Annual Report 2010 (English Version)



Annual Report 2010 (English Version)
Society of Sheng Hong
Welfare services
Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services
We have been registered as a charity under the Charity Act (1994) with effect from 9.5.2000.
The Registration No. is 1437. The gazette notification effecting the registration was published in the Singapore Government Gazette on 12 May 2000 vide Notification Number 1266.
The society was registered on 26 April 2000.
The Society was accepted as a Central Fund Member in November 2000 & a Full Member
since November 2001 by National Council of Social Service. We have been approved as an
Institution of a Public Character (IPC) since 2001.
Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services’s UEN is T00SS0066C.
Our Mission
We purpose to provide assistance, welfare & relief, financial or otherwise to all people,
without discrimination as to race, language, creed or religion, to promote education, to foster friendship & community cohesion.
Our Vision
To become a leading Taoist operated charity in ASEAN.
Our Core Values
(adapted from Dao De Jing, Chapter 8)
The highest goodness resembles water:
We feel with the depth of our heart;
We give with compassion;
We speak with integrity;
We carry out our works with excellence;
We strategize our moves according to relevant timing.
Our Services
We provide management & funding support to the following centers:
Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre
Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre
MacPherson Sheng Hong Childcare Centre
Our Advisors
Honorary Advisor
Mdm Cynthia Phua, MP for Aljunied GRC (Paya Lebar Division)
Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, MP for Aljunied GRC (Aljunied-Hougang Division)
Mr Zainul Abidin Rashid, MP for Aljunied GRC (Eunos Division)
Internal Affairs Advisor
Mr Tan Tee Sea, PBM (Internal Affairs Advisor)
Mr Alex Lee Ka But, JP (Internal Affairs Advisor)
Management Committee
Mr Ling Kin Huat
1st Vice-President
Mr Lim Chwee Kim, PBM
Mr Alex Lee Ka But, JP (till 24/08/2009)
Mr Soong Kok Chee
Mr Ong Kuan, PBM
Dr Lim Kok Kwang (till 24/08/2009)
Honorary Secretary
Mr Tan Thiam Lye, BBM
Assistant Secretary
Mr Chung Kwang Tong
Mr Tan Teck Seng
Mr Soon Cheok Kah (till 24/08/2009)
Assistant Treasurer
Mr Tan Eng Wat
Mr Ang Kok Seng
Mr Siew Kian Nam
Dr Xu Li Ying
Mr Lim Tiam Teng (wef 24/08/2009)
Mr Lim Chin Poh (wef 24/08/2009)
Ms Ong Aii Ley (wef 24/08/2009)
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
Mr Soon Cheok Kah (wef 24/08/2009)
Mr Long Say Keng Adrian (wef 24/08/2009)
Our Staff
Administrative Officer
Sara Tan-Woo Lai Kwan
Tay Mui Liang, Jone
Administrative Officer
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Office Assistant
Senior Social Worker
Senior Social Worker
Senior Social Worker (P/T)
Senior Counselor
Social Worker
Social Worker
Social Worker
Social Worker
Programme Coordinator
Programme Coordinator
Programme Coordinator
Programme Coordinator
Programme Coordinator
Sara Tan-Woo Lai Kwan
Tay Mui Liang, Jone
Tan Soon Tee
Lim Hui Fang
Yee Boon Chen, Jeanie (01/06/2009 – 31/10/2009)
Liang Shufen, Judy (16/11/2009 – 20/12/2009)
Lim Swee Kee
Chang Chiu-Mei, May
Chang Ai Ling
Ng Siang Kiat, Vivienne (till 22/01/2010)
Lau Chew Ling, Cynthia (wef 01/06/2009)
Chong See Mun
Cheng Yong Joo
Liau Yi Fang
Lee Mei Chin, Marcus (01/06/2009 - 09/07/2009)
Mohammed Ali Bin Nordin
Koh Cheng Chye (wef 03l02/2010)
Ellince Sutopo (till03 /02/2010)
Lee Meng Chee
Lee Fui Yeng, Mona (wef 11/01/2010)
Caregiver (P/T)
Ng Lai Yoong
Ng Yeow Siam
Chashma Taufiq
Hong Lay Leng, Catherine
Yeo Leng Leng, Sharon
Ong Yam Neo
Fong Wai Fong, Suzanna
Accounts Executive
Administrative Executive
Administrative Executive
Head Teacher
Before & After School Care Teacher
Before & After School Care Teacher (P/T)
Childcare Assistant (P/T)
Childcare Assistant (P/T)
Childcare Asst cum Bus Attendant
Bus Attendant cum Cleaner
Bus Attendant (P/T)
Wendy Tan Li Keng
Tan Siew Wai
Ann Jee Too (wef 01/07/2009)
Hong Jiamin (till 30/04/2009)
Zhang Pei
May Choo Buay Ngor
Aw Wai Leng
Zhong Lei Ling
Poh Hai Ling, Michelle
Zhang Ai Hua
Radiah Binte Ahmad Ramli
Lin Meijiang
Chua Bee Hua
Garcia Maria Cristina Matias
Ganje Ria Lutero (wef 01/04/2009)
Nur Farhanah Bte Muhd Imran Tan (wef 14/09/2009)
Liu Yanan (wef 01/10/2009)
Ramachandran Kavitha (wef 11/01/2010)
Ranganathan Kalyani (wef 17/02/2010)
Kasthuri Chandrasagaran (till 13/06/2009)
Iskhayati Binte Kasmin (20/04/2009 – 24/06/2009)
Ojochogu Josephine Obaje (22/06/2009 –24/07/2009)
Wu Xiaozhen (till 02/11/2009)
Sasha Bte Abdul Rahman (01/07/2009 – 17/12/2009)
Shou Hui Jiu
David Ong Poh Chye (wef 22/06/2009)
Goh Back Ching
Ng Poh Choo
Lim Puay Hiong, Esther
Yong Siew Kee
Zaliha Binte Ibrahim
Peh Jock Ooh
Quek Ah Moy
Yong Siew Kwee
Rumini Binte Sembayang
Relief Teachers
Before & After School Care Teacher Hua
Before & After School Care Teacher Goh
Yi Zhi (wef 18/08/2009)
Ee Joo (till 22/06/2009)
Staff Training
Staff Training - cont’d
Staff Training - cont’d
We wish to congratulate Ms May Chang, our Senior Social Worker, for the successful completion of Master in Counseling (Monash) in September 2009, with the generous sponsorship of
In the coming two years, we plan to continue to support the eligible staff to acquire relevant
qualification in Social Work & Early Childhood Education, in order to align our staffing to
meet the requirement of MCYS & the relevant authorities.
SSHWS is governed by a Management Committee whose members are elected
according to the governing instrument, the Constitution. All our members serve
on a voluntary basis without receiving any form of remuneration.
SSHWS was established with clear vision, mission & objectives which align with
the Constitution, which was last revised in October 2005.
The members of the Management Committee act in the best interest in SSHWS.
There are clear policies and procedures to declare, prevent and address conflict of
interest. All key staff and committee members are required to declare potential
conflicts of interest and abstain from decision making when such situations of
conflict arise.
SSHWS conducts its programs and activities to meet objectives as set by its vision
and mission statements. These programs are carefully planned, monitored and
viewed to ensure stated objectives are met.
SSHWS has in place, documented human resource polices and procedures to
manage and reward its employees.
SSHWS has established adequate internal control policy and procedures, including
financial, operational and compliance controls, to ensure accountable and
legitimate deployment and management of its resources.
Reserve Policy
To ensure long term financial sustainability and the provision of our core activities,
SSHWS has adopted the recommendations from the National Council of Social
Services (NCSS) to retain reserves of not more than five years of its total operating
expenditure. SSHWS anticipates that all its Centers and programs will run at a
deficit. From time to time, our Board will seek funding support from its principal
sponsor, the Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association (LKCSHTA) and its
affiliates to have enough cashflow to sustain its operations for at least three to six
SSHWS holds the status of Institution of Public Character (IPC) and the IPC status is
valid until 31st December 2012. With the IPC status, all outright cash donations are
tax deductible.
SSHWS maintains its integrity and transparency of serving for public trust and
community good. SSHWS provides both financial and non-financial information on
a regular basis to the public about its mission, structure, programmes, activities,
performance and finances through its publicity materials, letters to stakeholders,
annual reports and the Charity Portal. SSHWS is in the process of setting up its
own website for even better communication of information to the public.
Hougang Sheng Hong
Family Service Centre
Hougang Sheng Hong Family Service Centre
Casework & Counseling Service
In the fiscal year of 2009/2010, our social workers have handled 483 cases. There are 251
brought forward cases and 232 new cases seeking help in this fiscal year (See Table 1).
Sources Of Referrals
There are altogether 138 (59%) of the new cases
either self-referred (122 cases) or referred by their
family members, relatives or friends (16 cases).
Compared to FY08/09, it is a significant increase
of 35%. This high percentage, of the self-referred
cases or through the personal contacts of clients,
may reflect a good awareness of our Centre’s services in the community. It may also imply that
more people are willing to seek help from family service centre. Our centre’s active networking with
schools, Northeast Community Development Council (NECDC), grassroots organizations and other voluntary welfare organizations may have contributed to the increase as well (See Table 2).
Case Closures & Duration Of Intervention
Of the 200 closed cases, 131 cases (66%) are closed with the objective achieved, that either client’s
situation has improved or they have improved in their ability in coping or in dealing with their issues.
144 cases (72%) of the closed cases has received less than 12 months service and 56 closed cases (28%)
are being served for more than a year (See Table 3 & 4).
Presenting Issues
In comparison with FY08/09, the key presenting issues this year remain very much the same. Financial
difficulties, marital problems, family issues and parenting difficulties are the top few issues that faced
by our clients (See Table 5).
Gender, Ethnicity, Housing & Religious Distribution
Among those who seek help, majority are female, Chinese, staying in HDB flats and of Buddhist or Taoist faith (See Table 6 to 9).
Information & Referral Service
Mode Of Enquiries & Actions Taken
In FY09/10, our centre has handled a total of 728 enquiries, out of which 418 (57%) enquiries
are made through phone and 151 (21%) are walk-in cases, with the rest seeking our service via
email or fax. Out of 728 enquires, 301 (41%) are identified to have further referral needs and
subsequently referred to receive service from our FSC or other external agencies (See Table
10 to 11).
PDP1– Project “RAINBOW CONNECTION” for children from
low income families
In FY09/10, the project “Rainbow Connection” continued to work with
children from low income families, aims to strengthen their academic capabilities & to reinforce pro-social behavior. While maintaining our core
programs of tuition and character building workshops, we have enhanced
our project with new elements in order to better service our clients.
To cater to needs for P5 & P6 students, we have adopted a small group
approach and the classes are taught by experienced tutors instead of volunteers. While the efforts require additional resources from our Centre, it
has been met with success. Both the students and their parents have
shared that they have benefited from the additional support. The change
has also allowed us to channel the volunteers to provide a smaller volunteer-student ratio for the P1-P4 levels. They have received more personalized attention and better guidance from the volunteers.
Enrollment & Attendance
In FY09/10, through “Rainbow Connection”, we have served 70 students
as of end of 2009. In January 2010, we register a new enrollment of 68
students as at March 2010. Even though we have had such a large number
of students to look after, we are happy to note that the overall attendance rate is a healthy 72% for all levels. The breakdown for our enrollment are as follows:
Character Building Workshops & Interest groups
Since April 2009, we have held monthly character building
workshops to enhance the children’s pro-social behavior. The
topics covered include creativity, teamwork, courtesy, respect,
etc. We have also incorporated a variety of recreational and
interest-based activities to make our activities fun as well as educational.
We are indeed grateful
for the strong support
from many dedicated volunteers from Lee Community College
and Raffles Girls School. The children responded positively during these activities as they are fun and interactive.
Contact with parents
Parents are our critical partners to ensure the healthy development of our children. We keep regular contact with the parents through various channels, such as quarterly meet-ups with the parents
and birthday celebrations & festive gatherings. We have started to issue a monthly bulletin to keep
parents informed of past activities and upcoming events. We are happy to see an improved interest
and involvement from parents.
Christmas Party 2009 – “where’s Santa ?”
Meet the Parents session
Volunteer Matters
Good volunteer management forms an integral part in the smooth running of Rainbow Connection.
For new recruits, we have streamlined the recruitment procedure and the orientation process.
Regular feedback sessions are held to enhance volunteers’ commitment & participation. We also
organize periodic get-together and annual appreciation dinner for volunteers & staff to interact
comfortably with one another. We are
encouraged to see an improved supply of volunteers. We
have added 52 new volunteers this year to our original pool of 30 regular volunteers.
A special mention goes to our good working partnership with Meridian Junior College who supply
us with batches of students through its Community Involvement Programs (CIP) and Outstanding
Student Volunteer Attachment Programme (OSVAP). We are appreciative towards support from
other schools such as Raffles Institution, Lee Community College and Serangoon Junior College.
After camp still have to take pictures!!
Tuition session
@ work
with the
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2010
Cultural Camp 2009
RAINBOW CONNECTION - Activities @ a glance
The followings are some of the activities that we had conducted over the fiscal year:
Activities Conducted
Character Building Workshop - Creativity
Movie Screening
English lesson for P1-P2
Character Building Workshop - Integrity
3D2N Cultural Camp
Singapore Zoo Excursion
Character Building Workshop – Self Control
Character Building Workshop – Teamwork
Meet the Parents Session cum Birthday Celebration
Art and Craft Workshop
11 April 2009
16 May 2009, 25 July 2009
2, 9 June 2009
6 June 2009
12-14 June 2009
18 June 2009
19 June 2009
11 July 2009
11 July 2009
1 August 2009
Volunteer Get Together
Movie Outing
Reading Club
Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
Nutrition Workshop
Character Building Workshop
Character Building Workshop
Japanese Art and Craft Workshop
Reward Trip to Escape Theme Park
RC Camp @ Ubin
Christmas Party
Family Outing to Jurong Bird Park
Interest Group – Movie Making Workshop
Character Building Workshop
Interest Group – Jumping Clay
Interest Group – Chinese Calligraphy
Character Building Workshop
Character Building Workshop
Interest Group – Creative Writing
Family Outing - Tree Top Walk
Outing to Marina Barrage
Meet the Parents Session
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Interest Group -Puppet Making
1 August 2009
9 September 2009
7, 10 September 2009
30 September 2009
9 October 2009
23, 24, 30, 31 October 2009
3, 6, 13, 14, 17 November 2009
24 November 2009
1 December 2009
16-18 December 2009
23 December 2009
9 January 2010
26 January 2010
2, 5 February 2010
6 February 2010
9 February 2010
2 March 2010
5 March 2010
11, 25 March 2010
13 March 2010
16 March 2010
19 March 2010
20 March 2010
27 March 2010
PDP 2 - “TEENS CANOPIE” - Youth Outreach Programme
In FY09/10, Teens Canopie maintains its fundamental characteristics of
being a multi-faceted programme targeting at youths aged 13 to 19,
studying in mainstream secondary schools, in particular those from Normal
Academic & Normal Technical streams. The project aims to engage youths
with meaningful activities that build their self-esteem, develop their
potentials and guide them towards positive peer relationship and
community participation.
A breakdown of the profile of the participants’ are as follows:
Gender Distribution
Male involvement in Teens Canopie is still
somewhat higher than that of female
participants. This is probably due to the
fact that many activities are mainly
physical & outdoor in nature. Currently,
only 2 clubs see female involvement.
Age Distribution
69% of our participants fall within our
targeted audience of 13-19 year olds.
There are a sizable 27.3% of our
participants of age above 19. They are
some of our active youth members who
have formed a strong allegiance towards
our Centre’s activities.
Educational Level
3. Educational Level
Majority of our participants are still attending school, with about 9.5% of the total enrolment having left
4. Ethnic Distribution
With the introduction of more interest groups, we see an
increase in the total number of participants. While Malay
ethnic remains the largest group of participants, there is an
increase from other ethnic groups.
5. Other significant indicators
75% of our participants have participated in MORE THAN ONE activity and 51% of our participants stay
within our FSC’s service boundary. The participation rate may imply a better engagement with youths,
both in the vicinity as well as beyond our neighbourhood.
Interest Groups Activities
Wolverines Football Club
Regular Club Activities
The regular Club activities remain the weekly training sessions that our players undergo. Apart from the coach, we made conscious
efforts to groom some old club members to act
as assistant coaches. We are happy to note that
two of our old boys, Razali & Aliff, have shown
much enthusiasm and aptitude to contribute
back to the club. They have acted as outfield and
goalkeeping coaches respectively.
Other Club Activities
Apart from training, the club has also carried out the following activities in FY09/10:
Four friendly with St. Joseph’s Institution (29.8.2009),
Macpherson ITE (26.9.2009), Simei ITE (31.10.2009) & Balestier
Khalsa Football Club (16.1.2010);
Soccer Camp (21-23.12.2009) with 3 workshops dealing with
Team Building, Emotional Regulation and Anger Management. The camp was well-attended by 21 players.
Members serve as volunteers to help organize our Centre’s Family Camp (23-24.1.2010) held at
the Boys’ Brigade Campsite. They assist in manning the games, chaperoning the families, transporting of equipment & material, preparing meals & other such miscellaneous tasks.
On 30.1.2010, some of players attended the “Cyber-Awareness” workshop organised by PayaLebar Kovan Youth Executive Committee. This is a step to bring our players more in touch with
the mainstream community and to heighten their awareness of internet youth-related issues.
From January to March 2010, some 24 members of the club tried their hands on archery training & the feedback has been encouraging.
Major Club Achievements
The most significant achievement of the Club this year has been the steady increase of non-Malays taking part in the soccer program. The growing number of Chinese & Indian players has helped to enhance the language & cultural sensitivity. Now, we find the players conversing increasingly in English.
There is also less a sense of “exclusivity” in the Club as the other races have also shown their interest
and capabilities in sport activities.
In10cFy Dance Club
Regular Club Activities
In FY09/10, the club’s weekly training has
grown even more intensive as Club members
are challenged with tougher routines and more
requests for public performance. There is an
increase in
confidence among the dance group members. The Dance
group is exclusively attended by teenage girls.
Other Club Activities
Besides regular dance training, the dance group
members also involve in voluntary and community services. They have helped out in our Children Camp held from the 12-14.6.2009 during
the June school holidays by teaching the campers some simple dance routines and to prepare
them in participating the dance competition
during the camp. Two of our dancers volunteered to teach basic Hip Hop moves twice a week from
(31.7.2009 – 2.10.2009) with a group of seven Xinghua Primary school children to prepare them for
their schools Children Day celebration.
The Dance group has been given opportunity to perform publicly so as to strengthen their
self-confidence as well as to sharpen their dancing techniques. In FY09/10, the group has
taken part in the following events:
National Day Performance (24.8.2009)
Yellow Bus Launch Event (3.12.2009)
Teens Canopie Awards (11.12.2009)
Chinese New Year Party (26.2.2010)
ComChest Roadshow (6.3.2010)
NTUC Give-A-Hand Campaign Launch (19.3.2010) -
Kovan Neighbourhood Park
Robertson Quay
Paya Lebar Kovan CC
Kovan Hub
Parkway Plaza
PPIS Bukit Batok
Major Club Achievements
In FY09/10, the Dance group has taken part in three major competition:
“Dance Your Way To A Drug Free Life” - Danceworks
(7.3.2009) - organised by Central Narcotics Bureau
“Live It Up Without Lighting Up” – Hip Hop Weekend
(30.5.2009) - organised by Health Promotion Board
“DancExplosion 4” – Fourth annual dance competition
(14.11.2009) - organised by NorthEast Community Development Council
These three competitions challenged the dancers like never before as they
are going up against vastly superior & more experienced dance “crews”.
While the group does not gain any award, they definitely have gained in
their experience in terms of public performance and have also challenged
them to set even higher goal for themselves.
During the NTUC Give-A-Hand Campaign Launch on 19.3.2010, the dancers
have given a highly polished
performance. They have certainly
impressed the guests. The performance has been televised and
one of the
dancers, Ayu, was interviewed by local media. The event
was graced by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports with other VIPs, including Mdm. Cynthia Phua,
MP for Aljunied GRC (Paya Lebar).
Chromatix Guitar Club
After an initial shaky start, the Club activities have gone
full swing. With the arrival of a dedicated guitar instructor, the club operations are now more stable with the
members doing a weekly practice on Tuesday evenings
under the guidance of our volunteer instructor. The
members of the club have made their debut performance during the Teens Canopie Awards Night held on 11.12.2009. The group of seven did a nice rendition of
Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” & Bob Dylan’s “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”.
SNAP @ Sheng Hong Photography Club
The photography club is a new club launched on
19.6.2009. It aims to provide another platform to
engage youths with meaningful activities.
Regular Club Activities
The club meets regularly once a month to discuss ideas as well as to learn hands on theme-based photography
work. The club was kicked off with a photography workshop conducted by a freelance professional, Mr Mike
Tsang. Since then, the club members have practiced their photo-shooting skills in a number of activities. The
club has shown potentials to involve more youths in the future. The followings is a glimpse of their activities
involvement in the programme:
RC Childrens’ Year End Camp (Pulau Ubin)
Arab Street & Victoria Street Heritage Belt
In10cFy Dance Club (DancExplosion IV)
Wolverines Football Club (Soccer Camp 2009)
In10cFy Dance Club (Dance Camp 2009)
Orchard Road Christmas Light Up 2009
Rainbow Studios
Rainbow Studios has been busy running a project to develop local youth bands. Currently, there are
two bands, Merge & Void, involved in our Studio. Both bands have fixed fortnightly schedule of practice & the staff work with them in terms of goal setting & ironing out band dynamics. So far only
Merge has performed once during this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations on 26.2.2010 at Kovan
Hub. While the group is still raw in skills and techniques, they managed to put up a satisfactory performance with three acoustic numbers.
We hope to develop the two groups further so that one day, they can show off their skills confidently.
We hope that with increased confidence & esteem, they will be brave enough to take on the challenge
of competing in local band competitions.
To align with our aim as a Family Service Centre in building strong family relationships, our Family Life Education Programmes are designed with a multi-pronged
approach to reach out to parents, husbands and wives, who are the pillars of
building and maintaining healthy and strong families. There are three types of
activities, monthly public talks, parenting workshops, couple retreat and family
bonding camp.
“...a cross section of some of our Family Life Education participants...”
Public Talks
Our public talks are targeted at the Malay or Mandarin speaking communities. We continue with the
two themes of ‘Parenting’ and ‘Marital Relationship’.
In FY 09/10, response towards our public talks is very encouraging. Altogether we have delivered 24
talks and recorded a total of 458 attendees, of which 298 attendances are for Mandarin series and 160
attendances for the Malay series.
It is noteworthy that about 74% of the attendees have attended our talks more than once. It clearly
reflects the relevance of such educational activities and the interest of the audience. We also note
that there is a slight decline in terms of attendance for the Malay series. It prompts us to rethink of
our overall strategy in terms of reaching out to the Malay communities, in particular among the low
income families that we aim to serve.
Parenting Courses
Our Parenting courses adopt an interactive approach aiming to
deepen participants’ learning, to encourage sharing and to facilitate
mutual support among the participants. Four courses have been
held and altogether 53
parents have attended the four courses in
Two runs of course with the theme of “Internet Gaming” are conducted, one in English and one in Mandarin. With increased exposure to the cyber world among the children and youth, there is a
pressing need for parents to catch up with the relevant knowledge
and skills in dealing with the accompanying issues, such as cyber
safety and cyber addiction etc. Those who have participated in the
course felt that the knowledge has helped them to be more attuned
to the cyber world and its potential attraction and threats. They felt
that the course has equipped them to better connect with their children in this aspect.
The third course is conducted in Mandarin with the theme of
“Effective Parenting in supporting your child in studies”, which was
designed to address parents’ common anxieties and worries over
their children’s academic performance. Both parent and child are
loaded with stress which has impacted the parent-child relationship
significantly. The course helps parents to reflect on their roles, values as well as priority, and how they can set realistic expectation,
practical boundaries in motivating their children and guiding them to
excel in their studies. Many participants have found the course
made them rethink their priority in educating a child. Participants
also became more reflective with regards to their interaction with
their children, and have expressed a deeper understanding of their children’s needs for affirmation
and encouragement.
Couples Retreat
This is the third run of our Couple Retreat programme. The Retreat was held in Malaysia, at the resort of Palace of The Golden
Horses, Kuala Lumpur. A total of 20 couples attended the retreat, mainly in their 40’s and 50’s. Having devoted much energy
and resources in bringing up their children and in building their
careers, many couples have put aside the important aspect of
caring for themselves as well as the marital relationship. Renewing a new sense of intimacy among middle-aged couple has become our aim for running the couple retreat.
The programs are designed to integrate learning with a lot of
fun elements. There is no heavy lecture but more hands-on activities to facilitate husband and wife interaction. ‘Love Language’ is the highlight of the program whereby couples are involved in creating love messages with beautifully decorated bottles. They are also asked to compete in solving a ‘love puzzle’.
An evening dining on a ‘Love Boat’ completes the program. It
created a romantic and cozy ambience for couples to enjoy an
intimate time together.
“...our happy couples @
The Palace Of The
Golden Horse, KL...”
Family Camp
Altogether 13 families with 71 people has participated in our 2D1N Family Camp held at Boys’ Brigade
Campsite at Sembawang on 23-24 January 2010. All the families are
our centre-based clients from lowincome families. The camping experience is meant to provide such families an opportunities for affordable
healthy leisure activities and bonding experience. Working alongside
our staff, youth participants from the
soccer & dance clubs rendered valuable assistance and support to take care of the logistics of the camp
events. It was a very good learning opportunity for them and they
did a great job.
Besides the many fun-filled interactive activities for
family members to enjoy together, two workshops
were also organized. One workshop focuses on
the theme of ‘Recycling, reducing & reusing’,
teaching families how they can reduce wastage
and maximize the benefits of limited resources. The other workshop focuses on
‘Sexuality’. To
facilitate a more focused discussion, the ‘Sexuality’ workshop was
further divided into parent, boys and girls groups. While the children may have the
opportunity to receive sex education in school, to many parents and grandparents,
this is their first exposure to such sensitive topic. While they approach the subject with caution,
most of them find the session informative, relevant and timely.
Hari-Raya Party
On 10 October 2009, we organized our first ‘Hari Raya Party’with the joint effort
from a group of Malay parents. It has a good turn-out of 100 people. We have
also invited all the Malay FLE speakers as guests. With the facilitation of our social
worker,the parents helped in such tasks as gift-wrapping, invitation cards
designing, venue decoration, food catering, emceeing and performing. The
participants have had an enjoyable evening together. It is an occasion to relive
the good old days with a strong sense of communal spirit.
FLE activities for 01/04/2009-31/03/2010
Marriage Enrichment Talks (Mandarin series)
Effective Parenting Talks (Mandarin series)
Marriage Enrichment Talks (Malay series)
Effective Parenting Talks (Malay series)
Parenting Courses
Couples/Family Bonding Activities
Elderly Services
InFY09/10, the three karaoke classes continued to reach out to a group of senior citizens in the
neighborhood. Singing has been the most favorite pastime activities to build friendship.
“... A listing of
elderly singing
classes conducted
for FY’ 09-10...”
“Celebrate Women” - A Women’s Day Event
On 6 March 2010, the karaoke group jointly organized a special event
‘Celebrate Women’ to commemorate the 100th anniversary of
International Womens’ Day, with Paya Lebar Zone 1 Residents’
Committee. On that day, besides singing performance, we had a very
special panel made up of our MP, Mdm Cynthia Phua, Ms Wong Jing, an
experienced counselor and Ms Elida Teh to share with us their thoughts
and experience as accomplished women in their own rights. The event
was well attended by 300 people. It was indeed a very meaningful
evening to reflect on the many blessings shared by modern women in
“...our esteemed panel of speakers...”
“...a Peranakan revue...”
“...Dim Sum Dollies,
Hougang style...”
“ flowers in bloom...”
“...Mdm Cynthia, discoursing on
the beauty of womanhood...”
Paya Lebar Wellness Centre
The pilot project ‘Paya Lebar Wellness Centre’ reached a total of 1,341
senior members of age 50 and
above. The
Centre managed to
hold 10 health screening exercise in
FY09/10 and reached out to a total
of 990 members.
Besides health screening, the Centre has established a very good
rapport with its senior
bers in the vicinity. Focusing on
active engagement with the seniors, the Centre developed multifaceted daily activities for the
seniors. It includes such physical activities as aerobics, taichi,
morning detox erercise; social activities such as interest groups,
outings, table games, shopping; educational activities such
as health talks, common illness
management etc. The
also organised monthly birthday
celebrations & ‘makan’ sessions
with the seniors. Many of the seniors also actively offered their voluntary service in whatever way
they could, such as food
outings, assisting in health
screening etc.
The well-
programme has success-
fully reached its objectives of
seniors by the seniors.
Hougang Sheng Hong
Student Care Centre
Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre
Enrolment & Subsidy
In FY09/10, our Student Care Centre has served a total of 70 children with 31
new enrolments. The average headcount in a month is 48 students.
The government has revised the Student Care Financial Assistance (SCFA)
subsidy scheme in July and about 47% of our students have benefited under this
scheme and enjoyed higher subsidies. Altogether 47 student headcounts from
low income families receive further subsidy from
Children and Youth Assistance Fund (CYAF), administered by SSHWS. A total of $4,981 has been disbursed to pay for their monthly fee and other related ex-
Program Evaluation Survey (PES) feedback
The feedback collected under the Program Evaluation Survey (PES) done in
July 2009 has been very encouraging. Parents are 100% satisfied with the
overall service of the centre. Students’ feedback positively on centre’s
cleanliness (97.7%), food provision (100%), materials used for the activities
(97.7%), activities organized by the centre (97.7%), and most encouraging of
all the students are happy with the service provided by the staff in the
Program Highlights
Our Student Care service persists in our mission of
providing a balanced and holistic program to cater
to the needs of every child under our care.
In supervising a child’s schoolwork, children are
grouped into small groups to facilitate peer learning
and focused teaching by the caregivers. Additional
assessments and past years examination questions
are given to the child to further prepare them for
test and examination.
‘Show & tell’ sessions are frequently held so as to
strengthen each child’s verbal communication and
listening skills. Besides learning how to organize and
convey one’s ideas clearly, the exposure has helped
most children improve in their confidence. The interaction has also contributed to the positive interaction
among peer groups.
Special activities are designed along a theme during each long school holidays.
In June, the theme of ‘Culture and
Ethnicity’ was explored. We feel the
importance of teaching children
from young to appreciate and
respect one another’s cultural
differences so as to reduce
overgeneralization. Through a variety of
activities, such as outing to Fort
Canning Park, camp and cooking
sessions, our
children have learnt more about culture of their own and others. They are more aware of the commonality as well as the differences among
different ethnic groups in Singapore.
The theme for the December holiday is on “Reuse and Recycling”.
We teach students the importance of conserving natural resources
and ways to reduce global warming and wastes. It is heartwarming
to see that the students become more aware of their roles in
helping to save the planet.
In December, the Centre
organized a Year End party for
our Centre’s students and their
parents. We engage our
students in the preparation of
the party and take up different roles, such as decorating the centre, arranging tables and chairs, present performances, ushering and emceeing. It was a very good learning opportunity for the students to pick up
organization skills. It is real team work in action. Many parents are impressed by the students’ confidence and capabilities! We also use the
occasion to highlight the academic achievement of many students for
their good grade as well as good progress.
In March 2010, we turn our focus to boosting our students’ interest in
speaking and using English. With the theme of “Aesop Fables”, all
students were asked to participate in story telling, re-creating, acting
and scripting. Through sharing of ideas, thoughts and feelings, acting
and telling stories, the students display tremendous potentials and
In the pipeline, we are planning
a series of workshop to boost
the students’ interest in use of
Mandarin as well. We are happy to receive additional support from a
group of Secondary students who will become Mandarin coaches for
our students in the coming months.
Besides creating a lot of fun educational activities, our staff makes use
of the daily interaction to teach and reinforce good behavior among
our students. We are happy to see a marked improvement in many
students’ behavior and mannerism. Through meaningful engagement, they have developed a strong sense
of belonging to the Centre and a good connection with one another. They also learn practical skills in surfing
internet for useful information, making presentation using power point slides etc.
SCC Activities in Fy09/10
Macpherson Sheng Hong
Child Care Centre
Macpherson Sheng Hong Childcare Centre
Wudan Martial Art
Our Centre introduced Martial Art to the K1 & K2 children on 1
July 2009. Sponsored by Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple
Association & Wudang Sheng Hong Health Preservation Centre, two ‘Wushu’ Masters from the Wudang Mountain in China were engaged as our
instructors. The programme was a value-added programme for our children.
They were fascinated by the moves and strokes of their “Shi
Fu” (Master). The children were looking forward to every
lesson. During the lessons, they were very attentive to their
masters’ instructions. Participation was very enthusiastic. The
programme was warmly received by both the children and
Children’s Day cum Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
The Children’s Day cum Mid-autumn Festival celebration for 2009 was an exciting day for the children. The children were treated to a live performance by a professional magician up close. The
magic tricks were funny and the children laughed
all the way throughout the performance. Besides
magic show, the children were also entertained by
a fascinating martial arts performance. One of our
teachers, Ms May Choo, introduced the art of ‘Tea
Culture’ to the children and their parents. She
demonstrated the various steps of brewing a good
cup of tea. As a finale, the children tasted various
types of mooncake with different flavours. Before
leaving, each child happily brought home a bagful
of gifts from the school and the teachers.
Concert 2009 The K2 Graduation and Year-End Concert 2009 “Reach For the Stars” was a great success. The concert highlighted the importance of physical activities for children development. Besides improving the child’s physical strength, agility and
dexterity, sports and physical activities also promotes good sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership skills. The performances centered
on sportsmen, gym enthusiasts and dancers. A mini skit was put up by
our aspiring actors and actresses.
We received very positive feedbacks from parents. They liked the costumes and performances very much. The
concert was a full house. We had to turn away some parents who wanted to buy more tickets. We are honored
to have had the presence of Mr Tan Tee See, PBM, and Chairman of Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association as our Guest of Honour.
CPCLL Sponsorship & Open House
For the first time, we have succeeded in receiving a special funding of $500 from the Committee to Promote
Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) for the purchase of visual aids, resource materials and/or teaching materials
for parent-child activity.
To meet the funding condition, our Centre organised an open house as an activity to educate parents on the latest methodology in teaching Chinese and how they can support their children at home. During the Open House,
teachers demonstrated various ways to encourage parents, especially those from English speaking families, to
engage their children in learning the Chinese language and Chinese culture. The Open House provided a platform for good parent-child interaction too.
WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care
& Education (Childcare) (DECCE)
In order to ensure our teaching staff meet the professional benchmark as set by MCYS, our Management has
been very supportive in providing upgrading opportunity for our staff. With the funding support from Work
Development Authority (WDA), one of our newly recruited teachers, Ms Nur Farhanah Binte Muhd Imran Tan,
was sponsored to take the WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education with the SEED
Institute. The Centre has made special arrangement regarding her working hours so as to enable her to pursue
her studies.
Trainee Teachers
Besides equipping our staff, we also believed in supporting the industry for teaching training. In 2009, we have
taken in four trainee teachers as interns in our Centre. Three of them were third year students from Ngee Ann
Polytechnic and one of them was a Chinese Language trainee from KLC. The former group of students have had
their attachment from June to August in 2009 whereas the latter one had a 3 weeks attachment with us. During
the period of attachment, the trainee teachers were mentored and supported by our experienced teachers.
They were all assessed by their field supervisors as assigned by their respective schools.
Rental for 2010
The rental from SLA for the Childcare has been adjusted to $35,368.85 with effect from January 2010. Previously
with the rebate, we were paying $30,062.72. Thus with the rapid increased in operational costs and rental, we
will be revising our childcare and student care fees from 1 July 2010 by $50 to $600 per month before
government subsidy in order to continue with our mission of providing quality programmes at our centre.
Staff Training
During our annual in house staff training on 29 May 2009, the
teachers went through a basic skill on acting, directing and story
adaptation workshop. We also had another in house workshop
held on 22 March 2010 conducted by Ministry of Community
Youth & Sports (MCYS). The training ‘Choose with Care’ focused
on a
programme to establish a safe environment for
children in our care. The training was conducted by two psychologists from Ministry of Community
Development, Youth &
Sports (MCYS).
Student Enrolment
The enrolment for FY09/10 has been very encouraging as we have had a steady and stable growth in the children
intake. About 87% of the children enrolled in our centre are Singaporeans receiving government subsidy.
Graduation Concert 2010
We would like to express our gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the following for their
generous donation, support and encouragement towards caring and sharing with the needy
families and the beneficiaries that we serve.
Our Honorary Advisor
Mdm Cynthia Phua, MP for Aljunied GRC (Paya Lebar Division)
Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, MP for Aljunied GRC (Aljunied-Hougang Division)
Mr Zainul Abidin Rashid, MP for Aljunied GRC (Eunos Division)
Our Internal Affairs Advisor
Mr Tan Tee Sea, PBM (Internal Affairs Advisor)
Mr Alex Lee Ka But, JP (Internal Affairs Advisor)
Our Donors
Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple Association
San Qing Gong Taoist Cultural Centre (Singapore)
Hong Hian Keng Association
Citycare Limited
Serangoon Junior College
Standard Chartered Bank
Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Private) Limited
Hoe Ngok Eng
Li King
Goh Chee Hwee
Lee Cynthia Hweeloo
Yang Zhe
Ong Chin Tuan & Vina Wati
Kwa Tiong Guan
Saw Bee Lian
Community Chest
Our Sponsors
Andrew & Grace Home
Blowfish Pictures
Mr Lim Meng Poh
Mr Tok – SIA Engineering 7th Month Committee
Our Community Partners
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
National Council of Social Service
North East Community Development Council
South East Community Development Council
Central Singapore Community Development Council
Totalisator Board
San Qing Gong Management Pte Ltd
Huai Si Tang (San Qing Gong) Pte Ltd
Taoist Federation (Singapore)
Taoist Federation Youth Group (Singapore)
People’s Association
Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club
Paya Lebar Kovan Citizens’ Consultative Committee
Paya Lebar Kovan Residents’ Committee Zone 1 to 8
Paya Lebar Youth Executive Committee
Paya Lebar Women Executive Committee
Paya Lebar Senior Citizen Executive Committee
Paya Lebar Kovan CC Malay Activity Executive Committee
Aljunied Community Centre
Aljunied Citizens’ Consultative Committee
IRCC (Paya Lebar)
1-Stop @ Paya Lebar
Aljunied Town Council
Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre
Singapore Buddhist Lodge Education Foundation
Lee Foundation
Chinese Development Assistance Council
Ang Mo Kio Family Violence Regional Network
Man Fut Tong Nursing Home
Lotus Light Charity Society (Singapore)
Club HDB
National Library Board
Social Service Training Institute
Bethesda Care
Yuying Secondary School
Xinghua Primary School
Tsao Foundation
National University of Singapore
Meridian Junior College
AMK Regional Network (Family Violence)
Our Volunteers
We wish to convey our heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness to all who have helped us in various
projects and programmes. Your contribution has warmed our hearts. Your kind words and actions
have brought sunshine to the lives of many.
Amirul Hairi Bin Johari
Ang Ching Hai Gregory
Ang Wei Hng Isaac
Au Siah Huay (Madam)
Benjamin Chew Yi Fan
Bhuvaneswary D/O Vijayakumar
Charis Koh Hwee Ying
Chen Wai Ching
Cheri Noor Aini
Chew Jia Hui Delena
Chiang Wai Kheong
Choo Jia Hui
Chun Cai Ling
Divya Jeyabalan
Erra Fazira Binte Mohd Afandi
Goh Chao Ngin
Hildy Thng Jinlin
How Hee Joon
How Hee Lin
How Hee Tian
Huang Tianlu Tyler
Irene Cher Ailing
Irfan Bin Mulyadi
Jasmin Lau
Jerry Seah Fucai
Joseph Foo Kah Seng
Koh Chun Hsiung
Lam Ghim Howe Ronald
Lee Jia Hui Angeline
Leong Sow Yee
Leung Kam Chun Thomas
Li Dong Ying
Loh Yi Jun
Loke Jia Min Rachel
Luo Wei Xuan
Ma Xiao Xia
Maggie Theresa Chua Suan Eng
Mohd Syafiq Bin Mohd Adam
Muhammad Aliff Bin Mazlan
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Roslan
Muhammad Zulkarnain Bin Muhammad Halik
Nadiah Nordin
Nandini D/O Raguraman Devar
Ng Han Xian
Ng Jun Ting
Ng Sur Cheng, Alfred
Ng Yi Xin Rachel
Nicholas Goh Kuay Khee
Nur Shiela Binte Abdul Nasir
Nurfaizah Binte Zaki
Nurhakim Bin Ali Amdan
Nurmasrinayu Binte Johari
Nurul Emelda Binte Johari
Ong Hong Xi
Ong Yong Keong
Pang Mei Yu
Poon Yi Nuo Vivian
Pua Si Yan
Putri Dewi Khengdro
Razali Bin Jamsuri
Rohini D/O Balachandran
Sim Joo Peng Rosie
Simone Wong Ying Herng
Siti Farhana Binte Hamid
Tan Kah Kay
Tan Si Yin
Tan Siew Kheng, Stacey
Tan Wen Jie Jared
Tan Yi Lu
Teng Yue Zhen Jolyn
Teo Ngi Ching Rachel
Teo Rui Fang, Gina
Ting Yi Ting
Vera Handojo
Wang Xiu Hui
William Ho Kok Chuen
Wong Xuan Fei Colin Cornelius
Wong Yin Ye Verniecia
Yan Soo Peng
Yap Chwen Jye
Yeo Jia Jin Justin
Zhang Min
With warmest thanks & appreciation from
The Management & Staff Team
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