Wk 6 Newsletter (Links to a PDF, 1.7 KB)



Wk 6 Newsletter (Links to a PDF, 1.7 KB)
Respect I Belonging I Caring I Commitment
19 November 2015
Principal: Jason Munro
Governing Council Chairperson: Jenny Dickson
29 Elston Street,
Brooklyn Park SA 5032
Ph: 08 8443 6103 Fax: 08 8234 2448
E: [email protected]
Web: www.lockleysps.sa.edu.au
Principal’s Message
Friday 20
Pupil Free Day
Tuesday 24th
Governing Council
Wednesday 25th
Principal Tour
Friday 27th
Thursday 3rd
Year 7 Graduation
Tuesday 8th
End of Year Concert
Wednesday 9th
End of Year Excursion
Thursday 10th
Reports Home
Friday 11th
Last Day of Term
2:10pm Dismissal
The poll for the Materials and Services Charge for 2016 officially closed on Friday
last week. The poll was conducted in accordance to the Education Act 1972 and
the Materials and Services Administrative Guidelines. The responses were tallied
by the returning officer and an official letter has been forwarded to me by the
Governing Council Chairperson, Jenny Dickson, informing me of the result.
There were 34 responses in total with 29 for and 5 against. Therefore, as the poll
received majority support, the legally recoverable prescribed sum for 2016 will
be $315 for each student.
On Wednesday 18th November, I joined all of the site leaders from the schools
and preschools in the West Torrens Partnership for a review of our performance
as a collective partnership. We presented to a panel of 5 people from DECD
which was chaired by the Chief Education Officer, Jayne Johnston. As part of the
review we were asked individual questions about our site’s student achievement
data. We were asked to respond to what was happening, why it was happening
and what to do next. We also presented our Partnership Improvement Plan
which is based on 3 key areas - Quality Teaching and Learning, Community
Engagement and Wellbeing. It was an interesting process to be involved in and a
report will be presented to the partnership in the coming weeks. I will be
discussing this with staff during our Pupil Free Day on Friday and certainly have
this as part of the handover discussion with the new Principal once they are
appointed. We have a diverse but very dynamic and supportive partnership
which I have enjoyed being part of.
I would like to thank Paddy Cross for her dedicated volunteer work at Lockleys
Primary School over 19 years. Paddy has been a much loved and respected part
of our school community. Paddy’s farewell party celebration certainly
highlighted her contribution to the school and particularly, the students over this
time and it was humbling to see so many people from various parts of the
community join in this event. I wish Paddy and her family all the very best.
Thursday 10 December
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Due to a growing number of lost property items accumulating at the school, each Newsletter there will be a
list of items not claimed since the previous newsletter. If you think that any of the items may belong to
your child they can be viewed in the front office until end of term 4. Unwanted/uncollected items will be
disposed of after this date.
(1) Zip Jacket with hood —size 14
(1) Grey Track Pants —size 4
(2) Plastic Food Containers
(2) Drink Bottles
(1) Navy Head Band
(1) Black Umbrella
(1) Ice Pack
(1) Towel – pink & white striped
(1) Towel – white & blue
Fundraising activities are an important part of our school community and we rely on the generosity of volunteers to make our
fundraising successful. The funds raised through these events go towards facilities
This year we were given 7 dates for Bunnings BBQ’s
We are waiting to here what dates we have been allocated for 2016. If you are interested and
able to help please let the front office know. BBQ’s are on Wednesday’s and all help will be
gratefully appreciated.
2015 German Term 4 R-7 Program With Frau Mac
The students have two German lessons a week (on Thursday and Friday) and have had a terrific year where students have
recently learnt about the countries in Europe, Germany and the states of Germany, the Euro currency, school life in Germany vs
school here in Australia and Diddl the Mouse.
The junior primary students learnt the song “Die Schule ist aus” and the upper primary students learnt a song called “Atemlos
durch die Nacht” which is a popular pop song in Germany. Later on in the term the students will be learning about the traditions of
Oktoberfest and Weihnachten (Christmas).
Room 3 is working hard towards singing and dancing to a German song for the End of Year Concert.
I look forward to seeing you all there on the evening of Tuesday the 8th of December.
 Some pictures of our German displays.
Bis bald, Frau Mac
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Saturday 7th Nov
Results were - LNPS/Allenby Gardens/Lockleys PS 76 runs defeated Largs Bay 72 runs.
Best players: Jye Bowled 2, run out 2, and made 14 runs
Heath made 25 runs.
Saturday 14th Nov
LNPS/Allenby Gardens/Lockleys PS 150 runs defeated Western Youth Centre 22 runs.
Best players: Karnik (Captain) 17 runs including 3 fours, and 1 wicket.
Stirling 20 runs including 3 fours and one 6.
On the 11th Hour, of the 11th Day of the 11th
Month, Lockleys Primary School held a
Remembrance Day Ceremony. This was to
remember the soldiers that fought hard and
honourably in the war. Before the ceremony,
each class made their own wreath covered
with leaves and red poppies.
The Lockleys Primary School students and
staff gathered around the flag that waves in
our school grounds. We all listened to “The Last Post”, and then we all had a minute of
silence to remember those who had fallen. We had some questions that were asked and we were tested on our knowledge of the
war. Then the bell signalled the start of recess and all the students went to play.
By Mawa, and Lauchlan in Room 11.
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Dear Families
Christmas is getting closer, I hope you have seen our fabulous program for Vacation Care for the upcoming holiday period,
please book soon to avoid disappointment.
To make budgeting for Vacation Care easy we have been approved to charge a flat rate of $65 per day instead of a different
pricing for excursions and incursions.
If you are receiving Child Care Benefit at 100% and Child Care Rebate, this will only cost you $10.99 per day. Please contact
Centrelink to check your entitlements.
We look forward to seeing you over the holiday break. For full Vacation Care program please see Sherpa Kids.
Warm regards
Jo Pratt
Office Manager
Sherpa Kids Australia
Phone: (08) 8354 4886 Fax: (08) 8121 1835
Website: www.sherpa-kids.com.au
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Dental care is FREE for ALL preschool and most school-aged children at School Dental Service clinics.
Your local clinic is located at:
Marleston Community Dental Clinic
229B Marion Road
All babies, children and young people under 18 years are welcome.
First dental check-ups are recommended from 12-18 months.
Please call 7501 6700 to make an appointment.
SA Dental Service participates in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. A small fee may apply for children who are not eligible for
the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
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Fourth Edition - Sgt John and Humphrey say – Road Safety Around Schools Begins With You.
While we are looking forward to the warmer weather over summer, we are still likely to have the odd rainy
day. Wearing bright coloured clothing is a must when walking or riding a bike to school in wet weather. On
rainy days, many people look down to stop the rain from going in their eyes, but it is very important to look up
when crossing roads or driveways. You may have seen some people run to get out of the rain – not necessarily
a bad thing, but running near traffic can be very dangerous. Parents should constantly scan both sides of the
road and take extra care on rainy days, as children will often run across the road without looking.
Generally, stopping distances in the wet are likely to be at least double the distance of that on a dry road, so things such as reducing speed,
braking gently, increasing following distance and tread depth on tyres can be critical. Worn tyres are one of the most common vehicle defects
in South Australia. In 2014 police issued defect notices to a total of 11,222 motorists in relation to their tyres. Another issue in wet weather is
fog on the inside of your windscreen. When this happens, use your air-conditioned – it works with either hot or cold air and dries the air, which
clears your windscreen far more quickly.
Just like you, other parents don’t want to get wet either and there can be quite some congestion around the drop-off zone or front gate of the
school. Patience and courtesy are important.
Fifth Edition - Sgt John and Humphrey say – Road Safety Around Schools Begins With You.
Young children are naturally inquisitive, move surprisingly fast and can run into the path of a moving vehicle without warning. We know that
roads, car parks, footpaths and driveways are never safe places to play, but when we get distracted with other things, children can become
bored and put themselves in harm’s way. Always supervise your children and do not let them play around cars or near traffic. When they are
near cars, hold their hand or hold them close to keep them safe – this includes in your own driveway. Tragically one child is accidentally run
over in their own driveway every week in Australia.
Even children who seem to know all the road safety rules won’t necessarily remember to follow them when something catches their
attention. Take special care where there’s a lot of traffic, high-speed traffic, narrow or no footpaths, or things that can block the view, such as
parked cars and trucks, trees, hill crests or crowded footpaths. You can help children develop pedestrian safety skills and road safety skills by
giving them plenty of practice around real roads – for example, by walking with children to and from child care or school, around the block or to
the local shops. A top tip for helping kids learn about pedestrian safety and road safety is to describe what you’re doing each time, so your child
can understand why it’s important.
Sixth Edition - Sgt John and Humphrey say – Road Safety Around Schools Begins With You.
If you pick-up your children up from school, you know how congested parking can become when everyone wants to be right out the front when
their child walks out of the gate. If your child knows that you will be there to collect them, they will be looking for the car they recognise (yours)
not necessarily looking out for all cars. Issues such as tiredness, excitement or simply being distracted can significantly increase the risk of
being involved in a collision.
Young children are sometimes referred to as small adults, however they have special characteristics that require specific considerations. In
particular, they do not have the perceptual or cognitive capacity to make sound judgements about road safety risks until about 12 years of
age. If they need to cross a road to get to where you are parked, their smaller size limits their ability to see and be seen from the kerb. In
addition, children sometimes have a false sense of confidence and security around traffic, which can mean that they are at a higher risk in the
pedestrian environment. It might be a little inconvenient for you, but it is a lot safer for your child if you make the effort to pick them up at the
Here is the link for each of these newsletters: https://www.police.sa.gov.au/services-and-events/community-programs/road-safety-education

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