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v Exhibitor Information DOMOTEX
Make your business grow
14 – 17 January 2017
Hannover ▪ Germany
The World of Flooring
Meet clients from all over the world
DOMOTEX 2016 reaffirmed its status as the world’s
leading trade fair and confirmed its role as a powerful
stimulus for business. It once again received an enthusiastic response from both exhibitors and visitors. Attendance
was up, with over 45,000 visitors from 100 countries.
Furthermore, 59% of the decision-makers who came to
Hannover were from outside the host nation. The international character of DOMOTEX offers a perfect platform for
meeting all your key clients over a period of just four days.
Exhibitors can also look forward to making promising new
business contacts. In short, there is no better way to start
the business year and, for our part, we are pleased to
welcome long-standing and new exhibitors to our event.
Yours sincerely
Susanne Klaproth
Don’t leave the field to your competitors by missing out
on this opportunity to showcase your latest products
alongside other international market leaders. DOMOTEX
embraces every sector of the industry. During the four
days of the trade fair you can reach all the relevant
target groups from the trade, skilled trades, interior
design and architecture. DOMOTEX in Hannover brings
together the whole world of floor coverings and provides
a complete market overview at just one venue.
No other event offers so many opportunities for new
business. DOMOTEX affords an ideal environment
for networking and new business leads. This is enhanced
by a program of talks, presentations, special events and
workshops which inspire and inform. In other words, a
great way to kick off a new and successful business year.
A perfect environment
for doing business
The platform for your innovative
products: [email protected]
The proven format of [email protected] provides
companies with additional opportunities to highlight
their product innovations. Exhibitors are encouraged
to submit their products for selection by a jury of
experts. The best innovative products will be featured
in special display Areas in a central location that
cannot fail to attract the attention of trade visitors.
[email protected] thus provides visiting
professionals with a useful guide to what is new on
the marketplace.
Guided Tours will also bring visitors directly to your stand.
Consequently, if you are part of the platform, your stand
will benefit from additional footfall and you have more
opportunities for making new contacts. All the selected
products are presented in a special Guide which will be
used extensively in press and media activities before, during and after the trade show to reinforce the PR impact.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to convince a jury
of experts and impress the visiting public with your
latest products.
Good facts for business
A glance at the figures for DOMOTEX 2016 demonstrates the continued success
of this international trade event: 1,441 exhibitors from 59 countries filled twelve
exhibition halls with the world’s largest array of textile floor coverings, parquet
and laminate flooring, resilient floor coverings, machine-made and hand-made
carpets, as well as applications and installation equipment and technology.
Approx. 28,000 visitors from outside the host nation Germany reinforced the
international appeal of DOMOTEX as THE meeting-place for the entire industry.
These results encourage us to maintain our efforts to further build and
improve the trade show and offer you an optimal basis for a successful trade
fair presentation.
78 %
trade visitors from more than 100 countries
of the trade visitors already intend to come to
International: Trade visitors according to origin
50 %
12 %
23 %
Rest of
Western Europe
Rest of
Eastern Europe
South, East and
Central Asia
North and
South America
Diversity: Trade visitors according to sector*
29 %
25 %
21 %
25 %
retail trade
wholesale trade
trades **
Architects, interior
designers, Contracting
Provisional results, position as of January 2016.
* More than one reply possible.
** Interior decorators/parquet layers and
flooring fitters/painters
59 %
90 %
of the trade visitors came from outside the host nation
buyers with decision-making authority
The right choice of floor covering can transform a room
and is an indispensable element of interior design.
The industry has responded to the growing recognition
of the aesthetic role of flooring by focussing more on
lifestyle trends. And this forward-looking approach has
ensured that the sector is more innovative, creative
and dynamic than ever.
With an increasing focus placed on lifestyle, change
and inspiration, the renowned leading world trade show
DOMOTEX is even more attractive to both exhibitors
and trade visitors. Scheduled at the start of the year,
DOMOTEX provides an ideal setting for showcasing your
products and innovative developments geared to the
shifts and trends of tomorrow’s marketplace.
Focus on global
trends and creativity
Extensive media campaign
to drive your trade fair success
Participation in the industry’s top event puts the spotlight on your company. You will be in the public eye as
DOMOTEX is covered in all the relevant media – before,
during and after the trade fair.
All exhibitors benefit from the keen media interest and
the reports from journalists at DOMOTEX. At the last
event in 2016 a total of 441 journalists from 36 countries
were present in Hannover.
The extensive media campaign that accompanies the
event focuses on all the key issues, product trends and
companies taking part in DOMOTEX and runs throughout
the entire year in all the main German and international
media, online and offline, and via various channels.
The intensive coverage is augmented by cooperation
with the media and numerous articles in all the major
trade journals and lifestyle titles, as well as contact with
opinion-makers and consumers.
Our planning is geared to your success. Whether you
stage an individual stand or opt for a complete package,
our team is on hand to advise you from the start and will
be there to help you during the trade fair itself.
We also offer a package of professional services for
advertising and sponsoring so that you can reach your
specific target groups efficiently. The marketing fee
you pay covers a range of services, including e-tickets
and your company presentation on the Internet.
To minimize your input of time and effort in the run-up
to the show we can supply stand space, a fully assembled stand, basic utilities, lead management services,
catering services as well as marketing services – all as a
single, one-stop package. This leaves you free to focus
on what really matters: promoting your business.
Choose the solution that best meets your needs from
our four package options – “Basic”, “Comfort”,
“Premium Style” and “Premium Trend” – plus various
upgrade options.
Further information, the terms of participation, planning
tools and the current price list can be found online
at www.domotex.de/en/registration. If you want to
get started now, simply register online using the Online
Business Service (OBS) at www.obs.messe.de.
Bookings received by 30. 4. 2016 are subject to an
interesting discount. The allocation of hall space will
commence on 1.6.2016, so don’t delay.
until 30.4.2016
as of 1.5.2016
Row stand
€ 158/m²
€ 161/m²
Corner stand
€ 164/m²
€ 167/m²
End stand
€ 165/m²
€ 168/m²
Island stand
€ 168/m²
€ 171/m²
Marketing fee*
*Incl. AUMA fee
€ 13.60/m²
All prices subject to VAT at the current valid rate.
Everything ready
for your presentation
Deutsche Messe
30521 Hannover
Tel.+49 511 89-0
Fax+49 511 89-32626
[email protected]
Traditional and modern
Parquet, wood and laminate flooring
hand-made carpets and rugs
Outdoor floor coverings
Thilo Horstmann
Katharina Kramer
Tel.+49 511 89-31213
Tel.+49 511 89-32144
[email protected]
[email protected]
Machine-made carpets and rugs –
Machinery, tools and
modern and classic designs, Mats
solutions for the skilled trades
Gülsen Akgül
Mehtap Raue
Tel.+49 511 89-32149
Tel.+49 511 89-32139
[email protected]
[email protected]
Resilient floor coverings
Textile floor coverings –
residential and commercial
Anne-Kathrain Jahns
Tel.+49 511 89-31214
[email protected]
Contact details for our local sales partners worldwide
are listed at www.messe.de/salespartner_ gb.
DOMOTEX worldwide:
Position as of: 19.2.2016
Photos: Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns, pages 4/5; Creative Matters, pages 8/9; Margaritelli/Listone Giordano®, pages 10/11 · Subject to change
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