Safety–the Foundation for Quality Care



Safety–the Foundation for Quality Care
Safety–the Foundation
for Quality Care
Bou lder Co m m u n it y H ospita l
20 0 9 Co m m u n it y Rep o rt
Patient Safety Is Everyone’s Job
At BCH, everyone–including patients and visitors–plays an active role in patient safety.
Pictured from left: housekeeper Noe Osornio, nurse Peggy Senkow, respiratory therapist
Marie Arneson, surgeon James Rector, MD and visitor Shannon Ray.
Dear Friends of BCH,
Ensuring the continued excellence of patient care at
Boulder Community Hospital is job #1 for every member
of the hospital family, from physicians and nurses to
housekeepers. We’ve dedicated a large portion of this
2009 Community Report to providing you with updates
on how we are addressing this paramount issue.
On a different note, the hospital received some
important honors in 2009:
This focus on quality and safety starts with the allvolunteer Board of Directors who govern our local notfor-profit hospital. Board members are actively involved
in oversight of clinical initiatives and direct education
about the importance of safety. Our administrative team
is monitoring the impact of our many ongoing
improvement projects. We have a Patient
Safety Department that provides
important logistical and research
support to our clinical departments.
Our Infection Prevention
Department provides an extensive
range of focused educational
programs for physicians and
hospital staff.
•Boulder County residents named BCH a 2009
Consumer Choice Award winner in an independent
poll conducted by a national research organization.
That broad-based
educational support is
vital because patient
safety is ultimately the
shared responsibility
of every physician
and every hospital
employee. This report
will introduce you to
some of the individuals
involved in this
essential undertaking.
•Local citizens named Boulder Community the Best
Medical Facility in separate reader polls conducted by
the Daily Camera and Boulder Weekly newspapers.
•Our cancer program earned a three-year
accreditation with commendation from the
American College of Surgeons.
•Boulder Community HomeCare was selected as one
of the Home Care Elite, an annual compilation of the
most successful home health providers in the nation.
•Darryl Brown, head of our Cardiopulmonary
Department, was named “Rotarian of the Year”
by the Boulder Rotary Club. Darryl was honored
for his humanitarian work in Kenya and his
commitment to “service above self.”
This Community Report also recognizes the many local
citizens who provide financial support to BCH through our
Foundation. We could not meet our mission of providing
local access to first-rate medical services without the
consistent backing of the citizens we strive to serve.
S a nd y Br acken
Alexander (Sandy) Bracken
Chairman, BCH Board of Directors
Safety Is Job #1
Our mission at Boulder Community Hospital is to deliver the highest quality
patient care in a safe environment. Everyone at the hospital, from physicians
to administration to volunteers, embraces our safety culture. We are focused
on continually improving services through ongoing education on best
practices, initiatives in evidence-based treatment and by constantly
measuring and analyzing our performance.
Pictured from left: Scott Hammerich, RN and Katherine Diggins, cardiovascular
invasive specialist, in one of the hospital’s cardiac catheterization labs.
Leading our
Strong leadership plays a critical role in
making sure we have the knowledge,
resources and systems necessary for
providing the highest quality of care.
The Patient Safety Committee, which
includes volunteers from our Board of
Directors, oversees all initiatives and
provides top-level support.
Pictured from left: Three key members of the
Patient Safety Committee–hospital board
member Lee Carlin, medical staff president
Roger Nichols, MD and Valerie Lipetz, MD,
chief medical officer for affiliated clinics.
Preventing Infections
Health care-associated infections, or HAIs, are a major cause of death
in the United States. BCH has effectively reduced our incidence of HAIs
through intensive staff education and a methodical series of initiatives
that have given our staff better tools for eliminating the potential for
infections to occur. Visit for more information on
these infection prevention measures.
Pictured: Kelley Bindel, RN wears protective hat and mask while caring
for a patient.
BCH created a task force dedicated to
eliminating all health care-associated
infections. The team oversees all infection
prevention protocols, such as thorough room
cleaning between patients, use of specified
disinfectants on all patient care equipment,
appropriate tagging and storing of supplies,
and proper hand-hygiene practices for both
staff and visitors.
Pictured: Beth Reasoner, RN, manager
of infection prevention and leader of the
infection prevention task force.
The hospital’s Medication Utilization
Safety Team, comprised of pharmacists,
physicians and nurses, meets regularly to
coordinate and monitor patients’ medication
use. The team overhauled our medication
reconciliation process and developed
several new initiatives, such as prescription
information wallet cards and personal pill
crushers for patients, to reduce the potential
occurrence of medication errors.
Pictured: Roger Portfolio, RPh, pharmacy
manager, and Guida Rettig, RN, home care
nurse, two longstanding members of the
hospital’s Medication Utilization Safety Team.
Medication Safety
Nationally, medication errors account for about 20% of all
harmful events that occur in health care settings. BCH has
several initiatives in place to safeguard patients against
potential medication errors. We recently refined our medication
reconciliation program, which enhanced documentation and
communication related to patients’ prescription and over-thecounter medications. We also have a pharmacist dedicated to
collecting vital medication information from newly admitted
patients. Visit for more information on
our medication safety efforts.
Pictured: Molly Brown, RN gives patient Lila her daily medication.
Making Blood
Transfusions Safer
While blood transfusions are a common procedure at hospitals,
they are not risk free. National statistics suggest that one to two
of every 100 blood transfusions result in some form of adverse
reaction. In 2009, BCH embarked on a comprehensive blood
management campaign to improve transfusion outcomes. Since
launching our program in mid-2009, the hospital’s blood product
usage declined 27% which, in turn, helps reduce the likelihood of
complications associated with blood transfusions.
Pictured: Kathy MacQueen, MT reviews inventory in the hospital’s
blood bank.
The Blood Management Committee
oversees our ongoing initiatives to make
blood transfusions safer. This multidisciplinary team is comprised of physicians,
nurses, laboratory staff, administration
and marketing staff. They are dedicated
to maximizing the benefits of all blood
transfusions and ensuring that blood
products are ordered for the right indications
and in the right doses.
Pictured: Paul Lewis, MD, chief medical
officer, ER physician and active member of
the Blood Management Committee.
We gathered valuable feedback from many
areas of the hospital, including nursing, ICU,
surgery, administration, patient safety and
discharge planning to help create the Patient
Safety Kit, a useful resource for patients and
their families.
Pictured: Adrienne Abbot, RN, director of
nursing administration and key contributor
to the development of the safety kit.
Empowering Patients
We created an expansive Patient Safety Kit to foster communications with our
patients and help enhance their overall experience. The kit is full of detailed
information that can help patients—and their families—feel more comfortable
and in control during their hospital stay.
Pictured: Susan Rosenthal, RN reviews important information in the Patient Safety
Kit with her patient Kacey.
Boulder Community Hospital
Had the Fastest Growing Robotic
Surgery Program in Colorado
Our specially trained surgeons performed 140 da Vinci procedures during a very busy first year. Demand
continues to grow for this advanced surgical technology that can provide many patient benefits, including
shorter hospital stays, less pain, less blood loss, minimal scarring and quicker return to daily activities.
A variety of conditions are being treated with the da Vinci Surgical System, such as prostate cancer,
colon cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and numerous gynecologic conditions that may
require a hysterectomy. Visit for more information.
Pictured: David Wartburg and Patricia Kintzing, patients who benefitted from da Vinci surgery.
Pictured: Lee Nelson, MD of Boulder Neurosurgical
Associates, and Lori Jensen, MD of Rocky Mountain
Cancer Centers.
Neuro-Surgery and Cancer Care
Earned Top Quality Ratings
Neuro-Surgery and Cancer Care services were recognized for their excellence by CareChex, a national hospital quality
rating service. Both ranked in the top 10% in the nation. BCH was also rated as the top neuro-surgery service in the
Denver-Boulder metro area. These awards reflect the outstanding coordination between our doctors, nurses and other
staff that leads to the highest quality of care for hospital patients.
Medical Imaging
Center Opened
The hospital expanded local access to important imaging
services with the opening of Medical Imaging Center in
Broomfield. MIC features an array of high-tech imaging
technologies, including digital mammography, DEXA bone
density scanning, ultrasound and computed radiography. The
hospital’s Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
provides physicians with quick online access to images and
reports. Visit to see a complete
listing of our imaging locations.
Vital Step Taken
Toward EMR
Staff from across the hospital worked together in a major
conversion of the hospital’s computer system, a vital step in
laying the groundwork for expanded electronic documentation
and a full Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This multiphase
multiyear project is designed to enhance patient care from
admission through discharge.
Top photo: Jessica Johnson, ultrasound technologist at
Medical Imaging Center.
Bottom photo from left: Jennifer Downey, Patient Business
Affairs, and Christina Spindle, Information Technology, were part
of the team implementing our computer system conversion.
Successes for BCH Auxiliary
Created in 1954, the Boulder Community Hospital Auxiliary provides “leadership as ambassadors to the community to
generate and distribute funds that enhance the services provided by the hospital.” Since inception, the Auxiliary has raised
more than $2 million for the hospital through the invaluable efforts of Auxiliary volunteers. From major fundraising events
to running the BCH gift shops and other community programs, the Auxiliary’s presence is felt throughout the hospital.
Visit for more information on the contributions of the hospital Auxiliary.
Top left: The Auxiliary’s black tie event, An Evening in San Remo, raised money for prostate cancer awareness.
Pictured from left: Jeff Morgan, Gay Lirtzman and Sharon Nehls enjoyed the festivities at the St Julien Hotel in Boulder.
Bottom left: A crowd of 250 gathered for the inaugural Boulder Busts Cancer event—an art auction and Girls Night Out
that benefitted the Breast Cancer Treatment Fund. The Breast Cancer Treatment Fund helps underinsured or uninsured
patients get needed medical services following a suspicious or positive mammogram.
Right: The annual Holiday Fashion Show and Luncheon raised funds for Rotational Angiography, an advanced
technology using an X-ray camera that quickly rotates around a patient, reducing radiation exposure
and improving the ability to view a patient’s coronary arteries. Pictured: Jim and
Judy Heinze were models for the well-attended fundraiser.
2009 Hospital
Boulder Community Hospital
Board of Directors
Alexander (Sandy)
Bracken, Chair
Lee Carlin
Lou DellaCava
Jean Dubofsky
Stephen M.
Fries, MD
David Gehant
R. David Hoover
Rich Lopez,
Vice Chair
Janet Martin
Karen McMurry,
Tom Metz,
John Meyer, MD
Ric Porreca
Lonnie Sibley, DDS
Jim Williams
We significantly expanded our ability to
prevent drug tampering through upgrading
our computerized drug storage and
dispensing stations and by purchasing
specialized software that can detect unusual
activity patterns. We also installed video
surveillance cameras to monitor drug
dispensing activity at higher risk locations
around our hospitals.
Pictured: Karen Monserud, PharmD,
director of pharmacy, ensures that drug
utilization throughout our facilities is
monitored on a daily basis.
BCH Foundation
Board of Trustees
Seated from left: Carolyn Johnson,
Barbara Roberts Quinlan, Ron Secrist,
Jon Kottke (Chair), Dee Perry, Rick Nelson.
Middle from left: Tom Metz, Leo Hill,
Nancy Ziegler, Bill Johnson, Robert Sievers,
Gina Day, Jeff Morgan. Back from left:
Jake Puzio, Rich Lirtzman, John Moritz,
Suzanne Wiederrich, Sally Bracken.
Not pictured: David Gehant, Judy Nock,
William Reynolds, Chuck Sisk,
Nelson Trujillo, MD.
Boulder Community
Hospital Auxiliary
B o a r d o f DIRE C TORS
First row from left: Margie Hutchings,
Ron Secrist, Sharon Nothnagel, Jan Perkins,
Judy Heinze, Suzanne Wiederrich,
Nancy Brooks, Beverly Johnston,
Jeannine Myers. Second row from left:
Kathryn Hendrick, Pat Dimond, Linda Martin,
Carolyn Kruger, Sandra Foa, Dianne Bush,
Jill Hilty, Pat Weis-Taylor, Mary Nutt, Gail Fox,
Bev Campbell, Mary Robl, Barbara Urbaitis,
John Nothnagel, Nancy Vinson. Not pictured:
Cheryl Blankenship, Cathy Burchett,
Joann Dennett, Judi Volle.
Financial Condition
During 2009, some 415,000 patients (including about 8,700 inpatients) were provided services at BCH
facilities. It cost the hospital $241.5 million to deliver that care. The major components of that expense are
detailed in the pie chart on the next page.
BCH was not immune to the national recession. Overall, the hospital treated 297 fewer inpatients in 2009
than we had the previous year.
Despite that worrisome trend, the hospital maintained its profitability. Net income for 2009 was $2.8
million, which represents less than 1% of our revenue. That surplus is reinvested in upgrading our facilities
and bringing new services to our community.
Uncompensated Care
As an independent, locally governed hospital, BCH is strongly committed to providing necessary medical care
to all segments of our community. Despite the economic turndown, the hospital maintained its pledge to
provide charity care to economically disadvantaged local citizens.
BCH voluntarily participates in the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP), which provides nominal
reimbursement for services provided to indigent state residents who do not qualify for Medicaid. In 2009, the
hospital had more than $4.5 million in unreimbursed costs associated with treating patients covered by CICP.
The Medicaid program, a state-federal partnership, pays the hospital for treating qualified low-income
citizens. However, the Medicaid payment for most medical services is less than what it costs BCH to provide
the treatment. In 2009, the hospital had more than $5.8 million in unreimbursed costs associated with
treating patients covered by Medicaid.
“We Care” is a unique BCH program that provides low-income patients with outright charity to cover their
hospital bills. The hospital incurred about $1.6 million in unreimbursed costs associated with treating patients
utilizing the We Care program.
The hospital also provides services for many economically disadvantaged citizens who do not qualify for CICP,
Medicaid or charity care. In 2009, the hospital incurred $7.7 million in bad debt.
Hospital Finances
depreciation and
Minor equipment
$30.7 M
The hospital moved quickly to safeguard
patients from the outbreak of the H1N1 virus.
Regularly updated information was provided
for physicians, staff and the community,
while extensive signage was used to
educate patients and visitors. We imposed
strict visitation rules, including a temporary
prohibition on visitors under age 18.
Labor cost
Pictured from left: Todd Turner, MD and
Mark King, MD from the Beacon Center for
Infectious Diseases, led the hospital’s efforts
to safeguard patients from exposure to the
H1N1 flu.
TOTAL operating costs
purchased services
$20.0 M
$133.1 M
other operating expenses
$9.6 M
Supply cost
$45.7 M
interest expense
$2.4 M
Net Operating income
$2.8 M
$241.5 M
In-kind grants
Pediatric Rehabilitation
Heart Care &
Diabetes Services
Brain Injury &
Stroke Rehabilitation
Cancer Services
$1.23 M
Medical Mission to
Mante Mexico
Employee Services
TOTAL Grants
$1.79 M
Community Support
2009 Donors
Staff education is vital to maintaining a
strong culture of safety. We held mandatory
Safety Forums where all employees got an
in-depth review of important safety policies
and initiatives. Safety-related education
took many forms, from newsletters to
emails to small group discussions.
Pictured: Emily Weigel, RN, education
coordinator, played an important role in
raising awareness of safety initiatives and
promoting the hospital’s culture of safety.
1040 Foundation
Robert and Sydney Anderson
Ball Corporation
Chuck Bellock
Karen McMurry and Gary Berg
Tony and Carla Boselli
Boulder Book Store
Alexander (Sandy) and Sally Bracken
Willard Briggs
Marvin Caruthers
Christensen Trust
Citi Global Impact Funding Trust,
Cogen Family Foundation
Collins Foundation
Colorado Capital Bank
The Community Foundation of
Boulder Valley
Max and Barbara Coppom
Thomas and Barbara Corson
Coupe Studios Music, Inc.
Day Family Foundation
Melodie and Lou DellaCava
Denver Foundation
Theo Ertl
Eveready Battery Company, Inc.
First National Bank of Colorado
Victor and Gretchen Fruehauf
Gibbons-White, Inc.
Guaranty Bank & Trust Company
Leo Hill
TK Smith and Connie Holden
R. David and Suzanne Hoover
Hospira Foundation
William and Lynda Johnson
Samuel and Carolyn Johnson
Leonard and Nancy Johnson
Virginia Jordan
Justin Parker Neurological Institute
L.P. Brown Foundation
Gerald and Donna Lee
Richard and Diana Lirtzman
Kevin and Robin Luff
Thomas and Janet Martin
Richard and Sandra McCray
Gary Berg and Karen McMurry
Pat and Tom Metz
A. Jackson and Cirrelda Mills
Miracle-Ear Hearing Center
John and Marsha Moritz
David and Elaine Myers
Joseph and Becky Negler
Dee Perry
Ric and Joyce Porreca
Jake and Barbara Puzio
Roche Colorado Corp.
Ronald and Vickye Secrist
Charles and Joan Shepherd
Constance Holden and TK Smith
Softball For A Cure
Sterling-Rice Group, Inc.
Stew Jackson Foundation, Inc.
Mark and Becky Taggart
Stephen and Shari Tebo
Toledo Community Foundation, Inc.
Nelson and Lori Trujillo
US Bank
Margaret Van Cleave
Estate of Ed and Leona Vollintine
Walters & Hogsett
James and Judith Warner
Georgia Welles
Wells Fargo Boulder
Western Disposal
David and Marcia Wyatt
$250 - $4,999
2nd Avenue Hair Studio
Adrienne Abbot
Lois Abbott
The Academy & The Academy at Bella
Gertrude Albertine
Jim Williams and Nancy Allen
Lisa Allen
Charles Alling
Megan Amaral
AMG Charitable Gift Foundation
Amgen Foundation
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Andrew and Pamela Antell
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W. A. and Marigen Browning
Dina Brudenell
Donald and Grace Bullock
Catherine and David Burchett
Lidia Burreson
Troy and Jennifer Bush
Bob and Dianne Bush
2009 Donors
Virginia Cain
William Callender
Calluna Events
Phil and Elnora Cambe
Beverly Campbell
Caplan and Earnest, LLC
Virginia Carducci
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Radiation Safety
Advances in imaging technology have
revolutionized medicine, but also raised
concerns about the potential impact of
cumulative radiation exposure. Hospital
radiologists and staff take a methodical
approach to monitoring and maintaining
maximum safety for all imaging
technologies. All equipment is tested on a
regular basis, and we follow the “Image
Gently” guidelines specifically designed
to minimize radiation risk to children.
Pictured: Doug Pfeiffer, medical
physicist, monitors all of the hospital’s
imaging equipment.
2009 Donors
Preventing Falls
We thoroughly evaluate each patient’s
risk for falling by reviewing medications,
fall history, vision problems, cognitive
ability and concerns about walking and
balance. At-risk patients wear color-coded
armbands and socks which allow them to
be reated with particular care when moving
throughout the hospital.
Pictured: Paula Lara, patient care associate,
and David Scott, RN post information on a
communication board in a patient room to
identify that patient’s risk for falling.
Zarret Jerald
Jewish Federation of
Metropolitan Chicago
Maribel Jimenez
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Shana Johnson
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Laura Johnston
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Foundation Health Plan of Colorado
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J. David Levitt
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Robert Lewis
Lincoln Financial
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Gordon Kost and Gail Osterbur
Jacques and Ethel Pankove
Pasta Jay’s, Inc.
Scott and Carol Patten
Virginia Patterson
Thomas Peck
Holly Pederson
PEH Architects Inc.
Phyllis Pekari
Robert and Erna Pelz
Glenn and Jan Perkins
Jim and Karen Peters
Eric and Ann Peterson
Sue Pfister
Bryan and Margaret Pieper
Marjorie Pierson
Jerry and Lonell Pilgrim
2009 Donors
Pima Medical Institute
Rodney Pistora
Elaine Plascencia
Jamison and Ellen Plavec
Polk Family Charitable Fund
Robin Porter
Roger Portfolio
Joan Pribyl
Pridemark Paramedic Services, LLC
Ann Pruitt
Carol Quesenbery
John and Barbara Quinlan
Cathy Quinn
Warren Rahn
Aaron and Laura Ramsey
Susan Rancis
LaRayne Randall
James and Kathy Raybin
Glen and Margaret Reagor
Beth and Matt Reasoner
Recondo Technology, Inc.
Red Storm Airshows
Bill Reichenberg
Randolph and Kathleen Reims
William and Jane Reynolds
Frederick W. Richmond Foundation
Claire Riley
Mary Robar
Cindy Robinson
Diane Robison
Rocky Mountain Kiwanis Foundation
Leslee Rodden
Thomas and Donna Rogers
Lisa Rogowski
Richard and Shirley Rollins
T. Keith Roussil
Edward Rowen
Kristen Royer
Lindsey Rudolph
John and Mary Jane Rudolph
Marsha Ruggeri
Mark and Jessica Rumby
Chuck Sisk and Terre Rushton
George Russell
Michael Ryan
Jamie Sabbach
David and Anne Sabott
Nicola Sandell
Bruce and Lucy Sanders
Steven and Hilary Saporito
Sargent Bickham Lagudis
Tracie Bork and Adam Schabtach
Daniel Schacht
Carla Schaper
Eric and Kay Schmidt
Brent Schoeb
Dorothy Schriner
Steven and Darla Schueth
Karen and Jeffrey Schwenn
Patti Sedano
Phyllis Sharp
Richard Sheehan
Phil and Reneé Shires
Fredda Sibley
Lonnie Sibley
John and Susan Sidwell
Marcia Siegel
Terre Rushton and Chuck Sisk
Jerry and Nancy Sisson
Mark Sitarik
Jeffrey Skala
Sloat & Nicholson, PC
Jeffrey Slocum
Judy and Peter Sloss
Deborah Smiley
Howard Smith
Kimberly Smith
Adeline Smith
Susan Smith
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Robert and Elmyrta Snow
Leland and Charlotte Snyder
Michael Soleta
Leslie Sorstokke
David Sosnowski
Daniel Spencer
James Spencer
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Sportique Scooters
St Julien Hotel & Spa
Karen Stanisich
John Stearns
J. R. and Susan Stearns
Michele Sternitzky
Mark and Maureen Stevenson
Marlen Steward
Melvin and Carolyn Stjernholm
Betty Stredler
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Anthony and Randi Stroh
Hallie Stuart
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Margaret Sugar
Superior Liquor Market
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Sandra Taylor
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Tuesday Night Men’s Group
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Vanguard Charitable Endowment
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William Waite
Gerald Hertz and
Jessica Waldman
Alice Wallace
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Diane Ward
Amber Freeman and
Paul Wasicka
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Margaret Watson
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Watson Billings Family Foundation
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Weatherwax & Associates
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Joel and Vickii Werner
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Carl White
Rebecca White
Linda Whitehead
Widex Hearing Aid
Company, Inc.
Bob and Suzanne Wiederrich
Bonnie and Michael Wilensky
Michelle Wilkes
Nancy Allen and Jim Williams
Sepsis is a serious medical condition
in which the body is fighting a severe
infection that has spread through the
bloodstream. The BCH emergency and
intensive care departments implemented
a successful campaign to improve sepsis
diagnosis and treatment. Through
enhanced screening tools, standardized
care protocols and tremendous staff
dedication, sepsis-related complications
have been significantly reduced.
Pictured from left: Eric Paciotti, RN and
Rich Jack, RN work in the BCH ICU where
efforts to improve sepsis care standards
have produced outstanding results.
2009 Donors
Michelle Williams
Ted and Lori Williams
David and Mindy Wilson
John Wilson
Patricia Wilson
David and Valerie Wilson
Sarah Wise
Duane Wise
Mary Wisotzkey
Jack and Sue Witkin
Wendy Thomas and Jack Wolpert
Lee and Rochelle Woods
Wyatt Construction Co., Inc.
Patty Young
Dave and Lan Zeckser
Kenneth and Simme Zelie
James and Nancy Ziegler
Cheri Zouhou
The Heritage Society recognizes, in
perpetuity, those individuals who
have included Boulder Community
Hospital in their estate planning,
or who have established a named
endowment fund benefiting BCH.
*Mr. & Mrs. Mortimer Altin
Ms. Jonna Augustine
Mr. & Mrs. F. Kendrick Bangs
*Ms. Lois M. Barber
*Mrs. John W. Bartram
Clair Beckmann, Ron Nixon
and Family
*Ms. Ethel Bergman
Bruce and Cheryl Blankenship
Alexander (Sandy) and Sally Bracken
Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Browning, Jr.
Lee and Palmer Carlin
*Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Carter
*Ms. Jennie Caruthers
Mr. Marvin Caruthers
Dave and Marjorie Gehant
Ms. Lynda Gibbons
Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Gibson
Ms. Cecilia “Sallee” Gorce
Ms. Mary Greenwald
*Mr. Paul Greenwald
*Mrs. Eugene K. Groves
Mrs. Burgette A. Hart
*Ms. Ruth Charleson
*Ms. Virginia Christensen
*Ms. Mildred W. Coffin
Mr. & Mrs. Max C. Coppom
*Ms. Hazel A. Crockett
*Mrs. Gladyce J. Daarud
Dr. Richard C. Daarud
Jetta Dailey
The Dalbey Family
Frank and Gina Day
Melodie and Lou DellaCava
Roger D. and Joann Temple Dennett
Pat and Dave Dimond
Leslie and Henry “Woody” Eaton
*Thomas E. Eldridge
Mrs. Betty Eldridge
Ms. Theo Ertl
*Dr. Clayton (Gus) Evans
Ms. Fran Evans
Ms. Karen Faivre
*Ms. Deborah M. Ferrara
*Mr. Maxime Fidao
Mrs. Margherita Fidao
Mr. James A. Fisher
Kevin and Lynn Gebert
Ms. Dorothy R. Gebhard
*Mr. Paul M. Hart
*Mr. Robert M. Hart
*Mr. George W. Haydon
Mrs. Thelma Haydon
*Ms. Anna M. Henderson
*Ms. Mary John Hesse
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Hill
Mr. Leo Hill
Jill and Vann Hilty
Constance Holden and TK Smith
R. David and Suzanne A. Hoover
Ms. Kaye Howe
Jack and Margie Hutchings
Carolyn and Sam Johnson
Lynda B. and William P. Johnson
Michael and Marilyn Johnson
Tom and Beverly Johnston
Miss Eleanor M. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Joyce
*Ms. Mabel C. Kanouse
Jim and Linda Karagas
George and Kristin Karakehian
Ms. Cassandra Kimble
*Mr. Rick Kimble
Gretchen and Neil King
*Ms. Hazel Kingsbury
Mrs. Emily Kirkman
*Mr. William C. Kirkman
Jon and Lenna Kottke
*Mr. Henry A. Kugeler, Jr.
Mrs. Joyce Kugeler
Ms. Cathleen W. Kuhlmann
Lynn and Carol Kuykendall
Rob and Carol Lathrop
*Mr. & Mrs. Byron E. Lauer
Sharon A. Leahy
*Merle and Juana Mae Lefferdink
*Stanley Crew Levick
Richard and Diana Lirtzman
Dick and Linda Livingston
*Mr & Mrs. Julius London
Eric and Jennifer Love
*Ms. Mary Louise Lyda
*Ms. Dorothy R. Martin
T. Scott and Janet Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Maxon
*Ms. Louise E. McAllister
The McDonald Family
*Mr. James L. McDowell
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. McDowell
*Mr. Robert A. McReynolds
*Mr. Donald F. Menk
Mrs. Helen A. Menk
Pat and Tom Metz
Cirrelda and Jack Mills
Jeffrey and Karin Morgan
John and Marsha Moritz
Mr. Arthur R. Moss
Bill & Amy Munson
Jeannine A. and Ron Myers
Mr. Henry Nason
Joseph and Becky Negler
Rick & Jackie Nelson
*Ms. Martha Niehaus
*Dr. Roger D. Niehoff
Denis and Judy Nock
*Ms. Agnes M. Norlin
Ron and Sharon Nothnagel
Gary and Mary Nutt
*Dr. & Mrs. J.D.A. Ogilvy
Ms. Jane P. Olson
Ms. Gail Osterbur and Mr. Gordon Kost
Ms. Virginia Patterson
*Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Pellillo
Dee Perry
Mrs. John J. Peper
The Glenn and Jan Perkins Family
Richard Polk Family
Barbara and Jake Puzio
Ms. Barbara Roberts Quinlan
*Ms. Catharine Reynolds
Jane and Bill Reynolds
The Carol Riggs Family
*Mr. Dwight V. Roberts
*Ms. Helen Roberts
Dr. Charles J. Rollins
Ms. Mary Sander
Mrs. Charles H. Scoggin
Blossom (Dolly) Secrist
Ron and Vickye Secrist
*Mr. & Mrs. Francis Shoemaker
The Pat Shoemaker Family
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Silberstein
Charles L. Sisk and Terre Lee Rushton
Mrs. Frank White Smith
*Ms. Helen Elizabeth Smith
Dick and Jane Stebbins
Dr. & Mrs. Melvin R. Stjernholm
Dr. & Mrs. Alan Stormo
Rob and Karen Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Tebo
*Ms. Mabel Thomas
Ms. Pat Valentik
Ms. Margaret J. Van Cleave
*Mr. Ed Vollintine
*Mrs. Leona Vollintine
The Weatherwax Family
Mr. & Mrs. Walter A. Weers
Mrs. Ina Wellborn
*Mr. Leo Wellborn
*Dr. Steve Whitehead
Mrs. Linda Whitehead
Bob and Suzanne Wiederrich
Patty Young & Family
*Mr. Carroll Zabel
Mrs. Grace Zabel
While we make every attempt to be
accurate, please accept our apologies
for any errors or omissions.
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. Box 9019
North Broadway & Balsam
Boulder, CO 80301-9019
C Printed on 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Paper
to our Health
Care Heroes
Jodelle Myhre, RN, surgical services
coordinator at BCH, and John Fleagle,
MD of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers,
were named Health Care Heroes by
the Boulder County Business Report
in recognition of their significant
contributions to the Boulder community.
Jodelle was honored with the Volunteer
Award for her 17 years of service
with the hospital’s medical mission to
Mante, Mexico. Dr. Fleagle received
the Distinguished Service Award for his
vital contributions to the development
of the hospital’s cancer care services.
Boulder, CO
Permit No 534

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