church family matters



church family matters
May 2015
church family matters
Church Weekend at Home
Fri 15-Sun 17 May
‘Living it out
oin us for a weekend with time and space to get to know
each other better and to go deeper into the riches of our
identity as Christians as we celebrate our life together. We
will look at how we can be equipped to serve wherever we work
and live as well as deepening our involvement locally.
Programme below (more precise timings for collecting children
etc will be in programme issued with ticket). Tickets available
from church office or at Sunday services (£10 each or £30 for a
6.30—7.30 pm
Intro Session, HT
No planned activities
7.45 pm
Homegroup Suppers OR
Fish n chip Supper
Meal and evening
meeting, Stobart Room
Morning Meeting
Activities for children
aged 2 and over in CDPS
And for school age children in Trinity Rooms
10—11.15 am
Session One, HT
11.15—11.45 am
Coffee and Cake, HT
1 pm
Hog Roast, StACC
2.20—4 pm
Community Outreach Activities
(for adults and youth)
Activities for school age
children in Trinity Rooms
4-6 pm
Free Time and Prayer
Ministry Available
No planned activities
6.30 pm
Optional Chill out Time
Dinner, Stobart Room
7.30—9 pm
Celebration Service
Evening Meeting, Stobart Bedtime!
9.15 pm
Bar and Open Mike Social Time . Come with your
act/song/dance/entertainment piece!
10.30 am
Celebration Service, HT with normal children and youth programme
Interview with
the Glanville
Family (Tom and
Hannah, Annabel (3), James
(20 months)
Can you tell us a bit about
Tom - I was born and raised
in Bath with 3 years in Cardiff
uni studying Business
Management. Now working as
an estate agent in Bath for
Whiteley Helyar.
Hannah - born in India in a
christian family. Moved to UK
10 years ago to study
Landscape Architecture at
Sheffield Uni. Then moved
down south (hoping it might
be a bit warmer!) in 2007. We
met at Bath City Church when
both serving on the
stewarding team. I’m a full
time mum and part time
Freelance Landscape
Architect and garden
How long have you been
coming to HTCD?
We joined just over a year
ago and attend the 10.30
service as this works best
with our active kids!
How has being members of
HTCD helped you to grow in
your faith?
Being members of an active
homegroup (led by the
Blairs). Hannah loves the
Monday women’s Bible study.
Tom is on the WiSE team and
loves chatting with people
like Rachel Jackson with her
passion for the persecuted
What sort of things do you
enjoy outside of church?
T: Sport
H: Gardening.
Family time together,
cooking, eating, socialising
What areas of church life
excite you?
Missions (local and overseas),
bible study, children’s work
What do your children enjoy
about church?
Worship and great children's
Our new CAP Debt Centre has hit
the ground running with appointments booked in already to mid
June with people across Bath
struggling with debt. On Sunday 26
April CAP speakers spoke at our HT and
StACC morning services.
Amanda is still looking for people to join
her team as support workers. If you
would like to help in any way (going on
client visits with her, going with someone
to open a bank account, doing a shop with
a client, taking a client out for coffee,
baking cakes, there are endless ways to
help. Contact Amanda (07525 855990).
work. And Bella loved ‘Duggy
Dug Dug’ and called it ‘party
church’. She won't let us play
anything other than that CD in
the car. ‘give me a high five...!’
What’s been your best moment
in your time at HTCD?
Weekend away with our
homegroup to ‘Hay-on-Wye’.
What role do small groups play
for you in church?
Very important - Claire K did a
great job of encouraging and
facilitating connecting us with a
group straight after the
newcomers course (which was
also great). But we do want to
get to know as many people in
the church family as possible.
So please come and say hi!
Favourite ever service??
For our kids probably Duggy
Dug Dug this Easter. But we
also really enjoyed the church
picnic last summer.
A funny moment in church?
On Mothering Sunday Paul K
asked who could say ‘i love you’
to their mother in another
language so Bella did so in
Hindi. James is hilarious every
week as he legs it towards the
front door to escape. So many
thanks to all those who help us
catch him!!
Dates for your diary
Some key dates for this year and next:
Sun 21 June, Love Bath (Details to follow)
Sat 18th July, Firs Field Event
Sat 5, Sun 6 Sept, Missions Weekend
Saturday morning, and one man drama on
Saturday evening, based on life of Hudson
Taylor. Details to follow
Sat 10th Oct, 9.30 am, Kingdom Healing
Speaker: The Rev Mike Endicott.
Mike has a powerful, worldwide ministry by the grace of
God, and has been much used in bringing Christ’s healing to
many people - although he himself remains blind.
Fri 20-Sun 22 May 2016, HT Women’s
Weekend Away, Lee Abbey
PCC News
n Sat 14th March on the PCC and
Staff ‘away day’, one session
focussed particularly on what God
is calling us to be in this season. The
main outcomes from that session are below.. The need for:
 refreshment and reinvigoration
 preaching based on a book of the bible
 A focus on ‘being, not doing’
 A greater focus on our community here
in Combe Down
Ways of reflecting these themes in
our mission and ministry:
Preaching this term on Ephesians
with an aim of refreshing people, re-
minding people of our identity in
Christ, being rooted, established in
Christ and equipped to do His work.
Thinking both corporately and individually about who we are in Christ
recognising that our 2 morning services are developing individual identities, partly due to the differences in
age and stage of life between the
looking at how best to resource people to live their week in a Christcentred way (eg in neighbourhood/
Consider how we can be more embedded in our community
Encourage a culture of Sharing stories in church from challenges/
experiences in the week in the workplace/neighbourhood etc
St Andrew’s News
tuart McLachlan started work as our
youth and community worker at St
Andrew’s in January. He has been
building relationships with young people
from Foxhill in a range of activities and as
he gets to know them he’s been sharing
his testimony and demonstrating God’s
Football training on Fridays for
young people aged 7—11 on the
field between Bradford Road
and Entry Hill.
Stuart is helping to run a weekly
session at Ralph Allen school with
Youth for Christ focusing on character-building and future plans.
Stuart and a group of young
people baked cakes in the StACC
kitchen for the jumble sale on
18th April. This was a great time
for chatting and gave Stuart opportunity to
answer all sorts of questions that came up
about life, faith, etc.
The Thursday youth group is
continuing with a
range of activities boxing, fitness,
graffiti, meals together.
n Saturday the
18th of April we
held our 2nd
‘StACTION Day’. We
hired two skips so that
people in our local community could dispose of
their unwanted items between 10am - 12pm. For those who were
unable to bring their rubbish to us, we
provided transport to pick it up. There
has been a real sense of gratitude and
appreciation from everyone who made
use of this provision. The skips soon
filled up with fridges, mattresses, old/
broken toys, and garden fences.
In the afternoon we held a jumble sale
which raised over £240. We still have
items to be taken to auction and clothes
to be picked up by 'cash for clothes'.
Hopefully our final tally for families ministry should be
around £300.
Thank you to all
those who supported this.
Weekly Prayer Groups
Fortnightly / Monthly
Prayer Groups
Wednesdays 8.30–8.50am,HT
Weekly except lst Wed of the
month) HT
Contact Sally Buddle
Wednesday 10.30 – 11.00am
Lucy Prayer group. Meets to
intercede for the sick and pray
for the local church.
Contact Jean Booth and
Janet Andrews
Mondays 6.00–6.45pm StACC
Weekly Prayer for the vision
and life of St Andrew’s Community Church and outreach in
Contact Steve Rogers
7.30 -8.30pm, HT
Prayer for the nations, revival,
Bath and anything the Lord
shows us. Come and intercede
Contact Christine Absolon
Thursdays 7.00 -8.00am, HT
Prayer with a focus on the
church, our mission partners
and world issues as led by the
Spirit. Prayer interspersed with
praise and reflection on His
Contact Jean Maguire
10-11.45 am,HT
Monthly prayer for the persecuted church. Dates in notice
Contact Rachel Jackson
Prayer at Holy Trinity
is alive and active!
Prayer is the heartbeat of all we
are and all we do. Take a look at
the different places and focus of
prayer below and just come along
to a group that inspires you. You
are welcome to come once or come
regularly. Our aim is to encourage
a rhythm of prayer and
to listen to God and obey Him.
Any queries contact:
Jane Mitchell Prayer co-ordinator
835835 [email protected]
12.30 pm, StACC
Fornightly prayer for vulnerable
families and Christians Against
Contact Sharon Blair /
Amanda Wetton
9—10 am
Prayer for seniors ministry on
4th Thursday of the month at
Janet Andrews’ house.
Contact Janet Andrews
7.30 pm
2nd Friday of the month
Prayer for Israel & Middle East
Contact Ray and Jill
“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”
1 Chronicles 16:11
Each month there is a prayer event with a
particular focus—see below
Tues 5 MAY 7.30 pm, StACC
Whole church prayer meeting, focus on
children, youth, 20s, 30s
Quiet Day Led by Libby Dobson
Sat 27 JUNE , HT.
Tues 7 JULY 7.30 pm, HT
Whole church prayer meeting, focus on
listening and refreshing
Tues 1 SEPT 7.30 pm, StACC
Whole church prayer meeting, focus on
Tues 13 OCT, 7.30 pm, HT
Whole church prayer meeting
Tues 3 NOV, 7.30 pm, Bath Abbey Prayer for the City
Tues 8 DEC, 7.30 pm, StACC
Whole church prayer meeting, focus on
Prayer for Mission
Emergency Prayer Chain
Home Prayer
Using termly prayer diary
produced by the WISE team.
Copies available in church
If you need urgent prayer, or
would like to join a team of 50
people on the prayer chain, contact details below.
Contact Lynne Tisdale or Lyn
Join the 20 or so home prayers
who commit to pray at home in
their own time for the vision and
ministry of the local church using a termly prayer leaflet and
the weekly bulletin as guides.
Contact Jane Mitchell
Contact Jane Mitchell