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S2KV013 Sd Kfz 221 sPzB 41 - Sovereign 2000
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Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing an S2K product. If you have any problems or require further information on
this or any other products in the S2K range, please contact us by any of the means listed above. Why not
visit the S2K website at www.sovereign200.uk.com .
When cleaning casting blocks from resin parts a certain amount of dust will be created. Resin dust can
be harmful so we recommend the use of a dust mask while performing this task. Think also of those
around you by finding a suitable area for the job. Take similar precautions with substances, such as
adhesives and paint. Your kit will contain a number of small parts, which may easily be swallowed so
keep these parts well out of the reach of small children and pets.
To assemble your model you will need the standard modelling tool also used for plastic kits. These will
include a scalpel or craft knife, cutters, files, tweezers etc. However, we recommend the use of a razor
saw or similar tool for the removal of casting blocks on resin parts. You may also need a small selection
of modelling drills to create a hole for a pin or to open a locating point.
For best results, use cyanoacrylate (super glue) for assembly. Two part epoxy glues may be used to
attach larger parts. You will find these items in most craft shops.
Before assembly, gently wash all resin parts in warm (not hot) soapy water. This will remove any mould
release agent, which may affect paint. Never attempt to remove casting blocks from resin parts by
snapping, as this will often damage the part. Use a razor saw or similar tool for this task.
Due to the nature of resin, it is possible that you may find one or two small air bubbles on the surface
of some parts. We always do our very best to avoid this, but it is not always possible. Should this occur,
a small amount of filer should fix the problem. Alternatively, super glue can be used for this task as it
sets quickly and can be sanded after setting.
You may find some wire supplied with your kit. This may be used to make parts too delicate to cast or
for use as pins. This will always be indicated in the plans. Certain parts may need to be drilled in order
to take a pin. These parts will be identified by the prefix ‘D’ before the part number. Similarly, if your
kit contains photo-etched parts, these will be identified by the prefix ‘A’ before the part number.
Decals are not provided with S2K kits. We recommend the use of Archer Transfers. Archer provides a
wide range of high quality decals, which may be used wet or dry. These are available in most good
model shops.
For photo-etched parts, you may find a ‘hold and fold’ tool useful. These are available from a number
of manufacturers, but we have found the best of these to be the ‘Etch Mate’ from Mission Models. For
further information on these products see the S2K website.
Thank you for your attention and happy modelling.
Marc Day.
Sd Kfz 221
Sub assembly 1 (L + R)
At this stage assemble the upper and lower hull sections.