Mandu Travel Guide PDF - Tourist Places, Sightseeing



Mandu Travel Guide PDF - Tourist Places, Sightseeing
Mandu Travel Guide -
Known as an architectural marvel
for its ancient forts that are in
complete harmony with nature,
Mandu in Madhya Pradesh is an
archaeologist’s and photographer's
treat. Thronged by many tourists
every year, these locales are highly
alluring and replete with all the
delights of nature in the form of
plateaus, rivers, thick greenery
coupled with amazing architecture.
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Famous For
Another treasure in the heart of India,
Mandu is a town encased in history and
wrapped in mythology. It was established as
long back as in the 6th century AD, and has
since then been under the rule of various
emperors from the Rajput Parmara rulers of
Malwa, to the Mughal Emperor Humayun.
This varied history also led to a lot of
architectural variation, such as imposing
Darwazas, the river flanked Jahaz Mehal, the
sloping walled fort- Hindola Mahal and the
example of refined Afghan architecture,
Hoshang Shah's Tomb. The Lohani Caves
and Temple Ruins, and the Neelkanth Palace
And Temple also make for exiciting day trips
when in Mundu. The marvellous
constructions from eras gone by coupled
with scenic landscapes draw a lot of tourists
to this destination.
Mandu in the monsoon is easily one of the
most romantic of places. The advantages of
its hilly location come alive, the pastel
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shades of its centuries-old monuments are
set off by the brilliant natural green setting,
and the loveliness is doubled because it’s
reflected in omnipresent, voluptuous water
bodies — talaos, baolis, kunds, streams,
rivulets…. Mandu can be best described as a
hill-fortress, spread over a flat hilltop, 6 km
by 8 km in dimension, easily covered on
foot, teeming with architecture, history and
possibility. It owes its existence to the
Parmar kings who carved out an
independent kingdom here in the 8th
century CE. As you go up the hill,
unexpected lakes shimmer after every turn,
and flower-decked trees frame distant views
of some old fort darwaza, standing with
grave dignity. You have to picture a flatland
called the Malwa Plateau, from which rise a
number of hills that form the crest of the
Vindhya Range.
When To
Successive kings abundantly appreciated the
enchantment as well as the possibilities of a
fortification at such a site. The Parmar kings,
the Sultans of Malwa and the Mughals turn
Mandu into a palimpsest of signature
fortifications and palaces. They seem to
have built with an unerring eye, using the
undulating heights and plenitude of water
bodies as the main architectural feature.
And to cap it all, Mandu is the theatre for
the sad and enduring legend of Rani
Rupmati and her romance with Sultan Baz
Cold weather. Carry Heavy woollen.
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Cold weather. Carry Heavy woollen.
Max: 26.6°C
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Max: 31.2°C
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Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen,
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Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen,
Mandu Travel Guide -
Max: 29.3°C
Min: 22.4°C
Rain: 321.7mm
35 km from Dhar, Mandu, Madhya
Pradesh 454010, India
Jahaj Mahal internal Road, Mandu,
Mandav, Madhya Pradesh 454010,
Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen,
Max: 29.4°C
Min: 21.6°C
Rain: 254.8mm
Pleasant weather. Carry Light woollen,
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Rain: 9.5mm
What To
5 Sights
Sandwiched between two large pools
water (Munja Talao and Kapur
the star attraction in Royal Complex is the
Mahal or ShipPalace. This long and 
narrow palace is reflected in the
like a ship at sea, as its name
The unique structure matches the 
colourful life of its builder Ghiyas-udDin (1469-1500).
With pavilions and domes, it is 
open and spacious. The terrace
the rare juxtaposition of both round 
and less-seen conical domes.
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Dedicated to Hoshang Shah, the first
appointed Islamic king of the Malwa region,
this square shaped tomb is situated near
the Jami Masjid, in the Mandu City.
Hoshang’s Tomb served as a template for
Shah Jahan, while constructing the Taj Mahal
as it was the first marble monument to be
built in the country. It is known for its
exquisite proportions, carvings and
ornamentations. The main sarcophagus of
the king is carved in the form of a casket
and the
mihrab moulded on top.
Dharmashala, a colonnade divided into
three aisles by rows of pillars is present
within the tomb. It portrays a beautiful
amalgamation of the Hindu and Islamic
styles of architectures.
Royal Complex
Hoshang's Tomb
Jahaz Mahal
Jahaz Mahal, Mandav, Madhya
Pradesh, India
A part of the Royal Complex, this lengthy
and narrow palace reflecting in the waters
feels like a ship at sea. The unique playful
structure of the
Jahaz Mahal matches the colourful life of its
builder Ghiyas-ud-Din (1469-1500). The king,
apparently not content with the bevy of
15,000 beauties in his seraglio, surrounded
himself with “500 beautiful and young
Turkish females in men’s clothes and an
equal number of Abyssinian females, all in
uniform and armed…” says historian
With many pavilions and domes, the mahal
is open and spacious. In a rare juxtaposition,
the terrace has both round and conical
domes. The place is also the site where Nur
Jahan is said to have killed four tigers with
six bullets in 1617. Jahaz Mahal hosted
Jehangir on an evening when, according to
the Emperor, “they lighted lanterns all round
the tanks and buildings…. It appeared as if
the whole surface of the tank was a plain of
fire. A grand entertainment took place and
the drunkards indulged themselves to
excess!” The ASI has housed an
Archaeological Museum in Taveli Mahal, in
front of the
Jahaz Mahal. Here you can see remnants of
a rich past.
Hindola Mahal
Mandu Travel Guide -
Mandu, Madhya Pradesh, India
A part of the Royal Complex
, Hindola Mahal (Swing Palace) is named so
because of the perceptible tilt of its side
walls, giving an illusion that the monument
is swaying. Its jaalis, tracery work, wide
arches and ‘swinging’ walls, all add to its
appeal. You can have a pleasant time
wandering behind Hindola Mahal, in a
dream-like mesh of ruined palaces, the
charming Champa Baoli where water
apparently had the fragrance of champak
flowers, tahkhanas (cool underground
rooms), a hamam, a theatre, and yet
another Jal Mahal located on the Munja
13, Nai Bagad, Main Road, Ranipura,
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Be it Marwari, Punjabi or Rajasthani cuisine,
Shivani Restaurant in Mandu serves
amazing dishes on the menu. Do not miss
trying the delicious daal-batti churma. The
food served here is a bit spicy to make sure
to tell the staff in advance about your
preferences. Overall the staff is good and
prompt in service and the ambience is that
of a dhaba.
Hotel Fun N Food
Ujali Baoli
Nalchha, Dhar, Mandu, Madhya
Where To
Near to Kakda Kho, Main Road
Mandu, Mandu 454010, India
3 Places
Shivani Restaurant
Hotel Fun N Food boasts of an efficient
service and more than average food. Snacks
are the speciality of the restaurant, with
spring rolls, sandwiches, pizzas and more as
the favourite ones. It's also a favoured
hangout zone for many, usually locals and
page 3
tourists both. 
Rupmati Restaurant
Mandu Travel Guide -
A: Royal Complex
B: Hoshang's Tomb
C: Jahaz Mahal
D: Hindola Mahal
E: Ujali Baoli
F: Shivani Restaurant
G: Hotel Fun N Food
H: Rupmati Restaurant
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