March 2014



March 2014
March 2014
Dr. Rob Winningham, Professor & Chair of the Behavioral Sciences
Division of Western Oregon University
Maximizing one’s memory ability in middle and older adulthood requires a
multifaceted approach. This short article summarizes recent research showing
how we can maximize our memory ability. Any one suggestion won’t have a
huge impact, but all together they could have a very significant effect on not
only your memory ability but also your quality of life.
It turns out that about 50% of our memory ability and our chance of developing
dementia is determined by genetics. So, I hope you chose your parents well, as
there isn’t much we can do about our genetic make-up. But the good news is
that we can largely control the other 50% that is not genetic.
If you want to maximize your memory ability in adulthood, research shows we
need to engage in the following behaviors:
1. Get adequate physical exercise. This includes aerobic activity such as
walking and other activities that increase heart rate. This also includes
strength or resistance training, such as lifting weights. The effects of
resistance training are just now being understood, with a 2012 study
showing it could lead to significant improvement in attention and
concentration for people who are experiencing mild cognitive and
memory problems.
2. Sleep well. Poor sleep quality and quantity can impair brain function and
result in a Get adequate cognitive exercise. We have all heard of the
concept “use it or lose it,” and there is a lot of research that supports this
idea. We should never stop learning and challenging ourselves. Cognitive
stimulation comes in many forms: we can volunteer, fully engage our
hobbies, travel, learn new skills, and engage in targeted cognitive
activities. There are even some excellent websites and apps that can help
people get targeted brain exercise.
3. Watch weight, diet, and glucose levels. Controlling weight, avoiding
diabetes, and eating right could dramatically reduce the chance of having
cognitive problems. There is some evidence that eating fish or a fish oil
supplement can reduce one’s chance of developing dementia.
4. Stay socially engaged. Social engagement is very cognitively
stimulating and is number of physical and mental problems.
it is your turn to put these suggestions into practice and take control of your
brain health.
March 2014
March Birthdays
Dr. Seuss (author) – March 2, 1904
Jackie Joyner-Kersee (athlete) – March 3, 1962
Lou Costello (comedian) – March 6, 1906
Sam Donaldson (journalist) – March 11, 1934
Jimmy Swaggart (pastor) – March 15, 1935
Glenn Close (actress) – March 19, 1947
Chaka Khan (singer) – March 23, 1953
Danica Patrick (driver) – March 25, 1982
Walt Frazier (ball player) – March 29, 1945
Gordie Howe (hockey player) – March 31, 1928
Fountain Frames
Fountain Park Assisted Living & Memory * 1433 North Main Street Bryan, OH 43506
Phone * 419.633.9191 *Fax 419.633.3082
Lora Kutz
Executive Director
Glecia Forrester
Barb Hug
Barb Bishop
Marilyn McKibben
Bernice Rickard
Evelyn Leist
Clarence Shearer
March 4th
March 5th
March 6th
March 14th
March 21st
March 30th
March 31st
[email protected]
Wanda Poulson
Laura Hopkins
Mary Price
Vanessa Peralez
March 11th
March 27th
March 29th
March 31st
Natasha Baldwin
Business Manager Director
Shelly Tate
Director of Nursing
[email protected]
Family Members:
We are excited to welcome Lora Kutz and Shelly Tate to their new positions
here at Fountain Park. Lora Kutz (pictured left) is now the Executive Director
and Shelly Tate (pictured right) is now the
Wellness Coordinator. We were sad to see
Kathy Bruns leave, but she accepted a
[email protected]
position at
one of our
Angel Sanchez
Marketing/Activities Director
sister facilities in Florida and we are excited
for her new endeavor. Both Kutz and Tate
For Mom From Sue D.
As I sit across from you
I stare into your eyes of blue
My own eyes are that same hue
and now my eyes must see for you
I look at the earrings in your ear
as you lean in so you can hear
the words others say are not so clear
I’ll hear for you so don’t you fear
as we walk you hold on tight
to my arm to stay upright
The foes of age I’ll help you fight
We’ll walk this road by faith, not sight
You can count on me to see you through
whatever life may offer you
I’ll be by your side this much is true
A promise from your daughter, Sue
Greetings Fountain Park Residents &
[email protected]
Cooking here at Fountain Park is a fun and yummy activity. Each
week we bake a different type of cookie and once a month we make
and then enjoy eating what we made for lunch. Each month we
would like to share one of our recipes. This month the residents
chose our Soft Mincemeat Cookies to share with you!!
¼ C Butter, softened
¾ C Packed Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
1 C Mincemeat
1 ½ C All Purpose Flour
½ t Cinnamon
¼ t Nutmeg
¼ t Salt
½ C Chopped Nuts
Cream butter and brown sugar. Add eggs and mincemeat; mix
Combine dry ingredients and then add to the creamed mixture.
Fold in nuts. Drop by tablespoon onto baking sheets. (we used
parchment paper on our baking sheets) Bake at 350 for 10-12
min or until golden brown.
Yield: about 4 dozen
John Ireland
Dietary Director
were previously nurses who worked the floor
here at Fountain Park. Please join us in welcoming both of them to their new
positions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call either of them.
[email protected]
March Fun Facts
Jim Eccleston
Environmental Director
The March birthstone is
The birthflower for March is the
[email protected]
March is Fire Prevention Month.
Women’s History Month is
celebrated in March.
March 22 is World Water Day –
Drink up!!
Quiz Shows in Jeopardy
Television quiz shows came
under fire in the 1950s when it
was discovered that contestants
were given help and sometimes
even answers by quiz show
producers. The incredibly
popular shows Quiz Show,
Twenty-One, Dotto, and The
$64,000 Question were all
revealed to have been rigged,
with contestants playing along
to increase the dramatic tension
and make the show more enjoyable for viewers.
Things got so bad that the U.S. Congress felt it
necessary to pass a law in 1960 banning all fixing of
quiz shows.
Looking Back…
March 4th Mardi Gras Theme Lunch
March 10th @ 3:00p Community Bingo
Wilma S. "Every breath I take"
March 17th St. Patrick Theme Lunch
Banjo Band AR @ 1:30p AR
Mary A. "My friends and family"
Eleanor B. "Good health and family"
March 18th @ 6:00p Bingo Store CC
Pat H. "The greatest friends I have
ever had in my life, I have found here
Al & Betty Sette enjoying Valentines Lunch
at Fountain Park"
Naomi D. "My friends here are a great blessing"
Maribel D. "God's loving peace, and His
March 21st @ 10:00 Resident Council LR
March 26th @ 1:30 Activities Meeting CO
Evelyn J. "The workers are the cream
March 28th @ 2:00p Birthday Party! DR
of the crop"
Pat, Maribel, and Naomi at our Valentines
Themed Lunch
Every Monday Morning Grace w/ Pastor Becky @ 9:30a
Every Tuesday Student Visits @ 10:00a AR
Every Wednesday Cookie Club @ 1:00p in Community Room
On March 30, 1964, Jeopardy! debuted, hosted by
actor Art Fleming. It was a great show, but after 11
years it folded. It was revived in 1984, this time
hosted by Alex Trebek. It has been on television ever
since, airing over 6,000 episodes, winning 30
daytime Emmy awards and a Peabody Award. Many
television critics argue that Jeopardy! is the number
one game show of all time.
Contestant Ken Jennings would agree. In 2004, he
won 74 straight games, earning $2,520,700 in prize
money. He holds the record for the longest Jeopardy!
winning streak. Alex Trebek may set a record of his
own. He has been hosting Jeopardy! for 30 years.
Only Bob Barker and Pat Sajak have hosted game
shows longer, but Trebek could surpass them.
March 20th @ 10:45a Dan Gariepy LR
March 28th @ 10:00a Hyla Sharrock & Piano Teacher
Concert LR
presence here at Fountain Park"
For these reasons, many television networks were
hesitant to produce any new quiz shows. But audiences
craved them. In 1964, television producer Merv Griffin
wanted to come up with a new game show. His wife,
Julann, pitched him this idea: a show where the
contestants got the answer and they were forced to
come up with the question. For example, if the answer
is 5,280, the question is, “What is, ‘How many feet
are in a mile?’” From that simple idea, the hit show
Jeopardy! was born.
Upcoming Events...
Snack attack every day @ 6:30p CC
Congratulations to Employee of Month:
Paul Daugherty
Shelly Tate
Our Residents prepared all the delicous
desserts on the Dessert Bar
Eleanor Bexten
Happy Birthday!
Sonny Bostater
Shelly resides in Bryan with her husband, Alan. Some of you
may remember Shelly from when she worked here before. She
returned to us last September. She is a mother of 4 children, 3
boys and 1 girl. She also has 2 grandchildren. Shelly loves
gardening and planting flowers. She also loves to read! Some of
you may not know this but Shelly’s first name is Scholastika! She
considers the staff and residents here at Fountain Park to be a
second family to her. “There is always somebody making me
laugh.” We welcome Shelly in her new position as the Wellness
Coordinator! Thank you Shelly for all your hard work and we will
try our best to keep you smiling!

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