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View Press - Pulsar Light
Pulsar Illuminates the Perfect British Summer Sky
Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt, St John’s Wood, London, England
Following their Unilever Ventures investment, Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt
challenged Cinimod Studio to create a new interior design for a series of
new retail outlets. The brief called for a refreshing, evocative and organic
environment derived from Snog’s “never ending British summer” concept
– a ‘version 2.0’ of their already award-winning interiors. The project called
for a fully integrated approach from Cinimod who followed it through with
greatest attention to detail, from incidental floral details to custom moulded
furniture, and right through to the innovative lighting design.
The quirky interior includes a ‘grass’ floor, floral graphics, high gloss organic
furniture forms, and Song’s iconic matte fluorescent pink all beneath a
stunning ‘digital sky’. A crucial element of the overall scheme, the expansive
LED ceiling had to be powerful enough to illuminate the space above
the high levels of ambient daylight as well as being able to run specially
programmed animations and effects.
Architecture and Lighting Design
by Cinimod Studio
The Pulsar ChromaPowerPix 200 fixture was specified for the project,
with each fitting having twelve individually addressable LED nodes and
Pulsar’s incredibly smooth dimming capabilities. Their beautiful light was
a major contribution to the design selection process and their ability to run
seamless transitions between colours and seasonal environmental scenes
proved invaluable once in situ.
In all, 12 ChromaPowerPix 200 panels with a total of 144 LED nodes
were used to backlight the translucent stretched ceiling. The fixtures
were specially adapted for life within the restricted void above the retail
space, and it was here the reliability of the Pulsar solution was a further
attractive aspect for the Cinimod team: the three year warranty and Pulsar’s
reputation for quality allowed for peace of mind when devising a long-term
and sustainable solution.
Based in the heart of Cambridge UK, Pulsar develops and manufactures LED lighting and lighting control
solutions for professional entertainment and architectural applications around the world.

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View Press - Pulsar Light

View Press - Pulsar Light the “customised TriColour LED fixtures of many different formats along with custom ChromaZone drivers to go with them” – not to mention the install time of only two weeks after this delivery.

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