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Untitled - Bron
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE / Twist vegetable slicer
Ref. CLS02
Technical details :
Dimensions : 26,5 x 9,8 x 12 cm
Frame and blades in stainless steel
Comes with a julienne blade and a pre-piercing needle
Strong sucker, to be activated with a lever
The blades are very sharp, avoid finger contact.
Keep out of reach of children.
Use 1 : vegetable garlands
For a better result, cut both ends
of the potatoes
Use 2 : vegetable julienne
The corner at the top of the blade
holds it during the cutting
Push the bottom of the blade
towards the left to block the
Use 3 : potato skewers
Insert the rod in the potato at
least 3 cm in.
Maintenance :
Wash the appliance with warm water and leave it to dry.
Put a drop of vegetable oil on the screw nut in order to guarantee the good functioning for the next use.