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Staff Page - Lincoln Junior High School
LJHS Circuit Rider
May 2015
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Ivy Pierce
Assistant Editor
———————Keppin Reid
Kacey Bennett
Laura Centers
Austin Garriott
Gerilyn Houghton
Maddie Tanner
Maddie Yeats
Sponsor: Mrs. Workman
Hey guys! I’m sad to say that this is the last issue of Circuit
Rider :( It’s been a great year filled with great experiences and
bad experiences. I hope all of you lovely reader shave none of t
he later and more of the first. I hope all of you who plan on joining the
Circuit Rider team do an excellent job and have fun. Bye Guys!
Hello my little buddies! I want to make this quick by saying I’ve had so
much fun even if I did have to get up and be here early on Wednesdays. :)
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
1. We wouldn’t be here without her.
2. She gives us great advice.
3. She accepts our little quirks.
4. She works hard.
5. She provides for us.
6. She is our #1 fan!
7. She carried us around for 9 months!
8. She tells us how proud she is.
9. She believes in us.
10. She always loves us.
11. She takes care of us when we are sick.
12. She encourages us at things, even
when we are doing terrible.
13. She is our best friend.
14. She reminds us we are loved.
15. She just ‘gets’ us.
LJHS Circuit Rider 2015 May Issue!
Keppin’s Dream
Madi Y’s Dream
Maddie T’s Dream
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Gerilyn’s Dream
Ivy’s Dream
Laura’s Dream
LJHS Circuit Rider
May 2015
Genre: Alternative Rock/ Pop
Lead singer: Haley Williams
Bassist: Jeremy Davis
Guitarist: Taylor York
Paramore is from Franklin Tennessee. They were formed in 2004. The band
started out with Zac Farro (drums), Josh Farro (lead guitarist), Haley
Williams (vocals), and Davis (bassist). In 2007, York joined the band. In
December of 2010 the Farro Brothers left the band.
Top 10 Paramore Songs:
1. Misery Buisness
2. Ignorance
3. Decode
4. Brick by Boring Brick
5. Crushcrushcrush
6. The Only Exception
7. Monster
8. That’s What You Get
9. Still Into You
10. Playing God
Alex Ramos:
Scotty Sire:
Rudy Mancuso:
Christian Leave:
Jerry Purpdrank:
1. Asparagus was first grown in Greece nearly 2,5000
years ago!
2. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed asparagus
helped prevent bee stings and relieve toothaches
3. The name, Asparagus, comes from the Greek language
and means "sprout" or "shoot." Can you guess why it
comes from this word? Hint: look at the stalk!
4. There are three different kinds of asparagus: green,
white and purple! Green asparagus has color because of a
process called ‘photosynthesis.’ This is when sunlight
produces chlorophyll in plants and makes them GREEN.
5. White asparagus is grown underground and because it
never sees sunlight, it does not go through
‘photosynthesis’ and never turns green!
6. Asparagus is in the same family as onions, leeks and
7. Asparagus has lots of vitamins including calcium,
folate and Vitamin K
8. Asparagus season is the spring, best time to get it is
now! California grows about 80% of all the asparagus
grown in the United States
May 1st ) LJHS School Play at 7:00pm
May 2nd ) LJHS School Play 7:00 pm
May 6th) 1:45 p.m. Dismissal
May 7th .) LJHS Spring Concert 7:00 pm
May 11th.) LJHS PTO 6:30 p.m.
May 12th.) LJHS Spring Choir Concert
May 19th.) LJHS Spring Band concert 7:00 p.m.
May 20th.) 1:45 p.m. Dismissal
May 21st.) 8th Grade
May 25th.) No School Memorial Day
May 26th .) LJHS Activities Recognition 2:00 p.m.
May 27th.) LJHS Sports Recognition 2:00 p.m.
May 28th.) LJHS Honors Night 7:00 p.m.
May 29th.) Spirit Day
June 1st .) 8th Grade Graduation Practice
June 2nd.) Noon Dismissal for 6th/7th grade. 8th grade
graduation at 3:00 p.m.
June 3rd.) 1:30 p.m. Dismissal
June 4th .) Snow Day make-up # 1
June 5th .) Snow Day make-up #2
June 8th.) Snow Day make-up #3
June 9th.) Snow Day make-up# 4
June 10th.) Snow Day make-up #5
I, Lexi Davis, give my shot put skills to Jasmine Davis because she can’t throw that far. I also give my
speed to Jasmine and Elise Dawson because they can’t beat me. I give my smartness to Shamaya Palmer
because she needs it to pass 8th grade. I give my swag sense to Jasmine Davis and Shamaya Palmer so
they can look swagged out. I give my basketball skills to Daisy Vecchia and Cadance Presswood. I leave my
jersey to Sha Carter. I give my baking ability to Elise Dawson because she can’t bake at all. To Mrs. Hepler, I
leave my funniness. To Shamaya Palmer, I leave my courage because she needs to not let people bring her
down and learn how to walk away from the problem. To all the 8th graders next year, I leave my faith because you’re going to need faith in yourself to pass 8th grade. To everyone, I leave my faith so you can
move forward in life. I leave my ability to break records to the Lincoln Jr. High Track Team and all the shot
putters. To people who have been bullied, I leave my strength to stay strong and don’t let anyone bring you
down; you’re amazing in every way; don’t let anyone tell you different.
I, Angelia Alise Domingez, will all of my good times and happiness to Mrs. Ramlow, who is the best
teacher EVER. I will Mr. Qualters and Mr. Aeilts my ability to put up with annoying kids. To Mr. Lanning and
Mr. Backes I give my long and luscious hair; they need it more than I do. I will Lee my P.E skills even though
there’s not much there. I also will my little brother, Landen Vincent, my ability to help people and my not
caring attitude about what people think of me. So, to all the future 6th, 7th and 8th graders work your hardest and enjoy the Jr. High. It’ll go by fast!
I, Haylee Dunham, will my amazing dance moves and my creativeness to Ella Burton (although you
are already very creative). I will my P.E locker and my writing skills to Lex Luthor (Alexia Reliford). I will my
locker (by the way it has a huge hole at the bottom) and my beast dodgeball skills to Luke Luster, good luck
with that. I will Mitch and James Rolewicz my amazing and charming good looks (although you two don’t
need them). I will Mady West, my “6th grade bestie,” my amazing singing and acting skills. I will Lillie Wilkin
my weirdness. I will James Groce my hopes that he will make it through 8th grade love you cousin). I will
Faith Turley my athletic-ness (since I’m boss at sports). I will Hayleigh Gibson my funny accents and weird
nicknames. I will my seat in Mrs. Workman’s class to Laynee. And, lastly, I will my awesomeness to Liam
Gowin. Good luck in 8th grade guys, I hope you survive!
I, Aaron Duvall, will my track skills to Issac Cook and Mr. Varnado. Also, I will my video gaming skills
to Wyatt Woodard (he needs it). I will my good luck to Dom Santiago and Dylan Dressel. Finally, I will my
language arts and history skills to James Groce, Devyn Snow, Dylan Adkins, and Don Santiago.
I, Austin Garriott, will my amazing trumpet skills to Landen Lesson, not that he needs them! I also will
my Builders Club president position to Claire Hill. I will my ability to control how loud I play to Emily Craig
(just kidding:)) I will my photo club picture taking ability to Hayleigh Gibson (even though she is already
good!) I will my ability to play French Horn to whoever wants it. I will my choir singing abilities to Nathan
Garriott and Cade Tanner (Cade is good!) I will all of the incoming 8th graders the ability to endure all of the
teacher’s lectures. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You should be okay if you do your homework. I will my great hair
to Nathan Garriott (because he needs it, just kidding!) The last thing I’m willing is my ability to play more
than one instrument to Hope Graber (even though she already does she is the only one I’m willing to give
that to :D) That is all, thank you, and have a great year! #CIRCUITRIDERNATION
I, Taya Guede, will to all the future 8th graders hope that you will survive this year. I will
Mariah Metelko all my good seats in class and my stupid attitude, not that you need it. I will Mr.
Snyder all the craziness of the past 8th graders.
I, Cheyanne Hackwith-Work, will Kate Hackwith, my ability to throw a ball. I will, Lynsi Alley,
my ability to put down the haters. I will, Mr. Lanning and Mrs. Hepler, my good humor (keep it cool
guy’s). I will, Seqora Jackson, my ability to keep it real and to walk away from bad situations
(because we know you need it) she will be in 6th grade. I will all 8th grade teachers my ability for
patients and peace of mind with the new 8th graders because we all know you need it!
I, Sebastian Harold, will my ability to eat to Timmy Banister. I will my little brain to Bryson
Harold. I will my detentions to Bryson Harold. My advice to the 7th graders is don't get in trouble,
it’s not worth it.
I, Kiersten Jarrett, leave my P.E locker to Rileigh Doolin and my locker on the 8th grade floor.
I will my seat in Mrs. Workman’s and Mrs. Sparrow’s class to Devin Snow (Good luck man). I leave
my luck and my seat in Mr. Jones’ class to Kandence Pressword. I leave Mrs. Jay happiness everyday. To Seth Tungate, I give you the spot of being Mrs. Erickson’s favorite.
I, Harley Naugle, will my ability to do well in school to all of the 7th graders at LJHS. I will my
locker to J.T Guzzardo because it will not give him trouble. I will my obsolete hockey skills to my
hockey buddy, Mr. Lanning, (GO HAWKS!!!). I will all of my History knowledge to all of the 7th graders who dislike the subject. Lastly, I will all of my school supplies to J.T Guzzardo, so he will have
the best tools to get the job done.
I, Michael O,Donoghue, will my little brother, Austin O’Donoghue, and my cousin, Jake Benninger, the hope that you both can survive Mr. Jones’ class. I will to Keagan Ferguson, the that
hope that you can make a layup. I will to Adam Grunder, the hope that you can finally grow into a
mature person. I will Mr. Lanning, the hope that you can handle teaching my brother.
#Cardinalsrule. I will Austin O’Donoghue, my science skills and my funny humor to stay on Mr. Snyder’s good side. I will Jake Benninger, ( I know I have said Austin and Jake and Austin Twice now,
but I couldn't think of any other names.) I leave the hope that you will make a dunk one day.
I, James Quarrell, will my P.E locker to J.T Guzzardo. I will Tyler Werth the smarts to pass
summer school. I will my good looks to Mr. Lanning. I will the ability to put up with all the 8th grade
teachers to all the 7th graders. I will my spot in 4th hour math to anyone who gets it (good luck, its
right next to Jones).
I, Davvin Richards, will most things to Mitchell Leaser. I will my coolness to Chevy Miller. I
will my dodge ball skills to Bailey Wheeler. I will my looks to Brandon Mcquire. I will all of my awesomeness to everyone.
I, Madelynne Schielack, will my awesomeness to Adam Grunder, not that he needs it. I will
my seat in all of my classes to Mariah Metelko because they are awesome. I will my P.E locker and
all of its awesome smells to Rileigh Doolin. I will my coolness to Adam Dean because umm...he
needs just a bit of it. I will my looks to Jasmine Davis, oh wait, she doesn't need them. I will my
smartness to Tyler Werth, so he can pass summer school. I wish everyone one of you good luck!
I, Andrew Schmidt, will my amazing corner shot in basketball to J.T Guzzardo. I will my amazing “Soccer
Skills” to my friend, Payton Lanning. I also leave my unlawful “Sarcasm” to Mr. Lanning, my “Favorite” teacher in
this big brick building “Just Kitten, “ but no, really he is my favorite teacher. I will my sister, Ashley Schmidt, my
“Amazing” smarts. I also will my track sprint to my friend, Landon Hullinger. I will to Austin O’Donoghue, my lifting abilities to be strong for football. Also, I leave my hard working skills to incoming 7th graders, and good luck
on your 8th grade year; it flies by so fast so hold on to it while you can. Good luck and enjoy.
I, Katie Slayton, will my P.E. locker to Morgan Chaudoin. I will my Track skills to Elise Dawson. I will, Timbre Karrick, my craziness. I will, Chloe Moore, good luck in 8th grade. I will, Autum Shaffer, good luck with the
teachers in 8th grade. I will my locker to Auria Pumpfrey. I will my wish to, Noah Hanson, to pass. I will, Sha
Carter, my locker. I will, Kandice Presswood, passing grades. I will, Dylan Dressel, my long jump distance. I will,
Corey Wallace, out of trouble. I will, Jasmine Davis, in shot-put. I will, Chloe Laubinstein, my teacher’s kindness. I
will, Brandon McGuire, to stay out of trouble.
I, Megan Siddens, will my determination to get through 8th grade, to Abrie Spencer. I give my talking,
competetitiveness, and 8th grade locker to, Ella. I hope you have good luck. I will see you in High School!
I, Katelyn Tibbs, will all the teachers back their detentions. I will, Chloe Moore, my attitude (even though
she doesn’t need it.) I will, Dekota Banister, my ability to sit through all the teachers lectures. I will my ways of
seeing the positive side of things to the people who are always down. I also will the upcoming 8th graders good
luck with all the teachers.
I, Aleaya Turley, bequeath my P.E locker upon Ella Burton (by the way, it comes with smells and all) I also
will my awesomeness to Ella. I will my writing skills to Alexia Relire. Good luck on writing your story, and I can’t
wait to read the finished product. To Luke Luster, I will my terrible catching skills. Good luck in dodge ball next
year! I also leave Luke our lunch table. To Mitch Rolewicz, I leave my 8th grade notes. Guard them well. To Liam
Gowen, I leave my seat in Mr. Jones’ math class. I also leave my hockey skills to Liam Gowen. To Madi West, I
leave my singing skills, hopefully, they treat you well. To Faith Turley, I leave my soccer abilities; hopefully they
will add on to your own skills and make them better. I also leave Faith my ability to make friends (even though
you don’t t need them.) I also leave my courage to all the hurt, broken souls. I hope it helps you to get through
8th grade. This is all I leave; hopefully, it treats you well. Good luck in the later years.
I , Camden Uhlry, will all of my wacky, amazing dodge ball skills to Austin Beard. I will my good grades and
Scholastic Bowl skills (not that they exist) to all Scholastic Bowl members that are not in the 8th grade (which is
most of them). I will everything about me that is annoying to all the seventh graders, so that they can bother Mr.
Snyder. I will all my Constitution knowledge to Adam Grunder and Keegan Ferguson because you will need it.
Good luck to all the upcoming 8th graders, and a quick tip: Bring a jacket, you will get cold!!
I, Kaylee Weaver, being of sound, mind, and body bequeath the following: To Alexis Turner, I give
my magical power of swag to Jamina Walker, along with my drawing supplies, and the blame for everything. To Lyndsi Alley I give everything. To Kyleigh Van Cleve, I will my locker. May you have patience to
get in it, and be gentle. To Skyla Weaver, I also leave everything, even though you don’t deserve it. Finally, to Jonathon Raymond, I leave my quietness...forever may you keep it.
I, Tyler Werth, leave every 7th grader the ability to annoy every 8th grade teacher, most certainly
Mr. Snyder. I lastly leave Mr. Snyder the ability to not go crazy, and to not yell at everybody. I leave
some 7th grader my wresting skills, just kidding I need them. Lastly, I leave myself the ability to pass
Summer school.
I, Rachel Wilson, being unique and fun, hereby will, Hailey Barnes, my ability to go crazy and not
have a care what people think. I will Mrs. Schick the ability to say, “Stay Positive.” To JC Copper, I give
you my awesome basketball skills. To Elina Melroy, I give you my P.E. locker for 8th grade. I give Taby
Scoles my locker. I also will Miss Woods, my awesomeness ability to say, “read a lot of good books.”
I, Alexis Agee, will the strength to survive P.E. to my twin sisters Adyson and Alyssa Agee
who will be the lamest 6th graders. To my cousins Keegan Ferguson, I will my ability to be nice to other
people because he really needs it. I will my seat in math to BriAnna Worth because she needs to pay
attention. To Claire Hill, I will my ability to do a cartwheel. Claire is a great cheerleader, but her cartwheel is al little dysfunctional. Lastly, I will Madison Smith the ability to survive 8th grade without any
drama, which might be a little hard for here. (:
I, Chad Baldwin, leave my football skills to Marty Maas. To, Jake Benninger , my racing skills so
he can be as good as me. I leave my self confidence to Adam Grunder. To, Keegan Ferguson, I leave
my fab ginger hair. I leave my shooting skills to Tyler Vance. Also, I leave my humor to Brayden
I, Amber Crabtree, gift all 8th grades my amazing life skills, my sweaty PE locker (#13 that’s
the one I had in 7th grade, he’s my favorite!!!), and all of my really super good jokes. Their soooo
funny. To Landen Lessen, I give my the power of having his soul taken, be me!!!!!! My amazing colorful
hair to Brisha Gandolfi.. Last, but not least I bless Mr. Snyder with my…. SUPER REALISTIC FLYING
I, Jordan Dahl, since I will be a freshman next year, I would like to give certain things to the
new 8th graders for next year. To Mitch R, I leave my soccer defensive skills, use them wisely. To
Mariah M, I leave a pack of gum for you to chew in Mr. Snyder’s class. Also, to Luke L, I leave my selective hearing to use in all your classes. It is especially useful in Mrs. Ramlow’s classroom. Finally, I
leave my stubbornness to Mrs. Workman; use it to make all the new 8th graders turn their homework
in on time. That is all I have to leave to the incoming 8th grader at LJHS!!!!
I, Brandon D’Andrea, will my speed and good looks to Austin O’Donoghue. To Landon Hullinger I will my swag and kindness. To Tyler Vance and Dylan Dressel I will my very great dodgeball skills.
To Adam Dean I will my ability to grow and my long soft hair. To Mr. Lanning I will my coaching skills
and incredibly good looks.
I, Charles Dyer, will my awesome jumping ability to Devin Gibbons because he
can’t jump, not even a little. I will also leave my amazing class reputation to Chris
Windlan because nobody really knows who he is so when he gets mine, everyone will
know who he is and that will be a good thing.
I, Kaleb Ladage Franklin, will myself-independence to Lillie Wilkin to be herself no matter what anybody else says. I will my drumming skills to Nathan Garriot to
take act as lead drummer. I will my drum set skills to Clayton Foster to not be afraid to
improvise on the set. I will my good grades to my step brother Nathan. I will my awesomeness to the best teacher Mrs. Larson to teach great band, but not as good as us,
and to pull more awesome pranks. I will my humor to anyone that needs a laugh. I
will my craziness to Morgon Chadioun. Finally, to all the incoming 8th graders I will
you the strength to listen to all the 8th grads teachers ‘ lectures.
I, Destiny Gibson, will my habit of talking in class to Zowie Corillow. I give my
attitude and not paying attention to Mrs. Schick and Mr. Jones. I will my amazing
grades, my seats in class, my lockers, and textbooks to my little sister and cousin Mersey and Marcus. Have fun next year everyone.
I, Cameron Glick, will my basketball post moves to Jake Benniger, I will my
common sense and silliness to My. Snyder. I leave my good looks to Mr. Jones (lol just
kidding). To Mrs. Ramlow I leave all the good times we had the past two years.
I, Skylar Hashman, leave all my things to Hope Hashman. Hope is in the 7th
grade going into 8th grade. I give Hope the ability to annoy Mr. Snyder and not to be
like Faith. Also, Hope I want you to give me the ability to pass…….=) PLZ
I, Colton Holliday, will my basketball skills to Tyler Vance. I will my good
looks to Mr. Snyder; he needs it. I will my D+ in math to Jake Benniger. I will my
speed and agility to J.T Guzzardo. I leave my great dodge ball skills to Emma Stoltzenberg, Hope Graber, and Elizabeth Parrot because I killed you every time. I will my tallness to Braydon Younger he needs it most of all. See you all next year.
I, Hilary Lucas, will my good grades to the incoming 8th graders. I will my ability
to bring myself up when I’m feeling down emotionally and my ability to stay out of
trouble to Cory Wallace. I will my respect to my younger sister Aubrey. I will my personality, hair, and my seat in the classroom to BriAnna Worth. I also will my ability to
learn fast to the next year’s to come eighth graders. I will my locker to Alexa Redd and
all of the nasty smells inside it. I will my patience to Chloe Moore.
I, Ashlee Miller, will my fabulous styles to Mrs. Sparrow, Not that she needs it
XD. I will my humor to Autumn Shaffer and Lexi Horn, nor do they need that. I will my
blondness to Alana Bradburn. I will my math skills to Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jay. I will my
troublemaking in Mr. Snyder’s class to Catelyn Crowell. Lastly, I wish all you guys good
I, Luke Rogers , will Frankenstein to all the saxophone players in band. I will my
amazing goalie skills to whoever is goalie, good luck. To Dylan Dressel I will my ability
to lose every dodge ball game. To Sydney Worth I give her 62; use it with great responsibility. I will Mr. Snyder another student as annoying as me. Finally, to Mrs. Larson I will her luck to the upcoming band and the power to make the Saxophones
sound better than the Trumpets.
I, Jackson Van Fossan , I hereby leave my decent grades to Austin Beard, like he
needs them. I give my average height to Mrs. Jay; I will give my good grades in PE to
Hope Graber. I will my locker to whoever needs it.
I, Daniel Vasek , will my bike skills to Dylan Martan. I will Cory Wallace the ability to
try not to get in trouble so much next year. I also will Mr. Snyder the ability to put up
with kids like me in upcoming years. I give my awesome dodge ball skills to the kids
who just stand in the back and hog the balls….And, to all the new 8th graders, I give
the ability to pass the Constitution test. I also leave my passing grades to Ethan. And,
lastly, I hope the p.e staff has many more awesome dodge ball moments than I’ve had
in P.E.
I, Michael Whitcomb , will my wardrobe of black clothing to anyone in the 7th grade. My talent of gaming
goes to all seventh grade that dares to challenge my power. I leave my strategy skills to all who feel worthy. Finally, I leave the will to survive LJHS to all the students.
I, Blake White , hereby give all my basketball skills to Brayden Younger so that he can be better next
year. I give my good grades to Jake Benninger so he can stay eligible during the basketball and track season pass
8th grade. Also, I hereby leave my patience to deal with new 8th graders to all the teachers. Finally, I will my
ability to deal with all the homework you will receive to the rest of the new 8th graders.
I , Shyanne Woolard , will my volleyball skills to Emily Craig, not that she needs them. I entrust Chloe
Laubenstein to have all my hype. Rachel Leesman gets my awesome track skills. Lastly, Adam Grunder gets my
humor because he always makes me laugh.
I, Madilynn Yeates , leave my smarts and good behavior to my little brother in 6th grade, Nolan Yeates.
I also leave my dancing skills to the poms team next year and wish them the best of luck. Then, I leave my shortness to Mr. Workman because he’s too tall. Lastly, I leave my coolness to Mr. Snyder, because he needs it. That
is all.
I, Tasha Young , will my tallness to Emily Craig. I will Addy my volleyball skills. I will Addy my amazingness. I will Chloe my funniest. I will Rachael my ability to play basketball. Good luck to 7th graders coming into
8th grade. New sixth graders, you all will do great. And good luck MSTBBZ for life.
I, Madison Beck, hereby bequeath my fabulous locker to Lyndsi Alley. I will my awful math
grades to Brisha Gandolfi. I will my pizzaman to Lillie Wilken. I will my amazingness to Landon
Lesson, even though he already is. I will my hair to Mr. Lanning, so he may once again have his
mullet. Finally, I will my strength to endure and find life lessons in Mr. Jones’ stories to the
future 8th graders.
I, Kacey Bennett, hereby will the following...To Lillie Wilken my beautiful converse
collection and my blonde moments. To Lee Cook, I leave my secret candy stash, that he’s
probably already found anyways, and my ability to be quiet fro more than 7 seconds. To Elise
Dawson, I leave my lovely, yet horrendous hair and the name “Quanatha” for her first born.
Next, I will Cade Tanner all of my sass, even though I don’t think he needs anymore. Lastly, to
my sister Peyton, I leave my disgusting P.E. locker, my squad goals, my good grades, and of
course my awesomeness! (Which you can try to live up too.) #Circuitridernation
I, Grace Bobb, will my intelligence, good teamwork skills, and happy and fun times in 8th
grade to all incoming 8th graders. I will my ability to always look on the positive side to those
who are constantly negative. I will my volleyball skills to Elise Dawson. I will my height to Emily
Craig and Taylor Gandolfi. I will my fashion sense and humor to Mr. Snyder. Last but not least,
to Mrs. Workman and Mrs. Ramlow, I bequeath my good luck and many enjoyable years of life.
I, Laura Centers, would like to hereby bequeath Mr. Lanning more hair, so he can have another mullet. I also will Hope Graber the Scholastic Bowl team. (Whip ‘em into shape) I would
also like to will Emily Craig the awesome skills it takes to be the only representative of the female 8th grade trumpet section. I will Lillie Wilkin the ability to be herself, and not let any negative comments about her, define her, because she is awesome. To all the incoming 7th graders,
I will amazing and fun ideas for the volcano project in science (Mrs. Hepler knows what I’m
talking about. I will her Luck) #ValleyGirl Last, but not least, I will some advice to everyone at
this school. Get your snow boots on ‘cause it’s about to get deep. Here is a wish from me to
you. I wish fro everyone to not be afraid to be different. Don’t be what society tells you to be,
just because you want to be popular and liked. In 20 years, it’s not going to matter if you were
popular or not in middle school, it’s not going to matter if you were skinny, it’s not going to matter if you were beautiful on the outside. Everyone is beautiful, no matter what anyone says.
Don’t let other people’s negative comments get you down. Here’s a quote I really like….”Take
criticism, smash it into dust, add color, and use it to paint unicorns frolicking through the fields
od greatness!” Good luck to everyone next year! #CircuitRiderNation
LJHS Circuit Rider May Issue 2015
I, Audrey Dennison, will my volleyball uniform to Lynzie Luster. Also, I will my passing ability to Elise
Dawson. I will Lillie Wilken my positivity and the ability to not let people get to her. To whoever gets my P.E.
locker, good luck getting it open. To all 7th graders, I will my ability to pass 8th grade. Also, I wish the 7th
graders good luck and good memories in 8th grade. #mstbbz\
I, Tony Dipasquale, being of questionably sound mind, do bequeath the following. I will all of my stomach blubber to starving kids in Africa, it will most likely cure most hunger. I will all of my possessions to Mr.
Lanning, so he can sell them and retire early from this god-awful school. To Mrs. Hepler I will my dancing
monkey servant Blake “Bobo” White. Since I probably died in a very comedic way, like tripping on a banana
and falling down a flight of stairs, I want to be buried in a clown suit.
I, Cassie Everson, hereby will my books to Kristina Nguyen., I also will my poms uniform to Kristina. To
Lynzie Luster I will my creative writing and my spot on the poms team. I will my witty comebacks to Bayleigh
Gillum. Lastly, I will my happiness and smarts to all the incoming students. “May the odds be ever in your favor.” #MSTBBZ
I, Madison Farris, will Elise Dawson my spiking ability in volleyball (Not because she needs it.) I will my
Sperry shoes and my locker to Grace Rehder. I entrust my patience to Mr. Snyder, because sometimes he
needs it. I bequeath my ability to be outgoing and loud to everyone who is shy. That is all, bye. #MSTBBZ
I, Myah Fields, will my ability to get up in the morning skills to Mackenzie Dressel, who will be a sixth
grader next year. I will my sweatpants to Taylor Harding. I leave my Jayda Fields my straightener and my
handwriting to Dylan Dressel because he definitely needs it. I will my pretzels to Taylor Gandolfi, my pot of
gold to Makayleigh, and last but not least, my Jimmy johns to Brianna Worth.
I, Samantha Lewis, will my musicianship to all trombone players and any other instrument players for
years to come. To Katherine Lewis, my sister, I will my attention in class and my ability to kick the ball in kickball,. To all of my fellow 7th grade or 6th grade friends (or not friends), good luck and complete all of your
homework. To Mrs. Helper, I will thee my sarcasm, and to any 7th grade girl coming in to 8th grade, I will
them my smelly gym locker.
I, Tate Mourning, will my amazing grades to Levi Mourning. I give my high grade of 98% on the 8th
grade math placement test (to get into Geometry from Algebra) to anyone good enough to get the high grade.
I will all of my soccer skills to no one. I’m keeping them. To Mr. Snyder, I give my ability of being smarter
than the rest of the class (not that he needs it). To Evan Spellman, I give my skills in Scholastic Bowl, so he
can be the best on the A team his 8th grade year. (That is, if he is still in scholastic bowl. :) ) And to everyone
else, I have one thing: Good Luck, You’re going to need it.
I, Kylie Nall, will Faith Turley, my wonderful cousin, my P.E. locker. It’s clean, nice, and unbroken. I’m
giving this to you, faith, because you deserve the best, and cousins have to help each other out. I will Mady
West (also known as Jennifer Lawrence) my annoying nickname for her. Stay classy, Jennifer Lawrence, Stay
Classy. I will my art skills to Ella Burton. Ella, I’m giving you these skills to add onto your amazing artisticness.
I’m also giving Ella the funny, but strange inside jokes that we shared. Lastly, I will my good luck to my seventh grade (C Lunch) lunch buddies, though I doubt you will need it because you guys rock.
I, Hailey Ollis, herby declare my cheer skills to Addy Yeazle, so she can be a great base. I also leave
Madison Rolfs 3/4 of my hair, so hers can be thicker and mine can be thinner. I leave my great ability to be
ratchet to Addy Yeazle and Madison Rolfs. To Madison again, I will my handwriting, that she loves so much. I
leave my great grades to Addy Yeazle. Lastly, I leave all the fun of 8th grade to Madison Rolfs, Addy Yeazle, and
Chloe Laubenstein. (If I spelled her name right)
I Dustin Osborne , do ordain this document I order to establish whom shall obtain my possessions when I
die. I entrust my ability to truck to JT Guzzardo (a.k.a prime rib), to place first in Carlinville. Keagan Ferguson
and Landon Hullinger shall obtain my basketball skills, even though they probably have more than me, but you
never have enough skill in basketball. Also, ball is life. In order to throw discus like a boss, like me, I am much
obliged to pass my throwing skills to all the seventh graders who throw. I leave the quote “I got 99 problems,
nut a disk ain’t one” to the best thrower after I pass. I bequeath my ability to be late and/ or absent from
school basically every to everyone in the school, you’re welcome. My hopes shall be obtained by obtained by
Landon Hullinger and Keegan Ferguson as well. Austin O’Donoghue shall receive my sense of humor, and Adam
Grunder will receive my gaming skills. Be warned, with great skill comes great responsibility.
I, Jesica Patterson, proudly will my cheer skills to Claire Hill. I will Madi Smith my lockers and seats. I also
will Emily Craig my craziness and loudness (not that she isn’t already crazy and loud). Lastly, I will all the new
eighth graders all the fun and cherishing moments that awaits them in eighth grade.
I, Ivy Pierce, here by bestow my cheesy pick up lines upon Lillian Wilken, they may come in handy one
day ;). I leave my locker to Lilly Porter, it is in the perfect spot, I gotcha girl. I leave my charmander powers to
Taylon Mason’s little brother. Last but not least I leave my Star Wars references to Landon lesson (because you
totally have the potential to do a Darth Vader voice) One more thing I would like to add is that I leave good luck
to all of the future Circuit Rider Staff. #Circuitridernation
I, Jenifer Porlas, will my skin color to Emily Craig. Also, I will my awesome hair to Emily Craig. To Rachel
Leeseman I will my speed, even though she won’t need any more ;)! To Chloe Laubenstein I will my jumping
skills too, so she can get to state in high jump and break a school record! Even though she’s already half way
there in the beginning of the season :)! To Ashley Schmidt I will my spikes in volleyball. To Elise Dawson I will
my volleyball serves. To Jazmine Davis I will my basketball skills. To Adam Dean/ Grunder I will my height. To
Griffen Bossingham I will my clean mind. To Tyler Vance and Dylan Dressel I will my good looks. To Mr. Snyder
I will my kindness.
I, Keppin A. L. Reid, will my smarts to my sister, Sailym Reid. I also will my legacy at this school to her.
She will never get out from behind my shadow. I will my attitude to my 6th grade buddy, Harley Cooper. I will
the strength to stand up to people to Harley Cooper. Don’t let anyone tell you anything that isn’t a true compliment. I wish I had your ginger swag. I also will my wits to James Groce. I will my amazing jokes and style to
both Harley, James, and Sailym. I give you all the power to be the best you can be and make the best of every
situation. #Circuitridernation
LJHS Circuit Rider May 2015
I, Austin Sparrow, will my P.E. skills and my locker to Brayden Younger. I also
will my terrible seats in every class to Brayden Younger. I will Jake Benninger absolutely nothing (because there is nothing that can help him at this point, he is too far
gone). I (again) will Brayden Younger my awesome sarcasm to annoy all of the
teachers (especially Mrs. Ramlow).
I, Maddie Tanner, will my P.E. clothes to my little brother, Cadertot Tanner. Also
Cade, I shall will you my squad goals. Lillian, I grant you strength and courage to
survive 8th grade. Stay Classy Sister! I will my mellowness to Mr. Lee Cook (because
you could sure use some buddy :)) I will Hannah Hartman my swagger, not that you
need it <3. Also, I will Claire Hill my sweaty kneepads and my smelly gym locker. To,
Sydney Worth, I will you the ability to be freakishly awesome, even though you already are. You never need to much! Lastly, to all the upcoming 8th graders, I will
you the endurance to survive 8th grade. May the odds be ever in your favor. (P.S.
FOR THE CAUSE!) #Circuitridernation
I, Katy VanSlambrouck, will my love for music to this years 7th grade band
members and next years band members. I leave my respect for teachers to 7th
graders who need it. I leave my ability to listen to the teachers who are teaching
things you already know. Finally, I leave my skill of going though the day helping
people I can with a smile on my face, even though I feel terrible inside. To Kim Dunkin, I give the knowledge that every thing will be alright. To my sister, I give my ability to be absolutely boring, Thank you for everything.
I, Trey Whitetree, hereby bequeath my natural learning ability to Seth Tungate.
I would like to will Mr. Snyder my ability to keep friends. Not that he can’t, I mean
ne has “friends”, but I have to leave my favorite 8th grade science teacher from
LJHS something. Next, I will Mr. Lanning my capability to pronounce words like an
American and not a Canadian. Hackey? No Mr. Lanning, it’s (Hok-ee), not (Hak-ee).
Finally, I will my ability to end wills to Trey Whitetree.
I, Haylee Alley, leave my class will to my best friend, Bailey and my brother Kyler. Bailey is in 7th grade,
moving onto 8th grade. My brother Kyler, is in 5th grade, moving onto 6th grade. I give Bailey the ability to
pass because I know she’s really smart and can do it. I would leave it to my brother also, since I’m not going to
be in the Jr. High next year. He’s really scared, so I give him the ability to have confidence and patience. I told
him the teachers are really nice here. I also, want to give strength to those who are having a rough time. It will
get better I promise. I also want to put Chloe Moore in my will, giving her the ability to have self confidence and
courage in herself because she needs it. Last, I want to give Chevy the abilities to pass 8th grade and to stay
out of trouble. These are all the people I leave my will too. :)
I, Wyatt Collier, will leave Grunder my basketball skills (so he can actually play). I will Griffin the ability to
make 3’s for once. I will Brayden my ability to actually drive and make layups. To Jake, I will him my ability to
play pretty much the whole game. I also will Jake my terrible seats in class because they’re really bad. I will my
ability to be in algebra all year to the incoming Algebra class.
I, Clarissa Crowell, give my weirdness and all my hilariousness to you my little sister Catelyn Crowell. I
will also leave my craziness and my personality to my cousin Raleigh Doolin; you will need it honey. Trust me. I
give you my seat in math to my favorite little sister Dana Williams. I give my ability to focus in school and to be
quiet in all my classes to my sister Catelyn again. I give my tallness to my little favorite Soccer player Sesleigh
Peacock. Oh, I give my athletic-ness in P.E to Patience Pedigo. I give my outgoingness to keep chugging along
to my little cousin Jordan Crowell. BTW, I give my brother, Alex, the right to have good grades, and my seat in
Mrs. Workman’s class. You will like it, You will get to shut and open the door. You’re the first one to go to lunch.
I give Allen Goodman my goodness. You need to be good and not get in trouble all the time. Last, but not least,
I give Mrs. Ramlow all of my chocolate and all of my money. I know you will have fun spending it. :) <3
I, Margaret Danley, will my ability to sit through long lectures from the teachers to Jayna Baker and
Ethan Schanze. I will my good sense of humor to Ethan Schanze. Also, I will the ability to survive P.E. to Jayna
I, Evan Ewins, will my 100% 3 point percentage to Cade Tanner. I will my locker to Keagan Ferguson,
have fun trying to get that mug open. I will my dodgeball skills to Adam Grunder because he needs them badly.
I will my cologne and other fresh smelling products to Jake Benninger. I will my fastballs thrown in dodgeball to
Luke Luster, J. T. Guzzardo (Prime Rob), Hope Graber, and Emily Craig cause they can’t throw. I will some of
my hair to Mr. Lanning so he can look like a good Blackhawks fan. I finally will my height to the one and only
Mr. Jones.
I, Jacob Franklin, will Kayla Riggleman my math and science knowledge . To Landen Lessen, I will you
nothing but good luck; you’re going to need it. To all incoming 8th graders, I will you the ability to ne quiet;
you’re going to need it or else you’re a goner. To Brisha Gandolfi, I will you the strength to survive with a name
like that.
I, Kennedy Freese, will my ability to be good for all the teachers to Chloe Dairen. I will, Griffin Bossingham, the honor of Mr. Lanning’s favorite students. I will, Madi Smith, the ability to walk up the stairs, so she
doesn’t have to take the slow elevator and be late for class. I will to all of the 7th that will be in Mr. Snyder’s 7th
hour class next year that he will love you all as much as us. I will to everyone in the junior high next year good
I, Mason Groh, will my sense of humor to Mr. Snyder. I will my good grades to Kevin Dabbs and for all
8th grade teachers a better 8th grade class. I will my ways of making themselves happy to anyone who needs
it. I will my ignorance to any one who needs helps with somebody who won’t stop being a bully. I will my quietness to anybody who can’t stop talking. Finally, I will the 7th Graders the ability to pass 8th grade.
I, Jermaine Hamlin, will my amazingly tall height to my brother Carl Sheedog. I will my great basketball
skills to the whole 6th and 7th grade team (which hopefully can make them play better.) I also will my slightly
better attitude to my brother to get him through school. To Mr. Varnado I will my total black Gangstaness. To all
the incoming black kids: peace.
I, Noah Hanson, will my P.E. locker to Zach Fuller. I leave my ability to rebound in basketball to Sha Carter.
I also will my sweaty P.E. clothes to Zach Fuller. I leave my football skills to J.T. Guzzardo. Last, but not least, I
leave my height to Mr. Jones. (P.S. To all the 7th graders have fun this next year.
Corey Harris—If you are reading this, I am not in middle school anymore. I would first like to say, these
following people are very dear and are not to be jealous nor rude towards the others for what I have given them.
First, I would like to have the pleasure of revealing my will to you all. I leave my most important skill, the ability
to be in a conversation and trill people to where they give up on having it, to Marty Moss; furthermore, that particular skill is a widespread catastrophe, and what I just gave him is the overall ability to troll. To Chris W. I will
part of my gaming skills or part of my ability to be the best gamer around. (which obviously still lies with me ultimately) I will Stephen Gleason my ability to get out of an awkward situation. Lastly, I wish all my 8th grade
friends good luck for graduation. –Corey “Cornelius” Harris– Good Luck to you all!
I, Breana Haynes, will all my love and passion for choir and music to all the fellow choir students. To all the
incoming 8th graders: The constitution test is hard. I will my track ability to Taylor Gandolfi. I leave my compassionate behavior to Tabby Ann Marie. I leave my good grades to Victoria Martens. I will my hope for good things
to come to the upcoming 6th graders. I will my hope for a winning season to the next year’s boy’s and girl’s track
I, Mason Landers, leave all my best pick up lines to J.T. Guzzardo in hopes that he’ll learn a few. I leave all
my Cardinal items to Mr. Lanning so that he may remember that St. Louis will always be better than Chicago. To
Landon Hullinger I leave my dashing good looks (He’ll need them). To snowball I leave my best basketball skills.
Finally, to my little brother, I leave my wittiest jokes in hopes he won’t get stuffed in a locker and all of my best
memories at LJHS.
I, Angie Martens, will my amazing drawing skills to my sister Vicky Martens, even though it will not boost
much as she is brilliant at drawing. I will my thick skin and careful mind to anyone who experiences bullying. I
will my writing and story– building skills to a person with a passion to write but is horrible at writing. I will love
life to Vicky Martens (again) as I hope she might change her mind and get a crush, then a boyfriend. I will my
ability to make friends the minute I meet them (if they talk first) to Haileigh Gibson and Seanna Clewell for being
way to talked about Vicky at home. You guys must be awesome together c:. I will my dream to wither go to college to lean how to do manga or go to Japan to learn how to do anime to all who do sketches of anime-styled
LJHS Circuit Rider
May 2015
I, Mariah Burns, leave my silliness and weirdness to Lexie Phillips. I leave my good, and funny times to
Mrs. Workman. I leave my some-what good grades to those who don’t want to do homework. I leave encouragement to Mrs. Workman, who could use a little now and then. I leave the best reading teacher, Mrs. Ramlow, to all
the incoming 7th grades. (P. S. Behave, do your best, and you will have a good time) :). All of my other stuff in
my locker and all my stuff to my best sister ever, I leave to Alicen Burns.
I, Shannon Cabit, will love of music and musical talent to all my fellow bandees. I will my volleyball skills to
Jamilynn Hill. To Paityn Rion, I will my athletic skills. I will my good grades to Seanna Clewell. I will my childhood
memories to Mr. Lanning, because he used to live next door to me. To Mrs. Larson, I hope you have a great band
next year as always. To Courtney (the cheer coach), I will my smile and dedication to your next cheer squad. To
all fellow 7th graders, good luck in 8th grade, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
I, Jacke Coit-Kirk, will leave my smart mouth to Mrs. Ramlow, because she will need it for a long time. To
Jayda Fields, I give her the ability to be a tough, loud mouth to people who bully her. I will Lyndsi Alley my
swagger and coolness, so she can be cooler than anybody. I give my toughness to anybody who tries out for the
volleyball team! I will give my kindness to Nolan Yeates because he will need it. To Aeilts, I will leave my crazy,
funny, loud mouth in P. E! I will Bayleigh Gillum my swag in P. E. because she needs more swag.
I, Austin Curry, will leave my good basketball skills to Keegan Ferguson, so he can become better. I will
leave my P. E. locker to whoever gets it. I will give my skills in the classroom to Tyler Vance. I will give my seat in
science to Marty Moss. I will give my awesome P. E. skills to anyone who likes and does well in P. E. I will give my
seat in math to anyone who wants to sit next to the teacher. (P. S. watch for Mrs. Ramlow)
I, Brendon Eigenbrod, will my P. E. locker on the 7th grade floor to Brayden Younger. I will my baseball
skills to Tyler Vance. I will my ability to fracture an arm to Jake Benniger. I also will my smarts to Jake Benniger
so he canoass 8th grade. I will my 8th grade locker to Tyler Vance. To Karson Bonaparte I leave my leadership
skills for baseball. Finally, I leave my ability to be strong to all the people who make the baseball team.
I, Ashlan Francis, will my ability to do my homework on time and stay out of detention to my little brother
Bryson Francis. Also, to Bryson, I give him my good manners and respect because he needs it. I will my locker to
Bayleigh Gillum. To Mrs. Jay, I give her my awesome art skills. Don’t forget Mrs. Ramlow! I will her the ability to
give me food and be generous :)! Just kidding! I will to all the incoming 8th graders the ability to study for the
Constitution because you need it. Good luck to you all! Also, study hard and stick to you school work because 8th
grade is not easy. Have fun in eighth grade!
I, Katlyn Hall will my kindness to everyone in the school. I leave my weirdness to Lyndsi Alley. I
will Mrs. Ramlow the improvement in all of the hard work I’ve done. But last of all I leave my quiet and
shyness to Mr. Jones. I hope everyone has great years ahead of them at Lincoln Jr. High School.
LJHS Circuit Rider
May 2015
I, Gerilyn Houghton, give my niceness to Mr. Syder. He needs it. I also will my weirdness to Kerra
Whitham. To all the craziness and jokes I give to Mrs. Workman. I had fun this year. All the memories, and it’s
sad to leave honestly. I will give all of those memories to Alexis Turner and Autumn Shafer. I will my front
seat in math to my cousin, Brandon Mcguire. (Have fun Mr. Jones.) To the circuit rider staff, I will you my
creativity. I had lots of it, but sadly, I never showed it as much. I will my cousin Ozzie Treakle my reading
skills to get my health homework turned in on time. To all the kids who think blowing off school is cool, it isn’t.
You won’t be able to graduate if you don't go to school. It was a fun year. Last, but not least, I give my loudness and more of my craziness to Mr. Lanning. Farwell Jr. High! #circuitridernation
I, Allysia LeSuer, Leave my patients and my decent grades to my younger brother Matthew LeSuer. You
will need it. I will all my enjoyable laughs to Jayda Fields, who although does not need them. To Taylor Gandolfi, I bequeath my volleyball skills and the ability to stay positive. To Mrs. Ramlow I will you the good and
the crazy memories of me. :) I will my tall-ness to Emily Craig, and I leave my hurdle skills to Rachel Leesmen.
Of course, not that she needs them. To all incoming 8th graders, I give you the respect you all need. It may
not seem like much, but it comes in handy. Lastly, to all students attending Lincoln Jr. High School, I give you
the strength to stand up for yourself and others. Good luck and goodbye.
I, Kiersten Little, will my good grades and my somewhat good behavior to my little brother, Devyn
Snow, and Dalton Westcott (we all know you need it). I will all of my sarcasm to Mr. Snyder because I know
how much he loves it. To my little brother again I will you my ability to be in advanced classes. I will all the
luck I have to the incoming 8th graders. I also will everything to all the 6th and 7th graders that have ever
looked up to me. Lastly, I will all my hope that all the 6th and 7th graders can finish their years here drama
free. Good luck to all!
I, Karsyn Long, will my goods looks to Bailey Wheeler. I my track skills for long distance and high jump
to all the tracks girls next year. I will my clothes to Shamyah who always tells me that I’m gorgeous. I will my
attitude to all kids who are afraid to talk back to teachers (trust me, you’ll need my treats) I will my strength
to Patience Pedigo or Whatever her last name is, because she needs it. Also, I will my skills to match my
clothes to Patience as well (; I hope you all pass 8th grade and can put up with all of the teachers. XD
I, Justin Miller, give my good behavior to people with bad behavior. I give my good writing to Mr. Snyder for
his 7th hour. I give my great PE skills to all 6th and 7th graders. I give my good sense of humor to the next
8th graders. I give my way of making friends to people who have a hard time.
I, Keyona Phllips, will my positive attitude to Cadence Presswood and my generous, sweet, and kind personality
to Daisy Vecchia. I give Jasmine Davis my basketball uniform ( which is #32). I give Elise Dawson my ability to solve
people’s problems. I also will my P.E. locker to whoever is lucky enough to get it. I will my memories that I’ll cherish
forever to Mrs. Ramlow because she is awesome. I will my laughs to Jasmine Davis again, because she knows how to
crack a joke. Lastly, be yourself and don’t let people tell you differently. I hereby will leave Lexie Phillips the ability to
let people tell you differently about yourself.
I, Colin Polen, will my luck D20 to Mr. Snyder which totally exists. I will my sense of humor to Mr. Jones. I will
my Pink Floyd album to whoever wants it. I give my “totally amazing” drawings to anyone who wants them (literally
nobody). Last, but not least, I leave my guitar to someone who wants it.
I, Keenan Portis, will my basketball skills to Landon Hullinger, so he can be the team captain. To Brayden
Younger I will him my patience to deal with coach Worth. I also will Seth Tungate my jersey number for basketball (10).
To Keegan Ferguson, I will my P.E. locker. Lastly, to all incoming 8th graders I wish you good luck.
I, Tifanee Reeves, herby will Jayda Fields my phone and the ability to do hair. To Bayleigh Gillium, I will her a
life, because she doesn’t have one. I will my amazing track skills to all of the girls doing track next year, I wish you ladies
good luck! I will Jake Benninger to say a beast (He told me to write this xD,) I will my ugly faces to Makayleigh Dressel
(but she doesn’t them at all!!) I will Taylor Harding my amazing P. E. locker which she would probably love it. (Not
really…) To Chloe Laubenstein, I wish her good luck in high jump! I will Braydon Younger my Dodge ball skills, because he sucks at dodge ball. I will Audrey Buss my locker because it sucks being on the 7th grade floor for the second
time! Shout out to Adam Grunder because he’s my little brother. I wish everyone good luck with the 8th grade teachers.
I, Carley Robbins, bequeath the following: I will my skills to all the 7th graders, 8th grade math goes to the extreme. To all the track stars out there, I will my ability of speed. To Mrs. Osborne, I will my laughs and good times to you
and the next track team. For the 7th graders, I will my preparedness for Mr. Snyder’s jokes; he’s hilarious. (7th hour was
the best!) I will my emotional strength to anyone who’s being picked on or stressing about school, I believe in you. I will
my food to Mrs. Ramlow repaying her for all the food she gave me. I will my luck to the future sports teams; I hope you
all win. Lastly, I will each and everyone my moments in 8th grade. I may want to keep them, but you guys deserve them.
That is all, goodbye.
I, Zachary Schafer, will my completely unique ability to ask Mrs. Larson ridiculous, and rather pointless questions
during band class to Jonathan Raymond, not that he will be needing it anyways. To Mrs. Larson, I will the best of luck
towards her funds for retirement… she will be needing them next year. To Mr. Workman, I will my hair gel… not that he
will be needing that either. To ALL 6th and 7th graders, I will the ability to sit through all of the very boring lectures
given by the 7th and of 8th grade teachers, let alone stay awake. I also will my locker to anyone.
I, AVEN LEE THOMPSON, will my powers of the rainbow to Lillie Wilkin. I will my over the top, crazy, fun
party skills to Mrs. Workman. I also will my drawing skills to anyone who needs it. I will every good quality of myself to
the incoming sixth graders, and I give my grades to my incoming brother Daykn Utterback.
I, WILLIAM TRENT, will my awesome seat in history to any 7th grader who can spin their head 180 degrees if
they want to see the teacher. To any boy track runner, I will my speed to them and my awesome relay skills. I will my
good grades to Austin O’Donoghue. To Marty Moss I will ability to get hurt in 5 seconds ( not like you really need or
want that ) . I finally will my bad jokes to JT Guzzardo, in hope to see if he can make them better.
I, TYLER VAN HOOK, being of sound mind and body hereby bequeath the following. To Tyler Vance, I will
my basketball skills. I will my basketball leadership abilities to Landen Hullinger. Also to Landen Hullinger, I leave my
dodge ball skills. I leave Brayden Younger my basketball jersey, and the ability to take care of the jersey. To Marty Maas,
I will my great hockey skills and the ability to score. To Austin “OD” O’Donoghue, I will my fresh style of clothing and
my awesome speedball skills. To Mrs. Ramlow, I will my happiness and my good times in 8th grade. Lastly, to all of the
incoming 8th graders, I will my ability to get through the whole year without detention and good grades. Good luck everyone!
I, GAGE WILSON, will my track talents to Jake Benninger so he can go to state in track and field. I also leave
my humor and know worries to all incoming 6th, 7th , and 8th graders and my powers to deal with all of the 8th grade
teachers. I also will my basketball skills to Carson Bonaparte know that he needs them, but you can’t be too good. I will
my P.E. locker to any lucky person that gets it, and has Herculean powers.
I, MATTHEW YOUNT, with sound mind and body hereby leave my amazing hurdle skills to Luke Luster, ( good
luck next year Luke). I then leave my good grades to Dominic Jordan, so he is eligible for track. Also, to people who hate
math and get frustrated easily I leave my ability to keep a cool head next year. To Marty Maas I leave my great luck in
language ( you will need it). I will my ability to get through tough times to J.T.( I wish you luck next year). Finally, to all
of my favorite teachers I wish you good luck with the new students in coming years.
LJHS Circuit Rider
May 2015
1. International Tuba Day
16. National Sea Monkey Day
2. Baby Day
17. Pack Rat Day
3. Lumpy Rug Day
18. Visit Your Relatives Day
4. Star Wars Day
19. Boy’s Club Day
5. Cinco de Mayo
20. Be a Millionaire Day
6. No Diet Day
21. National Waiter and Waitresses Day
7. National Tourism Day
22. Buy a Musical Instrument Day
8. No Sock’s Day
23. Lucky Penny Day
9. Lost Sock Memorial Day
24. National Escargot Day
10. Mother’s Day
25. Tap Dance Day
11. Twilight Zone Day
26. Sally Ride Day
12. International Nurses Day
27. Sun Screen Day
13. Frog Jumping Day
28. Amnesty International Day
14. Dance Like a Chicken Day
29. Learn About Composing Day
15. National Chocolate Chip Day
30. Water a Flower Day
31. Save Your Hearing Day
Maddie T.