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Julien Descurieux
Julien Descurieux
How to implement IT solutions into meeting
industry reality
About me
Master in Communication
Post-Master in Innovation Management
6 years in a team-building agency
2 years at the Brussels Convention Bureau
Now starting my own business
Fact : the average gamer is 37 years
old and grew up with this kind of
devices in his/her living room...
Smart devices
Who has a smartphone? A tablet?
Who’s downloaded the app?
Why not?
Who’s using twitter during conferences?
Why not?
Issues in the meeting
Attract people to conference
Build effective education programmes
Make people engage and participate
How do you deal with that?
We believe in serious
A serious game is a game designed for a primary
purpose other than pure entertainment. The "serious"
adjective is generally prepended to refer to products
used by industries like defense, education, scientific
exploration, health care, emergency management,
city planning, engineering, religion, and politics.
This term was born in the 70’s and is more widely
used since the early 2000’s
Conferences about gaming
Evolution & trends : From
Networking to Gaming
2000’ : Raise of Networking era
LinkedIn - Facebook - local chapters
2010’ : Raise of Gaming era (Seth Priebatsch - TED)
Foursquare - tons of apps downloaded - SCVNGR
Do serious games work?
Studies realised in 2006 with Economics students on
a serious video game called Zapitalism. 234 students
did not play the game, while 322 students did.
Their results :
Figure shows the means
of test scores with and
without game play
Fear of gaming?
Story : Brico
Delegate friendly
Trivia Quiz
Who said : In every real man a child is
hidden that wants to play.
A. Sigmund Freud
B. Friedrich Nietzsche
C. Steve Jobs
Make audience participate to a short quiz right after a
Example : what’s my name again?
And what is the average age of gamers?
Engage people : «what would you do in my position»
Make audience play - move - experience things
Example : movement
Or use technology
Technology is now opening new
doors, offering a world of
opportunities to creative minds!
Smartphones and tablets might
become wonderful tools potentially
creating interactivity, emotions, fun,
Use technology
Before the event
Use social networks - create a competition. (Julius
Solaris and logo voting)
Use polls! Ask people what they want to hear your
speakers say, reward those who contribute.
Use technology - 2
During the event
Message walls - voting
systems... role of
Use social
programmes as tools
Networking events
Turn the city
into a board
game and use it
for education
and social
Networking events
Real life?
Use technology - 3
After the event
Gather all the collected material (pictures - videos texts) and use it with storify for example.
Combine technologies & networking platforms
Ask for feedbacks and testimonials... and again,
reward contribution!
Flash forward
Cities, workplaces,
conference rooms
are the future
perfect places for
Thank you

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