2013-2014 - The Arc of Evansville



2013-2014 - The Arc of Evansville
Annual Report
July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014
Letter from
the President
Board of Directors*
* Reflects board members as of 1/1/2014
Jeff Lyons
Greg Hammer
Past Chairman
Mitch Singler
Vice Chairman
Joseph H. Langerak, IV
Second Vice Chairman
Bix Branson
Third Vice Chairman
Jami Young
Fourth Vice Chairman
Ginger Ramsden
Recording Secretary
Bryan Bourdeau
Nathan Breeden
Dr. Gregory Goffinet
Melanie Kincaid
John Knapp
Patricia Lowery
Andy Martin
Sara Miller
Kevin Mills
Jack Pate
Tom Slade
Michelle Smith
Mark Thompson
Katie Tieken
Krista Housman (Honorary)
A special thank you
to Shelby Collins, Ronda Hale,
Scott Jenkins, and Rodney
Russell for their service
to The Arc of Evansville’s
Board of Directors.
Our agency’s humble beginnings can be traced back to
a classroom in the basement of the East Side Christian
Church where the lives of 14 children with disabilities
began to change. That was 60 years ago. Fast forward to
today and we now offer nine high-quality programs and
services to help approximately 750 individuals with disabilities reach milestones and
achieve goals that will impact every aspect of their lives. The Arc of Evansville is able to
provide these opportunities to the individuals we serve because of people like you—our
friends, neighbors, and supporters. Your generosity is what allows us to do more for
the people who depend on our services. In fact, this past year, we were able to expand
our reach and fulfill an unmet need for individuals with disabilities by introducing highquality residential services, which provide supports to individuals with disabilities who
choose to live in their own home or apartment.
This year, we also experienced huge milestones as an agency as we celebrated our 60th
anniversary as an advocate for individuals with disabilities. We united with the state and
national associations of The Arc and adopted The Arc of Evansville as our name to reflect
opportunities for hope, for growth, and for change for the individuals we serve. Our
new tagline “Achieve with us” is a powerful invitation to achieve even more in terms
of participation, inclusion, acceptance, and respect for all people with disabilities in the
years to come.
Our voice as an advocate continues to grow stronger year after year because of our
community’s constant support and generosity.
I invite you to continue to “Achieve with us” as there are many more milestones that the
individuals we serve are striving for and deserve to achieve and celebrate. I am confident
that with your help, The Arc of Evansville will continue to lead the community in helping
children and adults achieve those milestones and so much more.
Deidra R. Conner
Mission and Vision
Our Mission The mission of The Arc of Evansville is to advance the value of and respect for all
individuals with disabilities by providing opportunities for development, employment,
and independence.
Our Vision
The Arc of Evansville is a recognized leader in creating a community in which individuals
with disabilities are valued for their contributions as citizens.
615 W. Virginia St., Evansville, IN 47710 • www.arcofevansville.org • 812-428-4500
The Arc of Evansville’s Programs and Services
Arc Industries
Day Services Program For Adults
Arc Industries is a thriving assembly, packaging, and distribution
facility that offers employment and vocational training to more
than 250 individuals with disabilities.
Day Services Program For Adults provides intensive training
to individuals with severe, profound, and multiple disabilities
to increase independence and inclusion in their communities.
Activities center on personal interests and include daily living
skills, recreation and leisure activities, self-advocacy skills,
and accessing community resources. Within this program,
gerontology services are available for the aging population
and those with signs of dementia to assist participants with
skill retention and maintaining their independence, in addition
to offering recreational activities. Ninety-six percent of the
individuals served this year achieved their goals related to
Behavior Support Services
Behavior Support Services determines the reason or function of
undesirable behaviors and assists individuals in replacing them
with more appropriate social and adaptive skills leading to
increased relationships and independence in the community.
Child Life Center
The Child Life Center (CLC) provides high-quality programs in
an inclusive environment for children ages six weeks to twelve
years, both with and without disabilities, by nurturing their
social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. The statelicensed Child Life Center is NAEYC accredited and rated Level
4 on the Paths to Quality program. This year, 58 percent of the
children who exited the CLC and entered kindergarten either
reduced or eliminated their need for special education services.
Community Job Link
Community Job Link assists individuals with disabilities in
locating competitive employment in the community. Other
services provided include job coaching and follow-along
services for individuals who are working in the community.
Approximately 75 individuals with disabilities were served
each month this year.
Connections For Life
Connections For Life provides support to individuals with
developmental disabilities that allows them to become an
integral part of their communities by volunteering at local
nonprofit organizations; participating in social, educational,
and recreational activities; enhancing their quality of life with
increased social interaction; and developing new friendships.
This year, 68 individuals with disabilities participated in this
program and provided 4,680 volunteer hours at 18 local nonprofit agencies.
Participant Assistance and Care
Participant Assistance and Care provides individuals with
disabilities and their families with in-home and community
supports that include assistance with daily routines, personal
care, social and recreational activities, as well as, supervision
and monitoring in the family home.
Residential Services
Residential Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
These supports are available to individuals with disabilities
who live in supported living sites such as their own homes and
apartments with roommates.
Successful Transitions
Successful Transitions partners with the Evansville Vanderburgh
School Corporation (EVSC) to assist EVSC students with
disabilities as they transition from high school to adult life.
This service also assists families in applying for eligibilitybased programs and services to maintain skills and engage in
community-based opportunities after high school.
2013 - 2014 Agency Highlights
The Arc of Evansville celebrated 60 years
The Arc of Evansville celebrated our 60th anniversary as a leading advocate for the
rights of individuals with disabilities. We hosted various events, including open
houses, reunions, and volunteer opportunities, for the community to engage with
us, celebrate our past accomplishments, and learn how we plan to continue to
develop new strategies and opportunities to best serve individuals with disabilities.
The Arc of Evansville completed its Capital Campaign
We successfully surpassed our Capital Campaign fundraising goal on February
24, 2014! Old National Bank President and CEO Bob Jones, our Capital
Campaign Chairperson, joined us to make the official announcement of the total,
$2,089,512. Bob Jones also presented a $25,000 gift from Old National Bank,
which brought the final grand total of the Capital Campaign to $2,114,512!
The Really Big Awards Show raised over $90,000
The 2014 Really Big Awards Show was led and organized by a dedicated group
of approximately 175 volunteers. Nearly 1,500 community members attended
this variety show that featured some of the Tri-state’s best musicians, dancers,
comedians, and entertainers, as well as, The Arc of Evansville’s Chairman and
14 News Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lyons as the host. The proceeds of this event
benefited the agency’s nine programs and services. The show raised over $90,000
to help maintain our high-quality programs and services.
Development of a Resource Guide
The Arc of Evansville’s Programs & Standards Committee developed a resource
guide that provides information to families about a variety of local, state, and
national resources that are available for parents of infants and young children.
The guide, which is titled “Raising a Healthy Child: A Family’s Guide to Local
Resources for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers,” was made possible by a
grant from the Welborn Baptist Foundation and presents information to new
parents about developmental milestones, support services, and other medical,
therapeutic, and educational resources for families and children. Many of the
services and supports mentioned in the resource guide are specifically designed
for children with developmental delays or developmental disabilities; however,
the guide’s overall content addresses the developmental milestones that all
children typically experience. The Committee was awarded the 2014 Health &
Wellness Award from The Arc of Indiana on October 29, 2014, for this project.
Achieve with Elywnn
Elwynn is a sweet, vivacious two-year-old girl who was one of 184 children both with and without
disabilities served by The Arc of Evansville’s Child Life Center (CLC) this past year. She started attending
in August 2013 when she was just 14 months old. Elwynn began feeding herself and crawling on her
belly by pulling with one arm in August, and by October, Elwynn was moving forward and backward
with the aid of a push toy and had increased her speed in crawling, which helped encourage her to
begin standing in November. Once spring came, Elywnn mastered walking with one hand held and
began walking independently in May 2014.
The teachers also continuously worked with Elywnn on her cognitive development and she began
using basic sign language to communicate her needs. She would even make hand motions for songs
such as “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”
Today, Elwynn continues to make tremendous strides in her development, which reveals more and
more of her bubbly personality. For example, Elwynn began blowing kisses to her parents and friends.
Elwynn has blossomed into a fantastic classroom helper and participates in the daily routines at the CLC.
Elwynn’s teachers are confident that she will continue to achieve developmental milestones at the CLC and, ultimately, be prepared to enter
kindergarten. This year, 58 percent of the children who exited the CLC and entered kindergarten either reduced or eliminated their need for
special education services.
Achieve with Nate
Before coming to The Arc of Evansville, Nate successfully graduated high school, but did not know
which path he wanted to take, whether it was continuing his education, working, or staying at home.
However, Nate knew that he loved the cinema and filmmaking. In fact, when Nate entered the
Community Job Link (CJL) program, he said that he knew he wanted to explore opportunities that
would connect him to Hollywood. After successfully analyzing his strengths and interests, the CJL staff
assisted him in securing an interview at AMC Evansville 16 (AMC), a company that is committed to
employing a team that is truly as diverse as the entertainment on the movie screens. Nate’s passion
for filmmaking and impressive work ethic got him a job at AMC on the spot. Now, after a couple of
months of working at AMC, Nate has found joy in learning new job responsibilities and has even
expressed interest in signing up at a local community college to take courses to ultimately lead him
to a different role in the entertainment industry. This new spark would not have been discovered was
it not for the assistance of the CJL program and the supportive work environment provided by AMC.
The Arc of Indiana named AMC the recipient of the 2014 Employment Award for their outstanding
efforts in employing individuals with disabilities on October 29, 2014.
Achieve with Keesha
Keesha is one of 124 individuals with disabilities who received services in the agency’s Day Services Program For Adults this year with the
ultimate goal to achieve a greater level of independence. While Keesha participates in numerous activities that are designed to help her daily
living, self-help, self-advocacy, and social skills, she also works with instructors in the program to increase her communication skills through
the Communication & Assessment Project, funded by the Community Development Block Grant. Although Keesha has fantastic receptive
communication skills, she can be difficult to understand when communicating with an individual who does not interact with her on a daily
basis. To help increase her vocabulary and communication level, Keesha began learning sign language a few years ago with the goal to use
some simple signs to address her wants and needs.
At first, Keesha was learning basic sign language, including the motions for “yes,” “no,”
“bathroom,” “home,” “mom,” and “dad.” She quickly mastered those words and began
learning how to sign colors, foods, and days of the week. Keesha found this life-enhancing
educational component of the program not only helpful, but also fun and exciting. The
more she invested her time in learning new words to sign, the more her communication
skills increased.
Today, Keesha is signing full phrases and sentences to express her emotions, wants, and
needs. She also understands sign language used by others and can respond appropriately
using her signs. She has significantly increased her expressive skills, as well as, her receptive
language skills. Recently, Keesha teamed up with a group of friends to sign the popular
1990s hit “I Want It That Way” from the Backstreet Boys at the agency’s talent show.
Make a difference with your contributions
While the need for our services continue, several of our funding sources have been significantly reduced or eliminated. Support
from the community, business partners, friends, and donors will ensure that The Arc of Evansville can continue to provide highquality programs and services to individuals with disabilities.
Give to the annual fund
Share your time and talent
Annual contributions provide funding for programs such as
the Child Life Center, Successful Transitions, Connections
For Life, and other critical agency needs. Donations may
be restricted to your area of interest or designated to the
area of greatest need. Gifts may also be made in honor or
memory of an individual, group, or family.
Volunteering your time and talent can be one of the greatest
gifts you can give to The Arc of Evansville. There are many
opportunities to get involved including working directly
with our children and adults during program hours; serving
on various committees or task forces; serving on our board
of directors; or providing assistance to complete short-term
projects. Whatever your areas of interest may be, we can
find a spot for you to volunteer at The Arc of Evansville!
Support The Really Big Show
Our signature fundraising event, The Really Big Show, seeks
to increase awareness of the mission of The Arc of Evansville,
raise needed funds, and provide a fun-filled evening of
entertainment for all ages. Both businesses and individuals
can support this event through sponsorships, underwriting
of costs, the donation of auction items, or attending the
show. This annual community variety show provides funds
for our areas of greatest needs.
Leave a legacy
We appreciate the value of your legacy at The Arc of
Evansville and understand that your consideration to include
us in your estate plan, through a planned gift or bequest,
is a validation of our mission to provide independent lives
for individuals with disabilities. Donors may choose to gift
shares of stock, contribute a life insurance policy, set up a
charitable trust, or make a provision in your will or estate
plan. We cannot think of a greater honor for The Arc of
Evansville than a legacy gift from our supporters.
For more information
For more information on how you can achieve with us,
please call the Development Department at The Arc of
Evansville at 812-428-4500, ext. 310, or visit our website at
ual 4D
2013 - 2014 Financial Information
Arc Industries Revenue
Arc Industries Revenue
Child Care Fees
Special Events
County Tax Support
Child Care Fees
Contributions & Grants
Administration &
General Support
Government Funding/
Contractual Day Services
Government Funding/
Contractual Day Services
Administration &
General Support
Special Events
Impairment Loss*
*Impairment loss of $272,000 was recognized for the building located at 2515 Kotter
Avenue, Evansville, Indiana (Plant 2), for the year ended June 30, 2014, based on the
building’s sale subsequent to year-end.
July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014
Capital Campaign
Believer ($25,000+)
Old National Bank
Investor ($10,000 to $24,999)
Betty Charlier
Sustainer ($5,000 to $9,999)
Niel & Karen Ellerbrook
Mark & Gayle Pettinga
Partner ($1,000 to $4,999)
Ron & Margaret Angermeier
Ira & Terry Boots
John & Lisa Collins
Brad & Jennifer Gilbert
Rick & Linda Hobbs
Jim & Mary Kay Muehlbauer
Denise M. Seibert
Lee & Kirsten Wagmeister
Kathy Yearwood
Contributor ($500 to $999)
Dennis & Catherine Lamey
Provider ($1-$499)
Steve & Tina Bennett
Community State Bank
Annual Fund Gift Club
President’s Circle ($5,000+)
Betty Charlier
Thomas A. & Sharon K. Ruder
Platinum ($2,500 to $4,999)
Deidra R. Conner & Ronald G. Althof
Gold ($1,000 to $2,499)
Kim & Gary Alles
Ron & Margaret Angermeier
Don Assalone*
Kelly & Glenn Barnett
Dean & Karen Bosler
Dr. Bob & Jennie Bromm
Jerry & Cherie Burgdorf
Dr. Mark & Margaret Conway
Derek L. Faughn
Thomas Forsberg & Dr. Delores Kotschwar
George Ann Griffin-Atkinson
Dan & Ellen Gimm, Jr.
David & Monique Haire
Keith & Karen Hinderliter
Mr. Donald B. Korb
Bruce & Sharon Lawson
Allen & Jane Patterson
Steven & Janice Pugh
Dr. Richard & Laurie Seals
Daniel S. Townsend
Darren & Lisa Verkamp
John & Vickie Warren
Glenn & Jennifer Wuchner
Silver ($500 to $999)
Ann Crenshaw
Leroy Davis
Garry & Susan Elkington
Craig & Kathy Ettensohn
Dennis & Nancy Herrenbruck
Fred & Cindy Heseman
Kip & Maria Farmer
Butch & Linda Feulner
Tim & Kay Flesch
Jeff & Nona Justice
Ted & Angie Kares
Bob & Marcia Kassenbrock
Brad & Amy Keith
Tennie Mahrenholz
A. Smithy McGinnis
Keith & Jackie Messmer
Douglas & Audrey Mikolasek
Randy & Carol Miller
Dennis & Patricia Nalin
Thomas Sanderson
Larry & Melody Schmitt
Reed & Lori Schmitt
Denise M. Seibert
David & Patricia Smith
Stephen & Sandra Titzer
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Wills
Bronze ($250 to $499)
Charles & Carol Anderson
Sally & John Bagby
Ken & Debbie Barton
Larry & Martha Bass
Brent & Cinda Beeler
Robert Burkart
Mark & Monie Freeman
Cynthia Hupfer
Ot & Julia Jacobs
Rick & Nancy Kersting
Luke Koch
Dan & Diane Krupp
Dennis & Catherine Lamey
Dr. William Bryan Lynch
Alan & Marie Paule Marty
Ronald W. Meisler
Jack & Debbie Pate
Don & Betty Paul
Donald Rausch
Dave & Darlene Robinson
Gayle B. Rood
Roy Sapp
Mildred Schmitt
Marilyn J. Schoenbachler
Joseph & Linda Scott
Drs. Andrew & Patricia Tharp
Bill & Leanna Thomas
Adam S. Trinkel
Brian Wandling
Jim & Mary Ann Wilsbacher
Tony & Debbie Winstead
Drs. William & Mona Wooten
Contributors & Grantors
City of Evansville Endowment Fund, Inc.
United Way of Southwestern Indiana
Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners
Welborn Baptist Foundation, Inc.
$5,000 to $9,999
Community Development Block Grant
Energizing Indiana
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
$1,000 to $4,999
911 Gives Hope, Inc.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Cecil A. & Mabel Lene Hamman Foundation Inc.
Crescent City Civitan Club
Elizabeth Albon Foundation Trust
Ellis Park Race Course LLC
Goldring Family Foundation
Indiana Association for the Education
of Young Children, Inc.
Junior League of Evansville, Inc.
Mamie L. Young Charitable Trust
Order of the Owls Nest 30
Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc.
Ronald McDonald House Charities
of the Ohio Valley, Inc.
Rudd Equipment Company
Southwest Indiana Association of Realtors, Inc.
Vanderburgh Community Foundation
Vanderburgh Community Foundation,
Indiana Arts Commission, and the
National Endowment for the Arts
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
West Side Nut Club
$500 to $999
Accel Consulting, LLC
Evansville Downtown Optimist Foundation
Evansville North Civitan Club
Invest In Others Charitable Foundation
Town & Country Ford
$250 to $499
Blue Grass United Methodist Women
Crescent-Cresline Wabash Plastics Foundation
Freeman, Will & Niemeier, Inc.
Methodist Temple United Methodist Women
Substance Abuse Council of Vanderburgh County
Thompkins Middle School
$1 to $249
Michael & Pierrette Albers
Charles Altman
Edgar Ancona
Janet Anderson
AT&T Foundation, Employee Giving Program
Sandy Atkins
Norm & Juli Bafunno
Bruce & Carol Baker
Marsha Barnhart
Leslie Bauer
Sara Bealor
John Beard
Randy & Linda Becker
Vaneta Becker
Melanie & Clem Behme
Vicki & Bob Bender
Mary Bennett
Chris & Elizabeth Berneking
Sylvia Blice
Holly Boeke
Ira & Terry Boots
Mary S. & David A. Bower
Lyndie Bradley
Jason Bradshaw
Bix Branson
John & Carla Breeden
Marilyn Brothers
Marcy Brush
David A. Buckman
Buffalo Wild Wings
Fred Bullinger
Pam & Louis Buschkill
Cinda Butrum
Mike & Beth Carlin
Michael B. Carroll
Dan & Cynthia Carwile
Rose Chitwood
Dawn Cimeley & Jose Manning
Dr. Thomas W. Clark
Mr. & Mrs. S. Carter Clarke
Justin & Shirley Clements
Combined Business Resources
Combined Federal Campaign
Ned Conder
Mark Cox
Jane & Brian Dausman
Richard & Tina Davidson
Donaldson Capital Management, LLC
Linda Dunn
Seby R. Durgy
Edward Jones - Jim Back
Ronald K. Eickhoff
Sue Ellspermann & James Mehling
Harold & Linda Elpers
Jennifer K. Elpers
Gary English
Wanda English
Bruce & Judy Epmeier
Evansville Sports Corp./Golf Gives Back
Janice Ann Farmer
David Finnerty
John M. Fitzgerald, Jr.
Jerry & Patricia Frohbieter
Karen A. Fry
Mary Gander
Todd A. Gander
Gardner & Lose Company Inc.
Preston Garraghty
John R. Gerard
Lisa Gibbs
Michael & Kathy Gilkey
Gwen Girten
Giving In Style Project
Charles J. Goebel
Michael Gray Photography
H. G. McCullough Designers, Inc.
Brock & Heidi Haas
Hacienda Mexican Restaurants
John & Donna Halverson
Betty S. Hanson
Dan & Mary Hardesty
William & Jeanine Hardesty
Jay A. Hargis
Roger Harker
Gary Hartig
Brian & Doris Harvey
Doug & Stefani Hasselbring
Debbie & Allen Hatch
Gary & Cathy Heck
Catherine Heffernan
Jeff & Tricia Hollander Henning
Wayne & Jewell Henning
Terri Herrenbruck
Donald Higginson
Rick & Linda Hobbs
John & Jane Hodge
Brian Housman & Krista Culley- Housman
Joseph Hriso
Evelyn J. Huebner
John Hunt
IBEW Local No. 16
Carol Irick
Jasper Engines
Harold L. Jenkins
M. Edward Jones
Jeff & Katie Jones
Ed & Becky Kasha
Jason & Jennifer Kellams
Dewey & Shirley Kelley
Donny & K. Chase Kelley
Kenny Kent Toyota, Scion, Lexus
Melanie Kincaid
Chuck & Heidi Klus
Judy Knapp
George Krauss
Kim & Susanna Krupsaw
Amanda Kurzendoerfer
Richard & Nicole Kurzendoerfer
Jack LaRoy
Dr. John Lawler
Laura Lee
Joyce Levi
JDLevy & Associates
Patricia & Jack Lowery
Barbara Lucas
Karen Lukeman
Lynn Marino
David & Stephanie Matthews
Maria E. Mazzocco
Wendy McNamara
Mead Johnson Nutrition
Tom Melchior
Merchant Services
John & Leslie Miles
Kevin & Mary Mitchell
Steve Mobley
J.J. Mohr
Thomas & Barbara Moore
Don & Susan Mosbey
Bill & Rosie Mosby
Andy & Beth Mosier
Mounts Electric, Inc.
Jason & Ellen Naab
Kerry & Ricki Newman
Bill & Dorothy Niemeier
Old National Bank
Orange Leaf of Evansville LLC
P.A.C.E. Field Services, Inc.
Phil & Linda Palmer Fassett
Mary Patterson
Peabody Energy
Larry & Carol Peckenpaugh
Cyndi Pepper
Jerry B. Peters
Michael A. Pitt, DDS
Steven Polz
Paul B. & Jean M. Queneau
Mardee D. Rea
Joseph A. Ream
Rachel Margaret Reiners
Gail Riecken
Diana L. Rietman
Alan & Vicki Rister
Kayla Roark
Norma Robison
Shirley Roll
Cody Schaefer
Michael & Deborah Schapker
Joyce L. Scheitlin
Daniel & Kathy Schenk
Joan Schmitt
Mark & Lindsay Schmitt
Donald Schneider
Marilyn J. Schoenbachler
Sarah Schuler
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Schultheis
Ken & Janet Schultheis
Mr. Richard Schuster
Joann Schwentker
Marc & Laura Scott
Patrick & Susan Seibert
Richard & Jan Seidehamel
Maureen & Carl Shepherd
Jessica Short
Siemers Glass Company
Joann Sills
Sandra A. Simmons
Mark Steven Singer
Charles Sitch
Melinda & Richard Sloan
Marvin & Joan Smith
Michelle & Shawn Smith
Thom Solecki
South Central Media
Springleaf Finance Foundation
Stephen Libs Finer Chocolates
Ken & Connie Stewart
Gary & Sharon Stoltz
Steve Taber
Terry W. Talley
Rev. Theodore Tempel
Stacy Theodoru
James & Pamela Thomas
Mark & Patricia Thomas
Chad Thompson
Denise Thorbeck
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Thweatt
Jim & Margie Tomes
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana
Philip Troutman
Gayle & Kathy Uebelhor
Eugene & Sue Van Stone
Janie L. Vonderscher
Karen S. Walker
Brenda Wallace
Gordon Weller
Connie Wellmeyer
Steve Werner
Whitney Werner
Mark & Anita West
Mike & Kim Whitmore
Walter Wiandt
Tom Wiggers
Gerald Wildeman
James & Karen Will, Jr.
Wes & Jody Wilmes
Gary A. Wink
Jami Young
Zeidler Floral Company
Patty & Jerry Ziemer
Ted C. Ziemer Jr.
In honor of Ron Angermeier
Butch & Linda Feulner
In honor of Margaret D. Boarman
Mary J. Gray
Patricia A. Montgomery
Mary Ann Perkins
Mary Catherine Titzer
In honor of Kaden Brown
Houston & Joyce Campbell
In honor of Vanessa Burton
In honor of Deidra R. Conner
Karen S. Walker
In honor of Deidra R. Conner & Ronald G. Althof
Denise M. Seibert
In honor of Zach Davidson
Patti Davidson
Eric & Beth Otto
In honor of Jennie Davis’ Retirement
Tri State Community Clinics
In honor of Seby Durgy
Rick & Dottie Durgy
Nancy L. Hughes
Methodist Temple United Methodist Women
In honor of Jennifer Ford
Sharon Bray
In honor of Greg Hammer- Ironman
Paul & Kim Kasenow
In honor of Martha Hernandez
In honor of Brad Hinderliter
Joy Juliano
In honor of Barbara Alldredge Jackson
& Ann Alldredge
Methodist Temple United Methodist Women
In honor of Karen Johnson
Keller Schroeder
In honor of Matt Kincaid
Keller Schroeder
In honor of Nathan Lindauer & Andrea Tieken
The Grazers
In honor of Patrick Lyons
Barry & Terri Schaefer
In honor of Leslie McCool
Martha M. Thorbeck
In honor of Sharon McDaniel
Eva Osborne
In honor of Kelly & Kerry Miller
Janice Miller
In honor of Linda Paul
Don & Betty Paul
In honor of Bruce Schmitt
Glenn & Brenda Schmitt
Larry & Melody Schmitt
Mildred Schmitt
In honor of Katie Tieken
Leslie Blenner
In honor of Vickie Warren’s Birthday
Greg & April Jones
In honor of Joe Wildeman
Michele & Don Fleming
In memory of Janie Altman
Debbie A. Knust
In memory of Don Assalone
Marcy Assalone
Karen Anne Bertoli
Richard, Virginia & Lauren Connors
Darren DaSilva
Richard & Lynden Delfino
Mark & Diane Floyd
Roon Brandt Frey
Italian American Social Club
LaDonna Joergens
Joe & Karen Muensterman
Sylvia Neff Weinzapfel
Hemmendy Nelson
Rivercity Hog Chapter 1210 Inc.
Evansville East Deanery Parish
Catechetical Leaders
In memory of Christine & Everett Blevins
Diane Froehle
In memory of Vanessa Burton
Gerald & Alice Apple
Brian & Jennie Blessinger
Steve & Janet Carlton
Robert Fleck
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hanselman
Barbara Hawkins
Nancy & Ray Larkin
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Nordhoff, Jr.
Charles & Denise Odell
Robert Timmons & Sarah Burton Timmons
Roger & Synda Waters
In memory of Leah Byers
In memory of Janey Casebier
Jeanne Bazemore
The Clarence Casebier Family
Joseph & Judith Gardner
Charles & JoAnn Goldbach
Annabelle Greenfield
Dorothy Lilly
In memory of Doyne F. Dudley
Robert & Phyllis Berry
Doris & Robin Cook
Don & Judith Cox
Vince & Rosa Elpers
Ruby Rietman
Bob & Ruth Spahn
In memory of Florence Deems Foster
Judith Deems Nussbaum
In memory of Herman Frankenberger
Big Blue Boosters
John & Sandy Carter
Steven & Tamala McCullough
Lorie Mercer Janice Robertson
Mabel Tallent
In memory of Leona Frankenberger
Big Blue Boosters
John & Sandra Carter
Deaconess Hospital Quality Improvement Dept.
Cindy Hawes
Mabel Tallent
Genevieve E. Tenbarge
Janice E. Robertson
Darce & Judith Silver
Michael A. Willman
In memory of Mark Goedde
Chris Scheu
In memory of Tim Hahn
Oscar & June Hahn
In memory of Bruce Hartig
Kathleen Alexander
Bonnie Cuneo
In memory of Nolan Hillenbrand
In memory of Mike Housman
Carol Parson
In memory of Joseph Hudson
Natalie A. Cline
St. Mary’s Health System
In memory of Wanda Hufnagel
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana
In memory of Laura Jo Krupp
Dan & Diane Krupp
In memory of Donna Lancaster
Ken & Debbie Barton
John & Mary Lancaster
In memory of Carolyn Lant
Donald L. Lant, Sr.
In memory of Bill & Betty Lawson
Bruce & Diane Marheine
Jean Schroeder & Family
In memory of Andrea McCool
Martha M. Thorbeck
In memory of Ashley Michele Merrick
Gayle B. Rood
In memory of Debbie Miller
Ron & Margaret Angermeier
Valerie & Ron Hollaender
Ron & Toscha Hurm
Jan Moore
Patrick & Sharon Moore
J. Susan Niethammer
Mary Scheller
Robert & Carolyn Sturm
Jon & Maureen Tornatta
Jerry & Karlena Winiger
Ty & Kristin Winiger
Robert & Cynthia Wuerth
Terrell Tornatta & Bertha Mino
In memory of Fran Newland
Steve & Theresa Evans
In memory of Bayleigh Pauckner
W. Earl & Amaryllis Williams
In memory of Cora Sue Preske
Tom Preske
In memory of Frances Ramsden
Larry & Doris Ferguson
In memory of Tracy Reese
John & Tina Spears
In memory of Jean Marie Seibert
In memory of Matthew Seibert
Charles Altman & Karen Angermeier
Margaret D. Boarman
Tim & Theo Boots
Betty Charlier
Deidra R. Conner
Andy & Jackie Cosgrove
Herb & Sandy Durham
Kenton & Anna Hargis
Brian Housman & Krista Culley- Housman
Ot & Julia Jacobs
Danny & Connie Koester
Joe & Jenifer Neidig
James & Patricia Paul
Don & Kathy Seibert
Mary June Stamp
Angie Sumner
Steve & Marilyn Trinkel
Connie & David Waters
In memory of Pearl Steck
In memory of Terry Stutsman
Pamela L. Stutsman
In memory of Steven Sublett
Brian Earley
Evansville Community Tennis Association
Evansville Duplicate Bridge Club
Elizabeth F. Flittner
Debra Flittner Sparks
Anna, Stephanie & Stephen Hazlett
Peter Kasavage & Terry Cater
Rosemary L. Mace
Colleen & Dave McLaughlin
Dennis & Anne Mehringer
Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Oswald, Jr.
Charlotte J. Peter
Dessie Samuels
Jo Lynn Schaeffer Cooper
Margie & Bill Schenk
Mary Spooner
The Wood Girls
Kim Weber
Brian & Barbara Williams
Barbara Woodson
Barbara S. Wynne
In memory of Kent Sunderman
Marvin & Beverly Sunderman
In memory of Lynn Terrell
Tracy Cox
In memory of Robert Uloth
Douglas & Audrey Mikolasek
In memory of Julie Van Ostrand
Lee & Kirsten Wagmeister
In memory of Mikey Venson
Howard & Cathy Williams
In memory of Victor W. Wood
In memory of Tom Wuest
Judith Silver
In memory of Eileen B. Young
Diane Young
United Way Contributors
Ronald G. Althof
Janet Anderson
Timothy R. Appell
Karin Bagby
Angela C. Baker
Kelly Barnett
Janice Barrett
Sara Bealor
Kim Bellessa
Russ Berkau
William Dave Biggerstaff
Nancy Bizal
Cynthia J. Blanford
Holly Boeke
Nancy Bradley
Russell L. Brown
Marcy Brush
Marie Bussing-Burks
Donna Camp
Karen Caruso
Doris Casey
Jason M. Chadwell
John K. Cline
Linda M. Conway
Sara Coomes
Jim Cox
Miekka Cox
Steven A. Cox
Jeanie Diemer
Seby R. Durgy
Patrick C. Edwards
Janell R. Ellis
Kathy Ettensohn
Sheryl Ezell
Teresa Fehr
Vicki L. Fellwock
Susan Fetscher
Diane Froehle
Jenny Gardner
Mike Gesselman
Robert Goldman
Melody Greenwell
Cynthia Griffith
Krista Haas
Karen Hamilton
David Hawkins
Gary Hazelip
Andy F. Herbertz
Lynn J. Hill
Jennifer L. Hills
Keith & Karen Hinderliter
Martha A. Holder
Kathleen R. Howe
Jeffery S. Hubbs
James D. Julian
Jeff & Nona Justice
Carol Karmire
Patrick Keepes
Mohammed Khayum
Melanie Kincaid
Elizabeth A. Lacer
Shannon Leinenbach
Todd & Jill Lucy
Joyce Lukens
Karen Macer
Maria E. Mazzocco
Gerald McDowell
Stacy M. McNeill
Melinda Meadors
Keith & Jackie Messmer
John & Leslie Miles
Brenda S. Miller
Julia Miller
Jessica O’Nan
Matthew A. Perkins
Randy & Elizabeth Perkins
Annette Phillips
Deborah Powell
Lisa E. Rebstock
Jonathan P. Richardson
Heather Rieber
Sara Robinson
Rodney & Jackie Russell
Linda M. Schenk
Tom R. Schneider
Heather M. Schroeder
Randy & Ann Schulz
Lesa Scott
Dr. Richard & Laurie Seals
Denise M. Seibert
Diana Seibert
Andy T. Smith
Cas & Jill Swiz
Robert Taylor
Linda Thene
Robert A. Threet
Katie Tieken
Jacqueline Trout
Randy VanWynsberghe
Alexander P. Wahl
Melinda Dawn Walker
Steven & Julie Ann Walker
Sarah Whitaker
Katherine White
Linda White
David & Maurita Willis
Tony & Debbie Winstead
Marvin Wright
Dr. John P. Wuertz
Jami Young
The Really Big Show
Title Sponsor
Old National Bank
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana
Tri-State’s Got Talent Sponsor
Heritage Federal Credit Union
Curtain Call Reception Sponsor
Executive Producer
Custom Staffing Services
Auction Director Sponsor
Alcoa Warrick Operations
Producer Sponsors
J.E. Shekell, Inc.
Ronald G. Althof, SVP, Old National Investments
Rudolph, Fine, Porter & Johnson, LLP
Schultheis Insurance Agency
Shoe Carnival
St. Mary’s Health System
Tri State Community Clinics
Supporting Cast Sponsors
Ameriqual Group, LLC
Atlas World Group, Inc.
Barber & Bauer, LLP
Berry Plastics Corporation
Denise Bartholomew
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union
Fifth Third Bank
German American Bancorp
Hammer Industries
Harding Shymanski & Co.
Keith & Karen Hinderliter
Keller Schroeder
Kemper CPA Group
Lensing Building Specialties
Margaret D. Boarman
Peabody Energy
Raben Tire and Auto Service
South Western Communications
The Women’s Hospital
Tri-State Fire Protection
VFW Ladies Auxiliary #1114
WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone
Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel & Shoulders, LLP
Half Table Sponsors
Alpha Laser and Imaging
Blankenberger Brothers, Inc.
Career Associates
CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union
Energy Systems Group
Hafer Associates, PC
Happe & Sons Construction, Inc.
Heritage Petroleum LLC
Hilliard Lyons
Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP
Mulzer Crushed Stone/JH Rudolph
RJ Pohl Advisor Services, Inc.
Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, Inc.
Travel Smart
Woodward Commercial Realty
Media Sponsors
14 News
Evansville Courier & Press
Mini Masters Sponsors
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Hot Stove League
Event Sponsors
Family of Jackson Clem
LHI Lighting Sale, INC
Ohio Valley Financial Group
Sterling United Federal Credit Union
Stucke Counseling
Vendair Vending
Hole Sponsors
ACE Accounting, Tax, & Financial Services
Glenn & Kelly Barnett
Jared, Jean, Haley & Jack Blanton
David Enterprise
Evansville Cancer Center
The Gilbert Family
Matthew Giles
Berenice Guevara & Gerardo Gonzalez
Clair & Andrew Hawkins
Keith & Karen Hinderliter
Family of Wyatt Hurst
Joe & Julia Langerak
M&L Global Installations
Mater Dei Alumni
Jason & Ellen Naab
Parkview Care Center
Laurie & Richard Seals
The Seibert Family
Westside Family Eyecare
Emma Wininger
In-Kind Contributors
AAA Missouri
Acupuncture Center
All Breed Pet Care, LLC
American Girl Doll
Amy Wolf
Andrew Niemeier
Angie Cree with Thirty One
Anytime Fitness, Newburgh
Arbonne International
Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana
Banterra Bank
Beef O Brady’s
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano
Big 4 Cycle
Big Top Drive-In
Bits & Bytes
Blue Heron Vineyards, LLC
Bob Davis
Bob’s Gym & Fitness Center
Bone Fish
Boonville Country Club
BR Associates, Inc.
Brenda Foucault
Brenda Goldman
Briar Street Theatre
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bud Spalding
Buffalo Trace Council, Boy Scouts
Busy Beedz
Caitlyn Harding
Cakes By Doug
Cambridge Golf Course
Canton Inn
Carmi Country Club
Cathy’s Designer Cookies
Chad Thompson
Chesapeake Pharmaceutical
& Healthcare Packaging
Chicago Cubs
Chuck E Cheese’s
CiCi’s Pizza
Cielo Luxury Shoe Boutique
Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Zoo
Cindy Cronch
Cocktail Doodle Doo
Comaier Security, Inc.
Commonwealth Kitchen & Bar
Cookies By Design
Cracker Barrel
Cricket Provo
Custom Recreation
D & R Stitches and Scents
D Patrick Downtown
D Patrick Motoplex
D Patrick Nissan
Dakri Sinclair
Dan’s Competition
David Arthur Photography
Deidra R. Conner
Déjà vu Skin & Vein Center
Denise M. Seibert
Diamond Lanes
DiLegge’s Restaurant Inc.
Don Mattingly
Donna Roberts
Donut Bank Bakery & Coffee
Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Dr. Bob & Kelly Vogt
Drury Hotels
Dunn Hospitality Group
El Charro
Ellis Park Race Course LLC
Elmer W. Berberich
Eric R. Williams
Escalade Sports
Evaline Karges Interiors Inc
Evansville Courier & Press
Evansville IceMen
Evansville Kia
Evansville Media Group/News 4U
Evansville Music Academy
Evansville Otters
Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra
Evansville Regional Airport
Evelyn J. Huebner
Expressway Dodge
Expressway Ford
Fairfield Inn Evansville West
Family Dentistry
Family of Bayleigh Pauckner
Fifth Third Bank
Fired Up!
First Ave Car Wash
Fitness World
Framing & Floral Gallery
Franklin Lanes
French Lick Resort
Fusion Spa
Gayle B. Rood
Gerold Enlow, D. D. S.
Gerst Bavarian Haus
Gilkey Chiropractic Clinic
Gill Orthodontics
Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana
Glitters & Traditions Inc.
Grateful Threads
Greg & Jackie Hammer
H & H Music
Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
Harlem Globetrotters
Head’s Construction, LLC
Health Resources, Inc.
Helen Hammer
HighSide Hobbies & Raceway
Historic New Harmony
Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari
Hornet’s Nest
IBEW Local No. 16
Imperial Fastener & Industrial Supply Co.
Indiana Pacers
Indianapolis Colts
It Works! With Christy Elmendorf
It Works! With Shannon Tichenor
Jami Young
Janet Schneider
Jazzercise Boonville Fitness Center
Jewelry By Jana
Jim Lott
John D. McGurks Irish Pub
Julie Freeman with Gantz
Junior League of Evansville, Inc.
Just Rennie’s
Kara Jones with Mary Kay
Kemper CPA Group, LLP.
Kenneth & Dell Fisher
Kenneth F. Hansen Jr. CLTC
Kentucky Derby Museum
Kentucky Horse Park
Kentucky Railway Museum
Kentucky Science Center
Kerri Zeien Photography
Koch Family Children’s Museum
of Evansville (cMoe)
Krystle Roudebush
Kwik Kopy
Laila Schafer
LaQuinta Inns & Suites
Larry & Martha Bass
Lefler Collision & Glass
Lloyd Winnecke
Loeffler Painting Company
Lori Lingafelter with Thirty One
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
Louisville Zoo
Ma T 888 China Bistro
Marengo Cave
Margaret D. Boarman
Medical Cosmetic Center
Members Financial Services/Evansville
Teachers Federal Credit Union
Menke’s Automotive Repair
Mercury Sports
Merry Maids
Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden
Methodist Temple - United Methodist Women
Michael Green
Midwest Contracting, Inc.
Midwest Marketing
Midwest Skin Institute
Mike Mohr State Farm
Mike’s Car Wash
Missouri Botanical Garden
Muhammad Ali Center
Nancy Schuldt
New Harmony Inn
New Harmony Theatre/USI
Nitro Fitness
NW Chophouse
Ohio Valley Eye Institute
Old Chicago Pizza
Old National Bank
Oma Farmer - Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Origami Owl
Ot & Julia Jacobs
Owensboro RV
People’s Furniture
Pink Elephant Celebrations
Pita Pit
Premiere Designs - Donna Robinson
Premier Electric, Inc.
Public Education Foundation
Pump It Up Evansville
Purdue University
Raben Tire & Auto Services
Rebecca Brown
Reitz Home Museum
Rhonda Holder
Richard Roudybush
Rick & Linda Hobbs
Rick Winternheimer
Robin Stuart
Robin’s Nest
Roca Bar North
Roger & Cyndi Williams
Romain Cross Pointe Auto Park
Ronald G. Althof
Ryman Auditorium
Scott Jenkins
Scott T. Farmer
Seton Harvet
Shannon Aleksandr’s Salon
Shear Talents, Kim McIntosh
Shedd Aquarium
Sheri Thomas
Signarama Evansville
Six Flags St. Louis
Skydeck Chicago
SMG Evansville
Spudz ‘N Stuff
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Mary’s Health System
Stacey Goodwin, Scentsy
Stacey Stevens with Landmark Realty
Steak N Shake
Stephen Libs Finer Chocolates
Surface with a Smile
Swat Pest Management Inc.
Swonder Ice Arena
Tastefully Simple with Diane Hagler
Terry & Rosie Cullum
Texas Roadhouse
Thai Papaya Cuisine
The Fresh Market
The Magic House
The National Quilt Museum
The Old Mill Restaurant
The Pacetre Bake & Brew
The Pub
The Salon Professional Academy
Theresa Pompey
Thunderbolt Pass Golf Course
Tim’s Just Cookies
Tin Man Brewing Company
Tom Loesch
Tornatta Tire
Town Square Media
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana
Tracy Zeller Jewelry
Treasures Thriftique
Tri-State Trophies
Tropicana Evansville
Tucker Publishing Group
University of Evansville
University of Evansville Athletics
University of Southern Indiana
Division of Outreach & Engagement
Vertical Excape Climbing Center
Victoria National
Vincent Boren
Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
PLUS Program
Walt Disney World
Walther’s Golf N Fun
Western Rib-Eye & Ribs
Willow Bowling Center
Working Distributors
WYFX-ESPN Radio 106.7 FM
Yazoo Brewing Company
YMCA of Southwestern Indiana
Zeidler Floral Company
Thank You!
The Arc of Evansville would like to recognize
and thank our dedicated and generous
donors. Every effort is made to provide a
complete and accurate donor list, and we
sincerely apologize for any errors. Please
contact the Development Department at
(812) 428-4500, ext. 310, should you see
any discrepancies or if you would like to
change the manner in which your name is
listed in future publications.
E 477
The Arc of Evansville
615 W. Virginia Street
Evansville, IN 47710
Evansville IN
Permit No. 2140
Vanderburgh County
Board of Commissioners

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