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Esperanza Garay
TTVTelenovelas report
O Bem-Amado (1973) Gabriela (1975)
Sinhá Moça (1986)
Globo Turns 40
The international
distribution division
of Brazilian network
Rede Globo -one of
the largest drama
factories in the
world- is celebrating
its 40th anniversary
from the time it sold
its telenovela ‘O BemAmado’ to Uruguay’s
Teledoce channel
in 1973. The company
continues expanding its
international business
to this day, and ttv is
taking a look back at
this past four decades.
By Sebastián Amoroso
Twitter: @sebamoroso
[email protected]
his is a very special year for Globo and its international distribution division. This year, that project that began with the distribution of a telenovela
called ‘O Bem-Amado’ to Teledoce in Uruguay back in 1973, was the first
step in a content distribution venture that hasn’t stopped growing since,
reaching all corners of the globe, harvesting several international awards
and following down the same path as great media groups. It all started
a few months ago in January, during the opening day at the 2013 Natpe
in Miami, where Globo presented its catalog of programming for the new
year to 150 international guests at the event, while also celebrating its 40th year of presence in the global market.
“It’s a true joy for us to be able to celebrate 40 years of successful business in the international markets with all our clients who are interested in our work and invest on our productions,”
Raphael Corrêa Netto, executive director of International Business at Globo, said to ttv that day
in late January. “We are leaders in Brazil and a reference in drama production across the globe.
The trust from our viewers and partners was achieved through hard work, professionalism, investments in high quality and creativity.”
HISTORY OF SUCCESS. All things must start somewhere. For Globo, it all began with the sale
of one of its productions, ‘O Bem-Amado’ to the Teledoce network in Uruguay in 1973. And from
that moment on, both companies have worked together to this day.
After that, networks and audiences in regional countries began to enjoy the productions Globo
offered the international market, known for its profound stories, big budgets and high quality
factual content.
“During those 40 years as a company we’ve managed to accomplish a great challenge, which
is taking the Brazilian product, creativity and innovation across all borders,” Netto said at Natpe
2013. “I mean, we travel across borders in the
sense that we take Globo’s product and Brazilian culture to all continents. I think this is a
role we must be proud of and something will
surely continue to do,” he added.
versión of the hit telenovela ‘Gabriela, Cravo
e Canela’, based on Jorge Amado’s book and
starring Sônia Braga, will be distributed this
year by Globo and Warner Bros. International
Television Distribution.
History then continued to prove Globo’s products were destined to become established
worldwide. Thus in 1981 Globo won its first
International Emmy with the kids’ musical ‘Vinicius para Criança - El Arca de Noé’, based on
the work of Vinicius de Moraes and directed
by Augusto César Vannucci.
“Our telenovelas have been part of our
viewers’ lives for the past 40 years. Titles like
‘Sinhá Moça’, ‘Roque Santeiro’, ‘O Rei do Gado’
and ‘The Clone’; are sold to this day to networks on different platforms like satellite,
cable and IPTV,” Ricardo Scalamandré, director of Globo’s International Business Division,
said to ttv.
By the end of the nineties, more precisely in
1999, Globo launched its international network
Globo TV Internacional, becoming the first Brazilian network to be broadcast via satellite to
Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking audiences
overseas, with digital quality, 24 hours a day.
“Our telenovelas
have been part
of our viewers’
lives for the past
40 years.”
Guilherme Bokel, Executive Director of International
Entertainment; Ricardo Scalamandré Head of International
Business and Raphael Correa Netto,
Executive Director of International Business at Natpe 2013.
Nowadays, the network has over 620,000 subscribers worldwide, in 116 countries across the
five continents. Its programming includes live
newscasts, sports, telenovelas, miniseries, kids’
programs and variety shows.
The international awards kept on coming, and
in 2009 the company won its second International Emmy Award in the Best Telenovela
category with ‘India – A Love Story,’ by Gloria
Globo co-produced its first telenovela with its
partner network Telemundo in the US. The title was ‘The Clone’ -an adaptation of ‘The Clone’
by Gloria Pérez, originally broadcast in 2001
on Globo’s primetime in Brazil, and sold in
over 90 countries-, which aired from February
to October in the US and Mexico, reaching
high ratings.
In 2011 came another telenovela, ‘Blood Ties’,
co-produced between Globo and SIC, which
also won another International Emmy in the
Best Telenovela category. That same year, Globo won another Emmy in the Best Newscast
category for ‘Jornal Nacional’s coverage of the
invasion of the Complexo do Alemão neighborhood.
One year later in 2012, Globo won yet
another Emmy for ‘The Illusionist’, named
Best Telenovela, and another statue for ‘The
Invisible Woman’, crowned Best Comedy at
the ceremony. The company then also launched its sixth feed for Zon’s basic package in
Globo is currently developing new co-productions, including ‘Marido en Alquiler’ with
Telemundo, an adaptation of the original
Brazilian version sold as ‘Looks & Essence’ -in
production since February with no pending
release date-, in addition to other projects
with Azteca (Mexico) and Caracol Televisión
(Colombia). On top of this, ‘Gabriela’, a new
“We believe this success and recognition are
mostly due to the quality of the content we
offer. They’re original productions, always
good love stories with humor and drama. We
are very proud to be able to take these emotions to homes across the globe. I think this
comes from the passionate way we devote
ourselves to television,” he concluded.
Roque Santeiro
TTVTelenovelas news
Premieres in Ecuador
Venevision International’s new telenovela ‘Rosario’
made its debut in Ecuador on January 28 through local channel TC Televisión. The series, starring Itahisa Machado, Guy Ecker and Lorena Rojas was produced in HD by Cisneros Group’s
Venevision Productions, and has already been acquired in Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador and Canada. “Clients are already acquiring this
telenovela. This is the direct result of their trust and the quality
of our product, which we’ve been known for during our 35
years in the business,” said César Díaz, VP Sales at Venevision
Alex Lagomarsino,
Founder of Mediabiz,
and Virginia Berberian,
International Business
Director of Mediabiz
con mi Jefe’
in Mexico
Finds New Screens
for ‘Fina Estampa’
Following a successful premiere in its home town of Brazil, as well as Portugal, Ecuador, Uruguay and Colombia; TV Globo’s telenovela ‘Fina Estampa’ is now arriving in new destinations. Distributed by Globo TV International, the series will air in Chile through Canal 13, Bolivia through
Unitel and Canada with Omni. Created by Aguinaldo Silva, ‘Fina Estampa’ has scored excellent
ratings in numerous countries, becoming the leader in its 7:00 PM tmeslot in Portugal (SIC) and
Uruguay (Teledoce).
As an adaptation of Pol-ka Producciones’ hit telenovela, ‘Durmiendo con mi Jefe’ made its debut in
Mexico on March 3 on local channel
El Canal de las Estrellas. The series
was sold to Televisa by international
distributor Mediabiz. Featuring Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo, Raúl Araiza and
Cecilia Galiano; the Mexican version
of ‘Durmiendo con mi jefe’ scored
excellent ratings among Mexican
audiences, and will include 20, halfhour episodes. Alex Lagomarsino,
CEO of Mediabiz, highlighted the
series’ success and described it as
another recognition to Argentine
fiction in the Aztec country.
Venevision Wins Over Asia
Global entertainment company Venevision International has taken its hit telenovela ‘Eva
Luna’ all across the Asian territory. After disembarking in Japan and China, the series made its way
to Vietman, where it premiered on March 3 at 8:00 PM on VTV 6 network; and will soon air in Korea.
“’Eva Luna’s premiere in Vietnam was thanks to our focus on the Asian region as part of our global
distribution strategy for our catalog,” said César Díaz, Sales VP at Venevision International. “I must also
recognize Miguel Somoza’s performance as our Sales manager in Asia. I really believe we can’t ask
for a better position in the Asian market, which gives us a boost ahead of Miptv, where we hope to
continue expanding our presence in the region.”
Miguel Dvorak,
President & COO of the
Cisneros Group of Companies
TTVTelenovelas Q&A
Esperanza Garay, SVP Sales and Acquisitions,
Latin America - Telemundo Internacional
The US network’s international distribution division
is disembarking in Cannes with a sizeable lineup of
telenovelas, with titles like ‘Forbidden Passion’, ‘The Return’
and ‘The Lord of the Skies ‘ –co-produced between
Telemundo and Caracol Televisión- that combine compelling
stories with high-quality production.
Esperanza Garay,
SVP Sales and Acquisitions, Latin
America, Telemundo Internacional
Internacional’s offer
features telenovelas
that are known
for their great
performance, as well
as other series and
formats that will
surely spark great
By Sebastián Amoroso
Twitter: @sebamoroso
[email protected]
elemundo Internacional is known for
developing high-quality telenovelas
and establishing the genre worldwide, always prioritizing good scripts
and production, finding the right
talent and using cutting-edge technology, to
create products with a life of their own. In the
following interview with ttv, Esperanza Garay,
SVP Sales and Acquisitions, Latin America at
Telemundo Internacional gives an overview
of the network’s main titles to present at the
Palais des Festivals.
How would you describe Telemundo
Internacional’s offer for MIPTV 2013?
Telemundo’s offer is extremely appealing for
our clients because it features telenovelas
that are known for their great performance, as
well as other series and formats that will surely spark their interest.
Which telenovelas will Telemundo Internacional be presenting in Cannes? We
are taking ‘Forbidden Love’ and ‘The Return’,
which is doing great in the US. ‘The Return’s
performance is groundbreaking, especially
considering it’s broadcast at 9:00 PM. In this
timeslot, it’s even been able to surpass ratings registered by ‘The Queen of the South’,
and this time frame is highly competitive.
Meanwhile, ‘Forbidden Love’ has shown increasing ratings and has a level of production that has made audiences embrace it
even more. And we’ll also show a preview of
a new major production ‘The Lord of the Skies’,
produced by Telemundo in association with
Caracol Televisión, which we expect will be
overwhelmingly successful.
How have Telemundo Internacional’s titles
performed in Latin America? One of Telemundo Internacional’s titles that truly deserves a special mention for its performance in
Latin America is ‘Tales of the Virgin of Guadalupe’, a series with stories related to the Virgin
of Guadalupe. This series is broadcast daily
on Telemundo with excellent ratings for the
US network. It’s been one of Telemundo’s top
products and now we’re taking it to other
countries in the region. We’ve tried it out in
Ecuador’s primetime on Ecuavisa, and it had
a great run. It was also broadcast at daytime
and it was also a success. ‘Tales of the Virgin
of Guadalupe’ has been distributed in several
countries throughout the region and we are
fully confident it will continue to be a success.
Forbidden Love
TTVTelenovelas Q&A Forbidden Love
“’The Return’s
performance is
considering it’s
at 9:00 PM.”
“We’ll also show a
preview of a new
major production
‘The Lord of the
Skies’, produced
by Telemundo
in association
with Caracol
Televisión, which
we expect will be
The Return
What details can you share about ‘The
Return’s performance in the US? ‘The Return’,
which premiered in January in the US and is
just taking its first steps in Latin America, where
it’s been sold to over 90% of the region, continues to be as successful there as it was in the
US, where it even surpassed ‘The Queen of the
South’. In this sense, ‘The Return’ has scored ratings of over 1.5 million viewers among adults
18-49, marking the seventh time it registered
ratings of over a million viewers.
In addition to telenovelas, how have Telemundo Internacional’s adaptations in Europe worked out in 2012? Of the formats we
sold in 2012, it’s worth highlighting the success of ‘Quinceañeras’, a teen game show that
appeals to both moms and daughters, both
of which are part of the competition and thus
helps engage more viewers. This format has
done great in Kazakhstan, where more than
one season has been developed.
Telemundo Internacional also represents
titles from Chile’s TVN worldwide. What
would you highlight from these Chilean
productions? At Miptv we’ll also present ‘Separados’, which is part of TVN Chile’s catalog,
as well as series ‘Tales of the Virgin of Guadalupe’, which was developed successfully in the
US and Ecuador. We also have ‘Naím Effect’, a
weekly news series hosted by Moises Naím
from Washington DC, which analyzed current
affairs and world news, produced by NTN 24.
Are you presenting any entertainment series in Cannes? We’ll present an entertainment format called ‘Letris’, a game show that’s
very innovative with elements of interactivity, and is already very popular on tablets and
smartphones. This product premiered on
April 1 on TVE in Spain, and by the time we
arrive at MIPTV, clients will be able to see the
first few episodes aired in Spain. ‘Letris’ is part
of Reset TV’s catalog, the company responsible for ‘Operación Triunfo’. We’ll also present
other productions from their catalog like
‘Minuto de Gloria’, an interesting game show
in which two contestants aspire to become
music stars. ttv
Compulsive Times
Vivir a Destiempo
The Hypochondriac
Warriors of the Sand
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Julieta González,
Sales Executive,
International Sales
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Executives Attending
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Sales Executive
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Marcel Vinay Jr.,
CEO Comarex
Compulsive Times
(120 X 1 hr.)
(Series – 14 x 60’)
The Renacer Foundation. A therapeutic space
for severe OCD outpatients. The experienced Dr.
Ricardo Buso (Miras) is responsible for treating
a group of outpatients with diverse severe
ailments: Gerardo (Arengo) who’s a workaholic
and has IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder); Ines
(Peterson) an OCD hoarder with an eating
disorder; Sofia (Gamboa) her body bears the
scars and injuries she inflicts herself to silence
her deeper pains, she suffers from DSH (Deliberate Self Harm); Teresa (Carra) and her MPD
(Multiple Personality Disorder) always vying for
one to prevail; and Esteban (De La Serna) the
more complex case of them all, he’s a mythomaniac, a person with an irresistible impulse
for lying and exaggerating, he is a psychopath
with a brilliant mind. Dr. R. Buso and his loyal
friend and colleague Ezequiel (Minujin) will try
to bring relief to outpatients every time they
gather for group therapy.
(Telenovela - 120 x 60’)
Paula Duarte has been married to Rogelio Bermudez for 22 years, a marriage that has been
full of more downs than ups. Self-centered
and arrogant, Rogelio has browbeaten Paula
virtually from the day they walked down the
aisle. Paula met Rogelio at university during a
difficult time in her life. She had lost her father
and her boyfriend, Alejandro Monroy who had
suggested they take a “break” so he could go
study abroad. Paula, who was madly in love
with Alejandro, was deeply hurt and decided
to give Rogelio a chance in an effort to forget
her ex boyfriend. A few years later, Alejandro
returns and tries to catch up with Paula, mainly
out of nostalgia and because his marriage to
Amparo Avalos is going through a rough patch.
Naked family
La Otra Cara del Alma
Dicky and Lorna Cocker’s family is a very peculiar one. During the 80’s, they ventured into the
skin flicks industry. The partnership was made
in heaven: Dicky directed and Lorna was the
porn star; the company was a huge success
and became leaders in the industry. Now,
thirty years later, not all’s the same. They are
just miserable and on the verge of a divorce.
One night. That’s all it took to lose it all. The
second her mother kneeled in front of her Aunt
Josefina and Uncle Carlos and begged for their
compassion made Alma lose her innocence and
her childhood dreams. But compassion was not
forthcoming. After wrongfully accusing Alma’s
father of pilfering from his jewelry business,
Uncle Carlos threw him and his family out
on the street. In anger, Alma utters her curse
and a few minutes later, the only daughter
of Uncle Carlos and Aunt Josefina, dies in the
arms of her daughter, Daniela. Alma and her
parent’s leave, but their car is run off the road
in a storm and only Alma survives. Alone and
shunned by her blood relatives, she ends up in
an orphanage with only Gallo, a good friend
of her late father’s, to turn to. One year later…
Aunt Josefina has taken over her husband’s
jewelry business and rescues Alma from the
orphanage, more out of guilt than any real
concern for the child.
(Series – 13 x 60’)
The Social Leader
(Series – 36 x 60’)
Vivir a Destiempo
‘The Social Leader’ tells the story of a political
staffer, a man that keeps his dreams alive in
a very peculiar way: through the political and
social work within a neighborhood. He influences the actions and drives the destinies of the
neighbors he represents in the area he has
taken control of. ‘The Social Leader’ is a personal
story that portrays the path of frustrations and
unfulfilled wishes.
(The Other Side Of The Soul) (Drama - 124 x 60’)
Macarena Gonzales is a hypochondriac who
strongly believes that she will die soon. Her
dream seems to come true when, Dr. Alejandro Pulido misdiagnosis her with only 6 more
months to live, when in reality she has a long,
healthy life ahead of her. What will happen
when both discover the truth? In a situation like
this, the best cure is love. A co-production of
Caracol Television and Sony Pictures Television.
To the rhythm of love, Rafael Orozco
(80 x 1 hr.)
Rafa, was what his close friends called him,
was destined to be one of those unforgettable
people. From a very young age he had a very
special talent for “Vallenato” music (a native
Colombian rhythm), but he was also charming
which made him irresistible to women. But Clara Cabello was different from the rest and from
the first moment he met her he was captivated
by her smile, her words and her eyes. Although
many men would get in his way trying to win
her heart, he knew that love would make his
songs immortal and gave him no doubt that
she would always be by his side on his path
towards success. But the night of the 11th of
June of 1992 his romantic voice was silenced
forever. Nine gunshots where needed to end
the life of the man that had moved the world
through his unforgettable songs. Why was he
killed? Who killed him? These are the questions
we still have.
(Drama/Mini-series - 30 x 60’ HD)
The series tells the story of a young ballerina,
who despite having a successful career and a
promising future, decides to leave everything
behind to share a dream with a group of
street acrobats, born in the slums of the city.
She discovers the talent of these guys, and
undertakes the biggest challenge of her life:
helping them become professional dancers
and bringing them to the biggest stage of the
world: Broadway. The series is based on the real
life of Vania Masias, one of the faces selected by
the Coca Cola brand for its regional campaign,
for being considered a role model for the Latin
American youth.
(Animation - 74 x 2’)
Animated series for preschool children which
narrates the experiences of a 4 year old boy
who travels through the world using his imagination. Based on the famous ‘The Little Prince’
by Saint-Exupery, the series has been a success
all over the world through the most important
networks. Versions in French, Italian, German
and Spanish are available.
(Drama - 13 x 60’ HD)
Drama television series. Under the motto “what
we look and do not see” the series deals with
conflicts related with the exclusion, discrimination, inequality, exploitation and harassment
situations, in thirteen episodes which invites
the viewer to take awareness of their social
behavior. Winner of 2 International Emmy
Awards in 2012 in the Best Performance by
male and female categories.
Brazil Avenue
Las Vegas
The Three Cains
King David
Latin Media Corporation
RCN Televisión
Record TV Network
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Brasil. CEP: 01140-080
Tel.: +55 11 3300-5468
Email: [email protected]
Stand: 13.14
Executives Attending
Raphael Correa, Executive Director
of International Business
Guilherme Bokel, Executive Director
of International Entertainment
Daniel Djahjah, Head of Sales
Bruno Guerra, Head of Product Development
Ramona Bakker, Production Manager
Pedro Dombrasas, Sales Manager
Marcelo Mattar, Sales Manager
Bruno Assumpção, Sales Executive
João Fonseca, Sales Executive
Rodrigo Vilela, Sales Executive
Leticia Eboli, Marketing Coordinator
Ricardo Scalamandré,
Head of International
(150 x 45’ HD)
‘Brazil Avenue’ is a dynamic, lifelike, and modern
telenovela that reveals how blind ambition and
inflicted cruelty can change the course of a life.
This is the dramatic story of Rita, who struggles
to recover the life her dreadful stepmother
Carminha took from her when she was a child.
She will have to confront her past and decide
how far she is willing to go to exact revenge on
the people that hurt her the most.
(120 x 45’, HD)
‘Sparkling Girls’ centers around three young
and beautiful, hard-working housekeepers
who reach stardom instantly when an online
video clip of them singing, surprisingly becomes a hit. Their success provokes the wrath of
a glamorously gaudy and outspoken famous
singer who will do anything to ruin the girls’
friendship and career. With humor, romance,
over the top characters, and bright, glittery stage performances set to catchy tunes, ‘Sparkling
Girls’ delivers all of the expected delights and
shows that dreams really do come true.
Executives Attending
Farid K. Ahmad, Executive Director
Carlos Documet, Sales/Administrative Assistant
Executives Attending
Maria Lucia Hernandez, International Sales
Lina María Waked, International Sales.
Ricardo Cruz, Acquisition Director.
Sara Gutierrez, Programming Vice-president
Executives Attending
Edson Pfutzenreiter Mendes, International Sales
José Escalante,
Executive Director
Delmar Andrade,
International Sales
Gabriel Reyes Copello,
Las Vegas
(Telenovela - 85 x 45’, in production)
This is the story about a family made up of
average and normal women who are forced to
manage a peculiar business in order to survive:
a nightclub for women. They are in the necessity to pay their debts left behind by the late
head of household – a mother and her three
daughters will have to put aside their shyness
in order to make this particular establishment
into a success or lose it all. Not only will they
have to work with a particular group of inexperienced “strippers but they will also have to put
at risk the stability of their lives, deal with being
prejudged by those who are around them and
fight against the temptation of letting their
passions drive them wild. Because working in
the sensual industry, these women will start a
liberating journey to independence that will
change their lives forever.
Three Teresas
(Telenovela - 84 x 23’)
The presence of the train is the universe, the
hope of our protagonists of this short, dynamic,
emotional, and full of hope of a country that
is thriving and progressive. Here we will meet
three women in their key ages: 48 year old María Teresa, Cruz Teresa of 28 years old and Ana
Teresa of 18 years of age. We will witness their
struggles, their everyday life as workers of the
country’s most important railway system, their
love stories, their frustrations and above all,
their accomplishments which is always supported by what the train means in their lives. ‘The
Teresas’ is a vibrant, fun and emotional story
of three women and their lives whose destiny
has been marked by the arrival of the railway
system that not only brought progress and jobs
to the people who live in their neighborhood,
but also a radical change in their hopes of
finding love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.
(Series - 75 x 60’ HD)
‘The Three Cains’ relates the incredible real life
story of the Castaño brothers: Carlos, Fidel and
Vicente, who shook Colombia’s history in their
quest for justice and vengeance after suffering
a family tragedy on the hands of the guerilla.
They created the world’s most powerful private
army financed by landowners, politicians, military men and drug dealers, with the purpose of
ending the guerrilla but at the end, they ended
up dragging with them the entire nation in a
war that destroyed even their whole family.
(Telenovela – 120 x 60’)
Rosa Maria supports her husband to make his
American dream come true. Alex lives in New
York and his dream is to reunite with Michael
and Rosa Maria, but destiny plays a bad pass,
since Michael is the only one that is able to
travel because Rosa Maria is returned at the
airport and is forced to stay in Colombia. Her
daily struggle is to find a way to be with her
son again, especially after discovering her
husband’s betrayal. She falls in love again
with the man that is currently her boss, but he
doesn’t know about Michael’s existence and
doesn’t know how to forgive Rosa Maria for
her deception.
King David
(Series – 29 chapters)
David’s life is marked by love and hate, intrigue,
friendship, betrayal and forgiveness. David’s
legacy is to show mankind that all men are
capable of committing sin and injustice, but
that they’ll only find the path when they obey
God’s laws.
Tricky Business
Isabel Vilela is about to fulfill one of her greatest
wishes. She’s been married for a year with the
cheerful Danilo when she realizes that she’s
pregnant on the eve of a romantic trip. Isabel’s
professional life is also booming, with financial
help from Danilo, she’s about to inaugurate
her own architecture firm. However, all of her
dreams vanish when she discovers the truth
about her husband: he’s young man has a
gambling habit and is drowning in debt. Reason for which they have to sell the apartment
that they live in, dissolve the architecture firm
and cancel the trip they have planned. When
thieves threaten Danilo, Isabel sees a side of
Danilo that she didn’t know. This causes her to
lose her baby and with it, puts an end to their
(Serie - 76 x 60’)
Despite the intention of trying to abandon the
drug business and taking a new path, “The Drug
Lord” has been involved in a new war, this time
against The Mexican drug lord “Pacifico Blanco.”
In The drug Lord rush from trying to be with his
family that has suffered the extradition to the
United States. Now vengeance, passion and
mainly the action will not have limits.
Los Vecinos en Guerra
The Return
Wild at Heart
Telefe International
Telemundo International Televisa Internacional
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Executives Attending
Executives Attending
Guillermo Borensztein, Business Development
& Research
Maria Eugenia Costa, International Business
Executive, Programming, Formats & Production
Maria Rosario Cosentino, International Business
Executive, Programming, Formats & Production
Meca Salado Pizarro, Head of Marketing
Xavier Aristimuño, SVP Sales & Business Development
Esperanza Garay, SVP Sales & Acquisition, Latin
Luis Daniel Capriles, VP International Digital
Media Sales
Karina Etchison, VP of Sales, Europe, Africa and
Middle East
Melissa Pillow, Sales Director, Europe
Olimpia Del Boccio, Marketing & Promotions
Claudio Ipolitti,
International Business
Marcos Santana,
(Family Comedy – 150 X 1 TV hr. HD)
It is the story of Mecha and Rafael, The Crespos.
Mecha is a 40-year-old housewife, who, 20
years ago was a member of a gang of swindlers
but nobody in her current life knows about her
past. In the past, Mecha worked with Alex, who
recruited her for that kind of task and became
her first love, and with Ciro, who planned and
financed the scams. A robbery failed and the
group dissolved. She changed her identity
and started a new life, far from the world of
scams. Mecha has never told Rafael her secret
and even if they are happy, she is a bit bored
of being a mother and a wife. One morning,
which seemed just like any other morning,
they discover the most luxurious and expensive
house of the neighborhood has new occupants:
The Mayorgas. When Mecha sees them, she is
shocked to discover that the father of the family
is Alex, her old flame and partner in crime,
whom she believed dead.
(Drama – 30 x 1 TV hr.)
Lucia’s Secrets
This Telefe production has 30 episodes and
is starred by a renowned rotating cast. Wellknown actors who, in each episode will deal
with different topics related to love, passion,
friendship, emotion, tenderness, the strength
of values and the fight to defend them. ‘Stories
From the Heart’ aired on Telefe on January
8th, every Tuesday at 6pm with an excellent
rating performance, registering an average
30.2% share.
(Telenovela - 120 x 1 hr.)
The life of Gabriela Suarez, the only woman in
the San Pedro del Oro mine, takes a turn after
she falls for Alejandro Beltran, the eldest son of
Antonia Guerra, the most powerful and feared
woman of the town. The love that blossoms
between them is tormented by ambition.
Gabriela is unjustly locked in a detention
center where she is tortured and humiliated.
Once she manages to escape, she is presumed
dead. Years later she returns, transformed
into Veronica Dantes, “The Boss”, who arrives
determined to carry out her revenge against
those who destroyed her life.
(Telenovela - 120 x 1 hr.)
The day Bianca Santillana decided to take revenge against her mother for all the suffering
she caused when she killed Bianca’s father, the
young woman never imagined that this would
cause the worst nightmare of her life. With the
best of intentions Bianca decides to marry Ariel
Piamonte, a distinguished millionaire who
her mother wishes to make moves on, as she
considers he is the best solution for maintaining
her status in high society.
6355 NW 36th Street Miami, FL. 33166 USA
Tel.: +1 (786) 265 2500
Fax +1 (786) 265 2269
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Executives Attending
Claudia Sahab, Director for Europe
Mario Castro, Director of Asia and Africa
Ricardo Ehrsam, General Director of Europe and Asia
Fernando Perez Gavilan,
VP of Televisa
Executives Attending
Manuel Perez, Vice President & CFO of Venevision
International (VVI)
Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Sales (VVI)
Miguel Somoza, Regional Sales Director (VVI)
Daniel Rodriguez, Sales Director, Latin America
Cristobal Ponte, Exclusive Independent Representative for Europe, Africa & M.E.
Juan Julio Baena, President, Vision Europa,
Exclusive Independent Representative for Spain
Wild at Heart
(Traditional – 150 x 60’)
Eventhough she never met her father, life
seemed perfect to Maricruz. She lived with
her grandfather and her sister, surrounded by
nature and isolated from people´s malice. But
by meeting Octavio and falling in love with
him, her entire world changed. Life will put
some difficult tests in front of her which she
will have to pass: losing her biggest love, her
grandfather´s death and meeting again with
her father. Now she will be able to face her new
destiny being “Wild at Heart”.
The Lady from Vendaval
(Traditional – 150 x 60’)
Marcela will do whatever it takes; even finding
a provisional husband, in order to save “El Vendaval”, the property her mother left her. That
is how she will meet Alessandro, one of the
candidates to be her husband who arrives in El
Vendaval looking for the real thief of his family´s
necklace and suspecting at the beginning that
Marcela is guilty. No one knows that along that
path they will find love and together they will
discover Marcela´s innocence and the real thief,
fighting against intrigue, passion and lies which
will bring up the best and the worst in each
character of this story, just to defend their love.
(Traditional – 150 x 60’)
Fabiola, Corina and Amparo are widower
daughters Olegario Montoya, owner of the
Hacienda “Las Bandidas”. The plot revolves
around the love stories of three sisters and an
old family rivalry between Olegario Montoya
and Rodrigo Irazabal, because he thinks that
Olegario caused his brother death. The three
sisters have to live and overcome a series of
lies and betrayals to see their love fulfill, even
the fact that one of them falls in love with the
number one enemy of his father, causing his
father’s wrath and a storm of conflicts.
Miguel Dvorak,
President & COO
of the Cisneros Group
of Companies
Lucia’s Secrets
(Teleserie – 75 x 45’ HD)
This action-packed series breaks away from
the classic telenovela. Amnesia leaves Lucia
with an unknown past and uncertain future
as she navigates through life running from an
unknown threat. She struggles with flashes
of who she was – a ruthless arms dealer and
killer - and who she wants to be. Struck by love,
Lucia must first bury her horrid past before it
destroys her promising future.
(Telenovela - 120 x 45’ HD)
Rosario, a young and brilliant law student,
and Alejandro, a prominent veteran attorney,
fall deeply in love and start planning a future
together. But fate throws before them an
unexpected torment when Rosario discovers
that Alejandro is the same man her mother
was to marry 21 years earlier. Now lies from
the past resurface, disrupting the lives of
everyone involved.
My Life In Sayulita
(Reality Series – 13 X 45’)
Centered around a group of teenagers living
it up in tropical paradise during the summer
break, the series documents how the free
spirit of the coastal village of Sayulita on the
Nayarit peninsula north of Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico, captivates these seven young souls,
forever altering their perspective, philosophy
and outlook of life.