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Ribbon Cutting Event
Thanks to the generous $30,000 grant
from the LPGA, a storage room in the
shelter was converted into 3 additional
bedrooms (shown below) and a laundry
Mayor Tim Davlin was among the
many community leaders and LPGA
representatives attending the ribbon cutting
ceremony. The doors to these new rooms
are now open for the shelter moms and
their children.
Inside this issue:
Contact Info
Executive Director/
President of the Board
Shelter News
Volunteer Spotlight/
Immediate Volunteer
Employee Spotlight
Contribution Form
Westside Christian
Hosts Carnival for
Shelter Children
Expansion Project Completed
Many thanks to our dedicated
volunteers makin g this
expansion project a reality!
Adamski Builders
Phil Chiles and crew
Mike and Carol Diedrichsen
Jim Disenso
Carol Edwards
Chris Guzzardo
Neill Howey
Brittney Isringhausen
Jennifer Isringhausen
Tom Lewis
Dave Matheson
Maggie O’Malley
Ryan O’Malley
Therese Romanelli
Paula Ryan
Doug Seifert
Mike Vehovc
A fantastic time
was had by all!!!
Our Mission
”To serve the
greater Springfield
community by
providing referrals,
food, clothing,
shelter, financial
assistance, and
other programs,
through God’s love
and compassion.”
Summer News letter
Page 2
Board of Directors
Jennifer Isringhausen
Rev. Paul Rose
Vice President
Andrew Paoni
Susie Hoffman
Phil Chiles
Special Thanks to Our Annual Sponsors
Church Sponsors
Atonement Lutheran ~ Bethlehem Lutheran ~ Calvary Temple
Central Baptist ~ Cherry Hills Baptist ~ Cornerstone Community of Auburn
Douglas Avenue United Methodist ~ Elliott Avenue Baptist
First Christian ~ First United Methodist ~ Hope Evangelical Free
Knox Presbyterian ~ Koke Mill Christian ~ Laurel United Methodist
Panama United Methodist ~ Peter Cartwright United Methodist ~ Real Life
Rochester United Methodist ~ St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran
Westminster Presbyterian ~ Zion Lutheran
Top 6 Corporate Sponsors
Lashondra Davis
Rev. Gerald Lasley
Rev. Mark Merrill
Laura Nestler
Jeff Raes
Pamala Robert
Therese Romanelli
Sand & Gravel
the bundle the batch
Jim Rousey
Mike Ryan
Bonnie Wright
Dr. Larry Yarrington
Bill Kienzle
Executive Director
Estell Smith
Linda Vehovc
Tonya Payne
Cindy Drum
Sonja Brady
Individual Sponsors
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Romanelli
Geoffrey and Jennifer Isringhausen
David Rogers ~ Dr. John Sigle
Jerald and Dr. Lynne Barkmeier ~ Dan and Anne Dondanville
Dr. Gary and Kim Dunnington ~ Neil Flynn ~ Dr. James and Libby Gildner
Tom and June Harmon ~ John and Susie Hoffman ~ Dr. Eric and Vickie Lohse
Dr. Michael and Nadine Neumeister ~ Jerald and Lisa Quick
Robbie and Pam Robert ~ Juanita Wood ~ Brad and Julie Zara
Contac t Co urier
Page 3
From the Executive Director by Bill Kienzle
In the
issue of
newsletter I
about a
working mother of three who
came to Contact Ministries for
the first time just two days
before Thanksgiving. We were
able to help her with a food
basket, and helped her 2-year old
daughter with a winter coat. I
reminded this mother of our
annual Christmas give-away
event and encouraged her to
utilize the giving of our donors.
This mother came to the event. I
never heard from her until just
the other day. In a voice I could
hardly understand through her
sobbing and tears, she told me
that her two year-old daughter
was just diagnosed with
leukemia! And while this
mother attended to her daughter
in the hospital, she received a
five-day notice to vacate her
house because she was
approximately twenty days late
with her rent.
Fortunately, Contact Ministries
had funding left in a special
rental assistance program that we
could utilize to help her family
in their time of need. Providing
this assistance would not be
possible without people who
have faithfully supported this
ministry through the past thirtyone years. Every item of
assistance given to this family
was donated to Contact
Ministries except the rental
assistance. The rental assistance
funding was from a grant.
I am so grateful for each
donor who has trusted their
giving to Contact Ministries.
Our staff works very hard to
stretch every dollar as far as we
can to help as many people as
possible. Be assured that your
donation is being utilized to help
people who really need help.
Thank you for your past
giving. A family’s life was
helped in a very special way
throughout this past year.
President of the Board Update
by Jennifer Isringhausen
Dear Friends,
Thank you for helping us to carry on the work here at Contact Ministries! Each
month we make a difference in the lives of over 1,000 individuals. Our mission is to
serve the poor in our community through tangible means. We accomplish this
through a dedicated staff and volunteers who daily help meet those needs.
Considering the current economic climate, we have seen an increase in those who have had their hours at work
cut, experienced a layoff, or simply fallen on hard times. In addition to walk-in clients, our Shelter always has
a waiting list. Recently, a woman who was trying to escape her living situation called us every day for three
weeks hoping to get a room. Yes, fortunately one opened up the day before she delivered her baby. As you
can imagine, the path that lies before her will be difficult. We will do all we can to help her and others like
her with the resources you have provided.
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Please continue to support us as we help those building a life for themselves and their children. I am
always touched and amazed by the many who give out of their own hardship to help another. We really live in
a great community!!!
God Bless,
Page 4
Southern Baptist Women’s Association of
Illinois Hosts Style Show for Shelter Moms
year the Southern
in style from head to toe with
Baptist Women’s Association
dresses, shoes, a purse - and a
facial makeover!
Il l i no i s
s el e c t s
organization to
bless in a
The women’s association
special way. This year, Contact
also provided babysitting for
Ministries’ Shelter moms were
the children so the ladies
enjoy lunch
recipients of a day of
after their style show.
the ladies’ sizes, they
outfitted each mom
special event!
Shelter MOM Story
As a
single mom,
lived in an
tough home
and had no family to turn to in
A friend from St. Louis
helped her make many calls to
different shelters in Springfield
looking for a place to stay.
Earline wasn’t thrilled with the
idea of living in a shelter - she
imagined it would be a pretty
rough place to live. However,
she started calling local
shelters, and within a day or
two, a room at Contact
Ministries opened up for her
and her 3 year old son,
Earline struggled with the fact
that she was living in a shelter,
but the staff and counselors
were “real nice” and guided her
through a very difficult time.
Having the opportunity to get a
ride to church while living in
the shelter was also a blessing
to Earline. She acknowledges
God’s help who “stuck with me
through it all.”
Earline chose not to get too
comfortable in the shelter – she
started calling a lot of places
looking for housing assistance.
“Many agencies kept putting
me off, so I had to be
persistent.” Her tenacity paid
off! She now has a nice
apartment and was able to get
back to independent living.
Earline “thanks Contact
Ministries for what they’ve
done for me” for “giving me a
place to stay and helping me.”
Contac t Co urier
Page 5
Volunteer Spotlight
“Bob the Bread Man”
Every day a red truck pulls up to the front door
of Contact Ministries loaded down with bread and
sweets from Central Illinois Food Bank.
Bob Frobish uses his own vehicle and gas to
deliver goodies to five stops including CM. “I have
a good feeling each day
knowing I have helped
someone out and look
forward to each day that I
am able to do this for
Contact Ministries.”
This is Bob’s 5th year
as a volunteer!
Shelter Supervisor
Mary James
started as a
volunteer at
Ministries 25
years ago. She
was then hired
as a shelter
supervisor and has worked faithfully ever
Our thanks and congratulations to Mary
for her many years of service.
Bob unloads his morning
delivery of bread and sweets
Thank you, Bob, for using your time and energy to
feed “the least of these” in Springfield!
Enjoy your retirement, Mary!
Due to the economic times and in order to conserve our
resources, Contact Ministries has an immediate need for
these volunteer positions:
Handyman: To assist with building maintenance and upkeep
Van Drivers: To pick up and deliver furniture and other large
Movers: To assist mothers during their move from the
shelter to their new homes
Laundry Assistants: To sort, wash and fold clothes
donated to clients
Cooks: Groups/individuals to prepare meals for shelter
residents (approximately 35 people)
Administrative Personnel: Individuals to assist with administrative/
clerical work in the office
Page 6
Employee Spotlight Tonya Payne
When did you start
working for CM?
I started working here in the
Fall of 2007.
What do you enjoy most
about working here?
As a case manager, I
thoroughly enjoy ministering to
clients and residents through the
gifts God has given me. I love
being able to give spiritual
support where needed and
sought after. God focuses on
relationships, and I really see
relationships being cultivated
here among the staff, clients and
residents. That truly warms my
I’m sure in this kind of
work you have good days as
well as hard days. Do you
have any special moments you
King’s Daughter
Grants $16,000
Contact Ministries is grateful to be a recipient of the
King’s Daughter Grant in the amount of $16,000. These
funds are to be used
solely for emergency
p r e s c r i p t i o n
individuals 55 years
and older.
To date, we have
helped more than 25
individuals with these
made my
last year!”
She was so
appreciative and went on to say how
her housing situation had
improved and that her job had
become full-time. Her
daughter is healthy and happy
and ready to start school in the
fall. Hearing how lives are
touched in every day situations
is so exciting!
I’m grateful to Contact
Ministries for allowing me to
daily act out what I believe to
be my life’s purpose. My life
verse is Proverbs 3:5,6.
would like to share?
One of my first nights here
was a Sunday overnight shift in
the shelter. A group of mothers
and children joined me in the
office to watch Home
Improvement. After the show,
we started talking about their
dreams, goals and plans for the
future. This soon became a
weekly event that all the ladies
looked forward to. Being able to
instill some family values and
goals was both exciting and
I was grateful to be involved
in the Christmas Giveaway in
2008. While I was at a doctor’s
appointment two weeks ago, one
of the receptionists stopped me
and asked who I was. “Oh,
you’re the girl from CM who
Thank you, Tonya, for your flexibility and
servant’s heart. You are a wonderful
blessing to Contact Ministries!
Jennifer Isringhausen and Bill Kienzle
receiving the grant check from Sue Shevlin
Contac t Co urier
Page 7
Support Contact Ministries
by becoming a monthly
credit card contributor today!
The Gift of a Bequest
Contact Ministries is honored to receive a bequest from
~ Patricia S. Henry ~
Provide now for a future gift to Contact Ministries
Estate gifts are important for furthering the mission of
Contact Ministries - Helping People in Times of Need.
You can list Contact Ministries as a beneficiary on your IRA,
Insurance Policy, or other beneficiary designation forms.
To set up easy automatic
monthly withdrawals
Please consult with your attorney for advice to include
Contact Ministries in your Will or Living Trust.
Call 753-3939
Plan toda
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Springfield, IL 62703
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“Helping People in
Times of Need”
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Season in Review
Executive Director Update
Board President Comments
Shelter Mom Story
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Employee Spotlight
Thursday, October 15th - 7:00 PM
First United Methodist Church
2941 South Koke Mill—Springfield
Tickets $20
To charge by phone:800-965-9324 or online:
(a non-refundable service fee will apply)
To find local ticket sales venues: Call 217-753-3939
LPGA players in attendance at our
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
You won’t want to miss this
family friendly concert featuring
talented and inspirational
Lincoln Brewster!