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Momentum through Dance - St. Paul`s School For Girls
The Magazine of St. Paul’s School for Girls / Spring 2015
through Dance
In the Arts, pg. 14
A Message from the Head of School
Our Best Selves
Dear SPSG Community,
As a certified Maryland green school, St. Paul’s School for Girls honors the
responsibility to educate our students to be stewards of our environment and leaders
of their generation. In an effort to lead by example, we are proud to have reached
a turning point, shifting our focus on digital efforts.
With this publication we celebrate a new tradition—our first online edition of
Spiritus, which will be available electronically each spring and in print each fall.
With each issue, we continue our promise to keep you informed about all things
SPSG and to reconnect you with your school and your peers.
Throughout the year, it is always a distinct pleasure to meet and converse with
alumnae who credit SPSG for shaping their hearts and minds. They claim that our
school was more than a place where they studied specific subjects. To them, SPSG
was never stagnant; instead, the school was focused on reaching each student’s true
potential within a challenging and joyful community. The same is true today—
our young women are learning how to be their best selves. This was, and has always
been, The SPSG Way.
Although the magazine format might look a bit different, much remains the same.
While preparing this publication, those of us who have the good fortune of spending
our days at SPSG eagerly awaited Green & White Weekend, welcomed our newest
accepted students and families, and held tight to our seniors as they entered their
homestretch before their final day in the Graduation Garden.
So no matter where—or from what device—you find yourself reading this issue of
Spiritus, your friends at SPSG hope you are well, experiencing joy and continuing
to grow.
2014/15 Board of Trustees
Peter S. Austin
Tracy Bacigalupo
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Joanne P. Bartlett
Kimberly Goetze Burch ’79
Elise A. Butler ’83
Patricia C. Carroll ’76
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Mary Baker Edwards ’77
Penny Bach Evins, Head of School
Evelyn A. Flory, Ph.D., Honorary
George W. Gephart, Emeritus
Leo J. Kelly III
James A. C. Kennedy, Emeritus
Lila B. Lohr, Honorary
Cilfford B. Lull III
Gary D. Marino
Dr. Marlene R. Miller
W. James Price, IV, Emeritus
John A. Saxton
David P. Scheffenacker
Pamela S. Schutz ’72
Tehma Hallie Smith ’96
The Rev. Mark Stanley
Michael D. Sullivan
Mary Ellen Thomsen, Honorary
James A. Vlk
Mary Frances Wagley, Honorary
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Marilyn S. Warshawsky
David K. Wells
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Head of School
Spiritus is published twice yearly by St. Paul’s
School for Girls. Reader comment, as well
as information of interest, is always welcome.
Notification of change of address may be sent
to the Development Office at St. Paul’s School
for Girls. St. Paul’s School for Girls makes every
effort to include all submitted Class Notes
but reserves the right to edit for clarity, length,
and content. Alumnae class secretaries are
responsible for accuracy in their Class Notes.
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Why I Teach
Round-up from
The Swamp
through Dance
Rewriting the record books
Inertia blazes a trail
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Green & White
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Baltimore & DC
Alumnae Receptions
St. Paul’s Plus
25th Anniversary
Class Notes
Donor Profile
Jody Toland Holden ’82
Gators conquer the corridor
Alumnae Events
1/ M
embers of SP’s Class of 2005 with SPSG alumnae
Cara Goering ’05 and Janice Wagner ’05 at the SPSG/SP
cocktail party on the Hamilton Lawn
2/ Jill Creighton McNamara ’70, Linda Chandlee ’70,
Liz Holland ’70, Rhonda Rollins ’70, Kim Procter Appich ’70,
Head of School Penny Evins and Francie Van Ness ’70
3/ Victoria Guroian Sanders ’00 with her husband and two children
4/ SPSG/SP Cocktail Party under the tent on the Hamilton Lawn
at St. Paul’s School
5/ Buffy Razavi Sallee ’95, Nancy Sawyer Sheridan ’95 and Danielle Brewster Oster ’95
Green & White Weekend 2015 was an opportunity for
alumnae to renew their lifelong connection to SPSG, reconnect
with friends and classmates, and see how we have grown into
the school we are today. Events included student-led tours
and classroom visits, the SPSG/SP Reunion Cocktail Party
and Family Picnic, reunion class parties and a variety of other
activities. We loved seeing so many Gators on campus.
6/ Son of Skip Gibson SP ’91 at the SPSG/SPAlumni Family Picnic
7/ The Class of 1995 celebrates at the family picnic. From left to right:
Diane Day Hilleary, Nancy Sawyer Sheridan, Buffy Razavi Sallee,
Danielle Brewster Oster, Rachel Strutt Lassman, Debby Saxton Graf
and Debbie Marvel Hershfeld
10/ Daughter of Meredith Hanley Brotman ’96 greets the
SPSG Gator at the family picnic
8/ SPSG parent Jennifer Moore with Lisa Salladin Childs ’85 and
Austin Childs
9/ Debby Saxton Graf ’95 with her daughters
11/ Roz Ehudin, former SPSG science teacher, and SPSG
archivist Nancy Marbury
Why I Teach
HISTORY / Department Chair
Linz claims that he is a 13-year-old at heart, which
makes it easier for him to relate to the seventh
graders he teaches and mentors.
“SPSG has become
a 21st-century
school with an eye
on the larger world.”
“I truly get to be me in the classroom,” said Mr. Linz,
describing the love he feels for teaching middle school
history while continuously striving to make learning
enjoyable for his students. During the eight years he has
worked at SPSG, the use of technology in the classroom
has evolved, and so have his teaching practices.
“SPSG has become a 21st-century school with an eye on
the larger world,” he said. “We have steadily improved
our use of academic technology through a variety of
initiatives driven by some very talented teachers. We are
teaching and learning more globally than ever before,
and not just through our international programs—this
practice is also woven throughout our curriculum.”
“I think I have improved as a teacher and as a person
in my years at SPSG because I have been motivated to
explore innovative teaching methods, take risks and
challenge my students,” said Mr. Linz, who has earned
three bachelor’s degrees from Towson University and
is working toward completing a Master of Education
degree. In addition to challenging his students, Mr. Linz
aims to hold their attention by sharing his personal
experiences. Whether he is telling a story about ripping
apart and then burying his first bad test, or recalling
other tales that shaped his own education and growth,
he seeks to form connections in positive ways.
“I really value the relationships I have developed with
my students, past and present,” said Mr. Linz, who
currently serves as the seventh-grade dean. “I love the
enthusiasm and the energy of our students in Prayers, at
school events and in the classroom. I really appreciate
seeing students whom I taught as young girls graduate
as young women full of confidence and pride.”
When not in the classroom, Mr. Linz can be found
moderating the Creative Writing Club or coaching the
middle school A soccer team. He has taught middle
school ethics, history, world religions and psychology,
as well as upper school history and government
courses. Additionally, he has coached SPSG’s middle
school basketball program for five years and has also
moderated the Book Club and the Star Wars Club. On
a lighter note, his future aspirations include becoming
a motivational speaker, an offensive coordinator for the
Baltimore Ravens and a game show host. Mr. Linz is the
married father of a 13-year-old son, T.J., and a two-yearold daughter, Summer.
“My dad used to say, ‘Don’t take life too seriously,’ which
I have always interpreted to mean that you have to be
willing to laugh at yourself,” he said.
The Vine
ABC News Shines National Spotlight on Bridges Program
Calling it “a fascinating program that’s helping students build their future in the face of
daunting challenges,” ABC News’ This Week with George Stephanopoulos aired a story
about Bridges, a program for motivated but undeserved Northeast Baltimore students
that originated at St. Paul’s in 1993.
Since its founding as a summer program for fourth and fifth grade students, Bridges has
evolved and expanded its offerings in an effort to ensure that the young people that enter
Bridges have the ongoing support and guidance necessary to become future leaders. Bridges
now works with 160 Baltimore City youth ages 9–18 through its site at St. Paul’s School and
each year engages more than 130 volunteers, many of them students at St. Paul’s School for
Girls and St. Paul’s.
In May, Bridges inducted its most dedicated volunteers into Bridges 3+, the program’s
volunteer honors society. Eight SPSG students, having volunteered in three or more Bridges
programs, were honored for their extraordinary commitment to the students Bridges serves.
Students Win Baltimore Science Fair Awards
Kavie Yu ’16 and Sophie Nasrallah ’16 received honors for their
participation in the 2015 Baltimore Science Fair. Kavie’s “The Exploration
of Plants’ Functioning on Particulate Matter Air Pollution” earned her the
Certificate of Participation from the Baltimore Science Fair; Achievement
Award for an Outstanding STEM Project from The National Society
of Black Engineers, Baltimore Metropolitan Professionals Chapter;
First Place Award from the Clean Air Partners; and Certificate of
Accomplishment and One-Year Student Membership from the National
Space Society.
Sophie’s “The Potential of Invasive Vines as a Sustainable Alternate
Energy Source” project received the Certificate of Participation from the
Baltimore Science Fair; Honorable Mention from Division I Biological
Science; Award for Geoscience Excellence from the Association for
Women Geoscientists; and Achievement Award for an Outstanding
STEM Project from The National Society of Black Engineers, Baltimore
Metropolitan Professionals Chapter.
Inertia Performs at National Dance Education
Organization’s Conference
Inertia, SPSG’s advanced upper school dance ensemble, performed a
lecture demonstration on the National Core Arts Standards for Dance
set by the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. This included a
model-cornerstone assessment, and how SPSG is already incorporating
the new standards successfully into our curriculum. According to
NDEO, SPSG is one of the first schools in the nation to complete such
an assessment. Additionally, dance teacher and Inertia coordinator Diane Webbert
shared a presentation titled “Bring Dance Composition Alive with
Screens” to highlight how to utilize technology and incorporate blended
learning in the dance studio.
The St. Paul’s Schools Partner with One
Love Foundation on Domestic Violence
Awareness Program
As part of SPSG’s health education and ongoing commitment to prevention
and wellness, SPSG and St. Paul’s partnered with the One Love Foundation
to raise awareness about relationship violence and to educate students
and parents about warning signs and intervention strategies through the
organization’s Escalation program.
In an effort to promote healthy relationships by educating, empowering,
and activating 11th and 12th graders in a movement for social change, our
students participated in a highly innovative, research-driven film-based
workshop that depicted the escalating signs of relationship violence and
created a framework for students to understand how it starts, what it looks
like and where it can go.
In addition to watching the film, students heard from Sharon Love and
SPSG alumna Caity Whiteley ’06, Yeardley Love’s UVA friend and
roommate. Girls who had been trained by the One Love Foundation led
single-sex, advisory group discussions about relationship violence. The
St. Paul’s Schools were the first to invite parents to view and discuss the film
with the One Love Foundation.
Sixth Grader Mari Caplan Named One of Center Stage’s
2015 Young Playwrights Festival Honorees
The Young Playwrights Festival, an annual competition that invites student playwrights throughout Maryland
to submit their original works, is presented by Center Stage’s Department of Community Programs & Education.
Among this year’s winners was sixth grader Mari Caplan. To showcase her work, Center Stage’s acting and
directing team visited SPSG to perform her play, “The Story of Faith and Ivy,” in front of our student audience.
SPSG alumnae, there’s an
app just for you!
Introducing Gator Connect
Powered by EverTrue, we are thrilled to offer this
user-friendly and effective tool for our alumnae
to reconnect with each other and with SPSG.
Quinn Conrad ’15
Quinn Conrad ’15 was a recipient of the
2015 McCormick Unsung Heroes Award for
her unselfish team play and for contributing
substantially to the success of her team
without acclaim this year in basketball.
Ninety-Five Students
Achieve Awards on
National Language Exams
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company or college
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A painting of Tatiana Dash-Mora ’15 created by Taylor Virgil ’15. This AP Studio Art assignment
was one of 12 themed portrait pieces. Taylor won the 2015 Art Department award for her
outstanding creativity, risk taking and strong effort displayed during her upper school years.
Every year, students take language exams to
measure their progress on the national level.
Students from SPSG have a tradition
of outstanding achievement. This year, 95
SPSG students took exams French, Japanese
or Spanish and received national honors
for their achievement. Sony Siddalingaiah ’19
received a perfect score on her national
Spanish exam, Isabelle Soudry ’16 placed
first in the state for her performance on the
national French exam and Emily Dickson ’15
ranked first in the state for her success on
the national Japanese exam. Several other
students earned gold, silver and bronze
medals for their proficiency of their respective
language of study.
Alumnae Receptions
1/ S tephanie Kahntroff ’00 and Adrienne McPherson ’00
2/ Polly Helms Crosby ’73 and Melanie Morris Long ’73
3/ Haley Brown Mahonski ’99, director of annual giving, and
trustee Kim Goetze Burch ’79
4/ Ann T. McKenzie ’83 and Kelle McPeters Sawers ’82
5/ SPSG Baltimore Alumnae gather at L’Hirondelle Club with Head of School Penny Evins
& DC
6/ Director of Development Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86, Brenasia WardCaldwell ’12 and Kiersten Huber Pearce ’99 at the National Press Club
in Washington, D.C.
7/ Melinda Cooke ’87 and Amy Bortner, director of alumnae and parent relations
9/ Jill St. Clair Ambrose ’92, Holly Freedman Radel ’99 and Amy Bortner
8/ Melanie Gilarsky ’08 and Tory Schwaner ’04
10/ Melinda Cooke ’87 and Head of School Penny Evins
Round-up from The Swamp
HULL ’15
Hull’s Competitive Nature Leads Her to the Top of All-Time Basketball Scoring List
What you should know about the fire that burns deep within
Sharon Hull ’15 is that after the St. Paul’s School for Girls varsity
basketball team lost a playoff game to St. Timothy’s in what she
called “a valiant effort,” the senior shooting guard immediately
began looking for a new way to channel her athletic drive.
Finishing as the basketball program’s all-time leading scorer with 1,128 points,
having topped the 10-year record of 1,062 points set by assistant coach and
Class of 2005 alumna Mercedes Robinson, was not enough for Sharon.
Her military parents, Lori and Melvin, have always taught her to work
hard for her goals, both on the court and in the classroom. So when the
basketball season ended in a 52-53 loss, she was not satisfied, despite
having scored a team high of 16 points and helping the Gators rally from
a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter to narrowly miss advancing to
the next round. “I was so upset after that game that I just couldn’t let my
athletic career at SPSG end that way,” Sharon said.
Although she had already played on the junior varsity volleyball team
as a freshman, the varsity softball team as a junior and the varsity
volleyball team as a sophomore and as a junior when the squad captured
the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland A Conference
championship, she chose to pick up a new sport—lacrosse—to continue
her outstanding career.
As a novice goalie on the Gators’ junior varsity lacrosse team, Sharon
represented a unique mix of humility, spirit and athleticism. She was
undeterred about learning a new sport during the spring season of her
senior year—a challenge not many seniors would attempt. For Sharon,
lacrosse was just another avenue for her competitive nature to flourish.
“I really had fun with it!” she said. “It allowed me to remain competitive.”
When it comes to athletics, however, the number one sport for Sharon has
always been basketball. She served as co-captain her junior and senior year
and has been a four-year starter.
Five other classmates have also played on the varsity team since their
freshman year, including Quinn Conrad ’15, Kaci McNeave ’15, Sarah
Moeller ’15, Corinna Vlahoyiannis ’15 and Alex Wright ’15. Having
formed a close bond, the group worked as a cohesive unit on the court.
Teammate Sara Moeller ’15 shared, “Since freshman year, she’s been the
hardest worker I know on the court and in the classroom. She’s such a
strong player—and she’s so humble about her accomplishments. She
always pushes us in practice to be as good as we can be.”
It was not by happenstance, but rather as a result of her determination and
resilience, that Sharon’s game improved to the point that she was named to
the All-Conference Team this year. Coach Pat Conrad, who took over the
reins from Jim Stromberg for the 2013–2014 basketball season, said, “I had
watched the team play for two years because my daughter, Quinn ’15, was
on the team. Last year, Sharon would have really big games and then some
not so big. But this year was different. She was the total package. She could
score from anywhere on the court. She could drive, shoot and hit from the
foul line, too.”
Her improvement was the result of tireless dedication. “After a bad game,
I would be in the gym on the weekends at 6 a.m. shooting,” Sharon said.
“And I would stay until my mom told me to stop. I work on my all-around
game all the time.” Coach Conrad could not help but notice the sweat
equity Sharon was investing in herself and the team. “Her work ethic is
unbelievable,” he said. “She worked on her shot and all her basketball skills
relentlessly, and she got a lot stronger.”
“Some players just find a way to light up
the scoreboard, and she obviously has done
that in her career.”
According to St. Timothy’s basketball coach Mike Buchanan, Sharon’s
ability drew his team’s attention. “Some players just find a way to light up
the scoreboard, and she obviously has done that in her career,” he said,
“In our playoff game, I was worried because I watched her in warm-ups and
she hardly missed a shot. She had a quiet eight points in the first half, but
then she went crazy in the third quarter. We were up by about 12 before she
scored a bunch of points in a span of about four to five minutes, which got
SPSG back in the game. Her run really made their fans get loud, and that
spurred them on even more.”
Sharon, a proud member of the Green team, said that she has always had a
competitive spirit, but it takes more than that to motivate her to reach new
goals. “It means everything to play for a school you love so much,” she said.
“You’re playing for the name on the front of the jersey.”
Selflessly, Sharon feels that becoming the all-time leading scorer was a team
accomplishment. “When I get that ball [signifying her 1,128-point career],
I want all of my teammates to sign it,” she said. “Every basket came from a
pass from a teammate, so it’s really a team achievement.”
Although their season ended short of a championship, Sharon said there was
a lot to take away from her final season on the court in which she averaged
17 points, six assists, two steals and five rebounds per game. “I want to
thank every teacher, teammate, and coach who pushed me,” said Sharon, the
sophomore class president, a member of the Saints, an Advanced Placement
Scholar, a junior peer mentor, a member of SPSG’s Cum Laude Society and
Chinese Honor Society, and SPSG’s senior athletic representative. “They gave
me the self confidence to do my best. And when I see the impression I made
on some of the younger players here, it makes everything I did worth it.”
Known to many as one of our Wagley Scholars, the school’s competitive
merit-based scholarship named in honor of our second headmistress,
Mary Frances Wagley, Sharon is a perceptive thinker who enjoys scholarly
investigation and consistently displays a passion for learning. “Her poise,
drive and determination serve as a wonderful example for her fellow peers,”
said Upper School Head Christine Szala.
Sharon, having displayed outstanding athletic achievement as well as
excellence in the classroom, was honored with the Cameron L. O’NeillMullin Scholar-Athlete Award prior to graduation. She was also named
to the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM) AllConference team as a senior for her accomplishments on the court.
Sharon’s playing days are hardly over; she will continue to play the sport
at Kenyon College in Ohio next year. “I had the same feeling at Kenyon the
first time I visited that I had when I first visited St. Paul’s School for Girls—
like I belonged.”
St. Paul’s Plus Event
The 2015 school year marked St. Paul’s Plus’ 25th
anniversary. A division of St. Paul’s School for Girls,
St. Paul’s Plus provides full- and part-time early
childhood educational programs for children six weeks
to Pre-K. The St. Paul’s Schools’ community celebrated
this milestone with face painting, a petting zoo,
arts and crafts, pony rides, Poe and the Orioles bird,
and additional entertainment. Fun fact: more than
250 St. Paul’s Plus students have continued their
education at St. Paul’s Lower School.
In the Arts
Newton’s first law of motion states that an object in motion stays
in motion. That concept undeniably applies to the innovative,
curricular dance program at St. Paul’s School for Girls called Inertia.
Inertia is a full-year course designed for the most advanced dancers at
The St. Paul’s Schools and was named by then-student Sheila Ravendhran ’96,
currently a pediatric hospitalist at the University of Maryland Baltimore
Washington Medical Center. Since its inception 22 years ago, Inertia has
excelled and now maintains a unique partnership with Towson University (TU).
According to dance teacher and Inertia coordinator Diane Webbert, “It may
be the only partnership in Maryland where there is direct contact between
a university dance department and an independent school, other than a
student-teacher logging hours toward an undergraduate degree.”
Collaboration with Towson University’s Department of Dance started
two years ago when Mrs. Webbert received an email from the institution
regarding a new workshop for high school dancers. “The workshop
specifically focused on introducing students to choreography elements and
techniques,” Mrs. Webbert said about the event attended by three upper
school students. “That was the beginning of our relationship with Towson
University’s Department of Dance.”
Mrs. Webbert attended professional development workshops offered
through Deep Vision Dance Company, a nonprofit organization dedicated
to producing high-quality choreographic work in the Baltimore and D.C. area,
in coordination with the university’s department of dance. Working in
concert with Candice Webster, Towson University’s director of education,
and Deep Vision artistic director Nicole Martinell, Mrs. Webbert began to
solidify a relationship between the large state university and SPSG.
Although Towson University works with students from several area schools
and adults and children from the community, the university’s involvement
with SPSG is unique. “Our partnership with St. Paul’s School for Girls is
a little different,” Webster said. “It’s the first time we have aligned with one
specific school.”
While SPSG students cannot receive college credit for their work at
TU, there are long-term benefits. “We consider ourselves to be a dance
educational system in which students learn about anatomy and nutrition,
not just about technique,” Webster said. “Students need to know how their
bodies work in an anatomical sense, too. But we try to prepare [SPSG]
students by giving them a toolbox of knowledge that they can use to
succeed when they get to college.”
From the beginning, Webbert was enthusiastic about making the
partnership work. “At the start of the 2014–2015 school year, I attended
another professional workshop sponsored by TU’s Department of Dance
and was enjoying collegial time with other dance professionals from
the area,” Webbert added. “I was looking for a way to increase Inertia’s
involvement and learning within the greater Baltimore community.”
Putting their heads together, a plan was set in motion in November to
have Inertia dancers participate in TU’s choreography workshop.
From that initial foray, 11 SPSG students were invited to participate in TU’s
Choreographic Mentorship in early 2015. And the feedback from Inertia
students has been very positive.
“I love choreographing because it helps me think through stressful problems
one step at a time,” said Kristen Bollinger ’17. “The Towson Choreography
Workshop aided in my journey to find my personal interest in dance.” Fellow
sophomore Erin Major said that the mentorship helped her discover “that
inspiration comes from all around us.”
Later in the school year, SPSG hosted TU students at an Inertia rehearsal
during which Webster taught a master Modern Dance class. “The girls were
able to meet and mingle with each other, and some of our SPSG students
were chosen to perform in pieces being choreographed by the Towson
students,” Webbert said. “The girls presented their choreographed solos for
a panel consisting of TU dance majors, faculty and the department chair.”
In addition to the choreography mentorship, Towson guided SPSG faculty
members through the entire process of establishing an SPSG chapter of the
National Honor Society for Dance Arts. “We now have our own chapter number
and will induct our first students in the near future,” Webbert said proudly.
The joint programs will continue to branch out into other areas, such as
site-specific choreography, which is made for a performance not held in a
Western-style theater. For instance, a performance could be held in a garden,
an art gallery or other non-traditional spaces. SPSG will host a site-specific
performance and most of the workshops in 2015–2016.
Another bonus is that Inertia and TU will create a special pre-performance
to the 2016 AKIMBO Dance Festival, which is held every year in Baltimore
and highlights site-specific traditional and avant-garde choreography.
“What this partnership has brought to my students is priceless,” Webbert
said. “They have made new friends, have newfound confidence and learned
so many skills. It has taught my students to think critically about movement,
and how to analyze and apply meaning to the movements in a way that
would impact their audience.”
From Webbert’s perspective, mentoring and parenting are kindred spirits.
“My students looked to me for encouragement of their ideas and expression,
and not just their dance technique. I saw some of my quiet students come
to life,” she said. “Two of the solos generated from this mentorship were
performed in the Spring Dance Concert and another one was performed
at Chapel. Showing the girls that choreography does not end with just one
performance, but can continue to be revised, edited and improved over time
is another beautiful outcome of this project.”
Webbert said that the project reflects SPSG’s goal of shaping students into vibrant
and well-rounded young women. “We want them to be innovative thinkers,
confident communicators, healthy risk-takers and lifelong learners,” she said.
The program also gives dancers a chance to find their niche at SPSG.
Diaymon Lewis, a junior, said that Inertia has affected her mentally,
physically and emotionally. “Inertia has taught me that if you don’t believe
in yourself, someone (else) does,” she said. “It has molded my endurance,
flexibility and technique in general. Dancing is the best way to relieve stress,
no matter what.” At least three students—juniors Lewis and Megan Wunder
and sophomore Madeline Kennedy—plan to major in dance in college while
junior Jasmine Young said she will minor in the discipline.
From her viewpoint, Towson University’s Webster said the collaboration has
proven to be very successful. “We had such a positive experience,” she said
about the TU-SPSG interaction. “It has opened the door for the students to
see what dance can be as an art form.”
Gatorland Day Camp
The Dance Conservatory
Boys and girls in first through sixth grade have the opportunity to take
ownership of their camp experience by choosing their daily activities.
Activities include sports, arts, photography, stop-motion animation, video
production, science, technology, cooking, robotics and much more.
TDC offers coed summer sessions for dancers ages 3–18 who are interested
in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, choreography, dance history,
Pilates and acro-dance training. Musical theatre classes are also available.
July 27–August 7
August 10–August 21
June 15–July 31
June 22–26
August 3–August 21
Academic Enrichment
Visit our website
for more information
Adult Education
Visit our website
for more information
Through our offerings, students gain knowledge and skills that complement
their classroom learning. We aim to provide academic advisement, instruction,
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and/or driver’s license. Must be 15 to register.
This camp teaches adolescent boys and girls how to be safe and nurturing
babysitters with classes that include CPR/first aid training, a handbook of
activities to do with children and emergency situation preparedness.
Must be 11–15 to register.
To register, please visit:
June 15–June 26
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SPSG field hockey players Jean Smith Withers ’75, Dottie
Grant Reed ’76 and Traci Davis ’78 with halftime guest
speaker Brooks Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles.
Please send news and photos directly to your Class Secretary. For classes without
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Nineteen Sixties
Karen Berger Yeagle, Class Secretary
[email protected]
First, I need to send sympathy from all of us to Jill Hatch
Munder whose mother passed away in August and Jane
Weddell Hammann whose mother passed away in January.
All of our thoughts and prayers are with both Jill and Jane
and their families. Jill Hatch Munder and her husband enjoyed the sunny
weather in Key Largo, Fla. for the month of February. They
also took a trip to Santa Barbara, Calif. in August to visit two
of Jill’s grandchildren. Speaking of grandchildren, Linda Hammann Wilson is
thoroughly enjoying her newest grandson, Myles, born on
January 21. The very proud parents are Tom and Megan.
Alicia and John’s twin boys, Carter and William, are already
in kindergarten.
Jane Weddell Hammann and Gordy bought a place in
Florida that they visit once a month for about a week to
enjoy sunshine and warmth. Jane and Gordy have seven
grandchildren, the oldest a college freshman, which keep
them quite busy.
Congratulations to Clara Burnett Tordella whose second
grandchild, Max, was born in April 2014 in Los Angeles to Will
and his wife Tracey. Of course, Clara has been out to visit! A
little over a year ago, Clara had a small stroke and thankfully
has had few side effects. She says that she quickly recognized
stroke symptoms and called 911—a lesson for everyone,
regardless of age. Karen Gruber Jeffery’s daughter Kate is getting married
next August, and Karen’s husband, Larry, will officiate at her
wedding. Kate’s fiancé, Zach, took her on a sea kayaking trip
and proposed when they saw their first orca 10 feet away
from the canoe. The wedding will be a “weekend affair with
camping, swimming, games, and lots of Birkenstocks.” Karen
and Judith Kitchen Mattis went diving in Belize in December.
Apparently, Judy had to hold her hand when Karen got
seasick! Karen and Larry are enjoying a happy and healthy
retirement and Karen is still doing vintage fashion shows. Helen Bergland Reilly left her Homeland neighborhood in
Baltimore and headed north to a home in the Green Spring
Valley, but continues to summer in Maine. Helen is active
with her personal training business and Tom is still working
from home as a registered investment advisor. All four of their
girls live in the Baltimore area, and she and Tom have nine
grandchildren between the two of them. Helen’s daughter
Sarah is still at GBMC with her family practice; she has three
children—two daughters and a son. Helen’s other daughter
Lloyd is a stay-at-home mom after working many years in
health care services and PR. Lloyd has a son and a daughter.
As for me, I am truly enjoying my five grandchildren.
They are wonderful!
Ozzie Johnson Cowan, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Bonjour my little lovelies! One fast year has flown by since our
50th reunion last spring. I do believe we had a special time
and enjoyed a fun-filled weekend. I particularly wanted to
thank you all for the wonderful book given to me. I enjoyed it
with my grandchildren and at the end of the summer donated
it to SPSG’s Crane Library. And yes, of course I am wearing the
pettipants—what a treat!
Nancy Wilson Halgren’s daughter Eleanor had a lovely
September wedding on the beach in Manchester, Mass.
Nancy was a proud mom and, of course, Don walked the bride
down the aisle to Joe, who whisked her away for a two-week
honeymoon in Italy! Nancy’s daughter Annie lives with her
daughter Fiona and her hubby in Vermont. Everyone skis,
skates, and generally is up to their necks in snow.
Dana Zinn Aumann and husband Kurt also celebrated an
October wedding in Kansas. Their son Wait married the girl
of his dreams; she is a Presbyterian minister. Dana and Kurt
are still living in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. with occasional trips back
to Baltimore. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Dana’s
daughter Kate is enjoying her nursing job at MedStar Union
Memorial Hospital in Baltimore.
Jane Kommalan Gallagher is still enjoying her job in the
registrar’s office at The Johns Hopkins University. Jane’s
husband, Mike, has cut back to teaching one class now. Son
Michael is a supervisor with Homewood General Contractors in
Phoenix, Md. Son Devon, an owner of a residential mortgage
company, and his fiancée live in Phoenix, Md.
Jill Grimmer Zupancic has become our reliable and technical
go-to gal. She knows her way around computers, iPads,
iPhones, and more. Husband Bill manages to get out and
takes daughter Megan wherever she wants. Jill had a blast this
year in Vegas, joining friends from England. Guess who joined
her? Our Bunny McManus Vedros! They had fun catching up
and Jill said Bunny looks fabulous!
Jill found Peggy Young Chambliss! Peggy is living in Texas,
still spending most of her time in operating rooms. Can you
believe that we had four nurses out of 21 girls—Peggy, Carol,
Dana, and Jessie—all trained at Union Memorial?
Kathy Franklin showed up for the 50th grand reunion looking
wonderful! Her brother Jimmy drove her from Taneytown, Md.
We had fun and took lots of pictures.
Our Susie Finney McNeely will be escaping for a lovely
vacation in the Cayman Islands with her son Jay and his family.
Three of Susie’s sons live near her in Charlottesville, Va., but
her daughter Bee and her family recently moved to California.
Susie will be flying out to visit in May—she needs to hug those
eight, yes eight, grandbabies! Susie inherited two of Bee’s
Labradors when her family moved and now she is going crazy
because the dogs are digging up her garden.
Anne Hamilton Birely says she fills the birdfeeder every
day, watches the cardinals, and thinks she should be taking
pictures! Anne can’t believe she has a daughter who is 43
and two sons who are 40 and 31! All of us are watching our
kids enter middle age and we think we are still young. Anne
loved the 50th reunion and thinks all of us are AWESOME.
And we are!
I received a nice phone call from Betsy Stewart Gustin, who
is looking forward to gardening, weather permitting. Bill had
shoulder surgery recently but is on the mend. They joined the
family for “spring break” in Florida. Betsy was sorry to miss the
50th reunion but had a graduation in the family at that time.
As for me, Ozzie Johnson Cowan, we are peachy keen! Our
daughters Kelly and Jody are living near us, and I sure love
having five little boys running in and out. Joe and I had a great
summer in Baltimore and took a trip to England and France
in the fall. We enjoyed lunch at Downton Abbey (Highclere
Castle), a beautiful estate with a rich history. Spring break
found the whole family in Vail where Joe tried to compete with
the five boys. We’ve returned home to Baltimore now after
the snow and ice melted. Key Largo was warm and sunny all
winter! I personally SO enjoyed our 50th reunion weekend! Hope Smith Pollard and husband John have some exciting
news–son John and his wife, Leslie, are expecting a baby boy
in June! Both are set and costume designers in New York and
now are preparing for the great adventure of parenthood.
Hope is still at Gilman working in the after-school program
and John is still enjoying teaching at Notre Dame of Maryland
University. Her son Timothy’s daughter Elizabeth is thriving at
SPSG and mom Rebecca is still teaching in the Lower School.
Our world traveler Alison Christie Tucker took a six-week tour
to Eastern Turkey and Uzbekistan on an archeological trip.
Thank goodness for their excellent guide, who managed to
safely get them around a dangerous war zone. They had been
out on a lake and were unaware of the chaos that had erupted.
They were the only Westerners that didn’t escape for days!
They crept over broken glass and rubble in the dark to flee to
safety. After heading north toward Mount Ararat they went west
and slid into Armenia. Alison visited her son Barrett and family
for Christmas in California, then came back home to have knee
surgery from a fall during her trip to Eastern Turkey. She is still
in rehab and is debating whether to travel to Australia for sister
Jean’s son’s wedding.
As for Susan Finley Stang, the last I heard she was living
happily in Naples, Fla.
Ellen Wakefield Yenawine is feeling blessed to be in good
health and continues to be thankful for their slice of heaven in
beautiful New Hampshire, where they can welcome family and
friends. They love being near the woods where Ellen can enjoy
all of her critters and bike and hike with their beloved dog,
Ponyo! Gardner is enjoying retirement and takes advantage
of great skiing. He continues to do a little consulting work and
plays bass drum in the community band. Ellen is involved at
her church as Sunday school director and a member of the
vestry. She enjoys reading, knitting for the grandkids, and
doing obedience work with Ponyo. They love spending time
with their grandkids and have visited them in Switzerland,
where they camped beneath a glacier, and traveled to
Provence, France, where they stayed in a villa belonging to one
of Chris’s friends. They visited PJ and family in Maryland and
have enjoyed Thanksgiving with Gardner’s kids and grandkids
in Vermont. From sharing ropes courses to climbing walls and
miniature golf, the Yenawines are happy and active! Ellen
enjoys hearing from each of you and sends much love to all.
She is still feeling guilty that she was unable to make our 50th,
and we missed her!
Bunny McManus Vedros had a super time traveling all over
Italy for five weeks with their close Italian friends from Forli.
While we were enjoying our reunion in May 2014, Bunny
Class Notes
1/ 1 964 Classmates at their 50th Reunion
Left to right: Jane Kommalan Gallagher,
Carol Gruber Price, Ozzie Johnson Cowan,
Alison Christie Tucker, Jill Grimmer
Zupancic, Nancy Wilson Halgren
2/ K athy Franklin ‘64 and Ozzie Cowan ‘64
3/ S usie Finney ‘64 and Ozzie Cowan ‘64
4/ A nn Horner’s family at son Peter’s wedding
in Los Cabos May 2014
5/ H
ope Pollard ’64, husband John and
Anne Birely ’64
was on the back of Pat’s scooter on the Isle of Capri, missing
us terribly! Bunny is still studying Italian, preparing for their
next big trip in August. Joining their friends once again for
an exploration trip from Greenland to Alaska, this time they
will cruise the Northwest Passage on a small French line. They
spent Christmas in San Diego on Coronado Island. The Vedros
family had a big reunion on a fun cruise with at least 12 of
them. Bunny sends her love to all and says “baci e abbracci,”
which means that she misses us and wants us to contribute
toward the SPSG Annual Fund.
The Class of 1964 would like to thank Head of School Penny
Evins for her gracious hospitality in her lovely home and Haley
Brown Mahonski ’99 and Kimberly Stevenson Parks ’86 for
all their hard work bringing us together at school. Our class
gift was a donation to The Crane Library, honoring Clara Crane.
SPSG is indeed a school to be proud of and we cherish the
memories “as we went forward into full living.”
On a sad note, we mourn the loss of our dear classmate Louise
Sharp. She was a gracious lady, full of love for family and
friends. We will miss her.
Holly Martin Hamilos, Class Secretary
[email protected]
It took us 50 years to get to this point, and I’m happy to have
heard from a number of you. We are scattered across the
country with Janice Young in California, Hope Cannon and
me in Florida, Louise Cockey in New Jersey, Judy Young
Gorinson in New York, and lucky Chris Owens Sands in
Hawaii. A few of us returned to SPSG for the Green & White
Weekend in May 2014.
I heard from Hope Cannon, who has retired to Amelia Island,
Fla. with her hubby. Hope traveled to Charlottesville, Va., in
April to celebrate her brother’s 70th birthday.
Joyce Fisher-Hills now works part time from her home in
Ocean City, Md. She retired from the school system and now
works as a consultant. Her daughter Kim works as a researcher
on autism and childhood disorders at Duke. Joyce’s big news
is the birth of her grandson Thomas Aiden Carpenter on
May 25, 2014.
Chris Owens Sands lives in Maui, Hawaii and enjoys tennis,
golf, and yoga. Her son Will also lives in Hawaii and her other
son Josh visits for seven months out of the year. She visits her
daughter Katie and her grandsons, who live in Durango, Colo.
She sends her regards to all of us and says she would have
joined us at our reunion if the distance wasn’t so great.
Deborah Wing Korol divides her year between Las Vegas
in the winter and Maine in the summer. Bill is retired so
they enjoy the road trips between the two locations, visiting
interesting spots along the way.
Louise Cockey and husband retired to the Jersey Shore near
Barneget Bay.
Janice Young wrote, “In November 2013 I went to Turkey—a
great country with wonderful people and food—with Dave’s
cousin for a 10-day tour. This fall we will hike the Bryce and
Zion mountains in Utah. I still usher for plays and musicals
with two nearby theatre groups and I have season tickets to the
San Francisco Ballet. I also work part time as a microbiology
tech. My twin, Judy Young Gorinson, continues to work as an
occupational therapist at a nearby nursing home. Please feel
free to come visit us anytime—we’d love to have you!”
I, Holly Hamilos, now live in Florida, but return to my home
in Baltimore when it’s warm to spend time with my son Chad,
his wife, Christina, and my three grands. Charlie is 8, Chloe is
5, and little Dashiell is 3. Chad has expanded his law practice,
opening an office in Manhattan. My son Drew and his wife,
Kim, are in Ohio where Drew is a chef instructor and Kim is a
pastry chef. The whole family spent New Year’s Eve with us in
Florida. It was a great time!
Joeann Jones Fossland, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Some of us have retired and some of us are still engaged with
things that make our hearts sing! What fun to hear about the
interesting and vibrant lives of the Class of ’66.
Susan Williams Cooper reports, “I still adore my husband,
my pacemaker is keeping pace, the children are well, and our
grandchildren are adorable.” Grandmahood is the best and
being enjoyed by many!
Libby Maxwell Houserman says, “Life is good and busy, the
family is great, and my grandkids are the best!”
Michelle Kupiec Kempske reports nothing new but she is
doing well! Sandy Bond Brown says, “Hello from sunny South Carolina.
Greg and I love retirement and wonder how we ever found
time to work! Greg’s 97-year-old father passed away peacefully
in November and for the first time since 1981 we no longer
have a parent living in the wing of our home. Our youngest
daughter, Mandy, gave us our sixth grandchild in October. We
currently watch baby Victoria three days a week when Mandy
works, and being in charge of a 4-month-old with middle-ofthe-night feedings is definitely strenuous! I haven’t decided if
it’s keeping us young or making us old! On our ‘off’ days, Greg
loves digging deeper into our family genealogy while I spend
time with my horse, Levi, at the barn.”
Another busy grandma is Barb Neely Sample who tells us, “I
am still working at the Franklin Park Arts Center in Purcellville,
Va. ( This is my 16th year
and the seventh that we have operated in our ‘new’ barn. My
second life is in Milton, Del. where I am a studio and gallery
artist at The Studios on Walnut, a fabulous converted motor
repair shop with room for 12 working artists. It is located on
a small residential street where Victorian houses are being
renovated. Best of all, it’s around the corner from Dogfish
Head Brewery where they offer a unique tour with beer
tastings.” Her grandchildren are still perfect: Caroline (13),
Isabelle (10), Faith (5), Blake (2), and Wilson (the new puppy).
Babysitting is a two-person job!
Susan Kessler Gordon is in year 16 of working as an
addictions counselor for Frederick County Health Department
in Maryland. While it continues to be challenging, she loves
the work. In addition, she is still telling stories, writing, and
teaching storytelling in a range of settings from colleges
to small groups in private homes. She held a concert and
workshop in Alexandria, Va. Her daughter Miriam is turning 39
and is living in Oakland, Calif. and working in San Francisco. In
addition to her paralegal work, she is also a fine photographer!
Sargie Marquess Woodward reports, “I am busy teaching at
Jemicy School. My husband, Joe, and I just adopted a 3-yearold-cat named Denni. He’s adorable, black and white, and very
curious. We’re working on fixing up our house and yard,
and hope to get a dog this summer.”
Helen Brooks has five grandchildren: Ashlea has two boys and
one girl, 11, 8, and 2. Collin has a 6-year-old girl and a 1-yearold boy. His daughter, Abigail, is at St. Paul’s Lower School and
will continue to SPSG. Her nephew David married an SPSG
teacher and alumna, Melissa Coffey Brooks ’03, in September.
She reports, “Judy Chew Boone and I stay in touch with Patty
Schall. I also had a ball taking a day course with Susan Kessler
Gordon. I spend my time helping John with his business,
babysitting, keeping up with friends, and serving on our
community board. I couldn’t wait for spring so that I could get
back out in the garden– my therapy. We took a trip to Punta
Cana in December and we will take our annual spring and fall
trips to Charleston and Hilton Head, S.C. with our family. I am
very blessed and thankful for a great life.”
World traveler Beverly Wheeler Tilgman shared that she,
Richard, and their daughter Liz recently returned from
Antarctica! “It was a truly incredible trip in a pristine world
with fantastic penguins, seals, and whales. We had a
wonderful time aboard the Lindblad Expeditions-National
Geographic ship with friends. It was our seventh continent
and I highly recommend it!”
Judy Chew Boone is in Sanibel, Fla. She had a great four
days at Disney World and Sea World with her kids and two
of her grandchildren, Issy (8) and Brinley (4). She reports,
“I am incredibly grateful and happy to be able to relax on
this beautiful island paradise. I play tennis three days a week,
ride my bike somewhere almost every day, take lots of walks
with my two labs (usually on the beach), and I’m taking
pastel painting classes again this year. I’m looking forward
to having Tiffany, Geoff, and the kids here for spring break.
Geoff, my son-in-law, has arranged a three-day cruise for us
on a private sailboat and dockage at a local resort after we
explore surrounding islands where we will go shelling and
kayaking. Nancy Patterson Odette lives five minutes away
so we see each other often and I’m hoping to have Meg
Hooker Hanssen here for a visit soon.”
Carol Remington Foglesong, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Joan McDavid Albertson is keeping busy in Zephyrhills, Fla.
and she is practically euphoric over the Florida weather as
compared to the cold and snow of the North this past winter.
Carol Carmen Mettam’s son had a wedding this past year and
the Facebook photos of everyone were simply wonderful.
Jean Christie Farquhar has been busy traveling. She went to
Cartagena, Colombia on a three- week expedition cruise along
both sides of Central America. They saw amazing things in the
jungles—sloths, monkeys, boa constrictors, crocodiles, caimans,
and beautiful butterflies, birds, and flowers! They spent nine
days in Colombia and 10 days in Hawaii before returning
to work. Their biggest news is that their son, Alex, is getting
married in May. Jean is still working and painting.
Louise Carter Potter celebrated her one-year anniversary of
a broken shoulder thanks to a dreadful winter in 2014. She
learned the lesson to always wear ice cleats on her shoes while
walking her dog on the streets of Alexandria, Va.! It was a
fabulous year otherwise; they became grandparents to Everett
Potter, who is living in San Francisco. Son Spencer is working
in the environmental sector of a law firm and they’ve vowed
to spend holidays and make several trips to the West Coast
annually. Louise officially retired from teaching in 2005 but
is teaching math part time to K-5 graders. Craig and Louise
Class Notes
migrate on weekends and holidays to Shepherdstown, W.Va.
to their home on the Potomac River. Craig has a portable
law practice and primarily deals with endangered species
in connection with the San Diego Zoo. Louise visits her
cousin who resides at Broadmead Retirement Community in
Cockeysville, Md. and she frequently sees Mrs. Wagley, who is
thriving! She bumps into Carol Remington Foglesong there,
too. Louise is looking forward to a trip to Rockywold Camp in
New Hampshire with her California relatives in June and a
college reunion in Idaho this summer.
Mary Ann Gerwig Chapman traveled to Italy with her
daughter Jean late in 2014 and she regularly makes us smile
with her Facebook postings. Condolences are sent to her from
all of us on the death of her husband, Bo.
Kathy Hill Hosford and Chip celebrated 40 years of marriage
last November by going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where
they had a wonderful time. They swam with whale sharks,
which was an exciting experience. All three of their boys
are married. Youngest son J.P. got married in 2013 and
had a baby girl last fall, and Kathy and Chip now have four
grandchildren. This past summer Kathy had “camp at the farm”
one day a week for the two oldest who are 5 and 3; it was a
blast but at the end of the day she was exhausted—though
she hopes to do it again this summer! They bought a motor
home after a 23-year hiatus to visit some bucket list places
like Newfoundland and Alaska and hope to travel with the
grandkids when they are a little older.
Zan Jones Valliant shared that the same things that fulfilled
her last year are continuing to do so this year. Her usual
activities include massage, astrology, painting, gardening,
dreamwork, singing, and dancing. Now and then chickens
wander in and out of her life, along with dogs she’s petsitting.
Her hope is to one day have a dog of her own to make the old
age experience more agreeable. Zan took hospice training a
year ago to become a volunteer and reports that her kids are
doing great and she is healthy.
Martha Levering started practicing yoga and says her muscles
are not happy campers, but she’s hoping that is just temporary.
She traveled to Boulder, Colo. in April to visit her sister Sunny
and attend the Conference on World Affairs. The family is well
and she has much to be grateful for!
Lindsay Montgomery wrote that she’s still enjoying her
two bichons, Cu Ban and Tassie, who turned 1 at the end
of December. Lindsay enjoyed some great music concerts
last year. Her favorite is still the four-day Grey Fox Bluegrass
Festival that took place last July in Oak Hill, N.Y. She
volunteered at the concert by driving a golf cart to pick up
handicapped people to and from campsites to concert stages.
Lindsay is still attending Aqua Arthritis classes at Brick Bodies
during the week. She’s attended SPSG Alumnae Association
meetings and hopes to get together with Nancy Marbury
to help with the archives. Please let her know if you are
decluttering any SPSG stuff and would like to donate it to
the collection. In December Carol Remington Foglesong,
Carol Moulton Hardiek, Barbara “Bobo” Berger, and
Lindsay got together for a nice dinner. She hopes others
can join in next time.
Judi Redding Parks had a very impressive 2014: She got
married and is enjoying a new grandchild.
Carol Remington Foglesong is travelling to Baltimore about
every six to eight weeks to visit her mom at Broadmead. A treat
during those visits is having supper on Sunday with other
classmates. A full year after her breast cancer treatments, she
finds herself needing weekend time to recuperate from the
workweek. She continues to enjoy going to concerts, plays, and
TEDx Program events, and is seldom without a book to read.
Marcie Russell Watts wrote that her family is growing. Allen
will be marrying Chrissy Jones in September and his brideto-be has a little girl they love, Olivia. His daughter, Amelia,
is 8. Their oldest grandson, Dylan, is a freshman at Auburn
University (War Eagle!) and his sister, Cassidy, a senior at
Garrison Forest, will attend Auburn next year. Rick’s two girls
are also at GFS. They spend their time on the horse show circuit
riding Hunter/Jumpers. Page lives in Ocean Pines, Md. with
Chappy and Wylie, ages 3 and 5. Page is going to school and
will have her master’s in Education by June. Dick and Marcie
both had surgeries: basal thumb arthroplasty (arthritis) for her
and a partial knee replacement for Dick. They have become
residents in Naples, Fla. and stay there until May.
Susan Sklarevski Meaden-Bayne shared that two years ago
she was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer disease called
essential thrombotythermia. Susan aptly noted that she
hasn’t suffered from chemo brain and that she’s a fighter and
survivor! She and Michael spent a month in Puerto Rico at his
parents’ house in Rio Grande, and then a week at Casa Reina
in Ponce, Puerto Rico, visiting her friends of 40 years. Just after
their return, Susan lost her Lhasa Apso and said she’s having
a difficult time adjusting. Susan and Michael are considering
a move to a warmer climate but need to make sure access
to medical care isn’t compromised. They both love Puerto
Rico, but it’s a different version of Spanish than Susan’s prior
experiences with South American and Mexican Spanish.
Jinx Williamson Elbers wrote that she, husband Anton,
and a group from all over (even Baltimore) grew her current
community as a first generation of farmers and backwoods,
uneducated environmental teachers. The situation is one
where intention and passion for community, earth care,
fostering seven kids and families, determination, and hard
sweaty work came together and created a school year round
before there was money. Out of that came the Orchard School
and community center, a volunteer-built, year-round center
where 1,500 children have joined in. They have a farmhouse
B&B and an on-site bakery, Orchard Hill Breadworks (www., which produces thousands of
loaves of organic sourdough breads and baked goods every
week. There’s a permaculture certification course just about
to start up, summer day camps, summer early-ed teaching
positions, and bakery apprenticeships. Welcome one and all!
Truckee Zapffe Tutor and husband, Gene, had a terrible,
horrible, no good, very bad winter. Her full report will be
posted on Facebook, but a brief summary includes Gene
having a heart attack and a wrecked knee, while Truckee got
very sick with pneumonia. We wish the family well!
Karen Zeller Kennedy wrote that after another year of
retirement, she’s happy and healthy, but there are not enough
hours in the day or days in the week: Beaches, birds, books,
biking, travel, gardens, music, new friends, and old friends keep
her occupied. One daughter is in Boston and engaged. Her
other daughter and one grandson are in Indianapolis. Karen’s
husband is still working, but his retirement is on the horizon.
Robbin Sadler Dungey, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Greetings to one and all! I heard from a number of you this
year and I hope the ones not heard from are well and happy.
Vicky Brooks states that she is enjoying her children and
grandchildren. I know that she spends extended periods of
time with them when possible and I have seen pictures of
her precious grandchildren (a girl and a boy). She reports that
she has been working for the same person for eight years and
loves spending time with the Lunch Bunch every few months.
Ginny Weise Clark has a new grandchild. Her granddaughter,
Charlotte, was born last August to her daughter Allison, joining
big brother Hunter. Ginny is busy caring for Charlotte four days
a week and Hunter one day a week. Ginny’s other daughter
required major liver surgery last summer, and Ginny spent
five months with her in Florida helping her with her recovery.
Ginny reports she is doing well now. Her son Nate is living and
working in Prague, Czech Republic, and Ginny and Ron will be
joining him in the fall for a Danube River cruise. What a great
experience that will be! Husband Ron continues to work on
the Butternut Ski Patrol in Massachusetts.
Peggy Wise Clark become a “granny” to two little boys this
past year and is expecting another to arrive in June! Peggy
and Basil have been caring for their son Andrew’s boy, Trevor,
and will also care for the new grandson in the summer. Her
son Stephen and his family live in Norfolk, Va., so she keeps
up with grandson Wesley via Flickr. She is also in her second
term on the Frederick County Board of Education and remains
involved in local issues. She and Basil have still been able to
spend time at the beach and get away on short trips. She is a
faithful member of the Lunch Bunch where she can “treasure
special time with old friends.”
Leslie Hoffman Fales announces that her son, David, and his
wife, Amanda, will be having their first child in August. Leslie
has been working with a special needs student at Towson
High School for the last two years. She finds the work both
very challenging and very rewarding, and we know she is a
blessing to both the student and his parents!
Kathy Woodward Holloway reports that her daughter Susie
will be getting married in June! Kathy is really enjoying
grandparenting Amira (4) and Ramsey (2) who are the children
of her daughter Betsy. Kathy states the greatest joy is seeing
the love her daughter has for her children. I think all of us
grandparents share that joy! Daughter Lucy travels often for
her business. Kathy is most proud of the fact that she mentors
9th grade girls at her church and will follow them through all
of high school. Daughter Annie is training to be a Certified
Nursing Assistant (CNA) and loves working with patients with
dementia and Alzheimer’s. Kathy’s husband, Mike, will retire
from the IRS next year and what is next remains a question
mark. Kathy is kept busy working as the bookkeeper for her
eldest daughter, Kelly, in her frame shop. She says, “It’s a very
good life!”
Kathie Hathaway Murray reports that her daughter Read
was married to John Timken on September 28, 2013. This
June they will make Kathie a grandmother! Since they live
nearby in Owings Mills, Md., Kathie says she hopes that lots
of babysitting will be in her future. Daughter Lele was married
to Chris Horich on November 22, 2014. They are living in
Georgetown in Washington, D.C., and Lele is teaching middle
school special education in the District. Chris is the co-founder
of Overtime Athletics, headquartered in Reston, Va. Kathie
continues to work at The Terminal Corporation in Baltimore.
Nora Locke May reports that she moved to Long & Foster
Real Estate at Falls Road and Lake Avenue in Baltimore in
September. She loves the office and location and is so happy
with her decision. A fellow Gator, Dorsey Hoff Campbell
’83, is a coworker. Nora’s daughter, Grier, is now working for
HanesBrands in Winston-Salem, N.C. Her favorite text from
Grier: “Mom, they are giving away free bras at the elevator;
please verify size!” Nora and Jim have been married for 42
years and have lived in the same house for 32 of those years.
She has added a little excitement and fun to her life in the
form of a corgi puppy named Lilly. Nora hopes we all stay well
and healthy and wants everyone to know that the 1968 Lunch
Bunch is still having fun and going strong. Amen to that!
Mary Colt Creighton Navins became a grandmother on
February 24, 2014, to Luke Watson Hacker, son of daughter
C.J. and her husband, Michael. Mary Colt’s son Lee and his
wife moved into their first home in Port Chester, N.Y., and Mary
Colt and her husband Peter sold their Wayland, Mass. home
of almost 30 years and moved to Boston’s Seaport District
in October 2014. They love the water views and the fact that
roads get plowed immediately! In November 2014, King &
Navins, P.C. moved into a new office space in Wellesley, Mass.
after being in the same building in Wellesley for over 35 years.
Mary Dudley Rose Obrecht loves the winter in Florida and
playing golf. She is taking two courses this winter, one on the
Civil War and one on world issues. Her grandson (14) spent his
spring break with them in Florida this year and the rest of their
family came for nine days over Easter.
Mary Diggs Pine reports that her mother-in-law passed away
January 6, 2014, at 93. I am sure we all send our condolences.
Mary was in the Baltimore area for a short time this summer
and was able to join the Lunch Bunch. She hopes to return
at the end of September to attend the 50th anniversary
celebration for GBMC as her father is one of the 50 founding
fathers (Physician Titans of Care) that will be honored at the
Lee Grady Rashkind had a tough 2014 in that she lost both
of her parents. She spent the summer recovering from valley
fever that she picked up last spring in the desert. This year
is starting off well, however, and she is back in Tucson, Ariz.
playing golf and enjoying the weather. I will be out there in
March and we plan to get together. Lee’s grandchildren are
now 8, 10, and 12 and all are doing well.
Martha (Marty) Shelhoss has been spending a great deal
of time in Sea Island, Ga., overseeing the renovations of the
bathrooms in the family home. Fortunately, she enjoys her
time there and when she is back in town she enjoys her work
as a docent at the Baltimore Museum of Art where she gives
tours to school children.
As for me, Robbin Sadler Dungey, I have traveled to places
I never imagined I would visit over the past six months—all
thanks to my husband, Kevin, who has had jobs in these
locations! Last August we traveled to American Samoa, the
home of Starkist Tuna, for a week. In January we went to
Guam for a week and then on to Palau for a week. Palau is
especially beautiful and full of interesting things to do. Kevin
worked hard, and I relaxed and played. Sounds ideal, right?
The grandchildren are now 7½, 6, 5, and 3. It is such fun to
watch their personalities blossom, and grandchildren say the
funniest things! Blessings to you all, now and always!
Barbara Shelhoss, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Anne Ely Adomanis was thrilled that her daughter Bethany
was able to come home from Australia for Christmas. Up next
are continued house renovations and a Caribbean cruise.
Raven McElman has moved from Portland to Vancouver,
British Columbia, and is working and writing proposals for
Connections Education, a Baltimore-based company, from
the convenience of her home office. She is also in the process
of buying a condo where she hopes to live out the rest of
her happy days! Her son made a New Year’s resolution to
get more flexibility in his spine and he is now both attorney
and aerialist! Her daughter, Courteney, is on tour with PBS
Kids’ “Sid the Science Kid,” running the show from behind
the scenes as their stage manager. She’ll be back out in
San Francisco this summer to stage manage a show for San
Francisco Playhouse.
Margot Lee Ducloz and her husband are very proud parents:
both of her children went back to school at the age of 28.
Chris (32), just graduated from North Carolina State University,
summa cum laude. He has a degree in Psychology with a
minor in Biological Sciences. Cecilia (35), who teaches college
math, will receive her master’s degree in May from the
University of North Carolina Wilmington.
From Jenny Williams comes the reflection that she has
experienced some major life changes in the past few
months: the wonderful birth of her third grandchild, Jacob
Alexander, on October 10, and the sad passing of her mother
on November 7. Jacob had a few worrisome weeks in Johns
Hopkin’s NICU but is home now with his adoring parents,
Luke and Richele, and doing great. Like all of her children,
they just live a couple of blocks away so she gets to see
them often. Jenny’s mother died after a brief illness from
complications of diabetes. Jenny and her family were able to
experience the full gifts of hospice care and her mom died
peacefully and comfortably.
Last summer, Kay Hewitt Holmes and PK took a Danube
River cruise with a side trip to Paris, which was the first time
since 1973! By the time you read this, Kay will have been to
Israel and Petra for 2½ weeks with friends. She and PK are
also planning a trip to Scotland and have several trips with
the 8th Circuit to D.C., Fargo, N.D., and Minneapolis to take in
the interim. PK loves his work as Chief Judge of the Western
District of Arkansas and Kay continues to substitute teach,
volunteer, and dabble in her hobbies. Bonnie Fisher loves being retired from teaching and enjoys
being able to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it.
Nineteen Seventies
Linda Chandlee, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Jill Creighton McNamara reports that she and her husband
welcomed a granddaughter in September and has another
one due in May. Following close on the heels of the new
grandbaby is a wedding in June. She and her husband are
trying to slow down in order to enjoy the babies and beach
time in Lewes, Del. She’s in the process of merging her
business, Mostly Monograms, with her daughter Meaghan’s
furniture painting and home accessories business.
Gussie Zapffe Thompson also reports that she and her
husband Phil welcomed Phil’s second granddaughter, Finley,
who joins big sister Avery. Croup unfortunately descended
on the little ones but all have recovered. Gussie’s daughter,
Adelaide, continues with her band “Adelaide” which plays
at Disneyland and other venues. Adelaide has her master’s
degree in Music; plays trumpet, guitar, and piano; writes
music; and teaches music to children. Busy lady! Great news is
that Gussie plans on coming to our 45th reunion!
Sally Goldsborough Lambert and Rand just celebrated their
40th wedding anniversary. Congratulations! She, too, has a
new grandson. She says “After having all girls, I now have all
grandsons. I just can’t get a granddaughter to save my soul!”
She is working as a residential program manager working with
mentally challenged individuals and finds it very fulfilling.
Peggy McDorman McKisson and her husband are still living
a quiet life in Leesburg, Va. Their children, Michael and Helen,
are grown with each having a son of their own. Her husband is
retired after having had a liver transplant several years ago and
is doing well. Peggy is working for the public school system
but is thinking about retirement herself.
Susan McDorman is loving life back in Baltimore with her
“sweet and hilarious” granddaughter, Betty. She has been
working in Obstetrics nursing for 25 years and has started
school in an online RN to BSN program! She says that one of
the best parts of the program is being able to “go” to class in
sweats, with no makeup, while having an occasional glass of
Polly Hanson Cloude writes that she and her husband are
living in Luray, Va. with a dog, a cat, and her horse, Red Cloud,
named after the Sioux Indian chief. She’s working as the
bookkeeper for an apartment complex. Polly will do her best to
get to the reunion.
Paula Talbert Johnson became a grandparent this year. Her
daughter Patricia and her son-in-law are expecting in July.
Paula has relearned how to crochet and is crocheting a baby
Liz Holland retired in February as an editor for Gannett
News. She became a breast cancer survivor after finishing
chemotherapy and radiation therapy last year. She is doing
well and now sports curly hair—those of us who have seen
her think she looks great! She is planning a trip to France this
Rhonda Rollins is still running her farm and horse rescue
business. If you call her, you’ll likely get to speak to her mom,
since Rhonda is out in the barn much of the day. She is
looking forward to seeing us all in May.
Ann Robinson Nienaber will be in Baltimore for the wedding
of her niece, Lizzie. Alas, it won’t be in time for our reunion.
She’ll let me know if she gets a moment where she could have
lunch and I’ll try to arrange something.
As for me, I will retire from my dog-walking business in May.
I’ve been doing it for five years but I am ready to enjoy my free
time. I am going to Amsterdam and Denmark right after our
reunion to do some bicycling.
Class Notes
Marilyn Amaimo Guzinski, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Betsy Jones Hermann writes: “I am working on some
interesting antique porcelain restorations, and am gearing up
for a large invitational art exhibition in the fall. My husband
and I bought new cameras this year and are thoroughly
enjoying the learning curve. Lots of back and forth travel to
Denver by my girls, and it would not surprise me if they both
end up there.”
Anne Carter Jacobsen writes: “This year I will be retiring from
15 years of teaching art at Columbia Independent School. It
has been a wonderful experience teaching at a school that
gave me total freedom of my curriculum, allowing me to do
some very experimental projects, with the latest being able to
teach all of my classes to build rod puppets and some large
parade puppets to enhance a vocal music performance in
the spring. I look forward to finding my own artistic bliss in
the future as well as doing volunteer work in my community.
This summer we are planning a family vacation to explore
Thailand—my daughter Sarah has had an internship doing
cognitive studies on elephants, and we will join her as
she travels. My son Alex is in school in Gunnison, Colo. at
Western Colorado University, studying outdoor recreation
and art. Husband Robb continues his studies of endangered
species on the Missouri River. We love Columbia, Mo., a great
university town! Lili Dale Gerard writes: “I visited Maryland in June 2014 for
Susie Karr Menzie’s daughter’s wedding in Upperco. I had
forgotten how gorgeous the Maryland countryside is! It’s
just spectacular and I almost drove off the road several times
taking it all in. I am still working administratively in real estate
and travel to Florida and Maine to visit my father. He’ll be
94 in May and is in great health, mind, and spirit! I play golf
whenever I can when the temperature is 60 or above. Lastly,
I had a quick reunion with Francie Kennedy Schneider in
September 2014 in Maine.
Francie Kennedy Schneider is living in Hawaii. She writes:
“Currently, I am working at a physical therapy clinic that just
opened last May. The work is very enjoyable and the clinic is
already very busy. My children live on the “mainland,” which is
what people who live in Hawaii call the contiguous states. My
husband and I try to visit our son in Denver and our daughter
in Seattle as often as we can because we really miss them. The
cost of living in Hawaii is higher than any other state—we pay
a huge price for our good weather, and I’m spoiled. I couldn’t
take the cold that I see on TV. Aloha, everyone!”
Pam Schutz writes: “I am enjoying retirement and getting the
opportunity to spend more time with family and friends and
pups. I am enjoying my board and community service work.
My favorite activity is tutoring second graders in Richmond.
My 86-year-old mother has health issues. I spend a lot of time
with her, which brings me great joy. When possible, I also
spend time in Naples, Fla. and Ocean City, Md. and would
love the opportunity to see my SPSG classmates if you are out
my way.”
Elsie Zapffe Verdeja writes “I am a grandmother of four.
I’m still a plant lady, with 17 helpers throughout the city. My
daughter Carlotta is a florist and my partner in business. My
son Alfonso is a web designer and helps with our exterior
plantings. My youngest, Chevala, is an engineer working for a
petro-chemical company in Houston, going back to school for
her major in Structural Engineering.
As for me, Marilyn Amaimo Guzinski, it has been three years
since my strokes, and I’m feeling as stiff and cold as ever. I
have taken back the class secretary role. After 38 years, Joe
decided he wanted to live separately, so I will be returning
to Baltimore as soon as I sell our house in Fredericksburg,
Va. I am looking forward to returning to Baltimore. My two
daughters are grown: Claire (27) is a teacher and lives in
Roanoke and Lauren (23) is just starting work in Seattle.
Claire married Ryan Wiseman in June 2014. I am looking to
reconnect with SPSG. It was the best school I ever worked for
and the friendliest environment. I am hoping to start back
there tutoring.
Melanie Morris Long, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Sally Ellicott Miller graduated from this life on February 10,
2015. Sally was a member of the 1972–1973 field hockey
team and was a founding member of the guitar club. In 2001
she was honored as a member of a distinguished group of
inductees selected in the first year of the St. Paul’s School for
Girls Athletic Hall of Fame. She will be fondly remembered
by her classmates for her wonderful personality, great
sense of humor, musical and athletic abilities, and hilarious
antics that kept her classmates laughing.
From Susan Ohrenschall Baxter, “My biggest news was
from August 17–November 24 when I set sail on Semester
at Sea with Carey and Josh to visit 12 countries and have
incredible adventures. It was worth a leave of absence
from work! Starting in England, we visited Russia, Poland,
Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and
Barbados.” We all enjoyed our trip with Susan on Facebook!
In April, Susan is heading to an Ohrenschall family reunion
in San Francisco. Susan sells furniture in Maryland, Delaware,
Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
From our classmate in the Wild West, Chris Zapffe writes
this news: “I’m still working and an associate professor of
photography at Montana State University. My specialty
is alternative process and experimental black and white
photography, which has led me to publish to several books
on these processes. We have 10 grandchildren (Tom 12)
that we try to see at least once a year, and that makes our
travel extensive. Tom and I are currently in Australia on my
sabbatical, trying to get used to left-side-of-the-road driving
and the heat (99 degrees and high humidity).”
Another Westerner, Fran Rulon-Miller, writes, “Larry and
I are traveling back to Colorado after spending two weeks
in southern Arizona. We did some fun biking, birding, and
hiking while we were there. We went camping in Truth or
Consequences, N.M. which has dozens of artesian hot water
springs to soak in.
Liz Wright writes, “While those of you back East were digging
out from under and seeing how many layers you could wear
at once, we were again in Tucson. Ariz. Hearing about your
temperatures is a good reminder of why we make the 4½
day drive to get here. Charlie and I are doing well. Our fourth
great-grandchild was just born. Yes, you read that correctly! I’m
keeping busy—fundraising for the church’s food bank, treasurer
for our condo’s board, serving on the Columbia Bank board,
choir, Zumba and two book clubs. There are days I wonder how I
found time to work. We went out to the Northwest last summer
to visit Seattle, Portland, and Astoria and had a great time. We
managed to be there for two weeks without a single day of rain.”
Lisa Pohlhaus Tillman writes, “Love was in the air with a big
wedding and yet another precious baby born into my tribe.
Confessions of an official old lady: Sometimes, when I am
feeling the reality of the limits of our time here, my brain pops
up with ‘grateful and glad we stand to sing praises,’ and my
heart is warmed by memories of our shared girlhoods. We
really were blessed.”
Nicole Schultheis writes, “I’m working on my second book
under my own name, “The Resume Guidebook, 6th edition,”
which will come out later this year. I’ve just finished a short
gig teaching autobiographical writing for Anne Arundel
Community College in Maryland. I’m occasionally flying
around the country training federal employees to write
about their leadership accomplishments. I feel privileged to
ghostwrite autobiographical materials for a few former federal
political appointees, including some folks who worked in the
White House. I am about to go to Ireland with Cecile for a
week for her spring break. Cecile is still waiting to hear from
most colleges but was admitted into lots of top colleges and
now has to choose.”
Polly Helms Crosby writes, “Ramsey and I are quite antsy this
time of year and we try to get away when possible. We traveled
to Venice Beach, Calif. in November to see our daughter
Lindsey who is a personal trainer and enjoying the West Coast
lifestyle. In January, we took a trip south to warmer climates
and stayed with family and friends. We spend our summers in
Rehoboth Beach, Del. We also enjoy spending time with our
son who lives near us in Baltimore and is doing well.”
Nancy Gross sums up remembrances of Sally Miller
with, “Sally was a ball of fire who always kept us laughing at
SPSG. She was one of the funniest people that I have ever met.
When I would come home from school every day, my mom
would always ask me to tell her about my day. Before I was
finished, she would always say “Well, what did Sally Miller get
into today?” And usually I would be able to share a funny story
and we would sit in the kitchen and laugh all over again. One
Friday afternoon at the end of the day we were in English class.
We were reading about Samuel Pepys (pronounced PEEPS).
Every time the teacher would mention the name a small
“peep” would be heard from Sally’s vicinity. And it continued
... when asked who was making the noise, and to stop, it did
not. So we were kept after class as punishment. Nobody ever
got mad at Sal! Instead, we laughed all the way back to our
classroom with Sally peeping all the way. I could share so
many other stories about our fun-loving classmate. Rebel
Boykin writes, “Remembering Sally and our trip to New York
City with Carter and Betsy, a car backfired and she pretended
to be shot … we laughed so hard!”
Nina Baker Neal writes, “One of the more interesting things
that happened this year was that we fostered a little pot belly
teacup piglet named Lucy. She is sweet, smart and had us
laughing every day. Lucy is an indoor/outdoor pig and has a
great forever home now with four rescue pigs named Rosie,
Bacon, Wilber, and Porky Pig. The big news in our family is that
Jackie is engaged to Adam Ariosa and the wedding is on Sept
19, 2015. Planning is in full swing and is my part-time job in
addition to my full time job as a senior mortgage loan officer
for M&T Bank Greenspring Station near SPSG, where I’ve been
for almost six years. Tim is still working in Pennsylvania (17
years now) and just received approval on his second patent.
Who knows when we will retire! Brin and Tom are living in
Timonium and have given us two beautiful grandchildren,
Tommy (5) and Arden (2).”
I think everyone had a great time at our SPSG Ugly Sweater
Party at Christmas. The pictures were certainly a hoot. It’s so
much fun acting up with the girls.
We send condolences to Jaye Tullai on the loss of her sister
Brenda. The pictures of the Tullai family on the funeral home
website included remembrances from her time at SPSG.
We wish them all the best.
As for me, Melanie Morris Long, I am still working as a school
nurse consultant and enjoying watching my children join the
work force. I have been trying to attend the alumnae events
sent to me from school and I encourage locals to do the same.
The school spirit is rejuvenated with connections with school
alumnae and the new head of school is full of spirit! Let’s keep
it going and bring back those good times!
Karen Whitehorne Babcock, Class Secretary
[email protected]
We “celebrated” our 40th reunion in 2014. It was so great to
see everyone at the cocktail party, followed by a lovely dinner
at Carlo’s Italian Bistro.
Carol Lothrop Broadbent enjoyed a year full of travel,
including small trips to visit family and a special trip to the
Pantenal area in Brazil. In the fall, Carol and Brian celebrated
35 years of marriage with a trip to Greece. Youngest daughter
Julie is engaged to be married in October 2015 and will move
to Tacoma, Wash. as her fiancé is in the Army. Everyone is very
Susan Baker Andrews is still the director of the Good
Shepherd School in Ruxton, Md., which she says is like
having 128 grandchildren! Husband Andy is still working
in commercial real estate with DTZ, formerly Cassidy Turley.
Both children are living in and around Baltimore. Kathryn is
teaching sixth grade social studies at McDonough and has
two wonderful children: Will just turned 4 and Taylor is 2. Son
Ty lives in Harbor East and works at Brown Advisory. Susan
catches up with Missy on a regular basis which is always fun
and entertaining!
Carol Brooks Currotto is now flying solo with her own
commercial interior design firm: Currotto Design, LLC. She is
enjoying working on her own terms with wonderful clients and
good work. All Currotto children have found their own paths
and are happy. Carol has found that the greatest gift from
our parents and then to our children is unconditional love, as
well as “The Four Agreements” as presented by Don Miguel
Ruiz: 1) be impeccable with your word; 2) don’t take anything
personally; 3) don’t make assumptions; and 4) always do your
best. Anyone remember this from religious studies class? I had
a great time at dinner with Carol in January at Michael’s Café
in Timonium, Md.—so much fun! After a long and winding re-election primary and general
campaign, Amey Rulon-Miller Upton’s husband was elected
from the 6th District of Michigan and will continue as Chair
of the Energy and Commerce Committee in the U.S. House
of Representatives. Amey just began a new venture as the
interim director of adult education and women’s ministries
at Westminster DC Presbyterian Church. Daughter Meg lives
in Boston and son Stephen moved to D.C. Stephen lives in a
house with five other men and Amey swears she will not set
foot in a place with so many guys! Life as an empty nester
is splendid—freeing and full of new opportunities for travel,
reading, and dating as a couple once again.
Betsy Keller is still enjoying life along the Delaware River
in Titusville, N.J. with her partner, Kevin, and her standard
poodle, Percy. She works as a test developer at Educational
Testing Service in Princeton, N.J., specializing in verbal and
literature tests. When she’s not working hard to make life
difficult for teenagers, Betsy enjoys cooking, seeing plays in
New York, movies, and biking. I had the pleasure of having
lunch with Betsy in Hampden and also meeting for drinks in
Cockeysville—great times!
Traci Davis says life is good for her. She works at Garrison
Forest as athletic director and varsity field hockey coach. She
loves her job and the people with whom she works. Flo Bell
and Ophie Hollingshead taught her well! Cody, her daughter,
attends Mississippi State University and is majoring in
elementary education. Traci’s son Griff is living at home. He
worked for Misty Valley Farms in Hunt Valley last season and
is trying to figure out his next steps. He loves being outside
fishing and hunting.
Bonnie Culbertson has been working six days a week at her
dental practice in Lutherville, Md. She finds time to spend
with Kirk’s two children, Amelia (5) and Mitchell (8). Bonnie
struggled with a recent broken leg but is on the mend. She
missed our 2014 reunion but did get together with Betsy
Goldsborough Reese and Jimmy Dunn. Bonnie also saw
Anne-Marie when she was in town.
Gail Gaumnitz Goering is still living in Sparks and enjoys
book club with other SPSG alums. Daughter Cara ’05 is
teaching at Kennedy Krieger High School, and Lauren is
following in her footsteps and is finishing her Doctor of
Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in September. Her youngest is a
Calvert Hall sophomore. Gail recently traveled to Costa Rica for
some rest and relaxation.
I, Karen Whitehorne Babcock, had a very full year. Jon and
I went back to Anguilla in February. At the end of April, my
mom ended up in the hospital, followed by 20 days of rehab
and then a move to assisted living at Brightview Mays Chapel
Ridge. The great news is that she has “graduated” to the
independent living section and is doing great! She turned
91 in December. Jon and I took the trip of a lifetime in June
to celebrate his 60th birthday: Florence, Rome, Positano/
Amalfi Coast, and Mykonos. The boys are all doing well. Bryan
was engaged to Katie Murray on Valentine’s Day 2015; he
continues to work at Johns Hopkins as a multimedia editor,
producer, and graphic artist. Christopher is a project manager
with Restoration East and works primarily in the D.C. area.
He and Bryan have been living in Mom’s house and holding
down the fort. Riley will be a senior next year at Virginia Tech,
majoring in computer science—he just turned 21. As I type this,
Jon and I are getting ready to escape the 100+ inches of snow
here in Massachusetts—flying to Anguilla for 11 glorious days. Kathy Berndt Hanna has been busy at work as a franchise
owner. She and husband, Dwight, bought a Signs By
Tomorrow one year ago and find it fun and challenging. Her
daughter Caroline is living in Fells Point and working in Sparks
in project management for Taylor Technologies. Her son Teddy
will graduate this spring in graphic design and blows art glass
every free minute.
I continue to marvel at the friendships we made 40 years ago
that still stand the test of time—we are a great group! Please
stay in touch and I hope that everyone has a fabulous year!
Pam Smith says she is still in Michigan. She is a personal
trainer and teaches small group exercise classes. She also
works at Trader Joe’s. Her son is now 10 and her daughter is 9.
Vicki Hurdle Lott writes that her husband, Trace, and she
have finally finished renovating their home—it took 12 years.
Her son Alex graduated from William and Mary School of
Law and is working for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in
Atlanta. Her daughter Megan is director of a before and after
school enrichment program for Baltimore County. Her son
Billy is working for Brown Advisory in operations. Both Meg
and Billy live in Federal Hill. Larkin is a project coordinator for
SPX in Charlotte, N.C., and Warren is a junior at Washington
College and the program director at Echo Hill Camp on the
Eastern Shore.
Lucy Berndt writes from Fayetteville, N.C. that she is now in
her 31st year of teaching and in her second year teaching in a
very small Catholic school in Fayetteville. She spent the month
of June last summer working in her brother’s restaurant, the
Coop De Ville on Martha’s Vineyard. She plans on going back
this June. Not a fan of winter, she plans to visit the Cayman
Islands for spring break.
Anne Waller McAvoy writes that her son Will is in his
sophomore year at University of Richmond, studying prehealth and enjoying his fraternity, SAE. Her daughter Audrey
graduated from University of Mary Washington last spring,
with a degree in Psychology. She is living at home and taking
prerequisite courses in preparation for graduate school. Her
other daughter Liz became engaged in December to her
college beau, Eric Gabriel. A spring 2016 wedding is now
being planned! Her husband, Mac, works for Sun Trust and
Anne is teaching another wonderful cohort of kindergartners,
including Class of 1965’s Holly Hamilos’ adorable
granddaughter Chloe Curlett.
June Bouscaren reports that she is still living in Colorado.
Her company executed a demerger and she now works for the
new company, Keysight Technologies. Her daughter, Durrie, is
a reporter for St. Louis public radio and reported on the issues
in Ferguson, Mo. Her son, Peter, is in his fourth year of the fiveyear co-op program at Drexel University studying computer
science and entrepreneurship and will be launching a new
company soon. June will travel to Vienna and Prague in April
and in September plans to cycle the Classic Climb of the Alps.
Debbie White is living in Jacksonville, Fla. Like a few of our
classmates, Debbie has an empty nest. Her daughter Kelsey
is a freshman at Flagler College in Florida. This past fall
was a struggle for Debbie but she now reports that things
have eased some. She is looking for a job and volunteers in
tutoring to keep busy. She added a cat, Dobby, to her family so
Pixie, her very tiny dog, has a companion. She reports she is
definitely glad she lives in Florida with all the snow and cold
the Northeast had this winter!
Kathy Hurley, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Becky Brandt Chapman reports that she started working for
M&T Bank in November 2013 in M&T’s anti-money laundering
compliance division. Becky still lives in the Hampden area. Her
daughter, Sarah, is a senior at Roland Park Country School and
will be going to WVU in the fall. Becky plays soccer on Fridays
in a “moms” league.
Deirdre Wilson-Redmond says she is still plugging away at
graduate school with just one more class after this semester.
Her son Julian is in college as a freshman and her other son
Theodore is out and working. She and her husband, Michael,
are empty nesters except for their assortment of animals!
Class Notes
1/ 1 973 Classmates left to right,
Rebel Boykin, Carter Coblentz Stover,
Melanie Morris Long, Molly Powell Finney ,
Boo Leutritz Blucher, Paddy Dugan
and Susan Ohrenschall Baxter
1/ 1 981 Classmates from left to right:
Amy Millhouser Dupuis, Leigh Weatherly
Denny, Jean Slaughter Gearon, Leanne Weber
Kreis, Jaleh Hagigh, Eleanor Horine Collyer
and Laurie Salladin
2/ B etsy Stieff Stein ’85 and family
3/ 1 981 Classmates from left to right:
Laurie Salladin, Jean Slaughter Gearon
and Jaleh Hagigh
4/ P atti Alfonso Mutascio ’85 and family
As for me, Kathy Hurley, not much has changed with my life
in Rockville, Md. I visited my parents who live in Port Charlotte,
Fla. this past July. Both my children, Philip and Katie, live
at home. Philip works as a waiter at Crave Restaurant in
Bethesda, Md. and is working on his music. He did receive a
bachelor’s degree in Music from Berklee College of Music two
years ago. Katie is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work
at UMBC. I still work as a mental health social work supervisor
at Potomac Home Health Care and have a small private
practice as a nurse psychotherapist.
Nineteen Eighties
Norene Law Cusick, Class Secretary
[email protected]
It’s hard to believe that it has been 35 years since we walked
the halls of SPSG! It sure does not seem like it has been that
many years.
­Michelle Hooper Springer and John are adjusting to their
second year as empty nesters. They spend most of their free
time visiting their children. Jake (25) lives in Huntsville, Ala.,
and works with doctors in operating rooms, selling medical
spinal equipment. He also coaches lacrosse. Morgan (22)
lives in Windsor, Colo. and is finishing a master’s degree in
counseling, working with with children and families. Cassie
(19) is a sophomore at the University of Alabama. She is
majoring in international women’s studies, education, and
social work. She spent last summer in Nepal working in a safe
house with young women at risk for human trafficking. John is
enjoying being a business banker with PNC and Michelle is in
her 29th year at MCA Architecture.
Katie Sadler McDonald’s big news for 2014 was the marriage
of her daughter Kelsea to Mike King in the Outer Banks, N.C.,
on November 1. She was happy to have Norene, Gail, Missy,
and Jennifer there to help celebrate.
Karen DeGarmo Keyser and Peter will celebrate 25 years of
marriage. Their oldest daughter, Amanda, is a freshman at
the Honors College at the College of Charleston. Mollie is a
junior at Roland Park Country School and has begun touring
colleges. Karen is looking forward to spending some time this
summer in Fenwick Island, Del. with her daughters, Peter, her
dad, and her sister’s family.
Beth Doetzer Easton’s daughter, Victoria, graduates from
SPSG this June. Beth is looking forward to being in the
graduation garden again, but this time as a proud parent.
Victoria will be attending Montana State University. She
expects to get some skiing in next year! Beth’s oldest, Gavin,
is headed to Bali this spring to attend a school and receive his
teaching certificate in yoga. Graham is a sophomore at Boys’
Latin and had a great season on the freshman-sophomore
basketball team. He is working on creating an Ultimate Frisbee
team at school this spring.
Jeanne Hurley DeMos is still working as a therapist at Johns
Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, but is now only seeing
younger children and their families with a lot more play
therapy. Although she is no longer involved in psychosis, she
does miss the many clients she worked with for several years.
Jeanne is in a place now where she enjoys time with family
and friends and the simple pleasures in life. She appreciates
each day and moment as it unfolds. She is looking forward to
our 35th in May 2015!
Since selling her business last year, Peggy Hoffman has
been working as a consultant, providing development and
management services to artists and nonprofit organizations.
Her favorite client is her husband, painter Minas Konsolas.
Peggy has also joined the boards of Baltimore’s Fluid
Movement, a performance art group, and CityLit Project, a
literary arts organization.
Karen Williams Fox’s grown-up children want to come home
to roost. Her daughter Morgan and her husband are finishing
up their tour in the U.K. and plan on moving to this side of the
pond in the fall. Her son, Cassidy, wants to join in on the fun
and move back as well. He’s living in Philly right now. Karen is
still enjoying the toy store!
Nancy Bass Wright loves living in West Towson, Md. Her
daughter is a sophomore at Rollins College in Florida and
Nancy loves to visit her there. Her puppy is three and finally
starting to calm down. She works at the University of Baltimore
and loves it there.
Lou and Tia Karavedas Close are happy and well. They will
be celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary this year. Tia’s
son George accepted a position with Maury, Donnelly & Parr,
Inc. and is living in Federal Hill. Her daughter, Kitty, graduated
from UNC Chapel Hill in May and is living in D.C. where she
attends graduate school. Tia’s niece had a beautiful baby boy
in September. She is proud to be a great-aunt! Tia’s Laborador,
Ginger, who was one week away from celebrating her 14th
birthday, passed in August and she misses her dearly.
Chris Elfert Burman has been the credit manager for Bond
Distributing Company for 29 years. Her husband, Ed, who also
still works for Bond, recently had shoulder surgery. Chris and
Ed bought their dream travel trailer and traveled to Gettysburg,
Pa., Williamsburg, Va., and Outer Banks, N.C. last fall. After
those trips, they bought a new truck to pull the trailer so they
can ride in comfort and style. This year they plan to take several
trips with the trailer to Florida, Delaware, and maybe Colorado
for the Punkin Chunkin Colorado festival.
Amy Millhouser DuPuis, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Martha Eshman Manning and her family still enjoy living
in north Louisiana. She and William have been married 27
years, and their daughter Maggie will be starting her senior
year in high school this fall. Martha is marking her 17th year
as a clinical specialist for Genentech. The Mannings continue
to enjoy traveling all over the country for Maggie’s tennis
tournaments. Maggie is ranked #1 in Louisiana and she hopes
to play college tennis for a Division I school.
Elizabeth Morrison Rosborg (Elissa) didn’t submit last
year because it was a year she wants to forget. They had the
misfortune of having their newly renovated home catch
fire as a result of lightning on April 19, 2013. After a sixmonth rebuild, she had a serious tree trimming accident on
November 23 that earned her a helicopter ride to Maryland
Shock Trauma. After a year of recovering, she and her family
are enjoying their home again. Their son Matthew is a
freshman at the University of Vermont, and the family will
summer again on Nantucket.
Lindsay Sheehan Bradley and her husband are enjoying their
second year in Norway where Bob is coaching Stabæk in the
Tippeligaen. Lots of exciting news on the family front for them!
Kerry loves living in San Francisco and works for EXOS on the
Google campus. Ryan is engaged to a wonderful guy, Andy,
who plays professional soccer for the Seattle Sounders. The
two met at UCLA. Michael, Amanda, and Luca (2) welcomed
baby Quinn in November. The whole family was together for
Christmas in Toronto. Liz Ordeman Blizzard is still living in beautiful Yorkshire,
England. She now lives in an old gamekeeper’s cottage on
the top of Ilkley Moor. Liz is the lead physical therapist and
director of The Valley Clinic. Outside of work she tries to make
time for all her interests: running, hiking, golf, mountain
biking, camping, and recently, sailing. Last year’s highlights
were chartering a yacht in the British Virgin Islands with her
boyfriend and coming back to the States to spend Christmas
with the Ordeman clan.
Erica Johnson Meadows’ husband, David, and son Rocky
are still in Kosovo. Erica is the director of the International
Learning Group School, which is still growing and up to 150
students from 36 countries. The Meadows enjoyed a whirlwind
driving tour through Europe in July—13 countries in three
weeks! Rocky’s favorite moment was a ropes course in France.
Erica and Rocky also had a brief weekend trip to Brussels to
visit Sophie Mercier. It was a great weekend filled with lots
of reminiscing, good friends, and good chocolate! During fall
2014, Erica’s father was hospitalized at Johns Hopkins so she
flew back and forth a couple of times to visit. Dr. Johnson is
making a good recovery.
Leanne Weber Kreis is still working as a commercial furniture
representative with her brother Ed (SP ’78). Leanne’s daughter
Katie is a freshman at the University of Georgia in Athens and
her son Phillip is a senior at High Point University. This makes
Leanne and her husband George empty nesters this year.
Bikram Yoga has become her favorite form of exercise.
Kathy Fitzgerald Johnson’s daughter, Jenna, graduates
from SPSG this year! Older sister Kelly Johnson ’13 loves
Virginia Tech where she is in her sophomore year, and Logan
is finishing his freshman year at SP. This year started off a little
rocky for Kathy after she suffered complications from knee
replacement surgery as well as the loss of her sister, but
Kathy is pleased to report that all is well now and things
are looking up! Amy Millhouser Dupuis is still happily employed by Sanofi
U.S., managing various corporate social responsibility
programs, including cash funding to nonprofit organizations,
product donations, and disaster relief. Daughters Molly (17)
and Emma (13) are doing well, and Amy is having fun with
college visits.
Margaux Schneider reports that she moved from Monkton,
Md. to Hewitt, N.J. where she has a lovely home on
Greenwood Lake. She and Udo, her beau of four years, enjoy
kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding and cocktails
on the dock during the warm months. She is based out of JFK
and La Guardia Airports and Newark International Airport to
work with United Airlines as a flight attendant, her occupation
for 20 years. In December they went to Venice, Munich,
and Switzerland, and when they aren’t traveling they are
remodeling their home.
Jaleh Hagigh is in her 18th year working at Elon University
and has taken on a new assignment! After serving as director
of communications in the president’s office for the past several
years, Jaleh was named director of campaign communications
and events and is excited to be back in Elon’s advancement
office as the university prepares for its next big fundraising
campaign. To stay in shape, she has been doing lots of TRX
suspension training and Pilates classes, along with running.
Class Notes
Her son, Jake, turned 16, and mom says he’s getting more and
more handsome as the years go by.
Laurie Salladin reports that like everyone else, her kids are
growing up. Gus (15) and Rosie (13) began attending different
schools in different cities this fall which means she and Mark
do lots of driving. She was happy to reconnect with Dottie
Mitchell in New York last fall.
Jane Wehland Patterson is still living in Raleigh, N.C. After
several years of working for Apple, she quit life in retail and
has started her own personal technology consulting business
helping her clients, mostly senior citizens, learn how to use
iDevices. She and her husband spend as much time outdoors
as possible enjoying cycling, running, skiing, and backpacking. 1983
Rebecca Sadtler Williams, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Dorsey Hoff Campbell reported: “Ladies, I am happy to say
that SPSG seems to be in a great place! It reminds me of our
years there. Annie, our middle child, is a junior at SPSG this
year. It is a pleasure to see her come and go daily and to hear
so many stories. The campus looks great, so if you haven’t
been in a while, please make the effort—it’s worth your time.
Our oldest, Chase, is a first year student at UVA, and seems
very happy. Jay (13) is in the 7th grade and enjoys just about
everything. My husband, Gordon, and I work morning, noon,
and night to afford our kids these opportunities, just as I am
sure you are doing too. Our parents made it look so easy.”
Eileen Cavanaugh Bender reports: “All is well in Glen Ellyn,
Ill. My husband, Dan, continues to work full time in Toledo,
Ohio—a move that I am totally resisting. So I work as a single
mom during the week for Finn (12) who is in the 6th grade
and George (10) who is in the 4th grade. The boys and I play
tennis and they also play volleyball. Both of my boys and my
husband were diagnosed with celiac disease this year, adding
a whole new level of craziness to our lives. We are transitioning
to a gluten-free diet to manage it. It’s easy at home but pretty
challenging when we are eating out or traveling.”
Cynthia Eshman Jones (Tiny) says: “We are still in Boulder,
Colo. Charlie will be graduating from high school this spring.
Katie (16) has her driver’s license. Jack (12) is busy with all
sorts of activities. I am working at Anthropologie which helps
me feel my inner college girl.”
Laura Ruhl Emery says: “I’m still living in Charlottesville,
Va. with my husband and three children, ages 8, 12, and 14.
I have gone back to the education arena and am currently
working as a special education teaching assistant, but am
working on getting my teaching certification renewed in order
to teach math again. I also continue to work with my interior
design practice and paint watercolor house portraits.”
Kristen Sarles Lopez reports: “First, I want to thank Ann
McKenzie for hosting our 30th reunion party—it was a lot of
fun! Our family has had some great vacations; we spent time
at a dude ranch in Wyoming; explored Yellowstone National
Park; visited Deep Creek Lake in Maryland; and travelled to
Puerto Rico. We live in Chapel Hill, N.C., and last year my
parents moved here. My son Chase (18) is a freshman in
college and Connor is 12.”
Karen Townsend Byrd says: “Our oldest daughter, Kathryn,
graduated from Belmont University in May and is starting
law school in the fall. Kimmy (16) is a junior in high school
and travels all over to play lacrosse. My husband, Vernon, is
with Charlotte Radiology. We celebrated our 25th wedding
anniversary with a trip to Barbados. I volunteer throughout our
community, serving on various boards and helping coach at a
local lacrosse recreation league. Our family enjoys relaxing at
our lake house where we all wake surf and wake board.”
Lisa Rowe says: “I have been working in the insurance field,
and over the past two years I have broadened my portfolio in
the financial industry. I specialize in tax-free retirements and
college funding. I am very involved with the Atlanta Humane
Society, Atlanta Ballet, and the High Museum of Art. I love my
full-grown 2.8 pound teacup Chihuahua named Baby Sophia.
And yes, she does have a bigger wardrobe than me!”
Susan Pearson Fithian says: “This is our first year as empty
nesters, as all three boys are away at college. We just
celebrated 25 years of marriage in October! I am still working
as the attendance person and library assistant at one of our
local elementary schools. It is such a joy to see adorable,
excitable faces every day.”
Janet E. Lord, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Beth Ridgely White, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Beth and I would like to give a shout out to Becky Pittman
Latrobe and Aileen Diaz Miranda who contributed many
years of service as class co-secretaries. Beth and I are taking
over and we hope we can do half as well as they did for us—
thank you, Becky and Aileen!
Becky Pittman Latrobe reports a new job that sounds
busy—she is now at VMware serving as partner sales manager
and covering NYC, Philly, and Northern Virginia. Jessica
(12) is playing lacrosse for Kelly Post and Alison is playing
softball and soccer for Lutherville-Timonium Rec Council. Her
husband Gordon, who runs Latrobe Renovations, is doing
some awesome bathroom remodels with gorgeous marble
and tile work.
Another classmate with business acumen, Debbie Anderson
Seabold, shares that Tulip Clothing is keeping her very busy.
Tulip is now selling to more than 100 clothing boutiques
across the U.S. and Canada. Her children, Harrison (13), Lily
(10), and Ryan (9) are busy with countless activities, among
them lacrosse, baseball, basketball, and piano and art classes.
The whole family is looking forward to trips to Hilton Head,
S.C., Florida, and Mexico.
Katrin Adams McManus writes from California where she
has taken up ice skating to make up for the lack of snow in
drought conditions! She is teaching German and handling
other projects at the German International School in San
Francisco where her daughter, Ella, attends school. She shares
how grateful she is to the Bartlett family for hosting her while
at SPSG and feels that she would very likely not have ended up
living in SF had it not been for her year in Baltimore.
Katie Hooper Cussen is still a devoted guidance counselor
and now also a lacrosse coach, and is keeping track of her
own teens, Max (16) and Kelly (14), as well as her youngest,
Tommy (8).
Elizabeth Warmington Garcia, happily back in Baltimore, is
working at The Children’s Guild applying her skills and years of
experience working with at-risk youth.
Holly Harper Chabott was doubtful that she had much
news to share but indeed she did! Her son Tommy is now a
sophomore in the Big Apple at NYU, while her daughter is a
junior at McDonogh and starting the college search process.
Holly reports being “retired” (not possible as a mom!) while
husband John is now working downtown at Stifel Nicholaus.
Two of our classmates report recent moves. Julie Shutt
Richardson shifted from the “country” to the Philadelphia
suburbs in Devon, Pa. They are closer to their schools and
friends so are enjoying the move. Julie was nostalgic when
her youngest daughter headed off to Echo Hill for a 6th grade
class trip! Katie Jennings Clark writes that she has moved to
New York City with her family where she is running her own
residential relocation and renovation business. When not
working, Katie tries to keep track of her three children who are
in three different schools.
Jami Ensor McCormick writes that her son Victor is 17 and
has his driver’s license and they are out on the road starting
the college search process! Her husband, Rich, will celebrate
his 50th birthday in June at which time they are packing up
the travel trailer and heading out for six or eight weeks to
Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, the Grand
Tetons, Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon.
Beth Ridgeley White is happily in a new phase, and what a
phase it is: she is in her second year of competitive sailing,
racing J80s in the Annapolis Yacht Club Frostbite Series. And
wait—there’s more— she went skydiving last summer and is
planning a summer of biking—go Beth! An empty nester,
she is nonetheless caring for a 15-year-old dog and a really
naughty terrier puppy. Liza (25) is a graphic designer in
Baltimore, Maggie (21) is nearly finished studying psychology
at East Carolina University, and Alex (20) plays lacrosse for
Wake Forest and writes about the sport for Pressbox.
I, Janet Lord, am seeing my first child off to college this year.
While Lynne (18) did not follow in my footsteps by attending
SPSG, she is off to my college in rural Ohio to study history at
Kenyon where she will play field hockey and lacrosse. Our son
Daniel is 14 and entering high school next year at Friends. My
spouse, Julie, has retired from teaching at American University
and is spending time reading, writing, and relaxing. We hope
to spend most of the summer at our place in western Maine.
One of my fondest memories of last summer was spending
a day and a half with Mrs. Nancy Marbury, Mrs. Sandra
Durfee, and Mrs. Linda King in Boothbay Harbor, Maine—we
ate lobster, went shopping, and sat around chatting on Mrs.
Marbury’s front porch. It was so fun!
Elizabeth Stieff Stein, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Mary Veiga is still painting murals, fine art, and faux finishing,
but is also teaching at the Mitchell School of Fine Arts in
Baltimore and loves it! Her family is doing well. Noah is in
college and Callaway is in 2nd grade.
Julie Wolfe Huston says she can’t believe it has been so long
since we graduated—she’s a grandmother! Grandson Colton
Blake is 6 months old and lives in Texas with her daughter
and son-in-law. “Being a grandmother is fantastic and I can’t
wait for them to visit again,” Julie says. Julie’s son is a junior in
college and loves college life. They are almost empty nesters
and spend their free time enjoying the outdoors and the
various pets they have rescued.
Lisa Hardiman reports that all is great in the HardimanGinsberg house. Lisa is continuing in real estate and is now
with Berkshire Hathaway Homesale. Let’s Dish! celebrated its
10th anniversary in November. Her oldest, Torben, is a senior
at Gilman and is planning on attending Vanderbilt University
in the fall. Her daughter, Berit, is a sophomore at RPCS and
continues to pursue music and acting, and Lisa’s youngest,
Halden, is a 7th grader at Gilman where he is an avid
basketball player and loves soccer. Erik and Lisa are celebrating
their 20th wedding anniversary with a trip this spring but
they are not sure where yet. They will be vacationing with Erin
Gamse Becker and her family in St. Bart’s over spring break
2014. “Traveling is still high on my to-do list,” Lisa says. “My
daughter and I ventured to Morocco with a friend and my
sister’s, Trina Peters ’83, family last fall.”
Sandi Stevens Corbo is still teaching for Baltimore County
Public Schools and has been for 26 years. She and her
husband, Joe, love watching their daughter Maggie play
soccer and lacrosse and are enjoying the switch to the high
school level. Maggie is in 9th grade at NDP.
Patti Alfonso Mutascio and her family are doing great. Emma
(18) is a senior at Friends and is excited to begin her college
journey at Elon University next year. Grant (15), a sophomore
at Gilman, is thriving and loving the rigor and fun of high
school. David (14) is an 8th grader at Jemicy and after four
years at this incredible, intensive learning environment, he is
ready to leave and spread his wings at a larger high school.
They are still looking for the perfect fit for his learning style.
Peter (11) is a 5th grader at Jemicy and is thriving due to the
structure, strategies and support Jemicy offers. “I busily cart
my busy children all over Baltimore, volunteer extensively at
their schools, our church, and with community fundraising
efforts. Life is good and full,” she reports.
Ann Hennessy Bomleny says that things are great in
Florida. Her children are now 16, 14, and 11. She and her
husband, Nick, are busy beginning to coordinate the college
search for their son, and their daughters are busy with school,
growing up, and lacrosse, she says. “I am still directing and
coaching for Storm Select Lacrosse. It’s been great to see it
grow and watch the college commitments roll in.” In addition,
Ann still works on growing their apparel company and
continues to develop new product lines.
Ellen Hagigh shares that her father passed last fall and she
finds it strange not having any parents. She is healthy and
working as a server at Earth Wood and Fire in Baltimore,
which is owned by SP classmate Carter Mason. She says
everyone should come in and see her. Ellen reports she saw
Lisa Johnston last summer at the restaurant, and she looks
the same!
Erin Gamse Becker is back in Baltimore after living abroad for
four years. They have actually been back for three years! Rose
(14) is in the 8th grade at Bryn Mawr, EJ (9) is in the 3rd grade
at Gilman, and Erin is involved at both schools as well as with
the Baltimore School for the Arts and the United Way. They
rescued a 45-lb. Labrador mix two years ago from a shelter
in Colorado. Erin also shared the sad news that they lost their
21-year-old niece, Cara, to leukemia in December 2012. “That
year and the one following were hard and sad years for our
family, which explains why you haven’t heard from me in a
while,” she says.
Lisa Saladin Childs is doing well and still living in Monkton,
Md. She and her husband, Austin, just celebrated their
20th anniversary. Their daughter Emma is enjoying her
freshman year at the College of Charleston. Their youngest,
Camille, is thriving and having lots of fun as a sophomore
at The Harbour School. 28
Lynn Holden Carhart says that her husband Jim is still
working in NYC, and that she is working part time for an
advertising and marketing firm. “Ellie just turned 13 but still
seems to be able to tolerate me,” Lynn says. Jake is almost 10
and “still a little boy so I am enjoying that for as long as I can.”
Laurel Mattson Nelson and her family are doing well in
Richmond, Va. She says “hi” to everyone and hopes to make it
to the reunion in May.
Jill Woodward is still living in Baltimore, and is painting,
teaching, and gardening. Her boys are about to begin their
own life adventures, with one young son about to revel in
being the only one left at home.
Patricia Diaz Lyons and her husband, David, have loved living
in Richmond, Va. since 1996. Their boys, Peyton and Spencer,
are 17 and 15, and their daughter, Dylan, is 13. “Hello, teen
central and the rush hour of life,” she says. Her photography
business has been keeping her busy as well. She is still
shooting weddings and editorial, and was recently named
one of the Top 70 Wedding Photographers by Martha Stewart
Weddings. She is also a regular contributor to award-winning
magazine, Garden & Gun. Congratulations, Patricia!
And for me, Betsy Stieff Stein, I am still living in Catonsville
with my husband and four kids ages 16, 14, 14, and 10. The
girls are at Mount de Sales and my older son is at Mount Saint
Joseph. I’m still the editor of Chesapeake Family magazine out
of Annapolis and you can catch up with me through my weekly
blog, “FranklyStein,” on the magazine’s website.
Katherine Price, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Kim Stevenson Parks says that there is nothing better than
thinking of the members of the Class of 1986 when she
enters SPSG every day! She says she truly has the best job in
the world, supporting the future of our alma mater. Kim and
her family took a road trip to Wisconsin to spend a wonderful
Thanksgiving with her sister Jill Stevenson ’88. She came
home to The Butler Store having had a two-alarm fire but
the rebuild is well underway. Her oldest, John, now has his
learner’s permit so she is practicing breathing exercises. Kate
continues to excel at Jemicy and they now own 36,476 Legos
thanks to Charlie’s passion. Also on campus, Courtenay Wells Arendt has offered to host
our next reunion again. Lexie ’15 is getting ready to graduate
from SPSG this year. Court’s been telling her to enjoy these
last few months, and cherish the friendships she has made
over the last 14 years on campus, as we all know that some of
them could last a lifetime. Lexie is planning her senior week
group—eight girls in one place! Brittany is in the 9th grade at
SPSG and very busy with lacrosse. Looking at graduation and
prom dresses with her girls has been quite emotional and
made Courtenay think about our class and all the memories.
Cynthia Fedeli Holthaus has become a personal stylist for
J.Hilburn which is based in Dallas. Jack (15) is a freshman at
SP, which she says is really strange since we just left and Mr.
Darrell is still there. Jack is friends with Courtenay’s daughter
Brittany. Cynthia is also subbing at Calvert School and the
highlight of her day is eating lunch with Grace (7).
Heather McPeters is still the creative director at McDonogh
School. She’s been there for 21 years now! She is also in
graduate school at the University of Baltimore. Her youngest
niece, Shelton, is a soon-to-be Gator! She was accepted to
SPSG and will be a freshman in the fall.
Up the hill, Julia Hedeman Hooper is still teaching first grade
at SP. Robby graduated from Virginia Tech in May as a mining
and mineral engineer and is happily employed at Bluegrass
Materials in Cockeysville, Md. David will graduate in May from
the University of South Carolina with a major in Journalism in
Mass Communications and Advertising and a minor in Graphic
Design. As a graduation celebration for both boys, they have a
trip to Ireland planned for the end of June.
Mary Jenkins Waldon is also missing her boys who are both
in college. She is traveling and working more so she won’t
lose her mind. She was busy digging out of the Chicago snow
when she sent her update.
Renata Lewis Sawada is running her bookkeeping business
while her kids are in school. Eddie is in his 15th year at T. Rowe
Price. After they work their “day jobs” they have lacrosse, Cub
Scouts, Brownies, dance, and everything else that comes up.
Mac just turned 10 and Sophia is 7.
Anne O’Connell Northrop has now been in South Georgia for
20 years. She stays busy running her kids around to school,
dance, soccer, and baseball. She is about to get out of the “taxi
business” as she has a soon-to-be 16-year-old in the house.
Anne is doing design work and painting as well as accounting
and payroll for the family business. She is looking forward to
seeing Betsy O’Connell Mullenix next month on her way to
Captiva Island in Florida. Anne headed to Seagrove Beach in
April and caught up with Allison May Jackson. Leslie Shreve says 2015 has been a great year so far. She’s
still doing productivity consulting and training for corporate
leaders and teams through her business, Productive Day,
which is turning 12 this August. She continues to enjoy living
in Mays Chapel and spending time with friends and family.
Leslie is most excited about publishing her first business
book, expected out this fall, and personally, she’s thrilled to be
taking her first European river cruise through Germany, Austria
and Hungary in June.
Natalie Eve Fell got a new lab mix named Willow in
September 2014. She loves their Great Dane, Apollo, and
they’ve become best friends. Natalie calls them Bonnie and
Clyde as they get each other into trouble. She is missing
her dog, Eddie, that she lost in August 2014. Work is going
well and she and Fritz have stayed busy during the winter
which is normally their slowest time. Fritz manages the home
improvement side and Natalie manages pest control. Fritz is
still tending to his palm trees each and every day.
Amanda Terry Mellor reports that her mom, Norm, was
grateful to be with her in Arizona and not Maryland this winter.
Charlie is in 4th grade, takes piano lessons, and enjoys any
game that involves a ball and/or a net.
Laura-Lynn Renner says that there is nothing new for her,
Phil, or PJ. She had her 25-year anniversary at Deutsche Bank
Alex. Brown in August. They are spending as much time as
possible at the beach on weekends and in the country during
the week. I agree with her statement—our 40s rock! She says
she is so proud to see who we have all become an inclusive,
caring group of women and she is looking forward to seeing
everyone at the reunion in May.
It was quite the Throwback Thursday when I got a friend
request on Facebook a couple of months ago from Jennifer
Ritchie Blanco. I asked her to tell us what she’s been up to for
the last 30 years. She said she can’t even remember all the
Class Notes
places she has lived since she graduated from college, but
most of the time she has lived in Northern Virginia. Jennifer
has been a Spanish teacher for nearly 20 years. In 2008,
she married her husband, Javier, who is from Puerto Rico;
his family lives there so they are very lucky to travel there
often. They had identical twin girls, Audrey and Olivia, in
2011. Jennifer is taking a few years off from teaching to be
with them.
Betsey Usher, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Suzanne Lentz is celebrating 14 years in Seattle, seven
with Pope, and one with their adorable pup, Giovanni.
As she actively grows her healing energy practice (www., she’s had a few interesting jobs such
as virtual assistant for a human rights attorney in Geneva and
on-site contract Access database administrator for the company
that produces Burning Man. Suzanne recently enjoyed time
with Shannon Casgar-Nelson and Jenny Ehrhardt.
Laura Klaunberg-Mensh and Steve have been passing the
time with jaunts to Fenwick Island, Del., riding and caring
for their horses, Mini Me and Sugar, and raising Rocco, their
Great Pyrenees.
Stacy Herman Sauerhoff and Rob got married last year and
her two sons are in high school.
Do you know anyone who’s hiring? Heather Barrett Russo
is looking for a job. She is active at Epiphany Episcopal and
is learning her way around Facebook. Heather says she is
grateful to be among wonderful friends and family members.
Amy O’Donnell Metzger’s son Jack is navigating his
freshman year at Tulane; Greer, a junior at Garrison Forest,
is starting the college search; Stuart, a student at Garrison
Forest too, and Bennett, a student at Odyssey, both play soccer;
and Hutch (also at Odyssey) is about to get braces. Don is at
Morgan Stanley in Washington, D.C., and Amy is applying for
the Master of Fine Arts program at Southern New
Hampshire University.
Kimberly Murphy Boeve has been fostering her amateur
cycling endeavor with a road cycling class. She finished three
Christmas quilts and spent the holidays at home with hubby
Jack, her parents, aunt, and cat, Casco.
Sarah Ridgely Sullivan recently spent a week in Key West
with Joy Koch McPeters.
Congratulations to Jen Cromwell who became partner at her
law firm in January! She, Brian, and Kyra are happy to report
that Oriana, their fourth Guiding Eyes for the Blind dog, is still
training with them.
Melinda Cooke-Vandaveer was excited to take a family trip
sailing the Caribbean to see daughter Kimberly Dodson
’09 perform as a singer and dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines.
Yvah (3) is in preschool and likes to dance, sing, and boss
her parents. Melinda and Kevin purchased a small printing
company in Westminster while she’s keeping busy at the
National Press Club.
Maria Von Briesen Hardison and John are hoping to fulfill
Maria’s long-term goal of traveling by RV to see the West
Coast’s national parks later this year—that is, if they can break
Melina away from swim team, which she loves.
Jennifer McNamara Hamed says life is good. Her son Jack
is enjoying Middlebury College; Wesley, a junior at SPSG, is
looking at colleges, and Conner is finishing up 8th grade at SP.
Jenn and Seth are still going strong after 21 years of marriage.
Nicol Price loves her job teaching history and writing at
Jemicy in their upper school. She ventured to South Africa last
spring with 50 teenagers and says it was the trip of a lifetime.
Noah, her oldest child, is a freshman at Yale. Tessa Laspia Frederick is in her 24th year at her law firm.
She’s keeping up with SPSG through Maggie (8th grade). Celia
is in 6th grade at Odyssey and Ben is in 3rd at Riderwood. She,
Jim, and the kids are looking forward to a spending time again
on Nantucket with Tessa’s mom this summer.
Lisa Waidner Vega and her husband moved to Baton Rouge,
La. last August for a great job she accepted at Louisiana State
University. She says they love the warm weather, the pelicans
and hummingbirds, and the overall laid-back attitude. Lisa
says Mardi Gras season is one continuous celebration!
Becky Macys Lynch and Steve welcomed a Korean student to
their family for a month. Becky spent lots of time this summer
on the Rapphannock River at her mom’s river house, and
went to Charleston, S.C. in October. Finney and Lolly are both
in school plays, and Lolly performed in the Great Russian
Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet for the fourth time.
As for me, Heather Morgan Vogel, my family and I spent a few
days in Jamaica this past December. For spring break we are
taking the kids to the Florida Keys and plan to do some boating
and fishing there. Connor (14) and Blake (12) enjoy playing ice
hockey and squash and are looking forward to sailing in some
regattas this summer around the Chesapeake Bay.
I, Betsey Usher, have spent my time traveling back and forth
to Baltimore frequently since my dad passed away in October,
though I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Disney World
with friends. Renovating a condo, shopping for a dog, and
eating my way through Nashville’s blossoming restaurant
scene keep me occupied.
Nineteen Nineties
Heather Morgan Vogel, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Jenny Clarke Hubbard is still working at the JHU Bloomberg
School of Public Health. She says she doesn’t have much to
report. She is still happily married and her kids are doing great.
Mary Madden is still doing marketing for Berkshire Associates
in Columbia, Md. She volunteers with Village at Home in
Baltimore, an organization which helps residents age in
place in their homes by providing personal support such
as transportation, technology assistance, and community
involvement activities. Dave and Mary vacationed in Rehoboth,
Del. and have traveled to visit friends and family in New
York, Massachusetts, and California. They enjoy their summer
poolside in Roland Spring. Their little Chihuahua, Peapod, will
be 10 years old in September. Mary says Peapod travels almost
everywhere with them.
Sherri Millan has a shoulder injury, which is preventing
her from playing her monthly gig at Leadbetter’s Tavern in
Baltimore. Sherri sits on the board of directors for a nonprofit
organization in Glen Rock, Pa., which she says is quite an
honor and a challenge. She also has a new kitten named
Lauryn McDonnell Morris is still working part time at The
McNor Group and enjoys volunteering at her boys’ schools.
Tucker (13) is in 8th grade at Cockeysville Middle School and
has fun playing basketball on two teams as well as playing
lacrosse. Justin (11) is in 5th grade at Jacksonville Elementary
School (JES) and plays travel soccer and basketball. Spencer
(8) is in second grade at JES and loves basketball and being
with friends. Dylan (5) has started kindergarten at JES and
keeps up with his brothers while enjoying soccer, basketball,
and lacrosse clinics. Lauryn’s husband, Curt, has been the head
of asset management with Foulger-Pratt in Rockville, Md. for
eight years. He also enjoys coaching some of their boys’ sports
teams. Lauryn and her family enjoyed last spring break in
Emerald Isle, N.C. with the kids and some friends. They also
vacationed in Lavallette, N.J. at the beach last summer. Lauryn
presented her niece, Morgan McDonnell (SPSG ’16), with her
ring in September at the Ring Ceremony.
Becky Ortiz Cottrell, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Bethany White Dinger, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Julie Brand just celebrated six years in solo practice, and
feels extremely lucky to be her own boss! Julie juggles her
busy work schedule while raising her two beautiful children.
Charlotte is a 6th grader at Calvert School and Carter is in the
3rd grade at SP. Julie is looking forward to her 20th reunion at
the University of Richmond and her 15th reunion at University
of Maryland Dental School.
Rachel Young Rubin is a partner with her sister at three
successful and amazing art galleries. Rachel has two beautiful
daughters, who are both attending The Bryn Mawr School. She
and her husband, Peter, will celebrate 17 years together this
June. Congratulations, Rachel and Peter!
Also celebrating 17 years of marriage this December is Alicia
Douglas Waxman and her husband, Josh! Alicia says Josh
is still her best friend. Alicia is a stay-at-home mom who
keeps very busy caring after their three kids: Andrew (13),
Christopher (9), and Grace (6). Andrew is in his school play and
enjoys skiing, Christopher is playing the trumpet, and Grace
does ballet, cheerleading, and theatre. This year also brought
a new puppy named Milo to the Waxman house. Milo just
turned a year old, and has quickly become Alicia’s furry child.
He joins their house “zoo” of other pets: two cats, a bearded
dragon, a hermit crab, a fish, and a leopard gecko. They have
also fostered four puppies and three kittens this year. Alicia
and her family took a fantastic trip to Disney World and made
their annual pilgrimage to Bethany Beach, Del.
Stephanie Adams Germano is still the CFO of Belair Road
Supply, married to Ross, and a super busy mom. She is
keeping up with her daughter Jenna’s sports schedules. Jenna
currently finished up two basketball leagues and will be
starting lacrosse in the spring.
Annie Young Frisbie is celebrating 20 years of living in New
York City. It’s official: Annie has lived in NYC longer than she
ever lived in Baltimore. You are a true New Yorker, Annie—but
don’t worry, you will always be a Gator! Annie homeschools
her two girls, Beatrice and Cora, while writing fiction. She also
volunteers with La Leche League, and sees private practice
clients as a board-certified lactation consultant. In addition to
Annie’s awesomeness, her husband, John, recently did the
lighting for the Kanye West/Paul McCartney/Rihanna video!
Jen Brummer Tributo is living the pura vida in Costa Rica with
her son Dylan. Jen still works at the fabulous Tortilla Flats Hotel
in Dominical, which was recently named Travel + Leisure’s
5th coolest beach bar in Costa Rica! When Jen is not serving
surfers by the beach, she is usually found doing something
adventurous. Whether Jen is surfing, scuba diving, or waiting
for the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) circuit to start, she is
forever keeping us insanely jealous! Dylan is growing up fast.
He just made the National Costa Rica surf circuit, and is placed
7th in Costa Rica for 14 and under. Jen misses everyone, and
hopes everyone will visit.
Stephanie Stanley Reynolds is doing great as well. She
and her husband will be married 16 years this year. They
have three children and one furry pet. Stephanie recently got
her master’s in Theology and is now looking into a doctoral
program. Stephanie loves reading, gardening, and DIY
projects. She counsels and tutors children, and is even in the
process of writing a book! She is on the Arundel County BOA’s
Parent Involvement Committee, and is having her first article
published in Autumn Magazine this May.
Bethany White Dinger, who I have to thank for all her help
with class secretary duties, did an amazing job filling in for
me when I got married. Thank you, Bethany! Bethany keeps
herself very busy. She owns her own daycare, is a Realtor with
Coldwell Banker, and a busy mom to three wonderful girls:
Emma (16), Avery (14), and Zoe (9). Bethany is currently taking
classes to become a child and adolescent life specialist. She
and her husband will celebrate 18 years of marriage this year.
Jill Crooks Karpovich is still very happy working at SPSG. Her
daughters Wyeth and Marta both attend SPSG, and absolutely
love it there! Wyeth was recently in the school play “Oliver.”
Katie Day Jasinski and her husband, Dan, are looking forward
to seeing their oldest son, Patrick, graduate from high school
this year. Their daughter Lily finishes middle school this year,
and her son Ryan is a sophomore in high school. The three
of them keep her very busy. Patrick has had a great year
competing in speech and debate and is looking forward to
Nationals in Florida this year. Ryan has loved being a part of
Loch Raven High School’s new Drumline, and Lily had a great
time participating in Notre Dame Prep’s Egg Drop competition,
where her team won the most creative award! Dan is busy
running the Aloft and Element hotels at Arundel Mills. They are
all looking forward to seeing where Patrick ends up next fall.
Shelley Kennedy Souder and her husband, George, have
been married for almost two years. In September they
welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Gavin Reed Souder, and they
are absolutely in love with him. Congratulations, Shelley!
His big sister, Kennedy, is doing great. She turned 9 this year
but sometimes acts like she’s 17. Shelley returned to work in
March after a fabulous maternity leave. She will resume her
position as coordinator of special education for Chesterfield
County public schools.
Jamie Marie-True just got engaged! Jamie is currently madly
in love with her fiancé, his two sons, and her two girls. We
couldn’t be happier for you, Jamie! She is looking forward to
traveling to San Diego this April, where she will present at the
Council for Exceptional Children National Conference, and
hopefully do some sightseeing! Jamie is gearing up to defend
her dissertation at JHU, and will soon have her doctorate in
Teacher Preparation. She credits much of her success to the
incredible education at SPSG, and her amazing teachers,
specifically Mr. Watt, Ms. Harper, Ms. King, Ms. Marbury, and
Ms. Farmer. Jamie is looking forward to relaxing this summer
and celebrating her daughter Hana turning 16!
of braces in November and they love visiting their amazing
orthodontist, Nicole Brummer ’94, and Karen McKeon at
Brummer Orthodontics.
And lastly, as for me, Becky Cottrell. I am truly the happiest
I have ever been in my life. I got married two years ago to
my best friend, Mark, who I met through Jill Karpovich.
He was her next-door neighbor growing up. Shortly after
getting married we purchased our home—which happens
to be two doors down from Jilly! How Smalltimore?! We
absolutely love being married and our new house. The kids
are settled into their schools: Brooke (15) is a freshman at
Towson High School, and Meghan (10), and Peter (8), both
attend Stoneleigh Elementary. I will admit that like many of
you, I spend much of my time running my children around to
various sports and activities. I think we as a society are always
on the go! I encourage us to make time for ourselves. Whether
that’s spending time with friends, doing yoga, blogging, or
whatever your passions may be—remember to take time for
yourself. Raising children, being a mom, a strong woman, a
role model, takes hard work, and a lot of our time. Looking
forward to spring! GO GATORS!
Kelly Herget Spilman and her husband, Eric, will be
celebrating 19 years of marriage in July. Their daughter
Shannon is in 6th grade at SPSG. They enjoy boating and
will be taking a trip to the Bahamas with good friends this
Michelle Ward, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Tricia Burdt Abbott is keeping herself extremely busy with
her kids. Her twin daughters, Paige and Paiton, are turning 13
and play club soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. They are both
straight A students in all honors classes. Their athletic traits
come from mom and their smarts from dad (so Tricia says!)
Her son Colin (9) plays year-round club soccer, basketball, and
is trying out for baseball. Tricia is in her 16th year of teaching
PE and her husband John owns his own roofing company in
Mount Airy, Md. called Exterior Solutions.
Gwyn Gerner Girard and her husband, Tim, are busy these
days with their 9-year-old twins, Chris and Ethan, and their
8-year-old, Liam. She recently accepted a position at Kennedy
Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in
Neuropsychology, working with NICU graduates.
Sybil Green has enjoyed not having as much snow in
Nebraska this year. She became a world traveler this past year,
visiting South Africa, France, Germany, Ireland, England, and
Holland, plus two trips to Turks and Caicos. Now she is trying to
plan next year’s travels.
Emily Veenis Gulden continues to live in New York City with
husband Nick and their two children, Will (6) and Kate (3). She
is an executive director with J.P. Morgan Chase’s Global Wealth
Management business and is actively involved with both
children’s schools.
Heather Spector Hallman and her family will be moving to
Tokyo this spring since her husband, Candler, recently received
a job at the University of Tokyo. She is busy trying to get her
life in the States wrapped up and her daughter Josie ready for
the big move.
Rachel Tipton Sakaduski has been busy with home
renovations and her pet-sitting and dog-walking business,
Pet Patrol, Inc., will be celebrating 16 years in business in
June. Her daughter Kathryn (6) is enjoying cheerleading as
a member of the Lutherville-Timonium Rec Council’s Blue
Knight’s youngest cheer squad. Ella (10) began playing the
oboe in her school orchestra and has landed a small part in
her school play this coming spring. Ella also got her first set
As for me, Michelle Ward Calk, it has been a busy year. My
son Jax just turned a year old and we are currently expecting
a baby girl mid-May. I continue to work at Constellation
NewEnergy on the retail major accounts sales team.
Erin Knoska Crist, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Susie Creamer is director of National Audubon Society’s
conservation education center in Baltimore. They are leaders
in building Baltimore’s bird habitat through nature education
and community projects. Susie’s work with Latina mothers
was highlighted in NPR’s Morning Edition! Gator alumnae are
always welcome to visit or join an Audubon program.
Saira Baig married St. Paul’s alumnus Renato Rotondo. After
15 years in Los Angeles, Saira is moving back to Baltimore. She
earned a merit scholarship at Johns Hopkins University where
she will begin her MBA in the fall of 2015.
Nicole Brummer had an exciting 2014. In October she
opened her own orthodontic practice, Brummer Orthodontics.
She definitely keeps busy. Nicole still finds time to travel, play
golf, and enjoy life!
Carrie Chilcoat Etheridge enjoys living in the country and is
just a stone’s throw from her mom. Her girls, Veronica (5) and
Lola (2), are big fans of the organic chicken farm next door. Life
is good and unfortunately Susie Creamer was right when she
told her that roosters do not in fact crow only in the morning
but all night long.
Katie Wertheimer Cairns had a baby girl this past year,
Parker, who just turned one year old. She and her husband
are expecting their second daughter this July! They live in
the Roland Park/Guilford area and she still runs the family
property management business with her mom.
Rachel Strutt Lassman, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Rachel Billian Clark writes: “My second child, Drew Michael,
turned 1 in March, and Ella turned 5 in May. We lost my
brother, Michael Billian, to cancer in December 2014. I’ve
been working at Duke University Hospital as an outpatient
therapist for the past three years and love my job.”
Tice Burke Pell and her husband, Peter, live in New York City
with their two children, Carter Marie (2) and Thomas Lee,
“Tommy,” who was born on January 21, 2015. Tice has been
the director of strategic partnerships at Trulia for more than
seven years.
Audrey Comly Kennedy writes, “I’m blessed and busy at
home with Scarlett (2) and Hadley (4), who will join big sibs,
Piper (6) and Grayson (8) at Stoneleigh Elementary School
next year. We joyfully welcomed Sunny, our nearly 6-monthold golden retriever pup, in the fall.”
Class Notes
1/ 1 993 Classmates from left to right:
Gina Piscapo, Lauren Buerger Holub,
Kelly Herget Spilman, Heather Spector
Hallman (with daughter Josie in her arms)
and Rachel Tipton Sakaduski
2/ F amily of Carla Greene Looc ’95 from
left to right: Riley (4), husband Sam and
Devin (2) and Carla
3/ E lla (10) and Kathryn (6) Sakaduski,
daughters of Rachel Tipton Sakaduski ’93
4/ F amily of Audrey Comly Kennedy, ’95
left to right: Scarlett (2), husband George,
Hadley (4), Piper (6) and Grayson (8)
5/ S hannon Spilman, daughter of
Kelly Herget Spillman ’93
6/ Razavi Sallee Family
7/ Children of Sarah Burns Marinacci ’95
8/ J axon Calk, son of Michelle Ward Calk ’93
Diane Day Hilleary writes, “Jim and I just celebrated 15
years of marriage and our kids are now 13 (Emma) and 8
(Colin). Jim works as an administrator at their school and I am
managing my own business these days as a psychotherapist in
private practice. Still in Atlanta, we moved last summer and are
so happy in our new home!”
Carla Greene Looc continues to enjoy living in Burbank, Calif.
She is still acting and modeling but has slowed down to spend
time with her sons, Riley (4) and Devin (2). “They’ve even
gotten into the talent industry and I’m hoping it will help build
their college funds,” writes Carla. She looks forward to trips
back to Baltimore this spring!
Buffy Razavi Sallee writes: “This fall I had the pleasure of
attending the Summit for Courageous Conversation in New
Orleans, which meant five kid-free days of learning and
growing. I am training this summer to be an affiliate for the
group and enjoying the personal development that comes
from exploring my own racial identity and thinking about race
with my students and my children. I am still teaching English
full-time, releasing my energy through as many mud runs and
obstacle course races I can find and Sunday nights at yoga. We
are making a summer tradition of taking the kids to the beach
in Southern California.”
Jennifer Collins writes: “I was recently promoted to senior
vice president at LaSalle Hotel Properties, where I focus on
corporate strategy, asset management, and recruiting. I spend
a lot of time in the Bay Area overseeing the eight hotels
we own in Northern California. This past summer I started
our company’s in-house mindfulness program. I became a
certified yoga instructor a couple of years ago and currently
lead a community yoga class in Anacostia, an under-served
neighborhood in D.C. I enjoyed yoga and meditation retreats in
Mexico, Costa Rica, and Northern California last year and look
forward to going to Belize in March. I live in Chevy Chase, Md.”
Jennifer Pollock Mueller, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Sheila Ravendhran reports, “We are still living in Baltimore
with 2-year-old Rishi and 5-year-old Meena. We are thrilled
to announce baby number three due in July! I am still
working as a pediatrician at BWMC and Hopkins and Max is a
dermatopathologist at Hopkins!”
Emilie Kirkland MacFarlane is thrilled to announce the birth
of her twin boys, Angus and Harry, born on December 22.
Emilie shares that she loves being a mom. I can personally
attest that they are precious little boys!
I, Jennifer Pollock Mueller, love real estate and enjoy the
challenge of simultaneously working, volunteering, and being
a mom to my girls Hadley (10), Ann Stuart (8), Robby (6), and
Barrett (5). Time is going too quickly! I hope everyone is well
and look forward to hearing from more of you in the summer!
Julie Adams Koenig, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Keelan Diana is an associate in the litigation group at DLA
Piper in Baltimore. She enjoys her limited free time with two
mostly well-behaved poodle mixes and a consistently wellbehaved fiancé!
Angie Hughes Elder and her husband are enjoying life with
their son Jonathan (2). They are also expecting a little brother
or sister for Jonathan this May! They aren’t going to find out
the baby’s gender, and are looking forward to the surprise!
Libby Hoyle Ramsey continues to run her yoga studio,
Dancing Dogs Yoga, in Greensboro, N.C. She and her
husband have three kids (ages 6, 3, and 1). Libby also cofounded a mother/daughter sports camp called Play Like
A Girl Greensboro. This will be an annual one-day event in
May to bring moms and daughters together to play, learn,
and empower women and girls through sports. Libby said
that SPSG gave her the vision and foundation for this type of
outreach, and she is very excited about it!
Dana Bendos Rausch has been with Knowledge Universe
for five years now and was recently promoted to district
leader. Dana loves impacting children’s lives and helping
other teachers to do the same. Her husband, Adam, just got
promoted at his job as well. Their son Callen is doing great and
is a very happy little boy! He enjoys playing lots of sports.
As for me, Julie Adams Koenig, I am still living and working
in Frederick, Md. My husband Keith and I are very busy with
our two children, Jacob (8) and Avery (4). Jacob has joined
the Cub Scouts and somehow I was talked into being his den
leader. Next thing I know, I am the webmaster and treasurer
as well! I really enjoy getting to spend time with him. This
winter his Cub Scout pack helped lay wreaths on the graves at
Arlington National Cemetery with Wreaths Across America. This
was an incredible experience. Jacob also enjoys karate and
Avery is in her first ballet class!
Meredith Strutt Mighty, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Alix Velleggia McCabe is relocating to Paris. The move is
spurred by a promotion to chief marketing officer, global head
of marketing for Euler Hermes, a global financial services
company where Alix has worked since 2012. Alix, her husband
Nathan, and their 175-pound American mastiff, Penny Lane,
will be making the move in early March and will soon be ready
to host visitors from the SPSG community!
Tory Vince is glad she paid some attention in math and
science as she recently had the opportunity to transition into
the product side of her company, TESSCO Technologies. She is
having a blast developing and managing wireless products!
Tory has also really enjoyed the opportunity to represent SPSG
in the Baltimore Girls’ Schools Leadership Coalition (BGSLC)
and is so impressed by the girls in the program. Otherwise,
she is vigorously planning fun travel adventures, including a
visit to Mrs. McCabe in Paris!
Life is good for Jessica Gaines. She still resides in Atlanta
with an enjoyable career in the arts. In her third year at the
City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs, she has recently been
elected as a council member for the Americans for the Arts
Emerging Leaders Council. Capacity-building projects have
taken over so performance and choreography are much more
limited these days, but she fits them in when she can.
Elizabeth Weiblen Hines: After 10 proud years of working
for the O’Malley administration, Elizabeth is now the
business development manager for Maritime Applied Physics
Corporation in Baltimore. Her husband, Sean, became a Navy
CPO this year; Liam (5) is quickly learning to read and write
and Owen (1½) prefers playing on the stairs to anywhere else!
Life is good in Lauraville in Baltimore.
Jennifer Scheerer Young welcomed her second son, William
Michael, on August 7 and big brother Parker loves his new
role! Jenny left her position as a reading specialist to become
a stay-at-home mom, which she reports has definitely been an
adjustment, but is loving life with her boys. She is still doing
private tutoring on the side. Jenny is happy that she still sees
several of the lovely ladies from our class!
Meredith Barton Bohannon finished her Ph.D. last spring
and is on the job market. She and her family welcomed their
third child, Heather Athena, in early September. The next big
question is when to get a dog.
And I, Meredith Strutt Mighty, am continuing to enjoy life
in Louisiana! My role at Argent Trust Company changed
to an investment officer and I attained my AIF (Accredited
Investment Fiduciary) certification. I completed the Baltimore
half marathon, Disney full marathon, Austin half marathon,
and a couple of other races this fall and winter. I have a few
more scheduled this spring before my summer rest. I hope
you all continue to thrive and I look forward to hearing about
your accomplishments and achievements!
Haley Brown Mahonski, Class Secretary
[email protected]
In September, Hilary Polk-Williams graduated from the MBA
program at University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School and
got engaged to the man of her dreams, whom she had been
dating in Los Angeles. She immediately started a job in NYC at
Whistle Sports Network, a digital sports content company. She
and her fiancé, Garett, were married on March 28.
Elizabeth Dunning Eugene is enjoying the winter with her
daughters, who are about to turn 5 and 3. She is still tutoring
at SPSG and volunteering as a court-appointed special
advocate (CASA) in the Baltimore County courts.
Melissa Mardelli Jenkins is back in the U.S. after five years of
living in Ireland. She spent two months in Italy with her sister,
helping her prepare for her wedding, before moving back in
November. She and her husband have settled in Charleston,
S.C. and absolutely love the South!
Lara Bonner Millar is proud to welcome a baby boy, Lucas,
born in February.
Holly Freedman Radel continues to work in Washington,
D.C. for an international nonprofit organization that promotes
private investment in developing countries, EMPEA. She was
thrilled to lead a roundtable discussion on the topic at an allwomen private equity investment conference. It reminded her
of her SPSG days and it was inspiring to be among hundreds
of successful female professionals who are making an impact
in a field that continues to be very male dominated. She is
always surprised to hear that studies show that women avoid
investment careers because they are more risk averse than
their male counterparts. Surely, this does not apply to SPSG
alumnae since we were always taught to take risks!
Read Murray Timken and her husband, John, welcomed a
baby girl, Caroline Gray Timken, in May.
Ciara Zachary presented a paper at the American Public
Health Association annual conference in New Orleans, where
she was able to reunite with her former SPSG dance teacher,
Liese Hammontree. Ciara is busy planning a wedding for the
fall of 2015 as she got engaged to Gabriel Scott in the fall of
2014. She has started a new career and relocated to Raleigh,
N.C. in January 2015 with her fiancé and dog.
Class Notes
I, Haley Brown Mahonski, married Shawn Mahonski on
October 25, 2014, at Oregon Ridge Park in Cockeysville, Md.
We were fortunate to have a beautiful fall day. In December,
we moved to Towson and are really enjoying our new location
and larger living space.
Two Thousands
Ellen Brooks, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Rose Acoraci Zeck wrote: “I married Jay Zeck this past
November. Eleni Popomaronis Bowden served as my matron
of honor, and Virginia Sanders, daughter of Victoria Guroian
Sanders, served as our flower girl. I am still working as an
intellectual property attorney in Washington, D.C.”
Cori Brooks, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Christina Anderson wrote: “I have just relocated to Portland,
Ore. with my fiancé, and have left teaching and am working
as a cook. We plan to start a farm of our own in the next few
years, with a focus on raising hogs. I’m really excited to explore
the nature of the West Coast!”
Ellen Lischin-Smith wrote: “We welcomed a beautiful baby
girl, Avery Rose, on December 12, 2013. After going back to
work for six months, I quit my job as clinical supervisor at a
mental health treatment program. For now, I am cherishing
the special time with my daughter. We still live in Brooklyn,
N.Y., but hopefully not for too much longer.” Rachel Scherr writes: “I am now working in Bethesda, Md. on
a new Travel Channel series, “Time Traveling with Brian Unger,”
which premiered in April.
Scarlett Corso, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Stephanie Diemer was married on April 25, 2015, in Baltimore.
Elizabeth Waicker was married to Mike Edison on September
20, 2014, at the St. Paul’s School. She is currently working as
an associate attorney at the law firm of H Barritt Peterson Jr in
Towson practicing insurance defense litigation.
Lauren Vitrano Kyer bought a home with her husband,
Jimmy, in Bethesda, Md. in November 2014. They enjoy being
homeowners and decorating their new home. Lauren enjoyed
going to Hawaii in March.
Anna Lodwick Love is still doing accessories production for
designers in New York, but is also doing fabric development
with sourcing. Her husband, Tyler, is CTO for Bustle and his
business has been rapidly expanding. They are excited to be
new homeowners in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with their cats,
Smokey and Ollie.
Kristin Connelly recently completed her MBA from New York
University Stern School of Business, with a Marketing and
Leadership and Change Management concentration. She
continues to work full time for the New York Jets.
Julie Sturm became Julie Carolan upon getting married this
past year. Elizabeth Waicker ’03 and Carrie Thieman ’03
were both bridesmaids in her wedding!
Jennifer Sharp continues to be a physical therapist at Emory
University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, Ga. She is the lead
early mobility coordinator, working solely in the intensive care
unit. She also started teaching at Emory University’s physical
therapy program recently.
Jessie Verdi is still living in Baltimore with her daughter Lucy,
who turned 3 at the end of March.
Aja Paige Hill recently gave birth to her first child, Ryder
Wallace Elsworth Hill, on November 11, 2014. It was fitting
that her son was born on Veteran’s Day as Aja’s husband,
Walter Hill (SP ’02), graduated from West Point and served in
Operation Enduring Freedom in Kuwait. Aja is still working at
Microsoft and the family is doing well.
I, Scarlett Corso, am entering my fourth year of practice at
Franklin & Prokopik, P.C., an insurance defense firm, where I
focus on general liability defense, specifically transportation
and premises liability. I’m still living downtown in Canton and
have recently become active in the Justinian Society, an Italian
lawyer society, with fellow SPSG alumna Natalie D’Antonio
Vani Takiar, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Lowell Burton is a website designer on the North Shore
of Oahu, Hawaii. She likes to do yoga and surf in her free
time, which has inspired her to start a swimwear line called
Nai’a Bikinis. She hopes to enjoy Hawaii’s “endless summer”
Helena Cignarale Ilardo and her husband, CJ Ilardo (SP ’05),
welcomed their first child, Charles Joseph Jr., “Charlie,”
on November 15, 2014. Helena is living in Baltimore and
enjoying life with a newborn baby!
Elynor May Monk and her husband, Derry, are excited to
announce they are expecting a second son in May 2015!
After a big move from Denver to Wilmington, N.C. last year,
the whole family looks forward to beach and family time with
grandparents. Elynor continues to enjoy freelance PowerPoint
design in between diaper changes and will be ready for a
break to be with the new baby this spring.
Jessie Benson is still doing what she loves—traveling the
world and teaching fitness. Her company, FloYo, is in its second
year of business and now offers stand up paddleboarding
yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats globally.
Bronwyn Lewis Friscia got married to her husband, James, on
April 18, 2015, in Holden Beach, N.C. She is living in Venice
Beach, Calif. and is in her fourth year as a Ph.D. fellow in the
UCLA department of Political Science. She studies international
environmental politics and political methodology.
Rosina Ciattei Koehn started working for Loyola University
as a scheduling assistant in the Athletic Department. She is
also attending Goucher College to get her master’s in Athletic
Administration and Leadership. Rosina lives in Parkville, Md.
with her husband, Pat, and dog Betty.
Danielle Solomon Turner is an executive producer at Fox
Business, leading a one-hour show devoted to technology and
innovation. She still loves taking advantage of all the culture
New York City has to offer, while escaping to Colorado for some
skiing any chance she gets.
Catherine Onnen Chasen lives with her husband and their
son Brandon Jr. (2) in Phoenix, Md. in a house they built and
completed in August 2014! They own three CrossFit gyms
in the Baltimore area, are enjoying life as parents, and are
expecting their second child in spring 2015!
Laura Suelau is living in Denver where she works as an
attorney for the Federal Public Defender for the Districts of
Colorado and Wyoming. In her free time she enjoys skiing and
FaceTiming with her parents.
Ashley Bruno lives in Arlington, Va. with her boyfriend and
dog Molly. She is a senior event manager for a destination
management company called Capital City Events. She loves
planning events in Washington, D.C. and being around close
friends and family!
Brittany Rytter Skipper is working at H.D. Cooke Elementary
School in Washington, D.C. as a 4th grade literacy teacher.
After school, she coaches an all-boys running club and helps
manage the basketball team. She and her husband adopted a
dog last January.
Wesley Michael lives in New York City. She is an administrator
for the Clinical Genetics Service and Research Laboratories at
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Marcelle Grano got engaged to Ryan Williams of Olney,
Md. on Christmas morning 2014! They are planning a
fall wedding. Marcelle is still living in Columbia, Md. and
currently is researching and writing her doctoral dissertation
on women’s ordination. She hopes to be finished before the
wedding! Her bridal party includes Jessica Carico ’03 and
Christopher Morabito (SP ’05).
Emma Connor is excited to be a new homeowner and also
a new puppy parent. She continues to enjoy her work as a
manager on the marketing team at the National Aquarium
and is readjusting to suburban life.
Courtney Curlett Kamins married Grant Kamins on
September 27, 2014, on the beautiful island of Nantucket.
They had a picture-perfect day and felt so blessed to be
surrounded by their family and friends. Many SPSG classmates
helped them celebrate, including Kara Colnitis Pudenz,
Melissa Shepard, Helena Cignarale Ilardo, Ryan Sloneker,
Kate Gutierrez, Ashley Bruno, and Rosina Ciattei Koehn!
Downey Talucci got engaged to Tim Dupont this past New
Year’s Eve! The wedding will be held in Baltimore in fall 2015.
Downey continues to work as a catering manager at Talucci
Fine Foods, alongside her mother, Carey Talucci.
Last year, both Annie Wagner Jubb and her husband, Jerry,
moved into new careers. Jerry is enjoying his work with
Pyramid Builders, a custom home builder in Annapolis, Md.,
and Annie launched a new at-home business, It Works! Global.
She loves her newfound freedom and helping others achieve
financial freedom as well.
Whitney Mettam White married Kyle White on June 14,
2014, at Baltimore Country Club. Alison Beauchamp served
as maid of honor and Rachel Emmel Oberc attended.
Whitney and Kyle continue to reside in London. In August,
Whitney left her job at TransPerfect Translations to pursue an
MBA from London Business School.
Tovah Dorsey recently got engaged and is in the process
of planning her wedding. Tovah is currently completing
a residency in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine at
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.
mom and others like her. She looks forward to growing the
company and reaching out to people who need assistance.
Dana Leland is still living in Milwaukee, now working in
marketing. She is in the process of attaining her MBA.
Suzanne Boone, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Christina Battles Parker lives in Long Island, N.Y. with her
husband, Steve. They like spending time on their sailboat and
taking their pup, Piper Parker, to the dog park. Christina works
as area vice president for global staffing company Randstad.
Tori Weitzel purchased a new home in Timonium, Md. in
September and moved in just before Thanksgiving. Tori also
graduated from University of Baltimore in December, with a
master’s in Business Administration. Maggie Dunbar is getting excited and ready for her wedding
to Sam Colonell on June 6, 2015. She continues to work at
Dunbar Armored where she is the director of marketing.
Kayleigh Langley Heaps resides in Delta, Pa. with her
husband, Jason, and children Adrianna (6) and Landon (1).
This past year she started a small online business called Heaps
of Bows Boutique. Kayleigh loves being a stay-at-home mom
and watching her children grow!
Jessica Baldwin recently began working as a program
assistant for the Maryland Center for the Book at the Maryland
Humanities Council in historic Mt. Vernon, Baltimore. She
works on One Maryland One Book, Letters About Literature,
and other literature-oriented events and programs.
Rachel Emmel Oberc and Tim Oberc are enjoying the chaos of
life with their son Nolan, daughter Norah and two dogs, Scruff
McGruff and Scrappy. Rachel loves her job as a project lead
and systems engineer at General Dynamics Mission Systems.
Amara Hall currently resides in Nashville, Tenn. where she is
a songwriter, producer, percussionist, and DJ. She spent her
first couple of years in Nashville working for an indie label on
Music Row, where she learned about artist relations and how
to run a record label. She parted ways with HitShop Records in
August when she began pursuing her art full time.
Victoria Schwaner has had a big year. In November
she bought a condo in Washington, D.C.’s Brookland
neighborhood and has been doing some major renovation
work. She also left her long-time role at LivingSocial for a big
change as a resource development director at Alderson Court
Kara Colnitis Pudenz is living in Tampa, Fla. with her
husband, Justin, and two dogs, Lola and Jack. She is currently
working on her M.B.A. from the University of Florida and will
graduate in December 2015. In July, Kara will have worked for
Nestlé for seven years.
On August 8, 2014, Lauren Elek Pugliese and her husband
welcomed identical (redhead) twin girls into their family! They
are living happily in Baldwin, Md.
Lara Martin is co-founder and assistant director of the
charitable organization called Project: More Love (PML). As of
August 2014, PML is officially a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit
based in the U.S. and operating in Uganda. It is a grassroots,
locally supported charity that provides one-on-one mentorship,
job counseling, and educational sponsorship for high school
and college girls.
Caitlin Harbold, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Nikita Desphande Leiter lives in Baltimore with her
husband, Jeff, and her dog Taco. She will begin a fellowship
in pulmonary and critical care in the summer of 2015.
She recently traveled with her family to Iceland and highly
recommends it for anyone searching for a vacation idea!
Vaughn Willse is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).
She just started a new job as a behavioral consultant at
Humanim, a nonprofit in Baltimore with an office in the
renovated American Brewery building. She lives with her
boyfriend of three years and their dog in Towson, Md.
And I, Vani Takiar, am heading off to Boston in July 2015, to
begin my residency training in pediatric dentistry.
Meg Smith is finishing up her fourth year in a clinical Ph.D.
program in Richmond, Va.
And to Mrs. Jacquelyn Boesel, on behalf of the Class of 2004,
thank you for sharing your joy and passion for music with all of
us; you will be deeply missed.
Sam Majka Cole and husband Michael welcomed their baby
girl Isabelle on November 15, 2014.
M. Carey Smith, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Nina Rawtani is currently in her second year of residency
in anesthesiology at Georgetown University. She welcomes
visitors to D.C.
Brigid Driskill recently moved from Wilmington, N.C. to
take a job as a catering sales manager in Sarasota, Fla. The
event venue she works for is owned and operated by Meals
on Wheels, so a portion of the proceeds goes back to the
nonprofit! Courtney Williamson is in her last semester of graduate
school at Carnegie Mellon University and looking forward
to graduating this May. She has also started a new venture;
she is the founder and CEO of AbiliLife, a company dedicated
to designing and developing products to improve posture
and balance for patients with Parkinson’s disease and other
neurodegenerative diseases. Her mother has Parkinson’s
disease, and AbiliLife was born out of her passion to help her
As for me, Caitlin Harbold, I am still living in Joshua Tree,
Calif. I am an event planner in Palm Springs and currently
planning my own wedding, which will be on May 9, 2015.
My fiancé, who is deployed in the Middle East, is set to return
in April.
Christina Boarman writes: “I am currently living in Baltimore
City and I work as a product line manager for youth apparel at
Under Armour. I still play field hockey for Roland Park summer
leagues and travel to play in national tournaments across the
country with my club team.”
Marissa Flaherty is enjoying her new job as a psychiatrist at
University of Maryland Medical Center/Sheppard Pratt Hospital
System. She continues to live in Baltimore and enjoy her free
time with outdoor activities and catching up with old and new
friends. She is looking forward to traveling abroad for leisure
and for work conferences in this upcoming year!
Davis Garcia Lush married Gregory Lush at the St. Paul’s
Chapel (at SPS) on September 13, 2014. The couple met in law
school at Regent University and now reside in Richmond, Va.
Arin Mossovitz passed the Maryland State Bar and was
admitted to practice law in Maryland. She is currently working
as the law clerk to The Honorable Jeannie J. Hong in the
Circuit Court for Baltimore City.
Amaris Maxwell recently bought a condo in Baltimore City.
Carrie Avirett lives in Canton, works at Lululemon in Harbor
East, teaches yoga at detention centers, and is becoming
certified in Thai yoga massage.
Suzanne Boone recently moved back to Baltimore and is
enjoying being closer to her fellow SPSG alumnae. Cait Thompson started in a new job in December 2014 as
a psychotherapist at an outpatient mental health clinic in
Catonsville. She is a proud mom to her cat Leo.
Kasey Levering transferred to the Manhattan office of
Millennial Media and lives in Manasquan, N.J.
Liz Jacobs Jones married Ian Jones on October 4, 2014, at the
Glen Oaks Country Club in West Des Moines, Iowa. They live
together with their 2-year-old goldendoodle Bella in Chicago.
Becca Laws is currently living in NYC working for Henri
Bendel as a raw materials assistant. She manages all of the
hardware development for handbags and works with Asian
and Italian tanneries for leather development and sourcing.
In addition, she is working on her own jewelry line, which was
featured in the December issue of Vanity Fair. Becca continues
to expand her online and wholesale sales and was picked up
by a Southern retail chain called Copper Penny. She considers
herself very lucky to have created something that others love
while also continuing to grow professionally. She enjoys life in
Brooklyn with her pug, Rigby, and network of friends that only
continues to get bigger! If you’re in the market for jewelry or
are just simply intrigued:
Lily Rougeot is still in NYC managing the communications
team on the Hennessy brand at Moët Hennessy USA. She
is neighbors with Lindsey Messmore and regularly meets
with Lauren Guntner to watch Ravens games in the city. She
runs into Rachel Levin, Tory Banknell, and alums from other
Liza White opened a new gallery and studio space in Bolton
Hill called Dust Town Studios on March 13.
Christen Carpenter is moving to San Diego at the beginning
of August with her company, Coyote Logistics.
Courtney Abbott Cole is still in Oregon and has a beautiful
7-month-old son Michael.
Emily Moore, a Teach for America alumna, is now teaching in
one of several schools labeled as an Opportunity School in the
Baltimore City Public School System. She recently moved to
the Canton area. She got engaged at the end of November to
Mark Davis, another Baltimore native.
Melissa Weinstein is, in addition to international television
sales, is working on the film “Bad Night” starring YouTube
Class Notes
influencers Jenn McAllister and Lauren Elizabeth. The movie
will premiere July 2015. When she’s not on set, Melissa is a
stylist for Stella & Dot, a boutique-style accessories company.
Anastasia Mallillin will graduate with Master of Social Work
and Master of Public Health degrees in June.
Hayward Sawers, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Samantha Wright Leigh writes: I got married on October
11, 2014, to Charles (Chip) Leigh (SP’10) in the Outer Banks,
N.C.! I met Chip as a senior in high school. My best friend from
SPSG, Katie Sobczak ’09, was a bridesmaid in my wedding,
along with my sister Melanie Wright ’14.
Currently, Chip and I are living in California and I am working
on my Ph.D. in Marine Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at
the University of California, Irvine. I am studying the digestive
physiology of bonnethead sharks. My senior project at SPSG
focused on how scientists use nurse sharks to study HIV
prevention in humans. I am so grateful for the strong science
and math foundation I received at SPSG!
Be on the lookout for me on the television program “SciGirls”
on PBS Kids! I will be appearing as a science mentor to three
middle school girls as they complete a research project on the
health of California kelp forests. The episode aired during Earth
Week this year, and episodes are available online.
There is a lot more information about my research and outreach
activities on my website:
Two Thousand Tens
Margaret Perry, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Dervla McDonnell writes: “I am graduating with my B.F.A. in
Art with a certificate in Japanese Studies this May, and then
will continue on to graduate school in the fall to get a Master
of Arts Management. I’ll be at the Heinz College here at
Carnegie Mellon for another two years and then I hope to get
hired at a museum or arts nonprofit.”
Alissa Meister writes: “I’m graduating with a B.S. In
Neuroscience from Dickinson College. I’ll be attending Penn
State Hershey in the fall for my master’s in Neuroscience,
then hopefully finish my Ph.D. I will also be co-authoring a
psychology research paper focusing on internal interval timing
as shown in my research over the past year.”
Sarah Marie Hefner writes: “I’m graduating with a B.S. in
Human Biology, Health, and Society from Cornell University.
I’m finishing up my senior season in lacrosse and I’ll be
attending Johns Hopkins School of Nursing starting in June!”
Chloe Howard writes: “I’m graduating with a B.S.E. in
Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Economics, and
I’m moving to San Francisco next year to work as a business
consultant for a small data analytics software company called
Applied Predictive Technologies.
Ali Pfeifer writes: “I am graduating with a B.S. in Finance and
working for Vanguard in the wealth management and retail
services division in Charlotte, N.C.”
Katie Cole Pfeifer writes: “I’ll be graduating with a B.S. in
Marketing and minors in Japanese and Theater. I will be
moving to New York City in May to work for J Mason, Inc. and
continue my freelance journalistic fashion career. I still walk
just as fast as northerners, don’t enjoy grits and have never
said the phrase “y’all” in my entire time here. I do, however,
enjoy Bojangles’ mac ’n cheese and a well-placed bow tie.”
Emily Egolf writes: “I am currently finishing up my honors
college thesis and will be graduating with a B.S. in Animal
Science. I’ll be moving to Philly to attend the University of
Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in the fall.”
As for me, Margaret Perry, I am enjoying my senior spring
at Duke. I have been busy co-chairing the Duke Annual Fund
Senior Gift Committee and riding for the club equestrian team.
As graduation grows closer, I am beginning to plan my move
to New York City in June to begin my job at Morgan Stanley in
equity sales and trading. I am excited and looking forward to
connecting with other SPSG alumnae in New York!
Catherine Gillespie, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Brenasia Ward-Caldwell, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Nikita Chaudhry has found herself graduating a year
early from New York University and moving forward as a
professional actor, dancer, and singer. She most recently
performed in Hypokrit Theatre Company’s “Romeo &
Juliet” and the upcoming independent film “The Spectacular
Jihad of Taz Rahim” in May 2015. Nikita spent this past year
at NYU as a resident assistant, a senator for Tisch School of
the Arts, and community development supervisor for the
Admissions Ambassador program. She plans on completing
her final projects and thesis on topics of the embodiment of
diaspora and the abjection of the South Asian American female
body on stage. She will be graduating with a B.F.A. in Drama,
a minor in Performance Studies, and an honors certificate in
Theatre Studies. Stay up to date at!
internship in a job she is interested in based on her major.
She is currently taking a class to help prepare for this exciting
experience and will begin the job search this spring and
Noelani Schulmeyer continues to thrive at Washington and Lee
University. She was named captain of the field hockey team.
Jasmine Drummond went to New York Fashion Week to
participate as a volunteer. She stayed in New York with a family
friend and worked seven out of the nine days she was there.
She learned a lot about the fashion industry and fashion
show production on a bigger scale. She will continue to write
for her college fashionista blog for another semester and
believes it is really improving her blog-writing skills. Jasmine
is still working with her club, Echelon Fashion Society, and is
beginning to prepare for their big spring show. Cassie Springer went to Nepal this summer and spent time
living in a home with girls ages 14 to 18 who were learning
how to sew. These girls come from difficult backgrounds,
including challenging family situations, lower socio-economic
status, etc. Most were trying to cross the border to India for
work when they were asked if they wanted the opportunity
to stay in their native country and learn trade skills. They are
vulnerable to a variety of factors, such as human trafficking, so
Cassie was very happy to work with them and help them.
Kelly Johnson loves Virginia Tech. She recently joined Pi Beta
Phi sorority and will continue to do great things in 2015. Paige Stickevers loves James Madison University even more
than she did last year. She is taking more classes specific to
her major, Communication Sciences and Disorders. She also
declared a minor, Exceptional Education Non-Teaching. Paige
joined her school’s university program board where she is a
member of the Spotlight Sounds committee and helps to put
on small shows once a month featuring lesser-known Indie/
Alternative bands. In previous years, this club has featured
bands such as The Lumineers and X Ambassadors. Paige is also
now a member of Gamma Phi Beta.
Caroline Ponsi is currently enjoying her second year at
Lafayette. She is creating her own major in marketing and
consumer behavior, which includes courses in Economics,
Psychology, and Sociology. She is also managing recruitment
records for her Delta Gamma sorority. Paige Stickevers, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Nabreyia Scott is thoroughly enjoying UMD. She recently
finished two shows: “The Me Nobody Knows,” and “Tone of
Silence,” which was student-written and directed. She joined
the Terps for Change community service organization and the
University Student Judiciary. She was also featured in Samuel
Ready’s newsletter and a local magazine.
Tiffany McKee, Class Secretary
[email protected]
Shakiera Keyser is currently a sophomore at Salem College.
She is double majoring in Criminal Justice and English with
a minor in Philosophy Pre-Law. She is also a member of Black
Americans Demonstrating Unity (BADU).
Natalie Miller transferred from the University of Delaware to
Loyola University Maryland this spring. She is a member of
Phi Sigma Sigma along with fellow alum Hailey Fitzgerald.
She plans to graduate a semester early and hopes to work in
museums in the near future.
Sydney Blum is currently taking classes directed toward
her major, Design and Merchandising, at Drexel University.
In the fall, she will be going on co-op, which is a six-month
Tiffany McKee writes: “I had a great start at Stevenson
University. I earned dean’s list as I pursue a Business
Administration major. As the women’s soccer team starting
goalkeeper, we won the MAC Commonwealth Conference
Championship over Messiah, the #1 team in the nation. We
advanced to the NCAA Tournament second round, losing
to eventual National Champions, Lynchburg. I earned MAC
Tournament MVP, All-Conference Honorable Mention, 4x
Conference Player of the Week, and ECAC Rookie of the Week.
I am a member of SADDLE (Student Athletes Dedicated to
Development in Leadership and Excellence) and was selected
to represent Stevenson at the Maryland Independent Higher
Education Day in Annapolis. This spring, I am competing on
the softball team. Next year, I will be a resident assistant.”
At High Point University, Eleanor Albert has been enjoying
her freshman year and has joined the HPU equestrian
team. She is very happy with her major choice of Visual
Merchandising Design and has also decided to minor in
Environmental Studies.
Lindsay Andrews has had a delightful first semester at
Randolph-Macon College. She is majoring in Business with a
minor in Communications. In the fall, she became a member
of Kappa Alpha Theta. She is looking forward to her first
college lacrosse season as she competes this spring for the
Yellow Jackets women’s lacrosse team.
Hannah Bair has relished her first semester at Mercer
University, earning dean’s list honors and competing on the
women’s lacrosse team. She has earned a starting position as
an attacker for the Bears, who are undefeated in preseason.
Hannah is looking forward to spending the next three years of
her life at Mercer!
Amanda Blank is enjoying her first year at Miami University
in Oxford, Ohio. She is majoring in Kinesiology and minoring
in Nutrition and Spanish. She is involved with several clubs
on campus, including a student-run dance group, Habitat for
Humanity, and the Pre-Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
Club. This summer, she hopes to gain experience shadowing
physical therapists at both outpatient and inpatient clinics.
Destiny Cherry loves being a freshman at Rider University.
She earned dean’s list for her first semester and was invited
to join the Baccalaureate Honors Program and the Freshman
Honor Society. She is a member of the Black Student Union,
Emerging Leaders, and the Multicultural Student Leadership
Institute. Destiny also has an on-campus job as a Spanish tutor
and is proud to be a Rider Bronc!
Delaney Class has adored her first year at Ole Miss. She is
now a member of Alpha Omicron Pi with Gator alumna Grace
Wickwire ’11 and absolutely loves living in Mississippi.
At Belmont University, Lexi Cronis made the dean’s list
and has immersed herself in various aspects of the music
industry. She is now a member of The Recording Academy
and the Country Music Association. Lexi is also part of the
concert production staff at Belmont for concerts throughout
the year. Outside of the music industry, she is a member of
the American Marketing Association and the treasurer of the
Community Council. Lexi loves every minute spent in Nashville
as she volunteers at music festivals and becomes an extra in
music videos for rising artists. She cannot wait to see what else
her future at Belmont has in store.
Gracie Harvey is loving life at the University of Vermont. She
recently declared a major in Early Childhood Education with
a concentration in Environmental Studies. She participated in
a leadership program with the UVM outing club called Canoe
PFD (Paddling for Development) and now is an outing club
leader. She is also involved in SEEDS (Student Environmental
Educators Doing Service), a volunteer program that assists at
local elementary after school programs and plans lessons on
nature and the environment. Gracie is a member of the ski and
snowboard club, the running club, and plays on an intramural
dodgeball team as well.
Rachel Henderson plans on majoring in Exercise Physiology
at Lynchburg College. She earned honorable mention dean’s
list during her first semester as a Hornet. This spring, Rachel
competed as a defender on the women’s lacrosse team. She
had a great first college season.
Laura Hodges is studying Advertising and Marketing at
the University of South Carolina. She is very involved in her
sorority, Phi Mu, and various community service organizations.
She made the president’s list for achieving a 4.0 first semester,
and absolutely loves the South and warm weather!
Sara Johnson is an active participant in campus activities
at Dickinson College. She is involved with the Public Affairs
Committee, a student-run organization that plans events such
as seminars, lectures, and teach-ins. She is also a member of
Dickinson’s yearbook, “Microcosm.” Sara plans to double major
in Anthropology and Sociology with a minor in Spanish.
Carrera Lucas is enjoying the new experiences of being a
college student at the University of Virginia. This past fall, she
was a member of the UVA field hockey team. She decided to
redshirt the 2014 season but will be able to compete through
the fall of 2018 as a fifth-year student. Carrera earned a place
on UVA’s athletic honor roll for the fall semester. This spring,
she will continue off-season field hockey training as well as
competing with the UVA lacrosse team as a second goalkeeper
after the team unexpectedly found themselves with only one
goalie for the 2015 season.
Kate Meyers has recently transferred from Southern
Methodist University to the University of Maryland, College
Park. She is excited to announce that she has pledged Kappa
Alpha Theta.
Emily Patro is studying at Gettysburg College and this past
fall she competed on the Bullets’ field hockey team. She is
enjoying off-season training and being an active member of
the Gettysburg community.
This past summer, Jordan Riger spent a week on the
Appalachian Trail. She hiked 54 miles from the border of
Pennsylvania down to Harper’s Ferry, Va., living off only what
she could carry in her backpack. Jordan says, “This was an
awesome and extremely humbling experience and I have
a newfound love for the outdoors.” She hopes to hike at
least half of the AT in the future. During her first semester at
University of Delaware, she earned dean’s list and a spot in an
upper-level theatre class. She recently returned from London
where she completed a music study abroad program. Jordan
plans on double majoring in Theatre and Communications
with a minor in Business.
Melanie Wright is excited to be a freshman at Gettysburg
College. She is pursuing a double major in Economics and
International Affairs and keeps busy with two on-campus jobs
as well as being a member of an intramural kickball team. She
is also involved in the Garthwait Leadership Center working
toward a two-year program to gain the Women in Leadership
certification. Melanie will be spending the summer as a camp
counselor at Camp Weequahic in Lakewood, Pa.
Lucy Wyatt is studying at the University of South Carolina.
She has kept up with her job back home at Rita’s Italian Ice
by updating their social media. This past fall, Lucy had the
privilege to return to SPSG to give her sister, Maeve ’16,
her class ring. She is excited to continue her education
as a Gamecock!
Our sympathy and prayers go to the families of the following,
who have lost loved ones since October, 2014:
Mrs. Lisa Tullai Dreano ’78
Ms. Sally Miller ’73
Ms. Louise Sharp ’64
Former Faculty
Ms. Jean Nekola
Former Parents
Mrs. Katzy Banker
Mrs. Eleanor Barnhart
Mrs. Jacquelyn Boesel
Mrs. Jean W. Brooks
Mr. John Burke
Mrs. Kate Chittenden
Mr. Maurice Dix
Mr. Cyrus F. Horine
Mr. George V. Lampadarios
Mr. John Schmitt
Mr. Peter C. Sheehan, Sr.
Mrs. Claire M. Shepard
Mr. William Thompson
Mrs. Janet Williams
Mrs. Alice Voelkel
Class Notes
1/ R ose Acoraci Seck ‘00 at her wedding
2/ D
elaney Class ’14 and Grace Wickwire ’11,
members of Alpha Omicron Pi at Ole’ Miss
3/ R achel Henderson ’14 supports classmate Tiffany
McKee ’14 as she competes in the NCAA Soccer
Tournament at Lynchburg College
4/ N
ikita Chaudhry ‘12 as Benvolio in Hypokrit Theatre
Company’s Romeo and Juliet
5/ H
annah Bair ’14 and her roommate after their
victory against the University of Georgia
Donor Profile
Jody Toland Holden ’82
and daughter Addie ’19
Jody Toland Holden ’82
Jody and her older brother, Craig Toland SP ’80, both arrived on
the St. Paul’s campus in kindergarten. Following their years in the
Lower School, Craig continued at St. Paul’s, and Jody entered the
Middle School at St. Paul’s School for Girls. It was 1974, and Jody
was about to make her mark as a Gator.
As a freshman, Jody, a member of the Green team, was involved with the
Library Club and riding team, and played field hockey, basketball and
lacrosse. She added public speaking and being a Green Team representative
to her list of activities as a sophomore.
In her junior year, Jody was awarded the Alumnae Scholarship for best
exemplifying the spirit of the school in the eyes of her teachers.
“All of my teachers were awesome, including Mrs. Nekola, Mrs. King,
Mrs. Plant, Mrs. Marbury, Mr. Carico, Mrs. Ridenour, Mrs. Bell, Ms. Gross
and many others,” said Jody. “However, my love of reading started in Mrs.
Durfee’s English class. Something just clicked for me on so many levels.”
Jody was also a member of the Green Key Society, served on the Spirit
Council Banner Committee and traveled to Scotland that year. “Traveling
to Scotland with the lacrosse and field hockey team was an incredible
experience,” she said, “but just as wonderful was a normal day of school
being with my classmates and going to class.”
Jody played on the varsity field hockey and lacrosse teams as a junior
and senior. During her senior year she served as photography editor for
The Green Years yearbook and as president of the Green Key Society. In
addition, she was involved with the Student Council and Spirit Council, the
American Field Service (AFS) Club, Everglades and the swimming team.
“The years that I spent at SPSG were such a positive time in my life,” said
Jody. “Academically, the school was challenging, yet nurturing. It gave me
a great foundation for college and beyond.”
Jody attended Hollins College, now Hollins University, and majored
in American Studies. Following her graduation, she had a successful
13-year career at Bank of America where she climbed the ranks to vice
president. Jody remained involved with St. Paul’s School for Girls’ Alumnae
Association serving as a member at large, treasurer and an alumnae liaison
to a head of school search committee. She also was a member of the 2004
Alumnae Challenge Committee that worked to raise $250,000 to provide
a scoreboard and to name Alumnae Field.
Jody’s dedication and loyalty to the school is well represented by her
consistent support of the Annual Fund. “I contribute to the Annual Fund
to guarantee that the school remains a vibrant community and continues
to teach girls to be strong and thoughtful women,” she said.
Jody’s niece and nephew, Morgan and Austin, graduated from St. Paul’s
School for Girls in 2010 and St. Paul’s in 2012, respectively. Her daughter,
Addie ’19, will be entering SPSG as a freshman next year.
“Addie chose SPSG because ‘it felt like home’ and the school has strong
writing and arts programs.”
Jody recognizes that she and Addie will have something to treasure as a
legacy family. “There is a unique sense of community at SPSG, and I’m
looking forward to sharing the wonderful traditions with Addie. It will
make her experience all the more special.”
“Second to my family, St. Paul’s School for Girls has been the largest
influence in my life. On top of the great education at SPSG, the school
encouraged me to take risks and experience incredible things. Most of
all, I made life-long friends. For me, St. Paul’s School for Girls represents
community in all its greatness.”
In the classroom and labs.
On the stages and fields.
Across this campus.
And, now, in giving to our School.
Gator Pride is the
indomitable spirit.
This year,
the Annual Fund
will become
The Gator Fund
P.O. Box 8000
11232 Falls Road
Brooklandville, Maryland 21022-8000
St. Paul’s School for Girls educates the minds and
hearts of girls in a supportive and intellectually
challenging community that encourages respect,
integrity, creativity and spiritual growth, preparing
them as independent and confident young women.
St. Paul’s School for Girls does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation,
and national or ethnic origin in the administration
of its educational programs, admissions and financial
aid policies, employment practices and other schooladministered programs.