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our paper
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our paper
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our paper
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Mission, Vision & Values
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The sustainable development
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Our points of excellence
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A growing Group
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The Group structure
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A valuable partnership
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Our main brands
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new business
To excel in the production of high quality paper in accordance with market and environment requirements.
We want to be the reference partner for all our customers in the various markets we operate in, standing out for the quality, professionalism and reliability of our Mission,
Vision & Values
• Professionalism. A far-sighted strategy must be based on professionalism, competence, seriousness and correctness.
• Quality. Quality excellence for products and services, obtained also through the continuous research in innovation, is the best way to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.
The Lucart Group development strategy is based on a clear “mission”, which sets
• Responsibility. A modern entrepreneurial activity must follow a responsible product quality and attention to customers and to the environment as the main Group
development model that guarantees the respect of rights and regulations, objectives. A far-sighted “vision” that drives us to deserve our customers’ confidence;
the respect of sound, ethical and entrepreneurial “values” that are the guidelines
to all our strategic choices.
• Sustainability. The constant commitment to reducing the environmental impact Thanks to all this, Lucart Group has grown year after year, becoming the leading
company in most of our reference markets.
personnel training and enhancement, the safety and well-being of the working throughout the whole production process and the promotion of a more rational use of virgin as well as recycled fibre pulp according to the end use of the finished product. • Profitability. The creation of value for the customers, employees and shareholders to
guarantee continuity and growth of our Group.
Mission, Vision & Values
the environment
The development policies adopted by our Group, are based on the firm belief that the
entrepreneurial activity can not disregard sound ethical and moral principles:
a company, in order to qualify itself as ethically responsible, must follow production
models that respect and safeguard human rights, the regeneration capacities
of the Earth and the well-being of the community, so as to promote a fair and
sustainable development with regards to social and environmental aspects.
For this reason all Group employees have always been requested to have a moral,
correct, impartial and respectful behaviour. We are convinced that only by respecting
such principles in our everyday activity, it is possible to build solid foundations
we pursue
to guarantee a sound and long-lasting growth.
sustainable development
Lucart Group has a history that goes back to the 30’s when the Pasquini family decided to
set up a paper production factory in Villa Basilica (Lucca - Italy).
At the beginning, production was mainly focused on one-side glazed paper for flexible
packaging, table-covers and placemats. Subsequently, at the end of the 80’s, the Group
diversified its activity entering also the tissue market (kitchen rolls, hand towels, wipers,
toilet paper, napkins, etc.).
The sustainable development
QUALITY certification
in every field
• The first Italian company to develop and apply deinking technology for the
production of MG and tissue paper starting from recovered fibres.
• One of the first paper mills to develop a cogeneration plant run on methane gas for
the self-production of energy and steam.
• The first Italian company to obtain the EU Eco-label.
• One of the first European companies to obtain, in the sector of MG papers and
tissue products, the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 and the environmental
management certification UNI EN ISO 14001.
• Diecimo plant is one of the first European integrated plants for tissue products
(paper mill and converting in the same place) to obtain EMAS certification.
• One of the first Italian companies to obtain the PEFC™ certification, which
testifies the use of pure pulp fibres that come from well managed forests.
• The first company in the world to use Mater-Bi as biodegradable packaging for
our points
tissue products.
• One of the first paper manufacturers in Europe to publish an annual Environmental
Report describing and summarising the policies, programmes, objectives and
concrete measures taken in relation to the environment.
• The first company in the world to launch on the market a biologically active
toilet paper that can reduce the problems of pipe blockages and unpleasant smells.
The numerous records and recognitions achieved by Lucart Group during the years, best
testify our commitment to developing products able to satisfy more and more customer
and environmental requirements.
I Marchi e le Certificazioni Ecologiche
Our points of excellence 15
to look at the
FUTURE starting from
solid foundations
MG paper rolls
Tissue paper
Jumbo rolls
a growing
tissue products
Today Lucart Group, at a European level, is one of the main producers of MG paper for flexible packaging
tissue products
and is one of the first 10 producers of tissue paper and products.
More than 50 years of experience have allowed us to develop the necessary know-how and technology to
Lucart Group Business Areas
Paper used by other
converting companies for
the production of bags, gift
paper, paper laminated with
polyethylene or aluminium,
table-covers, other flexible
packaging in general or tissue
paper for sanitary use.
Tissue paper products, such
as toilet paper, hand towels
or napkins, for “away from
home” consumption, such
as restaurants, industries,
cleaning companies, etc.
Tissue paper products, such as
toilet paper, household paper
or napkins, used “at home”.
create quality products that can satisfy our customers’ requirements.
Our production facilities located in the various Group plants, allow us to manufacture a wide range of
products, keeping under control the whole production process: from the choice of raw materials - pure
pulp or recovered paper - to the definition of the finished product characteristics.
Business Area %
on the total turnover
A growing Group
the Group
Company name
Plant / Premises
Porcari (I)
Production of MG paper for flexible
Production of tissue paper.
Diecimo (I)
Production of tissue paper.
Converting of tissue paper in finished
Lucart France sas
Troyes (F)
Production of tissue paper.
Converting of tissue paper in finished
Novatissue sas
Laval sur Vologne (F)
Production of tissue paper.
Converting of tissue paper in finished
Lucart Ibérica slu
Barcelona (E)
Commercial activity for Spanish and
Portuguese customers.
Padernello (I)
Converting of tissue and MG paper
in finished products.
Torre di Mosto (I)
Converting of tissue and MG paper
in finished products.
Treviso (I)
Owner of Fato Professional srl property
and machinery.
Cartiera Lucchese spa
Laval sur Vologne
Torre di Mosto
Fato Professional srl
Cartotecnica di
Treviso srl
The productive paper capacity of Lucart Group is more than 280,000 tons/year,
divided into 9 paper machines and 53 converting lines.
The consolidated turnover is more than 340 million euro and the number of employees is more than 1,000.
The total surface of the production plants is over 860,000 sqm (m2).
The Diecimo plant (Lucca - Italy) is one of the biggest European plants dedicated to the
production and transformation of tissue paper.
The Group structure 21
our customers’
With regards to ready-made tissue products, we collaborate with all the main European distribution structures
for the supply of our own brands as well as private labels.
Our Marketing, R&D and Quality Control departments are at our customers’ disposal, to provide them with our
Our market presence is well established Europe-wide, with an organization aimed at developing a
mutually rewarding relationship with our customers.
a valuable
Market position
Lucart Group
Market position
know-how and environmental awareness, which has always been one of our distinguishing marks.
MG paper rolls
European leader in the
light-weight MG paper sector.
Tissue paper
jumbo roll
Partner of the main European
converting companies.
Away From Home
tissue products
Market leader in Italy and with
a strong presence in Europe.
tissue products
Leader in Italy for ecological
tissue paper and an important
partner of European retailer
chains for private labels.
Our main marketing objective is to win our customers’ trust, promoting long-lasting partnerships
thanks to the quality of our products and service. Our commercial strategies have been specifically
designed to best meet the needs of all players in their respective reference markets.
A valuable partnership 25
our main
Our main Brands 27
Via Ciarpi, 77
I - 55016 Porcari - Lucca
Tel. +39 05832140
Fax +39 0583299051
[email protected]
Zona Industriale
I - 55020 Diecimo - Lucca
Tel. +39 058383701
Fax +39 0583838262
[email protected]
Z.I. de Torvilliers R.N. 60
F - 10440 La Rivière de Corps
Tel. +33 (0)3 25790606
Fax +33 (0)3 25793838
[email protected]
10, Rue Maurice Mougeot BP35
F - 88600 Laval sur Vologne
Tel. +33 (0)3 29557878
Fax +33 (0)3 29557876
[email protected]
C/Trafalgar, 4 10° A
E - 08010 Barcelona
Tel. +34 932680440
Fax +34 932683113
[email protected]
Via Piemonte, 13 - Fraz. Padernello
I - 31038 Paese (Treviso)
Tel. +39 0422452050
Fax +39 0422457056
[email protected]
Via G. Gallilei, 4
Loc. Pontetezze - Z.I.
I - 30020 Torre di Mosto (Venezia)
Tel. +39 0422452050
[email protected]