Newsletter 7 - Fulwell Infant School



Newsletter 7 - Fulwell Infant School
The Newsletter of Fulwell Infant School
Number 8
Dear parent,
It has been an exciting three weeks in school! 20 of our talented year 2 children put on an
excellent performance at the Sunderland Empire as part of the schools dance festival.
Many parents also attended this event and supported school in accompanying a mixture of
year 1 and 2 children who cheered on their friends.
The summer fayre was dampened by the rain, but was extremely busy. There was some
fantastic face painting happening and wet sponges were accurately thrown to maximum
effect. (Thank you Mrs Watts and Chris)
Year 2 children have visited Fulwell Juniors and were very, very impressed by their new
facilities, particularly the wildlife garden. Mrs Carroll and Year 3 will be watching Year 2
at their leavers concert and final practice in July!
We are hoping for dry weather on Thursday as Year 1 children visit
Saltwell Park, returning to school ready to perform for their parents
on Friday afternoon. Exciting times!
Ten children represented school in
the Monkwearmouth torch relay. We
all cheered them on their way.
Kaden and Kaitlyn represented
school in the Sunderland torch relay
at Herrington Country Park.
The Olympic events ...
The summer fayre was a
great success, despite the
We were able to raise
about £1,300 and lots of
prizes were won!
Year 2 dancers performed at the Sunderland
Empire last Thursday. They were BRILLIANT and
we are very proud of them. Fulwell Infants were
the BEST school! Thank you to Sophie, |
Mrs Pickford and Mrs McCourt and to parents for
their patience—we were very late back.
June/July Birthdays (upto 8th July)
Coming Events:
2nd July 2-3pm Class 7 parents– learning journeys in hall
3rd July 2-3pm Class 8 parents—learning journeys in hall
5th July 2-3pm Class 9 parents—learning journeys in hall
6th July am Year 2 children Infantasia
pm Year 2 fun afternoon at Juniors
11th July Year 2 visit to Hartlepool
12th July Sports day (Fulwell Olympics)
13th July Nursery visit to the farm
16th July 3.30-5.00 Year 2 disco
17th July Year 2 leavers concert for parents
Dates for the banner making:
6th July 2012 2-3pm
13th July 2012 2-3pm
Please join us if you have time to spare.
Congratulations children. We hope
you have a very enjoyable day!
Oliver Cornelius
Lauryn Slater
Isabella Napier
Matthew Miller
Jacob Edwards
Toby Deathe
Charlie Lovell
Adam Bell
Mathew Laws
Daniel Maughan
Emma Conley
Halle Steele
Jacob Barnett
Olivia Dunning
Erin Anderson
Sam Cotton

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