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Canyon Club Newsletter
February 2013
Canyon Club Newsletter
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Leasing Center Hours: Mon - Fri: 9-6, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-3
Feb 3. Super Bowl.
Feb 12. Mardi Gras.
Feb 14. Valentine's Day.
Feb 18. President’s Day.
Renter’s Insurance
Although this community suffers very little crime, it is
always a good idea to play it safe. Renter’s insurance
is often cheaper than you would expect, and can
protect your valuables from theft and damage.
Parking in the Community
Organizing Tip
Ice cube trays can be great organizational
tools. Use one in a drawer to organize small
office supplies. You can also use them to
tame clutter on your workbench. Store small
parts, such as screws, nails, bolts, and other
small fasteners in the trays. Then place the
trays in a drawer. These trays are also great
for storing childrenâÄôs art supplies like
sequins, buttons, stickers, and beads.
DVD Library
Are you looking for a night in? Today may be a
good day to stop and rent a movie from the DVD
kiosk! It's easy, and we have the latest titles.
Parking spaces are a valuable commodity. Going
out shopping, to dinner, or just to work requires
effort to find parking. When you arrive home, it's
a comfort to know that there's a parking space
just for you. But occasionally, there's a problem
with residents parked in an already designated
space. Please remember that all carports and
spaces are assigned and reserved. If you have a
guest, ask them to park in the appropriate
visitor spaces. Violating vehicles may be towed,
so please be aware and respectful.
Los periódicos en la enseñanza
A menudo los periódicos resultan interesantes
para el lector, con artículos concisos más cortos
que los capítulos de un libro. Los maestros que
deseen inculcarles a sus alumnos el amor a la
lectura, pueden utilizar articulos de periódico.
Enséñele a los niños el principio de 'las cinco
preguntas': Quién, Qué, Dónde, Por qué y
Cuándo. Por lo general, los artículos de los
periódicos responden estas cinco preguntas en
los primeros párrafos del artículo. Los maestros
pueden darle el periódico a los niños y pedirles
que identifiquen las cinco preguntas. Los
alumnos serán propensos a aceptar la
naturaleza de lectura fácil de los artículos
noticiosos, y pudieran incluso llegar a leer el
periódico que llega a su hogar como resultado.
*All offers subject to change.
Best Savings Advice Ever
Liven Up Your
Valentine’s Day
veryone has gotten financial advice, solicited
or not, from someone in their life. Advice on
saving and investing money can vary, but in
good advice, there is always a common theme.
Here are some simple tips that can make all the
difference in how you view saving money.
Always save a little. No matter how much money
you make, always put something aside. Think of
it as paying yourself first, before any other bills
or other spending.
Know the difference between needs and wants.
This is simply a way to learn to control your
spending. If you are honest with yourself, you
will realize that much of your spending is wantbased spending, not just on needs. If you can’t
distinguish between the two, you will end up
spending too much.
Know the true cost. The true cost of many items
is not just on the price tag. Consider all the time
and energy you need for maintenance, storage,
upkeep, and insurance on anything you buy.
If you need more money, figure out how to make
more money. Scrimping and economizing are great
ways to stretch your budget. But if you are finding
that you are not making ends meet and are not
able to save any money, it is time to evaluate your
income. Often the fastest way out of debt and into
more savings is to generate more income. This can
mean anything from picking up an extra part-time
job to going back to school to earn your degree.
Sudoku and Word Game for Kids: Words in Words
Word Games for Kids: Words in Words
You can sometimes make words using the
letters in a larger word. For example, from the
word “tube” you can make “be,” “bet,” “but,”
and “tub.” Now onto a harder one: how many
words can you make from the word “February?”
(Hint: we found 42.)
ired of giving a card and some candy? There
are lots of creative ways to show your affection
for your loved one. Consider trying these ideas this
Valentine’s Day.
Make a photo gift. It is easy and inexpensive to
have a photo put on a mug, t-shirt, key chain, or
even playing cards. Choose one of you two together,
enjoying each other.
Make something by hand. Whether you make a
cake, knit a scarf, write a poem, or cook an entire
dinner, your loved one will appreciate the time you
put into your gift.
Enjoy the outdoors together. Taking a walk or hike
together can be romantic and calming. It gives you
and your honey a chance to connect and talk.
Get some petals. Ask at your florist for some of the
petals they trim off of their roses. These petals are
usually fresh and lovely and are even sometimes
free. Use them to decorate your dinner table, bed, or
to float in a bathtub.
Get a photograph taken. Arrange to have a
professional photographer take pictures of you
together. Not only is this an enjoyable activity, but
you will also create a lasting memory.
Are, aye, bar, bare, barf, bay, be, bear, beau, berry, bra, bray, burr, bury, buy, buyer, by, bye,
ear, era, err, far, fare, fear, ferry, fray, fry, fryer, fur, furry, fury, rare, ray, rear, rebury, ref, refry,
rub, ruby, rue, yea, year.

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