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Berks County HOG - Classic Harley
Berks County
Harley owners Group
Chapter #4579
March 2012
Hotline: (610) 926-3380
Director’s Report
By: Jim Arndt
Wow! It is hard to believe that in a few days we change the clocks to daylight savings time and in two
weeks spring officially arrives. Old man winter has been easy on us this year. We only have one more Polar
Bear ride this year and then it wraps up on Sunday 3/25 with the awards at Ozgoods. I would like to thank
Frank Young for continuing to lead the Polar Bear rides this year and knowing Frank, I’m sure he enjoyed
riding to all the events. For the chapter members that put their bikes in storage, it’s time to get them out of
mothballs. Make sure you do a safety check and don’t forget to check the air in the tires.
Your officers have been working hard over the past several months and with the hard work of Robin, George, Chuck, Bill, Tom and input from
the rest of your officers, the Chapter has several new ride programs for 2012. The first one is “Wacky Wednesday Wides”. This will take the place of
the traditional Hamburger and Ice Cream Wednesday rides. It will run every Wednesday from May thru September. The other ride program will be called M.A.D.E. (Most attended day events). This year it will start on April 1st and go up to the end of “Road
Warrior” in November. All daily rides will be included except for the” LOH only” rides and overnight rides. Next year the program will run in
conjunction with “Road Warrior”.
Both programs will have their own patches. (Thanks to George Miller) The M.A.D.E. program will also have random prizes to the members
that qualify. These prizes will be given out at the Christmas party.
Please make sure everyone either picks up a copy of the rules at the meeting or go onto our website to read them.
Like George and I stated at the last meeting, George Miller has designed another outstanding T Shirt. We hope that the design will be available
for the March meeting and George will be taking orders.
I would like to thank Classic Harley and the Kodz family for their generous support of the M.A.D.E. program along with the rest of the
programs they support annually.
Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Pignic. It has been moved to Sunday, June 3rd at the Gouglersville Fire Company.
For the new members, I’d like to mention 2 things that we do at the general meetings. We have a jar called the “Pig Pot”. Every member’s name
is in this pot. When you arrive at the meeting you place a $1.00 in the pot. If your name is called and you are present, you win the money in the pot.
If you are not present, the money rolls over. It continues to roll over each month until we have a winner. We also have a monthly raffle for items that
are donated by Classic Harley. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.
Ride safe!
a v a i l a b l e o n t h e we b at : ht tp : //h o g . c l a s s i c h a r l e y. c o m /e ve nt s
March April
7- 6:30pm LOH Meeting at Classic HD
8- 8pm Berks HOG Meeting at the Gouglersville Fire Company
9-17- Daytona Bike Week
11- 12pm-2pm Polar Bear #11: The Riverboat Saloon
18- 11am Holly Heilman Basket Bingo at Maidencreek Bingo Hall
19- 5pm Winter Wing Night at Chef Alan’s
20- 6pm HOG Round Table discussion at Classic HD
24- 10am Windsor Inn Ride (Chuck Smith)
25- 11am-1pm Polar Bear Awards at Ozgood’s Grill & Bar
29- 6:30pm Berks HOG Officers Meeting at Classic HD
4- 6:30pm LOH Meeting at Classic HD
5- 6pm Pasta Night at the Beverly Hills Tavern. Meet at the Beverly Hills Tavern. (Chuck Marley)
5- 8am Harley Plant Tour (Chuck Smith)
6- 11am Lunch Ride TBA (Robin)
7- 8am Bunny Run (Dale)
7- 10:30am LOH Only Ride to Union Jacks on the Manatawny
12- 8pm Berks HOG Meeting at the Gouglersville Fire Company
14- 10am Rumspringa Ride ( (George)
14- 7pm Holly Heilman Spring Fling Banquet, Kenhorst Fire Company
19-21- Harley Officers Training
22- 11am Spring Poker Run & Roll, Classic HD
26- 6:30pm Berks HOG Officers Meeting at Classic HD
28- 10am LOH Ride to Bubes Brewery. Open to Berks HOG.
Classic Harley - Davidson of Reading, PA
(610) 916-7777
[email protected]
Sponsor Report By; Kevin Kodz
The Classic Harley-Davidson Ride to Work Contest, through the end of
February, has seen 8 of us who have ridden to work for at least 10 days this
year. Two of us have ridden to work on at least 40 days this year. So I thought
I’d update you on the products that we’re all using for the first time this winter.
Harry and Dave Miller (Dave is a Service Tech) are both running Big Bore Stage 4
motors with Boysen air intakes and Harley EFI tuners. They’ve both achieved over
100 horsepower with over 40 miles per gallon fuel economy. Dave Dickson, who is with
the Sales team, has been using the new Nolan N90 modular full face helmet. The N90
features a flip front that can be locked securely, an easy to use flip down sun visor, a double
pane anti fog visor, and a removable chin curtain. George, who is in the Service department,
and Rusty, our Inventory Control Manager, are both using new rain gear this winter. Tim, in the Parts Department, and I are both
using new Gerbings heated jacket liners with dual thermostats. I’ve also used the GatorSkins socks, Gerbings water proof and heated
pants, and heated socks this winter. These are just a few of the products that we’ve personally used this winter while riding to work. If
you’ve got questions about how any of the products we sell will work, just ask and we’ll get you a first hand opinion.
C aryn,
Tony and Kevin
Mark your calendars for April 22nd. That will be the date for our Poker Run and Roll* for $10,000. We’ve mapped out a 4 stop, 70 mile
Poker Run that will depart between 11am and noon on the 22nd. Those pre-registered by April 15th will pay $10. Registration on the day of
the Run will be $20. For your money you will get a donut and coffee breakfast, scenic ride, and dinner served at the end stop. In addition,
the first 300 people registered will get a chance to win $10,000 at the last stop. There will be an additional 200 chances available for
purchase for $5 each. Who could ask for more than a great ride through the country and a chance to win 10 grand?
After last months newsletter was posted, Dot pointed out that I incorrectly stated the dates for Ride For Life 25 at the Steel Stacks
in Bethlehem. This years Ride For Life will be on Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th. When I first joined the Ride For Life in 1998 I
thought that MDA simply provided support to families in need. I quickly learned that MDA not only supports families who are affected by
neuromuscular diseases, more importantly MDA funds research towards finding a cure for all neuromuscular diseases. In the past 10
years huge strides have been made to identify the genes that cause neuromuscular diseases and then to develop treatments to counteract
those diseases. A glance at the News page of will give you an unbelievable list of advancements that have been, and
continue to be, made towards a cure. It is now very common for a child with a neuromuscular disease to live into adulthood and hold a
full time job. Just 10 years ago that was not the case. There is a tremendous amount of hope that the cure for so many diseases is right
around the corner. It really could be any day now that we see kids and adults who are able to rise out of their wheel chairs and walk to a
healthy life. Please consider joining the Ride For Life by picking up a fundraising packet at Classic Harley-Davidson. We’ll give you all of
the tools you need to easily fundraise.
Screw it, lets ride!
2 NEW Berks HOG Programs
Details for ALL Berks HOG Programs may be found under the “Programs” tab on the Berks County HOG website.
Most Attended Day Events (MADE)
Beginning April 1 and running through November
11 (Road Warrior mileage check) – Most Attended Day
All day events, with the exception
of LOH rides, Classic Harley
Davidson events, and benefit
rides, will count toward the
MADE program. Overnight
events and rides posted with
less than two weeks’ notice will
not be included for qualification.
A patch will be awarded to all
qualified, eligible participants
March 2012
Every Wednesday from May through September there will be a
ride led by one of our road captains or another chapter officer (22
total rides). Eligible participants who qualify will earn a patch that
will be presented at the Christmas Party.
There will not be an awards gathering or Perfect Attendance
reward. Replacing that will be the opportunity to win a $25 gift
card at one of ten (10) random WWW rides throughout the five
Berks HOG Newsletter
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is amazing how time moves right along in life, songbirds are returning home, spring is almost here
and warmer weather is on the horizon. In April we have two nice LOH ride destinations planned. The first
one is Saturday April 7, and is an LOH only ride. We will be headed to Union Jack’s Inn on the Manatawny
( We will be leaving Classic H-D at 10:30 AM for a
nice scenic ride to our destination. We’ll be arriving at Union Jack’s at approximately 12 noon. If you are
interested in going I will have a sign up sheet at the LOH meeting on Wednesday March 7 and also at the HOG
meeting on Thursday March 8. If you cannot make either meeting and would like to attend this ride, then by
all means send me an email ([email protected]). Please let me know by Monday April 2 so I can give the
establishment a final head count.
The second ride is Saturday April 28, and is going to be not only the ladies but the gentlemen have been
invited as well. We will be headed to Bube’s Brewery in Mt. Joy PA (
We’ll be leaving Classic H-D at 10:00 AM for a nice scenic ride to our destination. We’ll be arriving at Bube’s
Brewery at approximately 12 noon.. This will be a rain (four wheels) or shine (two wheels) event, because I was
required to put a large deposit down. If the weather is nice we will be in the Biergarten, however if the weather
is less than pleasant we’ll be in the Cooper’s Shed. We’ll be ordering from the Bottle Works menu, and we’ll be
able to do separate checks and will have our own waitress. Make sure you bring your camera’s it is quite a site.
They also have nice motorcycle and non-motorcycle T-shirts available for $25 to $28 in short or long sleeve.
If you’re interested in going I’ll have a sign up sheet at the LOH meeting on Wednesday March 7 and also the
HOG meeting on Thursday March 8. If you can’t make either meeting and would like to attend this ride, then
by all means send me an email ([email protected]). Please let me know by Monday April 23 so I
can give the establishment a final head count.
So dust off the motocycles ladies, maybe have Classic give them the once over or maybe even have Classic
detail them so they’re all nice and shiny for the start of the riding season. Yeahaw warm weather is on the way.
Holly Heilman Cancer Fund’s
Upcoming Events
Bingo on March 18 at the Maidencreek Bingo Hall. Doors open at 11am, bingo begins at 1pm. $25.00 per person, soda and hotdog included. See Sherry Knerr for tickets.
Spring Fling on April 14th at the Kenhorst Fire Co. See Robin Shilling for tickets.
Long Distance Endurance Ride on June 30th leave Sheetz in Leesport at 4 AM.
Harleys for Holly on Sept 8th at Gouglersville Fire Company.
Berks HOG Newsletter
March 2012
Activities Officer
By: Robin Shilling
Your Road Captains have been VERY busy designing two new programs for this year. They will be
announced at the March meeting. If you can’t attend this month’s meeting, please be sure to watch the HOG
portion of Classic Harley Davidson’s website for the documents detailing the new programs. Thanks to
George Miller, both programs have AWESOME patches that you can earn. The black and white version of
both can be found on the program documents. If you don’t have web access, feel free to contact any of the
Road Captains, Jim Arndt, or myself for the details.
Our last Winter Wing Night at Chef Alan’s is coming up on Monday, March 19. You can’t beat the deal –
all you can eat wings, pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert for $5.99!! We had 18 at our first gathering in January
and 30 at our February dinner. We have a back room all to ourselves and there is still room to grow in there!
Come on out for the last one!!
Please keep checking our events calendar often. Rides get added, changed, or deleted for different
reasons and we don’t want anyone to be inconvenienced!
Please note that the HOG Pignic is being held on Sunday, June 3 at Gouglersville Fire Company this year.
Your officers have decided to try something just a bit different this year. Watch for details coming soon!
Please feel free to contact me with any ideas. [email protected] OR 610-781-0870.
Chuck Smith’s Rides
Saturday March 24th 10:00 am - Windsor Inn, Jermyn PA.
Here’s your chance to tack on a couple additional miles before the Polar Bear check in. We will ride North of
Scranton to sample the Windsor’s “second best wings”
Leaving Classic at 10:00 am
220 mile day
Thursday April 5th - York Assembly Plant Tour
Leaving Classic Harley at 8 am for the new “Steel toe” tour. This is a new tour Harley has created. The
tour last about 2 hours and will take you through many areas of the plant you likely have not seen.
Steel toe booties and safety glasses are provided as well as an orange vest you get to keep. Tour groups
are limited to 8 people and a group picture is taken. You can visit the York website for more info.
There is a $35 fee per person for this tour. Included in the package is a $5 coupon for the gift shop. Space is
limited to 16 people- two groups. I have had 8 people sign up.
Make checks payable to BERKS HOG or cash works fine too.
You also have the option to do the free, 50 minute tour. Space is reasonably open for the free tour.
Following the tour a lunch stop is planned.
Go ahead; treat yourself to a mental health day.
If you are interested call me at 717-475-8105 and I will add you to the list.
March 2012
Berks HOG Newsletter
2012 Berks HOG T-Shirt
Hi everyone,
Thank you for making the last three year’s T-shirt sale a huge success. So, again as promised, we have
made a 2012 Berks HOG T-shirt available. The T-shirt this year is designed solely for Berks HOG. The
only chapter name on the T-shirt will be Berks HOG.
Left Chest Design
It was brought to my attention that the chapter was interested in a T-shirt for this year but, there were
three requirements:
1) T-shirt will have only Berks HOG chapter name on it.
2) The design needed to be patriotic.
3) The T-shirt orders must be distributed in time for the Wyomissing Memorial Day Parade starting at Nan and Fred Bittle’s home. The idea is for everyone along the parade route to see the patriotism of Berks HOG Chapter members.
Full Back Design
I think you will agree that this design does meet those requirements.
There are three patriotic colors to choose from, Cardinal Red, White and Metro Blue.
The design on the back will be the normal size. The design on the front will be approximately 4” long
and located on the left chest. The example shown is the color Metro Blue.
We will have examples of the designs with the colors on display at the March’s chapter meeting and
each meeting after for your convenience to place an order.
The price of one T-shirt will be $15.00. The cost of the T-shirt is exactly what Weikel Sportswear is
charging us to have the T-shirt made. The price of the T-shirt is based on ordering 72 T-shirts. If more than 72 T-shirts are sold, there will
be a reduction in the price.
We also have two styles to offer; men and women. The women’s style has shorter sleeves and is cut different than the men’s T-shirt. The
T-shirts are Gildan 100% cotton. The T-shirts are cut larger so shrinkage should not be a problem.
T-shirts can be ordered at anytime by contacting Nancy Willits (610-678-0735) or George Miller (610-856-5077). We will have the order
form with us at all times for your convenience. Please get your order in ASAP because the end date for ordering T-shirts will be at HOG
meeting Thursday, May 10th.
Reply to Sender
Berks HOG googlegroups emails reminder…..when we receive a Berks HOG googlegroups email, it
looks like it was sent from an individual because that persons email address shows in the “sent from”
section of the email. Such an email actually comes through the googlegroups forum, not from the
email address shown on the email. So remember, if you reply to a Berks HOG googlegroups email,
your reply will be sent to the entire Berks HOG googlegroup…..which could prove to be a very
interesting situation. If you would like to reply privately to the individual who posted the email on the
googlegroups, just click on their email address in the “sent from” section and it will reply directly to the
person and not the entire group.
Berks HOG Newsletter
March 2012
If you would like more information about this program, speak with one of our Road Captains or any officer.
Wendy Chubb
Bill Eisenhard
George Miller
Chuck Smith
Tom Tagert
Join the cause
Road Warrior
Sign up anytime to help the Chapter reach 1,000,000 miles
this year. See any Officer or stop by the Parts Department
inside of Classic Harley Davidson to sign you up.
We l c ome t o t h e C l ub! !
Mark Oatman
Marlene Ressler
Chris Comly
James Ressler
Not pictured: Arthur Ceresina, and Thomas Grubb
Berks County HOG Pig Pot
Win cash by being present at our chapter
meeting and play by placing $1.00 in our Pig Pot
jar. One member’s name is pulled at the close
of the meeting; if that member is present and
did play, they win! If no winner; all the money
remains in the Pot and is added to the following
If Berks County HOG’s member Cyndi Schreibeck
was present
at the February meeting she would be $285 richer.
Any Changes?
We want to stay in touch with all our members, so please send personal contact information changes
to Dave Weik, our membership officer ([email protected]). This way we can keep
our records current and information flowing to all members correct.
March 2012
Berks HOG Newsletter
Newsletter Articles
If you would like to submit a HOG related article for the Berks HOG Newsletter,
please email it to Amy Hicks at [email protected] You can also email her
Harley motorcycle items you have for sale.
Attention Berks County HOG Members
Your ad could be here to promote your business!
Give an officer your business card or ad that
fits in this space before the 1st Thursday of the
month prior to the month of publication.
Rates are $100/year or $50/ six months
For complete information contact Sue Carter at [email protected]
com or call 610-670-5841. You may also contact any other officers.
Berks HOG Newsletter
March 2012
2012 Berks HOG Officers
[email protected]
[email protected]
Assistant director
[email protected]
Road captain
[email protected]
Road Captain
[email protected]
Safety Officer
[email protected]
[email protected]
LOH Officer
[email protected]
[email protected]
Road captain
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Activities Officer
[email protected]
e We
Road captain
[email protected]
Membership Officer
If you have questions regarding one of our programs please email the corresponding email.
[email protected]
March 2012
[email protected]
[email protected]
Berks HOG Newsletter
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