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The Annapolis Villagers
20th Anniversary Banquet
Sunday, September 16th
Sir Walter Raleigh Inn
Cocktails: 5:00 p.m. (cash bar)
Dinner: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
It's that time again. Join the
Villagers for an evening of
good food and fellowship as
we celebrate the momentous
occasion of our 20th
Anniversary in the Terrapin
Lounge at the Sir Walter Raleigh Inn.
Choose from the following dinner entrees:
● ½ lb. Prime Rib
● ½ lb. Sirloin Steak
● Maryland Crab Cake
● Baked New England Scrod
The menu includes freshly baked bread, salad bar
(includes soup & fruit), baked potato, chocolate mousse
or ice cream, coffee, tea or soft drink.
The cost is $36 per person (includes tax and gratuity).
All members and their guests are welcome.
The location for the Sir Walter Raleigh Inn is:
6323 Greenbelt Road
Berwyn Heights, MD
Please contact Bob Eustice at (301) 552-1858 or e-mail
at [email protected] if you plan to attend. The
deadline for sign up and payment is no later than the
Membership Meeting on September 11th. When
signing up, be sure to note your choice of entrée. Make
check payable to “The Annapolis Villagers." Prior to the
September meeting, payment can also be mailed to: Bob
Eustice, 7009 Wood Thrush Drive, Lanham, MD 20706.
-Driving Directions on Page 4-
Next Membership Meeting
Tuesday, September 11th
Agenda includes:
♦ Business Meeting
♦ Ice Cream Social
♦ "Historical Landmarks"
Historical Landmarks
By Bob Eustice
At the September Membership Meeting, I will give a
PowerPoint presentation entitled "Historical
Landmarks." The presentation will
provide informational and
historical facts and tidbits about
the replicas included in the
Department 56 Historical
Landmark Series. This series was
introduced in 1997 and is a
category of pieces within our
village collections that depict
some of the most well-known
landmarks in the world. The presentation will
address pieces ranging from the Dickens' Village
"Tower of London" to the Christmas in the City
"Golden Gate Bridge." The Historical Landmark
replicas feature some of the most detailed
architecture replication produced by Department 56.
The replicas have proven popular with both
Dickens’ Village and Christmas in the City
collectors, as well as other enthusiasts who are
interested in them as individual places that bring
back personal memories or merely for their
architecture fame.
Several replicas from the Historical Landmark
Series will be on display for viewing.
The Village Crier is published bi-monthly and is the official newsletter of The Annapolis Villagers, a collector’s club of Department 56®,
Inc. lighted houses and other products. We are not affiliated with Department 56®, Inc. Opinions expressed are solely those of the authors. Any
reproduction, in whole or in part, without expressed permission of The Annapolis Villagers is prohibited. Membership is $15.00 per person or
$20.00 for two people in the same household sharing membership.
Page 2
The Village Crier
Bob Eustice
(301) 552-1858
[email protected]
Vice President
Pat Ehrenreich
(410) 647-1680
[email protected]
Pete Baer
(410) 867-0086
[email protected]
Rosetta Clarke
[email protected]
(410) 798-1597
Bylaws & At Large
Kate Eustice
(301) 552-1858
[email protected]
Finance & At Large
Dean Stevenson
(410) 923-2755
[email protected]
Georgina Shultz
(410) 267-8095
Hospitality Coordinators
Jim & Shirley Dvorak (410) 551-3943
[email protected]
Norma Damico
(410) 721-3310
[email protected]
Membership Services
Bob Eustice
(410) 552-1858
[email protected]
Dick Baker
(301) 261-7756
[email protected]
Stella Angelucci
(410) 647-9496
[email protected]
Phone & E-Tree
Bill Roberts
(301) 390-4903
[email protected]
Ina Devine
(301) 464-0529
[email protected]
At Large Board Members
Trudi Baer
(410) 867-0086
[email protected]
Sophie Harrigan
(301) 552-2243
[email protected]
John Ehrenreich
(410) 647-1680
[email protected]
Bernice Smith
(410) 268-7158
[email protected]
The Prez Says …
Autumn is just around the corner!!! Welcome to the August/September issue of The
Village Crier.
We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Terry Watson on Sunday, June
17th at Anne Arundel Medical Center. He was a loyal member and supporter of the
Villagers since 1999.
The Swap & Sell conducted at the July Membership Meeting provided an excellent
opportunity to acquire some pieces at very reasonable prices to add to your
collections. A special thank you to Phil McCutcheon for coordinating this activity.
The annual Brunch was held at the Fleet Reserve Club in Annapolis on Sunday,
August 5th. Everyone enjoyed the outstanding buffet along with the picturesque
dockside view. Following the brunch, several members enjoyed a narrated cruise on
the historic Annapolis Harbor . We were treated to excellent views of the U.S.
Naval Academy and impressive waterfront homes. Many thanks to Dean Stevenson
for coordinating these very enjoyable events.
A big thank you to Dean Stevenson and Bernice Smith for coordinating the very
successful "Tea Time Collection" charity raffle. We greatly appreciate the Villagers
continuing support of the club's charitable fund raising activities.
Our 20th Anniversary Banquet will be held on Sunday, September 16th at the Sir
Walter Raleigh Inn in Berwyn Heights. You will not want to miss this event, as we
are celebrating a very significant milestone in the history of The Annapolis
Villagers. The banquet always offers a great opportunity for fine food and
fellowship. The sign up is well underway.
Now is the time to start planning a display to celebrate what has become the second
most popular holiday in the country. Both Department 56 Halloween Village
Collection and Lemax Spooky Town Collection offer an array of items for exciting
displays. Some of these pieces include intriguing animation. The Dept 56 items are
now available at the local dealers and many of the Lemax items are available at the
Michael’s Arts & Crafts stores in the area. Halloween is the focus for the recent
August/September issue of Village D-Lights. Several articles provide exciting tips
and ideas for spooktacular Halloween displays.
The annual Display Contest will be held at the November Membership Meeting. It
will be chaired by Dick Baker and is always a highlight event. The Display Contest
is a great opportunity to implement that display idea that you may have had in mind
for awhile. The success of this event depends on participation. Start your creative
juices flowing!!!
An outing to Toby's Dinner Theatre in Columbia is planned for Sunday, December
2nd. We will see a musical adaptation based on the classic Charles Dickens's novel
"A Christmas Carol."
I am looking forward to traveling to Illinois in September to attend the Chicago
Gathering, My Kind of Town.
I will be giving a PowerPoint presentation "entitled "Historical Landmarks" at the
September Membership Meeting. The presentation will address a category of
replicas within our Dept 56 village collections that depict some of the most wellknown landmarks in the world. We will also enjoy our traditional ice cream social
at the meeting.
Come to the Anniversary Banquet and help us celebrate the
momentous occasion of our 20th Anniversary.
The Village Crier
In Memory of
Terry Watson
The Villagers were deeply saddened to learn of the
passing of Terry Watson on Sunday, June 17th at the Anne
Arundel Medical Center. Terry suffered for seven years
from a rare, incurable brain disorder called progressive
supranuclear palsy (PSP).
Terry was an active and loyal member of The Annapolis
Villagers since 1999. He collected "Original Snow
Village" pieces and we enjoyed his delightful displays
during open house events at their beautiful home in
Harwood, Maryland. The Villagers also enjoyed the
annual club picnics that were hosted at their Harwood
Terry was born in Asheville, North Carolina. After high
school graduation, he joined the Air Force and was
stationed in Hawaii where he served as a communications
specialist until 1965. Following his military service, he
worked in the communications field in Ohio and then in
Maryland where he resided for the past 41 years.
He was active in fundraising for Hospice of the
Chesapeake, Providence Center, Prince George's Hospital
and Prince George's Symphony.
Terry was an avid golfer and made numerous trips in the
United States as well as to Canada, Ireland, Scotland and
England, mostly seeking out challenging golf courses. He
was the proud owner of the 44th 1953 Corvette to come off
the assembly line in Flint, Michigan. He was an ardent
supporter of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels
and certainly made this known to his friends that were
University of Maryland Terrapin fans.
Terry is survived by his wife, Ileen; two sons, Robert and
Mathew and four grandchildren. Our prayers go out to the
Watson family.
Page 3
The following members
are celebrating a birthday
in September or October.
On behalf of The
Annapolis Villagers, we
wish you the best on your
special day.
Bob Eustice
Bill Roberts
Barbara Schubring
Barbara Fuller
Dick Baker
Kate Eustice
William Fuller
Allen Stam
Jeanne Steffan
Trudi Baer
James Rubain
Rich Steffan
If your birthday is not listed, we apologize but we
do not have your birthday in our data base. Please
notify Pete Baer so the data base can be updated.
Contributions in Memory of
Terry Watson
Memorial contributions may be made to:
● CurePSP
● Hospice of the Chesapeake
CurePSP is a nonprofit voluntary health
organization whose mission is to increase
awareness of progressive supranuclear palsy and
related brain diseases, fund research toward cure
and prevention, educate healthcare professionals,
and provide support, information and hope of
affected persons and their families. Their address
is: 30 E. Padonia Road, Suite 201,
Timonium, MD 21093
Hospice of the Chesapeake is a community based
non-profit organization that provides physical,
psycho-social, and spiritual support services to
individuals living with and affected by advanced
illness. Their address is: 445 Defense Highway,
Annapolis, MD 21401.
On behalf of the club, the amount of $100 was
contributed to CurePSP.
Page 4
The Village Crier
Sunshine Corner
By Dean Stevenson
Prayers and well wishes go out to the following
people that have been under the weather lately. If
you have time, please drop them a card. People
receiving well wishes and prayers from club
members have always been thankful.
♦ Marge and Barry Ebersberger
♦ Penny Dvorak
On the mend are:
♦ Jim Dvorak
♦ Dean Stevenson
♦ Shirley Dvorak
♦ Georgina Shultz
Please let me know if anyone is in need of a little
sunshine. Dean Stevenson at 410-923-2755 or email
at [email protected]
-Directions to Sir Walter Raleigh Inn6323 Greenbelt Road
Berwyn Heights, MD
From Annapolis & Vicinity 1. Take US-50 West, Merge onto Capital
Beltway (I-495) North via Exit 7B.
2. Proceed approximately 4.6 miles and merge
right onto Kenilworth Avenue/MD-201 South via
Exit 23 toward Bladensburg/Greenbelt.
3. Proceed to traffic light at bottom of exit ramp
and turn left onto Kenilworth Avenue/MD-201
4. Proceed approximately 0.6 mile and merge
right onto MD-193 (Greenbelt Road) West.
5. Stay left, proceed <0.2 mile amd make a Uturn at 63rd Avenue onto MD-193 East.
Proceed <0.1 mile to Restaurant on the right.
From North 1. Take Baltimore/Washington Parkway (MD295) South. Merge toward MD193/Greenbelt/NASA Goddard.
2. Proceed to traffic light and turn left toward
MD-193/College Park/Glenn Dale/NASA.
3. Proceed 0.1 mile and merge right onto MD193 West toward College Park/University of
4. Proceed 1.1 miles to 6th traffic light and
make a U-turn at 63rd Avenue onto MD-193
(Greenbelt Road) East.
5. Proceed <0.1 mile to Restaurant on the right.
Tea Time Collection
Charity Raffle
By Dean Stevenson
A really BIG thank you to all of you who bought tickets
for the charity raffle. We raised
$210 for our Charity Fund. The
drawing was held at the Brunch
and our winner is Betty Skipper.
Congratulations, Betty!!!
We are hoping to identify a
charity or charities for everyone to vote on at the
November Membership Meeting. If you have a charity
in mind, please call me with the information no later
than September 15th.
Thanks again.
Dean Stevenson at 410-923-2755 or email at
[email protected]
July Meeting Recap
The minutes for the May Membership Meeting were
submitted by Rosetta Clarke and approved. Pete Baer
submitted the treasurer's report. A balance of $2,903
was shown in the general fund and a balance of $2,258
in the charity fund with no major outstanding expenses
at this time.
Reports were presented as follows:
● Charity - Dean Stevenson
● Brunch at the Fleet Reserve - Dean
● 20th Anniversary Banquet - Bob Eustice
● "A Christmas Carol" at Toby's Dinner
Theatre - Bob
Ina Devine presided over the door prize drawing. The
winners were Norma Damico, Trudi Baer and Stella
The 50/50 raffle was conducted by Julius Angelucci and
the winner of $19 was Bob Eustice.
Many thanks to Pete & Trudi Baer and Stella Angelucci
for setting up the refreshments in the absence of Jim and
Shirley Dvorak.
The evening concluded with the Swap and Sell which
was coordinated by Phil McCutcheon.
Editor's Note: You can read the Minutes of the July
Membership Meeting on page 10 of the e-Crier section
of this newsletter.
To Sophie Harrigan who lost her brother, Gabe
Kavadias of Jupiter, Florida on July 1st.
To Phil McCutcheon who lost his father, Paul
McCutcheon, of Bowie, MD on July 11th.
The Village Crier
Page 5
Tuesday, November 13th
► CATEGORY 1: Previous Winners - Members who have won a first, second or third place
prize at least twice during the past five years.
► CATEGORY 2: Other Entrants - Members who do not meet the criteria for category 1.
► CATEGORY 3: Baskets and Wreaths -
♦ Display can be in any container, i.e., basket, crate, box, styrofoam base or other of your
choice. The width and length of the container/base must not exceed a total of 60".
♦ Baskets and wreaths for Category 3 must not exceed 24" at widest point.
♦ A circular display base must not exceed 120" in circumference.
♦ All displays must contain at least one Dept 56 item. Buildings should be predominantly
Dept 56 pieces. Accessories may be non-Dept 56 items.
♦ The theme is the entrants choice.
♦ You may start setting up your display at 6:15 p.m. All displays must be set up by 7:00 p.m.
Category 1 & 2: 1st Place - $50; 2nd Place - $25
Category 3: 1st Place - $40; 2nd Place - $20
A weighted ballot from members present will determine the winners.
If you would like to enter the contest or have any questions, contact Dick Baker at 301-2617756 or email at [email protected] A sign up sheet will be available at the September
Membership meeting. All entrants must be signed up no later than Monday, November 12th.
The Golden Goose
Dept 56 Open House
Sunday, October 14th
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The Golden Goose in Occoquan,
VA will be holding their annual
Dept 56 Open House on Sunday,
October 14th. Seminars, door
prizes, special displays, and other activities will be on the
agenda. Contact The Golden Goose for more information
at 703-494-4964 or visit their web site:
Page 6
The Village Crier
Toby’s Dinner Theatre of Columbia
Sunday, December 2nd
Toby’s offers award-winning Broadway and original shows with a buffet-style
dinner. Located in the heart of Columbia, MD, the performances in-the-round
provide the patron with an interactive experience. Additionally, the theatre is one on
the few regional dinner theatres to maintain a live orchestra. Toby’s has a full service
bar, 25-item salad bar, a lavish buffet, desserts
and a make-your-own sundae bar.
“A Christmas Carol” is a musical adaptation based on the classic Charles
Dickens's novel. The show was presented every holiday season at New York's
Madison Square Garden for 10 years. This traditional heart-warming story of
Scrooge is told in a new way with a score filled with beautiful melodies and
emotional lyrics featuring the holiday standard, A Place Called Home.
The buffet includes:
♦ Steamship Round
♦ Sesame Noodles
♦ Fruit & Cheese Board
♦ Roast Turkey Breast
♦ Vegetable Fried Rice
♦ Salad Bar & Caesar Salad
♦ Baked Virginia Pit Ham
♦ Orange Ginger Carrots
♦ Cake Selections
♦ Steamed Spiced Shrimp
♦ Broccoli in Garlic Sauce
♦ "Make-your-own" Sundae
♦ Baked Tilapia
♦ Asian Stir Fry Vegetables
♦ Coffee, Tea & Iced Tea
♦ Honey Sesame Chicken
♦ Spinach Casserole
♦ Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Times are as follows:
● Doors open.......................5:00 p.m.
● Buffet served....................5:15-6:30 p.m.
● Show starts.......................7:00 p.m.
The cost is $42 per person (includes show, all-you-can-eat buffet, coffee, tea, desserts, taxes and gratuity).
Parking is free. All members and guests are welcome. Please contact Bob Eustice at (301) 552-1858 or e-mail at
[email protected] if you plan to attend. Sign up will continue at the September Membership Meeting. The
deadline for sign up and payment is no later than October 20th. Make check payable to “The Annapolis
Villagers." Payment can also be mailed to: Bob Eustice, 7009 Wood Thrush Drive, Lanham, MD 20706.
By John Ehrenreich
It is summer and that time of year when we hit the road, traveling on vacations to the mountains,
beaches or visiting relatives out of town. On our road trips today, we have become accustomed to
seeing or driving many automobiles that are foreign in origin and in many cases did not even exist in the
United States 50 years ago. Collecting villages is often about recalling memories of a time past. I’m
sure most of us are old enough to remember “See the USA in your Chevrolet.” In Snow Village and
Christmas in the City, U.S. autos are still “King of the Road.”
For our Trivia:
(1) What automobile brands are represented in Snow Village and Christmas in the City?
(2) What is the most popular village automobile?
(3) What foreign brands, if any, are represented?
Answer on Page 8
Page 7
The Village Crier
Village Bridges
By Bob Eustice
What is the purpose of a bridge? To get to the other side, of course. One of the most important innovations in the
history of man is the bridge. What would the world we live in today be like without bridges. One can only wonder.
Without them, commerce would be greatly impeded. It would then be necessary to cross rivers with boats or
barges, which would greatly increase the cost and travel time. Within our village collections, Dept 56 has included
a variety of different types of bridges.
Dickens' Village: The "Lionhead Bridge" (1992-1997) is a classic little walking bridge that suggests that it
belongs in a beautiful London park or small formal garden.
The "Abington Bridge" (2000-2003) is a high-arching bridge that was introduced along with the "Abington Locks"
and "Abington Canal." The odd design results from the center of the bridge being high enough to allow a canal
boat to pass under it.
The "Tower Bridge of London" (2003-2004) is a striking replica of the famous London landmark. There are few
bridges in the world that are immediately recognizable as London's Tower Bridge. Like the actual bridge, the
Dickens' Village version opens to allow vessels to pass underneath.
Christmas in the City: The "Golden Gate Bridge" (2004-2006) is a replica of the famous bridge in California and
is included the Dept 56 Historical Landmark Series.
The "Brooklyn Bridge" (2005-2006) is a replica of the famous bridge in New York City and is included in the
Historical Landmark Series.
New England Village: The "Red Covered Bridge" (1988-1994) is a replica of a typical picturesque covered bridge
that is prevalent throughout New England.
Heritage Village: The "Stone Bridge" (1987-1990) is a beautiful little walking bridge.
General Village Accessories: The "Stone Trestle Bridge" (1997-2001) is suitable for inclusion in Dickens'
Village, New England Village, Alpine Village and Christmas in the City. This bridge is just wide enough to allow
an On30 model train to pass. The "Mill Creek Wooden Bridge" (1997-2002) depicts a bridge crossing any creek.
Lionhead Bridge
Abington Bridge
Tower Bridge of London
Golden Gate Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Red Covered Bridge
Stone Bridge
Stone Trestle Bridge
Mill Creek Wooden Bridge
Page 8
The Village Crier
2013 House Tours
January 4
Olde Fashion Christmas Party
A highlight event of the year for our club, the 2013
Annual Annapolis Villagers House Tours will be
held the weekend of Friday, January 4th through
Sunday, January 6th. In the event of inclement
weather, the tours will be rescheduled to the
following weekend. With the holidays on the
horizon, please consider hosting a stop on the tour
to showcase your Dept 56 displays and vignettes to
club members. Some new to collecting and some
seasoned veterans would love to see your favorite
displays, fresh ideas, and new techniques.
A sign up sheet will be available at the September
and November Membership Meetings. The
deadline for sign up is no later than December
Tuesday, December 11th
We will be having our annual Christmas
get together at the Legion again this year.
The festivities will include great food,
charity wheels of chance (including the
highly successful baked goods wheel)
and other surprises.
A sign up sheet will be available at the September and
November Membership Meetings. Please indicate the dish
(appetizer, salad, main dish or dessert) that you would like
to bring to the buffet. The dish should serve eight (8)
We will again be needing volunteers to help set up and
cleanup. If you would like to help out, please indicate on
the sign up sheet.
We will have more information in the next
newsletter. Save the date and join us for an
evening of fun and fellowship!!!
For additional information or sign up,
contact Barbara Schubring at 301-262-5802 or
[email protected]; Ina Devine at 301-464-0529 or
[email protected]
Starting off, there are a total of three auto dealers in the villages.
Snow Village:
Uptown Motors Ford #54941, 1998-2002
McKenzie’s Chevrolet #55389, 2005-2007
Christmas in the City:
Hensly Cadillac & Buick #59235, 2004-2006
(1) If your list included eight brands for a total of 28 vehicles, you know your village cars. The following automobiles
are “Imported from Detroit” for your village pleasure. (Note: the list does not include motorcycles, buses or any
commercial vehicles. Also, there are many other autos in both villages but they are not identified as to brand or make,
therefore, they are not on the list.)
Snow Village:
● Christmas Cadillac, #54135, 1991–1994
● 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, #55289, 2000–2007
● 1955 Ford Automobiles (6 assorted), #54950, 1998–2001 ● 1950 Studebaker, #55293, 2001–2004
● 1964½ Ford Mustang (3 assorted), #54951, 1998–2001
● 1951 Custom Mercury, #55294, 2001–2004
● 1955 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood, #55041, 2000–2000
● 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, #55295, 2001–2003
● 1958 Corvette Roadster, #55281, 2000–2007
● 1956 Mainline Police Sedan (Ford), #55297, 2002–2005
● 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, #55283, 2000–2006
● 1961 Ford Ranchero, #55532, 2002–2004
● 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup, #55285, 2000–2003
● 1955 Ford Thunderbird, #55535, 2004–2005
● 1954 Willy’s CJ3 Jeep, #55287, 2000–2002
● 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback, #55537, 2004-2006
● 1949 Ford Woody Wagon, #55288, 2000–2006
Christmas in the City
● 1919 Ford Model-T, #58906, 1998–2000
● 1940 V16 Cadillac Coupe, #59416, 2003–2006
● 1935 Duesenberg, #58964, 2000–2001
● 1939 Buick Roadster, #59429, 2004-2005
(2) Ford, by far, is the most popular village car with 15 vehicles listed. A distant second is Cadillac with four listed,
followed by Chevrolet with three. The remaining five brands had one each listed.
(3) If your list included a MG, VW, Toyota or any other foreign brand you need to hop into your DeLorean and take a
ride “Back to the Future”. There were no foreign brands found in either village.
Happy motoring!
Page 9
The Village Crier
Sep 11 Membership Meeting
Sep 16 20th Anniversary
Oct 9 Board Meeting
Oct 14 The Golden Goose Dept
56 Open House
Dec 2 "A Christmas Carol"
Toby's Dinner Theatre
Dec 11 Annual Christmas Party
Sep 21-23 Dept 56 Gathering
Rosemont, IL
Nov 13 Membership Meeting
& Display Contest
Meetings Held At
American Legion
Post 175
Unless otherwise noted, all Annapolis Villagers
Membership Meetings and Board Meetings are
held at the American Legion Post 175, 832
Manhattan Beach Road, Severna Park, MD.
Meetings start at 7:00 p.m.
From US-50, take MD-2 North exit. Follow MD-2
North through Arnold. After the traffic light at MD-2
and College Parkway, the next light is Jones Station
Road. Turn Right onto Jones Station Road and
make an immediate left onto Manhattan Beach
Road. Follow Manhattan Beach Road approximately
0.2 mile. Make a left into the parking lot of The
American Legion Post 175. The entrance to the
Banquet Room is to the left side of the parking lot in
the rear.
From Baltimore Beltway (I-695), take MD-2 South.
Follow MD-2 South (Ritchie Highway) through
Severna Park. At Jones Station Road, make a left.
From Jones Station Road, proceed as above.
From the Editor.....
Thank you to everyone who contributed to
this edition of The Village Crier.
If you have news to share, email me at
[email protected] or call me at
(301) 552-1858.
Bob Eustice
October 20, 2012
Please send your items of interest so
that they are received by the deadline.
The Village Crier
Bob Eustice, Editor
7009 Wood Thrush Drive
Lanham, MD 20706
Email: [email protected]
Page 10
e-Crier Page
The Annapolis Villagers
Membership Meeting
July 10, 2012
Bob Eustice called the meeting to order at 7:10
Bob presented a brief history of Terry Watson
who passed away on June 17th and how he
enjoyed the club and we enjoyed having him as a
member. He offered his condolences to the
Watson family and also to Sophie Harrigan on the
death of her brother.
The minutes for the meeting on May 8, 2012 were
approved. The treasurer’s report was sent out to
members and showed that we have $2,258 in the
charity fund and $2,903 in the general fund.
Dean Stevenson reported that she has not been
able to have a charity committee meeting due to
members not being available. She expects to have
it soon. She requested if any one had a charity for
the committee to consider submit the name and
what they do to her.
Dean reported that she needs to know how many
people are going to the brunch at the Fleet
Reserve Club on Sunday, August 5th and also how
many are going on the Severn River Cruise after
the brunch. The deadline for sign up and payment
is July 23rd. She stated that the basket charity
raffle winner will be chosen at the brunch.
Bob stated the 20th anniversary banquet will be
held on September 16th at Sir Walter Raleigh Inn
at a cost of $36 per person. The deadline for sign
up and payment is the September 11th membership
Bob reported that we are planning a trip to see “A
Christmas Carol” at Toby’s Dinner Theatre in
Columbia on December 2nd. It is $42 per person
and includes all you can eat buffet, coffee, tea,
desserts, taxes and gratuity. The deadline for sign
up and payments is October 20th.
Phil McCutcheon suggested getting a bus for club
members to attend the New England gathering in
2013. Trudi questioned the feasibility of holding
a bus for three days. Stella stated that bus
company do 2, 3, 4 or more day trips. It can be
checked into later.
Ina Devine held the door prize drawing with
Norma Damico winning a D56 watch, Trudi Baer
a Little Town of Bethlehem accessory
“Caravansary wall” and Stella Angelucci won A
Monopoly piece “Ald St. James Hospital."
Julius Angelucci conducted th 50/50 drawing with
Bob Eustice winning $19.
Phil McCutcheon described the guidelines for
Swap and Sell.
The meeting was adjourned and refreshments
were served. The evening concluded with the
Swap & Sell.
e-Crier Page
July Membership Meeting
Page 11
Page 12
e-Crier Page
July Membership Meeting
e-Crier Page
Brunch at the Fleet Reserve Club
Page 13
Page 14
e-Crier Page
Brunch at the Fleet Reserve Club
e-Crier Page
Brunch at the Fleet Reserve Club
Page 15
Page 16
e-Crier Page
Brunch at the Fleet Reserve Club
Annapolis Harbor Cruise

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