The romantic soul of Bavaria
Bad Faulenbach
Hopfen am See
The romantic fascination
of Füssen
There is one place where contrasting facets meet: the magic of the
monarchy and authentic folklore,
wild mountains and gentle hills, a
rich culture and imposing natural
surroundings. Discover this place
for yourself – one of Bavaria‘s finest beauty spots. Füssen awaits
The Castles ................................................................................ 4–7
The Town ................................................................................. 8–11
Culinary delights ...............................................................12–13
Sports and more................................................................14–15
Day trips .......................................................................................18
Romantic Road ..........................................................................19
Forggensee boat trips .............................................................20
Accommodation and restaurants .............................. 21–24
Museum of the Bavarian Kings ..........................................25
Arrival · Imprint ........................................................................26
Neuschwanstein Castle
Dream and reality
The legend lives on:
K i n g L u d w i g I I (1845–1886),
who met his death under mysterious circumstances in Lake Starnberg, is a fascinating figure. Every
year millions of visitors flock to
the palaces of this shy monarch
who loved art and loathed state
Ludwig‘s father King Maximilian II
had H o h e n s c h w a n g a u
C a s t l e built as a summer residence by the idyllic Lake Alpsee.
Ludwig spent a happy childhood
and youth here. The palace is well
worth a visit: with its richly decorated rooms and original furniture,
it vividly recalls the everyday life
of the royal family.
On the shores of the Alpsee with
a view of Neuschwanstein Castle,
the new M u s e u m o f t h e
B a v a r i a n K i n g s opened in
2011. A walk-through family tree
provides an introduction to the
history of the Wittelsbachs, one of
the oldest dynasties in Europe. See
page 25 for details.
Fantastic: N e u s c h w a n s t e i n
C a s t l e , Germany‘s most famous
historic building, is the fairy-tale
king‘s medieval Castle of the Grail.
The castle rises majestically against
the snow-covered Alpine peaks. A
visit to the castle is especially enjoyable in winter since one is able
to view the royal chambers without
the summer onrush of visitors.
Facts and figures
The castles
Ticket Center
Prices of admission per
Ticket Center
Alpseestrasse 12
Scale of Scale of
87645 Hohenschwangau
charges I charges II
Telephone +49 (0) 83 62-93 08 30
• Neuschwanstein
 12.00  11.00
Telefax +49 (0) 83 62-9 30 83 20
• Hohenschwangau  12.00  11.00
[email protected]
• King's Ticket 
 23.00  21.00
• Wittelsbach Ticket   19.50  17.00
Tickets can also be booked online:
• Swan Ticket 
 28.50  27.00
 Valid for Neuschwanstein and
Hohenschwangau on the same day
Sale of tickets for
• 1st October to 31st March
9 am to 3 pm *
• 1st April to 30th September
8 am to 5 pm *
* Throughout the year from Monday to Sunday
opening hours
• 8th October to 31st March
10 am to 4 pm
• 1st April to 7th October
9 am to 6 pm
Closed on 1st Jan., 24th, 25th
+ 31st Dec.
Sale of tickets for
• 1st October to 31st March
9 am to 3.30 pm *
• 1st April to 30th September
8 am to 5.30 pm *
* Throughout the year from Monday to Sunday
opening hours
• 8th October to 31st March
10 am to 4 pm
• 1st April to 7th October
9 am to 6 pm
Closed on 24th December
Valid for Hohenschwangau and the
Museum of the Bavarian Kings on the
same day
 Valid
for Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and the Museum of the
Bavarian Kings on the same day
Reservation charges
For the reservation of less than 15 tickets:
• Hohenschwangau or Neuschwanstein
 1.80 per person
• King's Ticket  3.60 per person
Groups of 15 persons or more:
• Hohenschwangau or Neuschwanstein
 0.90 per person
• King's Ticket  1.80 per person
Scale I Adults
Scale II Groups of at least 15 people,
senior citizens of 65 or over, students,
school children, disabled persons and
required escort (pass must be shown).
Free admission: Children and young
people under 18 years of age accompanied by adults (does not apply to
school classes at Hohenschwangau),
tour guides and tour operators‘ drivers
in the group.
Prices as of January 2012. Subject to alteration.
The time it takes to walk
from the Ticket Center
• Neuschwanstein: about 40 minutes
• Hohenschwangau: about 20 minutes
The approach road to Neuschwanstein
Castle is closed to general motor traffic.
In the village of Hohenschwangau horsedrawn carriages are available at Hotel
Müller which take you to the castle inn
located 984 feet, 300 metres/yards below Neuschwanstein Castle.
Buses run between Hotel Lisl and the
“Jugend” lookout point. From there it is
a steep downhill walk of about 10 minutes (1312 feet, 400 metres/yards) to
Neuschwanstein Castle (not suitable for
anyone who has difficulty walking or the
From the “Jugend” lookout point it is
a 2-minute walk to the Marien Bridge
situated 295 feet (90 metres) above
the Pöllat Gorge with a fine view of the
castle and the 147 feet (45 metre) high
A conducted tour of Neuschwanstein
Castle or Hohenschwangau Castle lasts
about 30 minutes. During the tour in
Neuschwanstein Castle there are 170
steps both up and down. Taking photographs during the castle tour is strictly
Museum der bayerischen könige
Museum of the Bavarian Kings
Opening hours:
1st April to 30th September
daily 9 am to 7 pm
1st October to 31st March
daily from 10 am to 6 pm
See page 25 for details.
Neuschwanstein Castle is situated above the roaring Pöllat Gorge,
3 miles (5 km) from Füssen.
To Hopfen
am See
To Roßhaupten
To Schongau
Boat trips
Lake Forggensee
To Weißensee
To Weißensee
Hiking trail to Füssen
approx. 4 miles (7 km)
Hiking trail to Füssen
approx. 3 miles (5 km)
To Reutte
Please note:
The royal castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau
are signposted with the German word “Königsschlösser”!
Hohenschwangau Castle, the nursery of the fairy-tale king, is only
3 miles (5 km) away from Füssen.
Füssen – between mountains, lakes and the River Lech
A romantic setting
In Füssen, B a v a r i a n t r a d i t i o n s are still very much a part
of people‘s day-to-day lives.
Guests from all over the world can
experience these customs entirely
authentically – for example at an
alphorn concert by Lake Forggensee. The fascinating mountain
panorama, the glittering lake and
sonorous alphorns – that‘s pure
High above the River Lech: the
Benedictine monastery of St Mang
and Füssen‘s High Palace (Hohes
Savour the town‘s special charm while strolling through
the streets and taking a look at the shops: that, too, is
something that is especially pleasurable in Füssen. Far
from the roar of the traffic, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the R e i c h e n s t r a s s e (main road),
wander down crooked lanes and discover many a fine
souvenir. Culinary delights and authentic beer gardens
are all included, of course.
Füssen City Tour
Train Station
Tourist Information
 The High Palace
( H o h e s S c h l o s s ) . The former residence of the Augsburg
prince bishops, with unique illusionist paintings on the façades
of the courtyard, is one of the
most important late Gothic castle
complexes in southern Germany.
It now houses the Town Gallery
of Paintings and a branch of the
Bavarian State Collections of
Paintings, where late Gothic and
Renaissance works of art are on
 T h e T o w n F o u n t a i n at
the upper end of the Reichenstrasse shows St Magnus, Füssen‘s
patron saint. At the fountain a
narrow metal strip has been let
into the street paving to recall the
ancient roman route of the Via
Claudia Augusta in this area.
 The Reichenstraße,
historical patricians‘ houses, huddling side by side, line the main
shopping street in the pedestrian
precinct, which is identical to the
route of the earlier Roman road
Via Claudia Augusta.
Illusionist paintings on the
façades of the High Palace
  St Mang Monastery
a n d C h u r c h . The former Benedictine monastery dates back to
the 9th century. It was given its
present Baroque style by Füssen
architect Johann Jakob Herkomer.
Today the historical rooms house
the municipal authorities and the
Füssen Heritage Museum. For 50
years summer chamber music and
jazz concerts have been held in the
magnificent Prince‘s Hall. The former monastery church and presentday parish church is the largest and
most impressive of Füssen‘s baroque churches. The crypt is thought
to date back in its architectural
history to the times of St Magnus
and houses Bavaria’s oldest fresco.
The me∂ieval town centre
 The Füssen Heritage
M u s e u m . Archaeological finds
and art treasures have provided
evidence of 1000 years of monastic history. The splendid Baroque
rooms, which include the Prince’s
Hall, give some idea of the former
monastery’s wealth. The museum
also boasts one of the finest collections of historical lutes and violins in Europe. In the Anna Chapel,
which can be reached via the museum, is the impressive Death Dance
cycle by Jakob Hiebeler (1602), the
oldest of its kind in Bavaria.
 Holy Ghost HospitalC h u r c h . The richly decorated
Rococo façade of the Holy Ghost
Hospital Church depicts St Florian
as a help in preventing fires (the
previous Gothic church burnt down
in 1733) and St Christopher, who
as the patron saint of raftsmen has
his appropriate place here on the
mighty River Lech.
 The path along the
banks of the River Lech
runs upstream to the district of
Bad Faulenbach and downstream
to Lake Forggensee. During a walk
you repeatedly catch sight of fine
views of the river, which up to the
19th century was an important
traffic and trading route navigated
by rafts.
 The Franciscan
M o n a s t e r y . The venerable
monastery buildings with the Baroque St Stephan’s Church are
situated on a small hill above the
River Lech from where there is a
magnificent view of the medieval
town centre. Next to them is the
old  S t S e b a s t i a n C e m e t e r y with historical gravestones,
parts of which border on the old
town wall.
 The area of the present-day Bread Market
is thought to have been the origin
of the medieval town. Today it is
here that the Lute-Makers Fountain
recalls the historical importance
of Füssen as the “Cradle of LuteMaking” in Europe.
 In the enchanting lane called
B r u n n e n g a s s e is the house
where the famous baroque sculptor
Anton Sturm once lived.
 The Schrannenplatz
once served as the town‘s corn
market. The late Gothic Corn House
is nowadays a popular meeting
point with market stands and small
catering outlets.
The clock tower of the High Palace
Füssen provides you with a mobile
phone tour consisting of 12 stations. Discover Füssen’s history and
explore its tales of the past. There
are information panels on the historical buildings themselves which
provide further details.
Bavarian specialities
The restaurants and inns of Füssen
offer true Bavarian-style hospitality.
Bavarian specialities have a long
tradition here and are delicious.
These two pages show some examples of typical Bavarian dishes.
Please note that they may be prepared slightly differently in the
various restaurants.
Boiled white sausages (Weißwürste)  are served with sweet
mustard (süßer Senf)  and a
pretzel (Brezel) , a typical Bavarian bread speciality.
Meat loaf (Leberkäse/Fleischkäse)
 is the favourite dish of many
Bavarians. It tastes great with a
tangy light or dark wheat beer
(Weizenbier) .
culinary delights
A Bavarian snack platter (bayerische Brotzeitplatte)  includes
ham, various kinds of sausage,
spicy Allgäu cheese and bread. This
also goes well with a wheat beer
(Weizenbier) .
Fried pork sausage with sauerkraut (Schweinsbratwürste mit
Sauerkraut) . These sausages
are frequently eaten in a roll as a
snack, too.
Cheese spaetzle (Käsespätzle) 
are an Allgäu speciality consisting
of noodles mixed with spicy Allgäu
cheese and sprinkled with fried
onion rings.
Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel) ,
Apples wrapped in sweet strudel
pastry with custard or vanilla ice
cream and/or whipped cream.
Knuckle of pork (Schweinshaxen)
 is grilled or roasted and usually
served with bread dumpling or po-
tato dumpling and red cabbage or
sauerkraut. A good hearty Bavarian
An idyllic place to relax and unwind: the restaurant garden of
St Mang, formerly a monastery.
Sports and more
To enjoy a sunset in true romantic
style, take an evening b o a t t r i p
o n L a k e F o r g g e n s e e . During the months of July and August
the two-hour tours set off from
Füssen Harbour every Wednesday
at 7.30 pm.
Discover the Allgäu from water!
Take a trip on Forggensee, Bavaria‘s
fifth largest lake and enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the king‘s
castle‘s Neuschwanstein and Ho-
henschwangau, the historical
mountain town of Füssen and the
surrounding Alpine peaks!
See page 20 for details.
Allgäu – yours to discover
The Allgäu: Bavaria's most beautiful holiday area. The Füssen region
with its 935 miles (about 1500 kilometres) of perfectly signposted
routes and 65 circuit paths is regarded as a p a r a d i s e f o r
c y c l i s t s . Whether for those
with sporting ambitions or more
for pleasure, the foothills of the
Alps offer the appropriate route
for every type of cyclist.
http://maps.fuessen.de (GPS tracks)
Hike in King Ludwig‘s
f o o t s t e p s : the route runs
from Füssen across the River Lech
and past the hidden Lake Schwansee to Hohenschwangau, King
Ludwig II‘s childhood paradise.
From here the path winds its way
uphill to Neuschwanstein Castle.
Approx. 6 km, a simple hike.
Shorter route: take the scheduled
bus for either the outward or return trip.
S al o b e r- A lm
Leave the historical centre of Füssen, go through the Faulenbach
Valley – where there are no cars –
pass by Lake Alatsee and then go
on uphill to the Salober-Alm
(located at an altitude of 1087
metres), where food and drinks are
Approx. 6–6.5 km, a simple hike.
Elevation gain approx. 300 m.
Duration: approx. 4.5–5.5 hours
round trip. www.saloberalm.de*
The starting point is the car park
by the lakeside road (Uferstraße) in
Hopfen am See (can also be reached
by scheduled bus from Füssen bus
station!). From here you follow the
Hopfensee circuit path.
Approx. 6.8 km, a simple hike.
Duration: approx. 1.5–2 hours.
* Homepages only available in German.
Whatever the weather is like, this
is the perfect adventure for you
and your family on an indoor high
ropes course. The safety system
incorporates the most modern
smart belays where children can
manage the whole course without
any need to handle belays on platforms as is usually the case.
Enjoy 19 challenging elements
throughout two courses and defeat
the Jungle Snake or fly on the Magic
Carpet in the loft of the building.
This is family fun for everyone.
See page 27 for details.
Winter wonderland
The pleasures of the snow
Winter time in Füssen: magnificently fresh winter air and a crystal-clear view of the snow-covered
mountains. After a winter walk or
a stroll through the historical town
centre, how about taking a coffee
or a mulled wine in one of the cosy
restaurants or cafés?
Twinkling lights, Allgäu arts and
crafts, the delicious fragrance of
roast apples and punch: F ü s s e n
C h r i s t m a s M a r k e t is held
on three weekends in December in
the festively illuminated monastery courtyard of St Mang, at the
heart of Füssen‘s historical town
Have your winter fairy-tale come
true: wrapped up in cosy blankets,
you glide through the glittering,
snow-covered landscape in a horsedrawn sleigh. For example at Lake
Hopfensee or Lake Bannwaldsee,
where you can observe up to 150
deer living in the wild.
Discover the region
Day trips
Z u g s p i t z e Germany’s highest mountain, (about 43 miles, 70
km). At an altitude of almost 3000
metres (9842 feet), its peak can be
reached by rack railway from Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
M u n i c h Bavaria’s capital is
one of the most interesting cities
in Germany (about 71 miles, 115
km) – hourly train connection.
Follow the German Alpine Road to
L i n d a u and discover the only
Bavarian town on Lake Constance
(about 143 miles, 230 km). It is
popular for its historical Old Town,
round trips by ship and a fantastic
view. Detours to the flower-island
of Mainau are possible via Meersburg. www.lindau.de
L i n d e r h o f p a l a c e This
palace was also built by Ludwig II,
and for many Ludwig fans it is in
fact the finest (about 31 miles,
50 km). The Hall of Mirrors, the
Palace Park with its Moorish Kiosk
and Peacock’s Throne as well as the
artificial grotto with a wave machine, through which the King was
rowed in his shell boat, are some
of the exceptional sights.
O b e r a m m e r g a u can be
easily reached by car (about 28
miles, 45 km). This holiday resort
is world-famous for its Passion
Play. Yet the numerous house-wall
paintings, called Lüftlmalereien,
and the artistic wood carvings are
themselves worth a visit.
Castle Herrenchiems e e In 1873 King Ludwig II of
Bavaria acquired the Herreninsel
on Lake Chiemsee as the location
for his Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee. The actual building of
this “Bavarian Versailles” was begun in 1878. When Ludwig II died
in 1886 the palace was still incomplete, and sections of it were later
The Romantic Road
The Romantic Road is one of
Germany‘s most popular tourist
routes. Over a distance of only
240 miles (385 km), it features
an exquisite series of tourist
W ü r z b u r g The start or finish of the Romantic road, with a
wide range of sights worth seeing:
Marienberg Fort, the Cathedral, the
historical town centre and the
Prince-Bishop‘s Residence (UNESCO
World Heritage Site) – a magnificent Baroque specimen by Balthasar Neumann.
W i e s k i r c h e This Rococo
church (1746–1754) is a UNESCO
World Heritage site and should be
a stop on every travel route. Seldom have cheerfulness and devoutness been combined more beautifully than in the light-flooded interior, which can also be enjoyed
during one of the frequent concerts (about 16 miles, 25 km).
Rothenburg ob der
T a u b e r The medieval appearance of this little town bewitches
every visitor. The wall encircling
the town, for example, is still preserved, providing the perfect setting for the Gothic and Renaissance gabled houses (about 155 miles,
250 km). www.rothenburg.de
Boat trips on Lake Forggensee
Treat yourself to a magnificent waterborne panorama: the further the Forggensee boat moves away from the lake‘s southern
shore, the more splendid the view of the mountain world of
the Ammergau, Lechtal and Tannheim Alps, Neuschwanstein
and Hohenschwangau castles and the silhouette of Füssen. Get
to know the Allgäu Königswinkel from the water on a relaxing
boat excursion on Bavaria‘s fifth largest lake.
From June 1st to October 15th the two passenger boats of
the Füssen shipping company run two round trips of differing
length several times a day. The short circuit in the southern
section of the lake lasts approx. 55 minutes. The large circuit
lasts two hours and runs to the dam at the northern end. At
each stop-off point you can leave the boat or take a lunch or
coffee break as you please.
Both boats have catering on board and can also be booked for
special trips. It is also possible to alternate sections of a hike or
cycle tour with a boat trip.
page 24
Daily schedule 01.06. to 15.10.:
Large circuit: (scheduled service)
Bootshafen/Harbour (Füssen)
Festspielhaus (Füssen)
Waltenhofen (Schwangau)
Brunnen (Schwangau)
Osterreinen (Rieden)
Dietringen (Rieden)
Tiefental (Roßhaupten)
Kraftwerk/Power station (Roßhaupten)
back towards Füssen
Dietringen (Rieden)
Osterreinen (Rieden)
Brunnen (Schwangau)
Waltenhofen (Schwangau)
Festspielhaus (Füssen)
Bootshafen/Harbour (Füssen)
Small circuit: (only if there are enough passengers – at least 10 – from Füssen) MS Füssen
Upper room with 120 seats (can
be booked separately on scheduled
runs); lower room with 130 seats;
150 seats on deck.
Buffet catering can be booked on
request for groups of up to 200.
Departure 10:30
-------- 12:20
Arrival Arrival
Departure Departure Departure Departure Departure
Bootshafen/Harbour (Füssen)
15:35 16:35 Festspielhaus (Füssen)
16:50 Osterreinen (Rieden)
Waltenhofen (Schwangau)
13:50 -------- -------- 17:20
Festspielhaus (Füssen)
13:55 15:10 16:20
Bootshafen/Harbour (Füssen)
Arrival Arrival
Fares per person:
MS Allgäu
Room with 110 seats; 110 seats on
deck. Buffet catering available on
request for groups of up to 80.
trips in th
Large circuit:
€11,00 (without guest ticket)
€10,00 (with guest ticket; groups from 20)
Children (4 –14 years): € 6,00 (without guest ticket)
€ 5,50 (with guest ticket)
Small circuit:
Children (4 –14 years): €
8,00 (without guest ticket)
7,00 (with guest ticket; groups from 20)
4,00 (without guest ticket)
3,50 (with guest ticket)
The reduced group fare only applies when tickets are paid for together.
Fares for individual sections of the large circuit on request.
Information and reservations for travel groups:
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/92 13 63 or +49 (0) 83 62/93 85-22 · Fax: +49 (0) 83 62/92 13 64 or +49 (0) 83 62/93 85-20
[email protected] (01.06.–15.10.) or [email protected] · www.forggenseeschifffahrt.de
Hotel Schlosskrone ★★★★
Comfort: Heavenly Bavarian style 64 rooms &
suites (extended 2011), partly air conditioned.
Breakfast buffet, SAT-TV, safe, minibar, underground parking and free wireless internet access.
Culinarium: Bavarian cooking heaven! Sitting in
the wooden “Himmelsstube” or conservatory from
lunch to dinner with buffets and à la carte!
Relax at the “Chili – Bar, Ristorante, Vinoteca” –
a hip theme restaurant with wine cellar.
Chocolate-Heaven: “Kurcafe” - Homemade sweet
dreams of chocolate since 1896! It is a must to
come and taste these gorgeous delights!
Chilling at Spa “Schloss-Therme”: Relaxing in
300 m² of regal spa facilities with beauty studio,
massage department and fitness.
Conference and more: 150 m² meeting facilities
for 10 to 100 people.
Celebrating and more: 200 m² ballroom and
banquet suite for all kind of celebrations.
Culture and nature: From Castle Neuschwanstein
to the breathtaking outdoors – just a minute away
from your Schlosskrone!
Hotel Schlosskrone ★★★★
Family Schöll
Prinzregentenplatz 2–4 · 87629 Füssen
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/93 01 80 · Fax +49 (0) 83 62/9 30 18 50
[email protected] · www.schlosskrone.de
Luitpoldpark-Hotel 1111
All 131 comfort rooms and suites with
direct-dial telephone, safe, flatscreen TV /
radio, wireless LAN (WLAN), bathroom
with bathtub, WC, some with bidet, vanity
mirror and hair dryer.
Various restaurants and bars offer Bavarian and international specialities.
7 banquet and conference rooms each for
up to 100 people.
Spacious 1,500 m² “LöWe” wellness and
fitness park. Ayurveda studio and cosmetics department.
300 underground parking spaces.
4 km to Neuschwanstein Castle.
Accomodations · Restaurants
We look forward to welcoming you!
Luitpoldpark-Hotel ★ ★ ★ ★
Bahnhofstraße 1–3 · 87629 Füssen
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/9 04-0
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/9 04-6 78
[email protected]
Via Hotel Sonne ★★★★
Design hotel in the pedestrian precinct,
various room categories, breakfast buffet
included, parking lot and underground
parking, sauna, fitness and internet included, restaurant and Bar “VIA”- Sonnengarten.
Our 50 rooms are just right for those
individualists who are looking for far
more than just the functionality of an
hotel room.
Only 80 metres from the main railway
Via Hotel Sonne ★★★★
Prinzregentenplatz · 87629 Füssen
Tel +49 (0) 83 62/80 00
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/90 81 00
[email protected] · www.hotel-sonne.de
= Group Price on request
= Menu in english
= Bavarian Specialities · Accept Credit Cards:
= American Express
= Mastercard
= Visa
= EC-Cash
Hotel Schweiger ★★★★
A very personally run hotel where you will
feel at home. Small and refined. A tasteful
atmosphere. Situated in a wonderful quiet
spot in idyllic Bad Faulenbach quite close
to the lakes. Five minutes from the historical centre. It is about 10 minutes by car
to the King’s Castles Neuschwanstein
and Hohenschwangau. Our restaurant “S“
presents you with excellent fresh cuisine
with regional and international food. We
also offer a bar with fireplace. The “Activarium“ is a jacuzzi with whirlpool area,
hydro-massages, sauna and herbal steam
bath. Spa and beauty facilities.
Aktiv Hotel Schweiger ★★★★
Ländeweg 2
87629 Füssen-Bad Faulenbach
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/91 40-0
[email protected]
Filser Kur- und Relaxhotel ★★★S
A well-run house, very quiet and yet centrally situated in the Saeulingstraße /
Only a few minutes on foot to the Music
Theatre, Lake Forggensee and the historical town centre. About 4 km (2.5 miles)
to the royal castles of Neuschwanstein
and Hohenschwangau.
Live comfortably – be pampered a little.
A personal atmosphere. Comfortable
rooms with shower and WC.
Magnificent view of the mountains and
the town of Fuessen. A lovely lawn for
sunbathing, terraced garden, a cosy rustic-style lounge with a tiled stove.
Lift, biological or Finnish sauna, small fit-
ness room, cosmetic and spa treatment,
A lavish breakfast buffet, delicious cooking with a choice of dishes, whole food,
reduction food, special diets, culinary
buffet. Free parking in front of our house.
Free WLAN.
Welcome in our hotel.
Filser Kur- und Relaxhotel ★★★S
Family Thanner / Filser
Säulingstraße 3 · 87629 Füssen
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/91 25-0 · Fax 91 25-73
[email protected] · www.hotel-filser.de
Accomodations · Restaurants
Vitalhotel Wiedemann ★★★S
This family-run hotel is located near Ludwig II’s castles (approx. 5 km) in the idyllic
Bad Faulenbach valley. Here you have
wonderful natural surroundings right on
your doorstep and beautiful lakes offering
utter tranquillity. The historical centre of
Füssen is just a short walk away (approx.
8 minutes).
The rooms are spacious and modern in
design with fresh colours and fitted with
shower, WC, telephone and TV; some have
either a balcony or a terrace. Family rooms
and apartments for up to four people.
We provide creative, healthy cooking to
indulge you with selected set meals,
buffets and à la carte dishes.
Kneipp therapy with massages, baths,
moor applications. Spa facilities with
beauty, Ayurveda and a spacious sauna
area with organic and Finnish sauna,
salt steam bath, sand/light bath, infrared.
We look forward to seeing you!
Vitalhotel Wiedemann ★★★S
Dr. Anni Derday
Am Anger 3 · 87629 Füssen-Bad Faulenbach
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/91 30-0 · Fax 91 30-77
[email protected]
Hotel Restaurant Frühlingsgarten ★★★
In the Faulenbach Valley
A family-run hotel with a tradition of
hospitality going back more than 150
years. Located in a wonderfully quiet
spot, yet only five minutes on foot to the
town centre.
Comfy guest rooms
All rooms are comfortably and pleasantly
fitted with bathroom/WC or shower/WC,
telephone, television, some with a balcony. Cars can be parked at the house.
Here the proprietor does the cooking
with fresh produce from local farms. We
provide delicious delicacies for guests
with a hearty appetite and those who are
Ruchti‘s Hotel ★★★
This privately run hotel has been owned
by the Ruchti family since 1908. Set in a
quiet and idyllic location, yet convenient
for the centre of Füssen. The restaurant is
well-known for its giant schnitzels. We
welcome you all the year round.
= Group Price on request
= Menu in english
more interested in a snack. With foaming
beer and fine wines. With homemade
cakes and great ice cream creations.
Look forward to your holiday.
Hotel Restaurant Frühlingsgarten ★★★
Family Weyerer
Alatseestraße 8
87629 Füssen-Bad Faulenbach
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/91 73-0
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/91 73-40
[email protected]
In summer we recommend our inviting
patio. Our rooms are fitted with shower/
WC, telephone, cable TV, safe and in some
cases with south-facing balcony.
Sauna, fitness facilities and parking are
provided free of charge.
= Bavarian Specialities · Accept Credit Cards:
= American Express
Ruchti's Hotel und Restaurant ★★★
Alatseestrasse 38
87629 Füssen-Bad Faulenbach
Tel +49 (0) 83 62/9 10 10 · Fax 72 13
[email protected]
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Hartung‘s Hotel Dorf
Unique ...
The tranquillity is marvellous, as is the view of
the King‘s castles, Lake Hopfensee and the Alpine
panorama which you can enjoy from our rooms
and apartments.
Delicious dishes ...
Our outstanding kitchen provides such dishes as
regional specialities with products from our own
Pure relaxation ...
The spa area indulges you not just with classic
therapies but also Ayurvedic massages, cosmetic
treatments and much more besides.
On horseback ...
Our ranch with indoor riding arena provides riding
excursions and courses.
Hartung‘s Hotel Dorf
Peter Hartung
Enzensbergstraße 20
87629 Füssen-Hopfen am See
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/50 55-0
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/50 55-60
[email protected]
Hotel Hirsch
Pleasant memories are best planned in advance
Central ... in the town centre and extremely close
to King Ludwig‘s Castles
Convenient ... private parking as well as secure
Family owned ... for four generations
Elegant ... 53 individually decorated, spacious rooms
Inviting ... cosy restaurants with regional specialities
Accomodations · Restaurants
The use of our swimming pool and sauna area
with fitness room and Kneipp tread basin is included in the price for all guests.
A house with charisma, a house with charm –
a building with 100 years of history. Traditionally
decorated rooms, each of them in their own unique
style. Our hotel is a family-run business and we aim
to offer our guests an experience they will never
A number of restaurants decorated to original
Bavarian designs offer a variety of local culinary
dishes. Allgäu specialities as well as modern cuisine.
Visit us for a quick lunch or for a romantic candlelight dinner. Our conference rooms can cater for
business meetings, family celebrations or dinner
Hotel Hirsch
Christine Bletschacher
Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz 7 · 87629 Füssen
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/9 39 80
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/93 98 77
[email protected] · www.hotelfuessen.de
= Group Price on request
= Menu in english
= Bavarian Specialities · Accept Credit Cards:
= American Express
= Mastercard
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Hotel Geiger
Elegant, cosy hotel for individualists
offering a magnificent panorama of
the lake and mountains. Just 5 km from
Füssen and 9 km from the King Ludwig's
Feel at ease in our elegant, rustic-style
rooms and generous studios. Lift to all
floors. Rooms with DSL and wireless LAN
in the lobby.
Chic terrace restaurant, elegant eatery,
cosy farmhouse parlour offering light,
creative seasonal cuisine and regional
specialities. In-house confectionery with
café and small open-air terrace.
Health and wellness facilities including
massage and cosmetics, sauna and steam
bath. New lobby and cocktail bar.
Hotel Geiger
Family Karl Geiger
Uferstraße 18 · 87629 Füssen-Hopfen am See
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/70 74
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/3 88 38
[email protected] · www.hotel-geiger.de
Accomodations · Restaurants
Seegasthof Weissensee
Seegasthof Weissensee is a traditionsteeped family-run guest house which is
situated directly on Lake Weißensee.
We have always cultivated a tradition of
hospitality and we take care of our guests
personally. Our rooms are furnished in
rustic style and are fitted with shower/
WC, telephone, cable TV and balcony or
Our kitchen indulges you with selected
fish and meat dishes as well as Spanish
Ask about our weekly all-inclusive rates.
Seegasthof Weissensee
Family Garcia-Preikschat
Pfrontener Str. 23 · 87629 Füssen-Weissensee
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/9 17 80
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/91 78 88
[email protected]
Ideal starting point for hikes and bike
Mein lieber Schwan
Beautiful art nouveau villa, excellently
situated, fully renovated, with a large
garden, quiet, idyllic, near the town
centre, with a view of the mountains and
= Group Price on request
= Menu in english
Mein lieber Schwan f
P. A. Bletschacher
Augustenstraße 3 · 87629 Füssen
Tel. +49 (0) 83 62/50 99 80 or
Tel. +49 (0) 1 71/4 02 35 56
Fax +49 (0) 83 62/50 99 14
[email protected]
All apartments are furnished with
antiques and have a balcony, marble
bathroom, fully fitted kitchen, internet,
flatscreenTV, parking.
= Bavarian Specialities · Accept Credit Cards:
= American Express
= Mastercard
Vacation without extra costs:
All-inclusive guest ticket “KönigsCard“
You receive your exclusive, free KönigsCard when you book
your holiday accommodation with one of
the eighteen current
KönigsCard hosts.
• Over 200 free services:
e.g. cable cars and lifts, swimming pools, museums, boat tours on Lake Forggen-
see (see page 20), event and leisure pro-
•Valid throughout your entire vacation
•Free services can be used more than once
For further details of the KönigsCard and the KönigsCard hosts,
see: www.fuessen.de
Imprint: KönigsCard Betriebs GmbH · Office: Landratsamt Ostallgäu · Schwabenstraße 11 · 87616 Marktoberdorf
Tel. 0049 (0) 8342 911-331 · Fax 0049 (0) 8342 911-544 · www.koenigscard.com · [email protected]
Graphic design: GrafikDesign Antje Stoschek · www.grafikdesign-as.de · Photos: Tourist agencies · 07/2010
The project „Introduction of an electronic guest ticket with electronic registration certificate“
is financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE), the Tyrol Tourism Sponsor
Fund and the Ministry of Trade, Family and Youth, Vienna.
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Museum of the Bavarian Kings
Nestled below Hohenschwangau Castle, on the shores of Lake Alpsee
with a view of Neuschwanstein Castle – this was where, long ago,
the guests of the royal hunting parties would stay. The former hotel
has now been reopened as the Museum of the Bavarian Kings, complete with museum café and restaurant. The exhibition recounts the
story of the royal palaces, the people who had them built, and the
House of Wittelsbach from its beginnings until the present day, thus
providing the perfect addition to any visit to the two royal palaces.
Exhibition tour
The exhibition focuses on the builders of the royal palaces Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, King Maximilian II and his son,
Ludwig II. How have they continued to shape this place, with its inhabitants and the surrounding landscape? What importance is assigned to historical cycles and medieval legends in the castles’ features? What plans did Ludwig II have for this area which he never
managed to complete? With spectacular installations and using
original exhibits, these questions are addressed in an exciting, informative and lively way. Another section demonstrates the tensions
between the prestige of the Bavarian monarchy and the social,
political and technological changes in the so-called industrial age.
The third section of the exhibition tells of the end of the monarchy
and the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty up until the present.
1. Grail chalice crowned by the Patrona Bavariae, gilt bronze, 1906
2. Elaborate chest for the “King Ludwig Album”, Peter Herwegen, wood, velvet, brass, gilded, silver, 1850
3. Kaub Tower, K. H., brass, silver plated, enamel, malachite, 1891
4. Coat belonging to King Ludwig II as Grand Master of the dynastic Order of Saint George, silk velvet, silver leaf, ermine, Order of the Knights of Saint George, Munich
The exhibition offers views of the surrounding landscape and
the castles as well as by subtle use of cutting-edge, interactive
museum technology and expansive installations, which explain
the original exhibits in an informative, lively manner. In the lakeside part of the museum, visitors can dine like royalty in the
museum café and restaurant, Alpenrose am See, whilst taking in
the beauty of the magnificent mountain scenery and the views
across the Alpsee. The museum offers tours of varying depths.
Guided tours and an audio guide in seven languages,
Arrival / Publisher details
How to get
to Füssen
The holiday resort of Füssen lies at the heart of
Europe, directly on the border to Austria. The cities
of Munich, Augsburg and Innsbruck are each about
100 km away, providing attractive destinations for
day trips. The Swiss border at Lake Constance is
120 km from Füssen, Italy is within easy reach, only
140 km away over the Brenner Pass.
By car
A (= Autobahn / motorway)
A 7 Ulm – Füssen
B (= Bundesstraße / main road)
B 309, B 310, B 16 and
B 17 (Romantic road from Würzburg to Füssen)
Airports / Trains
Munich Airport: München-Erding, about
100 miles (160 km), take S-Bahn (suburban railway) or
bus to Central Station, then continue to Füssen by rail
(hourly train connections). www.munich-airport.de
Mieming Telfs
St. Moritz/Merano
Publisher details
The hotel and restaurant
owners bear sole responsibility for the content
and legality of the hotel
and restaurant advertisements published here
in relation to pictures
and text as well as for
any other descriptions or
information provided.
Published by: Füssen Tourismus and Marketing –
Tourist Information Füssen, www.fuessen.de
Erscheinungsbild Allgäu GmbH: 3K München,
Concept / Design / Realisation: JUNG Agentur für Kommunikation und Werbung, Munich, www.jung-kreativ.de
Photography: Günter Standl, Laufen / Bavarian Ministry
of Trade, Infrastructure, Transportation and Technology,
Munich / Helmut Kroiß, Füssen / Munich Tourist Office,
A. Kupka / Rothenburg Tourismus Service / Andreas Bestle,
Congress – Tourismus – Wirtschaft Würzburg
Stuttgart Airport: about 143 miles (230 km), S-Bahn
to Central Station, hourly train connections to Füssen
via Augsburg. www.stuttgart-airport.com
Memmingen Airport: about 47 miles (75 km) Information: www.allgaeu-airport.de
Innsbruck Airport: about 62 miles (100 km).
Copy: Füssen Tourismus und Marketing
Translation: CAT Translations, www.cattranslations.com
Cartography: SAM-media.net, Gilching, www.sam-media.net
Print: Eberl Print, Immenstadt, www.eberl.de
No section of this brochure may be reproduced or distributed
without written consent of the publisher. This also applies to
commercial reproduction, inclusion in electronic databases and
reproduction on CD-ROM.
All rights reserved. Subject to error and alteration.
Last revised: 01/2012
The romantic soul of Bavaria
See you in
Bad Faulenbach
Hopfen am See
Füssen Tourismus und Marketing
Tourist Information Hopfen am See
Uferstraße 21 a
87629 Füssen
Telefon +49 (0) 83 62/74 58
Telefax +49 (0) 83 62/3 99 78
[email protected]
Tourist Information Füssen
Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz 1
87629 Füssen
Telefon +49 (0) 83 62/93 85-0
Telefax +49 (0) 83 62/93 85-20
[email protected]
Tourist Information Weißensee
Seeweg 4
87629 Füssen
Telefon +49 (0) 83 62/65 00
Telefax +49 (0) 83 62/3 92 65
[email protected]

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