Hyundai iLoad



Hyundai iLoad
Unlease the potential of your workhorse with a Stage 1 tune on your Hyundai iLoad 2.5 Litre CRD
Turbo Diesel. Massive 39% power gains at the rear wheels, with moderate torque increase, while
reducing fuel consumption.
Dyno Performance Data
At Wheels
Torque (nm)
Power (kw)
Stage 1
139 (+39%)
368 (+7%)
Stage 1 - Remap of Standard ECU
Note: Actual figures may vary depending on mechanical performance of individual vehicle
Rather than simply remapping your vehicles ECU,
IT IS IMPORTANT that we check your vehicles
health with our diagnos c equipment before we
make any changes. We test injector tolerances,
air fuel ra o & boost pressure to name a few,
before we start. Once we have given your vehicle
a clean bill of health we will perform the remapping process & again retest all of its vital signs
making sure everything is opera ng safely within
its limits. All of this is done by our expert team
and with the piece of mind knowing that your
vehicle is opera ng exactly as it should.
365-367 Allan Street, Kyabram VIC 3620
(03) 5853 1555 -
[email protected]
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