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families - Jewish Family Services
Tayler Gold President
Eric Geboff,MSW
Executive Director
If the past year was an indication of life, it taught us that none of us escapes the uncertainties that
come every day. During 2012, Jewish Family Services responded to the needs of approximately 6,000
families – nearly 20,000 individuals - in need right here in Central Florida.
Imagine this many community members being actively served by JFS…then add to that their circle
of friends, loved ones, neighbors, acquaintances, and the number grows exponentially. None of us
is untouched by personal challenges in need of the services provided by JFS - not donors, not Board
Members, not volunteers, not grantors, not staff, and definitely not clients. Most of us know someone
who is helping JFS or is helped by JFS in times of extraordinary need.
The community’s response to this great need has, once again, been extremely generous. Whether
you’ve donated funds or food, attended a Women’s Forum program, volunteered in the Pearlman Pantry
or on a committee, visited with our Community Chaplain or came to JFS for help to get through a difficult
time, we needed your help and you came through! In 2012 together we raised nearly $1,500,000
to meet our mission “to enhance family life and to meet the human service needs of individuals and
families residing in the Greater Orlando community."
Our goals are motivated by the people we serve and the need for services provided by JFS has never
been greater. More families knock on our doors, not just for the necessities of life – food and shelter –
but also to roll up their sleeves and to volunteer their time. So while these very challenging times may
be the continuation of an economic slump, individuals and groups have rallied to support the work we
do and helped work for the greater good of the community.
Our plea to you is to join us in our work. Food, Family, Counseling, Community!
JFS has served individuals and families in the community for the past 34 years and despite the current
economic environment, is strong, and will continue to be so for many years to come. We will continue
to be a place of hope for everyone who comes in the dooor.
On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff at JFS, thank you for your continued support of JFS. That
support is priceless.
TG, President
EG, Executive Director
Building Stong Values
JFS believes that by engaging the community in support
and service of one another, we build a stronger, healthier,
more vibrant community for all.
1 in 4 children in
our community go
to bed hungry.
Mission: to provide vital, high quality and innovative social services to people in need.
Values: JFS is a nonsectarian, human services organization founded on principals of community building,
kindness, compassion and concern for the betterment of our world.
Tikkun Olam – the obligation to make the world a better place
B'Tselem Elohim – every human being is created in the image of G*d
Tzedakah – an obligation to act justly toward people in need; social justice
Pikuach Nefesh – he who saves one life, saves the entire world
Vision: JFS works to build a happier, healthier community by providing vital services to people in need. With
support, structure & guidance, JFS helps people overcome challenges to live fuller, more meaningful lives.
Building Community
JFS partners with clients, families, social service organizations, and the community to
create opportunities for all people to live happy, healthy, productive lives.
We feed the hungry, provide resources in times of crisis, enhance
communication, build skills, foster independence and promote
long-term healthy living.
In 2012, 80,000
healthy meals were
provided to hungry
Pearlman Food Pantry Vounteers
Community Services-JFS believes that supporting and engaging our community helps build a
brighter future for all of us.
Senior Services – support services and companionship are provided to older adults in an effort to help
them continue to live safely and independently in their own homes without becoming isolated. Hot, healthy
meals are delivered to seniors for holidays and special occasions. Independent, reliable transportation is
provided so seniors receive the medical and dental care needed to remain healthy, safe and vibrant.
Chaplaincy Program – JFS’s community Rabbi provides direct spiritual care to those who are ill, in crisis
or near the end of their lives.
Volunteer Programs – JFS strives to provide meaningful, fulfilling opportunities to volunteers interested
in service. Volunteers can directly impact lives by volunteering in the Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry,
serving as a friendly visitor to an isolated older adult, and supporting JFS’s fundraising events.
Emergency Services-JFS recognizes that families who secure a steady income and build economic
assets are better able to provide for the physical, emotional and educational needs of their children.
The goal of emergency services is to prevent homelessness and help families achieve long-term
Emergency Assistance Program – Families facing an immediate financial crisis may be eligible for financial
assistance to help pay rent, mortgage or utility costs. This emergency assistance is provided to alleviate an
immediate crisis while the family is engaged in longer-term support programs to ensure family stability and
Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry – The Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry works to fill the hunger gap.
JFS operates one of the largest emergency food pantries in Central Florida. Our goal is to provide enough
food to feed a family of four for one-month. Our shelves are stocked with nutritious foods collected by the
community or purchased through a partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank. As an emergency service,
families can access the pantry 1-2 times per year.
Family Stabilization Program – With this 6-month intensive case management and education program, JFS
prevents homelessness by equipping families with the resources, knowledge and skills needed to overcome
barriers to self-sufficiency. Participants transform their lives through a series of interactive, knowledge and
skill-building workshops focused on financial management, effective parenting, communication and coping
skills, housing stabilization and employability. Graduates of the program receive additional 6-months of follow
up, ensuring that the family remains stable in the long-term.
JFS’s emergency services programs help low-income families and those facing an immediate crisis, build
stronger futures by accessing community resources and actively participating in case management services
that help them identify and overcome barriers to self-sufficiency.
Center for Counseling, Growth &
The Center for Counseling, Growth & Development at JFS is
a trusted resource for high-quality therapy and support. Our
team of licensed, master-level therapists help people improve
the quality of their life by overcoming obstacles and enhancing
coping skills.
Our therapists assist people at all stages of life with caring,
compassionate, confidential psychological counseling. Skilled
therapists provide individual, family and relationship counseling,
as well as group support and family life education to help people
deal with depression, grief, anxiety, loss and a myriad of other
issues families face on a daily basis.
FSP 2012 Program Graduate, Chevelle T
Building A Legacy
Making an investment in JFS will enable us to continue providing a healthy and secure future fo
lasting tax benefits.
Bequests. Allows you to retain control of your assets during your lifetime yet ensure that your values live
Named Continuity Funds. Allows you to create your own endowment fund and is established in honor or
invested to keep giving n perpetuity and may be unrestricted or designated for a specific purpose.
Charitable Gift Annuities. Offer income payments for life, plus income and capital gains tax savings.
Life Insurance. Gifts, made by contributing an unneeded policy or naming JFS as a beneficiary, provide
Individual Retirement Account. Allows IRA holders aged 70 ½ and older to make tax-free, direct contrib
If you have made provisions for JFS in your will or estate plans, please contact Eric Geboff, Executive Director.
or our community’s children and families. JFS investments are eligible for immediate and
r in memory of a loved one. Funds are
tax benefits.
We would like to thank you.
In 2012, 513 families were provided
emergency support that enabled
them to remain in permanent
housing, keep their children safe and
in school, and maintain their family
Over 4000 Hours Donated
The following TOP (Tampa, Orlando, and Pinellas Counties) Endowment Funds help to
support our agency.
Al Gamson Memorial Fund
Greater Orlando JFS Endowment Fund
Joe Greenspun JFS Endowment Fund
Jack and Sarah Kobrin Scholarship Fund
Jean Levene Scholarship Fund
Ralph and Bluma W. Meitin Endowment Fund
Winifred G. and O.W. “Bing” Miller Endowment Fund
Audrey and David Pearlman Pantry Endowment Fund
Sylvia and Ernest Rapp Designated Fund
Ben and Mary Safer Memorial Endowment Fund for
Elderly Services
Charles and Amy Schwartz Endowment Fund
Stanley and Anne Shader Endowment Fund
Al and Mollie Siskind Endowment Fund
Dr. Gilbert and Joyce Walker Endowment Fund
O.Z. Wise Family Trust Endowment Fund
George and Madeline Wolly JFS Endowment Fund
Grants and Funders
Amerigroup Foundation
Charles Schwab Foundation
City of Orlando CDBG
City of Orlando ESG
Dr. Phillips, Inc.
Galloway Foundation
Harper Family Charitable Foundation,
Heart of Florida United Way
Joseph G. Markoly Foundation
Lerner Foundation
Orange County CDBG
Orlando Sentinel Family Fund
Rita and Jeffrey Adler Foundation
Ryan Foundation
Seminole County CSA
TD Charitable Foundation
VNA Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Wells Fargo
2012 Volunteers
Linda Ackerbaum
Danielle Adler
Diane Andrews
Linda Aronoff
Juli Aronow
Linda Arost
Julie Auerbach
Norma Ball
Gary Baumgarten
Hannah Beryl
Ross Bloom
Diane Bloom
Jackie Brockington
Beatrice Broudy
Brittany Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Melanie Campbell
Mark Cleborne
Janice Citron
Randi Cohen
Roberta Cohen
Shoshanah Cohen
Susan Colton
Jola Cope
Stacey DeHart
Lucas Desjardins
Ian Dibble
Mary Dill
Morgan Epstein
Staci Enouiti
Myrna Factor
Cheryl Fine
Jeanne Finkelstein
Jillian Finkelstein
Simone Fluke
Judy Fraden
Mitch Frank
Roz Fuchs
Ann Funk
Lynne Garrow
Rachel Gebaide
Francine Gelfand
Eitan Gewolb
Phyllis Ghingold
Judy Godorov
Tayler Gold
Barbara Gold
Penny Gold
Laura Goldware
Stacey Greenberg
Norma Greenberg
Karen Gross
Barbara Grossman
Paul Grossman
Sidy Gruenberg
Larry Gutter
Jackie Hajdenberg
Debra Hoffen
Veronica Hoskins
Dolores Indek
Linda Ingoglia
Carolyn Ismart
Juli James
Jacqueline Johnson
Robin Katz
Marty Katz
Stan Katz
Krissie Kaufman
Marten Kaufman
Zelda King
Alana Kiss
Merille Koeffler
Stuart Kramer
Suzanne Lander
Eleanor Lazarovitz
Cecil Lewis
Mary Francis Lewis
Lyn Levine
Norm Levine
Brandon Levitt
Rosalie Levy
Maria Leyanna
Jeffrey Lind
Molly Lind
Norma Lorenz
Gail Malkenson
Anais Mandina
Coby Maxwell
Donna McGovern
Michael McKee
Beliza Mejia
Yael Miller
Lynn Minkow
Teresa Mitchell
Lester Morris
Barry Nager
Sandee Nebel
Kathleen Orr
Sylvia Pagano
Deepak Patel
Jyoti Patel
Craig Pearlman
Vanessa Pena
Robert Petree
Brad Pfingsten
Allan Proksel
Cassandra Richardson
Jim Riola
Corally Rodriguez
Susan Rose
Eshel Rosen
Yajaira Ruperto
Ben Scaglia
Sophie Schnaper
Mookie Schnaper
Judy Schreiber
Dee Schwartz
Leigh Schwartz
Marsha Seff
Iris Segal
Karen Selznick
Steve Selznick
Beth Shader
Geanne Share
Lauren Sharfstein
Autumn Sheridan
Marty Sherman
Sharon Silver
Debra Simms
Josef Skrzypek
Rachel Slavkin
Herman Smith
Marlene Dee Smith
Bobbie Starr
Larry Thompson
John Tobin
Blanquita Trabold
Laura Ucci
Debra Ushkowitz
Joe Velez
Linda Wallerstein
Dalton Wainwright
Charlotte Warren
Neil Webman
Barbara Weinreich
Barbara Hara Weiss
Rita Weissmann
Robert Weissmann
Tiffany Wieder
Dena Wild
Natasha Williams
Madeline Wolly
Lilian Yingling
Gayle Zamore Worman
Steve Zimmerman
Our Family of Donors
$10,000 or more
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kane
Kane and Koltun
Marc & Henrietta Katzen Philanthropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Katzen
Mr. Peter Kessler
Harold Hirsch Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lefkowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Levitt
Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor &
Reed, P.A.
Massey Communications
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Miller
Orlando Health Inc.
Panera Bread
Mr. and Mrs. David Pearlman
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Riola
Rotary Club of Altamonte Springs
Mrs. Charlotte Rotenberg
Dr. Alvin & Mrs. Rose Savage Philanthropic Fund
Mrs. Rose Savage
Dr. Kerry Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Shader Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Shader
$5,000 - $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. James Shapiro
Amerigroup Foundation
Shapiro Family Philanthropic
Baker Hostetler LLP
Charles Schwab Foundation
Dr. Marilyn Shapiro
Ms. Shirley Evenitsky
Ms. Debra Simms
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Feinberg
The T. Rowe Price Program for
Galloway Foundation
Charitable Giving Mr. and Mrs.
Harper Family Charitable FoundaMelvin Siskind
tion, Inc.
Al & Mollie Siskind Philanthropic
Joseph G. Markoly Foundation
Fund I
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Lefkowitz
Ralph and Bluma Meitin Endowment Mrs. Mollie Siskind
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Smith
Mr. David Smuckler and Dr. Maxine
TD Charitable Foundation
VNA Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Snyder
Neil & Malka Webman Family PhilDr. Gilbert & Joyce Walker Philananthropic Fund: Mr. and Mrs. Neil
thropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wallace
Walmart Foundation
Weinreich Family Philanthropic
$1,000 - $4,999
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Ambinder
Mrs. Barbara Weinreich
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Weiss
Ms. Sheila Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weissmann
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Baumgarten
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Bromberg
$250 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cohen
ABC Liquors, Inc.
Community Foundation of Central
Mr. Steven Ackerman
Florida, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Adler
Mr. Neal Crasnow & Dr. Susan
Mr. and Mrs. David Albertson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Andres
Dr. P. Phillips Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Arkin
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Ellington
Mrs. Linda Aronoff
Mr. Vern Eveland
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Arost
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Feldman
AXA Foundation, Inc.
Florida Bank of Commerce
Ms. Margarita Azbel
Mr. and Mrs. Tayler Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bach
Mr. Bruce Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. James Green
Bank of America Foundation
Greenberg Traurig
Mr. Irwin Bard
Paul & Barbara Grossman PhilanMr. Kevin Barrett
thropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baumstein
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grossman
Robert & Judith Hara Family Chari- Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Belinkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Benson
table Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Adler Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Appelbaum
Elijah Ross Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hara
Harris Rosen Foundation
Harvey Kobrin Family Foundation
Mrs. Harriett Lake
Ernest & Matilda Lefkowitz Philanthropic Fund
Lerner Foundation
M & T Weiner Foundation
David & Audrey Pearlman Philanthropic Fund: Mr. and Mrs. Craig
Pearlman, Ms. Lynn Pearlman
Minkow, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bolton
Orlando Sentinel Family Fund
Ryan Foundation
Mr. Solomon Schick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. I. Richard Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weiner
Wells Fargo
O.Z. Wise Family Trust Endowment:
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Berg
Mr. Billy Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Blaher
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Christy
Dr. and Mrs. Allan Clayman
Dr. Jeffrey Cohen and Dr. Luci
Dr. Melvin E. Cohen
Congregation of Reform Judaism
Congregation Ohev Shalom
Courtland Walker Agency
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Coverman
Dr. and Mrs. Garrett Crotty
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Daitzman
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Danish
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Decker
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ellzey
Mrs. Phyllis Englander
Ms. Staci Enouiti
Fanny Landwirth Foundation
Feinstein Foundation
Mr. Steven Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fidelo
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Finer
Mr. and Mrs. David Fitzer
Ms. Eva Gaber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gamson
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Garrow
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Geartner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gebaide
Mrs. Carmen Gerkovich
Mr. Eric Gershman
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Gewolb
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ghingold
Mr. Paul Gips
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Glickstein
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Goldberg
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Sig Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Gorovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gould
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Greenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Greenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Greene
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Grodin
Mrs. Debbie Meitin and Mr. Larry
Mr. and Mrs. Julio Hajdenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Harnik
Mr. Richard Harrison II
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hornik
Mrs. Helen Hosid
Ms. Diane Jacobs
Mr. Randall Jensen
Jewish Community Center
Jewish Federation of Greater
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Mrs. Judy Kahan
Mr. Jeremy Kahn
Mr. Hirsh Katzen
Kids R Kids
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koffler
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kudlowitz
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Lazar
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lefkowitz
Mrs. Rosalie Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Libow
Mr. and Ms. David Litwack
Ms. Susan Mair
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKee
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Meddin
Mrs. Winifred Eis
Ms. Betty Monroe
Ms. Rebecca Myers and Ms. Joy
Ms. Barbara Nemec
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neuman
Personal Mini Storage Management Co.
Mr. James F. Pierson
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Plotkin
Dr. and Mrs. Eli Porth
Mr. Justin Presser
Mr. Matthew Presser
Dr. and Mrs.Tim Prince
Mrs. Sylvia Rapp
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rotenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rubenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Saft
Mr. Dennis L. Salvagio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Salzburg
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sambol
Ms. and Mr. Heidi Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schiavetta
Mr. Benjamin Schick
Mr. and Mrs. George Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Schwartz
Mr. Ronald Schwartz
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Selznick
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Share
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Shargaa
Mrs. Marion Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sherman
Rabbi and Mrs. E. Arnold Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Silberstein
Ms. Elaine Silver and Mr. Michael
Ms. Barbara Simons
Snack Time Vending
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Snitz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Soll
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Solomon
Southeast Steel
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Steinberg
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stone
Tampa Jewish Community Center
and Federation
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tannenbaum
The Mayflower
University of Central Florida
School of Social Work
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Vangrov
Dr. and Mrs. Gil Walker
Ms. Debra Watzman
Dr. Max Watzman
Mr. Robert J. Webb
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Wladis
Mrs. Madeline Wolly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yarmuth
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Ziegler
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Zissman
In Kind Donors
About Face at the Apopka
Wellness Center
Accent on Organization
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Adler
Allied Solutions
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Ames
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrews
Angela Neel Interiors
Another Anonymous
Antonio’s Restaurant
Bach Festival Society of
Winter Park
Bagel King Restaurant
Baker Hostetler LLP
Mr. Irwin Bard
BBYO- North Florida Council
Bed Bath and Beyond
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Belinkoff
Beta Center
Ms. Heather Betts
Bikes, Beans & Bordeau
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. John Bond
bonne Vie
Bright House Networks
Brio Tuscan Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Briskman
Buca di Beppo
Busch Gardens
Cafe de France
Candi Ekstrom
Cason Portrait Studio
Central Florida Jazz Society
Cheesecake Factory
Chloe Lane
CL Studio, Inc.
Clifford P. Clark III
Ms. Esther Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Cohen
Ms. Robyn Colley
Mr. Robert Concelman
Congregation Beth Am
Congregation of Reform
Congregation Ohev Shalom
Cornell Fine Arts Museum
Corona Cigar Co.
Council of Volunteer Managers
Mr. Neal Crasnow & Dr.
Susan Drukman
Croissant Gourmet
Dexter’s of Lake Mary
Discovery Cove
Dog Day Afternoon
Ms. Judy Doyle
Dr. Clifford P. Clark, III
Dubsdread Golf Course
Mr. Trent Duncan
EA Sports
Engage the Brain, LLC
Mrs. Phyllis Englander
Eola Eyes
Ethos Vegan Kitchens
Euro Day Spa and Salon
Everything But Water
Eye & Optics
Femmes de Coeur
Fiala Aesthetics
Mr. Don Finkelstein
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Fraden
Ms. Janet Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Garrow
Gary Lambert Salon & Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gebaide
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gendzier
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Gewolb
Drs. Bradley and Kerry
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Tayler Gold
Ms. Carol Goss
Mr. Bruce Gould
Green Mountain Coffee
Mrs. Nancy Griffith
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Grodin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grossman
Guaranty Broadcasting
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Haas
Mr. Ron Habin
Hadassah - Orlando Chapter
Hand and Stone Massage
and Facial Spa
Mr. Joel Harbor
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Harrison
Harry P. Leu Gardens
Health Council of East Central Florida
Heathrow Women’s Club
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hecht
Ms. Lynn Henderson
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Hoffen
Ms. Lilnda Ingoglia
Islam Inc. Peace Center
Jacksonville Jaguars, LLC
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Jewish Academy of Orlando
Jewish Community Center
Jewish Federation of
Greater Orlando
Mr. Lawrence Kahn and Ms.
Amy Goodblatt
Mrs. Robin Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Katzen
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Katzen
KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe
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Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Kwastel
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American Art
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The Winter Park Playhouse
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on St. Pete Beach
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Wraparound Orange
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Wright and Co.
YOLO Salon & Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Ziegler
Jewish Academy 5th graders donate food
Senior Meal Delivery summer
Senior meal delivery November
Volunteer Larry Thompson
Upcoming Events
Passover Meal Delivery March 25, 2013
Take Part in the 16th Annual Feinstein
Challenge: our goal is 30,000 meals
this March and April 2013.
Spring Fundraiser April 28, 2013
Volunteer Appreciation May 19, 2013
The George Wolly Center
2100 Lee Road
Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: 407-644-7593
Fax: 407-628-0773
PERMIT #51053
Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando’s mission is to provide vital, high quality and innovative social services to people in need.