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The “L” by DaVinci was a VESTA Finalist
For this year’s VESTA Awards we entered DaVinci’s
latest prototype, The “L”. This brand new fireplace
showcases a unique presentation of fire with 90-degree
corners of flames extending in opposite directions, and
offers the same innovative features as the original DaVinci
Custom Fireplaces, plus more. With 12 – 36 inch glass
heights, an optional efficient heat exchanger, two outdoor
installation applications, and a Smart Bluetooth App,
The “L” was unlike any gas fireplace the VESTA judges
had ever seen.
Dean’s Stove & Spa, LLC won the VESTA
Award for 2015 Hearth Retailer of the Year!
Congratulations to Dean Michanczyk, owner of Dean’s Stove & Spa
in Plantsville, Connecticut for receiving the prestigious VESTA Award
for 2015 Hearth Retailer of the Year. Throughout the last three
decades, Dean’s has continuously been an excellent dealer of ours,
and has grown into the largest hearth shop in New England. We
couldn’t be more proud of Dean and his staff for all of their hard work
and for receiving this well-deserved award
DAMP STANDARD (Covered Outdoor Fireplaces)
All of Travis Industries’ gas fireplaces
(Except 864 ST and 4415 ST) have
been re-approved to the Damp Standard,
meaning they can be installed outdoors
again, underneath either a covered porch or
roof overhang. With outdoor entertainment
season right around the corner, our
gas fireplaces will provide the perfect
accompaniment to any outdoor living or
entertainment space.
Our DaVinci, See-Thru can be utilized
as indoor/outdoor fireplace, with one side
of the fireplace installed on the interior of
the home or building, while the other side
is installed as part of the exterior wall, to
provide a breathtaking and unique window of flames to the great indoors and outdoors.
The IronWorks™ Double Door Face has been one of Fireplace Xtrordinair’s most popular and best selling gas fireplace faces since it was introduced. People are drawn to the striking presence, fine detailing and Old World charm
of the IronWorks™ face, that give it a unique look unlike anything available. The success of the IronWorks™ Face
inspired us to expand this look into a collection of hand-hammered faces and trims for Fireplace Xtrordinair’s traditional and linear gas fireplaces.
We have introduced the Timberline™ Face for 864 and 564 gas fireplaces,along with the 34 DVL gas insert. The
Timberline™ Face features the same patina bronze, hand-hammered styling, but with an open fire view, clean lines
and dynamic architecture.
The IronWorks™ Trim for our High Output Linear Gas Fireplaces is another new addition to the collection. This
hand-hammered trim features simple, understated elegance that surrounds the fire view and can look rustic or modern.
It also comes available in our new IronWorks™ color, Burnished Black.
IronWorks™ Trim
If you attended the Trade Show, we hope you had the opportunity to see Katie’s
presentation on Fire Builder. We’ve officially launched Fire Builder on the Lopi,
Avalon and Fireplace Xtrordinair consumer websites. We’ve also added some
new features to the dealer Back Office Fire Builder that are designed to make
your lives easier. The most exciting feature we’ve added is our pre-programmed
estimate form that eliminates all of the work for you and will become the most
helpful tool to use in your store or showroom.
Find out more information on our new estimate form, along with everything else you need to know about Fire Builder
from our tutorial video. This video is incredibly helpful to all Fire Builder users, as it describes all of the features and
gives step-by-step instructions on exactly how to use Fire Builder. Find the link to this tutorial video underneath
the Fire Builder icon on the Back Office.
With the 2015 ANSI Glass Barrier Standard in full effect, it’s no secret that
our ANSI-compliant glass screens are far superior to our competitor’s. Our
safety screens have intricate mesh detailing that make them practically
invisible to the point where you’ll have a hard time even seeing them. They
are so discrete and do not detract from the fire view in any way, unlike the
barriers from our competitor’s which protrude out from the unit and take
away from the fire view. The ANSI-compliant screens are not meant to be
taken off or attached with magnetic clips, which is why ours are built directly
onto our stoves, fireplaces, and insert faces. You can actually see the
difference in quality and performance.
There are new EPA regulations regarding wood and pellet heating appliances that are going into effect at
different times throughout this year. The good news is, we are ahead of the game and all of our products
already meet this new requirement.
The first important date to be aware of is May 15, 2015: The last day any manufacturer can make a wood or
pellet heater that is EPA exempt or above 4.5 grams/hour. None of our models fall into this category.
All Travis products are Step 1 Certified, meaning they are 4.5 grams/hour or less.
The next important date is December 31, 2015: The last day any retailer or distributor can sell a wood or pellet
heater that is EPA exempt or above 4.5 grams/hour. This applies to any discontinued Travis models, so please
make sure to sell out of your inventory by the end of the year!
The next proposed EPA regulation isn’t until May 15, 2020, so this means we will have five full years of selling
our current inventory before any new EPA emissions standards are set to take place.
Our 2014 President’s Club includes 14 of our dealers who went
above and beyond last year, either selling over $1 million of our
product in sales or being an exclusive Travis Industries dealer
and selling $500,000. To celebrate all of their hard work, we took
the President’s Club to the Grand Ole Opry for a once in a lifetime
opportunity to be backstage and hear some of country music legends
perform. Congratulations to our 2014 President’s Club Members
on a successful year.
Congratulations to our 2014 President’s Club Members:
• All-Ways Warm – Lockport, NY
• Anderson Fireplace – Everett & Marysville, WA
• Countryside Stoves of Holland – Holland, NY
• Custom Hearth – Gorst & Poulsbo, WA
• Dean’s Stove & Spa, LLC – Plantsville, CT
• Emmett’s Energy – Romeo & Waterford, MI
• Energy House – Campbell, Gilroy, & San Carlos, CA
• Hearth & Home, Inc. – Mt. Prospect, IL
• Kirkland Fireplace – Kirkland & Maple Valley, WA
• Lisac’s Fireplaces & Stoves – Portland & Milwaukie, OR
• Rich’s for the Home – Silverdale, Lynnwood, Tukwila, Tacoma
& Bellevue, WA
• Rick’s House of Fire – Sapulpa & Oklahoma City, OK
• Stove Shoppe - Fences Unltd. – Epping & Windham, NH
• Woodstoves & Fireplaces Unlimited – Middleboro, MA
Avalon® Wood
Evergreen™ Wood Stove
Legs with Ash Pan
SKU 98700433
• High Performance Combustion System.
• 2.2 Cu. Ft. Firebox.
• EPA Tested at 3.6 Grams/Hour
• 20” Log Size.
• Heating Capacity – 1,200 to 2,000 Sq. Ft.
• Overall Efficiency of 74.5% • (EPA Overall Efficiency Numbers were achieved using
• the weighted average of the low, med-low, med-high and
• high burn rates during the EPA 5-G and 28A emissions
• series using the B.415.1 standard and the HHV for the
Pedestal with Ash Pan
• fuel test).
SKU 98700434
• Two Models: Legs with Ash Pan Pedestal with Ash Pan • Super Quiet 400 CFM Fan Option - SKU 99000143.
• GreenStart™ Igniter Option.
Avalon® Gas
Cypress™ Gas Stove
Black Paint
Stone Harbour Grey
Candy Apple Red
SKU 98700818
SKU 98700824
SKU 98700823
• Contemporary designed gas stove with three media choices.
• Three Colors: - Black Paint
- Stone Harbor Grey (Limited Edition for 2015)
- Candy Apple Red (Limited Edition for 2015)
• All With Hidden Barrier Compliant Screens.
Avalon® Gas
Cypress™ Gas Insert Face
• New Cypress™ Gas Insert Face - SKU # 96100276.
• Lower profile design makes face more symmetrical.
• Lower control access is slide-out design for easy access.
• Lower Cost.
• For 33 DVI and 34 DVL Gas Inserts.
• 26.5” H x 40” W.
• With Hidden Barrier Compliant Screen.
Lopi® Wood
Rockport™ Wood Stove
• Medium Sized Cast Iron Stove with High Performance Combustion
System - SKU 99600159.
• 2.1 Cu. Ft. Firebox.
• EPA Testing: TBA
• 22” Log Size
• Heating Capacity – 1,200 to 2,000 Sq. Ft.
• European Castings
• Large Ash Drawer
• Super Quiet 400 CFM Fan Option - SKU 99000143
• GreenStart™ Igniter Option
Lopi® Pellet
FoxFire™ AGP Pellet Stove
• Traditional Lopi® Step-Top Stove Styling Using Horizontal Rotary Disc Feed
System - SKU 99800329.
• Maximum Output: 53,300 BTUs/Hour.
• Huge 80 lb. Hopper Capacity.
• Heating Capacity: Up to 2,500 Sq. Ft.
• Large Ash Pan Pedestal.
• Designed to Burn All Grades of Wood Pellet Fuel.
• EPA Tested at 0.73 Grams/Hour.
Lopi® Pellet
Deerfield™ AGP Pellet Stove
• Traditional Lopi cast iron stove styling using Horizontal Rotary Disc Feed
System - SKU 99600360.
• Maximum Output: 41,000 BTUs/Hour.
• 50 lb. Hopper Capacity
• Heating Capacity: Up to 2,000 Sq. Ft.
• Large Capacity Ash Pan
• Designed to Burn All Grades of Wood Pellet Fuel
• EPA Testing: TBA
Lopi® Gas
Bronze Patina Gas Stoves
• For Greenfield, Berkshire and Northfield.
• Hand-Rubbed Bronze
Patina Finish.
• With Hidden Barrier
Compliant Screens.
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Wood
42 Wood Fireplace
• One SKU 98500105
Two Great Catalytic Fireplaces
1. Traditional Wood Burning
Fireplace with Traditional Face
and Convection Grills.
2. Clean Face Wood Burning
Fireplace with Remote Air Intake
and Heat Outlets
Traditional Wood Burning Fireplace shown with
Traditional Face and Air Intake and
Convection Grills.
• Firebox: 3.5 Cu. Ft.
• EPA Tested at 0.69 Grams/Hour
• Log Capacity: 24” Length
• Heating Capacity: Up to 2,500 Sq. Ft.
• Uses Either 7” and 8” Class A Chimney
or 8” Air Cooled Chimney.
• Perfect for Retrofit Installations
42” Wide x 24” Deep.
• 331 Sq. In. Viewing Glass.
• Bypass Damper
• Standard, super quiet 400 CFM Fan.
• Optional Clean Face Kit SKU 95900732.
• Optional Face SKU 95900733.
• GreenStart™ Igniter Option.
Clean Face Wood Burning Fireplace
Shown with Optional Clean Face Kit .
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
4237 HO Clean Face
Gas Fireplace
• High Output Heater Rated 42” Clean Face Gas Fireplace - SKU 98500342.
• 60,000 BTUs Direct Vent with 49% turn down.
• Dancing-Fyre™ Burner.
• Heating Capacity: 2,500 – 3,000 Sq. Ft.
• Dual 130 CFM Fans Standard (260 total CFM).
• Highly Detailed, 13 Piece Log Set Standard.
• Andirons Optional.
• 42” W x 37” H Glass Viewing Area.
• 5 x 8 Direct Vent Chimney.
• Overhead Lights are Standard.
• Film Cooling Technology for Realistic Clearances to Mantle.
• Three Fireback (Required):
Handmade Brick - SKU 96100873
Herringbone Brick - SKU 96100874
Black Enamel - SKU TBA
• Invisible Barrier Compliant Screen.
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
Bed & Breakfast™ Gas Fireplace
• FPX Bed & Breakfast™ Gas Fireplace with Hidden Barrier Compliant Screen.
• New SKU 98500236
• New Face Designs & SKU’s - new faces extend 3/8” beyond the base
of the fireplace! (No more gap at bottom)
Charcoal 95700169 (Replaces 98500365)
Patina Bronze 95700170 (Replaces 95700140)
Black 95700167 (Replaces 98500361)
Black 95700168 (Replaces 95700145)
• The Nickel Classic Arch and Antique Gold French Country faces are being
discontinued and will not be offered in the designs shown above.
• Faces are forwards and backwards compatible with gas. Not compatible with 21 E.
• Existing Faces: Will NOT work with barrier compliant model,
• No longer available in Avalon™ and Lopi Lineup.
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
4415 HO Linear See-Thru
Gas Fireplace
• High Output Linear Fireplace in a See-Thru application - SKU 98500333.
• BTUs: 42,000 – 21,627 (NG) with 49% turn down.
• Diamond-Fyre™ Burner.
• Heating Capacity: Up to 2,100 square feet.
• 180 CFM fan (two 90 CFMs).
• 10 – 35 Watt under-lite Accent Lights.
• Three Fireback Choices (Required):Black Painted - SKU 96100978
Ledgestone - SKU 96100976
Black Enamel - SKU 96100977
Silver Painted - SKU TBA
• Optional Stones & Twigs Media Kit - SKU 94500960
• With Hidden Barrier Compliant Screen.
• Driftwood/Stone Kit Option - SKU TBA
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
Linear IronWorks™ Trim
• IronWorks™ Hand-Hammered Trim.
• For 4415 and 4415 See-Thru ONLY (Not available for 3615 and 6015)
• Available in two finishes:
- Hand-Rubbed Bronze Patina.
SKU 95900510
- Hand-Rubbed Burnished Black Patina (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)
SKU 95900511
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
Timberline™ Face
• Available in two finishes:
- Hand-Rubbed Bronze Patina
- Hand Rubbed Burnished Black Patina (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)
• For Barrier Compliant 564 & 864 Gas Fireplaces.
- 564 Bronze Patina SKU 95300435
- 564 Burnished Black Patina SKU 95400438 (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)
- 864 Bronze Patina SKU 95300641
- 864 Burnished Black Patina SKU 95800744 (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)
• For 33 DVI/34 DVL Gas Inserts with Barrier Compliant Screen.
- Bronze Patina SKU 95300651
- Burnished Black Patina SKU 95300652 (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
IronWorks™ Face
• For 564 and 864 Barrier Compliant Fireplaces.
• Available in two finishes:
- Hand-Rubbed Bronze Patina
- Hand Rubbed Burnished Black Patina (CUSTOM ORDER ONLY)
• Lodge Ring Option Approved (Burnish Black Patina Finish Custom Order)
• Chateau Handle discontinued. Limited to stock on hand.
• New SKU’s
564 Bronze Patina
564 Burnished Patina
864 Bronze Patina
864 Burnished Black Patina
SKU 95400436
SKU 95800739
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
Architectural™ Doors
• Re-introduced Architectural Double Doors.
• For Barrier Compliant 564 and 864 Fireplaces.
• For 33 DVI/ 34 DVL Gas Inserts - Hidden Barrier
Compliant Screen is built into the doors.
• Rectangular Design ONLY. No Arched Door or Onlays
• New SKU’s 33/34 SKU 95300606
SKU 95400467
SKU 95800743
Fireplace Xtrordinair® Gas
New 616 Gas Insert Logs
• Old Classic Logs
• New Classic Logs
• Old Driftwood Fyre-Art™
• New Driftwood Fyre-Art™
Universal® Gas
Travis Gas Fireplaces Approved
For Flat Screen TV Above Fireplace
• All gas fireplaces are now approved to install a flat screen
TV above the fireplace.
• See Installation Manual for details.
Universal® Gas
Gas Fireplaces Approved For
Covered Outdoor Installation
• All gas fireplaces (except the 864 ST and 4415 ST), including
DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™, are again approved for covered
outdoor (Damp Rating) installation.
Universal® Gas
Times Square™ Face
• For 31 DVI/32 DVS, 33 DVI/34 DVL Gas Inserts, Flush Wood Plus
and Small, and Large Flush Wood Inserts.
• Gas Insert Face Includes Hidden Barrier Compliant Screen.
• 430 and 616 Universal Faces will now be called Times Square™.
31 DVI/32 DVS
33 DVI/34 DVL
Flush Wood Plus
Small Flush Wood
Large Flush Wood
SKU 95300599
SKU 95300667
SKU 95600658
SKU 96200352
SKU 96400719
Universal Wood
Adjustable Flue Collar
SFW Hybrid-Fyre Insert
• Adjustable Flue Collar Option for the Small Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre®
Wood Insert - SKU 96200352.
• Adjust flue alignment 3” to 5-1/2”.
• Replaces flue collar on insert if adjustment in the flue connection
is required.
Universal® Gas
New DVS, DVL and Gas Stove
Ember-Fyre Logs
NEW DVS Insert, SKU 96900105
and for Berkshire Gas Stove and
Tree of Life Gas Stove Logs
NEW DVL Insert, SKU 96900110
OLD DVS Insert, Berkshire Gas
Stove and Tree of Life Gas Stove
OLD DVL Insert Logs
Universal® Gas
Ledgestone Fireback
• The Ledgestone has sold well in gas fireplaces, now available for
the 33 DVI and 34 DVL.
• SKU 96100276
Universal® Gas
Radiant Plus™ Gas Inserts
• Simple, price point standing pilot insert with unique sloped design
to maximize natural convection.
• BTUs: 35,000-18,000 BTUs with 48% turn down.
• Retail Target $1000 less than DVL.
• Tube Burner
• Heating Capacity: Up to 1,750 square feet
• Battery operated standing pilot system - does not require power.
• Maxitrol GV 34 valve with thermostatic programmable remote
• Accepts all Barrier Complaint 33 DVI/34 DVL faces and
33 DVI/34 DVL panels.
• Optional 75 CFM Fan and optional Firebacks
• Radiant Plus™ Small
SKU 98400141
SKU 98400145
“L” Fireplace By DaVinci™
• Larger than life fireplace featuring a 90 degree turn of dancing flames.
• 12”, 20”, 30” or 36” glass height.
• Ability to feature a fireplace with single or multiple 90 degree right and left corners.
• Can be configured as Single-Sided, See-Thru, Bay, Island or Pier .
• VESTA Awards Finalist.
• Approved for indoor or outdoor use.
• Optional Heat Exchanger.
• Phone App to control Heat Exchanger and under-lit adjustable Accent Lights.
30” and 36” Tall Glass
• Now you have a choice of 12”, 20”, 30” and 36” tall glass on all
DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™
Traditional Logs Option
Shown with IronWorks™ Black Patina Trim
Trim Option
• Hand-Hammered IronWorks™ Trim
• Hand-Rubbed Black Patina or Bronze Patina Finish
• Order By the Linear Foot
New Caps & Inline Fan
Prototype shown - actual
model will vary in appearance.
• Inline Power Vent Options
- RSIF160 inline low volume
(used for smaller vent runs/ lower BTU units)
- RSIF180 inline high volume
(used for extreme vent runs/ higher BTU units)
• Makes for a clean termination.