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WHAT MOST - Access Communications
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Children’s Fund: Bright Smiles, Bright Futures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Children’s Fund: Financial Statements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Volunteers: Hearts & Hands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Students: Furthering Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Community: People Helping People . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Saskatchewan is known for its warmth, spirit and community focus and we are so proud to call this province
home. At Access Communications, we truly value giving back and making a difference. We do this through
the power of connection; with our programming and volunteerism. Our goal is to drive positive change and
better serve our communities, while having some fun along the way.
Our philosophy is simple - to give back to the communities in which we live, work and serve. We are
empowered to make a difference in the lives of others with our hearts, hands and minds. We strive to
build on nearly forty years of success, and further enhance our relevance in Saskatchewan. This includes
community television programming which reflects and addresses the particular needs, interests, cultures,
information, news, and events of the residents of the communities we are so happy to be a part of.
We are often asked, ‘what fuels the amazing success of Access Communications?’ The answer is easy —
we work hard every day to be an essential part of Saskatchewan.
We are dedicated to empowering our communities, and are here to tell your stories. This makes our
Co-operative unique, and a worthwhile investment in terms of time, money and trust for both customers and
communities across Saskatchewan.
Our job is to keep you connected, and we are passionate about our customers, employees, members
and volunteers.
Ken Shaw, Chair
Access Communications Co-operative Limited
Alan Bachynski
Deborah Charles
David Dekker
Dick DeRyk
Howard Louie
David MacLeod
Bernadette McIntyre
Hiedi Pearson
Dale Ripplinger
Ken Shaw
Twila Walkeden
Brenda Watson
We call Saskatchewan home – just like you. We drive down the same roads, enjoy the same scenery and
feel the same pride. Our goals and values are fundamentally the same as the family down the street; our
customers and community partners mean the world to us, and we strive each and every day to ensure they
feel as important and necessary to us as we feel to them. We deliver extraordinary value, reliably, dependably
and consistently.
• Access Communications Co-operative is a limited
company incorporated in 1974 under the
Co-operative Association Act of Saskatchewan;
• Access Communications has been privileged to
work with the people of Saskatchewan over the
years — to make great things happen;
• We are a not-for-profit service co-operative.
Earnings are not returned to the membership as
dividends, but are retained by the Co-operative
to improve the service to subscribers and to
increase and broaden our community
channel programming;
We are a community-owned co-operative dedicated
to providing exceptional communications and
entertainment services and unique opportunities for
local expression.
Our passion, commitment, and leadership
are producing unrivaled communications and
entertainment services in the communities we serve.
• INTEGRITY: We live by our belief in honesty,
respect and trust in everything we do.
• Individual membership in the Co-operative is
open to any resident in any of our service areas
who is 18 years of age or older and is a Canadian
citizen. Any organization with community,
member or patron service objectives, located in
an Access service area may apply to become a
Member Organization;
• EMPLOYEE-CENTRED: We enable everyone’s
involvement, growth and contribution in a
challenging, safe and fun environment.
• The membership policy of the Co-operative is
not restrictive. The only criteria used in approving
applications for membership, other than those
stated above, is that the applicant be supportive
and promote the business and the affairs of the
Co-operative, and to agree to observe its bylaws;
We are an integral part
of the communities we
serve, contributing to their
energy and progress.
• A board of twelve to fifteen directors, elected for
three-year terms at annual meetings, guides the
development and strategic direction of Access
Communications Co-operative Limited.
• CUSTOMER-FOCUSED: We deliver extraordinary
value, reliably, dependably and consistently.
We create and embrace
change that enhances
customer service,
the community and
our organization.
It’s time to shine, and our team is high-fiving in
the hallways!
The Canadian Cable Systems Alliance (CCSA)
awarded Access Communications in three
community programming categories for the 2015
Tuned-in Canada awards.
• I Heart Local Programming
Indigenous Games 2014
Best News/Issues Coverage
• I Heart Local Programming
Access7 Sports
Best Sports Coverage
• I Heart Local Programming
Invisible Wall
Best Entertainment Category
Access7’s original TV series Invisible Wall,
produced by Jacqueline Hui and Janice Hui,
took home a coveted Golden Sheaf Award for
Best Community Television Production at the
2016 Yorkton Film Festival.
It’s an honour to be awarded and have the hard work
of our volunteers and staff recognized.
Our programming truly is a labour of love, and
Access is honoured to be able to provide a place for
communities to connect.
We’re also proud of being named one of
Saskatchewan’s Top Employers.
Our programming
truly is a labour
of love.
What a beautiful province we live in! It’s easy to see
why people take such pride in calling Saskatchewan
home – as do we. That’s why we raise awareness and
embrace sustainability in our everyday processes.
Saskatchewan shines bright – and we’re working to
help keep it that way for generations to come.
One example, our fleet vehicles are equipped with
GPS idling notification software. Idling is not only
an enormous waste of fuel, but also a contributor
to air-polluting emissions. Reducing unnecessary
idling is the simplest and easiest way to help out
environment. Idling gets you nowhere!
This year we’ve proudly recycled:
14,000 POUNDS
of metal
14,208 POUNDS
of set top boxes
of power supplies
1,180 POUNDS
of plastic
7,500 POUNDS
of batteries
There is never a dull moment for the Access Communications Children’s Fund, and we’re proud to say that as
our co-operative continues to evolve and grow – so does our registered charity.
This past February was the 10th Anniversary of Access TV Bingo. In 2015 alone, $152,000 was awarded to
30 non-profit and community organizations. Since the launch of TV Bingo in 2006, the Fund has donated
$1.5 million to support children at risk or in need across Saskatchewan.
In 2015, the Access Communications Children’s Fund proudly donated $50,000 to the North East Outreach
and Support Services Women’s Shelter in Melfort. The North East Outreach Centre enhances the safety,
wellness and personal growth for individuals and families affected by domestic and sexual violence in
northeast Saskatchewan. Our donation is funding an indoor play area for children at the shelter; a place
where they can feel safe and comfortable when they need it most.
We are incredibly proud of the profound impact the Access Communications Children’s Fund has in the 230
Access communities across Saskatchewan, and are so grateful to our volunteers, members of the community
and Children’s Fund board members for their ongoing support. I’d like to take a moment to thank our
departing board members; Wendy Kelly, Nicole Berenyi and Aaron Barlow. Your efforts allow us to grant
deserving children an opportunity to escape their challenges.
We will continue to bring communities together to provide assistance for children and youth across Saskatchewan.
Doug Alexander
Chair, Access Communications Children’s Fund
Doug Alexander
Brent Allin
Tom Boyko
Leslee Dagenais
Beth Drozda
Bernadette McIntyre
Tracey Mucha
Big, toothy grins make us smile, and we’re so happy
to help and support the children of our province.
They are our future, and our goal is to give back to
them whenever and however we can.
Over the last ten years, our registered charity the Access Communications Children’s Fund,
has donated $1.5 million to various local children’s
charities and non-profit organizations to enhance
the quality of life for those who may need a helping
hand. Donations are granted to support education &
literacy, health & wellness, pathways out of poverty,
and crime prevention for children at risk and in
need. Contributions are raised by support of public
donations, Access staff fundraising initiatives and
funds from the weekly TV Bingo programming
on Access7.
Transparency is integral to the operation of any
charity and the Children’s Fund is no different. It is
governed by its own Board of Directors, independent
of Access Communications Co-operative.
The best part? 100% stays right here in
Saskatchewan. That is so important to us, because
we strongly believe in our communities and all that
they offer our most precious resource – our children.
In 2015, projects from thirty non-profit organizations
received donations from the Access Communications
Children’s Fund. Thank you for all you do for
Saskatchewan’s children:
Balgonie Youth Committee
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Humboldt
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Weyburn
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yorkton
Big Brothers of Regina
Camp Monahan
City Kidz Regina
Ehrlo Community Services (Regina)
Estevan Area Literacy Group
Gordon Denny Community School (La Ronge)
Hope Air
Lumsden Beach Camp
Moose Mountain Literacy Group (Kipling)
Mossing School of Music (Regina)
North East Outreach Women’s Shelter (Melfort)
Pahkisimon Nuyeʔáh Library System (La Ronge)
Rainbow Youth Center (Regina)
Regina Palliative Care
Saskatchewan Choral Federation
Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Saskatchewan Voice of People with Disabilities
SCEP Centre (Regina)
Spirit Builders Program
Summer Program for Special Children (Regina)
Sun Country Kids Club (Weyburn)
Tamarack Foundation
Rosthern Summer Playground
United Way of Regina
• YWCA Big Sisters of Regina
If you know a group that could benefit from our support email [email protected];
or visit myaccess.ca/childrensfund for more information.
The accompanying summary financial statements of Access Communications Children’s Fund Inc., which
comprise the summary statement of financial position as at December 31, 2015, and the summary statement of
operations and changes in net assets for the year then ended, are derived from the complete audited financial
statements, prepared in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations, of Access
Communications Children’s Fund Inc. as at and for the year ended December 31, 2015.
We expressed an unmodified audit opinion on those financial statements in our auditors’ report dated
March 18, 2016.
The summary financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian accounting standards for
not-for-profit organizations applied in the preparation of the audited financial statements of Access Communications
Children’s Fund Inc. Reading the summary financial statements, therefore, is not a substitute for reading the audited
financial statements of Access Communications Children’s Fund Inc.
Management is responsible for the preparation of a summary of the audited financial statements, in accordance with
the basis described in Note 1.
Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the summary financial statements based on our procedures, which
were conducted in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standard (CAS) 810, “Engagements to Report on Summary
Financial Statements.”
In common with many not-for-profit organizations, the entity derives revenue from donations and fundraising, the
completeness of which is not susceptible to satisfactory audit verification. Accordingly, verification of these revenues
was limited to the amounts recorded in the records of Access Communications Children’s Fund Inc. Therefore, we
were not able to determine whether, as at or for the year ended December 31, 2015, any adjustments might be
necessary to donations or fundraising revenues and deficiency of revenue over expenses reported in the statements
of operations and current assets and net assets reported in the statement of financial position. This caused us to
qualify our audit opinion on the financial statements as at and for the year ended December 31, 2014.
In our opinion, except for the matter described in the Basis for Qualified Opinion paragraph, the summary financial
statements derived from the audited financial statements of Access Communications Children’s Fund Inc. as at and
for the year ended December 31, 2015 are a fair summary of those complete financial statements.
Chartered Professional Accountants
March 18, 2016
Regina, Canada
Summary Statement of Operations and Changes in Net Assets
Year ended December 31, 2015
Net bingo fundraising
Charitable gaming grants
Summary Statement of Financial Position
As at December 31, 2015
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
Approved by the Board:
Notes to Summary Financial Statements
Year ended December 31, 2015
1. Basis of Accounting
These summarized financial statements of Access Communications Children’s Fund Inc. are derived from the
complete financial statements as at and for the year ended December 31, 2015, prepared in accordance with
Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit entities, of Access Communications Children’s Fund.
The preparation of these summarized financial statements requires management to determine the information
that needs to be reflected in them so that they represent a fair summary of, the complete financial statements
Management prepared these summarized financial statements as follows;
• The summarized financial statements include a statement for each statement included in the complete
financial statements with the exception of the statement of cash flows;
• Information in the summarized financial statements agrees with the related information in the complete
financial statements;
• Major subtotals, totals and comparative information from the complete financial statements are included; and
• The summarized financial statements contain the information from the complete financial statements
dealing with matters having a pervasive or otherwise significant effect on the summarized financial
The complete financial statements of Access Communications Children’s Fund are available
upon request.
Our volunteers make us gratified, each and every day!
Saskatchewan is an exciting place to be! We’ve
seen much growth and change in our communities
over the past several years, and Access7 has evolved
right along-side them to provide programming
that compliments this diversity. Popular shows like
Polkarama are still important to our viewers, but we
also provide a wide variety of programming to meet
the uniquely blended makeup of our audience such as:
The Four – a community-produced talk show, Chinese
New Year, Ukrainian Hour, WCP Cup Soccer, the
German Russian Cultural Festival and many more.
We couldn’t have done it without the help of
hundreds of dedicated volunteers.
Whether it’s donating their time to an Access7
community channel to bring you 2,000 hours of
first-run, local TV programming, being the smiling
faces at the famous Labour Day Show N’ Shine
in support of the Regina Food Bank, answering
your calls to support the Children’s Fund during the
weekly TV Bingo or providing a safe haven for
trick-or-treaters with our annual Pumpkin Patrol we’re fortunate to have folks from all four corners of
the province donate their time to make this all possible.
The next time you’re enjoying an Access7 program or
Access Communications event, think of what’s going
on behind-the-scenes and how many volunteers it
takes to make it happen in the community.
Being a student is a full-time job. But, there is a
light at the end of that tunnel, and we’re thrilled to
support many Saskatchewan students pursue their
dreams with a little help from us - to them.
The Centennial Scholarship Program is something
we’re very proud of. It’s a way for Access to show our
support to many talented students province-wide by
rewarding high school graduates that have made a
difference in their communities and achieved academic
success with support for their post-secondary education.
Each year, Access Communications also awards
University of Regina entrance scholarships for film
and video.
Access7 broadcasts many high school
graduation ceremonies and University of Regina
and Saskatchewan Polytechnic convocations
each year – so those smiling (and relieved) faces can
be seen near and far.
To keep Saskatchewan students surfing, entertained,
and up to date throughout the school year, we’re
so happy to offer VIS (Very Important Student)
pricing, giving them the kick-start they need with
savings on our always-important (and very necessary)
Internet service.
We’ve got our students covered and see bright things
for their futures!
We have traveled all across our province, and we’ve
got to say – Saskatchewan, you are pretty awesome!
We’re proud of the communities we serve and thrilled
to help them build on their already wonderful spirit
through community involvement each year, including:
• • • • • • • • Salvation Army Christmas Dinner
Show N’ Shine
TV Bingo
Regina Humane Society Telethon
Melfort House of Hope Telethon
United Way of Estevan Telethon
Weyburn & District United Way Communithon
St Joseph’s Hospital Radiothon, and many more.
Each year, Access Communications provides
community programming and technical support to
help raise awareness and add some oomph to these
very worthwhile events.
We are proud to support over 1,600 community
groups with in-kind sponsorship, fundraising
support, and volunteer and employment
opportunities through community programming.
We are proud to
support over 1,600
community groups
each year.
100% Saskatchewan • Community-Owned
City with Access Services
Town with Access Services
Current Wireless Internet Area
Future Wireless Internet Area
41 Hercules Air Cadets Squadron (Regina)
50-Plus Dance Club (Regina)
5th Weyburn Scout Group
Abernethy Horse Show
Act One Productions (Bienfait)
Affinity Place (Estevan)
Ag in Motion (Langham)
Ag Society (Kelvington)
AIDS Programs South Sask
Air Cadet Local 43 RCAC Squadron (Battlefords)
Air Force Association of Canada No. 600 (Regina)
Air Ronge Community Library Board
Al Ritchie Community Association (Regina)
Alateen (Yorkton)
All Nations Healin’ Thru Artz
All Nations Hope Network
All Saints Anglican Church (La Ronge)
All Saints Anglican Church (Regina)
All Saints Ukrainian Catholic Church (Battlefords)
All that Jazz (Yorkton)
Allan & District Communiplex
Allan & District Elks
Allan & District Parks & Recreation
Allan Composite School
Allan Flames Hockey
Allan Lions Club
Allan New Horizons Seniors
Allan Royal Purple Community Hall
Alliance Church (Outlook)
Alzheimer Society of Sask
Amnesty International Sask
ANCOP International Canada
Angels 4 Warmth (Regina)
Anglican Church (Unity)
Anne Portnuff Theatre (Yorkton)
ARC Creative Studios - A Taste of Art
Archbishop M.C. O’Neill High School
Arcola Daycare
Arcola Fair & Stampede Society
Arcola Figure Skating Club
Arcola Old Time Dance
Arcola Public Library
Arcola/Kisbey Minor Hockey
Art Gallery of Regina
Art in the Tent (Maple Creek)
Artifact, Antique & Hobby Show (Moosomin)
Artime Music - Univ. of Regina
Artistic Incidents Studio (Meadow Lake)
Arts Humboldt
Arts in the Park (Warman)
Assiniboia Gallery
Association Canadienne-Française de Regina
Association of Regina Realtors
Atrium On Rae
Aurora Art Guild (Regina)
Austrian Edelweiss Club
Autism Resource Centre (Regina)
Balfour Collegiate
Balgonie Curling Club
Balgonie Early Learning Centre
Balgonie Elks #572
Balgonie Lions Club
Balgonie Natural Health & Healing Expo
Balgonie Playschool
Baseball Regina
Battleford St Paul’s Anglican Church
Battlefords & Area Sexual Assault Centre
Battlefords Agricultural Society
Battlefords Alpha Lacrosse League
Battlefords Art Club
Battlefords Baseball Hall of Fame
Battlefords Boys and Girls Club
Battlefords Canadian Blood Services
Battlefords Chamber of Commerce
Battlefords Community Disc Golf Club
Battlefords Co-op Aquatic Centre
Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre
Battlefords Early Childhood Intervention Program
Battlefords Indian & Metis Friendship Center
Battlefords Jazz Society
Battlefords Kiwanis Club
Battlefords Minor Softball Association
Battlefords North Stars Hockey
Battlefords River Valley Visitor Centre
Battlefords Royal Canadian Legion
Battlefords Sharks Hockey
Battlefords Third Avenue United Church
Battlefords Toastmasters Club
Battlefords Trail Breakers Snowmobile Club
Battlefords Tribal Council
Battlefords Union Hospital
Battlefords United Way
Battlefords Wildlife Federation
Belbutte Ladies Club
Bell Barn Society (Indian Head)
Bergthaler Church (Warman)
Better Business Bureau of Sask
Better Living Centre (Yorkton)
Bienfait Coalfields Historical Society
Bienfait Curling Club
Bienfait Lions Club
Bienfait Memorial Arena
Bienfait Novice Hockey
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Humboldt
Big Brothers of Regina
Biggar & District Arts Council
Biggar Canadian Blood Services
Biggar Empty Stocking Fund
Biggar Jubilee Stadium
Biggar Lions Club
Biggar Midget Redwings
Biggar Nationals Senior Hockey Club
Biggar New Horizons Project
Biggar Royal Canadian Legion
Biggar St Paul’s Anglican Church
Biggar’s Green Space & Community Garden
Bikers Against Child Abuse
Bizarre Bazaar (Regina)
Blaine Lake Community Association
Blaine Lake Composite School
Blaine Lake Gospel Chapel
Blaine Lake Senior Centre
Blair Dietz Memorial Co-ed Hockey (Spiritwood)
Bloom Church Regina
Bob Mossing School of Music
Bob Ryan Foundation
Bow Valley Jamboree
Boys on the Run (Warman)
Bredenbury Cougars Hockey
Bredenbury Good Shepherd Lutheran
Bredenbury Hall
Bredenbury Heritage Village
Bredenbury Lions Club
Bredenbury Skate
Broadway United Church
Bruno 10th Annual Show & Shine
Bruno German Heritage Society
Bruno Lions Club
Bruno Minor Hockey
Brushworks Art Guild (Regina)
Burstall & Area Fall Fair
Burstall And District Community Complex
Burstall Drama
Burstall Friendship Centre
Burstall Lions Club
Burstall Senior Centre
Burstall Swimming Pool
Business and Professional Women (Regina)
CAA Sask
Caledonian Curling Club
Calling Lakes Interfaith Forum
Calvary Baptist Church
Cameron and Bourdages Memorial Society
Camp Easter Seal
Camp fYrefly
Camp Lutherland
Camp Monahan Association
Campbell Collegiate
Canada Post Heritage Club
Canadian Association of Family Enterprise
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Club of Regina
Canadian Cowboys Association
Canadian Diabetes Association
Canadian Federation of University Women
Canadian Guitar Shows
Canadian Italian Club
Canadian Mental Health Association
Canadian National Institute For The Blind
Canadian Pediatric Society
Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
Canadian Red Cross
Canadian Ski Patrol
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
Canadian Western Agribition
Canora Child Action Plan
Canora Composite School
Canora Flames Hockey
Canora Food Bank
Canora Gateway Community Church
Canora Golf and Country Club
Canora Hospital Auxiliary
Canora Junior Elementary School
Canora Keen Age Centre
Canora Leisure Services
Canora Lions Club
Canora Music Society
Canora Nursery School
Canora Parkland Regional Library
Canora Public Library
Canora Rainbow Hall
Canora Recreational Hockey
Canora Skating Club
Canora St. Andrew’s United Church
Canora Wheatland Lioness
Carievale United Church
Carlton Trail Ski Club
Carlyle & District Lions Club
Carlyle Cornerstone Theatre
Carlyle Elementary School
Carlyle Fire Department
Carlyle Full Gospel Church
Carlyle Happy Gang Club
Carlyle Rink
Carlyle United Church
Carmichael Outreach
Carnduff & District Music & Arts
Carnduff Christian Education
Carnduff Community Daycare
Carnduff Community Theatre
Carnduff Lions Club
Carnduff Minor Hockey
Carnduff Royal Canadian Legion
Carnduff Youth Ranch Rodeo
Carousel Bingo (North Battleford)
Carrot River & District Recreation Board
Carrot River Co-ed Volleyball
Carrot River Community Hall
Carrot River Curling Club
Carrot River Farmer’s Market
Carrot River High School
Carrot River Light Horse 4-H CLub
Carrot River Lions Club
Carrot River Outdoors Club
Carrot River Terry Fox Run
Carrot River United Church
Carrot River Valley Studio Trail
Carrot River Young Women’s Club
Cathedral Area Community Assoc. (Regina)
Cathedral Village Arts Festival
Catholic Church of St. Joseph (Whitewood)
Catholic Family Services (Battlefords)
Catholic Family Services (Regina)
Catholic Women’s League Estevan
Catholic Women’s League Weyburn
Central Zone (Regina)
Centre Arts Station Rosthern
CFC Singles for Christ
Chaban Ukrainian Dance (Regina)
Chapel Gallery (North Battleford)
Child Find Sask
Children’s Hospital Foundation of Sask
Chinese Cultural Society of Sask
Choose Life Ministries
Christ Lutheran Church (Regina)
Christ The King Parish (Regina)
Churchbridge Community Carol Festival
Churchbridge Curling Club
Churchbridge Library & Cultural Centre
Churchbridge Lioness Club
Churchbridge Lions Club
Churchbridge Minor Sports
Churchbridge Public School
Churchbridge Summer Garden
Churchill Community High School
Cinema Politica Regina
Circle Project Association (Regina)
City Kidz Regina
City of Estevan
City of Humboldt
City of Martensville
City of Melville
City of North Battleford
City of Regina
City of Warman
City of Weyburn
City of Yorkton
Class Act Performing Arts (Regina)
Claybank Brick Plant Historic Site
Club 70 Dance
CMHA Battlefords Branch
Collector’s Car Club of Sask
Colonsay First Responders
Colonsay School Drama Club
Combat Improv (Regina)
Compassionate Friends Regina
Concertino Regina
Confederation Centre (Regina)
Conquest Canadian Blood Services
Conquest Community Improvement Assoc.
Conquest Lions Club
Conquest Royal Purple
Conquest School
Conservatory of PerformingArts (Regina)
Contemporary Singles Club (Regina)
Cornerstone Family & Youth
Cornerstone Theatre Inc.
Coronach Golf Club
Coronach Curling Club
Coronach Drop In Centre
Coronach Kinettes
Coronach Lions Club
Coronach Women Helping Others
Coronation Park Community Assoc. (Regina)
Council of Canadians
CP Holiday Train for Food Bank
Craik & District Health Committee
Craik & District Lions Club
Craik 15 Wing Fellowship
Craik Canadian Blood Services
Craik Fire Fighters
Craik Girl Guides
Craik Legion Hall
Craik Library
Craik Museum
Craik Regional Park
Craik Seniors Supper
Craik Ukrainian Catholic All-Saints Church
Craik United Church
Craik Warriors Hockey Club
Craven Rink Association
Creative City Centre
Creative City Centre (Regina)
Creative Options Regina
Creative Sask
Crescent PointWickenheiser Centre (Shaunavon)
Crocus 80 Theatre (Weyburn)
Crocus Quilters Guild (Weyburn)
Crohn’s and Colitis Canada
Crossroads 4H Club
Crystalbrook Community Group
Cudworth Friendship Club
Cudworth Lions Club
Cudworth Nursing Home
Cudworth Ukrainian Dance Club
Cudworth Wildlife Association
CUPE Health Care Council
Curtain Razors Theatre
Cut Knife Family Worship Center
Cypress Health Region
Cypress Regional Library
Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Dallas Valley Ranch Camp
Dalmeny Bible Church
Dalmeny Community Church
Dalmeny Curling Club
Dalmeny Fire/Rescue
Dalmeny Library
Dalmeny Lions Club
Dalmeny Minor Hockey
Dalmeny Spray and Play Park
Dalton Hellebrand Football (Pense)
Dance Innovations (Yorkton)
Darke Hall (Regina)
Davidson Canadian Blood Services
Davidson Christmas Trade/Craft Show
Davidson Community Hall
Davidson Golf & Country Club House
Davidson Lions Club
Davidson Reunion
Davidson Riverbend Co-op
Davidson Volunteer Fire Department
Davin School (Regina)
Deer Park Ladies Club (Yorkton)
Dekker Centre (Battlefords)
Delisle and District Women In Business
Delisle Community Chapel
Delisle Lions Club
Delisle Wheatland Library
Denare Beach Teen Challenge
Denzil Recreation Board
Dewdney East Community Association
Dinsmore Community Hall
Dinsmore Lions Club
Diocese of Qu’Appelle
Do it With Class
Downtowners Optimist Club
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Dumont Technical Institute
Early Childhood Coalition (Gravelbourg)
Easter Seals
Eastside United Church (Regina)
Eastview Community Association (Regina)
Eastview Rotary Club
Eden Care (Regina)
Engineering for Kids (Regina)
Envision Coun. and Support Centre (Carnduff)
Envision Weyburn
Esterhazy Centennial Special Care Home
Esterhazy Community Daycare
Esterhazy Community Museum
Esterhazy Curling Club
Esterhazy Elks Hall
Esterhazy Fire Department
Esterhazy Flyers
Esterhazy Hazy Kids Club
Esterhazy High School
Esterhazy Ladies Night Out
Esterhazy Lions Club
Esterhazy Our Lady of Victories
Esterhazy Redeemer Lutheran Church
Esterhazy Royal Canadian Legion 249
Esterhazy Skate
Estevan & District Lions Club
Estevan After Five Club
Estevan Antique Auto Club
Estevan Area Literacy Group
Estevan Army Cadets Fundraiser
Estevan Bruins Jr A Hockey Club
Estevan Curling Club
Estevan Family Resource Centre Inc.
Estevan Humane Society
Estevan Mermaids Sync.Swimming Club
Estevan Minor Hockey Association
Estevan Public Library
Estevan Reg. Nursing Home Auxilliary
Estevan Rotary Club
Estevan Royal Canadian Legion 60
Estevan Square & Round Dance
Extreme Hockey Regina Capitals
EYES Summer Camps
Farm Progress Show
Federation of Sask Indian Nations
First Baptist Church Regina
First Nations University of Canada
Fish ‘N Game League (Regina)
Flatland Fly Fishers
FLK Taoist Tai Chi Regina
Flowing Springs Golf Greens
Foam Lake Bingo
Foam Lake Children’s Expo!
Foam Lake Community Theatre
Foam Lake Curling Club
Foam Lake Legion Hall
Foam Lake Leisure Services
Foam Lake Lions Club
Foam Lake School Of Music
Foam Lake Veselka Committee
Foam LakeWater Park Christmas Social
Foam Lake Wildlife Federation
Football Sask
Fort Battleford National Historic Site
Fort Qu’Appelle Curling Club
Fort Qu’Appelle Amphitheatre
Fort Qu’Appelle Christian Women’s Club
Fort Qu’Appelle Lions Club
Fort Qu’Appelle Marauders
Fort Qu’Appelle Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Fort Qu’Appelle Public Library
Fort Qu’Appelle Royal Canadian Legion
Free My Muse Theatre Company
Friends of Wascana Marsh
Full Gospel Business Men
FW Johnson Collegiate
Gainsborough Library
Gainsborough Lions Club
Gapland Rollers (Rocanville)
Gay & Lesbian Community of Regina
Girl Guides of Canada, Sask
Glen Ewen Communiplex
Glen Ewen Trailblazers 4-H
Glenavon Agricultural Sociely Fair
Global Faith Healing Ministries
Globe Theatre
Gold Medal Plates (Regina)
Golden Apple Theatre, Regina
Golden Prairie Home (Indian Head)
Golf Sask
Good Spirit Community Church
Gordon Denny Community School
Gordon F. Kells High School (Carlyle)
Gospel Echoes (Warman)
Government House
Grace Mennonite Church (Regina)
Grace United Church (Weyburn)
Grace United Church Stoughton
Grand Theatre (Indian Head)
Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers
GrassRoots Regina
Gravelbourg & District Swim Club
Gravelbourg and District Museum
Gravelbourg Bon Ami
Gravelbourg Church of Christ
Gravelbourg Curling Club
Gravelbourg Farmer’s Market
Gravelbourg Fire Department
Gravelbourg Gaiety Theatre
Gravelbourg Girl Guides
Gravelbourg High School
Gravelbourg Library
Gravelbourg Lions Club
Gravelbourg Minor Hockey
Gravelbourg Recreation
Greenall High School
Grenfell ACW
Grenfell Child Care Centre
Grenfell Laketown Players
Grenfell Lions Club
Grenfell Snowdrifters
Gull Lake and District Kinsmen
Gull Lake Curling Club
Gull Lake Kinettes
Gull Lake Lions Club
Habitat for Humanity (Regina)
Habitat For Humanity (North Battleford)
Harmony 2 Go Youth Barbershop Chorus
Healing Haven Wildlife Rescue
HeARTland Artists’ Guild
Heartland Girl Guides
Henry Braun School (Regina)
Heritage Community Association
Heritage Sask
Heritage United Church (Fort Qu’Appelle)
Heritage United Church (Regina)
Highland Curling Club
Hill Avenue Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Hillsdale Alliance Church
Historic Battleford Lions
Hitch’n Vine Round Dance Club
Hockey Regina
Holy Child Parish CWL (Regina)
Holy Family Parish (Regina)
Holy Rosary Cathedral (Regina)
Holy Trinity Anglican (Bredenbury)
Holy Trinity Anglican (Yorkton)
Holy Trinity Parish (Regina)
Hope Air
Hope’s Home
Hospitals of Regina Fdn
Hudson Bay Arena
Hudson Bay Bingo
Hudson Bay Community Modeon Theatre
Hudson Bay Community School
Hudson Bay Economic Development
Hudson Bay Health Care Auxiliary
Hudson Bay Lions Club
Hudson Bay Rotary Club
Hudson Bay SARCAN
Hudson-Bay Allied Arts Council
Humboldt & District Gallery
Humboldt & District Museum
Humboldt All Saints Ukrainian Catholic Church
Humboldt Area Art Council
Humboldt Bantam AA Broncos
Humboldt Big Brothers & Sisters
Humboldt Caleb Village
Humboldt Canadian Blood Services
Humboldt Chamber of Commerce
Humboldt Community Kitchen
Humboldt Community Trails
Humboldt Curling Club
Humboldt Dance Club
Humboldt Gallery
Humboldt German Heritage Society
Humboldt Humane Society
Humboldt Legion Ladies Auxilary
Humboldt Lions Club
Humboldt Midget AA Broncos
Humboldt OnStage Dance Troup
Humboldt Peewee AA Broncos
Humboldt Royal Canadian Legion
Humboldt Seniors Club
Humboldt St Andrew’s Anglican Church
Humboldt St. Elizabeth’s Ladies Auxillary
Humboldt Vintage Club
Humboldt Westminster United Church
India Canada (Regina)
Indian Head Band Parents Association
Indian Head Curling Association
Indian Head Grand Theatre
Indian Head Heritage Club
Indian Head High School
Indian Head Horticultural Society
Indian Head Lions Club
Indian Head Natural History Society
Indian Head Public Library
Indian Head United Church
Indian Metis Christian Fellowship
Indigenous Cultural Society of Sask
Inner Circle Creative City Development
Intercommunity Development Fund
International Coaching Federation
International Women of Weyburn
Iron Horse Kindersley Klippers
Jasper Cultural & Historical Centre (Maple Creek)
Jazz Regina
Job Fair for People with Disabilities
John Paul II Collegiate
Judo Canada
Junior Achievement
Junior Chamber International
K. G. Harmonie German Dancers
Kalyna School of Dance
Kamkids Daycare
Kamsack & District Arts Council
Kamsack Animal Rescue
Kamsack Community Arts Council
Kamsack Community Choir
Kamsack Eaglestone Lodge
Kamsack Lions Club
Kamsack Playhouse
Kamsack Power House Museum
Kamsack Public Health Office
Kamsack Ski Club
Kamsack Sports, Recreation & Culture
Kaposvar Historic Society
Keen Age Society
Kelsey Trail Health Region
Kelvington & District Health Foundation
Kelvington East Central Sarbi
Kelvington Health Care
Kelvington Lionelles
Kelvington Lions Club
Kelvington Little Hawks Early Learning Centre
Kelvington Rec Arena
Kelvington Trailblazers
Kenyan Community in Regina
Kerrobert Bingo
Kerrobert Fire Department
Kerrobert Ice Dawgs
Kerrobert Lions Club
Kerrobert Museum
Kerrobert Volunteer Fire Department
Khedive Recreation Club
Kidney Foundation (Yorkton)
Kikinahk Friendship Ctre
Kindersley & District Arts Council
Kindersley Air Cadets
Kindersley Canadian Blood Services
Kindersley Chamber of Commerce
Kindersley Composite School’s
Kindersley Culture Days
Kindersley Curling Club
Kindersley Lions Club
Kindersley Screen Arts
Kindersley Volleyball
Kindersley Whirls & Twirls Dance Club
Kinette Club of Yorkton
Kings Park Speedway
Kinistino Canadian Blood Services
Kinistino Cemetery Society
Kinistino Communities In Bloom
Kinistino Half Century Club
Kinistino Legion Ladies Aux
Kinistino Library
Kinistino Lions Club
Kinistino Museum
Kinistino Skating Club
Kinistino St. Andrew’s United Church
Kinistino Tigers Hockey
Kinsmen Foundation
Kipling & District Arts Council
Kipling Community Centre
Kipling Curling Club
Kipling Friendship Centre
Kipling Lions Club
Kipling Peoples Church
Kipling Winter Dance Club
Kipling/Windthorst Oil Kings
Kizomba Regina
Knox Presbyterian Church (Yorkton)
Knox-Metropolitan United Church (Regina)
Kronau Memorial Hall Co-op
La Palestre - Gravelbourg Arena
La Ronge & District Arts Council
La Ronge Children’s Festival
La Ronge Curling Club
La Ronge Elk’s
La Ronge Freedom Outreach
La Ronge Friendship Quilters
La Ronge Ice Wolves Hockey Club
La Ronge Judo Club
La Ronge LEGO Club
La Ronge Lions Club
La Ronge Lutheran Church
La Ronge Minor Hockey
La Ronge Music Festival
La Ronge Northern Animal Rescue
La Ronge Public Library
La Ronge Roman Catholic Church
La Ronge SeniorCitizen’s Centre
La Ronge Skating Club
La Ronge United Church
Lac La Ronge Food Bank
Ladies’ Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion (Regina)
Lady of Peach Parish (Regina)
Lakeland Library Region
Lakeshore Tennis Club
Lakeview United Church (Regina)
Lampman Catholic Church
Lampman Faith Lutheran Church
Lampman Lions Club
Lampman Public Library
Lampman Royal Canadian Legion
Lampman School
Lampman Tae Kwon Do Club
Lampman UCW
Langenburg & District Arts Council
Langenburg & District Daycare Co-operative
Langenburg & District School
Langenburg Community Theatre
Langenburg Lioness & Lions Club
Langenburg Lions Club
Langenburg St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Langenburg Warriors Hockey
Langham & District Heritage Village and Museum
Langham Branch Library
Langham Lions Club
Langham Museum
Langham Recreation Department
Langham Skating Club
Langham Soccer
Lanigan & District Curling Club
Lanigan Canadian Blood Services
Lanigan Heritage Centre
Lanigan Lions Club
Lashburn Community Hall
Lashburn Lions Club
Lashburn Senior Flyer’s
L’Assoc. communautaire fransaskoise de Gravelbourg
Last Mountain Artists Collective
Last Mountain Bird Observatory
Last Mountain Gymkana Club Club
Last Mountain Theatre Company
Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre
Latin Fusion Studio
Leader & District Arts Council
Leader Community Hall
Leader Curling Club
Leader Library
Leader Lions Club
Leader Riverhills Lions
Leader School of Dance
Leader Veterinary Services District
Leader Walkers Club
Learning Disabilities Assoc of Sask
Leask Golf Course
Leask Lions Club
Leask Recreation Board
Leask Royal Canadian Legion
LeBoldus High School
Legends Centre
Light of Christ Catholic School Division
Lintlaw Golden Glory Club
Lionsdale Boxing Club
Living Hope Community Church (Estevan)
Lumsden Bingo
Lumsden Curling Club
Lumsden Flea Market
Lumsden Heritage Home
Lumsden Historical Society
Lumsden Lions Club
Lumsden Quilters
Lung Association of Sask
Luseland Arts Council
Luseland Lions Club
Luseland Theatre
Luther College High School
MacKenzie Art Gallery
MacKenzie Infant Care Centre
Macklin Daycare
Macklin Golf Association
Macklin Lions Club
Macklin Mohawks Minor Hockey
Macklin Vacation Bible School
Maidstone Hospital Auxiliary
Maidstone Lions Club
Maidstone Senior Citizens Drop In Centre
Maidstone United Church
Maillard Centre Culturel (Gravelbourg)
Majestic Theatre, Biggar
Majestics Car Club
Man Up Against Violence
Manor Fire Dept
Maple Creek Communities in Bloom
Maple Creek Composite School DinnerTheatre
Maple Creek Elks
Maple Creek Football
Maple Creek Legion
Maple Creek Lions Club
Maple Creek Ranch
Maple Creek United Church
Marguerite Riel Centre (Melfort)
Market Days Carnduff
Martensville Baptist Church
Martensville Canadian Blood Services
Martensville Curling Club
Martensville Lions Club
Martensville Mission Church
Martensville Sports Centre
Marysburg Centre of the Arts
McLurg High School
Meadow Lake Chamber of Commerce
Meadow Lake Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi
Meadow Lake Concert Choir
Meadow Lake Lions Club
Meadow Lake Our Lady of Peace
Meadow Lake Positively Parenting
Meadow Lake Relay for Life
Melfort & District Arts Group
Melfort & District Senior Citizens Club
Melfort Canadian Blood Services
Melfort Community Players
Melfort Cross Country Ski Club
Melfort Daycare Co-operative
Melfort Elks Lodge
Melfort Kerry Vickar Centre
Melfort Lions Club
Melfort Maude Burke Elementary School
Melfort Presbyterian Church
Melfort Royal Canadian Legion
Melfort Royal Canadian Legion 30
Melfort Seniors Club
Melfort United Church
Melfort Volleyball Club
Melville Assoc. of Christian Churches
Melville & District Arts Council
Melville & District Chamber of Commerce
Melville & District Donors Choice Appeal
Melville & District Food Bank
Melville Baptist Church
Melville Community Thrift Store
Melville Curling Club
Melville First United Church UCW
Melville Food Bank
Melville German Club
Melville Good Shepherd Luth. Church
Melville Kinsmen & Kinettes
Melville Lions Club
Melville Minor Hockey Association
Melville Parks and Recreation
Melville Prairie Fire Hockey
Melville Quilters’ Guild
Melville Royal Canadian Legion
Melville Senior Citizens Centre
Melville St Paul’s Lutheran
Melville St. Henry’s Parish
Melville Terry Fox Run
Men’s Over 50 Golf Club
Meota & District Recreation Association
Meota Curling Club
Meota Lakeshore Lions
Meota Lions Club
Meota Terry Fox Run
Midale Curling Club
Midale Lions Club
Milestone Curling Club
Milestone Library
Milestone Lions Club
Milestone Memorial Rink
Miller High School
Miracle Centre Church
Montessori School of Regina
Moose Mountain Health Care
Moose Mountain Hockey League
Moosomin Armoury
Moosomin Arts Council
Moosomin Family Dancers
Moosomin Lions Club
Moosomin Public Library
Mount Olive Lutheran Church (Regina)
Move It! Move It! Girls
MS Society of Canada, Sask Division
Muenster Knights Of Columbus
Muenster School of Dance
Muscular Dystrophy Canada
N by NW Girl Guides (Regina)
National Doukhobor Heritage
National Heritage Village
Nations West Field House
Nature Conservancy Canada
Nature Regina
Nature Saskatchewan
Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre
Neil Squire Society
Neutral Ground Gallery
New Dance Horizons
New Hope Lutheran Church
New Horizons Senior Citizens of Yorkton
Nipawin Alliance Church
Nipawin Centennial Players
Nipawin Co-op Kids’ Club
Nipawin Demolition Derby
Nipawin Girl Guides
Nipawin Jr. A Hawks
Nipawin Lions Club
Nipawin Oasis Community Centre
Nipawin Pineland Co-op
Nipawin St Eugene Roman Catholic Church
Norman Ritchie Community Centre
Norquay Kinsmen Club
Norquay Lions Club
Norquay Rosa Dancers
Norquay Royal Canadian Legion
North Battleford Aquatic Centre
North Battleford Catholic Schools
North Battleford Civic Centre
North Battleford Comm. Dances of India
North Battleford Comprehensive High School
North Battleford Downtown Improv. District
North Battleford Lions Club
North Battleford Public Library
North Battleford Royal Cdn Legion Branch 70
North Battleford Royal Purple Lodge 173
North Battleford Seniors
North Battleford Twin Rivers Curling Club
North Central Community Association
North Sask Victim Services
Northern Animal Rescue Humane Society
Northern Sask Archives
Northland Power Curling Centre
Northlands College, LaRonge
Notekeu Hockey League
Notre Dame Church CWL (Battleford)
Old Tyme Dance Club (Humboldt)
Optimist Club of Arcola
Order of the Eastern Star
Orkney Historical Society
Osler Fire Department
Osler Lions Club
Osler Senior Fitness Program
Our Lady Of Peace Church (Regina)
Outlook & District Regional Park
Outlook Canadian Blood Services
Outlook Ice Hawks
Outlook Lions Club
Outlook Skating Club
Outook Playschool
Oxbow Community Childcare Centre
Oxbow Faith Lutheran Church
Oxbow Friendship Club
Oxbow Health Care Auxiliary
Oxbow Lions Club
Oxbow Prairie Horizons School
Oxbow UCW
Page Turner’s Book Club (Craik)
Pangman School (Milestone)
Parkinson Canada Regina Chapter
Parkland Bantam Lions Female Hockey
Parkland Filipino Canadian Assoc of Yorkton
Parkland Health Region
Parkland Swingers Square dancing
Parkland Valley Dist. SSFA
Parkland Writers Alliance
Partners Family Services (Humboldt)
Partners In Employment
Pasqua Hospital Auxiliary
Paul Woldu & Friends Football Camp
Paws & Claws Rescue
Pense First Responders
Pense Lil’ Gardeners Club
Pense Lions Club
People for Animals of Sask
Pile O’Bones Derby Club
Pilot Butte Baron’s Hockey Club
Pilot Butte Golden Sunset Club
Pilot Butte Lions Club
Pilot Butte Way of Life Church
Pimiskatan Canoe Club
Pipestone Archaeological Society
Plains Toastmasters
Playing for Change Sask
Plus 60 Club Langham
Porcupine Plain School
Potashville ProLife
Potashville Singles Club
Prairie Artists Guild
Prairie Chamber Choir
Prairie Danceland
Prairie Dragons Paddling Club
Prairie Gael School of Irish Dance
Prairie Game Expo
Prairie Gold Chorus/Sweet Adelines Int’l
Prairie Gold Girl Guides
Prairie North Health Region
Prairie Patchworker’s Quilt Guild
Prairie Peony Society
Prairie Piecemakers Quilters’ Guild
Prairie Ribbon Gymnastics Club
Prairie Skies Musical
Prairie Winds Adult Band
Prestige Fight Club
Pro-life Estevan & Area Inc
Promotions of Praise Inc.
Prostate Cancer Support Group
Punjabi Women’s Association Regina
Punnichy Lions Club
Qu’Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts
Qu’Appelle Valley Hockey
Queen City Basketball Academy
Queen City Brass Band
Queen City Chess Club of Regina
Queen City Eastview Community Assoc.
Queen City Hub
Queen City Kinsmen
Queen City Marathon
Queen City Tenants Association
Quill Lake Highland Dancers
Quilters Corner
Quota International of Weyburn
Rail City Industries Inc. (Melville)
Rainbow Youth Centre
Ranch Ehrlo Counselling
RCMP Heritage Centre
REALM Foundation
Red Cross Sask
Redberry Wildlife Federation
Redvers Activity Centre
Redvers Arts Council
Redvers Legion Ladies Night Out
Redvers Lions Club
Redvers Minor Hockey
Redvers Volunteer Fire Department
Redvers Wildlife Federation
Reel Theatre (Outlook)
Regina & District Chamber of Commerce
Regina & District Personal Carehome Assoc.
Regina & Region Home Builders’ Assoc.
Regina Alpine Ski Club
Regina Amateur Radio Association
Regina Apostolic Church
Regina Aquarium Society
Regina Assoc. for Community Living
Regina Assoc. of Middle Eastern Dance
Regina Auto Racing Club
Regina Beach Cultural Centre
Regina Beach Leisure Time Club
Regina Beach Lioness Club
Regina Beach Lions Club
Regina Beach Memorial Hall
Regina Beach South Shore School
Regina Beach United Church
Regina Beach Weight Watchers
Regina Blues Assoc.
Regina Bridge Club
Regina Capitals Hockey
Regina Celiac Association
Regina Chap. of Compassionate Friends
Regina Christian School
Regina Christian Women
Regina Coin Club
Regina Crimestoppers
Regina Cycle Club and Offroad Syndicate
Regina Downtown BID
Regina Early Learning Centre
Regina EcoLiving
Regina Elks #9
Regina Experimental Aircraft Association
Regina Family Childcare
Regina Fan Expo
Regina Farmers’ Market
Regina Federation Of Artists
Regina Fed. of Business & Professional
Women’s Clubs
Regina Fish And Game League
Regina Floral Conservatory
Regina Flying Club
Regina Food Bank
Regina Fringe Festival
Regina General Hospital Auxiliary
Regina German Club
Regina Good Shepherd Lutheran
Regina High School Athletics Association
Regina Horticulture Society
Regina Humane Society
Regina Hungarian Cultural & Social Club
Regina International Film Festival
Regina Irish Dance Parents Association
Regina Jazz Society
Regina Ladies Choir
Regina Lawn Bowling Club
Regina Lions Club
Regina Little Theatre
Regina Lyric Musical Theatre
Regina Mandolin Orchestra
Regina Marlins Swim Club
Regina Minor Football
Regina Morning Christian Women’s Club
Regina Oddfellows No. 6
Regina Open Door Society
Regina Optimist Baseball
Regina Osteoporosis Chapter
Regina Palliative Care Inc.
Regina Pat Canadians
Regina Pats
Regina Peony Society
Regina Philatelic Club
Regina Philharmonic Chorus
Regina Photo Club
Regina Pride Inc.
Regina Public Library
Regina Public Schools
Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region
Regina Queen City KInettes
Regina Rebels
Regina Red Sox
Regina Redeemer Reformation Church
Regina Riel Metis Council
Regina Riot Football
Regina Road Runners Club
Regina Rogues Rugby Club
Regina Rotary Club
Regina Royal Canadian Legion 70
Regina Royals Cricket Club
Regina Senior Citizen Centre
Regina Senior Fitness Assoc
Regina Silver Foxes
Regina South Rotary Club
Regina Speed Skating Club
Regina Summer Stage
Regina Symphony Orchestra
Regina Thunder Football Club
Regina Transition House
Regina Weavers and Spinners Guild
Regina Woodcarvers Club
Regina Work Prep Centre
Regina Youth For Christ
Registered Nurses of Kamsack (Local 78)
Reid-Thompson Public Library (Humboldt)
Relay for Life
Renaissance Gaiety Theare
Resurrection Parish CWL
Riffel High School
Rivers West District
Road Race Comm. & Tatagwa
Roots & Wings Childcare Center
Rose Valley & District Kinettes
Rose Valley Lions Club
Rose Valley School
Rose Valley Skating Club
Rosetown Alliance Church
Rosetown Angels Baseball Club
Rosetown Canadian Blood Services
Rosetown Civic Centre
Rosetown Kinsmen Club
Rosetown Lions Club
Rosetown Riding Club
Rosetown Soccer Association
Rosetown United Church
Rosthern & District Arts Council
Rosthern Agricultural Society
Rosthern Canadian Blood Services
Rosthern Caregiver Support Group
Rosthern Farmers’ Market
Rosthern Hospital
Rosthern Lions Club
Rosthern Station Arts Center
Rosthern Station Arts Centre
Rosthern Winter Festival Committee
Rotary Club of Regina
Rotary Club of Weyburn
Rotary Club of Yorkton
Royal Canadian Legion (Regina)
Royal Canadian Legion (Bienfait)
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 30 (Melfort)
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 77 (Yorkton)
Royal Purple (North Battleford)
Royal Sask Museum
Ruth M Buck Parent Council
S.O.S. Melville
Sacred Heart High School
Salcoats Volunteer Fire Department
Saltcoats Curling Club
Saltcoats Historical Societ
Saltcoats Library
Saltcoats Lions Club
Saltcoats Regional Park
Salvation Army (Estevan)
Salvation Army (Regina)
Salvation Army (Yorkton)
Salvation Army (Maple Creek)
SARCAN Recycling
Sask 4-H Council
Sask Abilities Council
Sask Aboriginal Women’s Circle
Sask African Cdn Heritage Museum
Sask Arts Board
Sask Assoc. of Theatre Professionals
Sask Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
Sask Brain Injury Association
Sask Broomball Association
Sask Cancer Society, MeadowLake
Sask Caribbean-Can Association
Sask Cerebral Palsy Association
Sask Choral Federation
Sask Council for Archives and Archivists
Sask Craft Council
Sask Cultural Exchange Society
Sask Cutting Horse Association
Sask Disability Income Support Coalition
Sask Electric Vehicle Club
Sask Epilepsy Inc
Sask Express
Sask Female Midget AAA Hockey League
Sask FilmPool Cooperative
Sask Genealogical Society
Sask Gun Collectors Association
Sask Heart and Stroke Foundation
Sask High Schools Athletic Association
Sask Horse Federation
Sask Immigration Justice Network
Sask in Motion
Sask Jamaican Association
Sask Junior Hockey League
Sask Kinesiology and Exercise ScienceAssoc.
Sask Lego Users Group
Sask Literacy Network
Sask LungAssoc. &The Cdn Cancer Society
Sask Media Production Industry Assoc.
Sask Military Museum
Sask Organics
Sask Organization for Heritage Languages
Sask Ovarian Cancer Survivors
Sask Pharmacy Association
Sask Prairie Hockey League
Sask Prairie Yokohama Student Exchange
Sask Prevention Institute
Sask Rider Pep Band
Sask Roughrider Football Club
Sask Safety Council
Sask Senior Fitness Association
Sask Seniors Mechanism
Sask Sheep Breeders’ Association
Sask Snowmobile Association
Sask Sport
Sask Sports Hall of Fame
Sask Squash
Sask Teachers’ Superannuation (Battlefords)
Sask Trapper’s Association
Sask Valley Hockey League
Sask Valley Music Festival
Sask Valley Riding Club
Sask West Hockey League
Sask Wheelchair Sports
Sask Wildlife Federation
Sask Writers’ Guild
Saskatchean Sports Hall of Fame
Saskatchewan Science Centre
Save the Children Canada
Scared Scriptless Players
SCEP Centre
Schizophrenia Society of Sask
Sask Country Music Association
Scott Nicholson Fine Arts
Scottish Country Dancers
SE Newcomer Service
Selo Gardens Seniors Club
Senator Myles Venne School
Senior Power of Regina
Seven Stones Community School
SGS Pipestone Branch
Shaunavon & District Community
Services Society
Shaunavon 4-H Club
Shaunavon Arts Council
Shaunavon Christ the King School
Shaunavon Curling Club
Shaunavon Lions Club
Shaunavon Playschool
Shaunavon RenaissanceYouthAlliance Church
Shaunavon Rodeo Association
Shekinah Eagles Centre
Shellbrook Elks Hockey Club
Shellbrook Hospital
Shellbrook Kinettes
Shellbrook Lions Club
Shellbrook Minor Hockey
Shooting Stars Foundation
Skate Battlefords
Skate Esterhazy
Skate Humboldt
Skate Regina
Skate Yorkton
Sonia’s School of Ukrainian Dance
Sons of Scotland Camp Balmoral 177
Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
Soup Haven
Souris Valley Theatre
Sourtheast Chorus
South Sask Chapter Cystic Fibrosis Canada
South Sask Independent Living Center
South Sask Lily Society
South Shore Art Group
Southeast Chorus Association
Southeast Regional Library (Indian Head)
Southern Horizons Area Girl Guides
Southside Pentecostal Assembly
SouthWest Hockey League
Spiritwood & District Health Complex
Spiritwood Curling Club
Spiritwood Lakeland Church
Spiritwood Lions Club
Spiritwood Rec Centre
Spiritwood Skating Club
Spiritwood Spirited Players
Springside BitznBytes
Springside Lions Club
St. Andrews Anglican Church (Humboldt)
St. Andrews United Church (Indian Head)
St. Andrew’s United Church (Lumsden)
St.Anthony’s Roman Catholic Polish Church
St. Basil’s Parish Centre (Regina)
St. Bernadette School
St. Cecilia Men’s Club
St. Georges’s Church of Kinistino
St. Henry’s Jr. Elem. School
St. James Anglican Church (Regina)
St. James Presbyterian Church (Melfort)
St. John Ambulance
St. John’s Lutheran Church (Humboldt)
St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation
St. Joseph’s R.C. Parish (Canora)
St. Luke’s Anglican Church
St. Mark Orthodox Church (Yorkton)
St. Martins CWL
St. Mary’s Anglican Church
St. Mary’s Cultural Centre (Yorkton)
St. Mary’s Parish
St. Mary’s Parish (Regina Beach)
St. Mary’s UCWLC (Yorkton)
St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
St. Michael’s Church
St. Michael’s Parish (Cudworth)
St. Michael’s Retreat
St. Paul Lutheran Church (Yorkton)
St. Paul Lutheran Home (Melville)
St. Paul’s United Church (Tisdale)
St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral (Regina)
St. Paul’s United Church (Oxbow)
St. Peter Elementary School
St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission
St. Timothy Catholic School
St. Timothy’s 49 Scouting Group
St. Vital Parish (Battleford)
Stewart Court Housing Co-operative
Stockholm Gymnastics Club
Stoughton Crossroads 4-H
Stoughton Health Clinic
Stoughton Lions Club
Stoughton Royal Canadian Legion
Stoughton School
Stoughton Take Off Pounds Sensibly
Street Culture Project
Sun Country Health Region
Sundown Jr. Tennis Club
Sunrise Health Region
Sunset United Church (Regina)
Synchro Skating Regina
Tartan Curling Club
Team Diabetes
Ten Thousand Villages
Territorial Drive Alliance Church
Terry Fox Foundation
The Caring Place
The Casey Foundation
The Family Place (Weyburn)
The Unique Like Us Social Club
Theatre Regina
Theatre Saskatchewan
Theodore & District Recreation
Theodore Community Centre
Theodore Lions Club
Theodore United Church
Thom Collegiate
Thunderchild First Nation
Tisdale & District Arts Council
Tisdale Canadian Blood Services
Tisdale Dance Centre
Tisdale Ducks Unlimited
Tisdale Kinettes
Tisdale Lions Club
Tisdale Minor Hockey
Toastmasters Int’l (Weyburn)
Topline Social Dance Club
Tourism Estevan
Tourism Melville
Town of Allan
Town of Arcola
Town of Balgonie
Town of Battleford
Town of Beatty
Town of Bienfait
Town of Biggar
Town of Bredenbury
Town of Burstall
Town of Canora
Town of Carlyle
Town of Carnduff
Town of Carrot River
Town of Churchbridge
Town of Conquest
Town of Craik
Town of Dalmeny
Town of Davidson
Town of Dinsmore
Town of Foam Lake
Town of Fort Qu’Appelle
Town of Gravelbourg
Town of Grenfell
Town of Gull Lake
Town of Hudson Bay
Town of Indian Head
Town of Kerrobert
Town of Kindersley
Town of Kinistino
Town of Kipling
Town of La Ronge
Town of Lampman
Town of Langham
Town of Lanigan
Town of Lashburn
Town of Leader
Town of Leoville
Town of Lipton
Town of Lumsden
Town of Luseland
Town of Maidstone
Town of Maple Creek
Town of Meadow Lake
Town of Melfort
Town of Moosomin
Town of Nipawin
Town of Osler
Town of Outlook
Town of Pense
Town of Pilot Butte
Town of Redvers
Town of Regina Beach
Town of Rosetown
Town of Rosthern
Town of Rouleau
Town of Saltcoats
Town of Shaunavon
Town of Shellbrook
Town of Spiritwood
Town of Springside
Town of Stoughton
Town of Tisdale
Town of Unity
Town of Wadena
Town of Wakaw
Town of Watson
Town of Whitewood
Town of Wilkie
Town of Wynyard
Trinity Lutheran Church Estevan
Tri-Town Thunder Hockey Team
Twin Lakes Community Association
Twin Rivers Curling Club
Twin Valley Riding Club
Ukrainian Cdn Congress Regina Branch
Ukrainian CatholicWomen’s League (Canora)
United Way Regina
Unity Anglican Church
Unity Bantam Cardinals
Unity Baptist Church
Unity Food Bank
Unity Lions Club
Unity Ministerial
Unity Sports Wall of Fame
Univ. of Regina
Univ. of Regina Aboriginal Student Centre
Univ. of Regina Athletics
Univ. of Regina Centre forAging & Health
Univ. of Regina Centre for Continuing Ed.
Univ. of Regina Cheerleaders
Univ. of Regina Choral Activities
Univ. of Regina Computer Science
Univ. of Regina Concert Series
Univ. of Regina Dpt. of Computer Science
Univ. of Regina Faculty of Arts
Univ. of Regina Film & Video
Univ. of Regina Innovation Centre
Univ. of Regina Institut français
Univ. of Regina School of Journalism
Univ. of Regina Theatre
Univ. of Regina Women & Gender Studies
Upland’s Community Centre
Village of Leask
Village of Meota
Village of Punnichy
Village of Theodore
Vohon Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
Volunteer Resources Sask
W. H. Ford School
Wa Wa Shriners
Wadena & District Museum
Wadena Baptist Church
Wadena Composite School
Wadena Curling Club
Wadena District Lions Club
Wadena Farmers Market
Wadena Girl Guides
Wadena Legion Branch 62
Wadena New Life Community Church
Wadena Public Library
Wadena Rec Park
Wadena Social Club
Wadena United Church
Wadenas & District Museum
Wakaw Canadian Blood Services
Wakaw Lions Club
Wakaw Minor Hockey
Wakaw Ukrainian Dance Club
War Amps
War Memorial Association
Warman Library
Warman Art Council
Warman Canadian Blood Services
Warman Community Association
Warman Community Band
Warman Community Garden
Warman Cross Country Ski Trail
Warman Dance Club
Warman Diamond Arena
Warman Emergency Response Team
Warman Farmers’ Market
Warman Fire Department
Warman Girls Prairie League Softball
Warman High School
Warman In Motion
Warman Kidsport
Warman Lions Club
Warman Mennonite Church
Warman Minor BaseBall
Warman Minor Hockey
Warman Skate Park
Warman Toboggan Hills
Warman Wildcats
Warman/Osler Skating Club
Wascana Dog Obedience Club
Wascana Freewheelers
Water Polo Sask
Watoto Children Choir
Watrous & Area Arts Council
Watrous Canadian Blood Services
Watrous Curling Club
Watrous Heritage Centre
Watrous Kinettes
Watrous Lions Club
Watrous United Church
Watson Communities in Bloom
Watson CWL
Watson Health Care Foundation
Watson Lions Club
Wawota Public Library
Welcome Wagon of Regina
Wesley United Church
West Central Crisis & Family Support Centre
West Central Events Centre (Kindersley)
Western Development Museum
Weyburn Canadian Blood Services
Weyburn Chamber of Commerce
Weyburn Genealogy Society
Weyburn Hospital Foundation
Weyburn Lions Club
Weyburn Public Library
Weyburn Skating Club
Weyburn United Way
Weyburn Wheatland Senior Centre
Weyburn Writers Guild
Weyburn Parks Board
Wheatland Regional Library
Wheatland Senior Hockey League
White Butte Ducks Unlimited
Whitewood Curling Rink
Whitewood Elks
Whitewood Harmony Club
Whitewood Heritage Center
Whitewood Lions Club
Whitewood Ministerial
Whitewood Museum
Whitewood Orioles
Whitewood Royal Canadian Legion
Whitewood School
Whitewood Skating Club
Whitewood Swimming Pool
Whitmore Park Comm Association
Whitmore Park United Church
Wild Rice Writers Group
Wild Spirit Belly Dance
Wild Spirit Prairie Sanctuary
Wilkie Lions Club
Winston Knoll Collegiate
Women Entrepreneurs of Sask Inc
Women in Trades & Technology
Women Of Hope (Humboldt)
Women’s Information Network of Sask
WorkSafe Sask
Wounded Warrior Program
Wynyard Bingo
Wynyard Elementary School
Wynyard Kinette
Wynyard Lions Club
Wynyard Ministerial
Yellow Creek Parks & Recreation
Yellow Grass School
YMCA of Regina
Yorkton & District Horticultural Society
Yorkton Animal Rescue Team
Yorkton Antique Auto Association
Yorkton Aquabatix
Yorkton Arts Council
Yorkton Canoe Kayak Club
Yorkton Chamber of Commerce
Yorkton Citizens on Patrol
Yorkton Exhibition Association
Yorkton Film Festival
Yorkton Food Bank
Yorkton Girl Guide
Yorkton Holy Trinity
Yorkton Kalyna Dance
Yorkton Kinsmen Kinettes
Yorkton Lions Club
Yorkton Ministerial Assoc
Yorkton Navy League and Sea Cadets
Yorkton Parks and Recreation
Yorkton Public Library
Yorkton Rawtek Maulers
Yorkton Regional High School
Yorkton S.P.C.A.
Yorkton Scottish Society
Yorkton St. Gerard’s Parish
Yorkton Terriers Hockey
Yorkton Ukrainian Woman’s Association
Young Adult Cancer Canada
Young Explorers Club
Youth in Music
YWCA Regina
Zabutnyy Ukrainian Dance Group
Zichydorf Association
Zion Women of Faith
Zizai Regina
Regina (Head Office) • 2250 Park Street • S4N 7K7
Estevan • 1126 6th Street
Humboldt • 645 Main Street
La Ronge • 712 Finlayson Street
Melfort • 620 Saskatchewan Avenue SE
North Battleford • 1192 99th Street
Weyburn • 120 10th Avenue SE
Yorkton • 22 Sixth Avenue N
Saskatoon • 826 57th St E