time we put in a lot of
effort into improving the various
facilities throughout the school. We
managed to clean up the school,
refurbish the front fence, create
them a level area for a soccer field,
basketball and badminton court, we
painted a mural in one of the
kindergarten classrooms as well as
lots of other things that needed
fixing or doing. We bought the
school many things including a
computer, a drum kit for assemblies,
books, sports equipment, stickers,
toys, chalk and much more. The
kids in particular were very excited
to spend the day with us, playing
with their new sports equipment,
teaching us songs and games, eating
cake and playing with balloons. We
also purchased the school and a
nearby orphanage a water filter, so
that they could have access to clean
water. The school and orphanage
were very grateful for this donation.
Helping and donating to this school,
made us feel that we’d had achieved
our goals, and made the village
people so happy. We also had some
rest and relaxation time in Hoi An
which was not too relaxing, as all
we did was walk around and shop
all day, however it was still
interesting and exciting.
Eva: if you ever get the chance to
embark on a world challenge trip,
you should definitely take the
opportunity! You will have an
amazing experience that you will
remember and will stay with you for
the rest of your life. You will
definitely have the trip of a life
T e r m 3 , I s su e
World Challenge—Vietnam—2015
Page 11
T e r m 3 , I s su e
Page 12
Maths News
National Literacy and Numeracy Week
National Literacy and Numeracy Week
was celebrated from 31 August – 6
September. All Year 7 and 8 classes
participated in some numeracy activities
in the Library over two days. Students
made tessellations, made shapes with
tangram pieces and solved coding puzzles.
Students enjoyed the hands on activities
and the challenge of the tangrams and
codes and some wonderful tessellations
were produced. (see page 11 for photos)
Phil Lewington and Alison Davis
Numeracy Coordinators
Australian Mathematics Competition
The results for the Australian Maths
Competition were recently received.
Congratulations to the following students,
who received Distinctions and Credits in
their year group. All participants will
receive their certificates as soon as
Year 10:
Distinction Patrick Taylor
Muhammad- Alghifary
Jack Fuller
George Xie
Year 9:
Distinction George Wang
Year 8:
Garion Pye
Hamzah Badri
Gigi Lee
Nitol Kazi
Zoe Cuthbertson
Kieara Lees
Chloe McGoldrick
Urvi Modak
Asha Cassell-Nash
Jason Hurnall
Sarah Hurnall
Lachlan Bugg
Madeline Fuller
Year 7
Safiya Badri
Zainab Zaman
Caleb Mein
Arianna Scarvell
Lachie Meibusch
Tait Tran
Maximiliaan van den Boogaard
Samantha Perrott
An An Luong
Lizzie Newman
Joseph Cox
Naomi Goodwill
Ashleigh Eason
Flynn Penfold
Mathematics Challenge for Young
Australians - Challenge Stage
Earlier in the year, some of Canberra
High’s best Mathematics students
entered the Challenge Stage of the
Mathematics Challenge for Young
Australians. The competition was held
over a three week period, and students
were required to solve 6 very difficult
problems in their spare time.
Congratulations to all students who
entered this challenging competition,
and particularly the students below who
achieved special awards for their
Year 10:
Year 9:
Year 8:
Year 7
Joshua Newman
George Wang
Hamzah Badri
Garion Pye
Jason Hurnall
Safiya Badri
Caroline Christenson and Phil
Maths Challenge Coordinators
Alison Davis
AMC Manager
Skiing Champ
Luke Pianca Mulcahy
from Year 8 skiing up
a storm—he came
third in the ACT and
Southern NSW interschools skiing
championships in Division 3
(Yrs 7-8). Luke went on to
the National Championships
at Mt Buller in Victoria in
and came 19th out of 63
placing him in
the top 20
T e r m 3 , I s su e
Maths Fun
Page 13
T e r m 3 , I s su e
Page 14
Art In Butt Out—2015 Winners
Jack Witchalls has been announced as
the winner of the 2015 Art In Butt Out
award at a recent presentation at the
ACT Legislative Assembly. Jack was
presented his award by Simon Corbell
who said, “ it ticked all the boxes with
the judges on sending a clear message
to teenagers about the dangers of
The competition is held annually and
provides an opportunity for high
school students from across the ACT
to design an anti-smoking
advertisement to appear on the side of
Canberra Milk cartons in September
and October. An initiative of the
Australian Medical Association ACT
Tobacco Task Force, the Art In, Butt
Out competition allows young people
to use their creativity to communicate
the anti-smoking message to their
Canberra High School also received a
certificate of appreciation for our
ongoing support of the competition.
Canberra High School students have
won the award for the last three years.
Keep an eye out for Jack’s winning
design on Canberra Milk cartons in
shops now.
Andrew Kay
Accident Insurance Cover for Students—important information for parents
Insurance and Ambulance
The ACT Education and Training
Directorate does not provide any
insurance cover for injury, disease or
illness to students resulting from
school activities or school-organised
excursions. Claims for compensation
are met where there is a legal liability
to do so. Liability is not automatic and
depends on the circumstances in which
any injury, disease or illness was
As there is no automatic insurance
cover for personal injury if your child is
injured at school or during a school
organised activity/excursion you should
therefore consider whether taking out
personal insurance cover for your child
is warranted.
This insurance might cover
contingencies including medical/
hospital expenses, ambulance transport
outside the ACT, and cancellation of
transport/accommodation or loss of/
damage to luggage.
The ACT Ambulance Service provides
free ambulance transport for students
who are injured or
suddenly become ill
at school or during
an approved school
organised activity
within the ACT.
T e r m 3 , I s su e
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