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Charting New Realms
of Imagination
Lunch Money - Expansions and Sequels, p.6
Epic Dungeoneer - Call of the Lich Lord, p.5
Tell Tales - Once Upon A Time, p.9
Grand Tribunal - An Ars Magica Board Game, p.3
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Be a Lover and a Fighter - Recess, p.2
Growing up is never easy, especially in a rough parochial
school where scores are settled on the playground. But you’re
a lover as well as a fighter, and all you really want is to steal a kiss
from your sweetheart across the blacktop before recess is
over. The fact that you’ve bet the last of your lunch money
on being the first do it makes it all the more risky.
Players each start with boy figures and girl figures
on opposite sides of the board, which is dotted
with obstacles.
Children move like rooks in chess, nuns move like queens.
Finishing thirty turns marks the end of the game. Or, it
ends immediately when one player’s boy and girl meet
on the same space while out of sight of the nuns.
3 to 5 players • 10 to 30 minutes • ages 8 and up
1-58978-085-X • AG1290 • $24.95
Every thirty-three years the Grand Tribunal is held,
attracting wizards from far and wide to show off their magical
creations for the inspection and approval of the archmages.
These powerful judges vote on the best, and invite the winner
to join their ranks as a new archmage — a true master of the
art of magic!
Players use Vis tokens to activate cards, which they
assemble into powerful magic items, and vote each
round for the item types and spell categories they’re
most likely to be able to play.
Three times during the game — at the periodic Tribunals
— players are presented with 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place
awards for creating magic items with item types and
spell categories that match those with the most votes.
The player with the most points based on those
awards wins!
Inspired by the Ars Magica
roleplaying game.
3 to 5 players • 60 to 90 minutes
• ages 12 and up
Grand Tribunal™
1-58978-084-1 • AG1280 • $24.95
For more about the roleplaying game that inspired Grand Tribunal, check out . . .
Ars Magica on pp. 14–15
Fight monsters, complete quests, and level up as you
explore a harrowing dungeon and surrounding wilderness
built with map cards. In each of the stand-alone, traditional card
games in the Dungeoneer™ line, players command brave heroes
and face deadly challenges in a beautiful fantasy world.
Every Dungeoneer set can be played as a stand-alone card
game, or combined with other decks for more dungeondelving fun with an almost-unlimited number of players.
110-card sets are for 2 to 4 players, 55-card sets for 2. All
play in 20 to 30 minutes per player, for ages 12 and up.
In Tomb of the Lich Lord™, undead hordes stalk the land. The
call has gone out for great heroes to stop this evil plague . . . are you
brave enough to enter the tomb?
Features undead-themed monsters and new heroes:
Tomb of the Lich Lord
Necrowarrior, Necromancer, Dwarf Avenger, Darkling
Rogue, Human Paladin, and Elf Sorceress.
Tomb of the Lich Lord, Second Edition
1-58978-018-3 • AG1240 • $19.95
In Vault of the Fiends™, a twisted mage has built an impenetrable
vault to pursue heinous experiments. Now horrendous fiends
plague the countryside. Do you have the courage to enter the vault?
Features fiend-themed monsters and new heroes: Gnome
Vault of the Fiends
Illusionist, Dwarven Runecaster, Ork Shaman, Drakan
Sentinel, Human Beastmaster, and Elf Assassin.
Vault of the Fiends
1-58978-041-8 • AG1242 • $19.95
For Dungeoneer downloads, links, previews, and translations . . .
In Call of the Lich Lord™, the dark god has raised the Lich Lord
back to undeath! His new crypt is more dangerous, his minions
more powerful, and the Scepter of the Shadow Plague unleashed!
This Epic set lets you advance heroes from other sets to higher
levels, or play with new characters who begin at 4th level!
Features Epic-level undead-themed monsters and six Epiclevel heroes.
Call of the Lich Lord
1-58978-088-4 • AG1247 • $19.95
In Realm of the Ice Witch™, Cholizar has let loose demons of cold
to wrap the warm southern lands in her icy grip! Venture into her
frozen realm before all the world is embraced by her winter spell.
Features demon-themed monsters and new heroes: Human Arctic
Channeler, Half-Elf Warrior-Witch, Human Boreal Scout, HalfCelestial Valkyrie, Human Frostblade, and Human Warblade.
Realm of the Ice Witch
1-58978-080-9 • AG1246 • $19.95
In Dragons of the Foresaken Desert™, the Dragon King has laid
claim to the crumbling ruins of a once-great civilization. Can you defend the villages of the Drakan people and defeat the dragon horde?
Features dragon-themed monsters and new heroes: Ogre
Barbarian, Elf Priestess, Drakan Defiler, Human Dragon
Slayer, Gnome Mystic, and Human Arcanist.
Dragrons of the Foresaken Desert
1-58978-079-5 • AG1245 • $19.95
In Haunted Woods of Malthorin™, a mad elven prince whose
betrothed was slain on the day of their wedding has turned his forest
into a haunted nightmare. Can you bring peace to these woods?
Features wilderness terrain maps, weather cards, and new
heroes: Elf Archer, Human Druid, and Centaur Ranger.
Haunted Woods of Malthorin
1-58978-061-2 • AG1243 • $9.95
In Den of the Wererats™, a master wererat and his minions hold the
city in fear. Vermin and shapeshifters, thieves and cutthroats lurk in
every shadow. Can you eradicate this sinister infestation?
Features city maps, lycanthropic curses, and new heroes:
Darkling Thief, Human Alchemist, and Dwarf Guardian.
Den of the Wererats 1-58978-062-0 • AG1244 • $9.95
Call of the Lich Lord
Realm of the Ice Witch
Dragons of the Forsaken Desert
Haunted Woods of
Den of the Wererats
It’s a lot like a real fight — only without all that
slippery blood. Lunch Money™ is an exciting, fast-
Lunch Money
Origins Award
images with the raw dynamics of a merciless street fight. Best Card Game of 1996
paced, card game that combines dark, psychological
One 110-card set is a complete game for 2 to 4 players.
Lunch Money Card Game
Combine additional sets to accomodate more players!
Lunch Money
1-887801-47-2 • AG1100 • $19.95
Come out, come out where ever you are . . . Sticks & Stones™
adds even more pain and mayhem to the dark, frenetic world of
Lunch Money.
A 55-card expansion set for Lunch Money.
Includes new weapons like Chunk, basic attacks like
Spank and Evil Eye, defenses like Backlash and Hide, and
Sticks & Stones
specialty cards like Tantrum, Cooties, and Wedgy.
Sticks & Stones
1-58978-050-7 • AG1102 • $9.95
Grow up and fight for something that matters. Beer Money™
is the long-anticipated sequel to Lunch Money.
A stand-alone, 110-card game that can be mixed with Lunch
Money or Sticks & Stones for up to 8-player action.
Up the ante with weapons like Beer Bottle, basic attacks
such as Knuckle Sammitch, defenses like Self Help, and
Beer Money Card Game
specialty cards including Pound of Flesh and Pile Driver.
Beer Money
1-58978-055-8 • AG1104 • $19.95
For information on point-of-purchase displays for products in this line . . .
Send a little greeting to someone who richly deserves it. Have you
had trouble finding a card with the right tone for a recriminatory breakup,
or for notifying an ungrateful child that you’ve written her out of your
will? Now you have appealing stationery options for these and countless
other memorable milestones. The inside of each card is blank, while the
outside sports an image/text pair from Beer Money.
Unwell Wishes: Beer Money Greeting Cards
1-58978-069-8 • AG2902 • $9.99
The world of Gloom™
is a sad and benighted
place. The sky is gray,
the tea is cold, and a new
tragedy lies around every
corner. You control of
the fate of an eccentric
family of misfits and
misanthropes. Your goal
is sad but simple: make them suffer the
greatest tragedies possible before passing on to
the well-deserved respite of death.
Gloom Card Game
Play horrible mishaps like “Pursued by Poodles” or
“Mocked by Midgets” on your own characters.
Cheer your opponents’ characters with marriages and
other happy occasions.
Printed on transparent plastic cards! Multiple
modifiers can be played on the same character; since the
Unhappy Homes
cards are transparent, elements from previously played
cards show through or are obscured by those played above.
You’ve got to see (through) this game to believe it!
Gloom Card Game
1-58978-068-X • AG1250 • $21.95
Unhappy Homes Expansion
1-58978-081-7 • AG1252 • $12.95
2005 GAMES Magazine’s GAMES 100
For more information, including upcoming expansions . . .
Players of Once Upon A Time™ create a story together using
cards that show typical elements from fairy tales. One player — the
Storyteller — creates a story using the ingredients on her cards. She
tries to guide the plot towards her own ending. The other players
use their cards to interrupt her and become the new Storyteller.
The winner is the first player to play all her cards and end with her
“Happy Ever After” card!
Once Upon A Time Card Game
Truly a game for all ages! The only requirements are
basic reading skills and a healthy imagination.
The Dark Tales™ expansion adds darker themes for
grimmer stories. Not every fairy tale has a happy ending . . .
The Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards expansion
lets you create your own cards.
Once Upon A Time Card Game
Once Upon A Time: Dark Tales
Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards
1-887801-00-6 • AG1001 • $20.95
Dark Tales Expansion
1-58978-060-4 • AG1003 • $9.95
1-58978-066-3 • AG1005 • $7.95
Find an article about using Once Upon a Time in the classroom at . . .
Once Upon A Time
1997 GAMES Magazine’s GAMES 100
< >
Ever wanted to go psycho on a bunch of bleached-blonde
cheerleaders, or the pretentious beatnick at the corner coffee shop,
but were held back by frustrating social boundaries? Let’s Kill™
— the bloody little card game featuring distinctive stick figure art
and gruesome humor — may help relieve that urge.
Let’s Kill Card Game
Play a psychotic killer determined to kill as many people
as possible.
Seek media attention by using everything from sporks to
weed whackers to industrial paper shredders.
110 cards • 3 to 5+ players • 30 minutes • ages 18 and up
For mature audiences
Let’s Kill
1-58978-082-5 • AG1270 • $19.95
Fan of violence? Check out . . .
Lunch Money on pp. 6–7
Cthulhu 500™ puts you in the driver’s seat for a frenzied
race that mixes the madness of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos
and the insanity of motor sports. Rev up your Satanic Pushcart’s
Engine of the Damned, mount your Radials From Beyond Space
and Time, and take a Dreamlands Shortcut to win the race for The
Cthulhu 500 Card Game
Sponsor That Must Not Be Named. The driver in the lead when the
Checkered Flag card is drawn celebrates victory by devouring his
Mythos Motorsports Madness!
110 cards • 3 to 8 players • 30 to 60 minues • ages 8 and up
1-58978-057-4 • AG1260 • $19.95
Cthulhu 500
Cthulhu 500 • Origins Awards
Best Traditional Card Game of 2005,
Gamer’s Choice Award 2005
Cults Across America
The Boardgame of Cthulhoid Domination
Command cultists, high priests, tanks, nuclear reactors, the national guard, the Pope,
the President, maybe even Cthulhu himself. Start the plague, assert yourself with whips
and chains, invade the Dreamlands. Gameplay features challenging resource management, detailed
combat choices, three scenarios to vary tactics and playing time, and cards that can change the game’s
course in seconds.
Includes 384 counters, 112 cards, dice, game board, and rules.
2 to 6 players • 1 to 4 hours • ages 13 and up
Blank card 10-packs let you crank
up the craziness with your own
cyclopean innovations!
Cults Across America™
1-887801-63-4 • AG1210 • $44.95
Cults Across America Blank Cards
AG1211 • $1.99
Discreetly fork over bribes to the powers that be. Specifically, to the powers that award lucrative construction contracts. If
your bribes are sufficient your firm will get good contracts. If your
competitors’ lucre shines brighter you’ve lost opportunities, profits,
and the satisfaction that some bureaucrat’s Caribbean tour on your
Corruption Card Game
dime was money well spent.
A card game of pure strategy that combines poker’s crafty
deception with the crooked milieu of the Gilded Age.
1-887801-74-X • AG1220 • $18.95
A dynamic word-forming card game where players create
words using cards with letters instead of numbers and points instead
of suits. Missing a crucial letter? Canny players can bluff their
opponents into thinking they’ve got every letter they need.
Not just one card game, Letter Head™ has rules for
fourteen additional games that can be played with the
Letter Head Card Game
124-card deck.
Letter Head
1-887801-87-1 • AG1230 • $19.95
Jump on the spam-wagon! Send mountains of e-mail to
unsuspecting mailing lists like the Bigots on Parade, Ivory Tower
Academics, and Last Few Communists. Run scams like the
Envelope Stuffer’s Clearinghouse, E-Mail Order Brides, and Walter’s
Spammers Card Game
Wankery. In Spammers™, the game of internet junk mail, you’ll . . .
Earn A Gazillion Dollars Every Second!
Turn Pocket Lint into Bitchin’ Hot Rods!
Find God in your Bathroom!
1-887801-62-6 • AG1200 • $24.95
Teach Games Like a Pro!
The best way for a group to learn a new game is for one
person to teach the others. If no one has played before, nominate
one person to read the rules and then teach the others. Don’t read
More Teaching Hints
card game with all players’
rules as a group — that’s just frustrating for everyone.
hands exposed. Everyone
If you’re the teacher, start with an overview. Describe the goal
will learn more quickly
in general terms: what the players are trying to do and how they do
because they can see
it. If you were teaching Once Upon A Time, you might say, “We’re
telling a fairy tale together, and the first person to play all their cards
everything that’s going on.
website) cheat sheets for
things like the actions
for example — character cards, modifier cards, event cards, and
available to players, the
untimely demise cards. Tie them all back to the overview and goal.
order of phases in a turn,
When you show how the components work together, explain
a general rule and then give an example. Avoid teaching only by
example, because that makes it difficult to understand all the
and so forth.
everyone is allowed to take
attack, the victim loses the number of counters on the card. So this
back mistakes, and where
Kick does four points.”
that will be true no matter how much time you spend teaching
before the game. So get on to the good stuff!
winning and losing don’t
Once everyone has the general idea, just get started! People
will need to be reminded of some of the specifics during play, but
Now go out, find some friends and family, and try out some
Play a practice game — or
part of one — first, where
options. Teaching Lunch Money, you might say, “When you
Write out (or download
from the Atlas Games
Once everyone knows what they’re trying to do, explain the
components. Demonstrate the different types of Gloom cards,
Play the first hand of a new
Keep the rulebook handy,
so people can refer to it
during play.
new games!
Are you a great game teacher? Then we want you for Atlas Games’ Special Ops demo team! Check it out at . . .
Imagine a world where myth is real. Faeries dance in forest
glades, angels protect the Church, demons corrupt the weak,
and wizards wield magic beyond the ken of other mortals. In Ars
Magica™ Fifth Edition, you play powerful magi gathered in
covenants with your allies and servants, unlocking secret powers
and creating magical wonders. When adventures draw you out into
the medieval world, your stories are the stuff of legend.
Ars Magica Fifth Edition Core Rulebook
Perhaps the most acclaimed magic rules in all of fantasy
Combine magical techniques and forms to create spells
on the fly.
The origin of troupe-style roleplaying — each player
has a wizardly magus, heroic companion, and shares
many stalwart grogs all in the same saga.
Develop characters and covenants over
years, decades, and centuries of game time.
Mythic Europe™ perfectly blends the
historical with the fantastical.
Ars Magica Fifth Edition
1-58978-070-1 • AG0205 • $35.00
If you’re a fan of Ars Magica, check out . . .
Grand Tribunal on p. 3
If you’re a d20 player, check out the crossover . . .
Black Monks of Glastonbury on p. 21
The Realms of Power supplements explore the supernatural
powers of Mythic Europe. Each delves into the nature,
capabilities, powers, and servants of the forces that make Mythic
Europe breathtaking and miraculous.
Realms of Power: The Divine™
Realms of Power: The Infernal™
1-58978-075-2 • AG0278 • $29.95
1-58978-087-6 • AG0282 • $29.95
The Houses of Hermes series delves into the twelve Houses
of magi to which wizards of the Order of Hermes belong. Each
examines House secrets, histories, powers, spells, and leaders,
providing in-depth information for both players and storyguides.
Houses of Hermes: True Lineages™
Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults™
Realms of Power: The Divine
1-58978-074-4 • AG0277 • $29.95
1-58978-086-8 • AG0281 • $29.95
Tribunal supplements survey the geography of Mythic
Europe, exposing its lands, politics, fortifications, denizens, and
magical mysteries. Canonical covenants are characterized in detail
and important figures are given the treatment they deserve.
Guardians of the Forests: The Rhine Tribunal™
1-58978-072-8 • AG0276 • $29.95
Other core supplements broaden and extend the Ars
Magica gamescape. They detail new traditions of magic and add
new boons, hooks, virtues, flaws, skills, spells, and more.
The Mysteries™ Revised Edition
Houses of Hermes: True Lineages
1-58978-083-3 • AG0280 • $29.95
1-58978-076-0 • AG0279 • $29.95
Ars Magica Fifth Edition
Origins Award: Best Roleplaying Game of 2005
Ars Magica Fifth Edition
Gold ENnie: Best Rules of 2005
Silver ENnie: Best Production Values of 2005
For more information, including more Ars Magica supplements . . .
Visit a vast land of exotic creatures and wide expanses,
where ancestral orishas cry for brave tribal warriors to carve out the
hearts of foul mchawi wizards, and where dragon-blooded sorcerers
once joined the fierce Amazons of Nibomay in the bloody
Rebelling Time to win their freedom.
Nyambe: African Adventures
A d20 System campaign setting that brings together high
fantasy and African myth, legend, and history.
Includes twelve new human tribal cultures and six variant
non-human races; new core class variants and prestige
classes; new skills and feats that are the heritage of every
Nyamban; and new weapons, armor, and equipment.
New spells and domains such as Darkness, Exile, Fertility,
Lightning, and Plague. New magic items like zombi
powder, which turns fallen warriors into true zombis.
Ancestral Vault™, the Nyambe equipment and magic
Ancestral Vault
items sourcebook, details a wealth of gear and loot for
Nyamban characters or any d20 setting.
Dire Spirits™ provides an introductory adventure for four
1st-level characters, to start any GM off right in Nyambe.
Nyambe™: African Adventures
Ancestral Vault
Dire Spirits
1-58978-023-X • AG3700 • $37.95
1-58978-040-X • AG3702 • $19.95
1-58978-029-9 • AG3701 • $12.95
Dire Spirits
For free downloads including full-color maps and PDF extras . . .
Brawl with Mike Fink or swing an axe with Paul Bunyan.
Brave the dangers of sweltering southern swamps in pursuit of the
Fountain of Youth. Prowl the misty streets of Boston on the trail
of hell-spawned fiends as a royal agent in service to your monarch.
Take flight with a coven of witches, who wrestle their arcane powers
from fiendish imps at the risk of losing their souls, or side with the
Puritan firebrands who struggle against them.
Northern Crown: New World Adventures
A d20 System campaign world set in North America’s
legendary past, in an age of frontier adventure, political
intrigue, and supernatural horror.
Inspired by history, infused with myth. Heroes fight for
freedom, chart a vast wilderness, battle unknown evils.
The Northern Crown: New World Adventures™
campaign book details the cultures, classes, combat
techniques, equipment, spells, psionic knacks, and
invention creation rules that will get players started.
Northern Crown: Gazetteer
Northern Crown: Gazetteer™ delves deep into the
lands of Northern Crown with descriptions of the people,
places, monsters, hazards, magic items, and inventions that
will flesh our your campaign.
Northern Crown: New World Adventures 1-58978-077-9 • AG3710 • $29.95
Northern Crown: Gazetteer
1-58978-078-7 • AG3711 • $29.95
For free downloads including the entire first chapter of New World Adventures . . .
Gamers create their own worlds, so the Penumbra™ d20 line
embraces modularity, presenting independent elements — not
setting-dependent ones — that can be adopted or discarded as you
see fit. Penumbra doesn’t tell you how things are, it gives you options.
Each Penumbra Campaign Styles sourcebook, for example,
digs deep to deliver exhaustive information for both players and
GMs about a particular approach to the fantasy RPG. All include
Dynasties and Demagogues
plenty of crunchy bits, like new spells, magic items, feats, prestige
classes, and rule systems.
Dynasties & Demagogues™ provides a 160-page toolkit
for playing in and running political adventures.
Crime & Punishment™ takes an in-depth look at
campaigns that focus on the forces of the law.
Love & War™ considers chivalry, giving knightly options
for PCs and countless adventure ideas for the GM.
Crime and Punishment
Dynasties & Demagogues
Crime & Punishment
Love & War
1-58978-033-7 • AG3220 • $28.95
1-58978-039-6 • AG3223 • $29.95
1-58978-044-2 • AG3226 • $29.95
Crime & Punishment
Gold ENnie: Best d20 Rules Supplement of 2004
Dynasties & Demagogues
Gold ENnie: Best d20 Rules Supplement of 2003
Love and War
These titles barely skim the surface. For a complete look at the Penumbra D20 line . . .
Soon the cosmos will die and be reborn. Next time around,
the world might be a terrible place — or it could be a paradise.
Someone gets to decide. Might as well be you. You could chart the
course of reality itself, and make a new world in your image. You
could be a god. In Unknown Armies™, players take the roles of
movers and shakers in the occult underground, fighting a battle for
the ultimate prize: ascension to a higher plane and a hand in
creating the next incarnation of reality.
Unknown Armies Second Edition
A roleplaying game of transcendental horror and furious
action: Pulp Fiction meets Hellraiser.
Magickal adepts duke it out with gun-toting enforcers
and weirdos of every stripe. Clockwork humans and
plodding golems slip through the cracks of society.
Entropics eat your memories and spit them back at you
with poison added.
Fringe groups like the Sect of the Naked Goddess, Mak
Attax, The True Order of Saint-Germain, and the New
To Go
Inquisition have set their sights on the coming apocalypse.
Kick off your game with To Go™, a campaign of mythic
Suggested for mature readers.
Unknown Armies Second Edition
1-58978-013-2 • AG6020 • $39.95
To Go
1-58978-017-5 • AG6008 • $29.95
For a complete list of Unknown Armies expansions and supplements . . .
The true power of feng shui is known only to a few — and they
all want you dead. Bad guys are coming out of the woodwork to
wage the secret war. Powerful eunuch sorcerers from ancient China.
Modern-day conspiracy masterminds. Cyber-demonic scientists
from the future.
And they’ve almost won. Portals through time lay bare a secret
history of our world, a history that changes like the breeze and can
Feng Shui
erase you before you even know it.
There’s only one thing standing between these monstrous
powers and complete control of all of human history: you and
your buddies.
Feng Shui™ is a butt-kicking riot on your tabletop, with
everything that makes Hong Kong action thrilling.
The fate of humankind depends on your exotic kung fu
powers, your ancient magics, your pirated suptertech, and
your plain old-fashioned trigger finger.
Friends of the Dragon
The battle rages across time itself, pitting you against
sinister eunuch magicians of the past, secretive power
groups of the present, and twisted scientists who control
the future.
Friends of the Dragon™ is the player’s guide to creating
character groups. A must-have for your Feng Shui series!
Feng Shui
Friends of the Dragon
1-887801-76-6 • AG4000 • $35.00
1-58978-054-X • AG4012 • $17.95
For a complete list of Feng Shui expansions and supplements . . .
Coriolis™ stands at the intersection of the d20 System and our other
roleplaying lines. It provides short trips to other game worlds, each
telling a compelling tale that could serve as a side adventure or be
adapted into your own fantasy campaign with minimal effort.
Each book stands alone as a dual-system adventure that
lets you sample another game world.
If you’re a long-time fan of Ars Magica, Unknown
Armies, or Feng Shui, our Coriolis titles help you bring
Black Monks of Glastonbury
elements from those games into the d20 System.
Everything’s expressed in both the d20 System and the
native rule system.
Each title offers something to new and faithful
readers alike.
In Black Monks of Glastonbury (Ars Magica + d20),
a house of Benedictine monks has fallen to diabolic corruption, and Satan is praised there in God’s place.
In Ascension of the Magdelene (Unknown Armies +
Ascension of the Magdalene
d20), a notorious artifact has vanished and the trail leads
to the palace of a mad emperor.
In Burning Shaolin (Feng Shui + d20), a band of
honorable warriors must battle a demon sorcerer in a
legendary mountain monastery.
Black Monks of Glastonbury
Ascension of the Magdalene
Burning Shaolin
1-58978-035-3 • AG3402 • $17.95
1-58978-012-4 • AG3401 • $13.95
1-58978-006-X • AG3400 • $8.95
Burning Shaolin
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Recess, Grand Tribunal, Penumbra, Coriolis, Nyambe,
Ancestral Vault, Dire Spirits, Gloom, Unhappy Homes,
Northern Crown, Northern Crown: New World
Adventures, Northern Crown: Gazetteer, Corruption,
Lunch Money, Lunch Money: Sticks and Stones, Beer
Money, Spammers, “Oh God, Do You Have Mail,”
“The Board Game of Cthulhoid Domination,” Cthulhu
500, Mythos Motorsports Madness, Corruption, Letter
Head, Ars Magica, Mythic Europe, Covenants, Realms
of Power: The Divine, Realms of Power: Infernal, Houses
of Hermes: True Lineages, Houses of Hermes: Mystery
Cults, Guardians of the Forests: The Rhine Tribunal,
The Mysteries, Dynasties and Demagogues, Crime and
Punishment, Love and War, Friends of the Dragon, Black
Monks of Glastonbury, Ascension of the Magdelene, and
Burning Shaolin are trademarks of Trident Inc. Order
of Hermes is a trademark of White Wolf, Inc., used with
permission. Charting New Realms of Imagination, Once
Upon a Time, Dark Tales, and the Atlas Games logo are
trademarks of John Nephew, used with permission. Unknown Armies is a trademark of Greg Stolze and John
Tynes, used under license. Feng Shui is a trademark of
Robin D. Laws, used under license. Dungeoneer, Tomb of
the Lich Lord, Vault of the Fiends, Den of the Wererats,
Haunted Woods of Malthorin, Call of the Lich Lord,
Realm of the Ice Witch, and Dragons of the Forsaken
Desert are trademarks of Thomas Denmark, used under
license. Let’s Kill is a trademark of Sancho Games, used
under license. Cults Across America is a trademark of
Jeff Tidball, used under license. “d20 System” and the
d20 System logo are trademarks owned by Wizards of
the Coast and are used with permission.
Roleplaying Games
An RPG of Medieval Magic, pp. 14-15
Board and Card Games
A Card Game of Dungeon-delving Adventure, pp. 4-5
A Card Game of Inauspicious Incidents & Grave Consequences, p. 8
A Hong Kong Action Movie RPG, p. 20
A Card Game of Mythos Motorsports Madness, p. 11
An RPG of Transcendental Horror and Furious Action, p. 19
For the d20 System
An Ars Magica Board Game, p. 3
A Colonial New World d20 Campaign Setting, p. 17
A Board Game of Pain and Loss in a Rough Parochial School, p. 2
A Bloody Little Card Game of Stick Figure Mayhem, p. 10
An African-themed d20 Campaign Setting, p. 16
A Card Game of Dark Imagery and Merciless Struggle, pp. 6-7
Premier d20 System Supplements, p. 18
A Series of d20 Crossover Scenarios, p. 21
A Storytelling Card Game, p. 9
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