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summer - Mount Sinai School District
Reflections From Our Schools
Reflections From Our Schools
Volume 38 Issue 4
Summer 2011
Grades K – 4
Dr. John Gentilcore
Ms. Linda Chase
Assistant Principal
Prevention Pals
Celebrate America
he Mt. Sinai Elementary Fourth Grade Student
Council held their annual spring breakfast on Monday, April 11th. The student representatives and
their fire prevention senior citizen pals met in the library to
share some breakfast goodies, presents and smiles. The
students and their pals planted some spring flowers that
each pal took home as a thank you gift.
This program was first introduced to the school by Mt.
Sinai Fire Department and retired faculty member, Janis
Henderson. The fire prevention pals are from a local Mt.
Sinai senior community and our students send them a fire
prevention tip at the beginning of each month. Typically,
the pals and students end up becoming pen pals for the
school year and some stay in touch long after our students leave the Elementary School. The April breakfast
was dedicated in loving memory of Agnes Regan, a former principal of Mt. Sinai Elementary School and the Fire
Prevention Pal Coordinator. A blossoming apple tree was
planted in the school courtyard in her honor as a lasting
tribute to this lovely lady and this wonderful on-going program. The breakfast was delightful, delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by all!
The students in the Elementary School were treated to
an assembly entitled “Celebrate America” this past
March. Through interactive songs, Mr. Lou DelBianco, a
noted author, singer and story teller showed the students
how folk tales and folk songs help to tell our country’s
history. The assembly was filled with tall tales about Paul
Bunyan and Davey Crockett, as well as folk songs including “Skip to My Lou” and “This Land is Your Land”. The
students found the performance both educational and
entertaining as they sang and clapped along. Students
were then encouraged to continue learning more about
this genre by visiting the library. Thank you to Friends of
the Arts for providing this wonderful program which was
enjoyed by all!
Poetry Month
This April, Mrs. Christensen’s second grade library
classes created spring poetry in honor of Poetry Month
and the beginning of spring. Using a flower graphic, students wrote and illustrated their own poems which were
then posted on lovely stalks in the
hallway outside the library. This
literary garden was enjoyed by all
as students and staff stopped to
read these wonderful and creative
Ride for Life
t was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for welcoming Mr.
Pendergast and his “Ride for Life” entourage on
Thursday, May 12th. An extremely enthusiastic and
supportive crowd comprised of our Mt. Sinai Elementary, Middle School and High School Student Council
members, staff and several Administrators met Mr. Pendergast as he entered Heritage Park under a huge American flag flown by the Mount Sinai and Miller Place Fire
The Elementary School students each
held a giant baseball representing the paper baseballs
they sold during lunch to raise money for ALS research
and which spelled out the words “Strike Out
ALS”. Together with the Middle School and High School,
the Elementary School students united to raise over
$1000.00 to help find a cure for ALS. It was a heartwarming ceremony that demonstrated the wonderful sense of
community we possess here at Mount Sinai.
Our Second Graders are OUT of This WORLD!
Bunny Clocks
he entire second grade class joined together this
spring to orbit the Sun! The second grade has been studying the solar system in preparation for a NASA videoconference and a class trip to the Vanderbilt Planetarium. In preparation, each class adopted one of the eight
planets, created a scale model of their planet, and
dressed in a color to represent that planet. Then all 180+
students and teachers created a model of the solar system from one end of the Elementary School field to the
other! The purpose of this activity was to have the students experience the great distances between each planet and the sun. We even had Halley’s Comet (Ryan
Jones) fly through the solar system. A stellar experience
was had by all!
hat better way for first graders to celebrate
spring ‘time’, than to learn how to read analog and digital
clocks. The students in Ms. Franks’ class created a special bulletin board to be used as a math center. Small
groups of children took turns going into the hallway to
read the analog clocks on the bellies of their classmates’
bunnies. They then wrote the digital time to match. This
activity was a way to combine the math skill of telling time
with a little artistic and “hoppy” expression!
Mount Sinai Mirror 2
Agricultural Outreach Education Program
“Agricultural Literature Week”, sponsored by the Cornell Agricultural Outreach Education Program, took place
March 28th through April 1st. At the Elementary School
Mr. Drewes came in to talk Mrs. Morris’ first grade class
about this year’s agricultural theme - chickens. Mr.
Drewes read Chicks and Chickens by Gail Gibbons to the
first grade students. The first graders learned about how
chickens are raised, what they eat, the hatching of chicks,
and how eggs get to our refrigerators! Mrs. Morris’ class
felt lucky to have this guest speaker visit their classroom.
Greater Brookhaven Cleanup
Benner’s Farm
n May, the first graders at the Mt. Sinai Elementary School went on a field trip to Benner’s Farm
in East Setauket. The students, teachers, and chaperones had a wonderful time exploring the farm. They
learned about many of the animals that live on the farm
like sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, and chickens.
In addition, this interactive field trip allowed the children to experience the animals “first-hand”. The children
were able to hold many different baby animals like chicks
and bunnies. They also bottle-fed baby goats and lambs.
An interesting part of the trip was when the children
learned about, and watched, a goat being milked. They
even met a pig, named Honey-Baked that was over 1000
Along with learning about animals, the students
learned about some plants that grow on the farm. They
learned about, looked at, and touched each seed before it
was planted in soil. Each class was then given six differThe Benent plants to cultivate back in the classroom.
ner’s Farm trip was not only a terrific educational experience but lots of fun, too! We want to thank the PTO for its
continued support of our field trip programs.
In honor of Earth Day, the Elementary School took
part in the annual Brookhaven Cleanup. Armed with plastic gloves and bags, elementary students, their parents,
teachers and staff searched the campus looking for litter.
Even though we had many more people this year, we
collected less garbage than last year. We did find a
twelve foot long vinyl drainage pipe, which we plan to
recycle and reuse for a school project. Thank you for all
your hard work. You helped make the outside of our
school look great. We would also like to thank the Mount
Sinai School District Grounds Crew for the wonderful job
they do throughout the year maintaining the outside of
our buildings, fields, grounds and roads. Please look for
information about the next cleanup which will be held in
April, 2012. It promises to be another terrific day as we
join together to keep our land beautiful.
Mount Sinai Mirror 3
Future Business Leaders of America
n April, each of the first grade classes was visited
by students who are in the Mt. Sinai High School
(FBLA) organization. The High School students taught
each class a lesson on career decision making. Every
child was provided with a folder that contained activities to
brainstorm possible future occupations. Using the alphabet, the FBLA members helped the students compile a list
of occupations from A to Z. Our first graders learned that
from astronaut to zookeeper anything is possible - and
that the sky literally is the limit!
Variety Show
The annual Mount Sinai Elementary/Middle School
Variety Show was a big thrill. As seen in this photo of
“Thriller”, the Elementary and Middle school children had
two incredibly fun-filled evenings as they showcased their
many talents. There were singers, dancers, gymnasts,
magicians and musicians. Even the “Jackson Five and
Friends” made a surprise guest appearance! The children enjoyed performing and the audience loved seeing
their children, classmates, teachers, and Dr. Gentilcore
too. For the grand finale, the children were taught sign
language for the popular song “I Got a Feeling”. This successful fund raiser created wonderful memories that will
last well into the future. Broadway – watch out – the next
American Idols are on their way!
Mount Sinai Mirror 4
Grades 5 – 8
Mr. Peter Pramataris
Ms. Elizabeth Hine
Assistant Principal
Views from Upstanders
The Nassau County Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center conducts an annual competition for students,
with this year’s theme focusing on “Upstanders.”
Larry Krepala, James Matias, Sofia Tufariello, and
Leanna Nichols earned first place honors in the Middle
School Multimedia category with their video, “Be an Upstander.” Classmates Seth Brand, Stephanie Dunham,
Kristina Reddy, and Maurice Flannery followed suit with
second place distinction for their video, “Upstanders:
What Would You Do?” Additionally, Brendan Zotto received an honorable mention for his poem entitled, “Angel
of Death.”
Larry Krepala, James Matias, Sofia Tufariello, Leanna Nichols
(“Be AnUpstander”)
Seth Brand, Stephanie Dunham, Kristina Reddy, Maurice Flannery (“Upstanders: What Would You Do?”)
Brendan Zotto (“Angel of Death”)
Breakfast Food Drive
ne in eight Americans faces
the harsh reality of hunger,
and students of Mount Sinai Middle
School wanted to do their part to help
those in need. The Community Outreach and Community Outreach clubs
collected over 500 pounds of food donations.
This food collection drive comes from the idea that
many people donate to local food panties during the holiday season, but may forget to do it throughout the year.
Food pantries usually collect many Thanksgiving food
items and often enough, the basic food necessities grow
scarce. Many organizations are now experiencing empty
shelves because most food is donated only around the
The Community Outreach and Community Service
clubs wanted to find a way to remedy this. Donations of
non-perishable food breakfast items, as well as paper
products, were collected near the Middle School’s fish
tank during March 18th-30th. Students and staff donated
items such as dry cereal, granola bars, juice packs, coffee, tea, syrup, Bisquick, instant breakfast, mini muffins,
coffee cakes, Splenda/Equal, cereal bars, crackers, Pop
Tarts, Fig Newtons, flour, ketchup, etc… For every
pound of food we donated, the Feinstein Foundation donated to Long Island Cares. Long Island Cares packages our food into gift baskets and delivers them to local
Thank you to all students and staff of Mount Sinai Middle School for their generosity.
Mount Sinai Mirror 5
Tools for Schools Drive
President Obama’s Volunteer Service Awards
uring the weeks May 13th to May 24th, The
Community Service and Community Outreach
clubs of Mount Sinai Middle School held the 7th
Annual “Tools for Schools Drive.” Each 5th and
6 grade homeroom competed to help the unfortunate
and to win a pizza lunch which was donated by La Casa
Pizzaria. This drive encouraged the students to realize
the importance of helping underprivileged children and to
establish teamwork within a class setting. Some teachers
incorporated class lessons into this drive such as making
charts and graphs as a way for the students to visualize
and understand how much they are helping the community.
The students in each homeroom class collected items
based on a point system. The item with the highest value
was a backpack which was worth 20 points. The supplies
piled in rapidly and the students were able to triple their
amount of supplies from last year. The teachers tallied
up the number of points for each day then finalized it with
a class total. The school supplies were packaged and
donated to local underprivileged children. For fifth grade,
it was a close call between Ms. Schreck’s class and Mr.
Murray’s class. The winning class was Ms. Schreck’s
class with 600 points. The competition between the sixth
grade was also very impressive. It was also a close call
between Mrs. Dundas’ class and Ms. Petrola’s class.
The winner was Ms. Dundas’ class with a total of 804
Congratulations and thank you to all 5th and 6th grade
classes who contributed and helped us fill 12 large boxes
of school supplies donations. The donations will be
packed and sent to LI Cares who will deliver the donations to local underprivileged children.
"He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own."- Confucius. This year’s Community Outreach and Community Service members had the
opportunity to experience this firsthand! Throughout the
2010-2011 school year, each club member diligently kept
track of their community service hours on a web-based
program known as Members participated in activities within their club experience
at school, but they were encouraged to branch out on
their own. This enabled them to extend themselves beyond that of school-based activities. Some examples of
services the members performed above and beyond their
club experiences are: raking lawns for the elderly, shoveling snow, making cards for the children’s hospital, volunteering time at animal shelters, raising money for people in need, picking up litter around the parks, planting
flowers and much more. The students proved themselves to be mature, conscientious club members who
will one day be welcomed and admired in any community. “Giving back” is their motto.
The website categorized the members three
ways: Gold- 100 community hours or more, Silver- 75 to
99 community hours, or Bronze- 50 to 74 community
hours. For each category, the members were awarded a
medal, an official letter from President Obama and a personalized certificate from the White House.
During club sessions, the members learned how our
country has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. Now more than ever, volunteers are renewing their
commitment to helping others and making new connections that bring us closer together as families, neighbors,
communities, and as a Nation. The President’s Volunteer
Service Award program is a way to thank and honor
Americans who, by demonstrating commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. President Obama feels that recognizing and honoring volunteers sets a standard for service, encourages a
sustained commitment to civic participation, and inspires
others to make service a central part of their lives.
The members are
able to maintain their
service logs on the website as they continue
earning more hours for
their service to their
students are motivated
and looking forward to
continue their commitment over the summer
and in the future.
(Presidents Award Continued on pg. 7)
Mount Sinai Mirror 6
(Presidents Award Continued fm pg. 6)
2010-2011 President Obama’s
Volunteer Service Award Winners
Tina Batinovic - 86.00 hours- Silver Award
Alexandra Cavalier- 69.00 hours – Bronze Award
Natalie Christiano - 54.00 hours – Bronze Award
Corinne Cianciulli - 58.50 hours - Bronze Award
Amanda DiDonato - 50.50 hours - Bronze Award
Faris Furoogh - 50.00 hours - Bronze Award
Nicole Gill - 87.50 hours - Silver Award
William Gorman – 74.00 hours - Bronze Award
Julia Hecht - 86.00 hours - Silver Award
Jeremy Kisten - 145.00 hours - Gold Award
Raymond Krahm - 50.00 hours - Bronze Award
Abigail Lester - 50.00 hours – Bronze Award
Thomas Lownds- 106.50 hours- Gold Award
Julia Pearl - 51.50 hours - Bronze Award
Isabella Pesce - 50.00 hours - Bronze Award
Chloe Pow - 50.00 hours - Bronze Award
Nicolena Quimby - 122.50 hours - Gold Award
Christian Sartori - 50.50 hours - Bronze Award
Samantha Van Sise - 50.00 hours - Bronze Award
Hannah Westphalen - 50.00 hours - Bronze Award
Celebration of Poetry
ach year, the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association
holds its annual poetry competition. This year, over
2,500 young poets participated in the theme-based event:
All Gather and All Harvest. Mr. O’Leary’s period nine
English class earned second place honors in the 7/8
grade anthology category, while the JGB period three
class received an honorable mention respectfully. In addition, there were several students who earned individual
recognition: Jason Vengilio and Brendan Zotto placed
first and second in the multimedia category, grades 3-12,
with their digital efforts. Finally, students were honored
for their individual anthologies, grades 3-12, whereupon
they created their own collection of poems. Samuel
Kessler, Savannah Bertolami, and RJ Voos, placed one,
two, and three for their writing efforts by compiling anthologies of at least five creative poems.
Mt. Sinai's 6th Graders Create an
Awarding Winning Recipe Book in Poetic Form
Ms. Petrola's 6th grade writing classes participated in
the 25th annual Walt Whitman Birthplace Poetry Contest. This year's poetry theme was "food"... "All Gather
and All Harvest.” Students wrote poems that honored a
variety of favorite food dishes created and prepared by
family members and served at special occasions. In their
writings some students also complimented favorite restaurant
Poet Walt Whitman's writing style was modeled by the
students when describing in detail the ingredients and
step-by-step procedures used to create their chosen celebratory dishes. The end result was a recipe book entitled,
“Tastes From Homes in Mt. Sinai.” The students were
enthusiastic about their poetry inclusions into this year's
6th grade anthology and especially proud when they were
informed that their recipe book won First Place in the anthology category this year.
Savannah Bertolami, Brendan Zotto, RJ Voos
(Celebration of Poetry Continued on pg. 8)
Mount Sinai Mirror 7
(Celebration of Poetry Continued fm. pg. 7)
Period 9 English Class – Class Anthology Second Place Award
Festival of the Arts and Science
n Thursday, April 14, Mount Sinai Middle School
celebrated its annual arts and science fair. The
entire seventh grade class participated in the science fair. The projects were outstanding and the turnout
for the fair was wonderful. In addition to all the fine projects, seven projects were selected as “Best in Show” to
be entered in next year’s regional competition of the Long
Island Science Congress at Farmingdale College. Students will compete against other schools on Long Island.
The winners are:
Nicolas Gresser – “What substances absorb oil the
Ryan Hecht and Michael Shen – “How do different gen
res of music affect exercise, specifically biking?”
Patrick Hanaj – “How do liquids affect the corrosion of
Danny O’Mara and Chris Schievetta –“Electromagnets”
Chris Marrs – “Now is the hour for solar power!”
Dalila Diamond – “Do curved wind turbines or pointed
wind turbine blades have more energy?”
Ed Marrs – “Insulation contemplation”
On behalf of the entire science department we would like
to thank everyone who participated. We are very proud
of your hard work.
Good luck to the winners at the Science Congress!
Long Island Science Congress Regional Science Fair
On April 7, 2011 Mount Sinai Middle school students
attended the Long Island Science Regional Science Fair
(Junior Division) at SUNY Farmingdale College. These
students’ projects were chosen to attend the LISC regional science fair after being awarded the “Best in Show” top
project award in last year’s seventh grade science fair
held here at Mount Sinai Middle School. These students
are Alexander Mulé, Devon Gaynes, Tiffany Ong, Bradly
Reed, Martin Barcelon, Ryan Suslan, Jenny Brajuha,
Gwen Hine, Keegan Sabo, and Julia Gallo.
The LISC competition includes students from over 50
schools throughout Long Island and has been around
since 1950. Our students proved to be very competitive
receiving Certificates of Achievement
and Meritorious ribbons. In addition
Alexander Mulé was invited to attend
a special award ceremony on May 23
where he received a plaque recognizing his high achievement. I am extremely proud of the hard work, dedication, and professionalism displayed
by all at the competition.
“Students of the Month”
Nyalese Estrada
Nicholas Cesario
Kaylee Orlando
Spero Calamas
Hallie Devlin
Matthew Feltman
Ryan Hecht
Daniel Henry
Jonathan Ma
Meghan Walker
Leanne Rodriguez
Jason Vengilio
Grade 5
Physical Education
Grade 6
Social Studies
English Language Arts
Family & Consumer Sciences
APRIL 2011
Jack Pilon
Matthew Sedillo
Rachel Wrobel
Catharine Aretakis
Ashley Caputo
Veronica Katsaros
Nolan Kelly
Nicole Magro
Michael Shen
Olivia Esposito
Matthew Thompson
Emma Van Middelem
Grade 5
Physical Education
Grade 6
English Language Arts
Family & Consumer Sciences
Social Studies
(Students of the Month Continued on pg. 9)
Mount Sinai Mirror 8
(Students of the Month Continued fm. pg. 8)
MAY 2011
Grade 5
Grade 6
Physical Education
Family & Consumer Sciences
Social Studies
English Language Arts
Michaela Cameron
Matthew La Ponte
Veronica Venezia
Caitlin Connor
Alyssa Jaffee
Samantha Van Sise
Anoosai Yaramati
Emily Goodman
Aaron Miller
Alyssa Muscarello
Jenry Nieto
Gabrielle Barbieri
“Citizens of the Month”
Student Grade
Sophie Looney
Matthew Sirico
Robert Christ
Haley Dillon
Cristian Vasakiris
Brittany Edwards
Mr. Pramataris with seventh grader, Brianna Pidoto, winner of
the Mongoose bicycle raffle sponsored by
Whitsons Food Service and Snapple.
Booster Club Blog
Student Grade
Camryn Harloff
Skyler Johnson
Michael Carneiro
Dion Brown
Jessica Parente
Student Dylan Rinck
Jenna Signorile
Julia Gallo
Carissa Gulli
Julia Rosenfeld
Samantha Sullivan
Devin Zacchino
The Booster Club recently sponsored the Boys Suffolk County Track Meet. Congratulations to all the
participating teams and thank you to everyone
who helped make this day a huge success.
The end of the year is quickly approaching. Our
Senior Varsity Dinner is scheduled for June 8.
We honor all of our senior athletes at this fun festivity.
Don’t forget about our Annual Golf Outing at the
Hamlet on Monday, June 27. Reserve your spot
today. This is a great day for all golfers. There is
also a wonderful dinner afterward if you don’t
Lastly, our Mt. Sinai Booster Club Summer Sports
Camps are being planned. Look for a registration
form for sign up!
BRICK PROJECT: Order one today for your 2011
graduate! Order forms are on our website. Buy
one today. It makes a great gift.
Mount Sinai Mirror 9
Grades 9 – 12
Mr. Matthew J. Dyroff
Assistant Principal
Mr. Robert Grable
Ashley Delaney Brings Home Honors
ach year, thousands of students across Long
Island participate in a prestigious poetry competition sponsored by Walt Whitman Birthplace. In
this year’s twenty-third Annual Poetry Contest for
Long Island Students, over three thousand student poems
were submitted.
Out of the thousands of submissions, only a few are
chosen as winners. This year, junior Ashley Delaney’s
poem titled “Paul Deen: An Ode to Butter” won honorable
mention in the highest level (Category E, for grades 11 &
12). Ashley developed the poem as part of a creative
writing unit in Ms. Thalen’s Writing with Purpose elective
Ashley was honored on May 8, at the annual Poetry
Festival held at the Walt Whitman Birthplace in Melville.
Mr. Chris Heil
Assistant Principal
At the conclusion of the program, students were asked to
share their experiences with the whole group.
Facilitated by guidance counselors, Ms. Falco and Mr.
Grossman, the cultural exchange program was a great
success and our students were extremely fortunate to
Student Film “Trapped” Honored
as Best in Show
Pictured above are Ms. Thalen, Ashley Delaney and Mr. Grable.
Cultural Exchange Program at
Bay Shore High School
As part of the Mount Sinai Peer Support’s ongoing
mission to promote kindness, unity, good decision-making
and acceptance of diversity, Mount Sinai students participated in a “Cultural Exchange” with Bay Shore High
School on April 13, 2011.
Selected students traveled to Bay Shore High School
and were paired with a student representative of different
ethnic and/or racial background. To begin the day, the
students engaged in “ice breaking” activities in order to
get to know one another better. As the school day progressed, our students shadowed their partners as they
went about their average school day.
Congratulations to Mount Sinai senior James Christiano. James’ original film “Trapped” was honored as
Best in Show by the Suffolk County Film Commission.
His film was chosen for the annual “First Exposure”
screening event at the Cinema Arts
Centre in Huntington on May 15, 2011.
His work will also be evaluated by the
programming staff of the Hamptons
International Film Festival and the
Stony Brook Film Festival for inclusion
in their programs
Mount Sinai Mirror 10
Eighth Annual Project Adventure Field Trip
t has been eight years since the very first Project
Adventure (PA) class of seventeen students took their
field trip. Since then the program has grown to eight sections and approximately two hundred and thirty students.
For the last three years, our adventure has taken us to
the Dorothy P. Flint 4 H Camp in Baiting Hollow. The PA
students get to have a full day experience at a high ropes
course nestled in a beautiful wooded setting on the Long
Island Sound. Taking this trip has been the highlight of
the year for many students. Each day, two classes of
students worked together enjoying an experience that is
not boxed in by the sound of 42 minute bells. Most of the
students say that this unrushed time gives them the courage to attempt challenges they never thought they would
be capable of. The debrief at the end of the day is often
powerful and moving and enables students to make connections that they can bring out of the class and into their
His presentation was well received and students were
properly prepared. Overall, this was a great firsthand experience for students pursuing law as a profession and
encouraged students to always obey and follow the law.
National Honor Society Induction
The National Honor Society had its spring induction on
April 12, 2011. The keynote speaker was Dr. Anthony J.
Bonasera, the Mount Sinai School District Superintendent, who spoke about the importance of the family’s role
in the success of the inductees.
The ceremony began with the String Ensemble, under
the direction of Ms. Sarah Marceau, playing Pachelbel’s
“Theme from Canon in D” as the 2010 members proceeded into the auditorium. During the ceremony the Jazz
Choir, under the direction of Mr. Eric Blatt, sang “Seasons
of Love” by Jonathan Larson. After this musical interlude,
the National Honor Society criteria – Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character - were explained by the
officers: President Emily Ong, Vice President Marco
Spotorno, Secretary Ashley Tahir and Treasurer Samantha Loh. Once the new members were introduced, Max
Kanowitz read Walt Whitman’s poem “When I Heard the
Learn’d Astronomer,” and then once again the music department’s String Ensemble played.
At the end of the ceremony, there was a reception for
all. Congratulations to the following 2011 inductees:
Kelsea Adams
Lucas Blom
Thomas Bundy
Kyle Capobianco-Hogan
Caroline Custodio
William Dwyer
Sarah Farnworth
Alexandra Francis
Elyssa Geer
Joseph Giordano Jr.
Erik Hansen
Patrick Hogan
Haylee Juhas
Shannon Lafferty
Wenxiang Li
Kristina Ly
Samuel May
Timothy Miller
Emily Paolone
Megan Presser
Brian Radday
Ryan Reddy
Alexandra Rose
Lauren Scanlon
Lauren Sciarrotto
Arianna Shaljian
Stephanie Sheehan
Jake Tabile
Matthew Taibi
Marina Venezia
Sean Viscount
Project Adventure students at Dorothy P. Flint 4 H Camp
Students Visit the Riverhead
Correctional Facility
usiness Law students visited the Riverhead Correctional Facility on Friday, April 15. Over the
course of the year, students were educated on
both criminal and civil laws through classroom discussions, as well as, through two mock trials. We examined
repercussions that a defendant may be faced with based
on court of law rulings.
Several days prior to the trip, Officer Roach visited the
class and provided a very comprehensive description of
the facility.
Mount Sinai High School’s NHS
Mount Sinai Mirror 11
Students of the Month
Family & Consumer Science
Foreign Language
Physical Education
Social Studies
Jessica L'Hommedieu
Wenxiang Li
Melissa Gartner
Stephanie Murphy
Amanda Petrizzo
Joseph Pidoto
Jamie Ziskin
Camille Jwo
Danielle Beier
Amanda Spoleti
Edward Compagnone
Maricel Rodriguez
Mark Roelofsen
Thomas Armstrong
Laurence Paul
Family & Consumer Science
Foreign Language
Physical Education
Social Studies
Jessica L'Hommedieu
Wenxiang Li
Melissa Gartner
Stephanie Murphy
Amanda Petrizzo
Joseph Pidoto
Jamie Ziskin
Camille Jwo
Danielle Beier
Amanda Spoleti
Edward Compagnone
Maricel Rodriguez
Mark Roelofsen
Thomas Armstrong
Laurence Paul
Family & Consumer Science
Physical Education
Social Studies
Ryan Kubik
Alexander Croteau
Mustafa Wahid
Roberto Carneiro II
Ari Mangual
Nina Volino
Kaitlyn Loh
Michael Monaco
Michael Giordano
Marie Pierce
Janie Turek
Timothy Miller
Joseph Wittpenn
Timothy Armstrong
Juniors Attend Driver Awareness Workshop
tudent favorite Mr. Paul Failla returned to Mount
Sinai High School to meet with the junior class
and discuss the importance of practicing safe
driving habits. With the understanding that many
of this year’s juniors will drive to school next year as seniors, the topic of discussion was certainly applicable.
As usual Mr. Failla utilized his well polished acting
skills and uncanny sense of humor and took students on
an emotional journey. He reminded students that a car
that is driven without caution quickly becomes a deadly
weapon. Subsequently, he shared firsthand his experience as a Suffolk County Police Officer when he was responsible for informing parents that their teenage child
had died in a car accident.
He cautioned students of the pressures they would
soon encounter related to speeding and joy riding. Mr.
Failla stated, “It’s inevitable, as the weather changes and
students sense the end of the school year, they tend to
get more daring behind the wheel. Unfortunately doing so
dramatically increases their risk of getting into an accident.”
Likewise, Mr. Failla informed students of the law related to driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. Students were reminded
that driving under the influence results in an automatic
one-year suspension of their license and possible imprisonment.
As usual, Mr. Failla provided our students with an entertaining and informational presentation.
(Driver Awareness Workshop Continued on pg. 13
Mount Sinai Mirror 12
(Driver Awareness Workshop Continued fm. pg. 12)
Detective Monahan explained that it is important to get
your attacker off balance by bridging your hips and using
your knees and arms to disengage the attacker. At the
conclusion of each class, Detective Monahan provided
student volunteers with an opportunity to demonstrate
several of the self-defense strategies that were introduced.
Best Defense NYC provided all students with valuable
information for keeping themselves safe when in heavily
populated environments or confronted by a stranger.
Thank you to Best Defense NYC and a special thank you
to those students who volunteered to demonstrate selfdefense strategies with Detective Monahan.
Model UN Team
Mr. Failla speaks to the junior class.
Students Receive Public Awareness
and Self-Defense Tips
n Thursday and Friday, April 28 and 29, representatives from Best Defense NYC visited
physical education classes and provided all
students with public awareness and selfdefense tips to assist them with maintaining their safety
when in less than safe environments. Specifically, former
New York City Police Department detectives provided
students with awareness tips when riding a train or subway, returning to their vehicles in a dark parking lot, and
walking across campus in the dark or the busy streets of
Manhattan. Students were advised how to make eye
contact with strangers they feel might be observing them,
having their cell phones handy as well as their keys when
walking to their cars. Likewise, students were advised to
park in well-lit parking stalls and to glance underneath
their cars and in the back seats prior to entering their vehicles. Most importantly, students were advised to surrender their belongings to a would-be attacker; no item is
worth jeopardizing their safety.
Subsequently, upon completion of the public awareness discussion, Detective Monahan, also a black belt in
jiu jitsu, and head instructor at Maxum Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Academy in Ronkonkoma, demonstrated several selfdefense strategies for students to assist them should
they become engaged in a physical confrontation. For
example, Detective Monahan explained and modeled
what to do if you were being chocked from behind. Students were advised to tuck their chin into their chest and
squeeze their fingers between their neck and the attacker’s arm to maintain an open breathing airway. Subsequently, an elbow to the mid section or a heel kick to
the shin would assist their escape. Likewise, students
were advised how to protect themselves from their backs.
rom May 12 through May 14, the Model United
Nations Team competed against 2,400 students
from around the world at a conference in New York City.
This year John Kostic and Gavin Raffloer received the
best position paper award for their work in the United Nations Committee on Sport and Peace and Development
focusing on the long-term implementation of the Magglingen Call to Action. Stephen Schiavetta and Marina
May received an honorable mention in the United Nations
Forum for Forests Committee for Sustainable Forest Management. Last, but certainly not least, Sean Viscount and
Sam May received an honorable mention for their work in
United Nations Committee on Trade and Development
focusing on Social Responsibility of the Private Sector.
Congratulations to all Model United Nations team
members for a job well done!
History Club Fundraiser
The History Club is proud
to announce that at the
Battle of the Bands on
May 19 we raised $596 to
benefit Operation Smile, a
that provides corrective
surgery for children born
with cleft palates and other facial disfigurements.
Crystal Michaelides, Dylan
Sheppard, Emily Ong,
Edward Compagnone and Max Kanowitz whose band
“White Thunder and the Sunshine Pals” won the competition. A special thanks to all the other bands who put on a
great show and all those who came out to support them.
Mount Sinai Mirror 13
Computer Club Visits CA
No, we didn’t go to California. On March 29, the Computer Club had its first field trip to Computer Associates in
Islandia, NY (right off the Long Island Expressway). It
was a huge success! Some of the students commented
that it was the best field trip they were ever on. Computer
Associates sponsored the whole trip. One of the parents
in the district, Mr. David Hansen, who is a vice president
at Computer Associates, arranged the day for us.
The day started in a conference room where Mr. Hansen provided each of us with a few CA mementos
(cookies, a water bottle and a memo book…backpacks
and flash drives were previously given out). He gave a
nice overview of the company and introduced two other
CA executives. The first was the head of the engineering/
programming area and the second was head of the security area. Each gave us a great perspective of how things
work in the industry and what skills are needed to perform
some specific computer-related jobs. Both were extremely interesting and answered several of the students’ questions.
Mr. Hansen also gave us a complete tour of the floor
where all the numerous computers that CA possesses
are housed and also the support desk area. CA is a
worldwide operation with offices in Chicago, London, India, and Australia. We also experienced their state of the
art HD video conferencing system, which was nothing
less than phenomenal. And, of course, the highlight was
getting free lunch in the CA cafeteria, where each student
could pick any lunch items of their choice.
Many thanks go out to CA and the Hansen family for
allowing our students to be part of this inspirational field
College and Career Workshop
n Tuesday, March 8, the high school Guidance
Department held a College and Career Workshop for eleventh grade students and their parents. The groups met in four classrooms according to their assigned counselor. This was the first of
two evening presentations, the other taking place in the
September of students’ senior year.
On this night, counselors discussed the following
agenda items: starting the college search and trying to
find colleges that match what the student is looking for
using Naviance, and standardized tests (SAT/ACT).
Counselors used the Smart Boards to “walk” those in attendance through Naviance, highlighting several features
of the program that will assist students during this process.
Blood Drive
Another successful blood drive was held by the Student
Council and the Peer Leaders on
April 4. Due to the recruiting efforts of the students, fifty-seven
pints of blood were collected from
students, staff and community
members. According to the New
York Blood Center, 2,000 pints of
blood are needed every day.
Thanks to the generosity of the
donors, many local people were
given “the gift of life”.
The next blood drive at the
high school is tentatively set for
November 4, 2011.
Life in the PTO
Pictured above from top to bottom and left to right: (Top )
Brandon Welty, Edward Lamparter, Matthew Zotto, Erik Hansen,
Nicholas Robin, Cam Chetuck, Nicholas Lombardi, Ray Spataro,
Michael DiRenzo, William Dywer, David Hansen (CA), Thomas
Bundy, Patrick Holomshek; (Middle) Timothy Armstrong, Samantha Santeramo, Brandon Edwards, Kyle CapobiancoHogan; (Bottom) Noah Hendrickson, Matthew Hervan and Steven Balrup.
During the school year, the PTO holds various fundraisers to raise money to support our schools and children.
These funds are used to purchase items not covered in
the budget that are requested by the principals or the district. If not for the help from our volunteers and support
from the community our events would not be nearly as
successful as they are and these requests could not be
fulfilled. On behalf of the members of the PTO and Mount
Sinai students we thank you for all that you have contributed and the opportunities you have afforded us. We look
forward to our volunteers returning next year and new
ones to join us.
(Life in the PTO continued on pg. 19
Mount Sinai Mirror 14
Class of 2011
Senior Trip
Mount Sinai FCCLA Club Collects
Prom Dresses for Needy
alt Disney once wrote, "All our dreams can
come true, if we have the courage to pursue
For Mount Sinai's Class of 2011, these words will always
have an important place in not only students’ minds but
their hearts as well. On March 9, the senior class experienced a trip that not every high school graduate will be
able to say they had gone on. Students’ hard work for the
past four years had finally paid off and students were given an opportunity that most knew would never come
again - a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
The memories that were made during those few days
were endless and never be forgotten.
Alanna Faughnan, Sophia Chianese and Sarah Farnworth; Second row: Lindsay Budd, Hannah Marghoob
and Ms, Diane Amato, FCCLA advisor
One special night, the entire senior class went to the Aloha Dinner at the Polynesian Resort and Spa. That night,
it was no longer about the star athlete or the top scholar.
Students shared conversation, found things in common,
and enjoyed a night they will always remember.
Since that night brought so much fun and excitement
to everyone, the Senior Prom Committee decided to use
the same theme, Tropical Nights, for the senior prom in
anticipation that it will bring the same amount of good
times and lasting memories.
he FCCLA club is making proms possible for
young ladies who might not have the monetary
resources to attend their proms. The members
collected over forty prom dresses from students
and faculty members which were donated to the Town of
Brookhaven Youth Bureau. Our club president, Alanna
Faughnan, came up with the idea,"Princess Project,” to
collect gently used prom dresses. Many young students
do not have the financial means to attend their prom with
the additional expense of a dress, shoes and jewelry.
This project gave students the opportunity to attend their
prom and garner very special high school memories. An
article describing this wonderful project was published in
the local newspapers.
This year the FCCLA club has been working hard to
advertise the importance of donating. The club has been
very dedicated to helping those in need in a variety of
situations in the community. This year, around the holidays, they provided local women’s shelters with toiletries
and various other products.
The club is a very dedicated group of young ladies
that have worked effortlessly to help others.
Mount Sinai Mirror 15
Ocean Sciences Bowl Team
Takes Fourth Place in the
National Ocean Sciences Bowl Competition
aving won First Place at the Bay Scallop
Bowl Regional Competition on February 6, 2011, at Stony
Brook University, the Mount Sinai Ocean Sciences Bowl
team then participated in the National Ocean Sciences
Bowl (NOSB) competition from April 28 through May 2 in
Galveston, Texas. Team members included Kenneth
Gunasekera (Team Captain), David Eberhard, Sam May,
Nicholas O’Mara and Patrick McKeown. Each team
member received a check for $1,000 for the regional
competition and n all-expenses paid trip to Texas A & M
University in Galveston for the National Ocean Sciences
Through two solid days of intense competition among
teams representing twenty-four regions of the United
States, Mount Sinai placed fourth. To their credit, the
team never gave up and won five matches in come-frombehind victories. For their fourth place finish, each member of the team and the coach, Mr. Chase, received a HP
Net Book. The trophy and plaque are proudly displayed
in the lobby of the high school.
Mount Sinai’s Ocean Sciences Bowl team has been a
“powerhouse” over the past ten years, winning the regional competition for six years and subsequently traveling to
the NOSB competitions in Rhode Island, California, Mississippi, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Texas.
The National Ocean Sciences Bowl “is a nationally
recognized and highly acclaimed high school academic
competition that provides a forum for talented students to
test their knowledge of the marine sciences including biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.” The competition
is managed under the Consortium for Ocean Leadership
which represents leading oceanographic institutions and
universities. “The NOSB mission is to enrich science
teaching and learning across the United States through a
high-profile national competition that increases high
school students’ knowledge of the oceans and enhances
public understanding and stewardship of the oceans.”
For additional information, refer to and
The picture above includes students receiving their $1,000
checks from the Bay Scallop Bowl regional competition and the
trophy and HP Net Books from the NOSB competition. Pictured
from left to right are: Mr. Chase (Team Advisor), Nicholas
O’Mara, David Eberhard Kenneth Gunasekera, Sam May, Patrick McKeown, Mr. Matthews (MST Department Chairman), and
Mr. Grable (Principal).
Ride for Life
n Thursday May 12, Mr. Pendergast, in his powered
wheel chair, arrived at the Heritage Park and was greeted
by students from four of the surrounding school districts.
In 1993, Mr. Pendergast was diagnosed with ALS
(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), more commonly known as
Lou Gehrig’s disease, a fatal neuromuscular ailment. Mr.
Pendergast was told he had three to five years to live.
Rather than allowing the disease to completely debilitate
him, in 1998 Mr. Pendergast fought back and founded the
Ride for Life Foundation to help bring awareness to the
disease and raise funds for research and patient services.
Ride for Life began as a 350-mile power wheel chair ride
from Yankee Stadium to Washington, D.C. Currently, the
ride commences in Riverhead and ends in Manhattan.
Approximately thirty Mount Sinai students gathered to
cheer for Mr. Pendergast and present him with checks
totaling $1,000.00. Mustafa Wahid presented the check
in honor of the high school using the word perseverance
to describe Mr. Pendergast and his efforts.
Mr. Pendergast inquired whether any of the high
school students previously presented him a check as an
elementary school student. Max Kanowitz, currently a
senior on the student council, had done so when he was
a student council member in fourth grade. Mr. Pendergast stated, "All the people that were riding with me when
you were in elementary school have passed on." Reflecting on Mr. Pendergast's comment, Max stated that when
people have a drive and a passion in life, their body will
listen to their mind and they will persevere. Good luck to
Mr. Pendergast and his fellow riders.
(Ride For Life Continued on pg. 17)
Mount Sinai Mirror 16
(Ride For Life Continued fm pg. 16)
Julia Michaels, Ashley Tahir, Mustafa Wahid, Max Kanowitz,
Stephanie Sheehan and Marco Spotorno
present our donation check.
On May 15, our Mount Sinai Buddies team attended the
Best Buddies Walk hosted by Massapequa High School
and we raised over $700.00 for Best Buddies New York.
Our big fundraisers were Leah Boscorino, Stephanie Murphy, and Matthew.
Our ice cream social is traditionally our last social so
we exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers to
keep in touch over the summer. It is also a time to thank
this year’s officers: Erin Lederle, Kelsea Adams, Emily
Paolone, Samantha Kelly and Joey Giordano. Next
year’s officers are President Leah Boscorino, VicePresident Kelsea Adams, Secretary Stephanie Murphy,
Treasurer Tommy Armstrong, Historian/Secretary Emily
Paolone and Buddies Director Joseph.
We are grateful for the support of Laura Croudo and
her staff from FREE, our custodial staff, secretaries, administration, Student Government and the Mount Sinai
Teachers’ Association.
Best wishes to our seniors Erin Lederle and Alanna
Faughnan who have been part of Best Buddies for four
years. We will miss your humor, dedication, and compassion.
It takes two to make a friendship. It takes you to make
a difference.
Best Buddies Prom
Mustafa Wahid greets with Mr. Pendergast.
Best Buddies
unt Sinai High School’s Best Buddies Chapter had another very exciting year. We made new friends
with the students from FREE (Family Residential and Essential Enterprises). Our socials were a lot of fun and we
shared many memorable events as well. The Pairing
Ceremony is a special social where our peer buddies
form a one on one friendship with a buddy from FREE.
On March 5, we attended the Best Buddies Prom hosted
by Shoreham-Wading River’s Best Buddies Chapter who
did such a fabulous job with their entertainment and
amazing decorations. At the prom, Thomas Armstrong,
Drew Drasser, Joseph, and Robert won awards that night.
Best Buddies Walk
Mount Sinai Mirror 17
A.P. Classes Explore Science Away from
Mount Sinai High School
he A.P. Biology (APB) class performed a biotechnology lab technique at Stony Brook University in preparation
for their AP exam in May. A Polymerase Chain Reaction
(PCR) technique was used to identify genetically-modified
foods (GMOs) when the class visited the Biotechnology
Teaching Lab on April 1 with Ms. Nau-Ritter. The GMO
lab activity, which is part of their APB college lab portfolio,
was coordinated by Ms. Joan Kiely of CESAME at Stony
Following winter weather cancellations, the A. P. Environmental Science (A.P.E.S.) class finally performed a
field sampling study comparing various local harbors on
Long Island’s North Shore. The APES classes tested
various chemical and physical parameters for a field
study comparing Stony Brook, Setauket, Port Jefferson
and Mount Sinai harbors. The class has also a unique
invitation to visit the Plum Island Animal Disease Center
for a presentation on the research and environmental
stewardship of Plum Island. This will conclude this fieldoriented course which expands learning beyond the walls
of the high school.
APES class on dock sampling Stony Brook Harbor
Spring S.T.E.P.S. Program
Some of the STEPS group then performed the BTL’s PCR
lab during the next month as part of the AP Biology curriculum.
The STEPS program will conclude this year with a visit
to SMSC in Hauppauge during early June as coordinated
by Mount Sinai resident Wayne Miller. The students will
visit metallurgical/chemistry/environmental labs while
viewing electrical emissions analyses, x-ray imaging and
scanning electron microscopic methods. A Failure Analysis Lab will also be visited before the group returns to the
high school.
The STEPS program will continue next year with new
enrichment programs for tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade
students whose ability and interest justify learning beyond
the walls of Mount Sinai High School!
Long Island Science Congress and
Stony Brook University
even Mount Sinai High School students participated and received awards in this year’s Long Island Science Congress at Farmingdale State College on April 6,
2011. Thomas Bundy, William Dwyer and Erik Hansen
presented their poster on the Nitrogen Oxide Compounds
Binding to Hemoglobin while Camille Jwo and Nicholas
O’Mara presented their model on the Outer Surface Protein A (OPCA) of Neisseria meningitidis. Both of these
projects were mentored by seniors Kenneth Gunasekera
and Lani Kai Ritter. Steven Ford collated and presented
his data from a summer project where he analyzed nutrients in Mount Sinai Harbor. Kenneth Gunasekera also
presented his research from last summer entitled
“Preparation and Characterization of Graphene Oxides”
which he performed at Stony Brook University. His paper
was also peer reviewed by researchers in the science
field and he was invited to present his research at this
year’s Long Island Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (LI-JSHS) at Stony Brook University in the Spring.
The best of luck to Kennneth as he continues his research pursuits in college.
The Science and Technology Enrichment Program for
Students (STEPS) of the STARS program under the direction of Ms. Glynis Nau-Ritter continued this spring with
several extracurricular science activities. The STEPS
group of twenty-four students performed Copper Cycle
experiments on March 9 at the CTL (Chemistry Teaching
Lab) of Stony Brook University. These are recommended
experiments outlined in the College Board’s AP Chemistry Course description. The students conducted a series
of reactions to convert copper metal into several compounds and then recover it as free copper using a Spectrophotometer (Spec 20) in the lab activity.
Mount Sinai Mirror 18
(Life in the PTO continued 14)
Our first General Meeting is September 16 and the Annual Ladies Night Out event will be held November 8 at Villa
Lombardi’s in Holbrook. As always, we appreciate your
continued support.
The PTO is making an effort to go green so please visit
our PTO website to get all the information you will need about what is going on in the PTO.
Have a great summer! We look forward to your membership and support in the fall.
Their diligent work was rewarded with a second place
award behind Sachem North High School who has won
first place the past few years. Mount Sinai High School’s
team is hopeful for next year’s event.
Proposed 2011- 2012 P. T. O. Executive Board
Carolyn Pollina
Vice President
Jennifer Carpenito
Anna Bonghi
Lisa Forbell
Volunteer Coordinator
Terese Lumley
Grade Level Coordinator
Denise Graffeo
Public Relations
Phyllis Daley
Amy Lester
Dineen DeGennaro
Lori DiMarco
Paulette Giannuzzi
Maureen Johnson
Maria Samour
Maureen Sweeney
Donna Waite
Anyone interested in the Publicity position can contact Carolyn
Pollina 928-9391.
Many thanks for their volunteer service to our 2010/11 board
members that are leaving us this year:
PTO President - Ellie Marino, Secretary - Sue DiRenzo & Public
Relations - Lisa Barbarello.
Nicholas O’Mara, Kenneth Gunasekera,
David Eberhard and Sam May.
(Not pictured: Patrick McKeown)
On behalf of the Mount Sinai FBLA chapter, we would
like to congratulate the following members for their excellent academic achievement at the February 2011 FBLA
Patrick Beltrani (College Accounting,
Placed 2nd), Matthew Frederick (Public Speaking, Placed
3rd), Wenxiang Li (Economics, Placed 2nd), Marina Venezia (Accounting, Placed 3rd) and Corey Carpenito
(Business Math, Placed 3rd).
Earth Week Envirothon Competition
r. Matthews escorted five Mount Sinai High
School students on April 27 to the Long Island
“Envirothon.” Kenneth Gunasekera, David
Eberhard , Nicholas O’Mara, Sam May, and
Patrick McKeown rotated stations throughout the day in
the areas of Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife, and Current Issues. They also prepared an oral presentation for
a pre-Envirothon question on global warming. They developed possible solutions for municipal drinking water
and erosion issues due to rising sea levels.
Patrick Beltrani, Matthew Frederick, Wenxiang Li, Ms. Clancy,
Marina Venezia and Corey Carpenito.
Mount Sinai Mirror 19
Mr. Stephen Mantone, Music & Applied Arts Director
Long Island Media Art Show 2011
n Tuesday March 22, students from Ms. Romeo, Ms. Branca, and Mr. Giorlando’s art classes participated in the annual Long Island Media Arts Show at Five Towns College. Students from schools across Long Island exhibited graphic
works and photography. Works were evaluated by a panel of judges on the basis of content, composition, use of
medium, and presentation.
Emily Armstrong, James Christiano, Gabrielle Conti, Caroline D’Angelo, Gillian Dana, Sam May, Nicholas Robin,
Philip Rodrigues, Richard Schall, Dylan Sheppard, Devin
Stein and Samantha Stein exhibited works which were
designated as “Works of Excellence.” Photographs by
James Christiano and Samantha Stein were also awarded with the prestigious “Best in Show” distinction. James
Christiano was also selected as Best in Show for his original film “Trapped.”
Modern Music Masters
n April 27, fifty-two high school music students, including the Tri-M Music Honor Society, took a bus
into New York City. Their day started with heavy traffic
on the Long Island Expressway during the peak of rush
hour. Students arrived at Lincoln Center Plaza and had
the opportunity to watch a phenomenal dress rehearsal
of the New York Philharmonic. The New York Philharmonic performed Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony conducted by Alan Gilbert. It was exciting to see the level of
professionalism and the caliber of playing from one of the
greatest orchestras in the world. After the rehearsal, the
students had lunch at Applebee’s on Broadway. From
there they attended a matinee of Broadway’s production
of “The Addams Family.”
Taking the students into New York City gave them the
opportunity to take advantage of this cultural epicenter.
The performance level of the New York Philharmonic and
a Broadway musical exceeded even their highest of expectations. For some students, this was either their first
experience in the city, seeing a professional orchestra,
attending a Broadway musical or all of the above. There
is a whole world out there for them to enjoy and experience.
Mount Sinai students visit NYC.
NYSSMA Festivals
Over 500 Mount Sinai students participated in the
Solo/Ensemble Festival sponsored by the New York State
Music Association on Friday, June 3 – Saturday, June 4,
2011 at the Riverhead High School and Middle Schools.
The students select a piece of music according to the level of difficulty, and prepare it along with scales and sightreading. The scores received will aid in the selection to
the various All-County Festivals in the coming school
In addition to these students, seventeen high school
sophomores and juniors competed at the All-State level,
the highest level of difficulty.
Nine performing organizations from the Middle School
and High School participated in the Major Organization
Festival held on May 16-24 at West Islip and Selden.
Their scores are as follows:
High School Symphonic Band, Gold
High School Concert Band, Silver
High School Orchestra, Gold
High School Chamber Orchestra, Silver
High School Chorus, Gold
Middle School 8 Band, Silver
Middle School 7 Band, Silver
Middle School 7/8 Orchestra, Gold
Middle School 7/8 Chorus, Silver
Mount Sinai Mirror 20
Mt. Sinai High School
2011 Senior Music Awards
Awarded at end-of-year concerts
Several graduating seniors from the Mt. Sinai High School were honored at the recent Spring Concerts on
May 24-26 for their contributions to the Music Department. Receiving awards were:
♫ National School Orchestra Award:
Emily Ong
♫ National School Choral Award:
Louis DiPaolo
Marie Pierce
♫ Woody Herman Award:
Edward Compagnone
Daniel Kraus
♫ Louis Armstrong Award:
Matthew Taibi
♫ John Sousa Award:
Max Kanowitz
♫ Patrick Gilmore Award:
Frank Abbondanza
Claire Kostic
♫ Arion Award:
Max Kanowitz
A majority of these students have achieved recognition at the state and local levels for excellence for
their instruments or voice.
Max Kanowitz, in addition to receiving the Arion Award and John Sousa Award also received the NYSCAME scholarship from the New York State Council of Administrators of Music. Claire Kostic in addition to
receiving the Patrick Gilmore Award also received the SCMEA Scholarship from the Suffolk Chapter of the
New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education.
Congratulations to all!
Mount Sinai Mirror 21
Mr. Scott Reh, Athletic Director
Scholar/Athlete Spring Team Awards
The New York State High School Athletic Association
has recognized Mt. Sinai High School varsity athletic
teams for achieving academic excellence while actively
participating in varsity level interscholastic athletics during
the 2009-2010 spring season.
Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Varsity Boys Spring Track
Varsity Girls Spring Track
Varsity Girls Golf
Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Varsity Boys Tennis
Varsity Softball
2010 FALL ALL LEAGUE AWARDS Varsity Girls Soccer
Amanda LiRosi – All Conference
Sarah O’Brien – All League
Arianna Shaljian – All League
Varsity Girls Cross Country
Julia Dooley – All League, All Division
Caroline Fitzgerald – All League, All Division
Marina May – All League HM, All Division HM
Stephanie Sheehan – All League, All Division
Stacey Sinkoff – All League HM, All Division HM
Alyssa Tobin – All League HM, All Division HM
Janie Turek – All, League, All Division, State Qualifier, All County
Nina Volino – All League, All Division, State Qualifier
Varsity Boys Cross Country
Brandon Yip – All League, All Division, State Qualifier
Frank Bosio – State Qualifier
Varsity Girls Tennis
Rebekah Lester – All League
Samantha Loh – All League
Kristen Irizarry – All League
Camille Jwo – All County
Christina Sancho – All County
Danielle Stefanucci – All Division
Varsity Girls Gymnastics
Brittany Brockner – All League
Cassandra Lynagh – All League, All State
Samantha Sapienza – All League
Varsity Boys Soccer
Matthew Poillon – All Conference
Brian Foley – All League
Jake Hine – Academic All County
Varsity Football
Frank Abbondanza – All County
Leo Escalera – All Division, 2nd Team
Patrick Hogan – All Division, 1st Team
Austin Kay – All Division, 1st Team
Nicholas Lakios – All Division, 2nd Team
Eric Moosbrugger – All Division, 2nd Team
Josh Morales - All County
Connor Stroh – All Division, 1st Team
Joseph Wittpenn – All Division, 1st Team
R.J. Zbikowski – All County
Varsity Volleyball
Shannon Burns – All Conference
Caleigh Dolese – All Conference
Jordan Fiore – All Conference
Diana Lopez – All League
Allie Rose – All League
Lindsey Hogan – All Academic
Varsity Boys Golf
Francisco Casado – Coaches Award
Erik Hansen – MVP
Ryan Reddy – Mustang Award
Varsity Girls Soccer
Kasey Mitchell – Mustang Award
Sarah O’Brien – MVP
Amanda LiRosi – Coaches Award
Varsity Girls Tennis
Samantha Loh – Coaches Award
Kristen Irizarry – MVP
Kristen Napolitano - Mustang
Varsity Girls Cross Country
Alyssa Tobin – Coaches Award
Janie Turek – MVP
Nina Volino – Mustang Award
Varsity Boys Cross Country
Michael Callahan – Mustang Award
Zachary Kollmer – Coaches Award
Brandon Yip – MVP
Varsity Gymnastics
Cassandra Lynagh – MVP
Samantha Sapienza – Coaches Award
Varsity Boys Soccer
Matthew Poillon – MVP
Jake Hine – Coaches Award
Bryan Morin – Mustang Award
Varsity Football
Frank Abbondanza – MVP
Connor Stroh – Coaches Award
Joseph Wittpenn – Mustang Award
Varsity Volleyball
Caleigh Dolese – MVP
Kelly Curtin – Coaches Award
Diana Lopez – Mustang Award
Varsity Girls Basketball
Danielle Diaz – All League
Varsity Boys Winter Track
T.J. Hadgraft – All League
Brandon Deniz – All League
Varsity Girls Winter Track
Amanda D’Angio – All League
Rachael Dillon – All League
Caroline Fitzgerald – All League
Elyssa Geer – All League
Marina May – All League
Sydney Pirreca – All League
Janie Turek – All League, All County
Nina Volino – All League
Varsity Boys Basketball
Matthew Pellarin – All League
Michael Guzzardi – All conference
James Gallo – Academic All County
Varsity Boys Bowling
William Reynolds – All League 1st Team
Varsity Wrestling
Frank Abbondanza – All League, All County
Eric Kogel – All League, All County
Connor Stroh - All League, All County
Christopher Powers – All League, All County
Joseph Wittpenn – All League
John Shlonsky – All League
Anthony Grippe – All League
Jay Shlimbaum – All League
Mount Sinai Mirror 22
Mr. Scott Reh, Athletic Director
Varsity Boys Bowling
Nicholas Barbarello – Coaches Award
Jack Imparato – Mustang Award
William Reynolds – MVP
Varsity Girls Basketball
Diana Lopez – Coaches Award
Alexandra Rose – MVP
Sarah Dooley – Mustang Award
Varsity Boys Basketball
James Gallo – Coaches Award
Matthew Pellarin – MVP
James Gallo – Mustang Award
Matthew Pellarin – Mustang Award
Varsity Girls Winter Track
Alyssa Tobin – Coaches Award
Janie Turek – MVP
Nina Volino – Mustang Award
Varsity Boys Winter Track
Brandon Welty – Coaches Award
Joseph Turek – Coaches Award
Brandon Deniz – Mustang Award
Varsity Wrestling
Frank Abbondanza – MVP
Connor Stroh – Mustang Award
Eric Kogel – Coaches Award
Varsity Cheerleading
Elaina Loliscio – MVP
Maureen Villante – Mustang Award
Nicole Wienclaw – Coaches Award
Varsity Girls Golf
Kristina Ly – All League
Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Caroline Fitzgerald – All County
Rachael Dillon – All County
Shannon Burns – All County
Julia Michaels – All Division
Kasey Mitchell – All Division
Marisa Colacino – All Division
Sydney Pirreca – All Division
Shayna Pirreca – All Division
Varsity Boys Tennis
John Reilly – All Division
Milan Gunasekera – All League
Erik Hine – All League
Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Matthew Poillon – All League, All County
Connor Stroh – All League
Varsity Softball
Holly Drasser – All County
Jordan Fiore – All County
Gianna Gulli – All Division
Danielle Spears – All League
Varsity Boys Track
Zachary Kollmer – All League
Edward Lamparter – All League
Ian Goldwasser – All League
Varsity Girls Track
Brittany Brockner – All League
Christina Casper – All League
Amanda D’Angio – All League, All Division
Julia Dooley – All League
Elyssa Geer – All League, All Division
Kaitlyn Loh – All League
Samantha Loh – All League
Marina May – All League
Alexandra Rose – All League, All Division
Arianna Shaljian – All League
Stephanie Sheehan – All League, All Division
Alexa Signorile – All League
Stacey Sinkoff – All League
Alyssa Tobin – All League
Janie Turek – All League, All Division
Nina Volino – All League
Varsity Baseball
Mark Donadio – All County
Michael Donadio – All County
Danny Paray – All League
James Gallo – Academic All League
Varsity Girls Golf
Kaitlin MacDowell – Mustang Award
Deanna Dempsey – Coaches Award
Kristina Ly – MVP
Varsity Boys Track
Zachary Kollmer – MVP
Christopher Linkletter – Coaches Award
Edward Lamparter – Mustang Award
Varsity Softball
Jordan Fiore – MVP
Holly Drasser – MVP
Gianna Gulli – Coaches Award
Danielle Spears – Mustang Award
Varsity Boys Tennis
Paul Segal – MVP
Andrew Coffey – MVP
Daniel Kraus – Coaches Award
Varsity Baseball
Danny Paray – MVP
Greg Flannery – Coaches Award
Avery Floyd – Coaches Award
Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Joseph Turek – Coaches Award
Connor McPartland – Coaches Award
Matthew Poillon – MVP
Joseph Wittpenn – Coaches Award
Richard Stein – Unsung Hero
Connor Stroh – Unsung Hero
Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Rachael Dillon – MVP
Lindsay Hogan – Mustang Award
Shannon Burns – Coaches Award
Varsity Girls Track
Janie Turek -MVP
Alexandra Rose – MVP
Nina Volino -Coaches Award
Elyssa Geer – Coaches Award
Alyssa Tobin -Mustang
Mount Sinai Mirror 23
Mr. Scott Reh, Athletic Director
ongratulations to the following Gold Key winners. The Gold
Key award is the highest honor in Section XI that an athlete can
receive for sports participation. It is awarded to student-athletes
who receive either a Varsity or JV letter in grades 10 through 12.
John Ankelman
Shannon Burns
Rachael Dillon
Tucker Hadgraft
Zachary Kollmer
Edward Lamparter
Bryan Morin
Matthew Poillon
Connor Stroh
Alyssa Tobin
Janie Turek
Joseph Turek
Joseph Wittpenn
ongratulations to the following teams for their outstanding
achievement during the 2010-2011 school year.
Varsity Football Big Four Champions
Varsity Volleyball Suffolk County Class B Finalists
Varsity Bowling League V Champions
Varsity Girls Basketball League VI Champions
Varsity Softball League VII Tri-Champions
Varsity Boys Lacrosse Class C County Finalists
Varsity Girls Lacrosse Suffolk County & Long Island Champions
Girls Varsity Lacrosse win the Suffolk County
ongratulations to Scott Reh, who was selected for induction into the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame. The announcement
was made during a press conference at the Suffolk Sports Hall
of Fame Museum in Patchogue. He was officially inducted on
May 3, 2011
Dear Parents:
Students who are interested in participating in interscholastic athletics during the 2011-2012 school year must have a Sports
Physical Examination on or after June 1st, 2011 before they may take part in try-outs.
The school district physician will be available at MOUNT SINAI HIGH SCHOOL for physicals on the following dates:
Wednesday, June 22nd
3:30 p.m. 7th through 12th grade girls (all sports)
4:00 p.m. 7th through 12th grade boys (all sports)
Wednesday, July 6th
9:00 a.m. 7th through 12th grade girls (all sports)
9:30 a.m. 7th through 12th grade boys (all sports)
Wednesday, August 10th
9:00 a.m. 7th through 12th grade girls (all sports)
9:30 a.m. 7th through 12th grade boys (all sports)
NOTE: Athletes must report ONLY on their assigned day and time as indicated above. They should be prepared to stay for the entire
Students entering 7th grade who received a sports physical in June from the school physician at the Middle School are not
required to have another physical during the 2011-12 school year.
Practices and/or try-outs will begin for the following fall sports on the dates and times listed below.
Mount Sinai Mirror 24
Mr. Scott Reh, Athletic Director
Practices and/or try-outs will begin for the following
fall sports on the dates and times listed below.
High School - Grades 9-12
Thursday, August 18th
Coach will Contact
Monday, August 29th
Varsity Football equipment handout
J.V. Football equipment handout
1st Football Practice Varsity & J.V.
Varsity & J.V. Cheerleading
Varsity and J.V. Boys Soccer
Varsity and J.V. Girls Soccer
Varsity Girls Gymnastics
Varsity and J.V. Girls Tennis
Varsity Boys & Girls X-Country
Varsity and J.V. Boys Golf
Varsity and J.V. Girls Volleyball
9:00 a.m.
9:30 a.m.
5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
Middle School - Grades 7 and 8
1st day of school; Tuesday, September 6th meetings immediately after school, announcements will be made regarding
Boys/Girls Soccer
Boys/Girls Cross Country
Girls Tennis
1st Day of Practice Wednesday, September 7th
High School Varsity & J.V.
August 18
All Fall Sports
August 29
September 24
NCAA Athletic Night
October 25 @ 7:00 PM H.S. Auditorium
November 16
March 5
Senior Booster Club
June 6
Middle School
September 6th
Early Winter
November 7, 8 &9 (Girls Volleyball tryouts)
November 14 1st Official Practice
(Boys Basketball & Girls Volleyball)
Late Winter
January 23
March 26
Mount Sinai Mirror 25
have a Wonderful summer
First day of school for students
September 6
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