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Brian Dede
LIVE Engagement Manager
Communication through events
Experience design
Stakeholders engagement
An event is any live happening. But for our agency it
means using all resources optimally. We believe that
it’s crucial to provide the audience with that “little
something extra”.
Communication through events is an
opportunity to involve the target group in
a unique experience. The experience which can
include awareness, curiosity, astonishment,
interaction, discovery and attraction. These are
the objectives for each event we think up,
create and deliver for our clients. That’s why we
prefer the term live engagement instead of
simple event.
McDonald’s Poland 20th Anniversary
In 2012 McDonald’s Poland was celebrating it’s 20th
anniversary. On that occasion 24/7Communication
organised official gala for 2000 guests, in Warsaw’s
Congress Hall.
VIP guests: President of Poland Lech Wałęsa, McDonald’s CEO
Don Thompson, U.S. Embassy in Poland Lee A. Feinstein.
During the event 24/7Communication was managing over
400 people of event stuff.
The big afterparty for over 700 guests was held.
On both stages more than 60 artists appeared.
20-lecie McDonald’s Polska
European Development Days
24/7Communication was a strategic partner for
Mostra and coordinated organization of the event
for the European Commission.
Agency’s responsibilities:
Hiring staff including briefing and training.
Bulding event scenography for the main stage and two
additional ones.
Printing, providing the support and installing four photos
exhibitions, internal and external signage.
Setting up the VIP’s rooms.
Setting up command and control centre for the whole
event and providing technical support.
Logistics for the whole Mostra team during the event.
European Development Days
McDonald’s Convention
Since 2005 24/7Communication has designed, planned
and realized the annual McDonald’s convention.
Those meetings unite restaurant managers, office staff,
franchisers, top management
and business relations.
Olsztyn 2007
Sopot 2009
Warszawa 2010 Serock 2013
550 guests attended the last event.
Over 3000 participans took part in all conventions.
22 integrating activities were organised in 2011 in
More than 20 polish celebrities performed in the event
since 2005.
Legnica 2005
Wisła 2008
Zakopane 2011
McDonald’s Convention
Scrabble World Championship
Poland was selected as the host of the 2011 Scrabble
World Championship, the most prestigious world
tournament of the popular board game.
24/7Communication, apart from media relations, was
to plan and organise the event.
Additional agency’s tasks:
Organistaion of The Day of Scrabble – an open event for
families, next to the Palace of Culture and Science
Cooperation with scrabble experts (Polish Scrabble Federation
and Tomasz Zwoliński, polish scrabble grandmaster)
To obtain partners for cooperation (The Ministry of National
Education and The Polish Tourist Organization)
Coordination of ambient marketing activities
Scrabble World Championship
Deezer Live
On occasion of Deezer launch in Poland
24/7Communication was responsible for organizing
exclusive concert of Monika Brodka for 200 special guests.
Event was broadcasted live all over the world via internet.
Our tasks were:
– Booking an exclusive event space as well as the
celebrity – Monika Brodka.
– Multimedia and scenography.
– Invitation of celebrities, bloggers and trendsetters.
Deezer Live
McMasters Tournament for
Ronald Mcdonald House Charities
Since 2002 24/7Communication has organized 10 annual
charity events called McMasters Tournament. It has been a
tradition that all proceeds from tickets sales and the auction of
artwork created by children – patients of the Litewska Children
Hospital in Warsaw, will finance the “No to cancer in children”
We were responsible for:
- Planning, logistics and full service management
of the event.
- Auction of children’s artwork.
- Invitation of celebrities.
McMasters Tournament for
Ronald Mcdonald House Charities
P&G’s 20th Anniversary in Poland
In Decembre 2013 Procter&Gamble was celebrating it’s 20
years in Poland. 24/7Communication organized a press
conference in the client’s headquarters with the top
managament of the corporation from United States.
Our main tasks:
- Scenography and branding.
- Full service event management and coordination.
- Invitation of media and special guests.
P&G’s 20th Anniversary in Poland
Brand media exposure
Public endorsement
Boosting product visibility, TOM
awareness and positive image
leveraging Lewandowski
ambassadorship in CEE.
Cleaning up the
misunderstandings about
McDonald’s food, through the
‘thruthseekers’ campaign
Press meeting with journalists
concerning new line of Freshelle.
AmCham Picnic
Meet the legendary travelers
Annual event for American
Chamber of Commerce organized
with McDonald’s Poland.
Press meeting concerning new
Venus Ambassador
Photo shoot with Venus’ ProSkin
ambassador – Monika Pyrek.
24/7Communication realizes that not every client is the same and each project has it’s
own unique needs and attributes. We commit to all projects with equal enthusiasm
and professionalism, offering the same high level of service to every client, from the
independent agency to the multinational corporation. And we are proud to take
ownership of what we provide.
Brian Dede │ LIVE Engagement Manager
Mob: +48 515 17 44 88
Email: [email protected]