It`s May 25th, your son`s 14th birthday! A celebration with Grandma



It`s May 25th, your son`s 14th birthday! A celebration with Grandma
Happy Birthday To You!
It’s May 25th, your son’s 14th birthday! A celebration with Grandma and Grandpa and his
best friend is scheduled for tomorrow evening featuring his favorite meal and dessert.
You need to shop and cook for 6 people.
Here’s what’s on the MENU:
Hamburgers with Creole Sauce
Glazed Carrots
Peach Cobbler with Biscuit Topper
Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream
- Your canned goods have run out after using them up over the winter.
- You are out of most staples such as butter, milk and cheese so you must shop at the
market for all the ingredients. You DO have sugar though!
- You have 35 red tokens and 50 blue tokens left .
1. Make a shopping list from the recipe cards found in the recipe box. If an ingredient is
not on the chart, it was not a rationed item, so assume you have it. (Please return
cards back to box. Thanks.)
2. Check those items you must buy that are listed on the Rationed Food Point Values
Chart to calculate how many tokens you will use for this meal.
3. Count out the number of red tokens and blue tokens that you used.
4. How many do you have left?
5. How can you supplement these rationed foods?
Rationed Food Point Values
RED TOKENS (total of 60/month)
BLUE TOKENS (total of 60/month)
Margarine: 4 points/pound
Can of peaches: 18 points/16 oz.
Butter: 16 points/pound
Beefsteak: 12 points/pound
Ground Beef: 7 points/pound
Other cuts of beef: 8 points/pound
Pork: 7 points/pound
Lamb chops: 9 points/pound
Ham: 7 points/pound
Cheese: 8 points/pound
Can of pineapple juice: 22 points/46 oz.
Can of carrots: 6 points/16 oz.
Can of sardines: 12 points/16 oz.
Dried beef: 16 points/16 oz.
Ketchup: 14 points/bottle
Baby food: 1 point/ 4.5 oz. jar
Frozen fruit juice: 1 point/6 oz. can
Canned milk: 1 point/16 oz.
What Was Rationed?
Coffee & Sugar
Meats & Processed Foods
These items were purchased using ration stamps
from a book. They were issued every few weeks
and allotted according to how many people
were in the family.
These items were purchased using tokens. Red
tokens for meat and fats, blue for
processed foods.
Butters & Fats
Other Rationed Items
Other items rationed for the war effort included tires,
shoes and gasoline.
What items could you do without?

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