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Colmore Court (2nd Floor) 9 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BJ UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 (0) 8704-589700
FAX: +44 (0) 8704-589900
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $4.5 Billion ( £ 2.9 Billion) +23.3%
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Privately owned (managed by Boparanb Holdings Limited), 2 Sisters Food Group was
started in 1993 by businessman Ranjit Singh Boparan, now its CEO (Boparan Holdings). The
company, a diversified food processor serving the retail, foodservice and contract manufacturing
sectors, now oversees 49 manufacturing sites, operating in the UK, Ireland, Holland, and Poland..
Its offering covers: ready meals, accompaniments, chilled pizza and pies. Overall, the business is
divided equally in terms of sales between grocery products and its bread-cake-milling operations.
A big boost in its business came in April 2011, when its £ 342 million takeover bid was accepted
by giant food manufacturer Northern Foods, Leeds (chilled, bakery and frozen foods). The latter’s
nearly £ 1 billion in revenues doubled 2 Sisters Food Group sales, putting it very nearly on the
level enjoyed by the UK’s largest domestic food processor (also in this database). 2 Sisters
followed up in December 2011 offering £ 30 million cash for Brookes Aana, a £ 203.6 million
UK manufacturer of ready meals, accompaniments, chilled pizza and pies. Then in March 2013, 2
Sisters Food Group agreed to the acquisition of VION's poultry and red meat processing operation
in the UK. In September, the company opened a new £ 1 million food safety lab in Nottingham,
which is earmarked to test up to 16,000 samples per week. The current year resulted in a loss of
£ 35.5 million versus its profits of £ 42.5 million in fiscal 2012. While the company reported
strong sales in branded frozen goods and a new biscut team organized to drive its Fox's branded
business, the company's chilled foods sales were weak. Consumers reacted to a horsemeat scare in
beef, affecting its ready meal category. Operating profits were off by 14.4% to £ 92.2 million.
Products/Services: Poultry, fish, chilled foods, bakery items, frozen foods
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (frozen foods, refrigerated, baked goods, dry groceries)
25 Crescent St., Stamford, CT 06906 USA
Tel: (203) 359-4559
FAX: (203) 359-2187
Total Sales Volume: $8 Million
Sales % in EB: 12.5
Export Markets: United States, Europe, Japan, Africa, Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Canada, South
Profile: Founded by Mark Kaufman in 1979, 3 Strikes Custom Design pioneered the use of highquality, coordinated sportswear and apparel in the promotion industry. Today, the company calls
itself “America’s Towel Superstore,” selling customized towels in all sizes with all embellishment
techniques, including the silkscreen process. Clients can replicate their ads, package designs and
original art on not only towels, but ties, banners, bags, jackets, and other fabrics, using the
company’s new Matrix Total Coverage process, a patent-pending system producing a printing
look like full-bleed litho reproductions. Another new product is the company’s Pak Tites
compressed products (also patent pending), which compresses T-shirts, towels and other cottonrich items under 50 tons of pressure to a fraction of their original size. (Normal laundering
removes the wrinkles). Printed labels are then shrink-wrapped around the compressed item to keep
the product clean and moisture-free. Products also can be compressed into innovative shapes
(football, heart, postcard, etc.).
Products/Services: T-shirts, towels, banners, blankets, sweaters, sportswear
Sales Contacts: Mark Kaufman, President; Larry Edinger, Senior Account Executive
Category: Apparel
580 Fountain Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11208 USA
Tel: (718) 272-4242
FAX: (718) 272-2899
Total Sales Volume: $110 Million +
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets:Middle East (six countries) including Cyprus and Israel; Central and South
America (10 Countries), Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Korea.
Profile: Founded in 1935, the privately (family)-held 4C Foods began by packing grated cheese
behind the family owned grocery store. Later, the company expanded into the packing and
seasoning of bread crumbs as well as spare rib sauce. Some 25+ years ago, its acquisition of Ideal
Tea Packing Co., Inc. led it into the private label packing of iced tea mix, dehydrated soup mixes,
and seasoned coating mixes. Today, the company is the premier and major packer of these private
label items in the entire nation. In fact, if the 4C brand and the private label brands of iced tea mix
can be combined, then 4C Foods packs and sells more iced tea mix tonnage than does Lipton. 4C
Foods packs only 100% pure Italian grated cheese with no fillers or additives. New cheese packing
equipment has been recently installed, as the company has now expanded into the upscale cheese
market. The company now can utilize and pack in glass jars, composite cans, polyethylene
containers and ever-increasing net-weight can sizes. Recent additions to the grated cheese line
include 8-ounce deli cups of Parmesan and Romano cheese, 3-pound bags of Parmesan and
Romano grated cheese, and 14-ounce composite cans of Parmesan and Romano grated cheese.
Bread crumbs are now packed in a super size 46-ounce net- weight can, while iced tea mix is
packed in a new 96-ounce-size net-weight can. 4C Food is now “OU” kosher approved for the
packing of iced tea. mix, plain and flavored bread crumbs and lemonade mix. Among its newest
products: 4C cap-it, a sports cap that infuses water with a splash of liquid flavor (zero calories and
sugar-free). Recommended for 16.9- and 20-ounce water bottles, the flavors include: energy tea,
energy berry, iced tea, green tea, fruit punch, wildberry and pomegranate. 4C Foods also has just
introduced gluten-fee crumbs made with rice flour, plus four new flavored liquid water enhancers:
half & half iced tea/lemonade, lemonade, strawberrly lemonade, and orange tangerine
Products/Services: Bread crumbs, grated Italian cheeses, iced tea mixes, drink mixes, dehydrated
soups, coating mixes, vitamin and energy sticks, iced tea sticks.
Sales Contacts: Wayne Celauro, Vice-President of Sales; Dan Swartz, Vice-President of
International Sales.
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Avenida del Pilar, 6, P.O. Box 4, 41530-Moron de la Frontera (Seville) SPAIN
Tel: +34 95-5985-47-00
FAX: +34 95-5985-01-45
Total 2013 Consolidated Sales Volume: $240 Million ( € 183.5 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 98 countries
Profile: Tracing its history back through four generations of the Camacho family back to 1897,
this company started near Seville, Spain, producing olive oil. Since then Angel Camacho, has
developed into the world's largest table olive processor, operating six production plants. The
company divides its operation into six companies, six in Spain, two in the U.S., and in the United
Kingdom, Poland, and Argentina.. Angel Camacho produces some 4,000 skus under a variety of
product categories: olives, edible oils, preserves, pickles, condiments, teas/herbal teas, and other
specialty foods. The company serves both the retail and foodservice sectors.
Products/Services: Olives, olive oils, edible oils, pickles, capers, cocktail onions, maraschino
cherries, Greek pepperoncini, Greek olives, preserves, condiments and herbal teas
Sales Contacts: Juan Carlos Sanchez Herrera, Marketing Director. In the US, contact Angel
Camacho Inc., 2502 Walden Woods Drive, Plant City, FL 33566. (Tel: 813-305-4534).
Category: Food (olives, olive oil, onions, condiments, edible oils, teas, specialty foods)
20-01 Broadway, P.O. Box 241, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA
Tel: (201) 797-1400
FAX: (201) 797-0148
Total Sales Volume: $50 Million+
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: South America, Asia
Profile: A. Zerega’s Sons was founded in 1848 by Antonie Zerega. It very likely is the first pasta
company in the U.S. Today, the company, operated by the fifth generation Zerega-Vermlen
family, claims to be America’s leading producer of custom pasta for the food processing sector
(meals, dinners, salads, frozen foods, etc.), the foodservice business, and the retail market. From
its two plants, it produces more than 250 million pounds of pasta per year. Zerega’s formula for
success: quality products --100% whole grain/whole wheat durum semolina, available in some 300
different shapes. The company specializes in the custom manufacturing of specialty pasta
products including unique shapes and formulas made for specific applications. Product packaging
ranges from four ounces to 5 pounds.
Products/Services: Pasta (elbow, shells, spirals, tubes, etc.), macaroni, egg noodles ; custom
formulations in whole wheat, whole grain, high fiber, and organic.
Sales Contacts: Robert A. Vermylen, Vice-President
Category: Food (DG)
208 Third Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 07712 USA
Tel: (732) 775- 7575; 800-443-5649
FAX: (732) 502- 0899
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This small, family owned manufacturer, started in 1964, specializes in health-related and
fitness products (holistic), having distinguished itself in the natural vitamins and food supplements
area. Its private label business started more than 10 years ago. The company portfolio includes
600+ products. The firm operates a national mail order service, a clinic, and a clinic-health retreat.
Products/Services: Natural fruit sweeteners, Celtic salt, liquid homeopathic remedies, herb
formulas, healing botanical teas, cold press vegetable oils, vitamin formulas, enzyme formulas,
powder formulas, liquid energy elixirs, weight loss, fibers, bowel tonics, thyroid replacement,
hormone replacement
Sales Contacts: Robert H. Sorge N.D PHd
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea), Health & Beauty Care
(See Associated British Foods plc)
Morris Corporate Center 111, 400 Interpace Parkway, Parsippany, NJ 07054 USA
Tel: (862) 261-7000
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $ 5.9 Billion +28.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Worldwide--60+ markets
Profile: Today, Actavis (NYSE: ACT) is a global integrated specialty pharmaceutical company,
which develops generic, branded generic, legacy brands, OTC products, and bio-similar products,
produced in some 32 manufacturing facilities and distributed throughout the US, Canada, Europe,
Russia, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc. The company is positioned as the world’s third largest
generic pharmaceutical company (1,000+ generic products). Its big news lately has been the
production of bio-equivalent generic versions of the popular drug brands, Concerta® (attention
deficit disorder drug) and Lipitor® (drug for high cholesterol treatment). The company history
traces back to the Actavis Group, founded in 1956. Recent acquisitions have propelled its growth
into a billion-dollar enterprise. The company was taken private in 20007, when billionaire Thor
Bjorgolfssoni took control with his private equity firm in Iceland. Fast forward to October 2012,
when Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. acquired Actavis for € 4.2 billion ($5.4 billion) and shortly
afterward changed its own identity to Actavis Inc. This acquisition was followed by the spin-off of
its Rugby over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products and trademarks to The Harvard Drug
Group, L.L.C.. Livonia, MI. Harvard is a leading distributor and provider of private label OTCs
and generic prescription products. The Rugby OTC portfolio includes more than 250 skus of
cough and cold, allergy, pain relief, nausea relief, nicotine gum, vitamin and nutritional
supplement products. Actavis, however, retained rights to produce and sell all store-branded OTC
products and nicotine gum as well as other non-Rugby OTC products that were being distributed
under the trademark. In the US, Actavis sells to drug wholesalers, the Government, drug and food
chains, etc. Its two biggest customers are Walgreens and McKesson (both listed in the Retailers
section of this database). Actavis elsewhere in the world markets its OTC products, such as
dermatology, skin care, acetaminophen, etc.
UPDATE: In January 2013, Actavis acquired the Belgian based Uteron Pharma SA, helping to
expand its women’s health products with an objective of building its branded product portfolio. In
October 2013, Actavis acquired Warner Chilcotte in a stock-for-stock trade valued at $8.5 billion.
Actavis then completely restructured its US Specialty Brand sales operation and under the
combined operation renamed itself, Actavis plc, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with
administrative offices in the US. Actavis, now with its specialty brands portfolio doubled is the
third largest generic prescription drug manufacturer. Actavis Pharma out-licenses generic
pharmaceuticals outside the US, through its Medis third-party business, serving more than 300
customers with over 200 products. Actavis plc for 2013 has sales of $11 billion.
Products/Services: OTC creams, ointments, liquids, first aid, hair growth, anti-fungal; first aid
preparations, ibuprofen, anti-fungal cream, feminine hygiene; pharmaceutical formulations
Sales Contacts: Rob Hooper, National Sales Manager; Lisa Buono, Director US OTC, both
located in Morristown, NJ (Tel: 973-993-4500); International headquarters--Turnstrasse 24, 630
Zug, Switzerland. Tel: +41 41-462-7300
Category: Health & Beauty Care
215 North Route 303, Congers, NY 10920 USA
Tel: (845) 268-0027; (800) 292-6002
FAX: (845) 268- 2988
Total Sales Volume: $40 Million+
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets:Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, Far East (35 countries total)
Profile: ADH Health Products, Inc., formerly American Drug House, Inc., which began operations
in 1980, specializes in custom formulations and contract manufacturing of dietary supplements
and nutritional products (tablets, capsules, powders, liquids). ADH is a prime, medium-size
manufacturer structured to respond to trade customers’ needs in a shorter period of time and with
greater flexibility. Besides its chewable, time-release, hypoallergenic and “national equivalent”type products, the firm stocks a complete line of vitamins and mineral supplements for numerous
exclusive brand companies. ADH helps customers set up and implement their own programs
tailored to individual needs and unique interests. Its staff of specialists--chemists, pharmacists and
technicians are available to serve clients. The company operates with a 75,000 square foot facility,
using cGMP standards.
UPDATE: In September 2012, the company added liquid and powder dosage forms to its
inventory of specialty, solid dosage tablets and capsules (including chewable tablets). This multimillion-dollar investment increased its plant capacity, introduced new product lines, and enhanced
its quality control and quality assurance system. High-speed machines helped increase outputs by
nearly fourfold. Also a quality control and microbiology lab was added.
Products/Services: Dietary supplements minerals, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, probiotics,
enzymes, and specialty nutraceuticals--available in tablets, capsules, powders, and liquid form
Sales Contacts: Balran Avani, Founder, Chairman & CEO: ; Maya Advani, Vice-Chairman &
Director of Human Resources
Category: Health & Beauty Care
ADM COCOA (A Division of Archer Daniels-Midland Company)
4666 Faries Pkwy., Decatur, IL 62526 USA
Tel: (217) 424-5200
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $3.7 Billion +1.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Pacific Rim, Europe
Profile: ADM stands for Archer Daniels Midland Co., a world leader in converting oilseeds, corn,
wheat and cocoa into food, animal feed, and industrial and energy uses. Its 265+ processing plants
and 460+ crop procurement facilities operate in more than 75 countries (mostly in the US). The
company reported fiscal 2012 sales of $89 billion +10.3%. Its three businesses include: oilseeds
processing (including cocoa processing) with sales of $34.7 billion +16%; corn processing
(sweeteners and starches plus bio-products) with sales of $12.1 billion +22%; and agricultural
services (wheat processing) with sales of $42.1 billion +3%. In October 2008, ADM formed a
joint venture with ACH to work as Stratas Foods LLC (both companies listed separately in this
database), Memphis, in producing packaged oil products (including retail private label) in the US
and Canada. Products include: vegetable oil, shortening, margarine and pan spray. ADM Cocoa,
as one of the world’s biggest cocoa processors and chocolate manufacturers, grinds 16% of the
world’s total cocoa crop. It serves as a global supplier of chocolates and cocoa ingredients, selling
three brands (Ambrosia, DeZaan, and Merckens) as well as under private label. Its manufacturing
facilities are located in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its product line
includes a full range of natural and Dutched powders, chocolate and compound chips and chunks,
as well as chocolate and confectionery coatings. Its products are marketed under the brands:
Ambrosia, De Zaan, and Merckens. ADM processes cocoa beans and produces cocoa liquor,
cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate, and various compounds for the bakery and the food
processing industry. In January 2009, ADM agreed to purchase Schokinag-Schokolade-Industrie
Herrmann GmbH & Co. KG, Mannheim, Germany one of Europe’s leading producers of
chocolate and cocoa powder. In April 2013, ADM, pending due diligence, planned to acquire for
A$3.4 billion the remaining shares of GrainCorp Ltd., Australia’s leading agribusiness, producing
wheat, flour, barley, malt, canola and edible oils. ADM already owns 19.8% of this business.
UPDATE: In September 2014, Archer-Daniels-Midland announced the sale of its global
chocolate business to Cargill, Inc., Minneapolis (also in this database) for $440 million.
Additionally, ADM reported the sale of its global cocoa business to Olam International Limited,
Singapore (a leading agri-business) for $1.3 billion in December 2014.
Products/Services: Baking chips (semi-sweet, milk and white chocolate, butterscotch, peanut
butter, chocolate- flavored); chocolate and white bark coating; bakery mixes, custom-blended food
ingredients; wheat, corn and specialty flours
Sales Contacts: Kent Dell, Director of Distribution Sales; Mark Metivier, Director of Sales; Rick
Moncrief, National Account Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries); Supplies & Ingredients
AETNA FOOT CARE PRODUCTS (Division of Aetna Felt Co.)
2401 W. Emaus Ave., Allentown, PA 18103 USA
Tel: (610) 791-0900; (800) 526-4451
FAX: (610) 791-5791
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets:Europe, Australia, Canada
Profile: In June 1998, Scott Foot Care Products, Omaha, NE, was acquired by Aetna Felt Corp.,
Allentown, PA, a private label manufacturer of brand and private label foot padding products.
Aetna followed up in 2002 with its takeover of the private label foot care business of U.S. Cotton
(Megas), also in this database. This made Aetna one of the top two private label suppliers in this
product category. The company focuses on consumer, podiatry, and diabetic foot care products. It
has combined new materials Breath-O-Prene® and Holofiber® into one sole designed to help
diabetics and athletes. Aetna operates from a 93,000 square foot facility, producing some 3,000
styles of felt, including SAE felts, synthetic felts, blends, needled, pressed and woven felts.
Products/Services: Foot care products (heel & toe pads, cushions, lifts, coverlets, insoles, gel
products, felts, foams); dietary needs (moisturing creams/lotions, socks), first aid, etc
Sales Contacts: Anna Houser, Division Manager (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
P.O. Box 1767, Carson City, NV 89702 USA
Tel: (775) 885- 2900; 800-441-6774
FAX: (775) 885- 2997
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets:Europe, Asia, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Central & South America, Canada
Profile: AFASSCO, which began operations in 1970, makes a complete line of industrial, medical,
pharmaceutical and first-aid products, including unit-burn and combination kits with refill and
bulk supplies containing nonprescription drugs, bandages, dressings, antiseptics, antibiotics,
emergency eye solutions and other products. Many of these items are included in the best
equipped and largest variety of first-aid kits on the market for home, office, vehicle and industrial
use. The company is now ISO 9002 certified. Its latest products include foodservice blue metallic
bandages, Derma Cool (burn dressings, wound and blister dressings).
Products/Services: First-aid cabinets & kits; first-aid supplies; burn products; bandages, dressings,
antiseptic & burn treatments; pharmaceuticals (non-prescription) infection control products.
Sales Contacts: Jim Grant, Vice-President Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
One Sound Shore Drive, Ste. 203, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA
Tel: (203) 622-9138
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Worldwide
Profile: In January 2012, Atlas Holdings, Greenwich, CT, a private equity firm, completed its
acquisition of Shorewood Packaging Corp, operator of 13 print manufacturing facilities in the US,
Canada, Mexico China, Korea, England, and Poland. Shorewood, established in 1967, is a major
supplier of private label packaging for pharmaceutical, health and beauty care, food and household
products. In 2000, International Paper Co., Memphis, TN, purchased the company. In selling the
company, IP, in effect, transfers 100% of Shorewood’s US business to Atlas Holdings, while the
latter retains a 40% interest in AGI-Shorewood’s business outside the US. The Shorewood merger
doubles the size of AGI World (a global designer and manufacturer of packaging for
entertainment, personal care and food products), which was acquired by Atlas Holdings from
MeadWestvaco in 2010. Now AGI-Shorewood is positioned as a global specialty packaging
solutions business. Its key consumer packaging segments include: entertainment and media,
tobacco, beauty and personal care, cosmetics and fragrances, healthcare and pharmaceuticals,
consumer electronics, golf, confectionary and specialty foods, beverages, and specialty gravure. It
operates 24 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The
company also planned to expand its operation in Guangzhou, China, after it closes the Shorewood
Chinese business in January 2012.
Products/Services: OTC health and beauty packaging plus other specialty packaging solutions in
food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc.; folding cartons, set-up boxes, blister packaging, unit dose
packs, counter-top displays, thermoforming, and specialty packaging
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Service & Supplies
15th Floor, Tower C, Building No-10, Gurgaon, Gurgaon 122002 INDIA
Tel: +91 124-4593700
FAX: +91 124-4593799
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume: $120 Million (Rupee 7.6 Billion) -3.4%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Agro Tech Foods, operating as a public limited company, is a subsidiary of ConAgra (also
in this database). Founded in 1986, Agro operates 14 manufacturing plants in India, primarily
providing refined edible oils.The company produces cooking sprays and cooking oils, ready-to-eat
popcorn and Indian meals—under its own brands. Lately, the company has expanded its product
portfolio, adding sweet popcorn, extruded snacks, and most recently, peanut butter--mostly under
its own brands. But with India opening up to private label business and ConAgra pushing its own
private label business, it’s likely this company will push more into private label as well as it
expands its RTE meals, peanut butter and cooking sprays business.
Products/Services: Edible oils (sunflower/ground nut/mustard), packaged food products
(popcorn/peanut butter)
Sales Contacts: Mehul Pathak, Head of Sourcing/Emerging Markets
Category: Food (dry groceries)
#18-4, Guseongo- Ri, Youngin-Myun Asan Ci aty, Chung Cheong Nam-Do, SOUTH KOREA
Tel: +82 41.537.1000
FAX: +82 41.537.1001
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Japan, Australia, Europe, U.S
Profile: Established in 1985, AJ has be come one of the first and largest wet wipes manufacturer in
Korea and in greater Asia. In 1995, the company entered the private label market and most
recently has entered the US market. The company supplies major retailers in its market, covering a
full range of baby wipes, personal care products, and household products. Its 24,000-square-meter,
new facility in Asan, Korea, has become the largest private label wet wipes supplier in South
Korea. The facility incorporates a six-step water purification system, including two steps of
filtering, two separate UV treatments, Reverse Osmosis system with 50% recovery rate, and ozone
prior to its second UV treatment. Water represents 90% by weight of wet wipes.
Products/Services: Wipes (baby, personal care, auto/industrial, pet); personal care (feminine
hygiene, facial cleansing, make-up remover, moist toilet tissue, etc.), household
(kitchen/bathroom/floor/leather/carpet/fabric cleaning, surface disinfection, glass cleaning, etc.)
Sales Contacts: Jin W. Park, Executive Director
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Household Products
Massuot Yitzhak, D.N. Sde GAT, 79858 ISRAEL
Tel: +972 (8) 8 860 72222
FAX: +972 (8) 8 850 1102
Total Sales Volume: $327 Million
Sales % in EB: 75 (E)
Export Markets: All continents of the world, over 25 countries worldwide.
Profile: Albaad, established in 1985, today is positioned as a world leader in the area of wet
towels. It has 12 production lines in Israel, 16 in Germany, and four in the US. The company is
59% owned by Kibbutz Massuot Yitzhak. From a modest beginning in a kibbutz (a collective rural
community in Israel), Albaad, through recent acquisitions has become a major global player. In
July 2010, the company acquired Rostam Ltd., an Israeli manufacturer of store brand tampons, for
$33 million. Rostam, which operates an 11,000 square foot plant in the Caesaren Industrial Zone,
also has a sales office based in Rhode Island. Albaad’s US subsidiary, formerly called AFG Wipes
Inc., has renamed Albaad USA, Reidsville, NC. After securing a major order from an
“international retailer,” this operation is now expanding its plant facilities in North Carolina: an
$18 million investment. UPDATE: In June 2012, Albaad for $14.9 million acquired the Personal
Care Division of Hospeco (also in this database). This business includes: feminine hygiene
products and absorbent products, and including tampons, maternity pads, and wet wipes. Albaad
USA also has just appointed Ron Gburek, who has extensive background experience in the textile
and apparel industry (including Hanes Brand) as its CEO, perhaps signaling a growing interest in
branded business. Transonic continues its business in away-from-home cleaning and maintenance
Products/Services: Non-woven fabric, wipes--personal care (baby, skin, moist, toilet tissue,
incontinent), home care, institutional, auto, dairy; and Hospeco's feminine hygiene products,
tampons, maternity pads, etc.
Sales Contacts: Gil Serfaty, Vice-President, Marketing & Sales; Shmuel Regev, European
Marketing Manager; Michael Fitzgerald, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Albaad USA (Tel:
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Alcoa Consumer Products (ACP), Rich mond, VA, recently was part of Alcoa Inc.,
Pittsburgh, the world’s largest producer of primary and fabricated aluminum and aluminia. ACP
produced packaging and consumer goods, including non-aluminum products such as: foil, film
and pa per products for retail and food service customers. This unit was divided into four areas:
Reynolds Consumer Products (foil), Presto Products (plastic bags, wraps, containers), Baco
Consumer Products (household wraps and bags) in the UK, and Reyco (packaging) in South
America. In 2009, Alcoa weathered its toughest year in decades, after aluminum prices dropped by
50%+ early in 2009 from their peak in 2008: Its total revenues dipped by 31.6 % to $18.4 Billion.
As a result, Alcoa in March 2008 divested its packaging and consumer business for $2.7 billion to
billionaire Graeme Hart of New Zealand, who owns the Rank Group. Mr. Hart, in turn, spun off
the acquired company, renaming it Reynolds Packaging Group or Reynolds Group Holdings,
Lincoln shire, IL. (See that company’s listing in this database.)
Products/Services: N/A
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: N/A
51 Sawyer Rd.Ste. 200, Waltham, MA 02453 USA INVERNESS MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY
Tel: (781) 647-3900
FAX: (781) 647- 3939
Total Sales Volume: $2.2 Billion +12%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Global--90 countries
Profile: During 2000, this company’s predecessor, Inverness Medical Technology, had been
renamed from Selfcare, Inc., tracing its roots back to 1991, as a women’s health company. The
company evolved into a leading force within the medical technology field with products for people
with diabetes, such as its proprietary, electrochemical blood glucose test strips. In February 1998,
the company acquired Can-Am Care, a dominant player in the diabetes private brands business;
eventually, that operation was completely absorbed into the Inverness business. The company
renamed itself Inverness Medical Innovations in 2001. Since then, the company, through strategic
acquisitions (some 65 over a 10-year period), has grown and in July 2010 changed its name again
to Alere Inc. (Alere in Latin means “to care for.”) Its global leading products and services, plus
new product development, all focus on cardiology, women’s health, infectious disease, oncology
and toxicology. Today, Alere (NYSE: ALR) is positioned as the global leader in pregnancy
fertility/ovulation testing and bone therapy (osteorporosis) monitoring and in the US market, the
number one provider of store-name diabetes-care and women’s family planning products. In
January 2010, Alere, for $62.6 million in cash, sold its vitamins and nutritional supplements
business, including its entire private label and branded nutritional business. The company also has
continued its acquisition strategy in 2010, expanding its business including its international
Products/Services: Women’s health products (pregnancy and ovulation test kits) and diabetes-care
products ( syringes, lancets, glucose tablets, and finger creams.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
7401 Trade Port Drive, Louisville, KY 40258 USA
Tel: (502) 637- 3631
FAX: (502) 637- 1502
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 65
Export Markets:Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Basin
Profile: Algood Food was launched August 1, 1985, with the purchase of the Louisville (KY)
plant of the Shedd’s Food Products Division from its owner, The Beatrice Companies. This
facility, producing various food products for some 75 years, was primarily a peanut butter plant at
the time of the takeover. Algood has since expanded its business from retail private label peanut
butter into other markets: industrial, food service, export, contract manufacturing and the U.S.
government. In June 1992, the company acquired a vacated food manufacturing facility in
Lawrenceburg, KY, equipped with new, modern processing equipment designed for the
production of jams, jellies, preserves, salsas, etc. In April 1993, preliminary production of jellies,
jams and preserves began. In July 2002, the company moved its peanut butter manufacturing to a
new 100,000 square foot facility in Louisville, KY. Algood claims to be the first private label
manufacturer to: use a fully staffed in-house microbiological lab, put foil seal on glass jars, offer
both Jif and Skippy brand-like formulations, convert from glass to PET jars, nitrogen flush the
head space on peanut butter jars, and to insert PB&J strip in PET containers. In January 2012, the
company acquired WindStone Farms LLC, Paris, KY, a producer of blackberry jam since 1985.
Products/Services: Peanut butter, preserves, jellies, salsa.
Sales Contacts: Nick Melhuish, Export Sales Manager; James Melhuish, VP of Sales.
Category: Food (dry groceries), Food Service (dry groceries)
14134 N.E. Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230-3443, USA
Tel: (503) 257- 8480
FAX: (503) 257- 9061
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Europe, Asia, South America
Profile: Allegro, founded in 1982 as a specialty distributor of classical music imports, has grown
to become one of the largest full-service independent distributors in North America. The company
continues to be the largest independent distributor of classical music in the US. Allegro also
distributes jazz, blues, world, show tunes, and pop product. The firm also distributes a
comprehensive line of special interest video cassettes. Allegro’s array of services include:
marketing, Internet marketing, sales management, retail promotions, media relations, artist tour
support, product market planning, graphic design, Point-Of-Purchase, and ad design. The
company maintains a full-time sales force and operates its own in-house graphic arts department.
Allegro is a technology leader with MIS capabilities that are second to none. The company
provides its label clients with an area of custom reports.
Products/Services: Compact discs, audio cassettes, video cassettes
Sales Contacts: Joseph Micallef, CEO ([email protected])
Category: General merchandise
305 E. Main St., P.O. Box 250, Siloam Springs, AR 72761 USA
Tel: (479) 524- 6431; (800) 234-2553
FAX: (479) 524-3291
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $410 Million -30%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1926, Allen Canning Co., a family owned and operated business, has been
growing and packing vegetables for the retail and foodservice trade under a number of brands: The
Allens, Popey, Trappey’s, Veg-All, etc. The company, operator of seven plants in five states,
prides itself on using family farmers as its source of supply for beans, greens, spinach, sweet
potatoes, etc. In 2003, Allen Canning purchased Birds Eye’s Veg.All brand, followed in 2004 by
its Freshlike canned vegetable brand. In December 2006, Allen Canning agreed to buy Birds Eye’s
non-branded frozen vegetable business, thus picking up three frozen food processing plants, a
couple of former Birds Eye foodservice brands (Chill Ripe and Garden Classics) and—most
significant of all—the private label retail frozen food business of Birds Eye. As part of its debut in
frozen foods, the company in addition to changing its name to Allens, Inc., also purchased Flint
Riber Foods, Montezuma, GA. Thus Allens emerged as a major private label supplier in canned
and frozen vegetables, operating now out of 13 facilities in seven states. Apparently, its love affair
with frozen foods has thawed: In March 2012, the company was in the process of selling four of
its plants (three frozen vegetable processors and a packaging center) to Bonduelle, based in France
negotiated through its Canadian subsidiary (also in this database). If completed, this will position
Bonduelle Group as a major player in prepared vegetables in North America, including more
commitment to private label business.
UPDATE: In October 2013, Allens filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, burdened with
$100 million in debts and a long laundry list of creditors. Its fortunes turned sour when in 2011,
the company began selling plants and consolidating its operations. Canned sales were off; the
company also could not apply its expertise to the frozen foods business. Allens sold six of its
frozen vegetable brands to Bonduelle Group (also in this database). In December 2013, Seneca
Foods (also in this database), which had unsuccessfully tried to merge with Allens in 2011,
entered into an asset purchase agreement with Allens, willing to pay $148 million for all of Allens
assets. Subsequently, however, in July 2014, Allens changed its name to Sager Creek Vegetable
Co., as part of internal management changes. The new ownership took control of a company with
$294.5 million in assets and $287.9 million in debts. In March 2015, Sager Creek sold out to Del
Monte Foods, Walnut Creek, CA (also in this database), for $75 million cash. At the time, Del
Monte jpicked up this operation showing $250 million in revenues. The buyer was interested in
building its foodservice business and new retail sales, using Sager Creek's market position.
Products/Services: Canned and frozen vegetables, breaded vegetables, onion rings.
Sales Contacts: Bobby D. Ray, VP, Retail Sales/Marketing
Category: Food (dry groceries, frozen foods), Food Service (dry groceries, frozen foods)
800 Woodside Dr.., St. Louis, MI 48880 USA
Tel: (989) 681-5781
FAX: (089) 681-4153
Total Sales Volume: $15+ Million
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Canada, Far East, Europe
Profile: Alpha Plastics, founded in 1986, is a privately owned manufacturer of high-quality plastic
bottles and jars for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries. The company
produces both stock and custom packaging in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Polyethylene
terephthalate (PET), and polypropylene (PP). Alpha has a customer-focused approach to business,
which enables the company to respond quickly to customer’s requests for new and custom
packaging. This fast-growing company is considered a leader in new processes and technical
matters. Recently, the company introduced a new line of PET bottles for packaging vitamins and
Products/Services: PET, HDPE and PP rigid packaging.
Sales Contacts: Paul Bonastia, Sales Manager
Category: Service & Supplies
1190 North U.S. Hwy #1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 USA
Tel: (386) 673-2024
FAX: (386) 677-9595
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets:Europe, South America, Canada, Mexico
Profile: In recent years, Alpha to Omega has established itself as a market leader in sun care
products, offering a broad spectrum, multivitamin, age defying, oil free and moisturizing
formulations, baby and kids spray and lotion, sport spray and lotion, skin protection, gels, lotions,
creams, oils, etc. Positioned as the contract packaging and exclusive brand manufacturing division
of Tanning Research Labs, Inc., the company provides full service in sun care products, including
innovative packaging concepts and up-to-date skin care research support. The firm is selfsufficient, producing its own bottles, in-house decoration, supplying its own artwork, etc., all
contributing to reduced lead times. Its ability to emulate national brands as well as create unique
sun and skin care products makes Alpha To Omega an excellent private brand partner. The firm
uses Alpha Hydroxy skin care research.
Products/Services: Sun care, skin care and bath products.
Sales Contacts: Karen Jessee, Vice-President, U.S. Sales; Debbie Jennings, Marketing Director.
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2908 29th Ave., East Bradenton, FL 34208 USA
Tel: (941) 749- 1900
FAX: (941) 748- 6616
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Poland, Ghana, worldwide
Profile: This company specializes in developing and building semiautomatic and automatic
machinery which decorates on unusual shapes, i.e., three-dimensional substrates, as well as
standard containers.Drying systems for machinery are also available. The firm advertises on a
limited basis. It sells direct and works through dealers.
Products/Services: Alpine/Alpeha printers for special applications in screen printing
Sales Contacts: Hans G. Broemel, General Manager
Category: Service
P.O. Box 849, West Lane, Aquebogue, NY 11931 USA
Tel: (516) 722- 5988; (800) 258-2471
FAX" (516) 722- 9683
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Far East, Poland, Canada
Profile: This nine-year-old operation, privately held, divides its business equally: 1/3 contract
manufacturing (half a dozen national brand accounts), 1/3 branded business, and 1/3 private label.
Its range of products covers primarily ointments, creams and gels--some 45 different OTC
pharmaceutical SKUs—prime on everything, including a couple of proprietary items (cough &
cold liquid and Miconazole 1% gel). Its ointments: triple antibiotic, hydrocortisone, and
bacitracin. In 1995, the company began exporting product to the Far East and is now looking to
develop business in Eastern Europe, Europe, and possibly Africa.
Products/Services: Full line of over-the-counter creams and ointments, cough & cold remedies,
Sales Contacts: Joseph Sawaya
Category: Health & Beauty Care
425 Saw Mill River Rd., Ardsley, NY 10502 USA
Tel: (914) 479-0900
FAX: (914) 479-0901
Total Sales Volume: $4 Million+
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets:Europe, Asia, Souh Africa, New Zealand, Middle East, Canada
Profile: This privately held custom manufacturer began doing business in 1967. The company
produces health & beauty care products, OTC pharmaceuticals, and is an innovator in the
development of natural source drug and cosmetic items. It has built a particularly strong presence
in the health food industry. Some 75%+ of its business is in proprietary brands, such as its Born
Again® herbal products, Wart Fix, Corn Fix, Sul-Ray acne treatment, Lucky Tiger skin and hair
care, Arth Dr, sports Med, etc. The balance of the business is in contract manufacturing and
private label. Alvin Last makes its own herbal extracts. The company prides itself on its expertise
in developing unique and/or different products.
Products/Services: Over-the-counter skin and hairt reatments (internal andexternal)—lotions,
creams, gels,powders, herbal, collodion-based corn and wart removers
Sales Contacts: Bruce Last, President; Maria Apostle, Export Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
AMBIX LABORATORIES Division of Organics Corp. of America
55 West End Rd., Totowa, NJ 07512 USA
Tel: (973) 890-9002
FAX: (973) 890- 9778
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets:Europe, Middle East, West Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia
Profile: In business since 1967, Ambix Laboratories is a medium-size private label and private
formula cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturer. Its product range covers: creams, lotions,
gels, ointments, pastes, and liquids, packaged in tubes, jars, and bottles. Its management has over
100 years experience with expertise in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of
its product line. In addition to its manufacturing of health & beauty aids, skin care & hair care, and
nutritional & herbal tonics. The company has added foil packets.
Products/Services: Skin care, hair care, cosmetics, toiletries, health & beauty products, nutritional
and herbal products
Sales Contacts: Alvin Goren, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1000 West gate Dr. #101, Saint Paul, MN 55114 USA
Tel: (612) 865-7189
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Amboo is an integrated research, manufacturing, and marketing company of natural food
ingredients and dietary supplements. The company supplies functional ingredients, wellness
supplements, and low calorie sweeteners--all of its ingredients naturally produced through
fermentation. Its raw ingredients, for example are sold to Bioenergy Life Science, which develops
Bioenergy Ribosefor reducing fatigue and replenishing energy. Its bulk sales target food and
beverages and dietary supplements market. Recently, Bioenergy was acquired by Chengzhi Life
Sciences Company Ltd., a major nutraceutical producer based in China. Amboo, which looks to
new markets or new usage in food and beverages, dietary supplement, cosmetics, and animal
nutrition, recently began formulating non-caloric sweeteners and sports energy drinks. Its products
are certified for HACCP, ISO 9001, Kosher, and Halai.
Products/Services: Non-caloric sweeteners and sports energy drinks, plus raw natural food
ingredients and dietary supplements
Sales Contacts: Alex Xue, Ph.D, President
Category: Beverages (soft drinks), Food (dry groceries), Service & Supplies
389 Americal Rd., Henderson, NC 27536 USA
Tel: (252) 492- 2166
FAX: (252) 492- 7127
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 65
Export Markets:Mexico, Canada, South America
Profile: Established more than 30 years ago, Americal Corporation has become the third largest
producer of women’s hosiery in the US as well as the leading private label supplier of women’s
hosiery (niche leg wear and ready-to-wear products) in discount channels. The company supplies
basic and fashion hosiery to all classes of trade. Its name brand is Vassarette. The Peds sock brand
(owned since 1969) was sold in 2004.
Products/Services: Ladies’ sheer hosiery, tights, trouser socks
Sales Contacts: Debbie Ladd Koller (Phone: 203-899-0058)— Sheer Hosiery; Ron Huston (phone:
860-651-3440) — Socks.
Category: Category: General Merchandise
2870 Forbs Ave., Hoffman Estate, IL 60192 USA
Tel: (847) 851o-1500; (800) 426- 5564
FAX: (847) 851o-1799
Total Sales Volume: $106.4 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 60 countries--all continents except Antarctica
Profile: American Colloid Co. is a division of Amcol International Corp., a $985.6 million +4.4%
firm (mostly involved in metal casting), also located in Hoffman Estate, IL. The company holds
the patent on the use of sodium bentonite for scoopable cat litter. It only uses 100% sodium
bentonite--just like the leading national brands--and not a blend or inferior clay. American
Colloid, primarily a private label producer of cat litter, is the only company that mines and
processes sodium bentonite specifically to produce constantly high- quality scoopable cat litter. Its
vertically integrated operation covers mining, processing, designing, packaging, and shipping via
its own trucking company. The firm is the largest producer of sodium bentonite in the world.
Bentonite clay also is used as a thickener, sealant, binder, lubricant or absorption agent in other
products as well.
Products/Services: Bulk, Cat & Clay litter (Scoopable & 100% sodium bentonite), therapeutic pet
wipes, pet supplies
Sales Contacts: Tom Bethoffer, Commercial Development Director
Category: Non-Food Groceries
22 Kentucky Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07503 USA
Tel: (973) 523- 6551; (800) 522-COMB
FAX: (973) 523- 0257
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets:Mexico, South America, Canada, France, England, Carribean, Australia
Profile: Since 1949, American Comb has been a family run business. It has become a leader in the
manufacturer of plastic products and accessories: Products include all varieties of hair combs and
brushes; assorted comb packs; and travel items, such as soap boxes, toothbrush holders and caps,
razor holders, cosmetic travel bags, and combination sets; patented lice combs; and bathroom
accessories (the Bath Matters line). Lice shampoo manufacturers use American Comb’s patented
lice combs as an essential component of their lice treatment lines. Its products also are sold in
kits, hotels, and the beauty-and-barber industry.
Products/Services: Combs, soap boxes, toothbrush holders, housewares
Sales Contacts: Jal Cristantiello, Vice-President, Sales
Category: Health & Beauty Care
P.O. Box 2488, Albermarle, NC 28002USA
Tel: (704) 983- 6102; (800) 451-2807
FAX: (708) 983-1943
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America
Profile:This privately held company was formed in April 1986 with the buyout of the Textile
Division of The Kendall Co., American Fiber & Finishing has become the industry’s leading
manufacturer of light-to-medium weight woven industrial fabrics and the largest manufacturer of
lightweight gauze in the US. Its product range for the private label health and beauty segment
covers: cosmetic pads, cotton balls, cloth diapers, cheesecloth, and cotton swabs.
Products/Services: Cotton balls, cosmetic puffs, cosmetic pads, 100% cotton gauze diapers, 100%
cotton cheese cloth, cotton swabs
Sales Contacts: Gary Bockhold, Director of Consumer Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
One North Clematis St. (Suite 200), West Palm Beach, FL 33401 USA
Tel: (561) 366-5100; (877) 835-2828
FAX: (561) 366-5158
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Europe
Profile: This company, a subsidiary of Florida Crystals Corp., West Palm Beach, FL, and the
Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida (50+ growers), Belle Glade, FL, is the world's largest
refiner of sugar. Together, these organizations oversee 10 sugar refineries and five sugar mills, its
operations in the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Portugal, and the Dominican Republic. On a
yearly basis, they produce 6.5 million+ short tons of sugar. American Sugar Refining operates
Domino Foods as its marketing arm. The company distributes to the industrial sector, serving
manufacturers, and to the commercial market (retail and foodservice) under a number of leading
brands: Domino, C&H, Redpath, Tate & Lyle, Lyles Golden Syrup, Florida Crystal, Jack Frost,
etc. Its private label business centers in the retail grocery sector. In July 2010, the company
purchased Tate & Lyle sugar holdings in the United Kingdom. In October 2012, the company also
became a majority shareholder of Belize Sugar Industries Ltd., in Belize.
UPDATE: in January 2013, this company has adopted a new corporate brand identity: ASR
Group, to collect its different brands and affiliated companies--Domino Sugar, C&H Sugar,
Redpath (Canada), Tate & Lyle (United Kingdom), and Sidual and Sores (both Portugal)--under
one banner. Its website change:
Products/Services: 100% pure cane sugar
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries)
13350 Ave. of Americas, New York, NY 10019 USA
Tel: (347) 821-3452
Total Sales Volume: $86.1 Million +4.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Amincor is a holding company involved in environmental and industrial services as well
as consumer products. In the latter division, Baker’s Pride, Inc., Burlington, IA, operates as a
commercial bakery and manufacturer of private label and proprietary brand bread and cake-style
donut products for both the retail and foodservice sectors. The company also produces cookies,
brownies and muffins. In August 2011, Baker’s Pride announced its entry into the “better for you”
category, including gluten-free cookies, muffins and brownies, everyday cookies, etc. A new
division, The South Street Bakery Inc. will produce these healthier snack products in smaller,
more healthful portions, using ingredients such as whole grain flour and gluten-free. Amincor also
operates Tulare Holdings, a producer of frozen green produce (spinach, Southern greens, broccoli,
peppers, cauliflower, etc.). Some 30% of its sales are in private label.
Products/Services: Fresh and frozen bread, donuts, cookies, brownies, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service, Baked Goods, Frozen Foods
660 White Plains Rd., Tarry town, NY 10591 USA
Tel: (914) 631-6600
FAX:(914) 631-7278
Total Sales Volume: $760 Million
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets:Global
Profile: Ampacet provides colorants and additives that define product by differentiating plastic
packaging and facilitating production.
Products/Services: Plastic colorants and additives.
Sales Contacts: Eileen Ferguson
Category: Supplies
7575 Fulton St. East, Ada, MI 49355-0001 USA
Tel: (616) 787-7565
Total 2013 Sales: $11.8 Billion +4.4%
Sales % in EB: 90+ (E)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Amway is positioned as a world leader in direct selling via more than three million
independent business owners operating in more than 100 countries and territories. The private
company manufactures, markets and distributes consumer goods: 45% of its direct sales in
nutrition products, 25% in beauty products, 24% in home products. Amway' biggest market is
China, representing $4 billion in sales. Other key markets: India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia,
Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United States. Some 95% of its revenues come from direct
sales, the balance from JW Marriott and Amway Grand Plaza hotel in Grand Rapids, MI. Its
Access Business Group, handling contract work for personal care and home care products, covers
a broad range of products: body lotions/creams/rinses, sun care, bath products, shower gels, liquid
hand soap, shampoos & conditioners, toothpaste, mouthwash, mascara, glosses, etc. Also
available: aerosol products for personal and household care. Amway Global leads in health and
beauty care products. Its customer base outside the U.S., reached mostly through its independent
representatives, now accounts more than 80% of total sales products. In China, some 180 retail
shops sell its products, staffed by Amway sales reps. Started in 1959, Amway is part of the Alticor
family of companies, privately held by the DeVos and Van Andel families. One of those
companies, Access Business Group, manufactures all of Amway’s branded products plus for third
party customers from two U.S. facilities, one facility in China, and four farming facilities in
California, Washington, Mexico, and Brazil. Alticor also operates Quixtar Inc., a web-based
business, and different corporate enterprises (hotels and the like). In September 2008, this business
was renamed Amway Global. Some three million independent business people in 80 countries and
territories sell Amway products as sales representatives. In select markets, independent business
owners also sell brand name goods through local merchandise catalogues. Its own (exclusive)
brands: Nutrilite vitamins and food supplements, Artistry skin care and color cosmetics, Spring
water purifier, Satinique/Satinique Advanced hair care system, iCook cookware, SA8 laundry
system, Atmosphere air purifiers, XS energy drinks, Legacy of Clean homecare products.
Launched late in 2012, eSpring water purifiers has become the world leader in home water
treatment. Nutrilite brand is now the world leader in vitamin and dietary supplements; while its
Artistry skin care and cosmetic line ranks among the world's top five premium skin care brands.
Products/Services: Nutritional products, personal care, home care
Sales Contacts: Access Business Group (Tel: 6716- 787- 6000)
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Non-Food Groceries, Household Products
ANDERSON BAKERY CO., INC. (Owned by Brookstone Holdings, Inc.)
2060 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602-3413 USA
Tel: (717) 299- 2321; (800) 732) 0089
FAX: (717) 393- 3511
Total Sales Volume: $55 Million
Sales % in EB: 33.3
Export Markets:Canada, Mexico, England, Israel, Germany
Profile: Anderson Bakery, which started its business in 1888, entered the private label sector some
18 years ago, eventually becoming the largest private label pretzel producer in the US. In
November 1999, the company, operated under Amerifods Snacks, York, PA, was sold to
Brookstone Holdings, Inc., San Francisco, which owns California Pretzel, Vasilia, CA. The latter
firm is now a sister company to Anderson Bakery. Anderson does a substantial packer label
business for major food marketers. The firm produces pretzels (baked not fried) in every shape,
size, & form, and in all types of packaging. On April 26, 2011, the company started using only
all-natural ingredients in its pretzel snack line.
Products/Services: Pretzels
Sales Contacts: Denis Bischoff, Vice-President Sales
Category: Baked Goods
Via Morer, Montebelluna (TV) 1- 31044 ITALY
Tel: +39- 423/600178
FAX: +39- 423/302209
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Europe, Middle East, South America, North America, Far East
Profile: Established in 1976, Anniel Sport specializes in the production of slippers for rhythmic
gymnastics, ballet, and modern dance. The company has 10 product lines with more than 2,500
styles of shoes and clothing. Ever avant-garde regarding fashion and colors, Anniel also makes a
complete line in dance-ware, gymnastic wear, fitness wear & aerobic wear, swim wear, skating
wear, and cycle wear. For its export markets, approximately 50% of the production is directed
towards Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the US.
Products/Services: Shoes and body wear for gymnastics, swimming, aerobics, fitness, cycling,
dance, and skating.
Sales Contacts: Zavarise Luigino, Zavarise Demis, both Export Managers
Category: Apparel
1920 Fisk Rd., Cookeville, TN 38506 USA
Tel: (931) 372-2041
(866) 465-4506
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started in 2002 as PrePak Systems of Cookeville, TN, through acquisitions (Integrated
Pharmaceutical Packaging of Kentucky in 2008 and TestPak of Whippany, NJ, in 2010), this
contract manufacturer has developed a strong solid dose capability in pharmaceuticals (solid,
semisolid, and powder packaging solutions). It also has formed Celeste Contract Packaging,
Easton, MD, as its liquid and topical division (chemical mixing. blending, and packaging). In
March 2011, its four contract packaging and repackaging companies became Aphena Pharma
Solutions and two months later, its senior management relocated to a Philadelphia headquarters;
while its primary operation remained in Cookeville, TN. Continuing its acquisition strategy, in
August 2012, Aphena acquired an OTC private label manufacturer, Classic Pharmaceuticals LLC,
Sherburne, NY. The latter provides two private label products, a nasal inhaler and a chocolate
laxative, to major US retailers. This addition also is expected to open more private label
opportunities for Aphena.
Products/Services: Pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing services--Rx, OTC, dietary
supplements, animal health, medical devices, consumer products, and health & beauty
Sales Contacts: Eric Allen, Director of Corporate Marketing
Category: Service & Supplies
20 Granite ridge Rd., Concord, ON L4K 5M8 CANADA
Tel: (905) 695-3700; (866) 695- 3030
FAX: (905) 695- 3701
Total Sales Volume: $70 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: 90 (E)
Export Markets: U.S., Mexico, Latin America, Africa, Asia
Profile: Founded in 1990, this private company has become the largest private label and control
label personal care manufacturer in Canada with extensive business throughout North America.
The company supplies major retailers in these markets. Apollo also handles contract work for
national brand companies. The company produces more than 1,000 products, including cosmetics,
nutraceuticals plus its full range of personal care items.
Products/Services: Personal care, covering body washes, lotions, shower gels, scrubs, shampoos,
conditioners, specialty bath, cleansers, creams, sanitizers, liquid soap
Sales Contacts: Danielle Rogers, Director of Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
11750 12th Ave. South, Burnsville, MN 55337- 1295 USA
Tel: (612) 890- 1940; (800) 328-2742
FAX: (612) 890- 0418
Total Sales Volume: $24 Million
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets:Argentina, Latvia, Spain, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Canada,
France, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Australia
Profile: Apothecary Products began in 1974, when its founder introduced Reconstube, a device
used by pharmacists when compounding prescriptions for distilled water, without using a cylinder
or graduate. The company became the largest supplier of these devices in its field and eventually
diversified into other product areas. More recently, the firm entered the private label field. Lately,
it has become more aggressive in private label, its latest entry: diabetic creams & lotions. The
company markets such brands as: Ezy Dose, Aids for Independent Living, and Mediset. The
firm’s controlled brands cover Arizona Natural (bath line) and Bain de Beaute (toiletries). Arizona
Natural Resources also supplies CVS with its upscale Down To Earth toiletries range. Apothecary
Products in mid-1999 moved into a new, 180,000-square-foot, fully computerized, state-of-the-art
facility. In 2006, the company opened a new ISO certified vial manufacturing plant. In 2007, the
firm introduced oral syringes and accessories.
Products/Services: Analgesics, cough & cold, creams & ointments, digestive aids, laxatives, Aloe
Vera products, specialty products, vitamins, minerals, sterile eye care, compliance aids
Sales Contacts: David Polflie, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1610 Colonial Parkway, Inverness, IL USA
Tel: (224) 83603900; (888) 55 ARGUS
FAX: (888) 297- 8909
Total Sales Volume: $20 Million
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets:Canada, West Europe, South America
Profile: Argus’ first camera, known as the Model A, was introduced in 1936 as the first low-cost,
easy-to-use 35mm film camera in the world. Its popularity convinced Kodak to switch their film
manufacturing from a 126 to a 35mm format. Argus followed up with its Model C2 in 1938, the
first of a distinctively shaped, square-cornered, range finder camera, called the “Brick.” Argus’
famous Model C3, introduced in 1939, remained the best-selling 35mm camera in the world for
almost three decades. During the 1970s, Argus survived through partnerships with overseas
factories. Investors took over in 1985 and, in 1990, Argus was sold to Concord Camera Corp.
(also listed in this database), where it was split off from Concord to its present owner. The
company now offers a full range of quick photographic products; point-and-shoot 35mm cameras,
single-use 35mm cameras, ultra 35mm, video transfer systems, power zoom cameras (35 up to 118
mm), and digital image products. Its latest offering: disposable cameras with or without flash and
more recently, digital cameras (six models).
Products/Services: Disposable cameras, reusable cameras, digital photo printers, digital cameras
Sales Contacts: Stu Kalov, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Category: General Merchandise
2525 E. Beardsley Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85050-1322 USA
Tel: (602) 569- 6900
FAX: (602) 569- 9697
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million
Sales % in EB: 33.3
Export Markets:Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Scandinavia, Middle East, Canada,
Japan, Trinidad
Profile: This family owned cosmetic manufacturer was incorporated in 1972. The company then
established an exclusive niche in fine-line department stores, subsequently expanded to serve all
market segments. Its private label business began about 1974. The firm recently introduced a skin
care line, called Ageless Beauty, which boldly combines science and nature to produce a
revolutionary treatment program, rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants, natural botanicals, and
Pycnogenol (a natural plant extract that is the most powerful free radical fighter available). This
system covers three steps on a daily basis: facial cleanser, a purifying toner, and an all-over body
lotion that treats the skin and both an antioxidant cream and serum for moisturizing the skin,
combating the aging process. In 2007, the company expanded into organic products, displaying
the USDA seal on the packaging.
Products/Services: Hair care, skin care, bath care, sun care, custom fragranced and aromatherapy
Sales Contacts: George F. Dembow, III, President of Operations & Export; Paul E. Dembow,
President of Sales; Peter H. Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director
General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Care
Oresund Svej 2, DK- 6715 Esbjorg N, DENMARK
Tel: +45 76 14 83 00
FAX: +45 76 14 84 00
Total Sales Volume: $300 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: This firm, founded in 1969 originally in Denmark, changed hands in 2006, when its
parent company, Doane sold its US operations to Mars, Inc. (also in this database). Gilde BuyOut, a mid-market private equity firm, took over. For a while, Aroit Petcare relocated to the
United Kingdom, but has since reestablished its base in Denmark, overseeing six production
plants in five European countries (Denmark, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy). The
company has been positioned as the largest pan-European producer of private label pet food. It
specializes in super premium dog and cat food, including hypoallergenic dog food, which uses a
single meat protein source only, helping dogs with allergies and sensitivity problems. A new koi
carp fish food debuted in 2010.
Products/Services: Pet food (wet and dry), pet treats and snacks; fish food
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
101 Interchange Plaza, Cranbury, NJ 08512 USA
Tel: (609) 395- 9500; (888) 270-8378
FAX: (609) 395- 9778
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 95
Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada
Profile: Arquest, Inc., a privately held, spin- off company of Johnson & John son (1991), today is
a market leader with more than 40 years experience in the private label baby diaper industry. It
claims to be the second largest private label disposable diaper supplier in North America and a
world leader in this product category. Its highly efficient, high-quality manufacturing system and
number one position in customer service together have created a well-deserved reputation for
responsiveness, quality of product and packaging, and being a true partner in helping to grow its
customers’ private label business. The company also operates Arquest, Ltd., a leading private
label infant disposable diaper firm in North Wales, United Kingdom (Phone: +44 1352-711171).
UPDATE: On May 25, 2011, Arquest was purchased by Associated Hygienic Products LLC (also
in this database).
Products/Services: Disposable baby diapers and training pants, youth pants, swim pants
Sales Contacts: Matt Rinaldi, Vice-APresident Sales/Marketing; M. Reid Macfarlan, VicePresident Marketing
Health & Beauty Care
45 Progress Ave., Toronto, ON M1P 2Y6 CANADA KCS INDUSTRIES
Tel: (416) 299- 4865; 800-295-4120
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:North America,
Profile: KCS Industries was the former subsidiary of Array, operating out of Hartland, WI. This
office has since been closed and Array in Chattanooga, TN, now serves as one US office for the
company, which is based in Canada. KCS actually got started in 1909 in the sign business. Its
screen decals and labels business began in 1970 and eight years later was expanded also into rollto-roll production with a flexopress. The firm serves retailers and manufacturers, proving in-store
marketing services.
Products/Services: In-store floor stands, fixtures & high-quality, pressure-sensitive labels, pointof-sale signs & displays, neon signs & displays.
Sales Contacts: Rick Davis, Sales Director (Chattanooga office) Tel:: (423) 624-1191; (800) 264
Category: Supplies
125 High St., High Street Tower (28th Fl), Boston, MA 02110 USA
Tel: (617) 532- 9550
FAX: (617) 261- 6630
Total Sales Volume: $500 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 20 Countries (offices and labs)
Profile: This company was founded in 1886 by Arthur Dehon Little as “the world’s first
consulting firm.” In April 2002, however, the company (ADL) was auctioned off, following its
filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Five buyers together paid nearly $100 million for its
various businesses. The biggest pieces, i.e., its global consultancy business, the ADL name, and
its Cambridge Consultants Ltd. ( went to Altran Technologies,
Paris, which today is a $1.6 billion European consultancy ( Today, ADL
operates as an Altran partner, providing services in high-quality accelerated product development,
statistically based test design, process, package and equipment engineering and technology-based
consulting for the food and consumer products industries.
Products/Services: Technical and management consulting; product and process development;
sensory analysis; package innovation; customized equipment design.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Service
300 Sarasota Center Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34240 USA
Tel: (941) 379- 0300; (800) 966-8066
FAX: (941) 378- 9040
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million+
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started some 50 years ago, this family owned business (associated with Aso
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Kumamoto, Japan) claims to be the world’s second largest producer of
adhesive bandages and the largest private label producer of bandages in the world. Aso opeartes
plants in Sarasota, El Paso, TX; Kumamoto, Japan; and Cebu, the Philippines. In October 1997,
Aso became ISO 9001 certified. Its new state-of-the-art, 100,000-square-foot facility features
advanced design machinery with unique, built-in computerized technology to assist in quality
control. Its products deliver sure-stick adhesion, even when wet. A non-adherent, absorbent pad
cushions and protects the wound. A complete seal around the pad provides extra protection.
Additionally, there is overall ventilation and easy-to-open sterile wrappers. The firm’s uniquely
tailored, first-aid line covers: plastic, sheer, clear, fabric and non-woven adhesive bandage strips;
adhesive tape, gauze pads or roll and non-adherent dressings. This firm aggressively helps to
promote its products through Ad-Bands, combination packs, private label character strips, and
bonus packages.
Products/Services: Plastic, sheer, clear, & fabric adhesive bandages; sterile pads, gauze roll,
adhesive tape, First Aid, Wound Care.
Sales Contacts: Mark Bolling, Vice-President of Retail Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
4231 Clary Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64130 USA
Tel: (816) 921- 0234
FAX: (816) 924- 1488
Total Sales Volume: $40 Million
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Canada
Profile: Aspen Products, a family run manufacturing operation, started in 1977, has evolved into
one of the largest private label suppliers of paper plates, cups, bowls and lunch bags for retailers
and foodservice distributors in North America. In March 1996, the company moved from Lenexa,
KS, to its new address in Kansas City, sharing a 300,000 square-foot facility with its sister
company, Foam Container Corp. (also listed in this database).
Products/Services: White paper plates & cups, bowls, lunch bags, foam plates & cups, white paper
and designer paper plates
Sales Contacts: John Schaefer, National Sales Manager
Category: Non-Food Groceries
1790 Matheson Blvd., Mississauga, ONT L4W 0B2, CANADA
Tel: (905) 206-1123; (800) 265-0050
FAX: (905) 614-4535
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $200 million (E)
Sales % in EB: 70+ (E)
Export Markets: U.S.A., Mexico, Middle East
Profile: Associated Brands began in 1985 and in October 2001 merged with Ontario Foods, Inc.,
Medina, NY/New Jersey, following the latter’s sale by Genesee Corp., Rochester, NY. Ontario
Foods was acquired for $27 million, as a step by Associated Brands to develop a U.S. platform for
cross-border private label growth strategies. The merger has resulted in Associated Brands
becoming the largest supplier of private label and comanufactured dry packaged foods. The firm
also supplies foodservice accounts. Its main 393,000 square foot facility in Medina, NY operates
31 product lines, providing 15 packaging formats. The firm in May 2007 was taken over by the
Canadian-based equity firm, TorQuest Partners. Associated Brands now operates two main
manufacturing plants (one in Canada, and one in the US), supplying up to 50 of the major North
American food retailers. Its product line covers dry blend food products: flavored drink mixes,
iced tea, hot chocolate drinks, dessert mixes, soups, bouillon, side dishes, and artificial
sweeteners. The company also supplies household products: plastic food wraps;
sandwich/storage/freezer bags, fabric dyes, and its branded J-Cloth re-useable towels. In January
2012, Associated Brands acquired Soluble Products (formerly listed in this database), Lakewood,
NJ, a supplier of powder supplements for weight management and sports nutrition. The company’s
products focus on diets, body building, sports nutrition and children’s health). Soluble Product’s
facilities are being transitioned over to AB’s Medina facility.
UPDATE: In August 2013, Associated Brands’s shareholders, including TorQuest Partners LLC,
agreed to the company acquisition by TreeHouse Foods, Oakbrook, IL (also in this database).
TreeHouse will pay C$ 187 million ($180 million). Associated Brands is now positioned as a
leading North American manufacturer of private label packaged foods and one of the largest
suppliers of a diverse range of private label dry packaged food products in North America.
Products/Services: Bouillon, Dry side dish mixes, artificial sweeteners, drink mixes, sugar-free
drink mixes, hot cocoa, powdered gelatin & puddings, dry soup mixes, iced tea mix, stuffing,
baking products, single-serve sugar-free packets, dry mix meal cups; food protection plastic bags-storage, sandwich, freezer.
Sales Contacts: James Akers, VP of Sales & Marketing; Richardson, National Accounts Manager;
Todd Masse, Sales Director, Canada; Robert Long champ (Oakhurst, NJ) 732- 531- 2112; John
Magee, Marketing (Palatine, IL) Tel: 877- 705- 8488.
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Food (C/S, DG)
Weston Centre, 10 Grosvenor St., London W1K 4QY UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 20-7399-6500
FAX: +44 20-7399-6580
Total Fiscal 2012 Group Revenues: $ 19.6 Billion (£ 12.3 Billion) +11%; Grocery Revenues:
$ 5.9 Billion (£ 3.7 Billion) +1.6%; Retail Revenues: $5.6 Billion (£ 3.5 Billion) +16.7%; Sugar
Revenues: $ 4.3 Billion (£ 2.7 Billion) +28.6%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Operating in 47 countries
Profile: Started in 1935 as Food Investments Limited and soon afterward renamed Allied Bakeries
Limited, this business has grown into a diversified international food, ingredients, and retail group,
operating in five business segments: Sugar (the largest beet processing factory in the world with
34 plants in 10 countries), Agriculture (£ 1.3 billion +18.2%) as one of the largest animal feed
suppliers in the United Kingdom, Ingredient (£`1.1 billion +0.2%) producing yeast and baking
ingredients through 49 plants in 26 countries; Retail under the Primark store banner, overseeing
242 stores with private label stock in eight European countries (reported in detail in the Trade
Customer Section of this database); and Grocery business segment, producing branded and private
label products, including hot liquid beverages, bakery products., etc. Its brands include: Twining
tea, Ovaltine malted beverages, Ryita, Silver Spoon, Allied Baker’s, and Tip Top bread. Grocery
also encompasses ACH Food Companies, Inc., Cordova, TN, which produces cooking oils, spices
and seasonings, baking ingredients, and foodservice brands in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and
Mexico. This operation is the second largest manufacturer of spices and seasonings in North
America. Contact: Tel: (901) 381-3000 or (800) 247-5251. Website: ACH
Food formerly was called AC Humko, positioned as a leading store brand supplier of cooking oils,
pan sprays, shortenings, non-dairy creamers and olive oils in the US.
Products/Services: Grocery products--cooking oils, spices & seasonings
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food ( DG)
3400 River Green Court, Ste. 600, Duluth, GA 30096
Tel: (770) 497- 9800; (800) 683-6633
FAX: (770) 623- 3292
Total DGIF Sales Volume: $320 Million+
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets:Canada, Carribean
Profile: Associated Hygienic Products is the US subsidiary of DSG International Ltd. (Nasdaq:
DSGIF), Hong Kong, operating since the early 1980s in the US and since 1972 in Hong Kong.
DSG (Disposable Soft Goods International) operates eight manufacturing plants: two in the US
plus in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Today, AHP the second largest private label
supplier of diapers and training pants in North America. The company claims to be the leading
supplier of premium products under corporate brands in this category. AHP also markets the
Drypers and Fitti value brand. In May 2011, this firm acquired the assets of Arquest, Inc.,
Cranbury, NJ, a private company, which supplies private label disposable baby diapers and
training pants. This makes AHP the largest supplier of private label baby diapers in North
UPDATE: In May 2013, AHP agreed to be acquired by Domtar Corp (also in this database),
Montreal, Canada--one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of paper in North America.
Domtar will pay $272 million for the takeover, which is expected to be completed in the second
quarter of 2013.
Products/Services: Disposable baby diapers, training pants, youth pants, changing pads,disposable
adult briefs
Sales Contacts: Steve Pankow, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing; Brian
Mullenbach,Vice-President, Sales
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Atalanta Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07206 USA
Tel: (908) 351- 8000
FAX: (908) 351- 0761
Total Sales Volume: $500 Million +
Sales % in EB: 83
Export Markets: N/A
Profile; Atalanta, a leading importer of food products from around the world, was founded as a
partnership in New York City between two legendary names in the international trade circuit,
Leon Rubin and Herbert Moeller. In 1945, the firm was incorporated as business developed in
global commodities. Five years later, Atalanta decided to focus exclusively on the food industry—
expanding its trading and marketing expertise in meats, seafood, cheese and grocery items. It
brands are: Celebrity, Krakus, Zerto, Martel, Atalanta, and Del Destino. Its more than 200
premium imported food products cover a diverse range—processed meats, cheese, beef, seafood,
institutional and retail grocery items. More food is being imported from Hungary, Poland, and
Canada. Atalanta is part of The Gellert Global Group, an organization of North American food
importers, whose combined revenues exceed $800 million.
UPDATE: In June 2013, Atalanta acquired H&J Trading Co., San Ramon, CA, an importer of fine
foods, including artichokes, capers, saffron, vinegars, hearts of palm, etc., under the Marie brand
plus premium packer labels.
Products/Services: Deli/dairy (cheeses, hams, etc.), grocery (olive oil, olives, mushrooms, etc.),
sea food (frozen lobster tails, shrimp, etc.); groceries
Sales Contacts: Jim Marsh, Sal Mazzella, Robert Gellert, Sam Tufano, Al Pish, Bernie
Deutchman, Jacque Foltz
Category: Food (Deli, Dairy, Meat/Fish, Dry Groceries)
P.O. Box 47080 Atarot Industrial Zone, Jerusalem, Israel 97800 Israel
Tel: +972- 2- 833131
FAX: +972- 2- 859762
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets:Denmark, Holland, BELGIUM, Spain, Estonia, Hong Kong
Profile: This company is the daughter company of Intercosma, Azur, Israel, which is Israel’s
leading manufacturer of hair care products. Ataron competes with the low-medium price range of
international brand names.
Products/Services: Skin care cosmetic products
Sales Contacts: Mr. G. Flohr
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1295 Towbin Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701- 5934, USA
Tel: (732) 363- 9281; 800-242-7374
FAX: (732) 363-4302
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Australia
Profile; Atlantic Mills, a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Glenview, IL, is a producer
and packager of non-woven wipes, cloths and towels for the foodservice, institutional, industrial,
retail, and golf markets. Its products are manufactured in a 70,000-square-foot headquarters
facility. The company has developed the first anti-microbial towel—Kerri Klean Microbe Guard,
an all-purpose household towel. ITW, a $15.9 billion multinational manufacturer of diverse
industrial products and equipment, also has a division, Minigroup Consumer Products Group,
Seguin, TX (800-405-0589) which produces reclosable plastic double zipper food storage bags for
private label customers. Minigrip is also listed in this database. ITW operates James Briggs in
England, the market leader in consumer specialty chemicals and aerosols, supplying own brand
customers as well.
Products/Services: Household nonwoven wipes, anti-microbial household nonwoven towels
Sales Contacts: Thomas E. Coghan, VP/General Manager, Consumer Sales Division
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Food Service
100 Industry Court, P.O. Box 985, Nashville, NC 27856, USA
Tel: (252) 462-0355; (800) 843-0804
FAX: (252) 462-0455
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This privately held firm, which started in 2008, has launched itself into the private label
business, offering 100%, natural and renewable foods, which are high in protein, low in
salt/fat/carbohydrates, and completely meat-free. Its alternative vegetable-based protein products
are made with renewable plant proteins derived from soy and wheat. The products, packaged in
cans (providing a three-year shelf life), cover: beef, chicken, pork, lamb and seafood. Its recipes
for retail and foodservice customers include: hot dogs, taco filling, 5-bean chicken, chicken
patties, fishless tuna, beef and chicken strips, curry and potatoes, and lamb & curry. Custom
product development is handled through the company’s own test kitchen. Atlantic Natural Foods
operates a 53,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and a 40,000-square-foot warehouse and
labeling facility. Its facilities are 3SQF certified, Kosher certified and HACCP certified.
UPDATE: Atlantic Natural Foods has introduced a line of non-GMO products under the
Caroline's brand, beginning with Fishless Tuna, Chik'n Patty, and Taco Filling and Five Bean
Chili--all the products free of artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives.
Products/Services: All natural, meatless vegetarian and vegan canned foods
Sales Contacts: Steve Morrris, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Non
Koppstrasse 116, A- 1160 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Tel: +43 1/313/ 42-0
FAX: +43 1/313/ 42-1636
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Europe
Profile; Started in 1784 as a tobacco manufacturer (state-owned enterprise), Austria Tabak
became a state-owned corporation in 1939. In 2001, the company was sold to Gallaher Group Plc
of the UK, at that time the fifth largest tobacco group ( $15 billion+ in sales) in the world. In
April 2007, Gallaher, in turn, for about $15 billion was acquired by Japan Tobacco Inc. (a $40.4
billion firm). Eight years previously, Japan Tobacco acquired US-based RJR Nabisco’s
international tobacco business and formed JT International ( JT International is now
the third largest tobacco company in the world $69.6 billion sales in 2009); its brands include:
Mild Seven, Winson, Salem, Camel, etc. In 1982, the Austrian company, a subsidiary of AT
Vienna, entered the private label market for cigarettes. The company is Austria’s market leader as
well as the leading supplier of private label cigarettes to major retailers and wholesalers
throughout Europe. As a wholesaler, the company operates in Austria, Germany, and Hungary.
As part of its integration into Gallaher Group, Austria Tabak extended its market as Continental
Europe (CED) of Gallaher to 35 countries in Europe.
Products/Services: Cigarettes.
Sales Contacts: Staffan Gunnarsson, Chairman; Hagen von Wedel, Director Marketing/Sales;
Markus Knoche, Key Accounts
Category: Non-Food Groceries
26 Thompson Drive, Essex Junction, VT 05452 USA
Tel: (802) 857-4600
FAX:(802) 857-4601
Total Sales Volume: $7 Million
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: United Kingdom, Canada
Profile: As a leader in the natural products industry for more than two decades, Autumn Harp has
developed numerous customer specific concepts for many leading brands. Specialty retailers and
premier cosmetic brands have relied on Autumn Harp’s talented, market-savvy professionals to
create naturally based alternatives to satisfy today’s demanding customer. Known industry wide
for manufacturing the highest quality, natural and efficacious products, its newest plant is
registered as an OTC drug and cosmetic facility. The company considers itself the leader in
organic lip color cosmetics and skin care.
Products/Services: Lip balms, lip gloss, lip tints, solid perfume, facial sunblocks, medicated balms
and ointments, color cosmetics
Sales Contacts: Katrina Simeck, Sales Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
20-21 St James’ Square, London , Swly 4JY UNITED KINGDOM
+44 20 7104-5759
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Percentage of Sales in Exclusive Brands: N/A
Export Markets: 100+ countries
Profile: Aursama developed well after the formation in 1996 of a British software company,
Autonomy, which focused on ‘meaning-based computing that allowed computers to understand
and extract value from data. Its image recognition solutions attracted global attention--enough to
spur information technology giant Hewlett-Packard (HP), Palo Alto, CA, to acquire Autonomy
late in 2011 as part of its Printer & Personal System division. As the popularity of the iPhone with
its higher processing power developed, Aursama emerged, applying its image recognition
technology onto a mobile device. (The Aurasma-enabled printer, for example, ties a printed image
to a movie stored in a cloud-based system.) This platform was launched in the summer of 2011
opening a new channel to publish augmented content. Today, Aurasma can be run on a host device
equipped with a camera and with processing power equivalent to ARMv7+. This covers iPhones
(3d generation or higher), Ipods and Ipad devices plus Android devices. Aurasma early on
collaborated with UK retailer Tesco (listed in the Retailers database) in November 2011, testing
3D augmented reality in six stores, which allowed shoppers to look at products on sale, but not
displayed on shelves. Other retailers have since used this augmented reality, cloud-based mobile
app for their customers with smart phones. Sometime in 2013, the US Postal Service plans to
introduce this app, allowing users to scan printed ads sent in the mail, changing them into a digital
presentation, including virtual reality.
Products: Visual Browser, using an aurasma-enabled printer that merge the physical and virtual
world onto a mobile device (smart phone, Ipad, Ipod).
Sales Contacts: N/A. (Aurasma USA, (One Market St., Spear Tower, 19th Floor, San Francisco,
CA 94105. Tel: 415-625-1400)
Category: Technology/Supply & Services
7105 Old Katy Rd., Houston, TX 77024-2111 USA
Tel: (713) 868-8200
FAX: (713) 868- 8273
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50+ (E)
Export Markets: Pacific Rim, Europe, South America
Profile: Formerly called Brothers Gourmet Coffee, Inc. of Houston , this company, founded in
1988, has recently changed its identity to Avenues Coffee Co. The firm is positioned as a private
label and contract packer of coffee, supplying supermarkets, mass merchandisers, distributor
groups, foodservice, and export markets. The firm has undergone a dramatic change in the past,
shedding all of its 30 distribution facilities, plus its Boca Raton, FL headquarters. At one time, it
operated a chain of Brother’s Coffee bars, which have since been discontinued. To date, Avenues
Coffee has been successful in attracting contract business, such as Procter & Gamble and Mother
Parkers Tea and Coffee.
Products/Services: Ground coffee, decaf, regular; flavored coffee; whole bean coffee, regular,
Sales Contacts: Jim Burger, National Sales Account Manager
Category: Category: Beverages (coffee)
Four Gatchall Drive, Parsippani, NJ 07054 USA
Tel: (973) 401-6500
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume: $848 Million +17%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: B&G (NYSE: BGS) is owned by Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill (BRS), New York, an
investment firm. Actually, its business was established in 1996 by a group of investors with the
business divided primarily into two divisions: DSD for the Direct Store Distribution Co., handling
its branded and private label business, and B&G for Block & Guggenheimer, a producer of
peppers and related products. Since that time, B&G Foods has exploded with growth through
acquisitions, taking over more than 30 different company brands, including national, regional and
seasonal identities. Recent acquisitions include Rickland Orchards LLC and Pirate Brands LLC,
both in 2013 and Specialty Brands of America, Inc. in April 2014. Its porfolio is impressive,
encompassing food companies that date back to the 19th Century, such as: Underwood meat
spreads (1870), Cream of Wheat hot cereals (1893), and Ortega Mexican foods (1897). Its
diversified product range of mostly shelf stable foods runs the gamut: hot cereals, fruit spreads,
canned meats and beans, spices, seasonings, marinades, hot sauces, wine vinegar, maple syrup,
molasses, salad dressings, Mexican-style sauces, taco shells and kits, salsas, pickles, peppers and
other specialty food products. Many recognizable brands are included: Polaner fruit based spreads,
Las Palmas Mexican sauces, and so on. Recently, new brands like Mrs. Dash salt-free seasonings,
New York Style bagel crisps, Old London Melba toast, and even some household non-food
brands, Kleen Guard and Static Guard, have been added. This pileup of brands has resulted in
B&G’s limiting its business in private label, since most of its brands compete against store brands.
New brands also bring more profits: Company 2014 gross profits edged upward by 2% to $247.8
million; while net income plunged by 21.7% to $40.9 million. While the current fiscal period had
53 weeks, the company suffered a major recall on Ortega, its largest brand, and the Las Palmas
brand, during the fourth quarter. This recall eroded sales by $8.9 million. The cause: spice
ingredients supplied by a third party, which contained peanuts and almonds--not declared on the
product ingredient statement. Walmart represents B&G largest customer, accounting for 19.1% of
its sales.
UPDATE: In July 2015, B&G Foods acquired Sparta Foods of America, , Spartanburg, SC, a
producer of pizza crust and pancakes, including private label business. That company, dba Mama
Marys, sells product to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada.
Products/Services: Pickles, peppers, hot sauce, jam, jelly, pure maple syrup, snack mix, steak
sauce, relish.
Sales Contacts: David Burke, Executive Vice-President Marketing; Rick Nechay; Mike Molum.
Category: Food (shelf-stable,dry groceries)
Armuli 3, 4th Floor, 108 Reykjavik, ICELAND
Tel: +354 550-9700
FAX: +354 550- 9701
Total Sales Volume: $2.6 Billion (£ 1.7 Billion) +1.9%
Sales % in EB: 95+ (E)
Export Markets: UK, France, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, China, the Czech Republic, US)
Profile: Founded in 1986, Bakkavör Group has grown, via acquisitions, into the world’s leader in
fresh prepared foods and produce, operating 62 factories in 10 countries. Some 84% of its sales are
in the United Kingdom, a market it entered in 2000 with the acquisition of Wine & Dine. The
Group continues to expand its operations in Central Europe and Asia. A new market opened in
January 2008 with the acquisition of Two Chefs On A Roll, Carson, CA. This producer of bakery
products, sauces, soups and savory dips now serves as a base for the Group’s US expansion. In
March 2008, the Group acquired 48% interest in a Hong Kong-based food and beverage company
and the following month took over Hong Kong’s leading producer of bakery and pastry products.
There have been other acquisitions more recently. For 2009, its fresh prepared food sales were up,
while produce sales fell by 29%. Net loss for 2009 improved from 2008’s £154.2 million loss
down to £ 11.8 million. In March 2010, via refinancing, the company de-listed itself from the
Icelandic stock exchange to become a private limited company, now overseeing some 6,000
products in 18 fresh prepared food product categories.
Products/Services: Fresh Prepared Foods & Produce. (ready meals, fresh pizza/pasta, soups,
sauces, stir fries, ethnic snacks, prepared vegetables, specialty breads, salads, dips, desserts,
prepared fruits, salads)
Sales Contacts: Nikki Gorman, New Business Development Director (London) Tel: +44 1775761111
Category: Food Service, Food (dry groceries, produce, refrigerated)
10 Longs Peak Drive, Broomfield, CO 80021-2510 USA
Tel: (303) 469-3131
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $8.6 Billion +13.2%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Canada, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, Argentina
Profile: In March 1997, Schmalbach-Lubeca of Dusseldorf, Germany (formerly listed in this
database) acquired Johnson Controls’ Plastic Container Division, a world leader in the design and
manufacturer of PET-packaging for food, beverage, health care and household chemicals and
cleaner markets. About five years later, in 2002, Ball Corp. acquired this company; but as the
industry trend continued toward self-manufacturing of PET bottles by its major trade customers,
Ball decided to sell this business in 2010 and stick to its core metal cans expertise. Its history in
that business traces back to 1880. Today, Ball (NYSE:BLL) is one of the world’s leading suppliers
of metal packaging to the beverage, food, personal care, and household product industries. Major
brand name beverage companies source from Ball Corp. Some 91% of its net sales are in
packaging, while 9% is in the aerospace & technology industry. In January 2011, Ball for $295.2
million cash acquired Aerocan S.A.S., a major European manufacturer of extruded aerosol
containers and aluminum slugs. (Ball now commands 41% of the aerosol shipments in the US and
Canada.) In October 2011, Ball formed a joint venture in a metal beverage can plant in China. The
company overall operates nearly 40 manufacturing facilities, 18 of them in the US, 16 in Europe, 3
in Brazil and 1 in Canada.
Products/Services: Metal food, beverage, personal care, household cans, aerosol containers, paint
cans, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
4555 Autoroute Labal, 440 West, Laval (Québec) H7P 4W6 CANADA
Tel: 450 781-1255 (800) 210-5569
FAX: 450 781-1262
www.bassenuts .com
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 78
Export Markets: North America
Profile: Since 1990, this third generation family business (credited with more than 100 years
experience) today specializes in roasting, blending, and packaging high-end nuts and dried fruit,
sourced from around the world. It was the first to introduce the traditional Mediterranean roasting
process to Canada, which allows product to retain their crunchy, tasty, and fresh properties. Bassé
prides itself on its different blends, offered in unique packaging: pillow bags, flat bottom pouchs,
PET & glass jars, etc. The company also operates Bassé Express stores stocked with nuts and
dried fruit.
Products/Services: Nuts and dried fruits
Sales Contacts: Fadi Bassé, President
Category: Food (DG)
100 Trap Falls Road., Ext., Shelton, CT 06484 USA
Tel: (203) 929- 8483
FAX: (203) 929- 8963
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Latin America--60+ countries
Profile: The W.E. Bassett Company is a family held manufacturing business that was incorporated
in 1947. The firm produces the TRIM brand of manicure implements, which are sold on a
worldwide basis. About 1987, the company became involved in the private label business. In
September 2001, the company acquired Cook Bates, a division of Pacer Technology, bringing
more private label business in. Lately, the firm has begun expanding on pedicure products as well
as improving on an easy-hold feature for its line of products. The company has expanded its line
of manicure, pedicure, and eye care kits and also promotes the personal care lines GEM® and
Kurlash®/Diamon Deb®. The W. E. Bassett Company is a major supplier of implements to the
private label and OEM markets.
Products/Services: TRIM manicure implements, Easy-Hold manicure implements, TRIM gift sets,
‘Kustom King’ advertising special ties.
Sales Contacts: Hugh Scolllins, Vice-President Sales
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2424 Edenborn Ave., Ste 510, Metairie, LA 70001 USA
Tel: (504) 482- 5761
FAX: (504) 483- 2425
Total Sales Volume: $50 Million+
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets:Middle East, Europe, South America, Canada
Profile: This Louisiana institution has become the country’s fastest-growing condiment
manufacturer. Baumer Foods, privately owned, started its operation in 1923. Its international
distribution now brings the company’s great taste of Crystal brand hot sauce to pepper-loving
people in more than 75 countries. Every year, 1.5 million gallons of hot sauce are shipped out of
its New Orleans plant. Cayenne pepper hot sauce is the heart of Baumer Foods, In 2004, Baumer
purchased The Figaro Co., Mesquite, TX, a condiments supplier, which continues as a subsidiary.
Products/Services: Hot sauces, mustards (yellow, brown, Dijon, horseradish), oriental sauces,
steak sauces, Worcestershire sauces, Habanero sauce, soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce, chicken wing
Sales Contacts: Steven A. Forret, National Accounts Manager, Private Label Products; Terry
Hanes, Executive Vice-President/COO; Alvin A. Baumer, Jr., President and CEO
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
Mosstodloch, Fochabers, Moray 1V32 7LD UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 134-382-393
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $194.5 Million (£ 123.9 Million) +8.7%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: North America, Australia, Europe
Profile: This business began as a small grocery shop in 1879 in a small village in Scotland.
Baxters since then grew in reputation, producing branded preserves, condiments, pickles and
chutney. It now produces more than 100 products, including canned and fresh soups. Baxters in
mid 2003 acquired CCL Foods in the UK, a producer of condiments and pickles, helping to boost
its own brand business in the United Kingdom. Its first move abroad came in September 2004 with
the acquisition of a private label soup company, Soup Experts Inc., the largest of its kind in
Canada. Baxters’ strategy was to build a base in North America for its branded products. The
Canadian plant is ISO 9002 certified, operating with a HACCP food safety system. Baxters’
international interests ignited again in 2007 with the acquisition of two companies, one in
Australia and one in Poland: Solo Mio, Australia’s second biggest supplier of marinated and
flame-grilled vegetables, pestos, and tapenades, marketed under the Bamboleo and Argents Hill
brands; and a producer of pickled onions in Poland. Both these operations, together with the
Canadian operation, not only broadened Baxter’s product line but also serve as springboards to
more export business. Baxters is managed by Audry Baxter, whose great grandparents founded
the company. It remains family controlled, still located in Foschabers, continuing to resist any
takeover bids, and it remains adamantly behind its branded business in soups, jams, pickles,
preserves, chutneys, and sauces.
Products/Services: Canned soups (ready-to-serve and condensed), broth, gravies, and sauces.
Sales Contacts: Baxter Food Group (Canada), 2000, Argentia Road, Plaza 3, Suite 303,
Mississauga, ON L5N 19, Canada. Tel: 879-813-8678.
Category: Food (dry groceries)
214 Dexter St., P.O. Box 667, Elk Rapids, MI 49629 USA
Tel: (231) 264- 5080
FAX: (231) 264- 5107
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Since starting its business in 1982, J.N. Bech has become a major manufacturer in the
Michigan market. With increasing customer demand, the firm developed new flavors for the
foodservice trade. Today, its business is divided 55% into foodservice, 15% for gift packers and
fund raisers, and 25% devoted to private label customers. Its product line of stone ground
mustards features two kinds of whole seed (no mustard flour used) with no additives or
preservatives. Plans call for moving into a new 50,000-square-foot plant.
Products/Services: Stoneground mustards (14 stock flavors, capability to make custom flavors)
and barbecue sauce (sweet jalapeno flavor).
Sales Contacts: Johan N. Bech, Presidentr
Category: Food (dry groceries)
P.O. Box 3909, 70 Alberta Ave., Spruce Grove, Alberta T7X 3B1 CANADA
Tel: (780) 962-5573
FAX: (780) 962-1653
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million
Sales % in EB: 43
Export Markets: 30+ Countries, mostly Northern Hemisphere
Profile; Over the past 30+ years, Canada has become famous for white, mild-flavored honey
produced in its Prairie provinces. The consistently good quality of Canadian honey has made it a
standard worldwide. Helping establish that international reputation, Bee Maid Honey of Winnipeg
has applied its marketing expertise. Started in the 1930s, the company has helped Canadian honey
become ‘Number One’ in the world, while Bee Maid claims the number one position in Canada. It
is that country’s largest honey company and the only Canadian firm to market its product in all 10
provinces and both territories in addition to maintaining a network of agents and brokers around
the world. In fact, the company sees itself first and foremost as a marketing operation, dedicated to
developing new markets,while carrying out processing and packaging functions.
Products/Services: Liquid honey, creamed honey, honey mustards, honey Bar-B-Q sauce.
Sales Contacts: R. J. (Rick) Rees, Vice-President, Marketing (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries)
525 Lake Ave. S Duluth, MN USA
Tel: (612) 490-4542
FAX: (706) 869-8386
Total Sales Volume: $490 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America, Hong Kong
Profile: Belliso Foods, formerly called Michelina’s, Inc. (Uup until 2008) was started by Jeno
Paulucci, but in December was sold to Centre Partners Management LLC, New York, a private
equity firm. Bellliso claims to be the third largest producer of frozen entrees in the US. It produces
more than 200 frozen entrees and snacks, sold under its Michelina’s brand as well as in private
label. The company’s Arden Culinary serves the foodservice market, providing sauces, side
dishes, entrees, fillings and appetizers. Bellisio also maintains divisions in Canada and Australia.
UPDATE: In May 2013, Bellliso Foods announced its pending $80.9 million acquisition of
Overhill Farms, Inc. (also in this database). Both Bellliso and Overlook for the past two years have
been co-manufacturing Boston Market brand frozen meals. The transaction is expected to close
during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013.
Products/Services: Single- and multi-serve frozen entrees, appetizers, pizza rolls, enrobed
Sales Contacts: Stephen Shockley, Director of Sales..
Category: Frozen Foods
41 Ethel Rd. W, Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA
Tel: (732) 572-5933
Total Sales Volume: $18 Million
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: South America, Russia
Profile: Bentley Manufacturing produces the lowest-price product within each category
mentioned, offering quality that compares to mid-range priced products. Plans called for the
introduction of adult incontinence products beginning late in 1996. Its products are qualitycontrolled with in-house laboratory testing completed every day in addition to monthly testing
through outside independent laboratories to ensure its own testing results. The company also
offers a new compressed ultra-thin disposable diaper at very competitive pricing.
Products/Services: Disposable diapers, feminine napkins, panty liners, baby wipes, adult
incontinence, color cosmetics.
Sales Contacts: Victor Braha; Eli Braha; Ralph Braha.
Category: Health & Beauty Care
5200 Sixth Ave., Altoona, PA 16602 USA
Tel: (814) 942- 5062; (800) 344-4438
FAX: (814) 942-4133
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This family owned business began in 1911, but has evolved into a Women’s Business
Enterprise. The original recipe for pretzels still continues: all natural and no-added preservatives,
fat-free/ low-fat and organic products, unbleached enriched flour, soybean oil, and authentic
pretzel salt. Benzel’s offers all varieties, shapes, and flavors of pretzels, including flat pretzels.
New items: specialty pretzels-graham crackers in cinnamon & honey and in chocolate flavors.
Also new: flat chips in a variety of flavors.
Products/Services: Pretzels, Graham crackers, flat chips
Sales Contacts: Susan Benzel & Katherine Benzel
Category: Food (dry groceries)
525 West Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60661 USA
Tel: (800) 723-7646; (800) 2-BERLIN
FAX: (312) 876-9290
Total Sales Volume: $540 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Since 1898, Berlin Packaging has been a premier distributor of glass, plastic, and metal
containers and accompanying closure systems. Because Berlin buys more than two billion bottles
and closures annually, it has the purchasing power equal to many Fortune 100 companies. The
company reported adding 1,000 customers in 2010 and, after enjoying two decades of double-digit
sales and earnings growth, projected its 2011 sales would approach $600 million. Berlin
Packaging offers 25,000+ SKUs and provides customers with more than 100 packaging
consultants. It operates 70 sales and warehouse locations in the US.
Products/Services: Containers (glass, plastic, metal) and accompanying closures
Sales Contacts: Any company representative
Category: Supplies
1447 2nd St., Ste. 6., Roscoe, IL 61073 USA
Tel: (815) 623-1722; (800) 819-8199
FAX: (815) 623-1622
Total Sales Volume: $200 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Puerto Rico
Profile: A family owned dairy business for more than 60 years, Berner Foods first developed its
shelf cheese line in 1992. Today, the company, identified as a beverage supplier as well, is a
leading private label supplier of such products as: processed cheese, snack dips, latte, and meal
replacement beverages. Berner claims to be the leader in private label aerosol cheese, jar cheese,
retort and hot-fill Salsa Con Queso, and retort latte coffee, energy and meal replacement products.
Berner Foods operates two processing plants. In 1988, the company began mass producing a
private label cheddar cheese sauce (emulating the brand Cheez Whiz). The company now offers
cholesterol-free cheese.
Products/Services: Shelf-stable cheese products (spreads, sauces, dips), ice latte, aerosols, salsa
con Queso, jar cheese, weight control, alfredo sauce, coffee energy drinks
Sales Contacts: Steven Fay, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, dairy), Food (dry groceries, dairy)
BERNS & KOPPSTEIN (Division of Imperial Commodities Corp.)
17 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004 USA
Tel: (212) 837- 9400; (800) 221-7143
Total Sales Volume: $70 Million
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: Carribean, Canada, South America
Profile; For the past 20+ years of its 40-plus years in business, Berns & Koppstein has supplied
private label products. This multinational food importer has become a specialist in canned corn
beef, ground beef, cubed beef, roast beef with gravies, and frozen cooked beef. It also provides
canned fruit, vegetables, fish, organic, and kosher products. Its parent company imports
commodities and is traded on the NYSE.
Products/Services: Canned meat, fish, fruits and vegetables
Sales Contacts: Richard Smaligo, President; Mike Prince, Chris Maragulia, both Sales Managers
(e-mail: b&[email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries, meat/fish)
101 Oakley St., Evansville, IN 97710 USA
Tel: (812) 424-2904
Total Fiscal 2010 Sales Volume: $4.3 Billion +34.4%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: North America, Europe, SE Asia
Profile: As a result of recent mergers and acquisitions, Berry Plastics has emerged as the number
one producer of plastic trash bags, stretch film and plastic sheeting in the U.S., as well as being the
world’s largest manufacturer of duct tape. Based in Evansville, IN, the company oversees 71
manufacturing facilities worldwide. Berry is positioned as one of the world’s leading
manufacturers and marketers of plastic packaging products, plastic film products, specialty
adhesives and coated products with more than 90% of its revenues coming from North America. It
manufactures a broad range of packaging solutions, using proprietary molds and an extensive set
of internally developed processes and technologies. Its principal products include containers,
drink cups, bottles, closures and over-caps, tubes and prescription containers, trash bags, stretch
films, engineered films, and tapes which sell into a diverse selection of end markets, including
food and beverage, healthcare, personal care, quick service and family dining restaurants, custom
and retail, agricultural, horticultural, institutional, industrial, construction, aerospace, and
automotive. Berry provides packaging solutions to over 13,000 customers. For example, the
company is major supplier of component and packaging films used for personal care hygiene
applications predominantly sold in North America and Latin America. The end use applications
include disposable baby diapers, feminine care, adult incontinence, hospital and tissue & towel
products. Leading private label manufacturers are among its clientele.
Products/Services: Tall kitchen & trash bags (plastic); food-contact products, plastic films
Sales Contacts: Frank Rowe, National Sales Manager
Category: Non-Food Groceries
288 Mazeppa Rd., Mooresville, NC 28115
Tel: (704) 664-4300; (888) 211-5530
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company traces its roots back to 1931 as a candy manufacturer in South Africa. Over
the decades, the company developed its export business and in the 1970s acquired Four Star
Candy Company in New Jersey, establishing a US base. Outgrowing that operations, the company,
now independent from the South African firm, moved to Mooresville, NC. Today, positioned as a
manufacturer of confectionery-based OTC drug products, nutritional supplements, and
confectionery products for food and pharmaceutical companies and retailers, BestSweet operates a
135,000-square-foot plant plus 140,000-square-foot warehouse. Early in 2012, the company
acquired the assets of First Boston Pharma’ Gloucester, MA. That company in 2009 had acquired
NutraMax Products, Inc., Gloucester, a producer of cough drops, throat lozenges and some health
and beauty care products. The NutraMax name was changed to First Boston Pharma. Trouble
emerged afterward for that company, forcing divestment of its business, laying off employees, and
dealing with a lawsuit, filed in April 2011 by Reckitt Benckister on behalf of its Cepacol brand of
lozenges being manufactured by First Boston Pharma.
Products/Services: Cough drops, throat drops, soft chews and other confectionery-based dietary
Sales Contacts: Paul Herey, National Sales Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
56 Smedley St., P.O. Box 432, North East, PA 16428, USA
Tel: (814) 725- 8778
FAX: (814) 725- 9422
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1964, Better Baked Foods (BFF) continues to be a leader in the frozen
pizza industry. The innovators of frozen French bread pizza is one of the many accolades of this
organization. The company is family owned, focused on hand-held, user-friendly fast frozen food
products. Maintaining a low-cost producer mentality is a top company priority. As a contract
packer for some of the nation’s largest frozen food corporations, BFF meets and exceeds the
criteria necessary to succeed in this arena. Its facilities include a 242,000-square-foot processing
plant and a separate 56,000-square-foot bakery. Its newly constructed research & development
facility, including a pilot plant, accommodates a staff of eight full-time associates. BBF is
committed to providing its customers with superior products and service. The Highest
Achievement recipient of the Tri-State Quality award ensures its potential customers of that
superior support.
Products/Services: Microwaveable French bread pizza and bakery products
Sales Contacts: David Elchynski, Director of Sales & Marketing
Category: Food (frozen foods)
Koning Leopoldlaan 3, B- 2870 Puurs (Breen donk), BELGIUM
Tel: +32 52 30 00 30
FAX: +32 52 30 59 79
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: In 2004, Beyers took over Fort Coffee Roasting Company in Itegen, Belgium and the sales
office E.P. Leidsche, Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, both known as Fort-E.P. Leidsche, based in
Antwerpen, Belgium. These companies were owned by Elite Industries of Israel. The company
was one of Europe’s largest private label coffee producers, offering special brands and blends.
Plus its own brands. E.P. Leidsche-Het Klaverblad was established in 1769 in The Netherlands.
Beyers Koffie formed a joint investment with Cafe do Brasil of Naples, Italy, owned by the
Rubino family, establishing Puurs as the coffee roasting plant. Beyers took over this operation.
Products/Services: Coffee (ground, beans), espresso; tea; cocoa
Sales Contacts: Patrick Vermaelen, Commercial Director
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea)
Bath Road, Bridgwater Somerset TA6 4NZ UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 1278 428500
FAX:+44 1278 429499
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 45
Export Markets: France, Spain, Benelux, Scandina via, Hong Kong, Australia
Profile: Formerly called Bonded Fibre Fabric, BFF Nonwovens has weathered a troubled history.
The company started in 1952 and eventually became part of Lamont Holdings PLC of Belfast,
Northern Ireland (subsequently moved to Rochdale, Lancashire in the UK). Lamont, also involved
in commission printing, however, went into receivership early in 2003, which led to a
management buyout of BFF by two company directors. Renamed BFF Technical Fabrics, the
company was unable to cope with mounting energy costs and put its four production lines up for
sale in November 2006. BFF was recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of converted
non-woven products, producing a vast variety of fabrics, supplying markets throughout the world
for a number of end users from interlining, to medical products, to products for technical
applications as well as converted retail products. BFF some 25 years ago was the first non-woven
manufacturer to recognize opportunity in the own label cleaning cloth market. Eventually, this
business expanded to include a range of impregnated baby wipes.
Products/Services: Baby wipes, auto air bags, surgical fabrics, smokeless tobacco/snus fabrics
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Health & Beauty Care
2416 East Estes Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
Tel: (847) 956- 0055
FAX: (847) 956- 0684
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 48
Export Markets: Canada, Korea, Japan, Mexico
Profile: This 10-year-old firm entered the market with its specialty item, Suparossa brand frozen
stuffed pizza. Today, the company is the number one manufacturer of stuffed pizza for both the
private label industry as well as its own branded line. Its other varieties of pizza include pan, thin
crust, French bread, self-rising crust, etc. Additionally, its Italian entree range covers: meat or
vegetable lasagna, eggplant parmesan, Rotolo, cheese Manicotti, chicken cacciatore, etc. Biagio’s
operates in a 30,000-square-foot, USDA-inspected facility. The company also handles contract
work, meeting the specifications of its customers.
Products/Services: Stuffed pizza, pan pizza, thin crust pizza, self-rising pizza, Italian entrees,
stuffed appetizers, custom foods
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (frozen foods)
1145 Edgewater Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 USA
Tel: (201) 941- 6800
FAX: (201) 941- 4151
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Biazzo is a 35-year-old family-run company, which produces Biazzo brand as well as
private label Ricotta and Mozzarella cheese on the continental East Coast.
Products/Services: Ricotta cheese, Mozzarella cheese, string cheese, shredded Mozzarella cheese,
fresh Mozzarella cheese, curd, smoked Mozzarella, Mozzarella with Proscuitto and pepperoni
Sales Contacts: John Iapichino Jr., Vice-President
Category: Food (dairy)
1120 Zinns Quarry Rd., York, PA 17404 USA
Tel: (717) 843- 0738
FAX: (717) 843- 4161
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million
Sales % in EB: 65
Export Markets:Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia
Profile: For the past six-plus years, Amerifoods Snacks has operated as a conglomerate for its
operations, Bon Ton Potato Chips and York Foods. Additionally, the company operated Anderson
Bakery company The latter company (also listed in this database) was sold to a California
holding company in November 1999. Amerifoods was taken over by Hannover Foods, Hannover,
PA, and renamed Bickel’s Snack Foods.
Products/Services: Potato chips, corn chips, tortilla chips, cheese corn curls, popcorn, pork rinds
Sales Contacts: Richard Davidson, Director of Sales; Raymond Shull, Vice-President, Sales
Category: Food (dry groceries)
One Maritime Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94111 USA
Tel: (415) 247-3000
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume (4/27/14): $2.2 Billion +10%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Formerly known as Del Monte Corp., the company in February 2014, after selling its
consumer products business (shelf stable processed fruits, vegetables, tomatoes, and broth) to
DelMonte Pacific for $1.7 billion, renamed itself Big Heart Pet Brands, repositioned as the largest
U.S. producer of premium quality branded pet foods and pet snacks. Its product range covers
branded and private label dry and wet pet food, and pet snacks under the Meow Mix, Milk-Bone,
Kibbles ‘n Bits, 9Lives, Natural Balance, Pup-Peroni, Gravy Train, Nature’s Recipe, Canine Carry
Outs, Milo’s Kitchen, and other brand names, operating five production facilities and four
distribution centers in the U.S. Big Heart claims the number one market share in the U.S. for dog
snacks (excluding rawhide) and the number two position in dry and wet cat food, and third
position in dry dog foods. The company reports 39% of its sales go to Walmart and Sam's Club.
During the year, Big Heart acquired Natural Balance, a producer of premium pet products for
$331.4 million.
UPDATE: In February 2015, Big Hart Pet Brands announced its agreement to be acquired by The
J.M. Smucker Co., Orrville, OH, in a cash and stock deal valued at about $5.8 billion. The
agreement should take effect in May 2015. Big Heart is now owned by a consortium of investors,
led by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Vestar Capita Partners, and Centerview Capital. In March
2011 was taken private by those three private equity investors. this is a diversification move for
Smucker's, a leading producer of branded fruit spreads, retail packaged coffee, peanut butter,
shortening and oils, ice cream toppings, condensed milk, and natural foods in North America. Its
net sales for fiscal 2014 were off by 5% to $5.6 billion. Smucker's sells canned milk to private
label customers; the company, however, divested its roast and ground coffee private label business
in 2013. In August 2014, Smucker's purchased Shale Snacks Inc, Seattle, WA, a producer of all
natural,. nut-based snacks, including branded and private labe products.
Products/Services: Processed vegetables, specialty vegetables, wet soups, gravies, and pet
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Pet food (wet and dry), pet snacks
Brunigstrasse 141, CH- 6072, Sachseln, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 41 666 25 55
FAX: +41 41 666 25 50
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million+ (43 Million Swiss francs)
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Europe, North America, South America, Asia (33 countries)
Profile: In 1954, BIO-familia began operating under the name Somalon AG, a distributor of
bakery foods. Over the years, the company has been a pioneer of muesli in the marketplace. As a
major producer of breakfast cereals, BIO-familia offers 70 different recipes of muesli products. As
a pioneer in organic foods, the firm’s BIO SUISSE label guarantees that 95% of its raw materials
(wheat, rye, barley, spelt and apples) come from organic farming The company has distinguished
itself by pioneering in the functional food area. It also has innovated with animal-shaped cereals,
pioneering this technology at the end of 1994. Today, it is the world’s largest producer of shaped
cereals via the extrusion method. More recently, the company has developed familia c.m. Plus, a
functional food for women (enriched with calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D3 plus 9 other
vitamins, all helping to improve a body’s calcium supply). In 2007, this was complemented with
the first functional muesli-based cereal, under its bodyBalance brand, for healthier digestion.
Products/Services: Organically grown muesli (with fruits, chocolates, etc.), crunchy muesli
granola products, animal-shaped ready-to-eat cereals, functional foods (with health-relevant
additives), snacks
Sales Contacts: Daniela Reichlin Stolz, International Sales Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
1533 Monrovia Ave., Newport Beach, CA 92663 USA
Tel: (949) 645- 2111, (800) 854- 3002
FAX: (949) 722- 6674
Total Sales Volume: $6 Million
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: Europe, Southern Asia, South America, Central America, Middle East, North
Profile: Biomerica has been developing and manufacturing advanced home diagnostic test
products for more than 20 years. Its products are marketed under the Fortel and EZ Detect brands.
The company operates as the parent company of Lancer Orthodontics, Inc. and Allergy Immuno
Technologies, Inc.
Products/Services: Midstream one-step pregnancy test, Plus one-step pregnancy test, ovaluation
test, EX Detect for hidden blood in stool, and ulcer test.
Sales Contacts: Jennifer Irani, Marketing; Mark Fisher, International Marketing (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
70, de Rotterdam, Francois Leclerc Industrial Park, Quebec, G3AQ 1S9 CANADA
Tel: (418) 878-2601
FAX: (418) 878-4051
Total Sales Volume: $250 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States, Mexico, South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Oceania
Profile: Family owned since 1905, Biscuits Leclerc today calls itself “Canada’s leader in cookie
production.” The operates five production facilities (two of them in the US). Its quality assurance
is backed by certification in HACCP, GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), Kosher Certified, etc.
A full selection of bars (cereal flake, trail mix, sweet & salty, chewy, chocolate coated, nougat,
yogurt coated fruit filled, etc.) as well as cookies and crackers are available for the private label, as
well as co-packing trade. Overall, the company produce some 500 different products.
Additionally, the firm owns its own confectionary facility, producing caramels, jams and syrups.
While the company sells a number of different brands, including its Praeventia food products with
well-known health benefits (antioxidants, dietary fiber, whole grains, etc.), Leclerc also is an
important private label supplier.
UPDATE: Early in 2013, the company acquired a 166,500-square-foot building in the Freeport
Business Center in Phoenix, AZ, for expansion of its food manufacturing capability in the U.S. In
April 2013, Leclerc joined with Louis Garneau Sports to offer a new LG1 energy bar (carameland- peanut-flavored recovery bar) providing 12 g. of protein.
Products/Services: Granola/energy/fiber bars, crackers, cookies
Sales Contacts: Jean-Marc St-Jacques, Vice-President of Sales; Brian Erich, Private Label Sales
Director; Julie Therrien, Export Director; Leclerc Foods USA , Tel: (570) 547-6295
Category: Food (baked goods, snacks, candy/snacks)
Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma No. 1000, Col. Pena Blanca Santa Fe, Delegación Alvaro
Obregón, Mexico City, MEXICO 01210
Tel: (52 55) 5268-6924
Total 2011Sales Volume: $10.8 Billion (Ps. 133.7 Billion) +14.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 19 countries
Profile: Established in 1945, Grupo Bimbo has evolved into the world's largest bread manufacturer
and a global baking goods brand leader, operating 156 plants and producing more than 8,000
products under 103 brands. Its brand leadership includes No. 1 in the US for bread, English
muffins, and Hispanic bakery items; No. 1 in Mexico for packaged baked goods, pastry products
and No. 2 for cookies & crackers, salty snacks, and confections; and No. 12 in both Central
and South America and in Spain & Portugal for packaged bakery goods. Over the past decade,
Bimbo has acquired some 38 companies, most notably the Weston Food's fresh bakery business in
2009 and the Sara Lee North American fresh bakery business in 2010, followed in 2011 by Sara
Lee's bakery operations in Spain and Portugal. Since 2007, its sales have soared by 84.9%. While
basically a brand manufacturer, Bimbo, through the Sara Lee takeover, picked up sizable private
label business: Sara Lee/Earthgrains was the second largest US bakery with a strong private label
following. Its leadership in the US is evident when an estimated 73.8% of US household buy
Bimbo packaged bread under its different brands. Some 14% of Bimbo's consolidated sales come
from Walmart, its biggest customer. Bimbo's 2011 results showed operating income off by 1.8%
to Ps. 11.2 billion ($90.1 million). The company attributed the weakness to higher raw material
costs and a devalued Mexican peso during the year. Some 46% of its net sales are in the US, 40%
in Mexico, and the balance in Latin America and other areas.
UPDATE: For 2012, Grupo Bimbo reported consolidated sales up by 29.7% to $13.2 billion (Ps.
173.1 billion), driven by the full-year results from three major acquisitions (Sara Lee North
America Fresh Bakery, Sara Lee Iberia, and Fargo, the largest baker in Argentina) plus solid
organic growth in Mexico and Latin America. The Group's operating income was $562.7 million
(Ps. 7.4 billion), down by 22.5%. The company profile for 2012: 148 plants in 19 countries,
overseeing 25 top selling brands (10 as the number one or two in their respective markets). In
February 2014, Grupo Bimbo announced plans to buy Canada Bread from Maple Leaf Foods,
Toronto (also in this database) for $1.8 billion cash, thus solidifying its position as the world's
largest bakery. Canada Bread covers 25 bakeries: 16 fresh facilities in Canada, two in the United
Kingdom, and seven frozen bakeries (4 in Canada and 3 in the United States). Canada Bread is a
producer of fresh bread, rolls, bagels plus frozen partially baked or par-baked breads and bagels-including private label business. Grupo Bimbo as a strictly branded company has little if any
interest in the private label business, mostly as a competitor, especially in packaged goods.
Products/Services: Packaged bakery products, salted snacks, confectionery items, wheat tortillas,
and other food categories.
Sales Contacts: N/A (Bimbo Bakeries USA, Horsham, PA--call (800) 984-0989
Category: Food (bakery products)
925 South Seventh Street, Louisville, KY 40203 USA
Tel: (502) 584- 8338; (800) 860-2445
FAX: (502) 584-8844
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In operation since 1919, Bloemer over the decades has developed a significant customer
loyalty in its marketing region. The company now plans to expand, developing private label
business beyond its regional market. The products it feels are best suited for private label include:
3-ounce chili powder shaker, 1-ounce chili powder, and 15-ounce canned shredded beef with
barbecue sauce or shredded pork with barbecue sauce. Recently, taco seasoning (original and hot)
was added.
Products/Services: Canned meats (BQ pork, beef, chicken); chili powder (1-ounce original, 3ounce original shaker, 3-ounce hot); taco shakers (3-ounce original or hot); refrigerated dried chili
(80-ounce cups in original or hot flavor)
Sales Contacts: Brent Haire, General Manager (Ext. 26) E-mail: [email protected]
Category: Food (canned meats, chili, refrigerated)
630 Currant Rd., Fall River, MA 02720 USA
Tel: (774) 888-1300; (800) 274-2526
FAX: (774) 888-1399
Total Sales Volume: $130 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: The Blount family’s involvement in the food business traces back to 1880; but it wasn’t
until 1946 that Blount Seafood Corp. started. As its core business expanded from seafood products
into other product categories, the company was renamed Blount Fine Foods. Today, its product
portfolio extends to more than 1,000 skus and under a dozen product categories. Blount is still the
largest manufacturer of lobster bisque in the US; but its offering covers more than 350 proprietary
soup recipes, including 75 varieties of clam chowder. The firm markets three brands, Blount, The
Panera Bread and Legal Sea Food. Early on, the company, which depended on a strong contract
business with Campbells Soup, took on private label retail accounts. It now offers products to
foodservice and retail customers in bulk, hot-to-go, and retail cups. Early in 2010, Blount
expanded its headquarters facility, nearly doubling its production space with a 58,000-square-foot
addition, allowing for development of new products and an expansion of its dip, spread, and salad
Products/Services: Fresh & frozen gourmet soups, dips, spreads, salads, sauces, entrees
Sales Contacts:Bob Sewall, VP, Sales & Marketing; John Durkin, VP National Accounts
Category: Food (FF, Ref., DG)
12251 Montague St., Pacoima, CA 91331 USA
Tel: (818) 896-8681
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada, Pacific Rim, Caribbean, South America, Asia
Profile: This family owned business, operating in Southern California since 1933, manufactures
budget cosmetics and is the largest filler of nail enamel in the western US. Its product line
includes seasonal promotional items. Besides supplying top North American retailers, the
company export product worldwide.
Products/Services: Color cosmetics and specialty nail treatment
Sales Contacts: Maurice Rasgon, VP, Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
P.O. Box 2178, 9104 Apison Pike, College Dale, TN 37363 USA
Tel: (423) 396-3145
FAX: (423) 396-3402
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This subsidiary of Mckee Food Corp., College Dale, TN, originated when in 1974 McKee
purchased Sovex, a granola manufacturer. In 2004, Sovex’s name was changed to Blue Planet
Foods to better reflect its growing product selection: granola, grain-based cereals and cereal
inclusions, toasted oats and grains, cereal/granola bar bases, pie shells and donut/dessert toppings.
Today, Blue Planet Foods is a major private label supplier and co-packer. McKee is a $1.2 billion
branded firm, producing snacks, cereals and pastries and famous for its Little Debbie snack cakes
and Sunbelt snacks. In March 2013, the company acquired bankrupt Drake’s Hostess’ brands,
Devil Dogs, Yankee Doodles, and Yodels.
Products/Services: Graham pie shells, ready-to-eat cereals
Sales Contacts: Jo Anne Maudru, Store Brands Sales Manager
Category: Food (DG)
426 Menchaca St., San Antonio, TX 78207 USA
Tel: (210) 734- 6404
FAX: (210) 734-7866
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started some 41 years ago, Bolners Fiesta, a family run business, introduced fajita
seasoning and fajitas to the US market. Its private label business began some 10+ years ago.
Lately, the firm has introduced jalapeno seasoning and carne guisada; more recently a new line of
Mexican specialty seasonings was added to the range, such as fideo, pinto beans, rice seasoning,
etc. Its product line is packaged in cello bags or jars. Bolner’s imports spices from more than 60
countries and produces some 600 different products.
Products/Services: Spices & seasonings
Sales Contacts: Clifton J. Bolner, President & CEO
Category: Food (dry groceries)
BP 173 59653,Villeneuve D’Ascq Ce dex FRANCE
Tel: +33 20 43 79 64
FAX: +33 20 43 61 58
Total Sales 2010/11 Volume: $ 2.4 Billion ( € 1.7 Billion) +10.7%
Sales % in EB: 39
Export Markets: All continents—worldwide
Profile: Bonduelle, a family owned business, is the world’s leading producer of processed
vegetables: canned 52.9% of its revenues, frozen 25.2%, and fresh 21.9%. Some 24.8% of its
revenues come from outside Europe. Non-European sales growth slightly outpaced its European
results during this fiscal year (sales up 11.2% for the year versus a 10.5% gain in European
turnover). This is where Bonduelle has recently focused more attention. Starting in January 2012,
for example, the company completed negotiations for the takeover of the agroindustrial and
commercial assets of French cooperative CECAB in Russia and in the countries of the
Confederation of Independent States (CIS). This is still subject to approval by government
authorities. Operating in Russia since the 1990s, Bonduella has two plants in Hungary and one in
Russia. Also, in January 2012, the company acquired some assets in Kelet-Food (Hungary) in
order to increase its agroindustrial presence in Central Europe. This was followed up in March
2012 with Bonduella’s announcement that it plans to take over three processing plants and a
packaging center for frozen vegetables now operated by Allens, Inc., Siloam Springs, AR (also in
this database). This is significant since Allens is a major private label supplier in canned and
frozen vegetables. In 2006, Bonduella established a beachhead in North America by acquiring a
23% equity interest in Aliments Carrière, Canada’s leading processor of canned and frozen
vegetables. In July 2007, Bonduella took control of that company (€ 160 million with 37% of its
sales in the US). This became Bonduelle North America subsidiary. The Canadian operation has
focused primarily on foodservice in the US market, up until now. The Allens plants include
significant retail business. This takeover also gives Bonduella a more solid footing in the United
States. Overall, Bonduelle operates 42 production plants in Western Europe, Poland, Hungary,
Russia, Canada, and Brazil. Once the Allens plant acquisition is approved, Bonduella also will be
one of the major players in prepared vegetables in North America.
Products/Services: Canned and frozen vegetables—artichokes, Parisian (round-shaped) carrots,
“Minute Blends” (100% cooked ready for re-heat), cooked skin fries (with sauces around the
vegetables), grilled vegetables, vegetable patties, and the biggest seller one-sieve whole string
Sales Contacts: Jose Giasson, Bonduelle USA Tel: ( 514) 384-4281
Category: Food Service (frozen foods, dry groceries, refrigerated), Food (frozen foods, dry
groceries, refrigerated)
Kibbutz Hafetz Hayim 76817, ISRAEL
Tel: +972 8 86 33 900
FAX: +972 8 85 93 803
www.bosmat .com
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America
Profile: Established in 1987, Bosmat has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wet
wipes and moist tissues. Its products meet the ISO 9002 European quality standards.
Products/Services: Baby and family care moist tissues, all-purpose household wipes, antibacterial
wipes (home or clinic), cosmetic remal and face cleansing wipes, computer wipes, pet care wipes
Sales Contacts: Ronit Ramo , Marketing Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
P.O. Box 447, Sanford, NC 27330 USA
Tel: (919) 775-5931
FAX: (919) 774-1627
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 10+ (E)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile:This company, was formed iin the early 1990s when it purchased Patterson’s Packing Co.,
a canned packer of meats since 1943 and selling its products under several regional brands in the
grocery, nonfood and foodservice markets. Bost has retained the Patterson’s brand and added
more brands including a few picked up in 2007 from Bumble Bee Foods.
Products/Services: Canned meats, including chili, chili w/beans, beef stew; gravies, including
sausage, beef, ham, white
Sales Contacts: Tom Bost, Owner
Category: Food (meat/fish)
4301 B New Brunswick Ave., South Plainfield, NJ07080, USA
Tel: (732) 752- 5040; (800) 719-9800
FAX: (732) 752- 0532
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: 15+ countries, covering Central & South America, Canada, Middle East, and
Pacific Rim
Profile: Since 1983, when Braco Manufacturing began producing disposable baby diapers and
sanitary napkins, its sales have grown tenfold, based on the formula: Top quality and excellent
value, while never compromising for price. In either of its plants in New Jersey and Venezuela,
the firm can supplement production. Braco keeps pace with industry trends, able to introduce
added features as they develop within an already diversified diaper line. The company’s full line
of products covers: baby diapers (basic to national brand equivalent), sanitary napkins and panty
shields, dishwashing liquid, bath foam, liquid laundry, etc. Most of the company’s business is in
export, while US distribution covers 25 states.
Products/Services: Disposable baby diapers, dishwashing liquid, foam bath & shower gel
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
P.O. Box 1007, 200 Providence St., West Warwick, RI02893 USA
Tel: (401) 821- 2141
FAX: (401) 821- 1660
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80+ (E)
Export Markets: 50+ countries
Profile: Founded in 1876, the Original Bradford Soap Works (now identified without the
“Original”) at first focused on soaps for the textile industry. Today, the company is positioned as
the world’s leading specialty soap maker. Unlike most other soap manufacturers, Bradford makes
its own soap bases, stocking more than 50 proprietary formulations--the largest in the world--from
traditional tallow to vegetable to organic to super mild synthetics. It bar soaps are made from
certified organic ingredients and processes. The range includes: translucent, transparent, organic,
synthetic, moisturizing, beaded, striated, marbled and others in different shapes, colors and
fragrances. The company also supplies several new cleansing forms, such as creams, gels,
powders and mousses. Also, the firm produces brands for other suppliers, under contract. Bradford
Soap Works UK in Chester, England, serves the European market. In October 2003, Bradford,
recognized as number 1 in the bar soap segment, acquired the number 2 producer: Hewitt Soap
Co., Dayton, OH (including plants in Dayton and Columbus, IN.
Products/Services: Bar soaps & proprietary soap base formulations
Sales Contacts: Steve LeGraw, President & CEO; Chris Buckley, Managing Director (44-1244390100) in England
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2330 Washington St., Newton, MA 02462 USA
Tel: (617) 969- 3150; (800) 969-3150
FAX: (617) 969- 1944
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: BrandEquity/International is recognized as one of the leading visual marketing and brand
consulting firms. For over 40 years, BrandEquity has helped companies to increase sales, name
development and package design programs. BrandEquity has created and implemented successful
naming and branding strategies, retail store design and exclusive brand packaging, private label
brands and positioning programs for companies such as Kmart, Amoco Oil, Eastman Kodak,
Staples, CVS, Nantucket Nectars, General Cinema Corp., Allmerica Financial, Bank of Boston,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Solium Inc., Boston Museum of
Science, Goodwill Industries, Dockers, Clarks of England, IBM, Campbell’s, DuPont, and Sara
Products/Services: Exclusive brand identity and package design, name development, in-store
merchandising systems, private label, retail store design
Sales Contacts: Greg Kolligian, Partner & Managing Director; Elinor Selame, President; Linda
Fisher, Strategic Marketing (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Service
BRF BRAZIL FOODS S.A. (Combines Perdigao S.A. And Sadia S.A.)
Ita jai, Santa Catarina, BRAZIL Perdigao S.A., Av, Escola, Politecnica, 760, Jaguare 05350- 901,
Sao Paulo, SP BRAZIL
Tel: N/A
FAX: N/A .br .br
Total Sales Volume: $11.2 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide (100+ countries)
Profile: In May 2009, Perdigao S.A., Sao Paulo, the market leader in the Brazilian food sector (R$
13.2 billion +69% in 2008) acquired Sadia S.A., Sao Paulo, one of the world’s leading producers
of chilled and frozen foods (R$ 12.2 billion +23% in 2008). Sadia, established in 1944, suffered
its first financial loss in its history (a R$ 2.5 billion loss in 2008 resulting from derivative trading
and a devaluation of the Real currency). Sadia (meaning “Healthy”) has a strong supply
partnership with the Subway sandwich chain. Perdigao’s gross profits, however, climbed by 47%
to R$2.8 billion, while its export revenues jumped by 58% to 56.5% of its total revenues. Its
strong performance came in the domestic market with sales leaping ahead 76.6%, meat sales up
26.3%, dairy sales up 305.7%, and other processed product sales up 69.6%. The company also
acquired Eleva, Plusfood, and Cotoches during 2008.
Products/Services: Meats, poultry, frozen Foods, chicken breast, chicken nuggets, frozen ready
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (meat/fish, dairy, frozen foods, refrigerated), Food (meat/fish, dairy,
frozen foods, refrigerated)
No. 7 of Lane 263, Huashan Road, Shanghai, PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: $12 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Bright Food Group is a large conglomerate in the Chinese food industry, established in
2006 through the merger of several food-related companies affiliated to the Shanghai City
Government. Its domestic interests range from food resources through to processing, distribution,
and retail. In the year ended December 2009, Bright Food recorded sales of 52 billion yuan
(approximately ¥660 billion). Bright Food is China’s leading supplier of sugar with its market
share of around 15%. Bright Food markets numerous leading brands in such categories as dairy
products, liquor and canned goods. It also has interests in agriculture, sugar, rice wine, tobacco,
liquor, as well as services like taxi transportation, tourism, etc. Additionally, the company
oversees 3,300 retail outlets and e-commerce networks throughout China. They include: 800 NGS
supermarkets, Jieqiang chain store, Shanghai First Provision Store, All Days, Kedi, Guangmin
convenience stores, and Shanghai Milk-Shed food stores. UPDATE: In what is regarded as the
largest overseas acquisition of a food and beverage concern by a Chinese concern, Bright Food
Group in May 2012 agreed to pay $1.9 billion (£ 1.2 billion) for a 60% stake in Weetabix, (also in
this database), a leading provider of cereal based foods, based in the United Kingdom. Bright
Foods looks to establish the Weetabix brand and other category brand leaders in its markets as
well as on an international scale.
Products/Services: N/A
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food & Beverages
208 Cherry Avenue, West Sayville, NY 11796- 1223 USA
Tel: (516) 589- 1700
FAX: (516) 589- 6357
Total Sales Volume: $2 Million
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This privately held company, operating under its present ownership for the past 10 years,
specializes in providing niche products, including kosher, low-sodium, and/or reduced fat foods,
which are all natural. Its selection includes a number of Italian entrees, with or without sauce:
lasagna, baked ziti, ravoli, cavatelli, manicotti, etc. The firm manufacturers for foodservice/retail
private label accounts.
Products/Services: Frozen pastas, frozen prepared foods, kosher & non-kosher
Sales Contacts: Louis R. D’Agrosa, Vice-President
Category: Food (frozen foods), Food Service
Bureau Veritas Co.)
100 Northpointe Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14228- 1884 USA
Tel: (716) 505-3300; (800) 277- 3300
FAX: (716) 505- 3301
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In January 2003, MTL-ACTS, a Bureau Veritas Company, was renamed Bureau Veritas
Consumer Products Services Inc. One year earlier, Bureau Veritas, a diversified services company
involved in major industrial sectors, had merged its ACTS Testing Labs (acquired in 1998) with
its Merchandise Testing Laboratories, Inc. or MTL (acquired in May 2001). The new entity now
serves as the Consumer Products Division of the company, involved in consumer products
testing, inspection, and consulting. It provides services to retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and
other companies , providing expertise to meet their most complex quality assurance and
international trade needs. Its commitment is to work with each client as their quality assurance
partners, providing product testing for comparison and compliance, quality monitoring programs,
consulting, microbiological analyses, consumer panels, import testing, domestic and international
inspections and auditing services. This division operates in 25 countries and works through a
global network of 30+ full-service labs and locations. Its focus is on such consumer products as:
toys and juvenile products, softlines, premiums, hardlines, health products, beauty products,
household items, and food products.
Products/Services: Quality assurance testing, inspection and consulting services
Sales Contacts: Karen Root, Sr. International Sales Rep (716-505-3634) or [email protected]
Category: Health, Beauty, Food and Household Products.
503 NE 189th St., Miami, FL 33179 USA
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503 NE 189th St., Miami, FL 33179 USA
Tel: (305) 249-5628
FAX: (305) 651-6018
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company was started by Darron Burke about 2005 as a family run business,
purchasing Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica. and roasting them in
Miami under the Don Pablo brand. For freshness, the company roasts in small batches, which can
be delivered to customers within days. Burke Brands also has introduced a Sharing Certified
concept, allowing coffee growers in Colombia to share a percent of sales.
Products/Services: Specialty coffees from Latin America
Sales Contacts: Darron Burke, President
Category: Beverages (coffee)
P.O. Box 578, Waxahachie, TX 75165, USA
Tel: (972) 937- 4810
FAX: (972) 937- 8711
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: Europe, Asia
Profile: T. W. Burleson & Sons today is positioned as a master blender of raw honey. The
company sources from worldwide beekeepers to ensure the best quality and pricing. All its raw
honey is tested for SIRA/ISIRA to detect economic adulteration. The company’s custom PET
plastic molds are available to enhance product appearance. In 2007, Burleson celebrated its 100th
anniversary. This company is a member of the National Honey Board.
Products/Services: Honey
Sales Contacts: Jim Phillips, Sales/Marketing Manager (e-mail: [email protected]); Dan
Dougherty, Private Label Sales (Phone: 804-360-9039)
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
71 Carolyn Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA
Tel: (631) 694-4700
FAX: (631) 694- 9177
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Since its beginnings as a supplier of biomedical products in 1974, Burlington Bio-Medical
& Scientific Corporation has focused on the future, to anticipate the needs of its customers in the
agricultural, feed, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. The company is vertically
integrated, from manufacturing raw materials and formulating chemicals to marketing retail
products. Burlington is actively involved in the international marketing and sale of its aversive
ingredients, specialty chemicals, RO-Pel brand repellents, home and garden and consumer
products, throughout the world. Its ingredients and specialty chemicals are sold directly to
manufacturers worldwide for inclusion in their products. Its repellents and home and garden and
consumer products are sold through a US network of independent reps, distributors and dealers,
through lawn and garden suppliers, hardware stores, mail order catalogs, mass merchandisers,
Products/Services: Animal repellents & deterrents, lawn & garden products, health & safety
products, pet products, consumer products
Sales Contacts: Bill Rudy
Category: Household Products
Pasture Road, Moreton, Wirral, Merseyside CH468 8SE UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 151 488 4536
FAX: +44 151 488 4533
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Scandanavian countries, France, United States
Profile: Started in the 1930s, this company was acquired by Associated British Foods in 1949 then
sold in 2000 and subsequently merged with Horizon Biscuit Co., Ltd. In March 2007, Duke Street
Capital, an independent private equity firm (focused on the United Kingdom and France) acquired
Burton’s. Burton’s is a supplier of biscuits and snacks and the second largest biscuit manufacturer
in the United Kingdom, operating four bakeries. In January 2008, Duke Street Capital acquired
Northumbrian Fine Foods Ltd., Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, a manufacturer of cereal bars and
biscuits, also including private label business. Northumbrian will be combined with Burton’s,
which also does contract work for Cadbury’s.
Products/Services: Biscuits, snacks, cookies, cereal bars
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (candy/snacks, dry groceries)
1377-4 Seonyu-ri, Munsan-eup, Gyeonggi-do, Paju 413000- KOREA
Tel: +82 31.846.7470
FAX: +82 31.852.7441
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Middle East, Europe, United States
Profile: Started in 2000, C&C Company is a specialized oral care manufacturer of toothbrushes,
toothpastes, interdental toothbrushes and ancillary products. Its products are backed by ISO 9001
and KS G 3103 certification. The company is looking for partnerships in Europe and the US.
Products/Services: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, inter-dental brushes, tongue cleaner,
dental mirror.
Sales Contacts: Jong-Seo Lee, Director
Category: Health & Beauty Care
15620 Valley Blvd., City of Industry, CA 91744 USA
Tel: (626) 723-1008
FAX: (626) 912- 9100
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Middle East, Europe, Central and South America
Profile: This privately held business, started in 1975, shortly afterward entered the private label
field. C&W has continued to market its own C&F and Bean Classic brands, while also developing
a strong private label retail and foodservice business. The company always has emphasized top
quality for private label, staying in step with the brand leaders in different categories. Recently,
C&W introduce a multi-bean mix, packed in 10-pound bags, added for club store business.
Products/Services: Beans, peas, rice, popcorn—all dry formulations
Sales Contacts: Luis Faura, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Am Sandtorkai 2, 20457 Hamburg, GERMANY
Tel: +49 40-37-8890
FAX: +49 40 36-4311
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 70+ Countries
Profile: This group of companies, which grew out of DEK Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee GmbH (listed
separately in this database), has traded under its identity since 2007. Cafea Group represents eight
subsidiaries. Besides DEK (a producer of soluble or instant coffee, coffee drinks and drink
products) and also based in Hamburg, Cafea also represents: Cremilk GmbH, Kappeln, Germany
(instant drinks and beverages and dietary foods--tea, coffee, chocolate-based drinks, baby milk
formula); Edel S.A., Liège, Belgium (freeze-dried coffee, instant coffee, coffee substitutes); FFI
(Fine Foods International Ltd.) Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, UK (instant Colombian coffee, roast
and ground coffee, and hot beverages); Grana Sp. zo.o., Krakow, Poland (one of the largest
producer of soluble cereal-based coffee products--whole grain and chicory drinks--malt and
cereal-based blends); Intercafe, Moscow, Russia (soluble coffee products); Milcafe, Rathenow,
Germany (coffee-based drinks--capuccino, ice coffee, Viennese blend); and Aromat, part of DEK,
(frozen liquid coffee concentrate used in coffee systems, coffee machines).
Products/Services: Soluble coffee, instant coffee specialties, liquid coffee, raw coffee, coffee
extracts, coffee concentrates, coffee machines
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Beverages, Coffee, Coffee Machines
2200 Encinal Road, Live Oak, CA 95953 USA
Tel: (530) 671- 4200
FAX: (530) 695- 3654
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: Europe, Southeast Asia, South America
Profile: Established in 1918, California Prune Packing has become the world’s largest grower of
dried prunes, positioned as a grower, shipper, and packer. It continues to expand its operation
domestically and internationally. The company is one of the first in private label to pack the
complete line of re-sealable/reclosable, easy-lock bags.
Products/Services: Dried fruits, prunes, raisins, nuts
Sales Contacts: Todd Garcia, Director of Sales & Administration
Category: Food (dry groceries, candy/snacks)
45 Eisenhower Dr., Paramus, NJ 07652 USA
Tel: (201) 587-0101
FAX: (201) 587-2040
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Asia, North America, South America, Europe
Profile: Founded in 1916, this importer is part of a $850 million company. Commodity driven,
Camerican supplies imported fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat to the food industry--sourcing
product from food processors in more than 50 countries on five continents. It also offers popular
Asian food products.
Products/Services: Canned and pouch tuna, canned meats, fruits & vegetables, Asian noodle
bowls, sauces & appetizers, frozen fruits, vegetables, blended vegetables
Sales Contacts: Jim Kopple, Marketing Director; Hope Schoeffling, VP-Retail Sales
Category: Food (dry groceries, frozen foods)
14711 128 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2K1 CANADA
Tel: (780) 447- 6960
FAX: (780) 452- 0541
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Asia, North America, South America, Europe
Profile: CanAmera is responsible for manufacturing and selling exclusive brands. CanAmera is
recognized in North America for its leadership in the technology and manufacture of edible oil
products as well as for its marketing of oilseed-based products. It is Canada’s largest processor of
canola oil products.
Products/Services: Margarine, canola oil, vegetable oil, fry shortenings, baking shortenings
Sales Contacts: Greg W. Morhun, Marketing Manager
Category: Food (dairy, dry groceries)
1 Hormel Place, Austin, MN 55912, USA
Tel: (973) 890- 0773; (800) 533-2000
FAX: (973) 890- 0972
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: Europe, South America, Asia, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Africa
Profile: In January 2000, Carapelli formed a joint venture with Hormel Foods (also listed in this
database). As a result, Carapelli closed its West Paterson, NJ office and integrated its business into
Hormel’s operation, while still operating under the Carapelli USA umbrella. The company is a
leader in the production of extra virgin olive oil, upscale packaging, and extraordinary quality
products. This operation in the US, started in 1990, served as the marketing arm of Carapelli
Firenze SpA., (Firenze) Italy, which in 1989 was acquired by Eridania Beghin-Say, a diversified
manufacturer in Paris. Carapelli’s line consists of four varieties of olive oil (premium extra virgin,
extra virgin, mild, and light--available in 8.5-, 17-, and 26.5-ounce sizes.
Products/Services: Extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil , Italian wine vinegar
Sales Contacts: Greg Baskin, Specialty Products, Hormel Foods (also listed in this database)
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Box 6378, Parsippany, NJ 07054 USA
Tel: (973) 983-8818
FAX: (973) 627- 6273
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Thailand, Po land, China, Hungary, Russia
Profile: This privately owned company, started in 1987, basically supplies raw materials to the
trade. Iit supplies basic up to high-tech ingredients. Mark Products is its shrink-wrap equipment
and film operation.
Products/Services: Yeast bakers, brewers yeast, autolyzed yeast (flavor enhancer), vegetarian
chicken flavor
Sales Contacts: Charlie Schweizer, Doug Mark
Category: Food (dry groceries)
15615, 15407 McGinty Rd., Wayzato, MN 55391USA
Tel: (952) 742-7575
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume: $134.9 Billion (-1%)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 67 countries
Profile: Started in 1865 as a grain warehouse in Conover, Iowa, Cargill, through acquisitions and
organic expansion, has become the largest privately held companies in the U.S. based on its
revenues, according to Forbes Magazine. Its accelerated expansion came in the 1980 when this
commodity processor expanded from grain, feed, seeds, oilseeds and corn milling intoa diversified
mix of products: chemicals, cocoa, coffee, cotton, eggs, fertilizer, financial services, flour, juices,
malt, meat, molasses, peanuts, petroleum, pork, poultry, rubber, salt, steel, turkey, and wool.
Eventually the company organized into 102 business units. More recently, Cargill has introduced
Truvia, a natural sweetener made from the stevia leaf. Also, the company has added animal
nutrition to its product portfolio. In fiscal 2014, the company invested some $3 billion in
expansion and acquisitions. Its net earnings for the year, however, dipped by 19% to $1.9 billion.
This was caused in part by a fall in food ingredient sales due to the weak economic recovery in
some of its markets, the costs related to integrating its malt bussiness, and a distress market in
China for starches and sugars. With its involvement in numerous product areas and its ongoing
acquisition strategy, Cargill has established a significant business in private label. In February
2014, for exaample, the company acquired Pet Carousal, Sanger, CA, a private label and brand
name producer of pet treats and chews. In 2014, Cargill also doubled its chocolate making
capacity in Mouscron, Belgium; additionally, the company expanded its R&D Center in
Vilvoorde, Belgium, During the year, the company reported that all its food production facilities
had achieved food safety certifiction (FSSC 22000).
UPDATE: In July 2015, Cargill, through debt and equity financing, acquired Archer-DanielsMidland's ADM global chocolate business (also listed in this database) in a deal valued at $440
million. (ADM's cocoa business was sold to an agri-firm in Singapore.) Cargill's cocoa and
chocolate business now operates 27 sites in 11 countries, producing cocoa and chocolate for use
in confections, bakery, dairy, and other applications. In the ADM deal, Cargill agreed to divest
ADM's industrial chocolate production facility in Mannheim, Germany.
Products/Services: Salt, flour, fresh meat (beef, pork), pet food and treats, olive oil, bagged feed
for livestock, horses and other animals, cocoa and chocolate
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food , Pet Food, Chocolate, Seasonings, Flour
P.O. Box 2775, Bismarck, ND 58502, USA
Tel: (701) 222- 3577; (800) 809-6018
FAX: (701) 222- 3577
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Carlisle produces an 18-ounce box of corn flakes cereal called Hometown Stars. The
unique feature is the custom imprinted pictures of “hometown stars” that is unique to each
community. It is generally sold to a grocer or other retail outlets as a promotion, which builds
community pride, local spirit, and self-esteem to those appearing on the box. These
commemorative boxes have featured local sports teams, bands, choirs, senior classes, and even a
race horse.
Products/Services: Ready-to-eat packaged cereal and confectioneries
Sales Contacts: Charles Fleming, Owner & General Manager; Stan Scott, Vice-President of Sales
([email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries)
2900 West Kingsley Rd., Garland, TX 75041 USA
Tel: (972) 278-1304; (800) 527-5722
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Carroll Co., established in 1921, is a dedicated manufacturer of private brand institutional
cleaning and maintenance products, sold to a select group of distributors, sales and marketing
groups, etc. In December 2006, the company acquired Cello Corp. from Sherwin-Williams (also in
this database). The latter company had originally owned Cleaning Solutions Group (CSG) of
Havre de Grace, MD, a private label manufacturer of liquid cleaning products and aerosol
household cleaners. Sherwin sold the institutional portion of that business to Carroll, but kept the
retail business under its Consumer Group.
Products/Services:Institutional cleaning & maintenance products--carpet/floor care,
cleansers/degreasers, hand cleaners, kitchen cleaners, insecticides, skin care, laundry detergent,
furniture polish, etc.
Sales Contacts: Greg Kerley, VP Marketing
Category: Household products
3865 Symmes Rd., Hamilton, OH 45015 USA
Tel: (513) 860- 1675
FAX: (513) 860- 2675
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: $9 Million
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: CartonMaster and Spectra Label service includes start-to-finish support, beginning with
expert technical guidance to produce perfectly matched, maximum-impact labels and cartons. Its
experience in understanding of inks, coatings, labels and cartons helps the firm improve on narrow
web technology. Its own unique processing—combining letterpress, rotary screen and UV Flexo
printing methods, creates its Stratus Graphics System: ultraviolet (UV) inks and coatings on labels
and cartons; Stratus Graphics System printing, rotary screen printing, foil stamping, and die
cutting on a continuous production line; flexibility to meet unique customer requirement costs ;
capability of printing on a variety of substrates (pressure-sensitive materials, unsupported
materials and light to heavy weight paperboard for cartons and inserts); and a web that handles
material up to 22 inches wide. Its services cover all consumer goods: food, cosmetics,
pharmaceuticals, health care, automotive products, etc.
Products/Services: Printed carton, carton boards, pressure sensitive labels; UV printed products for
health and beauty care, food and pharmaceutical consumer goods
Sales Contacts: Curtis Curran, Robert Curran
Category: Supplies
404 Marie-Victorin Blvd., Kingsey Falls, Quebec J0A I3O CANADA
Tel: (819) 363-1500
FAX: (819) 363-5155
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $3.9 Billion +2.1%%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: U.S., France, England, Germany, Sweden, Mexico
Profile: As Canada’s largest manufacturer of packaging products, Cascades (Toronto Stock
Exchange: CAS) also is that country’s largest tissue paper producer and the fourth largest in North
America. Some 79% of its total sales are in packaging and 21% in tissue paper. Its increasing
market share in tissue paper was enhanced back in June 2002 with the purchase of $90 million in
assets from bankrupt American Tissue (a leading private label supplier). A year earlier, the
company took over two paper mills from Plainwell Tissue. Cascades’ Tissue Group today is a
major supplier of private label products as well as its own brands. In North America, Cascades is
the fourth largest tissue paper producer. During 2010, the company continued its earnings slump:
operating income off by 42.9%% to $122 million. Cascades, during the year, launched an
antibacterial hand towel said to reduce the risk of contamination. Supplier Cascades also operates
the Boxboard Group (folding cartons) and its Fine Papers Group. The company’s Specialty
Products Group in March 2007 introduced Bioxo, the first-ever food foam containers that
completely degrade into a fine powder in three years in a landfill setting.
Products/Services: Packaging products (container board, box board & specialty items), tissue
paper, fine paper
Sales Contacts: Thomas Roberts, VP Business Development; Mike L. Armstrong, Marketing
Dev./Customer Service Director, Cascades Tissue Group, Eau Claire, WI (Tel: 715-834-3461)
Non-Food Groceries, Service & Supplies
100 Midland Dr., Dieppe, New Brunswick, E1A 6X4 CANADA
Tel: (506) 858-7777
FAX: (506) 858-91-7
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: U.S., the Caribbean, Europe, Asia
Profile: Operating as part of the Irving Moncton Group of Companies (listed separately in this
database), Cavendish Farms is now the fourth largest frozen potato processor in North America.
The company produces a full selection of items: seasoned fries, shredded hash browns, shoestring
potatoes, hash brown patties, tater puffs, crinkle cuts, steak fries, etc. Cavendish supplies product
for the retail trades as well as restaurants and quick service outlets. The company operates two
production facilities, one in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and one in Jamestown, ND. Recently,
its operation changed over all its branded retail and foodservice products to non-hydrogenated oil,
where the packaging is flashed with a symbol indicating no transfats, no cholesterol.
Products/Services: Fresh & frozen potatoes
Sales Contacts: Jeff Rose, Director of Marketing; Cavendish Farms Operations in Burlington, MA
(Tel: 781-273-2777), Stephen Frazer, Sr. VP Sales
Category: Food Service (frozen foods), Food (frozen potatoes)
2 Albany Place, 28 Bridge Road East, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1RR UNITED
Tel: +44 170-782-4400
FAX: +44 170-782-4401
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $1.8 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 130+ Countries
Profile: Formed in 1990, this 50-50 partnership between General Mills (the second largest cereal
manufacturer in the US) and Nestle (the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer), draws
on brand licensing rights from its partners (all of GM’s cereal trademarks and some licensed
trademarks from Nestle) to manufacture and market RTE cereal products and to market cereal bars
to customers outside of the US and Canada. CPW or Cereal Partners Worldwide, claiming to be
the second largest breakfast cereal producer in the world (50+ brands to more than 130 countries)
is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its own brand business for supermarkets, however, is
concentrated in the UK. Cereal Partners UK also handles foodservice business for corn flakes,
crispies, bran flakes, etc. In February 2011, the company opened a $50 million innovation center
in Orbe, Switzerland, for research and product development of breakfast cereals, focusing on
nutrition, taste and quality factors.
Products/Services: Ready-to-eat cereals, cereal bars
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries)
High Level Road, Makumbura, Pannipitiya, SRI LANKA
Tel: +94 011-2855846
FAX: +94 011- 2855367
Total Sales Volume: $1 Billion
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: U.S., Canada, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, UAE, Taiwan, Singapore,
Australia, New Zealand
Profile: Ceylon Biscuit (CBL), began in 1968, selling high-protein nutritious biscuits to schools.
Today, it is Sri Lanka’s largest biscuit manufacturer. In 1979, the company began producing
Huntley Palmer cream crackers and wafers under a license agreement with Associated Biscuits of
England. CBL then diversified into manufacturing of Ritzbury Chocolates. Formerly, Nabisco
had a 30% equity. CBL has a Hong Kong subsidiary. Its brand is Munchee.
Products/Services: Biscuits (wafers, crackers, cream-filled, etc.), chocolates, TSP soy, Tiara cakes
Sales Contacts: Mr. M. Wickramasingha, Chairman; Stanley Almeida
Category: Food (dry groceries)
19th St & Gardner Rd, Broadview, IL 60155 USA
Tel: (708) 865- 1000; (800) 242-7326
FAX: (708) 865-7041
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Mexico, Poland, Italy, Russia, Arabia, South America
Profile: Since 1927, Chase Products has been the leader in spray and pressure packaging research,
custom labeling, and innovative product design to the industry. In 1948, Chase was one of the first
government licenses issued for pressure-packaged insecticides. The company lays claim to
inventing hair spray, spray starch, and spray deodorants. The company took a pioneering step
with the SureGRIP™ can with eRING™ technology, introduced late in 1999. This eCAN™
concept is a 211 x 413 steel aerosol can that features an actuator over-cap with an in-button system
for easy dispensing--a unique ergonomic design intended to address the issue of work-related
musculosketal disorders, and a bottom cup device, containing several DuPont Sontara®
engineered-cloth wipes. In 2008, its new line of pre-moistened, engineered cloth wipes (Champion
WipeOn surface cleaners) debuted, in nine products.
Products/Services: Household cleaners, personal care products, paints, insecticides, automotive,
hobby and craft, seasonal, bench and maintenance contractor paints
Sales Contacts: Kenneth Falk, VP Sales/Marketing; Judith A. Albazi, President/COO
Category: Non-Food Groceries
3661 Horseblock Road, Medford, NY 11763
Tel: (631) 924- 1135
FAX: (631) 924- 6033
Total Sales Volume: $9.2 million +41.9%
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile:P This privately owned firm is a leading producer of rapid diagnostic tests for the OTC
(over-the-counter) and point-of-care markets, specifically for infectious diseases. The company
develops, manufacturers and sells a range of easy-to-use tests to screen for a variety of conditions,
including fertility, infectious diseases, cancer and cardiac markers. All its tests have a 24-month
shelf-life, are disposable, and require no refrigeration. In recent years, Chembio has invested
significant resources in R&D. The company’s in-house team of scientists is, in turn, supported by
a network of leading academic and industry experts. Chembio’s diagnostic tests have unparalleled
accuracy, sensitivity and specificity. All products are manufactured at the company’s vertically
integrated facilities in Medford, NY, which is regulated by the FDA and employs current GMP
standards. The company, which markets its products in more than 70 countries worldwide, has
become a leading private label supplier.
Products/Services: Pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, infectious disease tests, cancer and cardiac
Sales Contacts: James Shuster (U.S. OTC Sales), Avi Pelossof, Director of Sales and Marketing
(e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
CHEMSICO (Division of United Industries Corporation)
8825 Page Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63114 USA
Tel: (314) 427- 0780; (800) 242-1166
FAX: (314) 253- 5963
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started in 1974 as a contract packer and private label manufacturer of aerosol products for
numerous applications and industries, United Industries Corp. has expanded its product range
since then. With the acquisition of brands like Hot Shot, Real Kill, and Rid-a-Bug insecticides,
Spectracide lawn and garden chemicals and Cutter insect repellents, the company has reorganized
into two divisions: Spectrum for its brand business and Chemsico, serving as the manufacturing
arm for contract packaging and private label business. Chemsico, formed in 1973, can now
produce more than 400 formulations in consumer products in aerosols, liquid and water-soluble
fertilizers. As such, this privately held firm has become the second largest insecticide company in
the United States. The company offers a water-based technology (versus a solvent-petroleum
distillate) across all its aerosol products. In fact, the company claims to be the leading
manufacturer of water-based aerosol products in the US. Its patented technology is nonflammable,
non-staining, low odor, environmentally sound, and highly efficacious.
Products/Services: Household cleaning products, automotive chemicals, insecticides, lawn &
garden chemicals
Sales Contacts: Mike Mullen, Director, Sales and Marketing
Category: Household products
8517 South Park Circle, Orlando, FL 32819- 9040 USA
Tel: (407) 370-2437; (800) CHEPUSA
FAX: (407) 355-5354
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 30+ countries on six continents
Profile: CHEP is an international pallet and container pooling company, servicing manufacturers
and distributors in the consumer goods industries; grower/shippers and receivers in the produce
industry; packers, processors and distributors in the meat industry; home improvement, hardware
& housewares manufacturers and distributors and suppliers and assembly plants in the automotive
industry. CHEP service in the Americas spans the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and
Argentina, supplying customers with high-quality pallets and reusable containers from a
comprehensive depot network. The company, part of the worldwide CHEP organization operating
in 30 countries on six continents, controls more than 110 million pallets and containers. CHEP
USA has just achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification from the Quality Management Systems
complaint organization.
Products/Services: Pallet and container pooling service
Sales Contacts: Brian S. Beattie, Vice-President New Business Development & Marketing
Category: Service & Supplies
250 East Fifth St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 USA
Tel: (513-784-8000
FAX: (513) 56402920
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $3.2 Billion -6.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 70 Countries
Profile: Chiquita Brands International (NYSE: CQB) is a marketer and distributor of bananas and
other fresh fruit plus value-added packaged salads. The company, which acquired Friday Canning
Corp. in 1992, changed its name to Chiquita Processed Foods and consolidated this business as a
subsidiary. Friday itself had developed into an industry leader, operating 21 plants in eight states
throughout the Midwestern and northwestern United States, producing nearly 50 million cases of
more than 25 different canned vegetables and food items. In May 2003, this vegetable processing
division was sold to Seneca Foods Corp., Marion, NY. In February 2005, Chiquita Brands
International purchased Fresh Express, a subsidiary of Performance Food Group (both Seneca and
Performance are listed separately in this database). Fresh Express claims 44% of the bagged salad
market in the US, generating $1.1 billion (13%) in revenues. Chiquita suffered a $320 million loss
in 2008 , but improved business in 2009 with $90 million in profits, thanks to improvements in its
value-added salads operation. The profit picture in 2010 turned sour, dropping to $57 million from
$90 million. In November 2011, the company announced plans to consolidate its headquarters in
Charlotte, NC.
Products/Services: Convenience green salads; fresh fruit products
Sales Contacts: Tim Riemenschneider, Director of International Sales (Fax: 715-243-8350; e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Food Service (produce), Food (produce)
8501 Chudleigh Way, Milton, Ont L9T 0L9 CANADA
Tel: (905) 878- 8781; (800) 387-4028
FAX: (905) 878-6979
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia
Profile: Chudleigh’s started into business more than 30 years ago as an apple-picking farm and
expanded into foodservice in the 1980s then into the retail sector in 1998. Its Apple Blossom®shaped slice of apple pie is now sold to major North American retailers, including private label
business. In the spring of 2007, the company consolidated its three plant operations into a new
82,000-square-foot frozen dessert production plant. Apple products are a staple at Chudleigh’s, but
its frozen dessert line has been expanded into cakes, Italian desserts and other items featuring
other fruits. More recently, this has been expanded with Fruit With Purpose frozen fruit snacks--a
functional food creation. In 2012, the company introduced Oh-My Choco-chip, an individual thick
cookie soft-filled with “the largest amount of liquid chocolate in history,” as well as a similar
brownie item, both targeted to the convenience trade.
Products/Services: Frozen desserts and other dessert items.
Sales Contacts: Scott Chudleigh
Category: Food Service (frozen foods), Food (frozen foods)
601 W. Riverside Ave., Ste. 1100, Spokane, WA 99201 USA ATLANTIC PAPER & FOIL
CORP. (See Clearwater Paper Corp.)
Tel: (509) 344-5900
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $1.9 Billion -3.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Clearwater Paper (NYSE: CLW), which was formed in 2008 from the spin-off of
manufacturing facilities owned by Potlatch Corp., Spokane, WA, clearly is now on a strategic
course driven by its expansion into consumer products, especially in the private label sector. The
company is one of the largest North American manufacturers of private label tissues and
paperboard products. By its estimates, it’s ranked number six of all tissues manufacturers in North
America. Its 2012 sales dip is attributed to the sale of its Lewiston, ID sawmill in November 2011.
That facility accounted for $80.3 million in 2011 sales. Overall, Clearwater Paper’s 2012 paper &
pulp sales dipped by 11.5% to $739,748; while consumer product sales advanced by 3.9% to $1.1
billion. The ratio to total sales is now 61% in consumer products, 29% in pulp & paperboard. The
company, which saw its net earnings jump by 61.6% to $64,131, claims that it sold 65% of total
private label tissue products in US grocery stores during the year: in 11 western states that share
was 96% in that category. The company during 2012 invested $253.8 million in expanding its
through air-dried (TAD) tissue paper machines. A new TAD machine went on stream in its
Shelby, NC, facility, while another TAD machine in its Nevada facility was upgraded and a 3d
TAD machine continues to operate in its plant in Canada. This TAD technology allows for
conversion to national brand equivalent, ultra quality paper towels and bath tissues. In December
2010, the company acquired Cellu Tissue, including nine facilities, thus expanding its business
geographically and into new private label and other tissue channels.
UPDATE: In March 2013, Clearwater Paper announced plans to close its Thomaston, GA tissue
converting facility.
Products/Services: Household aluminum foil, facial tissues (2-ply inter-folded pop-up), dinner
napkins (2 and 3 ply), luncheon napkins (1 and 2 ply), bathroom tissues (1 and 2 ply), kitchen
towels (1 and 2 ply), disposable cleaning cloths, plastic food wrap, foam plates/bowls/trays
Sales Contacts: Robert P. DeVleming, Vice-President, Consumer Products
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Household Products (Paper)
CLEMENT PAPPAS & CO., INC. (Subsidiary of Lassonde Industries)
One Collins Dr., Ste. 200, Carney Point, NJ 08069 USA
Tel: (856) 455-1000; (800) 257-7019
FAX: (856) 455-8746
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 85 (E)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Lassonde Industries (also in this database) completed its biggest takeover in August 2011
with its $401 million acquisition of Clement Pappas & Co., a US family owned juice processor.
Starting into a canning business in 1942, this company evolved into a market leader in the US
private label juice category, commanding a 34% market share. In private label cranberry sauce, the
company dominates with some 95% market share, while in organic juices and in shelf stable juices
to foodservice account, Clement Pappas is the second largest producer of private label ready-todrink juice and fruit products for US supermarket chains, wholesalers and buying groups, holding
an estimated 75% market share.
Products/Services: Cranberry juice cocktail, 100% cranberry juice, apple juice, apple cider, fruit
drinks, pomegranate juice, plus other juice varieties, including both fruit and vegetable
formulations; organic teas, enhanced/flavored water, sparkling mineral water, cranberry sauce, etc.
Sales Contacts: Bob Crawford, Vice-President of Private Label Retail Sales
Category: Beverages (juices/tea/water), Food (dry groceries)
1221 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 USA
Tel: (510) 271-7000
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $5.2 Billion 0%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 100+ Countries
Profile: In January 1999, the leading branded bleach company, Clorox, Oakland, CA, purchased
First Brands Corp., Danbury, CT, which pushed Clorox’s sales from $2.7 billion to $4 billion. The
First Brands operation, a producer of household products, automotive specialty products, pet
products, aluminum foil, cleaning cloths, and commercial packaging, has since been integrated
into Clorox.
Products/Services: Plastic bags and wrap; cat litter, fire logs, and fire starters
Sales Contacts: Bob Richardson, Sales Manager (Tel: 972-280-8716)
Category: Non-Food Groceries
2181 N.W. Nicolai St., Portland, OR 97210 USA
Tel: (503) 227- 4490; (800) 877- 0474
FAX: (503) 225- 9604
Total Sales Volume: $50 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Pacific Rim
Profile: Since 1972, Coffee Bean International has been roasting specialty coffees in the Great
Pacific Northwest—the birthplace of today’s coffee renaissance. In April 2007, Farmer Bros. Co.,
Torrance, CA, an institutional coffee roaster that serves the foodservice sector, acquired CBI and
in October 2008 opened a new 125,000-square-foot roasting plant/office for CBI. Farmer Bros.,
established in 1912, expanded its own business by acquiring the Sara Lee Direct Store coffee
business in March 2009, thus making Farmer Bros., the country’s largest direct store delivery
business for coffee and allied products (fiscal 2009 sales topping $340 million). In September
2009, its CBI subsidiary introduced premium tin packaging of espresso beans in tin packaging for
the private label business. The 11-ounce tin allows for seasonal promotions and provides a greater
profit margin than the competition. CBI also is one of the country’s largest purveyors of topquality teas.
Products/Services: Gourmet roasted coffees, quality teas, gourmet cocoas
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea)
3475 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, NY 10314 USA
Tel: (718) 832- 0800
FAX: (718) 832- 0892
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume: $108.9 Million -18.8%
Sales % in EB: 30%+ (E)
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Established in 1971, Coffee Holding (NASDAQ: JVA), a leading private label coffee
supplier, is a family-owned wholesale coffee roaster and dealer company, supplying green coffee
(90 types of unprocessed offerings to specialty gourmet roasters), private label coffee, and branded
coffee, the latter two sold to US and Canadian customers. Its wholesale green coffee sales
represent 62% of its net sales--its biggest customer, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Coffee
Holding’s private label coffees, under 32 different labels, are roasted, blended, packaged and sold
to wholesalers and retailers, packaged in cans, bags, brick packs, bulk, foodservice, instants, and
singles. Its bean program (AA Arabica) complements Coffee Holding canned business in private
label, while the company is exclusive supplier of the beans. In May 2010, the company purchased
Organic Products Trading Co., Inc., a green coffee merchant. In November 2011, the company
invested 40% interest in a new venture, Global Mark LLC, which focuses on supplying instant
coffee and related products. After a dismal fiscal 2011, when its profits plunged by 66% from the
previous year, due to losses in hedging coffee futures, Coffee Holding recovered in fiscal 2012, a
record breaking year with net income skyrocketing by 212.5% to $2.5 million--this despite coffee
prices being off in 2012. Helping this gain: a new gourmet brand, Superior Selections, launched
in May 2012 in a joint venture with Generations Coffee Co. LLC and Associated Wholesale
Grocers, Inc., Kansas City, KS (listed in the Retailers section of this database). Fiscal 2014
(ending Oct. 31, 2014) showed net income up at $4.9 million versus a $1.5 million loss in the
previous comparable year. Sales were off by 18.8% in the current fiscal period due to a 20%
decrease in pounds of green coffee sold plus market volatility and an increase in coffee prices,
according to the company.
Products/Services: Ground roast, whole bean coffee, instant coffee, green coffee, organic, etc
Sales Contacts: Erik Hansen, Executive VP of Sales (Tel: 415-337-5111
Category: Beverages (coffee)
2537 Brunswick Ave., Linden, NJ 07036 USA
Tel: (908) 862- 5457
FAX: (908) 862- 4382
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Four generations of the Colavita family have kept Colavita of Italy (Campobasso) in the
business of producing top quality, extra virgin olive oil and pasta. In 1978, the company
committed to an export venture in the US, called Colavita USA, owned by the Profaci family,
acting as exclusive importer for Colavita of Italy. This venture has since been expanded into other
products: extending olive oils into regional, infused (pepper, basil, lemon, truffle, garlic), vinegar,
pasta sauce, marinated vegetables, Arborio rice, etc.
Products/Services: Italian extra virgin olive oil, pasta (including specialty), pasta sauce, tomatoes,
Gnocchi, Polenta, Assorted vinegar (including Balsamic), marinated vegetables, Aroborio rice,
breadsticks, blended oils for foodservice
Sales Contacts: Jennifer Lionti, Business Development Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
45 Torbarrie Rd., Downsview, Ontario M3L 1G5 CANADA
Tel: (416) 247- 5478
FAX: (416) 242- 4129
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million+
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: Europe, US, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea
Profile: Commercial Bakeries began operations in 1957 as a wholly owned private company
involved exclusively in private label manufacturing. Today, the company serves major retail food
companies in both Canada and the US. It provides customers with conventional, organic, allnatural, and gluten-free cookies. Also, the firm provides unique packaging options: trays, boxes,
re-sealable bags, portion control packs, etc. Its best seller: Maple Leaf cookies made with 100%
pure Canadian maple syrup.
Products/Services: Cookies, biscuits, crackers, including low-fat & sugar-free varieties; sandwich
Sales Contacts: Anthony J. Fusco, Jr., Vice-President
Category: Food (dry groceries)
3945 Ohio Ave., St. Charles, IL 60174 USA
Tel: (630) 513- 96000; (800) 513-4262
FAX: (630) 513- 9655
Total Sales Volume: $68 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Southeast Asia, South America, Canada, Africa
Profile: For more than 30 years, Compact Industries, a privately held company, has been in the
forefront of technology, quality and service--positioned as an industry leader in packaging
powdered products. The company is one of only three distributors certified to represent the
Colombian Coffee Federation tor Colombian freeze-dried coffee throughout the U.S. Its coffee,
hot chocolate, cappuccino, and powdered drink mixes are available in regular and sugar-free
formulas; the firm also provides artificial sweeteners, nondairy creamers, and nonfood products.
Products/Services: Instant coffee, hot cocoa, drink mixes, cappuccinos, rice, cheese sauces,
breakfast drinks, nutritional drinks, powder grianita mixes
Sales Contacts: Gary L. Johnson, Vice-President Sales & Marketing; Renee Sesma,
CustomerService Manager (e-mail:[email protected])
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea, Cocoa)
One ConAgra Drive, Omaha, NB 68102- 5001 USA
Tel: (402) 240-4000
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume (May 25): $17.7 Billion +14.9%, Total Consumer Foods Sales
Volume: $7.3 Billion -3%, Total Commercial Foods Sales Volume: $6.2 Billion +2%, Total
Private Brand Sales Volume: 4.2 Billion +132%
Sales % in EB: 23.7% (Only in Private Brands Sales; Excludes Private Brand Sales in Commercial
Foods Segment)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: ConAgra Foods (NYSE: CAG), as one of North America's largest packaged food
companies, has with its $5.1 billion acquisition of Ralcorp, St. Louis, also become the largest
private label packaged food company in the United States. ConAgra has since reorganized its
business under three segments: 1/ Consumer Foods (branded food, such as meals, entrees,
condiments, sides, snacks and desserts); 2. Commercial Foods selling branded and private brand
products to commercial, foodservice, food manufacturers and industrial customers (frozen and
sweet potato items, and a variety of vegetable, spice, frozen baked goods); and 3. Private Brands
(private branded and customized food items primarily in North America (hot and ready-to-eat
cereals, snacks, condiments, bars and coordinated categories, amd retail bakery goods. During
fiscal 2014, ConAgra also trimmed or strengthened its operations via divestments and
acquisitions. In April 2014, ConAgra sold its Medallion Foods snack business, which was part of
the Private Brands segment. The following month, ConAgra sold three flour milling facilities and
on May 29 formed Ardent Mills in order to initiate a joint venture of its flour million business
with Horizon Million (a joint venture of Cargill and CHS). In fiscal 2015, in September 2014,
ConAgra acquired Harlan Bakeries for $399 million cash. Harlan produces fruit pies, cream pies,
pastry shells, and loaf cakes, all integrated into the Consumer Foods segment. That same month,
ConAgra sold its Lightlife business in Consumer Foods for $54.7 million cash. ConAgra's fiscal
2014 operating profits were mixed: Consumer Foods down 10% to $899.4 million, Commercial
Foods up 6% to $774.6 million, and Private Brands showing a loss of $375 million. The latter
segment covered a full year of ownership by ConAgra; while fiscal 2013 registered only four
months ownership. ConAgra indicated that its sales and profits were "softer than expected" but
work was underwayl on improvements to its sales force coverage, pricing strategies, customer
service levels, and plant efficiencies. To protect its volumes in Private Brands, ConAgra had to
make some pricing concessions. Projections for this segment were readjusted to below the
company's original plans and expected to continue for several years, despite ConAgra' strong cost
related synergies related to the Ralcorp acquisition. ConAgra also is affiliated with Agro Tech
Foods Ltd., a public limited company based in India (also in this database).
UPDATE: The 2012 acquisition of Ralcorp increased ConAgra’s annualized sales of private label
goods from $1 billion to $4.5 billion, making the Omaha-based company the largest private brand
maker in North America. Fast forward to 2015 and ConAgra reported its nine-month private
brand sales were off by 4.7% to $1 billion, while that period's private brand operating profits
plunged to a $1.3 billion loss versus profits of $44.7 million the previous year. Closing its fiscal
fourth quarter, the company reported more dismal private brand results, resulting from higher
commodity costs, impacting on its profits, as well as lower sales volume. The company's new
CEO, Sean Connolly (an executive with a branded background, the latest being Hillshire Brands)
installed in April 2015, after studying the situation and hearing out shareholder complains that the
company had encountered some $2 billion in write-downs on its private brands business, decided
to divest the private brands segment of ConAgra's business. That business became "a distraction"
and "a suboptimal use of our resources." Company long-term financial expectations will decide
when the divestment occurs. Retired former CEO Gary Rodkin later reportedly told a group
meeting that private brand business continues to grow and is still viable: apparently not for
ConAgra at this time. Subsequently, ConAgra in November 2015 agreed to sell its private brand
operation (annual sales of $3.6 billion) to TreeHouse Foods (also in this database) in a deal
valued at $2.7 billion. The transaction is expected to be completed in 2016's first quarter.
Products/Services: Cereal (hot & RTE) and granola bars, snacks, condiments, fruit bars, cereal,
fruit chews, potato products, pretzels, retail bakery goods, pudding, shortening, pan spray, canned
soups, beans, pasta,
Sales Contacts: Chris Wilkins, President, Store Brands (Tel: 630-957-1000), 215 W. Diehl Rd.,
Naperville, IL 60563; Peter Maass. President, Private Brands and Foodservice Sectors.
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, frozen foods, bakery items), Food (dry groceries, frozen
1 Cummings Point Rd., Stamford, CT 06904 USA
Tel: (203) 351- 9000
FAX: (203) 351- 9440
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Hong Kong, Costa Rica
Profile: Founded in 1959, this privatelyheld company has established its reputation on Conair hair
dryers and its famous Jheri Redding line of health & beauty care products. Today, Conair claims
about 50% of the hair dryer market, making it the leading US producer. The company is a leading
manufacturer of branded personal and health care small appliances.
Products/Services: Hair care (shampoos, conditioners, styling gels), oral care (toothpaste, denture
tablets and adhesives), personal care (deodorant sticks, antiperspirant sticks, roll-ons), and
appliances (hair dryers, curling irons).
Sales Contacts: Rich Delallo, Denis Rizzuto.
Category: General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Care
4355 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Blvd., Saint- Hubert, Quebec, J3Y 3X3 CANADA
Tel: (450) 443- 6666; (888) 826-6322
FAX: (450) 433-4466
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Confab Labs, founded in 1979, is a pharmaceutical manufacturer, providing technical
services in meeting cGMP requirements for the production and packaging of pharmaceutical
products. The contract manufacturer serves private label accounts. In December 2010, this
company was acquired by the portfolio company, Renaissance Pharma Inc., part of RoundTable
Healthcare Partners, an operating-oriented private equity firm.
Products/Services: Liquids, semisolids, and tablets
Sales Contacts: Raymond Baribeau, B.Sc.Cert.A., Sr. Director Sales & Marketing (Ext. 238).
Category: Health & Beauty Care
125 Birchmount Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4A 1X3, CANADA
Tel: (416) 751- 4343; (800) 387-5275
FAX: (416) 751- 5262
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, South America
Profile: In the decade (2000-10),Conros, owned by the Chandaria family, evolved into a
diversified Canadian conglomerate, operating three divisions: Northland Products (fire logs, fire
starter, wick start, and matches); Summer Light Candle (citronella candles in container styles and
colors to complement patio furniture and accessory fashion); and Ross Glue (glue sticks). In 2000,
the company acquired LePage’s and renamed it LePage’s 2000, a major producer of invisible
adhesive tape, mailing and packaging supplies. In 2006, however, Conros divested its Fire log
division (also involved in private label) to Jarden Corp. (also listed in this database).
Products/Services: Candles, glue sticks, tapes, packaging & mailing materials
Sales Contacts: Joe Nunes, General Manager
Category: Non-Food Groceries
M7,Mriehel Industrial Estate, B’Kara BKR30009, MALTA
Tel: +356 2144 0361
FAX: +356 2144 0365
Total Sales Volume: $6 Million+
Sales % in EB: 15
Export Markets: Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America
Profile: Established in 1982, Consolidated Biscuit Co., Ltd., strategically located in Malta, the hub
of Europe and the Mediterranean regions, specializes in high-quality biscuit confectionery under
its global brand “Devon.” The company also produces “Ovaltine” biscuits for Novartis Nutrition
of Switzerland and other brands: S&F, Elite, Sgaraws, and Tirrany. Consolidated Biscuit is
accredited for ISO 9002 certification by the British Standards Institute, together with the HACCP
System (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System). its product range covers: chocolate
confectionery, semi-sweet, plain & savory, cream-filled biscuits, and cookies.
Products/Services: Biscuits (cream-filled sandwich, cookies, crackers, etc.), confectionery
products, snacks (extrusion and fried snacks)
Sales Contacts: Joseph Pace, Managing Director; Ms. Caroline Lawson, Export Manager (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries, candy/snacks)
De Bolder 40, 9206 AN Drachten, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 512-525-880
FAX: +31 512-525-818
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $74.5 Million (€56 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 30+ countries, mostly in Northern & Western Europe
Profile: Started as a family business in 1985, Continental Candy Industries in February 2012 was
acquired by Bencis Capital Partners, Amsterdam. About a year later, this private equity firm
joined with Continental Candy to form The European Candy Group, looking to develop its private
label business in confectionery products and sweets. Continental Candy operates three production
facilities, serving non-food retailers, producing more than 150 products; and via its subsidiary,
Disfruta, produces healthy snacks as well. In January 2014, the Group agreed to acquire
Kraepelien & Holm, Oosterwold, The Netherlands, a specialist in private label liquorices. The
Group looks to establish a leadership position in the private label sugar confectionery business. Its
core business is private label and house brands for retailers.
Products/Services: Liquorices, jelly, jelly foam, jelly beans, sour candies, candy foam
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (candy/snacks)
6793 U.S. Rt. 127, Van Wert, OH 45891 USA
Tel: (419) 238- 4056; (888) 238-8759
FAX: (419) 238-3678
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In 1938, Virgil Cooper started his business with a small flock of turkeys on his family’s
farm in Oakwood, OH. Married to Virginia the following year, they worked together to produce
Cooper Farms, a leading processor of fine turkey meat products, operating four plants in Ohio.
Each state-of-the-art growing and processing facility handles the hatching of turkey eggs right
through the processing of the cooked meats. Today, this second-generation, family owned
business provides an upscale deli line, including naturally shaped, oven-roasted smoked turkey
products, old-fashioned, open pan-roasted flavored breast products, old World-style netted
products, Black Forest-style products, and premium dark meat items. Cooper Farms has developed
a customized private label program, featuring one-call, one-order, one-ship capability for
consolidating private label and branded products.
Products/Services: Cooked turkey products
Sales Contacts: Lynn DeArmond, Retail /Deli Sales Manager (E-mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (deli)
2501 NW 34th Place, Suite 21, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA
Tel: (954) 972-7202; (888) 883-0540
FAX: (954) 972-4109
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Early in the 1990s, Cosmetic Solutions developed a technically advanced skin care
treatment, which eventually was marketed to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medi-spas, and
wholesale private label skin care customers. The company prides itself on its specialized private
label formulations. Also, the firm does contract work for other manufacturers.
Products/Services: Cleansers and toners, exfoliators, moisturizers, antioxidents, corrective masks,
sun protection, eye and lip protection, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty
6525 Viscount Rd., Mississauga. ONT L:4V 1H6 CANADA
Tel: (905) 672-1900
FAX: (905) 672-5299
Total 2013 Sales Volume: $2.1 Billion -7%
Sales % in EB: 94 (E)
Export Markets: United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia
Profile: Cott Corporation (NYSE: COTT) is one of the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage
companies and the world leader in retailer brand soft drinks. The company operates 34
beverage/concentrate manufacturing and fruit processing facilities: 20 in the US, 5 in Canada, 7 in
the United Kingdom, 1 in Mexico, plus a fully integrated concentrate facility in Columbus, GA.
Some 73.9% of its 2012 revenues came from the North American market, where revenues for the
year dipped by 10.1% to $1.5 billion. Cott attributes this loss to an overall decline in the
carbonated soft drink market and shelf stable juice marke coupled with increased natinal brand
promotional activity and deep discount pricing. Cott's UK revenues, however, registered a 4.5%
gain to $494.3 million, thanks to the takeover of Calypso Soft Drink Holdings and Mr. Freeze
(propert ies of Cooke Bros Holdings Limited) in June 2013. With $50 million in sales, Cooke
Bros fits into Cott’s diversification strategy, bring in single-serve combi-cartons, single-serve cups
and cuplets, and two freezable formulas. Calypso, strong in foodservice, including schools,
provides soft drinks with natural mineral water and no artificial colors or flavors. Calypso is also
the UK market leader in freezables. Elsewhere in the world, Cott's revenues dipped by 7.9% to
$64.5 million. The trend for Cott obviously is growth in its juice, concenctrates and other products
versus just carbonated soft drinks. The latter now represents 36.1% of its revenues, juice 25%,
concentrate sales 2%, and other products 36.9%. Cott has reported its filled beverage case volume
(excluding concentrate sales) in 8-ounce equivalents for 2013 dropped by 8.6% from 2012 (in
2012, this volume was off by 9.6% from 2011). As its overall sales fizzled, Cott's net income
plunged from $52.3 million in fiscal 2012 to $22 million in this current year.
UPDATE: With the United Kingdom its only bright spot financially speaking, Cott in May 2014
announced its takeover of Aimia Foods (Holdings) Limited, Merseyside, UK. This £ 60 million,
privately owned food and beverage manufacturer, marketing licensed brands, its name brands,
and own label business, cost Cott $80 million up front, plus another $33 million deferred payment
scheduled in September 2014, and $20 million more for other considerations. Aimia Foods brings
both hot and cold beverages into Cott's portfolio in addition to a strong foodservice business. (Mr.
Freeze from the earlier acquistion also is strong in foodservice.) Cott in effect adds some new
product categories, such as hot chocolate, coffee, malt drinks, creamers/whiteners, and cereals.
Thus its reliance on carbonated soft drinks dilutes more as part of its total revenues.
Products/Services: Shelf-stable beverages (soft drinks, fruit juice and drinks, water, and new age
beverages, carbonated soft drinks, waters, RTD tea, energy & sports drinks
Sales Contacts: Monica Consonery, Sr. VP Sales; Mark Benadiba, Executive VP, North American
Operations; Matt Walker , Director of Marketing; John Dennehy, VP, North American Sales &
Marketing (tel: 813-313-1800 in Tampa, FL); Andrew Murfia, Sr. VP & Managing Director,
5519 West Idlewild Ave., Tampa, FL 33634.
Tel: (813) 313-1800; Fax: (813) 881-1926
Citrus Grove, Side Ley Kegsworth, Derbyshire DE74 2FJ UK
Tel: +44 1977 601 683
Category: Beverages (soft drinks, juices, tea, water, etc.)
4700 South. Boyle Ave.,Vernon, CA 900589 USA
Tel: (323) 584-8802
FAX: (323) 584-8828
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:N/A
Profile: This dedicated private label supplier, which started in 1992, offers sweat shirts, polo
shirts, T/shirts, 3-button Henley’s in several fabrics, such as Jersey, interlock, fleece, pique, and
other fabrications. Its variety of styles cover the basic to the more engineered ones, according to
customers specs. The company operates as a vertical mill, using state-of-the-art spinning, knitting,
and finishing equipment. Customers can expect strict quality control, fast turnaround time, and
very competitive pricing. All its products are now made in Thailand (since 2001), but priced,
warehoused, and shipped from its California warehouse.
Products/Services: Apparel—men’s women’s, youth, and fashionable knitted PFD (prepared for
dye) garments
Sales Contacts: Ralphael Mense, President
Category: Apparel
460 South Benson Lane, Suite 3, Chandler, AZ 85224 USA
Tel: (480) 897-0551
FAX: (480) 897-0547
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:N/A
Profile: CoValence Labs is a contract manufacturer of private label and custom formulations,
serving the beauty industry and specializing in face, body, hair, and OTC formulations. Its
business started in a kitchen in 1989 with the formulation of unique ingredient concept products,
which led to the introduction of chirality in unique, products for skin care treatment as well as
sophisticated “mechanism of action” ingredients—and most recently, a Vitamin A compound
(IconicA). CoValence Labs prides itself on its “collaborative innovation,” work, using unique and
proprietary ingredients in anti-ageing, acne, and lightening skin formulations. The company melds
off-the-shelf formulations (the frequent choice in private label products) with customized product
creations—and more recently, work with patents and Intellectual Properties. In other words,
CoValence applies its new technology to allow for exclusivity in private label products, even for
smaller retail customers. Its technicians, using devices that take measure of skin
permutations/penetrations, fingerprinting, stability testing, etc., create products that help reduce
wrinkles, darkening skin, redness, crow’s feet, fine lines, tone unevenness, ageing effects, etc.
Products/Services: Facial skin care, Cosmeceutical & OTC Formulations
Sales Contacts: Melinda Wochner, COO.VP of Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty, OTC
268 Tosca Drive, Stoughton, MA 020721
Tel: (781) 344-3211
FAX: (781) 344-9203
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Chile, United Arab Republic, Europe, Japan
Profile: Crackle Creations is a manufacturer of adhesive bandages and a pioneer in the
development of the fashion bandage concept. The company takes traditional categories and gives
them a novel twist. Its motto: Giving customers a greater value than they expect in an exciting
package at a compelling price. Crackle Creations has won numerous awards for its packaging.
Some of its latest products: CoolTips™ first aid health shield for fingers, Stitch Tips™ and
Nimble Thimble.
Products/Services: “First aid--novelty bandages; bath--soap-filled combination sponge/buffs;
crafts/hobby--patented heat shield for fingertips, bandage-style thimbles
Sales Contacts: Alan E. Nash, President; Steven Boroy, National Accounts (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
400 First Ave. North, Ste. 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
Tel: (612) 344- 8100; (800) 328-0590
FAX: (612) 344-8691
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand
Profile: In 2004, Creative Publishing was acquired by Quayside Publishing Group, part of the
Quarto Group Inc., London, England. Creative Publishing is a sister company to Creative Edge
Graphics, a publisher of cookbooks. The company specializes in multi-language conversions with
each of its publishing projects. For instance, a current project being published in 15 languages. Its
cookbooks can feature 30 to 45 of a retailer’s private label ingredients per book. Each book
contains up to 45 recipes, depending on product categories, e.g., desserts, pasta, etc. Recipes are
adjusted by the company’s master chefs and bakers, ensuring all recipes will taste best, when
using the private label ingredients. Stock photography is available. Point-of-sale materials also are
available, such as a recipe-of-the-week or meal-of-the-week, and a shopping list for the number of
people served for each recipe.
Products/Services: Promotional cookbook programs and related merchandising services
Sales Contacts: Ken Fund
General Merchandise
1210 Lincoln Rd., Peterbourgh England PE4 6ND UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 1733 28100
FAX: +44 1733 281028
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $22.1 Million ( £ 14.1 Million) +3.7%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Europe, Asia, North America, Canada, Scandinavia
Profile: Founded in 1952, Creighton's (London Stock Exchange:CRL) has evolved into a major
manufacturer of quality toiletries for the high-street retail trade. Creightons also has pioneered in
the development of naturally derived skin care and toiletries. Since 1976, Creighton’s Naturally
has been producing cruelty-free toiletries, using pure, natural extracts and essences. Its technical
expertise meets international standards, regulations, and worldwide environmental needs.
Established as a contract manufacturer, the firm blow-molds its own bottles and backs its service
with an in-house packaging design team. Its product range covers: bath additives, shower gels,
bath oil, skin care products, salon hair care, men’s shaving and skin care products, powders, lip
balms, eye gel, fine fragrance filling, and sun care products. Lately, more emphasis has been
placed on its branded business, especially the Real Shaving Company brand, launched in
December 2004. Also a subsidiary has been established in the US.
Products/Services: Toiletries (bath, skin/sun care, shaving, etc.), soaps and fragrances.
Sales Contacts: Mrs. Margaret Kenwood, Sales & Marketing Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
P.O. Box 1739, 430 Racetrack Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677 USA
Tel: (727) 855- 6688
FAX: (727) 854- 2225
Total Sales Volume: $14 Million
Sales % in EB: 33
Export Markets:Central America, South America, Mexico, Canada, Carribean Basin, Middle East,
Far East
Profile: With over 40 years of continuous operational experience, Crest Products has positioned
itself as a manufacturer of high-quality household cleaning products. While other exclusive brand
and private label companies have closed, merged, or changed direction, Crest has remained
independent and focused on high-quality products, top-line packaging, promotional tools, and
service. Its news products include: liquid potpourris, A Plus Value line of $1 retail products, and
aromatherapy gel candles.
Products/Services: Shower, bath and kitchen cleaners, drain openers, rug room deodorant, mildew
and soap scum remover, potpourri liquids, aromatherapy gel candles
Sales Contacts: William L. Parker, President; Steven W, Poirier, Vice-President Sales; Mark
Junnier, Sales Manager
Category: Household Products
8258 South 192nd St., Kent, WA 98032 USA
Tel: (425) 656-0460
FAX: (425) 656-0462
URL/e-mail: [email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets:Europe, Asia, Canada
Profile: Custom Label markets to small retail stores, smaller chain stores, providing a line of
nutritional supplements and OTC (over-the-counter) drugs. With its customers’ customized
private labels, Custom Label/Advance Nutrition utilizes a pharmacy prescription label or a
business card to coordinate the “custom” labeled product to the customer’s marketing strategy. Its
customers look for a way to make their products reflect the colors and the corporate logos and
graphic design they created.
Products/Services: Vitamins, OTC drugs, custom nutritional formulations, creams, liquids, herbals
Sales Contacts: Mark A. Taylor, Sales Manager; Carolyn Mayer, Purchasing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
925 Lakeville Street, #210, Petaluma, CA 94952, USA
Tel: (707) 766-6140
FAX: (707) 766-6141
URL/e-mail: [email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets:Europe, Asia, Canada, South America
Profile: Based in Sonoma County, the heart of California’s wine country, Custom Wine Alliance
prides itself on its extensive winemaking and production-management experience. The company
sources and develops award-winning wines within a wide array of stylistic and budgetary
parameters. Custom Wine Alliance is not tied to one vineyard, winery, or wine source. It plays the
field on behalf of its customers, working with them to develop brands and produce wines based on
their unique priorities.
Products/Services: Wines
Sales Contacts: Matt Praetzel, Michael DuBois
Category: Beverages (wines)
3825 Delp Street, Memphis, TN 38118, USA
Tel: (901) 369- 5400
FAX: (901) 794-8897
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Worldwide
Profile: Cyber Graphics, established in 1994, is a full-service digital prepress/graphics company
that specializes in high-end process work for flexographic packaging. This privately owned firm
provides solutions in all areas of prepress,from concept to press to inventory management of
electronic files, negatives and printing plates. Its services include creative design, production art,
color separation, retouching, proofing and film assembly and imaging. The company also
produces magnesium engravings and molded rubber plates or photopolymer printing plates. The
firm has can expedite large projects, while keeping package designs graphically consistent.
Products/Services: Flexographic packaging
Sales Contacts: Mark Parrish, Director Technical Customer Service
Category: Supplies
Dabur Tower, Kaushambi, Ghazia bad, 201010, Ust tar Pradesh, INDIA
Tel: +91 120-3982000
FAX: +91 120-4374935
Total FY 2010 Sales Volume: $910 Million (Rs 41.1 Billion)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Middle East, South Asia, Africa, United States, Canada
Profile: Dabur India, which started as a small clinic in Kolkata, India, in 1884 (Dabur-Ayurvedic
medicines) expanded into herbals and eventually diversifed into different personal and healthcare
jproducdts, today is the fourth largest FMCG company in India, operating as a diversified
manufacturer of personal care, health care, and food products. In the first two segments, Dabur is
the country’s largest producer. In January 2005, the company acquired Balsara, a producer of
oral care and household products, including toothpaste, air fresheners, insect repellants,
dishwasher and surface cleaners, and toilet cleaners. Balsar’s strong interest in private label
toothpaste in the US market has sharpened Dabur’s interest in private label, covering oral care and
selected herbal supplements. Private label also promises to play a role in Dabur’s latest venture:
the chain of beauty, health and wellness stores under the “newu” banner. In March 2008, the
company’s H&B Stores Ltd. subsidiary announced plans to open its first four-story store (4,500
square feet), featuring more than 13,000 SKUs--the largest range offered by a health and beauty
startup retailer in India. Plans call for opening 350 stores within five years and more than 1,000 in
10 years--ranging in size from 1,500 to 6,000 square feet. Leading Indian and international brands
will be featured as well as private labels. Dabur plans to capitalize on its synergies as a
manufacturer in the development of this retail chain.
Products/Services: Toothpaste, herbal supplements, household products
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
Englandsej 12, DK 8450 Hammel, DENMARK
Tel: +45 9746 4262
FAX: +45 9746 4620
Total 2012 Sales Volume: DKR 436 Million $75.3 Million
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets:Europe, United States
Profile: Danlind, a family owned company, was founded in 1928, as a supplier of detergents for
the farming industry. Today, it offers a wide range of unique detergents and cleaning agents
(liquid products, powders, and tablets) for both the consumer and professional markets. Its
products are ISO 14001 certified. The firm’s managing director, Gustav Lind, is second generation
company owner. The company, operating three plants in Denmark, innovates in different product
areas, paying strict attention to product impact on the environment. Its latest technological
breakthrough: a 7-in-1 dishwashing tablet, which delivers such functions as: cleaning tableware
and cutlery, cutting salt content in water, a rinsing aid, glass protection, and enhancing the steel
shine in cutlery, pots and pans, etc.
Products/Services:Spray-dried washing powders (all types), dishwashing powders, tabs for
dishwashers and for adding additives to the washing process
Sales Contacts: Henrik Aagaard, CEO (+45 999 20300); Stig Reindahl, Export Manager;
GustavLind, Owner/Chairman; Torben Hedegaard Nielsen, Sales Manager
Category: Household Products (Rinse aid, liquid cleaners for kitchen and bathroom, laundry liquid,
liquid toilet cleaners, floor care products, hand dishwashing detergent, lime remover, dishwashing
powder, stain removers, scouring agents, fabric softener, sports washing, ironing water tablets WC's,
tablets for dishwashers, laundry tablets, universal cleaning, washing powder)
P.O. Box 1058, Kitchener , Ontario N2G 4G4 CANADA
Tel: (519) 893- 5500; (800) 668-3273
FAX: (519) 893- 8369
Total Sales Volume: $300 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: Export Markets:U.S., Mexico, Sweden, Far East, plus 25 other countries
Profile: This privately owned producer of top-quality and premium cookies, crackers, fine breads,
and candies, traces its history back to 1892, when Ted Egan joined grocer Charles H. Doerr to
begin producing and selling biscuits and then candies. Through the Depression and a devastating
fire in 1943, the company survived and expanded its operations beyond the German-speaking
community of Kitchener. Since the family name was not known or easily pronounceable, the
family changed its name and the company identity to Dare—a brand name used on its candy
packages (which approximated the sound of ‘Doerr’). Through the 1950s, the company moved
away from bulk packaging into a new technology at the time, cellophane packages. To insure
product freshness, Dare also innovated by adopting the coffee package, a bag sealed with wire, for
its chocolate chip cookies. An attempt at reshaping Dare into a food conglomerate eventually led
to a sell off of its nontraditional business with renewed concentration in the biscuit and candy area.
Expansion and acquisitions led to a move into the cracker area with its Breton brand. The
company set up a US subsidiary (Spartanburg, SC) and negotiated agreements with foreign
manufacturers to market its products in 23 countries. Dare operates seven state-of-the-art product
development and production facilities in Canada and the US. Its newest product: all-natural water
Products/Services:Gummi bears, spice drops, jelly beans, ju jubes, packaged soft & hard candy,
Sales Contacts: Erhard Dreger, Vice-President, Custom Products; Gary MacLeon, Sr. VP,
U.S./International Sales
Category: Food (candy/snacks, bakery items)
6, Boulevard Joffre, 91490 Milly-la-Forêt, FRANCE
Tel: +33 1-64-98-2900
FAX: +33 1-64-98-2957
Total 2014 Sales Volume: €110 Million ($146.3 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, South America
Profile: In 1887, Amand Darbonne, a farmer, settled in Milly-la-Forêt, a region known for
centuries for growing medicinal plants. The business has since been passed on up to the family's
sixth generation. By 1954, this business added aromatic plants and then frozen herbs to its
product line. Today, Darégal, the world's largest producer of fresh frozen culinary herbs, markets
more than 30 varieties of 100% natural herbs (fresh or frozen) as well as white products (garlic,
shallots, onions), water and oil solutions, and infused oils. Operating four factories, the company
works with 80 farmers who cultivate some 1,500 hectares of land. Its production capacity is
70,000 tons. Products are sold at retail and in the foodservice trade. In 2013, Darégal rolled out a
line of 14 herbs (fresh and frozen) herbs, which are packaged in a new, convenient, square-and
gable-top Pure-Pak cartons, featuring a flip-top closure and shaker spouts.
UPDATE: For 2015, the company plans to launch some 30 new products, including frozen broths
and culinary herbs infused in milkfat.
Products/Services: IQF herbs, dehydrated herbs (including organic products), white products
(garlic, red and white onions, shallots), water and oil solutions, and infused oils
Sales Contacts: Charles Darbonne located at Darégal Gourmet in Princeton, NJ (Tel: 609-3752312)
Category: Food- Herbs & Seasonings
(Division of Informa)
119 Farringdon Rd., London EC1R 3DA UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 20-7551-9000
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80 (E)
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Datamonitor was launched in 1989 as an independent strategic management consultancy,
specializing in market and company dynamics across such areas as banking, insurance,
investment, distribution, and IT in financial services. Its Consumer Goods Practice Area covered:
food, drink, cosmetics and toiletries as well as private label, retailing strategies, and technology in
the retail sector. In July 2007, Datamonitor, then valued at £ 500 million, was acquired by Informa
Business Information, Zug, Switzerland, a "knowledge provider" in different market segments.
Today, Infoma ( , reporting revenues of £ 1.2 billion -3.4%, operates in three
major areas: academic information (AI), professional and commercial information (PCI), and
Events & Training. Its Datamonitor division, part of PCI, provides data across automotive,
consumer packaged goods, energy & sustainability, financial services, logistics & express,
pharmaceutical & health care, and the retail industry. It serves some 6,000+ customers, supported
by a staff of in-house analysts. In 2012, Infoma's biggest product launch was the new
Datamonitor Healthcare Knowledge, providing intelligence on drugs, companies, epidemiology,
and disease.
Products/Services: Market intelligence, data analysis and opinions.
Sales Contacts: In US--52 Vanderbilt Ave. (7th Floor), New York, NY 10017 USA (Tel: 212-6867410)
Category: Service
36 Four Seasons Center (Ste. 101), Chesterfield, MO 63017, USA
Tel: (314) 434- 6008
FAX: (314) 434- 6513
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80 (E)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: David Biernbaum is a consumer package goods specialist with expertise in marketing,
retail sales and business development. His credentials include interaction with several leading
private label, niche brand, and national brand companies.
Products/Services:Corporate planning and strategic development; board advisory services;
executive & sales training/development; marketing & category management consulting; executive
mentor services; retailer-supplier networking, onsite seminars & workshops; trade & industry
relations; media & communications; trade show strategic planning, financial analysis and
Sales Contacts: David S. Biernbaum, President & Senior Consultant
Category: Service
3333 Sargent Rd., Jackson, MI 49201 USA
Tel: (517) 789- 4400; (800) 248-1144
FAX: (517) 789-4465
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Central America, United Kingdom, Europe
Profile: Started 90+ years ago, Dawn Foods has grown into one of the largest, independently
owned bakery manufacturers and distributors in the world. In 1997, the company formed Dawn
Food International to sell American-style bakery products abroad. Today it has more than 4,000
products, covering mixes, bases, icings, glazes, fillings, frozen dough, baked products, etc. In
2002, the company purchased CSP Foods Co., a producer of flour and bakery goods, then a
division of The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and a supplier to the private label industry. CSP had the
license rights to sell Dawn products in Canada. Dawn operates 31 manufacturing facilities in the
US, 6 in Canada, 4 in Mexico, and 4 others in other countries. The company also operates Dawn
Distributors Advantage, a marketing and buying cooperative. In June 2011, the company acquired
Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients, LJ Breda, The Netherlands, a leading European specialist in
value-added pastry ingredients, operating plants in seven European countries.
Products/Services: Flours; powders (drinks, flavors and desserts), bakery mixes and bases; pastry,
cookie, coconut and pie filling; icings, fondants, glazes; jams, fruit purees, spreads, savory
condiments, and sauces; peanut butter and nut pastes/purees; colors, flavors, extracts, emulsions;
dried, sliced glacé, and maraschino fruit; and dairy ingredients (aseptic , ice cream, milk powder,
milk shake and ice cream syrups, colors, flavors, and toppings)
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, candy/snacks), Food (dry groceries, candy/snacks)
700 Fairfield Ave., Stam ford, CT 06902 USA
Tel: (203) 352-7539
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets:Global
Profile: At Daymon Worldwide Company (also see its listing in the Retailers Database), Daymon
Design is positioned as a full-service global branding agency. Its creative services cover: branding
& design, packaging execution, brand activation, package management, prepress, POP
production/direct store fulfillment, photo studio, and digital media (web design, social
media/mobile apps, video production).
Products/Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Prepress & Print Management, Print & Digital,
Sales Promotion, Shopper Marketing, etc.
Sales Contacts: Glenn Pfeifer, VP; Alexander McLean, Sr Manager, Interactive; Sean Glynn,
Packaging Management
Category: Service
DCC House, Brewery Road, Stillorgan, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, IRELAND
Tel: +353-1-2799-400
FAX: +353-1-283-1017
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $14.9 Billion (€ 10.7 Billion) +24.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 30+ countries worldwide: United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe
Profile: DCC Group, founded in 1976 as venture capital investors for start-ups, has evolved into a
sales, manufacturing, distribution, and business support services group, operating through five
autonomous divisions. Its largest business
is DCC Energy (73.2% of revenues) producing oil and liquefied petroleum gas; next is DCC
SerCom (20.4% of revenues) focused on IT, communications, and home entertainment products.
Its private label interests are found in two other divisions:
DCC Health Care (3.1% of revenues or representing € 330 million +6.1%) and DCC Food &
Beverage--its negligible revenues off by 7% for the year. Finally, there is DCC Environment
(1.2% of revenues) dealing in recycling and waste management. DCC Health Care, based in West
Yorkshire, England (Tel: +44 1928-573734) provides hospital supplies and services to both
institutions and retail pharmacies. In addition, it supplies health and beauty solutions to brand
name owners, outsourcing services, such as product development, manufacturing, packaging, etc,
principally in nutrition (vitamins and health supplements) and beauty products (skin care and bath
and body care). Its contract manufacturing supplies: tablets, soft gels, capsules, creams and
liquids. One of its major customers is own brand retailer, The Body Shop in the UK. This division
also is building its business into Benelux countries and Scandinavia. Its hospital supplies business
emphasizes DCC's own company brands, such as Fannin and Neolab. DCC Food & Beverages
serves the Irish grocery market, where some 35% of its sales are in private label. Again, DCC
emphasizes its own brand business, such as Kelkin health foods and beverages, Robert Roberts
coffee and specialty teas, and Lemon's confectionery. In Britain, this division provides branded
wines to retailers, wholesalers and cash and carry outlets. DCC Group also owns 50% of
Kylemore Services Group, an operator of retail restaurants and central catering services in Ireland.
For fiscal 2012, DCC Group ended 17 consecutive years of growth with disappointing results: Its
energy business profits dipped by 38.3%, which overall eroded the Group's operating profits by
19.4% to € 185 million. Prospects for fiscal 2013 remain uncertain, given the weak economic
outlook in Europe.
Products/Services: Beauty system (premium hair & nail care, skin care) plus vitamins &
Sales Contacts: Mr. Robin M. Cal vert, Export Sales Manager (DCC Health Care)
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Food & Beverages (health related, coffee/tea, confectionery,
Everdenberg 60, P.O. Box 299, 4900 AG Oosterhout, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31.162.498800
FAX: +31.162.498801
Total Sales Volume: $15 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: Benelux, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, United States, Canada
Profile: De Kroes established its first bakery in 1849. Today, it specialized in private label savory
and sweet snacks for both the retail and foodservice sectors. Its strength lies in a high-quality
standard of product and service (HACCP certified) and constant product innovation. In January
2010, the company acquired a majority interest in the French baker, Semur Feuilletage,
specializing in puff pastries. Recently, the company introduced cheese, bacon and pizza crackers;
plus cheddar-filled wafers.
Products/Services: Biscuits, wafers, mini choux, crackers, and puff pastries
Sales Contacts: Mr. J.M. Bouman, Sales Director; Mrs. N.F. Fischer, Area Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
2711 N. Haskell Ave., Suite 3400, Dallas, TX 75204, USA
Tel: (214) 303-3400
FAX: (214) 303-3830
Total 2014 Sales: $9.5 Billion +5.6%
Sales % in EB: 53%
Export Markets: Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America, Eastern Mediterranean, Australia,
Profile: In 2012, Dean Foods (NYSE: DF) experienced a dramatic metamorphosis, involving a
strategic transformation of two of its business divisions. In October 2012, t the request of its
shareholders, Dean initiated an initial public offering of its successful WhiteWave Foods
operation, netting a reported (disappointing) $391 million. This was followed in January 2013
with the sale of its Morning Star business for $1.5 billion. Both actions plus the company’s
performance in 2012 helped reduce the company’s debt by more than $2 billion. The bottom line
results for 2012 speak volumes: Net income of $161 million versus a loss of $1.6 billion in
calendar 2011. As a result, Dean emerges as primarily as a producer of milk and other fluid dairy
products, while holding a majority interest in the publicly traded WhiteWave Foods operation.
Dean Foods continues as the largest processor and distributor of milk and other dairy products in
the US. The momentum of some 40 dairy-related acquisitions from1993 through 2009 came to a
screeching halt in 2009, when the company faced weakening industry volumes, competitive
pricing, and inflated commodity costs, all softening its profits. Also, the consolidation trend in the
retail sector impacted on its profits, as retailers with a stronger bargaining position looked to lower
prices while they also shifted from local dairy brands (Dean’s Fresh Dairy Direct business
supplies more than 50 of these brands) to private label products. (Walmart, for example,
commands 23% of Dean’s net sales.)
UPDATE: 2014 for Dean Foods "was the most difficult year in our company's history," which
suffered "record high dairy commodity prices, declining category volumes, and shifts of
consumers away from branded to private label product." Its 2014 net loss of $20.3 million
compares to net income of $819.4 million in 2013. Since 2012, Dean reportedly closed 13
factories, representing 15% of its production capacity. It now has about 70 plants (in 32 states)
running at some 60% of capacity. In January 2013, the company sold its Morning Star Foods
business, which was positioned as a leading manufacturer of dairy and non-dairy extended shelf
life products and cultured items (creams, creamers, ice cream mixes, whipped cream, aerosol
whipped topping, iced coffee, half and half, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.). Morning Star
emphasized its foodservice and private label retail business. Its 2011 sales totaled $1.3 billion.
Morning Star was sold to Saputo of Canada (also in this database). In May 2013, Dean spun off
its WhiteWave Foods business (natural and organic foods, primarily plant-based foods under its
Silk brand (soy/almond/coconut milk), Land O’ Lake coffee creamers, and Horizon Organic dairy
products, plus the plant-based Alpro brand in Europe. Both Morning Star and WhiteWave were
listed as discontinued operations in 2014. Dean also reported its biggest customer, Walmart and its
subsidiaries now represented only 16% of its sales. Dean Foods is now positioned as the largest
processor and direct-to-stores distributor of fluid milk and other dairy and dairy case products in
the U.S. It manages more than 50 local and regional brands and private labels. Dean claims 35%
of the fluid milk volume in the U.S. and its rands are number 1 or number 2 in sales of brande
white milk in almost 80% of the markets its serves. A new brand, TruMoo flavored milk, launched
in 2012, has grown to a $700 million+ volume in retail and foodservice markets. In May 2015,
Dean announced that it was consolidating 31 of its brands of white milk under a single moniker,
Dairy Pure. That identity will be put alongside the regional brand identities. Dean plans to
promote and advertise Dairy Pure as a national brand. The total sales of this new brand are
estimated at $2.5 billion. (Some of the regional brand affected include: Alta Dena, Berkeley
Farms, Country Fresh, Dean's, etc.)
Products/Services: Fluid milk, ice cream, cultured dairy producs, creams, juices, tea, ice cream
Sales Contacts: Ken Tibbits, VP, Private Label Retail Sales
Category: Food Service (Dairy), Beverages (Dairy), Food (Dairy)
One Market @ The Landmark, San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Tel: (415) 247-3000
Total Fiscal 2015 Sales Volume: $1.7 Billion +4.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: South America
Profile: Del Monte traces it s roots back to 1886 as a processor of foods in cans. Its cannery by
1909 became the largest fruit and vegetable canner in the world. In 1971, the company became the
first major U.s. food producer to voluntary adopt nutritional labeling on all its food products.
DelMonte evolved into one of the largest marketers of processed fruits, vegetables, and tomatoe
products, while maintaining leading market share for its branded fruit and vegetable products.
Over the years, the company acquired other brands and diversified into pet foods products.
DelMonte also served the private label market in both those areas.
UPDATE: In February 2014, operating as DelMonte Corp., the company divested its Consumer
Products business and namesake Del Monte brand. The pet food operation remained intact and
was renamed Big Heart Pet Brands (now listed separately in this database). The food business
was sold to Del Monte Pacific Ltd. and as its subsidiary was renamed Del Monte Foods Co. It
produces more than 2,000 products under some 20 strong brands, including: DelMonte, S&W,
Contadina, College Inn, etc. Giving Del Monte Pacific a foothold in the U.S and South American
markets, this private group of companies now controls exclusive rights to the Del Monte
trademarket in packaged foods also for the Philippines, the Indian sub-continent, and Myanmar.
In the Philippines, this Group is the market leader in canned pineapple juice and juice drinks,
canned pineapples, mixed fruilts, tomato and spaghetti sauces, and tomato ketchup. Del Monte
Pacific's subsidiary, Del Monte Philippines,operates the world’s largest fully-integrated pineapple
operation. Del Monte Pacific is 67%-owned by NutriAsia Pacific Ltd (NPL). NPL is owned by the
NutriAsia Group of Companies which is majority-owned by the Campos family of the Philippines.
The NutriAsia Group is the market leader in liquid condiments, specialty sauces and cooking oil
market in the Philippines. In March 2015, De Monte Foods for $75 million cash purchased Sager
Creek Vegetable Co., its revenues reported at $250 million. Sager Creek, formerly called Allens
Inc., Siloam Springs, AR. Allens, a food canning business (also in this database), reportedly will
be operated under the Sager Creek identity as a subsidiary at Del Monte. Del Monte's gross profits
in fiscal 2015 weree reported at $281.5 million -13.9%.
Products/Services: Processed vegetables, specialty vegetables, broth, fuit cups, gravies
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (canned groceries)
Cafeastrasse, D-21107 Hamburg, Post fach 930269; D- 21082, Hamburg, GERMANY
Tel: +49 40/75304-0
FAX; +49 40/75304-417
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 60 countries on five continents
Profile: DEK was formed as an instant coffee producer in 1955 by major players in the German
coffee market: Max Hertz (Tchibo), Walter Jacobs-Kaffee), Eduard Schopf (Eduscho), and
Bernhard Rothfos (coffee importer). In 1980, this company was taken over by the Rothfos family
and organized under the KORD Group, an international holding company. This group has since
been renamed Cafea GmbH (listed separately in this database). Today, DEK claims to be the
world’s leading producer of private label instant coffee. DEK also produces cappuccino blends
(Venezia, amaretto, vanilla, chocolate, Secco), available in 100-, 125-, and 180-gram sizes. The
firm operates a total of eight plants. They produce some 100 basic blends, ranging from medium
to premium quality. DEK also sells its own Grands, Grandos and Extra Mocca. In 1966, the
company met the stringent DIN EN ISO 9001 criteria for instant coffee. Its exports account for
65% of total turnover. Today, the company is Europe’s leading provider of private label soluble
coffee (freeze dried, agglomerated, spray dried, and decaffeinated), and soluble coffee drinks
(cappuccino, iced coffee, etc.)
Products/Services: Instant coffee, coffee mixes (jars, tins, boxes, bags)
Sales Contacts: Arnulf Meuser, Marketing & Sales Director; Claus Dieter Haevescher, Ursula
Schemmel, Bernhard C. Rathgens, all Export Managers; Noor Gando
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea)
4651 Schaefer Ave., Chino, CA 91710 USA
Tel: (909) 230-9888
FAX: (909) 230-9885
Total Sales Volume: $15 Million - $20 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Eve Yen, a first generation immigrant from Taiwan, founded Diamond Wipes
International in 1994 as a small restaurant wipes supplier. The company prides itself on being the
original manufacturer of hot and cold disposable wet wipes in the US. Today, the firm offers a full
range of wipes, from economical towelettes to premium hot towels, serving numerous industries:
cosmetics, personal care, healthcare, automotive, household, janitorial, and sanitation. Also,
Diamond Wipes has distinguished itself as an environmentally focused enterprise in terms of its
solar panel installations, landfill concerns, and even its product development. In 2012, the
company achieved 90% diversion away from fossil fuel in its 130,000-square-foot Chino, CA
facility, while also establishing a clean energy system in its 65,000-square-foot Bucyrus, OH,
facility. As an innovator, the company during 2012 also introduced eco-friendly dining wipes
(biodegradable, compostable, 99.9% natural ingredients in recyclable PP film) and pro-grade,
rinse-free food surface, sanitizing wipes for all non-porous food contact surfaces. In April 2013,
the company announced its registration to handle and process certified organic ingredients and
products for beauty and personal care wet wipes. The company offers turnkey private label and
contract packing service for its products.
Products/Services: Wipes for Beauty (Makeup remover, facial cleansers, cosmetic brush cleaners,
etc.); Personal Care (baby/incontinence/hand/eye/foot, aerosols, bath & shower, hair care/styling,
deodorants, skin care, etc); Household/Pet/Auto (surface cleaners/disinfectants, wood polishes,
stain removers, lens/shoe/auto/pet/rug & carpet care, laundry, household cleaners, cream cleaners,
specialty cleaners, aerosols, etc.
Sales Contacts: Eve Yen, President; Tom Hill, Sr. Vice-President/Gen. Sales Manager; Moto
Okawa, Marketing Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Household Products, Pet Care
Waterras Tower, 101, Kanda Awajicho 2-chrome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0063 JAPAN
Tel: +81 3-6733-000
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $8.9 Billion (¥ 703.8 Billion) -4.2%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Founded in 1908 as a manufacturer of printing inks, DIC Corp. (formerly called
Dainippon Ink and Chemicals) has grown into a global specialize chemical company with a top
market share in printing inks. The company operates 180 affiliates in more than 60 countries and
territories--almost half of its sales in printing ink--offset, gravure, flexo, can coatings, plastic
adhesives, etc. DIC also is involved in neo-graphic arts materials, synthetic resins (polymers),
chemical solution materials, and pressure sensitive adhesives. Its Sun Chemical Corp. Division,
Parsippany, NJ, the largest producer of printing inks and pigments and a leading provider of
materials for packaging, publications, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, etc., operates Sun Branding
Solutions in the United Kingdom, a branding and design implementation specialist, formerly
called Gilchrist. This operation, which works with retailers and brand manufacturers, operates as
a global brand life cycle management agency, focused on creative package design through legal
sign-off for clients in Europe and North America.
Products/Services: Printing inks, graphic arts materials, synthetic resins, chemical solution
materials, and package design lifecycle management.
Sales Contacts: Ian Schofield, Head of Innovation, Sun Branding Solutions, Albion Hills,
Greengats, Bradford, United Kingdom BD10 9TQ (Tel: 44 1274-200-700) e-mail:
[email protected]
Category: Services & Supplies
De Koumen 12, 6433 KD Hoensbroek, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 45- 5- 238484
FAX: +31 45- 5- 229393
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Dicom is a major supplier to the food and drugstore retailers in the countries of the
European Union. The firm is a well-established, competent and market-oriented supplier with
whom trend products can be developed quickly and at competitive prices. The customer benefits
by dealing with one supplier, offering a wide selection of products as well as packaging options
(bottles, tubes, pouches, Bag-in-Box and milk cartons—using recycled materials, glass, PE, PP,
and PET). Dicom, a subsidiary of Dolli Werke Maurer & Wirtz, Stolberg, Germany, prides itself
on its flexibility, friendliness, and no-nonsense approach when dealing with customers.
Products/Services: Laundry products, household cleaners, cream cleaners, specialty cleaners,
aerosols, bath & shower products, hair care, hair styling, deodorants, skin care products.
Sales Contacts: Hans van de Riet, Export Manager
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
Avenue des Tilleuls, 62140 Marconne, FRANCE
Tel: +33 3
FAX: +33 3
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America
Profile: Since 1829, Distilleries Ryssen has operated through five generations of the Ryssen
family, where 51% of the company came to be owned by M. Ryssen Senior and his son. The
remainder is owned by Generale Sucriere, the second most important sugar producer in France,
which guarantees a supply of raw materials. The company reaffirms its commitment to a higher
level of quality with an ISO 9002 certificate, issued by the British Retail Consortium. Besides
spirits, the company’s basic product can be used in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics areas. In
2005, Generale Sucriere took control of the distillery, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
Products/Services: Pure alcohol 96%—alcoholic spirits, including rum, whisky, liquors, brandy,
Sales Contacts: Patrick Ryssen, Chairman; Mark Maes, Sales Manager; Philippe Denis,
Administration and Finance Manager; Laurent Saltel, Technical and Quality Manager
Category: Beverages (alcoholic spirits)
Laboratorio Farmaceutico Tuset, 19, 4a Planta, Barcelona E- 08006, SPAIN
Tel: +34 3 201-81-55
FAX: +34 3 201-64-70
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: France, BELGIUM, Italy
Profile: This privately owned company, financed with 100% Spanish capital, was founded in
1979. The firm manufacturers adhesive tapes, strips, plasters, dressing strips, as well as natural
rubber latex condoms and Sanipore-Fix (a non-woven elastic fabric, hypoallergenic, microporous
adhesive). Its products are developed with its own technology.
Products/Services: Adhesive plasters, strips, dressing strips, condoms
Sales Contacts: Eduardo Noguera Torres, Sub-director General; Claudia Nick
Category: Health & Beauty Care
515 E. Carefree Hwy #354, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA
Tel: (602) 465-2001
FAX: (602) 465-2002
Total Sales Volume: $0.6 Million
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: Japan, Australia, Europe
Profile: Doctor Hoy’s in-house production of personal care products, graphic design and label
printing, all is geared to small private companies that want their own look. A program can be
started for as little as 50 bottles of product. An extremely fast turnaround (2 weeks or less) is
possible. Small quantities: 6+ pieces.
Products/Services: Lotions, massage oils, bath soaks, foaming bath oils, food and body powder,
shower gel, shampoo, anti-aging serum, scented personal care products
Sales Contacts: Bruce Haughey, President; Roxanne Haughey, Vice-President (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1921 Annapolis Rd., Baltimore, MD 21230 USA
Tel: (410) 545- 4400
FAX: (410) 545-4300
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Domil, Inc. sources product from Italy as well as locating suppliers from all over the
world for the sole purpose of providing upscale private label items to the supermarket trade. The
firm helps clients develop a complete program of unique, upscale products which will increase
profits, while satisfying its customers demands for specialty items.
Products/Services: Imported frozen pizza, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, antipasto (marinated
vegetables), candy
Sales Contacts: Marc Klien, Colleen Vittik
Category: Food (frozen foods, dry groceries, candy/snacks)
395 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1L6, CANADA
(514) 848-5555
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $5.5 Billion -1.8%
Percentage of Sales in Exclusive Brands: N/A
Export Markets: 50 countries; Personal Care in United States and 9 northern European countries
Profile: Domtar’s principal business is the production and distribution of fiber-based products
(communication papers, specialty and packaging papers, which represents 2012 revenues of $4.6
billion -8% The company also operates a Personal Care business, formed in September 2011 after
its acquisition of Attends Health Care, a producer of branded and private label adult incontinence
products, marketed in nine northern European countries as well as in the United States. In May
2012, Domtar acquired EAM Corp, a producer of air-laid and ultra-thin cores for use in feminine
hygiene, adult incontinence, baby diapers, and other medial healthcare items. Domtar has been
suffering losses in its paper business recently; its net earning in 2012 dipped by 54.3% to $172
million, due to “a down cycle in pulp prices’ plus the closing of a couple of paper and pulp mills.
The company strategy has shifted gears, building its personal care business, its 2012 revenues
soaring by 462%to $399 million. Domtar also reports sales in its distribution business at $685
million, down by 12.3% for the year.
UPDATE: In May 2013, Domtar announced its $272 million acquisition of Associated Hygienic
Products (AHP) also in this database. The takeover should be consummated in the second quarter
of 2013, giving Domtar an entry into the infant diaper business. AHP operates two plants in the
US and had annual sales of $320 million. The addition also will build on Domtar’s homecare and
retail customer base. In personal care, the company already is a leader in adult incontinence
products, selling to hospitals, nursing homes. With AHP, Domtar’s personal care sales will be
anywhere from $700 million to $800 million with a significant stake in the private label business.
Products:Briefs, protective underwear (adult incontinence), under pads, pads, washcloths
Sales Contacts: Michael Fagan, Sr. VP, Personal Care
2201 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
Tel: (847) 437-2100
FAX: (847) 437-1809
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Asia, Carribean
Profile: Doumak, a privately held company, invented the extrusion process in 1954, which is the
method used today by all marshmallow manufacturers. Its state-of-the-art facility is continually
upgraded to meet the current technology.
Products/Services: Marshmallows
Sales Contacts: Dan Donahue, President; Donna Fitzpatrick, Manager Sales Administration (email: [email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries)
3245 Jean- Baptiste- Deschamps, La chine, Quebec H8T 3E4 CANADA
Tel: (514) 420-6030; (800) 354-4445
FAX: (514) 420-6050
Total Sales Volume: $1.5 Million
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East
Profile: Dover Finishing Products, division of Doverco Inc., is a leading supplier of wood
finishing and repair products. Since 1950, they have supplied cabinet makers and furniture
manufacturers and have recently introduced their products to the retail market. Specializing in
unique polishes and care products for furniture, Dover’s product mix includes the national brand
Trade Secret, together with more than 3,000 SKUs of related products. Its leading quality, service
and cost competitiveness are evident in the company’s rapid growth into retail sales.
Products/Services: Furniture polish, scratch removers for wood, Melamine (Formica) polish.
Sales Contacts: William Booth, President
Category: Household Products
Spinnerijstreet 12, 9240 Zele, BELGIUM
Tel: +32 52-559-560
Total Sales Volume: $325 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: 90%+ (E)
Export Markets: Western Europe (28 countries), Russia, China
Profile: Bart van Malderen, up until 2003 the former CEO and owner of Europe's largest producer
of hygienic disposable products for private label, Belgian-based Ontex (also in this database),
through his 2011 acquisition of Hygiene Technologies, a Russian manufacturer of feminine
hygiene products, launched Drylock Technologies, initiallyfocused on the diaper business. Van
Malderen had developed a fluff-less, paper thin diaper (about 3mm thick versus the standard 8
mm thickness of competitors) without using cellulose or wood pulp, glue, chemicals, or fluff pulp
in the absorbent core of the diaper. The patented design (almost as thin as underwear) featured 15
grams of powder inserted in the diaper and distributed at high production speeds to allow for even
distribution and super absorbency. That absorbency comes from its integrated fluid management
system. In 2012, he built a diaper plant in the Czech Republic for production of five products. By
2015, Drylock, having adopted its technology to other products, offered a full range of hygienic
disposables, baby diapers, feminine care, and adult incontinence products. In September 2015,
Drylock took control of CIP Assorbenti, Buccinasco, Italy, a producer of feminine care products,
allowing the company to expand its feminine hygiene product line. This productions was tied
into the Russian facility, which also produced feminine care products; and where at that time, a
second plant in Russia was under construction. Focused on retailer brand business, the company
also markets products under its own brands: Magics diapers, Vivi feminine hygienics Dailee
incontinence products. Drylock now looks to expand its export business into the United States.
Products/Services: baby diapers (diapers fluffless and low-fluff, diaper pants, baby wipes,
changing mats), panty liners, ultra-towels, tampons, incontinence products
Sales Contacts: Bart van Malderen, CEO
Category: Health & Beauty Care: Diapers, Incontinence products, and feminine hygiene
165 Avenue Rd., Suite 200, Toronto, ONT M5R 354 CANADA
Tel: (416) 443-9448
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: International
Profile: This company is a retail strategy and design group founded by retail strategist and
designer, the late Don Watt and his partner, Geoff Belchetz. The company is now part of St.
Joseph Content ( which is comprised of DW+Partners, Pi Media,
Alchemy, Gottschalk+Ash International, and CMI (photography, together one of the largest
content creation organization in North America ($400 million in sales). St. Joseph Content in turn
is a division of St. Joseph Communications, Canada’s leading provider of integrated
communication solutions. The Content Division is joined by three others: Print, Documents, and
Media. DW+Partners and Gottschalk +Ash International provide strategic branding and
communications services, touching on retail branding and store design, packaging, signage,
corporate branding, etc. Don Watt is credited with some of the industry's leading private label
programs, including: Loblaws, Wal-Mart, Metro (Canada), etc.
Products/Services: Private label program design, store & product design
Sales Contacts: Geoff Belchetz, President
Category: Service & Supplies
805 East Old 56th Hwy., Olathe, KS 66061USA
Tel: (913) 397-9889
FAX: (913) 397-8761
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 30+ countries—Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Central &
South America
Profile: Positioned as “the new idea company,” Dymon celebrated its 25th years in 1995. Over its
history, the company has introduced a number of “firsts” in product formulations and packaging
technology. Its products address all maintenance needs for wholesale or custom private label
development. For example, its Do It All stable foam disinfectant cleaner, introduced in 1983,
serves as an effective virucide against HIV-1 (AIDS Virus). Other products in its line: Scrubs InA-Bucket waterless hand-cleaning towel, Dry Breeze air fresheners, Liquid Alive floor cleaner,
Natural Force bacteria for degreasing drains, Dry Fog insecticides, etc. The range covers cleaning
products, protection and maintenance products, personal care products, disinfectants and
deodorants, and specialty products. Support, besides R&D and customer service, includes creative
design services and decoration services on silkscreening aerosol containers, color treatment of
paper labels, and multiple color laminated polyfilm labels.
Products/Services: Ready-to-use bulk, quart and aerosol disinfectant cleaners,
disinfectant/deodorant, air fresheners, insecticides, floor care, hand/body cleaners, specialty items,
Sales Contacts: Pete Keilman, National Sales Manager-Core Products (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Household Products
One Arnold Drive, Huntington, NY 11743 USA
Tel: (631) 673-3500
FAX: (631) 673-6700
Total Sales Volume: $9 Million+
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Canada, South America, Europe, Japan
Profile: In business for more than 40 years, Eagle Home Products is a sister company of Eagle
Hygenic Rubber Co., part of Tops E.H.R. Corp., the latter two involved in production and
importing. Eagle, a supplier of cleaning aids, household gloves, oral care products and travel
accessories, is quick to respond to new developments in the name brand area, providing its
primary customers — mass merchandisers, drugstore retailers, supermarket operators and variety
discount owners— with similar products under their own label. Special promotional displays are
available for its different private label programs.
Products/Services: Latex gloves, toothbrushes, cleaning aids, sponges, cleaning wipes
Sales Contacts: Robert Chemtob, Vice-President, Jeff Stahl, Vice-President of Sales
Category: General Merchandise
1721 San Juan Highway, San Juan Bautista, CA 95045 USA
Tel: (831) 623-7878
(800) 690-3200
Total Sales Volume: $460 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started on a backyard garden (2.5 acres) in 1984, Earthbound Farm has grown to become
one of the country's leading organic food companies, offering more than 100 varieties of certified
organic salads, fruits and vegetables grown on 50,000+ crop acres by more than 200 farmers. In
February 2012, the company entered the frozen food category, introducing 14 certified organic
fruits and vegetables.
UPDATE: In December 2013, the WhiteWave Foods Co. (NYST: WWAV), Denver, which was
spun off by Dean Foods (also in this database) in June 2013, agreed to acquire Earthbound Farm
for some $600 cash. Once cleared, the merger is expected to be completed in 2014's first quarter.
Plans call for WhiteWave to operate Earthbound Farm as a separate business unit without any
significant operational changes anticipated.
Products/Services: Value-added, prewashed, bagged salads, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Fresh & Frozen Foods
Paseo de la Castellana, 20, 28046 Madrid, SPAIN
Tel: +34 917-245-250
FAX: +34 917-245-341
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $2.3 Billion ( € 2 Billion) +13.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe/North America/Asia/Africa -- some 25 countries.
Profile: This Spanish company (#1 food group in that country), a producer of sugar, milk, rice,
pasta, and biotechnological products for health as well as other products, through acquisitions
over the past few years, has emerged as the world leader in the rice sector and the number two
producer of pasta products. Ebro Foods, formerly called Ebro Puleva, also is the market leader in
Spain for sugar and milk. In 2010, however, Ebro sold its dairy business. Its 2012 net profits for
rose by 4.5% to € 158.6 million. Its ongoing strategy: taking over leading brand manufacturers
(some of whom also supply private label). It now controls some 60 brands--and very likely
tolerates the private label business acquired through those takeovers. The company emerged from
an acquisition by sugar producer, Azucarera Ebro Agricolas S.A. of the dairy firm, Puleva S.A. in
Spain. While more than half its revenues derive from Spain, the company has mounted an
aggressive international acquisition program. A significant development came in 2004, when it
acquired Riviana Foods Houston, TX. Ebro had already formed partnerships with Riviana’s
Belgium and United Kingdom subsidiaries, selling rice, dried fruit and other foods. Riviana is one
of the largest sellers of rice in the US. In April 2005, Ebro acquired Panzani SAS, Lyon, France, a
major producer of dry and fresh pasta, sauces, rice and couscous. This company is now expanding
into frozen foods Ebro also took control of one of Europe’s top rice producer, Herba Group. In
June 2006, Ebro acquire New World Pasta, Harrisburg, PA, for $362.5 million, which added a
number of brands (Healthy Harvest, Ronzoni, Skinner, Prince, America Beauty, San Giorgio, and
Creamette--all in the U.S., plus the number one pasta brand in Canada, Catelli). New World had
emerged from 18 months of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2005. For an encore,
Ebro in July 2006 announced plans to buy Kraft’s Minute Rice business in the US and Canada.
Minute Rice is the number two rice brand in Canada and number 5 in the US. In July 2007, the
company bid to acquire Germany’s leading pasta acompany, Birkel Teigwaren Gmbh. In its
international expansion, Ebro Pueleva becomes the number one market leader in its respective
product categories. In the current year, raw material costs contributed to a 72.8% drop in operating
income. But overall revenues were strong, helped especially in its rice business. In the pasta
business, the company has introduced Smart Taste (high calcium, high fiber) pasta under its
brands and started to develop microwaveable pasta. Recently, the company formed Ebro North
America to oversee the Riviana and New World Pasta business in North America.
UPDATE: In November 2013, Ebro acquired Olivieri Foods, a fresh pasta and sauce producer,
from Canada Bread Co., Ltd., part of Maple Leaf Foods of Toronto (also in this database).
Products/Services: Sugar, rice, pasta
Sales Contacts: Robert Bain, Di rec tor, Private Label Sales, Rivi ana Foods (rice) in Houston, TX
(Tel: 713- 525- 9552); New World Pasta, Harris burg, PA (tel: 800- 730- 5957)
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, dairy), Food (dry groceries, refrigerated foods)
Boschstraat 10, 6442 PB Brunssum, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 45-4007474
FAX: +31 45- 5273150
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million+
Sales % in EB: 65
Export Markets: All European countries, Far East
Profile: Eco Nederland is the producer of a wide range of chemical-technical products, which
makes this company literally the expert in almost every cleaning area imaginable: personal care,
household furnishing and floor covering, as well as car and truck. While the firm sells the Blue
Yel brand, its marketing focus is primarily on private label professional cleaning products. Eco
virtually fills every cleaning needs for both the professional and the consumer. Its product line
encompasses cleaners for domestic furnishings—glass, tile, oven, carpet, floor— as well as for
hand, body, face, and hair care (shampoos, cleansers, gels, lotions, creams). Its range covers
cleaning aids for specific usage (scale remover, furniture polish, garden furniture cleaner,
detergents for manual or mechanical application, etc.). In skin and body care, the range also
includes hand cleaners for all types of contamination, plus PH neutral value facial creams. Eco
addresses specific needs in packaging, labeling, logo, odor and color requirements, biodegradable
and/or recycling factors. The company’s entire manufacturing process is EN ISO 9001:2000
Products/Services: Cleaning products for cars, trucks, floors, etc.; household products, skin and
body care, hand cleansers, camping products, bag-in-box, permanent paint protection
Sales Contacts: Wolfgang Onken, Director; Mathilde Behhin, Sales Manager (+31-45-400-7479)
Category: Household Products
Industrial Zone Tiberias, Elite, POB 659, Tiberias ISRAEL
Tel: +972 2-732360
FAX: +972 6-732368
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Far East, Australia & New Zealand, Ghana,
South Africa
Profile: This firm operates mainly as an export business, supplying a wide range of wet wipes for
babies, cosmetics, cars, medical and hygienic purposes. Additionally, Effar manufacturers plastic
packaging and non-woven fabrics, Effar has developed private label business in Asia.
Products/Services: Wet wipes, non-woven fabric
Sales Contacts: Efi Lahav, President; Bruria Lahav, Vice-President
Category: Non-Food Groceries
Avenida Insurgentes No 4145-B OTE, CD Juarez Chichuaha, MEXICO
Tel: 915 774 8333
Total 2007 Sales Volume: $110.7 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Elamex is a wholesale grocer, which through its subsidiary, Franklin Connections LP,
owns a nut and foodservice nut packaging (Azar) and candy manufacturing and packaging
business (Sunshine Confections. In July 2002, Elamex acquired those operations, which
encompassed Azar Nut Co., El Paso, TX, and Sunrise Confections, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
Elamex was founded in 1973 as a contract manufacturer and went public in 1996, listed as ELAM
on NASDAQ. Azar was founded in 1907 as a privately owned business, which included private
label, begun in the 1920s. Azar grew to become one of the largest private label nut suppliers in the
US. Its plant facility is filled with state-of-the-art nut processing and packaging equipment. Its
quality, service, and value all depend on strict, reliable delivery and careful control of warehouse
and store inventories. Product lines are sold extensively though Azar’s effective retail,
foodservice, and specialty/gourmet food marketing products. The firm serves the retail and
foodservice trade.
Products/Services: Nuts, snack mixes, candy
Sales Contacts: Greg Butler, VP Sales/ Marketing (Azar Nut, El Paso-- (915) 877- 4079; (800)
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, candy/snacks), Food (dry groceries, candy/snacks)
EMPIRE TEA SERVICES Division of Union Commodities (PVT) Ltd.
5155 Hartford Ave., Columbus, IN 47203 USA
Tel: +812 375- 1937; (800) 790-0246
FAX:+812 376-7382
Total Sales Volume: $0.5 Million+
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: U.S., Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Russia
Profile: From a country traditionally renown for its quality tea, Union Commodities (PVT) Ltd.,
established about 1985, has produced an outstanding record in tea exports. The firm now
maintains Empire Tea Services (tea importer, merchant & consultant) as its marketing arm for
100% pure Ceylon tea products. Exports to other countries are handled from Sri Lanka by Union
Commodities (also listed in this database). Private label has opened up a new avenue of marketing
for the company’s high-quality teas, offered to mass merchandise chains, supermarkets and other
segments of the business.
Products/Services: Tea bags, whole leaf tea in packets
Sales Contacts: Larry Paranavitana
Category: Beverages (teas)
6209 Mid Rivers Dr., Suite 107, St. Charles, MO 63304 USA
Tel: (877) 447-7710
FAX: (877) 736-0007
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This family-owned business produces natural, liquid, animal supplements from a fully automated and
integrated cGMP pharmaceutical, 30,000-square-foot facility. Its products, dispensed from a pump spray onto dog
and cat food, are produced under the same quality standards and accreditations required for human pharmaceuticals.
Its product line includes: branded (True-Dose) prescription human products; private label products (domestic and
international); cough, cold and allergy relief; and pain relief medications. Most dog and cat ailments are addressed:
calming, joint care, agility, skin & coat care, dental care, etc. Liquid dosage supplements are found to absorb faster
than tablets or chewables, according to the company and its research findings. Recently, the company began
supplying its products to Chain Drug Consortium (listed in the Retailer's database) under its Premier Value private
Products/Services: Natural liquid pet supplements
Sales Contacts: Joe Wayman, President; Paige Wayman, Marketing Coordinator
Category: Pet Supplies
240 Cedar Knolls Rd., Ste. 401, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 USA
Tel: (973) 753-3000
FAX: (973) 326-9005
Total 2009 Sales Volume: $300 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 67.8
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Europe, Pacific Rim
Profile: In November 2010, American Safety Razor (ASR), which four months earlier had filed for
Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, was acquired by Energizer Holdings, Inc., St. Louis, MO,
reporting fiscal 2011 sales of $4.6 billion as a brand manufacturer of personal care and household
products. Energizer paid $301 million in cash and assumed ASR’s liabilities. ASR had a long
history in the store brand shaving razor and blades business, tracing back to 1875. At the time of
this latest takeover, the company, then operating as Personna American Safety Razor, was the
fourth largest producer of wet-shaving blades and the largest private label blades supplier in the
US, while commanding about an 8% market share for its brands in the US. ASR, struggling in the
recent past, had diversified into industrial, specialty and medical blades, cotton balls, cosmetic
puffs, and foot care products. Energizer reportedly has made a commitment to ASR’s private label
business, despite its strong brand market positioning with brands like Energizer Bunny and
Everready batteries, Schick razors, Edge shaving prep, etc.
Products/Services: Razor systems, disposable razors, razor cartridges
Sales Contacts: Chris Bender, National Accounts Manager; Chris Anderson, Private
Brand/Personal Care Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
4350 South Taylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081 USA
Tel: (920) 457-7761; (800) 473-0757
FAX: (920) 457-3899
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: EnzoPac continues to be a leading manufacturing service provider for the food industry
with an ongoing commitment to excellence. Its strength is its ability to apply its experience, since
1925, in producing dry food products to the changing food markets. The company’s R&D
department utilizes a program of constant formula evaluation, which focuses on all parts of its
business-- retail, foodservice, and contract manufacturing. When national brand formula changes
are detected, EnzoPac reacts immediately to meet or exceed these changes. The company has
moved to a new, state-of-the-art, 112,000-square-foot facility. Its fully integrated
manufacturing/warehousing/corporate headquarters allows the company to provide complete
services to its customers from product development to distribution. In 1999, Enzopack expanded
its distribution center to 130,000 square feet. The firm has taken quality one step further through
modular blending and packaging bays that eliminate any chance of cross contamination.
Products/Services: All dry foods, including gelatins, puddings, dessert mixes, pancake mixes, and
other baking mixes, drink mixes, sauces & gravies, bread mixes
Sales Contacts: Steve Van Remortel, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Category: Food (dry groceries)
13748 F. St., Omaha, NB 68137 USA
Tel: (402) 342- 7000; (800) 228-9940
FAX: (402) 342-9284
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In business since 1908, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is privately owned by the Hillmer family
and key board members. Its business began in beer labeling and has over the years expanded
through the beverage, health and beauty care, automotive, and toys markets. Recently, the firm
has introduced a new data express service, linking all its customers to its computer system, putting
them on-line.
Products/Services: Label design and printing
Sales Contacts: Phil Cruz
Category: Service & Supplies
1120 E. 32nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46205 USA
Tel: (317) 925-6433
FAX: (317) 921-5023
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Erbrich Products began operations in 1921 primarily as a brand name food manufacturer.
Shortly thereafter its interest turned to private label, producing products for grocery chains,
wholesalers, and foodservice accounts. For 75 years, the company has strived to provide its
customers with quality products and on-time delivery; customer satisfaction has been the key to its
success. In the mid 1950s, Erbrich expanded into household cleaning products, since its customers
could accept delivery of both food and cleaners on the same truck. While positioned as a Midwest
manufacturer, the company recently distinguished itself by becoming the first private label
manufacturer to introduce a thick liquid disinfectant toilet bowl cleaner.
Products/Services: Bleach, ammonia, fabric softener, toilet bowl cleaner, specialty household
cleaners, assorted mustards, vinegars
Sales Contacts: Steve Sewell, President; Marcia Lindsey, Customer Service
Category: Household Products
Klarenanstelerweg 2, 6468 EP Kerkrade, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 45 567 89 00
FAX: +31 45 567 89 01
Total Sales Volume: $18 Million
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Europe, USA, Southeast Asia
Profile: Formerly called Sanodent, this company now called Eurobros, operates as a member of
the Coronet group of companies. Eurobros is family owned, under the owners, G. Weihrauch and
H. Weihrauch. It operates in 20 locations inside and outside of Germany. Eurobros holds 1,750
patents, a large number of them in the toothbrush area. Its expertise covers dental care:
toothbrushes, floss and sticks. The company additionally produces its own special filaments for
toothbrushes. Eurobros also now produces household products, such as household brushes,
doormats, coat hangers; hair brushes; and different painting tools, such as paintbrushes, paint
rollers, etc.
Products/Services: Toothbrushes; dental picks, dental floss, household brushes, hair brushes, paint
brushes, etc.
Sales Contacts: Leon Vroeme
Category: Health & Beauty Care
EURODOUGH (Renamed Cérelia in June 2012)
Z.1. Des Alouettes, 1494 Rue Francois Jacob, Liévin Cedex 62800, FRANCE
Tel: +33 800 1752
FAX: +33 21299563
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $187.7 Million (€ 135 Million)
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Started as Europate, this business has become the largest chilled-dough supplier in
Europe, operating in eight countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The
Netherlands, Portgual, and Sweden. The company has three manufacturing facilities. , thanks to its
purchased in mid-1999 of Patrick Raulet, S.A., Dole, France. EuroDough distributes products
under its CroustiPâte and HappyRoll brands as well as store brands and copacking business
throughout Western Europe with 40% of its sales outside of France. The company is the only
producer of canned refrigerated dough in Europe, operating three plants in France. In November
2011, its parent company, Sara Lee of the US. entered negotiations to sell EuroDough to Sagard,
Paris, a private equity investor for mid-size companies. Sagard purchased the company in January
2012 for € 115 million. In June 2012, EuroDough was renamed Cérelia.
Products/Services: Ready-to-use bakery dough (refrigerated or frozen), including recipes for short
pastry, puff pastry, sweet dessert pasting, pies, and pizza dough
Sales Contacts: Guillaume Reveilhac, Directeur Commercial
Category: Food (Refrigerated, Frozen Foods)
60-61 Britton Street, London EC1M 5UX, UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 20-7251-8024
FAX: +44 20O-7608-3149
Total Fiscal Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Started in 1972, Euromonitor has grown into one of the world's leading strategy
researchers for consumer markets. This independent research firm operates with analysts in 80
countries. With offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, Vilnius, Dubai, Cape Town and
Santiago, and a network of over 600 analysts, this privately owned researcher delivers research to
support strategic business planning. Euromonitor researches 205 countries with extended analysis
for 80 national markets.
Products/Services: Global strategic intelligence on industries, countries and consumers
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Services & Supplies
BP 18, Zi St-Denis-les-Luis, 85170 Saint-Denis-1A Chevasse (Vendee) FRANCE
Tel: +33 2-51-41-24-97
FAX: +33 2-51-41-24-99
Total 2012 Sales Volume: €77 Million ($99.3 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Established in 1991, Europe Snacks has grown to become the largest private label savory
snack producer in France (80% market share). It produces more than 200 skus. Over the past three
years, as the company has invested in expanding its production capability (now with four
factories), its turnover has increased by 50%. The company continues to invest in expansion,
looking to develop its business in the United Kingdom and Spain. IK Investment Partners acquired
a majority stake in the company in 2010. Europe Snacks innovated in 2010 with the launch of Eco
Can tube, eco-friendly packaging that uses only cardboard without a plastic lid or metal base.More
recently, the company has been replacing conventional palm oil products with sunflower oil
products and RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified palm oil products.
UPDATE: In December 2013, IK Investment Partners agreed to sell Europe Snacks to Apax
Partners, Paris, the largest private equity firm in France.
Products/Services: Extruded snacks (potato chips and crackers), fried pellet snacks and potato
stacked chips
Sales Contacts: N/A
250 West Bradshaw St., Le Center, MN 56057 USA
Tel: (507) 357- 2272; (888) 588-5282
FAX: (507) 357-4478
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: Canada, Japan
Profile: Founded in 1986, European Roasterie Inc. is a privately held specialty gourmet coffee
roaster. Private label business began in 1991. Its specialty: German-style method of slow roasting
coffee beans. Besides coffee, the company also provides loose leaf teas, Oregon chai tea, Big
Train brand tea, and dolce syrups. Its coffee is also packaged in gift baskets and boxes. Its
products are ISO 9002 compliant and Blue Ribbon Kosher.
Products/Services: Gourmet coffee, espresso coffee, flavored coffee whole bean & ground, portion
packed & bulk, teas
Sales Contacts: Mark Ericsson, Sales Representative
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea)
Zac des Peyrardes, BP 211, 442 173 Saint Just Saint Rambert, FRANCE
Tel: +33 4-77-02-12-12
FAX: +33 4-77-02-12-19
Total Sales Volume: $70 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Eurotab calls itself the world’s only fully integrated industrial and technological supplier
of tablets. Before being integrated in 2001, the company was originally a producer of soap and
sawdust-based tablets used in mechanical engineering shops. Its first bleach tablet was introduced
in 1980. In 2009, collaborating with Sara Lee Co., Eurotab introduced the world’s first roast and
ground coffee tablet, under the L’Or du Maison du Café brand. The business is 71% owned by the
Desnarescaux family, 25% by Aquasourca investors, and 5% by Sipaex Group. In 2010, the
company established a New York City office.
Products/Services: Tablets (household care, laundry care, DIY products, swimming pool
treatments, food
Sales Contacts: Norbert Gonin, President, Eurotab United States (in New York, tel: 646-367-2939)
Category: Household Products
0 999 6820156, Via Volta, 23, Settimo Milanese (MI) 20019 ITALY
Tel: +39 2.3355950
FAX: +39 2.3355200
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: This company, which was formerly listed in this database under the name, Sirel di
Leonelli Ernesto, has some 30 years experience in producing medical devices, such as plasters,
sterile compresses, adhesive strips, etc. It is now considered one of the leading producers of
private label medical devices in Europe. Working out of an 8,000-square-meter facility, Eurosirel
produces some 12 million plasters daily. It offers a complete line of patches in gel or self-adhesive
form as well as an aromatherapy line, featuring products for relaxation, restoring energy,
alleviating nausea, etc. Since 1996, its products have been certified with ISO 9001:2000 and EN
ISO 13485 standards. The company also has launched a makeup program in partnership with
Intercos S.p.A, a world leader in cosmetics (lipstick, powders, emulsions, pencils, and skin care).
Products/Services: Adhesive strips, bandages, gauzes, first aid treatment, pharmaceutical
cosmetics (lip balm/gels, creams, makeup), plasters, condoms, aromatherapy patches, insoles, nail
scissors, etc.
Sales Contacts: Ernesto Leonelli; Clive Brown
Category: Health & Beauty Care
6600 East Nine Mile, Warren, MI 48091 USA
Tel: (586) 755-9500; (800) 323-3416
FAX: (586) 755-9587
Total Sales Volume: $11 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Europe, Caribbean
Profile: Everfresh Beverages is a significant manufacturer of juices and juice drinks in glass and
plastic containers under its Everfresh, Sundance and Rich N’ Ready brands. It plants are in the US
and Canada with its primary focus on single-serve containers. In 1996, the company became a
subsidiary of National Beverage Corp., Ft. Lauderdale, FL (also listed in this database).
Products/Services: Juices, juice drinks, carbonated juices and drinks; canned fruits & vegetables.
Sales Contacts: Walt Kozi ara, Private label Manager
Category: Beverages (juices, canned fruits/vegetables)
338 N. Canal St., Suite #8.,South San Francisco, CA 94080 USA
Tel: (650) 952-8091
FAX: (650) 952-3629
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Evergreen USA is a division of the Chung Pak Battery Works Limited, Hong Kong, a
privately owned, $500-million-plus manufacturer of quality products for more than 30 years. The
firm supplies batteries, via 10 production lines, to more than 80 countries. Additionally, Chung
Pak produces LDPE reclosable disposable plastic bags from a plant in mainland China (200
million bags capacity per year).
Products/Services: Batteries: General purpose, heavy duty, alkaline, nickel cadmium,
rechargeable, button cells, hearing aids, etc. Plus: disposable plastic bags.
Sales Contacts: Martin Kuchinski, National Sales Manager
General Merchandise
Figure 1 -- Current Issue # 42
26 Brookdale Rd., Bloomfield, NJ 07003 USA
Tel: (973) 338-8967
FAX: (973) 338-7634
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Exclusive Brands manages as free online database, offering
up-to-date, detailed profiles of major retailers, wholesalers, cooperatives, foodservice distributors,
as well as manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers--all active in the global private brands
marketplace. Companies listed have the option for a small yearly fee to interactively link into this
resource. The listings are drawn from the Exclusive Brands SOURCEBOOK, which in its printed
format (also available in PDF files) also includes a market research information covering, a market
analysis, syndicated data as well as original data collected from the SOURCEBOOK database.
The SOURCEBOOK is sold separately on a per-order basis picking up current information then
available. Exclusive Brands LLC, established in 1992, also publishes a quarterly trade magazine,
Exclusive Brands, and on its website provides an updated monthly newsletter. Additionally,
Exclusive Brands publishes textbooks related to the private brands industry.
Products/Services: Private brand information, both online and in hardcover formats.
Sales Contacts: Philip Fitzell, Publisher-Editor
Category: Service
P.O. Box 17- 11- 4929, Quito- Ecuador, SOUTH AMERICA
Tel: +593 2- 243- 140
FAX: +593 2- 243- 096
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: Europe (France, BELGIUM, Switzerland, Germany), United States, Argentina,
Chile, New Zealand, etc.,
Profile: Founded in 1995 by a group of agricultural entrepreneurs, Expropalm today is one of the
largest hearts of palm processors and exporters in Ecuador. Hearts of palm or palmetto are
obtained from the heart of the cultivated palm species, Bactris gasipaes, known as “Chontaduro”
in Ecuador. Palmito is an exotic tropic vegetable, freshly cut by the company to ensure its soft
texture, delicate flavor and ivory color. The company processes cultivated palmetto exclusively,
using only organic fertilizers and no pesticides in its fields. The product is marketed under the
Tsabo brand as well as private label.
Products/Services: Hearts of palm, papaya
Sales Contacts: Vladimir A. Torres L., General Manager; Jose Luis Pacheos; Esteban Davalos, VP
Export Service.
Category: Food (hearts of palm, papaya)
F & F FOODS, INC. (see The Smith Brohers Co.)
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Food (candy/snacks, dry groceries)
Blvd Lopez Mateos Km. 5.5, Mexicali, BC, MEXICO
Tel: (760) 357-0204
FAX: (760) 357-4853
Total Sales Volume: $60 Million+
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets: United States
Profile: This firm is positioned as the strongest paper company in Northwestern Mexico. The
company traces its roots back to 1959, beginning as Paper Converting of Baja California,
producing Kraft paper bags. Then the company expanded into napkins and toilet paper. In 1980, a
tissue mill plant was added, signaling the start of Fabrica de Papel San Francisco. Recently, this
company has expanded into the Southwestern market of the United States under its Golden Gate
Paper subsidiary. The company operates three converting plants with a capacity of 180,000 metric
tons per year.
UPDATE: In February 2014, Fabrica announced preparation to start up its third Metso (Finland)
tissue production line--the world's first tissue line based on the Advantage NTT concept. This
provides high bulk and softness properties to tissue products while also yielding energy savings
and boosting production capacity. The line, expected to be operational in the second quarter, will
add another 30,000 metric tons of bathroom tissue, napkin, and towel grades to Fabrica De Papel
San Francisco’s existing production.
In May 2014, Fabrica formed a strategic alliance with Orchids Paper Products Co., Pryor, OK
(also in this database), granting the latter its U.S. business (about $26 million in sales), some
manufacturing assets and access to 18,000 met rric tons capacity each year, and the right to sell
Fabric's licensed products in the U.S.
Products/Services: Toilet paper, paper napkins, kitchen towels
Sales Contacts: Mario A. Garcia, Export Manager (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
(Click on screen below to view video)
19 Kettle River Drive, Glen Carbon, IL 62034 USA
Tel: (618) 692-9797
(800) 479-0970
FAX: (618) 692-0919
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: With more than 20 years in business, FASTechnology Group has becoming a leader in
industrial control systems. Its new micro-marketing system, called Retail-Ready Personalized
Packaging (RRPP), allows for customized and personalized packaging on products, drawing on
both print-on-demand applications and industrial control systems integration (such as palletizing
products for specific locations). The RRPP system is used as an overlay onto existing packaging
lines, allowing for local promotions, charity-focused campaigns, sports team tie-ins, etc. A retailer
also can micro-target its best customers, integrating a demographically aimed database right onto
its packaging.
UPDATE: Late in 2013, FASTechnology Group opened its fifth facility, the newest one in
Springboro, near Cincinnati: a manufacturing facility focused on engineering and systems
manufacturing for service to consumer packaged goods companies. This new facility is
expandable up to 25,000 sq. ft. to serve FASTechnology customers with technical support,
installation, applications integration and other printing and field services.
Products/Services: Turn-key industrial control systems to automate manufacturing processes
(drive controls, product tracking, route-sequenced palletization, etc.)
Sales Contacts: Joe Hattrup, President; Dave Carlos, Vice-President of Sales (Tel: 330-571-3763)
Category: Service
1313 Michaud, Drummonville, Quebec J2C 2Z5, CANADA
Tel: (819) 475- 8900; (800) 649-7813
FAX: (819) 475-1217
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This business was recently established after Cascades PSH of Montreal, Quebec, Canada,
a division of Cascades, Inc. of Kingsey Falls, Canada, was sold. The parent company continues as
a producer of recycled paper. Its adult incontinence business went to SCA Molnlycke (Canada),
owned by SCA Molnlycke of Sweden (also in this database). The feminine hygiene business
became Fempro, which continues with its brand, Incognito, as well as developing its private label
business. The company actually traces its beginning to 1984, when the French company,
Kaysersberg, joined Cascades Inc., to market sanitary napkins under the Vania brand. That
identity was changed to Incognito in 1990 and six years later, the company was reorganized as a
new private enterprise, under Fempro Inc. The company claims to be the most important producer
of feminine hygiene products in Canada and ranked second in North America.
Products/Services: Feminine hygiene pads (sanitary napkins--panty liners, ultra thin, maxi-thin,
maxi); soaker pads (absorption) for trays of meat/poultry/fish/vegetables/fruits
Sales Contacts: Jean Louis Bouchard, Vice-President, Commercialization; Michel Bourassa,
Director of Exports
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Effective September 2010, Ferrania USA divested its coated film and single-use camera
business, assigning CS Industries, West Bend, WI, to service its private label customers and those
cameras as well as providing film. Ferrania, owned by the Italian firm, FITRA Investimenti Spa, a
consortium of top Italian industrialists, at one time was a world leader in private label
photographic products. The US operation was formerly a division of 3M. The growth and
popularity of digital cameras led to its demise. In April 2010, Ferrania’s main plant in Italy cut
225 jobs out of its 335 work force, virtually stopping production on coated film. Coated film today
is only available from three major suppliers: Kodak, Konnica (listed in this database), and Lucky
(Japan). CS Industries: Tel: 262-334-7777. URL:
Products/Services: N/A
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: General Merchandise
645 Domax St., Sanibet, , FL 33614, USA
Tel: (239) 472- 5436
FAX: (239) 472-5486
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Fichthorn Associates, which has been in business since 1984, is an independent package
design consultant service, designing packaging for major retail distributors and name brand
manufacturers. Developing graphics and copy for retail packaging, the firm designs packages that
reach carefully targeted audiences in the retail environment by creating a unique blend of
marketing objectives, creative aesthetics and consumer psychology.
Products/Services: Package design services for OTC drug, health and beauty, household
chemicals, housewares, consumer electronics.
Sales Contacts: Rick Fichthorn
Service & Supplies
P.O. Box 558, Baldwin, GA 30511 USA
Tel: (706) 778- 5100
FAX: (706) 776- 3191
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 50+ countries
Profile; Fieldale Farms, founded in 1972, is a family owned operation. Since its formation, the
company has enjoyed significant growth, up by 400%. The company, which packs some 500
different items, is the largest producer of private label tray-pack products. It sells whole, cut-up
fresh and frozen chicken and chicken parts, including skinless, value-added, pre-cooked, and
breaded and marinated items.
Products/Services: Tray-pack poultry products.
Sales Contacts: Gus Arrendale, Vice-President of Marketing; Sammy Franklin, Sales Manager; Bo
Coursey, Export Manager; Jim McGahee, Commodity Sales; Jeff Paschall, Tray-Pack Sales; Larry
Glover, Further Processing Sales
Category: Food (Refrigerated and frozen poultry)
20 Kristy Drive, Bethel, CT 06801, USA
Tel: (203) 748- 1062
FAX: (203) 748- 1085
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 98
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: This privately-held company, established in 1988, is a major distributor of the products
listed, sold to wholesale grocery chains in North America and Latin America. FFI is part of the
Cafea Gruppe (also in this database), which operates seven plants and sells its soluble coffee and
coffee beverages worldwide through DEK Hamburg.
Products/Services: Instant coffee, gourmet coffee, cappuccino
Sales Contacts: John Kuzmick, Vice-President, Sales & Market
Category: Beverages (C/T)
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In late August 2011, this 109-year-old manufacturer of branded and private label coffees
and teas, facing increasing costs, closed its business, granting exclusive rights to roast and sell its
products to White Coffee Corp. Long Island City, NY (also in this database). First Colony Coffee
in 1998 merged with The Original Premium Coffee Co, Edentown, NJ, which had once been
supplying coffee developed for A&P’s famous Eight O'Clock brand and other specialty coffees.
Products/Services: N/A
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: N/A
80 Cuttermill Road (Suite. 500), Great Neck, NY 11021 USA
Tel: (516) 829-3030; (800) 488- 3130
FAX: (516) 498- 2424
Total Sales Volume: $ 2 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 50+ Countries—Canada*, South America, Europe, Middle East, Pacific Rim,
handled through First Quality International (*except Canada)
Profile: First Quality Hygienic, started in 1990, is a privately held business that operates through
three divisions: absorbent hygienic products, paper products, and non-woven materials, serving
the healthcare, retail, and commercial channels. The company manufactures and markets adult
incontinence products, tampons and wet wipes. Its manufacturing facility is a state-of-the-art,
1,300,000-square-foot plant, located in McElhattan, PA. The firm supplies private label tampons
to more than 50 top retailers in the food, drug, and mass merchandiser classes of trade. The
company sells Femtex® value brand Open-End and Rounded-Tip Card board Applicator
tampons, a full line of Prevail® value brand adult incontinence products, as well as spun bound
non-woven materials. Line extensions and new products are included in its future plans. In June
2007, its 7th production line began operations; while plans for its 8th major production line were
announced with scheduled production beginning in the first quarter of 2009. This new line
incorporates the latest Reifenhauser technology for spinning and melt blowing and includes the
company’s proprietary features. This company has established a new sister company to enter the
baby diaper business--a natural extension with its expertise in absorbent hygiene products. In
April 2008, the company paid $330 million in cash to acquire the Retail Products Business of
Covidien Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda. This portion of Covidien (a $9 billion enterprise) showed sales
of $744 million in fiscal 2007, covering infant care products (diapers and training pants), in
continence products (protective underwear, bladder control pads, adult briefs, etc.), and feminine
hygiene products (liners, ultra thin pads and maxis with wings). Covidien’s retail business
supplied 17 of the top 20 retailers in North America. The acquisition for First Quality promises to
enhance its diversified product portfolio plus fill out a full range of adult incontinence, feminine
hygiene, wet and dry wipes, and baby diapers. First Quality also is modernizing its Macon, GA
absorbent hygienic plant. UPDATE: In 2010, this company proposed building a 2 million-squarefoot tissue and towel manufacturing plant in Anderson, SC, an investment initially starting with
$250 million, but said to approach $1 billion to be earmarked over the next decade. The new plant
was scheduled to open late in 2011.
Products/Services: Tampons, incontinence products, disposable adult/baby wet wipes, nonwoven
roll goods
Sales Contacts: Kenneth W. Schuler, Vice-President of Sales; Daniel Murphy, Regional VicePresident, Sales & Marketing; Rich Galbraith, Director of Sales, Western Region; Heros
Minassian, Vice-President International Sales; Simon Shavanson, Director of Sales, International;
Shirley Mazzullo, Sales & Marketing Coordinator (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
12400 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA
Tel: (310) 573-8299
FAX: (310) 230-6206
Total Sales Volume:$300 Million+
Sales % in EB: 30% in Retail Sales
Export Markets: Canada, Latin America, Southeast Asia
Profile: Flagship Food Group credits its beginning to 2005 when it acquired OhBoy Food (then
40+ years in business) and subsequently expanded more into the food business with eight other
acquisitions. Today, this privately owned diversified food and consumer products producer
maintains operations in seven states, producing branded and private label food products (400+
items) for retail (30,000 grocery outlets) and major foodservice accounts. Its brands include: TJ’s
Farms Select (frozen potatoes, vegetables, fruits, juice, etc.), TJ’s Premium (restaurant-quality
potatoes), Su Ming (Asian cuisine), OhBoy (frozen potatoes, cheesecakes, filled sandwiches),
Chris’ & Pitts’ (barbeque sauce), and 505 Southwestern (salsa and green chili sauces). The
company prides itself on its SQF Level 3 Approval plant rating.
UPDATE: In May 2013, the company acquired Atlantic Foods Group Ltd. (Hartley Wintney,
England) a £ 50 million ($80 million) producer of meal solutions for the UK foodservice trade, as
well as mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, dips and desserts. Now a Flagship subsidiary, Atlantic
Foods extends the company’s footprint into Europe. In July 2013, Flagship acquired certain assets
of ZD Bottling LLC, Albuquerque, NM, a supplier of Flagship’s 505 southwestern line of natural,
gluten-free salsas, green chili sauce, and other products.
Products/Services: Sauces (Mexican, Oriental); Chicken Products and potato products (fried &
baked), Frozen potatoes/onion rings/vegetables & fruit; Potpies coffee (roast and ground, whole
bean, pods), salsas
Sales Contacts: Jennifer Jeans, Director Business Development; Jimie Young, VP of Sales; Dale
Etter, VP of US Sales/Marketing
Category: Food (frozen foods, dry groceries, poultry)
380 St. Peter St., Suite 1000, St. Paul, MN 55102 USA
Tel: (651) 348-4100
Total Sales Volume:$450 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In July 2012, the private equity firm, Gryphon Investors, San Francisco, formed this new
company with its new headquarters in St. Paul, MN. Flagstone Foods represents the combined
operations of Gryphon's November 2010 acquisitions of Amport Foods (American Importing
Co.), Minneapolis, called the "number one manufacturer and marketer of dried fruits in the world,"
and Ann's House of Nuts, Columbia, MD, called the "number one manufacturer of trail mix in the
world." Both firms, Amport established in 1962 and Ann's established in 1973, are leading
distributors of private label healthy snacks: Amport--the leader of dried fruit in North America and
Ann's the leader of trail mix business in the US. The company produces more than 1,500 varieties
of trail mixes, dried fruit, snack nuts, and snack mixes. Flagstone Foods' newest product: Veggie
Crunchers, an all natural, low sodium product.
UPDATE: Early in 2014, news reports indicated that Flagstone Foods has been offered for sale by
Gryphon Investors. The latter, according to a Wall Street Journal report, in the summer of 2013
borrowed $222 million in part to pay the investors a dividend as reported by Standard & Poor's
LCD news service.
Products/Services: Trail mixes, snack nuts, dried fruits, snack mixes, baking nuts, granola
Sales Contacts: George Miketa, Executive Vice-President, Sales
Category: Food (dry groceries)
300 Corporate Drive, Mahwa, NJ 07430 USA
Tel: (201) 828-9400
FAX: (201) 828-9449
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: Europe, Southeast Asia
Profile: This privately held firm, founded in 1983, serves all classes of customers, large and small,
providing strong technical support in a broad range of industries. FFS’s research has led to the
development of unique and proprietary products, such as an Environmental Odor Control
fragrance system for controlling malodors; high impact flavors, quality tested flavors and
fragrances, and Ammonia Guard. Its ingredients are used in: soaps and detergents cat litter, paper
goods, oral products, beverages, and space fresheners.
Products/Services: Flavors and fragrances
Sales Contacts: William Palmer, Vice-President, Sales
Category: Supplies
FLAVORCHEM CORPORATION Orchidia Fragrance Division
1525 Brook Drive, Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA
Tel: (847) 932- 8100
FAX: (847) 932- 4626
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada, Romania
Profile: Flavorchem is a full-service flavor company, offering everything from product
development to finished retail products. The company creates flavor systems for use in
manufacturing candy, bakery goods, soft drinks, ice cream and retail home use products.
Consistency, quality control, and timely order processing (normally 14 days) insure customer
satisfaction. It can mix batches from one pound up to several thousand pounds for manufacturer
of flavor extracts and food colorings. Established in 1971, the company services major grocery
chains, department stores, and catalog retailers. Its retail packages feature eye-catching labels with
proper identification of the product, listing all the ingredients plus a UPC code. Its Spicery Shoppe
flavors are packed in recyclable glass, because no other material can better provide the barrier
qualities of glass, insuring product shelf life.
Products/Services: Baking supplies—flavorings, dietary supplements, sanitary chemicals,
Sales Contacts: Phillip Sprovieri, John Barba
Category: Supplies
Postfash CH-9230, Flawil, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 71-394-9111
FAX: +41 71-394-9112
Total Sales Volume:$60 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile:This company, founded in 1900 in Bern, in 1916 was taken over by Anton Lehman as a
family business. Flawa established roots in the US, which eventually led to a relationship with
U.S. Cotton (also in this database), as importer of Flawa’s Swisspers brand. U.S. Cotton in 1996
acquired that brand and Flawa’s manufacturing facility in the US. The brand developed into the
market leader in its category. Flawa’s products are ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certified.
Products/Services: Cotton wool products, disposable hygiene products, medical bandages, insoles,
firt aid products, wipes, panty liners, adult incontinence products
Sales Contacts: Stan Ebneter, Export-Near Foods Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
94 Rickmansworth Rd., Watford, Herts, WD1 7JJ UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 1- 923-229251
FAX: +44 1- 923-220728
Total Sales Volume: $40 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets:United States, Europe
Profile: Fleet Laboratories, a member of The DDD Group, was founded in 1912. Its origins trace
back to licensed pharmaceutical products with the DDD medicated range. Fleet produces, markets,
and sells many leading brands (Astral, Blisteze, Dentinox, Ibuleve, Medijel, Otex, Oz, and Stain
Devils). Its two manufacturing sites cover more than 80,000 square feet, capable of handling a
wide range of products: liquids, lotions, creams, gels, suspensions, and alcohol-based items.
Recent product developments include: (1) a Tea Tree range of naturally occurring essential oils—
antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, such as cleansing lotion, facial wash, spot stock, moisturizer,
cleansing pads, oil, toner, body and hand wash, lip balm, shampoo, and conditioner; (2) a Shine
Control range of products (containing active ingredients) that reduce skin shine and give a matte
finish to the face, such as a moisturizer cream, cleansing lotion, cleanser/toner, and treatment; and
(3) a Medicated Skin Care line to prevent spots and acne, especially designed for oily skins,
including cleansing milk, gel, antibacterial facial wash, sensitive skin wash and lotion, and dualaction pads. Fleet Labs prides itself on idea generation and creativity, concept and formulation
development, packaging design and origination, market research, etc. The firm can handle a wide
range of packaging formats: bottles, tottles, jars, aluminum, plastic and laminated tubes, and foil
sealing. Fleet operates to pharmaceutical GMP quality standards and procedures; MCA licensed,
FDA approved, and ISO 9001 accredited.
Products/Services: Hair care, skin care, toiletries, bath & shower products, pharmaceuticals,
household products.
Sales Contacts: Judy Slater, Business Development Manager; Hanna Coonagh, Private Label
Account Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
FLEXO-GRAPHICS, LLC Custom Flexo graphers
12820 W. Glendale Ave., But ler, WI 53151 USA
Tel: (262) 790- 2748; 800- 422- 6888
FAX: (262) 790- 2759
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million+
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Southeast Asia
Profile: This custom flexographer is equipped with a one- to eight-color narrow web flexographic
printer, including four-color process. It produces custom labels, decals and tags for the
automotive, brewing, housewares, electronics, health care and food industries. The company is a
supplier to several Fortune 500 and exclusive brand companies. Its rapid growth is attributed to
outstanding customer service, fast turnaround and on-time delivery of top-quality, cost-effective
Products/Services: Labels, decals and tags.
Sales Contacts: Tim Mueller, President; David Schulz, Executive Vice-President; Barbara A.
Tenpenny, Vice-President of Special Sales
Category: Service & Supplies
1919 Flowers Circle, Thomasille, GA 31757 USA
Tel: (229) 226-9110
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $2.8 Billion +7.8%; DSD Sales:$2.3 Billion +9.7%; Warehouse
Segment Sales: $508.1 Million +1.1%
Sales % in EB: 18.1
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Founded in 1919, Flowers has grown organically and through acquisitions over the years
to become the second largest company, based on its market share, in the US fresh baking industry.
Recent industry consolidation has helped: In 2000, there were eight major companies, now only
four survive with the sale of Sara Lee’s (also in this database) North American Fresh Baking
business to Grupo Bimbo. Also, one of the remaining top companies, Hostess Brands filed for
bankruptcy in January 2012. Flowers (NYSE:FLO) today operates two businesses: direct store
delivery (DSD) from 32 bakeries (fresh bread, buns, rolls, tortillas, and snack cakes) sold to retail
and foodservice accounts; and warehouse segment from 10 bakeries (snack cakes and breads and
rolls) supplied fresh and frozen to national retail, foodservice, ending, and copacker accounts. The
company also operates 241 discount bakery stores, selling returned and surplus products ($59
million total sales). In May 2011, Flowers acquired Tasty Baking, owner of the TastyKake brand.
One year later, Flowers announced plans to acquire Lepage Bakeries, Inc., Auburn, ME for $370
million in cash and stock. This brings in two more brands, Country Kitchen and Barowsky’s plus a
broad range of breads, buns and rolls; additionally, Lepage strengthens Flower’s presence in the
Northeast, bringing its total SDD coverage from 64% up to 70% of the US population. Some
21.6% of company business comes from Walmart/Sam’s Club. While brands are a priority--its
Nature’s Own brand topped sales of $935 million in 2011--store brand business plays a key role in
helping the company to effectively use available production and distribution capability as well as
expand its total retail shelf space. This business also accommodates its retail customers who lately
look to increase their own brand business.
UPDATE: In January 2013, Flowers Foods announced plans, subject to bankruptcy court
approval, to buy for $390 million six bread brands from bankrupt Hostess Brands Inc., Irving, TX.
The brands, which include the iconic Wonder label (dating back to 1921) plus Nature’s Pride,
Butternut, Home Pride, and Merita produced at 20 bakeries and 38 depots, generate about $1
billion in sale--half claimed by the Wonder brand. Hostess still is accepting bids for its Twinkies,
Devil Dogs and other snack cake products.
Products/Services: Fresh bakery products, specialty breads and rolls, snack cakes
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries)
4231 Clary Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64130 USA
Tel: (816) 924-7100
FAX: (816- 924-1488
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: $4.5 Million
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico
Profile: Foam Container claims to be the fastest-growing private label foam cup manufacturer in
the US. Its strength: A willingness to handle the high packaging requirements of private label at
low minimum runs. The firm maintains maximum flexibility for smaller companies. Started in
1987, this privately held firm is a sister company of Aspen Products (also in this database). In
March 1996, both firms relocated to a new 300,000-square-foot plant in Kansas City, MO
Products/Services: Foam cups and plates
Sales Contacts: Bill Biggins, President
Category: Non-Food Groceries
5202 Moundview Drive, Red Wing, MN 55066 USA
Tel: (651) 388-5568 (800) 657-0811
FAX: (651) 267-3930
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Korea, Thailand, China
Profile: Started in 1983, serving foodservice customers first with pizza sauces, which was
extended into other sauces, gravies, dressings, spreads, dips, salsas, etc., Food Service Specialties
entered the retail business in 2003. Today, the company is a dedicated private label supplier,
offering a portfolio of some 90 different sauces. Its new 79,000-square-foot plant specializes in
preparing and packaging sauces (pasta, BBQ, gravies), spreads, dips, marinades, and salsas. Retail
packaging covers hot fill and retort in jars and bottles. Foodservice packaging covers glass jars,
plastic pouches, 55-gallon drums, and reusable totes.
Products/Services: Pizza sauce, pasta sauce, salsas, Guacamole dip, Salsa Con Queso, chip dips,
cheese dips
Sales Contacts: Doug Oaks, Retail Sales
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
12 E. Sunnybrook Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45237 USA
Tel: (513) 761- 1242
FAX: (513) 821- 3733
Total Sales Volume: $4 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In business for 80+ years, Food Specialties is a private label supplier to
retailers/wholesalers. The family owned firm specializes in pickled fruits and vegetables,
vegetable sauces and seasonings, and salad dressings. It also operates as a contract manufacturer,
selling to retailers and to foodservice accounts.
Products/Services: Salad dressing, sauces, seasonings
Sales Contacts: Henry Rollman, Owner
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
18 Newton Ave., Akron, NY 14001 USA
Tel: (716) 542-4561
FAX: (716) 542-4610
Total Sales Volume: $40 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In 2013, Ford Gum celebrates its 100th anniversary. The business began in 1913 when
Ford Mason entered the gumball vending trade. The company has grown and changed over the
years from primarily bulk-filling gumball machines to equal interests in the private label and retail
trade. It has become the only US manufacturer of gumballs and positioned today as a leading
manufacturer of retail confectionery and gift products, private label gum and mints, and bulk
vending confections & toys. Ownership, after the founder’s death, passed to Leaf Inc. (1985), then
to Hershey Holdings in 1994. Three years later, Ford Gum management exercised a leverage
buyout. In 2010, the company acquired the Big League Chew brand from Wm. Wrigley. Its other
brands: Carousel and Smarties. As a supplier to 300 gumball distributors, Ford Gum also produces
Mike & Ike candy and other items under license from Just Born Inc. Ford Gum lately has begun to
emphasize its private label business, planning to increase it by 50% in 2013.
Products/Services: Gum & Mints (including sugarless)
Sales Contacts: Steve Greene, Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing (Tel: 847-955-0003)
Category: Food (Confectionery)
Magdalena, Manizales, COLOMBIA
Tel: (57) 1 629-2490
FAX: (57) 1 629-2468
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Far East
Profile: Founded by the Toro family in October 1988, Decafe S.A. began producing concentrated
coffee extract under the Decafe S.A. identity in 1991. Then the company diversified into other
instant food products. Today, it operates two divisions. The Coffee Division produces powdered
and agglomerated soluble coffee, concentrated coffee extract, coffee oil and granites, cappuccino,
and cafe latte. Its Beverage Division handles soft drinks, instant juices, powdered milk modifiers,
and gelatins. Its fully automated and computerized factory is located in the fertile area of
Manizales, Colombia, at the very heart of the coffee-growing industry. Its export business started
in January 1994. In August 1995, the company started retail packing for the Japanese market, then
expanded exports to other Latin American markets: with private brands. In October 2003, the
company renamed itself, Foodex S.A.
Products/Services: Coffee and coffee products
Sales Contacts: Alejandra Sarasty Q, Marketing Coordinator
Category: Beverages (coffee/soft drinks/juices)
1530 Morse Ave., Elk Grove, IL 60007, USA
Tel: (847) 357- 2300
FAX: (847) 357-8021
Total Sales Volume: $170 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets:Mexico, Europe
Profile: In June 2006, Fort Dearborn Company, a family run business founded in 1925, was
acquired by the private equity firm, Genstar Capital, San Francisco. Fort Dearborn is a leading
supplier of high-impact decorative labels for beverages, food, household products, paint and
coatings, and personal care products. The company specializes in cut and stack, pressure sensitive,
and shrink sleeve requirements. Private label plays a significant role in its business. In 2007, the
company acquired Renaissance Mark, which was merged into the company’s cut and stack label
operation. Fort Dearborn is recognized as North America’s largest producer of offset labels, and
one of America’s fastest-growing package converters. Dedicated to producing outstanding
packaging for exclusive brand food, beverage and household product manufacturers, FDC offers a
broad repertoire of services, featuring all phases of printing—from on-demand digital printing to
flexography to direct-to-plate and including Hi-Colour 7-color printing capability. In January
2004, however, the company sold its Virtualcolor prepress division for $10 million to Schawk,
Inc., Des Plaines, IL, a brand management solutions provider with services in digitized high
resolution color graphics. Fort Dearborn thus agreed to out-source its prepress needs with Schawk
for five years, and concentrate on its printing operation.
Products/Services: Lithographic, flexographic, and digital printing services for label and
packaging requirements
Sales Contacts: Matt Adler, National Sales Manager; Allyson Szafranski, Marketing Manager (email: [email protected])
Category: Service & Supplies
239 Antioch Road, P.O. Box 885, Barnegat Light, NJ 08006- 0885 USA
Tel: (609) 494-3412
FAX: (609) 361-8578
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Europe
Profile: In business for more than 25 years, Frazer Design Products spends most of its efforts in
designing and engineering plastic products. The company has collected upwards of 40 patents in
packaging materials. The firm also manufacturers “snap-in” pour spouts. Its spouts snap into
standard plastic bottle neck finishes. The spouts minimize drips, aid in controlling pour dynamics,
and enhance the package’s perceived value.
Products/Services: Complete package design services, drip minimizing/control pour spout inserts
Sales Contacts: James (Jim) Frazer, Marketing Manager (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Service & Supplies
3005 State Road, Telford, PA 18969-1033, USA
Tel: (215) 721-4600
FAX: (215) 821-4414
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: With more than 80 years of experience, Fres-co is a leader in high-performance, flexible
packaging systems. The company is a single resource for customers, offering customized
packaging and engineering design, roll stock laminations, pre-made bags and pouches, and
automatic and semiautomatic packaging equipment. Its othnated barrier bags for superior
environmental protection of high-value, sensitive products. Primary areas of application are:
coffee, pet food, and commercial products, including agro-chemicals, resins and polymers, feed
and food ingredients, pigments and dyes, and specialty chemicals.
Products/Services: Roll stock laminations, pre-made bags and pouches, automatic and
semiautomatic packaging machines
Sales Contacts: Customer Services
Category: Supplies
1465 Timberwolf Drive, P.O. Box 220, Holland, OH 43528, USA
Tel: (419) 867-2005
FAX: (419) 867-2054
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico
Profile: Started in 1969, Frozen Specialties, Inc. has become the leading manufacturer of private
label frozen pizzas and Pizza Bites®. All its pizza pies are under 11 inches diameter. The
company, which is majority owned by private equity investors, Swander Pace Capital, San
Francisco, offers value, lean, and microwave pizzas as well as mini bagel-shaped snacks or
appetizers. Most of its sales are focused in the grocery trade with some business in foodservice.
Products/Services: Frozen pizzas & snacks
Sales Contacts: Aaron Gold, VP Sales
Category: Food (frozen foods)
9500 Railroad Avenue, North Bergen, NJ 07070 USA
Tel: (201) 861- 9500
FAX: (201) 861- 9267
Tota 2014 Sales Volume: $819.5 Million +21.6%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 150 countries
Profile: Established in 1933, Frutarom, Ltd. of Haifa, Israel, has grown to become one of the top
10 major player in the global flavor and specialty ingredients business. Through industry
consolidations, the company has continued its acquisitions strategy. In 2011 alone, four company
takeovers occurred. In 2013 and 2014, Frutarom took control of six other companies, based in
such countries as South Africa, Russia, Guatemala, Peru and Chile and including CitraSource in
the United States. The company offers some 31,000 products+ to 15,500+ customers. Its flavors
division, which focuses on private label customers, represents 71.9% of its total sales or $589.8
million (up 19.3% over fiscal 2013). The specialty fine ingredients portion of sales total $158.4
million (up 8.8% over fiscal 2013).. The company is traded on the NYSE and the Israeli
UPDATE: In 2015, Frutarom completed 12 acquisitions, bringing its annual sales to $1.1 billion.
This total includes the most recent takeover: Sagema GmbH of Austria and Wiberg GmbH of
Germany, the latter encompassing 5 1% ownership in a Canadian subsidiary and 51% ownership
in a Turkish company. Together, the Wiberg acquisition, headquartered in Salzburg, Austria,
accounts for $172 million (€155 million). Wiberg ranks as a top supplier of savory solutions (the
non-sweet spectrum of flavors: flavor extracts, seasoning blends and functional ingredients for the
food industry. By 2020, Frutarom predicts its sales volume will top $1.5 billion.That figure may
be understated, since the company closed 2015 with sales reportedly topping $1 billion. Its
strategy for growth has not diminished in 2016. Frutarom kicked off the year with a 50% buy into
Algalo Industries Ltd. for $2.6 million. This biotech start-up company processes algae to yield
active ingredients for use in food, dietary and clinical nutrition supplements and the cosmetics
industry. Then on Jan 11, Frutaron announced its purchase for $20 million of all the shares of
Grow Company Inc., Ridgefield, NJ, a producer of unique food flavors, natural food coloring
agents, cosmetic ingredients, and dietary supplements. In the same announcment, Frutaron also
disclosed its 75% acquisition of the share capital of a Polish company, Amco z o.o., a producer of
savory flavor solutions.
Products/Services: Water soluble gums, botanical extracts, botanical essential oils, natural colors,
oleoresins, flavors, aroma chemicals, sunscreen agents, custom processing
Sales Contacts: Arthur Curran (e-mail: [email protected]); in Israel: Tel: +972-4-8462462 or
Fax: +972-4-8722517. Frutaron Ltd., 25 Hashaish Street, P.O.B 10067, Haifa, Israel 26110
Phone: +972-4-846-2462.
Category: Supplies
300 Corporate Dr., Mahwah, NJ 07430 USA
Tel: (201) 512-0033; (800) 224-3854
FAX: (201) 512-0626
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile:For some 50 years, Fuji Novel Batteries has supplied batteries, both branded and private
label. Today, the company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries for portable
electronic and digital cameras. Over the decades, this firm has collected a number of industry
firsts: 100% mercury-free formula for cadmium free batteries; launch of carbon zinc battery
technology in the 1950s; and manganese batteries in 1969. Its popular private label skus include:
four-pack AA and AAA batteries, one-pack 9 volt batteries; and two-pack C and D alkaline
Products/Services: Batteries (alkaline, heavy duty, general purpose), stationery
Sales Contacts: Russ Bongiorno, Vice-President, Marketing
Category: General Merchandise
FUTAI (USA), INC. (Owned by the Futai Ger expertise includes development of lamiroup)
42 Mayfield Ave.., Edison, NJ 08837 USA
Tel: (732) 225-1717
FAX: (732) 225-7707
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, South America
Profile: Futai first opened its New York sales office and show room in 1991. The company
operates its general office and distribution center in Edison, NJ. The company is part of the Futai
Group, the world’s largest umbrella manufacturer, based in Taipei Hsien, Taiwan (Phone: +886 2291-7777; contact: Mr. T.F. Chen, president), which started the Fu Tai Umbrella Works in 1953
and has since expanded internationally throughout Southeast Asia, distributing to more than 50
countries worldwide. Up until 1992, Futai produced more than 80% of Totes umbrellas. Its
umbrella design carries patents in more than 20 countries. It operates 18 factories worldwide with
sales exceeding $200 million. Outside of purchasing nylon from outside sources, the company is a
vertically integrated umbrella producer. The company claims that “virtually every umbrella on the
market today contains parts produced by our factories.” Its latest products include: lightweight
raincoats, under the Leighton brand, as well as FeatherLight all-aluminum umbrellas (available for
private label).
Products/Services: Custom-designed umbrellas and rain gear
Sales Contacts: Alex Dumin, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing; Cliff Gallagher, VicePresident Sales; Carol Giordano
Category: General Merchandise
563 Linberg St., Laval, Quebec, H7P 2N8 CANADA
Tel: (514) 622-4064; (800) 565-SOAP
FAX: (514) 622-2170
Total Sales Volume: $4 Million
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: United States, Caribbean, Southeast Asia
Profile: Since 1985, this company has offered a full line of soaps and toiletries, such as: a body
wash, bath & shower gels, hand & body lotions, foot lotions, aromatherapy products with essential
oils, cream liquid soap, antibacterial liquid soaps, waterless hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner,
bubble bath, bath beads, bar soaps (beauty, deodorant, translucent, glycerin, olive oil, complexion,
laundry, novelty, oatmeal, etc.), plain or marbleized in a variety of shapes, sizes, scents and colors
for the retail and hotel industries, available in a variety of packaging options. Its hotel/motel
amenity program features bar soaps, bath & shower gels, conditioning shampoos, lotions, mending
kits, shower caps, shoe polishers, baskets, etc. Gift baskets/wooden crates accommodate holiday
packaging. Powder laundry detergents are sold in 50-pound bags for export & industrial
customers. Feminine sanitary products can be supplied as well as liquid detergents. The firm’s
food division supplies: olive oils (all types), dried figs, apricots, olives, canned peaches, fresh kiwi
fruits, navel oranges, and fresh figs.
Products/Services: Toilet soaps, health & beauty products, toiletries, bulk glycerin soap, liquid
soaps, hand sanitizer, hair care, skin care, bath products, feminine hygiene products, powder
detergents, hotel amenities. Its food line covers fruits, olives, and figs.
Sales Contacts: Zack Monahoyios, President; Ian Monahoyios; Jason Monahoyios; Carole Poulin
(e-mail: [email protected]). U.S. address: P.O. Box 456, Champlain, NY 12919.
Category: Health & Beauty Care
P.O. Box 876, 2 Papetti Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07206, USA
Tel: (908) 351-0330; (800) 421-EGGS
FAX: (908) 351 0334
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Europe, East Europe, Asia, South America
Profile: Privately held G&L Food Products operates as a subsidiary of Debel Foods, a producer of
liquid, frozen and dried egg products primarily for bakeries and food manufacturers. G&L Food
produces mayonnaise, salad dressing, powdered drink mixes for the retail trade and foodservice
business. G&L’s latest product line is an assortment of dry spices.
Products/Services: Mayonnaise, salad dressing, powder drink mixes, dried co-packing services
Sales Contacts: Daniel Gibber, Vice-President, Sales
Category: Food (dry groceries)
111 Coolidge Street, South Plain field, NJ 07080 USA
Tel: (908) 753- 2000
FAX: (908) 753-5174
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: South America
Profile: Through three generations of the Greenblatt family, G&W continues to implement many
of the original family oriented ways of producing quality prescription and over-the-counter
products. This started with Carl Greenblatt in 1919, a pharmacist who began producing teething
lotions and wart removers. G&W has since become a leading developer and
manufacturer/supplier of suppositories, creams, ointments, tablets, hemorrhoid/vaginal pads,
stimulant laxatives, bulking products, and Sennatural (standardized senna vegetable laxative).
Products/Services: Hemorrhoid products, Rx suppositories, stimulant laxatives, bulking products
Sales Contacts: Linda Pilkington, Joel Zaklin
Category: Health & Beauty Care
833 Fairway Drive, Bensenville, IL 60106, USA
Tel: (630) 350-9500; (888) TOTASAK
FAX: (630) 350-9555
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, South America
Profile: G.A.I.M. produces high-performance products made from industrial polymer scrap. Its
TotASak retail/grocery bag (sack) carrier, molded in thermoplastic engineering type polymer, is
one recent example. Made of recycled, ground automotive components, this comfortable, strong,
lightweight grip handle is hand-held by consumers, who can weave it through the “loops” of the
handles on carry out plastic shopping bags. TotASak can carry a retailer’s private brand to
reinforce a store brand image.
Products/Services: General merchandise items, including TotASak shopping bag carrier
Sales Contacts: Skip Glatt, President (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: General Merchandise
1 Chocolate Dr., St. Stephen, New Brunswick E3L 2X5 CANADA
Tel: (506) 465-5600; (800) 922-1038
FAX: (506) 465-5610
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 15
Export Markets: United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, England
Profile: Established in 1873, Ganong Bros. Ltd. is the oldest independent candy company in
Canada, a producer of a full line of quality chocolates and sugar confections. This privately owned
company, founded by the Ganong brothers, James and Gilbert, has to its credit many firsts,
including inventor of North America’s first five-cent chocolate nut bar (1910) and in 1885 the
“Chicken Bone,” a cinnamon-flavored pink, hard candy jacket over a chocolate center.
Additionally, the company was first to imprint chocolates on the bottom, using embossed celluloid
pads (patented by Gilbert Ganong). Now in its fifth generation of Ganong family ownership,
Ganong has transformed the use of real fruit purees into very successful products, specifically fruit
snacks and real fruit jellies. These products are made with real fruit puree—available for
customers desiring quality private label or controlled label products as well as sugar confections
and boxed chocolates. The company opened a plant in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1989.
Products/Services: Fruit snacks, fruit jellies, jelly beans, gum drops, jujubes, mint lozenges,
Sales Contacts: J. Terry Arthurs, Vice- President U.S. Division; Robin Hawkes, Senior Product
Manager (e- mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (candy/snacks)
24007 Ventura Blvd., Suite 135, Calabasas, CA 91302- 2568 USA
Tel: (818) 225- 0375; (800) 831-4247
FAX: (818) 225- 9251
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million+
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, China, Paraguay, Canada
Profile: This company is organized around Garcoa (lotions, styling gels, conditioners, shampoos,
baby products), and Vitamin Classics (nutritional supplements, burn fat nutritional bars & drinks,
OTC drugs). Started in 1984, Garcoa/Vitamin Classics has built a family of products for lifeenhancing benefits as well as problem-oriented head and body conditions. For example, in 1995,
the company introduce Ocu-Max, a 20-20 nutritional supplement for visual enhancement. The
product contains vitamins, herbs and antioxidants. In 1996, the firm introduced Sleep-Max (PM)
— a natural formulation with melatonin (a natural supplement that enhances sleep with herbs).
These products are available for private label as well. Vitamin Classics offers quality formulas at
very affordable, very aggressive pricing ($1 and $2 programs at retail). The company started
exporting in the 1990s; its overall private label and controlled label programs reportedly are
growing at 100% per year.
Products/Services: Vitamins, hair and skin care, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
Sales Contacts: Greg Rubin, CEO; Dolan Aberg Jr. (Vitamin Classics); Michele Pezzner, Sales
Administrator; Melinda Benioff, Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2727 Roe Lane, Kansas City, KS 66103 USA
Tel: (913) 236-5000
FAX: (913) 432-8309
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: $12 Million
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East
Profile; Gard Corp., founded in 1958, is an independent manufacturer of automotive, industrial,
and agricultural lubricants and chemical specialties, covering: motor oils, transmission fluids,
brake fluids, gear lubrication, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid.
Products/Services: Automotive lubricants: motor oils, transmission fluids, automotive chemicals,
windshield washer fluid, antifreeze.
Sales Contacts: Leslie D. Cohn, President
Category: Auto Supplies
800 Connecticut Ave., P.O. Box 6000, Norwalk, CT 06856-6000 USA
Tel: (203) 854-2411
FAX: (203) 854-2852
Total Sales Volume: $20 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile; In 2000, Fort James, the largest tissue manufacturer in North America (sales approaching
$7 billion), was acquired by Georgia-Pacific Corp., Atlanta (Tel: 404-652-4000), and renamed
Georgia-Pacific North. This takeover boosted GP’s consumer product sales significantly with the
addition of such brands as: Quilted Northern, Brawny, and Dixie (cups and plates). In 2005, Koch
Industries, Wichita, KS, purchased the company for $21 billion. GP (NYSE:GP) now claims to be
the North American market leader in a number of categories, including bath tissues, towels,
napkins, and disposable tableware. It now oversees 300 facilities in North America, South
America, and Europe, producing pulp, paper, tissue, gypsum, boxes, building products, etc.
Products/Services: Bathroom and facial tissues, paper towels, napkins, cups, plates, cutlery, food
wrap products
Sales Contacts: Jim Rockford, Director, Customer Brands
Category: Non-Food Groceries
1650 63rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204, USA
Tel: (718) 234-8800
FAX: (718) 234-5188
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 68
Export Markets: Europe, Russia
Profile: Started in 1987, GeriCare Pharmaceuticals from the beginning focused on private label
business—maintaining its high-quality, low-price, and fast-service standards. The company keeps
floor stock available, in which customers can order smaller runs from—with a 72-hour turnaround.
Within the past couple of years, this company also has moved into export markets.
Products/Services: Analgesics, vitamins, laxatives, suppositories, liquids (antacids)
Sales Contacts: Wayne Licker, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
West Industrial Zone, P.O. Box 75, Bet Semesh, 99000 ISRAEL
Tel: (972) 2-991-4351
FAX: (972) 2-991-2271
Total Sales Volume: $7 million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, South America, North America, Australia
Profile: Gilro Ltd., a family enterprise, operated by Mr. Avi Gelbard, was founded in 1951. This
well-established manufacturer of hollow wafers, wafers and ice cream cones, utilizes production
process that are at the forefront of hollow wafer and rolled, baked ice cream cone technology—a
fact accounting for the products’ remarkable taste and crispness. The company operates 17
production lines, supplying all kosher products to major branded companies, retailers, ice cream
parlors, foodservice companies, etc. In 2006, Gilro acquired a new cake decorating concept. Its
newest product: Sugar dough (paste).
Products/Services: Kosher ice cream cones, wafer & bakery products
Sales Contacts: Ron Sonnenfeld, Export Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
1037 State St., P.O. Box 227, Chester, IL 62233 USA
Tel: (618) 826-2361
FAX: (618) 826-2973
Total Sales Volume: $800+ Million +14.3%
Sales % in EB: 93+
Export Markets: Europe, Canada, Caribbean, South & Central America
Profile: Gilster-Mary Lee Corp is one of the leading private label producers of dry grocery food
products in the US, selling to the retail trade. Established in 1959 as a flour mill, this family run
operation in 1962 was incorporated. In 1999, Jasper Foods (microwave popcorn and cereals) was
acquired. Today, the company produces more than 8,000 items in 500+ private label brands plus
under its own Hospitality label. Its latest product line: Mother’s Joy brand organic and natural
products--also available in private label. The company operates 14 manufacturing plants in four
Products/Services: Mixes (cakes and bread, pancake, drink, muffin, brownie, cookie, biscuit),
ready-to-eat cereals, pasta, microwave popcorn, macaroni & cheese, stuffing, gelatins & puddings,
dinners, rice & pasta, frosting, soup/sauces/gravy, marshmallow items, coatings, frosting, etc.
Sales Contacts: Robert W. Saak
Category: Food (dry groceries)
6050 Court Street Road, Syracuse, NY 13206 USA
Tel: (315) 457-2373
FAX: (315) 457-2837
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This family owned business, started in 1934, has developed as a premium supplier of pasta
and pizza sauces, salsas, and other tomato-based products, as well as a leading private label
manufacturer for more than 20 years. In November 2009, the company for $2.5 million purchased
the 67,000-square-foot production plant of Ventre Packing Co., while allowing Ventre to continue
marketing and distributing its Enrico brand of sauces. Ventre, which started in 1938, had
developed as a private label supplier and juices, an activity ended with the sale of its plant.
Products/Services: Tomato-based pasta sauces (Kosher, organic, and gluten-free sauces) and salsa,
tomato juice; Bruschetta; Sloppy Joe; barbeque sauce & steak sauce
Sales Contacts: Mollie Yotti, Sales/Marketing Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries), Beverages (juice)
2592 Oklahoma-Salem Rd., P.O. Box 687, DuBois, PA 15801 USA
Tel: (814) 372-5410
FAX: (814) 375-0364
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1979, Giuseppi’s Finer Foods now operates out of a 200,000 square foot
plant and office, handling the condiment filling requirements of its customers for sauces (cheese,
barbecue, pasta/pizza), spoonable dressings, salad dressings, salsa, ketchup, and mayonnaise. The
firm can fill plastic jars, bottles, cups, pouches and bulk packaging.
Products/Services: Condiments (sauces, dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise).
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
1973 Ohio Street, Lisle, IL 60532
Tel: (630) 435-2200
FAX: (630) 435-0296
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Gladson & Associates provides product information and related services to consumer
packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and brokers. Its databases of product
information and package images spans: shelf space management, category management, logistics,
advertising, market research, and e-commerce applications, such as online shopping and nutrition
programs for consumers. The company additionally offers data analysis, consulting, and in-store
merchandising solutions to support plan-o-grams and product sales. With more than 30 years of
experience, recently acquired the National Product Library of Information Resources Inc. (a
market researcher also in this database), forming a joint venture to serve the e-commerce needs of
Symphony Technology/IRI and Gladson.
UPDATE: In April 2013, Gladson teamed up with Red Dot Square in the United Kingdom to
deliver an industry first, a 3-D library for consumer packaged goods, using photo realistic virtual
reality softwear and services to plan merchandising and shopper marketing programs as well as
market research. Red Dot, which is part of Kantar Group within the WPP communications group,
draws on Gladson's database of products including images and attributes, converting them to 3D
models, allowing retailers and manufacturers todesign, test, research and visualize their store
designs and plan-o-grams in a virtual world.
Products/Services: Category management, planograms, promotional materials, package design,
multimedia sales tools, training programs, etc.
Sales Contacts: Sue Sentell, President & CEO; Paul Waldron, Executive VP, Trade Development;
Stephen Cole, Chief Marketing Officer
Category: Service & Supplies
16000 Christensen Rd., Suite 300, Tukwila, WA 98188-2967 USA
Tel: (206) 957-1350
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Global Harvest Foods, which was started by the Mills family in 1982, has become the
leading producer of private label wild bird seed products. In 2006, the company acquired
Audubon Park Co., Akron, CO, one of the top bird food companies in the US. Global Harvest
supplies a full line of wild bird products, as well as products for caged birds and pets plus critter
and wildlife products.
Products/Services: Wild bird food (thistle seed, songbird & cardinal blend, fruit & nut, wild finch
blend, premium no waste), wild bird bells, sunflower seed/wild bird feeding, pet foods for caged
birds, rabbits and hamsters.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
1540 E. Dundee Rd., Ste. 210, Palatine, IL 60067, USA
Tel: (847) 202-7000; (800) soappad
FAX: (847) 202-9414
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, Southeast Asia
Profile: Global Material Technologies operates different companies, including Rhodes American
Co., one of the country’s oldest and largest producers of steel wool, as well as a diversified
manufacturer of painting, adhesive coatings, automotive and industrial products. This company
was formed from American Steel Wool Manufacturing Co. (started in 1896) the first manufacturer
of steel wool in the US, and James H. Rhodes Co. (1889), a producer of chemical products. The
firm operates plants in the US, China, South Africa, and the Ukraine. In 1997, this firm acquired
Durowool, Inc., Queens Village, NY, which has been absorbed by GMT, Inc. founded in 1947,
Products/Services: Consumer and institutional steel wool soap pads, no-rust soap pads, stainless
steel and copper scourers.
Sales Contacts: Alan Neustadter, Vice President
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Household Products
870 Expressway Drive South, Medford, NY 11763 USA
Tel: (631) 419-1300; (866) 484-6659
FAX: (631) 419-1304
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Started in 1998, Global Tissue Group has emerged as one of the youngest and fastest
growing paper converters in the US, supplying private label and value branded paper products to
every sales format. In November 2005, the company unveiled its new innovative, patented
TissueKups, a facial tissue dispenser is a 20-ounce plastic cup with a clear dome lid for tissue popup, filled with 50 two-ply tissues. TissueKups is a partnership of Global Tisue Group and The Car
Cups Company LLC. Global Tissue Group has stepped up the tempo on producing Bounty brand
comparable quality for its accounts. Also there has been great improvement in flexographic
printing for its packaging. In February 2008, the company announced plans to expand to a new
distribution facility in Jacksonville, FL. The company provides customers with a T.A.D.
(Through Air Dry) technology for paper towels and napkins. Global Tissue offers standard,
premium, ultra-premium quality tiers, plus 1-, 2-, and 3-ply sheets.
Products/Services: Household roll paper towels, facial tissue, multi-ply napkins, bath tissue
Sales Contacts: Philip Shaoul, Executive Vice-President
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Household Products
GNS FOODS, INC. (Div. of Grove/Natural Energy Unlimited)
2109 E. Division Street, Arlington, TX 76011 USA
Tel: (817) 795-4671
FAX: (817) 795-4673
Total Sales Volume: $6 Million
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets:Russia, Japan, Mexico, Spain
Profile: GNS (Grove Natural Snacks) is the supplier/wholesaler division of The Grove, a 15-yearold airport concessions operation—some 58 stores. The Grove, part of Natural Energy Unlimited,
New Orleans, stocks natural snacks, its own brand of French Market Coffee Exchange gourmet
coffees, and is a franchisee of the 'I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt' brand. The Grove started GNS
Foods some six+ years ago to handle production and distribution for its stores plus develop outside
business. In 1994, GNS acquired Acme Candies Co.
Products/Services: Nuts, nut mixes, candies, trail mixes
Sales Contacts: Malcolm S. Cohen
Category: Food (candy/snacks)
120 Sante Fe Street, Hillsboro, KS 67063
Tel: (620) 947-3273
FAX: (620) 947-3640
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: About 2001, two family owned honey producers, Stoller’s Honey in Latty, OH, and
Barkman Honey Co., based in Nebraska, merged to form Golden Heritage Foods LLC, becoming
the third largest honey products producer in the US. Stoller’s traces its history back to 1936, while
Barkman began in 1960. The company conducts its own beekeeping, processing, and packaging
of not only its own, but also specific honey types (some 15 blends) worldwide. With new bottling
capacity, packaging facilities, and SQF 2000 level 3 certification, the company ships a broad
range of retail, foodservice, and bulk honey and flavored honey with natural fruit worldwide.
Flexible service and strong management support back both its branded and private label offerings.
The company provides custom honey and blends in private label for many industry leaders.
Products/Services: Premium honey products and flavored honey spreads with natural fruit in a full
range of retail, foodservice and bulk packages
Sales Contacts: Amy Summerville
Category: Food (dry groceries)
2545 Prairie Rd., Eugene, OR 97402 USA
Tel: (541) 461-2160
FAX: (541) 461- 22191
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile; Established in 1972, this firm’s private label business started about 12+ years ago,
beginning with granola, museli cereal and low-fat products, as healthy and natural foods,
complementing its beverage range. Golden Temple, however, in May 2010 for $71 million sold its
cereal division to Hearthside Food Solutions (also in this database). In December 2011, a court
ruled against Golden Temple executives, saying they unjustly enriched themselves at the expense
of the Sikh religious community. The company was held in trust for religious purposes; and it had
been turned over to the executives for "pittance amount" of money.
Products/Services: Organic candies, herbal teas, aromatherapy and massage oil
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea), Food (dry groceries, candy), Health & Beauty Care
2138 Hollywood Bld., Suite 208, Hollywood, FL 33021 USA
Tel: (954) 929-7790
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1989, Goldforest today is a communications consultancy specializing in
product, private brand and retail identity, package design, and brand communications. Its expertise
centers around key questions, such as: When should the brand name be the same as the store
name? What visual cues do consumers look for in private label package design? Should the
package imitate or differentiate from national brand packaging? How does a company develop and
maintain identity standards across the private label line?
Products/Services: Package design, brand names, product identity, corporate identity, advertising,
collateral materials
Sales Contacts: Michael Gold, President ([email protected]); Lauren Gold,Vice-President
([email protected])
Category: Service & Supplies
72 Bridge Rd., Islandia, NY 11722 USA
Tel: (516) 234- 5900; (800) 323-1203
FAX: (516) 234-5941
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Goldschmidt Cosmetics is an independent cosmetic contractor, serving the private label
and custom cosmetics industry since 1945. The company offers turnkey services, from concept to
consumer-ready products. Its services include: R&D, formulation, containers, decorating,
manufacturing, filling, and packaging—in any combination. For contract clients, the company
provides additional manufacturing capacity for peak/overflow runs, new product introductions,
samples, or items the client does not wish to run in its own facilities. The company fills its
customers’ needs, not just their products. Now under development: cosmeceuticals (drugs with a
cosmetic or therapeutic effect).
Products/Services: Skin care, hair care, cosmeceuticals, aromatherapy, make-up, OTCs, molded
sticks, children’s theatrical & novelty cosmetics
Sales Contacts: Les Goldschmidt, MS, RPh, Vice-President Sales (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
17825 Great Lakes Pkw., P.O. Box 1806, Hiram, OH 44234-1806, USA
Tel: (440) 834-2500
FAX: (440) 834-1002
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50+
Export Markets: Puerto Rico
Profile: This privately held company was started some 40 years ago by a Swiss immigrant who,
after being drafted into the army, opened a two-man operation in Cleveland. In the early 1960s,
the company entered the private label business as well. The company since has become the
seventh largest cheese company in the US—still very leanly operated, maintaining close contact
with its customers. In 1988, Great Lakes purchased a cheddar cheese plant in New York state and
has since distinguished itself with Gold Medal awards in cheddar and Mozzarella cheese
competition. Also the firm has introduced packaging innovations. The firm sells blocks of
cheddar, Mozzarella and provolone to the institutional/foodservice sector as well. Today, Great
Lakes Cheese operates five plants, the newest opened some two+ years ago in LaCrosse, WI.
Products/Services: Prepackage cheese; bars, slices, exact weight and random, shredded cheeses;
bulk/block Mozzarella, provolone, New York cheddar, Monterey Jack, and bags of dry sweet
Sales Contacts: William Andrews, Director of Sales
Category: Food (dairy)
No 2 Northwood Avenue, Northwood Business Park, Santry, Dublin 9, IRELAND
Tel: +44 353-1-605-1000
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales: $1.9 Billion (£ 1.2 Billion) +44.5%
Sales % in EB: 85 (E)
Export Markets: Western Europe, United States
Profile: After a lackluster FY 2011, when its revenues advanced by 8.7% to £ 894.2 million while
profits remained flat at £51.6 million, Greencore has begun to see the fruits of its recent
acquisitions and company regrouping strategies. (With takeovers come major customers.) FY
2012 group profits soared by 37.3% to £70.7 million; while revenues leaped ahead by 44.5%,
thanks to the integration of its recent acquisitions, including the £113 million takeover of British
food-to-go/dessert manufacturer, Uniq plc, in September 2011. (Earlier in that year, a tempting
merger with one of its competitors, Northern Foods--also in this database, fizzled.) In FY 2012,
Greencore strengthened its US operation in April by acquiring MarketFare Foods (a major
supplier of fresh foods to 7-Eleven stores), and in June, H.C. Schau & Son, a $32 million fresh
food producer (sushi, sandwiches, salads, ready meals, parfaits, etc.) with two plants in
Woodridge, IL, and Jacksonville, FL. Overall, Greencore operates 22 food facilities and is
positioned as a world leader in pre-packaged sandwiches. Its food to go business also includes
baguettes, wraps, salads and sushi. The company’s prepared meals operation covers chilled ready
meals, pasta sauces, soup and quiche. Additionally, the company is licensed to produce ready
meals under the Weight Watchers brand. Finally, its ambient grocery and frozen foods business
focuses on cooking sauces, table sauces, pickles as well as frozen foods and including a huge
business in Yorkshire pudding. Its cakes & dessert operation markets ambient cakes and chilled
baked desserts. Greencore also operates a small ingredients business (vegetable oils and fats for
food processing and molasses for animal feed and industrial accounts). In 2008, the company
started its acquisition strategy in the US with a fresh foods manufacturer and in FY 2010 added a
small sandwich producer. For FY 2012, with two more companies added, its US operation totals
six facilities in five states, generating total sales in excess of $200 million. These facilities produce
mostly sandwiches and food to go items for convenience stores and foodservice accounts.
Greencore USA is based in Newburyport, MA (Tel: 978-462-3663). At last count, Greencore
operated 28 manufacturing sites in the UK, Ireland and the US. They produce some 4,000
products across 20 categories.
UPDATE: While Greencore's fiscal 2013 sales barely rippled upward by 3%--still at the £ 1.2
billion level, its US operation revenues soared by 60% for the year, thanks to the acquisitions of
MarketFare and Schau. The US business now covers 25 states. The momentum at Greencore USA
has not slowed: In February 2014, business acquired Lettieri, Shakopee, MN, a frozen foods-togo producer. With revenues of $36.4 million, Lettieri produces breakfast sandwiches, stuffed
baguettes, breadsticks, and wrap dogs. Greencore USA also has invested some $10 million into its
Jacksonville, FL facility to accommodate frozen food-to-go production as well. Greencore
additionally announced plans to build a 107,000-square-foot plant in Quonset, RI, for the
production of sandwiches. (Its UK business is the market leader in this category.) This new facility
is scheduled to open in the spring of 2015.
Products/Services: Food To Go (sandwiches, chilled foods, frozen foods, prepared meals, salads,
sushi, desserts, cakes, etc.).
Sales Contacts: Eoin Tonge, Group Capital Markets Director (Tel: +353 1 605 1036)
Category: Food (sandwiches, frozen foods, dry groceries, refrigerated foods, meat/fish)
62 rue Chaussee d’Antin, 75009 Paris, FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0) 1 43 18 17 17
FAX: +33 (0) 6 10 02 08 08
Total Sales Volume: $47 Million (€ 35 Million)
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Europe, United States
Profile: In February 2008, Alkos acquired Intercosmétiques (forms and filling care products and
makeup) and Sagal (soaps and deodorant sticks), which when combined with its business
(cosmetic pencils) provided synergies in the makeup and skin care business.
Products/Services: Make-up cosmetics (lip gloss, lip balms, foundations, plastic/wood pencils),
skin care (cleansers), bath & body care (soaps, deodorant sticks)
Sales Contacts: Nathalie Dessirier, Export and Marketing Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
10-20, rue Adollllllllllphe Beck, 53089 Laal Cedex 9, FRANCE
Tel: +33
Total Sales Volume: $19.6 Billion (€ 14.7 Billion)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Worldwide
Profile: Still under the control of the Besnier family, since 1933, this private company has
emerged as what it claims to be the world’s number one dairy producer. The company seeks to
grow through acquisitions, such as these recent takeovers: Forlasa, Puleva, and Sanutri (all in
Spain), Rachel’s (in the United Kingdom), and Lemnos cheese (Australia). One of its biggest
takeovers, however, occurred in July 2011 with 83.3% stake in Parmalat SpA (€ 4.5 billion in
2011 revenues +4.4%), a world leader in dairy products: cheeses, milk, chilled dairy (yogurt and
desserts), butter and cream, fruits, infant and clinical nutrition, dairy ingredients, etc. Parmalat
suffered a financial meltdown in 2003, facing € 14 billion in debts, while its founder, Calisto
Tanzi, was convicted of fraud and eventually imprisoned. Through the efforts of its former CEO,
Enrico Bondi, Parmalat recovered, reducing its debts to about € 34 million. But with the takeover
by Lactalis, Bondi left the company. Lactalis has become a specialist in milk collection and dairy
processing, while generating most sales in cheese (36% of revenues), then liquid milk (25%),
followed by chilled products and butter/cream (each at 11%), and nutrition and ingredients (10%),
the latter covering infant nutrition, gluten and allergen-free foods, clinical nutrition, etc. Some
25% of its sales are in France, 18% in Italy, 20% in the rest of Europe, and 20% in the Americas.
Lactalis markets such bands as Président, Bridal, Lactel, Sorrento, Rondele, Lecatelli, etc. Its
private label interests are strong in certain countries, such as Spain and the UK. By virtue of its
sales volume, Lactalis is likely one of the world’s largest private label dairy and food companies.
Its Lactalis American Group, Buffalo, NY, recently introduced a new film material made partially
from plant-based plastic (bioplastics using polylactic acid).
Products/Services: Cheese, liquid milk, chilled products (yogurt, desserts, etc.), butter and cream,
and nutritional products, and ingredients
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dairy, refrigerated, dry groceries)
56 Ruede Passy, 75016, FRANCE
Tel: +33
FAX: +33
Total Sales Volume: $50 Million+
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets:Worldwide
Profile: Groupe Lemoine is the largest manufacturer of cotton buds in Europe and considers itself
an international group with production plants in France, Belgium, Holland, and Brazil. Started in
1985, the firm today produces 100% pure cotton ear buds/swabs, pads, pleats, and balls. Among
some recently introduced products is a monobloc polypropylene (PP) box of 50 or 160 cotton
buds, which feature 100% pure cotton tip with a PP or paper stick, available in different colors.
Buds also are available in round or rectangular flat polystyrene (PE) or PP boxes, transparent PE
printed bags (with or without drawstrings), cardboard boxes with precut PP window, and PE
and/or PP dispenser boxes.
Products/Services: Cotton buds, cotton wool, cosmetic pads (100% cotton)
Sales Contacts: Philippe Lemoine, President; Frederic Cartier, Sales Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
(Carretera Mexico- Queretaro Km. 37.5) Condominio Industrial Cuamatla, Bodega 9,
CuautitlanIzcalli 54730, MEXICO
Tel: +525 881-1220
FAX: +525 871-2244
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million
Sales % in EB: 83
Export Markets: United States, Spain, Bolivia, Australia
Profile: Dilcomer specializes in manufacturing. The company looks for strategic partners in
specific territories, who can distribute the product. Both partners share marketing efforts in the
private label business. The firm has been active for 12+ years. It is looking forward to establishing
a long-term relationship with US customers, offering top-quality products. Dilcomer is committed
to product innovation.
Products/Services: Powdered instant soft drink mixes, portion packs (sachets) liquid portions,
confectionery fruit chews of taffy
Sales Contacts: Jorge Kovacs, President; Gabriel Navarro, Area Marketing Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries, candy/snacks)
Paseo de los Tamgrin dos 400-B, piso 28, Bosques de las Lo mas, MEXICO, D.F. 05120
Tel: (52-55) 52-61-80-00
FAX: (52-55) 52-61-80-96 .mx
Total 2011 Fiscal Sales Volume: $2.1 Billion +21%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 70+ Countries
Profile: Formerly called DESC SA de CV, this company spun off its real estate business and
consolidated its industrial and commercial business under a new identity, Grupo KUO. The
company now operates four divisions: Kuo Chemical (synthetic rubber and chemicals) taking
46.2% of sales, KUO Consumer (high-margin branded foods) taking 35% of sales, KUO
Automotive (after-market spare parts & components) taking 17.3% of sales, and Services taking
0.6% of sales. In the food area, the emphasis its leading brands (Del Fuerte, La Gloria, Nair,
Blason, La Victoria, and Embasa). These products cover: tomato paste, tuna, vegetables, and
coffee. In January 2008, the company formed a strategic alliance with Grupo Herdez, combining
their leading brands to become one of Mexico’s top food companies. Also, the company has
moved from a minority stake in the pork business to 100% ownership of a former partnership.
Pork Meats SBU now operates slaughterhouses plus 140 retail stores (32 added recently). Its
shelf-stable branded processed foods, operated through Corfuerte in Mexico and Authentic
Acquisition Corp. in the US, produce tomato sauce and related products plus canned vegetables,
mainly under the Del Fuerte brand. In the US, the company manufacturers and/or distributes
authentic Mexican food products, such as salsas, taco sauces, other Mexican sauces, plus jalapeno
peppers under such labels as La Vicroria and Embasa. Authentic Specialty Foods, City of
Industry, CA, serves as the umbrella organization, covering both brands and private label. During
this current year, KUO agreed to acquire Don Miguel, Foods Corp, a leading US producer of
premium branded frozen and fresh authentic Mexican flavored appetizers, snacks and hand-held
items. KUO looks to secure a leadership role in the US Mexican food business. KUO in
September 2011 acquired 50% interest in Aires de Campo S.A. De C.V., a leading distributor of
organic products in Mexico.
Products/Services: Mexican sauces, picante sauce, thick & chunky salsa, cheese salsa, taco sauce,
enchilada sauce
Sales Contacts: Paul Penning ton, Director Corporate Chain Accounts U.S. (Tel: 830-609-7010);
Dan Prince, Vice-President, Foodservice Sales & Marketing Tel: (714) 521- 7999
Category: Food (dry groceries, meat-pork, frozen food)
GUAN SOON HENG EDIBLE OIL SDN BHD (Subsidiary-Guan Soon Heng Holding SDN
290, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur 50350, MALAYSIA
Tel: 603- 2915233
FAX: 603- 2915970
Total Sales Volume: $80 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., England,
Profile: This company is one of the leading palm oil refineries in Malaysia, producing and
marketing not only refined palm oil, palm olien, palm stearin, and palm fatty acid distillate, but
also a wide range of industrial fats—shortening, margarine, dough fats, and vegetable ghee. The
company can tailor-make products to customers specifications. Additionally, GSHEO produces
consumer-packed items like cooking oil. The company prides itself on quality and hygienic
concerns, supported with an efficient quality control lab run by well-trained and experienced
technicians. Its quality control staff regularly participates in the American Oil Chemists Society’s
Smalley Cross Check Program.
Products/Services: Industrial margarine, shortening, dough fat; vegetable ghee; refined bleached
deodorized palm oil, olien, and stearine; palm fatty acid; pepper vinegar; mineral water
Sales Contacts: Keh Soon Kion; Kheoh Soon Thian; Kheoh Sin Lian (Phone: 605-8911266, Fax:
605-8911051); Wan Hon Kong
Category: Service & Supplies
80 Doney Crescent, Concord, Ontario L4K 3P1 CANADA
Tel: (905) 738-5656; (800) 387-9112
FAX: (905) 738-1462
Total Sales Volume: $40 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: United States, Mexico, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Western Europe
Profile: Started in 1997, Jempak Canada Inc. was formed to buy the assets of Witco Chemical, a
chemical supplier of powder and liquid detergents and certain other surfactant chemicals used
primarily in detergents, as well as liquid dispersed calcium stearates to the trade. (Witco, tracing
its roots back to the 1960s, also played an important role is helping to establish the Private Label
Manufacturers Association in late 1979. One of Witco’s US managers, Joe Conti, became
PLMA’s first chairman.) Jempak at that time positioned itself as a private label supplier of
laundry care and household cleaning products. In February 2006, the company acquired another
private label manufacturer, Gustin Kramer Ltd., Concord, ONT, Canada. The latter company had
started in 1963 as a supplier of coffee filters and sheet fabric softeners. Merged, the two
companies were renamed Jempak GK, Inc., supplying their joint products to both the US and
Products/Services: Laundry care, household cleaning products, coffee filters, sheet fabric softener.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Non-Food Groceries
1955 54th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204 USA
Tel: (718) 492-2400
FAX: (718) 258-0733
Total Sales Volume: $3.5 Million
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: South America, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia,
Profile:Started in 1983, GWB Foods immediately entered the private label business. Its position
has been to duplicate popular baked items that the leading brand name bakeries produce, providing
quality as good as if not better, as well as producing specialty items. The company, for example,
caters to its customers needs, providing upscale items like liquid cream-filled Italian cookies or
wafer rolls, as specialty items, or working on sugar-free wafers, using Sorbitol in the recipe as an
alternative sweetener.
Products/Services: Wafer rolls, rice casseroles, creme cookies, water (mineral, regular), bagel
chips, snacks, baked goods.
Sales Contacts: Jerry Greene, Jay Weinstein.
Category: Food (dry groceries)
29-75 Riverside Ave., Building # 10, Newark, NJ 07104 USA
Tel: (973) 485-0793
FAX: (973) 485-0025
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, New Zealand, South America
Profile: HABA traces its beginnings back to the early 1970s. The company was an outgrowth of
Cosmetica, Inc., a contract packager to both the cosmetic and health and beauty aids industry.
HABA entered into the manufacturing of store brand products in the late 1970s. The company
initially marketed nail polish remover to stores and revolutionized that industry by being the first
to package nail polish remover in plastic bottles, which eventually led to the national brands
following its lead. The company has extended its product base by adding the entire baby category
and is committed to being innovative rather than a copier of national brands. Some of its newest
products include; deep cleansing pore strips, makeup remover tissues, oil absorbing tissues, and
overnight acne blemish removing patches. HABA is now the exclusive manufacturer and
distributor of a totally patented nail polish remover system, called TAKE IT OFF CLEAN, which
incorporates a bottle and an instant jar remover.
Products/Services: Baby powder, baby oil, baby shampoo,cornstarch baby powder, deodorant
body powder, medicated body powder, nail polish remover, petroleum jelly, pore cleaning strips,
tissues (makeup, oil absorbing), acne blemish removing patches
Sales Contacts: James A. Placa, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Muhlenstrase 37, Lohne, D- 32584 GERMANY
Tel: +49 5731-781-300
FAX: +49 5731-781-500
Total Sales Volume: $50 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Worldwide, 80 Countries
Profile: Founded in 1848, C. Hahne today is one of the leading private label suppliers of cereals in
Europe. Entering the retail sector with classical rolled oats, the company began supplying store
brands in the 1970s. Today, Hahne serves the top European retailers as well as the industry with
modern breakfast cereals, providing more than 250 different cereal products from 20 types of
grains and seeds. Nicholaus Hahne (sixth generation in the Hahne family who has lately assumed
management of Hahne), in October 2009 acquired Artenay Sevenday SAS of France, another
cereal producer (also in this database). In late 2011, Hahne decided to merge Sevenday plus
another of his investments, EuroCér SAS, a developer and producer of cereals in France, into the
C. Hahne business and rename the operation, Hahne Cereals Group. It will produce 80% of its
products in private label, 10% in branded, and 10% for industrial markets.
Products/Services: Breakfast cereals: toasted corn flakes, rolled oats, muesli's, extruded cereal;
muesli bars; organically grown grain health foods
Sales Contacts: Zsolt von Berzsenyi, Sales Director; Sophie Monzat; Jorg Michael Zamek (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries, healthy foods)
2539 E. Philadelphia St., Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Tel: (909) 428-8520
FAX: (909) 428-8521
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Haliburton International Foods, established in 1912, has built its reputation in the
foodservice sector as a supplier of high-quality, chef-inspired foods. In 2011, the company entered
the retail sector, dedicating its newly formed Select Store Brands division to processing products
for the private label business, introducing new recipes for the freezer case, wall deli displays, and
the service deli area in food stores. The company prides itself on processing more than 50 tons of
fresh foods hourly, all its products certified to strict kosher standards. For wall deli displays, it
offers: salsas, hummus, dips and soups. For service delis, it offers: fire-roasted vegetable blends,
pasta entrees, fire-grilled shrimp, and flavored rice. Its selection for freezer cases covers: fireroasted vegetable blends, sauce-enrobed pasta entrees, flavored rice, and fire-grilled shrimp.
Haliburton relies on its staff of chefs and food scientists to produce its selection of innovative
products, processes, and packaging solutions. In November 2012, the company opened a 300,000+
square-foot manufacturing facility in Ontario, CA, the facility fully equipped with chemistry and
microbiology labs, a Research & Development kitchen, and 2.5 million cubic feet of cold storage
Products/Services: Frozen vegetables, vegetable blends, rice blends, pasta blends; refrigerated
hummus, dips; salsas, soups
Sales Contacts: Bobby D. Ray, VP, Retail & Private Brands
Category: Food Service, Food (Frozen)
360 Marcus Blvd., Deer Park, LI, NY 11729 USA
Tel: (631) 242-1100
FAX: (631) 242-6150
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 45
Export Markets: Europe, Middle East, Central America, South America, Canada
Profile: In business since 1971, Halpak has become a packaging pioneer, introducing its specially
welded Vinyl Dri-Seal sleeve compartment(s), allowing for the combination of two, three, or more
unique size and shaped products into one space-saving package. The company offers more than
40 different size pre-forms for neck band sealing. When neck band sealing is not possible,
Halpak’s SoniK-Bag, a sonically welded system, makes tamper evidence possible, while securing
any premium to the primary product.
Products/Services: Patented packaging concepts, such as TWinSleeve, SoniK Bag, and Halstrips
Sales Contacts: Hal Kaplan, CEO; Rose Becchina, Sales Service Manager.
Category: Service & Supplies
6812 York Rd., Hanover, PA 17331 USA
Tel: (717) 632-6000
FAX: (717) 6323-5174
Total Sales Volume: $500 Million+
Sales % in EB: 19
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico
Profile:Incorporated in 1924, this family owned business now operates 14 plants in the US and
two more in Guatemala (vegetables & fruits). Vertically integrated , Hanover Foods serves the
retail, foodservice, and industrial market sectors.
Products/Services: Canned foods (beans, pork & beans, baked beans, broth, soups, pastas, frozen
vegetables & soft pretzels; sauces, gravies; fresh foods (entrees, salads, desserts); organic products
Sales Contacts: Mike Carter, Director of Private Label Sales
Category: Food Service, Food (dry groceries, frozen foods, perishables)
336 Court Street, P.O. Box 970, Binghamton, NY 13902 USA
Tel: (607) 722-1372
FAX: (607) 722-9150
URL/e-mail: [email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: France, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada
Profile: Hansmann’s Mills traces its origins back to 1832, when it was established as Tanners Mill,
then renamed the Rorapaugh Mill, taking its name from a Civil War captain who purchased the
operation in 1865. By 1911, Frederick H. Hansmann became proprietor and in 1933 formulated
his famous self-rising pancake mixes. These products were believed to be the first in the US to
offer a “just add water” feature. Today, the firm offers three types of baking mixes: healthconscious, premium, and standard formulas. Private label business recently has developed into a
major commitment.
Products/Services: Baking mixes—muffins, bread, cake, brownies, pancake, general purpose, instore bakery mixes
Sales Contacts: Eileen Lawyer (Phone: 607-859-2443)
Category: Food (dry groceries)
344 New Albany Rd., Moorestown, NJ 08057
Tel: (856) 793-0290; (888) 561-5017
FAX: (856) 793-0283
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Harris Tea, a division of Harris Freeman Foundation, Anaheim, CA (a nonprofit
organization committed to improving lives of rural agricultural communities in tea and herb
sourcing regions) is the largest blender and packer of private label teas in North America. The
company operates three production facilities in California, New Jersey and Georgia. Completely
independent from Harris Tea, the Foundation also operates Madhu Jayanti in Tamil Nadu, India.
The Jayanti Group is a major own label tea supplier, operating three tea blending plants in North
and South India and in Russia. Investors in Harris Freeman, together with these two divisions,
purchased Keith Spicer Ltd., Dorset, United Kingdom in early January 2011 from Laurens
Spethmann Holding Aktiengesellshaft & Company of Germany, which operates OTG (also listed
in this database). Spicers is the leading own brand tea packer and wholesaler in the UK. The
purchase enhances Harris Freeman’s stake in own brand business and in its market position in
Europe. The Foundation has operations in 15 locations worldwide stretching from North
America, through Europe, into the Sudan, and Australia.
Products/Services: Tea bags, loose tea, instant tea, iced tea mix; teas (black, white, specialty,
herbal, organic, Fair Trade)
Sales Contacts: Bob Hackel, Vice-President Sale
Category: Beverages (teas)
1060 Nepperhan Ave., Yonkers, NY 10703 USA
Tel: (914) 423- 900
FAX: (914) 963-6001
Total Sales Volume: $38 Million
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: China, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Lebanon.
Profile:This privately owned company celebrated its 25th year of business in 1998. The firm
began as a vitamin specialty manufacturer and grew to become a full-brand vitamin supplier as
well as a major supplier of store brand specialty vitamins and over-the-counter (OTC) drug
products. Entering the oral care product business, the firm launched a successful baking soda
product line. Today, through its significant growth since 1984, Health Products Corp. is a major
producer of exclusive brand health and personal care products. An estimated 30% of its sales go to
export markets new products include: a stop-smoking item, diet gum, and a pain relief item.
Products/Services: Toothpaste, mouthwash, tooth-whitening paste, vitamins, natural vitamins,
health and beauty, OTC drugs, creams, lotions, herbal products.
Sales Contacts: Gina Gilleece, Export Department
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1525 West Business Park Drive, Orem, UT 84058 USA
Tel: (801) 225-6367; (888) 225-6080
FAX: (801) 225-6610; (888) 225-6090
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Australia, Pacific Rim, Europe, Norway
Profile:HealthCare Nutritionals is a private label manufacturer of nutritional health care products,
ranging from formulas for weight loss and fitness to single-item herbal products. Customers
(including retailers and health food outlets) can choose from a pre-formulated product line and put
their name or brand on their own label. Under HealthCare Nutritionals Express Label Program,
customers can also choose from two styles of predesigned labels (pharmaceutical or botanical) and
have their name and phone number imprinted on the label. This program is available with no setup
or artwork costs normally associated with custom labeling. The lead time can be as little as 24
hours, allowing for next-day shipping. Volume requirement starts with as few as 12 bottles per
Products/Services: Herbal supplements (single item herbs and multiple ingredient formulas),
liquid, powder, and lotion/cream nutritional health care products
Sales Contacts: Bret Rawson (Mail order companies, food co-ops, home businesses); Howard
Petersen (grocery and mass retailers); Bill Stephens (health food and drug stores). Brokers are
welcome to inquire.
Category: Health & Beauty Care
3341 Southwest 15th St., Pom pano Beach, FL 33069, USA
Tel: (954) 979-0400
FAX: (954) 979-1241
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Health-Mark Diagnostics is a prime source for home health tests and medical diagnostic
devices to the OTC market in both a private label and brand format. The company is affiliated
with Technical Chemicals & Products Inc. (TCPI), a global leading manufacturer of medical
diagnostic tests with many products suited for drugstore chains, supermarkets, discount stores, and
other retailers. Health-Mark positions itself as a manufacturer and brand marketer, which develops
programs that generate higher profit margins for its customers. The company now seeks to expand
its private label business with new innovative home health test products to meet the needs of its
customers. Products will be featured at retail locations in colorful displays labeled as Health Test
Centers as well as on-shelf placement.
Products/Services: One-Step One Minute ™ pregnancy tests (midstream and slide format) in one
and two test packages, One Step™ ovulation detection kit, and other diagnostic tests
Sales Contacts: Bob Morrow
Category: Health & Beauty Care
435 Yorktown Rd., Croton on Hudson, NY 10461 USA
Tel: (914) 271-6040
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Pacific Rim, Canada, Australia—more than 40
countries worldwide
Profile: In business since 1996, Healthy ‘N Fit International has established itself as an innovator
and pioneer in vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, and sports nutritional products. In
1979, the company introduced 100% Egg Protein powders as a protein source. Two years later, the
firm pioneered with the introduction of natural sterols (from plants) for bodybuilding. More
recently, the company debuted the first 100% ion exchange whey amino acids—formulating
protein into its most usable form (peptide bond amino acids) to aid in the increase of body muscle.
This patent-pending product is said to yield the highest nitrogen absorption, utilization and
retention possible. Independent testing and analytical data supports this laboratory-certified
product. Sports nutrition is only one specialty segment of Healthy ‘N Fit Advanced Nutritional
products. The firm also produces more than 100 vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements —
from A to Z, including custom formulations. Positioned as a researcher and developer, the
company provides graphics and package/label designs (including multi-lingual capability),
product formulations, plus raw material availability for optimum cost savings. Additionally, the
firm provides free consulting, lab support, pilot runs to large-scale production, and medical
consultation by doctors. Its AAT (Advanced Anabolic Technology) formulations are promoted as
Products/Services: Vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, sports nutritional products—
advanced nutritional products, capsules, caplets, liquids, and powders plus custom formulations.
Sales Contacts: Robert J. Sepe, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
3250 Lacey Rd., Ste. 200, Downers Grove, IL 60515 USA
Tel: (630) 967-3600
Total Sales Volume: $1 Billion +
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: In April 2009, Wind Point Partners, Chicago, a private equity firm, acquired Hearthside
and partnered with Rich Scalise, former president of Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products (Ralcorp
Holdings Inc., who joined Hearthside as COO. Hearthside was then positioned as a contract
manufacturer for leading global food companies. Nearly a year later, Hearthside, acquired
Consolidated Biscuit, McComb, OH, a producer (7 plants) of cookies, crackers, toaster pastries,
fruit and cereal bars, ice cream cones, nuts and candies; as well as taking over Golden Temple’s
Cereal Division, a producer of all-natural ready-to-eat cereals, bulk granola, and granola snacks-including private label business. The two acquisitions have been consolidated into Hearthside to
produce today a premier, full-service contract grain-based food and snack products supplier,
positioned as the country’s largest independent bakery, operating 12 plants in six states plus one in
London, England. The company now offers baked foods, including cookies, crackers, granola and
cereal bars, croutons, cereals, popcorn and snack mixes. In May 2013, Wind Point, which also
owned Ryt-way Industries, a producer of dry foods, merged this company into Hearthside. That
same month, Post Holdings, Inc. (also in this database), St. Louis, announced its planned
acquisition of Hearthside Food Solutions’ Golden Temple business reportedly for $158 million
cash. This business, produces mostly branded all-natural, ready-to-eat cereals plus granola
products, the latter including private label accounts. Post planned to combine this operation (one
plant and a warehouse) into its Attune Food operation, a producer of branded organic and natural
cereals--acquired in December 2012. Post, strictly a branded business with sales of $958.9
million, has since entered the private label business and been added to this database. Post Foods,
while still only a brand name producer, was spun off by Ralcorp Holdings (also in this database)
in July 2011, while the latter concentrated totally on its private brand business.
UPDATE: In March 2014, Wind Point Partners sold interest in Hearthside to another private
equity investor, an affiliate of Goldman Sachs, where now both Wind Point and that affiliate each
hold equal stakes in Hearthside.
Products/Services: Grain-based bakery products (cookies, crackers, granola and cereal bars, snack
mixes, cereals)
Sales Contacts: Brian McNamara, VP of Sales & Marketing
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Parkstrasse 44-46, Bad Rothenfelde, D-49214 GERMANY
Tel: +49 542 42990
Total Sales Volume: $2.3 Billion (€ 1.7 Billion) (E)
Sales % in EB: 60+ (E)
Export Markets: Europe, United States
Profile: For more than 100 years, this family run business has grown to become a leading food
supplier in Europe. Its diversified group of companies includes: Stockmeyer Gruppe (sausages and
processed meats, cooked ham, etc.), Saturn Pet Food (wet/dry dog & cat food, snacks and bakery
products), Appel Fine Foods (soups, stews, convenience foods, non-refrigerated foods, canned
fish, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, spicy sauces) and conSup Convenient Support (international
trading for Heristo companies: cheese, fish, spietzle & noodles, cookies, vegetable soups,
preserves, mineral water, meat, poultry, agricultural products, etc.). Stockmeyer
( was founded in 1913; Appel ( has more than 125
years in business. Saturn Pet Food is listed separately in this database.
Products/Services: Sausages, processed meats, soups, stews, convenience foods, canned foods,
condiments, sauces, dog & cat food
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries, meat/fish, deli, refrigerated), Pet Food
Carretera de Cordoba s/n Section 300, E29200 Antequera (Malaga), SPAIN
Tel: +34 952-84-1451
Total Sales Volume: $530 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 60+ countries
Profile: Hojiblanca, Andalusian Cooperative Society is a union of cooperatives engaged in the
production of virgin olive oil and table olives as well as joint purchases of supplies. It claims to be
the world's largest producer of olive oil and olives in the world. Currently it's formed by 51 oil
producing cooperatives located in the center of Andalucia, the provinces of Cordoba, Malaga,
Sevilla, and Jaén. Of the 51, 48 are almazaras and 15 are dedicated to table olives (12 doing both).
There is also a services and supplies department with dozens of associate cooperatives. In July
2011, the coop, operating some 22 cooperatives (representing 50,000 families of farmers), agreed
to acquire Acyco SA, thus adding a second production plan to its business. Acyo, formerly called
Villamarin, operated as one of the oldest and largest olive grocers in Spain. In the recent past, the
employees and management exercised a buy out, renaming the firm Acyco, Aceitunas Y
Conservas. Acyco also operated Olives & Foods in the US, which is listed separately in this
Products/Services: Spanish olives--green (whole, pitted or stuffed) and black (whole, pitted,
sliced) olive oil (virgin extra, 100% pure, including bitter, sweet, spicy, soft etc. varieties); capers;
cocktail onions
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Jerolimodreet 19, 3813 WS Amersfoort, THE NETHERLANDS
+ 31 l642-711383
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Percentage of Sales in Exclusive Brands: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, China
Profile: Holland Milk is a specialist manufacturer, developer and supplier of infant formulas and
related products worldwide. Its business began late in 2012, producing premium, tailor-made
infant formulas and related products. Its products are packaged in 400 and 900 gram tins/boxes.
The company also has established an office in Beijing, China (Tel: +86 1302 1070993), to serve
that market.
Products: Infant formulas (cow or goat, inclulding organic), dairy products
Contacts: Maurice van Vlilet
Category: Food (infant formulas, dairy)
100 Creekside Drive, Georgetown, KY 40324, USA
Tel: (606) 278-9535
FAX: (606) 846-4715
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Henry M. Fraley, Jr., president of HomePlace Food Group, has more than 45 years’
experience in the grocery industry, ranging from sourcing to marketing. His company sources
quality products from around the world, working with suppliers or retail/wholesale partners. The
firm prefers to work with committed partners with whom it would grant exclusivity in their
marketing areas. Two major labels offered on an exclusive basis: HomePlace and King Saver. Its
private label program includes customized label design, quality control, freight consolidation,
negotiation and sourcing, power buyer, toll-free customer hot line, marketing development
resources, executive involvement at every level.
Products/Services: Canned fruits and vegetables, juices and beverages, condiments, cereals, soups,
seafood, and canned meats, baking supplies, cookies, candies and snacks, household chemicals,
paper products
Sales Contacts: Henry M. Fraley, Jr., President
Category: Food (dry groceries, seafood, canned meats, bakery items, candy/snacks, household
products), Beverages (drinks, juices)
72100 M-40 South, P.O. Box 907, Lawton, MI 49065 USA
Tel: (269) 624-4681
FAX: (269) 624-6009
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Pacific Rim, Australia
Profile: This company claims to be the largest asparagus canner in Michigan and the largest
private label supplier of asparagus in the world. The company also cans fruits (cherries,
blueberries, plums, etc.) in syrup or water. It brand is “Michigan Made.”
Products/Services: Canned asparagus & fruits
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries)
1 Hormel Place, Austin, MN 55912- 3680 USA
Tel: (507) 437-5611
FAX: (507) 437-5120
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $7.9 Billion +9.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: None
Profile: Hormel (NYSE:HRL), a leading manufacturer of food products since 1891 and formerly
called Geo. A. Hormel & Co., in mid-1996, distinguished itself by being awarded ISO-9002
certification for its gelatin/specialized proteins plant in Davenport, IA. Its Specialty Products
Division offers a complete line of private label sugar-based and sugar-free gelatin desserts, instant
and cooked puddings and drink mixes, canned meats, bouillon, seasonings, sugars, shakers, and
Mexican sauces. Horme is the largest manufacturer of private label gelatin deserts and puddings.
Its 80,000-square-foot dry-mix plant, located in the Chicago area, is dedicated to producing gelatin
desserts and puddings. The firm offers a complete private label program, including package design
and production, marketing, legal, research and development support, and competitive pricing. In
fiscal 2011, its net earnings climbed by 19.9% to $472.2 million. In October 2010, Hormel formed
a 50% joint venture, MegaMex Foods, to market Mexican foods in the US. This was followed up
with the takeover of Don Miguel Foods Co. and in 2011, the acquisition of Fresherizer Foods.
Products/Services: Gelatin desserts, SF gelatin desserts, instant and cooked puddings, SF instant
puddings, powdered drink mixes, cocoas, canned meats, Mexican sauces, bouillon, sweeteners,
salts & seasonings
Sales Contacts: Greg Baskin, Corporate Manager-Private Label/ContractPackaging (Extension#
5603, e- mail: [email protected]); Randy Swatager, Sales & Marketing Manager-Retail
Private label (Extension # 5600, e- mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries, canned meat)
HOSPECO-HOSPITAL SPECIALTY CO. Hospeco’s Retail Div. of Tranzonic Companies
26301 Curtis Wright Pkwy, Ste. 200, Richmond Heights, OH 44143 USA
Tel: (216) 535-4350; (800) 321- 9832
FAX: (216) 535-4287
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Hospital Specialty Co., since 1919, has developed into a pioneer and leading supplier of
personal care products for the public restroom: feminine hygiene systems, toilet seat covers, air
care systems, and a complete line of washroom accessories. The company has changed
dramatically through acquisitions, new product line introductions and expansion of its product,
warehousing and distribution facilities. The firm now operates three factories in the US and 12
warehouses in North America, all strategically located to provide superior customer service. DBA
Hospeco, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of personal care products for private
label. Its parent company, The Tranzonic Companies, Cleveland, was acquired by Linsalata
Capital Partners in 1998. Tranzonic generates sales of some $200 million, covering personal
hygiene, washroom supplies and accessories, wiping and cleaning supplies, and safety products.
UPDATE: : In June 2012, Transonic Companies sold its Personal Care Division (Hospeco) to
Albaad of Israel (also in this database) for $14.9 million. This business includes feminine hygiene
products and absorbent products (tampons, maternity pads, wet wipes, etc.). Transonic continues
its business in away-from-home cleaning and maintenance products.
Products/Services: Feminine hygiene products (external & internal), adult incontinence products,
disposable baby diapers and training pants, and pre-moistened adult/baby wipes
Sales Contacts: Beth Richman, Vice-President Private Label; Paul Marion, Vice-President, Sales
& Marketing; Bill Hemann, President (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1013 North 2nd St., P.O. Box 1988, Rogers, AR 72757- 1988 USA
Tel: (501) 636-4640
FAX: (501) 636-2974
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets:N/A
Profile: The House of Webster, since 1934, has been serving the business and professional
community needs with appreciation gifts for their customers, vendors and employees. The firm
also manufactures private label products, such as preserves, jellies, syrups, salsas and other
condiments—a business it has addressed for the past 10 years.
Products/Services: Business food gift packages, preserves, jellies, syrups, salsas and other
Sales Contacts: Dale Webster, President
Category: Food (dry groceries)
213 South Van Brunt Street, Englewood, NJ 07631 USA
Tel: (201) 567-7740; (800) 526-1032,
FAX: (201) 507-3769
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Central America
Profile: This 60-year-old firm is now operated by the third generation of the original family
founders. The company started as a manufacturer of pipes (for smoking), then switched to
sunglasses and displays. Today, Hudson Universal claims to provide the most up-to-date styles
within its price range (at retail) of from $3.99 per item.
Products/Services: Reading glasses, sunglasses
Sales Contacts: Melvyn W. Lurie, Vice-President of Sales
Category: General Merchandise
9201 Packaging Dr., Desoto, KS 66018 USA
Tel: (913) 583-8719
FAX: (913) 583-8206
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $2.9 Billion (€ 2.3 Billion) +15%; North America Sales: $908.5 Million
(€ 704.3 Million) +32.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Founded in the early 1930s as a producer of foodservice items and soon afterward
becoming a market leader, supplying distributors and retailers nationwide, Nyman Mfg. Co., East
Providence, RI, was acquired by The Chinet Co., which in turn, in 1999, was merged into
Huhtamaki of Finland and renamed Huhtamaki Food Service Inc. The company formerly handled
retail in Albertville, AL; while foodservice was managed from Waterville, ME. This all has been
consolidated in Desoto, KS. The Chinet name has become a global brand, sold in the Americas,
Europe, and Oceania. It joins Huhtamaki’s other brands Bibo in Europe and Lily in Oceania.
Huhtamaki Okyi is a consumer packaging company, operating 64 manufacturing units in 31
countries. Huhtamaki breaks out its sales into foodservice disposables (56% of total sales),
Flexible packaging (25%), molded fiber packaging (11%), and film (8%). Its past history as a
conglomerate involved confectionery products and pharmaceuticals. In August 2012, Huhtamaki
purchased Winterfield LLC, a supplier of disposable tableware (also in this database).
Five other acquisitions were made since September 2011.
UPDATE: In late January 2013, Huhtamaki announced the construction of a 925,000 square foot
converting factory for paper drink cups for the foodservice and retail markets. The facility located
in Batavia Township, OH, plans its first production run in the fourth quarter of 2013.
Products/Services: Disposable plastic plates, bowls, cups
Sales Contacts: Jim Berkinfield and Russ McCann, Regional Sales Managers; Todd Graven, Dir.
Retail Sales
Headquarters: Huhtamäki Oyj, Miestentie 9, FI-02150 ESPOO, Finland
Tel. +358 - (0)10 686 7000 Fax: +358 - (0)10 686 7992
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Food Service
7400 Alumax Drive, Texarkana, TX 75501 USA
Tel: (903) 831-7808; (800) 662-3435
FAX: (903) 831-7736
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Bermuda, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Profile: For 128+ years, the HUMCO brand has been recognized for high-quality packing and
distribution of traditional use wets and drys. In 1994, the company began a charted course of
growth and expansion under new ownership. The firm supplies major wholesalers, hospital buying
groups, government contracts, and mass merchandisers. Lead products include alcohol's,
compounding powders, and over-the-counter (OTC) first-aid items. HUMCO has led a drive to
private label these products for its customers, working with individual accounts to provide the
optimum product assortment for plan-o-grams, end-cap designs, custom formulations, in-house
label design, and custom marketing materials.
Products/Services: Powders and liquids, including alcohols, benzoin compound tincture, boric acid
, castor oil, calamine lotion, epsom salts, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, mercuroclear, milk of
magnesia, syrups
Sales Contacts: Terry Couch, Vice-President of Sales; Ron Gallaway, General Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
140 N. Orlando Ave. (Suite 150), Winter Park, FL 32789, USA
Tel: (570) 620-0822
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company specializes in the design and production support of packaging, labels, and
collateral material for private label programs. Its expertise covers new creative ideas and copy,
reinforcement of brand identity, providing an archive system to manage large lines. Hunter
Graphics has both artists and technicians on staff to take its clients’ ideas and layouts into the
production stage. The company additionally provides electronic or traditional prepress as required,
designs for import or export, as well as braille on new or existing packaging. This firm also does
websites, print media ads and a full range of printed collateral items.
Products/Services: Design and production support of packaging, labels, and collateral material for
private label programs
Sales Contacts: John Hunter
Category: Service
5, route Nationale 68690 Moosch, FRANCE
Tel: +33
FAX: +33
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Middle East, Far East
Profile: Hydra specializes in hygiene cotton products and manages all the steps of the
manufacturing process from the raw cotton to the finished items. The company, established in
1939, supplies the major French supermarket chains, while some 35% of its turnover goes to
export. In 2003, Hydra merged with Laboratoire Tetra Medical, a manufacturer of medical devices
for hospitals and clinics. Established in 1904, the latter company is noted for its 4-layer swabs.
The merged company now provides: swabs, dressings, and hygiene products for hospitals, clinics,
high street chemists, and specialized medical shops. Also, the company supplies leading
supermarket chains.
Products/Services: Round make-up pads, square make-up pads, cotton buds, cotton balls, pleated
Sales Contacts: Mr. A. Kleiber
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Ruta 8 km. 60 Parque Industrial Pilar Calle 24 Lote 35 (B1630CFA) Pilar, Prov. De Buenos Aires,
Tel: +54 2322-496-714
FAX: +54 2322-496-716
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: EE. UU, Chile, United States
Profile: IAASA (Industrias Alimenticias Argentinas S.A.), constituted in 1998, is the market
leader in Argentina with an 80% share in frozen pizzas. Its private label business is strong,
covering the major retailers, such as Bell’s, Carrefour, Jumbo, Walmart, and Leader Price. The
company offers 12 different products of deep frozen pizza in 31, 28, 24, and 18 cm sizes. They can
be kept up to 8 months after the packing date, since the product is frozen at -18 degrees C. Pizzas,
which all fulfill ISO 9002 requirements, come in Mozzarella, ham and red pepper, onion and
cheese. No preservatives or additives are used.
Products/Services: Frozen pizzas
Sales Contacts: Sr. Federico Valobra
Category: Food (frozen foods)
Russell House, Dunnet Way, Broxburn, EH52 5BU SCOTLAND
Tel: +44 1506-852205
FAX: +44 1506-856434
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: 50 plus Countries worldwide.
Profile: Ian Macleod & Company Ltd. is the United Kingdom’s leading independent private label
spirits supplier. The company specializes in premium own/private label spirits. It has been a
major supplier of own-label spirits to some of Europe's largest supermarket groups for over 40
years. Its brands include Macleod's Isle of Skye superior blended scotch whisky, Macleod's malt,
and London Hill gin. Operating since 1936, this company today functions as the international
marketing arm of the Peter J Russell Group. More than 15 million bottles of spirits are sold
Products/Services: Scotch whisky, gin, vodka, rum, liqueurs.
Sales Contacts: Leonard S. Russell, Marketing Director; R.C. Patrick, Area Director Europe; R.
Mackenzie, Area Director Americas; A. Harvie-Clark, Area Director Far East. (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Beverages (alcoholic spirits)
7550 Torbram Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4T 3L8 CANADA
Tel: (905) 678-6680
FAX: (905) 678-6684
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million+
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, England, Germany, France, Spain
Profile: As one of Canada’s largest private label packers of frozen juices and drinks concentrates
for the retail industry, Imperial Flavours also is one of Canada’s premier suppliers to the dairy
industry of ice cream bases and yogurt bases, which include granola-base crunches. The company
is now producing scotch mints and other related coated confectionery products. Also, the firm
packs health-related beverages for medical companies that supply hospitals in North America.
Imperial has a complete retort system in place to produce the required items. The company divides
its business as follows: dairy, bakery, and foodservice. Its related company: Imperial Chilled
Juice Inc. Contact: John Bjorkowski, Tel: 905-565-7288 (ext. 400)
Products/Services: Frozen juice and drink concentrates, ice cream bases and flavors, scotch mints
coated confectionery items, ready-to-serve health drinks
Sales Contacts: Ed Choy, President; John Borkowski, Vice-President; Andrew Wiber, Regional
Sales (Phone: 604-940-1417; Fax: 604-940-1417)
Category: Supplies, Beverages (health drinks), Food (candy)
8016 Highway 90-A, P.O. Box 9, 8016, SuGarland, TX 77487 USA
Tel: (281) 491-9181
Total Fiscal 2008 Sales Volume: $592.4 Million -32.3%
Sales % in EB: 19.5
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Imperial Sugar (Nasdaq: IPSU), one of the largest processors and marketers of refined
sugar in the United States to food manufacturers, retail grocers and foodservice distributors, has
witness its prospects sour over the recent past. In August 2001, emerging from eight-months of
bankruptcy protection, the company’ growth continued, buttressed by some 97% of its
consolidated net sales in refined sugar. In 2007, Imperial Sugar teamed up with Ingenios Santos
Group in Mexico to market the latter’s sugar in Mexico and export it to the US. The retail portion
of its fiscal 2011 sales represent 37%, of which 68% is in private label. The company produces
refined sugar from raw cane sugar and markets its products to retailers, foodservice distributors,
and industrial food manufacturers. On Feb. 8, 2008, an industrial explosion destroyed the
company’s storage silos and packaging capability at its Portwentworth, GA, sugar refinery. That
facility accounted for 60% of its refining capability. By early 2009, the company expected to start
bulk sugar production again. Also, in 2009, the company planned to buy out its partner’s (Edward
Billington & Son) 50% share of Wholesome Sweeteners, a producer of organic, natural, and Fair
Trade certified honeys, syrups, agaves, and other sweeteners. Its net loss of $53.4 million in fiscal
2011, due to higher raw sugar costs, however, has dramatically changed its strategies since then.
In October 2011, its 50% interest in Santos was sold, followed in March 2012 by the sale of its
50% equity interest in Wholesome Sweeteners to the investors, Arlon Group. Also, Imperial Sugar
has sold its 1/3 interest in a joint venture designed to build a new refinery at its former Gramery,
LA site.
Products/Services: Granulated, powdered, liquid and brown sugar
Sales Contacts: Art Saxby, Vice-President of Marketing; Bob Baldwin, National Sales Manager,
Consumer Products (e-mail: [email protected]); Bill Tumlin, Vice-President of
Private Label (Phone: 912-651-5071 or e-mail: [email protected]); Bob Baldwin, National
Accounts Manager, Private Label.
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
11415 Cedar Oak Drive, El Paso, TX 79936 USA
Tel: (915) 590-5914
FAX: (915) 590-5913
Total Sales Volume: $13.5 million
Sales % in EB: 45
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, England, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, India, Korea
Profile: Indel Food Products, one of the three largest hot-pepper processors from northern Mexico,
is a family owned business (Agroindustrias Deandar de Delicias, S.A. de C.V.) founded in 1987 in
Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico. Indel moved its headquarters to the United States in 1991. Up until
recently, the company administered its production facilities just in El Paso, TX. Now the
company has purchased a second plant in Sinloa, Mexico, which allows for alternative winter and
summer production of products. Indel processes jalapeno peppers, fire-roasted green chili, salsas,
tomatillas, and other Mexican products. These items are packed in US-made retail, foodservice
and industrial size containers: 28-ounce /#10 cans, 1-gallon plastic and glass jars, 1- to 5-gallon
plastic pails, and 55-gallon drums. Also, its peppers are offered frozen and Instant Quick Frozen
Products/Services: Canned peppers, chili, salsas, tomatillas, and other Mexican products; hot
sauces, brined peppers.
Sales Contacts: Alonso Echevarria, Sales Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Carlos B. Zetina No. 22, Xalostoc, Edo. de Mexico. C.P. 55000 MEXICO
Tel: +525 714-39-57
FAX: +525 714-30-48
Total Sales Volume: $13.5 Million
Sales % in EB: 15
Export Markets: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Peru, Chile
Profile: Started some 15 years ago, this family run business has since established a 6% market
share in its country, marketing Sekecito Dry brand diapers, Confem, and Confiace feminine
napkins, and Protex brand incontinence. The firm is now developing a new incontinence line for
exclusive brand accounts. The company serves as distributor of wet wipes for Nice-Pak from the
U.S. (also in this database). Its private label business started three years ago, while export of
product began in 1994.
Products/Services: Baby diapers, feminine napkin protection, adult incontinence products
Sales Contacts: David Ocejo, Luis Miguel Ocejo
Category: Health & Beauty Care
5 Westbrook Corporate Center, Westchester, IL 60154 USA
Tel: (708) 551-2600
(800) 743-6343
FAX: (708) 551-2700
Total 2014 Sales Volume: $5.7 Billion -10%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 100+ countries
Profile: Established in 1906 and converted to a public company in 1997, Ingredion Inc. (NYSE:
INGR), formerly called Corn Products International, today is a global manufacturer and supplier
of starch and sweetener ingredients to some 60+ industries: food, beverage, animal feed, paper and
corrugated products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, personal care, edible corn oil, etc. In October
2010, the company for $1.3 billion cash acquired National Starch, a producer of specialtymodified starches (11 plants in eight countries) from Atzo Nobel NV of the Netherlands. Now
Ingredion operates 25 Ingredion Idea Labs Innovation Centers worldwide. On May 15, 2012, the
company changed its name to Ingredion to better reflect its product mix. Today, approximately
39% of net sales are in sweeteners, 343% in starch, and 24% in specialty ingredients. Results in
2014 reflect a slowing world economy and volatile currencies; but the company also reported its
specialty sales climbed to nearly a quarter of total net sales. Its operating income for the year
dropped by 5% to $581 million. Ingredion is transforming itself into a global ingredient solutions
provider, focusing on sustainable consumer trends: 'free from' foods like gluten-free and nonGMO products, authentic ingredients, health & wellness products, etc. Some 55% of its net sales
are in North America, 21% in South America, 10% in Europe/Middle East/Africa, and 14% in
Asia Pacific. All its manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified with 95% of them certified to
the Global Food Safety initiative standard.
UPDATE: In 2015, Ingredion in March completed its $340 million acquisition of Penford Corp.
Denver, a producer of specialty ingredients for food and nonfood applications. Penford is an
export in potato starch, non-starch texturizers, and green solutions (personal care, home care, bioplastic applicaitons, etc.). In July 2014, Ingredion agreed for 4100 million to acquire Kerr
Concentrates, Salem, OR, a private producer of natural fruit and vegetable concentrates, purees,
and essences. By 2019, Ingredion projects its total sales will reach $8 billion with specialty
ingredients representing $2 billion in sales.
Products/Services: : Sweeteners (glucose syrups, high maltose syrups, high fructose corn syrup,
dextrose, sugar-free pilyols, etc.); starches included food grade and industrial grade; and specialty
Sales Contacts: Evan Hyman, Manager of Private Label business Development
Category: Services & Supplies
901 Durham Ave., South Plainfield, NJ 07080-2401 USA
Tel: (908) 757-6000
FAX: (908) 757-6464
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Europe, Hong Kong
Profile: Since its founding in 1984, Innovative Folding Carton has built its success on
understanding the importance of meeting customers’ stringent packaging requirements as well as
being dedicated to excellence, total quality management, and customer service. Within its
100,000-square-foot, bilevel, state-of-the-art facility, this firm offers the latest in offset printing,
UV flexo and rotary letter presses, in-house CAD/CAM system for structural design, and the most
advanced, full-service, in-house, MAC-based graphic design department.
Products/Services: Folding cartons, pressure-sensitive labels, printed flexible packaging material,
shrink-sleeve labels, tamper-evident bands, labeling system, inserts/outserts, and source tagging
Sales Contacts: Dan Stolfi, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing; Vincent Kover, VicePresident, Sales
Category: Service & Supplies
INTER-AMERICAN FOODS, INC. Subsidiary of The Kroger Co.
1240 State Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45204 USA
Tel: (512) 244-3662, (800) 645-2233
FAX: (513) 244-3668
Total Sales Volume: $2 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: 27 countries—Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Korea,
Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean
Profile: Inter-American Foods, Inc., established in 1907, is a subsidiary of The Kroger Company,
a $82.2 billion retailer (listed under Retailers in this database). This manufacturing operation has
36 plants throughout the US, producing a wide variety of quality dairy, bakery, and grocery
products. Some 43% of the corporate brand units sold by Kroger stores are produced at these
plants. The breakout includes: 18 dairies, 10 bakeries, and 8 grocery facilities. The company also
produces products for national brands and supplies customers with ingredients.
Products/Services: Beverages (carbonated/non-carbonated soft drinks, sparkling/purified water,
green tea), pet food (dry dog/Cat), bakery (breads, buns, rolls, muffins, cookies, chips, tortillas,
popcorn, corn snacks), frozen foods (dough, breads, rolls, cookies, cakes), shelf-stable foods
(salad dressings, marinades, sauces, syrups, broth, jams & jellies, peanut butter, peanut oil, spices,
extracts), coffee & tea, specialty foods (salads, desserts, handmade salads, dips, icing, glazes),
dairy (milk, cheese, juice, fruit drinks, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream), commodity procurement
(wheat, corn, peanuts, sugar, etc.)
Sales Contacts: Gary Belew (Dry Grocery); Mary Egnor (Export), Roger Templeton (Cheese),
Holly Abernathy (Baked Foods) Tom Raterman (Dairy), Ken Kuhn (Carbonated Beverage), Mike
Huffman (Ice Cream/Novelties), Bill Lucia, General Mgr
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, dairy, frozen foods, refrigerated foods), Beverages
(coffee/tea, dairy, juice, soft drinks, water), Food (candy/snacks, deli, dry groceries, frozen foods,
dairy, etc.)
2821 Emerywood Parkway, Ste. 210, Richmond, VA 23294 USA
Tel: (804) 755-7107
FAX: (804) 755-7173
Total Sales Volume: $500+ Million (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This business began in 1890 and developed into Southern Biscuit Works, until Weston
Foods of Canada (listed in this database under Loblaw Companies--Retail section) acquired the
firm in 1946. In a consolidation of its operations, it was renamed Interbake Foods in 1967. Today,
Interbake is the third largest cookie and cracker manufacturer in North America, operating from
nine locations. Its business has focused on enrobed cookies, i.e., chocolate and caramel covered
products such as fudge graham, chocolate devil’s food, caramel dipped shortbread, etc. A
subsidiary produces ice cream sandwiches, cones and other novelty ice cream products. Interbake
provides private label and contract manufacturing. Another operation, ABC Bakers, supplies girl
scout cookies--more than 50% of the supply in the US.
Products/Services: Cookies, crackers, baked products
Sales Contacts: Selena Sanderson, Sr. Vice-President, Sales & Marketing; Daivd Sousa, Director
Private Label Sales; Gunther Brinkman, VP Innovation Strategy
Category: Food (dry groceries, dairy)
130 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10011, USA
Tel: (212) 798-7500
FAX: (212) 798-7501
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: This private, international branding consultancy was formed in 1974 as Anovamark.
Today, it specializes in brand services and actions, including brand strategy, corporate identities,
and name development. The company operates as a division of Omnicom, one of the world’s
leading brand consultancies (24 offices in 16 countries). Interbrand conducts Best Brands studies
based on valuation, including private label activities. Late in 1996, Interbrand acquired
Gerstman+Meyers, an international brand identity management and package design consulting
firm, which was active in private label packaging design. In 2008, Interbrand worked with the
retailer Ahold (also in this database) on its new corporate identity for Stop & Shop supermarkets.
Products/Services: Store and brand identities, package design, structural packaging design, name
development, consumer research, merchandising systems
Sales Contacts: Lisa Marsala in New York and Graham Hales in the United Kingdom (+44 207554-1169)
Category: Service
Av. Nuno del Mercado, No. 746, Col. Cosijoeza, 68090 Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, MEXICO
Tel: +529 515-143623
Total Sales Volume: $3 Million
Sales % in EB: 15
Export Markets: Europe, South America, United States, Canada, Asia
Profile: Intercafe has a tradition of premium quality coffee, dating back to 1874 on the farm of the
family Audelo. Its coffee is a special selection of mountain-grown Arabica coffee beans carefully
roasted and ground to yield a rich balance of flavor, aroma, and body. Beans are hand-picked from
the “Oaxaca Pluma” region in southern Mexico, which is internationally recognized for consistent
high-quality harvests, providing ideal soil and climate conditions. Special care is taken, using
spring water to clean the beans and sun rays to dry them over a five-day period. In decaffeinated
mountain coffee beans, the natural method of hot water and steam is employed, never using
chemical solvents to remove the caffeine. All beans are roasted to their peak flavor in small
batches at its plant in Oaxaca, Mexico, then air-cooled until they are hard and brittle, then finally
ground to obtain the desired body. The Audelo started a partnership with Grupo Herdez del Fuerte
in 1993. Their brand is Cafe Blason, covering both roasted beans and ground coffee.
Products/Services: Roasted coffee
Sales Contacts: Lic. Cesar Carranza, Director; Lic. Gabriel Hernandez, Export Manager
Category: Beverages (coffee)
1880 Ormont Dr., Toronto, Ont. M9L 2V4, CANADA
FAX: (416) 744-4369
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Intercorp Excelle Brands Foods is the manufacturer of Canada’s #1 refrigerated salad
dressing, Renee’s Gourmet. In addition to its brand, the company produces private label products
for many supermarkets and restaurant chains in Canada and the United States. Its specialties are
refrigerated and shelf-stable salad dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, and dips. Custom formulations
are available with many packaging containers.
Products/Services: Salad dressings, sauces, mayonnaise and dips
Sales Contacts: Arnie Unger, President; Alysse Unger, Private Label Sales Director
Category: Beverages (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries, refrigerated)
Lie berg er weg 72- 98, 1221 JT Hil ver sum, THE NETHERLAND
Tel: +31 35-6883911
FAX: +31 35-6883202
Total Sales Volume: $2.8 Billion +7.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (NYSE: IFF) is the largest creator and
manufacturer of flavors and fragrances in the world. Its market positioning was enhanced in
November 2000 with the acquisition of Bush Boake Allen, a $499 million fragrance and flavors
house. In business for 110+ years, IFF during 2000 combined its two divisions, flavors and
fragrances, into a single operation . Its headquarters are located in New York, while the company
operates creative centers, sales offices, and manufacturing facilities in 42 countries . IFF flavors
are produced mostly for use in beverages, food, confectionery, dairy products, and snacks. Its
fragrances are used in fine fragrances, toiletries, personal wash products, and fabric care, home
care, and air care products.
Products/Services: Flavors and fragrances
Sales Contacts: Mr. Frans A M Nijnens, Vice-President (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Supplies
210 Hickory Springs, Industrial Drive, Canton, GA 30115 USA
Tel: (770) 345- 3079
FAX: (770) 345-3086
Total Sales Volume: $15 Million
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada, Poland, Belgium, Italy
Profile: IFT, Inc. is a full-service fragrance house, dedicated to creating fragrances, providing
exact analytical duplication of fragrances, and manufacturing fragrances. The firm doesn’t work
off of the 300-800% work-ups that are common to this industry. It provides a 24-hour
manufacturing lead time versus the standard 10 days to four weeks turnaround. IFT pays the
freight on all orders more than 200 pounds—FOB its customer’s plant.
Products/Services: Fragrances for household and personal care products, sanitary supply, and
Sales Contacts: Perry Pellegrino, Vice-President Sales & Marketing
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
3100 Canal Street, Houston TX 77003 USA
Tel: (713) 224-5901
FAX: (713) 546-1505
Total Sales Volume: $180 Million
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada
Profile: Founded in 1950, International Trading Co. (ITC) has evolved from a small imported
foods company into a multidimensional, processed meat manufacturer, packager, and
importer/exporter. As part of its commitment to its customers, ITC has instituted processes to
ensure quality throughout the production process. The company has become the first ham
company in the United States to receive ISO 9001 certification. ITC has the majority of its
business in prepackaged, pre-sliced refrigerated meats, while providing bulk product to
foodservice and institutional accounts.
Products/Services: Premium ham, turkey and chicken products.
Sales Contacts: Benjamin Warren, Director of Sales; Keith DeShazo, Director of Sales; Tom Hill,
Director of Food Service; Claus J. R. Mercer, Director of Club and Export; Dave Gerle, Director
of Business Development
Category: Food Service (meat/poultry)
INTEPLAST GROUP (Incorporates Minigrip Consumer Group)
9 Peach Tree Hill Rd., Livingston, NJ 07039 USA
Tel: (973) 534-5888; (800) 896-3222
FAX: (888) 740-2500
Total Sales Volume: $1.6 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Inteplast Group, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012, is the largest manufacturer
of integrated plastics in North America. In July 2012, the company acquired Minigrip, Kennesaw,
Ga, a worldwide leader in manufacturing re-closable plastic bags for the industrial packaging,
medical, and institutional foodservice markets, from Illinois Tool Works, (ITW) Glenview, IL.
ITW also owns Atlantic Mills, a producer of nonwoven wipes (also listed in this database). In
1959, Minigrip introduced the first integral zipper bag to the US industrial packaging market. Its
consumer products unit provides private label foodservice bags and specialty retail items. In 2010,
the company introduced its GreenLine biodegradable and re-closable zipper bag. Interplast
combined Minigrip with its healthcare and specimen packaging business to form Mini, LLC. It
became part of Interplast’s Integrated Bagging Systems (IBS) division, responsible for plastic bags
and products including can liners, foodservice bags, gloves and supplies, retail and grocery bags,
and janitorial and industrial supplies. Inteplast followed up in September 2012 with its acquisition
of Pitt Plastics, Inc., Pittsburg, KS (three plants), expanding its commercial can liners business-integrated into its IBS division. Inteplast Group operates two other divisions: AmTopp (biaxially
oriented polyproplene films, stretch wrap films, and plastic concentrates and compounds) and
World-Pak (corrugated plastic and PVS sheets, heavy duty films and bags and synthetic wood).
UPDATE: In August 2013, Inteplast Group acquired the private label and carry-out bag division
of Trinity Packaging Corp., Armonk, NY. Inteplast integrated this business (Trinity Plastics, Inc.),
covering plastic bags and foodservice packaging materials, into its Integrated Bagging Systems
division, thus making IBS one of the leading US manufacturers of plastic bags and foodservice
items serving the private label, retail and grocery marketplace. The company now oversees 40
plants and 10 warehouse facilities.
Products/Services: Trash bags (flaps and drawstring), Kitchen bags, reclosable food storage bags
(double zipper freezer & storage, zipper sandwich & snack bags), plastic wraps, plastic food
storage containers
Sales Contacts: John Logan, National Sales Manager/Consumer Private Label; Bob Pondo,
Business Development
Category: Household Products
150 North Clinton St., Chicago, IL 60661-1416, USA
Tel: (866) 262-5973
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: This leading global producer of "intelligent people, innovative solutions and services, and
integrated empirical information on markets, consumers, and shoppers" serves the Cosumer
Prooducts Goods manufacturers, retailers, and marketing agencies worldwide. IRI reports
monitoring 95,000 retail locations in the United States and Europe. This researcher in October
2012 issued a report titled "Private Label in Europe 2012: Is there a limit to growth." On April 16,
2013, the company officially re-branded itself from Symphony IRI Group to IRI--its founding
Products/Services: Retail analysis, including reports focused on private label
Sales Contacts: John McIndoe ; Anne Lefranc, European Marketing Director (Tel: +33 1-30062362)
International Plaza 2, Suite 405, Philadelphia, PA 19113 USA
Tel: (610) 362-0800; (800) 952-6633
FAX: (610) 362-0820
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Operating as part of Irving Forest Products, Irving Consumer Products began in 1988 and
today is one of North America’s leading tissue manufacturers. Its branded products include
Scotties facial ti sues, Royale (Canada) tissues, and Soft Weave bathroom tissues (1 ply). Its
private label products cover tissues, towels, napkins plus disposable baby diapers and training
Products/Services: Paper towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper napkins, disposable baby
diapers and training pants.
Sales Contacts: Ken Landman, Vice-President of Sales, U.S.
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Health & Beauty Care
100 Midland Dr., Dieppe, NB E1A 6X43, CANADA
Tel: (506) 632-7777
FAX: (506) 648-2205
Total Sales Volume: $1Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: International
Profile: For more than 120 years, this private, family owned business has prospered in Eastern
Canada and Maine. Today, the company, referred to as the Irving Group of Companies, is a
vertically integrated, diversified business, involved in: manufacturing branded and private label
household tissue products (Irving Tissue) and private label baby diapers and training pants (Irving
Personal Care)--see Irving Consumer Products (below); production of frozen potato products for
retail and foodservice markets (Cavendish Farms), a grower and packer of fresh potato products,
truck transport and courier service (Midland), and agricultural products and services. The
company also operates a chain of some 30 Kent home improvement stores in Atlantic Canada plus
some 500 convenience stores under the Bluecanoe banner (formerly Mainway) in Eastern Canada
and New England.
Products/Services: Household tissues (see Irving Tissue in this database), frozen potato products
(see Cavendish Farms in this database)
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Food
409 Industrial Dr., Bensenville, IL 60106 USA
Tel: (630) 860-1330
FAX: (630) 860-1334
Total Sales Volume: $0.5 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Asia, Africa
Profile: Besides supplying a complete line of cosmetics and toiletries under its brand, Floryn,
Isopharm Cosmetics handles private label/contract manufacturing needs from formulation through
finished product.
Products/Services: Lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, bubble baths, shower gel, baby oil,
petroleum jelly
Sales Contacts: Ramesh S. Patel, Chairman
Category: Health & Beauty Care
6000 Central Highway, Pennsauken, NJ 08109 USA
Tel: (856) 665-9533
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $830.8 Million +12%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico
Profile: This branded manufacturer (NASDAQ:JJSF) of nutritional, popular priced niche snack
foods and distributor of frozen beverages over the years has acquired small companies, a number
of them involved in the private label business. Incorporated in 1971, J&J’s private label interests
remain viable. Also, it continues its acquisition strategy, having recently picked up the frozen,
dough-enrobed, hand-held product line from ConAgra Foods (also in this database) and California
Churros, Colton, CA, a small manufacturer of churros (Hispanic pastries). J&J Snack keeps
expanding its product line, introducing stuffed and enrobed sandwiches, fruit pies, and burritos.
More recently, Bavarian sticks and soft pretzel buns were added. In June 2012, the company
acquired Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, Chicago, a producer of all-natural, hand-made-from
scratch, premium pretzels. Also, during this fiscal year, J&J, which operates 15 plants in the US,
added soft pretzel lines to its Carrollton, TX plant and both pretzel and churro lines to its
Bellmawr, NJ plant. The company calls itself the largest manufacturer of soft pretzels in North
America. Some 62.7% of its sales are in foodservice, which increased by 12% over fiscal 2011.
But its retail sales continue to grow, up by 21% during the year to $109.9 million in sales.
UPDATE: In October 2013, the company purchased New York Pretzel, Brooklyn, NY, a producer
of soft pretzels sold to retail and foodservice accounts in the Northeast.
Products/Services: Soft pretzels, frozen beverages, frozen juice drinks and desserts, churros
pastries, funnel cakes, cookies, and other snacks and drinks.
Sales Contacts: Bob Pape, Sr. VP, Sales & Marketing; Alissa Davis, Director Retail Marketing
Category: Food Service, Food (dry groceries, frozen foods)
133 Williams Dr., Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
Tel: (201) 828-5000
FAX: (201) 828-5252
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Founded in 1992, C. M. Jackson Associates has since been custom-built to service the
private label industry in store brand identity and packaging graphics. The company uses high-tech,
in-house resources to design and implement packaging projects from 1 SKU up to thousands.
Working with major retailers and manufacturers coast-to-coast, the company provides services
from concept to final film and proofs, while also helping its customers to control packaging costs
by giving them complete ownership and control of their printing materials. In March 2007, C.M.
Jackson Associates Inc. was acquired by Southern Graphics Systems, a subsidiary of SGS
International, Inc., Louisville, KY. Southern Graphics, once part of Alcoa, in 2007 also acquired
the prepress firm, Synnoflex Inc. in Canada and The McGurk Group (digital artwork &
reprographic packaging solutions) in the United Kingdom. Today, SGS, a global leader in the
digital imaging and communications industry with sales of $323.5 million, operates C.M. Jackson
Associates (CMJ) as its private label services arm: SGS Ramsey. In the UK, McGurk Group also
works in own brand for retailers.
Products/Services: Design and presentation, photography (custom and stock vignettes), film and
proofs to printers specs, master film programs, high-speed data communications network for quick
turnarounds on design and finsihed art approvals.
Sales Contacts: Michael Jackson Jr., Mark Smith
Category: Service
1800 North Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA
Tel: (561) 447-252 0
Total 2013 Sales Volume: $7.4 Billion +9.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Jarden Corp. was renamed in 2002 from Alltrista (a manufacturer of plastic and metal
products—some dating back to the 19th century and formerly a subsidiary of Ball Corp, but spun
off in 1993). Jarden is a phenomenal story, its sales soaring since 2003 from $350 million up to
more than $7 billion in 10 years. Traded on the NYSE under the JAH symbol, the company’s
strategy basically has been growth through acquisition of iconic brands over a broad and diverse
range of products. The strategy works: its 2011 net income shot upward by 94% to $205 million.
While the results in 2012 were less impressive, sales barely edging upward due primarily to
“unfavorable foreign currency translations,” its net income of $243.9 million was up by 19.1%.
Results in 2013 were reversed: Net sales up by 9.9%, while net income slipped by 16.4% to
$203.9 million. Among the company’s 120+ brands, there are some household names: Ball, Bee,
Bicycle, Coleman, deBeer, Diamond, Rawlings, Shakespeare, Sunbean, etc. –some in continuous
use for over 100 years. While there were no significant acquisitions in 2011, the previous year saw
three important additions. In April,for $500 million, the Mapa Spontex Baby Care and Home Care
businesses of Mapa Spontex Group, a Paris-based global manufacturer of baby feeding bottles and
other accessories in addition to health care items, such as condoms, plus the home care categories,
including sponges, rubber gloves and related cleaning products. Additionally, later in the year,
Jarden purchased Aero Products International (air-filled mattresses for outdoor recreation, and
Quickie Manufacturing Corp, a leading suppler of cleaning tools and supplies (mops, brooms,
dusters, etc.). Jarden opened its purse strings again in 2012, acquiring the outstanding stock of
Pulse Home Products Limited in the United Kingdom--a company that produces branded personal
products such as haircare items as well as vacuum cleaning products and small domestic
appliances. And now for an impressive encore, Jarden, in October 2013, has purchasede Yankee
Candle Investment LLC, Bartonsville, PA, a producer of scented candles, its price tag of $1.8
billion paid for in cash. This manufacturer, primarily a branded firm (candles, home fragrances,
car fresheners, and candle accessories), is called the largest scented candle producer in the U.S. Its
2012 sales were $844.2 million +7.4%. This company also operates 568 Yankee Candle retail
stores (six of them in Canada). Jarden, which operates in three basic areas (outdoor solutions,
consumer solutions, and breanded consumablels) is on record saying that private label business
does not fit its overall strategy. Yet, for some product categories (those with dominant private
label market share) and for some of the companies purchased in the past (Mapa Spondex in 2010
(previously listed in this database) and in 2006, Conros Corp. (still listed in this database for other
product categories), private label remains viable for this company. Jardan Home Brands,
operated as a subsidiary, provides private label options for Jardan's brands: Ball (mason jars, jars
and lids, peckin, etc.), Pine Mountain and Java-log (firelogs), Diamond (plastic cutlery, straws,
toothpicks, matches, lighters, etc.), and Bernardin (canning products--jars, closures, pectin and
mixe, etc.) for food preservation.
Products/Services:Plastic cutlery, plastic straws, book matches, wood toothpicks, fire logs, etc.
Sales Contacts: Christine Tropeano, Private Label Product Manager, Jarden Home Brands, 14611
W. Commerce Rd., Daleville, IN 47334. Tel: (765) 557-3000 or (207) 645-5403.
Category: Household Products
P.O. Box 1538, Caesarea, 38900 ISRAEL
Tel: +972-6-343717
FAX: +972-6-336445
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan--40+ countries
Profile: Jericho Bath Salts, also known as Jericho Cosmetics by Paloma, was the first to develop
and market cosmetics and therapeutic products based on Dead Sea salts, minerals, and black mud.
The Dead Sea waters are noted for containing special compounds of natural minerals whose
therapeutic and relaxing qualities are known worldwide, such as relieving joint and muscle pains,
skin affections, and general stress. No animal ingredients are used and products are not tested on
animals. Its products are compliant with ISO 9002 standards. The company has more than 15
years providing private label products in jars, bottles, tubes, and sachets.
Products/Services:Salts, “Black Mud”, facial creams, cleansers, hygienic wipes, and other health
and beauty, highly concentrated mineral products products, the ingredients taken from the Dead
Sea area. Categories: bath & spa, skin- and hair-care, therapeutic, and men's care.
Sales Contacts: Judith Hofstatter, Export Manager; Jericho Bath Salts, Inc., Bronx, NY (Tel: 718796-5509)
Category: Health & Beauty Care
3080 Pinebrook Rd., Park City, UT 84098
Tel: (435) 645-9100; (888) 741-4564
FAX: (435) 645-9109
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: After some 30+ years serving the foodservice business, JMH International has moved into
the retail sector, offering soup and flavor bases, stock concentrates, sauces, gravies, and seasoning
blends. Its selection of bases includes: poultry, pork, beef, seafood, vegetable and chili. There also
are gravies, demi glaces and sauces; dressings; and seasonings available. The foodservice 40pound packages are now being extended into smaller size packs for the retail trade. In September
2011, the company completed its SQF Level 2 (SQF 2000) certification. JMH handles both dry
and wet blending, while providing kosher and organic products as well.
Products/Services:Dry soup, sauce, gray mixes, seasoning blends, soup bases
Sales Contacts: Jennifer Johansson, Sales Manager ([email protected])
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
1703 N. Randall Rd., Elgin, IL 60123 USA
Tel: (847) 298-1800
FAX: (847) 787-5486
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $734.3 Million +4.8%
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets: Europe , Asia , Oceania , Latin America, Canada & Mexico
Profile: In 1922, John B. SanFilippo, an Italian immigrant opened a small pecan shelling business
in a rented store front and soon afterward with his father, Gasperei, opened a factory for cracking
and shelling pecans. Today, this company, operating under its founder’s name and managed by
fourth generation family members, has become the second largest distributor of full-line nut
products and one of the largest private label manufacturers of snack nuts and baking nuts in the
US. (Planters, the brand leader for US retail/vending in this product category, was started 16 years
earlier by another Italian immigrant.) John B. Sanfilippo & Son (NASDAQ: JBSS) is a vertically
integrated processor, marketer,and distributor of baking nuts, snack nuts, and nut-based products-one of the largest private label snack nut suppliers in the US. Its stock covers some 3,500 SKUs.
JBSS operates five production facilities. In 1995, the company acquired the Fisher brand from
Procter & Gamble. In March 2010, the company agreed to pay aggregate $32.9 million cash for
Orchard Valley Harvest, Inc., Modesto, CA, which in effect pushed John B. Sanfilippo beyond the
snack and baking categories more into the produce business. Orchard Valley, which has an
aggressive private label business, produces: mixed/roasted/salted nuts, snack mixes, dried fruit,
chocolate nuts, fruit gels, and popcorn. The company now looks to becoming a leading fruit and
nut provider to the produce section. Also, JBSS has introduced packaging refinements: In October
2011, its Fisher freshness, seal/standup bag debuted. The past two years have been rocky as higher
costs of tree nuts have impacted on its profits.In fiscal 2013, however, SanFilippo has realized a
4.8% net sales gain, while its net income jumped by 27.3% to $21.8 million, thanks in part to
increased distribution of its Fisher brand snack and recipe nuts plus gains in private brand snack
nuts business. The company is now looking to expand its nut distribution internationally with a
number of its branded products.
Products/Services:Snacking nuts, baking ingredient nuts, extruded snacks, peanut butter, chocolate
chips, candies (hard/chocolate-covered), natural snacks, trail mixes, sunflower seeds, dried fruit,
corn snacks, sesame sticks. Its nuts portfolio covers 11 different types--almonds, pecans, peanuts,
black walnuts, English walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pistachios, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, and
Sales Contacts: Jeff Sanfilippo, Sr. Vice-President of Sales/Marketing; Howard Brandeisky, VicePresident of Global Marketing; Jim Barker, Vice-President of Marketing
Category: Food (DG, C/S)
10 Wheatfield Road, Edinburgh, EH-11 2Q-A SCOTLAND
Tel: -3372521
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $16.7 Billion (£10.7 Billion) -11%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Johnson Matthey Plc, London, reported being hit by "headwinds" in this current fiscal
period due to the weak European auto market and lower platinum group metal prices and volume.
Its operating profits dropped by 8% to £ 3 billion. Macfarlan Smith, its pharmaceutical subsidiary
located in Edinbugh, Scotland, also faced tough competition during the year. The parent firm's
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient business, representing some £ 198 million ($308.9 million) in
sales, dropped by 4% for the year. Johnson Matthey lately has begun restructuring its API business
to address its marketing problem. In 2001, Johnson Matthey, a specialty chemicals and precious
metals company (now listed on the London Stock Exchange) purchased Macfarlan Smith (a
pharmaceutical company that produces active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates such
as alkaloid opiates and other controlled drugs) and its holding company, Meconic. The latter firm
produced Bitrix (Denatonium Benzoate), called "the bitterest stuff on earth," which is used in such
products as household cleaners, automotive chemical products, agrochemical formulations, and
industrial products, to protect against ingestion (especially by children). In March 2012, the
company launched a new website: In the U.S., Bitrex is
marketed exclusively by Market Actives LLC, Portland, OR, also in this database.
Products/Services:Bitrex--An averse bittering agent for household, garden, and automotive
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
Ul. Geodetow 4 St., 05- 200 Wolomin, POLAND
Tel: +48 22761-3700
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Europe & the United States
Profile: Joko Cosmetics is a recognized European producer of color cosmetics for private label.
The company has been in business for 20+ years and has introduced ISO 1900:2000 as a guarantee
of the highest quality for its products. Its entry into the U.S. market came in 2006. The company
offers a full cosmetics line: pressed products, powders and blushers, lipstick, lip gloss, eye liners,
mascara, foundation, nail enamel and nail care, loose products, and mineral make up.
Products/Services: Color Cosmetics
Sales Contacts: Tomasz Stencel, International Key Account Manager (tomasz.stencel
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Haaavard Martinsen vei 30, NO- 0978, Oslo, NORWAY
Tel: +47 2278-80-00
FAX; +47 2278-80-51
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $162 Million (NOK 908 Million) -1.2%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: The group’s operations comprise the Norwegian parent company Jordan AS and three
foreign subsidiaries. Jordan AS manufactures and sells oral hygenic products (toothbrushes, dental
sticks, dental floss, rinses) and household cleaning products (cloths and brushes). In addition, the
company markets and distributes painting tools manufactured by its subsidiary, Anza AB., While
this company traces its roots back to 1837, at a time when Oslo was called Christiania, the
celebration of its 175th Anniversary in 2012 will be muted somewhat. The recent economic
downturn in Europe and the February 2009 sale of its Wisdom Ltd. toothbrush operation (owned
since 1996) in the United Kingdom have impacted on sales. Wisdom also sold into the US
market. Jordan is still the market leader in the Nordic countries for its oral care and paint brushes;
but its new product rollouts have not significantly helped boost sales. In 2010, the company
moved into mouth rinses for the first time. It also introduced the Jordan Shiny White toothbrush,
featuring a unique whitening air pad and blue polishing brushes. But its overall sales performance
since 2006 has been up and down.
UPDATE: In June 2012, Jordan, family owned since 1837, agreed to being purchased by a
Norwegian conglomerate involved in food, aluminum, financial interests, etc.: Orkla ASA, Oslo.
Okla basically is a branded company for its consumer goods. Its 2013 sales totaled NOK 33 billion
($5.6 billion). Its interest in Jordan comes from a strategy to develop business in the FMCG sector.
Okla already operated a subsidiary involved in toothbrushes and home cleaning materials. Okla
followed up the Jordan purchase with a buyout of another family business in Norway, Rieber &
Son, a branded food producer in Bergen, Norway. The fate of Jordan's private label business
remains to be seen.
Products/Services: Toothbrushes, toothpicks, dental floss
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
3435 Lamor Road, Hermitage, PA 16148, USA
Tel: (724) 962-5747
FAX: (724) 962-3470
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: The Joy Cone Company has been a family owned and operated business under one family
since 1918. It was started by a Lebanese immigrant , Albert George, who recruited his sister, Rose,
and her husband T.J. Thomas to form the George Thomas Co. Up to the present, Joy Cone
continues its tradition of “making one product—cones—better than any other company does.” It
has claimed over the years to be the largest cone manufacturer in the world with a yearly output of
1.5 billion items. The company now operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Hermitage, PA,
and the other in Flagstaff, AZ. Joy Cone has developed its own cone ovens (built right into its
plants), while using a time-tested, family recipe that requires close attention to every detail of
mixing the batter, baking the cones, then packaging the product. Joy Cone is a major supplier to
both the food- service and retail cone market. Since foodservice cones are 100% inspected and
since each filled cone is handed across a store counter to the consumer, Joy Cone must provide a
product that is defect-free. Its largest customers in foodservice are McDonald’s and Dairy Queen
in the US and Canada. Joy Cone is the only manufacturer that offers a full product line for private
label—cake, sugar, and waffle cones, cups, and bowls. Peak season availability is guaranteed.
UPDATE: In 2012, Joy Cone rolled out a line of gluten-free cake cups and sugar cones. Early in
2014, another new product, EnJOY-a-Bowls, was introduced, representing a mini-version of the
company's best selling waffle bowls. In January 2013, the company secured a $100,000 grant
from the Arizona Commerce Authority for Rural Economic Development, the funds earmarked for
expansion of its Flagstaff facility.
Products/Services: Ice cream cones and cups—cake cups, sugar cones, waffle cones, specialty
cones and including gluten-free cake cups and sugar cones.
Sales Contacts: Paul Hritz, Director of Sales & Marketing
Category: Food
7335 E. Acoma Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA
Tel: (480) 905-7117
FAX: (480) 905-0080
Total Sales Volume: $2.1 Million
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan
Profile: The makers of “People Pleasing Products for Pets,” K.O.S. Industries was established in
1984. Recently, the company has become associated with the MNI Group. All its products are
made in the North America and are nontoxic, containing recycled material when possible. The
company strives to offer the highest quality at the lowest price. Private label is one of its very
strong points, where it currently supplies many major grocery, mass merchandise retailers in
addition to supplying its own branded labels. Some of its newest product entries: breath
fresheners, Grreap Grravy flavor enhancer for dry foods, and a selection of wipes--dental, eye, ear,
shampoo, etc. (The MNI Group, a product development company, distributes nutritional and
health related products for both people and pets. Its products are classified as “Nutraceuticals” that
is, food or food supplements that provide medical or health benefits, including the prevention and
treatment of disease).
Products/Services: Litter liners, odor eliminator, stain eliminator, dog shampoo, cat shampoo, flea
& tick wipes, pooch pickup mitt, pet placement, dental wipes, eye wipes, ear wipes, shampoo
wipes, Gold Caps vitamin supplements, Silver Cap antioxident supplements, New Science
supplements, Super C supplements, PNT supplies, flavor enhancer for dry foods, breath
Sales Contacts: Elliot Elrod, President
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
Kibbutz Ruhama, 79180 ISRAEL
Tel: +972 7-6807177
FAX: +972 7-6807773
Total Sales Volume: $6 Million
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Holland, South Africa,
Profile: Positioned as the largest and leading brush manufacturer in Israel, K.R. Dent-Hamivreshet
produces a wide range of versatile brushes and plastic mold-injection products. Its toothbrushes
are the main product line—all FDA-registered, while several K.R. Dent toothbrushes have
achieved the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of recognition. About 30% of Israel’s
toothbrush needs are supplied by this firm. Its other lines include household brushes, shoe
brushes, paintbrushes, and whitewash brushes. The firm manufactures products according to
specific client needs, supplying custom-made industrial brushes as well. Additionally, the
company provides three sizes of self-inking stamps: personal, business and ‘your’ size. Nearly six
million private label toothbrushes are exported mainly to large US companies in the drugstore
segment, while K.R. Dent products are sold in Europe as well. Its 64,000-square-foot plant is
equipped with unique manufacturing machinery; while the Plastic Department uses modern
injection molding machines, accommodating subcontracting work as well.
Products/Services: Toothbrushes, shoe brushes, plastic products (self-inking stamps)
Sales Contacts: Michael Koenigsfeld, Export Manager
Category: General Merchandise
1065 East Walnut St., Suite C, Carson, CA 90746 USA
Tel: (310) 764-0850
FAX: (310) 764-0855
Total Sales Volume: $40 Million
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets: Korea, Japan, Russia
Profile: Entrepreneur Kathy Taggares purchased the Bob’s Big Boy salad dressings company from
Marriott Corp. in 1987 and since has expanded the business into the pizza category as well. A full
range of dressings, including light and fat- and cholesterol-free, are available in 12- and 16- ounce
jars, as well as a variety of sauces (tartar, BBQ, seafood). Also available: hamburger relish. In
private label, for both retail and foodservice accounts, the company custom packs as well as
offering club store packs and custom formulas.
Products/Services: Refrigerated salad dressings and frozen pizzas
Sales Contacts: Kathy Taggares, President
Category: Food (refrigerated and frozen)
3-5-9 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8586 JAPAN
Tel: +81 3-3862-6411
FAX: +81 3-3866-0205
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $62.7 Million (¥ 50 Billion) (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: KAI Corp, privately held by Mr. Koji Endo, was started in 1908 as a small pocket knife
factory in Seki, Japan. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008 , reporting
consolidated sales then at ¥ 41.3 billion. Today, the company produces 10,000 different kinds of
cutlery and cutting tools for use as the kitchen utensils, cosmetic uses, surgical implements, etc.
The company established Kai Cutlery USA Ltd., Tualatin, OR in 1977 and in 2004 entered a joint
venture with Universal Razor Industries, Los Angeles, (established in 1993) a private label
supplier of disposable razors, shaving gels and creams, as well as being licensed to manufacture
products under the Old Spice and Noxzema brands. Two years later, KAI USA purchased all the
shares of Universal Razor. KAI USA produces cutlery products, kitchen utensils, beauty care
products, etc. Its attention to detail, flexibility, customer service and quality control has allowed
the company to gain an increasing share of the exclusive brands market in a short period of time.
Its new upscale products are said to surpass the national brand products.
Products/Services: Ladies’ and men’s disposable twin and single-blade razors with fixed or
pivoting heads, disposable prep razors (single, twin or double-edge), lubricating strips, shaving
systems, cartridges, cotton swabs, bandages.
Sales Contacts: Gary Cogan (e-mail: [email protected]). Universal Razor Industries, 6031
Malbury Way, Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA. Tel: (323) 581-9000; (800) 988-1020.
Category: Health & Beauty Care, General Merchandise
5305 Parkdale Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55416-1681 USA
Tel: (612) 541-0730
FAX: (612) 541-0735
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Australia, Japan, Brazil
Profile: Kapak, started by Benjamin B. Kaplan and Harry R. Bell in 1961, beginning with “Boilin-Bag” pouches and food pouch sealing, prides itself on decades of innovation. In 1963, the firm
developed the first pouch converting machine, allowing for manufacture of pre-made pouches. In
1988, Kapak invented vented, re-sealable coffee pouches, called CoffeePAK. The company was
the first to bring the standup pouch, the StandPAK, and the spouted standup pouch, the KAPAK
technology to the United States. Popular in Europe, this type of packaging is just beginning to
appear in the US, offering beautiful printing capability, flexo to rotogravure, the package serves as
a billboard on the store shelf. In 1994, Kapak became the first US company to acquire worldrenowned Okazaki rotogravure printing and adhesive laminating equipment.
Products/Services: Flexible packaging from roll stock to stand up pouches, including spout inserts
Sales Contacts: Brian Bell, National Sales Manager
Category: Supplies
KARGHER CHOCOLATE (Division of Kargher Corp.)
3131 Sandstone Dr., Hatfield, PA 19440 USA
Tel: (215) 822-1186; (800) 355-1247
FAX: (215) 822-9666
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: Canada, Europe, Russia, Pacific Rim
Profile: Kargher Corp., founded in 1977, began manufacturing chocolate and confectionery baking
drops in 1980. Two years later, the firm added its enrobing operation. The company is now
expanding its production capacity from 17 million to 38 million pounds per year. In 1996, the firm
introduced a complete line of totally Parve confections, including peanut butter, butterscotch,
semisweet chocolate, etc.
Products/Services: Baking chips—chocolate, chocolate flavor, peanut butter, cherry, butterscotch,
and carob chips; chocolate nonpareils; coconut, chocolate-flavor covered pretzels.
Sales Contacts: Douglas Kargher, President/CEO
Category: Beverages (dry groceries, candy/snacks), Food (dry groceries, candy/snacks)
1845 Oak Street (Suite 19), Northfield, IL 60093, USA
Tel: (847) 441-8330
FAX: (847) 446-2040
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile;Since 1977, Karlin Foods has been producing national brand products under private label
and packer label, emphasizing quality, value, and service. There are now more than 30 categories
in Karlin’s product line, including a full range of potato mixes, baking needs/spices/extracts;
sauces; gravy/seasoning mixes; soup/dip mixes; rice and stuffing mixes; skillet dinners; croutons;
pancake mix; international coffees; and regular, deluxe, and microwaveable mac & cheese.
Recently, the company introduced a complete line of baking items (baking powder, baking soda,
corn starch, vanilla), and a full line of potato mixes (mashed, au gratin, scalloped, flavored
Products/Services: Baking soda and powder, corn starch, stuffing mixes, potato mixes, skillet
dinners, steak sauce, rice mixes, Worcestershire sauce, macaroni & cheese, soup mixes,
international coffees.
Sales Contacts: Michael Frick, National Sales Manager
Category: Beverages (coffee), Food (DG)
50 Clinton Ave., Courtland, NY 13045 USA
Tel: (607) 753-9696
FAX: (607) 753-8085
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Hugh Keegan Associates is full-service marketing, advertising, and public relations firm
with experience in the food industry. Established in 1981, the company specializes in trademark
development, design, and graphics for labels, POP displays, contract printing plus promotional
and supportive collateral materials.
Products/Services: Trademark development, label design, point-of-purchase displays, shelf talkers,
banners, signs, and end-of-aisle displays, print media ads and coupons
Sales Contacts: Hugh Keegan, President
Category: Service
Bredgade 27, DK-8766 Norre Snede, DENMARK
Tel: +45 72-110-110
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $180 Million (DKK 1 Billion)
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: 85 Countries: Europe, Southeast Asia, United States, Canada, South America,
Profile: Kelsen traces its roots back to a single, family owned bakery opened in 1933 in a small
village in Denmark. Today, the company is the market leader in premium butter cookies in Russia,
the Middle East and Far East, South America and Europe. Kelsen also is the largest exporter of
premium butter cookies in the US, China, and Hong Kong. Its Danish butter cookies are made
from wholesome natural ingredients. Its major brands are: Kjeldsens, Royal Dansk. One of its
recent innovations is cover puff-pastry, crocanes, and a line of children’s cookies in alphabetshaped letters. Private label is one of the cornerstones in the its success, especially in the US.
UPDATE: In August 2013, Campbell Soup Company, Camden, NJ, purchased Kelsen from its
owners, including Maj Invest Equity (55.9% ownership held since 2006). Campbell’s looks to
drive its own baked snack business in China and Hong Kong and expand into emerging markets
with Kelsen’s support. Kelsen will continue to operate as a standalone company.
Products/Services: Danish butter cookies, Creme filled wafers, chocolate enrobed Belgian biscuits,
puff pastries, crocanes (sweet, crunchy cookies), children’s cookies
Sales Contacts: Lars Norgaard, Vice-President Sales/Marketing; Kelsen Inc., 40 Marcus Drive,
Ste. 101, Melville, NY 11747. Tel: (631) 694-8080. E-mail: [email protected]
Category: Food (baked goods)
Prince’s Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry, IRELAND
Tel: +353 66718-2000
FAX: +353 66718-2961
Total 2014 Sales Volume: $6.4 Billion ( € 4.8 Billion) +1.4%; Total Ingredient Sales: $5.7 Billion
( € 4.3 Billion) +43.4%; Total Consumer Foods Sales: $2.4 Billion ( € 1.9 Billion) -5.8%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Worldwide (140 Countries)
Profile: Kerry Group (London Stock Exchange: KYGa.L) calls itself the world leader in food
ingredient and flavors for the food and beverage industries, operating some 130 manufacturing
facilities on five continents and producing more than 15,000 food and ingredient products. Kerry
also is a leader in value brands and customer branded (private label) foods in Ireland and the
United Kingdom markets, besides being the leading producer of own brand spreads (dairy and low
fat) in the United Kingdom. The company serves both the retail and foodservice business
segments. The economic downturn in Ireland an the United Kingdom continues to impact on its
performance in consumer foods. In the second half of 2014, its chilled ready meals imporved
significantly. Its 2014 trading profits rose by 4.1% to € 636.4 million thanks to some adjustments
in its business despite the overall weaker market conditions. During the year, Kerry's chilled
savoury pastry manufacturing assets (Poole, Dorset and Spalding, Lincolnshire) were sold to the
Pork Farms Group in August; and at year-end, Kerry's Direct-To-Store division operating in the
UK underwent a management buyout. In its ingredients operations, Kerry acquired Junior
Alimentos, a leading provider of culinary and sweet systems, and complete solutions to the
foodservice market in Brazil. Junior provides a portfolio of sauces, seasonings, dairy products,
sweet ingredients and vergage systems. Kerry also disposed of its cereal manufacturing business
in Argentina during the year. Kerry Group claims to be the market leader in Great Britain for
ready meals, frozen ready meals and ready to cook meals, as well as in dairy spreads and ready-toeat cheeses.
UPDATE: In January 2015, Kerry completed its acquisition of Rollover Ltd. in the UK and the
following month took control of the trade and certain assets of Dairygold Co-operative's French
food ingredients business. In May 2015, Kerry announced plans to acquire Insight Beverages,
Lake Zurich, IL. This firm, started in 1981 under the name Pinnacle Food Products, serves the
foodservice and retail trade. It has established a leadership role in the convenience store segment,
Insight produces custom beverages; cappuccinos, cocoas, fruit smoothies, frozen noncarbonated
beverages, teas, lemonades, and iced coffee.
Products/Services: Dairy & low fat spreads, ingredients, chilled ready meals, beverages, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Retail & Food Service (dairy, dry groceries, frozen food), Food (dairy, dry groceries,
Beysan Sanayi Sitesi Fuar, Cad desi No: 11 Haramidere, 34524 Beylikduzu, Istanbul, TURKEY
Tel: +90 212-875-7690
FAX: +90 212-875-7689
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 70 countries on all continents
Profile: From its startup in 1995, this company has grown to become one of the leading
manufacturers and exports of confectionery products (all made using only beef gelatin) in Turkey.
Its 35,000-square-meter plant has more than 80 tons daily production capacity. The firm has been
awarded ISO9001-2200 and BRC certification. Its brand, Bebeto for jelly candy is well recognized
beyond Turkey. The company also owns Turkey’s production and retail rights for CapriSun in
Turkey; and as a result has expanded its beverage selection.
Products/Services: Confectionery products (jelly shapes, licorice shapes, bubble gum, beverages,
candy toys)
Sales Contacts: Burak Cezik, Account Manager
Category: Food (candy, gum)
451 Main Street, Armonk, NY 10504, USA
Tel: (914) 273-6555
FAX: (914) 273-6760
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: Europe, Southeast Asia—Worldwide
Profile: Formerly known as Korben International Corp., KIC Chemicals, Inc. was established in
1985. KIC is an ISO 9002-certified chemical distributor, operating its headquarters in New York
state with a representative office in Europe. The firm offers high-quality, imported products at
competitive prices. Its stock is handled out of 13 warehouses across the United States and Europe.
The company also is accredited by ANSI-RAB and the Dutch Council for Certification. It
manufactures a range of vegetable oils: canola, carrot, olive, peanut, safflower, sesame, soybean,
sunflower, wheat germ.
Products/Services: Glycerin, fatty acids, propylene glycol, citric acid, essential oils,
cosmetic/food/-pharmaceutical ingredients (Kosher certification available)
Sales Contacts: Eric Kort (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Supplies
33 MacIntosh Blvd., Concord, ONT L4K 4L5 CANADA
Tel: (905) 660-0444; (800) 276-8260
FAX: (905) 660-9310
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $1.2 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: U.S.
Profile: From 1995 to 2002, KIK reportedly grew from one facility to 11 vertically integrated
manufacturing facilities. In 2002, KIK formed an Income Trust, going public as KCP Income
Fund, then grew to where today its oversees 23 manufacturing facilities and four Ken Krest
distribution centers. The company is one of North America’s largest custom manufacturers of
national brand and retailer brand consumer goods in the following categories: laundry, household
cleaners, OTC medicated pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty care products. In 2007, KCP
Fund agreed that Caxton-Iseman Capital, Inc., New York, a private equity firm, would acquire the
subsidiary, KIK Custom Products, for $804 million (Canadian). After completion of that deal,
KIK acquired Aerosol Services Co. and Piedmont Laboratories, producers of aerosol and nonaerosol filling and packaging services in the personal care, salon, household industrial and auto
products market. In October 2007, KIK acquired the assets of Heritage Brands, which produces
and sells private label and branded liquid laundry and household cleaning products. (CaxtonIseman in December 2007 was spun off from Caxton Associates and renamed CI Capital Partners
LLC). In 2011, KIK acquired the Chem-Lab Product Inc. (including its private label business) thus
establishing a foothold in the pool/spa care market. The company now operates 14 integrated
manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States.
UPDATE: KIK, positioned today as North America's largest contract and private label
manufacturer of consumer, institutional, and industrial products, late in 2013 acquired BioLab in
North America and Bayrol in Europe, the consumer products business of Chemtura Corp,
Laurenceville, GA. KIK paid $315 million in cash in an effort to diversify its product portfolio,
especially in household cleaners and pool care. KIK's consumer products cover: laundry
household cleaners, personal care items, and OTC medicated and pharmaceutical categories. The
BioLab acquisition, which reportedly will push KIK's market share in US pool additives business
to 25%, will also expand its customer and channel base in that market.
Products/Services: Personal care (hair/oral/skin/baby care, personal hygiene); household products
(cleaners, fabric/ car/pet/home/dish care), automotive care (wind shield wash, tire/glass care,
cleaners), pool/spa care (addititves), specialty food products (food coloring and no- stick sprays),
medicated products (prescription, over- the-counter (OTC) medicated treatments, medical devices.
Sales Contacts: Steve Olinger, Sr.. Vice-President Sales (Tel:727-510-8975 in Florida)
Category: Auto Supplies, Household Products, Health & Beauty Care, Food
30725 Aurora Rd., Solon, OH 44139 USA
Tel: (440) 248-8484; (800) 860-5464
FAX: (440) 248-0153
Total Sales Volume: $15 Million
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: Europe, South America, Pacific Rim
Profile; Over the past year, King Nut (owned by Kanan Enterprises) has doubled its capacity with
new equipment and facilities. Established in 1937, the company was purchased by Kanan
Enterprises in 1989. King Nut is positioned as a manufacturer, roaster and processor of fresh nuts,
dried fruits, snack mixes and candy. All its products are fresh-roasted and/or packed to order; the
packages are nitrogen-flushed to insure additional freshness. Product is packed in clear window
bags (16-, 14-, 12-, 10-, 9-, 8-and 4-ounce sizes). Additionally, there are tube nut packs (packed
6/12 in 2- and 1.5-ounce sizes), intermediate (9-, 8-, and 7-ounce), pegboard (packed 36), and an
8-ounce sugar-free candy lines., as well as a vending line (0.75-, 1-, 1.5-, and 2-ounce sizes). The
firm is a leading supplier of one-half-ounce snack bags in airlines worldwide.
Products/Services: Roasted nuts, peanuts, dried fruit mixes, snack mixes, pretzels
Sales Contacts: Martin Kanan, Executive Vice-President of Sales & Marketing (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Food (snacks)
6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 201, Lincoln, RI 02865-1112 USA
Tel: (401) 333-1290
FAX: (401) 334-3416
Total Sales Volume: $75 Million
Sales % in EB: 12
Export Markets: N/A
Profile; In 1977, Troy Ketchum formed this consumer products broker, serving the food, drug and
mass merchandising trade in six New England states. It is organized by major product division,
taking a category management approach for: health and beauty care; general merchandise;
fragrances, cosmetics, accessories; confectionery and specialty foods; and marketing and
Products/Services: Vitamins, first aid, feminine hygiene, cotton products, laxatives, bath & body,
diet, nutritionals, bottled water, coffee
Sales Contacts: John Malmborg, Executive Vice-President of Sales; John Jennings, Executive
Vice-President of Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Beverages (coffee, water)
Biesenweg 16BA, Maastricht, NL- 6211 THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 31-433-822580
FAX: +31 31-433-680168
URL/e-mail: [email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, United States
Profile: KNP Leykam Absorption Materials specializes in the production, sale, and marketing of
cat litter.
Products/Services: Cat litter
Sales Contacts: Ron Moes, Business Unit Manager
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
8050 Industrial Park Rd., Easton, MD 21601
Tel: (410) 822-5192; (800) 356-6795
FAX: (410) 822-5264
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This producer of natural fiber supplements once was part of Pharmaceutical Formulations,
Inc. (PFI), which in turn was owned by ICC Chemical Corp. The PFI operation was sold and
Konsyl kept intact. ICC also owns the flavor and ingredients house, Frutarom Industries, also in
this database. The company’s supplements are used for improved intestinal and digestive health.
Products/Services: Powdered dietary natural fiber supplements
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
50000 W. Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393, USA
Tel: (810) 624- 0000
FAX: (810) 624-0506
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico
Profile: It’s a case of the subsidiary becoming the company. Korex once operated under CCL
Custom Manufacturing, which was known as North America’s largest contract manufacturer. That
company, founded in 1973, became a specialist in the agglomeration of household product. The
firm, under its new identity, serves both contract and private label customers.
Products/Services: Dry laundry detergent, automatic dish detergent (gel and powder), liquid
cleansers, automatic dish detergent rinse agent, dry bleach-carpet and room freshener
Sales Contacts: Robert Ditmar, Director of Sales
Category: Household Products
Senefeldestr. 44, 51469 Bergisch Gladbach, GERMANY
Tel: +49 2202-1050
FAX: +49 2202-10150
Total Sales Volume: $2.6 Billion (€ 1.6 Billion)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Krüger is a 50% owned subsidiary of Pfeiffer & Langen, Cologne, Germany --a family
owned sugar producer. Started in 1971 as a small wholesale business, the company today is
international in scope, covering soluble coffees, teas, fruit juices, cocoa powders; over-the-counter
(OTC) and prescription products; sweeteners, etc. Krüger purchased the hazelnut spread business
from Inca Consumer Products in late 1999.
Products/Services: Instant tea preparations, coffee specialties, fruit juice, cocoa, chocolate
milkshakes, creamers, effervescent tablets, artificial sweeteners, hazelnut chocolate and chocolate
spread; over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs
Sales Contacts: Eleonore Scheer, Export Manager
Category: Beverages (tea, coffee, juice), Health & Beauty Care, Food
1720 W. Detweiller Drive, Peoria, IL 61615 USA
Tel: (309) 692-1530; (888) KWIKEE1
FAX: (309) 692-6566
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Kwikee Image & Data Network (KIDN), a division of Multi-Ad Services, Inc., calls itself
the world’s largest library of product images and data for the consumer packaged goods and auto
after-market industries. KIDN develops, manages, and distributes national and store branded
images and data for advertising, online, promotional, and merchandising applications. The
company offers more than 65,000 images in a variety of file formats, including: high-resolution,
EPS images in four-color and black & white; low-resolution, TARGA images in four-color; and
gif images in four-color. Leading manufacturers rely on KIDN not only for the development and
management of its product images, but for a distribution database that gets their images into the
hands of the people that need them. Retailers, wholesalers, media outlets, online vendors, ad
agencies, newspapers, sign and label companies and many others receive Kwikee’s superior
quality images free of charge. In 2002. The parent company, Multi-Ad Services was renamed
MultiAd--an umbrella identity to reflect its coverage of software, product images, custom Internet
sites, printed books, etc.
Products/Services: CD-ROMs (Mac and PC-compatible), Internet, printed reference books
Sales Contacts: Jeff Loman, National Accounts Manager (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Supplies
3139 SE 10th St., Topeka, KS 66607 USA
Tel: (785) 354-1449
FAX: (785) 357-7369
Total Sales Volume: $15 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: None
Profile: La Siesta Foods commenced operations in 1978, manufacturing burritos and tortillas. The
company has kept abreast of technological changes in its business, including the adoption of
horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines that within its copacking operations permit
production of reclosable bags for its products. Available: breakfast burritos and vegetable
Products/Services: Taco shells, frozen burritos (dinner and breakfast), corn tortillas, flour tortillas,
vegetable enchilada.
Sales Contacts: Mike Koester, Vice-President Sales
Category: Food (DG)
175 Paterson Ave., Little Falls, NJ 07417 USA
Tel: (973) 890- 5665
FAX: (973) 890- 1164
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Labels Graphics is a custom manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels for the industrial
and retail user. The labels are flexographic, hot-stamped, rotary letterpress, and rotary silkscreen
imprinted--up to nine colors. Established in 1980, the company produces labels for all types of
product—cosmetics, bicycles, food, pharmaceuticals. Its equipment capability distinguishes this
firm from competitors.
Products/Services: Custom imprinted pressure sensitive labels
Sales Contacts: Tom Silvano. Denise Silvano
Category: Supplies
44 Executive Blvd., Farming dale, NY 11735, USA
Tel: (516) 454- 0444
FAX: (516) 454- 0446
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, Soviet Union
Profile: In business for 45+ years, this private label manufacturer (also contract manufacturing)
operates in a 60,000-square-foot facility, where products comply with GMC and its setup is in
accordance with CTFA quality assurance guidelines. The firm has become a leader in private label
Products/Services: Color cosmetics, skin care, custom make-up kits, brushes, displays and
Sales Contacts: Roberta Burd, CEO, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
808 Hamilton St., Manitowoc, WI 54221 USA
Tel: (920) 684-3356
FAX: (920) 686-4033
Total Sales Volume: $500 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada+
Profile:In 1887, Albert Landreth began canning peas in a small hotel in Manitowoc. Today, this
private, full-line supplier operates 15 plants and eight distribution centers, producing canned and
frozen vegetables and other food products for the US and international markets. Besides leading
retail and industrial accounts, the company also supplies major foodservice customers and
includes private label business. It now offers standup pouches for "steammable sweet corn";
recently, the firm introduced items such as corn-based canned jalapeno, chipotle, and Baja
Products/Services: Canned and frozen vegetables, canned dry beans (kidney, black, pork & beans),
shelf-stable meals, canned meats, organic products, health beverage supplements, nondairy frozen
dessert toppings, salsa, other sauces
Sales Contacts: Dave Yanda, President/CEO; Joe Yanda, Sales Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries, canned meats)
#1 Lamagna Dr., Ve rona, PA 15147 USA
Tel: (412) 828-6112
FAX: (412) 828- 6782
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This family owned regional cheese producer, started in 1928, now in its third generation
of ownership, began in 1928 basically in the ricotta cheese market. Lamagna has expanded into
other cheese products, having invested instate-of-the-art shredding equipment. It is one of only a
dozen ricotta production facilities in the US.
Products/Services: Cheeses: ricotta, feta, shredded Mozzarella, shredded cheddar, shredded
provolone, and Mozzarella and provolone in whole blocks.
Sales Contacts: Rudy Lamagna Jr.
Category: Food (dairy)
4001 Lexington Ave. N, Arden Hills, MN 55126
Tel: (651) 481)-2222
Total 2009 Sales Volume: $12.8 Billion +15%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 60+ countries
Profile: This farmer-owned food and agricultural cooperative, operating in 50 states, is the second
largest US dairy co-op. It has 980 member associations, 4,638 individual members, dealing with
300,000+ agricultural producers. It also claims the leading market share in butter and deli cheese.
Net earnings were $182.2 million up from $178.1 million in the previous year. The company has
put more emphasis on new product development in its different business units, such as in Dairy
Foods: spreadable butter, ‘half-sticks’ and cinnamon sugar butter spread, 30% less sodium cheese,
sea salt content, etc. The company also is looking to expand into China, Mexico, and Southeast
Asia. In January 2012, The Old Mill-Troy, Inc., North Troy, VT, an ingredients supplier, became
Land O’ Lakes latest acquisition.
Products/Services: Butter, deli cheese,
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service, Food (dairy, refrigerated, deli)
20 Sila Lane, Newport, RI 02842 USA
Tel: (401) 848-7700
FAX: (401) 848-7701
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80 (E)
Export Markets: Canada, Japan, Europe
Profile: Lang Naturals, a family-run business, specializes in producing vitamin supplements as
well as food and beverage products that make health claims, such as “low fat,” “low sodium,” “all
natural,” “vitamin fortified,” “organic,” “no cholesterol,” and other claims. The company has
developed and produced a wide range of products such as sauces, snacks, and beverages (see
product listing). Its brand, Mr. Spice, covers a variety of no-sodium, gluten-free organic sauces
and marinades. The firm specializes in custom formulations for premium private label programs,
and also offers specialized expertise for dietetic and wellness products. Its Lang Pharma Nutrition
division provides full-service private label and corporate brand manufacturing for nutraceutical
foods and beverages and dietary supplement products. Lang Naturals is positioned on the cutting
edge of consumer taste and health-conscious trends. Its expertise covers a wide variety of
packaging issues such as portion control, shelf life, freight efficient palletization, design and new
innovations. Offering net pricing or accrual fund programs, the company works closely with
accounts on an ongoing basis to ensure product success.
Products/Services: Vitamin supplements, nutraceutical nutraceutical foods & beverages
(functional foods and botanicals to sports fitness and weight loss)
Sales Contacts: David Lang, President
Category: Beverages, Food (nutraceuticals), Health & Beauty Care
285 South Dupont Ave., Ste. 101, Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Tel: (888) 575-7788
FAX: (866) 895-3696
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, US, Canada
Profile: Lantern Beauty is a division of Shen Zhen Lantern Science Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City
China (in China, identified as Lanting Technology Co. Ltd.). Celebrating its 20th anniversary in
2013, this company is an award-winning technology research and development operation, holding
three patents: fruit acid series, natural silk fibroin soothing fountain, and natural spirulina
(cosmetic) series. Noted for its chemical and biological formulations (following ISO 9000
international standards), the firm produces more than 600 products in the skin, bath, hair, lip and
body care categories, including color cosmetics. Lanting operates two plants in mainland China
(Shenzhen and Hainan) plus one in Shanghai. It also has established sales offices in Canada and
the United States, under the Lantern Beauty brand.
Products/Services: Skin care, bath & body, hair care, lip care, color cosmetics
Sales Contacts: Doug Wise, Director of Private Label (US); China, Tel (0755) 3326999
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Atlan tic House, 45- 47 Alperton Lane,Wembley HAO 1JJ UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 (208) 566-8762
FAX: +44 (208) 566-8763
Total Sales Volume: $9 Million
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets France, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, United
States, South America, Middle East, Russia,
Profile:The company, formerly called Alliance Industries (UK) Ltd., packages and markets
products produced by the world’s second largest razor blade manufacturer, Malhotras of India.
Malhotras, a family owned business, started its operation in 1950 and began its private label
activity in 1990-91, which brought the United Kingdom operation on stream. The firm also sells
razor blades under its Topaz and Laser brands. Its product range: single blade, fixed twin blade,
pivoting twin blade disposable razors plus shaving cartridges (with or without lubricating strip)
and moving cartridges.
Products/Services: Disposable razors and shaving systems
Sales Contacts: Mr. N. C. Dadia, Mr. V. K. Anand
Category: Health & Beauty Care
755 Principale St., Rougemont, QUE. JOL 1MO CANADA
Tel: (450) 469-4926
FAX: (450) 469-1366
Total Sales Volume: $536.2 Million +2.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: U.S., Europe, Asia, Middle East
Profile: Lassonde Industries, through its divisions and subsidiaries, produces mostly under its own
brands: fruit and vegetable juices and drinks plus specialty food products (broths and sauces,
soups, sauces and gravies, canned corn on the cob, brochettes toppings, tapenades, pesto and
sauces for pasta and pizza). The company, via its Arista Wine unit, also imports fine wines and
olive oil. Its oldest subsidiary, A. Lassonde Inc., (established 1918) produces fruit and vegetable
juices and drinks. In November 2007, Lassonde Specialties Inc. acquired Mondiv (listed
separately in this database), a private label manufacturer of upscale jar products for grocers and
the club store trade. In 2009, Lassonde acquired an apple juice processor; but its biggest takeover
came in August 2011, with the acquisition of Clement Pappas & Co. (listed separately in this
database), a US family owned juice processor, Lately, Lassonde Industries overall has enjoyed
private label sales growth; its addition of Clement Pappas is expected to propel that interest.
Products/Services: Fruit and vegetable juices, drinks, specialty food products (fondue broth, soups,
gravies, sauces and marinades), canned corn-on-the-cob, olive oil, imported wine
Sales Contacts: See division listings.
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Beverages (wines, juices), Food (dry groceries)
160-7400 River Rd., Richmond, British Columbia V6X 1X6 CANADA
Tel: (604) 685-5200
FAX: (604) 685-5241
Total Sales Volume: $18.9 Million -7.8%
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets: Japan, United States
Profile: Leading Brands (Nasdaq: BRIO), formerly called Brio Industries, calls itself the only
fully-integrated healthy beverage company in North America, covering the full life-cycle for its
products. It operates as an independent packager and distributor of soft drinks, juices, waters, and
New Age beverage in Canada. The firm packs ready-to-serve beverages (carbonated and noncarbonated drinks and juices) in various formats. It has added sports beverages (canned, bottled, or
PET containers) as well. It produces/packs to exacting specifications in each of its three plant
operations. It also packs snack food and confectionery items. Recently, the company, facing poor
sales results (2009's net sales of $28.2 million down to $18.9 million in 2011), has concentrated on
mending its operation and paying down its debt. A net loss of $5.7 million has turned to a small
profit in 2011 ($556).
Products/Services: Ready-to-serve soft drinks in aluminum cans and PET bottles; spring water,
mineral water, glacier water in PET bottles; ready-to-serve juices and drinks in PET bottles, PVC
containers and glass bottles; also corn snack food and confectionery items in various formats.
Sales Contacts: Ross Wells, Vice-President Operations (e-mail: [email protected]
Category: Beverages (soft drinks, juice, water), Food (candly/snacks)
LEGACY BAKEHOUSE (formerly Pinah Company)
N8 W22100 Johnson Dr., Waukesha, WI 53186 USA
Tel: (262) 547-2447
FAX: (262) 547-2047
Total Sales Volume:N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Canada
Profile: Formerly called Pinahs Company, Inc., this third-generation, family run manufacturer and
marketer of bread-based snack chips for stand-alone snacks or mixes has renamed itself Legacy
Bakehouse, but kept the Pinahs brand. Since 1917, this company has been producing one-of-akind bulk, private label, and industrial snack products for the retail, foodservice and catalog trade.
Unlimited possibilities for bread bases (rye, bagel, whole wheat) and seasonings (onion, garlic,
cinnamon, jalapeno) are available. The creative possibilities are limitless. The company proudly
creates all its products in a 59,000-square-foot , state-of-the art bakery, which has been awarded a
“Superior” rating by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) for three consecutive years. Products
are Kosher certified. Various Pinahs snack chips are currently vital components of many of the
nation’s leading snack mixes. The firm utilizes three main sales channels: bulk/industrial--as a
unique addition to snack mix; private label --to enhance sales of a store brand; and international-in bulk or private label.
Products/Services: Bread-based snacks in various flavors, seasonings for snack mixes or as standalone snacks--chips (pita, rye, bagel), snack mixes, etc.
Sales Contacts: Ed Croamean, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Food (snacks, seasonings)
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Leiner was a leading US manufacturer of store brand vitamins, minerals, and nutritional
supplements and the second largest supplier of OTC pharmaceuticals to the retail trade. Leiner
also operated Vita Health as a subsidiary located in Canada. The company sold 90% of its
vitamins to mass market and warehouse club retailer with private label accounting for nearly 83%
of vitamin sales.) Trouble hit Leiner after September 2005, when it acquired most of the assets of
Pharmaceutical Formulations which had entered voluntary Chapter 11 protection in July 2005.
Leiner itself filed for bankruptcy protection in March 2008 and about four months later was
acquired by NBTY Inc. (also listed in this database).
Products/Services: N/A
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: N/A
12900 South Huron River Drive, Romulus, MI 48174 USA
Tel: (734) 942-9140; (800) 521-8246
FAX: (734) 229-1130
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Founded in 1876, LePage’s has a long history of providing top-quality adhesive and tape
products to the US market, where its mucilage glue is one of the most recognizable products
among consumers. LePage’s is the leading private label transparent tape and glue supplier in the
US. In 2000, Conros Corp. (also in this database) acquired worldwide rights to LePage's, and
renamed it LePage's 2000, Inc. The company has granted an exclusive to the United States Postal
Service as a mail and chipping partner, where its product appears in some 25,000 major retail
locations in the US. Canadian rights to the LePage's brand, however, are owned by the $21,7
billion branded company Henkel AG & Co. of Germany, which markets it as a brand. This
privately held company is now introducing a new line of package sealing tapes on a 3-inch core.
Products/Services: Mailing tapes, packaging tapes, stationery products, duct and masking tapes,
school glue, glue sticks, super glue, sticky notes, mounting tapes, etc. Products/Services:
Sales Contacts: Ed Kennedy, Senior Vice-President Marketing & Sales
Category: General Merchandise
9200 Mason Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA
Tel: (818) 882-2951; (800) 327-2012
FAX: (818) 407-4998
Total Sales Volume: $70 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Australia, Korea, Japan, Hungary, China, Canada
Profile: Since 1972, Levlad has specialized in naturally based organic-type products. A pioneer in
biodegradable products, its strong commitment to environmental issues reflects in its product line
(some 2,000+ formulations). Levlad operates an in-house component decoration capability, while
offering a complete turnkey operation from its 200,000 square foot facility. As the largest supplier
of natural products to the natural foods industry, its marketing channels include: the mass market,
salon industry, drug chains, direct sales, and specialty stores. Levlad expanded its business into
exclusive brands, supplying supermarkets, department stores, celebrity-endorsed lines, multilevel
firms and specialty stores. In January 2010, Natural Products Group LLC, the holding company
for Levlad (and for Arbonne, Irving, CA, a $380 million producer of herbal and botanical personal
care products), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Some two-plus months later, this
company emerged restructured as Natural Product Group, Inc., some 80% controlled by its bank
Products/Services: Hair care, skin care, sun care, body care, oral care, baby care, resort & spa
products, deodorants, pet products
Sales Contacts: Rosalyn Feldman, Rhonda Vilardo, Wayne Dunlap
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1000 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 USA
Tel: (201) 816-2305
FAX: (201) 816-0961
Total Sales Volume: $70 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: LG Chemical America, formerly called Lucky America, is a subsidiary of LG Chem
Group, Seoul, South Korea, a $16.8 billion petrochemical company and the country’s largest
chemical and rechargeable battery maker. The earliest predecessor of LG was the Lak Hui (Lucky)
Chemical Company, founded in Korea by the Koo and Huh families in 1947. The company’s first
product was a line of cosmetic creams. It then expanded into other petroleum products, including
caps for the cream jars and other plastic molds. Worldwide, the company reportedly produces
about $1.4 billion in consumer products, including roughly 20% in private label. LG Chemical,
addresses the US market, now serving as the international sales office for the company.
Products/Services: Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, rinse, baby diapers, powder
detergent, hair gel and spray, cosmetics, and a full line of pharmaceuticals (growth hormones to
Sales Contacts: Mr. Joshua Lee, Sales Manager .
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Lifung Tower, 888 Cheung Shu Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, CHINA
Tel: (852) 233-2300
Total 2011 Group Sales: $20 Billion +26%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Li & Fung, founded in 1906, today is a multinational group positioned as “the world’s
leader in consumer goods design, development, sourcing, and distribution.” The company
manages the supply chain for retailers and brand manufacturers worldwide, operating through
more than 300 offices and distribution centers in over 40 countries. Its business primarily focuses
on sourcing goods in Asia for developing countries: A$12.9 billion in soft goods, $6.7 billion in
hard goods, and $399.1 million in logistics. Some 70% of its turnover centers on its trading
activities, 26% in distribution, and 2% in logistics. Nearly 60% of its turnover ($11.9 billion)
comes from the US and 21.5% from Europe. Lately, however, Li & Fung has been taking
advantage of the growing domestic consumption throughout Asia: Its portion of business in the
US and Europe slipped from 89% in 2010 to 81% in this current year. In January 2010, the
company signed a sourcing agreement with Walmart Stores Inc., where its Direct Sourcing Group
subsidiary will provide buying agency services to Walmart Group worldwide. Li & Fung also in
2010 signed exclusive licensing deals with Kohl’s department stores (Jennifer Lopez and Marc
Anthony lifestyle brands) and with Macy’s (Sean John men’s sportswear and active wear). These
three retailers appear in the Retail section of this database. In 2011, the company, which reported
profits for the year up 24.2% to $681.4 million, signed 18 deals, 12 of them acquisitions in trading
and six in distribution. Most of these acquisitions were in the apparel business, while some also
included furniture, toys, cosmetics, storage organizers, etc.
Products/Services:Consumer goods design, development, sourcing and distribution
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Service
1st Floor, 62 Hume Road, Dunkeld 2196, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: +27 11-447-6619
FAX: +27 11-447-663
Total 2014 Group Sales: $40 Million (5 Billion Rand) (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Europe, United States
Profile: Established in 2005, Libstar and its subsidiary companies together represent one of the
largest unlisted food and personal care manufacturers in South Africa. The company, black
controlled, also is a leading supplier of private label food, beverage, household, and personal care
products in South Africa. Libstar operates through 23 business units located in five of the
country's nine provinces. The company's key business units include: Cape Herb and Spice (a
primary provider of private label spices), Finlar (a provider of beef and chicken products),
Lancewood Holdings (a soft cheese producer), Rialto (imported foods from Asia and Europe), and
Dickon Hal (producer of condiments). In October 2014, Dubai-based private equity firm, The
Abraaj Group (largest in the Middle East) acquired a majority stake in Libstar. (Abraaj controls
some $9 billion in assets with some 140 investments in more than 30 countries. Many of Libstar's
business units provide private label products to major retailers in South Africa, including
Contactim (cleaning products), Foodpac (packaging, cleaning, disposable cooking, and protective
clothing), Lancewood (cheeses, yogurts, dips), Montagu Foods (wet condiments like chetney,
sauces, salad dressing), Glenmor (soups), Elvin (fruit necdtar, dry fruit blends, lemon juice and
vinegar, beauty soaps, domestic cleansers and chemicals). The company also operates a Retailer
Brands Division, providing dry food products, soups, jellies, spices, baking aids, custard powder,
colourants, essences, and sauces to retailers in the country. Libstar additionally supplies major
foodservice operators and operates contract manufacturing for major brand manufacturers.
Products/Services:Cheese, sauces, condiments, cereals, baking aids, herbs and spices, beef and
chicken products, detergents, weashing powders, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: FMCG foods, personal care, household cleaners and chemicals
815 West Whitney Road, Fairport, NY 14450- 1030 USA
Tel: (585) 377-7700
FAX: (585) 377-8150
Total Sales Volume: $500 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 38 (E)
Export Markets: Puerto Rico, South America, Middle East
Profile; This privately owned firm (formerly called Cantisano Foods), which started in 1978, has
developed into becoming “the source for sauce,” today offering more than 50 varieties of sauces as
well as special recipes. Its products are packed in any size container from 11-ounce retail glass to
No.10 foodservice size. Its roots began in 1937, when Ralph Cantisano with his family originated
Ragu spaghetti sauce, which was subsequently sold. Today, he has more than 50 years saucemaking experience. Catisano Foods operates two state-of-the-art sauce plants, one in Fairport, NY,
and one in Selma, CA. The firm can ship quickly to Europe, the Near East, and the Far East. The
company also provides rotary glass retort packs: cheese, alfredo, chili con carne, soups, etc.) for
private label. Late in 2009, the company announced it was building a 625,000 square foot
Innovation Center in Rochester, NY, to help retailers work with custom production runs and small
pilot programs to allow them more flexibility in product development. In April 2011, the company
acquired Zeigler’s & Sons, LLC, Lansdale, PA, the largest US producer of fresh apple cider; this
extends LiDestri’s interest in beverages beyond spirits into fresh and stable juices, lemonades, ice
teas, etc. In June 2011, the firm announced the closing of its 230,000 square-foot plant in
Pennsauken, because of high diesel fuel costs; that operation will be consolidated in the new
Rochester facility.
Products/Services:Pasta sauces, pizza sauces, salsas, barbecue sauces, cooking sauces, and
ketchup, beverages, drinks, dips, oils, vinegar, cooking wines, spirits and soups using hot fill, cold
fill and/or retort technologies
Sales Contacts: James Rinaldi, VP of Sales & Marketing (Phone: 201-315-7013)
Category: Food (dry groceries), Beverages (juice, spirits, apple cider, ice teas, etc.)
5854 Butternut Drive East, Syra cuse, NY 13057 USA
Tel: (315) 445-1105; (800) 784-7447
FAX: (315) 445-1301
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile; Life Science Laboratories, established in 1992, is a full-service analytical laboratory,
serving many various sections of the industrial, manufacturing and packaging markets throughout
the US and the world. Because of overnight delivery and second-day delivery, the company is
within reach of almost any industry anywhere. Its analytical expertise is backed by a staff with
over 13 years average experience.
Products/Services: All types of laboratory analytical services, including food (QA/QC, nutritional
labels, process control, microbiology), pharmaceuticals (USP Monograph, release testing, R&D),
food packaging (FDA compliance, indirect food additives, 3A), as well as full environmental
analytical services
Sales Contacts: Hugh Guider, Director of Client Services
Category: Service
45 Tripoleos Street, Latsia Industrial Area, P.O. Box 21325, 1506 Nicosia, CYPRUS
Tel: 35722-484600
FAX; 35722-484603
Total Sales Volume: $20 Million
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Europe, Middle East, Africa
Profile: Linette manufacturers baby and adult diapers plus other products, selling to 16 countries.
Its product quality is backed with the standard ISO 9001:2008. In Cyprus, its baby diapers
command a 35% market share, while adult incontinence diapers rule with an 80% share . The firm
operates an in-house research & development engineering department, which manufactures
equipment for baby diapers machines and supplies manufacturers in Western Europe.
Products/Services:Baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, maternity pads, wet wipes, anatomic
Sales Contacts: Michael Ioannides (Tel: +357 2-484600 in Cyprus or e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2323 Pratt Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
Tel: (847) 806-1440; (800) 439-1440
FAX: (847) 806-0026
Total Sales Volume: $300 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Canada
Profile: Little Lady Foods, which traces its roots back to 1961, over the past 25+ years has grown
into the largest made-to-order, specialty pizza manufacturer in the US, providing a wide variety of
high-value-added customized frozen pizza products to both the foodservice and retail market
segments, as well as contract manufacturing. Its pizza line extends into organic, all natural,
Mexican, and kids pizza. The company is SQF (Safety Quality Food) 2000 Code Level 3 certified.
Products/Services:Pizza 5- to 14-inch sizes, self-rising pizzas, calzones, enrobed sandwiches, heatand-serve sandwiches (microwaveable paninis wraps)
Sales Contacts: Peter Cokinos, Senior Vice-President of Sales/Marketing
Category: Food (frozen foods)
60 Arkay Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA
Tel: (631) 435-3500
FAX: (631) 435-3542
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile:LNK International, one of the country's largest manufacturers of solid dose OTC
pharmaceuticals, began operations in 1980. The company now works with more than 100 formulas
in pain relief, cough and cold, and gastrointestinal product categories. One of its most recent new
products is a children’s acetaminophen (melt-in-mouth tablet) in bubble gum flavor.
Products/Services:Solid dosage over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals (ibuprofen,
acetaminophen, aspirin, loperamide, cough/cold/allergy/-sinus, antacid and laxative products)
Sales Contacts: Joseph J. Mollica Jr., Sales Manager; Earl E. Cassell III, Vice- President of Sales
(Manalapan, NJ, Tel: 732- 536- 6888)
Category: Health & Beauty Care
11512 Lake Mead Avenue, Bldg. 100, Jacksonville, FL 32256 USA
Tel: (904) 363-6178
FAX: (904) 363-9866
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Logix3 specializes in web-enabled workflow and product information solutions designed
to improve the efficiencies for any size retailer, distributor, or manufacturer. Its collaborative data
collection, storage and product information management service help customers address complex
new item, packaging, and product data difficulties.
Products/Services:Web-enabled workflow and product information solutions
Sales Contacts: Bruce R. Kern, President/CEO (Ext. 2000)
Category: Service
150 North Willow Ave., City of Industry, CA 91746 USA
Tel: (626) 961-9800; (800) 574-9934
FAX: (626) 961-8530
Total Sales Volume: $85 Million
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Asia, Europe
Profile:This company started in the mid 1970s as an importer of beverage alcohol from Europe
and South America. In 1981, the company was purchased by John Lenore & Co., San Diego, CA,
a beer, wine and spirits wholesaler. As a result, Logret became a beverage product company,
developing brands for the general market as well as exclusive ‘privilege label’ brands for grocery
chains in California. Logret also developed, produced and marketed several brands in new
categories nationally —coolers and New Age soft drinks. The firm specializes in the creation and
production of equity privilege labels in the malt beverage category. These products are then
established for cooperative retailers with customized distribution systems.
Products/Services:Malt beverages (beer), soft drinks.
Sales Contacts: David Pergl, Vice-President of Marketing (e-mail: [email protected]); Phil
Category: Beverages (beer, soft drinks)
11 Wiltshire Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6N 2V7 CANADA
Tel: (416) 656-3331
FAX: (416) 656-6803
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Established in 1931, this company began its private label activity 50 years later. Its
operation focuses on product produced fresh-to-order. In the past three years, Lounsbury has
expanded its product lines and production capacity. The company is now moving into an expanded
range of mustards and condiment products. Its business includes foodservice and institutional
Products/Services:Horseradish, seafood cocktail sauce, mint sauce, horseradish, mustard, tarter
Sales Contacts: Tim Higgins, Vice-President (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries)
LUCERNE FOODS INC. (Subsidiary of Safeway Inc.)
5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd., Pleasanton,, CA 94588 USA
Tel: (877) 232-4271
FAX: (925) 226-9510
Total Sales Volume: $2 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 90 (E)
Export Markets: Worldwide: Asia, South America, Middle East, Pacific Islands, Europe
Profile: Lucerne Foods, formerly called OmniBrands, is a diverse manufacturing organization that
supplies private label products to its parent, retailer Safeway (22% of its private label product), as
well as to outside accounts, including copack business. These include a growing line of salestested and proven super premium items. The company is one of the largest private label
manufacturers in the industry. Its 32 plants, located throughout the United States (20) and Canada
(12), manufacture a wide range of innovative products, including traditional foods and beverages
(bakery and dairy items, carbonated beverages, water and juices, preserves, cultured products,
tomato-based sauces and salsa, plus frozen fruits and vegetables. Also, the company produces such
innovative product lines as energy drinks, fortified waters, and certified organic foods. In May
2008, Lucerne joined a newly formed alliance of food and beverage manufacturing, marketing and
distribution companies to sell Safeway’s O Organics and Eating Right lines to other retailers in
the U.S. Other members of the alliance: Overhill Farms, Inc. (prepared frozen foods), Ready Pac
Produce, Inc. (convenience fresh foods including produce), and Schreiber Foods Inc. dairy
products); and EMAK Worldwide, Inc. and Crossmark Inc., for marketing and communications
support. Overhill Farms, Ready Pac , and Schreiber Foods appear in this database. The alliance
licenses the two Safeway brands to the partners who, in turn, produce their products under those
brands for sale to retailers and foodservice accounts. Recently, this licensing activity has
Products/Services: Bakery (breads, buns, muffins), cookies (traditional and gourmet flavors),
crackers (wheat, cheese, chicken, bacon, onion, and garden vegetable flavored), carbonated
beverages, sauces & salsas (pasta/spaghetti/pizza sauces, etc.), preserves, juices & water, milk,
cultured products (yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream), ice cream, frozen products (fruits &
Sales Contacts: Christine Bates, Sr. Vice-President of Sales & Account Management (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Beverages (soft drinks, dairy, juice, water) SD, DA, J, W), Food (dry groceries, dairy,
frozen foods, deli, refrigerated, etc.)
5050 Kemper Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139 USA
Tel: (314) 772-2626
FAX: (314) 772-2626
Total Sales Volume: $220 Million+
Sales % in EB: 56
Export Markets: United Kingdom, France, Spain,Germany, Portugal, Scandinavia, United States,
Russia, Thailand, Caribbean, South America
Profile: From a humble beginning in 1958 as David Sherman Co., a private label bottler of wines
and spirits, this company over the decades has acquired a portfolio of brands across most distilled
spirit categories. In 2006, the company re-branded itself as Luxco in tribute to its founder, Paul
Lux. Operating from a 200,000-square-foot facility in St. Louis with four bottling lines, the
company also has an affiliation with Distiladora Gonzalez in Mexico, the world’s largest
independent producer of tequila. In September 2011, Luxco purchased Paramount and its
subsidiary, Meier’s Wine Cellars in Cincinnati. Meier’s has 45 wines plus a premium line of
sparkling nonalcoholic grape juice.
Products/Services:Bourbon and blends, brandy & cognac, Canadian, cordials & liqueurs, gin, rum,
scotch, tequila & Mezcal, vodka, wines, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Beverages (alcoholic spirits, wines)
Industriestr. 4, 53577 Neustadt/Fernthal, GERMANY
Tel: +49 26 83/981-220
FAX: +49 26 83/981- 239
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: This independent company, now in its fourth generation, began in 1887 as the Rheydter
Brush Factory. It wasn’t until 1945 that it began to manufacture toothbrushes. Four years later,
M+C Schiffer developed and patented the first anchor-less toothbrush in Germany. Its
international expansion started in 1960 with a location in Austria, then in 1991 another in
Stützengrün, East Germany, followed in 1996 by a plant in India (Schiffer & Menezes). The
company has DIN ISO 9001 certification.
Products/Services:Toothbrushes, inter-dental products, dental floss
Sales Contacts: Maik Christian Hundenborn, Director of Sales & Marketing
([email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
8300 SW 71st Ave., Portland, OR 97223 USA
Tel: (503) 244-0166; (800) 786-1609
FAX: (503) 244-0166
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 60+ countries worldwide
Profile: Macfarlan Smith, Ltd., started in 1780, is a leading producer of fine chemicals in
Edinburg, Scotland. Its chemists discovered Bitrex®, “the bitterest stuff on earth,” and developed
its use as a poisoning prevention additive. Bitrex® is used in both private label and national brand
household, automotive and garden products to help prevent ingestion. The Bitrex® logo is used as
a cobranded ingredient to successfully leverage safety as a sales tool. Market Actives, LLC now
provides sales, marketing and technical support for this product in the United States. This
company was acquired in 2001 by Johnson Matthey (also in this database) of London.
Products/Services:Bitrex—an aversive agent for household, garden, and automotive chemicals.
Sales Contacts: N/A (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Household Cleaning, Automotive, Agrochemical
P.O. Box 475, Rupert, ID 83350 USA
Tel: (208) 436-3126
FAX: (208) 436-4542
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: All countries
Profile: Magic Valley Foods is one of the larger producers of dehydrated potato flakes to the retail,
private label, foodservice, industrial ingredients, and export markets. In frozen potato specialties,
such as Instant Quick Frozen (IQF) hash browns, slices, dices and mashed potatoes, its products
are well-known for their high quality. The firm also markets product under its brands, Mr. Spud
and Idaho Naturally.
Products/Services:Dehydrated potato flakes, Instant Quick Frozen (IQF) frozen potato specialties
(hash browns, slices, dices, mashed)
Sales Contacts: Bruce Huizinga, Vice-President Sales; Corey Smith, Sales Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries, frozen foods)
23 Place Jean Monnet, 16100 Cognac, FRANCE
Tel: +33 561-135262
FAX: +33 561- 135215
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile:This firm traces its roots back to 1889, when Léopold Raffin launched a family distillery,
producing cognac. Five generations later, the company is now looking to enter the US market. It
also is expanding into Singapore and India. At the August 2010 BEC2010 International Beverage
Expo and Competition in China, Cognac Léopold Raffin VSOP was awarded “best of show.”
Products/Services: Spirits and vodka
Sales Contacts: Jennifer Laclie, Sales Export Manager
Category: Beverages (alcoholic spirits)
Norte 59 #1100, Col. Industrial Vallejo, Zip. 02300, MEXICO D.F.
Tel: +525 587- 87- 99
FAX: +525 567- 08- 98
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: $57 Million+
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: Canary Island (Spain), Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia,
PuertoRico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile, Venezeula, Peru, Brazil, and United
Profile: Maizoro traces its history back to 1933, when the Fernandez brothers formed the import
company, Herdez, in Mexico City. A contract was established for 25 years with Quaker Oats Co.
of the US, where the Mexican firm would produce Maizoro (Corn of Gold) corn flakes. When the
contract ended, the company formed Cereales Industrializados and has since built an international
business, expanding from corn flakes into other varieties—sugar- and chocolate-coated, wheat
fiber, extruded or inflated products, precooked bean and rice flour. International expansion began
in 1986, where Maizoro exports to more than 30 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and
Africa. The company produces all types of ready-to-eat cereals, from corn flakes to sugar-frosted
and chocolate covered, to healthy fibers, regular or with raisins, to all types of extruded products
in a variety of sizes and designs. Its private label business in Mexico includes principal clients
such as Aurrera, Comercial Mexicana, and Chedraui. In 2003, this company was acquired by
Pepsico of the U S, becoming a subsidiary of the large branded firm.
Products/Services:Corn flakes, sugar frosted, cocoa flakes, fiber, fiber with raisins, frosted corn
puffs, puffed rice, cocoa puffed rice, pillows (chocolate or strawberry), corn meal, corn flour, bran
flakes, raisin bran, extruded corn flakes
Sales Contacts: Enrique Rodrigo Najar, Foreign Trade Director; Jorge Luis Sanchez y Sanchez
and Mrs. Gabriela Felix-Diaz C., both Foreign Trade Managers; Alex Gifford (U.S. Sales)
Category: Food (dry groceries)
9725 SE 36th Street (Ste. 312), Mercer Island, WA 98040- 3896 USA
Tel: (206) 232- 0204
FAX: (206) 232- 6172
Total Sales Volume: $2 Million
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: Europe, Southeast Asia
Profile: Billing itself as “the search and recruiting specialist,” Management Recruiters has been
vertically specialized in nonfoods private label recruitment. The company has been involved in
this area for more than 14 years, offering management positions in such areas as sales, marketing,
quality control, etc. The firm, operating with 600 franchisees in the US, is affiliated with E.
Newman of Vienna, Austria.
Products/Services:Executive recruiting--connector/interconnect industry, nutritional foods and
supplements, footwear/apparel, hospitality, foods and foodservice
Sales Contacts: Jim Dykeman (e-mail: [email protected]
Category: Service
MAPLE LEAF FIRE LOG PRODUCTS CO. (Subsidiary of Duraflame Holdings, Inc.)
850 McKay Road, Pickering, ON L1W 2Y4 CANADA
Tel:(209) 461-6629
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 60 (E)
Export Markets: United States, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark
Profile: In October 1999, Gotham Corp. was acquired by Maple Leaf Firelog Products Company
and effective immediately began conducting business under this new corporate identity. Maple
Leaf Firelog is part of Duraflame Holdings, Stockton, CA, which has been the fire log category
leader in North America for more than 25 years. The company has provided premium-quality fire
logs and fire starters to a variety of retailers and wholesalers across North America. Its fire logs
are Underwriters Laboratories “UL” classified. The firm can accommodate a unique variety of
packaging options with its 6, 5-, 3- and 2.5-pound fire logs and 5-, 7.5- and 8-ounce fire starters.
Its newest product: kindling (100% kiln-dried wood) made from recycled wood.
Products/Services:Fire logs (wax- sawdust), fire starters (wax-sawdust), kindling, firewood
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Non-Food Groceries
30 St. Clair Avenue West, 15th Floor, Toronto, ON M4V 3A2 CANADA
Tel: (416) 926-2000
FAX: (416) 926-2018
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $5 Billion (C$ 4.9 Billion) -0.6%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Pacific Rim, USA, South America
Profile: Maple Leaf Foods (TSE: MFI) calls itself Canada’s leading food processor, focused on
fresh and prepared meats and meals, hog production, and bakery products. It is primarily a
branded company, its flagship brands: Maple Leaf (meat & poultry), Schneiders (hot dogs), and
Dempster’s (bakery items). But the company conducts private label business within different areas
of its operation. Its independently run Shur-Gain (also in this database) provides dry extruded
foods for dogs, cats and ferrets. In April 2004, Maple Leaf acquired Schneider Corp. from
Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, VA. The Schneider subsidiary is one of Canada’s largest packaged
meat manufacturers (20 processing and distribution sites in the country). The Schneider brand
joined Maple Leaf’s two other powerful brands, Maple Leaf in meats and poultry and Dempster’s
in bakery products. Schreider also brought in its private label business, including packaged
processed meats, poultry and grocery products. Maple Leaf also owns 90% of Canada Bread (C$
1.6 billion -1.7% in sales), which produces branded and private label bakery products and fresh
pasta and sauces. Recently, Maple Leaf Foods has faced some setbacks, forcing a restructuring
and consolidation of its business, i.e., closing plants and distribution centers. Net earnings for
2012 fell rose by 40.2% to C$ 115 million. In the spring of 2012, the company planned to
construct a 282,000-square-foot distribution center in Wellington county to handle prepared meats
in its central and eastern Canadian markets. The facility should be completed in 2014.
UPDATE: In October 2013, Maple Leaf's Canada Bread Co., Ltd. , closed its sale of Olivieri
Foods, a producer of fresh pasta (flat and filled) and sauces, including private label business, to
Ebro Foods S.A., Madrid, Spain (also in this database) for $120 million. Maple Leaf, which since
2006 has experienced a decline in sales--its 2013 nine-months results (ending September), showed
net earnings of $789,000 versus the comparable period a year earlier at $46.3 million--agreed in
February 2014 to sell its Canada Bread business to Grupo Bimbo (also in this database) for $1.8
billion cash. Maple Leaf's Canada Bread 2012 sales were off by 1.7% at $1.6 billion.
Products/Services:Fresh and prepared meats (hams, roast beef, smoked sausage, deli meats, hot
dogs), poultry, flour, fresh and frozen bakery products, fresh pasta..
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (meat /poultry, deli, refrigerated, frozen, pasta, baked goods)
627 Glencairn Ave., Toronto, ON M6B 1Z6 CANADA
Tel: (416) 535-2755
FAX: (416) 535-6275
Total Sales Volume: $132 Million+ (€ 90+ Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, North and South America
Profile: Started in 1946, Mardalvi International Corp. today produces up to 70 million tins of
shelf-stable pudding each year, providing custom-made recipes to fit individual markets. The
company uses premium ingredients, such as milk from Flanders, Italian Arborio rice, fresh cream,
etc. Its business covers its own brands, private labels and contract work with major firms like
Danone, Nestle, and Multifoods.
Products/Services:Rice pudding and custards imported from Belgium
Sales Contacts: Maria Teresa Vivar
Category: Food (dry groceries)
210 Westwood Place South (Ste. 400), Brentwood, TN 37024-2487 USA
Tel: (615) 373-7774
FAX: (615) 309- 1174
Total Sales Volume : $12 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America
Profile: In 2006, Mars, Inc., McLean, VA, a global branded food manufacturer purchased Doane
Pet Care, Brentwood, TN, excluding its European business. Doane positioned as the largest
manufacturer of private label pet food and the second largest manufacturer of dry pet food overall
in the US, manufacturers the majority of Walmart’s top selling private label pet food brands, Ol’
Roy and Special Kitty, the former being number one brand of dry pet food in the US by volume.
At that time, 71.3% of Doane’s net sales were in dry pet food, 21.3% in wet pet food and other
items, and 7.4% in biscuits and treats, while some 43% of Doane’s total sales were generated from
Walmart. The company produced some 200 store brands. It operated some 28 combined
manufacturing and distribution facilities (including 6 in Europe. In June 2006, Mars, Inc. renamed
this operation Mars Pet Care US, covering 20 plants and two distribution centers. Mars has built
this segment of its business, acquiring Greenies, the number one pet treat supplier in the US (April
2006) and Nutro Products, a pet specialty supplier in May 2007. Mars today is a $30 billion+
private company (family owned), where private label plays little or no role in its other business
segments, encompassing 135 factories in 68 countries and covering: chocolate, gum, food,
confections, and synbioscience (global health and science). Its pet care business, however, is one
of its fastest growing segments, operating more than 60 manufacturing sites (some 20 in the US)
and based in Brussels, Belgium. Mars today claims to be the world’s largest pet care manufacturer.
Mars is recognized as a house of brands: in chocolate (35+ brands), in gum (40+ brands), etc. In
pet care, while it maintains strong brand leadership with its Pedigree, Whiskas, and Royal Canin
brands, its private label business very likely makes it the largest private label supplier. In January
2012, a Mars customers, Dollar General in the US, announced the addition of Butcher's Select, a
line of premium dog food which includes natural sources to promote healthy joints and prebiotics
to support digestive health in dogs.
Products/Services: Dry dog and cat food, biscuits, and treats; fish food; rodent food, and other pet
Sales Contacts: Dave Horton, Vice-President Sales/Marketing; Bob Vanfleteren, Director of
Grocery Sales
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
160 Thermos Road, Toroonto, ONT M1L 4W2 CANADA
Tel: (416) 755- 9262
FAX: (416) 755- 6790
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Started in 1970, Marsan Foods entered the private label market in 1978, becoming both a
dedicated copacker and private label supplier. This company works in a number of innovative
area, such as boilable bags, dual ovenable trays, providing products that appeal to consumers who
shop for Weight Watcher-type foods as well as the patrons of a Marks & Spencer-type store.
(Marks & Spencer, listed in the Retailer section of the database, is based in the United Kingdom.)
Products/Services:Frozen prepared entrees and dinners, soups, diet entrees
Sales Contacts: Graeme Jewett, President
Category: Food (frozen foods, prepared foods)
MARZETTI COMPANY. T. (A Lancaster Colony Company)
1105 Schrock Road, P.O. Box 29163, Columbus, OH 43229- 0163 USA
Tel: (614) 846- 2232
FAX: (614) 842-4186
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume: $1.04 Billion +3%
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: Europe, Australia, Far East
Profile: Established in 1896, T. Marzetti began as a restaurant in Columbus, OH. Today, the firm
is a leader in private label salad dressings, frozen garlic bread, and frozen fruit pies. Additionally,
the company has innovated with cheese garlic bread. Its parent company, Lancaster Colony Corp.
(Nasdaq: LANC), Columbus, operates Marzetti as its Specialty Food Group. Lancaster acquired
Marzetti in 1970. Lately, Lancaster has put more emphasis on its specialty foods business, and
since 2007 has been divesting its non-food operations (glassware and other products). This
culminated in January 2014 when Lancaster sold its candles manufacturing operation, thus
becoming solely a food company: 35% in frozen products. Its branded product range covers:
dressings, sauces, croutons, fruit glazes, vegetable dips, fruit dips, frozen breads, and yeast rolls.
Marzetti operates 14 plants in the US plus contracts work out to plants in the US, Canada, and
Europe. In the current fiscal year, Marzetti's net income slipped to $75 million versus $109.2
million in the comparable fiscal period a year earlier. The company attributed the loss to sale of its
candle business. during the year, the company introduced frozen pasta in microwave packaging
and crispy onions to complement its croutons line.
UPDATE: Lancaster Colony Corp., through its subsidiary, T. Marzetti. Co., in March 2015
acquired Flatout Holdings, Inc., Saline, MI, a manufacturer of premium flat breads. Flatout with
annual sales of about $46 million was acquired from the private equity firm North Castle Partners
LLC. for $92 million on a cash-free and debt-free basis. Recently, Flatout introduces some new
products including: flat foldable sandwich bread or bun and a healthy baked snack chip based on
its flatbread product.
Products/Services:Pourable salad dressings, frozen bread, frozen fruit pies, croutons
Sales Contacts: Tom Ewing, National Account Sales Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries, frozen foods)
200 Port Centre Pkwy., Portsmouth, VA 23704 USA
Tel: (757) 215-7300
FAX: (757) 215-7447
Total Sales Volume: $1.2 Billion (worldwide)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: This company was formed early in 2006 when Sara Lee Corp., Chicago (listed in this
database) for $82.5 million sold its US retail coffee business, including such brands as Chock Full
o’ Nuts, Hills Bros., MJB, and Chase & Sanborn, and its corporate brand business plus 103
Chock full o’Nuts coffee shops to Segafredo Zanetti S.p.A., Bologna, Italy. The new US
operation, because of its production and national distribution capabilities and its broad product
offering, thus becomes a leading full-service producer of roast and ground coffee for private label
customers. The US operation in March 2010 acquired certain assets of Kaauai Coffee company in
Kauai, HI. The parent company, the world’s largest private coffee company (and the largest
vertically integrated coffee company) is a holding company uniting 40 companies and 11 roasting
plants in 35 countries, representing sales of $1.2 billion in 100 countries. It oversees 20 consumer
brands. With this acquisition, the Italian company, which is the leading Espresso producer in Italy
(and worldwide), operates a franchised network of 600+ international coffee shops (Segafredo
Zanetti Espresso, Puccino’s and Chock full o’ Nuts) plus through its nine roasting plants around
the world handles 120,000 tons of coffee with 2.5 million bags of green coffee processed per year.
This company also provides exclusive coffee blends for bars and supplies cocoa, teas, and spices
as well. In February 2012, the company acquired Sara Lee’s gourmet foodservice coffee business,
adding $150 million to its total revenues and thereby expanding its foodservice business.
Products/Services:Roast and ground coffee, whole bean bags, cappuccino, cocoa, instant, organic
and Fair Trade
Sales Contacts: Clay Dockery, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Beverages (coffee)
15- 51 208th Place, P.O. Box 604177, Bayside, NY 11360 USA
Tel: (212) 736- 5480
FAX: (718) 631- 8072
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Canada, Europe
Profile: This is the sales office for Masterbilt Hosiery’s factory, located in Hickory, NC. The firm,
started in 1957, has been a private label socks supplier ever since then. Masterbilt also does
contract work for branded manufacturers. Its offerings include: ladies Pom Pom socks and
brushed acrylic bootie socks.
Products/Services:Socks (children's, infants, men's, girl's, ladies)
Sales Contacts: Alex Malcheck, President
Category: Apparel
Alleedes Cerisiers, No 1, Floreffe, B- 5150 BELGIUM
Tel: +32 81 44-74-74
FAX: +32 81 44-09-22
Total Sales Volume: $200 Million (€ 150 Million) (E)
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: Europe, Middle East, North America, Africa, Far East, South America, Eastern
Profile: Materne-Confilux, located just 60 km south from Brussels, was created in 1977 from the
association of two family owned companies—Materne, which was founded in 1888, and Confilux,
started in 1928. The company today specializes in fruit processing, particularly in the
manufacturing of preserves and marmalades, compotes, and fruits in syrup or in natural juice. All
of its products are manufactured in a 550,000+ square-foot modern facility, where annual product
reaches about 55,000 tons of jams, compotes and other fruit preparations. The company is by far a
market leader in Belgium and one of the most important jam producers in Europe.
Products/Services:Preserves. jams, fruit compotes, pie fillings, marmalades, fruit-syrup, fruits in
natural juice, fruits spreads, apple sauce
Sales Contacts: Jean-Luc Heymans, President; Luc Jomouton, Sales Manager; Guy Tiebackx,
Export Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
McBride House, 28th Floor, Center Point, 103 New Oxford St., London WC1A 1DD UNITED
Tel: +44 207 539 7850
FAX: +44 207 539 7855
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $1.4 Billion ( £ 761.4 Million) -6%
Sales % in EB: 50% (E)
Export Markets: Continental Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia
Profile: McBride, traded on the London Stock Exchange, is Europe’s leading provider of private
label household and personal care products. The company is a market leader in the UK and the
largest provider for its product categories in Western Europe. Weak economic conditions have
impacted on consumer demand, as people tighten their budgets and cope with price inflation. for
this fiscal period, McBride's revenues in the United Kingdom dropped by 7% and by 9% in
western European markets. Its business, however in the rest of the world climbed by 16% over the
comparable period in fiscal 2012. The firm's adjusted profits slipped by 18.6% to 24 million;
while the company's deb t rose from 81.2 million in 2012 to 86.8 million in the current year.
Also, McBride's important contract manufacturing business revenues plunged by 27% for the year.
The bright side of its business came in new product introductions (its fast dissolving machine
dishwashing tablet revenues soared by 19%) and in strong sales in Central and Eastern Europe,
especially in Poland, as well as in Australia and Southeast Asia. McBride's history traces back to
1860, when Camille Simon and his wife started a laundry and then branched out into other
products. In 1978, British Petroleum purchased the company as part of its new Consumer Products
Division, but in 1993 decided to divest this business. Investors took over. Since then, there have
been a number of acquisitions, helping to position McBride as a market leader.
Products/Services:Household products (washing powders/tablets/liquids/sachets, fabric
conditioners, anti-calc products, laundry aids); dishwashing products (machine, rinse aids,
washing up liquid), household cleaning (all purpose, trigger cleaners, specialist cleaners, toilet
cleaners, bleach), and air care (aerosols, timed release, gels, plug-ins). In personal care: body care
(bath and shower gel, liquid soap, deodorant, skin and baby care), men’s grooming (shaving gel,
shaving foam, after shave, deodorant), hair care (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, styling aids),
and oral care (toothpaste and mouthwash)
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
One Spice Rd., Fort Mill, SC 29715 USA
Tel: (803) 548-2366; (800) 843-1968
FAX: (803) 548-2379
Total Sales Volume: $20 Million
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: South America
Profile: McClancy Seasoning Company specializes in complete R&D resource development for
dry-blended and packaged products in a wide range of product categories. For more than 50 years,
the company has been a resource for multi-unit restaurant chains and food product manufacturers,
specializing in pre-portioned packaging solutions for both foodservice and retail applications.
Product packaging options range from 5 grams to 50-pound multi-wall bags, all available on its
high-speed manufacturing lines. McClancy Seasoning is now SQF certified.
Products/Services:Spices, seasoning, dry gravies, dry sauces, hot & cold beverage blends, dry
salad dressings, dry soup blends, nonfat dry milk, shake blends
Sales Contacts: Von Peyton, Director of Industrial Sales (E-mail: [email protected]
Category: Food (DG)
18 Loveton Circle, Sparks, MD 21031 USA
Tel: (410) 771-7301
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $3.7 Billion +11%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Global
Profile: McCormick (NYSE: MKC) is the world’s largest spice company (primarily branded
business) and the largest private label spices and seasonings producer in North America. The
company was established in 1889. Its net income for the year rose 1% to $374.2 million. Some
200 new products were introduced. In 2011, the company acquired Kamis brand spices and
mustard in Poland and formed a joint venture in India for the Kohinoor brand. India has the
highest per capita spice consumption in the world. McCormick reports some 40% of its sales are
outside the US.
Products/Services:Spices, herbs, seasonings, extracts, gravies, grinders, salad dressings, party dips
Sales Contacts: Dave Creighton, Director Business Development
Category: Food (dry groceries)
4500 Olympic Blvd., Erlanger, KY 41018 USA
Tel: (859) 746-0993
FAX: (859) 746-0933
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: This company operates as part of Zip Pack AG, Goldach, Switzerland (+41 (0) 71-8410781-- Contact: Rainer Garger), which was founded in 1984. Zip Pack is an international,
innovative packaging company. Its other operations are in Doncaster, United Kingdom, a joint
venture with Zip Pak Pty in Sydney, Australia, plus sublicensees in Germany and Austria. MDH is
the US Operation, which oversees business throughout North America, Central America, and
South America. The company produces re-sealable closures that can be incorporated into multiwall paper bags by the producers of those bags. MDH can source complete packages in addition to
supplying its closures. Its closures appear on the products of a number of retailers, including
Marsh Supermarkets (U.S.), Loblaw’s (Canada), Safeway (U.S.), Migros (Switzerland), etc.--all
listed in the Retailer section of this database. Its patented Rip-n-Zip re-sealable bag closure system
is used with multi-wall paper or heavyweight plastic bags. This system is designed for portion-use
dry goods packaging in weights of from 3 to 50 kg. Applications include: rice, beans, flour, bakery
mixes, powdered milk, pet food, cat litter, charcoal, soil, fertilizer, and granular or powdered
chemicals. Each system features an easy-open tamper-evident seal, a self-cleaning zipper, and
optional carrying handle. Products ranging from expensive super-premiums to the most basic
economy brands adopt the patented zipper closures. The company also provides consultation and
design service for quality packaging, from bag construction through printing processes.
Products/Services:Packaging, re-sealable bags, zipper bags
Sales Contacts: Alan Eads, General Manager
Category: Supplies
1200, 55th Ave., Lachine, Quebec H8T 1A1, CANADA
Tel: (514) 636-6262; (800) 308-6589
FAX: (514) 636-6266
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Europe, United States, South America, Russia, Middle East, Pacific Rim
Profile: Medicom, formed in 1988, has become a leading supplier of disposable products--one of
the leading converters of non-woven and tissue materials. The company is North America’s top
supplier of disposables in the dental and medical industries. Specializing in value-priced, highquality private label products for the healthcare community, Medicom has successfully established
itself through an extensive international network. The company holds a strong market position in
non-woven gauze pads and incontinence wipes. Medicom is allied with Pharmascience, a generic
pharmaceutical company in Canada.
Products/Services:Non-woven gauze pads and all-cotton gauze pads (sterile and non-sterile), latex
gloves, incontinence wipes, cleaning wipes and conforming, elastic and triangular bandages
Sales Contacts: Ronald Reuben, President; Ouriel Levy, Director of Sales & Marketing; Ishai
Bettan, Export Sales Manager (e- mail: sales [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
23 Acorn St., Providence, RI 02903 USA
Tel: (401) 273-0444; (800) 299-5704
FAX: (401) 273-0630
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Canada, South America, Australia
Profile: Medport manufacturers and markets general medication and diabetes management
products, mobility aids, medication reminders, plus comfort/inflatable therapeutic back, lumbar,
and seating solutions. With the acquisition of Vitaminder, Medport has increased the amount of
private labeled products offered. This has enabled the company to keep store brand and its name
brand in front of important nutritional supplement customers. Recently, the company has
introduced airlock tablet dispensers and a Medoroanizer medication travel kit.
Products/Services:Vitamin organizer, drink mixer, medication organizers, diabetic management
Sales Contacts: Brian Carey, Exe. Vice-President of Sales & Marketing; Jim Shuster, VicePresident of Sales; Shaunette Beauvais, Sales Manager; Jeffrey Jacober, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
MENTHOLATUM COMPANY (Subsidiary of Rohto Pharmaceuticals)
707 Sterling Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127, USA
Tel: (716) 677-2500
FAX: (717) 674-3696
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Founded in 1889, The Mentholatum Company today operates out of 23 locations
worldwide, as a manufacturer of nonprescription pharmaceuticals, health care and cosmetic
products. Its market reach covers some 130 countries. In 1988, this operation was acquired as a
wholly owned subsidiary of Rohto Pharmaceuticals, Osaka, Japan (—a major
health-and-beauty-care manufacturer (eye care, stomach remedies, lip balm, etc.). Mentholatum
produces chest rubs for the relief of colds for adults and children plus a variety of topical
analgesics for temporary relief from sore muscles, body aches, and minor arthritis pain. The firm
is one of the largest lip balm producers in the world. One of its newest products fash washes in the
Mentholatum For Men line.
Products/Services:Lip balm, skin and eye care, topical analgesics (rubs), cough and cold, and
medical chest rubs
Sales Contacts: Rex Spencer; Canadian Office, Fort Erie, ONT--Tel: 905-871-1665)
Category: Health & Beauty Care
33 North Dearborn St., Ste. 200, Chiago, IL 60602 USA
Tel: (312) 840-6000
FAX: (312) 840-5355
Total Sales Volume: $232 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 90+ countries
Profile: In March 2000, Monsanto sold this business to private investors. This artificial tabletop
sweetener business had originally been taken over by Monsanto in 1985 from G.D. Searle.
Merisant has since marketed three flagship brands: Equal aspartame, Pure Via low-calorie
sweetener, and Canderal sweetener as well as chocolate, spreads, chocolate drinks, etc. In 2006,
Merisant formed a subsidiary, Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC, focused on all-natural
sweeteners, starting with the Sweet Simplicity brand; in 2012, two new brands debuted: Pure Via
Stevia and Whole Earth Sweetener Company Sugars. The company operates plants in Manteno,
IL, and in Teplice, The Czech Republic
Products/Services: Artificial sweetener sincerely, sugar substitutes, saccharin, aspartame,
Suralose, Stevia
Sales Contacts: Dan Muller, National Sales Manager-Private Label (North America); Frank Spina,
International Sales Manager
Category: Food (DG)
1035 Progress Drive, Fergus Falls, MN 56537 USA
Tel: (218) 736- 2110
FAX: (218) 736- 2129
Total Sales Volume: $1 Million+
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Mexican Specialties is a dedicated private label manufacturer, operating since 1989. Its
product line is sold through brokers through out the US.
Products/Services:Burritos and tortillas
Sales Contacts: Lori Bartlett
Category: Food (dry groceries)
2721 East 90th St., Cleveland, OH 44104 USA
Tel: (216) 791-6222; (800) 551-7196
FAX: (216) 231- 2504
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Miceli Dairy Products, founded in 1923, today is positioned a leader in ricotta cheese, as
well as providing a selection of other cheeses: Italian specialty Mozzarella, hard, etc.
Products/Services:Ricotta, Mozzarella, provolone, string, shredded, grated cheeses, as well as
Italian specialty cheeses like Mascarpone, Bocconcini, braided and old-fashioned ricotta.
Sales Contacts: Jim Plesko, Vice-President Sales & Marketing
Category: Food (dairy)
301 Carlson Parkway, Ste. 400, Minneapolis, MN 55305 USA
Tel: (952) 258-4000; (800) 258-4000
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $1.9 Billion +5.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Far East, South America, Europe, Canada, Mexico
Profile: Michael Foods Group, founded in 1954, has become the world’s largest egg processing
company (and largest processor of egg products in North America), offering a diversified menu of
foods, primarily in egg products (including ultra pasteurized, extended shelf-life liquid eggs; eggwhite-based eggs, and hard cooked eggs), refrigerated potato products and cheeses, plus other
dairy products. Primarily a branded company--Papetti’s eggs products, Crystal Farms cheeses,
AllWhites liquid eggs, Simply Potatoes (refrigerated potato products, etc.), its core business
centers on egg products and potatoes for the foodservice sector. In the retail sector, the company
sells both branded and private label grocery items: cheeses, bagels, butter, muffins, and ethnic
foods. In June 2010, MFI was acquired by MFI Holdings Corp., owned by CS Capital Partners V1
Fund--the private equity arm of Goldman Sachs.
UPDATE: In December 2013, Michael Foods Group announced a $33 million expansion of its
Wakefield, NB, egg processing plant, adding 75,000 square feet to the facility.
UPDATE: In April 2014, the private equity owner of Michael Foods Group agreed to sell Michael
Foods Group to Post Holdings (also in this database).
Products/Services: Eggs (liquid, whites), cheeses, butter, muffins, ethnic foods.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (DA)
4605, av Thibault, Saint- Hubert (Quebec), CANADA J3Y 3S8
Tel: (450) 445-0550 (800-565-0550)
FAX: (450) 445- 5689
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: United States, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe
Profile: Established in 1973, today, this family run company is the largest fresh and frozen potato
transformer in Central Canada. Its potatoes are grown in Quebec and New Brunswick. Since 1994,
Michel St-Arneault has embarked on exporting frozen French fried potatoes. It retail
(supermarket) business is focused primarily on private brand programs; while the firm also sells
product under its own brands to restaurants, hotels and foodservice accounts. In June 2003, the
company announced plans to invest $5.5 million in its Canadian potato transformation facilities.
This allowed for an increase in its production capacity from 60 million to 90 million pounds. Its
flagship brand is Qualifresh.
Products/Services:Precooked and frozen potatoes (Russet Burbank, Shepody, Hilite, Gold Rush,
Chieften), all kosher.
Sales Contacts: Bruno Lanoie, Sales Manager Account/Exportation
Category: Food (potatoes)
3545 Nicholson Rd., Franksville, WI 53126 USA
Tel: (262) 886-8851; (800) 745-9353
FAX: (262) 886-9515
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Founded in 1947 as a producer of shipping pallets, Midland has evolved into a major
Midwest supplier of corrugated packaging for the industrial and consumer packaging market, as
well as supplying foam and specialty packaging, fulfillment, and contract packaging. The
company, which operates four plants, is SQF Level 2000 Certified. In 2008, Arbor Investments,
Chicago, acquired Midland. In January 2012, Midland acquired Great Lakes Packaging,
Germantown, WI, a producer of corrugated packaging and display products, operating out of a
150,000 square foot facility.
Products/Services: Corrugated shipping containers, custom-designed industrial/consumer (food &
beverage) packaging, full-color point-of-purchase displays, retail ready cartons
Sales Contacts: Sieg Buck, CEO; Cindy Borland, Marketing Manager
Category: Supplies & Services--Packaging
MIGROS INDUSTRY (Production Companies of Federation of Migros Cooperatives)
Limmatstrasse 152 CH- 8005 Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 44-277-2111
FAX: +41 44-277-2525
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $4.9 Billion (CHF 5 Billion) +2.1%
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Continental Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Far East
Profile: Migros Industry, part of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (also listed in the Retail
section of this database) represents 14 industrial companies in Switzerland, three foreign
enterprises, plus two wholesalers (Scana Lebensmittel AG for catering and Mérat & Cie for
gastronomy and catering services). Called M-Industry, this operation covers a full range of
manufacturing operations, together producing and selling more than 20,000 food and near-food
SKUs every year. Its export business targets more than 50 countries. International sales grew to
about $280 million. In 2009, Migros Industry established a base in the United States and now
looks to double its sales there within five years. The company calls itself the largest private label
manufacturer in the world with sales now exceeding $5 billion. The companies: Mifa (laundry &
cleaning agents, margarine); Mibelle (cosmetics, skin care, toiletries, hair care, oral care,
perfumes); Frey (chocolate and confectionery products, chewing gum); Jowa (breads, cakes,
pastries, pasta and frozen food--pizza, snacks, cocktail crackers); Midor (biscuits, ice cream
products, powdered deserts, baking ingredients and cocktail crackers); Bischofszell (catering, ice
tea, fruit juice, jams and marmalades, crisps, chips, tomato and potato products, ready prepared
meals, tinned fruit, vegetables and meat); Seba Aproz (mineral water, table beverages and syrups);
Mifroma (cheese); Micarna (fresh meat, deli meats & poultry, fish); Mifroma (France (cheese);
Riseria Taverne (rice); Estavayer Lait (fresh products like dairy items, foods--vinegar,
mayonnaise, sauces; and commercial goods).
Products/Services: Health & Beauty Care, Household Cleaners, Beverages (water, tea, juice),
Food (dry groceries, frozen foods, meat, dairy baked goods, prepared meals)
Sales Contacts: Noel Matos, Director Strategic Export/Marketing, Department Industry (+41 44
277 34 44); Carlo Ruesics, Trade Director at M Industry USA Inc., Lancaster, PA (Tel: 717-358-
1797); Anne D. Hogan, U.S. Business Development Director, Grand Specialties I, Ltd. (Lampeter,
PA), Tel: 717-687-3596
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty Care, Beverages, Food (dry groceries, dairy,
meat/fish/poultry, frozen foods, fresh foods, prepared meals)
1411 Capital Ave., Plano, TX 75074 USA
Tel: (972) 422-2145
FAX: (972) 881-0639
Total Sales Volume: $6 Million
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Central and South America, Western Europe, Canada
Profile: Started in 1914 as a scissors and manicure implement manufacturer, the company in the
1940s also became a leading supplier of pet grooming products. Today, this privately owned firm
is a leading exclusive brands supplier of both personal manicure implements and pet grooming
items to 30+ retail chains. Some 10% of its sales go to exports, out to more than 15 countries.
Products/Services:Personal manicure implements, pet grooming products.
Sales Contacts: Mike Engles — Manicure Implements; Ted Hughes, Jr. — Pet Products.
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Pet Supplies
1208 Brewery (14th) Avenue, P.O. Box 277, Monroe, WI 53566 USA
(608) 325-3191
(608) 325-3198
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Percentage of Sales in Exclusive Brands: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: This brewery is the second oldest continually operating brewery in the US and the 14th
largest, producing nearly 70 million cans and bottles of beer each year. It started as the Joseph
Huber Brewing Co. in 1845. The brother and sister team, Rainder and Manjit Minhas first
contracted with Huber Brewing to produce their mountain Creek beer in 2003 and its success led
the siblings to buy out the brewery in October 20-06, changing its name to Minhas Craft Brewery.
They have enjoyed incredible growth since then and been recognized with medals and accolades.
One of its most popular brands is Boxer lager. They now produce some 3 million cases (24 x
120ounce can/bottle equivalent) of beer (lagers and ales). Aluminum cans come in 12-, 16- and
24-ounce sizes; while bottles are configured in 11.16 ounce (custom) plus 7-, 12-, 22-, and 40ounce Amber glass (clear or flint). In 2011, the company started up a distillery, Minhas Micro
Distillery, to expand into spirits.
Products: Beer, malt beverages, new age drinks, spirits (rum, vodka, Irish cream, brandy, gin,
whisky, tequila
Contacts: Cathy Sennett, Business Development Manager; Carol Tallman, Staff Accountant
Category: Beverages (beer, alcoholic spirits, new age drinks)
21655 Trollley Industrial Dr., Taylor, MI 48180 USA
Tel: (313) 292-4100; (800) 644-0445
FAX: (313) 292-2770
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Mirab USA calls itself the world’s largest private label beef jerky supplier, serving more
than 25,000 retail locations in the US. The company is part of Marfrig Alimentos S.A., São Paulo,
Brazil, which is the second largest supplier of beef, pork, lamb and chicken in the world. It
operates some 150 production units in 22 countries on five continents. Its 2010 sales soared by
65.5% to $9.7 billion (R$ 17 billion), as the company grows its foodservice and export business.
Also, at year-end, Marfrig Group for $400 million purchased Keystone, in its effort to more into
prepared and processed meats. Keystone is a major supplier in the foodservice sector. Net income
for the Group, however plunged by 72.2% for the year to $$ 146.1 million, attributed to foreign
exchange variations impacting on its debt and investments. Marfig USA also claims to supply
more than 90% of nationally branded jerky companies. Positioned as an industry innovator, its
specially processed “Soft and Tender” beef jerky snack also is sold under its Pecos Bill’s brand (in
original or peppered beef versions). Recently, the company introduced a 97% fat-free Zero Carb
beef jerky, sweetened with Splenda. Mirab USA operates a 60,000 square foot manufacturing
plant in Taylor, MI, as well as a fully HAAC compliant plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which
has been ISO 9001 certified for more than five years. All its jerky products are made from
Argentine beef. Some 33 of those plants for beef products are in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.
Besides meats and poultry (fresh, chilled and processed), the company also produces foods, such
as precooked and frozen potatoes, frozen vegetables, canned meats, ready meals, pasta, etc.
Recently, Marfood USA introduced precision calibrated natural beef casing for manufacturers. In
January 2012, the firm achieved SQF 2000 Code Level 2 Certification.
Products/Services: Beef jerky snacks.
Sales Contacts: Gary Crawford, President
Category: Food (dry groceries, meat/fish/poultry, frozen foods, refrigered foods)
35 Maple St., Nor wood, NJ 07648- 0409 USA
Tel: (201) 750-0500
FAX: (201) 750-0150
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Mitsui Foods, Inc. is the only food import operation of the giant diversified, Mitsui & Co.,
Ltd., Toyko, Japan $53.3 billion (¥ 4,679.4 billion) +14.2%. The parent company operates 14
independent business units spread across multiple sectors: mineral resources, energy, iron and
steel production, lifestyle products, etc. The US operation, Mitsui Foods Inc., which was founded
in 1953, is positioned as an import leader — the biggest tuna, pineapple and mushroom importer
in the US. Importing product from all continents of the world, Mitsui Foods maintains a
worldwide network of 250 offices, offering innovative service plus a comprehensive private label
program for both retail and foodservice accounts. Mitsui’s involvement in private label traces back
to 1953, starting with tuna. Parent company also has a joint venture with CHS Inc.. (an agriculture
co-op) in Ventura Foods (also listed in this database).
Products/Services:Canned tuna, sardines, shellfish, mackerel, pineapple, grapefruit sections,
mandarin oranges, tropical fruit salad, Asian vegetables, mushrooms (all types), artichokes, olives,
pimientos, pepperoncini, rice cakes, pet food.
Sales Contacts: Patrick Mirabella, Sales Manager; Maureen Marcason, VP, Retail Grocery
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies, Food (dry groceries, tuna fish, produce)
1661 Feehanille Dr., Ste. 300, Mt Prospect, IL 60056 USA
Tel: +81 569-213331
Total Consolidated Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $1.9 Billion (¥ 156.1 Billion)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: It all began in 1804, when Matazaemon Nakano 1 started to make vinegar out of sake kasu
(sake lees). This privately owned business grew into a leading global condiment manufacturer and
the world leader in vinegar production, operating facilities in Japan, China, the United Kingdom,
the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Besides vinegar, the company
also produces: soy sauce, sweet cooking rice wine, and rice ball mix. Its US operation, Mizkan
Americas, Inc., Mt. Prospect, IL, is the largest bottled vinegar supplier in the US, operating 16
production facilities and marketing such brands as Holland House cooking wines, Nakanos rice
vinegar and World Harbors marinades and sauces—being positioned as a leading Asian condiment
supplier for retail and foodservice customers worldwide, plus a supplier in the food ingredients
sector. In May 2011, Mizkan Americas acquired Border Foods, Inc. from Ares Capital. Mizkan
was a supplier to Border. Border Foods, Deming, NM, is the world’s largest processor of green
chili peppers, the largest processor of Jalapeno peppers in the US, and a major processor of
enchilada sauces. In April 2012, the US business announced plans to open a new 2,000-squarefoot Research & Development facility in Lake Alfred, FL, for its products: vinegar, cooking
wines, salted spirits, nonalcoholic mixes, and wine reductions. In the UK, Mizkan Euro Americas
in June 2012 agreed to acquire the UK-based vinegar and sour pickle business of Premier Foods
plc (also in this database). This takeover includes market-leading brands such as Sarson’s,
Haywards, and Dufrais.
Products/Services:Vinegar (white distilled, cider, cider flavored), wine vinegar (red, white,
Balsamic), rice vinegar (natural or seasoned), cooking wines (red, white, Sauterne, Burgundy,
Marsala); mustards (yellow, salad, spicy brown, Dijon, honey, horseradish, stone Ground, honey
Dijon), Soy’teriyaki/Worcester/BBQ sauces, and other condiments; and green chili peppers and
enchilada sauces.
Sales Contacts: MIZKAN AMERICAS, INC.,1661 Feehanille Dr., Ste. 300, Mt Prospect, IL
60056 USA. Tel: (847) 590-0059. Fax: (847) 590-0405; URL: Rich Bugna,
National Accounts Manager; Roy Eliasen, Sales Director-Retail; Bob Gats, Sr. VP Sales (Border
Foods- Tel: 972-406-3304)
Category: General Merchandise, Food (dry groceries)
MOM BRANDS (formerly Malt-O-Meal Co.)
20802 Kensington Blvd., Lakeville, MN 55044 USA
Tel: (952) 322-8000
Total 2014 Sales Volume: $760 Million
Sales % in EB: 70+ (E)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Founded in 1919 by John Campbell, a grain miller who used his $900 winnings from a
poker game to start Malt-O-Meal, today claims to be the largest family-owned cereal company in
the world and the fourth largest ready-to-eat (RTE) cereal manufacturer in the US with a 7%
market share. In March 2012, the company changed its identity to MOM Brands, partly to reflect
its growing stable of brands. The company, which targets the value segment of the market,
produces 10 brands plus supports a strong private label business in the top 50 categories in its
product segment, providing more than 30 RTE cereals. Additionally, its produces three varieties of
hot wheat cereals and a full line of oatmeal products. Its success has been built on a low pricing
strategy, selling cereals in re-sealable bags to reduce the packaging and resulting waste. The
company operates five production facilities and also serves foodservice accounts. In December
2009, the firm acquired the Farina brand from U.S. Mills. Since 2005, the company claims to have
started up two of the most technically advanced cereal plants in the world, the latest a $140
million, 350,000-square-foot plant in Asheboro, NC, scheduled to open early in 2012. Its recent
sales have outpaced the leading brands.. In June 2012, another acquisition was completed: CoCo
Wheats hot breakfast cereal--marketed since 1930 by Little Crow Foods, Chester, IL, an
entrepreneurial business that closed its operation. The FastShake Pancake Mixes brand from that
company also was acquired. In 2013, the company introduced its new Oat Revolution steel cut
oats made with flaxseed and carry the 100% Whole Grain Stamp from the Whole Grains Council.
They’re also a good source of fiber and ALA omega-3 and are considered heart healthy. In 2014,
the company moved its headquarters from downtown Minneapolis to Lakeville, MI.
UPDATE: In January 2015, MOM Brands agreed to merge into Post Holdings Inc. (also in this
database), St. Louis, MO, the latter agreeing to pay $1.1 billion in cash plus 2.5 million of its
company shares to MOM Brands family members. The deal, which is expected to be completed in
2015's third quarter, will solidify Post Holdings' position on third largest RTE cereal producer in
the U.S. The deal was completed in May 2015, where Post paid $1.2 billionto become the third
largest seller of RTE cereals in the U.S., claiming an 18% market share.
Products/Services:Ready-to-eat and hot cereals
Sales Contacts: Paul Norton, Vice-President of Sales/Customer Marketing
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
MONDI FOOD PRODUCTS, INC. (Division of Lassonde Industries)
3810 Alfred Laliberte, Boisbriand, QUE J7H 1JP8
Tel: (450) 979-0717
FAX: (450) 979-0279
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States
Profile: In November 2007, Lassonde Specialties Inc. (also in this database under Lasonde
Industries) acquired Mondi, a private label manufacturer of upscale jar products for grocers and
the club store trade. About 5% of Mondiv's sales in Canada are now in private label, mainly in
juices. The division also exports private label to the US market. Its newest product introductions:
standup microwave pouches for sauces, soups, gravies, pesto, rice meals, and pasta in sauce.
Products/Services:Sauces, bruschettas, tapenades, gravies, meals in a jar, and soups
Sales Contacts: Lee Masoud, Vice-President of Sales-Private Label
Category: Beverages (juices), Food (dry groceries)
90 W. Morgan Street, Austin, IN 47102, USA
Tel: (812) 794-1170
FAX: (812) 794-1287
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million+
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets:Europe, Southeast Asia, South America
Profile:In 1899, Joseph S . Morgan joined with other young men to start Austin Canning Company
in Austin, IN. Seven years later, the Morgan family took control of the business. Today, this
company is a fourth-generation, family owned concern and one of the largest privately owned
food processors in the US. The firm has been producing soups since the 1950s. Recently, Morgan
Foods opened a $1 million research-and-development pilot lab at its headquarters facilities. This
mini-production factory handles up to 400 cans per test run and up to five project formulations at a
time. This service allows copackers, for example, to avoid sending product to outside labs for
lengthy testing. Morgan can test their products in-house and move the testing-to-production phase
up four to six weeks faster.
Products/Services:Canned soups (condensed, chunky, home-style, healthy recipe, broth), canned
beans (refried, baked, beans & franks, pork & beans, green), canned broth, canned gravies, canned
Sales Contacts: Carl A. Stout, Vice-President of Sales; David L. Crane, Regional Sales Manager
(e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (dry groceries)
5240 Finch Avenue East, Unit 2, Toronto ON M1S 5A2 CANADA
Tel: (613) 238-8877 (877) 677-6538
FAX: (613) 238-8340
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Founded in 1933, Morrison Lamothe Inc. today is an independent Canadian company with
three plants, all located in Toronto, Ontario. Its customers are major Canadian and international
retailers, restaurant chains and food manufacturers. The firm offers national brand quality to the
private label industry. The company produces frozen prepared foods as a co-manufacturer for
brands and as a copacker and supplier of private label products, specializing in pastry enrobed
products and frozen prepared foods. Its plants are HACCP, Agriculture Canada, and USDA
Products/Services:Frozen, baked and unbaked fruit and meat pies, frozen dinners, entrees, side
dishes, and frozen puff pastry hors d’oeuvres, healthy and ethnic entrees, breakfast products, bowl
entrees (rice/potato/pasta).
Sales Contacts: Gord Crowson, Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development; Gary
Fread, Vice-President & General Manager, Prepared Meals Division; Chris Mifflin, VicePresident & General Manager, Fine Foods Division (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (frozen foods, dry groceries)
2530 Stanfield Rd., Mississauga, ON L4Y 1S4 CANADA
Tel: (905) 279-9100; (800) 287-9398
FAX: (905) 279-9821
Tel (US):
(847) 205-9360
Fax (US):
(847) 205-9433
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States
Profile: In 2012, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Company celebrated its 100th anniversary. The
family owned company began in 1912 as Higgins & Burke, a grocery wholesaler, selling flour,
sugar, coffee and tea plus other staples. It wasn’t until the 1990s, however, that the firm expanded
into the United States. Its coffee selection (roasted, ground, whole bean) covers (including
foodservice): single serve, portion pack, bulk, RTU, as well as coffee equipment. In tea, the
company offers black and flavored teas, green tea, herbal tea infusion (caffeine-free), Rooibos tea,
and white tea.
Products/Services:Coffee & Tea
Sales Contacts: Jerry Gilbert, VP of Retail Sales and Mark Frazier, Director of Sales, both in the
US; Sean Bredt, VP of Marketing (Coffee/allied products)
Category: Beverages (C/T)
122 Penns Trail, P.O. Box 128, Newtown, PA 18940 USA
Tel: (215) 860-7676 (800) 448-8183
FAX: (215) 860-6170
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million+
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started 1985, MRI has become a national supplier of label design/application solutions.
The firm works with flexographic presses, direct to plate digital in-house graphic design, and
prepress inventory management, etc. MSRI also is ISO 9001:2008 and AIB certified. In 2010, the
company innovated with its new C-Fit™ no-heat shrink sleeve labels, which are said to minimize
material and energy costs--up to 50% over conventional shrink sleeves. Awarded for its printing
capability, MRI is involved in printed film, roll stock, and sleeve labels.
Products/Services:Flexible packaging (labels for single-serve beverage containers, water bottles,
pet products, home products, dairy industry products)
Sales Contacts: Jennifer Hirsch, Sales Representative
Category: Supplies
740 S.E. Dalbey, Ankeny, IA 50021 USA
Tel: (515) 964-8100; (800) 736-5674
FAX: (515) 964-8397
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: Canada, Caribbean, South America, Taiwan, Mexico
Profile: In business since 1926, Mrs. Clark’s Foods today is one of the leading Midwest copackers
and private label manufacturers for retail salad dressing and juices. It is a wholly owned subsidiary
of AGRI Industries, a farmer-owned co-op based in Des Moines, IA. The company produces a full
line of salad dressings, barbecue sauces, and mustards for the wholesale foodservice industry as
well. Mr. Clark’s is able to manufacture 438 SKUs (stock keeping units) of exclusive brand
products, packaged in glass or plastic and in sizes ranging from single-serve to gallons. Most of
the company personnel are trained in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Statistical Process
Control (SPC). Currently, the firm is involved in Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) partnering.
In May 2002, this subsidiary of AGRI Industries, a farmer co-op, acquired Alljuice Food and
Beverage Corp., Hendersonville, NC, a major private label juice supplier and leading apple juice
manufacturer in the Southeast.
Products/Services:Shelf-stable salad dressing, mayonnaise, fruit juices (apple, prune, tomato,
vegetable), fruit drinks, flavored soft drinks, isotonic drinks, spaghetti sauces, Mexican sauces,
barbecue sauces, tarter sauce.
Sales Contacts: Bruce Spurlock, National Sales & Marketing Manager.
Category: Beverages (juices, soft drinks), Food (dry groceries)
(Click on logo for company video)
111 Third Avenue South (Suite 230), Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
Tel: (612) 332-8939
FAX: (612) 332-8927
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Middle East, Far East, Mexico, Latin America, Europe
Profile: MVP Marketing + Design, founded in 1985, has evolved into a full-service support
service in web design, print design, advertising and promotions, package design, brand
development, etc. The company helps clients to increase the sales and profits of their premium
and first-tier store brand programs through comprehensive and effective label and package design.
Its track record includes successful brand building programs for food, nonfood, health and beauty
care, and over-the-counter (OTC) drug categories. Founded and operated by Dick Weinrib since
1985, MVP has been recognized with numerous industry awards for its work.
Products/Services:Brand identity and package design consulting, websites for B2B and B2C
service companies, web development on different platforms (Drupal, Wordpress, Ektron, etc.),
advertising & promotions, brand development
Sales Contacts: Dick Weinrib, President (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Service
8100 SW 10th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33324, USA
Tel: (954) 581-0922; (877) 622-3499
FAX: (954) 473-4710
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $600.2 Million +1.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, South America, Japan, Caribbean
Profile: With its roots tracing back to 1958, National Beverage Corp., through acquisitions over
subsequent years, has become a leader in the flavored beverage business, now operating 12
facilities (soft drinks, juices, sparkling water, energy drinks, and nutritionally enhanced waters).
Its flagship brands, Shasta (120+ years) and Faygo (100+ years), each have 50 flavor varieties.
The vertically integrated company also produces concentrates and effervescent powder beverage
enhancers. National Beverage Corp. recently has scaled back its private label soda business,
concentrating on its brands in the interest of building profits. Its latest fiscal year showed net
income up by 24% to $40.8 million. The company, however, continues to provide “allied brands”
to retailers and other beverage producers.
Products/Services:Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks,bottled water, spring water, sports
drinks, iced teas and fruit drinks
Sales Contacts: John Minton, President; Jim Lee, Vice-President, Sales, Private Label (Tel: 904642-3246)
Category: Beverages (soft drinks, juices, water, iced tea)
Editicio Mas ter’s 1, Ada General Peron, no 38, planta 5o, 28020 (Madrid) SPAIN
Tel: +34 91 417 88 68
FAX; +34 91 770 34 24
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $ 452.8 Million (€ 340.5 Million) -19.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: North America, Europe
Profile: Natra (traded on the Spanish Stock Exchange under the NAT symbol), a leader in
producing cocoa derivatives and chocolate products, as well as in functional food and wines, has
traveled a rough road in recent years. Its proposed merger with Barry Callebaut’s chocolate
division (Stollerck)--envisioning market leadership in the private label chocolate market in Europe
by 2010--collapsed in 2009, when the Swiss-based chocolate firm learned of Natra’s € 8 million
net loss in the first half of 2009. The economic climate in Europe since then, coupled with
increasing competition, wild fluctuations in food commodity pricing, and a general decline in
consumption of food and beverages, has produced signification losses for Natra. Its net losses in
operating profit of € 36.6 million in 2010 and € 16.8 million in 2011. With the outlook in Europe
bleak, Natra has turned to its export business to North America (now 42% of its sales outside
Europe) and the Asia-Pacific market. Belgian chocolate in Asia is growing in popularity, while
China in 2011 reportedly experienced an eight-fold increase in chocolate sales. Natra, operating
five plants, supplies 27 of the top 30 European retailers with chocolate products; and Natra owns
55.8% of Nutraceutical Biotechnology Corp. plus operates a winery. Its final product division
experiences a 52% gain in 2011 turnover and is expected to rapidly grow in 2012.
Products/Services:Chocolate candy bars & tablets, Belgian chocolates and truffles, chocolate and
hazelnut spreads, pralines & specialty items, cocoa derivaties & industrial chocolate
Sales Contacts: Javier Astigarraga, Export Director at Zahor (tel:+ 34 943 716303)
Category: Food (candy/desserts)
10464 Bryan Hwy, Onsted, MI 49265 USA
Tel: (517) 467-2065
(800) 530-9969
FAX: (517) 467-2840
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: For more than 120 years, this company's Miller's American brand, using Smokey the Bear
as a logo for primarily product: honey. The company has grown to become the world's largest
producer of custom-blended honey and other foods (commercial sweeteners for food
manufacturers, the foodserve sector, and retail/wholesale customers). Late in 2013, the company
was acquired by the private equity firm, Peak Rock Capital, Austin, TX. Concurrent with this
event, Natural American Foods merged with one of its major honey suppliers, Groeb Farms, Inc..
The latter company had just completed its reorganization under Chapter 11 protection within a 90day period. Previously, Groeb Farms was involved in a honey launderring case over issues about
labeling and had also been burdened by late debt payments.
Products/Services:Honey (including organic and non-GMO, commercial sweeteners (molasses)
Sales Contacts: John Schlachter, VP of Supply Chain
Category: Honey, Sweeteners
1085 Airport Rd., P.O. Box 221, Olive Branch, MS 38654USA
Tel: (866) 323-0170
(901) 351-1090
FAX: (622) 890-9872
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A)
Export Markets: Middle East, Europe, South America, Asia, Japan & Vietnam
Profile: Established in 2001, this privately owned manufacturer of first aid, feminine hygiene,
and OTC pharmaceuticals operates a state-of-the-art, FDA/cGMP facility, producing all its
products in the U.S. The company handles private label and contract packaging as well as
marketing products under its own brands. Natureplex offers a wide range of products: first aid
creams, moisturizers, rubs, ointments, as well as douches, enemas, anti-fungels, oral care gels,
and so on.
Products/Services: First aid, skin protection gels, feminine care, cocoa butter, aloe vera, Vitamin
E, hemorrhoid cream, digestive care, anti-fungel creams, analgesics, diaper rash cream, oral care
Sales Contacts: Ana de Oliveira, VP of Sales (Cell Phone: 901-351-1090)
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2100 Smithtown Ave., Ronkonkona, NY 11716 USA
Tel: (631) 567-9500
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $2.9 Billion +4.2% Wholesale/US Nutrition Sales: $1.8 Billion
+1.7% Total Retail Sales: $936.3 Million +9.1% (In Europe $711.2 Million; in North America
$225.1 million)
Sales % in EB: 40 (Percentage of Wholesale/US Nutrition Sales in Exclusive Brands)
Export Markets: Export Markets: Europe, Middle East, Africa, South & Central America, Asia,
Caribbean, Pacific Rim --80 countries
Profile: Nature’s Bounty, Inc., formed in 1979, was renamed NBTY, Inc. in 1995. Since 1986,
the company has acquired more than 30 companies, One of its most recent takeovers in July
2008: Leiner Health Products LLC, Carson, CA (including its Canadian subsidiary, Vita Health
Products) once a leading US manufacturer of store brand vitamins, minerals, and nutritional
supplements and a leader in over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical OTC products. Months
earlier, Leiner had filed for bankruptcy protection. In May 2010, the company purchased a softgel
plant in China. NBTY claims to be the leading vertically integrated manufacturer, marketer and
distributor and retailer of vitamins, nutritional supplements and related products in the US. In
March 2011, NBTY purchased Vitarich Labs , Naples, FL (previously listed in this database), a
producer of vitamins, minerals, OTC drugs, and herbs. (Vitarich, started in 1992, was taken over
by Argan in 2004, but had since faced several civil action suits, which forced the company to close
its doors in December 2010.) In October 2011, The Carlyle Group, a global asset manager,
through its affiliate, T.G. Group, acquired NBTY Inc. reportedly paying $4 billion. This removed
the company from its NYSE listing. NBTY’s net income for fiscal 2011 was $29.9 million 858.7%. NBTY produces some 25,000 (SKUs) products, many of them sold though its own retail
operations of some 1,591 stores: In North America, 443 Vitamin World in the US and 80 Le
Naturiste in Canada; in Europe: 660 Holland & Barrett (18 franchised), 217 Julian Graves, and 49
GNC (UK) all in the United Kingdom, plus 41 Nature’s Way in Ireland. The company also has
101 De Tuinen stores (10 franchised) in The Netherlands. In September 2011, 93 Julian Graves
outlets were converted over to Holland & Barrett, Nature’s Way, and GNC banners.
Products/Services:Vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports nutritional products, diet aids and other
nutritional supplements
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, MO 63164 USA
Tel: (314) 982-3809
FAX: (314) 982-5277
Total 2010 Sales: $12.5 Billion +5.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: In December 2001, Ralston Purina Co., the world’s largest producer of dry dog and dry
and soft-moist cat foods as well as moist dog food and pet treats, mostly under its Purina brand,
was acquired by Nestle S.A. of Switzerland, which subsequently, in 2009, reported global sales
exceeding $100 billion. Nestle, now the world’s leading branded consumer products manufacturer,
merged its Friskies pet care business (in 2001 representing $3.7 billion in sales) with Ralston
Purina business (then about $2.7 billion in sales) and renamed the company, Nestle Purina Pet
Care Co. Its pet care business today is worldwide (#1 in the world) with operations in: the US, the
United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Brazil,
Mexico, Japan, and China. In North America, the company operates 25 manufacturing pet care
product plants Its Friskies cat food brand for the first time has surpassed $1 billion in sales.
Products/Services:Dog and cat premium and super premium formulas (dry, soft-moist, treats,
biscuits, and canned cat food); consulting for store brand pet food strategy/product mix/retail
format/marketing/category management issues.
Sales Contacts: Betsy H. Cohen, Store Brands Business Director; Polly Dolan, Sales Di rec tor.
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
50 Place Cremazie West, Suite 1022 Montreal, Quebec H2P 2T7 CANADA
Tel: (514) 381-7190
FAX: (514) 381-7059
Total Sales Volume: $8 Million+
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: United States, South America
Profile: Established early in the 1990s, Neuco Image Group has since become a major supplier of
private label health and beauty care products (hair, bath, skin, kids, baby, etc.) providing retailers
with innovative and unique products. In 1992, the firm founded its manufacturing subsidiary,
Ultrapac, allowing Neuco to work on every level, from initial product concept, marketing research
and package design, through formula development, to processing, manufacturing, distribution,
accounting, and customer service. Its fully computerized EDI system links directly to a customer’s
computer base, allowing for quicker, more efficient communications and greater flexibility.
Additionally, the firm offers a diverse range of control brand products for baby items, body, bath,
hair care, oral hygiene, and household products).
Products/Services:Shampoos, conditioners, foam bath, body wash, lotions, bath gel, baby wipes,
air fresheners, antibacterial liquid soap, baby shampoo, baby oil, plug-ins, drop-ins
Sales Contacts: Michael Korenberg, President; Natalie Toussaint, Executive Vice-President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
26529 Golden Valley Rd., Santa Clarita, CA 91350USA
Tel: (805) 250- 1111
FAX: (805) 250- 1242
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 33
Export Markets: Central and South America, Caribbean, Africa
Profile: Newhall, founded in 1976, has grown to national distribution, stocking more than 500
SKUs (stock keeping units). It is one of the fastest-growing health and beauty care suppliers in the
country, selling to supermarkets, chain drugstores and mass merchandisers. The firm focuses on
ethnic-oriented products, catering to Hispanic and black consumers. Its brands include: bella,
Monkey Brains, and GroWorks. In December 2011, this company was acquired by Golden Sun
Holding, a subsidiary of the private equity buyout firm, Brynwood Partners, Greenwich, CT,
which lately has invested in a number of brand name personal care products.
Products/Services:Hair care, skin care, ethnic products, salon products, vitamins and supplements.
Sales Contacts: Al Rodriguez, President; Dan Stegall, Vice-President of Sales.
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Salon Products
Two Nice- Pak Park, Orangeburg, NY 10962-1376 USA
Tel: (845) 365-1700; (800) 444-6725
FAX: (845) 365-1729
Total Sales Volume: $300 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 6 (E)
Export Markets: Europe (4 countries), Southeast Asia (3 countries plus Hong Kong & Singapore),
Australia, South America, /Central America (5 countries), Middle East (10 countries)
Profile: Family owned Nice-Pak, established in 1957, claims to be the global leader in branded
and private label wet wipes (covering the home, consumer, commercial, and health care markets),
producing more than 100 million per year. The product is made from textile fabrics and spun-lace,
non-woven material. One report indicates that the company supplies 80% of the world’s
disinfectant wipes. Nice-Pak, operates seven facilities, including plants in the United States and
the United Kingdom, and an office in Germany. Plans call for expansion into the Asia-Pacific
market. Its wide selection of pre-moistened, disinfecting wipes covers baby care (scented,
unscented and sensitive skin), beauty (makeup remover and cleansing wipes to exfoliating
towelettes), household cleaning, hand care, and personal care (feminine hygiene, adult
incontinence, lens wipes, moist toilet tissue). As a pioneer in the wet wipes business, Nice-Pak is
credited with a number of industry firsts: tub for store brand baby wipes, refillable packs, resealable travel packs, re-closable solo lids, real cloth disposable wipes, EPA registered disinfectant
wipes, no rinse sanitizer wipes accepted by EPA for use in food contact service. The company,
besides its private label business, markets a number of brands: Wet Nap, Nice’n Clean, Sani-Cloth
surface wipes, Grime Boss heavy duty hand wipes, etc. Its products are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
accredited and follow GMP standards, plus are FDA & EPA registered and CE marked as
required. The bulk of its largest corporate division, the Consumer Division, is in private label.
Recently, the company developed a baby wipe made from Tencel fibers (a natural absorbent and
renewable resource—the cellulose in trees) for Costco’s Kirkland Signature brands. The firm’s
PDI sister company, Professional Disposables International, Inc. (listed separately in this
database), positioned as a contract packaging service, is an industry leader, providing high-quality
infection control products for the medical community. Nice-Pack’s Institutional Division is a
leader in producing moist towelettes for the foodservice industry.
UPDATE: In October 2013, Nice-Pak along with its contract manufacturing subsidiary, PDI,
announced its new Innovation center, a 28,000-square-foot lab facility, located in Montvale, NJ.,
which will focus on research & development in the areas of: surface disinfection, surface
cleaning, skin antisepsis, hand hygiene, and personal care.
Products/Services: Baby wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, cosmetic & facial cleaning wipes, surface
disinfecting wipes, lens wipes, personal care and household cleaning products
Sales Contacts: Todd Beahm, Tom Grady, Randy Yancey, all Sales Directors; Colleen Furlong,
Director of National Accounts; Paul Symonds, Director of Operations, Nice-Pak International Ltd.
(UK - tel. +44 1352-736700).
Category: Health & Beauty Care (Wipes), Household Wipes
770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, USA
Tel: (646) 654-5000
Diemerhof 2, 1112 XL Diemen, The Netherlands
+31 20-398-87777
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $5.6 Billion +1.4%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Focused on developed countries (US, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, and
Australia); and developing countries (Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, India,
and Southeast Asia)
Profile: Established in 1923 by Arthur C. Nielsen Sr., Nielsen today has grown into becoming a
leading global information and measurement company, which focuses on consumers and their
buying and TV viewing behavior. Present in some 100 countries, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN)
operates in three areas: (1) consumer buy (consumer purchasing measurements and analytics)
representing revenues of $3.4 billion +0.3%; (2) consumer watch (media audience measurements
and analytics) $2 billion +3.3%; and (3) exposition (business-to-business trade shows and
conferences) $183 million +2.2%. Its marketing reports cover a wide range of areas including
country perspectives. On private label, Nielsen comments: "In the United States, the absolute
dollar share for private label consumer packaged goods increased more than $15 billion during
2009 and 2012. This increased focus on value is causing manufacturers, retailers, and media
companies to re-evalute brand positioning, pricing, and loyalty." In calendar 2012, Nielsen's net
income rose by 217.4% to $273 million. Nielsen's history involved ownership changes, including
Dunn & Btradstreet and in 2001 ACNielsen was takover by VNU, a Dutch publisher. In 2006,
VNU was acquired by private equity investors and the following year had its name changed to The
Nielsen Co. In December 2012, the company agreed to acquire Arbitron Inc,. (NYSE: ARB), an
international media and marketing research firm.
UPDATE: In May 2013, Nielsen Expositions, producer of 65 trade shows per year, was sold for
$950 million to Onex Corp., Toronto, a private equity firm.
Products/Services: Consumer market research and analytics
Sales Contacts: U.S. (New Business Select Team) Paul Miller at ACNielsen Market Research,
Schaumburg, IL (847) 605-5120; (800) 553-3727.
Category: Services & Supplies
950 Michelin St., Laval Quebec H7L 5C1 CANADA
Tel: (450) 629-8074; (888) 286-6750
FAX: (450) 629-4512
Total Sales Volume: $20 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: United States, Middle East, Europe
Profile: Norchem Industries Canada (its legal name: Avmor Ltd.) is Canada’s leading
manufacturer of professional cleaning solutions for janitorial/sanitary commercial and foodservice
markets. The firm is an established ISO 9001-2008 and 14001-2004 certified private label
detergent and specialty product manufacturer in operation since 1965. Its 155,000-square-foot
plant produces a wide range of liquid and powder products. Its dedicated laboratory in February
2012 added a microbiology lab to its operation. Norchem's business is divided between
institutional accounts and retailers.
Products/Services:Soaps including household cleaners (dishwashing liquids and detergents, fabric
softeners, laundry detergents, general purpose cleaners, etc.); cleaning products equipment &
supplies, chemicals, motor gum solvents, polishes/waxes, windshield washer fluids, etc.
Sales Contacts: Natalie Codere, Business Development Manager; Richard Masson, President
Category: Household Products
C/Pin tor Goya 1-7, Poligono Industrial Sureste. 08213 Polinya (Barcelona) SPAIN
Tel: +34 937-284-000
FAX: +34 937-133-117
Total Sales Volume: $24.5 Million
Sales % in EB: 20 (E)
Export Markets: Europe: France, United Kingdom, BELGIUM, Portugal, Sweden, Norway,
Profile: This company specializes in single-use, disposable catering products. Established in
1966, its mostly plastic products are 100% biodegradable and ISO 9001 certified.
Products/Services: Plastic cups-glasses, plates-bowls, straws, food containers, cutlery, and paper
Sales Contacts: Juan Ramon Pinosa, Sales Manager
Category: Non-Food Groceries
51 Blackburn Dr., Gloucester, MA 01930 USA
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Late in the 1990s, after acquiring a number of companies, including American White
Cross, Dayville, CT, a major producer of adhesive bandages, cotton swabs, first-aid kits and
supplies (for hospitals and industrial safety markets), etc., NutraMax filed for Chapter 11
reorganization in May 2000. The company emerged from that protection in February 2001, backed
with a $40 million credit facility from its senior debtor in possession lender. NutraMax today,
through its six manufacturing divisions (9,000 SKUs), is positioned as the largest US producer of
store brand disposable douches, ready-to-use enemas, disposable pediatric electrolyte oral
maintenance solutions, disposable baby bottles, cough drops, and throat lozenges. In 2007, the
company sold its first aid division, a producer of private label adhesive bandages to Derma
Sciences. In May 2009, NutraMax was acquird by First Boston Pharma, LLC, established by
investors, who dropped the NutraMax name. Since then, the company has faced problems,
divesting parts of its operation, laying off employees, and dealing with a lawsuit filed by Reckitt
Benckiser of the UK on behalf of its Cepacol brand lozenges, being manufactured by First Boston
Pharma. In early 2012, the company’s assets in Gloucester were sold to a competitor, BestSweet
(also in this database).
Products/Services: N/A
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
900, The Merchandise Mart, 200 World Trade Center, Chicago, IL 60654, USA
Tel: (312) 840-5000
FAX: (312) 840-5400
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide -100+ countries
Profile: About 1999, the NutraSweetCompany was purchased by investors, J.W. Childs Equity
Partners II L.P., Boston from Monsanto, St. Louis for $400 million., the latter its owner since
1985. The brand NutraSweet,, which uses aspartame as a non-nutritional sweetener, has since then
fallen out of favor, especially when facing claims that aspartame might cause brain damage along
with other health symptoms. The FDA and European Food Safety Authority, however, maintain
aspartame's safety. In the 1990's, many companies, especially in Europe, chose to remove
aspartame from their private label products. Today, this sugar-free sweetener, appearing in
numerous products (soft drinks, yogurt, chewing gum, frozen desserts, cereals, puddings, and as a
tabletop sweetener, is said to be used in more than 5,000 products and sold in more than 100
Products/Services:NutraSweet brand food and beverage sweeteners
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies-Ingredients
14620 NW 60th Ave., Miami Lakes, FL 33014 USA
Tel: 877) 350-7269
(800) 455-3396
FAX: (305) 629-9994
Total Sales Volume: $40 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Nutri-Force Nutrition, a recognized cGMP leader in contract manufacturing, private
labeling, and branding of nutraceuticals, vitamins, and nutritional supplements, was founded in
2001. Its growth has been impressive. The latest development: a new $13 million innovative soft
gel vitamin manufacturing plant in Miami Lakes, announced in June 2012. The 40,000 square
foot facility expands the company’s existing 170,000 square foot plant.
Products/Services:Vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, protein products, specialty items
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty
O-AT-KA MILK PRODUCTS COOPERATIVE, INC. (Div. of Upstate, Dairylea, Niagara Coops)
700 Ellicott St., Batavia, NY 14021 USA
Tel: (585) 343-0536; (800) 828-8152
FAX: (585) 343-4473
Total Sales Volume: $115 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: O-At-Ka, jointly owned by Upstate Milk Cooperatives, Inc.; Dairylea Cooperative, Inc.,
and Niagara Milk Cooperatives, Inc., was started in 1959 in order to clear excess member milk
through the production and sale of commodity products, such as dried milk powder, bulk
condensed milk, and bulk butter. The co-op evolved into a steady supplier of canned evaporated
milk, printed butter and custom copacking for major food companies. Its milk-related products:
canned evaporated milk, bulk condensed milk, flavored- and specialty-drinks, dehydrated dairy
products for industrial use, bulk butter for food service, iced coffee in retail packs, etc.
Products/Services:Evaporated milk, butter, bulk powder, milk, specialty beverages, instant nonfat
dry milk, adult nutritional & specialty beverages
Sales Contacts: Rich Edelman, Sales & Marketing Director; Bill Lawrence, Sales Manager
Consumer Products; Jack Hoops, Sales Manager Industrial Products
Category: Beverages (dairy, nutritional drinks), Food (dairy)
817 Cedar Creek Grade, Winchester, VA 22601 USA
Tel: (540) 450-8078
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Privately held, Oasis Brands began operations in May 2010, contracting for its facial
tissues, bath tissues, napkins and paper towels from two suppliers, Mercury Paper, Winchester,
VA, for the retail market and Solaris Paper USA, Santa Fe Springs, CA. for its away-from-home
market. Oasis also began with a licensed brand, PASEO. An electronic tissue dispenser, supplied
by Solaris, was added to its product line. The company has since transitioned to its own brands,
fiora and Comfeez, while also supplying private label retailers. In January 2013. Oasis decided to
divest its away-from-home tissue business, picked up by Solaris Paper; while dedicating itself to
the U.S retail market. In February 2013, its principal base paper supplier for private label
customers, Asia Pulp & Paper or APP (the world's third largest manufacturer of tissue) formally
announced a sustainability commitment with a new Forest Conservation Policy, supported by The
Forest Trust. This called for suspension of all natural forest clearance across APP"s entire supply
chain in Indonesia. The commitment re-enforces Oasis Brands' policy of sourcing base paper from
rapidly renewable plantation fiber and not from natural rainforest fiber.
Products/Services: Tissues (facial/bath), napkins and paper towels.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Paper Products (Tissues, Towels, Napkins)
410 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611 USA
Tel: (312) 321-1515
FAX: (312) 321-9525
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $240.7 Million +6%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Asia, Mexico, Latin America
Profile: Oil-Dri Corp., founded in 1941 as a distributor of clay floor absorbents, is the leader in
developing, manufacturing, and marketing sorbent products for consumer, industrial,
environmental, agricultural and specialty markets. During this fiscal period, a more dramatic dip in
net income (off 33% to $6.2 million) came from a decline in its branded and private label coarse
litter business. Overall, its Retail/Wholesale Group sales barely edged upward by 2% to $152.3
million, while this segment’s income plunged by 80%. Because of higher costs, production of its
coarse litter products in Mounds, IL, was moved in the fourth quarter to plants in Mississippi. The
company’s branded scoopable litter business, however, did increase during the year. Oil-Dri also
produces specialty agricultural and fluid purification products plus industrial and automotive
products. The company operates subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.
Some 25% of its net sales come from Walmart.
Products/Services: Scoopable cat litter (scented and unscented), natural coarse cat litter, scented
coarse cat litter.
Sales Contacts: Daniel Jones (Grocery--Phone: 514-663-6467)
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
5320 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66211 USA
Tel: (816) 861-0400 (800-241-0070
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Canada
Profile: This third generation dry seasonings blender, started in 1987, works with some 5,000
formulas, providing soup mixes, dip mixes, cheese ball mixes, etc., to some 1,500 accounts in
North America. In 2006, the company launched Laurie’s Kitchen to produce some 23 product mix
lines (soups, dips, cheese balls, sauces, deserts, etc.) in upscale gourmet packaging. Its blending
categories cover: bread dough, pretzels, pizza dough, tortillas, breadsticks and snacks, pancakes
and waffles
Products/Services:Seasoned soup, dip and cheese ball mixes
Sales Contacts: David Maples, Private Label Director; Beth Benteman, Vice-President
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
Napoleón 3010, OF. 71, Las Condes, Santiago, CHILE
Tel: + 56 (2) 2450832
FAX: + 56 (9) 2451571
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, North & South America, Japan, Far East
Profile: Founded in 1998, Olivares de Quepu is an industry pioneer in Chile, its first producer to
obtain its oil from one kind of olive variety. Today, the company is one of the country’s largest
producers of 100% extra virgin olive oil. As owner of some 1,000 hectares in the Pencahue Valley
(south of Santiago), the company manually harvests the olive fruit, processing it through fresh
cold process of the olive juice, then bottles the final product. Its plant uses Alfa Laval machinery
from Italy with a capacity of 1,600 to 2,000 kg/hr. Using green olives for bitter spicy flavors and
black olives for sweet flavors, the company, as a major private label supplier, produces some
12% of the Chilean private label market and 18% of its total olive oil market. With Olivares de
Quepu’s output now at some 1 million kgs of product, the company looks to double that amount
by 2012. The company’s brand, 1492, since 2004, has been recognized with numerous awards.
Recently, a new brand, Excelentia, featuring the combination blend of selected olives and
maximum acidity of 0.2%, was introduced.
Products/Services: 100% extra virgin olive oils
Sales Contacts: Álvaro Cortese Fernández, Commercial Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries--olive oil)
OLIVES & FOODS, INC. (Subsidiary-Acyco, Aceitunas Y Conservas)
13903 NW 67th Ave. (Ste. 430), Miami Lakes, FL 33014 USA
Tel: (305) 821-3444
FAX: (305) 821-0047
Total Sales Volume: $ 1.5 Million
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: United States, Caribbean, Central & South America
Profile: Olives & Foods is wholly owned by Acyco, Aceitunas Y Conservas, S.A.L., Seville,
Spain. Its parent firm (also listed in this database) is owned and operated by its employees.
Products/Services:Spanish olives, capers, cocktail onions
Sales Contacts: Fernando Gazmuri
Category: Food (dry groceries-olives, onions, capers)
102 South Main St., Springhill, KS 66083 USA
Tel: (913) 59202777
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, South America,
Profile: On Your Mark Packaging & Design Group is noted for its work in package design and
brand and identity development. It is a full-service visual communications company, offering
marketing, design, production capabilities.
Products/Services:Packaging design, private label and branded development, graphic
communication, point-of-purchase displays, line extensions, photography
Sales Contacts: Mike Carrel, President/Sales; Jeff Madden Marketing/Sales (e-mail:
[email protected],com)
Category: Service & Supplies
Korte Keppestraat 21131, 9320 Erembodegem (Aalst ), BELGIUM
Tel: +32 53-333-730
Total 2014 Sales Volume: $2.1 Billion (€ 1.6 Billion) +7.3%
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Western, Central & Eastern Europe, SE Asia(100 countries)
Profile: ONTEX, established by the Van Malderen family in 1979, has developed into Europe’s
leading manufacturer of private label hygienic disposable products, supplying the widest range of
feminine hygiene (sanitary towels, panty liners and tampons), baby products (nappies and wipes)
and incontinence diapers, and medical disposables available on the market today. In 2003, Ontex
was taken over (a 78% stake) by Candover, a provider of equity for large European buyouts.
Ontex owner Bart van Malderen went a few years later to form a start-up manufacturer of hygienic
disposable products, Drylock Technologies (also in this database) in direct competition with
Ontex. Subsequently, however, ONTEX has faced tough competition, especially from Procter &
Gamble and defaulted on its debt. Its products have been recognized by the attainment of ISO
9001 and ISO 9002. In July 2010, Candover Investments agreed to sell ONTEX for € 1.2 billion to
TPG Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s buyout arm. The deal, the largest private equity
transaction in Belgium, was completed that year. In October 2011, Ontex acquired Lille
Healthcare, Lille, France, a manufacturer of incontinence products sold to institutional healthcare
customers (both Lille brand and private label). Its turnover was reported at € 76.8 million. This
takeover for Ontex opens the market in Australia. Integration of Lille and continued tough
competition in the private label diaper business forced Ontex to close its baby diaper plant in
Recklinghausen, Germany, in October 2012.
UPDATE: For 2014, Ontex reported an outstanding year, which included a successful IPO (Initial
Public Offering) staged in June 2014, which yielded €593 in proceeds or net proceeds of €325
million. The IOP helped the company to reduce its debt and transform itself from an R&D and
manufacturer of consumer goods into more of a consumer-focused company. Bottom line, iets net
loss for the year was € 8.6 million (-64.9%) The exit of Kimberly Clark from the baby diaper
market in Western Europe also helped improve Ontex sales for the year. The company reported a
6.9% growth to € 904.2 milllion in its Mature Market Retailing business--gaining in the United
Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Australia. Its Growth Markets showed a 12.2% gain to € 98.8
milliion, perked up by sales in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. Ontex claims that it has
more than doubled in size since 2003; its debt in 2014 was reduced to €585.1 million. T he
company now operates 15 production facilities.
LATEST UPDATE: In November 2015, Ontex agreed to acquire Grupo P.I. Mabe S.A. de C.V.,
Puebla, Mexico, a deal valued at € 314 million (MXN 5,650 million), comprised of cash (€ 187
million) and Ontex shares. Mabe, ranked as the second largest producer of disposable baby
diapers and incontinence in Mexico, Central America, Spain, and Portugal, reports 60% of its
sales on its native soil. Mabe also is the market leader in Mexico in private label baby diapers,
incontinence, and feminine protection. Ontex has established a new American Division to develop
this business.
Products/Services:Feminine hygiene products, adult incontinence products, baby diapers
(nappies), wipes, medical disposables
Sales Contacts: Patrick Piette, Director of Private Label/Retail Development; Arnauld Demoulin,
Category Director, OntexGroup
Category: Health & Beauty Care
18685 East Plaza Drive, Parker, CO 80134 USA
Tel: (303) 261-3243
FAX: (303) 783-2895
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide (30 countries)
Profile: Formerly called AmWhite Labs, established in 1990, OraLabs calls itself the largest
private label lip balm manufacturer in the US. The company, operating out of a 100,000-squarefoot facility, produces national brand equivalent lip balm products, sun care and hand sanitizers as
well as breath fresheners--sold under private label, contract, and proprietary brands. OraLabs
accommodates orders as low as 720 pieces in a 60-count fish bowl, including its standard decal
with a co-brand. The company also produces a select number of P&G licensed products under its
Scope, Oral B and Crest brands.
Products/Services: Lip balm, sun care, hand sanitizers, breath fresheners, sour candy
Sales Contacts: Angela Garcia, Contract Packaging Sales; Daniel Casini, International Sales
Manager (Tel: 303-783-9499 Ext. 3215)
Category: Health & Beauty Care, Confections
4826 Hunt St., Pryor, OK 74361 USA
Tel: (918) 825-0616
Total 2013 Sales Volume: $116.4 Million +15.4%
Sales % in EB: 86%
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In 1998, Dimeling, Schreiber and Park, an investment group, purchased this paper
convertor, then operating as a supplier of low-cost paper products to the retail trade. Orchids Paper
Products emerged out of its predecessor company, which had been in bankruptcy. Since then, the
company, taken over in March 2004 by Orchids Acquisitions Group Inc. for $21.6 million, has
been on roll and, over the past five years, has capitalized on the growing sales trend in private
label tissue products. Orchids (NYSE:TIS), operating a 707,000-square-foot, fully integrated
facility with 11 converting lines, operates as a retailer-focused national suplier of high-quality
consumer tissue products in the value, mid/premium, and ultra premium tier markets. Some 94%
of its sales derive from converted products: paper towels (53%), bathroom tissue (43%), and paper
napkins (4%). Primarily focused on supplying discount retailer s, its four largest customers are:
Dollar General (52% of sales), Family Dollar (11%), new customer HEB (9%), and Walmart
(9%). Since 2011, Orchids has grown its sales in mid-tier and premium-tier products from 6.8%
up to 37.9% in 2013. The company continues to expand these categories for increased sales and
plans to push more into ultra premium products in 2014 as well. Its strong sales and controlled
production efficiencies have helpe its bottom line results: Net income up by 43.9% to $13.3
million in 2013. For smaller accounts, the company offers three brands: Colortex, Velvet, and soft
‘n fluffy.
UPDATE: In May 2014, Orchids Paper announced its strategic alliance with Fabrica de Papel San
Francisco, S.A. de C.V. (also in this database), Mexicalli, Baja California, Mexico, where Orchids
will benefit via the expansion of its West Coast business. Specifically, Orchids agreed to pay
$36.7 million and include some of its common stock (worth about $20 million) plus $16.7 million
cash. Orchids in turn acquires Fabrica' U.S. business ($26 million in sales), some manufacturing
assets and access to 18,000 metric tons output capacity each year with the option of adding
another 7,000 metric tons in each of the first two years of the deal. Orchids also will sell some of
Fabrica's licensed products in the U.S.
Products/Services: Paper towels, bathroom tissue, paper napkins
Sales Contacts: Bill Keeler, National Sales Director (Tel: 770-979-3558)
Category: NonFood Groceries--paper
505 W. Allen Ave., San Dinas, CA 91773 USA
Tel: (909) 599-0961; (800) 638-8686
FAX: (909) 599-5180
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Established in 1960, Organic Milling today specializes in private label and contract
manufacturing and packaging. It operates two plants and also markets its own brands. In 2002, the
company introduced the industry’s first standup pouch for granola. The company also licenses the
brands Weight Watchers and Cinnabon for products in North America.
Products/Services:Ready-to-eat cereal, granola, snack foods
Sales Contacts: Bill Stewart, Exe. Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Category: Food (dry groceries)
13480 Verdun Place, Richmond, BC V6V 1V2 CANADA
Tel: (604) 277-3302; (800) 663-8880
FAX: (888) 212-6422
Total Sales Volume : N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 22 countries
Profile: Started in 1990, Organika Health Products has built an international business, offering
450+ products (410 of them NPN registered). Its formulations come in capsules, tablets, caplets,
and powders; in addition, the firm offers functional foods, including certified organic palm sugar
and organic virgin coconut oil.
Products/Services:Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, pain management (stress/joints/bones, etc.)
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty
200 Providence St., P.O. Box 1007, West Warwick, RI 02893 USA
Tel: (401) 821-2141
FAX: (401) 821-1660
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Original Bradford Soap Works was founded in 1876 by immigrants from Bradford,
England. Since 1931, the company has operated from a historic mill site in Rhode Island. Today,
the firm is the world’s largest specialty soap manufacturer and also produces shower poufs. It
produces fine soaps for private label and specialty products for the textile, paper and
pharmaceutical industries. In 1993, the company opened Bradford Soap Works, Ltd., Chester
West Park, Chester, CH1 4QL, England (Phone: 44-244-390100; FAX: 44-244-390333).
Throughout this century via acquisitions--Hewitt Soap Company in 2003 (a major competitor),
Jean Charles Mexicali (shower poufs) in 2004, and Stahl Soap in 2009--Bradford Soap has grown.
Recently, the company developed a new range of transparent soaps in a variety of shapes and
colors. Bradford also addresses trends in all natural and organic for its formulations.
Products/Services:Bar soap — covering skin care, gifts, novelties, hotel amenities and premiums;
catalogs and industrial products for the paper textile and other industries.
Sales Contacts: Peter Boll, Global Marketing; Austin Watson, Director of Sales
Category: Health & Beauty Care
5302 Texoma Parkway, Sherman, TX 75090-2112 USA
Tel: (903) 893-8151; (800) 575-9373
FAX: (903) 893-5036
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: Canada, United Kingdom, South America
Profile: Since 1946, The Original Ya.Hoo! Baking Company has been baking fancy quality
desserts for multiunit national accounts, including custom recipes and packaging. Operating as a
small batch bakery, the company features hand-decorated cakes. A majority of its production is
devoted to private label business. Some of its newest products include apple cobbler and peach
cobbler. Desserts for foodservice also available.
Products/Services:Custom desserts-special recipes--cakes, cobblers, pies, cookies, puddings, quick
breads, batters, fillling, toppings, gift baskets
Sales Contacts: David Millican, Director of Sales & Marketing (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Food (cakes, cookies)
OTG (OST FRIE SISCHE TEE GE SELLSCHAFT) (Part of Laurens Spethmann holding
Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG)
Am Bauhof 13-15, Seevetal, D- 21218 GERMANY
Tel: +49 4105-504-0
FAX: +49 4105-624-0
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $660.3 Million ( € 475 Million) -8.7%
Sales % in EB: 50 (E)
Export Markets: Europe, 40+ countries worldwide
Profile: This fourth-generation, family-run business, founded in 1907 by Laurens Janssen as a tea
company, is the second largest tea producer in Europe. Some 75% of its sales are in tea, 15% in
cereals, and 10% in snack bars and sweeteners. Private label helped shape the business; but in the
1960s, the founder’s grandson, Laurens Spethmann, created the Milford tea brand. Other brands
followed, as OTG established itself as one of Europe’s leading tea companies. In the 1980s, a
second division was started in the healthful nutrition area. Its brands include Veelmann for
diabetics, Huxol for healthful nutrition, and the Schneekoppe brand, also a health brand. As a
second pillar of OTG, the Schneekoppe business was expanded into vitamins, minerals, digestive
and cholesterol aids, plus an extensive line of dietary products for calorie-conscious and diabetic
customers. However, in January 2007, OTG sold its Schneekoppe health food business to
concentrate on expanding its sweeteners and bar business, as well as cereals. In 2007, the company
established Nutrisun GmbH & Company KG as a marketing and sales arm for its sweeteners and
bar business. In April 2009, the company entered Turkey, the second largest tea market in Europe.
In Germany, the company claims a 38% market share for its branded tea line alone. Some 42% of
its overall sales are outside of Germany. Its significant dip in sales for 2011 reflect the company’s
sale of its Keith Spicer operation, the leading supplier of private label tea in the United Kingdom,
to the Harris Jayanti Group (listed in this database under Harris Tea). Excluding Keith Spicer, the
company's sales were down by 3% for the year versus 2010.
Products/Services:Tea products (regular, herbal, flavored, instant), ready-to-eat cereals
Sales Contacts: Hans-Ulrich Schatz; Christian T. Jarks
Category: Beverages (tea), Food (dry groceries)
2727 East Vernon Ave., Vernon, CA 90058 USA
Tel: (323) 582-9977; (800) 859-6406
(323) 582-6122
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $194.4 Million +14.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Traded publicly (NYST-AMEX:OFI), Overhill Farms is a value-added supplier of custom
high-quality prepared frozen foods for branded retail, private label foodservice and airline
customers and retailers. Its product line includes entrées, plated meals, bulk-packed meal
components, pastas, soups, sauces, poultry, meat and fish specialties, as well as organic and
vegetarian offerings. Recovering from fiscal 2011 (sales off by 13% from the previous year), the
company is seeing positive results from its November 2010, five-year licensing agreement with
Boston Market Corp. to produce frozen foods plus certain shelf-stable items under the Boston
Market brand. Also, the company recently picked up new business with Target stores (listed in the
Retail section of this database) for its private label frozen meals. Kroger plans to add the Boston
Market brand to its stores, starting in February 2013. Fiscal 2012 net income rose by 121.4% to
$3.1 million.
UPDATE: In May 2013, Overhill Farms agreed to a $80.9 million merger with Bellisio Foods,
Inc., Minneapolis, the third-largest producer of frozen entrees in the US. Bellisio (also in this
database) for the past two years had been co-manufacturing and distributing frozen meals with
Overhill Farms for Boston Market brand. The deal is expected to close during fiscal 2013’s fourth
quarter, subject to shareholder approval. Overhill Farms early in fiscal 2013 had been suffering
reduced sales to Jenny Craig, Safeway and other, but balanced by strong sales in Boston Market
and in foodservice to Panda Restaurant.
Products/Services:Custom frozen food products--entrees, plated meals, bulk packed meal
components, pastas, soups, sauces, poultry, meat and fish specialties, and organic and vegetarian
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (frozen foods), Food (frozen foods)
9120 Lockwood Blvd., Mechanicville, VA 23116 USA
Tel: (804) 723-7000
FAX: (804) 723-7100
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $8.9 Billion +3.2%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, 11 countries
Profile: Founded in 1882, Owens & Minor today provides distribution, third party logistics and
other supply-chain management services to healthcare providers. The company also is a supplier
of name brand medical and surgical products, as well as a leading national distributor of medical
and surgical supplies to acute care market. O&M also markets its own proprietary brand,
MediChoice, covering medical and surgical products, which it develops in partnership with
manufacturers. In 2012, the company acquired Movianto, a third party logistics provider,
operating 22 logistic centers in 11 countries--thus opening the door to the European market.
Products/Services: Medical & surgical products
Sales Contacts: N/A
1200 Aarowood Drie, Unit #43, Mississauga, ONT L4W 2S7 CANADA
Tel: (905) 602-1082; (866) 281-1392
FAX: (905) 602-8536
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States, Mexico, Chile
Profile: Oxi Brite, started in 2004, is a small, dedicated private label supplier of household
cleaners with a deep commitment to the environment and making products greener and more
effective. The company uses only PET and HDPE plastics in its bottles. All its green products are
said to be readily biodegradable, nontoxic, and use naturally derived surfactants and essential oils
for greater sustainability. Reports indicate that the company has become the largest private label
supplier in its product categories, selling to the top three national retail chains.
Products/Services: Household cleaners (all purpose, glass, bathroom, shower, toilet bowl) as well
as concentrated liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener.
Sales Contacts: Jeremy Quinn, General Manager
6160 Fairmount Ae., Suite F, San Diego, CA 92120-3427, USA
Tel: (619) 281-6688
FAX: (619) 281-6687
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: Japan, Italy, Canada, Germany, Switzerland
Profile: Since 1984, Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company has been manufacturing and
importing lapel pins from its two overseas factories, proud of its prompt on-time delivery. The
company also is an innovator in the design and manufacturing of superb quality, embroidered
patches. Since 1991, it has offered custom LaserCut (including 3-D) embroidered patches for
company logos, artwork, licensed characters, apparel graphics, events, etc., all die-cut as an
embroidered patch. They are heat-applied, used on apparel lines, hats, jackets, shorts, etc. One
new item: Headward 2000 private label caps, featuring different trademark designs. Also
available: low-cost promotional caps, MagiCap (removable logo) caps, and beanies. The company
prides itself on “extreme quality, aggressive pricing, critical delivery and devoted service.” This
firm also is the founder and licenser of Class of 2000 millennium brand.
Products/Services: Custom private label head wear, patches, lapel pins, wool/leather jackets
Sales Contacts: Rich C. Soergel, President; Michael Chavez, Vice-Presient of Sales; Mike Traa,
Vice-President of Special Markets; Jeanne Guillod, Sales (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Apparel
31211 Via del Verde, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Tel: (949) 489-2110
FAX: (949) 489-2210
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: Europe, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, Japan
Profile: Pacific West Marketing, which specializes in fund-raising activities, is dedicated to
providing unique and innovative products and creative promotional concepts to all partners in the
private label and incentive market industries. Its newest offerings: corporate gifts, gourmet food
products, and gift items. Pacific West Marketing also provides imprinted merchandise, premiums,
and promotional material for corporations, restaurants, hotels, and agencies. Additionally, the
company handles fund-raising materials for schools, churches, and nonprofit groups. In private
label, its customer base includes supermarkets, convenience stores, exporters, and distributors.
Products/Services:Innovative promotional food and gift products & concepts, specifically for
gourmet foods, giftware, imprinted merchandise, premium promotions, fund raising, etc.
Sales Contacts: Edward V. Shriber, President
Category: Supplies
1904 Mykawa Road, P.O. Box 875, Pearland (Houston), TX 77581 USA
Tel: (281) 485-1457
FAX: (281) 485-3242
Total Sales Volume: $15 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: Latin America, Middle East, West Africa
Profile: Since 1971, Packaging Service Co. has served the ‘exclusive brands/private label’ market,
as well as having produced a variety of products under its own labels. Its forte covers a range of
nonfood items for household and automotive usage, as well as seasonal items, charcoal products,
and paint sundries. Also, the company is exclusive manufacturer for Jack Daniels Whisky Barrel
charcoal. The company recently has added equipment to its operations, increasing plant capacity
by 20%.
Products/Services:Charcoal products (briquets, woods, fuels, grill cleaners, barbecue items),
starters, lamp oil, mildew removers, windshield washer fluid, paint thinners/removers, deck
cleaner, K-1 kerosene, lamp oil, mildew removers, windshield washer fluid, paint
thinners/removers, deck cleaner, K-1 kerosene
Sales Contacts: George Foster, Sales Manager; Harold Mansfield
Category: Household Products
3301 W. Canal St., Milwaukee, WI 53208 USA
Tel: (414) 643-0919
FAX: (414) 643-1696
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profle: Originally an Italian bakery, started in 1964, over the years, Palermo’s has evolved in 1978
into frozen pizza, and in 1993 into the private label business. The firm supplies both retail and
foodservice accounts.
Products/Services: National brand equivalent pizza, rising crust, ultra thin crust, artisan stone
Sales Contacts: Don Ostergren, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Food Service, Food (frozen foods, dry groceries)
130 North Larch St., Lansing, MI 48912 USA
Tel: (517) 372-5500; (800) 968-1222
FAX: 517- 853-2263
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: The Paramount Coffee brand, established in 1935, celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2010.
This employee-owned roaster provides a full range of blends, fair trade coffee, organic coffee, dry
roasts, plus a variety of flavors and decaffeinated, totaling more than 100 varieties. Recently, the
roaster introduced “Joe” brand coffee in no-frills packaging; also new: single-serve pods and “mi
coffee” in local packaging. The company also operates BIGGBY Gourmet Coffee Cafés,
encompassing more than 130 franchised locations. They serve coffee, cookies, baked goods,
sandwiches, etc.
Products/Services:Coffee (100% Arabica beans), single-serve pods
Sales Contacts: Susan L. Fritz, Sales Executive, National Retail Accounts.
Category: Beverages (coffee)
Paul-Hartmann, Strasse 12, 89522, Heidenheim, GERMANY
Tel: +49 7321 360
Total Sales Volume: $60 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, United States, Africa, Asia, Oceania--30+ countries
Profile: The Hartmann family started this company in 1818 as a cotton mill, set up by Ludwig
Hartmann (when Napoleon was in power) and later organized by his son, Paul Hartmann. Now
with its sights set on its 200th year (2018), Paul Hartmann is leading provider of medical and
hygiene products in Europe, with two plants in Germany, one in France and one in Turkey. Its
Molicare incontinence brand has achieved global status. While the company emphasizes products
and services for professional users (hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes, and health care),
its interest in over-the-counter (OTC) products sold in pharmacies and medical supply stores plays
a key role in its development. In 2005, the company established CMC Consumer Medical Care
GmbH, Sontheim, Germany ( specializing in contract filling and private
label. This subsidiary provides cosmetic care products (cotton wool pads and buds), medical care
(adhesive tape/plaster strips, cut-for-length gauze dressings, wound bandages, and foot care (corn
plasters, etc.), baby care (cotton wool pads and safety cotton wool buds), and home care
(incontinence products). Incontinence products, in fact , now represent some 35.9% of Paul
Hartmann’s overall revenues, while wound management takes 26.8% and infection management
21.9%. In December 2008, the company made a stronger commitment to the incontinence
business, acquiring Whitestone Acquisitions Corp., (formerly listed in this database), based in
Bloomington, IN, a producer of disposable adult briefs and under pads, etc., and including private
label business—established in 1949. Since then this operation has been integrated into Hartmann
USA, Rock Hill, SC. Paul Hartmann’s major markets are European countries at 88.9% of sales,
followed by America at 3.7% and Africa-Asia-Oceania at 7.4%. The company also acquired Bode
Chemi GmbH in Germany, a disinfectant products manufacturer in 2009.
Products/Services:Disposable adult briefs and under-pads, pads and liners, moist cotton wool pads
& buds (cosmetic & baby), adhesive tape, plaster strips, bandages dressings, etc.
Sales Contacts: Carolin Buck, Manager Food Retail & Distribution (Tel: +49 7325 92440);
Hartmann USA--John Gilbert (Tel: 803-325-7600)
Category: Health & Beauty Care
204 N. Main St., Gordonsville, VA 22942 USA
Tel: (540) 832-3282; (800) 959-2066
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, South Africa
Profile: Founded in 1997 as a dedicated private label infant formula manufacturer, this company
now supplies some 20,000 retail locations in the US. In the 1990s, the company was the first to
introduce private label infant formulas to the US market. Its infant formula manufacturing facility
is the only one in the US ISO 9001:2000 certified. In March 2010, PBM was acquired by Perrigo
Co., a major store brands OTC supplier (also in this database). Today, PBM claims to be the
largest supplier of store brand infant formulas and nutrition products in the world.
Products/Services:Infant and toddler formulas, pediatric nutritionals, diabetic products, soy
nutritional drinks
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries--infant formulas)
Two Nice Pak Park, Orangeburg, NY 10962 USA
Tel: (845) 365-1700
FAX: (845) 365-1729
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: PDI, a sister company of Nice-Pak Products (also in this database) is a contract packer for
wet wipe needs. The company provides a wide array of packaging capabilities for over-the-counter
drugs (OTC), cosmetic, personal care, household or other specialty wipes: individual packets/foil
sachets, re-sealable travel packs, tubs, canisters, pop-up containers, etc. Its support services cover
formulation, packaging, regulatory standards, and manufacturing. In 2012, PDI introduced a new
corporate brand, “Be the Difference,” for its infection preventative wipes for use in healthcare and
other public environment. More recently, PDI introduced Sani-Cloth bleach XL canisters, a 65count package of 7.5 x 15 inch wipes
Products/Services: Wet Wipes
Sales Contacts: Michael Sherman, Sales Manager (Ext. 8232)
Category: Health & Beauty (Wipes), Household Cleaning
Thorsvej 11, 6950 Ringkoebing, 6950 DENMARK
Tel: +45 9732-1588
FAX: +45 9732-4000
Total 2010 Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, BELGIUM, Hungary, The Netherlands,
Profile: Pebas Scandinavi, owned by Kali Holdings in Norway, is a producer of soft drink fruitbased concentrates for retail and catering throughout northern Europe. It offers its customers:
ecological syrups; preservative-free syrups; light concentrates with up to 50% fruit juice; Bag-inBox for post-mix systems; syrups for juice dispensers, vending machines and slush ice machines’
ice tea concentrates. All its syrups can be delivered as private labels and in almost any size of
bottles. The company welcomes innovative ideas. Its new syrups are developed in its lab in
cooperation with its customers. Some 70% of its turnover comes from Denmark.
Products/Services:Soft drink fruit-based as cordials/syrups and ready-to-drink products;
Sales Contacts: Anna Mette Khristensen; Ms. Dorte Jensen, Export Manager
Category: Beverages (soft drinks, syrups, water)
Bursa-Izmir Karayolu, Mumin Gencoglu Cad, 16130 Bursa, TURKEY
Tel: +90 224-470-10-10
FAX: +90 224-470-15-15 .tr
Total Sales Volume: $43.9 Million (79.4 Million Turkish lires)
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: United States, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden, Holland, France, New
Zealand, Finland, Italy
Profile: Located in the heart of the best vegetable- and-fruit-growing area in Turkey, Penguen
produces frozen and preserved fruits and vegetables in one of Europe’s most modern plants. Its
production facilities are geared to the specifications of its customers, controlling the process from
seeding right to the store shelf. Its business covers retail trade in private label, catering, and bulk
packing. Frozen products (Instant Quick Frozen and block frozen) are available plus all sizes of
jars and cans, from 105 ml up to 5 kgs. The company was established by the Gencoglu family in
1989, looking to export products. Throughout its history, the company introduced some ‘firsts,’
such as food packed in glass jars, the ISO 9000 management standard to Turkey.
Products/Services:Vegetables in jars/cans (cornichons/gherkins, capers, roasted red peppers),
fruits in jars/cans (grapefruit segments in juice/syrup, cherries), Instant Quick Frozen (I.Q.F.)
(strawberries, tomatoes, red/green peppers, leeks, cauliflower), preserves, pickles, biscuits, ice
cream sauces, dried fruit candy, frozen foods, etc.
Sales Contacts: Mr. Aykan Sozuctin, International Sales Chief (e-mail:
[email protected]); and sales representatives, Korel Docu, Aykut Basar, Ms. Ebru
Gunduz, Ms. Ozlem Sezer
Category: Food (dry groceries, frozen foods)
1250 Slate Hill Rd., Camp Hill, PA 17011 USA
Tel: (717) 761-5440; (800) 233-7082
(717) 761-5702
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started in 1965, Pennsylvania Dutch Candies, operated by the Warrell family (now in its
second generation), while always open to private label sales, has since late 1995 put more
emphasis on this business. The company is uniquely positioned as a manufacturer, distributor and
importer of products—more than 700 items overall in its range, including lollipops, bulk candy,
children’s items, etc. The company operates a 200,000-square-foot plant in Camp Hill and another
30,000-square-foot facility in York, PA. It counts more than 5,000 retail accounts nationwide.
Products/Services:Chocolate bars, bagged candy, thin-stick bundles, snacks, souvenir concepts
Sales Contacts: Steve Wittmann, Sales Manager
Category: Food (candy/snacks)
Treasury Building, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin, IRELAND
Tel: +353 1-7094002
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume : $4.1 Billion (+15%)
Sales % in EB: 90 (E)
Export Markets: United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Israel, Australia, Canada, China, Latin
America, etc.
Profile: Perrigo (NYSE: PRGO) claims market leadership in consumer health care, infant formula
and animal health store brands as well as in generic prescription extended topical products. Over
the past seven years, the company, which traces its history back to 1887 as a merchant selling
medicines to local grocers, has completed 19 mergers and acquisitions–the largest finalized in
December 2013 with the $9.5 billion cash and stock acquisition of Elan Pharmaceuticals, Dublin,
its assets focused on treatment of multilple sclerosis (the Tysabri brand). That venture caused
Perrigo to re-domicile its headquarters to Dublin, from Allegan, MI. Perrigo prides itself on being
the right company, in the right place, at the right time. Besides its strong sales results in fiscal
2014, its gross profits rose 13% over the previous comparable period to $1.4 billion. As one of the
original architects of private label pharmaceuticals, Perrigo, over the years, has positioned itself as
the world's largest manufacturer of store brand OTC (non-prescription) pharmaceutical and infant
formulas. In fiscal 2014, the company produced 47 billion oral solid doses and about three billion
liquid cream doses in more than 3,000 formulations. Its stock totals some 18,000 skus. Its business
now divides into five segments: (1) Consumer Healthcare with revenues of $2.2 billion +6% over
fiscal 2013; (2) Nutritionals $551.7 million +9%; (3) RX Pharmaceuticals $927.1 million +31%;
(4) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) $137.6 million -14%; and (5) Specialty Science
$146.7 million. The Consumer Healthcare segment, accounting for 55% of total company sales,
produces 2,800+ formulas in 23 product categories covering more than 11,000 skus. Here, Perrigo
is the largest U.S. store brand OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer with contract business as well
and its newest business, animal health (having acquired Sergeant Pet Care Products (flea and tick
products, plus health and nutrition treats in fiscal 2013). Perrigo sees promising potential for store
brand in this category, which is still in its infancy. Perrigo's Nutritional segment (vitamins,
minerals and supplements) has been driven by the conversion trend from national brands to store
brands. Additionally, the company is the largest supplier in infant formula and a leader in organic
infant formula, supplying to 20 countries. Perrigo claims to be the leading store brand supplier in
25 diabetic and pediatric liquid nutrition categories. The Rx Pharmaceutical segment is a dominant
player in extended topicals market--mainly generic extended topicals and other special
prescription pharmaceuticals. It produces 800 generic products under 1,300 skus. Its fourth
business segment, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients serves generic drug companies and branded
pharmaceutical firms. Perrigo just acquired a new API site in India. Finally, the Specialty Sciences
segment involves collecting royalty rights for drugs. They include Tysabri,, a biologic drug for
treatment of MS and Crohn's disease. Elan sold this to Biogen Idec, while Perrigo continues to
collect royalties. During this fiscal period, Perrigo formed a partnership with Kan Pak LLC to
manufacture store brand adult nutritional drinks similar to the brand Ensure.
UPDATE: In March 2015, Perrigo completed its takover of Omega Pharma Invest N.V.,
Nazareth, Belgium a major branded OTC healthcare producer, supplying 35 European countries
and some select emerging markets. Its 2013 sales total €1.2 billion. Perrigo's annual sales climb to
$5.7 billion with Omega. Omega allows Perrigo to expand its European market for OTC branded
drugs (vitamins and dietary supplements, etc.) and offers potential for store brand OTC product
development in markets where those products are weak. Omega also establishes Perigo as a major
global play in the branded consumer health products business. In the following month (April
2015), Perrigo received an unsolicited proposal from Mylan N.V., Hertfordshire,
England/Pittsburg, PA, a global generics and specialty pharmaceutical company, looking to
acquire all its outstanding stock. If consumated, the deal would create a $15.3 billion+ company
based on 2014 pro forma sales. Mylan-Perrigo together would offer critical mass in specialty
brands, generics, OTC, and nutritional products. Perrigo, while receptive to the right offer, felt the
Mylan offer undervalued Perrigo, considering its own prospects: $1 billion sales potential in new
products over the next three years, the continued Rx to OTC drug switches, the expansion of its
merger & acquisition activity,and the upside of its royalties from the Tysabri brand (2015 total
sales projected at $5.4 billion). Ironically, Mylan itself has just rejected a takeover bid by the
Isralie drugmaker, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. (Teva, however, did not want Perrigo as part
of that deal.)
Products/Services: Consumer healthcare (cough/cold/allergy/sinus, gastrointestinal, analgesics,
smoking cessation; Nutritionals (infant formula products, infant and toddler foods, vitamins,
minerals and dietary supplements, oral electrolyte solution products); Rx pharmaceuticals (generic
prescription drugs), Diabetes Care, Animal Care. Perrigo provides some 14 dosage forms: tablets,
capsules, solutions, suspensions, nasal sprays, cream/ointments, powders, lozenges, foam,
aerosols, gums, injectables, spot-on pesticides, extruded pellets.
Sales Contacts: U.S. base at 515 Eastern Ave., Allegan, MI 49010. Tel: (269) 673-8451. Jim
Tomshack, Senior Vice-President of Sales; David Mesley, Vice-President, Contract Sales; Tom
Ayres, Director Marketing Information; Jeff Needham, Exec. P/General Mgr US Consumer Health
Care; Tom Cotter, VP OTC Marketing; Christian Strong, SR VP Diabetes Care
Category: OTC, Health & Beauty Care, Food (dry groceries--infant formula), Pet Care
301 W. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 520, Trooy, MI 48084 USA
Tel: (248) 971-7600
FAX: (248) 971-7700
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: Mexico, Europe, South and, Central America, Middle East, Asia, Africa
Profile: An industry pioneer, Larry Weisberg started this company in 1983, after selling the Iodent
Toothpaste Company to a European manufacturer. (Iodent, which sold branded products as well
as private labels, has a history tracing back to the 1920s.) Personal Care Products has since then
found its niche, selling “super-value brand and dollar price-point health, beauty and household
products. In December 2010, Weisberg sold the company to the private equity firm, Stone Arch
Capital LLC, Minneapolis. Today, Personal Care Products offers more than 350 products in three
major categories: (1) Health & Beauty (hand sanitizers, shampoos and conditioners, shave and hair
removal, lotions and creams, soaps and deodorants); (2) Household Cleaners (air fresheners,
aerosol/liquid cleaners, carpet care, dish care, toilet care); and (3) Cooking Sprays (including
canola and butter flavor). The company offers these products under its own proprietary brands,
Personal Care, Powerhouse, and Healthy Way, respectively, as well as under private label. Its
target customers: dollar stores, discount chains, supermarkets, drug wholesalers, and convenience
Products/Services: Personal care (hair, bath & body, baby & kids, health care, soaps &
shampoos), home care (laundry & dish, air fresheners, furniture polish, carpet
cleaners/deodorizers, bathroom cleaners, all purpose, glass cleaners, wipes, oven cleaners, etc.),
and cooking spray
Sales Contacts: Larry Weisberg, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care; Household Cleaners, Cooking Sprays
1770 Promontory Circle, Greeley, CO 80634-9038 USA GOLD KIST, INC. (See Pilgrim’s Pride
Tel: (970) 506-8000
FAX: (262) 547-2047
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $7.5 Billion +9.5%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 95 Countries
Profile: In December 2006, this company (established in 1946) acquired Gold Kist, Inc., Atlanta,
GA, which was the second largest poultry producer in the US. Unfortunately, for about a year,
Pilgrim’s Pride operated under bankruptcy protection until December 2009, when the company
was rescued by JBS S.A. of Brazil, the world’s largest processor of fresh beef & pork products
and now with more than $30 billion in sales. (Two years earlier, JBS acquired Swift & Co., which
added pork to its market portfolio; the Pilgrim’s Pride takeover added chicken to JBS’s business.)
Pilgrim’s Pride became a majority owned subsidiary of JBS USA. While Pilgrim’s Pride focuses
primarily on the branded foodservice business, its retail sales represent some 25.5%, buttressed in
the recent past by the integration of Gold Kist. That business at the time of takeover had an
estimated 20% of its $1.6 billion sales in private label. In 2011, Pilgrim’s Pride suffered a net loss
of $495.7 million due to the volatility of grain prices and other costs. JBS increased its ownership
from 67.3% to 68%, adding financial support, while the company issued new stock. Today,
Pilgrim’s Pride calls itself the second largest chicken producer in the world with operations in the
US, Mexico and Puerto Rico. It processes 103 billion pounds of live chicken annually. Its
operations include 32 feed mills and 40 hatcheries with support from 4,100 contract growers.
UPDATE: Pilgrim's Pride's bid to acquire Hillshire Brands was thwarted in June 2014, when
Tyson Foods, Springdale, AR, outbid Pilgrim's Pride, offering a cash deal, including Hillshire's
debt, valued at $8.6 billion. This offer is effective until early December 2014. All these companies
are listed in this database (Hillshire under Sara Lee).
Products/Services:Fresh, cooked (ready to or fully), frozen chicken
Sales Contacts: Carl Pruett, Director of Branded Sales
Category: Food Service (refrigerated, frozen foods, fresh foods), Food (Poultry, beef, pork-refrigerated, frozen foods, fresh foods)
5009 W. 81st St., Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA
Tel: (317) 875-9465; (800) 829- 8899
FAX: (317) 875-0889
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Canada, Middle East, Russia, Poland, China, Mexico
Profile: Pinnacle Oil, a fully integrated, independent lubricant manufacturer and packager, was
formed with lubricating oil professionals to blend and package motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils
and other automotive and industrial fluids and chemicals. Recently, the company has moved
toward private label. The firm now packages private label products for many of the companies
holding API licenses in the US. The company works closely with its customers, providing quality
products plus full service, ranging from package design to interfacing with API, General Motors
and Ford. It provides small bottles (3.2-16 ounce), quart, gallon bottles, pails, kegs, drugs, totes,
and bulk truck and rail car quantities.
Products/Services:Automotive motor oil, transmission fluids, power-steering fluids, brake fluids,
carb cleaner, washer solvent, antifreeze; also industrial oils.
Sales Contacts: Charles Collins, Vice-President Sales; George Feldwisch, Sales Manager.
Category: Auto Supplies
32 Market Street, Paarl, 7646, P.O. Box 20, Huguenot 7645 SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: $2.2 Billion (Rand 15.7 Billion) +7%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United Kingdom, Scandinavia, United States
Profile: Pioneer Foods, started in 1997, formed its foundation with the merger of two pioneering
farming co-ops, Bokomo (selling wheat) and Sasko (milling wheat), each with more than 100
years in business. In the past 10 years, the company has tripled in size, established a footprint in
the United Kingdom with its Bokomo Foods segment, established a joint venture with Heinz
Foods SA (a division of Heinz US), and transitioned away from milling and into packaged foods
(frozen foods, pastries, breakfast foods, eggs, animal feed, etc.). The biggest chunk of business is
still in its Sasko segment (grains, bakeries, pasta), taking Rand 9.1 billion +9.6% in sales. The
Bokomo Foods segments at Rand 2.8 billion +3.7%, covering Bokomo Foods, Bokomo Foods UK
and the Heinz Foods SA joint venture, encompasses diverse food categories (breakfast cereals,
cake mixes, biscuits, desserts, salads, condiments, sauces, etc.). The Bokomo Foods United
Kingdom operation sells primarily private label wheat biscuits and muesli for the United Kingdom
and Scandinavian markets. Pioneer Foods other two segments are Agri Business (chicken, eggs,
animal feeds, etc.) and Ceres Beverages (fruit juices, fruit concentrate mixtures and carbonated
soft drinks), representing Rand 2.7 billion +11% and Rand 2.6 billion +4%, respectively. (Tel: +27
(021) 807-5100; Fax: +27 (021) 807-5280) (Rand conversion rate is 7.3161 to US dollars.)
Products/Services:Biscuits, honey, breakfast cereals, fruit juice, carbonated beverages
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries), Beverages (soft drinks, juice)
426 Freeport Rd., Creighton, PA 15030 USA
Tel: N/A
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company, which was started in the early 1990s, evolved into a supplier of one-stop
shopping needs for automobile and household products, offering a full range—marketed at a price
niche, without sacrificing quality. Its range of products covers automotive needs, charcoal lighter
fluids, paint thinners, as well as motor oil and antifreeze. Its export business continued to grow
significantly. As of Jan. 2006, the company was acquired by Industrial Enterprises of America,
Inc., New York, a specialty automotive after-market supplier. Subsequently, in 2009, IEAM filed
for bankruptcy protections and following that two of IEAM's executives were found guilty in a
$110 million security fraud case in 2011. Pitt Penn Oil, as a subsidiary of IEAM, has apparently
ceased operations, as far as can be determined.
Products/Services: N/A
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Auto Supplies
Via Montegrappa, 18, 31010 One Di Fonte, Treviso, ITALY
Tel: +39 423-948041
FAX: +39 423-949930
Total Sales Volume: $60 Million+
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: Eastern Europe, Lebanon, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Middle East,
Profile: Pizzolotto, a privately held company, has been in business since 1919 as a producer of
household cleaning products. Today, the company operates an integrated production system out of
two factories, handling the total operation from plastic raw materials to bottles blow molding, to
detergents productions, to filling operations, onto product delivery. Pizzoloto emphasizes
environment-friendly products at all stages of production, from the polythene granule to the
palletized products. The company provides a full product range, all sizes and packaging, covering
all types of liquid detergent. Its production includes recyclable bottles—emphasizing lightweight,
less expensive materials, and environmentally- friendly contents and packaging. Additionally, the
firm was the first in Italy to apply for corporate certification in accordance with EU standards: a
concrete guarantee of consistent quality. Pizzolotto also works in partnership with two other
Italian firms (Carma Srl and Sintes Srl) and three German companies (domal GmbH, Wasch-und
Korperpflegenittel GmbH, and Wittol Chemi GmbH), together as the E.D.I. Network (
Products/Services: Liquid detergents
Sales Contacts: Mario Pizzolotto, Export Manager (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Household Products
200 Hicks St., Westbury, NY 11590 USA
Tel: (516) 986-1700
FAX: (631) 249-0869
Total Sales Volume: $200 Million
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: This company, established in 1988, is a packager and distributor of over-the-counter
(OTC) drugs, focused on maintaining 95% service levels to all its customers. All of its products
are 100% brand matching. PL Developments follows all FDA guidelines and GMP procedures and
standards. The company maintains strategic alliances with different manufacturers, such as Banner
Pharmacaps, which gives PL Developments its exclusive product line. In early 2008, the company
acquired the assets of PAL Laboratories, a pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Miami, FL, a
producer of OTC drugs, nutritional tablets, caplets, and two-piece hard shell capsules. PAL Labs
is now called Avema Pharma Solutions, operated as a subsidiary of PL Developments. More
recently, this operation was renamed PL Developments. This takeover allows the company to
introduce nutritional items, niche products and eventually ADNA OTC products to the private
label market. One of its newest products: Motrin type liquid gel, where the liquid formulatin is not
available under the Motrin brand. The company now has some 500,000 square feet of
pharmaceutical facilities.
UPDATE: In November 2013, the company agreed to acquire Aaron Industries, Clinton, SC, a
producer of national-brand-equivalent, private label liquid OTC pharmaceuticals: cough, cold
allergy, pain medicine, digestive health, etc., from the private equity firm, Stephens Capital
Partners, Little Rock, AR.. The deal, subject to FTC approval, is expected to be completed this
month and result in a combined company producing sales of reportedly $400 million+, operating
in four states. The firm will offer some 300 products in 3,000+ skus.
Products/Services:Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs in tablet form--analgesics, cough & cold,
laxatives, antacids, nutritional, etc.
Sales Contacts: Vinima Kerof, Director of Private Label Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London NW1 7EJ UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 2077-285-600
FAX: +44 2077-284-999
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: This research firm provides global intelligence, analysis, news, and data, covering more
than 9,000 retail operations across 211 markets worldwide. Planet Retail was started in 1995.
Today it is a subsidiary of Emap Ltd., a b-2-b media company, owned by Top Right Group Ltd.,
London. One of Planet Retail’s most recent reports: “Private Label Trends, 2012: The Year of the
Products/Services: Retail analysis, including reports focused on private label
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Services
28055 North Ashley Circle (Ste. 110), Libertyville, IL 60048- 9459 USA
Tel: (847) 367-1900; 888-722-7465
FAX: (847) 367-1990
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico
Profile: Plastic Bottle, established in 1981, produces and sells stock, custom, and customized
plastic bottles, jugs, and jars in a variety of sizes, ranging from ¾ ounce to 4 liters. Containers are
produced in a variety of materials, including HDPE. LDPE, PP, EPET, OPET, PVC, Barex, and
recycled content materials. The privately owned company has more than 260 sets of molds
available. Lately, the firm has added closures, including tamper-evident features. Its markets
include: automotive and household chemicals, oils and appearance products, additive and
appearance products, household and industrial chemicals, cosmetic/personal care products, pet
products, lawn/garden/patio, and others. Its technically trained staff offers expert, personalized
service through all stages of product development. Minimum orders: 5,000 pieces.
Products/Services:Plastic bottles, jugs, jars
Sales Contacts: Stuart Feen, President; Mitzi Sorenson (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Service & Supplies
1246 Main Ave. SE, Hickory, NC 28603 USA
Tel: (828) 328-2466; (800) 333-2466
FAX: (828) 322-1830
Total Sales Volume: $50 Million
Sales % in EB: 65
Export Markets: Caribbean, Canada
Profile: Since 1957, privately owned Plastic Packaging has offered the best in flexible packaging
film. Its high-speed flexographic presses include eight-color and process printing, along with
specialized bag-making equipment. As one of the top 100 U.S. converters, supplying flexible
packaging for the disposable, sanitary, textile and paper products markets, PPI can also print on
polyethylene sleeve labels and laminations. It operates two manufacturing facilities.
Products/Services: Pouches, bags, roll stock, stretch sleeves; flexographic printing/bag-converting
for the disposable diaper, incontinence, feminine sanitary products, cookie/cracker snack food,
textile, paper products markets.
Sales Contacts: Bill Lipscomb, Vice- President of Sales
Category: Supplies
1810 Portal St., Baltimore, MD 21224 USA
Tel: (410) 633-1990
FAX: (410) 633-6311
Total Sales Volume: $60 Million
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, South America, Central America, Middle
Profile: Privately held Poly-Seal since 1934 was acquired by Berry Plastics Corp., Evansville, IN,
in May 2000 and now continues as a subsidiary of Berry Plastics (also in this database). This
subsidiary is a market leader in injection-molded and compression-molded plastic closures. It is a
full-service manufacturer of plastic closures, plugs, and fitments. The company supplies all
industries from stock that is among the largest in North America.
Products/Services:Aerosol cans, plastic bottle, plastic caps, child-resistant caps, over-caps,
Sales Contacts: Marketing Department at Berry Plastics (Tel: 812-424-2104; or
Category: Supplies
2503 South Hanley Rd., Saint Louis, MO 63144 USA
Tel: (314) 644-7600
Total Fiscal 2014 Sales Volume: $2.4 Billion +133%
Sales % in EB: 15%+ (E)
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Post Holdings, Inc. was formed in July 2011 when Ralcorp Holdings, Inc. (also in this
database), St. Louis, spun-off the Post Foods brand cereal business and continued in business
primarily as a private label food manufacturer. Post Holdings, established then as a brand name
cereal producer, has since emerged as an independent, publicly traded (NYSE: POST) producer
primarily of branded and private label ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals, snacks, and active nutrition
products. Through acquisitions, the company now has a diversified product portfolio, where RTE
cereal business now represents only 25% of its revenues. Fiscal 2014 was especially busy, adding
companies to its business. In January, it purchase Dakota Growers Pasta Co., Inc., Carrington,
ND, from Viterra, Inc.of Canada (also in this database). The deal for Dakota Growers Pasta (as
leading private label supplier), was worth $370 million cash. Post Holdings followed up in
February with Golden Boy Foods Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada, carrying a price tag of $320 million.
Golden Boy produces private label peanut butter and other nut butters, as well as dried fruit,
baking and snacking nuts. The plan was to integrate Golden Boy into the Dakota Grocers business.
Another takeover in 2014: Dymatize Enterprises LLC, Farmers Branch, TX, a producer of
protein powders, bars, and nutritional supplements, for $380 million. Dymatize targets the sport s
nutrition supplement s and nutrition bar markets. The private equity firms, Tricor Pacific Capital
and TA Associates, own both Golden Boy and Dymatize, respectively. In November, Post
Holdings acquired American Blanching Co., a producer of peanut butter and nut butter, fruits, and
nuts pls cereals and granola. Post's bigges acquisiton during the year was The Michael Foods
Group (also in this database), a producer of value added egg products (strong in the foodservice
and ingredients area). This business, under MFI Holdings Corp., cost $2.5 billion, paid to GS
Capital Partners, a private equity firm. The transaction will nearly double Post's sales and solidify
its strategy toward becoming a diversified foods company. Michael Foods, which is the world’s
largest egg processing company (and largest processor of egg products in North America),
produces added egg products, refrigerated potatoes, cheese, and dairy items. This newest takeover
pushed Post's annualized sales beyond $4 billion. Post Holdings reported its sales breakout at
year-end resulted in egg products representing 35%, RTE cereals 23%, three other categories (
protein bars/powders/shakes, private label peanut butter/granola, and potatos & cheese) each
representing 12%, and pasta representing 6% of revenues.
UPDATE: In January 2015, Post Holdings announced its agreement to acquire MOM Brands,
formerly called Malt-O-Meal, (also in this database), Lakeville, MN, for $1.2 billion ($1.1 billion
cash, the rest in Post Holdings shares). MOM Brands claims a 7% market share in the RTE cereal
market in the US.. Its sales in 2014 totaled $760 million with $120 million in earnings. The deal is
expected to close in 2015's third quarter. MOM targets the value segment of the market with
branded and private label RTE cereals, natural cereals, hot wheat, and oatmeal. Interestingly, Post
has hired Richard K. Koulouris, former president of Ralcorp Foods, as present of the combined
companies, effective February 2015. In July 2015, Post Holdings reportedly was in talks with
ConAgra to purchase its private brands business now being divested (see ConAgra listing in this
database), which formerly was part of Ralcorp. The MOM takeover was completed in May 2015,
where Post paid $1.2 billion to become the third largest seller of RTE cereals in the U.S., holding
an 18% market share. Post Holdings plans to consolidate its Post Foods and MOM Brands cereal
businesses into one group, to be headquartered in Lakeville, Minnesota, at MOM Brands' existing
facilities. As a result, Post expects to close its office in Parsippany, New Jersey.
Products/Services: RTE cereals, snacks, and active nutrition products
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (DG)
501 Madison Ave., Ste. 501, New York, NY 10022 USA
Tel: (646) 820-0630
FAX: (646) 478-9673
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In October 2011, Premier Beverage Group, a Nevada corporation traded over-the-counter,
under the symbol PBGC, announced a new so-called captive functional beverage brand strategy,
offering retailers a turnkey program for functional beverages (consumer brand development
through to product manufacturing) in exchange for an exclusive supply agreement and/or an
ongoing royalty on sales of the products. Captive brands, the firm believes, represent “the next
generation of private label,” emphasizing branding and traditional marketing. Premier already
offers its flagship brand, OSO, an energy beverage produced in Austria and sold to high profile
on-premise accounts. In January 2012, Captive Brands Corp., a new subsidiary, was formed to
expand its private label business.
Products/Services:Functional beverages (energy drinks, energy shots, and vitamin-enhanced
Sales Contacts: Fouad Kallamni. CEO, President & Director
Category: Beverages (functional drinks--energy)
31 South Street, Suite 2S, Mount Vernon, NY 10550 USA
Tel: (914) 667-6200; (866) 964-0939
FAX: (914) 662-3610
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East
Profile: Premier Brands of America began supplying shoe-fitting products to the shoe retail trade
and department stores in 1972. Its business has since evolved primarily around foot care products
(60+ items), encompassing well over 125 SKUs (stock keeping units) of items such as those
mentioned below. Premier is the leading manufacturer of national brand equivalent foot care
products sold both under the Premier name and private label. All of its products are tested by an
outside lab and either meet or exceed the quality of the national brands. The firm prides itself on
topnotch quality, service, and competitive pricing. The company has innovated in its product
category with items such as no-slip, ball-of-foot cushion ware (women’s high heels), rubber heel
grips and ground grippers. The company also produces selected skin care products (aerosol sprays,
powders, and soap) as well as pedicure products (nail trimmers, etc.). Newly launched:
SimpleBare hair removal (salon- and dermatologist-tested) and dual gel insoles featuring velvettop cloth that wicks moisture and controls foot odor.
Products/Services:Foot care, shoe care, glue-on finger nails, body sprays
Sales Contacts: Pam Cress.
Category: General Merchandise
Premier House, Griffiths Way, St Albans AL1 2RE UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 (0) 1727-815850
FAX: +44 (0) 1727-815982
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $ 4.1 Billion (£ 2.6 Billion) -3.8%
Sales % in EB: 34.8
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Over the past five years, Premier Foods, the United Kingdom’s largest ambient grocery
producer and a major own brands supplier, has grown its branded business through acquisitions, as
well as its bakery and chilled ready meal business (strong in own brands). But the economy as
well as the cost of buying new brands has caught up with this firm, as it now tries to reduce its
debt from £ 1.7 billion in 2008 down to £ 995 million recently, while also dealing with rising
commodity prices. With a new chairman, Ronnie Bell, in charge, the strategy is to sell off some of
its branded business (the meat-free brands, Quorn and Cauldron) plus its canned group in East
Anglia, while also de-prioritizing its non-branded portfolio. In 2010, the value growth of its
branded sales was up 4.5% (versus + 7% in 2009), while the growth pace of its retailer branded
sales advanced by 2.6% (versus +3.3% in 2009). Total non-branded business (heavy in chilled
ready meals, cakes and desserts) represented 34.8% of total 2010 turnover, down from 36% in
2009. The preliminary results from 2011 are not encouraging: Profits dropped by 29%, while in
January 2012 the company laid off 600 people or about 5% of its work force. Also, it sold off its
Brookes Avana subsidiary to 2 Sisters (also listed in this database).
Products/Services: Convenience foods, pickles, sauces, meat-free products; spreads, desserts,
beverages; fresh produce
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, produce, baked goods), Beverages (T), Food (dry
groceries, produce, baked goods)
160 Chesterfield Ind. Blvd., Chesterfield, MO 63005 USA
Tel: (314) 537-5348
FAX: (314) 537-3359
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1995, Premier Marketing (its former identity) today specializes in the
marketing and sales of controlled/private label products and programs. Trade class coverage
encompasses: convenience store distributors and chains, full-line distributors, grocery wholesalers,
independent grocers, drugstore chains, and mass retail merchandisers. In setting its goal of longterm partnerships, the company provides high-quality products at a competitive price, while
featuring marketing expertise and an emphasis on value-added proprietary programs superior to
manufacturer-driven programs. Its services cover: source and develop products, niched market
plans, design and personalized point-of-purchase support, cooperative sales calls, crossmerchandising, localized marketing and test marketing, volume-buying programs, order
process/sales tracking, and exclusive territories. Its brands include; 1st Class, Shield, Ultra Buy,
and Wildhourse (discount).
Products/Services: Cigarettes, candy, premium cigars, snuff and chewing tobacco
Sales Contacts: Mark Dunham, President/CEO; Keith Thomas, Vice-President, National Accounts
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Food (candy/snacks, cigarettes)
2100 Summer St., NE Suite #200, Minneapolis, MN 55413 USA
Tel: (612) 379-4141; (800) 332-3332
FAX: (612) 623-0363
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Premium Waters, solely owned by the Chesterman Co., which has been in the bottling
business for 130+ years, is one of the largest producers of private label bottled water in the US. Its
bottled water, produced from a consortium of five US bottling plants, comes in 10- and 20-ounce
sizes, on-half and one liter sizes, as well as five-gallon size. The company also supplies branded
water, such as Chippewa Springs, Kandiyohi purified water, Natures Crystal, and Glacier Clear. In
August 2009, Premium Waters became the first company to receive both NSF Bottled Water
Certification and Level 3 Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification.
Products/Services: Commercial, residential and retail bottled water
Sales Contacts: Bill Hicks
Category: Beverages (water)
15450 South Outer Forty Drive, Suite 120, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Tel: 314) 727-8200
FAX: (314) 727-0249
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $234.1 Million +1.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: From its startup in 1992, this producer of rigid plastic bottles and containers (PET and
HDPE resins) has served different market segments, especially food, pharmaceutical, and personal
care (now 70% of its sales).Throughout the 1990s, the company made some 11 acquisitions,
including Robb Container Corp., Peru, IL, which represented more than 30 years experience in
manufacturing extrusion and stretch blow-molded containers. More recently, Pretium, in February
2010, acquired Novapak, Eatontown, NJ, a major producer of PET, PP and HDPE containers (five
facilities ISO 9001:2000 certified). Pretium now has 11 manufacturing plants in the US and two in
Canada , all but two ISO 9001:2000 rated. The company is one of the country’s largest
manufacturers of rigid plastic bottles and containers made from PET and HDPE resins. Rising raw
material costs in 2011 impacted on its bottom line, resulting a net loss of $16.2 million for the
Products/Services: Rigid plastic bottles and containers for food products, pharmaceuticals,
personal care, household, and other markets
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
Achterdijk 1, 5705 CB Helmond, Postbus 498, 5700 AL Helmond, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 492-5-35955
FAX: +31 492- 5-26075
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and 20 other countries
Profile: Prinsen B.V., a food and beverage manufacturer, founded in 1924 by Johan Prinsen,
continues as a family owned business. Its specialty: Production of instant foods: coffee whiteners,
sweeteners, instant coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, etc. The company supplies product to 50 of the
largest European retailers. It is a market leader for diet products in Holland and in certain Asian
countries. Additionally, the company has a significant market share for coffee creamer and
sweeteners in the European market.
Products/Services: Health food, diet food, instant coffee products (e.g. cappuccino), coffee
creamers, sweeteners, instant drinks (e.g. ice tea, fruit drinks), desserts, dehydrated soups and
sauces, catering products
Sales Contacts: Pat rick Prinsen; Mrs. Marie-Jose Toll
Category: Beverages (coffee, tea, juice), Food (dry groceries)
2800 Overlook Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA 30339
Tel: (404) 460-7000
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $1.2 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Printpack, Inc., established in 1956, today is a leader in the flexible and semi-rigid
packaging sector. It operates 28 plants in the US, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Poland, and
China. Printpack serves some 60 markets, including food and beverage, medical, and nonfood
areas, providing different packaging structures and solutions: high-performance film and
laminations, state-of-the-art ‘metalizing,’ advanced rigid thermoforming, proprietary prepress
process and high-fidelity printing. In 2006, the company acquired Seal-It (previously listed
separately in this database), one of the largest converters of PVC heat-shrinkable film. Seal-It is
now a division of Printpack, providing manufacturers with tamper-evident and label needs. Its
multicolored heat shrink PVC and PET-G labels and tamper-evident bands are printed
domestically, featuring up to seven colors. Short lead times for custom print jobs are available.
The division based in Farmingdale, NY, views itself as the fastest-growing converter and
manufacturer of seamed material, tubing, stock and plain printed bands, straight-sided bags, Ashaped bags, pre-forms, and die-cuts.
Products/Services: Flexible & semi-rigid packages, heat shrinkable PVC, PETG, OPS, and
EarthFirst® TDO shrink film (made with corn-based resin)
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
1900 Beaver Ridge Circle, Norcross, GA 30071 USA
Tel: (678) 328-3700
(888) 240-4835
FAX: (888) 240-4839
Total Sales Volulme: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Private Label Nutraceuticals, established in 1984, is a leading contract manufacturer of
dietary supplements and other nutritional products. It provides custom formulas (including Halal,
kosher & organic formulations), along with complete brand support: marketing, graphic design,
label & packaging support, etc. The company maintains more than 400 stock formulations with an
inventory of some 1,500 products. Its formulations range across a wide spectrum: weight loss,
enhancement, anti-aging, cardiovascular support, joint support, multi-vitamins, children’s health,
sports nutrition, omega-3, antioxidants, and detoxifers. Its products come in multiple
configurations: capsules, creams, powders, tablets, gels, serums, gummies, lozenges, mints, etc.
Products/Services: Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
Sales Contacts: Brianne Vaskovardzic, Marketing Manager
Category: Health & Beauty (Vitamins & Supplements)
Jerolimodreef 19, 3813 WS Amersfoort, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 937-2-84000
Total Sales Volulme: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Calling itself "the world's leading and independent private label/contract manufacturing
B2B e-commerce company,", established in 2010 by entrepreneur
Maurice van Vliet, provides a connection between private label buyers and their suppliers
Products/Services:B2B e-commerce site for private label product trading
Sales Contacts: Maurice van Vliet, CEO & Founder
Category: Services
102 Life Sciences Drive, Olyphant, PA 18447 USA
Tel: (570) 587-8327
FAX: (570) 587-3547
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In June 2012, privately owned Process Technologies merged with San-Mar Labs,
Elmsford, NY, and Coughlan Products Inc., Wayne, NJ, to become “North America’s leading
strategic development and manufacturing solutions provider in the cosmetic, beauty and personal
care industry. By year-end, the two production facilities, San-Mar Labs and Coughlan Products,
will be relocated to Process Technologies’ manufacturing headquarters in Olyphant, PA. This
company, founded in 1933, has become a leading developer, manufacturer and packager of color
cosmetics. Its OTC facility handles loose and pressed powders, lip glosses/lipsticks, plus cosmetic
creams and lotions. San-Mar Laboratories, which began in 1975, has become a leading private
label developer and manufacturer of advanced personal care treatment and OTC products (creams,
lotions, gels, ointments, and cosmeceuticals). Coughlan Products, started in 1900, formulates and
custom manufactures unique bath, skin care and aromatherapy products--with an expertise in nonaqueous technology.
Products/Services: Color cosmetics, bath and body, toiletries, OTC pharmaceuticals --lipstick, lip
gloss/balms, powders, eye shadow, concealers, bronzers, creams, face/body glitter gels,
moisturizers, ointments, cosmeceuticals, creams, lotions, cleansers, removers, hair care, sunscreen,
aromatherapy, salts, scrubs, tablets, etc
Sales Contacts: Jim Bertrot, Vice-President of Sales (Tel: 914-592-3130)
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1701 W. Walnut Hill Ln., Irving, TX 75038 USA
Tel: (972) 518-9660
FAX: (972) 518-9665
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: Hong Kong, South America, Europe
Profile: Established in 1972, Progressive Labs first entered the private label business in 1989. The
firm has established itself as a specialist in small production runs, having installed two high-speed
encapsulating lines. It offers 12 standard package label designs in private label. Among its many
new products, the firm offers All in One Step™, a total body cleansing dietary supplement
beverage mix that contains powerful antioxidant and anti-aging nutrients, plus an array of nutrients
found to be useful in weight loss programs, for immune support and for intestinal health; CardioFlow™, an oral chelation formula containing selected nutrients plus a proprietary blend of
Ayurvedic herbs; Memories™, a comprehensive nutritional formula for support of memory and
brain function; and Mannose, used for urinary tract health and many others. The company also
provides contract manufacturing services.
Products/Services: Vitamins, minerals, glandular, homeopathic, herbals, amino acids
Sales Contacts: Joe Oneal, David Palmer
Category: Health & Beauty Care
317 Woodwork Lane, Palatine, IL 60067 USA
Tel: (847) 991-2020
FAX: (847) 991-9696
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets Europe, Mexico, Canada, Middle East, New Zealand/Austra lia, South America,
Southeast Asia
Profile: Pro-Optics has been a leading manufacturer of accessories for eyeglasses, contact lenses,
and ear care since 1965. The company has a strong market share in drugstore chains, mass
merchandisers, and optical retailers. The firm sells private label and its brands, Optic Shop and
Products/Services: Eye wear/contact lens accessories (eyeglass retainers, lens cleaners, repair kits,
eye/ear care, contact cases, slip-in/clip-on/flip-up sunglasses
Sales Contacts: Jay L. Blomquist, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1601 Mckinley Rd., St. Marys, OH 45885 ;USA
Tel: (419) 394-3374; (800) 780-0874
FAX: (419) 300-8883
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company was formed by cooperatives in 1996, after purchasing a pet food company.
Today it operates three facilities, two of them outside Ohio in Kansas and Minnesota. The
company specializes in premium and super-premium pet foods, addressing all life stages.
Packaging is available in two- up to 55-pound bags plus in cans.
Products/Services: Dry dog and cat food, biscuits & treats.
Sales Contacts: Kein McAleer, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Category: Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
PROPHASE LABS, INC. (formerly Quigley Corp.)
Kells Bldg., 621 Shady Retreat Rd., Doylestown, PA 18901
Tel: (215) 345-0919
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $17.5 Million +20.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In October 2004 , this natural health medical science company acquired a small family
owned private label supplier, JoEl, Inc., Elizabethtown, PA, which operated two manufacturing
divisions: Simon Candy (hard candies) and Pharmaloz (lozenges and cough drops). JoEl was
renamed Quigley Manufacturing Inc., operated as a subsidiary, producing Cold-EEZE brand zinc
gluconate glycine lozenges, gums, and sugar-free tablets. In 2008, the company introduced KIDSEEZE soft chew chest relief expectorant. In January 2009, its Elizabethtown, PA, candy plant was
closed, as the company pulled out of the hard candy business. Quigley’s Darius marketing
operation, selling health and wellness products, was sold as well. The company has been on the
mend since 2008, when its loss was $5.5 million. In 2010, that loss was cut to $3.5 and for 2011 a
loss of $2.7 million. Quigley also operates Quigley Pharma, a subsidiary for pharmaceutical drugs.
The company has renamed itself Prophase Labs, Inc. Its Pharmaloz Manufacturing subsidiary
manufacturers its flagship Cold-EEZE cold remedy and lozenges as well as filling order for
private label lozenges.
Products/Services: Lozenges, cold remedies
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
888 Las Olas Blvd. (Suite 700), Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301- 2272 USA
Tel: (954) 779-3663
FAX: (954) 779-7678 /
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: Canada, Puerto Rico, South America, Europe, Middle East
Profile: Since 1947, Quality Bakery Products has specialized in dry bakery products. As the
largest packer of private label and branded bread crumbs in the US (60% of the market), QBP is
one of the largest packers of private label and branded croutons, cube-style stuffing, pan-style
stuffing and crumb-style stuffing. Active in both the retail and foodservice, the company operates
plants in Detroit, Chicago, Knoxville (TN), Miami, and Willingboro, NJ. Once owned by Chipita
America, part of Chipita S.A. Of Greece (spun off by Vivartia SA, also in this database), Quality
Bakery was sold to Ryt-Way Industries, Lakeville, MN, in December 2010. Ryt-Way is a leading
contract manufacturer and packager, serving the food industry. Ryt-way provides primary and
secondary comanufacturing, logistics and inventory management services focused on foods such
as ready-to-eat cereals and meals, snack foods, crackers, mixes, and convenience foods.
Products/Services: Bread crumbs, croutons, cube-style stuffing, pan-style stuffing.
Sales Contacts: Ron Hink
Category: Food (dry groceries)
8701 Jane St., Unit C, Vaughan, ONT L4K 2M6 CANADA
Tel: (905) 660-4311
FAX: (905) 660-9355
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Started in 1969 by H. (Jim) Sutton, Quality Home Products began producing household
cleaning products and then expanded into health and beauty care products. Today, operating some
20+ manufacturing facilities in Canada, the US, and abroad, the firm fills private label product
requirements in numerous categories, covering health and beauty care, over-the-counter (OTC)
drugs, and household products. QHP provides more than 100 custom molds and works with more
than 500 Fortune 500 manufacturers to match national brand quality. The company’s household
line includes liquid detergents, window cleaners, rug shampoos, furniture polish, oven cleaners,
etc. Recently, the company introduced liquid oral laxatives, men’s body spray, and disposable
household cleaning cloths.
Products/Services: Liquid detergent, window cleaners, rug shampoos, furniture polish, oven
cleaners; health and beauty care items (shampoos, mouthwashes, stick deodorants, skin care, bath
care, and OTC items)
Sales Contacts: David Sutton, President, General Manager
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
Richmond House, Leeming Bar Industries Estates, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 9UL
Tel: +44 1677-432-397
FAX: + 44 1677-428-298
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $774.3 Million (€ 600.2 Million) +19.8%
Sales % in EB: 65 (E)
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Since the 2006 takeover of the Richmond Ice Cream business by Oaktree Capital
Management, an American investment firm, R&R Ice Cream has grown, via a number of
acquisitions, into Europe’s second largest take-home ice cream manufacturer and its largest
private label supplier in that product category. The company operates 11 manufacturing facilities
in Europe. Its acquisitions strategy continued in 2012, in July with the purchase of Eskigel S.r.L
for € 77 million, the leading own label ice cream manufacturer in Italy, its 2011 sales at € 81
million, from ice cream sticks, lollies, cones, mini-cups, tubs, and ice cream sandwiches. R&R
produces more than 2,000 different specialty ice creams, supplying major retailers in the UK and
across Europe and has been licensed by Movenpick of Switzerland to use the Movenpick brand
exclusively in Tesco stores in the UK.
UPDATE: For 2013, R&R” acquisitions continued--the Yoomoo frozen yogurt brand in January
followed in April by Fredericks Dairies (founded in 1896), the third largest branded ice cream
producer in the UK. Oaktree Capital Management, owning 82% of R&R, decided in April 2013 to
sell the business. R&R, as the result of the European economic crisis reducing consumers’
consumable income plus poor weather conditions (summer being its highest selling season),
reported losses in 2010 (€ 16.5 million), 2011 (€ 25.1 million), and in 2012 (€ 18.9 million). The
private equity firm, PAI Partners, Paris, has agreed to buy R&R for € 850 million. The strategy
now is for R&R to develop its branded footprint in Europe. The company is licensed to produce
branded products owned by Nestle and Mondelēz (formerly Kraft Foods). The Fredericks Dairies
acquisition supports the overall plan to be more competitive with the Unilever brands.
Products/Services: Ice cream products (tubs, multipacks of ice cream cones, ice lollies or
popsicles, ice cream sticks, ice cream desserts) & novelties
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dairy--ice cream)
5202 W. 70th St., Bedford Park, IL 60638 USA
Tel: (708) 496-8025
FAX: (708) 496-8906
Total Sales Volume: $15 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: China, Brazil, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, United Kingdom
Profile: Started in 1983, Raani has grow into a multi-million-dollar, full-service private label
contract packager and manufacturing specialist, covering cosmetics, toiletries, and household
products and particularly antiperspirant-deodorant sticks and roll-ons. The company supplies
toiletries, salon products, and ethnic (Black) hair care products. In private label, its strength rests
on both antiperspirant deodorants and bath and body care products. Since 1988, the company has
more than doubled its manufacturing/warehouse space to 300.000 square feet.
Products/Services: Antiperspirants, deodorant sticks, & roll-ons, lip balms; hair-, skin-, bath-, suncare; toiletries, cosmetics, ethnic products.
Sales Contacts: Dr. Eugene M. Frank, Senior Vice- President of Sales & Marketing
Category: Category: Health & Beauty Care
800 Market St., St. Louis, MO 63101 USA
Tel: (314) 877-7000
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales: $4.4 Billion +2.6%
Sales % in EB: 78.4
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Since its formation in 1994, as a spin-off from its former parent company, Ralston Purina,
Ralcorp Holdings (NYSE: RAH) through acquisitions has evolved from mostly a manufacturer of
store brand or value-oriented foods into a brand name company as well. Since 2000, Ralcorp has
acquired 20+ food companies in the US and Canada (most of them also involved in private label)
the biggest in 2008 with the takeover of Post brand cereal business from Kraft Foods Inc., a
merger valued at $2.6 billion. Post is the third largest branded ready-to-eat US cereal
manufacturer. Ralcorp claims to be the largest private label manufacturer in 12 product categories,
including: breakfast cereals, dry pasta, cookies, crackers, snack nuts, preserves, jelly, peanut
butter, table syrup, and salad dressings. For fiscal 2011 (ending March 31), Ralcorp saw net
earnings dip by 7.1% to $249.5 million. Some 18% of its net sales go to Walmart. Ralcorp now
has five major divisions: (1) Branded Cereal Products--Post brand cereals with a 114-year history
with sales of $957.9 million -8%. (2) Ralston Foods--Private brand ready-to-eat and hot cereals,
nutrition bars, and natural/organic specialty cookies—positioned as the US leader in store brand
breakfast cereals, offering more than 50 ready-to-eat and hot cereal varieties. (3) Snack, Sauces &
Spreads--private brand and value brand cookies, crackers, snack nuts, candy, chips, dressings,
syrups, peanut butter, preserves/jellies, salsas, sauces and nonalcoholic drink mixes. (J.T. Bakers
added this year). In 2010, its Bremner Food Group (the largest private label cookie, cracker and
snack nuts supplier in the US) and Carriage House Companies (the largest supplier of store brand
preserves and jellies, peanut butter, table syrups, and dressings in the US, plus a leader in private
label sauces) were merged under this division (4) Frozen Bakery--private brand and value brand
frozen griddle products (pancakes, waffles, French toast). This division is a US leader in frozen
griddle products and one of the largest producers of pre-baked cookies and artisan breads to the instore bakery business, as well as premium frozen biscuits sold to foodservice accounts. The
division also provides desserts and dry mix bakery items. Sepp’s Gourmet Foods has been
merged into this division. Operation based in Downers Grove, IL. (5) Pasta--American Italian
Pasta Co., Kansas City, MO, purchased in July 2010. AIPC is the largest producer of dry pasta in
North America, supplying store brand and regional brand products in North America. Its strategy
lately is to emphasize private label business in the retailer sector, while cutting back on nonstrategic proprietary brands. Its strongest pasta brands include: Muller’s, Golden Grain,
Pennsylvania Dutch, and Heartland. In addition, Ralcorp holds an interest of approximately 19%
in Vail Resorts, Inc., the leading mountain resort operator in the United States. Ralcorp’s portfolio
grew in 2010 with the takeover of four more companies, including three in Canada: North
American Bakery Ltd. (Formerly called PL Foods Ltd.) a producer of premium private brand
specialty crackers in North America; J.T. Bakers, a producer of private label and cobranded
gourmet crackers in North America (sold also in Great Britain); and Sepp’s Gourmet Foods Ltd., a
foodservice supplier and private brand supplier of frozen griddle products. In the US, Ralcorp in
June 2010 took control of American Italian Pasta Co., Kansas City, MO, the largest producer of
dry pasta in North America (sales about $570 million), operating three US plants and one in Italy.
In March and May 2010, Ralcorp received and rejected two different unsolicited bids by ConAgra
(also in this database). In July 2011, Ralcorp’s board agreed to a tax-free, spin-off of its Post
Foods business to shareholders, which was completed in February 2012. After the spin-off,
Ralcorp issued up to $1.2 billion of debt with the net cash proceeds of about $1 billion going back
to Ralcorp to be used to reduce its debt, “aggressively pursue private brand acquisitions” and add
to its share repurchasing activity. Ralcorp's 2012 acquisitions include: In May, Petri Baking
Products, Inc., Silver Creek, NY, a leading producer of private-brand wire-cut cookies; and in
June, Gelit S.r.l., Cisterna di Latina, Italy, a leading producer of private-brand frozen ready meals
in Italy. Gelit's annual sales of $45 million, Gelit manufactures and distributes a complete line of
private-brand, frozen ready meals directly to retail and wholesale customers primarily located in
Italy and the United States. Its products include; frozen meals representing authentic Italian
recipes and include pasta, sauce and varieties with meat or fish, plus crepe entrees. Effective
August 2012, Ralcorp began a strategic restructuring to improve organizational effectiveness and
reduce costs. This called for consolidating its existing cereal, pasta, and snacks, sauces & spreads
businesses into a single 'center-store' private brand food company. With leading positions across
20 food categories along with superior scale and capability in sales, marketing, research and
development and operations, this strategic initiative is expected to generate annual pretax cost
savings of approximately $26 to $31 million in fiscal 2013.
UPDATE: Ralcorp reported its fiscal sales for 2012 climbed by 14% to $4.3 billion (helped by
acquisitions), while realizing a net profit of $73.4 million (versus a net loss of $241.2 million the
previous year). By segments, Ralcorp saw its cereal sales remaining flat at $835.6 million, its
snack/sauces/- spreads sales up 4% to $140.4 million, its frozen bakery products up 27% to $111.5
million, and its pasta sales down 20% to $100.4 million. In late November 2012, ConAgra made
another unsolicited bid for some $5 billion cash to purchase Ralcorp (minus the Post business),
which the boards of both companies approved. If approved by Ralcorp shareholders, this merger
would make ConAgra an $18 billion food manufacturer and the largest private label food
manufacturer (those sales alone exceeding $4.5 billion).
Products/Services: Ready-to-eat cereals, snacks, sauces, spreads, frozen bakery items, dry pasta.
Sales Contacts: Jimmy Clemmons, Vice-President of Sales (Bremner Food- 314-877-7973); Mike
Klanac, Sr. Director of Marketing (Carriage House, Fredonia, NY- 716-673-8440); Dan Bersett,
Director of Sales Operations/Customer Marketing (Ralston Foods- 800-772-6757)
Category: Food Service, Food (dry groceries, ready-to-eat cereals, snacks, frozen foods, baked
goods, convenience foods, )
4701 East Paris Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512 USA
Tel: (616) 698-8880; (800) 253-0906
FAX: (616) 222-0710
Total Sales Volume: $150 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: Pacific Rim, South America, Central America, Middle East, Canada
Profile: Founded by a dentist in 1979, Ranir in 1990 joined with Dental Control Products (DCP),
its competitor (also started by a dentist) to form Ranir/DCP Corporation. The company’s product
line grew to include toothbrushes, dental floss, trial/travel, accessories and most recently, dental
whitening products. For a brief time, Ranir was acquired by Lander Co., Englewood, NJ, an HBC
manufacturer, but in April 2005 was acquired by Linden LLC, a health care and life sciences
private investment firm, which changed the name to Ranir LLC. Then in 2008, Linden sold a
controlling interest in Ranir to Kayak Holding LLC (now called Ranir Global Holdings Ltd.).
Finally, Ranir itself turned buyer: In January 2009, the company acquired Placontrol Inc., San
Diego, Ca, a leading marketer of inter-dental oral care products and credited with introducing the
convenience dental flosser. Since then, product innovation has become SOP for Ranir. With its
growth, Ranir in July 2010 acquired Synpart Limited of London and Synpart AG of Germany
(from HemjCon Medical Technologies, Inc.), the latter being the leading manufacturer of store
brand oral care products (including toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, and denture tablets) in the
European Union. This acquisition now makes Ranir, operated with Snypart, as a division of Ranir
Global Holdings, LLC, the largest store brand oral care company in the world, as well as a
significant contract supplier to global branded oral care companies. Synpart also owns
manufacturing locations in India and China. Previously, Ranir claimed to be “the largest private
label manufacturer of oral care products in North America” and says it manufacturers and
supplies more floss and flossers than anyone else in the world. Ranir also claims to manufacture
more than 955 of the private brand toothbrushes, dental floss, breath spray and dental accessories
sold by chain stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and distributors. Its toothbrushes and flosses carry
the American Dental Association Seal of Approval. Additionally, its products are ISO 9001:2008
and ISO 13485:2003 certified.
UPDATE: In November 2014, Ranir acquired Oralys Dental, Beauvais, France, a specialist in
private label oral care and personal care products. Oralys LifeCare covers personal care, hygiene
products and medical devices. The company claims 54% market share of distributor brand
toothbrushes in France. Oralys also opens the market in Italy, Portugal, and Spain for Ranir. Ranir
operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Germany, India, and China; the company sells
product to more than 40 countries
Products/Services: Toothbrushes, dental floss, breath spray, travel kits, whitening products, kids
oral care
Sales Contacts: Robbie Criado, VP Sales; Duff Lewis, Director of Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
RC INTERNATIONAL (Retail Products Division of Marianna, Industries)
11222 “ I” St., Omaha, NE 68137- 1296 USA
Tel: (402) 592-2102; (800) 433-3970
FAX: (402) 593-0614
Total Sales Volume: $14 Million+
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Southeast Asia, South America
Profile: RC is an international manufacturer of liquid personal care products for hair, skin, and
bath-related items. Its parent company, Marianna, Industries, Omaha, was started in 1968 as an
importer of wigs and accessories. Its production of high quality professional shampoos began in
1982, sold to salons and other professional hair care outlets. RC International represents an
extension of its professional shampoos and conditioner business into the food, drug and mass retail
markets. The firm operates a 344,000 square-foot facility. RC is most noted for its Appearance
brand line of hair care and bath care products. New product introductions: upscale bubble bath line
(washes, lotions & mists), antibacterial hand sanitizer, and antibacterial soap.
Products/Services: Bath and skin care products, shampoo, conditioner, gels, mists, and aerosols.
Sales Contacts: Tanja Mordesan, National Sales Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
4401 Foxdale Ave., Irwindale, CA 91706 USA
Tel: (626) 678-2055; (800) 800-4088
FAX: (626) 856-0088
Total Sales Volume: $750 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started in 1969 by Dennis Gertmenian, primarily in the foodservice sector, Ready Pac
Produce has become the market leader in fresh-cut produce to retail grocery chains (retail sector
opening in 1978)--and the largest supplier of store private label fresh cut salads. The company
prides itself on innovation and has marketed since the 1970s its patented process for AquaPack
vegetables. In 2006, the company embarked on a $30 million expansion of its plant capabilities. It
offers more than 1,200 fresh-cut and wholesale produce items, supported by four processing
facilities in the US. One of its newest products; Bistro Dinner Solutions (three servings with less
than 500 calories per bowl), available in Chicken Caesar, Chicken Caesar lite, Southwestern, and
Products/Services: Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (refrigerated foods), Food (refrigerated foods)
13000 South Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90061 USA
Tel: (310) 217-9400; (800) 997-3337
FAX: (310) 217-9411
Total Calendar 2013 Sales Volume: $42.2 Million +28%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This producer of sodas for the natural foods market was launched in 1992, using ginger as
a primary ingredient. Its line has since been expanded its original ginger brew, made with all
natural ingredients, to six additional products, including three new flavors: extra, premier,
raspberry, spiced apple, and cherry and in July 2012, a Culture Club Kombucha. Reed’s success
also has led to the addition of about a dozen soft drinks (under the Virgil’s brand), plus a natural
energy elixir drink, sparkling 100% juices, Flying Cauldron Butterscotch cream soda, and Virgil’s
Dr. Better. Reed’s (NASDAQ: REED) reported 2013 positive results with gross profits up by 18%
to $10.8 million; while its net loss decreased to $524,000 versus a loss of $941,000 in fiscal 2011.
Reed's began selling private label natural beverages under private label in 2009 to national retail
UPDATE: In September 2014, the company announced a $1.5 million expansion to its Los
Angeles plant, adding new equipment and tripling its production speed.
Products/Services: Ginger brews, energy elixirs, soft drinks, candies, ice cream
Sales Contacts: Neal Cohane, Sr. VP, Sales & Marketilng
Category: Beverages, (ginger brews, soft drinks), Food (candy,frozen-- ice cream)
15570 SW Jenkins Rd., Beaverton, OR 97006 USA
Tel: (503) 643-6431; 800-333-6431
FAX: (503) 646-9233
Total Sales Volume: $1 Billion+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Guam, Far East
Profile: Started in 1950, this fourth-generation, family owned company is a leading deli salad
producer, which also produces side dishes and prepared foods for foodservice and retail accounts.
It operates a dozen facilities in the U.S., producing more than 1,000 products. In September 2011,
for $18.3 million cash, Reser’s purchased a competitor, Vaughan Foods, Moore, OK, a 50-yearold family operated firm, producing fresh cut produce (fruits and vegetables) and value-added
refrigerated foods, including salads, sauces, dips, soups, sauces, side dishes etc. Since 2005,
Vaughan Foods has suffered yearly net losses, most recently a $362,000 loss in 2010, when its net
sales dipped by 2.9% to $93.8 million. This firm perhaps suffered as a result of its important
foodservice business, when the U.S. recession forced a cutback in eating out for many consumers.
In November 2011, Reser’s for $69.2 million purchased another troubled manufacturer, Orval
Kent Food Co., which had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection a month earlier. The
company, Chef Solutions Inc. operated Oral Kent as a subsidiary.
Products/Services: Deli salads, side dishes, dips, Mexican foods, specialty products
Sales Contacts: David Lakey, Vice-President of Marketing
Category: Food Service (refrigerated), Food (produce, refrigerated, Mexican foods)
Level 9, 148 Quay Street, Auckland 1010, NEW ZEALAND
Tel: 847-482-2409
FAX: 847-615-6417
Tota Group Revenues (Feb. 27, 2014): $13.9 Billion +1%
Sales % in EB: 9
Export Markets: Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Overseeing some 205 manufacturing plants worldwide, Reynolds Group....
Reynolds Packaging Group, thanks to recent acquisitions, has emerged as a world leader in
consumer food and beverage packaging and storage. The company operates in five major areas:
SIG Combibloc, one of the world’s leading producers of aseptic carton packaging for beverages
and liquid foods (no chemical preservatives needed); Reynolds Consumer Products, a producer of
household foils/wraps/bags (Reynolds, Hefty, Diamond, Cut-Rite brands) plus private label
packaging under the Presto product line (a leading store brand plastic storage and waste
management package supplier; Evergreen, a producer of fresh carton packaging for juices and
milk and liquid packaging board for cartons and paper products; Closures (formerly under Alcoa
Packaging and Obrist America, Inc.) covering plastic and aluminum closures and capping
systems/equipment/machinery for beverages on a global basis; and Pactiv Foodservice, a producer
of foodservice and food package needs (tableware, takeout service containers, clear rigid display
packaging, micro-waveable containers, foam trays, dual-ovenable paperboard containers, molded
fiber egg cartons, meat and poultry trays, plastic film, and aluminum containers). The Pactiv
operation is now being combined with the Reynolds Consumer Products operation. During 2010,
high material costs affected the company’s bottom line: Profits of $116.7 million in 2009 dropped
to a loss of $95.5 million in 2010. UPDATE: In September 2011, the company acquired Graham
Packaging Company, Inc., a deal valued at about $4.5 billion. Graham Packaging is a leading
global supplier of value-added rigid plastic containers for food, specialty beverage and consumer
products. A breakdown of the company's sales by operations: Total SIG Combibloc Sales: $1.8
Billion +5.9%; Total Reynolds Consumer Products Sales: $1.4 Billion +16.7%; Total Evergreen
Sales: $1.6 Billion +14.3%; Total Pactiv Foodservice Sales: $924 Million +25.1%; Total Closure
Sales: $1.2 Billion +22.4%.
Products/Services: Consumer food & beverage packaging and storage: aseptic cartons, household
foil/wraps/bags, fresh juice/milk cartons, plastic/aluminum closures, foodservice & food
packaging, such as tableware, takeout containers, microwaveable containers, egg cartons,
meat/poultry trays, etc.
Sales Contacts: In U.S.--Reynolds Packaging Group, 200 Tri State International, Lincolnshire, IL
60069. Tel: (847) 945-9100.
Category: Non-Food Groceries
One Robert Rich Way, Buffalo, NY 14213 USA
Tel: (716) 878-8000; (800) 356-7094
Total Sales Volume: $2.9 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa.
Profile: Founded in 1945, Rich Products introduced the world’s first nondairy whipped topping.
Today, this frozen foods processor produces more than 2,000 products, sold in 100+ countries,
delivering toppings, icings, finished desserts, bread & rolls, sweet goods, pizza products, Bar-B-Q
items, appetizers, Italian specialties, shrimp & seafood, etc. The company also is diversified,
involved in sports & entertainment, restaurants, and logistic companies. In 2005, Rich Products
acquired Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats (formerly called Bison Products), of Buffalo, a regional
brand and private label supplier of meats and higher-end specialty meats. Its latest acquisition: in
March 2012, Dorget Ltd. And Eliston Foods, a manufacturer of frozen desserts and ice cream
cakes in Canada.
Products/Services: Nondairy creamers, toppings and icings; frozen dough, baked foods and sweet
goods, specialty meats, pastas, and frozen seafood, appetizers & snacks, meatballs & pasta, syrups
and soaked cakes, cooking creams
Sales Contacts: Bob Grow, Consumer Products Division
Category: Food (frozen--non dairy creamers, toppings, dough; pastas, seafood, appetizers, etc.)
15 Pacella Park Dr., Suite. 210, Randolph, MA 02368 USA
Tel: (781) 961-1537
FAX: (781) 767-1571
Total Sales Volume: $250 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company's history began in 1862, first as a canned foods producer. The company has
grown to become a major private label player in sauces and dressings, especially after acquiring
that business from Sara Lee Foodservice in 2008. Richelieu operates three manufacturing plants,
which cover pizza, dressings, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, salsa, and canned vegetables and fruits.
Products/Services: Frozen pizza, salad dressings, sauces, marinades, condiments and deli salads
Sales Contacts: Anthony Raucci, Sr. Vice-President of Sales
Category: Food (frozen foods, dry groceries, refrigerated food)
71245 Knoxville St., San Diego, CA 92110 USA
Tel: (619) 276-7660; (800) 783-9969
FAX: (691) 276-7660
Total Sales Volume: $12 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 40+ Markets
Profile: In 2007, anti-aging, skin care producer, Robanda International (established in 1999)
purchased Realys, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA, started in 1985 as a privately held corporation,
supplying “the finest nail files in the world” to the beauty trade and retail outlets internationally.
Its private label division produces hundreds of exclusive brand items for domestic and foreign
customers. Its emphasis has been in the beauty supply area, while private label retail sales are also
increasing. Robanda followed up in January 2011 with the purchased of Omega Labs USA, a
private label and brand name producer of fungus treatment and nail products (growth treatment,
lacquers, glitters, powder, brushes, etc.). Today, family owned Robanda is positioned as a supplier
of cosmetics and skin care and massage products, tools and implements, natural nail care items
and nail polish.
Products/Services: Packaged & unpackaged custom imprinted nail files and nail buffers, custom
imprinted sanding blocks and sanding tools, cosmetic accessories, hotel-airlines amenities items;
shampoos, fragrances, eye treatment, hand creams, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
424 Howard Ave., Des Plaines, IL 60018 USA
Tel: (847) 390-9410
FAX: (847) 390-6170
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Robert Koppe started his contract packaging business in 1972 , offering greatly reduced
packaging costs via a system of converting and redesigning his existing packaging machines. The
business grew as a high-quality, low-cost contract packaging operation, attracting major packaged
goods companies like Dow Chemical, Quaker Oats, Continental Coffee, General Foods, etc. The
firm also designed its own high-speed form-fill-seal machinery, which eventually led to the
marketing of C-Series machinery to consumer product manufacturers, covering pouching and
carton prep units as well as custom-designed machinery. Evenually, Koppe moved his operations
into a new 120,000-square-foot production and warehousing facility. Fast forward to 2011,
Robert’s Packaging joined the Cloud Packaging Solutions family, expanding its equipment line,
while for Robert’s significantly increasing the engineering resources available for customizing its
equipment and extending its standup pouch product line. Today, Cloud Packaging Equipment &
Roberts Packaging operate as divisions of Ryt-Way Industries, Lakeville, MN. Ryt-Way,
established in 1929, is a leading contract packager of dry food products (holding SQF 2000 Level
3 certification for shelf-stable foods). It operates six facilities and generates total sales of $200
Products/Services: Standup pouch packaging for contract packing of dry food products (snacks,
breakfast cereals, dried fruit) in standup, zippered pouches.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
4343 South Taylor Drive., Sheboygan, WI 53081 USA
Tel: (920) 543-2769
(877) 432-4411
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 90+ (E)
Export Markets:Latin America, Europe, Asia, Oceania--50 countries
Profile: Family-owned since 1976, Rockline Industries calls itself the world’s largest private label
manufacturer of consumer wet wipes and coffee filters. Its production output: 21 billion
individual wipes and 22 billion individual filters per year. The company has a long history of
leading the converted paper products industry, using the latest technology to manufacture
innovative, high-quality, low-cost products for consumer and commercial use. Rockline has also
positioned itself within the industry as a leading manufacturer of antibacterial wipes, baking cups,
household cleaning products, incontinent wipes, moist towelettes, water activated and wet facial
wipes and various contact wipe products, coffee stir sticks, heat-seal paper for tea bags/coffee
pouches, and moist towelettes. It now operates six plants including one in England and a
partnership in South China.
UPDATE: New product introductions include paper (party) baking cups and single cup reusable
filter for Keurig Cup Brewers. In November 2013, Rockline announced plans to build an 18,000square-foot Innovation & Technical Center adjacent to its Sheboygan headquarters. The facility,
scheduled to open in the fall of 2014, comes equipped with microbiological and analytical
chemistry capability plus pilot line converting equipment. It expands on the company’s R&D
centers in Arkansas and in England.
In April 2014, Rockline purchased a nearly 240,000 square-foot facility on 30 acres in
Russellville, AR. This acquisitions was made "to better serve the needs of our customers and
accommodate our company’s rapid growth in contract manufacturing and private label products,"
according to Nick Santoleri, Rockline's vice president of operations. Six months earlier, in
October 2013, Rockline announced the opening of an 18,000-square-foot Innovation and
Technical Center in Sheboygan, housing labs for microbiology and analytical chemistry plus two
pilot lines for paper converting equipment as well as for wet wipe product innovations and
packaging plus testing procedures.
Products/Services: Coffee filters; baking cups; baby wipes; flushable adult and kids wipes;
personal wipes such as antibacterial, feminine and incontinent wipes; household cleaning wipes
such as disinfectant and floor wipes and a full range of contract products
Sales Contacts: Paul Myers, Vice-President of Sales; Will Green, Vice-President of Contract
Sales; and David Deising, Business Director of Retail Wipes (including marketing)
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Health & Beauty Care
504 Thrasher St., Norcross, GA 30071 USA
Tel: (770) 448-2193
FAX: (770) 417-2346
Total Sales Volume: $5.7 Billion +184.9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Rock-Tenn is one of North America’s largest producers of liner board and container board
as well a the largest paper recycler, operating 241 plants and distribution centers in the United
States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and China. The company serves as a packaging partner
with private label manufacturers. Its partnerships over the past 50 years have included work in
folding cartons, solid fiber partitions, innovative point-of-purchase displays or thermoformed
plastics. The company regards itself as not just a packaging supplier, but as a packaging partner,
drawing on the support of its own recycling paperboard mills, in-house plastic extrusion facilities
and “industry-leading” structural and graphic design centers. In March 2008, the company
completed its acquisition of Southern Container Corp., a producer of containe board and
corrugated packaging, thus making Rock-Tenn more integrated in its packaging capabilities. This
was followed in May 2011 by the takeover of Shurfit-Stone Container for $4.9 billion. Its
container board mill and corrugated converting operations fit into Rock-Tenn’s corrugated
packaging segment; its recycling operations fit into the recycling and waste solutions segment and
its display operations in the consumer packaging segment. Overall, Rock-Tenn acquired this
company to expand our corrugated packaging business. Rock-Tenn estimates its business now
totals close to $10 billion.
Products/Services: Customized packaging and displays made from paperboard, corrugated and
plastic for such products as food, paper, health and beauty care, household items, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
55 Avocado St., Springfield, MA 01104 USA
Tel: (413) 737- 8392
FAX: (413) 731-9336
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: This privately owned poultry processor, started more than 20 years ago, operates
manufacturing facilities in Springfield, MA and Marion, AL. The company serves the foodservice
and retail markets, also acting as a retail private label packer of frozen, breaded chicken patties
and nuggets, breaded chicken, fried steak, breaded veal patties, breaded chicken tenders and filets.
Royal Harvest Foods also packs club and retail packs and provides a full private label meat
department program.
Products/Services: Frozen processed poultry (breaded chicken nuggets and patties), breaded
meats, marinated meats, stuffed chicken breasts, specialty boneless items on skewers.
Sales Contacts: James Vallides, President; Frank McNamara, Sales Manager
Category: Food (frozen poultry, meats)
2671 Fort Trenholm Rd., Johns Island, SC 29455 USA
Tel: (843) 266-3607; (800) 760-7779 (Ext. 3607)
FAX: (843) 559-7542
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Positioned as one of the largest US cosmetic manufacturer and as a pioneer and leader in
natural and organic personal care products, Royal Labs provides custom formulations and contract
manufacturing services for more than 5,000 natural skin, body, hair, baby, and pet care products.
Established in 1983 as a family business, the company prides itself on using no surfactants,
petrochemical derivatives, or chemical preservatives in its products. Only natural emollients,
essential oils, organic ingredients and actives are used to product “truly natural” products. The
company operates a 125,000-square-foot manufacturing facility that serves small independent
retailers up to major retail chains and marketing groups. Its production capacities: 1,000 up to 1
million pieces.
Products/Services: Skin, body & hair care natural and organic formulas--creams, balms, scrubs,
oils, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, lip gloss.
Sales Contacts: Paul Lieber, Founder & CEO
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Industriepark Vliedberg 12, 5250 RG Vlijon, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 73-518-7187
FAX: +31 73-518-7188
Total 2012Sales Volume: $130.3 Million (€ 98 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: This business was started by Nicolaass Saunders, a pharmacist in 1851 as a producer of
medical supplies, household goods and shaving soap. With concerns about national health and the
well being of people, the company was granted a Royal Warrant by King Willeim III, thus
becoming Rooyal Sanders. For more than 50 years, the firm has supplied private label accounts.
The company now operates two personal care plants, one in The Netherlands and one in Great
Britain. In August 2012, the private equity firm, Bencis Capital Partners, Amsterdam, took control
of the company. (Bencis Capital also owns Continental Candy Industries, also in this database.)
Products/Services: Personal care: face/body/hair/oral care, such as shower foam, skin care
products, deodorants, home and shoe cleaners, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2100, Udyog Kendra-1, Greater Noida201306, U.P. INDIA
Tel: +91 9873-434649
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: RS Paper manufacturers, exports, and supplies a wide selection of stationary items,
including construction paper, doodle pads, sketch pads, writing tablets, etc. Started in 2009 as a
one-stop solution for paper conversion, the company offers a full range of stationary items plus
pads, books, etc.
Products/Services: Stationary (office, school, exercise notebooks, wall calendars, pads); story
books, coloring/activity books
Sales Contacts: Mukesh Khanna, Export Manager ([email protected])
Category: General Merchandise, Service & Supplies
P.O. Box 509, Lima, OH 45802 USA
Tel: (419) 648-3611
FAX: (419) 648-4087
Total Sales Volume: $45 Million+
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: 20 countries: Central America, Mexico, South America, Europe, China, Australia
Profile: Rudolph Foods is the world’s largest producer of pork rind snacks and one of the largest
manufacturers of private label and branded snack products. The company, started in 1952, became
part of Beatrice Foods; until 1987, when the Rudolph family bought back the company, making it
a private company. Lately, the firm has developed a tender-style cracklin' fried-like pork rind with
a slight amount of fat added for texture. Rudolph Foods operates six US facilities and has three
international ventures (Mexico, Brazil and Denmark). In December 2011, the company acquired
GasLamp Popcorn Co., a California manufacturer of popped popcorn products.
Products/Services: Snack foods—pork rind, pork cracklin's, extruded product, popcorn,
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (candy/snacks)
800 Dillon Dr., Wood Dale, IL 60191 USA
Tel: (630) 595-4925
FAX: (630) 595-9635
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 75
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: In 2003, Rush Direct was launched by Charles and Vera Ferreira, both equipped with
some 18+ years in the pet food business. They started supplying natural line treats for dogs and
recently have added freeze-dried dog treats and supplements.
Products/Services: Natural & organic dog, cat & fish treats, freeze dried dog treats, rawhide, bully
sticks, natural cookies, special kibbles
Sales Contacts: Charles Ferreira, CEO; Vera Ferreira, CFO
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
P.O. Box 3, Kiryat- Gat, 82100, ISRAEL
Tel: +972 7-6884889
FAX: +972 7-6884889
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Germany, United States, England, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Belgium
Profile: Samuel and Son develops and manufactures a complete line of wet wipes, which cover
cleaning and polishing of such materials as: jewelry, silver, gold, copper, brass, plastic, and
wooden furniture. The firm also produces its “revolutionary paint-and- ink removing wet wipes.”
Additionally, the company markets a full line of kitchen sponges, loofa straps, bath mittens for
massage, and children’s bath mittens.
Products/Services: Wet wipes for cleaning/polishing different metals, jewelry, wood, windows and
glass; bath mittens, loofa straps, and kitchen cleaner spongers, pretreated cloths for cleaning
Sales Contacts: Rena Samuel, Marketing Manager
Category: Non-Food Groceries
4 Warehouse Lane, Elmsford, NY 10523, USA
Tel: (914) 592-3130
FAX: (914) 592-5373
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: This owner-operated, private label pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health & beauty aids
manufacturer and developer started in 1975. The company operates a 6,000-square-foot
laboratory for research, development, and production of national-brand-equivalent private label
cosmetics and OTC pharmaceuticals, esthetic skin care, bath, body and professional hair care
products, analgesics and SPF sun care products. San-Mar Labs also is a technology-driven FDA,
OTC, drug, cosmeceutical, health-and-beauty manufacturer with a portfolio of patented IP
technologies. The company, working with experts in different fields, such as stem cell research,
micro-capsulation, etc., licenses exclusive patented technologies to major universities, bio tech
and industry sources, while also allowing for licensing of its technologies to niche markets,
including private label customers. Two recent developments: an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
treatment called Zytrel and a sun protection product that provides Vitamin D3 nourishment for the
skin and bones.
Products/Services: OTC topicals, antiperspirants, sun screens and treatment cosmetics, analgesic
and acne preparations, bath, body, and foot products
Sales Contacts: Jim Berkrot, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
6869 Métropolitan Blvd East, Montréal, QC H1P 1X8 CANADA
Tel: (514) 328-6662
FAX: (514) 328-3364
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $6.9 Billion (C$ 6.8 Billion) +15.4%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 40 countries
Profile: Saputo (TSE: SAP) ranks among the largest dairy processor in the world, the largest in
Canada , and among the top three cheese producers in the US as well as being the largest snackcake manufacturer in Canada. Started in 1954 by Italian immigrants, this company has grown
organically and, more recently, via acquisitions to become a market leader. In March 2011, Saputo
acquired the $270.5 million Fairmount Cheese Holdings and its subsidiary, DCI Cheese Company,
Inc., Green Bay, WI, one of the largest specialty cheese marketers in the US. DCI’s $460 million
sales in 2010 cover both branded and private label products, such as: spreads, salsa, hummus, dips,
UPDATE: In December 2012, Saputo announced its pending $ 1.5 billion takeover (via a new
bank loan) of Morningstar Foods, the private label subsidiary of Dean Foods, Dallas (also in this
database). Morningstar’s business is one of the largest (if not the largest) processor of valueadded, extended shelf-life fluids and cultured dairy products sold primarily to foodservice
accounts and private label retailers in the US. Its 2011 sales were up by 11% to $1.3 billion, while
its operating income rose by 5% to $95 million. Saputo picks up 10 Morningstar manufacturing in
nine states, which brings Saputo’s operation to 57 manufacturing facilities in five countries:
Canada, United States, Argentina, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Its combined sales climb to
$8.6 billion.
Products/Services: Cheese, string cheese, mozzarella, cheese sticks, Ricotta, Parmesan, blue, feta,
fontinella; snack cakes, tarts, cereal bars fresh bakery items, spreads, salsa, hummus, dips.
Sales Contacts: Dairy Products Div. (Canada), 8000 Langelier Blvd., Suite 700, St-Léonard QC
H1P 3K2, Canada. Tel. 514.328.6663. Dairy Products Div. (USA), 25 Tri-State International
Office Centre, Suite 250, Lincolnshire, IL 60069. Tel: 847-267-1100; , fax: 847-267-1110. Matt
Bernstore, Zone Manager, Private Label Sales
Category: Food (dairy, dry groceries)
3500 Lacey Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515- 5424 USA
Tel: (630-598-8412
FAX: (630) 598-8653
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $8.7 Billion +4.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: To say that Sara Lee Corp. (NYSE: SLE) is going against the tide is an understatement.
Since 2005, instead of following a pattern of growth through acquisitions, the company has been
selling off or spinning off pieces of its business. If you trace back to 2002, Sara Lee generated
sales of $17.6 billion, following a splurge of diversification activities tracing back into the 1970s.
Its portfolio covered coffee, clothes, underwear, cosmetics, toiletries, air fresheners, shoe polish,
etc. The ‘brand-letting’ began in 2005 with the sale of its US brands and private label coffee
business to Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Group of Italy (also in this database). At the end of 2005, the
company had sold its $1.2 billion apparel business in Europe to Sun Capital Partners for € 100
million. Other divestments followed, including its sauces and salad dressings business (sold to
Richelieu Foods--also in this database), its North American fresh bakery branded and private label
business (sold to Grupo Bimbo for $959 million--except markets in western Europe, Australia and
New Zealand). In April 2011, Sara Lee completed the divestment of its household and body care
businesses with the sale of its global shoe care business to SC Johnson for € 245 million. This
followed a number of previous selloffs in this area: its Indian insecticides joint venture, its air care
business (Procter & Gamble paid € 350 million), its body care and European detergents business
(Unilever picked them up for € 1.2 billion) and some other branded business. While under Sara
Lee, these branded businesses were open to private label; some of the buyers, however, are strictly
brand name manufacturers. In August 2011, Sara Lee’s North American refrigerated dough
business (mostly private label) was transferred over to Ralcorp (also in this database) for $545
million. In March 2012, Sara Lee executives announced “the last chapter of a fundamental
transformation of our company.” A decade ago (2002), they said Sara Lee was a holding company
with unrelated and decentralized operating units. In fiscal 2011, the company completed a $1.8
billion share buyback program. Also, two acquisitions were recorded: Café Damasco (Brazil) and
Aidells Sausage Company. For an encore, Sara Lee announced the spin off in 2012 of its total
operation into two separate, independent companies. Its coffee and tea products will operate as a
European beverage corporation, called D. E. Masters Blenders 1753. (The 1753 date refers to the
debut year of Douwe Egbert of The Netherlands, now the world’s third largest coffee roaster.) Its
US coffee and tea operation will become a subsidiary. Sara Lee also markets coffee concentrate
machines, including Senseo coffee pods. Both Douwe Egbert and Senseo are suppliers to the
private label business. The other company, Sara Lee MeatCo, will focus on hot dogs and other
processed meats (Sara Lee Meat Co., handling brands like Ball Park, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire
Farms). Based on six-month sales and Sara Lee’s full-year guidance, each new company’s
continuing operations should gross approximately $4 billion in annual sales, according to one
report. In June 2012, Sara Lee announced its meat-centric food products and foodservice business
in North America will operate as Hillshire Brands (NYSE: HSH). In May 2014, Hillshire
announced its planned acquisition of Pinnacle Foods, Parsippany, NJ., a company focused on
reinvirogating iconic brands that have lost market share, while de-emphasizing its private label
business. If the deal is completed, Hillshire will emerged as a $6.6 billion brand name competitor
to the private label business.
UPDATE: In 2014, Hillshire became the target of a bidding war between Pilgrim's Pride and
Tyson Foods, the latter winning with a cash offer (effective up until December 2014) of $8.6
billion, including Hillshire's net debt. The deal is contingent on Hillshire walking away from its
agreement to buy Pinnacle Foods and swallow a $163 million termination fee. All these
companies are listed in this database.
Products/Services: Coffee, teas, specialty coffees, processed meats (pork, beef, chicken, and
ready-to-serve broth--chicken, beef, turkey, vegetable
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Beverages (coffee/tea), Food (frozen, refrigerated, bakery items, meat), Food Service
1 Persnickety Place, Plymouth, WI 53073 USA
Tel: (920) 893-8484
FAX: (920) 893-8399
Total Sales Volume: $500 Million+
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada, Pacific Rim
Profile: Family owned and operated since 1953, Sargento Foods started out as a retail store in
Plymouth, WI, selling packaged Mozzarella, Provalone, Parmesan and Romano cheeses. Today,
the company is a leading national packager and marketer of natural shredded, sliced, snack, and
specialty cheeses, mostly sold under the Sargento brand. The company claims its product is the
best selling brand of natural sliced cheese in America and a top-seller in the foodservice business.
Its business divides into four divisions: Consumer Products, Foodservice, Food Ingredients, and
Culinary Solutions (for deli operations). Lately, the company is expanding into frozen foods. Also
it has introduced new cheese lines with 25% less sodium content. Reduced fat content options are
available as well. Its 2010 sales reportedly were up by 4.5% over the previous year.
Products/Services: Natural shredded cheeses and specialty blends, single serve portable snacks,
frozen breaded items
Sales Contacts: DickWilliamson, Vice- President of International Sales; Mark D. Gumm, VicePresident of Sales
Category: Food (dairy, frozen foods)
Senator-Mester- Str. 1, 28197 Bremen, GERMANY
Tel: +49 421 52690
FAX: +49 421 5269 135
Total Sales Volume: $611 Million+ (€ 460 Million) (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Saturn Petfood is part of of the family owned Heristo Aktiengesellschaft group (also in
this database) and Europe’s largest pet food supplier. Established in 1987 as a supplier of moist
dog food, the company has evolved into a major player in Europe, operating two production
plants. Its products are certified by DQS, according to regulations IFS and DIN EN 9001 in
combination with DIN EN ISO 14001. Lately the company has moved into dry pet food as well.
Products/Services: Wet and dry food for dogs and cats, snacks and baked foods
Sales Contacts: Hubert Schiermeier, International Sales Director
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
SCA ( Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA)
P.O. Box 200, SE- 10123, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Tel: +46 80788-5100
Fax: N/A
Total 2011 SCA Consolidated Sales Volume: $ 16.3 Bil lion (SEK 105.8 Bil lion) -1.1%--Total
Sales in Tissue: $5.9 Billion (SEK 38.1 Billion); Total Sales in Packaging $4.1 Billin (SEK 26.5
Billion); Total Sales in Personal Care: $ 3.7 Billion (SEK 24.3 Billion); Total Sales in Forest
Products: $2.6 Billion (SEK 16.9 Billion).
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia,
Australasia--100+ countries
Profile: SCA is a global hygiene and paper company, producing personal care, tissue, and forest
products plus packaging solutions. On a global basis, it is the third largest hygiene company in its
product categories. In adult incontinence products it is number one in the world; in tissue products
for institutional and foodservice markets, it is number two; and in consumer tissues, it is number
three in the world. Since 76% of its sales are in Europe, its market leadership there extends
through incontinence products (#1), diapers and feminine care (#3), both consumer &
institutional/foodservice tissues (#1), and in packaging (#2). Two of its brands, Tena
incontinence and Tork institutional/foodservice tissues, each command $1.5 billion in sales (SEK
10 billion). SCA oversees some 202 manufacturing facilities: 29 personal care in 24 countries
selling to 24 countries; 45 tissue in 18 countries, selling to 80 countries; 110 packaging facilities in
20 countries, selling to 36 European countries; and 18 forest products facilities in countries,
selling to Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America. In its consumer tissue business, SCA is
considered Europe’s largest supplier for retailer brands. Forest Products include publication
papers, pulp, timber and solid-wood products. While the company puts emphasis on its branded
business, private label plays an important role, especially in its tissue business: toilet paper,
kitchen rolls, facial tissues, handkerchiefs, and napkins. Recently, SCA began consolidating its
retail brand business, including baby diapers, into its Olawa, Poland facility, starting in 2011. In
November 2011, SCA acquired Georgia-Pacific’s European tissue business, SEK 12 billion sales,
to be completed in mid-2012. In January 2012, SCA divested its packaging operations, excluding
two mills in Sweden, selling the operation for SEK 15.3 billion. In March 2012, the company
acquired Everbeauty in Taiwan, a leading Asian personal care products company, which generated
SEK 1.6 billion in 2010 sales. This company sells mostly baby diapers and about 40% of sales in
incontinence care products to China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian countries. SCA, which also
holds 18% interest in a tissue producer in China, sees this region as an exciting growth market,
especially for hygiene products. The potential: representing up to 60% of the global growth within
those product categories.
Products/Services: Toilet paper, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, napkins, facials, feminine hygiene,
baby diapers, incontinence products
Sales Contacts: MaxineWilson, International Private Label Brand Manager.
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2002 South 5070 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 USA
Tel: (801) 975-5000
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $213.6 Million +4.2%
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: Pacific Rim, Mexico, United Kingdom
Profile: Over the past 75 years, Schiff Nutrition has provided Schiff branded and private label
nutritional supplements and nutrition bars (400+ SKUs) to mass market retailers in the US and
abroad. Recently, however, its specialty area, joint care supplements, has weakened in the
marketplace, while competition has intensified. (Its two biggest customers, Costco and Walmart
account for 73% of total net sales.) The results show in its 2011 net income drop of 31.5% to
$12.6 million. To counteract this trend, the company is branching out into other product areas. In
June 2011, Schiff Nutrition for $40 million cash purchased Ganeden Biotech, Inc., a provider of
probiotic branded products for use as a dietary supplement. More recently, in March 2012,
Airborne, Inc., a provider of immune support dietary supplements was acquired for $150 million
cash. Prospects for the company’s private label business in 2012 are dim, after having lost
business in 2011.
Products/Services: Specialty supplements, vitamins and minerals
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
425 Pine St., Green Bay, WI 54301 USA
Tel: (920) 437-7601; (800) 344-0333
FAX: (920) 455-6079
Total Sales Volume: $4.5+ Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia
Profile: Acclamations are in order for this company: the world’s largest employee-owned dairy
company, the leading supplier of store brand cheese in the grocery industry, and the largest
supplier of processed cheese to the foodservice industry. Founded in 1945, Schreiber Foods also is
the second largest producer of cream cheese in the US. In 1999, its employees bought out
Schreiber Foods. Its positioning as a global supplier was underscored in 2010 with a joint venture
formed in Austria. The company also has production/distribution facilities in Brazil, China,
Germany, India, Mexico, and Uruguay. In the US, it operates at least 15 facilities. In 2011, the
company acquired the private label yogurt business from Dean Foods (also in this database).
Products/Services: Cheeses (natural & processed and cultured products (cream cheese, yogurt).
Natural cheeses cover cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack, Edam & Gouda, Brie, Roquefort,
Mozzarella, Parmesan, string
Sales Contacts: Elaine Howard, Sr. National Account Manager
Category: Food (dairy, dry groceries, refrigerated), Food Service
1133 West 35th St., Chicago, IL 60609 USA
Tel: (773) 927-6622
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, South America, Europe
Profile: Founded in 1922, Schulze and Burch Biscuit Co. is an innovator in baked products. The
company developed the original saltine cracker and produced the first granola bar and toaster
pastry (Toast’em brand for General Foods). Today, the firm is a leading supplier of exclusive
brand fruit-filled toaster pastries, one of the fastest-growing grocery categories over the past few
years. In December 2011, the company purchased the bankrupt Yarnell’s Ice Cream Company for
$1.3 million.
Products/Services: Toaster pastries, granola bars and bases, cereal bars, crackers, cookies, ice
Sales Contacts: Bill Stuart, Vice- President, Marketing & Sales.
Category: Food (dry groceries, cookies, frozen--ice cream)
115 West College Drive, Marshall, MN 56258 USA
Tel: (507) 532- 3274; (888) Schwans
Total Sales Volume: $3 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 50+ Countries
Profile: Started in 1952 as a home delivery service of ice cream to rural families in western
Minnesota, Schwan’s has grown, via product expansion and acquisitions, to become the world’s
largest frozen pizza manufacturer. It also is the largest direct-to-home provider of frozen foods in
the US. As a leader in school foodservice, supplying some 72,000 schools in the US , drawing
from more than 350 products. Schwan’s markets marketing products to 50+ countries. It operates
12 manufacturing facilities and four distribution centers. The company’s Consumer Brands
operations in North America and Europe handle up to 500 products for the retail trade. In recent
years, the company has placed more emphasis on its brands: Schwan’s, Red Baron, Tony’s,
Freschitta, Mrs. Smith’s, Edwards, etc.
Products/Services: Pizza, frozen dessert pies, Asian products (entrees, egg rolls, appetizers, side
dishes etc.), potatoes
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (frozen foods), Food (frozen foods)
Hawley Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0PR UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 (0) 1455-639750
FAX: +44 (0) 1455-639751
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Europe, Far East, Latin America, Africa, Middle East
Profile: Started some 20+ years ago, this company manufactures a drug-free, alternative product:
an acupressure band that fits around the wrist with a pressure stud sewn inside. It is used to treat
nausea, travel and morning sickness, and especially for use in motion sickness, pregnancy,
chemotherapy treatment, and post operative procedures. This company is affiliated with De Gaud
Laboratories, Paris, France. About one-third of its business is in the US, one-third in Western
Europe, while the balance is the rest of the world.
Products/Services:Acupressure, wrist bands, waterless vaporizers, refill pads
Sales Contacts: N/A. In U.S.: Sea-Band International, 205 Spring St., Newport, RI 02840. Tel:
(401) 841-5900
Category: General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Care
11 Prospect St., Morristown, NJ 07960-6882 USA
Tel: (201) 646- 9050
FAX: (201) 646- 0990
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: $1.5 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Eastern Europe
Profile: This company specializes in folding paperboard boxes, paperboard mills, folding boxes,
etc., plus display boards.
Products/Services: Paper folding boxes for package goods, pharmaceuticals, electronics, software,
toys, etc.
Sales Contacts: Daniel Kiselik
Category: Supplies
Parque empresarial de la Moraleja, Avda. Europa, 24, 28108 Alcobendas, SPAIN
Tel: +34 91 125 0400
FAX: +34 91 662 44 88
Total 2009 Sales Volume: $300 Million (€ 217 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global (five continents)
Profile: SEDA (Sociedad Espanola de Alimentos) was established in 1957 with its dedication to
manufacturing soluble (instant) coffee--starting into the private label business. SEDA’s line of
soluble coffee and substitute products today is exclusively oriented to private label with 80% of its
sales in export. It operates coffee and aroma extraction plants, a green coffee decaffeinating plant,
coffee freeze-drying plants, and its own packing and power plants. Through joint ventures, the
company has become an international supplier, operating on five continents. Its products are ISO
9001 certified plus certified by the Fair Trade Rainforest Alliance and by UTZ for more ethically
sourced products. More recently, SEDA, facing harsh economic conditions in Spain, has
encountered financial problems, forcing it into bankruptcy early in 2012. As a result, its total sales
have shrunken reportedly to € 80 million. The country’s Ministry of Agriculture & Finance
stepped in with loans, which were expected to pull SEDA out of bankruptcy protection by June
Products/Services: Instant coffee (powder, granules, freeze dried); coffee blends/substitutes
(coffee/chicory, soluble barley or cereals, mixtures coffee or without coffee; specialties-cappuccino or milk/chicory/coffee
Sales Contacts: Manuel Diaz de Mera, Export Director
Category: Beverages (coffee)
418 E. Conde St., Janesville, WI 53546 USA
Tel: (608) 757-6715
FAX: (608) 743-8324
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $1.3 Billion +1.5%
Sales % in EB: 54
Export Markets: Europe, Caribbean, Central & South America, Canada, Southeast Asia, Middle
East, Africa
Profile: Seneca Foods, which was founded in 1949, has over its history acquired more than 50
companies, the most recent, during this fiscal period: Independent Foods LLC, Sunnyside, WA, a
processor of canned pears, apples, and cherries. Today, the company operates 22 processing
facilities; two can manufacture plants, two seed processing units, and a farming operation. The
company is a processor of fruits and vegetables in cans, frozen packs, and bottles, as well as snack
chips. Food processing represents 98% of its sales, 69% of which is in canned vegetables, 19% in
canned fruits, 11% in frozen fruits and vegetables, and 1% in fruit chips. Seneca is now
established as the #1 producer in private label, foodservice, and export canned vegetables, and # 3
in branded canned vegetables. About 11% of its sales are in its own brands, including: Libby’s,
Aunt Nellie’s Farm Kitchen, Seneca, etc.) The company also derives 22% of its sales via
institutional food distribution. The company packs for some major brands, including Green Giant,
Le Sueur, and others. Seneca is publicly traded on the Nasdaq exchange (SENEA).
UPDATE: In 2011, the company unsuccessfully tried to merge with Allens, Inc. (also in this
database). Subsequently, Allens’ misfortunes, especially in failing in its frozen vegetable business
and confronting weakening canned vegetable sales, led to its bankruptcy in October 2013. Seneca
Foods, two months later, announced plan to enter an asset purchase agreement with Allens,
agreeing to pay $148 million for Allen’s assets. If successful, Seneca will enhance its canned
vegetable business, including sweet potatoes, southern vegetables, while also expanding its
business in beans and spinach. In January 2014, Seneca agreed to the asset purchase and now
awaits approval from the Bankruptcy Court. Meantime, Seneca in April 2014 bit off 50%
ownership of a family operated food processor, Truitt Bros., Salem, OR. This company, also a
private label supplier, produces shelf-stable, heat-and-serve meals, side dishes, sauces and soups,
using no artificial or modified ingredients. Seneca has the option to acquire the remaining 50% of
Truitt Bros. in the future.
Products/Services: Canned & frozen vegetables (beans, peas, beets, asparagus, corn, mixed
vegetables, carrots,; bottled, canned fruits (pears, fruit cocktail, peaches, apricots, fruit salad) &
frozen fruit juices (citrus & non-citrus).
Sales Contacts: Ed Hopkins, VP, Store Brand Sales; Brent Akers, Store Brand Sales Account
Mg.; Mark Gavigan Jr., VP, Frozen Business Sales; Bill Loftus, Pete Hales, Dan Miller, Ann
Tuohey, Marshall Crenshaw, Brent Akers, and Don Jones, all Store BrandSales/Account
Category: Food Service (dry groceries, frozen foods), Beverages (juice), Food (dry groceries,
frozen foods)
Sandycreek Industrial Park, DeBence Drive, Franklin, PA 16323 USA
Tel: (814) 432-7890
FAX: (814) 432-8050
Total Sales Volume: $45 Million+
Sales % in EB: 40
Export Markets: Europe, Canada, Mexico
Profile: Seneca Printing and Label company and Salem Label merged in January 1999 to provide a
complete offering of printing services to current and new clients. The company’s “One Source”
strategy is to provide cut-and- stock labels, sheet-fed labels, commercial printing capabilities,
express printing and fulfillment services. Seneca was the first Pennsylvania printer to earn ISO
9002 Certification, one of a minority of the printing companies nationwide who have applied.
Salem is a pioneer in unique, innovative label solutions for both the private label and exclusive
brand market, offering shrink film (POP) for contoured and ribbed containers. The company
reports it can print on a wide variety of substrates. It also specializes in printing of plastic in-mold
labels as well as defraction and metallized labels.
Products/Services: Labels
Sales Contacts: Joseph M. Varano, Director of Sales & Marketing
Category: Supplies
777 East Wisconsin Ave., Suite 11200, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Tel: (414) 271-6755
Total Sales Volume: $1.4 Billion +7.7%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada
Profile: Universal Food Corp., Milwaukee, a supplier of flavor and color ingredients for food
processing, frozen French fry potatoes, dehydrated vegetables, and yeast product, which was
established in 1882, changed its name in 2001 to Sensient Technologies Corp. (Its Universal
Flavors division was listed in this database, mainly as an ingredients supplier.) Today, Sensient
Technologies (NYSE: SXT), is a world leader in supplying flavors, fragrances and colors for
numerous industries: foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, home and personal care
products, specialty printing and imaging products, computer imaging, and industrial colors. Some
61% of its revenues derive from outside the US. The company produces flavors, flavor enhancers
and bio-nutrients; fragrances and aroma chemicals; dehydrated vegetables and other food
ingredients; food and beverage colors (natural and synthetic), cosmetic and pharmaceutical colors
and additives; and technical colors, injet colors and inks plus specialty dyes and pigments.
Products/Services: Flavors, flavor enhancers, fragrances, food ingredients, colors
(food/beverage/cosmetic/ pharmaceutical), technical colors, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
7750 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060-4802 USA
Tel: (440) 974-8144
FAX: (440) 974-0249
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1905, Sentinel today is a leading, worldwide manufacturer of branded and
private label health and beauty care (HBC) products. The company offers more than 350 HBC
products, encompassing five categories: first aid, foot care, cosmetic care, swabs and cosmetic
fluffs. A spectacular array of color, powerful package designs, aggressive sales support and
flexible merchandising programs complement Sentinel’s comprehensive line of products. Besides
its Mentor, OH, manufacturing and distribution center, the firm maintains similar centers in
Anniston, AL, and Clearfield, UT., each strategically located to expedite delivery of products.
Products/Services: Cotton swabs, cosmetic fluffs, cotton balls, foot care, first-aid, cosmetic pads
(rounds and squares).
Sales Contacts: Michael Czaja and Harvey Mitchell, both Vice-Presidents of Sales; Chuck
George, Director of Sales.
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1200 Waterway Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA
Tel: (317) 636-7760
FAX: (317) 264-2192
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: SerVaas Labs is a privately held manufacturer of top-quality cleaning products such as
Bar Keepers Friend cleansers & polish. The firm began private label business at the request of
some of its branded customers, because of its quality products. The product line has continued to
grow as customers request new products.
Products/Services: Soft cleanser, soft cleanser with bleach, lime remover, soap scum remover,
mildew remover, bathroom cleaner, bleach with cleaner, basin tub & tile cleaner, toilet bowl
Sales Contacts: Tony Pat ter son, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Non-Food Groceries
Z.I. — Rue de l’oberwald, F-68360 Soultz, FRANCE
Tel: +33 389.74.75.20
FAX: +33 389.74.75.21
Total Sales Volume: (€ 18.1 Million)
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: Western and Central Europe
Profile: Started in 1993, Sevenday has expanded its a production capacity, becoming an industry
innovator. The company, which provides for a whole range of RTE (ready-to-eat) breakfast
cereals at a top-quality level, belongs to Sevenday Cereals Ltd. of the United Kingdom. In 2001,
however, Sevenday filed for bankruptcy and subsequently was acquired by Alina s.l., Madrid
(owner of Seda Solubles (also in this database). In October 2009, a member of the Hahne family,
Nicholaus Hahne, acquired Sevenday. In late 2011, Sevenday, together with another one of his
investments, EuroCer SAS, a developer and producer of cereals in France, was merged into what
is now called Hahne Cereals Group (see C. Hahne Muhlenwerke listing in this database).
Products/Services: Ready-to-eat, extruded breakfast cereals (corn flakes, rice and wheat flakes)
Sales Contacts: Manuel Diaz, Export Director
Category: Category: Food (dry groceries--ready-to-eat cereals)
1 place des Alpes, P.O. Box 2152, 1211 Geneva, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 227-3-99111
FAX: +41 227-3-99886
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $4.3 Billion (Sfr. 4.8 Billion) +0.8%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: SGS S.A. began as a grain inspection house in 1878 in Rouen, France. Today, it calls
itself the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, operating
1,350 offices and laboratories worldwide. The company, structured under 10 geographic business
segments, addresses virtually every industry (agriculture and food, automotive, chemical, energy,
industrial manufacturing, etc.) and including consumer goods & retail services, which cover:
quality, compliance, safety, and sustainability across global supply chains. The SGS U.S. Testing
Company offers a private label supply service package for retailers in launching their own product
lines. This is combined with other SGS services and independently verifies in-house performance
standards and ad claims, plus comparison of a brand versus its competitors.
UPDATE: In July 2012, SGS formed a strategic partnership agreement with Cameron-Cole LLC,
Oakland, CA, a leader in sustainability and environmental consulting, giving SGS support in the
environmental impact of a company's operations, products, or services.
Products/Services: Analytical/testing facilities for product analysis, quality assurance testing,
claims substantiation, regulatory compliance, full laboratory services.
Sales Contacts: SGS U.S. Testing Co., Inc., 291 Fairfield Ave., Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA. Tel:
(973) 575-5252; (800) 777-8378
Category: Service
Distribution Centre #2, 865 Brock Rd. South, Pickering, Ontario, CANADA L1W 3J2
Tel: (905) 420-7407; (800) 219-6225
FAX: (905) 420-4216
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States
Profile: Shandex considers itself the leading Canadian distributor of store brand goods. The family
owned business, which began some 20+ years ago as an account manager for private label
products and developed its distribution business later, has become a private label manufacturer as
well. In January 2011, Shandex acquired Perth Soap, which was owned by the chairman of
Trillium/Body Care Innovations, a major supplier of private label bar soap. Shandex as a
distributor, operates a 145,000-square-foot warehouse in Pickering plus a fleet of 38 tractor units
and 74 trailers. Its venture into private label personal care manufacturing calls for an expansion of
the private label bar soap business, while expanding into liquid soap production, and building
distribution abroad.
Products/Services: Soap (bar, granulated, liquid, cake, flakes, chipped)
Sales Contacts: Bob Staite, President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
692 Wabash Ave. North, Brewster, OH 94613 USA
Tel: (330) 767-3426
FAX: (330)767-3393
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $500 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: This privately owned salty snack producer, which started in 1974, has attracted numerous
awards and honors from industry associations and retail/foodservice customers over the years.
Shearers’ Foods operates four manufacturing plants and five distribution centers, serving the
Midwest, New England, and Canada. In 2010, the company acquired Snack Alliance Inc. and its
Canadian affiliate, which also supplies private label products. Shearer’s claims it can now produce
220 million pounds of snacks over its 80 acres of manufacturing space. UPDATE: In late August
2012, this company changed ownership, from one private equity firm, Mistral Partners, to another,
Wind Point Partners, Chicago--a deal scheduled for completion in October 2012. Shearer's is said
to be the largest producer of kettle cooked potato chips in the world and the largest producer of
private label salty snacks in North America.
UPDATE: In April 2012, Shearer's Foods for $33.5 million acquired Medallion Foods, Newport,
AR, a producer of private label corn-based snack products (tortilla chips, corn chips, and extruded
corn products) from ConAgra Foods, Inc. (also in this database), which took control of Medallion
as part of its takeover of Ralcorp in January 2013). ConAgra felt it could not support Medallion as
part of its overall private label strategy. Shearer's continued to broaden its product portfolio,
agreeing in May 2014 to purchased for $430 million the Private Brands business of Snyder'sLance, Charlotte, NC (also in this database), including two manufacturing plants, one in the US,
one in Canada. The takeover, expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2014, adds
cookies, crackers, and wafers to Shearer's product offering.
Products/Services: Potato chips, pretzels, pork rinds, salsa con queso, tortilla chips, puffs, curls,
whole grain brown rice crisps
Sales Contacts: Brian Newland, Chris Jayne, both Vice-Presidents of National Accounts
Category: Food (snacks)
170 Broad St., New London, CT 06320 USA
Tel: (860) 442-4451; (800) 222-1087
FAX: (860) 442-0356
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 25 (E)
Export Markets: 50+ countries
Profile: This division of Faria Limited LLC got started in 1850, when Dr. Sheffield invented the
world’s first toothpaste. His son, inspired by metal tubes used to hold paints and inks, put the
toothpaste in tubes. More than 20 years ago, Sheffield branched out into the pharmaceutical
business. The family owned today company provides private label and contract work for its
product line, focused on health and beauty care and personal care products. It produces creams,
gels, ointments, liquids, etc., covering such categories as: analgesics, anti-itch, anti-fungal, first
aid, oral products, toothpaste, skin products.
Products/Services: Toothpaste, baby teething gel, denture adhesives, shaving cream, diaper rash,
muscle rub, zinc oxide, hydrocortisone, etc.
Sales Contacts: Ana de Oliverira, Vice-President of Sales & Operations
Category: Health & Beauty Care
101 Prospect Ave. N.W., Cleveland, OH 44115 USA
Tel: (216) 566-2000; (800) 474-3794
FAX: (216) 566-2947
Total Fiscal 2012 Consumer Group New Sales: $1.3 Billion +3.7%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 110+ countries
Profile: Sherwin-Williams (NYSE:SHW) is primarily a retailer (listed in the Retailers database).
Its Consumer Group operates 32 manufacturing sites and 7 distribution centers, selling paint
products to the trade and supplying company owned stores. Founded in 1866, Sherwin-Williams
has become the largest producer of paints and coatings in the US—and third largest in the world.
These products are sold to professionals, industrial accounts, commercial firms, and retail
customers, mostly in North and South America and including operations in the Caribbean, Europe
and Asia. Some 58% of total company 2012 sales of $9.5 billion come from its Paint Store
Group. Its Global Finishes Group net sales of $1.9 billion +4.4%) sells protective and marine
products auto finishes and refinishes, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product finishes in
North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The Latin America Coating Group sells paint and
coatings, protective marine products, OEM finishes, etc., while also working with nine foreign
subsidiaries. The recent downturn in the world economy impacted on homebuilding and carried
into Sherwin-Williams’ product offering. This coupled with rising costs of raw materials and
energy needs depressed its net income for 2011 by 4.5% to $441.9 million. Fiscal 2012, however,
showed promising growth as product price increases were introduced during the year.
UPDATE: In September 2013, Sherwin-Williams completed its cash purchase totaling $2.4
billion for Comex Group, Mexico City, Mexico, a leading paints and coatings supplier, including
about $75 million of its liabilities. Comex’s 2012 sales were about $1.5 billion, more than 60%
generated in Mexico. The company, which markets to professionals and DIY customers, operates
314 paint stores (234 in the US and 80 in Canada plus some eight manufacturing plants (five in the
US and three in Canada). Comex markets products under its own store banners as well as the
Comex brand and its Ultratech and Master Choice brands. (Also, see Sherwin-Williams listing in
the retailers’s database).
Products/Services: Paints, coatings, finishes
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Household Products
600 James Street South, St. Mary's, ON N4X 1C7 CANADA
Tel: (513) 349-2152
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Shur-Gain, established in 1937, is a well-known dry pet food brand in Canada. The
company became part of Maple Leaf Foods International (also listed in this database); but in May
2007, Maple Leaf Foods sold its animal nutrition business (sales about C$ 500 million), which
included the Shur-Gain business, covering eastern Canada, and the Landmark Feed business,
covering Western Canada, to Nutreco Holdings N.V of the Netherlands, a global leader in animal
nutrition and fish feed. Nutreco with sales of € 4.7 billion +13.3%, produces animal nutrition
products, including premixes, concentrated, compound feeds, animal health products, etc. Through
Shur-Gain’s dedicated pet food plant in St. Mary’s, the company now produces private label pet
food for the grocery trade and branded pet food for the pet specialty sector. Shur-Gain’s sales at
the time of the takeover were reported at C$ 650 million, considered to be one of the largest
producers in the world for pet foods.
Products/Services: Dry extruded food for dogs, cats, and ferrets.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
73-D Enterprise Dr., Pendergrass, GA 30567 USA
Tel: (706) 693-0098
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $35 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Co-founders Tom Southworth and Chuck McAffee, both with experience in the food
business, started Signature Foods as a copacker in January 2004. Since then, they have expanded
their frozen food business into a number of specialty products (pizza, sausage biscuits, onion
rings, etc.), as well as in meats (chicken, meatballs, catfish nuggets, etc.), and vegetables (corn,
peas, beans, okra, mixed vegetables, French fries, etc.). Its Signature Pick 5 program offers lowcost foods for the supermarket trade; Golden Cuisine meals are targeted to diabetics, offering
frozen meals for seniors.
Products/Services: Frozen foods & meals for seniors
Sales Contacts: Tom Southworth, Chick McAffee
Category: Food (frozen foods, prepared meals)
(Subsidiary of Simmons Foods, Inc.)
316 North Hico, Siloam Springs, AR 72761-2806 USA
Tel: (479) 524-8151
FAX: (479) 524- 6562
Total 2013 Sales Volume: $1.5 Billion (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Simmons Foods is a family owned business, which began in 1949 as a poultry processor
and about 10 years later entered the pet foods business, while also producing feed ingredients.
Today, it is a vertically integrated poultry processor, producing frozen poultry, processed poultry
and pet food for dogs and cats as well as livestock feed ingredients. The pet food operation,
operating four wet pet food plants (including one in Canada) is North America's largest wet pet
food private label and contract manufacturer supplier. It produces 3,500 skus of poultry products
(loaf and cuts in gravy). The company claims to sell to nine of the top 10 and 35 of the top 40
North American food retailers. Its ties to private label solidified in 1979 when it worked with Sam
Walton to produce Ol' Roy dog food--now the leading brand in its category. Simmons business
expanded appreciably in August 2010, when the company acquired Menu Foods Income Fund,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. That year, Simmons also completed construction of a dry pet foods
facility in Decatur, AR. The company works with nearly 300 family farm breeders. Its strategy
basically focuses on B2B business with no brand priorities set.
UPDATE: In April 2014, Simmons Pet Food began expansion of its Emporia, KS, pet food
processing facility, while adding a new canning line, this project expected to be completed in
2014's fourth quarter.
Products/Services: Wet and dry pet food
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Pet foods & supplies
878 Firetower Rd., Yanceyville, NC 27379 USA
Tel: (336) 694-5665
FAX: (336) 694-5284
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets: Japan, Europe
Profile: In February 2011, two small quality food producers, Wizards Cauldron Inc., Yanceyville,
NC, and Organicville, Milwaukee, merged to form this company. The former business was started
in the foothills of Cedar Grove, NC by John Troy (now retired), who began with two unique
products, a hot miso sauce and a candy bar. Troy, developing new flavor profiles, built his
business to more than 500 products, covering sauces, dressings, condiments, etc. His company
specialized in creating high-quality foods, using pure, certified organic and unusual ingredients.
Putting a high interest in the integrity and quality of ingredients, the company specially copacks
and private labels each product with care and consideration for the planet and its people.
Specializing in natural sauces, dressings and condiments (75 different types), the Wizard’s
Caldron supplies the vendors of the organic food trade with 10 national brands, consisting of 50
organic positioned products. All its products are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free.
This firm also creates products designed for the emerging health-conscious consumer. At
Organicville, Rachel Kruse, as a life long vegetarian, started her business at age 27 in 2004,
literally right in her family kitchen, first producing up to seven salad dressings, then expanding
into marinades, BBQ and pasta sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, hot sauces, hand-churned ice cream
and innovations like nondairy ranch dressing (a vegan blue cheese dressing also in the works). All
the products are vegetarian, most are vegan, many are gluten free, and all are made with premium
ingredients, such as agave nectar instead of refined sugar or tamari instead of soy sauce.
Products/Services:O rganic or all natural dressings, Asian and BBQ sauces, marinades, hot sauces,
cocktail, tartar, steak and Worcestershire; Agae ketchup and mayonnaise, and condiments
Sales Contacts: Dennis Daniels, CEO (Private Label) ; Rachel Kruse, President (Branded
Category: Food (dry groceries)
33 Clinton Rd., Suite 201, West Caldwell, NJ 07006 USA
Tel: (973) 882-8060
FAX: (973) 882-8062
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Slattery Marketing Corp., founded in 1980 first as a private label grocery brokerage by
Michael J. Slattery, Sr., has grown to become one of the largest private label brokers in the
Northeast, covering New York, New Jersey and New England states. The firm is a full-service
house, offering state-of-the-art technology backed with extensively experienced personnel. This
firm represents some of the premier grocery suppliers in the industry, extending its services to
branded and controlled labels product categories in which it competes.
Products/Services: Brokerage services for food, beverage, health & beauty care, paper products,
Sales Contacts: Michael J. Slattery, President; Edward A. Kubarewicz, Executive Vice-President
Category: Service
SMITH BROTHERS CO., THE (formerly called F & F FOODS, INC.)
3501 W. 48th Place, Chicago, IL 60632 USA
Tel: (773) 927- 3737; (800) 621- 0225
FAX: (773) 927-3906
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 24
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started in 1928 as a producer of cough drops, cough syrups and the like, this private
company expanded and acquired some interesting well-known brands, such as Smith Bros. cough
drops (started in 1847) purchased from Warner Lambert and Sen-Sen, the oldest breath freshener
in the US. Additionally, the company markets Daily C vitamin brand. Its exclusive brands
business began in recent years. F&F emerged as one of the country’s largest private label
manufacturers of confections and cough/cold products with a heavy push into nutraceuticals (solid
dosage products). Its fate, however, turned sour in 2009, facing cash flow problems, which led to
its bankruptcy. In 2010, the company was purchased by Universal Holdings, an affiliate of the
private equity firms, York Capital Management, New York, and GemCap, Malibu, CA, for $10
million. Then in 2012, F&F was renamed The Smith Brothers Co., headed by Steve Silk, CEO.
The company has since developed some new innovative products, looking to position itself as a
wellness provider.
Products/Services: Cough & cold (cough drops, zinc, pressed tablets, lozenges); confections
(breath strips, hard candy including sugar-free, mints) drugs, vitamins, drops in the cough/cold
category formulated for time-of-day use, and other products for cough, colds, flu, and allergies
Sales Contacts: N/A.
Category: Health & Beauty Care (cough-cold relief)
200 Commerce St., Smithfield, VA 23430 USA
Tel: (757) 365-3000
FAX: (973) 882-8062
Total Sales Volume: $13.1 Billion +7.4%
Sales % in EB: 12 (E)
Export Markets: Worldwide (Mexico, Japan, China/Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, etc.)
Profile: Established in 1936, Smithfield Foods (NYSE: SFD) today is the world’s largest pork
processor and hog producer. It operates 40 plants under its pork segment (fresh meat and
packaged meats), divided into three subsidiaries: Smithfield Packing Co., Farmland Foods Inc.,
and John Morrell Food Group. The company focuses on 12 core brands: Smithfield, Armour,
Farmland, John Morrell, etc.) Its retail sales comprise 48% of total sales, foodservice takes 32%,
and deli 13% of the total. The company reports about 25% of its retail packaged meat sales ($6
billion +5%) are in private label, the balance in its branded business. Net income for 2012 dipped
by 29% to $2.2 billion. Lately, rising feed grain prices and consumer resistance to price increases
have squeezed the company’s bottom line. Also, Smithfield operates processing plants in at least
nine European countries (Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, etc.) where the recession throughout
Europe has taken its toll.
UPDATE: In February 2013, Smithfield announced a 50-50 joint venture (expected to be finalized
in 2013’s fourth quarter) with one of its largest live sow customers, Kansas City Sausage Co. The
latter company, generating some $200 million in dedicated private label sausage sales. Smithfield
looks to expand into this business, (sausage, bratwurst, links, patties, etc.) to expand into the
breakfast & dinner sausage business. KC Sausage also operates a sister company, Pine Ridge,
which produces boneless hams. Meantime, Smithfield Foods announced in May 2013 that it
agreed to its take-over for $4.7 billion cash (a purchase value of $7.1 billion including debt) by
China’s Shuanghui International Holdings Limited (a major owner of China’s largest meat
processing enterprise, Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co.) . Stockholders of both
companies agreed to the deal, which is still subject to US Federal regulators approval. Observers
believe the Chinese have several possible motives behind the purchase: the acquisition of hog
farming and processing technology; the use of Smithfield US network to sell its Chinese food
products; and possibly a solution to China’s pollution problems-- looking for a safer source of
food supplies from the US company.
Products/Services: Pork, ham, bacon, luncheon meats, sausage, portable lunches
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (Pork, Deli, Foodservice)
13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Ste. 900, Charlotte, NC 28277 USA
Tel: (704) 554-1421; (800) 438-1880
FAX: (704) 556- 8205
Total 2013 Sales Volume: $1.8 Billion +8.6%
Sales % in EB: 16.4
Export Markets: Canada, Europe, Pacific Rim
Profile: In July 2010, Lance, Inc. (NASDAQ: GS:LNCE) merged into Snyder’s of Hanover Inc.,
where the latter became a wholly owned subsidiary; while Lance renamed itself, Snyder’s-Lance
Inc. Snyder’s is a global leader in pretzels and in the US a leading specialty snacks producer.
Established in 1913, Lance, Inc. along with its subsidiary bakeries, including Vista Bakeries,
Burlington, IA, provides private label filled sandwich cracker/cookie items plus institutional salad
crackers, which has expanded recently. Lance today has a strong presence in supermarkets, Cstores, wholesale clubs, mass merchandisers, and restaurants. It has direct store deliveries in 23
states. In March 2008, Lance acquired privately owned Brent & Sam’s Inc., North Little Rock,
AR, a producer of gourmet cookies (including private label). This takeover strengthened Lance’s
private label business. About June 2008, Lance consolidated its Vista Bakery, Brent & Sams &
Tamming Foods under Lance Private Brands, operating in Burlington, IA (Tel: 319-208-5824 or
800-553-2343). In December 2008, Lance for $30 million took control of Archway Cookies LLC,
Ashland, OH, a branded snack foods company operating under bankruptcy protection. Lance’s full
product offering now covers: sandwich crackers and cookies, potato chips, crackers, cookies, other
snacks, sugar wafers, nuts, restaurant style crackers and candy. In September 2009, Lance agreed
to purchased the Stella D’oro brand from Stella D’oro Biscuits, a specialty cookie producer in
business since 1932. This extends Lance’s offering into breakfast treats, breadsticks, biscotti, as
well as the specialty cookie category. The company now offers value cookies & crackers,
mainstream cookies & crackers (national brand equivalent), and premium cookies (drawing on
Brent & Sam’s gourmet cookies. In February 2012, the company announced the construction of a
state-of-the-art Research and Development Center in Hanover, PA. The center will research,
develop and enhance new and existing products across the company’s entire line of consumer
snack foods. It will allow for detailed product and quality comparisons, sensory evaluation and a
full microbiology lab for research. Completion is expected at the end of the year. The company
operates 10 manufacturing facilities.
UPDATE: For calendar 2013, the company reported its net income rose by 23.8% to $81.3
million. The spurt was attributed to growth in its branded business: Three core (nationally
distributed) brands, Snyder's of Hanover pretzels, Lance sandwich crackers, and Cape Cod kettle
Crisps. The company calls itself the second largest salty snack producer in the US. In 2012, two
more brands were added to its portfolio: Snack Factory and Pretzel Crisps, bringing its allied
brand count to 10. The Lance brand celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. The company's
branded business keeps growing, now representing 61% of net revenues versus 59% in the
previous year. Its private brand revenues have slipped from $312.5 million in 2011 to $287.8
mllion in 2013, most recently off as a result of price increases.
In May 2014, Snyder's agreed to divest its private brand business, selling it to Shearer's Foods,
Massillon, OH (also in this database). Shearer's is basically a private label salty snack
manufacturer, looking to expand its product portfolio. Snyder's 2013 private brand sales were soft,
down by 1.1% to $287.8 million, while by contrast its branded sales jumped by 12.1% to $1.1
billion. Snyder's looks to strengthen its branded product development and contract manufacturing
business: It recently acquired Baptista Bakery, Franklin, WI, a private label manufacturer of baked
custom snacks.
In October 2015, Snyder's-Lance announced its $1.27 billion takeover of Diamond Foods, Inc.,
San Francisco. This deal strengthens its snack business and builds its brand portfolio with
Diamond's Emerald almonds and Kettle potato chips. With Diamond, Snyder's-Lance's annual
volume jumpts to about $2.6 billion.
Products/Services: Pretzels, sandwich crackers, potato chips, cookies, tortilla chips, crackers, nuts,
Sales Contacts: Gordon Rider, Private Brands Director (Iowa)
Category: Food Service (dry groceries--snacks, cookies and sugar wafers), Food (dry groceries-snacks)
Via Di Lucia, 23-55016 Porcari (Lucca Province), ITALY
Tel: +39 0583-2681
Fax: N/A
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $ 2.1 Billion (e 1.5 Billion)
Percentage of Sales in Exclusive Brands: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, North America
Profile: Founded in 1966, Gruppo Sofidel, located in the Tuscany region of Italy, has emerged as
the second largest tissue supplier in Europe, ranking number six in the world. The company
operates 28 production plants in 13 countries: Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium,
France, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey and, its newest market, the United States.
Sofidel credits itself with being the first tissue producer to join the WWF Climate Saver program.
Its flagship brand is Regina paper towels. In August 2012, the company acquired Cellynne
Holdings Inc. (founded in 1988), a fully integrated paper manufacturer, operating in Haines City,
FL, along with two converting plants in Green Bay, WI, and Hendserson NV. Cellynne’s
marketing subsidiary, Stefco Industries, as a result, has been renamed Sofidel America.
Products: Bathroom/facial tissues, paper towels, napkins, dispensing systems
Contacts: N/A in Italy. Contact: Stefco America, 100 Marley Dr., Haines City, FL 33844. Tel:
Category: Non-food Groceries
1700 Old Deerfield Road, Highland Park, IL 60035- 9984 USA
Tel: (847) 831- 4800; (800) FOR- CUPS
FAX: (847) 831- 4358
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $1.6 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: Since about 81% of Solo Cups’ net sales are in foodservice--a sector badly impacted by
the recession, the company continues to see its sales drop or remain flat. The 75-year-old firm,
now controlled by the private equity firm, Vestar Capital Partners (33% ownership), reportedly is
looking for a buyer. The company calls itself the leading producer of single-use products for food
and beverages in home, quick service restaurants and other foodservice setting. Solo plans to
concentrate on its core business and de-emphasis its business in straws and stirrers. In June 2010,
the company decided to consolidate operations, closing three of its 15 plants. More recently, Solo
Cup started to close down its European operations.
Products/Services: Disposable plastic cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, and straws
Sales Contacts: Drake Taliaferro, Private Label Sales Manager
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Food Service
1 North Second St. (Mail Code W3), Hartsville, SC 29550, USA
Tel: (843) 383-70007
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $4.5 Billion +9%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Mexico, Europe, Southeast Asia
Profile: Started in 1899, Sonoco today oversees 340 operations in 34 countries and, as a
diversified packaging company, serves customers in 85 nations. It maintains market leadership in
certain product areas, such as tubes, cores, and composite containers. Some 63% of its sales are in
the US. Its product portfolio covers: global rigid paper and closures, global flexible products and
global plastics. In September 1999, Sonoco’s Flexible Packaging Division doubled its size by
acquiring the flexible packaging division of Graphics Packaging Corp., which now makes Sonoco
one of North America’s largest suppliers in this area. Flexible packaging made from thin-gauge,
value-added rotogravure, flexographic and combination printed film, including performance
laminations, rotogravure cylinder engraving, global brand artwork management. Sonoco’s
consumer packaging business includes: personal and health care, coupons/games; flexible
packaging in confections, composite can; and specialty paperboard in glassware covers and
coasters, personal care and health care. The company has innovated with Valve-Pak canisters with
a one-way oxygen valve, which allows roasted coffee to be packed immediately; and with linear
pakshaped composite canisters. In June 2010, the company acquired Associated Packaging
Technologies, Inc. (APT), North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Crystallized
Polyethylene Terepthalate (CPET) containers to the frozen food industry.
Products/Services: Shrink, roll-fed labels; paper & laminations (extrusion/adhesive), printed film,
Sales Contacts: Dudley Jones, Marketing Manager (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Supplies
118 South Cypress St., Mullins, SC 29574 USA
Tel: (843) 464-7851
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million+
Sales % in EB: 10+
Export Markets: Middle East, Canada, South America, Central America
Profile: This company was formed in 1943 to supply military food rations. Today, it is the largest
meal kit supplier to the military; but it also has evolved into a top provider of meals ready-to-eat
for nonmilitary customers, including retailers. Sopak produces shelf-stable, heat-and-serve meals,
available in retort pouches, bowls, meal kits, and institutional pouches. The firm recently opened a
200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. It also continues to provide government rations to the
US military, including its Sure Pak 12, a meal case available for nonmilitary government agencies,
as well as wholesales and retailers, and including relief emergency requirement. The Sure Pak 12
has 12 individual meal kits, covering two each of six menu choices (with vegetarian options):
entree, side dish, dessert item, cracker or wheat bread, spread powder beverage, and condiment
Products/Services: Heat-and-eat meals--meat, poultry, and seafood products, and including
vegetarian options
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (meat, poultry, fish meals)
1 Market St., Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 USA
Tel: (201) 703-6359
Fax: (201) 703-6402
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Percentage of Sales in Exclusive Brands: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: In April 2012, a group of former executives of Georgia Pacific (including George Wurtz,
appointed CEO) and others in the paper/pulp business, formed this company with the financial
support of Atlas Holding, a private equity firm based in Greenwich, CT, in order to acquire Marcal
Paper Mills LLC, Elmwood Park, NJ. Marcal was started in 1932 by an Italian immigrant,
Nicholas Marcalus, who revolutionized the paper industry with recycling technology. But more
recently, Marcal fell into debt, facing higher energy costs. In 2006, the company filed for
bankruptcy protection and its creditors took over. They re-branded the Marcal brand as Small
Steps. Now, the new owners, Soundview Paper, look to market that brand plus Marcal and other
brands plus build their private label business. The company produces both recycled and virgin
fiber paper grades for private label towels, bath tissues, napkins, and facial tissues. (Atlas
Holdings, which also owns AGI-Shorewood Packaging Co., listed in this database, has ownership
in more than 70 facilities--active in pulp and paper, food and agriculture, wood, building materials,
UPDATE: In January 2013, Soundview Paper acquired Putney Paper Co., Inc., Putney, VT, a
subsidiary of APC Paper Holdings, serving as a towel and paper products manufacturer for the
away-from-home market.
Products: Paper towels, bath tissue, napkins, facial tissue
Contacts: Dennis Goralski, Sr. Director of Private Label; Marko Hayda, Private Label Team Lead
Category: Non-food groceries
525 Prospect St., Suite 230, Lakewood, NJ 08701 USA
Tel: (732) 364-0500
FAX: (732) 364-0333
Total Sales Volume: $12 Million+
Sales % in EB: 33
Export Markets: Canada, Russia, Australia
Profile: Spice It is a privately held wholesale importer, founded in 1989, which sells a complement
of spices plus other ingredients, including salts, condiments, etc. The company has been involved
in the private label field for more than three years and has been expanding on an ongoing basis
Products/Services: Spices, seasonings, preservatives, cooking/table salt, vinegar, cooking wine,
condiments, etc.
Sales Contacts: David Gold man, Sales Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Löwenstrasse 20, 8001 Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 (44) 213-21-80
FAX: +41 (44) 213-21-88
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Western & Central Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America
Profile: Specializing in skin care and personal care products, Spring Brands Switzerland, operated
by entrepreneur Frank Spring, offers products in three quality levels: economy, premium, and
luxury. Its product range covers skin and hair care treatments, creams, serums, and a natural
organic face care product for professionals. While the company markets a number of its own
brands, it also serves third-party customers in such segments as: food and nonfood retail outlets,
mass merchandisers and department stores, salons, perfumeries, pharmacies, etc.
Products/Services: Perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries
Sales Contacts: Frank Spring
Category: Health & Beauty Care
6371 Lusk Blvd., Suite 106, San Diego, CA 92121 USA
Tel: (858) 455-6998 ; (800) 778-6498
(858) 455-7497
Total Sales Volume: $ 10 Million+
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: South Africa, Canada, Israel, Italy
Profile: Stanmar International is based in Toronto, Canada. Grocery ordering can be accessed
through its website. The company has strategic partnerships with a leading confectionery
company in South Africa for export of private label chocolates and candy. Stanmar also is the
North American distributor of Ceres fruit juice from Pioneer Food Group (also in this database) in
South Africa. Additionally, Stanmar sources and develops private label oral care and health and
beauty products for export to South Africa.
Products/Services: Chocolate, candy, confectionery items, fruit juice, oral care
Sales Contacts: Martin Pamensky, President
Category: Food, Beverage, Health & Beauty Care
2 Hackensack Ave., South Kearny, NJ 07032 USA
Tel: (973) 344-8666
FAX: (973) 344-8505
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million+
Sales % in EB: 85
Export Markets: Canada, South America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Pacific Rim
Profile: Founded in 1949 by the late Stanley Holuba Sr., Stanson Corp. has established itself as
one of the leading household chemical manufacturers of private label products in the world. With
more than 100 different powders and liquids, its product range covers laundry and dish detergents
and household cleaners, ranging through every imaginable cleanser, cleaner, bleach, polish and
stain remover. Most of these products appear under the company’s controlled brands, Maxx or
Stanzal, or private labels owned by 100+ leading grocery, drug and mass merchandiser chains in
the US. This family owned firm, carried on by Holuba’s sons, Stanley and Robert, manufacturers
its own powders and liquids. Its facilities are located less than 10 miles from Port Elizabeth and
Conrail’s trans-loading site. The company has its own rail siding and can receive most raw powder
or liquid in bulk. Stanson has the capacity to provide 200 million pounds powder production per
year and 8,000 gallons per hour liquid capacities.
Products/Services: Household cleaning and laundry detergents (liquid and powder), hard surface
cleaners, disinfectants, bleach, softeners, polishes, dish detergents, hand and body cleaner,
commercial & industrial cleaners
Sales Contacts: Jack Honchar, Sales Manager-Export; Robert Holuba (e-mail:
[email protected])
Category: Household Products
STAR SNACKS CO. (Division of Gel Spice Company)
105 Harbor Dr., Jersey City, NJ 07305 USA
Tel: (201) 200- 9820
FAX: (201) 200- 9827
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: South America, Europe, Canada
Profile: Started in 1993, Star Snacks operates as a division of Gel Spice Co., Bayonne, NJ. ($60
million sales estimated). Star Snacks is an importer and packer of nut items. Its facilities cover
75,000 square feet--a state-of-the-art, computerized operation. The company imports product from
all over the world to process and package nuts in a variety of assortments. The company also
processes dried fruits. Recently, the company introduced: toffee peanuts, toffee almonds,
chocolate covered cashews/peanuts/raisins/almonds.
Products/Services: Canned nuts (dried, dehydrated, salted or roasted), peanut butter
Sales Contacts: Mendel Brachfeld, President
Category: Food (dry groceries)
150 Gamma Drive, RIDC Park, Pittsburgh, PA 15238 USA
Tel: (412) 963-1121
Total Sales Volume: $ 3 Million (E)
Sales % in EB: 5
Export Markets: Europe, Canada, Australia
Profile: This company was incorporated in June 1992, formed by Stefano Tedeschi, his mother,
Emma, and a family friend, William W. Acker. Coming from pure Italian ancestry, Stefano often
visited Italy, where he discovered the quality of extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, pasta sauce, pizza
sauce, vinegar, pasta, etc. Using only imported extra virgin olive oil, freshly grilled garlic, fresh
vegetables, and the highest quality tomatoes; while no preservatives or stretchers are used in its
products. Instead, Stefano utilizes traditional mason jars and natural “hot pack” and “high acidity”
pack methods to ensure shelf-life. Today, the company’s brand “Steff Gourmet” covers a complete
line of selected gourmet products: sauces, vinegar, olive oils, spread, pizzelles, grilled vegetables
and tomatoes. Additionally, there is a line of 66 cuts of “Gerardo di Nola” pasta, imported from
Naples, Italy. Its private label sauce line follows the basic philosophy of the company: all natural
Products/Services: Pasta sauces--marinara, tomato basil, traditional, hot pepper, Sicilian, fresh
Sales Contacts: Emma Tedeschi, Vice-President
Category: Food (dry groceries)
1850 West McNab Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 USA
Tel: (954) 971-0606
FAX: (954) 971-2633
Total Sales Volume: $20 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: The Stephan Company, started in 1897 in Worcester, MA, became the first professional
men’s hair care manufacturer and the first distributor in the barber shops channel. Its 1993
acquisition of Frances Denny brought in America’s first cosmetics house. In 1995, Stephan
Company acquired Republic Drug Co., Buffalo, NY, a privately held business focused on niche
products within the over-the-counter (OTC) drug market. Republic was an OTC private label drug
packer and mail order distributor. Other acquisitions followed, resulting in this company, which
operates five manufacturing facilities, becoming one of the country’s largest private label
manufacturers of medicated powders as well as a major producer of skin care products. It works
with more than 2,300 formulas, developing food flavorings and powders, OTC, hair care,
household items, to skin and sun care as well as cosmetics. The company also is one of the largest
manufacturers of professional line as well as ethnic hair care products.
Products/Services: Medicated powders, skin/hair/sun care products, cosmetics, household items,
ethnic products, analgesics, cough/cold remedies, ear care, family planning diagnostics, first aid,
laxatives & stomach aids, lice treatments, lip balms, nasal strips & products, thermometers,
topicals, barber supplies, etc.
Sales Contacts: Robert Spindler, CFO
Category: Health & Beauty Care
7130 Goodlett Farms Parkway, Suite 3200, Memphis, TN 38016 USA
Tel: (888) 404-1004
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Stratas Foods was formed in October 2008 via a joint venture between ACH Food
Companies, Inc. (part of Associated Bristish Foods, also in this database), based in Memphis, TN,
and Archer Daniels Midland Co., Decatur, IL, for the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of
packaged oil products in the US and Canada. The company now serves the foodservice, specialty
food ingredient, and retail private label bottled oil markets. Its portfolio of products covers:
vegetable oil, shortening, margarine, and pan spray.
Products/Services:Packaged edible oil products, shortenings, olive oils and pan sprays
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
4002 Westminster Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92703 USA
Tel: (714) 775-5000; (800) 371-9010
FAX: (714) 775-7677
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Mexico
Profile: Founded in 1990, this family owned business produces organic milk and associated dairy
products for the retail and foodservice trade. It value-added specialty food offering was expanded
in 2007 with the acquisition of a majority ownership in Jasper Products LLC, Joplin, MO, a
producer of aseptic-packaged refrigerated and shelf-stable products: soy, milk, juice, coffee
creamers, soups and teas. Stremick’s Heritage Foods also works as a contract packer for major
brands (Nestea, Coffee-mate, etc.).
Products/Services:Organic milk, soy milk, aseptic packs (milk, juice, coffee creamers, soups, teas,
Sales Contacts: Gayle Dimaggio, Private Label Sales
Category: Beverages (dairy, juice), Food (dry groceries)
106 Allen Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 007920 USA
Tel: (908) 580-9100
FAX: (908) 580-9300
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Strohmeyer & Arpetrohmeyer & Arpe, together with its sister firm, C.M. Goettsche, is
the exclusive importer of montan wax plus other natural waxes and bulk honey — as well as the
supplier of Kings Pantry and private label canned fruits, vegetables and seafood to leading food
chains in the US. This canned food importer, operating since 1882, sources products worldwide
with major emphasis on Europe, South America and the Far East. The company services the
supermarket, drug and discount retail industry nationwide. One item of interest: Peppadew® sweet
and spicy fruit. The company also markets its own Kings Pantry brand.
Products/Services:Canned pineapple, Mandarin oranges, peaches, mushrooms, grapefruit, apricots,
cherries, fruit cocktail, mackerel and sardines
Sales Contacts: Pierre Crawley, Vice-President; Charles Kocot.
Category: Food (dry groceries, fish)
1150 Commerce Drive, West Chicago, IL 60185 USA
Tel: (620) 231-0003
FAX: (620) 231-0678
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Subco Foods traces its history back to 1925. Today, it is positioned as a producer of dry
food products, specializing in private label and contract packing. Its product range covers such
items as powdered drink mixes, stick pack drink mix, powdered puddings and gelatin, baking
mixes, soup bases, rice products, protein drink mixes, herbs, etc. Subco also sells under its own
brand, Orchard Park. Through its sister operation, Wagner Excello Food Products, Inc., the
company produces liquid flavoring extracts, pancake syrup, ranch dressing and other foods (cold
and hot fill) packaged in glass or plastic containers.
Products/Services: Powdered drink mixes and other mixes, coffee creamers, iced tea, cappuccino,
cocoa, gravies, herbs, and liquid flavoring extracts and syrups
Sales Contacts: Mas Khan, President & CEO
Category: Foods & Beverages
Ambarlidolumtesisleriyolu, 34840, Avcilar, Istanbul, TURKEY
Tel: +90 212-4221870
FAX: +90 212-4221031
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, South America, Africa, Asia
Profile: Sudesan is a manufacturer of cleaning products for household and industrial use. The
company does contract manufacturing for a number of major multinational companies, such as
Unilever, Diverseylever, Colgate Palmolive, as well as smaller firms, such as USA Detergents,
supplying products to different countries, and The London Oil Refining Company. Sudesan’s
private label customers include major retail chains, such as Carrefour Turkey, Dia, Migros Turkey
& Switzerland, and Metro (all in the Retailer section of this database).
Products/Services: Scouring powder, cream cleanser, liquid gel cleaners, and scoring powders,
also carpet & room deodorizers.
Sales Contacts: Semih Demiz, Vice-President
Category: Household Products
15 Big Pond Road, Huguenot, NY 12746 USA
Tel: (845) 856-5261
FAX: (845) 856-9152
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Worldwide
Profile: In February 2008, Reheis (Berkeley Heights, NJ), a subsidiary of GenTek, Inc., a chemical
producer of aluminum- and zirconium-based chemicals (active ingredients in antiperspirants), sold
its antiperspirant business to Summit Research Labs, Inc., Huguenot, NY. The latter is a specialty
chemicals producer of antiperspirant actives and one of the world’s leading producers of highpurity aluminum- and zirconium-based chemicals. Rehis for the past 50+ years had been the
world’s leading manufacturer of the active ingredients for over-the-counter (OTC) antacids, such
as Mylanta-type and Maalox-type products as well as milk of magnesia, serving as a contract
packer for both brands and private label. Late in 1995, the company introduced its own product
line of the best tasting, highest quality, lowest cost liquid antacids for private label/store brand
sales. Marketing products as SummitReheis, the joint operation is now positioned as “the global
leader in antiperspirant actives and the foremost innovator driving antiperspirant technology.” In
December 2010, the company added a new spray drying system to its Huguenot facility, while
also adding 26,000 square feet of warehouse space.
Products/Services: Antiperspirant actives for application in sticks, aerosols, gels, roll-ons, and soft
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Health & Beauty Care
60 Danbury Rd., Wilton, CT 06897-4406 USA
Tel: (203) 254-6700 ; (800) 778-6498
FAX: (203) 256-0585
Total 2013 Sales Volume: $ 2 Billion
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: The Sun Products Corp. was established in 2008 when Vestar Capital Partners, the parent
company of Huish Detergents of Salt Lake City, UT, acquired all the North American laundry
brands of Unilever: All, Whisk, Sunlight, Surf, and Snuggle; then merged that business with Huish
to form Sun Products. Huish, established in 1975, became the largest manufacturer of private label
laundry detergents and fabric softeners in North America, while commanding an estimated 90%+
of private label business in its categories. Privately held Huish’s sales were estimated at between
$700 million to $1 billion. Also, the company was one of the largest US contract manufacturers,
dealing with major branded companies and making its personal care products under its White Rain
brand. Sun Products today claims to be the second largest laundry detergent manufacturer in the
US, trailing only brand-leader Procter & Gamble. Sun continues as a leading manufacturer of
private label laundry and dish products, plus the second largest market share in the North
American fabric care market. Recently, the company opened a 46,000-square-foot Technology
Center in Connecticut for product formulation and package development work. Also the company
secured $41 million in financing in June 2010 for a 1.4 million square-foot facility in Bowling
Green, KY, which will allow for the consolidation of nine other facilities in the area. Reportedly,
Sun’s sales have been flat recently because of the slowdown in household growth and the
retirement of Baby Boomers, who are becoming more frugal in this shaky economy.
UPDATE: Sun Products, facing continued fierce competition and weak category spending, plans
to close its southeast Baltimore, MD, plant in June 2014, thus leaving the company with four
manufacturing facilities.
Products/Services:Laundry detergents and household cleaning products (floor and glass cleaners,
oxygenated stain removers, pre-wash formulas, antibacterial soaps, bleach, fabric softeners).
Sales Contacts: Jeffrey Strong, Exe. Vice-President of Retailer Brands; Earnie Redfearn, Sr. VicePresident of Private Label (Salt Lake City, UT) Tel: 801-975-8500
Category: Household Products
Vestonkatu 24, P.O. Box 380, FI-33101 Tampere, FINLAND
Tel: +358 (0) 10214-300
FAX: +358 (0) 10214-3530
Total Sales Volume: $300.7 Million (€ 216.3 Million) +24.7%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Pacific Rim, North and South America
Profile: Suominen divides its business into three parts: Nonwovens (44% of sales), Flexible
Packaging (30%), and Codi Wipes (26%). In Europe, the company is a market leader in nonwoven
products (roll goods for wiping, hygiene and health care). North American also is an important
market. Its flexible packaging business covers plastic film with flexographic printing, used in
food, hygiene, retail packaging, security and systems products. The Suominen Codi Wipes
operation is the third largest wet wipes producer in Europe, focused on baby and personal care
products as well as the household cleaning category. (Codi, based in The Netherlands, was
purchased in 2003, bringing more products to its parent company and also a commitment to
private label--more than 90% of its sales in private label.) The year 2011 was not great for
Suominen with customer demand down. Its losses, however, at € 9.5 million, were lower than the
€ 14.4 million loss in 2010. In November, Suominen took control of the Brazilian home and
personal nonwoven business of Ahlstrom Corp., paying € 320 million. Those revenues in the
remaining two months of 2011 helped to boost sales for the year and promise to increase the
company’s total 2012 sales volume.
Products/Services: Baby wipes, moist toilet paper, various wet wipes, eyeglass cleaning wipes,
non-woven dressings, non-woven rolls, plastic film packaging.
Sales Contacts: Codi International bv, Turbinestraaat 19, ).O. Box 417, NL-3900 AK Veenendaal,
The Netherlands. Tel: + 31 (0) 318-564-811. Willem van de Weerdhof, Marketing & Sales
Manager; Olaf van Stempvoort, Sales Consumer Products; Marcel van Schenkhoff, Sales Medical
Category: Health & Beauty Care
26 Senoko-South Road, Super Industrial Building, Singapore 758096 SINGAPORE
Tel: +65 67533088
FAX: +65 67537833
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $649.1 Million (S$ 519.3 Million) +18%
Sales % in EB: 10+ (E)
Export Markets: Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa--50+
Profile: Super Coffee Corporation Pte Ltd., a subsidiary of Super Group Ltd (formerly called
Super Coffeemix Manufacturing), is the market leader in the Asia-Pacific region for instant coffee
mixes and cereal mixes. Its 300+ products and packs, are manufactured and marketed under
different brands: Coffeeking Eagle King, Cafe Nova, Gold Cafe, Super, Owl, etc. The company,
established in 1987, also produces instant and specialty coffees, cappuccinos, non-dairy creamers
and cup of noodles. Additionally, it manufactures food ingredients, including instant soluble
coffee powder, cereal flakes, and non-dairy creamer. Its products are available in private label on
a selective basis. for 2012, the company's net profit soared by 29% to S$ 82.6 million. The
company is ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HACCP certified. Operating 15 manufacturing facilities
(Singapore, Malaysia, China, Myanmar, and Thailand), Super Group is a pioneer in manufacturing
the 3-in-1 beverage product in Southeast Asia, which is packed in sachets and other convenient
forms that are easy-to-carry and easy to prepare. The company is traded on the Singapore Stock
Exchange. It does contract work as well for major branded firms. In 2012, Super Coffee invested
in building a freeze-dry soluble coffee powder plant and a botanical herbal extract facility, the
latter in Malaysia.
Products/Services:Coffee mixes, cereal mixes, nondairy creamer & sugar), instant and specialty
coffees, cappuccinos, cup of noodles, ingredients
Sales Contacts: Mr. Jaichndra Rao-General Manager- Europe/Middle East/Africa & South Asia.
Category: Beverages (coffee), Food (dry groceries)
900 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 USA
Tel: (847) 913-1200
FAX: (847) 913-1263
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Europe
Profile: Established in 1978, this small-sized, manufacturer of spices and dry seasoning blends,
features recipe side dishes and maintains a commitment to quality, price and service. The
company practices TQM, TPM, and extensive manufacturing control. Swagger also participates
in the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association Supplier Audits for Food Excellence (GMA-SAFE).
Products/Services: Dry soups, gravies, cocoa mixes, salad dressing mixes, spices, seasonings.
Sales Contacts: Terry Shin
Category: Food (dry groceries)
1741 Tomlinson Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19116 USA
Tel: (215) 676-3900; (800) 280-9387
FAX: (215) 613-2115
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company traces its history back to 1931 as a fruit and jelly supplier. Tracking its
checkered ownership means covering a number of company names. If you begin in September
1998, the SKW Biosystems Inc., within its Nature Products Division, acquired the Ingredients
Systems Division of Bunge Foods Corp., Atlanta, bringing in some $70 million of business,
covering fruit preparations, flavors and stabilizing systems. SKW Biosystems operated as a
subsidiary of SKW Trostberg AG, Trostberg, Germany, which also produced gelatin and
specialties, salt products, texture systems, cultures and enzymes, as well as flavors and fruit
preparations. SKW Trostberg merged with Degussa-Huls in 2001, producing the world’s largest
specialty chemical company. In 2005, Degussa AG sold its flavors and fragrances business to
Cargill Inc. and spun off its fruit ingredients business (Degussa Fruit Systems), creating the Sweet
Ovations identity. Today as an industrial supplier of sweet ingredients, Sweet Ovations supplies
ingredients and formulations as components to national and regional branded and private label
products in the retail, foodservice/institutional, and school/university channels. The end products
can include: refrigerated dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese), frozen desserts (ice cream,
sherbet, sorbet, etc.), foodservice items (smoothies, malts, coffees, fountain drinks, etc.), bakery
(Danishes, pies, cookies, crackers, donuts, etc.), and beverages (hot and cold).
Products/Services: Fruit ingredients & formulations for foods and beverages
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
6745 Invader Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2B6 CANADA
Tel: (905) 670-0638
FAX: (905) 670-0904
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million
Sales % in EB: 23
Export Markets: Europe, Caribbean, United States
Profile: Established in 1987 as a juice box private label manufacturer, this company has become a
leading North American manufacturer of fruit juice and refreshment beverages. Sweet Ripe
manufactures more than 400 SKUs (stock keeping units) in a wide range of package formats and
Products/Services: Fruit juices, fruit drinks, iced teas, sports drinks,
Sales Contacts: Jim Faulkner (Canada)
Category: Beverages (juice, tea, sports drinks)
3 Skyline Dr., Hawthorne, NY 10532 USA
Tel: (914) 345-9001
FAX: (914) 345- 0391
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $505.7 Million +28.8%
Sales % in EB: 50+ (E)
Export Markets: 20+ countries
Profile: Taro Pharmaceuticals was formed in Israel two years after the state of Israel was
established. In recent years, the company has established subsidiaries in the US, Canada, and the
UK. U.S. sales represent 84% of total company sales. The company produces prescription and
OTC pharmaceutical products primarily in the United States, Canada and Israel. Its primary areas
of focus include: pediatric creams and ointments, liquids, capsules and tablets, mainly in the
dermatological and topical, cardiovascular, neuro-psychiatric and anti-inflammatory therapeutic
categories. A major portion of Taro’s business involves sales to major US drug distributors
(McKesson, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, etc., all listed in the Retailer section of this
database). The company produces some 180 pharmaceutical products for a variety of skin
treatments as well as analgesic products. Its net income for 2011 soared by 185% to $182.7
million. Taro reports the FDA had 24 of its products under review as of Feb. 29, 2012. As of
March 22, 2012, Taro was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TARO. The
company’s executive offices are in Haifa Bay, Israel. Some 66% of the company’s stock is
controlled by Dilip Shanghvi and his family, who are owners of Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries
Ltd., Mumbai—the largest pharmaceutical company in India (with strong generic pharmaceutical
business in the US).
Products/Services:Topical creams and ointments, first aid, foot care, feminine hygiene, nasal
sprays, allergies (foot care, feminine hygiene, baby ointment), nasal sprays, hemorrhoid
Sales Contacts: Carlton Holmes, Vice-President of Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2828 Donald Douglas Loop North, Suite A, Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA
Tel: (310) 396-4433
FAX: (310) 396-4432
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Taste of Nature, which started in 1992, acquired Sharie Candies, Inc. in October 2003--a
company, dating back to 1944, formerly listed in this database. Shari also was a wholesale candy
and confectionery repackager, producing hard candy, jelly candy, caramels, etc. This addition
enhanced Taste of Nature’s product selection, which today covers a full range of confectionery
products: cotton candy, bites, fruit and nut snacks, chewy/hard candy, cookie dough, fruit snacks,
Products/Services: Candy & confectionery items: marshmallows, mint candy, hard/chewy candy,
jellies, jelly candy, suckers, caramels, caramel chews, licorice.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (candy)
947B Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA 93901 USA
Tel: (831) 676-9653; (866) 675-6120
FAX: (831) 676-9601
Total Sales Volume: $1.4 Billion+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This privately owned company, formed in 1995 by Bruce Taylor and partners) is the
largest producer of fresh-cut salads and vegetables in the U.S. The company supplies accounts in
foodservice, retail, deli, and club stores. In August 2010, Taylor Fresh acquired River Ranch Fresh
Foods LLC, Salinas, CA. River Ranch is well known for its Popeye Fresh spinach salads as well
as its River Ranch branded salads. The company also is a leading provider of private label
packaged salads in North America. With this acquisition, new emphasis will be placed on
developing Taylor Fresh’s private label business. Recently, the company opened a 165,000 sq. Ft.
Processing plant in California, which handles retail, conventional, and organic salad production.
Taylor Farms now has a network of 11 regional processing plants strategically located in the US
plus one plant in San Miguel, Mexico.
Products/Services: Salads, fresh-cut vegetables, available in bags, trays, and single serve, plus
trios and fun snacks.
Sales Contacts: Craig Enos, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Food Service (refrigerated salads), Food (refrigerated salads, snacks)
901 Packers St., Atwater, CA 95301 USA
Tel: (209) 356-2352
FAX: (209) 358-0127
Total Sales Volume: $1.4 Billion+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Since September 2012, Teasdale Foods, funded by the private equity firm, Palladium
Equity Partners LLC, New York, has expanded its business through acquisitions. The company,
which started in the 1930s, has grown to become a leading manufacturer of Hispanic foods and a
producer of canned hominy and beans, as well as a major producer of conventional and organic
canned, dried beans. In September 2012, Teasdale Foods purchased Hoopeston Foods, Hoopeston,
IL, a producer of conventional and organic canned dried beans. And in December 2012, Teasdale
took control of Zateca Foods LLC and Greeley Trading, Greeley, CO, a leading producer of
packaged pre-cooked dehydrated beans. At the end of 2014, ownership of Teasdale passed from
Palladium to another private equity firm, American Capital Ltd. (its affiliate Snow Phipps Group),
Bethesda, MD. Acquisitions at Teasdale Foods picked up again late in 2015 with the takeover of
Jardine Foods, Inc., Buda, TX, a producer of natural and organic salsas, dips, queso, hot sauces,
barbeque sauces, etc. The new year, 2016, saw Teasdale swallow the Mexican food business of
Bruce Foods Corp., New Iberia, LA--a firm credited with pioneering canned Mexican foods. Its
three brands, Casa Fiesta, Viva Mexico and Mexene, joined Teasdale's brand portfolio (Teasdale,
Aunt Penny's, etc.).
Products/Services: Hispanic foods and canned hominy (dried corn with its shell removed) and
Sales Contacts: Cale Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer; Tom Bauer, Director of Sales &
Category: Hispanic foods (hominy and beans)
1010 DATA, INC.
750 Third Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017 USA
Tel: (212) 405-1010
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
(866) 405-DATA (3282)
Profile: Founded in 2000 by two former Wall Street analysts, Sandy Steier and Joel Kaplan, 1010
Data today is a privately owned company that specializes in providing a cloud-based software
platform plus other analytics services, which help its customers analyze, manage, and share Big
Data. Its discovery platform, presented in a user-friendly spreadsheet format, provides interactive,
self-service analytics, delivering results in seconds across the largest volumes of data. The
company's flagship analytics tool, The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet ®, offers access to data that can
be consolidated for a total company enterprise. 1010 Data serves financial, banking, retail,
consumer packaged goods, telecom, gaming and other companies. Recently, the company
introduced the 1010data Retail Vendor Portal, which allows both retailers and their vendors to
view and share huge amounts of prebuilt analytical reports that zero in on, for example, a single
product sku, the data from a sub-set of stores on a regional basis, or even a single store. Data also
can be segmented into time periods for comparison to other time periods as well as integrated with
supplemental data (weather conditions, labor statistics, etc.) for a wider perspective.
UPDATE: In February 2014, 1010 Data signed Allegiance Retail Services/Foodtown LLC, Iselin,
NJ, a retailer-owned supermarket co-op to its big data discovery and data sharing platform.
Individual store owners now can interactively analyze all their store and sales data in order to
optimize their marketing and business operation. Additionally, the co-op vendors will share data
and analytics for a more seamless collaboration..
Products/Services: Self-service analytics in a spreadsheet format for big data discovery and data
Sales Contacts: Jed Alpert, Vice-President of Marketing ([email protected])
Category: Managed database services
Aceitunas y aceites, envasadores, exportadors, Crt . Madrid-Cadiz, KM 547, 41013 Seville,
Tel: +34 9- 54689250
FAX: +34 9- 54680740
Total Sales Volume: $35 Million+
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: Europe, North and South America, Australia--30+ countries
Profile: This company traces its business back to 1940 as an olives producer and packager. It now
operates six crushing factories in Spain and is positioned as one of the three largest olive
producers in Spain and one of the largest olive processors in the world. Tesesa also is specialized
and highly competitive in private labels. It provides all varieties and presentation of the table
olive business to the retail and catering trade, serving approximately 30+ countries. Its products,
some 95% of them exported, are ISO 9001:2000 quality registered. Additionally its carries
certification from the Ingternational Food Standatrd and the British Retail Consortium. Its
products are packaged in glass jars, PET bottles, and tins for foodservice.
Products/Services: Olives (extra virgin/pure/refined); capers, seasoned and garlics, green and pink
peppercorn, gherkins, cocktail olives, spring oinions, etc.
Sales Contacts: Javier Sainz, Ma Garcia. In U.S.: Tee Pee Olives, Inc., 411 Theodore Fremd Ave.,
Ste. 120, Rye, NY 10580. Lucy Landesman, President/CEO. Tel: (914) 925-0450. URL:
Category: Food (dry groceries)
1450 Bowes Rd., Elgin, IL 60123- 5539 USA
Tel: (847) 741-1900; (800) 323-0775
FAX: (847) 741-2805
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This family owned-and-operated firm began in 1936 as a direct supplier of gourmet nuts
and has since expanded into dried fruits, chocolate-covered and yogurt-coated products. The
company is self-sufficient as a processor and packager, supplying product to confectioners,
bakeries, dairies, retailers, restaurants, and fund-raisers. It also operates a state-of-the-art pecan
shelling plant in Cordele, GA.
Products/Services: Dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, and chocolate-covered/yogurt-coated products.
Sales Contacts: Mark Graziano, Vice-President of Sales/Marketing.
Category: Food (dry groceries)
Quickbornstr. 24, 20253 Hamburg, GERMANY
Tel: +49 4049-09101
FAX: +49 4049-06061
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $1.2 Billion (€ 881.9 Million) +7.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa--100+ countries
Profile: With more than 100 years in business, Tesa SE is one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of self-adhesive products and system solutions. The company produces more than
6,500 products, many for use in the industrial sector as special adhesive tapes for the printing and
paper industries, and processing precision die cuts for adhesives in electronic devices. Slightly less
than 25% of its sales (€ 184.2 million -1.6%) are in consumer goods: transparent adhesive tapes,
seals for windows and doors, binding strips, fabric tapes, masking tapes, and fly screens. One of
its newest products: a laser-based technology for protecting products from counterfeiting (i.e.,
tracing products). The company is a subsidiary of the $7.8 billion Beiersdorf Group of companies
(branded personal care products, etc.). The firm manufactures more than 600 pressure-sensitive
tapes under its brand names tesa and Tuck, and employs more than 850 people in the US. Its tesa
brand is the leading tape brand in Europe and the second largest tape brand in the world. Its latest
financial results show strong growth in Asia, especially within the electronic supply industry. Tesa
SE’s profits before taxes climbed by 7.6% to € 92 million.
Products/Services: Tape, pressure-sensitive adhesives, mailing and packaging supplies.
Sales Contacts: N/A. In U.S.: Tesa Tape, Inc., 5825 Carnegie Bld, Charlotte, NC 28209. Tel:
(704) 554-0707. URL:
Category: General Merchandise
72/1 Moo 7, Sethakit 1 Road, Tambon Tarsrai, Amphur Muangsumutsakorn, Samutsakorn 74000
Tel: (6634) 816-500
FAX: (6634) 816-886
Total 2009 Sales Volume: $2 Billion -3%
Sales % in EB: 80 (E)
Export Markets: United State, European Union, Japan, Africa, South America
Profile: Established in 1988, TUF is the largest tuna canner in the world: 19% market share. It also
is one of Thailand’s leading processors and exporters of canned and frozen seafood. Its net profits
for the year leaped ahead by 75.9% to 5.1 billion Baht. Some 48% of its sales are in tuna,
followed by frozen shrimp at 19%, seafood at 16%, canned pet food at 6%, etc. The company
commands market share in a number of countries with its different brands; John West, Petit
Navire and Hyacinthe Parmetier, Marebly, Chicken of the Sea, etc. Some 36% of its sales go to
the US, 32% to Europe, 10% both to Japan and domestic. Its products are packed in cans, pouches
or seal containers. In October 2010, the company acquired MW Brands Holdings SAS, Paris, a
major European tuna manufacturer. Recently, Thai Union International, Inc., a US subsidiary of
Thai Union Frozen Products PCL. set up a new company, namely U.S. Pet Nutrition, LLC., to
manufacture and distribute seafood-based wet and dry pet food as well as to expand its pet food
customer base in the US market.
Products/Services: Seafood--tuna, salmon, sardine, mackerel, fish snacks, shrimp, shellfish, etc.;
canned pet food.
Sales Contacts: U.S. Pet Nutrition LLC, 9330 Scranton Rd., Suite 500, San Diego, CA 92121.
John Sawyer, Sr. Vice-President of Sales & Marketing (Chicken of the Sea). Tel: (858) 362-9216.
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies, Food (tuna)
5415 East High St., Ste. 350, Phoenix, AZ 85054 USA
Tel: (693) 932-6200
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $185.2 Million +14.1%
Sales % in EB: 21
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Started in 1995, Inventure Foods has emerged as a marketer and manufacturer of two food
segments: healthy/natural foods and indulgent specialty snack foods. The company, publicly
traded on Nasdaq (SNAK symbol), owns and licenses brands,. The latter including snack products
under the T.G.I Friday’s, Burger King, Nathan’s Famous, and Videlia brands.. The Burger King
license ended in December 2012. During 2012, the company sold its Direct Store Delivery
business. Sales in its snack business fell just 0.7% to $94.4 million, while frozen food sales
jumped by 35.2% to $90.8 million for the year. Net income for the year soared ahead by 164.3%
to $7.4 million for the year.
UPDATE: During 2013, the company in late May acquired the berry processing business of
Williamette Valley Fruit company LLC, Salem, OR for $9.5 million cash; and in November took
over Fresh Frozen Foods LLC, Jefferson, GA, a branded frozen vegetable processor, for $38.4
million. Fresh Frozen Foods’ gross sales of $60 million per year not only helped boost Inventure’s
frozen fruit capability, but also extended the company's business into the frozen vegetable
Products/Services: Salty snacks, frozen fruits
Sales Contacts: Chris Jayne, Director of Private Label Brand Sales; Tim Bateman, Vice President
of Sales
Category: Food (Salty Snacks, Frozen Fruits)
9-21 Salmander Place, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 7JL SCOTLAND
Tel: +44 131-554-4404
FAX: +44 131-554-1531
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 45
Export Markets: Europe, United States, Canada, Middle East, East Europe, Southeast Asia,
Pacific Rim
Profile: Invergordon Distillers is the world’s third largest Scotch whisky producer, offering a
’library of whisky in stock.’ It also is the “world’s largest producer of customer specified Scotch
whisky.” Its products are sold in three ways in the value for money sector: supermarkets, private
label accounts, and as high-market items, such as premium gifts. Parent JBB owns Jim Beam
Brands Co., Deerfield, IL, the second largest US distilled spirits company (operated under JBB
Worldwide, Inc., which is owned by Fortune Brands Inc.).
Products/Services: Scotch whisky, vodka, gin
Sales Contacts: Angus Bruce (France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, U.S., Canada); Romana Findlay
(Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal); Peter Hepburn (France); Terry Magill (Spain, Latin
America); Iain Gilchrist (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Southeast Asia); Nick Wright (Japan,
Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand); John Wright (Africa, Middle East, Thailand); Keith Geddes
(Eastern Europe, Turkey); Clive Miquel, Marketing Controller
Category: Beverages (alcoholic beverages)
80 South Vine St., Meriden, CT 06451 USA
Tel: (203) 235-2541
FAX: (203) 630-2492
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 33
Export Markets: Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Profile: Thompson Candy has manufactured premium chocolate novelties to the US specialty
trade since 1879, thus becoming one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in the country. The
company is privately owned and operates plants in Meriden, CT, and Fairfield, CA. In addition to
its domestic wholesale and export business, the company also operates in the areas of private label
and custom chocolate production. Recently, the company introduced chocolate bars to its product
line. The company makes all kinds of chocolate candy, from giant chocolate bars and peanut
butter cups to chocolate novelties like coins and sports balls. Thompson’s offers sugar-free, lowcarb and calcium- and vitamin-fortified chocolates. The company also sells a line of organic
Products/Services: Hollow and solid molded chocolate items, chocolate bars, and panned
Sales Contacts: Jeff White, President (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (candy)
Bovingen Industrial Estate 108, Much, D- 53804 GERMANY
Tel: +49 2245 6090
FAX: +49 2245 60911
Total Sales Volume: $18 Million+
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: Europe and Eastern Europe
Profile: A family owned company, providing soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing
preparations, Thurn Produkte, started in 1977, is very well equipped and produces its own bottles
in line with the filling units. All its production is completely computerized. About 85% of the
production goes to private label products for European retailers. Many discount retailers are served
by Thurn. The firm can offer a complete range of household products—washing powders and
liquids as well as hair and body care products.
Products/Services: Washing detergents (powder, tab, liquids), fabric softeners, stain remover,
household cleaning products (toilet, outdoor, etc.), body and hair care products
Sales Contacts: Ivan Crost, Marketing & Sales Manager
Category: Household Products
505 S. 2nd St., P.O. Box 126, Tipp City, OH 45371 USA
Tel: (937) 667-3713; (800) 352-2635
FAX: (937) 667-3802
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 90
Export Markets: N/A
Profile; The Timmer family started into the tomato processing business in 1924; today, the fourth
generation carries on the tradition: Only tomato products (Midwestern grown) for retail and
foodservice customers. The company provides more than 50 varieties of tomato products. Its
selection ranges from tomatoes (whole, peeled, diced, crushed, stewed, pureed), to spaghetti and
pizza sauces, to PET ketchup, to tomato and vegetable juice. The company serves both the retail
and foodservice market segments.
Products/Services: Tomatoes (whole, petite, diced, peeled, crushed, puree, etc.), tomato
sauce/juice, ketchup, vegetable juice, spaghetti sauce, etc.
Sales Contacts: Cynthia Timmer, Sales Manager
Category: Food (tomatoes--all varieties), Beverages (juiceo)
500 Sylvester St., Westbury, NY , Westbury, NY 11590 USA
Tel: (516) 333-3050; (800) 848-8442
FAX: (516) 997-1052
Total Sales Volume: $36 Million+
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: Canada, Central America, South America, Europe, East Europe, Southeast Asia,
Profile: Started in 1976 as a contract manufacturer of bulk vitamins and food supplements for the
mail order trade and wholesalers, Tishcon began producing soft gelatin capsules in 1984 in
addition to its tablets, hard gelatin capsules, and powdered supplements. The company today is a
leading manufacturer of chewable tablets of vitamins, minerals, and over-the-counter (OTC)
pharmaceuticals. Its Gel-Tec Division manufacturers cosmetic formulations in soft gelatin
capsules. Its Salisbury, MD, facility also includes tablet operations. The firm produces more than
5,000 different formulations, including natural and multi-ingredient products.
Products/Services: Vitamins, dietary and herbal supplements, cosmetics (skin treatment/bath oil),
OTC pharmaceuticals
Sales Contacts: Raj Chopra, Co-founder & CEO; George McShane; Deepak Chopra, President,
Eckhart Corp. (Tel: 415-898-9528; Fax: 415-898-1917)
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Tefen Industrial Park 24959, Tefen, ISRAEL
Tel: +972 4 9873201
FAX: +972 4 9872204
Total Sales Volume: $2.5 Million+
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Russia, France, Lebanon, Cyprus
Profile: This firm, established in 1988, specializes in producing various kinds of wafers,
chocolate-coated bars, and coated nuts, almonds, raisins, and peanuts. Its factory makes real
chocolate-coated confectionery, using natural ingredients as well as a series of white-chocolatecoated wafers and certain sugarless products. Along with its marketing and production, the firm
also specializes in producing products under license for other large confectionery companies,
including a large retail chain in Israel.
Products/Services: Chocolate-coated bars, sugar wafers, sugarless wafers, chocolate nuts,
almonds, tea, coffee, spices, seaonings, etc
Sales Contacts: Leonard Sexton
Category: Food (candy) Beverages (coffee, tea)
#8 Industrial Park Rd., P.O. Box 306, Centerbrook, CT 06409
Tel: (860) 767-2127
FAX: (860) 767-2129
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Tower Labs specializes in effervescent products for contract manufacturing and the
private label market. Its products apply to over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications,
oral, care, bath & shower, re-hydration beverages, hard-surface cleansers, etc. Since 1979, the
company has developed into an operation with three manufacturing facilities. For orders under
25,000 cartons per year, a Top Value control label is available.
Products/Services: Antibacterial denture cleansers tablets (single- and bi-layer), whitening denture
cleanser tablets, antacid and pain relief tablets, cold relief tablets
Sales Contacts: Arnold Margolis, Director of Sales
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1 International Pl. Floor 16, Boston, MA 02110 USA
Tel: (617) 390-7503
FAX: (617) 390-7470
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Global
Profile: Established in 2000 as a cloud collaboration platform for retailers and manufacturers in
the Consumer Products Goods sector, Trace One the following year launched its first platform
addressing quality control and safety for private label products. The company has since evolved
into an e-collaborative solutions provider, serving more than 35 leading retailers worldwide (a
dozen of them in the top 25 ranking) and some 12,500 manufacturers in more than 110 countries.
Trace One’s range of services for private label and brands spans: marketing, product development,
recipes, package-copy, artwork, labels, quality assurance, legal, recalls, traceability, and the ability
to buy private label recipes/programs. In January 2012, the company merged its industry offerings
with the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business unit of Agentrics, Chicago. Agentrics
was formed in 2005 with the merger of the Worldwide Retail Exchange (WWRE) with
GlobalNetXchange (GNX). Its mission: to provide global supply chain solutions, as well as food
safety solutions (including regulatory compliance). In 2008, Agentrics merged with Neogrid, a
large supply chain management firm, based in Brazil. Today, Trace One offers a full plate of ecollaborative solutions for private label Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).
Products/Services: Private label consumer product development (food and non-food) and solutions
Sales Contacts: Chaz Napoli, VP of Sales & Marketing
Category: Services
325 South Lombard Road, Addison, IL 60101 USA
Tel: (708) 236-1361
FAX: (708) 236-1461
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1961, Transparent Container has evolved into a full service provider and
market leader for retail packaging solutions. Its packaging configurations for consumer packaged
goods manufacturers cover: personal care, consumer electronics, hardware, school/home/office,
automotive, cosmetics, food, housewares, tools, etc. In 2012, the company acquired Richardson &
Edwards, Inc., Addison, IL, a producer of paperboard folding cartons and related retail packaging.
Products/Services: Blister packaging, plastic/paper folding cartons, custom thermoformed
packaging, contract packaging
Sales Contacts: Eric Clamp, Director of Marketing
Category: Services & Supplies
2021 Spring Road, Suite 600, Oak Brook, IL 60523 USA
Tel: (708) 483- 1300; (800) 558-4700
Total 2014 Sales Volume: $2.9 Billion +28.4%
Sales % in EB: 80+ (E)
Export Markets: Canada
Profile: Approaching its 10th anniversary in June 2015, TreeHouse Foods (NYSE: THS) has
negotiated 10 acquisitions since April 2006, as part of its strategy to become the leading supplier
of private label food and beverage products. (With the pending pullout by ConAgra of its private
brand business –see listing in this database–TreeHouse with its latest acquisitions estimates its
total sales at $3.5 billion for 2015.) TreeHouse already has established itself resulting the largest
manufacturer of private label salad dressings, powdered drink mixes and instant hot cereals in the
U.S. and Canada. Actually, the company maintains a strong private label market share in 10
product categories: 55% in trail mixes, 41.4% in non-dairy powdered creamers, 31.2% in snack
nuts, 29.1% in powdered drinks, 27% in hot cereals, 25.7% in dried fruit, 23.9% in pickles and
peppers, 15.6% in salad dressings, 12.3% in canned soups, and 10.5% in single cup coffee.
TreeHouse was formed in 2005 when Dean Foods (also in this database) spun off its Specialty
Foods Division. In the following year, its acquisition strategy began: DelMonte Corp. (private
label soup and infant feeding), VDW Acquisitions/San Antonio Farms (Mexican sauces), E.D.
Smith Income Fund (salad dressings, jams and sauces), Sturm Foods, Inc (hot cereals and
powdered drink mixes), S. T. Specialty Foods, Inc. (dry dinners/mac & cheese, etc. plus skillet
dinners), Naturallly Fresh (refrigerated dressings, sauces, marinades, dips and other specialty
items), Cains Foods L.P. (shelf stable mayonnaise, dressings and sauces), and Associated Brands
Management Holdings Inc. (powdered drinks, specialty teas, and sweeteners). In calendar 2014,
the company paid out almost $1 billion for two new acquisitions: $140 million for the remaining
equity interest in PFF Capital Group, Inc. for Protenergy's natural foods and $854 million for
Flagstone Foods, a producer of snack nuts, trail mixes, dried fruit, snack mixes, and other
wholesome snacks. TreeHouse now carries some $1.5 billion debt. Its business divides into three
segments: North American Retail Group (its largest sector) with sales for the year up by 32.3% to
$2.2 billion, Food Away From Home and Industrial/Export business. The company operates 24
manufacturing facilities, four of them in Canada. While its sales have been driven by acquisitions,
its profits for the year were modest, up 3.3% to $89.9 million. Walmart, its largest customer,
reportedly had its total trade receivables with TreeHouse drop from 2013's 24.8% to 17.7% in
2014; while Walmart's share of the company's sales has slipped from 2012's 20.7% to 28.8% in
2014. Weakness in some product category sales has led to at least two plant closings in 2013.
UPDATE: In its quest to be the leading supplier of private label food and beverage products in the
U.S., TreeHouse in November 2015 announced its agreement to acquire ConAgra Foods' private
brands operation in a deal valued at $2.7 billion (TreeHouse assumes debt of $1.8 billion and
issues about $1 billion in equity stock). The merger would push TreeHouse annual sales upward to
nearly $7 billion. ConAgra reported its private label operation generated $3.6 billion in sales for
the period ending May 31, 2015. TreeHouse, once the deal is consumated in 2016's first quarter,
would extend its portfolio by 10 shelf stable and refrigerated food categories.
Products/Services: Nondairy powdered creamers; condensed and ready-to-serve soups,
refrigerated & shelf stable salad dressings and sauces, powdered drink mixes, single serve hot
beverages, specialty teas, hot cereals, macaroni and cheese, skillet dinners and other side dishes
and salads, salsa and Mexican sauces, jams and pie fillilngs, pickles, aseptic sauces and liquid
non-dairy creamers.
Sales Contacts: Bay Valley Foods (Gary Schachter, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. Tel:
412) 442-0303); Sturm Foods (Steve Foster, Vice-President of National Accounts. Tel: (920) 5962511); S.T. Specialty Foods (Kim Lehner, Customer Service Account Manager. Tel: (763) 4939600); E.D. Smith (Sandy Habros, National Account Manager-Foodservice.
[email protected]
Category: Food (dry groceries--non-dairy creamers, salad dressing, hot cereals, etc.), Food Service
10330 Old Olive Street Road, St. Louis, MO 63141-5922
Tel: (314) 569-3633
FAX: (314)( 569-5087
Total Sales Volume: $1 Billion (approximate)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Mexico, South America, Canada, Asia
Profile: Add a company here, add a company there and over the past 15 years you end up with one
of North America’s largest providers of jars, bottles and other rigid packaging components for use
in personal care products, cosmetics, health care and food & beverages. This all began with the
merger in 1997 of three packaging companies: Northwestern Bottle (established in 1902),
Texberry Container, and Caliber Packaging. This merger created Tricor Packaging. In 1998, the
operation was consolidated into W. Braun Company and renamed TricorBraun. Other additions
followed: Packaging Plus, Packaging West; Smith Container; Cal-West Tool; and Mold, Fenton,
Weber & Jones (a package designers); I-Pak; Ruco Packaging; and Colombia Packaging.
TricorBraun today is positioned as the largest and most diverse packaging company of its kind in
North America, overseeing a number of independent synergistically linked organizations and
operating 40 branch offices worldwide. In January 2012, the company acquired Trilogy Glass,
which was folded into its WinePak business (formerly called Caliber Wine Group), which is now
the largest wine bottle distributor in North America.
Products/Services: All packaging—glass, HDPE, vinyl, PET bottles, tubes, jars, caps, dispensers;
also upscale containers for cosmetics, personal care, fragrance; expanding into gourmet food, pet
products, automotive, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
1601 W. McKay, P.O. Box 943, Frontenac, KS 66763 USA
Tel: (620) 231-7779
FAX: (620) 231-5329
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Pacific Rim, Europe, Canada, South America
Profile: Triple T Foods was one of the first two natural pet foods on the market. The firm
manufactures natural (private label) pet food in its own state-of-the-art pet food plant. Opened in
October 1994, this facility is APHIS (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service) approved. Less
than one-half of all US pet food plants are APHIS approved. Chemical antioxidants and
preservatives have never been used in its plant. The company packages 4- up to 50-pound bags.
Its facility has fresh meat capabilities.
Products/Services: Dry dog and cat pet food, supplements, toys
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Pet Foods/Supplies
Kantonsstrasse 31, CH- 6234, Triengen, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 41 935 3535
FAX: +41 41 935 3300
Total Sales Volume: $206.5 Million (CHF 232 Million)
Sales % in EB: 45
Export Markets: 80+ countries on all continents
Profile: The year 2012 marks the 125th anniversary of Trisa of Switzerland, a manufacturer,
innovator, and marketer of toothbrushes and other grooming implements. Started in 1887 as a
specialist in hair brushes and brushes for household use, its first toothbrush, one with a wooden
handle, was introduced in 1903. Today, more than a million (no wood anymore) are produced
daily or 250 million on a yearly basis. Some 95% of that output is exported. Trisa’s products are
ISO 9001/EN 29001 and ISO 14001 certified. Also, they are certified by FSC and OHSAS 18001.
The company is owned by the Pfenninger family (4th generation) and employees. Trisa has
established a leading role in the world’s oral and dental care business.
Products/Services: Flexible head toothbrushes electric toothbrushes, interdental products, hair
brushes and accessories, electric appliances, and nail/hand/bath massage/sauna brushes
Sales Contacts: Mr. Alois Arnold, Export Department (e-mail: [email protected])
Category: Health & Beauty Care
320 North 2nd Street, Tipp City, OH 45371-1912 USA
Tel; (937) 667-8478; (800) 729-6887
FAX: (937) 667-4656
Total Sales Volume: $20 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 25
Export Markets: Japan, Korea, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, South America
Profile: Trophy Nut, founded in 1968, went from private ownership to being part of Iroquois
Brands and then, in 1978, back to private ownership by the Jerry Allen family. The company
specializes in tube nuts as well as its branded and private label accounts. It is one of the top ten
nut processors in the US. The company possesses most of the major processing techniques,
including some unique applications that offer greater flexibility, for example, imprinting
packaging at the time of processing to cut costs. Its products are SQF 2000 Level 2 certified as
well as Kosher certified. Trophy Nut also is an approved supplier for the military and the Girl
Products/Services: Dry roast and oil-roasted nuts, natural snacks, packaged in cans, jars, bags, gift
boxes and tins; chocolates and other candies, dried fruit.
Sales Contacts: Bob Wilke, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Food (candy/snacks)
600 East Quality Drive, American Fork, UT 84003-3302 USA
Tel: (801) 763-0700; (800) 645-5626
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:N/A
Profile: Started in 1968, Twinlab in 2003 was taken over by ISI Brands Inc. Twinlab continues to
manufacture and market nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals,
herbs, and sports nutrition products. The company calls itself the pioneer and leader in sports
nutrition. In May 2011, the company completed requirements of NSF International’s GMP for
Sport ™ Athletic Banned Substance Program. This certification covers all its brands, Twinlab,
Metabolife, Alvita, and Nature’s Herbs, plus its private label and contract business. The firm
addresses six major categories: prenatal and children’s nutrition, sports and fitness, weight
management, dairy nutrition, specialty supplements, and healthy aging. Twinlab’s history includes
the 2000 acquisition of Alpine Health Products (formerly listed in this database).
Products/Services: Nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, herbs,
and sports nutrition products.
Sales Contacts: Scott Jenkins, General Manager
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2200 Don Tyson Parkway, Springdale, AR 72762-6999 USA
Tel: (479) 290-4000
Total Fiscal 2013 Sales Volume: $33.3 Billion +3.1%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Global (90+ countries)
Profile: Publicly traded (NYSE: TSN) Tyson is one of the world’s largest processor and marketer
of chicken, beef and pork products, operating more than 400 facilities in five countries: United
States, Brazil, China, India, and Mexico. The company also is the leading private label lunchmeat
(and possibly bacon) producer in the US. Its private label business, while small in comparison to
its branded sales, crosses most of its categories: fresh, value-added, frozen, and refrigerated foods,
both in retail and foodservice. Interestingly, Tyson reports most of its sales in beef (41%),
followed by chicken (35%), pork (14%), and prepared foods (10%). Higher live and raw material
costs coupled with domestic production cuts weakened its fiscal 2012 profits: Net income fell by
20.5% to $583 million. Its sales volume dipped across all product segments, except pork, which
benefited by lower live hog costs during the year. Tyson is now building its prepared foods
UPDATE: Early in June 2013, Tyson acquired the assets of Circle Foods, LLC, San Diego, CA, a
producer of frozen and refrigerated hand-held Mexican foods (burritos, chimicangas, enchiladas,
quesadillas, tacos, tamales, tortillas) as well as Indian flat breads. Circle Foods, owned by Claridge
Inc., an investment firm in Montreal, Canada, from a 159,000 square foot facility, markets its own
brands and serves private label customers. Its a perfect marriage, since Tyson claims to be the
second largest manufacturer of flour and corn tortillas and chips in the US--targeted mostly to
quick service restaurants. In June 2014, Tyson made a cash offer (effective to December 2014) of
$8.6 billion (including net debt) to acquire Hillshire Brands, conditional on Hillshire walking
away from its agreement to buy Pinnacle Foods. All these companies are listed in this database.
Products/Services: Chicken, beef, pork, prepared foods, refrigerated foods, luncheon meats, meals,
Sales Contacts: Keithl Deshazo, Director of Private Label
Category: Food (deli, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, meats, meals), Food Serviced
531 Cot ton Blossom Circle, Gastonia, NC 28054- 5245 USA
Tel: (216) 676-6400; (800) 321-1029
FAX: (505) 892-0977
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:South America, Asia, Middle East, Central America, Caribbean, Canada,
Profile: U.S. Cotton, which started in 1982, is the leading manufacturer of cotton products in the
Americas and the only major national manufacturer of organic cotton. The company’s national
brands, Swisspers and Swiss Beauty cotton rounds, dominate the branded side of the category;
each of these brands is complemented with a full line of cotton balls, squares, and swabs. Both
brands have been the choice of many major retailers for their own exclusive labels programs. (For
years, the company was an importer of Swisspers, owned by Flawa AG in Switzerland; but the
latter firm sold its US facility and the brand to U.S. Cotton in 1996. Another European producer of
swabs, Groupe Lemoine of France, sold its US facility to U.S. Cotton as well. Both European
firms are in this database.) In January 2000, the two brands were consolidated under the Swisspers
label to further reinforce the brand’s market dominance. In January 2008, Parkdale Mills,
Gastonia, NC, the world leader in spun yarn (today with 25 plants located in the U.S., Colombia,
and Mexico) acquired U.S. Cotton. At the time, it was the dominant supplier of private label
cotton-based consumer products (swabs, cotton balls, rounds and square pads) to US and Canadian
retail chains. Parkdale, involved in weaving, knitting, hosiery, yarns, etc., looked to expand its
private label cotton product business. U.S. Cotton’s manufacturing facilities are located in Rio
Rancho, NM; Charlotte, NC; and Santiago, Chile. The company’s former headquarters were in
Rio Rancho. The company also has strategic partnerships with Flawa AG, Switzerland; Alpha
Conseil et Participations, France; and Quimica Estrella, Argentina.
Products/Services: 100% cotton balls, pads, squares, rounds, swabs
Sales Contacts: Julie Koenig, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Category: Health & Beauty Care
100 Emjay Blvd., Brentwood, NY 11717 USA
Tel: (631) 952-0100
FAX: (631) 952-0200
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Australia, Mexico, Colombia
Profile: U.S. Nonwovens, a family owned business, which started in 1995 in the non-woven roll
goods area, entered finished consumer disposable products, centered around home care and
personal care product categories. This expansion began in 1999 and the following year the
company received ISO 9002 certification in manufacturing and operating procedures. In 2010,
U.S. Nonwovens completed expansion of its new 500,000 square foot manufacturing and
distribution facility. The company claims to be the only producer with mill capacity and capability
to produce non-woven substrates. Lately, the company has embarked on some innovative
products, including dual compartment detergent pouches (similar to P&G’s Tide Pods), which it
looks to license and sell.
Products/Services: Laundry care (fabric softener sheets, liquid detergent, stain removers),
dishwasher (detergents, dish soap), oven cleaners soap pads, cellulose sponges and scrubbers,
scouring pads, steel wool soap pads, bathroom care, (toilet cleaner, shower sprays, wipes), auto
cleaners, wipes (baby, flushable, facial), floor care, fresheners, hemorrhoid pads, etc.
Sales Contacts: Shervin Zade, Sr. Vice-President
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty
692 Bailey Ave., Buffalo, NY 14206 USA
Tel: (716) 828-1170; (800) 388-7252
FAX: (716) 828-1509
Total Sales Volume: $20 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: U.S. Sugar Co., launched in 1960, is the only independent packager and processor of
granulated, brown, and powdered sugars in the US--focused on downstream packaging and
processing. It also is a dedicated private brands supplier, serving retailers and wholesalers. Its
products, available from one- up to 100-pound bags (and including 2,000-pound super sacks), are
GFSI certified (a new global standard) and BRC certified through NSF International.
Products/Services: Granulated, brown and powdered sugars
Sales Contacts: Tom Ferlito, Vice-President of Sales (Ex. 203)
Category: Food (dry groceries--sugar)
10 Water Street, Enfield, CT 06082 USA
Tel: (860) 749-8371
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 30+ countries on 5 continents
Profile: Since 1960, a predecessor company, Shuster Group, played a significant role in the
development of the private label industry. Through services including product evaluation, product
development, quality assurance, consumer testing and analytical services, the late Dr. Herbert
Shuster addressed the needs of manufacturers and retailers, importers and distributors, marketing
and service organizations. His expertise spanned a range of consumer products, including foods,
personal care products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, cosmetics, household chemicals,
soft goods and general merchandise. Ownership passed from Dr. Shuster to Hauser, Inc. to STR
Holdings, Inc., Enfield, CT. In August 2011, the company, then called STR Quality Assurance,
was taken over by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Northbrook, IL, a global independent safety
science company. UL looked to complement its electronics and electrical expertise where STR
Quality Assurance can help provide a suite of quality assurance testing, inspection, auditing and
souring services focused on consumer products. The company hereafter is now identified as UL STR, positioned as an independent provider of quality assurance testing, audit (servicing 140
countries), and responsible sourcing services for consumer products. Testing complies with
international, national, and regional quality standards. STR-Registrar LLC, Stroudsburg, PA, a
division of the UL family of companies, Northbrook, IL, announced on Feb. 6, 2012 that it is the
first company to offer ACLASS-Accredited GMP Audits, initially covering OTC drugs, medical
device, and dietary supplement manufacturers and, by the end of the month, also including
cosmetics and non-regulated products. UPDATE: Since the quality assurance testing acquisition
of STR Holdings, UL has added three more similar acquisitions. They include: Bangladesh-based
Magnus Textile Service, German-based eco-INSTITUT early in 2012 and, in August 2012, ICQ
Global, a consumer products testing provider in Italy, active in Africa, Asia, and the US. ICQ
Global, which tests such products as toys, textiles, cosmetics, food contact material, packaging
material, paints, etc., bolsters UL's presence in Europe and Asia. Additionally, in August 2012,
UL Environment, a business unit of UL, acquired GoodGuide, one of the world's largest sources
of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of consumer products. Its data
platform, including web and mobile interfaces, allows manufacturers and retailers to present their
products, opening transparency to those products and a more holistic product reference guide. covers more than 175,000 products and 5,000 companies--and is not restricted to
name brand products, that is, it includes private brands. Subsequently, in January 2013, UL,
Northbrook, IL, acquired Everclean Services, Agoura Hills, CA, a food safety audit service for
food retailers and foodservice clients. Its food safety and brand protection work covers food
processing, water quality testing, and water product certification.
Products/Services: Quality testing services include: Product development, performance testing,
comparative evaluations, facility audits, TQM/HACCP/QA programs, label review, regulatory
compliance, consumer and sensory panels, and chemical and microbiological services.
Sales Contacts: STR's store brand testing conducted at 85 John Rd., Canton, MA 02021. Tel: (781)
821-2200; (800) 444-8705.
Category: Service
9375 Dielman Industrial Dr., St. Louis, MO 63132, USA
Tel: (314) 991-8304
FAX: (314) 991-7988
Total Sales Volume: $30Million+
Sales % in EB: 20
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This consumer electronics company, producing portable terminals to locate destinations
and trip planning, provides “Road Whiz’s” with an “extraordinary database” for travelers and
markets hand-held computers and GPS receivers for driver information. Additionally, the firm
develops and markets hand-held “Road Whiz” units through retailers in the fields of travel, home
and garden, sports, medical, etc. Its clients include department stores, chain drug stores, mass
merchandisers, leading catalog suppliers, cable television marketers, and office supply retailers
and consumer electronic stores. Exclusive brands include Target brand “Car and Driver,” Sear’s
brand “Pathfinder,” and AAA brand “Trip Wizzard.”
Products/Services: Hand-held travel information computers and GPS (global positioning satellite)
receivers for driver information
Sales Contacts: David S. Biernbaum, COO (e-mail: [email protected]); Dan
Muehlemann, Vice-President of Sales
Category: General Merchandise
No 79, Biyagama Road, Taljwatta, Kelaniya, SRI LANKA
Tel: +94 11472890
FAX: +94 11472871
Total Sales Volume: $12 Million+
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: U.S., Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Russia--30+ countries
Profile: From a country traditionally renown for its quality tea--the world leader in tea exports
(Sri Lanka), Union Commodities since 1985 has produced an outstanding record in tea exports.
The company is the third largest tea bag exporter in Sri Lanka. Its product, black Ceylon tea, is
available in envelope type bags, tea bags, tea bags with tags, and pot bags.
Products/Services: Tea bags, loose leaf tea
Sales Contacts: Mr. Muzamil Nazim, Joint Manager-Tea Department; in U.S.--Empire Tea
Serices, 1965 St. James Place, Colombus, IN 47203. Lalith (Larry) Paranavitana, Worldwide
Marketing Representative. (Tel. 812-375-1937 or 800-790-0246).
Category: Beverages (tea)
14522 Myford Rd., Irvine, CA 92606-1000 USA
Tel: (714) 734-2200
Total Sales Volume: $30 Million+
Sales % in EB: 30
Export Markets: East Europe, South America, Canada, Russia
Profile: Union Foods, now a division of Solatide, Inc., was started in 1974 by Korean immigrants,
as a small ramen producer. In the US, its Smack brand was once ranked number three in that
category. A plant has been opened in Georgia, while the Southern California plant has tripled its
production in recent years.
Products/Services:Ramen, cup ramen, pillow ramen
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries-ramen)
(UCC Europe Ltd.)
Avenue Louis- Casai 58, 1216 Geneva, SWITZERLAND
Tel: +41 (22) 716-95-95
Total 2012 Sales Volume: $544.4 Million (€ 422 Million) +5.5%
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom
Profile: Formerly called Drie Mollen sinds 1818 (the date of its founding in The Netherlands), the
name was changed in March 2010 to United Coffee, positioned as one of Europe’s largest,
independent, coffee companies and a market leader in private label and single portion coffees. The
company headquarters was moved to Geneva in August 2010. Previously, in January 2008,
Capvest, a London-based private equity firm, had acquired Drie Mollen Group. In September
2010, United Coffee acquired Cafes Piard, Valence, France, a coffee roaster and producer since
1926. This operation was integrated into United’ Cafes Excella and Campanini operations, thus
creating France’s largest private label provider of coffee and one of the country’s biggest single
portion coffee solutions provider. In June 2011, the company acquired Coopers Coffee, a family
owned business that supplied independent cafes and restaurants in the UK. United thus became the
market leader in the UK’s out-of-home coffee market as well as number 1 in private label retail.
Since then, United has acquired other smaller competitors, including 50% interest in Kaiser Kaffee
from Tengelmann of Germany (also in the Retailers Database). Finally, United Coffee itself was
acquired in April 2012 by UCC Holdings Company Ltd., Kobe, Japan, which then established
UCC Europe Ltd. UCC is a dedicated coffee company (“cup to seed”), generating 2012 sales of ¥
334 billion ($4.2 billion). It is the market leader in Japan, operating coffee shops, coffee cafes,
green bean coffee processing facilities, and coffee growing areas. The UCC Group, led by UCC
Ueshima Co, is vertically integrated, producing and distributing whole beans, ground coffee,
instant coffee, read-to-drink coffees, as well as certain commercial products (packaged, chilled,
and frozen foods). UCC, founded by Taceo Ueshima in 1933, remains family owned. The
company is credited with the launch of the world’sfirst canned coffee beverage in 1969. Today it
exports products to some 10 countries., while also supplying more than 100,000 coffee shops,
hotels, restaurants, etc. in Japan. In 2013, UCC established United Coffee Japan Copany, Ltd.
United Coffee in Europe sells to the retail trade (all private label) and to out-of-home markets
(mostly its own brands, such as Grand Cafe, Templo, and Smit & Dorlas).
Products/Services: Coffee (ground and beans), tea (black and flavored) in bags, tins or boxes;
instant coffee (jars and hermetic sachets), coffee machines
Sales Contacts: Ralf van den Bragt, Marketing Manager
Category: Beverages (coffee), General Merchandise (coffee machines)
Minervum 7208 , P.O. Box 9424, 4800 LK Breda, THE NETHERLANDS
Tel: +31 76- 578-1000
FAX: +31 76- 578-1001
Total Sales Volume: $65 Million (€ 50 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia &
Oceania--95+ countries
Profile: With roots tracing back to 1538 (Breda Bier), United Dutch Breweries is the oldest
existing commercial enterprise in the Netherlands, representing that country’s third largest
brewery group and the largest private label supplier in the beer category in Holland, handling
some 125 skus. The company supplies top-notch retail chains in the U.S., United Kingdom,
Germany, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Holland. UDB has International Features
Standards Logistics (IFS) and BRC Food certificates behind its products, all focused on value
brands. Its famous Dutch brands include: Oranjeboom, Royal Dutch Posthorn, Breda Bier and 3
Horses. Its product selection ranges from classic Dutch style lager beer to Belgian Abbey or
German Weissbier; while alcoholic content covers 0% up to 16%. In 2008, the company, spun off
by Anheuser-Bush InBev, remained under the ownership of Nimbus Investments of the
Netherlands until March 2011, when the private equity firm, Egeria Capital Management,
Amsterdam, took control..
Products/Services: Beer (lagers, strong beer, nonalcoholic, dark malt variants, and specialties, such
as abbey, wheat and cherry)
Sales Contacts: Bert van de Made, Sales & Marketing Manager
Category: Beverages (alcoholic beverage--beer)
111 Ponce de Leon Ave., Clewiston, FL 33440 USA
Tel: (863) 983-8121
FAX: (863) 983-9827
Total Sales Volume: :$650 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: United States Sugar Corp., started in 1931, today claims to be one of the largest, fully
integrated producer of cane sugar (up to 700,000 tons per year) in the US and the largest supplier
of private label not-from-concentrate orange juice in the US. The company produces 120 millionplus gallons of orange juice per year from some 33,000 acres of orange groves. This employeeowned business processes its orange juice through a subsidiary, southern Gardens Citrus. In 2011,
the company celebrated its 80th anniversary. This was the year that Southern Florida suffered a
major drought, which has affected this company’s sugar cane output.
Products/Services: Pure cane sugar, orange juice (not-from-concentrate)
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Food (dry groceries--sugar), Beverages (juice)
3 Terminal Rd., New Brunswick, NJ 08901 USA
Tel: (732) 545-3130; (800) 872-0101
FAX: (732) 214-1210
Total Sales Volume: $25 Million+
Sales % in EB: 40 (E)
Export Markets: Europe, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia
Profile: Started in 1977, mainly as a branded sports nutrition supplement supplier (powders),
Universal Nutrition has developed contract manufacturing as well as its own brand for tablets,
capsules, powders, and liquid formulations. Lately, the firm has put more emphasis on its own
brand marketing, but also keeps its contract manufacturing business active.
Products/Services: Sports nutrition supplements, herbal tablets and other health and nutrition
products, diet & energy, protein bars
Sales Contacts: Tim Tantum, Steve Patton, Jeff Rhodes
Category: Health & Beauty Care
400-7620 Yonge St., Thornhill, Ontario L4J 1V9 CANADA
Tel: (905) 660-4006
FAX: (905) 660-1995
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: United States, France
Profile: Uni-Wipes produces a pre-moistened lens towellets, used for lens and screen cleaning.
The disposable wipes are impregnated with an effective cleaning solution first developed in
Europe and perfected by this company. It is suitable for antireflective coated, uncoated, plastic,
glass and numerous difficult-to-clean lenses, as well as for cameras, computer screens, copiers and
other glass items. The company also produces other wipes.
Products/Services: Disposable wipes (glass cleaner, hand/face, baby/toilet seat/moisturizing)
Sales Contacts: Angelo Grossi
Category: Health & Beauty Care
1080 Wyckoff Ave., Ridgewood, NY 11385 USA
Tel: (718) 821-5330; (800) 83-KOJEL
FAX: (718) 497-7110
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: The Freund family started out in 1983 as a supplier of soup bases and dessert mixes for
the foodservice trade. In the mid-1980s, the company merged with KOJEL Food Co, which
opened the retail sector and private label business, while also broadening V.I.P. Foods’ dry mixes
range. This was expanded to include diet jels, pudding mixes, and hot chocolate mixes. The
company continues to market products under the Kojel brand, offering dry mixes and ready-to-eat
Products/Services: Boxed soups, instant soup-in-a-cup, desert mixes, stuffing mix, chicken coating
mix, cake mixes, and custom-formulated dry mixes.
Sales Contacts: Esther Freund, Sales Manager
Category: Food (dry groceries)
901 South 3rd Street South, Minneapolis, MN 55402 USA
Tel: (612) 851-7000
FAX: (612) 486-9034
Total Fiscal 2012 Sales Volume: $4 Billion +1.7% Total Coatings Sales Volume: $2.2 Billion
+2.3% Total Paint Sales Volume: $1.6 Billion -0.5%
Sales % in EB: 30 (E)
Export Markets:Global
Profile: The Valspar Corp. (NYSE: VAL) is a leading global coatings and paints manufacturer,
founded in 1806 and developer of America's first varnish). In the recent past, this company has
emphasized its private label business, but lately has moved more toward its own brands, Valspar,
Cabot, Huarum (China), etc. Also, Valspar has moved aggressively abroad, where today some
46% of its revenues are from outside the US. The Valspar brand is now considered number 2 in
the US paint business. The company reports carrying $1.2 billion in debt. Its 2011 net loss of
$138.6 million contrasts with net income of $292.5 million in this period. During the year, the
company picked up new business with the DIY retailer, B&Q, part of Kingfisher plc (also in this
database). More than 10% of the company's net sales come form Lowe's in the US (also in this
database). Its two core businesses are: (1) the decorative- protective coatings segment, including
products like industrial coatings for wood, metal, and plastic; coatings and inks for rigid
packaging (food and beverage containers, both internal and external), coatings for refinished
vehicles, and floor coatings; and (2) the paint sector encompassing paint (exterior and interior),
stains, primers, varnishes, and floor paints, plus enamels and aerosol and faux finishes.
UPDATE: In January 2013, Valspar announced a long-term strategic supply relationship with Ace
Hardware Corp. (listed in the Retailers database), where the company will supply Ace-brand paint
products plus work in supplying Ace's some 4,000 stores in the US. As exclusive supplier to Ace,
Valspar also acquires Ace's two manufacturing plants near Chicago.
Products/Services: Paints and coatings (decorative and protective), stains, varnishes
Sales Contacts: Sales Contacts: Ken Arthur, Vice-President, Consumer Division; Jim Robellard,
Director of Marketing—Contact both at Valspar Corp., 1191 South Wheeling Rd., Wheeling, IL
60090 (Phone: 847-520-8507).
Category: General Merchandise--paints & coatings
Boulevard Industriel 120, 7700 Mouscron BELGIUM
Tel: +32 56-85-97-20
FAX: +32 56-84-02-01
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: Vandeputte’s foundation was built from a mill that pressed linseed in 1887. The company
over the years has evolved into a supplier of household cleaning products, especially soap and
detergent and oils and oleochemicals. In 1987, the company expanded into private label soaps and
detergents. In 2000, two divisions were formed: the Soaps and Detergents Division and the
(linseed) Oil Division. The next year, Vandeputte formed the Oleochemicals Division, providing
vegetable oil based polymers and derivatives. The company specializes in liquid and soft soaps. Its
product line covers: floor care, all purpose cleaners, dish washing, fabric care, and beauty care
products. Its own brands include: Mousse de Lin, Original Dr. Beckman, Cadum, Croc Odor, and
Iba Fragrance & Design.
Products/Services: Liquid cleaning products, biological detergents, soaps, laundry liquids, sanitary
cleaners, fabric softeners, toilet cleaners, washing-up liquids and creams, liquid and soft lindseed
oil soap
Sales Contacts: Frederic Declercq, Export Manager
Category: Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
3084 South Center Road, Memphis, TN 38109 USA
Tel: (901) 348-6660
FAX: (901) 348-6601
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This leading contract manufacturer of bar soaps and liquid personal care products serves
branded manufacturers, retailers and hospitality distributors. Started in 1943, the company today
produces specialty, natural and organic bar soaps. Vanguard also is a certified organic processor
and ISO 9001 certified for its bar soaps and liquids. Its plant is FDA registered and cGMP
compliant. Additionally, the company offers palm-free soap bases.
Products/Services: Bar soaps and liquid personal care products
Sales Contacts: Mark Pritchard, Sales Manager; Leslie Lawhon, Sales Development Specialist
Category: Health & Beauty Care (soap, liquid personal care products)
Inicts House, Sir Tho mas Longley Rd., Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent ME2 4DU
Tel: +44 1634-710-258
FAX: +44 1634-716-258
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $200 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, United States-- 50+ countries
Profile: Established in 1987 by Moni Karma (from Malawi), Veetee has become one of the United
Kingdom's largest volume suppliers of rice to the grocery trade, both branded and own label. The
company operates milling facilities in New Delhi and Lahore, Pakistan and a processing facility in
Kent, England. Its product range includes Basmati rice, long-grain rice, up to more exotic Goan
and Camargue red rice types, as well as sauce dishes in pouches and jars. Its microwaveable ricebased ready meals appear under the Dine In brand.
Products/Services: Rice, ready meals (including flavored recipes)
Sales Contacts: Moni Varma, Chairman
Category: Food Service (rice), Food (rice)
40 Pointe Drive, Brea, CA 92821 USA
Tel: (714) 257-3700; (800) 421-6257
Total Sales Volume: $2 Billion+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 20 (E)
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: This company began in 1867 as a coffee and spice wholesaler (Jewett & Sherman Co.) in
Milwaukee; more products were added, such as edible oils, dressings and sauces, under the
Holsum brand. By 1977, the company changed its name to Holsum Foods. Meantime, another
company, Wilsey Foods in California, began as a butter and eggs distributor. In 1989, Mitsui Co.,
Ltd., Tokyo (a diversified trading/investment/services company) acquired Wilsey Foods, allowing
the latter access to international markets. The company added salad oils and a refining business.
Holsum, now owned by Harvest States Cooperative (part of the CHS agricultural co-op, Inver
Grove Heights, MN), formed a 50-50 joint venture with Wilsey in 1995 and the next year merged
to form Ventura Foods. Powerful companies were behind Ventura Foods: CHS its 2010 sales
reported at $8.8 billion and Mitsui with 2011 sales of $51.4 billion. From 1996 onward, there were
company and brand name acquisitions: Van den Berg edible oil brand from Lipton/Unilever for
the foodservice sector, Sunnyland Refining (making Ventura the leader in foodservice margarine),
a licensing agreement to make Hidden Valley brand dressing for the foodservice market, Sona &
Hollen for portion control capabilities, the Marie brand dressing, dips and glazes, and the Smart
Balance brand buttery spreads for foodservice. With this expansion, Ventura Foods opened a new
675,000 square foot facility in Ontario, CA in 2008. The end result: Ventura Foods today is the
largest US manufacturer of margarines, spreads, and butter blends and the number one producer of
dressings in foodservice. The company also is one of the largest private label food processors in
the country. Ventura Foods additionally operates a processing plant for soybean oils. The
company oversees 11 production and distribution facilities, where foodservice accounts represent
60% of sales, the balance in retail and contract packing. Ventura Foods now specializes in edible
oils, shortenings, dressings, margarine spreads, sauces and flavor bases. One of its largest
customers: Sysco foodservice (23% of sales)--listed in the Retailer section of this database.
Products/Services: Margarine, mayonnaise, pourable salad dressings, sauces, syrups, vegetable
shortenings, salad and sandwich spreads, and vegetable-based edible oils (soy, corn, canola, olive,
safflower, sunflower), and drink mixes
Sales Contacts: Fred Zimmerman, Vice-President of Consumer Products
Category: Food Service (margarine, dressings, dips, sauces), Beverages (DG), Food (margarine,
dressings, dips, sauces)
443 East 100th St., Brooklyn, NY 11236 USA
Tel: (718) 927-3000 (718- 649-7069)
FAX: (718) 649-7069
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Victoria Fine Foods (formerly called Victoria Packing Co.), founded by Pelligrino
Aquilina in 1929, continues today as a family owned business (four generations). The company
provides more than 300 products for retail, foodservice, and industrial, covering a variety of
sauces plus ingredients such as olives, peppers, olive oil, vinegar, etc. Its sauces contain Italian
plum tomatoes. The company also co-packs products.
Products/Services: Premium pasta Sauces all natural, GMO-free), meat sauces, USDA organic
sauces, simmering sauces, olives, pepperoncini, peppers, artichokes, mushrooms, vinegar, olive
oil, garlic, Giardeniera, dips, salsas, capers, salad dressing, Bruschette, herbs and spices, sun-dried
tomatoes. dips, etc.
Sales Contacts: William Paskowski, Exec. Vice-President of Sales; Brad Denis, Private Label
Category: Food Service (dry groceries), Food (dry groceries)
8515 Page Ave., St. Louis, MO 63114 USA
Tel: (314) 427-1000
FAX: (314) 427-1010
Total 2011 Sales Volume: $750 Million+ (E)
Sales % in EB: 90 (E)
Export Markets: Pacific Rim, Europe, Caribbean
Profile: Started in 1908 as the Peroxide Specialty Company, this firm became the largest US
supplier of hydrogen peroxide. Today is also is the country’s oldest family owned private label
health and beauty company--fifth largest in the US. Entering the cosmetic skin cream business in
the 1930s, Vi-Jon pushed into the store brands business in the 1950s. Today, through significant
growth since 1980s, the company is a major producer of exclusive brand personal care products
(more than 1,800 stock keeping units, SKUs), supplying the top 50 US retailers or approximately
200 customers worldwide. The company has set the standard for private label quality control,
packaging and product development, becoming, for example, the first manufacturer to add Bitrex,
a bitter tasting agent, to its nail polish remover to deter accidental ingestion by children. Upwards
of 5% of its sales go to export markets. In January 2006, Jack Brunner, former chairman and son
of the company’s founder, passed away after 55+ years working at Vi-Jon. In July 2006, Vi-Jon
agreed along with Cumberland Swan Holdings to be acquired by Berkshire Partners LLC, Boston,
a private equity firm. The resulting company now produces some 3,000+ products under about
100 product categories, including: oral care, soaps, first aid products, baby care and hair care.
Products/Services: Health & beauty care products--mouthwash, nail, polish remover, shampoo,
conditioners, hand sanitizer (and wipes), hair spray, petroleum jelly, baby sash lotion, oils, baby
bath and powder, medicated chest rub, alcohol and peroxide, epson salts, after shaves
Sales Contacts: Eduardo Alves, Chief Sales Officer; Rebecca DeLahaye, National Accounts
Manager; Paula Korman, Director of Sales Operations
Category: Health & Beauty Care
2875 MCI Blvd., Pinellas Park, FL 33782 USA
Tel: (727 712-9200; (800) 237-5911
FAX: (727) 712-9400
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada, Mexico, South America, United Kingdom,
Switzerland, Germany, Africa, Austria
Profile: In 1975, Vincent Dotolo began developing cleaning products derived from a citrus terpene
known as d’limonene. His first product was a hand cleaner marketed under the trade name “Really
Works!”—a nontoxic, completely biodegradable product, beneficial to the skin. The firm’s
success in the industrial and commercial marketplace led to a doubling of its facilities to 46,000
square feet of production area plus 3,500 square feet of office space in August 1985, followed later
to an additional 90,000 square-foot facility. By 1993, the firm’s subsidiary, Citra Brands, was
offering a broad line of hand cleaners, household degreaser, nail polish remover, paint stripper and
paint brush cleaner products. The company has introduced a Wild Orange hand cleaner for the
price-competitive market. Also new: a multipurpose cleaning system, featuring premoistened
towels dispensed from a barrel, as well as an all-purpose liquid citrus cleaner.
Products/Services: Hand cleaners, super concentrates, degreasers, adhesive removers,
multipurpose hand cleaning towels, offset cleaning solution, foaming hand/hair/body shampoo
Sales Contacts: Maria Dotolo, Executive Vice-President
Category: Health & Beauty Care
7453 Progress Way, Delta, British Columbia V4G 1E8 CANADA
Tel: (604) 940-0211
FAX: (604) 248-8760
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom
Profile: Started in 1990 as the manufacturing entity of Nature’s Path Foods Inc. (located at the
same address), Vita Mills is positioned as a niche, upscale gourmet packer of ready-to-eat cereals.
Nature’s Path, established in 1984, is noted for having built Canada’s first high-tech cereal
extrusion and packaging plant and for using fruit juice (versus refined sugar) as a sweetener in its
cereal products. Its cereals are said to contain less salt than many leading brands and do not
contain preservatives or added fat. The products are packed in recycled paperboard boxes. Vita
Mills, of course, can offer all the cereal products under Nature’s Path for private label. The
company has been instrumental in formulating unique, healthy breakfast cereals under such
leading premium store brands as Loblaw’s President’s Choice and A&P’s Master Choice (both
retailers in this database). Its cereals are exclusively QAI certified organically grown and
processed. The range also can be custom-formulated. The company also has supplied some of the
newer, unique products appearing under President’s Choice, such as Ancient Greens and Seven
Reasons—made from non-hybrid strains of wheat that trace back to grains grown 4,000 years ago.
The company also handles the LifeStream Natural Foods brand.
Products/Services: Ready-to-eat extruded cereals, muesli, brand threads, custom blends , breads,
waffles, cereal bars, cookies, crackers
Sales Contacts: David Neuman, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing (e-mail:
[email protected]); Arran Stephens, President.
Category: Beverages (dry groceries--ready-to-eat cereals, bakery items)
Birkegaardsveg 3, 8361 Hasselager, DENMARK
Tel: +45 7020 4052
FAX: +45 7020 4053
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Eastern & Western Europe, Asia, United States
Profile: This company, now the leading pet food supplier in the Nordic Region, began in 1993, as
a dry pet food supplier for private label accounts, established from other older companies. The
company provides some 250-plus products for dogs, cats, birds, and smaller animals. The
company has specialized in the development of product series for private label or own brand
products from concept to final retail products. Its customer base includes large supermarket
chains, buying associations, and wholesalers. In 2008, the firm was divided into two separate
companies: Best Friend Oy for branded products, and Vital Petfood Group A/S for private label
and wild bird feed. The following year, the company received ISO 22000 accredited certification.
Products/Services: Dog food and snacks, cat food snacks, bird feeders and fat balls, collars and
leads, toys for dogs and cats, chewing items, etc.
Sales Contacts: Carsten Wulff, Commercial Manager
Category: Pet Food & Supplies
26, Rd. 9, Tai chung Industrial Zone, Tai chung, TAIWAN, R.O.C.
Tel: +886 4- 23590808
FAX: +886 4-23592935
Total Sales Volume: $361 Million (NST $10.5 Billion) +5%
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: South Africa, United States, Australia, Guam, New Zealand, Mainland China,
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Armenia, Canada
Profile: Vitalon Foods (Vitalon Enterprises) has been a beverage producer since 1956, starting
with a vitamin-enriched soft drink. Today, despite some setbacks and frustrations, it is the fourth
largest beverage concern in Taiwan. Its factories are located in Taichung, Taiwan (30,000 square
meters) and in Peking, China (39,360 square meters). Its Supau isotonic drink is the number one
isotonic drink for the past 15 years in Taiwan. The company entered the private label business in
1995, putting emphasis on iced coffee, yogurt mineral drink, can oolong tea, can green tea, and its
energy drink. The company also operates YSC (Yuanhsing Marketing Co. and Vitalon
Foundation (charity work).
Products/Services: Healthy drinks: isotonic drink, ice coffee, yogurt mineral drink, can oolang tea,
can green tea, fiber drink, sugar-free drinks, milk tea, vitamin soft drink, champagne soft drink,
energy drinks
Sales Contacts: Mr. Sylia Lin
Category: Beverages (isotonic drinks, coffee, yogurt mineral drinks, tea, energy drinks)
2802 Dow Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780 USA
Tel: (714) 832-9700
FAX: (714) 731-8482
Total Sales Volume: $50 Million+
Sales % in EB: 100
Export Markets: Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway,
Canada, Columbia, Argentina, England, Mexico
Profile: Vita-Tech International, pharmaceutically licensed since 1954, is a custom manufacturer
of nutritional and dietary food supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs—more than 1,000
products. The company provides a wide range of choices to meet specific customer needs.
Packaging services also are available. VitaTech welcomes samples and formulations for quotation.
It produces tablets, powders, two-piece capsules, enteric coating of soft gels, and capsule banding.
In March 2012, Vita-Tech launched CinSulin, a natural cinnamon extract for maintaining blood
glucose levels.
Products/Services: Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, glands, antioxidants, phytonutrients,
and diet aids, protein powders and drink mixes
Sales Contacts: Greg Williford, Vice-President of Sales
Category: Health & Beauty Care
Bow Valley Square 2, 3400- 205 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 2V7 CANADA
Tel: (403) 440-1119
FAX: (403) 718- 3829
Total Fiscal 2011 Sales Volume: $11.8 Billion (C$11.9 Billion) +42.2%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: 50+ countries
Profile: Viterra is a global leader in agri-business (seed, fertilizer, crop protection products,
equipment, and wool in Australia; and in food ingredients, including grain handling and marketing
and processing (oats, wheat, custom-coated grains, and canola oil). The company is positioned as
a supplier of nutritional food, grains, oilseeds, and specialty ingredients to the export market and
to global food companies. Some 72% of its sales come from grain handling & marketing, while
agriproducts represent 20.3%, and processing 13.6%. In the latter area, Viterra in May 2010,
acquired Dakota Growers Pasta Company in the US, an important private label pasta producer
with sales estimated at $70 million+. This added durum processing to Viterra’ processing
portfolio, while picking up 254,000 tons of pasta manufacturing capacity. Viterra also acquired
21st Century Grain that year. Viterra (Toronto Stock Exchange: TSX) is largest industrial oat
processor in the world, supplying oats to cereal and breakfast bar brands. Recently, the company
formed a relation with Gruppo Euricom to be the exclusive distributor of its Italian pasta and rice
products in the US and Canada—sold in the private label retail and foodservice markets. This
operation dovetails into Dakota Growers Pasta Company. In March 2012, Viterra Inc. agreed to be
acquired by Glencore International plc, Baar, Switzerland, in a deal that values Viterra’s equity at
about C$6.1 billion on a fully diluted basis. Glencore established its agribusiness in Australia in
2003. (Viterra purchased the ABB business in Australia in 2010.)
UPDATE: Early in 2013, Glencore merged with Xstrata plc, forming the $236 billion world
leader, Glencore Xstrata plc, which now oversees 90 commodities as one of the world’s largest
diversified producer of commodities (metals, coal, oil, agriculture, etc.) As a result, this new
owner has begun to divest parts of Viterra. Its 210 retail fertilizer stores in Canada, for example,
were sold to Agrium Inc., the largest US retail seller of fertilizers, chemicals, and seeds. In
September 2013, Viterra’s pasta company, Dakota Growers Pasta, a leading store brand supplier-reportedly generating $236 million in revenues, was earmarked for sale to Post Holdings, which
itself earlier was spun off from Ralcorp Holdings, Inc., now part of ConAgra (also in this
database). The pasta transfer to Post Holdings is expected to be completed by January 2014.
Products/Services: Dry pasta, egg noodles, organic pasta, Italian import pasta, macaroni & cheese
dinners, rice; agriproducts; grains, etc.
Sales Contacts: Jack Hasper, Dir. of Sales & Marketing (Dakota Growers)
Category: Supplies (ingredients), Food Service (dry groceries--pasta,), Food (dry groceries--pasta)
Agios Stefanos, Attica, 23rd km of Natinal Road Athens-Lamia, 145 65 GREECE
Tel: +30 210-3494000
FAX: +30 210-3494040
Total 2010 Sales Volume: $1.1 Billion (€ 837.3 Million) -6%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets:Europe, North America--35 countries
Profile: As the Greek economic crisis deepened near the end of 2009, the Government to stay
afloat finally sought bailout loans from the European Union. Its effect has been significant for
Vivartia SA. Incorporated in September 2006, following the merger of Delta Dairy SA, Chipita
SA, Goody’s SA, General Frozen Foods SA, and Barba Stathis, this company on June 30, 2010
voted to spin off its operations into independent subsidiaries. The following month, Vivartia
disposed of its Baking & Confectionary segment for € 730 million using some € 327 million of the
proceeds to pay off debt. Chipita America is now listed separately in this database. Then in
September 2010, the company purchased a 43% stake in the dairy company, Megal SA, for € 57
million and five months later (February 2011) took control of Megal completely. The de-merger of
its sectors include: production and trade in dairy products and drinks (Delta S.A.), in bakery and
confectionery products (Chipita S.A.) and in frozen foods (Barba Stathis S.A.), plus provision of
catering services (including two foodservice chains-- 185 Goody’s restaurants and 74 Flocafé
units). For 2010, the Group suffered an 8.4% drop in gross profits to € 305.4 million. Delta sales
were down by 5.3%; Goody’s sales were off 12%; Flocafé sales dipped by 5%; and the BarbaStathis frozen food business slipped by 2.1% in sales.
Products/Services: Milk (white, UHT, chocolate, condensed and milk products); frozen vegetables
(including vegetables with rice, ready meals, pasta with vegetable meals, vegetable sticks/nuggets,
organic vegetables), herbs, tomato products, fresh salad, frozen dough (pasta, pastries, pizza, etc.)
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Beverages (dairy), Food ( bakery goods, candy, frozen foods), Food Service
5115 Dean Martin Drive #505, Las Vegas, NV 89118 USA
Tel: (702) 220-9627
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: Korea, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, Mexico
Profile: Started as an importer and distributor of confectionery product some 20+ years ago, this
company, formerly called Global Confectionery, has been renamed W.W. Sourcing. It is one of a
group of related companies dedicated to sourcing and marketing confectionery products for
manufacturers and distribution companies worldwide. The firm helps manufacturers extend their
product lines by finding sources of product on an OEM or private label basis. The firm also works
to help manufacturers enter new markets, locating distribution channels and partners. The firm can
serve as an exclusive broker for private label business in Mexico, South Africa, and Korea; or the
company can buy and resell product in those areas. Recently, W.W. Sourcing also began
importing products from Mexico, Europe, and Korea.
Products/Services: Food (gum, candy, cookies, crackers), Pet food
Sales Contacts: Seymour Wiessen, Chief Executive Officer
Category: Foods (gum, candy, cookies, crackers)
10 rue Royale, 75008 Paris, FRANCE
Tel: +33 1-78-09-52-46
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N.A
Profile: Wabel Private Label Sourcing, founded in 2010, is an independent service provider for
the private label trade in Europe. The company offers an online platform search engine to identify
and match partners in the private label trade. Additionally, Wabel stages focused one and two-day
summits in different major product categories to help connect these partners, specifically buyers
and suppliers, in face-to-face meetings in addition to providing conferences and workshops during
these venues. Up to five summits are staged each year. Its recent scheduled summits: Frozen
(March 2014), Grocery (November 2014), and Chilled & Dairy (February 2015).
Products/Services: Online database, focused summits in frozen, grocery, chilled & dairy categories
for private label buyers and suppliers.
Sales Contacts: Pierre Asseo
Category: Service Provider
50 East River Center Blvd., Ste. 650, Covington, KY 41011 USA
Tel: (859) 292-8028
Total Sales Volume: $267 Million+
Sales % in EB: 50%+ (E)
Export Markets:Canada, Central America, Caribbean, Europe
Profile: Big changes have been underway at the Waddington Group, since its takeover in October
2012 by the private equity firm, Olympus Partners, Stamford, CT. The following month,
Waddington acquired Eco Products, Boulder, CO, a producer of sustainable, single-use
foodservice products for the US market. In June 2013, Waddington acquired Par-Pak Ltd.,
Toronto, ON, Canada, called North America’s leading independent thermo-former of foodservice,
bakery, and product packaging--serving Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. With
all this change, the Group has lately reorganized and instead of being identified as WNA, Inc., has
adopted The Waddington Group identity. It now consists of three divisions: WNA (design and
manufacture upscale plastic disposable tableware and packaging for the foodservice accounts plus
other disposable packaging markets), Polar Plastics (concentrated on the Canadian market), and
ECO Products for environmentally friendly packaging. Bottom line, the Group operates nine
facilities in the US, Canada and United Kingdom. Its markets: catering, institutional, grocery, and
retail/consumer needs. Recently, the company extended its Reflections brand single-use silverlook disposable cutlery line to Refelctions Select, a more contemporary styling, for special
Products/Services: Thermo-formed and injection molded cups, plates, mugs, bowls, cutlery, lids,
serving bowls/trays/utensils, stemware, straws, tumblers, pitchers, deli containers, etc.
Sales Contacts: Bill Tostlebe, Vice-President of Sales; Dan Hatch, VP of Sales & Marketing
Category: Non-Food Groceries
727 South 13th Street, Omaha, NE 68102 USA
Tel: (402) 341-9397
Total Sales Volume: $80 Million+
Sales % in EB: 45
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Central America, East ern Europe, Asia
Profile: Founded in 1922 as Warren Oil Co., this manufacturer and wholesale distributor of
automotive after-market products divides its business into three areas: lubricants and chemicals,
accessories, and repair parts. Its customers include major oil companies, farm store chains, mass
merchandisers, and convenience store operators. Warren also sells to small distributors (including
oil distributors), retail chains, etc. Its products are ISO 9001 certified. The company operates three
manufacturing-distribution facilities. They produce and distribute oils, antifreeze, and chemicals.
Its branded lines include Mag 1 (oils and chemicals) and Polar (antifreeze and winter products).
Products/Services: Automotive antifreeze, oils, lubricants, chemicals
Sales Contacts: Lynne Branigan, International Sales & Marketing Manager (e-Mail:
[email protected]
Category: Auto Supplies
1730 East Prospect Rd., Ft. Collins, CO 80553- 0001 USA
Tel: (970) 221-4840
FAX: (970) 221-8715
Total Sales Volume: $100 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Far East
Profile: Once part of a conglomerate of more than 20 companies, Water Pik Technologies in
November 1999 was spun off (as were two other parts, Teledyne Technologies and Allegheny
Industries) into separate companies. Water Pik, Inc. now celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012
as a major consumer company best known for its oral care products, Its business covers water
flossers, shower heads, electric toothbrushes, and the new category sinus rinse (under the Sinu
Sense brand).
Products/Services: Oral flossers/sonic toothbrushes, analgesics, water filtration attachments,
denture adhesive, toothpaste and other ointments and creams, squeeze bottles, saline packs
Sales Contacts: Ken Riedel, General Manager
Category: General Merchandise, Health & Beauty Care
590 King Street West, Suite 300, Toronto M5V 1M3 CANADA
Tel: (416) 364- 9384
FAX: (416) 364- 1098
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 60
Export Markets: 40+ countries
Profile: The Watt Group was started in 1967 by the late Don Watt (a significant brand and
package designer in the private label industry). The company has undergone changes in
ownership. Formerly owned by The Cott Corp. (also in this database), Watt then became part of
Envoy Capital Group Inc.; but in September 2011, the latter firm divested the company. Envoy
reported it was selling all its assets outside of merchant banking. The history of the Watt Group
shows its evolution into one of North America’s leading retail, strategic marketing and design
consultancies. Watt applied its winning solutions in more than two-dozen industries, spanning
some 40 countries. Its commitment to helping clients achieve significant and lasting profitability
has earned it the respect of retail giants like Wal-Mart, Safeway, PETsMART, and Do It Best
Corp. More recently, Watt has developed a retail design and corporate brand project at Carulla
Vivero S.A., the second largest retailer in Columbia. Its parent company, Envoy, in December
2004, acquired 65% interest in London-based Parker Williams Design. (This company, which
includes own brand package was, in 2008, for C$ 27
million sold along with ECG Holdings UK Limited and Watt Gilchrist Limited, a graphics
designer in Leeds, UK, to Sun Chemical Corp., called the world's leading manufacturer of printing
inks and pigments. This company is listed in this database under DIC Corp. of Japan.) Watt
maintains an office in Shanghai, China: Tel: +86 21-54250172.)
Products/Services: Market analysis & evaluation, graphic design (brand identities and packaging),
environmental design (store design, merchandising, integrated communications)
Sales Contacts: Bruce Smith ; Anthony Lucerno, Sr. Manager, Marketing; Carole Ann Hayes,
Category: Service
58 Pulaski St., Peabody, MA 01960 USA
Tel: (978) 532-2000; (800) 225-0796
FAX: (978) 531- 3354
Total Sales Volume: $90 Million
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Canada, Caribbean
Profile: Webster Industries, an industry pioneer in its field and an early supporter of the Private
Label Manufacturers Association, was acquired in October 2011 for $25.9 million cash by AEP
Industries (NASDAQ: AEPI), a manufacturer of plastic packaging for consumers (including film
food wraps), industrial and agricultural markets (2010 sales of $800.6 million +7.5%). Webster
produces a full line of plastic trash bags and food bags, servicing the exclusive brand needs of
both the supermarket and nonfood channels. Beyond the traditional demands, its product mix also
includes drawstring and handle-type convenience closure bags, scented bags, hi-density rolls and
recycled products, plus fold lock and zipper seal food bags. Webster was the longest consecutively
owned company within the trash bag industry (since 1957). The firm is the pioneer of scented
kitchen bags (1982) as well as a pioneer of recycled trash bags (1972). In 2007, its 50th
anniversary, the company introduced high recycled plastic content bag liners (60%), taking an
industry leadership position by also being the first to secure independent third party certification
on this content. AEP’s gross profits in 2010 dipped by 31.4% to $110.1 million; the company
looks to strengthen and diversify its product offering with the Webster takeover.
Products/Services: Plastic food contact bags, indoor/outdoor bags and disposable containers
Sales Contacts: Howard Kirschenbaum, Vice-President of Sales; Arnie Sainker, Senior VicePresident of Sales
Category: Non-Food Groceries
Burton Latimer, Kettering, United Kingdom NN 155JR
Tel:+44 1536-722181; (800) 343-0590
FAX: +44 1536-726148
Total Sales Volume: $655 Million+ (£ 420 Million)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, U.S., Canada, Middle East, Southeast Asia-- 80+ countries
Profile: The Weetabix Food Company was incorporated in 1930 under the name British and
African Cereal Company Limited. Six years later, the Weetabix Limited name was adopted:
Weetabix a shortened version of its main product: wheat biscuits made from whole grain wheat. In
2004, the Latimer Group Ltd. (Incorporated by Lion Capital) took control of Weetabix. In May
2012, Bright Foods of China (also in this database) purchased 60% interest in Weetabix for about
£ 1.2 billion.
Products/Services: RTE cereals, natural, organic and traditional, breakfast bars
Sales Contacts: N/A/ In U.S.: Richard Cachion, Vice-President of Sales; Steve Haenchen, Director
of Private Label Sales (Tel:
Category: Food (dry groceries--ready-to-eat cereals)
228 2nd St., West Liberty, IA 52776 USA
Tel: (319) 627-6000; (888) 511-4500
FAX: (319) 627-6127
Total Sales Volulme: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: The history of this company evolved from entrepreneurial ownership, to a brand-name
takeover, to a cooperative. In 1943, Louis H. Rich started The Rock Island Produce Company. Its
business became a chicken slaughterhouse and by 1949 entered turkey processing as well, under
the new name, Louis Rich Foods. Its success led to a takeover in 1979 by Oscar Mayer (a Philip
Morris division) in 1979. Late in 1996, the company closed its West Liberty, IA, plant, which was
then acquired by 47 Iowa turkey growers, who had just formed a cooperative, called West Liberty
Foods. Expansion for the company since then has resulted in four processing facilities, including
one out of state in Tremonton, Utah. The company today is a copacker, private label manufacturer,
and foodservice supplier, producing sliced deli meats and fully cooked IQF products. Turkey
represents about 40% of its business, the rest including pork, chicken, beef and sliced meat
products. In May 2011, the company introduced ‘Peel & Reseal’ packaging for its private label
customers—a package that uses 33.7% less plastic than typical retail tray packaging or tubs.
Products/Services: Deli meats
Sales Contacts: Jeff Schwartz, Private Label & Retail Sales Manager (Tel: 301-814-9011)
Category: Food (Deli meats, frozen foods--turkey, pork, chicken, beef)
5089 Alworth St., Suite A, Boise, ID 83714 USA
Tel: (208) 322-1166; (800) 738-0989
FAX: (208) 322-6226
Total Sales Volume: $5 Million+
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: Japan, Lebannon
Profile: White Cloud Coffee started rosting its famous specialty coffees in 1988. Founded in Boise
by Jerome Eberharter, the company and its affiliate brands, White Cloud Coffee, Moxie Java, and
LifeFoods Organic coffees, continue to expand throughout the US and abroad. Its products,
available in 1- to 5-pound bags, now are featured in more than 300 grocery stores in the United
States. Other clients: espresso cafés and gift shops. The company also opened its first Moxie Java
cafe in Boise in 1988. Today, there are more than 50 Moxie Java cafes in about 10 states managed
by independent operators both domestically and internationally. The company focuses on the
procurement and roasting of specialty coffees, working to provide its customers with a selection of
specialty coffees (regular, vanilla huckleberry, all specifically formulated for restaurants,
foodservice, and office coffee service); gourmet and flavored coffees, including fine arabica
coffees (Costa Rica house coffee and Brazil flavored coffees); mild roast to full-bodied dark roasts
(some 30 varieties); signature varietals and blends; a full line of certified organic coffees; decafs
and flavored coffees (cappuccino, amaretto, hazelnut, etc.).
Products/Services: Coffee and coffee products
Sales Contacts: Roger Daub, President/COO; Jerome Eberharter, CEO, Founder; Steve Walker,
National Accounts Sales Manager
Category: Beverages (coffee)
18- 35 38th St. (Steinway Place), Long Island City, NY 11105 USA
Tel: (718) 204-7900; (800) 221-0140)
FAX: (718) 956-8504
Total Sales Volume: $500,000 (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Established in 1939 as the White-Kobrick Coffee Co.,a supplier of coffee to the office
trade, White Coffee today is a third generation women-owned and certified business, offering
more than 300 varieties of coffee, including specialty single origins, certified organic, Fair Trade
and Rainforest Alliance coffees, plus extensive customized packaging options. It provides 1.5
ounce to five-pound packages, including vacuum bags and pillow packs for private label. In late
August 2011, this company acquired the exclusive rights to the production and distribution of First
Colony Coffee & Tea of Norfolk,VA. The latter firm, founded in 1902 and a significant supplier
to the private label sector, closed its operations as a result of higher coffee bean pricing. Its
distinguishing business career included many topnotch associations and even a short period as a
pioneer (before Starbucks) in the coffee shop concept.
Products/Services: Coffee, teas, specialty coffees.
Sales Contacts: Jonathan White, National Sales Manager or [email protected]
Category: Beverages (coffee, tea)
4044 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110
Tel: (314) 772-2822
FAX: (314) 772-1409
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 8 (E)
Export Markets: 40+ countries worldwide
Profile: Established in 1946, Willert Home Products, a privately held company, has developed a
strong branded business in the U.S., where it claims to be the largest manufacturer of moth
preventives . Globally, Willert claims to be the largest manufacturer of toilet bowl deodorizers
and one of the top five producers of potpourri and home fragrances. Its 500,000 square foot
corporate facility is supported by additional facilities in Henderson, NV, and Kenova, WV.
Willert’s brands include: Enzo moth prevention and home-garden insect treatments, Bowl Fresh
toilet deodorant, Willert home products, Scented Garden incenses, Concerto aromatherapy
collection, etc. In December 2008, the company sold its Home Fragrance Division to Genieco,
Inc., Chicago, IL, which is part of Nippon Kodo Group, Tokyo, Japan. Genieco, one of the oldest
and largest domestic manufacturers of incense in the US, takes over Willert’s incense sticks,
sachets, liquid and bagged potpourri, fragrance oils, and other products.
Products/Services: Toilet bowl cleaners and deodorizers; specialty scrubbers, and scourers; plug-in
room air fresheners, laundry care supplies (wire and plastic hangers)
Sales Contacts: Bill Bond, Vice-President of Sales; Shelley Cade Vice-President, Sales &
Category: Household Products
13301 W. 99th Street, Lenexa, KS 66215 USA
Tel: (913) 888-4343; (800) 255-6736
FAX: (913) 888-4955
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Scandinavia, Canada
Profile: Started in 1937 as a producer of chili seasoning, Williams Foods has become one of the
largest suppliers of private label dry seasonings, sauces, and gravies to the US retail grocery trade
(100+ products). A 130,000-square-foot distribution center was recently added to its modern,
60,000-square-foot, climate-controlled plant in Lenexa, KS. The company packs private label for
many of the major retail chains and wholesalers in the US. In March 2008, the company was
acquired by CH Guenther and Son, San Antonio TX. The latter, privately owned since 1851, is
considered to be the oldest business in Texas. With sales estimated at $170 million+, the company
produces dry and frozen grain-based foods: mixes, gravies, sauces, etc., operating six production
facilities in the US, one in the United Kingdom and one in Belgium. The Guenther family also
serve some private label accounts (Tel: 800-531-7912). Both Williams and Guenther also are
involved in the foodservice business.
Products/Services: Seasonings, sauce and dry gravy mixes, meal enhancers, pectin, spices.
Sales Contacts: Linda Lee, Manager, Private Label Sales)
Category: Food (dry groceries)
38278 Angels Landing N., Ford, WA 99013 USA
Tel: (509) 796-4006
FAX: (509) 796-4009
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80 (E)
Export Markets: Japan, United Kingdom, Canada
Profile: Founded in 1980 by Steve and Margaret Walser, Willow Wind Organic Farms has
evolved into a producer of organic frozen products, which includes a private label line of: French
fries, hash browns (dices and shredded), cut corn, peas, green beans, and mixed vegetables. The
company markets its brand, Earth’s Finest organic. It operates from a 650 acre farm in
Washington state, while developing 2,000 acres in Oregon. Its products carry the Washington
State Organic Certification Program seal.
Products/Services: Organic frozen potato products, French fries, hash browns, baked whole potato
& shells, specialty croquettes, organic IQF vegetables (cut corn, cob corn, green beans, peas,
carrots, mixed vegetables, dehydrated potato flakes)
Sales Contacts: Steve (CEO) or Margaret (Product Development/Sales) Walser
Category: Food (frozen foods)
4640 Lewis Rd., Stone Mountain, GA 30083 USA
Tel: (770) 938-5281
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Eastern Europe, Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, Orient, Pacific Rim
Profile: Calling itself “the premier foam container manufacturer,” WinCup manufacturers highquality EPS thermo cups, food containers, and bowls. Started in 1962 as Thompson Industries, the
company grew through acquisitions until 1988 when Scott Paper took control. But Scott sold its
cup and container division to WinCup in 1992. In December 2010, the company acquired
Cardinal Unijax LLC, Jacksonville, FL, a manufacturer of straws and stirrers. In June 2011,
Wincup launched Vio expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam cups and high impact pollystryene
(HIPS) lids. Vio is said to biodegrade in conditions that simulate a biologically active landfill
(EcoPure technlology). WinCup operates eight production facilites.
Products/Services: Styrofoam cups, containers, and bowls; EPS thermo cups, straws & stirrers
Sales Contacts: Michael Winters, Sr. Vice-President of Sales & Marketing
Category: Non-Food Groceries
500 Redwood Bld., Ste. 200, Novato, CA 94947 USA
Tel: (877) 946-3793
FAX: (415) 382-6905
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Asia, Europe, Australasia, North America--9 countries
Profile: Founded in 1999, the Winery Exchange, a venture-backed firm, is a private brand
beverage alcohol company, which sources beer, wine, and spirits from regional areas around the
world. It provides some 325 different products supplied to retailers and consumers. Its products
are produced in 22 countries on five continents. Its division, World Brews, specializes in sourcing
and managing private label beers for retailers sourced from the USA, Latin America, and Holland.
In January 2011, an office in London was opened to serve the European market.
Products/Services: Beer, wine, spirits
Sales Contacts: John Philips, ice-President of Sales; Peter Byck (World Brews); Jennifer Verdon,
North America wine & spirits (415-382-6754); Dan Irivng, International Sales (415-382-6735)
Category: Beverages (alcoholic beverages)
Late in August 2012, Winterfield was acquired by Huhtamäki North America, DeSoto, KS
(operated by Huhtamäki Oyj, Espoo, Finland) also in this database.
228 Raseley St., Berwick, PA 18603 USA
Tel: (570) 759- 4000; (888) 759-4401
FAX:(570) 759-4165
Total Sales Volume: $360 Million+
Sales % in EB: 10
Export Markets: Caribbean, South America, Canada
Profile: Wise Foods celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2012. Its roots trace back to 1921, when
Earl Wise Sr., a grocer, being overstocked with potatoes, cut them up into chips and prepared them
as snacks, sold in brown paper bags. This led to a production plant and the emergence of Wise
Potato Chip Company. As its product selection of snacks grew, the company decided in 1969 to
rename itself Wise Foods. Its ownership changed in 1964, taken over by Borden Inc., which in
turn was acquired by KKR & Co in 1994. By 2000, Palladium Equity Partners acquired Wise
Foods reportedly for $97 million. Today, the company commands the number two or three market
share in its category in 12 East Coast states. The company manufactures private label salty snacks
for many large retail customers. Wise operates four strategically located production facilities in the
eastern US. Its branded range includes: Wise potato chips, popcorn, and corn chips; Cheez
Doodles; Bravos tortilla chips, etc.
Products/Services: Salty snacks--potato chips, Cheez Doodles, popcorn, corn chips, pretzels,
tortilla chips; also dips and salsa, onion rings
Sales Contacts: Kathryn Mariani, Director of Private Label Dollar/Mass Drug Sales; Dale
Strickler, Vice-President, Direct/Mass Sales
Category: Food (salty snacks)
2125 Oak Grove Rd #120, Walnut Creek, CA 94598 USA
Tel: (925) 930-6374
FAX: (925) 930-6388
[email protected]
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 80
Export Markets: Japan, England
Profile: Wishnev Wine Management has been bottling wine since 1981. The firm sells wines
available from some of the finest Napa and Sonoma wineries in California. Potential customers are
sent blended tank samples. No two clients receive the same wine. The buyer can supply their own
labels or have Wishnev print them. Dead-leaf green punt or other appropriate bottles are available.
No charge is made for branded corks. The firm handles both 750 ml and 1.5 ml bottles. All its
wines are current vintage; lower quality and lower priced wines also can be produced, including
red and white table wines. Other choices: Chardonnay, white Zinfandel, white Grenache, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc. Minimum orders: 500 cases per type of wine. The company also
buys close-outs of wines and beers.
Products/Services: Wine & beer
Sales Contacts: Sanford Wishnev, Owner
Beverages (alcoholic beverages)
1390 E. Bolivar Ave., St. Francis, WI 53235 USA
Tel: (414) 769-3000
FAX: (414) 769-3024
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
(800) 841-5304
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: Tracing its history back to 1907 as a single spice business with product delivery by a
horse-drawn wagon, Wexon today is a fully integrated food and beverage solutions company,
offering a portfolio exceeding 7,000 spices, seasoning and flavor systems. Every month some 25
new flavors are introduced. The company provides formulation development, processing, and
packaging for products that are ISO 9001:2008 and FSSC2200 certified. Wixon produces a variety
of dry mixes: gourmet baking, savory, and beverage. Also, the company produces sides, meals,
rubs, marinades, and seasoning blends.
UPDATE: In July 2013, Wixon introduced gluten-free seasonings and mixes, covering chocolate
brownie mix, honey butter corn bread mix, seasoned pizza crust mix, and vanilla muffin mix. Its
line has since expanded to include organic spice blends and gluten-free soups.
Products/Services: Spices, flavors, and seasonings for foods and beverages
Sales Contacts: Kim Holman, Director of Marketing; Mike Walters, VP of Sales & Marketing
Food & Beverages
Ash Road North, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL13 9UF UNITED KINGDOM
Tel: +44 1604-475842
Total Sales Volume: $160 Million (£ 100 Million) +33.3%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe
Profile: In 2005, CP Pharmaceuticals and the Wallis Laboratory (previously listed in this database)
merged, forming Wockhardt UK, part of Wockhardt Limited India, Mumbai. The parent company
in India today is a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organization (fiscal 2011 sales of
$806 million or INR 37.5 billion). The parent organization divides its operations among
pharmaceutical businesses in Europe (37% of revenues), the US (29%), India (28%) and 6% for
the rest of the world. Primarily a pharmaceutical (generic) drug firm (including a chain of
hospitals in India), one exception is the UK operation, where its OTC Pharma Own Label division
supplies healthcare products to retailers, wholesalers, and hospitals.
Products/Services: Aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, gastrointestinal, cold/flu/pain relief
Sales Contacts: Colin Reay, National Sales Manager, OTC Pharma & Oral Healthcare
Category: Health & Beauty Care
247 Pandan Loop,, Singapore, 048423 SINGAPORE
Tel: +6779-1922
FAX: +6776-0004
Total Sales Volume: $10 Million +
Sales % in EB: 50
Export Markets: U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Australia
Profile: Woh Hup, a subsidiary of Cerebos Pacific Ltd., Singapore, a leading food and health
supplement enterprise, is a well-known manufacturer of good quality oriental and ethnic Asian
sauces, curries, beverages, canned soups, etc. The company, established in 1936 as a food caterer,
evolved from sauces into noodles and then into the retail segment. delivering different Asian
culinary styles: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Thai.
Products/Services: Oriental and ethnic sauces, beverages, canned foods (seafood) and soups,
vegetarian meals, concentrated stock
Sales Contacts: Ms. Michelle Chow, Director
Category: Beverages, Food (dry groceries), Beverages
P.O. Box 9544, Savannah, GA 31412 USA
Tel: (912) 231-0909
FAX: (912) 231-2575
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Japan, Australasia, United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and North
Profile: Started in 1986, Wood Products International, Inc., a purveyor of quality wood products,
is the largest manufacturer/supplier of Fatwood fire starter for use in fireplaces, barbecues, wood
stoves, campfires, etc. Made of 100% all-natural, nontoxic pine wood, hand split from the stump
of pine trees, the Fatwood contains no additives or chemical. It is taken only from non-endangered
wood species. Its product, similar to kindling, but richer in resin, starts quicker and provides a
more intense fire. Private labeling as well as custom packaging is available, including assistance
with artwork and sample presentations. Recent new packaging includes a color 10-pound box with
a barbecue briquettes motif.
Products/Services: Fat Wood fire starter, charcoal, paneling, etc.
Sales Contacts: Patty Zettler, Richard E. Davis
Category: Non-Food Groceries
4801 South Lawndale, Chicago, IL 60632 USA
Tel: (773) 847- 4600; (888) 821-8452
FAX: (773) 847- 7804
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: N/A
Profile: World’s Finest Chocolate, a purveyor of quality wood products, is a privately held
company that has been producing premium chocolate since 1949. The company is one of 10 US
companies that actually make their own chocolate--direct from the cocoa bean on through to
finished product. The company owns a Caribbean experimental cocao farm on the island of St.
Lucia, where it cultivates the highest flavor grade cocoa beans. This firm prides itself on being the
customization experts, specializing in custom packaging to meet the needs of its customers. Its
subsidiary, Cook Chocolate Company, specializes in cocoa blends and bakery toppings. Among its
news product offering under exclusive brands: chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate-covered
biscuits, and chocolate bars. Most often, its products are used to help not-for-profits raise money,
and the products are commonly sold by churches, schools, athletic organizations, and social
service organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Products/Services: Chocolate bars; bite-sized, gourmet-wrapped chocolate pieces; chocolatecovered nuts and fruits; seasonal chocolate shapes; nut clusters; malted milk balls; bulk chocolate
and ingredients; biscuits; and gift items
Sales Contacts: Susan Pilcher, Marketing Manager (E-mail: [email protected])
Category: Food (candy, snacks, baked goods)
2571 South Hemlock Road, Green Bay, WI 54229 USA
Tel: 877) 977-5177; (800) 236-3424
Total Sales Volume: $400 Million+
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Southeast Asia, Mexico, Canada, Europe, South America
Profile: WS Packaging Group was formed in October 2000 with the merger of Wisconsin Label
Corp. (1966) and Superior Label System, Inc. (1970). The combined operation resulted in
producing one of the top privately owned label and tag manufacturers in North America.
(Wisconsin Label or WL Group was formerly listed in this database.) WS Group today operates
17 manufacturing facilities in the US, and one in Mexico. It is backed by more than 175 printing
presses, delivering printing and packaging needs with diverse products and services. The company
claims to process orders from 100 pieces up to 100 million. It serves many industries: health and
beauty, food and beverage, OTC drugs, etc. In March 2011, WS Group formed a partnership with
the Italian Labeling Technology Industry in Italy.
Products/Services: Pressure sensitive labels (its core business), tags, coupons (on-pack or in-pack),
shrink sleeves, decals, folded cartons, printed tape, overwraps, response marketing items,
POP/POS, games and sweepstakes, kids promotions, thermo transfer labels, ribbons, printers,
security tags, RFID labels systems, etc.
Sales Contacts: N/A
Category: Supplies
135 Wyandot Ave., Marion, OH 43302 USA
Tel: (740) 375- 3939; (800) 992-6368
FAX: (704) 387-9751
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 70
Export Markets: Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Japan
Profile: Hooer and Ava Brown started this company in 1936 in an old Wyandot county
schoolhouse. The Brown family still own this operation, which also has since its inception, been
involved in private label snack foods. Today, Wyandot claims to be the largest private label packer
of corn-based snacks in the US. The majority of this firm’s estimated $100 million+ sales go to
private label, keeping retailers and distributors on the cutting edge of one of the fastest growing
snack categories—tortilla chips. Operating out of a 250,000-square-foot plant, the company
supplies foodservice accounts, copacks and handles direct account sales as well.
Products/Services: Caramel corn, cheese puffs, cheese crunchy, corn chip, BBQ corn chips, white
and yellow corn tortilla chips, nacho-flavored tortilla chips,eggie chips, potato chips, candy-coated
popcorn, salad toppings
Sales Contacts: Gary Haugsby, Vice-President, Sales; Ralph Arruzza, National Director of
Sales/Business Development
Category: Food (dry groceries--snacks, toppings, etc.)
3 Senoko Way, SINGAPORE 758057
Tel: +65 6752-2122
FAX:+65 6756-5625
Total 2010 Group Sales Volume: $293.9 Million (S$ 399.8 Million) -0.6%
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East,
Profile: Now traded on the Singapore Exchange, Yeo Hiap Seng Group began manufacturing food
and beverage products in 1900. From a small beginning as a soy sauce producer, the company has
grown internationally with operations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mauritius, Canada and
the US. It operates a sales and distribution network extending over more than 20 other countries.
A leader in food and beverage in Asia, the Yeo’s logo stands for innovative development and
manufacturing excellence. The firm was a pioneer in the bottling of Asian beverages, including
soya bean drink and chrysanthemum tea in 1953. Soy beverages are its core business in Singapore;
in 2010 two new variations were introduced: calcium soy and Bandung soy. Its food and beverage
division suffered an 8.7% loss in 2010 due to discontinuation of the agency brand, Red Bull, in
Products/Services: Authentic cooking sauces, instant noodles, Asian beverages, iced tea, fruit
drinks with jelly/fruit bits, can/jar foods, condiments, spreads,chili sauces, soy bean products.
Sales Contacts: Mr. S. C. Toh, Division Man ager, InternationalSales
Category: Food (dry groceries), Beverages (tea, fruit drinks)
6, rue Moulin Masureb- 7730, Estaimpuis B- 7730 BELGIUM
Tel: +32 56-48-2111
FAX: +32 56 48-2212
Total Sales Volume: $350 Million (€ 250 Million) (E)
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: Europe, Africa, Central Europe
Profile: Founded in 1968, Yplon, formerly part of the T-16 Group (an investment group) has been
reorganized under the European group, McBride Ltd., London (also in this database). The Tensia
name itself disappeared after McBride bought Yplon S.A., based in Belgium with operations in
France. Following the Yplon purchase in 1988, McBride regrouped all of its operations in these
two countries under the Yplon name. These included a factory producing liquid detergents in
Moyaux, and another factory, based in Rosporden, producing aerosols. Yplon works in Belgium
and France; its sister trading companies, Robert McBride Ltd. works in the United Kingdom and
General Detergents S.P.A., in Milan, Italy. The firm specializes in own brand sales in France,
Belgium, Holland, Spain and Germany. Efforts are underway to expand exclusive brands business
in many other countries, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, etc. Yplon
operates six production sites. McBride overall is positioned as Europe’s leading private label
manufacturer of household cleaning and personal care products.
Products/Services: Personal care products (bath/shower products, shampoos, eau de cologne,
deodorants, shaving, hair sprays, etc.) household products (washing up liquids, toilet cleaners,
bleach, floor or window cleaners, air fresheners, etc.), and washing products (powders, fabric
conditioners, liquid wash, etc.).
Sales Contacts: Francis Lietaert, Sales Director; P. Deconinck, Export Manager.
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
70 Connie Crescent, Concord, Ontario L4K 1L6 CANADA
Tel: (905) 738-0103; (800) 667-0192
FAX: (905) 738-6986
Total Sales Volume: $18 Million+
Sales % in EB: 95
Export Markets: United States, Europe, Asia
Profile: Started in 1982 into the business of roasting and flavoring gourmet coffees, FlavorCoffee
more recently has changed its name to Zavida Coffee Company. It claims to be the first major
roaster to supply flavored gourmet coffee in North America. Today, it supplies 85% of the
specialty/gourmet stores in Canada. The company, which sources green 100% Arabica beans from
growers in 30 countries, also supplies most major international brand manufacturers with gourmet-
flavored coffee under their labels. Zaida also supplies MiniSyrup, an unsweetened flavor enhancer
for coffee, dispensed beverages, and specialty drinks.
Products/Services: Gourmet flavored and regular coffee (non-flavored bulk and retail ) plus
seasonal gift pack items, gourmet liquid flavors, mini-bricks.
Sales Contacts: Charles Litterst, President; Roger K. Steele, Vice-President of Sales.
Category: Beverages (coffee)
Via Fersina, 4, 38100 Trento, ITALY
Tel: +39 461-30-37-00
FAX: +39 461-30-37-90
Total Sales Volume: $420 Million (€ 300 Million) (E)
Sales % in EB: N/A
Export Markets: Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia
Profile: Zobele Industrie Chimiche Spa began in 1919, organized by Enrico Zobele, who produced
fly ribbons (flypaper). That business thrived, expanding eventually into household insecticides and
anti-mosquito products, vaporizers, etc. The company has emerged as the largest manufacturer of
domestic electric air fresheners and electric insecticides. Its seven plants, located in Mexico,
Brazil, Italy, Bulgaria, India, and China, give the company a global reach: 52% of sales in North
America, 33% in Europe 9% in Asia Pacific, and 3% each in Africa/Middle East and South
America. In late 2006, the Zobele family sold its interest in the company (keeping a 25% stake) to
London-based Doughty Hanson (Fund IV). Its product diversity today is significant; air
fresheners, pest control insecticides, traps and repellants, home cleaning materials, laundry fabric
softeners/laundry aids/detergents, dishwashing for dish/hand/air fresheners, and health and
personal care: Baby, bath and shower, cosmetics, deodorants, fragrances, skin/hair/oral care, over
the counter drugs (OTC), etc.
Products/Services: Household insecticides, air fresheners, home care cleaning/washing products,
firelighters, personal care products
Sales Contacts: Dr. Enrico Zobele; ing. Davide Gaspari
Category: Non-Food Groceries, Household Products, Health & Beauty Care
22100 Gateway Blvd., Hebron, KY 41048 USA
Tel: (859) 689-2600
(859) 689-0052
Total Sales Volume: N/A
Sales % in EB: 35
Export Markets: Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom
Profile: Privately owned Zumbiel Packaging, is one of this country’s largest, privately owned and
operated paperboard packaging company. Zumbiel is capable of producing folding cartons by the
offset, rotogravure, and flexographic (narrow and wide-web) printing processes. In addition, the
company provides structural and graphic design services. Zumbiel targets the beverage,
pharmaceutical and health care markets. Its two converting facilities occupy 500,000 square feet.
In operations since 1843, the company continues to innovate with new packaging concepts; ZView, for example, is a compact, multipack concept producing a metallic shine without extra inks.
The firm also offers Tran-Z print, which is a sublimation ink process for promotions, licensing tiein, and incentives. Consumers can iron on the image from a carton onto a T-shirt.
Products/Services:Folding cartons, beverage carriers, blister cards, microflute cartons, setup boxes
Sales Contacts: Tom Zumbiel (Folding Cartons), Charles Mace (Beverage Carriers), Wade
Bowman, Sales Director
Category: Supplies

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