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The Beverly Estate
Monthly Newsletter
April 2015
Estate Residents;
I do believe that spring has arrived ….but we all know to well
that we could still see the weather change back to winterish at
any time. So, please try to get out for some fresh air when the
weather permits, it will lift your spirits, give you a boost of
energy, and make you feel good all over.
The special Monday outings for April are:
Saskatoon Farm – April 6th, @ 1:15 – 4:00 pm
Bowling – April 13th, @ 1:15 – 4:00 pm
Nakoda Resort & Casino – April 20th @ 10:30 – 4:00 pm
Dollar Store & Value Village – April 27th, @ 1:15 – 4:00 pm
I put another special lunch and dance at the Legion on April
2nd, from 11:15 am to 2:00 pm.
Also, just a quick note to let you know that I will be away
from April 2nd to 6th, see you all on April 7th at exercise
@ 10:00 am.
Thanks everyone, Happy Easter!!!
~Sandi Barton - Estate Activity Coordinator
Coordinator’s Corner –
April, 2015
The parking in front of the building (including the handicap spots) are patrolled
by Calgary Parking Authority. We have had ongoing issues with people parking
in the fire lane etc. They are issuing tickets up to $300.00 so please remind your
families. There is free parking at the church across the street or on the street in
front of the building.
-Drene Friesen
Estate Coordinator
Food Services Update & News;
Surveys: Thank you to all of you for the great response to the food services
survey. We are still compiling the results but will share with you what we hope to
achieve from your feedback. There were several questions that had clear direction
but several others will require more consideration – realizing we can not please
everyone. Update soon…..
Ron Tomei – Hospitality Manager has accepted a position at the newest
AgeCare Site – Seton - which will be opening in the near future. We have enjoyed
his contributions over the past 2 ½ yrs and wish him well in his continued career
with Agecare. His start date is undetermined.
Yearly room clean: are continuing. The 3rd floor is almost complete. Teresa
Sangster is on a leave of absence – Nico will be leading the housekeeping
Department. He will contact you the Monday before your cleaning date along with
a list of tasks that will be a part of your room cleaning. If you do not want your
suite cleaned, you will be given the option at that time.
Next Food Services Meeting:
-Tuesday, April 28th 10:00am in the Estate Lounge.
NOTE: the minutes for the food service meetings will now be posted with the
Towne Hall minutes.
Shawn Maloney
Saturday, April 11th at 10:00am in the Atrium
Charlie D
Wednesday, April 15th at 3:00pm in the Atrium
Roli Mack
Wednesday, April 22nd at 3:00pm in the Atrium
Tocara Jewellery
Friday, April 10th from 10am – 2pm in Atrium
Elegant Options
Friday, April 24th from 11am – 3pm in the Atrium
Towne Hall Meeting
Next meeting will be:
April 30th,
@ 2:00 pm
In the
Estate Lounge
Please bring your suggestions, comments, questions and concerns that affect
the greater community of the Estate. If you have a personal concern please let
housekeeping, food services, maintenance, recreation or the
department/person that handles it know.
See you all there!
Gladys M.
Gertrude S.
Loretta N.
Ursula B.
Avis S.
Bernie M.
Dennis G.
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