annual report - Foundation for Women`s Cancer



annual report - Foundation for Women`s Cancer
annual report
Dear Friends,
2012 was a year of great success in both fundraising and friend-making. Our new website,, and our enhanced social media marketing efforts
allow us to share these opportunities with you in real time!
The 2012 National Race to End Women’s Cancer broke all records for
attendance, fundraising and weather — with a third year of warm, sunny
Sundays in Washington, DC in early November! Take a moment
to look at the race website,, to see the
excitement and broad participation. While you are there, please
register for the 2013 Race. We hope you can join us, but even
if you can’t, please support the cause. Movements MATTER!
EVENTS............................... 1
While the race clearly is our largest annual fundraising
event, 2012 saw a spike in the number of organizations
and individuals who offered to host an event benefitting
the Foundation. Each had a unique reason for extending
this invitation to the Foundation, but they all have one
thing in common—the desire to end women’s cancer.
SGO Member Donors ..............................5
Individual Corporate & Foundation
In Honor/In Memory Tributes....................... 8
In the next few pages you can learn more about the
dedicated individuals and organizations making a
difference by supporting the Foundation for Women’s
Cancer. Following is the ever-growing list of generous
Foundation supporters, for whom we are truly grateful.
2012 Race to End Women’s Cancer
Lifetime Contributing Members ................32
The Foundation for Women’s Cancer
Gratefully Acknowledges its
Outside Fundraising Partners................34
If your name or organization is not on this list and
you want to join us in the fight to end women’s cancer,
please contact Sharon Krinsky, Director of Philanthropy at
312.580.1165 or [email protected]
Planned Gifts...................................... 34
F I N A N C I A L S ..................................35
W O M E N ’ S C A N C E R..........36
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for
Women’s Cancer and the women we serve, please accept my
deepest thanks to each of you who has supported our mission.
David M. Gershenson, MD
Florida Council of Nurse
Midwives Event
In January, the Northeast Florida Chapter
of the Florida Council of Nurse Midwives
sponsored their annual 5K Fun walk/run to
benefit the Foundation for Women’s Cancer.
Their goal was to “promote public awareness
about the prevention, early detection and
treatment of gynecologic cancers” in the
Jacksonville area.
Sullivan Street Press
Deborah Emin, author, publisher and owner of
Sullivan Street Press, chose the Foundation
for Women’s Cancer as the recipient of
a portion of the proceeds from her book,
“Scags at 18.” The donation was given to
the Foundation in honor of a Sullivan Street
Press volunteer and survivor, Lynda Smith.
Florida Nurse Midwives Turn
Out in Record Numbers
(L to R) Pippa Calland, Sarah Burns,
Stacey Kohl, Dr. Lynda Roman
Madison Shopping Event
Madison Brentwood and Warm
Giving sponsored an evening
of shopping to benefit the
Foundation for Women’s Cancer.
15% of all sales were donated
to the Foundation to help raise
awareness and crucial research
funding to prevent, detect, treat
and defeat those cancers unique
to women. An estimated 75 people
attended the event, which was
chaired by Stacy Kohl. 2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 1
Erin Ruffin
Sells Her
High School Student Puts Her Senior
Project to Work for the Foundation Inspired by her late grandmother who died as a
result of cervical cancer, high school senior Erin
Ruffin developed a senior project to support the
Foundation for Women’s Cancer. Erin created
and sold purple bracelets inscribed with the
Foundation’s new awareness campaign, “Learn,
Listen, Act.” All proceeds from the sale of the
bracelets were directed to the Foundation
and will be used in our ongoing efforts to help
women learn about their bodies, listen to their
symptoms and act by seeking care from a
gynecologic oncologist for the best outcomes.
Kyle Lum Shaving His Friend’s Hair
Head Shaving Fundraiser
Inspires Many at Lehigh
University In May, the Foundation for
Women’s Cancer received
a donation from Kyle Lum, a
student at Lehigh University
who sponsored a head-shaving
fundraiser to honor his mother,
a multiple-time ovarian cancer
survivor. Everyone at the
Foundation was very touched by
Kyle’s creativity and compassion. June
(L to R) Brandon McClintock,
Brenden Scott, Eric Ferrante,
Alex Semenuk, Dlyan McClintock,
Christian Bianco
Boys Support the Foundation at NY Health Fair Renee Lynn Scott, founder of Stepping Stone Support, attended the 4th Annual
Asian Pacific American Festival in Stony Brook, NY this May. Renee used the fair to
spread awareness about the Foundation for Women’s Cancer and her organization’s
race team, the Teal Warriors (who participated in the National Race to End Women’s
Cancer). While at the festival, Renee had help manning the booth from her son, his
friends and other volunteers.
(L to R) Mark Anderson, Paige
Anderson, Tom Hammond
DC Golf Tournament For the 10th year, The Foundation for Women’s Cancer has been the
beneficiary of the Annual Summer Golf Tournament chaired by Mark
and Paige Anderson and Tom and Kathy Hammond. The day was
perfect for a shotgun tournament and the event raised over $33,000
for ovarian cancer research. The Foundation is very grateful for the
continued support of these long-time, dedicated volunteers.
(L to R) Jeanie Silk, Larry
Ziegler, Michelle Dunn
Baker’s Square/
Ovarian Cancer
Hope Organization
(L to R) Justin Krause,
Bakers Square; Sharon
Krinsky, Foundation
for Women’s Cancer;
George Van Dusen,
Mayor of Skoke, IL;
Lynda Gault Smith,
In special partnership with
the Ovarian Cancer Hope
Organization (OChO)
and the Foundation, Baker’s Square officially
recognized September as Ovarian Cancer
Awareness Month at all 46 of its restaurants
nationwide! Throughout 2012, Baker’s Square
designated several evenings as Awareness
Nights in which they would donate 10% of
sales to the Foundation. Thanks to the work of
many dedicated volunteers, “Pie Cards” were
also sold, with a percentage of those sales
benefitting the Foundation.
Saks Fifth Avenue
As part of a partnership with
Saks Fifth Avenue and jewelry
designer Konstantino, the
Foundation enjoyed 10% of
every purchase of Konstantino
jewelry sold the evening of
Thursday, September 27th.
Great Lakes Convoy –
Bolt Express
The second annual Great Lakes
Convoy sponsored by Bolt Express
in Toledo, Ohio featured a day of
events dedicated to raising funds
and awareness for women’s cancers.
The highlight of the day was when
30+ semi-trucks, decorated with
ribbons, took to the road for a 20
mile “awareness”
ride. In total, the
event raised more
than $14,000 for
women’s cancers.
The Foundation
for Women’s
Cancer was
one of three
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 3
(L to R) Sandy Gold, Liane Troy,
Karen Kass, Barb Feldman,
Joyce Hogan
An Evening of Comedy
The Foundation was the beneficiary of this first time event. More than
150 people attended an evening of comedy and a large silent auction.
Dr. Jean Hurteau spoke to the guests about the latest ovarian cancer
research and the important role the Foundation plays within the
gynecologic cancer community. The event netted over $22,000 which
will support a future Ovarian Cancer Research Grant. The Foundation
has enjoyed a relationship with WeRoc for the past two years and
benefited from their racetrack Race for Awareness in 2011.
rebekah theatre project
Paul and Patricia Tinsley established the
rebekah theater project (rtp) in memory of
their daughter, Rebekah Tinsley Klein, who
passed away from ovarian cancer. The
Tinsleys donate a portion of the proceeds
from every rtp performance to ovarian cancer
research. In November, the theatre staged
a production of “The Shadow Box,” with
net proceeds given to the Foundation in
Rebekah’s honor.
The Foundation for Women’s Cancer acknowledges the following SGO members who financially supported the
Foundation’s programs of public and patient education, and research during 2012.
Ronald Alvarez, MD
Angeles Alvarez-Secord, MD
Barrie Anderson, MD
J. Max Austin, MD
Richard Barakat, MD
Emily Berry, MD
Stephanie Blank, MD
Cecelia Boardman, MD
Richard Boothby, MD
Jeff Boyd, PhD
Carol Brown, MD
Jubilee Brown, MD
Richard Buller, MD
Robert Burger, MD
William Burke, MD
John Carlson, MD
Eva Chalas, MD
Mildrid Chernofsky, MD
Christina Chu, MD
Daniel Clarke-Pearson, MD
Robert Coleman, MD
David Crotzer, MD
John Curtin, MD
Elizabeth del Bosque, MD
James Delmore, MD
Babak Edraki, MD
Mark Einstein, MD, MS
Jeffrey Fowler, MD
Wesley Fowler, MD
Ginger Gardner, MD
Paola Gehrig, MD
David Gershenson, MD
Barbara Goff, MD
Bobbie Gostout, MD
Andrew Green, MD
Francis Grumbine, MD
Thomas Herzog, MD
Ebony Hoskins, MD
William Hoskins, MD
Howard Jones III, MD
Monica Jones, MD
Beth Karlan, MD
Dineo Khabele, MD
Charles Landen Jr., MD
Charles Levenback, MD
Douglas Levine, MD
Katherine Look, MD
John Lurain, MD
Sharmila Makhija, MD
David Moore, MD
Mitchell Morris, MD
David Mutch, MD
Richard Nalick, MD
Hoa Nguyen, MD
Amanda Nickles Fader, MD
Tjai Nielsen, MD
David O’Malley, MD
April O’Quinn, MD
James Orr, MD
Karl Podratz, MD, PhD
Matthew Powell, MD
Laurel Rice, MD
Lynda Roman, MD
Stephen Rubin, MD
Carolyn Runowicz, MD
Cheryl Saenz, MD
Kathleen Schmeler, MD
Anil Sood, MD
John Soper, MD
Sean Tedjarati, MD
Keith Terada, MD
Vivian von Gruenigen, MD
David Warshal, MD
Israel Zighelboim, MD
Kristin Zorn, MD
The Foundation for Women’s Cancer acknowledges the following donors who have made a donation to the
Foundation in support of public and patient education, and research programs during 2012.
Lyn Albrecht
Linda Allen
Kanna Bala
Susan Barnes
June Barrett
Owen Bell
Sharon Bending
Candace Birkenhauer
Stephen Block
Patricia Boerner
Darlene Bower
Beth Boyer
Doreen and Stuart Braverman
Patrick Brinkerhoff
Ingrid Broadrick
Jane Bukovac
Kathleene Burns
Tracy Burris
Frances Campbell
Victoria Carbone
Maryann Carfaro
David & Karen Carlson
Sumitra Chande
Todd & Kimberly Channell
Sharon Cheslik
Ellen Chirichella
Richard Chung
Karen Cichon
Catherine Cleiman
Gary Cocker
Steven Cohen
Paul & Judy Concemi
Barbara Conneely
Mary Conroy
Virginia Corson
Sally Cotlar
Carol Coughlin
Mary Crockett, MD
Nancy Delaney
Paige Donnelly
Molly Dudlak
Loyce DuLin
George & Nancy Ellis
Marie Ellis
Jewels Elmore-Washington
Kathy Evans
Patricia Fanning
William & Miriam Fell
Nancy Fielder
Ann Fowler
Barbara Fry
Margery Galbraith
Mary Carolyn Gamache
Lenore Garon
Raquel Garrido
James Gingerich
Sandra and Chuck Gold
Cesar Gonzalez
Anastasia Griffith
Heidi Groeger
Susan Gross
Melvin Guthrie
Robert Hagemann
John Halligan
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 5
Kelly Hand
Patricia Hankins
Katelyn Hardin
Martha Hernandez
Millicent Herrera
Andrea Herzberg
Patrick Hinds
Halle Holland
Lauren Janosy
Mary Ann Johnson
Alyce Juliano
James Justen
Michael & Maureen Kanc
Ann Keitel
Mike & Beverly Kelley
Christine Kelly
Joseph & Mary Kelly
Krystyna Kiel
Susan Kittelsen
Lester Klatt
Lavonne & Leroy Klemm
Barbara Knox-Seith
Karen Knust
Ann Kolker
Marsha Kramer-Keller
Seymour & Marsha Krinsky
Sharon Krinsky
Lorraine Kulpa
Regina Kurrasch
Cynthia Lacki
Rita Lais
Helen Lehman
Kenneth & Robin Leopold
Charlotte Levin
Jennifer Liasson
Mary Logue
Antigone Lowery
Karen Lumley
Barbara Luria
Ann Lynch Barackman
A. Caroline Maloney
Lisa Maraldi
Gregory & Karen Marker
Richard & Pamela Marker
Barbara Markle
Ellen Martin
Lisa Martin
Christine Martinez
Sandra Lee Mason
Mary Masulla
E. Bruce Mather
Doris McElwee
Marlana McFarland
Nancy McNiece
Eve Messick
Bonnie Miah
Kathleen Mohrman
Nancy Moir
Colette Montez
Carolyn Muller
Sandra Neel
Patricia Nelson
Rachel Nelson
Thomas O’Connor
Russ Odom
Virginia Olah
Helen Palmquist
Yi Pan
Barbara Parks
Janice Perino
Tatiana Philimonova
Joy Pierce
Richard Raibman
Sandra Ralph
Judi Rees
Linda Reynolds-Burkins
Pamela Ridenour
Ruth Rifkin
Joel Rivera
Gwen Robl
Patricia Rosen
Barbara Ruben
Ann Rubush
Jeff Ruckgaber
George & Linda Salamy
Roenzo & Nancy Sangiorgi
Arlene Satikas
William Schillig
Frank Schmitz
Zan Schriver
Marilyn Schwedel
Mike & Elaine Serlin
Venecia Serrano
Jeanne Smith
Victoria Smith
Arnold Sparnins
John Springer
James Stanley
Susan & Michael Stewart
Barbara Stohl
Estelle Stolovy
Kenneth Suess
David Sylvester
Lisa Tackley
Margaret Taylor
Debra Tenenbaum
Ron Tracy
Alfonso & Vioma Trujillo
Arthur & Karen Turner
Jeanne Ulwelling
Delia Valade
George Vischak
Brigitt Walker
Elisse Walter
Kathleen Webster
Patrick Welker
Andre Weltman
Mary Wentland
John Wetzel
Greta Wiley-Flory
Elizabeth Wilson
David & Ruth Winn
Thomas & Carol Wooding
Michael Yedinak
George Yount
Jia Zhao
Alaska Oncology & Hematology
Alaska Women’s Health, PC
America’s Charities
Ameriprise Financial
Amgen Foundation
Anchorage Women’s Clinic
Bank of America
Booz Allen Hamilton
Cardinal Health Foundation, Inc.
Caring Together, Inc
Carol’s Cause
CCARE Lynch Syndrome
CDH Cancer Center
Charity Gift Certificates
Chase Card Services
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift
Chicago Foundation for Women
Chicago Paper Tube & Can
Citizens Charitable Foundation
Claudia Cohen Research
Denali OB-GYN Associates
Doll Scholars of SE Wisconsin
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Eisai Inc.
Endocyte, Inc.
Fannie Mae SERVE
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
Florida Hospital Medical Center
Fujirebio Diagnostics, INC.
G.E. Foundation
Genentech, Inc.
GFWC-Ashcake Woman’s Club
Give With Liberty (Liberty Mutual
Foundation Match)
Gynecologic Oncology Group
High Heals Foundation
IBM Employee Services Center
Indiana University School of
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Intuitive Surgical
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts
Katmai Oncology Group, LLC
Kraft Matching Gifts
Massachusetts General Hospital
Partners Healthcare System”
Merck Partnership for Giving
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Milwaukee Jewish Community
Mishgi Enterprises
Morphotek, Inc.
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Northshore University
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida
Ovarian Cancer Alliance of OR/
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Patient Resource Cancer Guide
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts
Providence Health & Services
Quest Diagnostics
Roche Molecular Diagnostics
Rocky Mt. Cancer Centers Boulder
Silver Family Foundation
St. Francis Hospital and Health
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical
St. Louis Ovarian Cancer
Awareness (SLOCA)
St. Vincent Hospital & HCC, Inc.
The Brooks Group & Associates,
The Coleman Foundation
The Donnelley Foundation
The Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Program
The Max & Victoria Dreyfus
Foundation, Inc.
The Norma Livingston Ovarian
Cancer Foundation
The William Brown Foundation,
Time Inc.
United Health Group
United Technologies
United Way
VNA Foundation
Wells Fargo
William O’Connor Foundation
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 7
The following individuals have received tributes in their memory or in honor of a special occasion.
In honor of Albert Sassoon, MD
Janett Edelberg
In honor of Andrea McFadden
In honor of Angelika Sternowski
Michelle Sternowski
In honor of Ann Fletcher & Jane
Stefani Miller
In honor of Annette Bicher, MD
Nancy Minkoff
In honor of Arlene & Irving
Ellen Salerni
In honor of Barbara Halligan
Kelly Halligan
In honor of Carin Ross Johnson
Adrian Johnson
In honor of Carole Eisenstein
Katherine Burkel
Judy Kapper
In honor of Elizabeth Rognstad
Lisa Nielsen
In honor of Emmy Jacobson
Avreayl Jacobson
In honor of Faye Alvarez
Ronald Alvarez
In honor of Florida Hospital
Gynecology Oncology Infustion
Steven & Heather Sheffert
In honor of Charles Levenback, MD
Carl & Diane Becker
In honor of Cheryl Pfeiffer
Ellen Pfeiffer
In honor of Deborah Schule
Elizabeth Green Hille
In honor of Donna Ryan
Sarah Fishman-Boyd
April Shelford
In honor of Dr. Marilyn Jerome
Leon Kass
In honor of John Curtin, MD
Linda Felner
In honor of Maggie Reid &
Veronica Forella
Chelsea Egan
Norman & Carmen Mais
In honor of Joy Wetzel
John Wetzel
In honor of Jean Coshun
David Neuberger
In honor of Merrybeth Clement
Diane Libertella
In honor of Joyce Reals-Adams
Melissa Reals
In honor of Julie Engel
Janet Campton
Rene Egnal
Marc & Gina Gonchar
In honor of Jane Zimmerman
Patricia Zimmerman
In honor of Mary Eiken
David Pollock
In honor of Joyce Hogan
Laura Bernhardt
In honor of Heather Sheffert
Marilyn Fisher
In honor of Jennifer Amodeo
Allison Calca
Anita Gabrielson
Kristin Garrison
Dayna Macari
In honor of Deborah Coles
Patty Kelly
In honor of Liz Schmick
Marie Cavallaro
In honor of Judy Keitel
Ann Keitel
In honor of Jenna Cummins
David Pollock
In honor of Dan Goldman
Janett Edelberg
In honor of Joan Campbell
Timothy Williams
In honor of Glenn Horton
Lisa Horton
In honor of Jamie Cox
William & Mary Lou Booth
In honor of Chantell Fury
Shannon Copp
In honor of Lisa Martin
Karen O’Toole
In honor of Judith Brookman
Sheldon Brookman
In honor of Jake & Caroline
Leonard Robson’s marriage
Laurie Brodkin
In honor of Cathy Dunlap
Cristina Nelson
In honor of Jo Lipson
Sharon Gonsky
In honor of Frances Robken
Jamie Woolfolk
In honor of Helen Palmquist
John Strauss M.D.
In honor of Casandra Woody
Chris Simmonds
In honor of Drs. Kevin Davis &
William Hoskins
David & Joanne Williams
In honor of Mike & Ann Sherman
Mandy Blake
In honor of Katherine Curley
Joe & Laurie Leone
In honor of Mitra Tummino
Cesar Bala
Jacquelyn Berman
Amanda Chalmers
Bernadette Davis
Neil Lazzara
Jeanette Maillet
Michael & Emily Marotto
Amanda McGregor
Bernard Murphy
Richard & Denise Omeara
Dana Roszkiewicz
Jane Ryder
Michelle Stern
Lawrence & Patricia Tummino
In honor of Katie Ritter
Sue Ritter
In honor of Mrs. Melo-O’Connell
Kelly Silva
In honor of Kelly Gynecologic
Oncology Service
Deborah Armstrong
In honor of Mrs. Poore
Jennelle King
In honor of Karin Kroon
Omega Chapter of Alpha Omega
In honor of Kathee Facchiano
Alexandre Richard
In honor of Muriel Glick
Bruce & Tina Corson
In honor of Kourtney Sterrett
Jayson Field
In honor of Nora Giraldo
Alejandro Acebal
Ellen Falb
David Matthews
In honor of Kumiko Prchlik
Pam Schulz
In honor of Jennifer Pack-Johnson
Rebecca Counihan
In honor of Larry Copeland, MD
Anne Hohmann
In honor of Jerry Medow
Beverly Colton
In honor of Leslie Herbig
Patricia Gottlieb
In honor of Jill Bamberger
Karen Amarawansa
In honor of Linda Woods
Marla Banov
In honor of Jinky Celis
In honor of Lindsay Wojciechowski
Christine Eckels
In honor of Pam Mackey
Amy Johnson
In honor of Pam Mackey
Andrea Williams
In honor of Patricia Trub
Richard, Sydnee & Alec Trub
In honor of Philip & Rachaelle
Joshua Weinstein
In honor of Phyllis Maus
Meredith Maus
In honor of R. Wendel Naumann,
Uciane Scarlett
In honor of Rhoda Pierce
Sue Pauly
In honor of Richard Guido, MD
Pierce Soffronoff
In honor of Rita Matt
Joseph Swanson
In honor of Steve Hartman
Janett Edelberg
In honor of the nurses at Kellogg
Cancer Center
Linda Tafel
In honor of Robin Benjamin
Ellen DeRogatis
In honor of Susan Arts
David Pollock
In honor of Rosella Bogart
Lori Newman
Terrie Weber
In honor of Susan Gagliardo
Susan Gagliardo
In honor of Salvatore Avila
Brian Bowell
In honor of Susan Rabin’s father
Janett Edelberg
In honor of William McGuire
Leon Kass
In honor of Sandy DeLuca
Pam Goes
In honor of Suzanne Vinson
Nancy Mead
In honor of William Small, MD
& staff
Constance McCarthy
In memory of Annamarie
Susan Waldrip
In memory of Christine Stockham
Rick Reynolds
In honor of Thomas Lallas, MD
Janett Edelberg
In honor of Wendy Squires
Sandee Pell
In memory of Aileen Clifford
Laurie Barry
Kristen Bothwell
Laura DeRose
Kelly Flanagan
Chris Giglio
Julie Goldberg
Suzanne Halpin
Julie Harris
Thomas Keaney
Thomas Keefe
Richard & Emily Koester
NYS Supreme Court, Appellate
Tammy Plumadore
Howard & Steven Rubenstein
Jane Rubinstein
Bart Schwartz
Linda Seabrook
Patrick Smith
Mike Stouber
Frank & Elaine Zika
Julia Zousmer
In memory of Alex Lewis
Gary & Joyce Zanini
In memory of Alice Benamor
David & Catherine Fontana
Andrew & Susan Giambertone
Louis & Dorothy Giambertone
Louis & Kelleen Giambertone
In memory of Alice Lawson
Tracy McGuire
In memory of Anna Charlton
Timothy & Jennifer O’Neil
In memory of Arabella Migliore
Jeffrey Gleason
Maria Gonzalez
Carlotta Humphreys
Michael McMenamin
In memory of Arlene Kiner &
LaVerne Alme
Louise Lundie
In memory of Barbara Bither
Diane Blumenthal
Howard & Susan Kallem
Karen Maki
Jeffrey Panzer
Cheryl Willis
Deanie Wu
In memory of Barbara Drew
Jazzercise Fitness Center of
In memory of Bob Archer
Dolores Smith
In memory of Carol Hockenberger
Robert Hockenberger
In memory of Carole Hall
Cynthia Tucker
In memory of Cheryl Kramer
Richard Kramer
In memory of Christiana Applegate
Loreene Akamine
In memory of Christie WilsonKrusz
James Krusz
In memory of Chungming Amy Lee
Geoffrey Aronson
Betty Chou
Mark Franken
Audrey Heil
KSJ & Associates
Bo Zen Mei
Minh Nguyen
Tung Nguyen
Marion Plummer
Dorothy Trinh
Khoi Vinh
Rong Xu
Hyun Yu
In memory of Connie Ladlee
Nancy Wilson
In memory of Debbie Kelly
Joanne Boice
Bill & Joyce Bowers
Stanley & Victoria Ward
Rachel Williams
In memory of Debbika Wilson
Doug Koestel
In memory of Dee Satterthwaite
Harold & Denise Bonovitch
Mari Jo Boynton
A Douglas & Kathleen Brice
Pratap & Milly Chirayath
Cummins Mid-South, LLC
Patricia Edmonds-Ball
Richard & Donna Garlick
Min Hong
Cynthia Jillson
Patricia King
Peggi McCarty
Gwynn Roberson
Kayla Vu
John Wall
In memory of Denise Littles
Joanne Raby
In memory of Donaldeen Penny
Patricia Brown
Our Lady of the Lake Univ.,
Education Dept
Jack Warren
In memory of Donna Ryan
Mary Ann Seremeth
In memory of Dr. & Mrs. Abraham
Paul Heller
In memory of Elizabeth Ann
Maria Rognstad
In memory of Estelle Linn
Jo Lipson
In memory of Ethel Thisius
Todd Thisius
In memory of Eugenia Grossman
Kenneth Sachs
In memory of Eva Colvin
Ted & Donna Giles
In memory of Glory Green
Ruth & Suzan Afifi
Daniel & Patricia Altman
Alan & Cherry Belstock
Neil & Gina Block
Lorraine Booth
Brad & Michelle Brookner
Ronald & Roni Brown
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 9
Helen Edwards
Morris & Helen Ginsburg
Gary & Donna Goldfeder
Michael & Victoria Grafton
Irv Kauffman
Michael & Ann Kessler
Barry & Barbara Lewis
Keith & Marsha Lovin
Diane Oates
Harvey & Sandra Pikoff
Benard & Bettye Plotkin
Aaron & Natasha Polito
M. Russ Robinson
Dale Rubinfeld
Linda Schaffer
Geraldine Scheer
Marilyn Solimano
Sondra Stecker
Sidney & Noreen Stillman
Kenneth & Judith Stone
Dolores Wilkenfeld
In memory of Jane Weech
Paul & Ellen Weech
In memory of Janice McCarthy
Erin Campbell
In memory of Jean Coshun
Willow Greens Homeowners
Assoc., Inc.
In memory of Jean Merrick Mack
Terry Boehlje
Philip & Pamela Garrison
Max & Beverly Handley
Margaret Merrick
Michael Wobser
In memory of Jeanette Hacker
Nathan Hacker
In memory of Jerri Sue Neuhaus
Lyle & Rosalee Knutson
Charlene Moltz
Dorothy Seabaugh
In memory of Grace Mastran
Gary & Linda Grant
Marlene Saponic
In memory of Jane Borsare
Allen Nilsen
In memory of Jane Gaziano
Lindsay Berg
Alice Bloom
Ralph & Toby Bransky
Tim Brown
Gary Cartwright
Diane Forsdale
Barbara Forslund
Angelo Gaziano
Terry & Sue Gibbs
Rita Grant
Karen King
Bryan Kinkade
Warren & Naomi Maul
Janet McKevitt
Anne Mollo-Christensen
Jennifer Palmer
Carmine Parisi
Scott Parmelee
Jane Robinson
James Rosen
Rita Ryder
Hal & Patricia Tarry-Stevens
G.H. Wenzel
Kirk & Debora Willford
Barbara Yablon
10 In memory of John L. Lewis Jr.,
Joanna Cain
David & Karen Carlson
Sherman Center
Daniel Clarke-Pearson, MD
Larry Copeland, MD
Mary Dunn-French
Louis Heck
Sylvia Hnat
Maureen Killackey, MD
Elaine Lewis
Katherine Look, MD
Richard & Nora Murray
National Bank of Commerce
NCP Management Holdings, Inc.
Karl Podratz, MD
Carolyn Runowicz, MD
University of Alabama Health
Services Foundation, PC
In memory of Johnnie Ruth
Anita Jackson
In memory of Joye Rezin
Barbara Schiefen
In memory of Judy Wilson
Rachel Williams
In memory of Junell Van Lone
Corinne Ailes
Ellen Davidson
Claire Deciutiis
John & Pam Doughty
Donald & Mary Elin Ellis
Donald & Dolores Johnston
Hugh & Catherine McHugh
Vivieanne Rosin
John Rusnik
Vilia & Scott Schwartz
Junell Showers
Clarence Tabata
Don & Mary J. Wolverton
In memory of Karen Fisette
Michael Fisette
In memory of Karen Hall-Shahan
Norma Grogan
In memory of Kourtney Sterrett
Louise Jones
In memory of Laurel McGinty
Lorraine Kubik
In memory of Lela Hinden
Dana Burmann
In memory of Lesley Tattersall
Sharlene Martin
Richard & Doreen McQuaide
In memory of Linda Lee Johnson
Susan Northey
In memory of Linda Woods
Marla Banov
In memory of Loretta Solo
T.K. Foley
In memory of Lorraine Antinoro
Joyce Regalbuto
In memory of Louis Marchetti
Rudolph & Ann Casarsa
Ralph Doerr
Rensa Gianadda
Anna Lurz
Barbara Rackley
Sisters of Charity Hospital-Dept
Paula Smith
In memory of Lucy Vaughan
AC & WS Association
Terry & Molly Argo
Curtis Atteberry
George Biscoe
Carol Brady
David & Judith Breshears
Calvin Bynum
Cook Springs Baptist Church
Thomas & Geneva Cowart
Mark Daniels
Robert Devillier
Howard & Felicitas Dickey
Joseph & Rosalie Elliott
Donna Foster
Dawn Frye
Patricia Gibson
Barry & Linda Hoefer
George & Suzy Jendrzey
Pat & Lee Latham
Michael & Alecia Lyons
John & Marilyn Mays
Viann Melot
Claire Meurer
Paul & Judy Miller
Sharon Moody
Gary & Sandra Moore
Shirley Norwood
James & Irene Owen
Pat Richter
Celia Settle
Leon & Elsie Sikes
John Thomson
Rodney & Sherry Weeks
Kenneth & Vanana Zepernick
In memory of Lynette MedlinBrumfield
Joy Streitmatter
Phil Warshawsky
In memory of Marcia Lenkiewicz
Tara Hegarty
Cynthia Lenkiewicz
In memory of Marcia Sutliff
Stephanie Doebler
In memory of Margo Ambler
Christine Abboud
Aneel & Mary Jane Akhtar
Anthony & MaryLouise Antonelli
Thomas Belmont
Margaret Burgo
Carol Copeland
Gwynn Dambly
Edward & Kathleen Debarberie
Scott Dentremont
Laura Doan
Elizabeth Fadem
Robert & Karen Farrell
Emily Forgash
Elizabeth Gendall
Sandra Gorman
Lynn Graci
Anne Haddad
Michael & M. Frances Harkness
Thomas & Elizabeth Haynos
M. Hester
Hillside Elementary Staff
Rachel Hubbs
Geraldine Jaffe
Ned & Kay Johnson
Virginia Johnson
Carol Johnson-Haywood
Folkert Kadyk
Joan Kenney
Amy Kienzle
Elizabeth Koch
Scott & Geraldine Larkin-O’Keefe
Kathleen LeBlanc
Lutz & Travers, P.C.
Francis Madalena
Ehel Mallory
Lisa Mansueto
David Martin
Ellen Martin
Susan Martin
Deborah Mathews
Brigid Maugeri
Flynn Mayer
Kristen Mayock
Jean McNiff
Celia Mooney
Mark & Celia Mooney
Lois Morris
Jill Nemeroff
Steve & Helen Ockenden
Jerilyn Oehme
Ellen O’Hara
Steven Peck
Renee Perkins
Richard & Margaret Piela
Evelyn Richter
Gailmarie Rizzo
Ronald & Kim Rose
Jennifer Rosenberg
Allyson Ross
John Roxby
Saint Joseph’s University
Women’s Soccer
Cynthia Scheeler
Francis & Carol Schmidt
Edward & Virginia Sharpless
Jeff Smith
Tredyffrin Easttown Youth
Soccor Assoc.
Tredyffrin Township Police
Tredyffrin Township Staff
Valley Forge Educational
Christie Welsh
White Manor Country Club
Woodley & McGillivary
Alan & Jayne Yockey
In memory of Margo Ambler
Amy Young
In memory of Marianne SmithCatanzaro
Sol Feinstone Sunshine Club
In memory of Nona Carter
James Carter
In memory of Marilyn Baecker
Wayne Karbal
In memory of Nora Giraldo
Cristina Angeles-Colon
Maria Gentry
Angela Negreira
Steven Ullmann
In memory of Martha Hughes
Joy Culp
In memory of Olive Pfeil
JoAnn Zerfoss
In memory of Martha Hughes
Michael Dunham
Robert Hockenberger
Gwen Myers
Elizabeth Quigley
Mari Anne Quigley
Robert & Mary Ann Rhoads
Georgeta Will
In memory of Patricia Pykosh
Frances Contino
Edward & Kathleen Mendola
Jeff Odom
Scott & Martha Wallace
In memory of Martha Krolikowski
Roger Chapman
William & Patricia Eschler
Andrew & Marilyn Iannotti
Tammy Iannotti
Mark Martin
Mohawk River Leather Works,
Joseph Parillo
Michael & Linda Parillo
Jean Sheckton
Kathy Sheckton
Jacqueline Vrooman
Laurie Waylett
In memory of Peg Howe
Pennsbury High School Girls
In memory of Marie Marcucci
Lydia Baum
In memory of Mary Bartlett
Catheryn Bailey
Ian Bailey
Peg Fletcher
Amy Haggquist
Layne Smith
In memory of Mary Evelyn ZiglarBlake
Food Express, Inc.
Keith Lunday
In memory of Mary Lee Leahy
Anne Draznin
In memory of Mary Williams
Emily Martin
In memory of Maureen Johnson
Ruston Civic Guild
In memory of Myrtle Robertson
Kathlyn Robertson
In memory of NitaSue Huber
Heidi Goupil
In memory of Paula KowalStamper
Gloria Myers
In memory of Rachel Banov Gould
Les & Jane Bergen
Michael Adams
Stanley & Joan Adoff
Charles Angle
Rachel Arfa
Jessica Banov
Marla Banov
Nancy Banov
Sam & Ellen Banov
Herbert & Cheryl Baraf
Amanda Barlow
Katherine Bassil
Olga Baturina
Kiersten Beigel
Lawrence Berenson
Leah Bergen
Les & Jane Bergen
Stuart Bindeman
Sherry Bindeman-Kahn
Bruce & Beverly Birchman
Marsha Bisker
Laurie Black
Janet Blank
Amy Bucher
Roy & Cheryl Bucholtz
Sara Lou Cardwell
Corrie Clark
Jason & Alexis Clark
Mae Clark
George & Lenore Cohen
Karen Cohen
Mary Cohen
Sara Coleman
Lisa Colosi
Bette Cotzin
Amina DeHarde
Jeri Delambo
Clare Dibble
Tabitha Doescher
Sharon & Izzy Doner-Feldman
Estelle Duffy
Sandra Elson
Albert Epshteyn
Phylis Ermann
Heide Fabiano
Peter & Judy Feldman
Ely & Sheila Fishlowitz
Sheldon & Lee Fishman
Robert & Genevieve Fitzpatrick
Elayne Flax
Clarice Fleischman
Gerald Fleischman
Stephen & Susan Freiman
Lisa Fribush
Donald & Barbara Fromherz
Sylvia Fubini
Andrew & Janet Gallant
Michael & Anita Gallen
Alan Gambrell
Susan Gebhardt
Jon Gerson
Herbert & Helen Goldberg
Myron & Natalie Goldberg
Christina Goldman
Cordie Goldstein
Jerry Goldstein
Wendy Gonzales
Mira Goodman
Ashley Gorman
Laura Hayman
Alice Healander
Sue Heidel
Deborah Herbst
Joui Hessel
Thomas & Alison Holzman
Megan Homer
Abram Johnson
Harvey & Ellen Karch
G. Levering & Ann Keely
Paul & Susan Kilrain
Rita Kirshstein
James & Katharyn Klimaski
Karen Kollmansperger
Marc Korman
Arthur Landesman
Marcia Laundy
Debra Lawrence
Walter & Erika Lee
Lauren Lieberman
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 11
Heidi Lippman
Miriam Lippman
Madeline Lowitz-Gold
Lorin & Arleen Luchs
Samantha Luterman
Karen Lyons
Michael & Mary Jo Manning
Andrew Martel
Frank & Carole Masci
Paul & Caren Masem
Paul & Zena Mason
Madeline Mocko
Carol Montoya
N. James & Ellen Myerberg
Betty Myers
Randi Neches
Andrea Noda
Jack Pecoraro
Elizabeth Pulawski
Laura Reiter
Amanda Reyes
Dustin Rice
Janice Rosenblatt
Neil Rosenthal
Larry & Linda Rubin
Phyllis Rudick-Wiesenfelder
Eric Samuels
Evan & Taryn Schaffer
Mark & Lynne Schaffer
Dee Schoefield
Marta Schreiner
Jessica Schroeder
Katherine Schubert
Warren Schultz
Paula Sendroff
Stephen & Jane Shafritz
Harriet Shepatin
Eugene & Sandra Sheskin
Anna Shpak
Cyma Siegel
Hedy Siegel
Susan Singer-Bart
Emily Siwarski
Joyce Siwarski
Amy Sklaire
Beth Slavet
Frank Spigel
12 James Spool
Andrew & Nancy Stein
Howard & Hollis Stein
Norman & Sharon Stein
Harold & Henrietta Steinman
Linda Stern
Betsy Summer
Duncan & Elizabeth Tebow
Valerie Terray
Jay & Sandy Tischler
Edwin Truman
Jessica Vanek
Miguel Vieyra
Lindsay Warner
Webster, Fredrickson, Correia &
Marcia Weinberg
Karen Welter
Jason & Anna Zuckerman
David Zwerdling
In memory of Reese Freedman
Jane Rabinovitz
In memory of Rina Harrington
Regis Harrington
In memory of Roberta Detz
Deborah Benik
Martin & Karen Bogetz
Clifford Detz
Susan Detz
Marvin & Seena Garovoy
Irene Kleinsinger
Terry & Marlene Rosenthal
Adrienne Roth
Richard & Judi Stess
Ann West
In memory of Rosella Bogart
In memory of Roz Nass
Gary & Carole Rosenblatt
In memory of Sheila Connor
Edward Abahoonie
Richard Barrett
Tommy Campbell
Elizabeth Case
Martin & Linda Cerullo
Brian & Loretta Collins
James Connor
James & Margery Connor
Robert Coyle
Tara Ferris
James Fridirici
Rebecca Gibree
Adam Handler
Robert & Kathleen Hepler
Ralph & Ellen Johnson
Theresa King
Keith & Bari Levingston
Karen Lohnes
Leah McRae
Robert & Alicia Morris
Donald & Virginia Rocen
Cathleen Ryan
Stephen Santarlasci
Howard Schoenfeld
Thomas Sehman
Annette Smith
Joanne Spriggs
Samuel & Marian Starr
David Steiner
Brittany Valint
Robert & Louise Wachter
R. Waters
Anthony & Sandra Wheeler
In memory of Shelly White
Jeff Smith
In memory of Sherry Hannon
Barry Nobles
In memory of Stephanie Card
Sharon Bashaw
Rebecca Bickford
Pamela Brown
Hilda Coskery
Rebecca Lelansky
Jamey & Linda McCourt
Ralph & Donna Morse
James & Jane Murphy
Elaine Niles
Don & Judy Ryan
William & Frances Stoebe
The Cackle Club
The People of Bowdoin, Maine
Carl & Jaqueline Turner
Stanley & Miriam Wheeler
Philip & Margaret Yorgey
In memory of Stephanie Prezant
Leah Glicksman
In memory of Sue Cobb
William Cobb
In memory of Suzanne Cerwinka
Paul Cerwinka
In memory of Suzi Nussbaum
Jacob Borowsky
In memory of Vashni
Simanovich-De Paz
Richard & Wendy Bowman
Terry & Mina Brode
Katie Cate
Robert & Sherry Deane
Melissa Houston
Nancy Ickes
Thomas & Kellie Lewis
Erika Lusk
Sharon Murray
Scarlet Butterflies of Red Land
Red Hat Group
Donald & Diana Simonton
Todd Talarico
Richard & Patricia Walters
In memory of Virginia Archdale
Michael Archdale
Charles & Alice Bassett
Cheryl McLaughlin
Miles City Star
Emilio & Phyllis Raposo-Silva
Bette Tooley
Whitter Sunshine Fund
In memory of Virginia Gay
Dennis Scribner
In memory of Wendy Shadwell &
Elizabeth Gladwell
Richard Allgaier
Janice Coleman
In memory of Wendy Shadwell &
Olympia Helen Annunziata
Richard Allgaier
A & J West
Maria Abasi
Constance Abell
Anita Abowitz
Nadeem Abu-Rustum
Catherine Abuy
Brian Acker
Katherine Acker
Marion Acker
Nicholas Acker
Nicolas Acquavella
Douglass Adair
Margaret Adair
Bertha Adams
Caitlin Adams
Karen Adams
Amanda Adams-Simmons
Mina Addo
Mary Adkins
Janet Ador
Leslie Adrian
Tony Adrian
Megan Adukaitis
Mahesh Aggarwal
Parag Aggarwal
Carol Aghajanian
Elizabeth Agle
Kara Ahern
Kristie Ahern
Joanna Ahlering
Halima Ahmadi-Montecalvo
Angela Aiello
Michael Aiello
Pam Aiello
Aimee & Keats Aiken
Janice Akintewe
Heba Albutairi
Mario Aldrey
Skip & Linda Aldridge
Chuck Alexander
Dawn Alexander
Tamika Alexander
Jeannine Alexandro
Mariam Alhilli
Saqib Ali
Joyce Alimusa
Abby Allard
Henry Allard
Jay Allard
Madeline Allard
Susan Deboer Alldredge
Karl Alleman
Elizabeth Allen
Kimberly Allen
Michael Allen
Robin Alllman
Nancy Allman
Christopher Almont
Claribel Almonte
Claritza Almonte
Brian Alpert
Elizabeth Alpert
Lisa Alpert
Ericka Alston
Catherine Alter
Erika Altneu
Kathryn Altomonte
Ronald Alvarez
Scott Alwine
Naomi Amaha
Luz Yized Amaya
American Board Of Obstetrics
& Gynecology Educational
American College Of Obstetricians
And Gynecologists
Richard Ames
Kathryn Amici
Sonia R. Amores
Phillip Amos
Tanya Amos
Paula Anastasia
Joan Andelman
Aubrey Anderson
Brittany Anderson
Bryant Anderson
Clara Anderson
Eileen Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Erik Anderson
Erin Anderson
Malika Anderson
Michele Anderson
Vaagn Andikyan
Efua Andoh
Margaret Andrade
Cindy Andrejasich
Jule Andreski
Adriana Andrews
Jake Andrews
Priscillia Andrieu
Stephanie Angelone
Joel Angle
Angle Enterprises, Llc
Julie Anixter
Pramila Anne
Daniel Ansari
Sutton Ansley
Jeanne Anthony
Steve Antonio
Anelise Antunes
Alexa Apgar
Leslie Apgar
Lowell, Nina & Lewes Aplebaum
Lindsay Appel
Jennifer Appleyard
Ellen Archer
Elsa Arcila
Lauren Arini
Residence Inn Arlington
Andrea Armstrong
Jason Armstrong
Dennis B. Arnold
Judy Arnold
Elise Aronson
Treasure Arquieta
Vivian Arroyo
Victoria Marie Artola
Mary Arzt
Antwanette Ash
Steve Askin
Amir Asmar
Ann Asplund
Danielle Assante
Ken & Ivy Ast
Carol Atkinson
Simon Atlas
Lauren Attard
Paul Atterbury
Debra Attman
Leslie Auerbach
Linda Auglis
Jennifer Auschwitz
Kelly Austin
J Max Austin Jr Md
Avanell Patton Designs
Veronica Aveis
Linda Avery
Marguerite Avery
Stacey Avery
Nicol Awadalla
Christopher Awtrey
Janice Ayala-Gobern
Jose Aybar
Deborah Ayres
William Ayres
Erin Azero
Jean Aziz
Samira Azzam
B Sick Llc
Daniel Baber
Meghan Baber
Aloe Bach
Andy Bacon
John Bacon
Julie Bacon
Kelly Bacon
Melanie C Bacon
Emily Bacque
Debra Baez
Lila Bahadori
Robert Bahadori
Erin Bailey
David Baird
Beatrice Baker
Melinda Baker
Thomas Baker
Sharon Balda
Bobby Baldwin
Cheryl Baldwin
Howard Bandell
Kimberly Bandy
Jules Banicevic
Bank Of America
Allison Banks
Sara Bannerman
Alan Banov
Charles & Nancy Banov
Jessica Banov
Marla Banov
Sam & Ellen Banov
The Banov Family
Anne Banville
Ellen Banzaca
Heather Barackman
Richard Barakat, MD
Kristin Barber
Heather Barbier
Beth Barefoot
Jeanne Barker
Jamie Barkley
Amanda Barlow
Barbara Barr
Mary Barr
Nancy Elizabeth Barr
Tim Barr
Dianne Barrale
Michelle Barrett
Anne Barry
Anne Wesley Barry
Kelly Barry
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 13
Laura Barry
Richard Barry
Richard Barry Jr.
Andrew Bart
Alex Barth
Sandra Bartle
Amber Bartlett
Linda Bartock
Alfred Bartone
Emily Bartone
Jackita Bass
Claire & Greg Bassett
Raylene Bastacky
Jhaynane Bastien
Cassie Bate
Karen Bate
Kenneth Bate
Mary Bate
Mary Carol Bate
Pancho Bate
Sarah Bate
Katharine Bateson
Rachel Batson
Darlene Battenfeld
Paul Battenfeld
Beth Baum
Erika Baum
Evan Baum
Sal Bawany
Kyla Bayer
Maury Bayer
Nicole Bayhurst
Jennifer Bayne
Mattie Bayne
Erin Bays
Nathan Bays
Karin Beam
Ken Beam
Carrie & Adam Beard
Terri Beck
Brenda Becker
Linda Becker
Mary E. Beckman
Kris Beckwith-Moore
Nicole Bedard
June Bedell
Zai Begam
Jennie Begun
Kian Behbakht
Andrew Behringer
Diane Belge
Chad Bell
Clara Bell
Don Bell
Heather Bell
14 Marsha Bell
Pam Bell
Susan Bell
Laura Bellis
Joan Bellisario
Laide Bello
Anne Benedict
Carol Benedict
Ivor Benjamin
Jessi Bennett
Olivia Bennett
Maria Bennis
Dave Bennsky
Jessica Bentz
Patrick Berbakos
Holly Berchet-Hall
Amy Berchuck
Andrew Berchuck
Aarti Berdichevsky
Cristi Berdichevsky
Daniel Berdichevsky
Ezequiel Berdichevsky
Laura Berdichevsky
Miriam Berdichevsky
Santiago Berdichevsky
Robbyn Berenda
Barry H Bergen
Jane Bergen
Leah Bergen
Brent Berger
Kevin Bergin
Kimberly Bergin
Martin Bergin
Martha Bergmann
Gisela Bernal
Joy Grace Bernardo
Beth Berquist
Blaine Berquist
Davidson Berquist
James Berquist
Jamie Berquist
Raymond Berquist
Vanessa Berrelli
Amber Berry
Gayla Berry
Harry & Roberta Berry
Laura Berry
Donna Berryann
Karen Bertero
Jana Bertucci
Hanan Beshir
Angela Bess
Jen Bessette
Dina Bettinsoli
Lynn Bevan
Neeraj Bewtra
Beth Beyer
Gita Bhatia
Camilla Bianchi
Arthel Bibbens
Annette Bicher
Mary Bickerstaff
Ira Bieler
Carolyn Biggs
Leigh Billeaud
Emily Binder
Bill Birchfiel
Robin Birchfield
Stacie Birkmeier
Melody Bishop
Marsha Bisker
Karen Bissell
Allyson Black
Barri Sue Black
Destin Black
Laurie Black
Karen Blackburn
Stacy Blackman
Julia Blakely
Sara Blakeney
Morelia Blanco
Lee Blank
Paula Blank
Stephanie Blank
Allison Blankenship
Marcia Blau
William & Marcia Blau
Marianne Blemly
Virginia Bliss
Walter & Judith Bliss
Charlotte Block
Fredi Bloom
Tanya Blosser
Pierce Blue
Maxine Blume
Susan Blumenthal
Debbie Bobadilla
Caroline Boccarosse
Sara Bochman
Patrice Bock
Sue Bodow
Christine Boeke
Tracey Bogans
John Boggess, MD
Mason Boggess
Bonnie Bogle
Kimberly Bolen
Olivia Bolles
Polly Bomstein
Christine Bona
Jen Bona
Fabrizio Bonanni
Julianne Bond
Amanda Bond-Thorley
James Boney
Belinda Bonilla
Tara Bonnell
Josh Boone
David Boos
Mammahsia Borbor
Adria Bordas
Lori Borden
Gail Boren
Amanda Borsky
Brian Boschenko
Glenn Boslego
Meredith Bosque
Elizabeth Botti
John Botti
Nathan Botti
Sean Botti
Jean Bouet
Michelle Boulay
Heather Bousman
Joseph Boveri
Alison Bowder
Lisa Bowers
Stephen Bowers
Carrie Bowman
John Bowman
Mryf Bowry
Lisa & Patrick Boxall
Jeff Boyd
Leslie Boyd
Sarah Fishman Boyd
Cara Boyle
Maribeth Bradfield
Tashi Bradford
Leah Bradley
Lorena Bradley
Pamela Bradley
Jay Bradshaw
Brigid Brakefield
Patricia Braly
Chad Brandon
Fred Brandon
Anne-Marie Brandt
Elyse Braner
Kristina Branstetter
Angela Brauer
Amy Braz
Diane Brecha
Aaron Breeds
Patricia Brehm
Sasha V Brenes
M.E. Brennan
Michelle Brennan
Robert Brennan
Cutter Brenton
Erin Brezinski
Alan Brill
Robert Bristow
Laura Britton
Ingrid Broadrick
Daniel Brody
Helen Broemmelsiek
Minda Brokhoff
Patricia Brokhoff
Tammy Brokhoff
Carolyn Brokhoff Benefit
Ann Brolley
Megan Brolley
Michael Bromley
Tyler Bronder
Ava Brooks
Colleen Brooks
Keegan Brooks
Les & Cindy Brorsen
Amy Brown
Barbara Brown
Cheri Brown
Christine Brown
Ella Brown
Emily Brown
John Brown
Jubilee Brown
Matthew Brown
Nicole Brown
Rashida Brown
Shanita Brown
Valary Brown
Valerie Brown
Yvonne Brown
Carol Brown Hageman
Marie Browne
Randy Broz
Jenna Bruce
Mary Kay Brudnicki
Robert Brumfield
Jeff Brune
Sophia Bruner
Doug Bruno
Muriel Bruskin
Abby Bryant
Suzanne Michele Bryson
Diane Brzuszkiewicz
Anna Buabbud
Melissa Buchanan
Teresa Buchholz
Elizabeth Buck
Treva Buckholz
Austin Buckley
John Buckley
Lela Buckley
Kenneth Buckwalter
Avery Budman
Jennifer Buffa
Matt Buffa
Jane Therese Bukovac
Wendi Bukowitz
Brooke Burd
Marcella Burg
Robert Burger
Alice Burgess
Rebecca Burgess
Elayne Burke
Max Burke
Teresa Burke
William Burke
Bruce Burkhart
Andrew Burness
Maria Burnett
Allison J. Burns
Beth Ann Burns
Christina Burns
Judith Burns
Sarah Burns
Kelly Buroker
Robin Burton
Anne M Butler
Jackie Butler
Lameka Butler
Jen Button
Jane Byerley
Purna Byraiah
Puttaiah Byraiah
Kara Byrd
Kevin Byrd
Ralph Byrd
Quinn & Dave Byrnes
Maria Cabero
Sandra Caceres
Corrin Cafferty
Angela Caffrey
Elizabeth Caggiano
Jenna Caggiano
Cathy Cain
Heather Cain
Ledio Cakaj
Charles Calhoun
Jennifer Calhoun
Tamera Call
Deb Calloway
Nickole Cameron
Stuart Cameron
Lauren Camilli
Ashley Cammer
Bill Camp
Marsha Camp
Kathy Campanella
Arlene Campbell
Dawn Campbell
Diane Campbell
Elise Campbell
Roz Campion
Katelynn Cannava
Sandra Canning
Bailey Cannon
Krista Cannon
Brian Canterbury
Catherine Canterbury
Garrett Canterbury
Sara-Catherine Canterbury
Leigh Cantrell
Bruce Canty
Gloria Canty
Katie Caprinol
Wendy Cardany
Carrie Cardiff
Ronald Cardinal
Sara Lou Cardwell
Carol Carey
Delena Carite
Ed & Amy Carl
Karen Carlson
Kristin Carlson
Laura Carlson
Liz Carnell
Tifani Carnes
Gina Carosa
Karen Carpenter
Sarah Carpenter
Charissa Carr
Charles Carr
Lakeeta Carr
Sarah Carr
Sherrie Carreno
Donine Carrington
Douglas Carroll
Lindsay Carroll
Oscar Carroll
Erin Carter
Judy Carter
Rhonda Carter
Scott Carter
Donna Cartwright
Katherine Cary
Mary Cary
Yovanni Casablanca
Kathleen Casey
Rachel Casey
Sharon Casey
Debra Cash
Monica Cassans
Kathy Cassetta
Nancy Cassidy
Michelle Castiglia
Omar Castillo
Linda Castle
Yvonne Castle
James P Catalano
Keli Catalano
Vince & Aj Catanzaro
Jennifer Caterini
Andrea Cauley
Liz Cavallaro
Sandra Cave
Adan Cazarez
Evangeline Ceridan
Steve & Jamir Cervi-Skinner
Sarah Cesario
Lucille Ceurvorst
Ewelina Chabowska
Roberta Chagnot
Kelly Chahanovich
Betty Lou Chaika-Hawkins
Miriam Chaiklin
Eva Chalas, MD
Jennifer Chaloemtiarana
Kalli Chamberlain
Rita Chamberlain
Jennifer Chan
Kent Chan
Lillienne Chan
Shana Chandler
Christine Chaney
Marilyn Chaney
Tiffany Chaney
Audrey Chang
Rosie Chapman
Nicole Chappell
Ray Chappelle
Kathy Charles
Michael Charles
Shallyn Chasmar
Deborah Chassler
Laura Chatten
Denise Chavers
Jeffrey Chen
Danni Cheng
Helaine Cheng
Peggy Chenoweth
Mildred Chernofsky
Kevin Cherry
Carrie Chew
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 15
Dennis Chi
Jennifer Chicoski
John Chicoski
Douglas Chilcott
Rian Chilson
Michelle Chin
Bill Chipman
Amanda Chipps
Joey Chorvinsky
Patricia Christensen
Angela Christian
Ihsan Christie
Karen Christinat
Elizabeth Christy
Jacqueline Christy
Lois Christy
Christina Chu
Grace Chu
Jane Chung
Kristin Church
Camille Churchill
Elizabeth Cieplak
Frances Ciesielczuk
Julius J Ciesielka
Lucy Cifuentes
Lauren Cirillo
City Fitness Philadelphia
Deborah Ciulla
Tara Claeys
Barbara Clark
Corrie Clark
Diane Clark
Jerisha Clark
Katie Clark
Mae Clark
Shannon Clark
Bonnie Clarke
Sarah Clarke
Ali Claypoole
Stephen Clegg
Catherine Cleiman
Audray Clement
Aine Clements
Lynn Cloutier
Noelle Cloven
Eric Coaxum
Rita Cobar
Jane Cochran
Keith Cockrell
Mark Coffey
Taylor Coffey
Lisa Coffman
Michael Coffman
John Coggin
16 Anne Marie Coggins
Frances Coggins
Alan Cohen
Beverly Cohen
Joshua Cohen
Karen & Mike Cohen
Mary Cohen
Phylis Cohen
David Cohn
Karen Cohn
Melinda Coil
Michelle Cole
J. Amy Cole-Judd
Bettie Coleman
Bill Coleman
Kimberly Coleman
Robert Coleman
Anne Colevas
Gregory Colevas
Kelly College
Tina Collier
Carol Collins
Crystal Collins
Sarah Collins
Yvonne Collins
Natacha Collymore
Tracy, Charlie & Pete Comans
Elizabeth Combs
Ray Compagna
Donna Compton
Michael Condro
Mario Congiu
Jason Conklin
Paul Conlon
Eric Conner
Michelle Conner
Quinn Conner
Susan Conner
Will Conner
Jim Connor
Louis & Margaret Connor
Conquer Cancer Foundation Of
Kelly Conrads
Thomas Conrads
John Considine
Mary Considine
Justin Constantino
Zachary Constantino
John Conteduca
Monica Conteduca
Caroline Conway
Julie Conway
Natalie Conwell
Barry Cook
Brianne Cook
Jeff Cook
Karen Cook
John, Lynn & Jenny Cooper
Keya Cooper
Anne Copeland
Bill Copeland
Curtis Copeland
William & Mary Copeland
Wendy Coplen
Maria Teresa Copreros
Lindsay Corbett
Talitha Corbin
Catherine Corcoran
Lourdes Correa
James Correll
Katherine Corriveau
Nina Cortiella
Kory Cosenza
Lisa Cosgrove-Davies
Lillian Cotter
Adrien Cotton
Bil Cotton
Rachel Cotton
William Cotton
Liz Couchman
Conor Courtney
Elizabeth Courtney
Sean Courtney
Madeleine Courtney-Brook
Keith Cousins
Jim Covaleski
Jim Cowen
Karen Cox
Randall Cox
Ron Cox
Rosalind Cox
Mary Coyle
Tom Coyle
Natasha Craig
Andrew Crane
Jamie Crase
Katherine Creecy
Creme De La Creme
Tammy Cressotti
Kristin Cristaldi
Mara Croce
David Crotzer
Jennifer Crowder
Paula Cruickshank
Helen Crum
Angelina Crutchfield
Olivia Cuasay
Christal Cudworth
Julie Cufaude
Anne Culbert
Rachel Culbertson
Paul Culligan
Logan Cummins
Sarah Cummins
Brian Cunneff
Jennifer Cunningham
Shannon & Ryan Cunningham
Shelly Cunningham
Elisabeth Cunnison
Dennis Curley
James & Denise Curley
Leslie Curley
Natalie Curley
Michael Curran
Sharron Currin
Anne Curry
John Curtin
Cindy & Mac Curtis
Kevin Curtis
Stefani Cuschnir
Deborah Cussen
Custom Inc Llc
Miriam Cutelis
Sarah Czok Whittier
Hampton D.J.
Sarah Dachos
Peter Daddio
Stephanie Daddio
Yuri Dafonseca
Janice Dager
Leland Dager
William Daigneault
Kevin Dailey
John Dalby
Kathy Dalby
Anne Dalton
Maria Daly
Diana Damico
Valerie Danby
Keirston Daniel
Aaron Danis
Peter Danjczek
Bethany Danner
Kathleen Darcy
Laura Dark
Lucas Darnell
Abbey Darus
Bobbie Ann Datcher
Cheryl Davenport
Maxwell David
Shank David
Beth Davidson
Kari Davidson
Davidson Berquist Jackson &
Gowdey Llp
Barbara Davis
Carolyn Davis
Margaret Davis
Marty Davis
Mary Jane Davis
Monique Davis
Otis Davis
Peggy Davis
Scott Davis
Tara Davis
Todd Davis
Valerie Davis
Tania Davis-Smith
Monica Davy
Naomi Davy
Crystal Dawson
Maria Dawson
Robert De Grazia
Dionisio De Leon
Rodolfo De Leon
Wendy De Long-Towers
Travis De Mik
Mary Evelyn Dean
Sherry Deane
Tami Deangelis
Schaeffer Dearmond
Aaron Debruin
Leila Debruin
Carlisle Degischer
Ray Degischer
Amy Dehennis
Elizabeth Del Bosque
Karen Del Gaudio
Alex Delacruz
Alfonso & Leonor Delacruz
Charlie Delacruz
Ginny Delacruz
Kathy Delacruz
Maddie Delacruz
Deborah Delair
Angelica Delboy
Maria-Fernanda Delgado
Ashley Dell
Susan Delo
Leslie Demars
Lacy Dement
Jeffrey Demko
Michael Demko
Teresa Denchfield
Danny Denkins
April Dennis
Meredith Dennis
Lisa Denoyer
Araceli Deras
Joseph Deras
Erica Derector
Nicole Desaulniers
Suzanne Desaulniers
Tom Desilets
Barbara Dethomasis
Ethan Dettmer
Patty Deuster
Jim Deutsch
Marisa Deutsch
Melissa Deutsch
Daryn Deville
Britta Devolder
Katherine Dews
Sheryl Dexter
William Dexter
Elliot Diamond
Russell Dickens
Victoria Dickinson
Amy Dickstein
Chris Dicosmo
Kimberly Dicosmo
Carrie Dieterle
Theresa Dijoseph
Lisa Dillon
Chris Dimos
Cheryl Dinglas
Amy Dinkin
Valerie D’Intino
Kate Diorio
Kathy Dirks
Evonne Diskin
Deena Disraelly
Melody Djam
Connie Dobbins
Michael Dobbs
Frank Dobinski
Gabrielle Dodson
Isabella Dodson
Mark Dodson
Dave Doehnert
Kurt Doehnert
Jia Doherty
Jim Dolan
Daniel Dominguez
Amanda Donaho
Stephanie Donahue
M. Donald
Mike Donald
Elvis Donaldson
Jean Donaldson
Marie Donaldson
Clare Donelan
Sharon Doner-Feldman
Keith Donnermeyer
Brecht Donoghue
Chris Donovan
Christina Doody
Lisa Doody
Martha Doody
Shawn Doody
Amber Door
Janine Doran
Pat Doran
Matt Dornan
Erin Dorr
Paula Dorrell
Karen Dorse
Alysa Dortort
Kristy Dottavio
Elizabeth Doty
Natalie Doudaklian
Kimberly Dow
Carol Downey
Gordon Downey
Kristi Rae Downey
Paul Downey
Jacqueline E Downie
Christian Downs
Rena Downs
Jana Doyle
Lauren Doyle
Lisa Marie Doyle
Lynn Doyle
Mark Doyle
Michael Doyle
Andrzej Dradrach
Krystyna Dradrach
Janet Drake
Lindsay Driggers
Malia Du Mont
Erika Duarte
J- Dub
Gina Dubbe
Elizabeth Dubil
Harrison Dubke
Michael Dubke
Samuel Dubke
Shannon Dubke
Amanda Ducie
Jennifer Ducie
Kathleen Ducie
Laura Ducie
Jean Duddy
Patrick Dudley
Mary Jane Duet
Nancy & David Duff
Danielle Duffy
John Duffy
Elizabeth Dufnee
Robert Dufour
Brian Dugan
Marissa Dugan
Sylvia Dulany
Sean Duncan
Lauren Dunivant
Ashley Dunk
Beverly Dunkerly
Patsy Dunlap
Katherine Dunmire
Lauren Dunn
Renee Duplantis
Sally Duran
Amy Durbin
Edwaun Durkins
Ann Duross
Linda Duska
Sara Duval
Tamar Duvdevani
Anamika Dwivedi
Beth Dwyer
Rosemarie Dwyer
Stephen Dwyer
Tracy Dwyer
Kristin Dyal
Kathie Dye
Allison Dyer
E.G. Overstreet
Cynthia Earley
Nellie Earley
Barbara Earp
Marianne Eaton
Rasha Ebeid
Dan Eddy
Brion Edie
Robert Edmiston
David Edson
Cindy Edwards
Leigh Egaas
Todd Egaas
Charisma Egbert
Erin Eichhorn
Mark Einstein
Eric Eisenhauer
Ruth Eisenhauer
Dale Eisenshtat
Karin Ejendal
Lukas Eklund
Christine Elansary
Linda Elderkin
Susan Elfstrom
Diane Elias
Maria Eligado
Mathews Eliza
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 17
Arlene Elling
Kelley Elliott
Gillian Ellis
Jenifer Ellis
Rodney Ellis
Natalie Celeste Elmore
Jon Elvrom
Janice Emery
David Endom
Warren Eng
Deborah Engle
Brystol English
Kristen English
Lynde Engquist
Rebecca Ennis
Rick & Sarah Entsminger
Bonnie Epperson
Albert Epshteyn
Laura Epstein
Madeline Erario
Robert & Maureen Ercole
Jason Erdo
Michael Erdos
Myra Erhardt
Carissa Erickson
Lauren Ermel
Daniel Ernst
Frank Ernst
Michael & Christine Ernst
Dan Erwin
Sarah Eshgh
Cathy Eshmont
Luis Manuel Espinoza
Erin Essenmacher
Sean Estok
Joleen Etheridge
Robin Etienne
Chidimma Eto
Denise Evans
James Evans
Julie Evans
Kara Evans
Monica Evans
Nora Evans
Monique Evelyn
Judy Ewald
Ron Ewald
Dennis & Nancy Eytcheson
Nancy Eytcheson
Patricia Fabrikant
Brigida Fabro
Joan Fabry
Gregory Facchiano
Kathryn Facchiano
Vicki Fahnestock
18 Karlygash Faillace
Irene Fainza
Rachel Fairchild
Kimberly Fairman
Barbara Falcone
Carmela Falcone
Stefan Falk
Sue Falk
Kathy Faltin
Mauser Family
Bill&Bridget Fancher
Bridget Fancher
Maria G. Farias
Elizabeth Farner
Dagmar Farr
Clare Farrell
Suzanne Farrington
Anne Farzetta
Gregory Farzetta
Michelle Faucher
Jean Faul
Paula Fawaz
Joanna Fazio
Shelley Feagles
Norma Fedder
Susan Fedor
Marcella Fedora
Angela Feeney
Terry Feeney
Mike Feghali
Robin Feinman
Shelley Feist
Bethany Felan
Christian Felan
Cynthia Femano
Robert C Fenlason
Douglas Ferguson
Vicki Ferguson
Donna Fe Fernandez
Maya Ferrante
Julie Fertsch
Alison Fesler
Berna Feuerstein
Eric Feuerstein
Bonnie Fiato
Nancy Fielder
Mary Ellen Fields
Atanas Filev
Annette Fillmore
Brooke Fine
Scott Fink
Kristen Finnegan
Meredith Finnegan
Greg Fioravanti
Olivia Fioravanti
John Firestone
Christielee Fischetti
Jessica Fisher
Karen Fisher
Petra Fisher
Lee Fishman
Sheldon & Lee Fishman
Andrew Fiske
Stephanie Fitos
Sharon Fitzgerald
Genevieve Fitzpatrick
Gina Flacco
Michelle Flanagan
Terri Fleming
Ronide Fleurantus
Ruthann Floody
Carolyn Florey
Elaine Florimonte
Maura Florimonte
Mikell Flothe
Drew Flowers
Kathryn Floyd
Katherine Fockler
Martha Foltyn
Cynthia Foltz
Dave Fong
Amy Forbes
Bridget Forbes
Cynthia Forbes Cameron
Leigh Forbush
Jody Forchheimer
Barbara Ford
John Ford
Margaret Ford
Maureen Ford
Olivia Forrester
Shelly Forrester
Amy Forseter
Jillian Fortunato
Rita Foss
Alice Foster
Amanda Foster
Dennis Foster
Shannon Foster
Shenika Foster
Linda Fowler
Melinda Fowler
Wesley Fowler
Foxhall Ob/Gyn Associates, Pc
Rhonda Foxx
Paula Fracasso
Sharon Frahler
Laura Frank
Richard Frank
Sondra Frank
Beverly Franklin
Robin & Jeanette Franzel
Hannah Frazier
Katherine Frederick
Maryann Fredericks
Elaine Freedman
Iman Freeman
Stephen & Susan Freiman
Heather French
Samantha French
Jim Frenck
Dr. Danine Fresch
David Freund
Elizabeth Freund
Michael Freund
Tyler Freund
Barbara Friedman
Cindy Friedman
Judy Friedman
Cyndie Friese
Mary Ann Friesen
Paula Frishman
Scott Frishman
Wendy Friss
Lauyren Frogale
Jennifer Fromm
Matthew Fuentes
Katherine Fuh
Emily Fuhr
Arlan Fuller
Allie Fung
David & Gail Furman
Lisa-Dorothy Furr-Fillmore
Nichole Fusco
Jonette Futch
Melina Gabay
Susan Gagliardo
Sandy Gagnon
Jessica Gahres
Stephanie Gaillard
Andrea Galarza
Kendra Gale
Melissa Galetto
Stavroula Galiatsatos
Peggy Gall
Angel Gallinal
Michelle Galvanek
Joseph Gambino
Lisa Gambino
Erin Gamble
Joe Gann
Susan Ganz
Heather Gaona
Diane Garbaccio
Rebecca Garber
Candy Garces
Barbara Garcia
Becky Garcia
Carolina Garcia
Emma Garcia
Joseph Garcia
Monica Garcia
Beverly Gardner
Ginger Gardner
Jean & Bill Gardner
Dolores Garduno
Amy Garfinkel
Anita Garg
Ruchi Garg
Marilyn Garlen
Whitney Garman
Michelle Garry
Yannick & Karen Garsany
Christopher Garwood
Erin Garwood
Peter Garwood
Pauline Gary
Anne Gasque
Connie Way Gaston
Beatrice Gately
Dionis Gauvin
Margaret Gburek
Rachel Gearhart
Amy Gebhard
Joseph Gehrig
Lauren Gehrig
Paola Gehrig
Thomas Gehrig
Claudelle Gehy
Karen Geier-Smith
Genentech, Inc.
Rosalie Genovese
Barbara Gentile
Cynthia Geones
Marcia Georgi
Iralia Georgiou
Allison Gerbereux
Javier Geronimo
Alan Gershenhorn
Ira Gershenhorn
Jerry Gershenhorn
Susan Gershenhorn
David Gershenson, MD
Laurie Gethin
Karen Getman
Colleen Giambalvo
Dawnee Giammittorio
Kathryn Giannetti
Mayumi Giannetti
Pamela Giannetti Widener
Amy Giannetti-Gillespie
Meredith Gibb
Patricia Gibert
Christine Gibney
Ann Gibson
Marianne Gick
Gabriel Gilabert
Patricia Gilbert
Rebecca Gilbert
Bryan Gillen
Haldane Gillette
Sadie Gillette
Carmeyia Gillis
Daniel Gillson
Chelsea Gilmour
Shannon Gilroy
Miranda Gingerich
Gretchen Ginnerty
Devon Girton
Robert Giuntoli
David Glad
Bruce Glaser
Jessica Glaser
Peggi Glaser
Barbara Gleason
Jemma Glenn
Jennifer Glenn
Jeremy Glesner
Shana Gliem
Joseph Gobern
Lauren Gobern
Angie Godwin
Fabienne Goeuzoulian
Barbara Goff, MD
Marissa Gold
Julie Goldberg
Sandra Goldberg
Denise Golden
Lois Golden
April Goldenberg
Deborah Goldfrank
Karen Golding Smith
Camille Goldman
Christina Goldman
Jo Ann Goldwater
Jennifer Golik
Claire Gombault
Gladys Gonzalez
Linda Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez
Roliette Gooding
Nancy Goodman
Sara Goone
Priya Gopwani
Leslie Goransson
Andrew Gordon
Christine Gordon
Stuart Yael Gordon
Peter Gore
Ashley Gorman
Beth Gorman
Bobbie Gostout, MD
Jennifer Gough
Benjamin Gould
Carol Gould
Tom & Toni Gould
Lynn Goulet
Tania Govanlu
Amy Goyer
Jynelle Gracia
Lindsay Gracia
Erin Graham
Jami Grandt
The Graney Family
Judy Granger
Sycarah Grant
Kristina Grauer
Tracy Graves
Diana Gravette
Lakeesha Gray
Norman Gray
Tiffany Gray
Allison Grayson
Jeffrey Graziano
Christine Greb
Edward Green
George Green
James & Eileen Green
Laura Green
Shannon Green
Kate Greenberg
April Greene
Chante Greene
Sarah Greene
Jennifer Greenfield
Rachel Greenhouse
Bryn Greenleaf
Bonnie & Robert Greenspan
Jesse Greenspan
Glen Gregson
Randy & Simona Grice
Jessica Griffiths
Bonita Grishkat
Matt Grizzard
Iwona Grodecki
Stephanie Grodecki
Shannon Groff
Jan Gronemeyer
James Grooms
Julie Grooms
Linda Gross
Melissa Gross
Wendy Gross
Jill Grossberg
Laura Grossi-Tyson
Zoe Grotophorst
The Townsend Group
Group Commerce, Inc.
Annmarie Grove
Whitfield Growdon
Cynthia Grubbs
Ashley Grubor
Jeff Grupe
Marie Gschwindt De Gyor
Alejandro Guadarrama
Jennifer Gudahl
Franklin Guerrero
Olga Guider
Stephen Guille
Genanne Guillory
Lisa Guisbond
Ruth Gujarati
Chelsea Gulaskey
Gayathri Gunasekaran
Patricia Gurevitch
Becca Gurganious
Heather Gurgiolo
Katelyn Gurgiolo
Rachel Gurney
Kamila Gurtowska
Robyn Gust
Ruth Gust
Brian Guy
Kolleen Guy
Dave Haas
Jessica Haas
Jonathan Haas
Noam Haberman
Gosia Habib
Cheryl Hadley
Hope Haefner
Gordon Hafner
Judith Hafner
Keith Hafner
Nancy Hafner
Catherine Hagadorn
The Hagens
Callie Hagerman
Candy Hagerman
Hunter Hagerman
Shane Hagerman
Sandra Haidinger
Cynthia Hajest
Lindsey Hakim
Camilla Hall
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 19
Hilary Hall
Sandra L. Hall
Rebecca Halla
Taye Hallock
James Hallowell
Alton Hallum
Dana Halvorson
Angela Hamilton
Chad Hamilton
Donna Hamilton
Patrick Hamilton
Shauna Hamilton
Jennifer Hamm
Sherri Hamm
Stacey Hammack
Cynthia Hammeke
Tari Hampe-Deneen
Carol Hamric
Lindsay Handelsman
Kenya Handy
Colleen Hankins
Margaret Hanley
Janice Hanna
Christine Hannaford
Megan Hannigan
Lloyd & Janet Hansen
Therese Hansen
Janet Hansen (C/O Polley
Patricia Harbart
William Harbart
Kate Harden
Soquel Harding
Susan Harding
Kiandra Hardware
Pamela Hardy
Sarah Hardy-Cooper
Alaina Harmon
Gary Harmon
Jacquelyn Harmon
Lara Harmon
Phyllis Harmon
Amanda Harper
Michael Harper
Jessica Harpole
Susan Harreld
Oneka Harriott
Civonnia Harris
Jacqueline Harris
John Harris
June Harris
Kathy Harris
Kathy Jo Harris
Lauren Harris
Margaret Harris
20 Stan Harris
Steven Harris
Yael Harris-Goldwater
Chelsea Harrison
Jeanne Harrison
Cathy Harriton
Sean Harriton
Amber Hart
Brian Hart
Chip Hart
Diana Hart
Erin Hart
Janis Hart
Kelly Hart
Laura Hart
Rachel Hartig
Shirley Hartsoe
Claire Harvey
Karen Harvey
Melinda Harvey
Paul Harvey
Jennifer Harwood
Lynn Hatch
Abby Haven
Marlyse Haward
Jessica Hayes
Kathleen Hayes
Laura Hayman
Kristin Haynes
Monica Hazelwood
Patricia Healy
Monika Heap
Jeremy Heaton
Patricia Heaton
Rebecca Hebert
Courtney Heckman
Emily Heend
Orin Heend
Sue Heidel
Adrienne Heil
Bethany Heinen
Gretchen Heinrich
Kristin Heinz
Judy Heiser
Kara Heitz
Lynn Heitzman
Kristi Hellmuth
Elizabeth Helm-Frazier
Scott Helms
Christine Helou
Alena Henderson
Jennifer Henderson
Dawn Hennessy
Thomas Hennessy
Gloria Henry
Jordan Henry
Lauren Henry
Martee Hensley
Alison Herbert
Beverly Herbert
Sarah Herlihy
Diego Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez
Sandra Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez
Briana Herrod
Sherry Hession
Kevin Heywood
Douglas Hickey
Eileen Hickey
Holly Hickey
Eleanor Hicks
Carol Higbee
Jeffrey Higgins
Kristen Hildreth
Suzette Hile
Becky Hill
Candace Hill
Diane Hill
Karen Hill
Raymond Hill
Ronelle Hill
Shannon Hill
Stacey Hill
Tylana Hill
Karen Hillis
Mary Hilty
Rebecca Hindman
Beverly Hines
Laverne Hines
Mica Hinga
Kristen Hinman
Jane Hinton
Karen Hirko
Ben Hirsch
Richard Hisey
Katherine Hladky
Patricia Hoag
Anthony Hochstuhl
Margaret Hochstuhl
Kelly Hockenbroch
Zahira Hodge
Carrie Hoestermann
Karen Hoffman
Rosemary Hoffmann
Martha Hoffner
Christy Hogan
William Hogan
Diane Hohman
Kayla Hohos
Lissa Holiway
Dawn Hollowell
Christen Holly
Hannah Holsinger
Rachel Holt
William Holt
Krista Holyak
Paul Holzerland
Mark Hong
Kenny Hood
Adrienne Hook
Janet Hooper
Maria Hooper
Joanie Hope
Abigail Horn
Donna Horn
Rich & Dorothy Horn
Richard & Robin Horn
Terri Horton-O’Connell
Gregory Horvath
Robert Horvath
Kelly Horwitz
Iffath Hoskins
William Hoskins, MD
Karen Houck
Julian Houseman
Catherine Hovis
Jonathan Hovis
Sharon Hovland
Marshall Howard
Natasha Howard
Andrea Howe
Elizabeth Howe
Jacqueline Howe
Terri Howe
Nancy Howerton
Caroline Howes
Donna Howes
Maria Hrabric
Yu-Chieh Ernest Hsin
Ashley Hubbard
William Hubbard
Deborah Hubbell
Bonita Hudak
Bryce Hudak
Calrk Hudak
Darien Marie Hudak
David Hudak
Jennifer Hudak
Clark Hudak Jr
Laura Hudgens
Sarah Hudon-Miller
Cynthia Hudson
Floyd Hudson
Susan Hudson
Stacey Hudson Padova
Cheryl Huff
Bryan Hughes
Jamie Hughes
Michael Hughes
Naomi Hughes
Sean Huiras
Sarah Hull
Hazel Marie Humston
Marie Humston
Lauren Huneke
Erica & Brian Hunt
Patrick Huntington
Allison Huppe
Bryan Hurd
Maia Hurley
Vicki Hutchison
Brian Hyatt
Brian Hyland
Christina Hyland
Jeff Hyland
David Hyman
Irene Hymanson
Robert Hymes
Lila Ibrahim
Nancy Ickes
Gail Ifuku
Tana Ifuku
Jarett Iliff
Emma Indingaro
Andrea Ingram
Suzanne Innes
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Inova Women’s Services Bake
Adam Isenberg
Dan Isenberg
Stacy Isenberg
Melissa Isler
Traci Ito
Mariko Iwata
Aloma Jackson
Caroline Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson
Joanne Jackson
John Jackson
Kristen Jackson
John Jackson Iv
Saadiya Jackson-Owens
Italo Jacob
Henry Jacobine
Kenn Jacobine
B Karen Jacobs
Mark Jacobs
Nicole Jacobs
Tammy Jacques
Alva Jahnes-Smith
Carreno Jake
Ramla Jallou
Felicia James
Shelina James
Jo Marie Janco
Kate Janich
Gina Janssen
Claudia Januchowski
Elizabeth Jaramillo
Steven Jarose
Alan Jarusewski
Catherine Jaskiewicz
Amir Jazaeri
Orpa Jean-Marie
Kathleen Moore Jeff Moore
Kara Jefferies
Margaret Jefferies
Mark Jefferies
Mary Jelinski
Carol Jenkins
Margarita Jennings
Jaclyn Jensen
Mark Jensen
Val & Mary Ellen Jensen
Elizabeth Jerome
Jennifer Jeske
Pamela Jewell
Jessica Jimenez
Brad Jobe
Ada Johnson
Alyse Johnson
Becky Johnson
Bryan & Sarah Johnson
Colleen & Bill Johnson
Constance Johnson
Demetria Johnson
Elisabeth Johnson
Georgia Johnson
Gwen Johnson
Jacob Johnson
Jason Johnson
Joel Johnson
Kelli Johnson
Kelly Johnson
Loretta Johnson
Mary Johnson
Allison Johnston
Eleanor Johnstone
Doris Jones
Eileen Jones
Elaina Jones
Eunice Jones
Eunice S. Jones
Kathleen Jones
Laverne Jones
Lindsay Jones
Marissa Jones
Melissa Jones
Michelle Jones
Robert Jones
Howard Jones Iii
Wistaria Joseph
Penny Lee Joyner
Lorie Jreige
Suzanne Juba
Cary Judd
Michelle Julien
Brie Juran
Kim-Jenna Jurriaans
Rhonda Kabat
Jeanne Kadet
Amy Kagan
Maryam Kalantari
Deborah Kaminski
Gregory Kammerer
Janessa Kamps
Sara Kane-Ritter
Rich & Lolita Kang
Roben Kantor
Susan Kaplan
Ellen Karch
Isha Kargbo
Judith Kargbo
Beth Karlan
Torbjorn Karlsson
Emilee Kaser
Andrew Kasmer
Jennifer Kasmer
Carol Kassab
David Kaszowicz
Jamie Kaszowicz
Danielle Katzir
Aaron Kaufman
Andrea Kaufman
Ivana Kaufman
Mark Kaufmann
Kerianne Kavanaugh
Linda Kearney
Jennifer Keating
Georgia Keehan
Jenny Keehan
Olivia Keel
Willie Keel
Austin Keele
Don & Sandy Kehoe
Rose Kehoe
Siobhan Kehoe
Connie Keith
Kathleen Kelleher
Charlie Keller
Heather Keller
Jenny Keller
Kathi Keller
Lindsay Keller
Brian Kelley
Heather Kelley
John Kelley
Sarah Kelley
Sherry Kelley
Carol Kelly
Erin Kelly
Janet Kelly
Kimberly Kelly
Megan Kelly
Melissa Kelly
Moira Kelly
Heather Kennedy
Jennifer Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy
Leigh Kennedy
Michelle Kennedy
Mark Kenney
Barbara Kenniston
Stephanie Keogh
Kay Kerbyson
Mark Keremedjiev
Melissa Kern
Joy Kerns
Ellen Kerr
Lori Kes
John Kessler
Helen Kestler
Adelaide Ketchum
Margaux Ketner
Dineo Khabele
Darina Khan
Julie Khani
Alfred Khoury
Jeannette Khoury
Christine Kim
Julia Kim
Kenneth Kim
Jessie Kimber
Maureen Kimber
Donna King
George & Duygu King
Susan King
Amanda Kinkade
Mary Nora Kinler
Jeremy Kinsell
Diane Kipp
Mallory Kipp
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 21
Ryan Kipp
Felicity Kirby
Kevin Kirby
Kay Kirsch-Billings
Meghan Kirts
Chelsea Kiser
Michelle Kisloff
Evan Klein
Marlene Klein
Alex Kliddjian
Amy Klimas
Sabina Kloesgard
Barry Knerr
Elizabeth Knerr
Eileen Knieriem
Jason Knieriem
Carol Knight
Pamela Knight
Trisha Knisely
Alan & Doris Knobler
Knobler Family
Fran Knoll
Kevyn Knox
Lance Knox
Brian Knudsen
Helen Knudsen
Kristina Ko
Hiromi Kodama
Ryan & Crystal Kodama
Dan Koenig
Melissa Kohilakis
Katie Komaridis
Marnie Kommalan
Kathryn Koo
Bryan Koons
Krystle Kopacz
Ewa Korbas
Sharmilee Korets
Michael Kosak
Michelle Kost
Doreen Kostel
Minas Kourouglos
Ellen Kovacs
Ana Maria Kozuch
Karl Michael Krajick
John Kratz
Jeffrey Krause
Ronna Kravitz
Erin Krawiec
Dori Kreiger
Ginger Kreil
Mary Kreisher
Robert Kreisher
Sharon Krinsky
Eileen Krivokopich
22 Dennis Kronenberg
Amber Krueger
Nancy Kruger
Angie Kubovsky
James Kuhl
Jessica Kuhn
Kristen Kullberg
Brittany Kunkel
Michael Kunkler
Christine Kunzig
Debbie Kunzig
Don Kunzig
Megan Kunzig
Michael Kunzig
Shayna Kuper
Rose Kwok
Mclatchy Kylie
Erica La Luz
Dawn Labay
Carol Laborne
Casey Labrosse
Michelle Labrosse
Andras Ladanyi
Valerie Lagen
Karen Lageveen
Madeline Lai
Luke Lajoie
Chelsea Lake
Jim & Rhonda Lake
Michael Lake
Monte Lake
Susan Lake
Emilee Lales
Christine Lally
Maureen Lalor
Diane Lamb
Serena Lambert
Carl Lancaster
Victoria Lancaster
Andrew & Marla Lance
Charles Landen, MD
Michelle Landen
Clare Landesman-Steele
Hope Landy
Aaron Lane
Erin Lane
Cory Langley
Dale Langston
Madeleine Lapenta
Krystol Large
Lindsay Larose
Elaine Lasky
Mark Lattanzi
Rene Laverde
Kathleen Law
Linda Lawrence
Suzanne Lawrence
Ben & Sandra Layman
Frank Layman
Malinda Layman
Jeanette Layman-Wright
Sylvia Lazarus
Julia Lazo
Ldtv Llc
Paul Learning
Learning Group Foundation
Trey Leath
Brady Lee
Chuck Lee
Elfrieda Lee
Janet Lee
Jodie Lee
Kathie Lee
Kathleen Ewanos Lee
Kia Lee
Lindsay Lee
Nils Lee
Patricia Lee
Paula Lee
Richard Lee
Sandra Lee
Stephen Lee
Trudy Lee
Weilun Lee
Katherine Lee Halboth
Gail Lees
Deborah Lehardy
Lindsey Lehman
Bret Lehnhof
Mary Lehrer
Brian Leibowitz
Ian Leibowitz
Maren Leibowitz
Rachel Leibowitz
Corey Leimer
Mario Leitao
Susan Leleux
Christina Lemaster
Holly Lemieux
Beverly Lenning
Eric & Jennifer Leonard
Lisa Leonard
Paul Leonard
Susan Leonard
Taylor Leonard
Tara Lepore
David Leveille
Barbara Levi
Alan Levine
Craig Levy
Evan Levy
Tinikka Levy
Denise Lew
Amy Lewis
Carol Lewis
Deborah Lewis
Denise Lewis
Diane Lewis
Jake Lewis
Jane Lewis
John Lewis
Sarah Lewis
Kirk Liddle
Erik Lieberman
Bernadette Liew
Lynne Lightfoote
Jody Lima
Alexander Lin
Victor Lin
Greg Michaels & Ana Maria
Susan Linder
Kirk Lindly
Colleen Line
Victoria Lion Monroe
Adriane Lioudis
Heather Lipscomb
Jody Lish
Ramey Littell
Jane Little
Danelle Littleboy
William Littleboy
Lain Littleton
Paul Litvak
Diana Litzenberger
Minhua Liu
Sandra Liu
Amanda Lo
Savannah Lo
Teresa Loayza
Ariel Loayza-Martinez
Milagros Loayza-Martinez
Dana Lochiatto
Millie Lockyer
Renee Loeb
Cheryl Logan
Molly Logan
Beau Logsdon
Ethan Logsdon
Kerrie Logsdon
Zachary Logsdon
Tamara Lohrey
Anne Loiret
Liza Lokich
Megan Lombardo
Emily Loney
Rosemary Loney
Susan Loney
Janis Long
Jane Longan
Katherine Look
Iwona Lopatka
Chona Lopez
Linda Loranger
Robert Lorenzo
Cecilia Lorete
Anna Loshkareva
Stephen Loss
Greg & Kathy Lott
James Loudermilk
Lindsey Loudermilk
Peggy Loudermilk
Rita Loudermilk
Loudoun Community Midwives
Jen Lougee
Alice Loughran
Corey Love
Gillian Love
Whitney Loving
Robin Lovvorn
Eliza Lowe
Kirsten Lowe
Qin Lu
David Lubic
Greg Lubic
Julie Lubin
Christopher Lucas
Ashley Lucas Hudak
Anthony Luckert
Maryl Ludden
Harry Luden
Jesse Luden
Krista Ludwig
Carreno Luis
Cynthia Luis-Guerra
Nicole Lundberg
Anna Lusthoff
Brian Lutz
James Luyten
Sarah Lyberg
Patrick Lyden
Cynthia Lynch
Lisa Lynch
Heather Lynn
Jean Lynn
Kamala Lyon
Barbara Lyons
John Lyons
Karen Lyons
Paul Lyons
Shonyel Lyons
Tiffani Lyons
Katherine Ma
Elaine Maag
Jared Macary
Charlotte Maccallum
Catherine Macdonald
Corinne Macdonald
Stephen Macdonald
Maureen Macfadden
Kelly Macgregor
Juan Machado
Suellen Mack
Wendy Mackie
Melissa Maclin
Yashica Maclin
Laurie Maddalena
Rino Maddalena
Heather Maddox
Mariah Maestas
Deepa Magge
Steven Magnusson
Maria Mahoney
Paula Mahoney
Mindy Mahrer
Drea Major
Attiya Malik
Joan Malik
Diane & Mark Malinski
Elizabeth Mallory
Mona Malouf
Sana Malouf
Kellie Manago
Maribelle Manansala
Revecca Manavis
Lori Mandel
Gerald Manke
William Manley
Amy Mann Fang
Emily Manning
Bill Manteria
Michael Manuel
Elizabeth Marble
Barbara Marcelletti
Paula Marchese
Charlotte Marcus
Lauren Marder
Rocio Marino-Crumley
Rose Mario
Katrina Mark
Emily Marko
Richard & Jennifer Marks
Jennie Marlette
Victoria Marquez
Erika Marroquin
Rachel Marsh
Alva Marshall
Hazen Marshall
Caitrin Martin
Gina Martin
Jennifer Martin
Lisa Martin
Vicki Martin
Diane Martinez
Rosita Martinez
Amanda Martino
Martin Martino
Gail Martins
Bradley Marx
Owen Marx
Karen Maser
Peter Maser
Marysol Masih
Jennifer Mason
Ramona Mason
Samita Mason
Dawn & Ed Massey
Teresa Mastrangelo
Randy Mastro
Marie F Mathes
Cara Mathews
Mary Mathewson
Louphelia Mathis
Staci Mathis
Elizabeth Matthew
Karen Matthews
Avery Mattingly
Susan Mattingly
Gloria Maturo
Zoe Maurer
Gayle Mauser
Larry Maxwell
Rebecca Maxwell
Steffani Maxwell
Jennifer Mayfield
Jennifer Mayhew
Plesah Mayo
Patrick Mazzariol
Martha Mazzone
Bianka Mbeng
Bombay Mboma
Rebecca McAndrews
Frances McAuliffe
Will McAuliffe
Blair McAvoy
Alison McCabe
Bernard McCabe
Suzanne McCabe
Ann McCain
Kaitrin McCarron
Sharon McCarth
Carmen McCarthy
Heather McCarthy
Janet McCarthy
Sharon McCarthy
Regina McCartney-Mackay
Christopher McCaskill
Stephanie McCaslin
Tracy McCauley
Layla McCay
Mark & Laura McClain
Susan McClanahan
Chris & Mac McClean
Benjamin McClellan
Sarah McClellan
Dan & Priscilla McCloskey
Amy McClung
Kay McClure
Terrie McClure
Angela McCollough
Cindy McCormick
Gretchen McCourt
Meagan McCrane
Kavonna McCraney
Sharon McCreight
Tracy McCrimmon
Sophia McCrocklin
Chau McCullough
Leanne McCullough
Monica McCutchan
Rebecca McDonald
Erin McDonnell
Karen McDonnell
Kyle McDonough
Stephanie McDonough
Rob McDowell
Wendy & Rob McDowell
Winifred McDowell
Jeffrey J McElhaney
Tommy McFly
Lindsey McGaw
Denny McGihon
Jennifer Mcgihon
Karen McGihon
Robert & Ansley McGihon
Debora McGrath
E. Norman McGrattean
Karen McGuire
William McGuire
Courtney McHale
Joseph McHale
Jennifer McHugh
Nancy McHugh
Patricia McHugh
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 23
Catherine McIntosh
Mary McIntosh
Kelley McKee
Gloria & Kieran McKenna
Angelica McKenzie
Stephany McKinley
Linda McKnight
Lisa McLatchy
Meg & Stu McLaughlin
Willie McLaurin
Jody McLean
Jim McLeod
Joyce McLeod
Paula McManus
Althea McMillian
Crystal McNeil
Danielle McNicholas
Sasha McNickle
Joe McPeak
Danique McPherson
Rosalie McQuaid
Pam McVey
Margaret Mead
Nichoel Mead
Kerry Meade
James Meadows
Teresa Mech
Randy Meck
Catherine Medd-Dudley
Angela Mederos
Grace Mederos
Joseph Mederos
Teresa Medley
Christina Megill
Aditi Mehta
Reshma Mehta
Stephanie Meier
Donald Melancon
Gerry Mello
Bahar Memarzadeh
Edith Mendelsohn
Stephanie Mendes
Rita Mendl
Serra Mentessi
Lauren & Matt Menton
Anna K. Mentzer
Amparo Mercader
Sarah Mercure
Cynthia Mergler
Carla Merker
Joe Merker
Catherine L. Merrill Williams
Marc Merriweather
Helga Merz-Hafezi
24 Christine Mesick
Christine H. Mesick
Katy Messacar
Paula Metcalf
Michael Method
Rebecca Metro
Christopher Metsala
Jim & Kathy Metsala
Lee Metsala
Diane Metzger
Chuck & Carolyn Metzler
Jim & Kate Meyers
Michael Meyers
Michele Meyers
Mgb Reporting, Inc.
Carolyn Michael
Allison Michaelson
Kelly Michaud
Helen M Michener
Carolyn Mielnik
J M Mielnik
Jennifer Mielnik
Michael Mielnik
Mike Mielnik
Pamela Mielnik
Katia Mikulak Davis
Celeste Miles
Anna Miller
Athena Miller
Ben Miller
Bonnie Miller
Brian Miller
Caela Miller
Caroline Miller
Cat Miller
Deborah Miller
Jeff Miller
Karin Miller
Laura Miller
Lawaughn Miller
Layla Miller
Sophia Miller
Stephanie Miller
Thomas Miller
Vicky Miller
Teri Miller-Landon
Adele Millliken
Dennis Milne
Kim Minetola
Amy Mininberg
Rebekah Mintzer
James Mirabello
Liana Mirea
Nisha Mistry
Bonita Mitchell
Jock Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
Madeline Mocko
Susan Modesitt
Tony Modjdehi
Phyllis Mondakphyllism
Grace Monger
Cara Monnin
Jason Montecalvo
Tina Montgomery
Brianna Montoya-Harris
Elizabeth Moody
Sara Moomaw
Jay Moon
Jenea Moon
Leslie Mooney
Aaron Moore
Angela Moore
Anthony Moore
Antonya Moore
Christopher Moore
Cindy Moore
Dannette Moore
David Moore, MD
Edward Moore
Kathleen Moore
Laura Moore
Leticia Moore
Tyler Moore
Barbara Moorman
Corina Morales
Robert Moran
Farshad More
Faye Morford
Crystal Morgan
Erin Morgan
Melinda Morgan
Ashley Morken
Morphotek, Inc.
Carolyn Morris
Craig Morris
Libby Morris
Paul Morris
Sandra Morris
Jennifer Morrison
Katherine Morrison
Kim Morrison
Carter Morse
Douglas Morton
John Motley
Scoleman Motor Maids Of Va
Barbara Moulds
Kelley Moulds
Michael Moulds
Teresa Moulds
Robert Moyer
Teresa Moyer
Yvette Mozie-Ross
Maria Mstowski
Patricia Mstowski
Jennifer Mueller
Jenny Mueller
Walladah Muhammad
Tim Muir
Dawn Mullaney
Mark Mullaney
Shaelyn Mullaney
Carolyn Muller
Patricia Mullette
Stephanie Mullette
Erica Mullins
Tabatha Mullins
Janet Mullins Grissom
Ellen Mundell
Adnan Munkarah, MD
Howard Munves
Lauren Munves
Jacqueline Muoio
James Murdock
Jasmine Murdock
Angela Murdock-Ridley
Rosalie (Lee) Muroski
Abigail Murphy
Jill Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Nancy Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Amy Murrah
Robert Murrah
Barbara Murray
Coleen Murray
Ty Murray
Brian Murrow
Elizabeth Musar
Henry Musikar
David Mutch, MD
Michael Muto
Joanna Myckow
Ashley Myers
H. Arvy Myers
Shirley Myers
Valerie Myerski
Elizabeth Naab
Lizane Nadon
Nimesh Nagarsheth, MD
Myra Naguit
Michele Nalls
Andrea Napoli
Veronica Napoli
Jesse Naputi
Rose Naputi
James Nardone
Colleen Nassetta
Paul Nassetta
Kartik Nath
Maya Nath
Shridhar Nath
Shrilata Nath
Laura Nathan
National Beer Wholesalers
Isilma Navarro
Adriana Nazario
Julie Negrin
Lindsay Nehm
Kelsey Nelligan
Daria Nelson
Dawn Nelson
Del-Von Nelson
Gregory Nelson
Lesley Nelson
Magen Nelson
Marcee Nelson
Marguerite Nelson
Michael Nelson
Natasha Nelson
Donna Nelson-Schneider
Sigrid Nelsson-Ryan
Samuetta Nesbitt
Cheryl Nester
Daren Nester
Kim Nettles
Meghan Neumann
Cathy Nevolo
Andrea Newman
Angela Newnam
Anna Newnam
Lydia Newnam
Todd Newnam
Tr Newnam
John Neylan
Donna Nguyen
Thy Nguyen
Beverly Niad
Gina Nicastro
Deborah Nichols
Jean Nichols
Jeff Nicholson
Kevin Nicholson
Ken Nickel
Amanda Nickles Fader, MD
Sarah Nielsen
Tjai Nielsen
Kelly Nieman
Kristin Nieman
Shari Nijman
Suzanne Nixon
Barry Nobles
Marilyn Noguera
Kathryn Norberg
Bonnie Norem
Anne Marie Norgren
Curt & Margaret Norman
Amy Northcutt
Eileen Norton
Rob & Vickana Norton
Amy Novak
Thelma Novak
Paul Nowicki
Stephen Noyes
Nicole Nucelli
Abbey Nunes
Joanna Nunez
Alissa Nurnberger
Matthew Obenrader
John O’Boyle
Loan Obrien
James O’Brien
Roisin O’Cearbhaill
Teju Odumosu
Susan O’Gorman
Erin O’Grady
Donna K. Oishi
Ramin Olson
David O’Malley
Megan O’Neil
Mary Kate Oneill
Adrian O’Neill
Margaret & Elana O’Neill
Robert O’Neill
Michaela Onstad
Ofelia Ontiveros
Agnieszka Opalka
Zofia Opalka
Greg Orfe
Melanie Orlins
Lidia Orlowski
Patricia Orr
Hunter Orrison
Rebecca Orrison
Curtis Orshoski
Christopher Ort
Kelly Ort
Anna Mae Ortgies
Jeni Ortgies
Carlos Ortiz
Samantha Ortiz
Sandra Ortiz
Erin Ortolan
Alyssa Osborne
Jason Osborne
Jeffrey Osbourn
Margaret Osbourn
William Osbourn
Jen Osche
Mark Osher
David Oshinsky
Marcy Osterhaus
Rachaelle Ostrove
Philip Ostrvove
Jillian & Matthew Ott
Matt Ott
Annette & Roy Ott-Barnett
Ruth M. Ouimet
Ketya Ouk
Sonya Over
Lisa Overbeek
E.G. Overstreet
Devona Overton
Pamela Owen
Jillaine Owens
Julie Owens
David Oziel
Kayla Pacan
James Packer
Jeffrey Pade
Fulvio Padova
Hanna Padova
Regina-Carmen Page
Jane Pais
Mara Pais
Bozena Pait
Rt Palabrica
Dana Palka
Ann Palmer
Ruth Palmer
Kimberly Palombo
Regina Palombo
Lakshmi Pandi
Nicole Panetti
Diana Pantano
Virginia Pantano
Stephanie Panting
Marina Papanikolaou
Christopher Pardun
John Pardun
Regina Pardun
Francisco Paret
Kay Park
Sabrina Parker
Stephanie Parker
Sandi Parriott
Susan Parrish
Sheila Pasquini
Omar Passons
Passport Mini Of Alexandria
Chris Pata
Jacqueline Pata
Julie Paterson
Daniel Patrizio
Rachel Patterson
Alex Patton
Anavell Patton
Sarah Patton
Bryan Paul
Stephanie Paul
Peggy Paulsen
Brittany Paulshock
Janice Paulshock
Dan Pavan
Martina Pavlicek
Michele Paxton
Alison Paymer
Charlotte Payne
Karen Pearce
Leah Pease
Jack Pecoraro
Maria Pedemonte
Steve & Elaine Peed
Aliica Peklo
Ben Peli
Elizabeth Pelkofski
Christine Pell
Rachel Pellegrini
Jay Pelletier
Linsey Penland
Pennfab, Inc.
Barbara Percival
Erica Perdomo
Elena Pereira
Anderson Perez
Maria Teresa Perez
Periwinkle, LLC
Anne Marie Perkins
Michael Perkins
Tracy Perkins
Sharon Perlman
Erin Persaud
Ryan Persaud
Sharon Persinski
Lisa Pesnichak
Ali Peters
Keeley Peters
Lois Peters
Molly Petersen
Sarah Petre
Brian Petrie
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 25
Kimberly Petrillo
Michael Pevzner
Mary Kay Peyton
Dixie Pferdehirt
Pj Pfister
Andrea Phelps
Milliana Phifer
Barbara Phillips
Karon Phillips
Lani Phillips
Peter Phillips
Ambra Piccione
Lucciana Piccone
Michelle Pickels
Marcy Pickler
Nedra Pickler
Dan Pierce
Larry & Phoebe Pierce
Kelcy Pierre
Sue Pifer
David Pike
Heidi Pike
Teri Pike
Fred & Marcia Pillon
Kara Pinsky
Danielle Pinto
Betsy Piper/Bach
Kathleen Piraino
Sherry Pitkofsky
Melanie Pitson Evers
Myron Pitts
Alek Pochowski
Karl Podratz
Elisabeth Poe
Dean Pohland
Kathy Pohland
Sherry Polend
Patty Polignano
Bill Polley
Cathy & Bill Polley
Kara Polley
Owen Polley
Michele Pollock
Sara Polon
Fran Pomerantz
Deanna Pomfret
Meredith Pomfret
Maureen Pomrink
Sarah Poole
Mark Popadick
Jennifer Pope
Debra Popiel
John Porco
Lindsay Porter
Rosemary Porter
26 Liliana Portwine
Mauricio Posadas
Bhavana Pothuri
Joseph Potthast
Greg Potts
Carolyn Powell
Gabrielle Powell
Joel Powell
Kellie Powell
Matthew Powell
Tara Powell
Evelyn Powers
Tana Pradhan
Emron Pratt
Ariana Prawda
Precision Therapeutic, Inc.
Bill Prehn
Verna Prehn
Sandra Presley
Joanne Price
Katelynn Price
Glenn & Louise Priest
Mona Prince
Laura Prizzi
Chris & Sarah Prochak
Carol Prone
June Provost
Charles Prugue
Colleen Prusinowski
Rhonda Pruss
Juliette Prust
Christy Przystawik
Thomas Przystawik
Gonzalo Puentes
Sebastian Puentes
Elizabeth Pujolas
Charlie Purser
Cole Purser
Craig Purser
Gretchen Purser
Gretchen & Craig Purser
Michelle Purser
Vivi Purser
Karen Purzitsky
Sherri Putterman
Marianne Quarles
Anne Quartararo
Lindsey Quast
Kate Quindlen
Julie Quinn
Renee Quinn
Thomas Quinn
Kelley Quinzio
Carolina Quiroga
Lauren Rabin
Douglas Radt
Caitlin Rafferty
Laurel Rafferty
Michael Rafferty
John Raftery
Kate Ragsdale
Thomas Raimondi
Maria Ramia
Megan Ramirez
Dilia Ramirez De Marino
Trisha Rampull
Leslie Randall
Thomas Randall
Lindsay Randolph
Sandra Randolph
Anthony Raneri
Betty Ranieri
Cheryl Ransom
Gautam Rao
Andy Rapoport
Marc Rapport
Jill Rathbun
Allison Ratto
Catherine Ratto
Christopher Ratto
Daniel Ratto
Lillian Ratto
Ralph Ratto
Stephen Rauner
Caitlin Rawn
Mary Beth Ray
Michelle Ray
Eileen Raymond
Alexandra Reams
Janis Reams
Jennifer Rearden
Kathleen Reavis
Lori Recher
Stuart Recher
Denise Rechter
Meredith Redd
Beth Reddick
Susan Redford
John Redmond
Phyllis Reed
Mark Reedy
Susan Reel
Jennifer Reger
Peter Rehl
Tina Reich
Cindy Reichenberg
Monica Reichert
Sandra Reid
Shauna Reid
Alexandra Reigle
Kevin Reilly
Rae Reisinger
Pauline Reiter
Scott Reiter
Carol Relyea
Mark Relyea
Jill Remenar
Peggy Remke
Melissa Renshaw
Lyndsay Rensing
Diane Renzulli
Nancy Replogle
Daria Resnick
Carolina Reyes
Dale Rhines
Deanna Rhodes
Lisa Rhodes
Pam Rhodes
Pamela Rhodes
Pat Rhodes
Ronald Rhodes
Susan Rhodes
Stephanie Ricci
Dustin Rice
Laurel Rice
Linda & Bob Rice
Molly Rice
Cheryl Richardson
Debra Richardson
Megan Richardson
Pam Richardson
Pamela Richardson
Anastasia Richman
Todd Richman
Deneen Richmond
Carolyn Richon
Tracy Rickard
Jeffrey Ricketts
William Ricketts
Markeshia Ricks
Liesl Riddle
David Riddy
Melissa Riddy
Lily Riedel
Susan Ries
Jennifer Righter
Ann Riley
Brian Riley
Eleanor Riley
Kathryn Riley
Sandee Riley
Ory Rinat
Amapola Risquez Vera
Carmella Ritchie
Penn Ritter
Robert Ritter
Stephanie Rivas
Michelle Rivers
Laura Rizzo
Thomas Rizzo Jr.
Antoinette Roberson
Latisha Roberson
Megan Roberson
Bonita Roberts
Michael Roberts
Sherry Roberts
Barbara Robertson
Julie Robinson
Kimberly Robinson
Muriel Robinson
William Robinson
Carolyn Robinsonfriedman
Rod Rocconi
Roche Molecular Systems
Cynthia Rodgers
Ashley Rodman
Carol Rodman
Josh Rodman
Alexandtos Rodolakis
Steve Rodolfich
Idalia Rodriguez
Kay Rodriguez
Roxanne Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez
Gladys Rodriguez Ayala
Melvin Rodriguez-Casillas
Julie Roepke
Mike Roepke
Anne-Marie Roerink
Jessica Rogers
Kimberly Rogers
Madalyn Rogers
Carolyn Roman
Kathy Romano
Iris Romero
Arleen Root
Veronica Rosales
Mary Rose
Shannon Rose
Sherry Rose-Harvey
Karen Rosen
Betsy Rosenblum
Jill Rosenblum
Norman Rosenblum
Holly Rosenfeld
Judith Rosenthal
Holly Roth
Jason Roth
Donald & Anne Rothfuss
Erin Rothfuss
Mitchel Rothholz
Rebecca Rothman
Chantal Rotondo
Jim Rotsart
Jj Routh
Shannon Routh
Caterina Rovati
Dana Rovner
Kirsten Rowan
Christopher Rowe
Jill Rowlison
Peter Rowny
Stuart Roy
Linda Rubin
Philip Rubio
Paul Ruchlin
Raven Rudnitsky
Lawrence Rudolph
Wren Rudolph
Erin Rudy
Kelvin Ruffin
Larry Ruffin
Karen Rugen
Claire Ruggiero
Nick Ruggiero
Tamara Ruggiero
Monica Ruiz
Diane Rukavina
Jo Rupp
Amy Rush
Rachel Ruskin
James Russell
Julie Russell
La’Shandra Russell
Linda Russell
Sandy Russell
Kristen Russell Newell
Charles Ryan
Michael Ryan
Camilla Ryder
Houeida Saad
Michael Saad
Paul Sabbatini
Cheryl Saenz, MD
Maianne Sahl
William Sakala
Missy Saldari
Wahid Saleemi
Tai Saloma
Nancy Salvadori
Kathryn Samer
Matthew Samuels
Harriet Samuelson
Michelle Sanchez
Samith Sandadi
Lee Sanders
Dawn Sanok
Kyle Sanok
Kristi Santee
Sara Santiago
Amy Taylor Santos
Suzanne Santos
James Santry
Albert Saphir
Joseph Sarabia
Britanny Saunier
Elias Savada
Gillian Savage
Donna Savage-Williams
Joanne Sawczuk
Betty Sayler
Stephanie Scalise
Susan Scavo
Maureen Schafer
Lynne Schaffer
Sara Scheineson
Maria Daniela Schenone
Jane Scheuermann
Lester Scheuermann
Mary Scheuermann
Michael Scheuermann
Brittany Schick
Alison Schiffli
Nicole Schlein
Kirstin Schlereth
Patricia Schmehl
Kathleen Schmeler
Elizabeth Schmick
Kathleen Schmick
Liz Schmick
Kathie Schmid
Dave Schmidgall
Mary Schmidt
Cheryl Schmitz
Rebecca Schmutter
Lori Schock
Dee Schoefield
Sarah Schonberg
Stephen Schrage
Rachael Schreiber
Carolyn Schubert
Deborah Schule
Gretchen Schule
James Schule
Rachel Schule
Ann Schultz
Christian Schultz
Debra Schultz
Emily Schultz
Leigh Ann Schultz
Melinda Schultz Schultz
Rex Schultz
Stephen Schultz
Kristin Schulz
Erica Schuman
Craig Schwandt
Schware Family
Bonnie Schwartz
Jennifer Schwartz
Kerry Schwartz
Sally Schweers
Lisa Schweiger
Nikki Scope
James Scopeletis
Craig Scott
Louise Scott
Mary Anne Scott
Meghan Scott
Nelson Scott
Renee Lynn Scott
Susanne Scott
Theresa Scott
Karmen Scott-Notyce
Nancy Scully
Rebecca Seace
Rachel Seay
Stephen Seay
Claire Seckinger
Angeles Secord
Jennifer Sedlmeyer
Jessica Sedlock
Patrifcia Seggerman
Cynthia Sego
Matthew Segraves
Melissa Segura
Erica Seibel
Edward Seidel
Alana Seifert
Sabrina Seldal
Cathy Sellers
Paula Sendroff
Sarah Senty
Alyssa Sepinwall
Cara Serio
Sandra Serna
Elizabeth Severance
Robert Severi
Virginia Severi
Kimberly Sevin
Glenn Sewell
Niyati Shah
Farhad Shahryary
Linda Shahryary
Lara Shane
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 27
Kelley Shangle
Rachel Shank
Cheryl Shanks
Maureen Shannon-Page
Angelyn Shapiro
Jesse Shapiro
Sarah Shapiro
Jennifer Sharkey
Lincoln Sharpless
Beverly Shea
Nancy Shea
Cindy Sheaffer
Sundra J. Shealey
Shear Joy Beauty Salon, Inc.
Tamika Shearin
Angela Sheehan
Jennifer Sheehan
Dakota Shelton
Barbara Sherbill
Martha Sheridan
Sheriff Of Moultrie County
Karen Sherry
Jennifer & Tim Shewbert
Holly Shick
Brittany Shifflett
Chuck Shoop
Lila Shoop
Mary Jo Shoop
Philadelphia Shoop
Cheryl Shope
Traci & David Shope
Kris & Diki Short
Lindsay Short
Mary Short
Anna Shpak
Deborah M Shriver
Bill Shute
Zelda & Bill Shute
April Sibley
Emily Siegel
Hedy Siegel
Jennifer Siegel
Laurie Siegel
Ariel Sierra
Carolyn Sievers
Danielle Sievers
Glenn Sievert
Melissa Sigler
Tracey Silberling
Pamela Silberstein
Donna Simanovich
Michael Simanovich
Eugene Simmers
Randolph Simmons
Adam Simon
28 Kelly Simon
Daniel Simons
Mark Simons
Robin & Jeff Simonton
Annemarie Simpson
Robert Simpson
Traci Simpson
Chuck Sine
Joyce Sine
Starr Sine
Mike & Nacole Singer
Anjali Singh
Benita Singh
Kaajal Singh
Preeti Singh
Rakesh Singh
Sangeeta Singh
Vijay Singh
Stuart Sitterson
Emily Siwarski
Joyce Siwarski
Carol Skarimbas
Crissa Skarimbas
Misty Sluyter
Melinda Smead
John Smigelski
Alan Smith
Allison Smith
Attilie Smith
Donna Smith
Douglas Smith
Earl Smith
Ellen Blair Smith
Evan Smith
Gina Smith
Joan & Dale Smith
Joy B. Smith
Larry Smith
Lesley Smith
Lisa Smith
Maren Smith
Marianne Smith
Mary Smith
Michael Smith
Michelle Smith
Nancy Smith
Sarah Smith
Suzanne Smith
Tamara Smith
Tedd Smith
Timothy Smith
Tracy Smith
Wayne & Sharon Smith
William Smith
Jody Smithmyer
Alison Smolsky
Jeff Smyser
Deborah Smyth
Rebecca Snead
Teresa Snedeker
John Snevely
Ginny Sniatkowski
Lynn Snider
Boris Snitkovskiy
Lyuda Snitkovskiy
Cash Snively
Lindsay Snyder
Samantha Snyder
Jitesh Soares
Society Of Gynecologic Nurse
Society Of Gynecologic Oncology
Mary Socks
Joyce Sofy
Lauren Sofy
John Soha
Federico Sole
Meredith Solomon
Joan Sommer
Kimberly Sommers
Yukio Sonoda
Anil Sood
Linda Sorensen
Daniel Sorrell
Erin Sorrell
Grace Sorrell
Jenna Sorrell
Marcos Sosa
Elizabeth Sotos
Sandra Soulen
Jason Sousa
Joy Southworth
Lisa Spagnoli
Michael Spatz
Kimberly Speed
Ann Speicher
Grace Speights
Aaron Spencer
Jessica Speropulos
Dana Spiker
Ann Spitler
Debra Spitulnik
Pia Spoerer
Sarah Spohn
Carly Sposato
Charles Sposato
Susan Sprafkin
Virginia Springen
James Springer
Jennifer Springer
Carolyn Springett
Lana Spunar
Square One Counseling
Jennifer Squires
Ryan Squires
Meera Sreenivasan
Caryn St Clair
Alex Staats
Sonyia Staats
Gale Stalter
Cynthia Stamson
Jaime Stanczak
Kenneth Stanley
Chrissy Stanojev
Diane Stanojev
Justin & Nicole Stanojev
Giancarlo Stanton
Martha Stany
Michael Stany
Olivia Stany
Renee Stany
Venn Stany
Wyatt Stany
Staphanie Vasofsky Cervical
Cancer Foundation
Katherine Stapp
Statewide Abstract Group, Inc.
Christen Staton
Patricia Stauffer
Meggie Staykov
Kay & Roland Stecher
Cathy Stefano
Katherine Stefanou
Bryan Steffen
Pamela Stegeman
K.A. Steigerwald
Ann Steigerwalt
Paul Stein
Julie Steindler
Todd Steiner
Michael Steinhardt
Harold & Henrietta Steinman
Carrie Steinmehl
Tara Steinnerd
Mary Stellick
Janelle Stenger
Barbara Stephanitsis
Nigel Stephens
Laura Stephenson
Emily Stepien
Stepping Stone Support
Doris Sterling
Judith Sterr-Steinberg
April Stettner
Erin Stevens
Cindy Steward
Michelle Stewart
Nicole Stickel
Richard Stickelmaier
Trisha Sticklinski
Jennifer Stilwell
Amy Stock
Tami Stockman
Yolanda Stockton
Jill Stoddard
Kathy Stokes
Mel Stoler
Barbara Stolfe
Fran Stolusky
Stephanie Stoner
Kerry Storey
Lisa Story
Andrea Stoyko
Heather Strandberg
Tom Strandberg
Nicole Strang
Michael Straughn
Wade Strickland
Rick Stroman
Craig Stronberg
Strong Results, Llc
Misi Stroud
Abby Strunk Salom
Karen Strzyz
Harry Stuart
Katherine Stuart
Christine Stunkard
Christopher Stuzynski
Susan Stynes
Aylin Suescun
Philana Suggs
Ann Sullivan
Diane Sullivan
Georgia Sullivan
Jake Sullivan
Jenn Sullivan
Jenny Sullivan
Judy Sullivan
Marybeth Sullivan
Maureen Sullivan
Mike & Mary Jo Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan
Rosemarie Sullivan
Carol Sumpter
Pankaj Surti
Stephanie Sussan
Alexis Sutera
Laurie Sutton
Linda Suydam
Christine Svitila
Carol Swamidoss
Debra Swan
Kara Swankowski
Ulrika Swanson
Gam Swearingen
Amanda Swenson
Gilbert Swift
Suzanne Swink
Robyn Swirling
Mary Ellen Swoyer
Denise Symes
Howard Symons
Joann Symons
Susan Symons
Csilla Szabo
Salme Taagepera
Maureen Tabor
Larnyce Tabron
Sinafiksh Tachbel
Jillian Tacher
Mandy Tachiki
Gwen Tadie
Francesca Tadle
Leo Taffe
David Tait
Bennett Takisha
Megan Tantillo
Claudia Tapia
Margarita Tapia
Victoria Taplin
Ralph Tarin
L. Tarry
Jamie Tash
Sonny Tat
Heather Tawes Nelsn
Cathy & Ken Taylor
Ellen Taylor
Jennifer Taylor
Judy Taylor
Kathryn Taylor
Lauren Taylor
Marilee Taylor
Pamela Taylor
Ann Teare
Sarah Tegen
Sarah Teitel
Eva Temkin
Sarah Temkin
Temple Cancer Center
Gregory Teng
Helen Teper
Elizabeth Tepper
Akira Terao
Esra Tercan
Mishka Terplan
Alex Terray
Valerie Terray
Cathryn Terrill
Nancy Terrill
Lucille Teufel
William Tew
Christine Thacker
Michael Thaggard
Phyllis Thaggard
Premal Thaker
Padmaja Thallur
The George Foundation
Martha Thelin
Nikita Thelwell
Patrick Thelwell
Hilary Thesmar
Courtney Thieberger
Pam Thieberger
Carolyn Thiell
Adrienne Thomas
Jeffery Thomas
Lily Thomas
Melinda Thomas
Michael Thomas
Nickia Thomas
Elizabeth Thome
David Thompson
Grace Thompson
Jeffrey Thompson
John Thompson
Pamela Thompson
Simone Thompson
Tonette Thompson
Victoria Thompson
Mikel Thorstenson
Melissa Thrall
Janice Throckmorton
Marie Tibor
Thomas Tibor
Brent Tierney
Douglas Tilton
Elina Tirulnik
Stac Tischler
Beth Tober
Lynne Tobias
Bobbi & Brian Tochterman
Christine D Tokarski
Ashley Tolbert
Barbara Toliver
Elise Toliver
Marie Tolliver
Matha Tom
Maureen Tomasulo
Roberta Tondo
Lila Tonsic
Annamaria Topakas
Debbie Topakas
Ted Topakas
Kristen Topping
Judith Tor
Steve Torres
Vilma Torres-Brown
Lisa Towell
Rehema Townes
Amanda Townsend
Bradley Townsend
Sasha Tozzi
Brenna Tracy
Kyra Tracy
Leah Tracy
Patti Tracy
Suzanne Tracy
Jillian Tragone
Beth Tran
Cheryl Travagline
Barbara Travers
Trembour Family
David Treworgy
P.A. Trgina
Sarah Trinidad
Coralie Tripier
Victoria Trojan
Lia Tron
Roberto Tron
James Trone
Amy Trout
Katie Troutman
Jennifer Truax
William Trumbull
Tim Trysla
Erin Tucker
Jori Tulkki
Ryan Tully
Andrew Tulumello
Susan Tureski
Sara Turley
Andrew Turner
Anne Turner
Christina Turner
Christopher Turner
Darria Turner
Deborah Turner
Ilovea Turner
Udean Turner
Michele Tuttle
Mclatchy Tyler
Martha Uber
Emilie Udell
Akanimo Udo
Kathleen Udo
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 29
Lauren Ulvestad
Khalilah Ummah
Tricia Underwood
University Of Maryland Medical
Brian, Cheryl, Ava & Aidan Urban
Leigh Ann Urick
Sarah Vail
Fidel Valea
Wilma Valencia
Allison Valentine
Jen Valentine
Alex Valverde
Roger Van Cleave
Theresa Van De Veere
Cathy Van Dyke
David Van Gosen
Nina Van Winkle
Helena Vanderoef
Lauren Vanhusen
Catherine Vann
Atsuko Vanzego
Kevin Vanzego
Chris Vanzo
Peter Varani
Melissa Varga
Vania Vargas
Isabel Varnado
Michelle Vassallo
Felicia Vaughn
Kristine Vega
Vicente Vega
Maria Velez De Villa
Jesus Velis
Tashina Velis
Nicole Venable
Jim Verdier
Susan Vernalis
Kristine Verrier
Margaret Ververis
Alicia Vicinelly
Jennifer Vidarte
Dave & Martha Vidmar
Kenneth Vidmar
Daria Vier
Jeannine Villella
Carol Vinelli
Fc Virginia
Lisa Visbaras
Jazmin Vitullo
Lucas Vitullo
Margaret Vitullo
Richard Vitullo
Jeff Vivion
Kate Vlach
30 Molly Vlach
Bronwyn Vogler
Donald & Donna Vogler
Keenan & Jessica Vogler
Timothy Voloshin
Vivian Von Gruenigen, MD
Lee Vorderer
Stephanie Wade
Jon Wadsworth
Sharon Wagener
Ilyse Wagner
Kristen Wagner
Mary Ann Wagner
Elizabeth Waikart
Justin Waikart
Ashley Wainer
Anastasia Wainstein
Deborah Waldron
Jeff & Joanna Waldstreicher
Brittany Walker
Gillian Walker
Jan Walker
Carrie Wall
David Wall
Ann Wallace
Gay Wallace
Andi Walsh
Michele L. Walters
Sara Walters
Laquanda Walters Cooper
Marcia Walton
Norman Walton
Maura Walwyn
Muthoni Wambu
Keith & Fay Wang
Roberta Wang
Deborah Waranch
Rachel Waranch
Charlene Warbrick
Christine Ward
Rebecca Ward
Ward Financial Management
Ronald Wardrope
Helena Ware
Richard Ware
Kimberly Warner
Maryann Warner
Natalya Warner
Shawn Warner
Melinda Warren
Anne Warwick
Cynthia Washington
Ivy Washington
Lenwood Washington
Melody Washington
Brian Watanabe
Gary & Sharon Watanabe
Sally Watanabe
Hayley Waters
Nichole Waters
Susan Watkins
Julie Watson
Larry Watson
Martha Watson
Patricia Watts
Colin Wauchope
Debra Waxler
Louise Waxler
WE tv
Bill Webb
Erica & Jesse Weber
Henry Webster
Alison Weeda
Caryl Weinbaum
Jamie Weinbaum
Cyla Weiner
Geri Weinfeld
Timothy Weinheimer
Sylvie Weir
Philana Weiss
Romina Weiss
Dana Weissman
Melissa Welch
Pat Welch
Kristel Weldon
Jeffrey Welgoss
Charlotte Wellman
Jonathan Wellman
Sara Wellman
Laura Wells
Andrew Welz
Lisa Wenner
Thorne Wenner
Steve & Ginna Wereszynski
Jennifer Wertz
Bridget Westfall
Shannon Westin
Sarah Wetherbee
Cathy Wetmiller
James Wetzel
Antonia Whalen
Deborah Whalen
Scott Whalen
Ray Wheeler
Leslie Wheelock
Gloria Whener
Cathy Whissel
Michelle Whitaker
Barbara White
Brandi White
Cherry White
Chevonne White
Deborah White
Laura White
Michelle White
Amanda Whiteman
Michelle Whitlock
Bridgett Whitman
Kristin Whitman
Kara Whittington
Karen Whittington
Candace Wick Cari
Pamela Widener
Chris Widrig
John Wiecek
Peggy Wiecek
Margaret Wiest
Larry Wigger
Charmaine Wiggins
Maurey Wilcox
Phillip Wilcox
Ruth Wilcox
Emily Wild
Ann Wilde
Eve Wilder
Susan Wilhelm
Linda Wilke
Melissa Wilkerson
Sarah Wilkinson
Wendy Wilkinson
Patricia Willard
Victoria Willard
Diane Willen
Benjamin Williams
Bryce Williams
Cassie & Steve Williams
Cynthia & George Williams
Markeya Williams
Monique Williams
Paul Williams
Robert Williams
Samantha Williams
Susan Williams
Wendy Williams
Wynne Williams
Rachel Williams Newman
Beverly Williamson
Christopher Williamson
Roseann Willoughby
Rene Wills
Elizabeth Wilmot
Holly Wilmot
Andrew Wilson
Ann Wilson
Bryanna Wilson
Cherise Wilson
Ellen Wilson
Emily Wilson
Erin Wilson
Gail H. Wilson
Joyce Wilson
Kimberly Wilson
Linda Wilson
Wendy Wilson
Angela Windley
Virginia Windley
Carol Winer
Jack Wingate
Jane Wingate
Laura Winningham
Chrisann Winslow
Winifred Winston
Daniel Wirick
Elizabeth Wirick
Laura Wiskeman
Nancy Wiskeman
Robert Wiskeman
Mary Witherow
Michelle Witt
Barbara Wolfe
Meaghan Wolff
Julia Wolhandler
Brigette Wolverton
Jim Wonderly
David Wong
Paige Wooden
Alethea Woodworth
Nancy Worley
Barbara Wortman
Amy Wotring
William Wray
Andrew Wright
Anne Wright
Elizabeth Wright
Gena Wright
Ian Wright
Kathy Wright
Samantha Wright
Sandy Wright
Thadine Wright
Virginia Wright
William Wright
Betty Wright-Thomas
Kevin Wurth
Phyllis Wyles
Jodie Wynn
Clifton Wynter
Susan Yaffe-Oziel
Carole Yaley
Diane Yamada
Nima Yazdani
Leigh Yeatts
Millie Yeffeth
Michael Yoder
Vivienne Yoon
Christian York
Terry & Kathy Yoshimura
Adrienne Young
Darrell Young
Katrina Young
Kristal Young
Leah Young
Lolyn Young
Melissa Young
Sarah Young
Ella Youngblood
Nathan Youngblood
Debbie Yu
Diana Yu
Merin Yu
Malcolm Yuill-Thornton
Lorie Zacharias Verdi
Rebekah Zaemisch
Aleksandra Zajackowski
Donald Zajackowski
Michael Zanfardino
Salena Zanotti
Mike Zaramba
Alina Zarr
Heather Zenone
Amy Zhang
Yi Zhang
Melanie Ziarko
Allison Zibelli
Steven Zimmer
Brooke Zimmerman
Lis Zimmerman
Christine Zisa
Simon Ziviani
Allison Zollars
Kristin Zorn, MD
Maureen Zutz
Ruth Zwack
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 31
A Lifetime Contributing Member represents a donor who has contributed at least $10,000 to the Foundation
for Women’s Cancer over the lifetime of the Foundation. We gratefully acknowledge the following for their
significant support.
Sarah Biedenharn*
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Roche Molecular Systems
Patrick and MaryJane* Welker
William O’Connor Foundation
PRESIDENTS CIRCLE — $500,000 TO $999,999
Anne B. Kingsley Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Ethicon, Inc.
Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.
James Greenfield
Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG)
Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital Partners Healthcare System
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Milwaukee Jewish Community Foundation
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
New York University
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine
Piedmont Hematology Oncology Associates
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Centocor Ortho Biotech Products
Cytyc Limited Partnership
Florence and Marshall Schwid Family Foundation
Kea Simon Fund
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
CHAIRMANS CIRCLE — $250,000 TO $499,999
Cade Family Foundation
Caring Together, Inc.
Digene Corporation/DBA Qiagen
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc.
Peter and Karen Smith
Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO)
St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness (SLOCA)
U.S. Surgical Corporation
PATRONS CIRCLE — $100,000 TO $249,999
Alza Pharmaceuticals
Anderson-Hammond Golf Outing
Carol’s Cause
Claudia Cohen Research Foundation
Elizabeth Gillespie Fund for Life
Patricia Fagley
Alfred Goldstein
Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation
Lee Kaplan Cancer Foundation Ltd.
Eva Metzger
Morphotek, Inc.
Myriad Genetic Laboratories
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition-Illinois Chapter
Susan A. Olde
Project Hope
32 BENEFACTORS CIRCLE — $50,000 TO $99,999
SPONSORS CIRCLE — $25,000 TO $49,999
American Cancer Society
Atairgin Technologies, Inc.
Hilary Ballon
BD Diagnostics Systems-TriPath
Stuart and Doreen Braverman
CDH Cancer Center
Chicago Community Trust
The Donnelley Foundation
Eisai Inc.
Entertainment Industry Foundation
David Marc Gershenson, MD
William Hoskins, MD
Impath, Inc.
Intuitive Surgical
John L. Lewis, Jr., MD*
Katherine Look, MD
Rodrigue Mortel, MD
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Northshore University HealthSystem
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Office on Women’s Health/CDC
Berkley Raleigh*
Sherri’s From a Whisper to a Roar
Silver Family Foundation
St. Vincent Hospital and HCC, Inc.
Telik, Inc.
University Hospitals of Cleveland
University of California, San Diego-Moores Cancer Center
University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
Virginia Commonwealth University
Vivian von Gruenigen, MD
Wesley C. Fowler Jr., MD
James Freel, MD
Michael Goldberg, MD
High Heals Foundation
Howard Homesley, MD
International Gynecologic Cancer Society
Beth Karlan, MD
Marjorie J. Johnson Uterine Cancer Education Fund
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
David Moore, MD
Mitchell Morris, MD
C. Paul Morrow, MD
Carolyn Muller, MD and Robert Brumfield
David Mutch, MD
Nanette Fisher Foundation
National Beer Wholesalers Association
National Cancer Institute
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Newman’s Own Foundation
Out Run Ovarian Cancer (OROC)
Ovarian and Gynecologic Cancer Coalition of Greater Washington, DC
Passport Mini of Alexandria
Karl Podratz, MD, PhD
Precision Therapeutic, Inc.
Providence Health and Services
Laurel Rice, MD
Carolyn Runowicz, MD
Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
John Soper, MD
Southern Company Services, Inc.
Daron Street, MD
True Research Foundation
Josh Tunca, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill Dept. OB/GYN-Robotic Teaching Fund
VNA Foundation
Joan Walker, MD
Brian Watanabe and Erin Rothfuss
WebMD Health Foundation, Inc.
William and Sandy Heitz Family Foundation
William Brown Foundation, Inc.
SUPPORTERS CIRCLE — $10,000 TO $24,999
Leon Adcock, MD
Alaska Oncology and Hematology, LLC
Alaska Women’s Health, PC
Ronald Alvarez, MD
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
J. Max Austin, Jr., MD
Baker’s Square
Richard R. Barakat, MD
Michael Berman, MD
Brown-Forman Corporation
August Busch, III
California Wellness Foundation
Cancer Care Associates
Setsuko Kuki Chambers, MD
Chem Bio Corporation
Richard Chung
Gary Cocker
Coldwell Banker Wallace and Wallace
The Coleman Foundation
Constellation Energy Group, Inc.
Larry J. Copeland, MD
John P. Curtin, MD
James Delmore
Denali OB-GYN Associates
Thomas Dolan, MD
Endocyte, Inc.
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
Florida Hospital Medical Center
* Deceased
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 33
Outside fundraising partners are individuals or organizations that conduct events,
programs or activities that benefit the programs of the Foundation for Women’s
Cancer. Listed below are the Foundation’s friends and supporters who worked on
our behalf during 2011 & 2012.
OcHo – Ovarian Cancer Hope Organization
WeRoc – Women Encouraging Research for Ovarian
Great Lakes Convoy
Rebekah’s Theatre Project
Connie’s Angels
Florida Council of Nurse Midwives event
Athena’s Run
Baker’s Square
Anderson/Hammond Golf Tournament
Students of Lehigh University
Twisted Olive
Hochstein Halloween Party
Erin Ruffin
Des Moines Area Quilt Guild
Tiffany Stewart
Suzan Johnson
The following individuals have made a planned gift to the Foundation for Women’s
Cynthia Bennett
Pippa Calland
Janice Coleman
Constance Fitzgerald-McCarthy
Lucille W. Goodwin*
Elaine J. Hening
Constance McCarthy
Susan Messenger
Karl C. Podratz, MD, PhD
Tulio Polsinelli
Berkley Raleigh*
Hugh Shingleton, MD
Kea Simon*
Jenny Spinner
Shirley Van Cuyck*
Vivian von Gruenigen, MD
J. Taylor Wharton, MD
* Deceased
While we have tried very hard to include everyone who has made a contribution
during this year, we know that errors can occur. We apologize for any omissions.
For the year ending December 31, 2012.
$ 755,729
Fundraising Events/
$ 1,334,251
and Foundations
$ 187,159
Sources of
$ 371,908
Outside Fun
Use of Rev
Public Awar
Research $
$ 497,500
$ 1,009,591
Public Awareness and
Education Programs
2 0 1 2 ANNU AL REP ORT 35
David M. Gershenson, MD
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Michael J. Birrer, MD, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital
David H. Moore, MD
Franciscan Health Alliance
Membership Committee Chair
Jeffrey M. Fowler, MD
The Ohio State University James Cancer Center
Development Chair
William J. Hoskins, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Awards Committee Chair
Anil Sood, MD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Communications Committee Chair
Carol L. Brown, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Advocacy Committee Chair
Linda R. Duska, MD
University of Virginia Health System
Ilana Cass, MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Charles N. Landen Jr., MD
University of Alabama
George Larry Maxwell, MD
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Karl C. Podratz, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Matthew A. Powell, MD
Washington University School of Medicine
Laurel Rice, MD
University of Washington School of Medicine and Public Health
Fidel Valea, MD
Duke University Health System
Richard R. Barakat, MD, Ex-Officio
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Karen Carlson, Ex-Officio
Foundation for Women’s Cancer
Barbara A. Goff, MD, Ex-Officio
University of Washington
Karen Carlson, Executive Director
Sharon Krinsky, Director of Philanthropy
Marsha Wilson, Director of Communications and Advocacy Relations
Karen Bate, Director of Marketing and Media
Terri Horton-O’Connell, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations
Dina Tizzard, Program Manager
Lauren Herron, Administrative Manager
Debbie LeHardy, Director of the National Race to End Women’s Cancer
Cherie Estrada, Hispanic Health Educator The Foundation for Women’s Cancer is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to ensure public awareness of gynecologic cancer prevention, early
detection and optimal treatment. In addition, the Foundation supports research and training related to gynecologic cancers. The Foundation advances this mission
by increasing public and private funds that aid in the development and implementation of programs to meet these goals.
For more information about the Foundation, its educational materials or research grants, please visit, or contact the Foundation
Headquarters Office by phone at 312.578.1439, or by e-mail at [email protected] For additional information on gynecologic cancers or for a
referral to a gynecologic oncologist or a related specialist, please call the toll-free Foundation Information Hotline at 800.444.4441.
We depend on your donations, bequests and
other charitable planned gifts to help us provide
information to women whose lives have been
affected by gynecologic cancers.
Foundation for Women’s Cancer
230 W. Monroe, Suite 2528
Chicago, IL 60606
[email protected]
Tax ID # 36-3797707
© 2013 Foundation for Women’s Cancer. All rights reserved.

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