September 2015



September 2015
September 2015
Volume 14, Issue 9
Chapel Hill Carrboro Durham Pittsboro Hillsborough
Small business
recovers due to
Durham’s loyalty
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Light Rail draws
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Light Rail contested
Some residents aren’t
sold on the Durham-Orange Light Rail
Advertising content
Kerry Lengyel
Stephanie Lamm
Kelly Archer
Fullsteam Brewery
This brewery and tavern welcomes children
and pets before 9 p.m.
13 Neighbor
Kelly Archer
Langston Taylor
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2 | September 2015
䐀愀瘀椀搀 匀栀愀渀欀猀Ⰰ 䰀䌀匀圀Ⰰ 䴀䈀䄀Ⰰ 倀䰀䰀䌀
㈀㄀㈀ 圀⸀ 䴀愀椀渀 匀琀⸀ 䌀愀爀爀戀漀爀漀 一䌀
䌀愀氀氀 䐀愀瘀椀搀 吀漀搀愀礀℀
㤀㄀㤀ⴀ㈀㘀 ⴀ㜀㈀㄀㌀
Durham community heals small business
Monthly profile by Kerry Lengyel
Hairizon offers good-for-you beauty products
Hairizon, a natural DIY beauty
boutique in Durham, was founded by
two best friends who wanted to make
natural beauty products readily available. The store is recovering from a car
crashing through the front of their front
window, and that hardship has made
the owners appreciate Durham’s sense
of community and dedication to small
businesses. Southern Neighbor writer
Kerry Lengyel sat down with Valerie
Jackson, one of the owners of Hairizon,
to discuss the store’s concept and future
plans to serve the Durham community.
Where did the idea for Hairizon
come from? It originated with my daughter Joi
and a college roommate, Charia; they
both were chemically straightening
their hair to take the natural coilness
out of it, but in order to maintain that,
it costs (a lot) because you need to get
your hair done with a schedule of every
four to six weeks. Joi and Charia were
at UNC-Charlotte campus, and they
decided not to keep spending money on
getting their hair done, so they wanted
to transition into a natural state of their
hair. So once Joi was in that natural
transitioning process, she was calling
me regularly for money to find products
that would be good for her hair and
help to encourage a healthy environment for her natural hair. All this time
she’s transitioning, trying to find great
products — a lot of trial and error to
find good products — and finally she
came to me and said, “Mom, I have an
idea. Once I graduate I want to open
a store where women can come and
find great products for their hair and
not have to pay an arm and a leg for
shipping.” We’ll do the initial legwork
to research the products, and then we
can stand behind them and tell them
these things work and here they are and
available to you. It’s our passion now.
What is a DIY beauty bar?
The beautify bar is the anchor of
Hairizon. What we actually do on the
beauty bar is we customize products for
the customer. So say if you come in and
Photo courtesy of Valerie Jackson
In addition to natural health and beauty supplies, Hairizon’s storefront at
Northgate Mall offers retail space to over 100 small and local businesses.
say you have dry, dull hair, we can customize the shampoo or conditioner or
hair oil that can help to eliminate those
things. We have a beautify bar menu
where we break down specific oils and
vitamins that are good for the hair and
how they work. We have organic shampoo, conditioner and oils that we just
add those ingredients to. On top of that,
you can add any essential fragrance, like
lavender or jasmine, so that you get the
total package — so you get something
that smells great, and you get something
that’s good for your hair, and its minus
all of the fillers and commercial preservatives that a lot of the products you
see in the larger retail stores have. We
like to have you come into Hairizons
and have someone be able to talk to
you about your hair. It’s not like when
you go to some of the big stores where
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Southern Neighbor | 3
you’re looking for help from someone
with a product, and they don’t know
how it works, and you get overwhelmed
by shelves and shelves that say, “I do
this, I do that,” and you don’t have a
reference point. You don’t have someone
who can sit with you and talk with you
and get personally invested.
We also whip customized body butters.
We have Shea butter, mango butter and
avocado butter. Any one of these three
can be customized with essential oils or
fragrance oils, so you can have a moisturizing treat for your body. We have
a base sugar scrub with white sugar,
vitamin E, sapphire oil or avocado oil.
We combine those so you have a great
foundation, and then you can build on
that with a fragrance or essential oils
like lemongrass or rose oils, anything
you’d like to see, and we actually make it
right there at the bar for you. We like to
say we’re bartenders. You can get Shea
butter with vitamin E, peppermint and
eucalyptus in it — we’ll mix it up right
there, label it, list the ingredients and
then you can take that home.
How do you fit into the Durham
The thing about downtown Durham
is in the past five years, we have seen
downtown Durham grow and change
and evolve into a destination — not just
you’re going to DPAC, or you’re going
to the ballgame. Downtown Durham
now has its own draw in that we have
several different venues that are active
and bringing in great talent. There are
events going on; there are different
festivals, music — there are all types of
things that draw people to the destination of downtown Durham, and we’ve
really gotten to watch that grow and
change and we wanted to stay a part of
that because it is an awesome thing.
The basis of Hairizon is the beauty bar,
but we have 28 different “partners,”
we call them, (who) have allowed their
products to be showcased in our stores.
We have a student who makes soy
candles, housewife who recycles jewelry
— all kinds of great things.
for women and minorities’ businesses
— there are fewer and fewer able to
maintain their businesses in downtown
Durham, and that’s a shame.
What are your future plans for the
store? How has the community supported
Hairizon through its bout of bad
We have had some community
support and we have greatly appreciated
it. The downtown Durham Initiative,
as well as the Greater Durham Area
Chamber of Commerce have been on
the lookout for us as far as available
properties that could possibly be the
future home to Hairizons, but again,
because it is such a vibrant and growing
area, it’s a challenge for a small business
to meet some of the requirements that
some of the building owners are placing
on their locations. Because it is so hot,
and the bubble for real estate has not
burst as far as downtown Durham is
concerned, the building owners can ask
for and get really above normal money
for leasing of the properties. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s true and particularly
Right now our goal is to expand our
bar — to be able to bring in more exotic
butters, to bring in more beneficial oils.
We’re in the process of researching some
essential oils that come out of South
America with anti-inflammatory agents.
We’re looking at trying to continue with
courses and events in the store where we
invite the public in, and we have seminars on hair care, heart disease and voter
registration. We want to continue to be
a location where you can find out about
different events going on in Durham.
There are a lot of positive things going
on in Durham, and we have felt like an
ambassador many times — when travelers from out of town were in the area
on the weekends, we were one of the
few retail locations where someone can
walk in and ask where they should go.
We would like to continue with events
in the store, possibly sponsors from
the events in larger venues in Durham,
but what we’d like to do is grow and
be more visible in the community as a
location for great things going on.
In your GoFundMe page, you
mentioned you’re looking to open
a pop-up market in the meantime.
Have you made any progress on
those plans?
We are in negotiations with a building owner downtown to see if it would
be possible to do a pop-up market. That
would be something where we’d be
temporarily located in the downtown
Durham area where customers could
come see what we have to offer and
make purchases for a limited time. Currently, we’re located at the Northgate
Mall, Suite 852, on the outside exterior
perimeter of the mall at entrance four.
We will be there for the next three
months, and during that time period we
hope to be continuing to reach out to
the building locations in the downtown
area. Hopefully we can get somewhere
in two- to three-mile perimeter of
where we were previously.
Is there anything you’d like to add
about the Durham community?
I would just like to stress the
importance of Durham, citizens of
Durham and citizens of the Southeast
to support local businesses. It’s really
easy for potential customers to think,
“Well, I can just go to Wal-Mart and
other big box retailers and not give
a thought to the small businesses
that are trying to stay and endure
and thrive.” There’s lots of them in
Durham that would love to be able to
have more business, so I would say to
Durham: Support small, support local,
keep your dollars in the community
whenever possible.
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4 | September 2015
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NEWS BRIEF: 190 animals rescued from hoarder
Some of the animals rescued from
a Chatham County hoarder are ready
for adoption. Chatham County Animal
Services removed 190 cats, dogs, horses
and other farm animals from unsanitary
conditions in July.
Stephanie Joostema kept the animals
in her mobile home and the surrounding property. Joostema and authorities
negotiated for two years before authorities removed the animals. She has been
charged with allowing livestock to run
at large.
The animals have been placed in
three local shelters. SAFE Haven for
Cats, a cat rescue in North Raleigh, is
caring for 34 of the cats found neglected
on the property.
The SPCA of Wake County agreed
to take in some of the animals, though
they typically are not able to take in
large numbers from hoarding busts.
Many of the animals have untreated
medical conditions or suffered from
abuse and neglect. Some of the cats
need dental work which can cost up to
$600 per cat.
Two of the cats had litters the night
before SAFE Haven agreed to shelter
them. The kittens require bottle feeding
every five hours.
SAFE Haven is struggling to pay for
the extensive care these animals need.
They are asking for community support
through donations and volunteers.
Islip, the first cat from the Chatham
County rescue, is eligible for adoption.
Most of the cats will be ready for permanent homes in early September.
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Southern Neighbor | 5
Light Rail must win funding, support
By Stephanie Lamm
Though the 17.1-mile
Durham-Orange Light Rail is more
than 10 years and $1 billion from
completion, some residents have
already lost faith in the project.
“A light rail car is going to weigh
more than a U.S. Army tank,” said Alex
Cabanes, who lives in Downing Creek.
“And they want two of these running 150
times a day. If someone said 300 tanks are
rolling in front of my lawn every day, that
might be a problem for me.”
Cabanes and others with concerns
about the project have until Oct. 12 to file
a formal comment to GoTriangle. GoTriangle will address substantive comments
in its final Environmental Impact Report.
GoTriangle projects the Research
Triangle’s population will grow by
80 percent between 2010 and 2040,
creating high traffic intensity along the
Durham-Orange County corridor.
“We can’t keep expanding the roads.
This line would increase travel in places
where roads can’t be widened,” said
Patrick McDonough, the manager of
planning and transit-oriented development for GoTriangle.
Combined, Triangle Transit Authority, Durham Area Transit Authority,
Chapel Hill Transit and Duke Transit
carry 71,300 passengers on average
weekdays. According to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement released
Aug. 21, the buses systems servicing
Durham and Chapel Hill are near maximum capacity.
“Durham and Chapel Hill punch
above their weight in transit use,” McDonough said. “Bus use here is much
different from in Raleigh or Cary.”
GoTriangle expects 23,000 daily
riders on the light rail by 2035.
Eight new park-and-ride stations,
with space to 5,000 vehicles, will be
added around the light rail stations.
The vast majority passengers will
walk, bike or bus to the 17 stations.
Before the project is completed, GoTriangle will expand bus service to connect
current routes to the rail system.
Using a projection of 2040 travel
intensity, the light rail links the five areas
that may see over 100 trips per acre.
The rail does not cross into
the Research Triangle Park or Raleigh-Durham International Airport.
Orange County resident Bonnie
Hauser is one of many people who
suggested the route should to RTP and
“In the 1990s when they started
GoTriangle wants
Email [email protected]
com or attend one of two
public hearings before Oct.
planning this, the current route was
probably very important, but now
people need to get to Chatham Park,
Mebane, RTP,” Hauser said. “Why
would we want to serve just one university corridor when most people need to
go to a broader area?”
McDonough said people have suggested the line go through these locations, but they are not high-traffic areas.
In total, the rail will cost up to $1.6
billion. The project will compete with
other transportation projects around the
country to secure a piece of the federal
transportation budget. Federal funding
will cover about half of the project’s
initial costs, with the other half coming
from state and local governments.
In 2012, voters agreed to a local sales
tax of .05 percent to help pay for the
light rail.
However, Hauser said GoTriangle’s
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proposal has fallen short of the original
project that residents approved in 2012.
What was first pitched as a 34-minute ride from Chapel Hill to Durham
turned into a more than 40-minute ride
after several route changes.
The Durham-Orange Light Rail
was initially going to connect to a Wake
County rail system built in tandem.
Wake County recently backed out of
the project, as officials chose to improve
and expand their bus and diesel rapid
rail systems instead.
Hauser and Cabanes think Durham
and Orange Counties should follow suit.
“Bus Rapid Transit is taking all the
advantages of the Light Rail except
instead of using steel rails they are
using asphalt,” Cabanes said. “That’s
important becuase instead of requiring
a 50-foot wide path, bus lanes are just
12 feet wide. You can fit four bus lanes
in one light rail track. If you look at the
23,000 boardings they are projecting in
2035, that’ll be 622 passengers per hour
on the light rail. But if we use the bus
system, the same space can accommodate almost 900 passengers per hour.”
Erik Landfried, transit service planning supervisor for GoTriangle, pointed
out there is limited space for buses.
“When people say, ‘Why can’t we just
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No reservations necessary. Dogs will be
accepted on a first-come, first-served
basis for the registration procedure.
Cole Park Veterinary Hospital personnel
will be conducting the microchip clinic.
55 Woodbridge Drive • Chapel Hill
919.929.3352 •
6 | September 2015
76 Hillsboro Street
Located just North of the circle
in downtown Pittsboro
do this with BRT,’ it’s
because you can’t throw
that many more buses at
this problem because we
can’t get them in or out,”
Landfried said.
A typical transit bus
can carry 110 people
with one operator, while
a light rail can carry 540
people with one operator. This translates into a
lower cost per passenger
operating cost.
Other residents have
concerns about the environmental consequences.
Under the National
Environmental Policy
Act, certain agencies
must file an EIS if a
project could have significant impact on the
The initial Meadowmont Lane route was
redrawn to avoid park
land in the corridor. The
preferred route will now
run through Woodmont
near Cabanes’ residence.
Cabanes said he is
worried about the impact the rail might have
on his property value.
Natalie Murdock,
public involvement
manager for GoTriangle,
Proposed map of Durham-Orange Light Rail
Alternative station
Planned station
Patterson Place
(two alternatives)
Duke Eye Care
Due to environmental hazards,
there are three routes proposed
for the New Hope Creek crossing.
The routes along 15-501 offer
fewer environmental consequences, but they may interfere with
LaSalle St.
Trent / Flowers
Ninth St.
Buchanan Blvd.
UNC Hospitals
Durham Station
South Square
Mason Farm Road
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Drive (two alternatives)
Meadowmont Lane
Dillard St.
Hamilton Road
Alston Ave. / NCCU
Leigh Village
Friday Center Drive
(three alternatives)
Source: GoTriangle
said she has spoken to real estate agents who
are excited about the light rail.
“You’re going to have faster travel times,
which will attract people from the universities
to developing areas outside the city centers,”
Murdock said.
However, not everyone sees this as a benefit.
There are three proposed routes from Hamilton
Road to Leigh Village through Friday Center Drive.
The Meadowmont route is no longer a viable
option due to land use conflicts. The most likely
route through this section is the Woodmont Lane
route (light blue), which runs along Highway 54.
“The route through Downing Creek is
now allowing for a new development of
$700,000 townhouses, which nobody in
Downing right now could afford,” Hauser
said. “All these communities were unsuspecting of the impacts it would have on them.”
McDonough said he hopes the public
Engineering difficulties that limited
station space caused the Alston Avenue
stop to move a quarter mile west of the
planned location. The new station is
farther from low-income neighborhoods.
Graphic by Langston Taylor
comment period will clear up misconceptions
about the project.
“I know it may seem like we’re not listening because we won’t be able to respond
to all comments right away,” he said. “But
everything is documented and comments of
substance will be addressed.”
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on Market Street, the new Southern Village park,
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Southern Neighbor | 7
1 Tuesday
The Doug Largent Trio at
Looking Glass Cafe
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Looking Glass Cafe
601 W. Main St., Carrboro, N.C.
The Doug Largent Trio, consisting
of Doug Largent on organ, Brad
Maiani on guitar and Donovan
Cheatham on drums, plays vintage
soul organ jazz. Come out to Carrboro to enjoy this free event.
(919) 967-9398
3 Thursday
Pre-School Story Time
10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Flyleaf Books
752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Chapel Hill,
Every Thursday, Flyleaf Books offers
storytime followed by an art activity. Every week Johanna Albrecht,
The Stock
The Triangle’s Premier
Consignment Boutique
sometimes assisted by a special
guest, reads a book to the children.
(919) 942-7373
4 Friday
Golf Clinic with Karl
Starts at 6 p.m.
Hillandale Golf Course
1600 Hillandale Road, Durham, N.C.
Karl Kimball, director of golf at Hillandale Golf Course, will talk about
how to improve your golfing skills.
During the event, donations will
be accepted, and proceeds will go
to the Folds of Honor Foundation
and Patriot Golf Day, which honors
military service members.
(919) 286-4211
5 Saturday
Cookbook Signing: Frances
(352) 870-3448
12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
A Southern Season
University Mall, 201 S. Estes Drive, Chapel
Hill, N.C.
The author of three celebrated
books about her life in Italy will be
signing copies of “The Tuscan Sun
Cookbook” on Saturday. She will
also talk about her idea of family
and how her life has been shaped
through her experiences in Italy.
(877) 929-7133
12 Saturday
North Carolina Jerk Fest
9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
CCB Plaza
E. Chapel Hill and Corcoran St., Durham, NC
Come out for this family event
featuring reggae music, a wing-eating contest, a domino tournament
and much more. Donations are
appreciated and go toward the
CaribSplash Youth Development
and the Children’s Cultural Center
of Excellence Fund.
13 Sunday
Ultimate Toss and Tailgate
12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Durham Central Park, Inc.
501 Foster St., Durham, N.C.
Food trucks, music and Sunday
football will be available alongside
a charity cornhole tournament.
There will also be games, raffles
and prizes. This event will raise
money for the Ronald McDonald
House of Durham.
(919) 596-1242
13 Sunday
Schoolhouse of Wonder’s
Family Field Day
12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
West Point on the Eno
5101 N. Roxboro Road, Durham, N.C.
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* Lilly Pulitzer
* Ann Taylor
* Cole Haan
* Coach
* and much more!
Tue-Fri 10-7 • Sat 10-5 • Sun 12-5
Falconbridge Shopping Center
Exit 273 off I-40. Behind the Hardee’s
next to Mardi Gras
Across from Harrington Bank
and Nantucket
8 | September 2015
Over 25 Years of
Finance Experience in
both Small Business and
Personal Accounting
Quickbooks Certified
[email protected]
Authentic Thai Cuisine • Eat-In or Carry Out
Now Serving Lunch and Dinner Seven Days/Week
Dinner: Sun - Thurs 5-9:30 Fri - Sat 5 - 10:00 • Lunch: 11 - 2:30
Glenwood Square Shopping Center • 1206 Raleigh Rd • Chapel Hill
919-967-5805 •
in activities such as archery, seed
spitting, relay races and more. This
picnic-style event has some free
events and some ticketed events.
Tickets can be purchased online in
(919) 477-2116
19 Saturday
Meade Skelton at Open
Eye Cafe
7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Open Eye Cafe
101 S. Greensboro St., Carrboro, N.C.
Order a coffee and enjoy the
sounds of singer-songwriter Meade
Skelton. The keyboardist will be returning to Open Eye, and you won’t
want to miss his unique sound.
(919) 968-9410
24 Thursday
“Starting at the Finish
Line: The Coach Buehler
Story” Film Screening
7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Durham County Main Library
300 N. Roxboro St., Durham, N.C.
Coach Al Buehler is famous for
impacting the lives of athletes such
as Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Mike
Krzyzewski. This film tells the story
of his 60-year-long career and his
efforts toward improving women’s
athletics and international sport
and race relations.
(919) 560-0100
26 Saturday
Pedal for Peds
8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
UNC’s Wellness Center
350 Stonecroft Lane, Cary, N.C.
There will be a stationary bike marathon to raise money to benefit the
Division of Pediatric Hematology
Oncology. This annual event is in its
sixth year, and this year will feature
a silent auction and a road bike
ride through the American Tobacco
26 Saturday
Octoberfest Street Party
4 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Bull City Burger and Brewery
107 E. Parrish St. Suite 105, Durham, N.C.
For the fifth year there will be music
and activities along the street with
beer, brats and burgers. Featuring
musical guests Bill West, The Lids
and Daddy’s Alright. Proceeds will
go toward supporting Habitat of
Humanity Durham.
(919) 680-2333
30 Wednesday
Kidz Voices
10:30 a.m. to 11:15 p.m.
Kidzu Children’s Museum
201 S. Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Children will sing, dance and make
their own instruments at this music
education camp. Children will construct instruments out of recycled
materials that they can take home
with them. Registration is $5 for the
first kid and $3 for each additional
Fridays on the Front
June 5- October 23
Fridays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The Carolina Inn
211 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill
Join the fun every Friday on
our Front Porch at 5 p.m. for
live music, beer, wine and
a variety of spirits. New this
season are a variety of food
trucks available to entertain
your palate.
[email protected]
(919) 918-2735
(919) 933-1455
Big Oak Restoration
Mary Thompson
Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
& Hourly Rates
Chapel Hill/Carrboro
Chamber Of Commerce
“Restoring Yesterday’s Memories”
Antiques • Collectibles • Vintage
Repurposed and Unique items
Specializing in Vintage Porch Gliders
Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Restoration
Put your orders in now for summer
Wed - Sat 10am-6pm
Follow Us On
Historic Mebane
117 W Clay Street
Craftique Furniture Specialists
(919) 563-3330
122 West Clay Street
Mebane, NC 27302
Visit us on
Email: [email protected]com
antiques, art & coveted goods
137 W. Clay Street
Mebane, NC 27302
Redefining the entire boarding
Serving the Mebane/
Chapel Hill area since 1998
Open Mon-Sat
919.932.4738 •
1101 Dawson Road • Chapel Hill
We Now Have Cool, Retro-Style
118 West Clay Street, Mebane, NC
7 years in
a row!
Time to book your
summertime stay!
Southern Neighbor | 9
is robbing you of some of your life force
energy, there are some easy, simple tools
you can learn that provide quick results
to regain your resilience and joie de vivre.
Enjoy renewed vitality and fullness of life
with gentle bodywork or with a HeartMath® mentoring session.
years, finding an experienced, professional massage therapist can sometimes be challenge. Virginia has been in
practice for over 27 years, providing a
unique, holistic approach to massage
therapy. She tailors each appointment to
the client’s individual needs. Her services
include, individual appointments in her
peaceful, Carrboro office, on-site chair
massage for the office and events and
gentle in-home massage for the elderly
and medically frail. Virginia also provides
training in comforting touch to family
members and caregivers of those with
medical challenges.
Certified Trager®Practitioner;
Certified HeartMath®Coach/Mentor 919.967.2215
Whether you prefer hands-on bodywork
or strictly verbal interaction to release
and manage unnecessary stress and tension, Lorraine is happy to custom design
a session for you or for your loved ones.
Clients describe the results of her sessions as helping them to come home to
themselves — feeling a sense of peace,
ease, lightness and well-being. If stress
Virginia Lee Sprague, LMBT#3732
103 W. Weaver St., 2nd Floor, Carrboro
TNew Client Discounts! Fifteen dollars
OFF your first massage. Whether you are
new to the area or have been here for
There’s more than one way
to donate to the ReStore…
Donate your t ime a nd
become a member of the
H a bit at for Hu m a n it y
ReStore family. Meet new
people, share your expertise
and skills, learn new things,
and receive recognition for
your service.
To learn more about lending
a helping hand, attend a
Welcome Session. visit our
website for more information
and to register.
Check out our FaQs
on volunteering!
Call 919.403.8668 ext. 103
Mon – Sat, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Need help with larger items? FRee pickup SeRv ice: 919.354.0892
Serving Durham and Orange Counties
5501 Durham-Chapel hill Blvd (just off I-40 at the 15-501 exit)
M–Sat 10–6 | 919.403.8668 |
10 | September 2015
4915 Hwy 54W, Chapel Hill 919.929.0582
[email protected]
We offer services in electrical repairs,
LED lighting, and remodeling for your
electrical repairs. We are here for you
whenever you need it! We also offer
emergency service work for your electrical needs. Last minute repairs are not
a problem. Carol Dixon is N.C. licensed
and insured and has been in the electric
contracting business for 25 years. Her
customers say they really enjoy having a
woman do their work.
Raye Jordan
[email protected]
Fixall Services has been serving the
Triangle area for over 20 years, providing
electrical, plumbing and HVAC services
as well as painting, power washing,
wood and structural repairs, roofing,
landscape maintenance and brick and
concrete work. Licensed contractor/Insured, Chamber of Commerce member.
Major credit cards accepted.
919.942.0390- call anytime
Lawn cleanup — leaves, gutters, etc.,
plus lawn aerating and reseeding. Lawn
Holt’s Interiors
• Personal attention
• We sell at 40-60% off retail!
Come visit our showroom displaying new
furniture, cabinets, flooring and countertops
Mon-Fri 9:30 - 5:00 • Sat 9:30 - 3:00
1089 East Street • Pittsboro
and bush hog mowing. Trees topped
and cut, shrubs pruned. Mulch for sale
— oak, pine and pine straw. Gravel
driveway repair and grading plus tractor
service. 40 years of experience.
919.542.9892 or 919.742.9892
Specializing in bringing neglected yards back to
their former beauty. We can help you with proper
pruning of trees and ornamental shrubs. We
offer tree and shrub planting and design, several
choices of mulch, leaf removal, roofs and rain
gutters cleaned of leaves, plus jungle taming
and tree removal. We are your go to company for
presenting your home for market, or just simply
preserving tranquility for one’s self.
200 North Greensboro St., A-8
Carr Mill Mall
Wine and Design Chapel Hill offers you
the opportunity to have an exciting
night out with friends, family members
or coworkers. Our paint parties are led
by local artists who feature a different
painting every night. It’s the perfect place
to let loose and uncork your creative side
with good friends and great wine. No
experience required. Our ArtBuzz Kids
programs allow little ones to join the fun,
too. The studio is relocating to The Glen
Lennox Shopping Center on Hwy 54 in
June 2015.
(919) 542-5757
Chatham Animal Rescue and Education
(CARE) celebrates its 40th birthday this
year! Join us at the Pittsboro Roadhouse
Sunday, October 4 from 4 to 8 pm for
the North Carolina debut of the 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival, produced and
curated by the Walker Arts Center. Pasta
buffet, cupcake contest, raffle items, and
door prizes. Purchase tickets online at
121 Hillsboro St., Pittsboro
Weekdays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. , Saturday 10 a.m.
to 7 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Circle City offers a wide selection of rare,
used and unusual books, vinyl and CDs.
The store can also offer book owners
a way to sell their most valuable books
though its online branch to achieve the
highest return possible, even as the
market for used books contracts. Entire
libraries or small collections, direct sale
or consignment.
Monthly review by Kelly Archer
Fullsteam Brewery
Location: 726 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham
Price: $
Age range: All welcome until 9 p.m., 21 and up after
With a laid-back atmosphere and a
large variety on tap, Fullsteam Brewery
is one of the defining points in the constellation of cool eats and drinks in the
garden district of downtown Durham.
If you’re still skeptical about
Durham’s ability to provide for a
relaxed afternoon or evening out, don’t
be — Motorco, Cocoa Cinnamon, and
Fullsteam are scattered around the park
and farmers’ market, providing the
perfect balance of quiet and hip scenes
for gathering.
Fullsteam’s tagline is “plow-to-pint
beer from the beautiful South,” which,
while not that unique of a concept in
the area, is an accurate description of a
warm yet proudly independent brewery
with a mission to define Southern beer.
I strongly recommend taking advantage of the refurbished warehouse vibe
for a late summer or early fall evening.
The doors are thrown open to a huge
dining hall-like arrangement of long
tables, and the outdoor picnic tables
are either encircled by twinkly lights,
or they overlook the streets for prime
None of this, however, is exceptionally conducive to colder weather — but
the location is versatile.
While the crowd is overwhelmingly
hip post-grads, a pool table and arcade
games make it possible for children to
tag along, and the outdoor area provides
for an assortment of canine companions.
There are post-work patrons
hunched over their work-related materials with a cold pint, and there are tables
claimed entirely by mob-sized young
gatherings. I’ve even seen a man — with
an infant strapped to his chest — enjoying a cold brew with friends.
It’s casual afternoon drinking at its
But be warned: You are at risk to be
swarmed by group runners in neon attire, sweating profusely, at any moment.
It’s not the place to go for an intimate
Chill Factor
Fullsteam is both limited and freed
by its degree of “chill.”
It attracts food trucks, which are
almost always parked directly out front
for a convenient dinner or snack. A
stage (largely ignored unless supporting
a band) makes for great easy listening
live music. The large industrial space is
also ideal for spirited trivia nights and
yoga classes.
All this contributes to a great community feel despite the fact you’re surrounded, overwhelmingly, by strangers.
If you like to cozy up to a physical
bar, you’re a little out of luck; the bar
itself is usually suffocated by people
ordering beers, growlers or flights. It’s a
little dark and muggy compared to the
other bars in the area.
If you’re looking to avoid children
and dogs while drinking, you’re also out
of luck. Fullsteam allows children until
9 p.m. because they say it shows drinking in a responsible and positive light.
Children are welcome at the establishment as long as they are well-behaved and I found it didn’t distract
from my experience. If anything, it
contributes to the community hangout
One may make the easy misconception that because it is a local brewery,
the ratio of hipsters to casual drinkers
might be skewed. I can assure you this
is not the case, and there is a comfortable balance between knowledgeable
and casual drinkers, both young and
If you’ve never had Fullsteam beer
before, I highly recommend getting
a flight, which will run you $12 and
meant to be shared. The beers are
locally brewed, served all over North
I’m an adventurous drinker and
will try anything, which made for an
exciting tasting experience. Never
Photo by Kelly Archer
At Fullsteam, the whole family is welcome. Children are allowed until 9 p.m.
assume your tastes in beer until you try
Because it is a brewery and tavern,
you have the rare ability to sample
a variety of beer types while having
experts at your disposal to explain beer
types and the brewing process, so take
advantage of this.
I started my flight with the Basil
Summer Farmhouse ale, a crisp beer
that is a must in summer months. The
smoked Hogwash is the best way to get
a taste of N.C. with its combination
of bacon and chocolate notes — but
certainly don’t order a pint of this unless
you’re confident in your appreciation of
dark beers.
The Carver sweet potato lager also
supports the North Carolina authenticity, as does the Fearrington Southern
lager with a clever nod to the local farm.
The tavern also serves wine, cider,
soda and iced coffee. However, there is
no liquor served at this establishment.
There aren’t many locations in the
area where you can get the full brewery-tavern experience. This makes
Fullsteam a somewhat coveted desti-
Now offering
Clear Aligner
Orthodontic Therapy
110 Banks Drive, Chapel Hill
nation. It also puts a lot of pressure on
the location to make it worth the drive
when many of the beers are available on
tap at other restaurants.
While I think the beer quality and
happy-go-lucky crowd manages to make
it worth the trip, the industrial space
layout is not a unique concept anymore.
It seems to limit the gatherings to a
casual late afternoon or early evening
The weather, timing and general
feel of the entire group has to be very
intentional as well, making Fullsteam a
time- and evening-consuming event.
Additionally, you are limited,
obviously, to beer. If you only stomach
light beers on the occasional weekend,
this might not be the spot for you. Not
taking advantage of the varieties of beer
feels almost insulting to a brewery that
takes so much pride in its creations.
Overall, Fullsteam offers a wide
variety of exotic-sounding, but locally-brewed beers served by a knowledgable staff.
Be sure to check out the schedule
of events on Fullsteam’s website. The
tavern hosts a running club, dog walk,
comedy shows, trivia, yoga classes and
local bands.
Implants and
Mini Implants
Southern Neighbor | 11
Window Washing
Gutter Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning
New Business Offers Reliable,
WoodDoneR ght On-Time Transportation to and from
Medical Appointments
fine woodwork, cabinetry and design
Visit Our Website at:
[email protected]
919¥ 623¥ 4557
• Free Estimates
• Owner Operated
• Earth Friendly Products
• Fully Insured
[email protected]
Jane Kolimaga
(919) 451-7444
[email protected]
What happens when
you need to
get home from
an outpatient procedure such
as sedation
dentistry or a
What happens when you’re new to
the area, don’t know anyone, and
need to have surgery? What happens
when you’re opting for a cosmetic
procedure? When you’re having a
biopsy and don’t want your loved
ones to worry? In all of these situations, Appointment Friend, LLC – a
new business based out of Chapel
Hill, North Carolina – can provide
practical assistance for Triangle
residents who need to be transported
and accompanied to and from various medical appointments.
“Any time you are placed under
anesthesia, you must have a responsible companion, someone 18 or
older, to escort you to the clinic, be
available during your procedure,
and be present at the time of your
discharge,” says Jane Kolimaga,
Appointment Friend’s founder
and self-titled ‘Friend-in-Chief.’
“There was a time when I needed
help getting to appointments,” says
Kolimaga, “and I had to ask for help
from friends that I knew had their
own busy lives. I felt that it was a
huge imposition and, even though I
appreciated their help, I wish I’d had
another option. From those experiences, I started Appointment Friend
as a way to provide a much needed service that I know people will
Kolimaga is Red Cross certified,
knows First Aid, and has been
trained in CPR (cardio-pulmonary
resuscitation, AED (automated external defibrillator), fire/life safety, and
HIPAA privacy and security training
for non-clinicians. Coming from a
25-year career in clinical research
with organizations like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
the Department of Veterans Affairs,
the National Cancer Institute, and
Duke University, Kolimaga founded
Appointment Friend in January of
2015 and is excited to be launching
this new endeavor. After so many
years of helping people through
health services research, Kolimaga’s
new business is a natural extension
of her mission to help others.
With Appointment Friend, LLC,
Triangle area residents now have
a resource for reliable, discreet,
on-time transportation to and from
medical appointments. Currently
serving the Durham County and
Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina, Appointment Friend provides
healthcare chauffeur and companion
services – because getting to and
from an appointment should be the
least of your worries. n
Susan R. DeLaney, ND, RN
Naturopathic Doctor/Homeopathy Consultant
Offering safe, effective, and evidence-based
natural therapies for all ages.
Where Southern soul and
Carolina spirit meet on every plate.
Opening September 2015.
211 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 • 866.392.4504
at The Carolina Inn • free parking •
12 | September 2015
The Wellness Alliance
301 W. Weaver St., Carrboro, NC 27510
Housecleaning Services from An Owner Who Cares
Coverage, property of others in your
care, custody, and control is excluded. This is fine for a retail establishment, but obviously a necessity in the
cleaning industry, or any other business where your service is provided
in the home. Liability coverage also
should have re-keying coverage in
case your key gets lost and the whole
house has to be re-keyed, which can
become quite expensive.
Maid Right of Durham services
Orange, Durham, Chatham and
Alamance counties. For more
information on Maid Right, give Ray
Swanson a call at (919) 680-1350.
Ray Swanson, owner of
Maid Right of
Durham, has
some advice
for his neighbors in the
Triangle area.
He cautions
residents to
always know the people who come
into their homes to provide any type
of service. “Don’t be shy,” Swanson
says, “to ask service providers if they
have insurance and if they run background checks, so that if something
bad happens though no fault of your
own, you as the homeowner will not
be held responsible.”
You also want to be protected in
the worst case that theft occurs in
your home. The service provider
will offer this protection by having a
3rd party theft bond (the third party
being the customer).
Ray explains there are a few basic
categories that you want to be sure
are covered: what happens if damage
to the home occurs, if something is
stolen, if a key is lost and the house
needs to be re-keyed, and what
happens if someone working in your
home is injured through an accident
that you weren’t responsible for.
Finally, ask about workers compensation. This is coverage that will
pay the workers medical bills in the
case where they become injured in
the house due to their own negligence or accident. However, if an
investigation points to negligence
on the part of the homeowner, say
for example a detached carpet on
a staircase caused a fall, then the
homeowner could be ultimately held
Background checks are important
as well, Swanson says. While the
purpose of bonding insurance is to
cover the loss when a theft occurs,
the purpose of doing a background
check is to minimize a chance of having a person in the home who would
take something in the first place.
Comprehensive background checks
include national and local searches
for felony, misdemeanor and sex
offender offenses.
Maid Right of Durham carries all
this insurance and prides themselves
on placing only the most qualified
professionals in the home. Swanson
says it’s important to recognize that
while a home may look clean, it may
not actually be clean. And this is
where Maid Right also differs from
other cleaning companies in some
distinctive ways. With their exclusive EnviroShield home disinfecting
process, 99% of common bacteria and
viruses such as H1N1 and E. coli are
eliminated. The company uses only
Eco-friendly cleaning agents and
their HEPA vacuums are especially
helpful for homes with pets or family
members with allergies. And their
color-coded cleaning process also
ensures that a cloth used to sanitize
a bathroom never touches another
surface in your home. With Maid
Right you get the same cleaner each
time, there are no contracts and the
company guarantees the quality of its
With advanced degrees in science
and business, Swanson has managed
bio-tech businesses in the U.S. and
Japan for 25 years. He understands
the importance of a healthy environment for families. He started Maid
Right of Durham because he believes
in their customer service approach,
but he returned to this area because it
represents home to him; his mother,
sister and two daughters also reside
in Chapel Hill and Durham.
“My vision is to build a system of
local business owners who want to
invest in a better life for themselves
by delivering exceptional cleaning
services to their clients,” says Swanson. n
Protection from damage to the
home is covered by Liability Insurance. It’s important to make sure
that your service provider has liability insurance that contains Care, Custody and Control coverage. In short,
Under Standard General Liability
with The Southeast’s Premier Auction Company
Our Specialists are now considering Estates and
Consignments, with a focus on Estate Jewelry,
Fine Art, Asian Art, Silver, Furniture, and Fine
Wine for inclusion in our Upcoming Auctions.
If Beauty and Relaxation is your Dream,
Mateer General Construction, LLC, can
transform it into a reality for you!
Leland J. Little
Owner & Auctioneer
Full-Service Auction Company
Centrally Located in Hillsborough, NC
Trusted for over 18 years by customers
throughout North Carolina.
Transform tired decks into lovely screened porches
Hot attics into cool TV rooms
Basements into year round fun spaces
Upgrade bathrooms
All work 100% guaranteed by a licensed NC
contractor based in Chapel Hill since 2007
Call for a free quote. We will be glad to stop by and
offer our ideas on how to transform your space today
919-260-7688 • [email protected]
Hans Olsen, “Fried Egg” Chair Andrew Wyeth (PA/ME, 1917-2009), Diamond Ring, Bulgari
Sold - $4,000
Sold - $40,000
Sold - $28,000
620 Cornerstone Ct. Hillsborough, NC 27278
Southern Neighbor | 13
“Life Planning for Visionary People”
Todd Washburn Solutions, LLC
Fee-only financial planning
[email protected]
We live in
a fast-paced
society and
some say we
crave instant
We want the
news now.
We want the
newest tech gadget now. We want a
big house now. But those of us with
a few miles under our belt know that
some things just take time. Some
things you can’t rush – and some
you need to start sooner rather than
later- even if the rewards are much
later. Sometimes you have to commit
long-term to get what you want.
Tillman, Hinkle &
Whichard, PLLC
Attorneys at Law • Chapel Hill, North Carolina
I had the opportunity this summer
to leave town for a month on what
was an awesome adventure. I went
across the country in a 15-passenger
bus with 10 teenagers (ages 14-16).
Eleven days were spent backpacking.
The other 18 or 19 days were spent
driving, mountain biking, mountain
climbing, exploring the Vegas strip –
and a whole lot more. The kids were
all members of my son’s Boy Scout
troop. The primary purpose for the
trip was to go to a high-adventure
camp in New Mexico called Philmont (hence the backpacking). But we
packed a whole lot more into it. Yes
– I survived. All the kids came back
in one piece. And a good time was
had by all.
In all honesty – the trip went by
fast. But it took a lot of time and
work to make it happen. We- the
boys and leaders – committed a
year in advance in order to enter
the lottery at Philmont for a trek the
following summer. The boys needed
time to raise money. We needed time
FREE Garden Tour
10 am Saturdays
open every day in spring
open year round
see website for details
1111 Dawson Road CH
West of Carrboro off Old G’boro Rd.
Offering Legal Services
in the areas of
www.Nic h eGar d
to plan the rest of the itinerary. We
(OK – I) needed time to get in shape
for some very strenuous backpacking. I needed time to organize my
practice to be gone that long. The
point is, we couldn’t put this all
together in a month or two. It took
a concerted effort over time. Even
then we couldn’t predict everything.
There were the events beyond our
control: the weather (rain, sleet, hail
and tornado warnings), bus breakdowns (trailer tires and curbs don’t
mix well), and injuries/illnesses. We
had to deal with the dynamics of the
group as they traveled together.
A lot of what I wrote above applies
to retirement planning too. It takes
time. A year may be enough for a
month-long trip, but probably not for
a 30 year retirement. The boys could
raise enough money in year – but
you probably can’t for retirement.
It takes time and effort to plan out
where you want to go and what you
want to do in retirement. You need
to get your finances in shape. And
Need Transportation Help?
Call: 919-717-1853
FREE Transportation
for Eligible Orange County
Adults 60+ Years Old
or Older!
Wills and Trusts
Probate and Trust Administration
Arbitration and mediation
services offered by
Willis P. Whichard,
Certified Mediator
501 Eastowne Dr., Suite 130
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
[email protected]
14 | September 2015
you need to prepare for unexpected
bumps in the road that may slow you
down. We were lucky. The other adviser with us has done trips like this
many times – and so we didn’t have
to start from scratch. I have no doubt
it saved us money and stopped us
from making a bunch of mistakes.
You don’t need to plan retirement
from scratch either. While you may
not have done it before, there are
advisers out there like me who help
folks figure out their plan and how to
get on the path to their goals. They
know what the common bumps are
and how to plan for them. But they
aren’t miracle workers and can’t
change everything on a dime. It still
takes time to work out a plan and it’ll
take you time to make it happen. But
just like my trip this summer, planning in advance and being ready for
the unexpected can lead to one heck
of a good time that just seems to fly
by. Don’t keep putting it off – start
planning your big adventure! n
Offering a self-paced online
reading program
• 5th-12th grade students
• 20 minutes a day for 6
• Measurable results
It’s good to have a friend...
...When you need someone to take you
back and forth for medical appointments
...When you need someone to stay for the
duration of a medical procedure
...When your privacy is important and
procedures are sensitive in nature
Fine Service For Your Treasured Clocks And Watches
4500 Trenton Road, Chapel Hill
...When a family member or friend is not
available for recurring appointments
Appointment Friend
Your Healthcare Chauffeur & Companion
919.451.7444 | [email protected]
Your Teen and Alcohol
It’s scary and it’s obvious that this
is a big issue that will concern every
parent. I think the most alarming statistics are the amount of drinking and
driving. What can parents do?
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to the Centers
for Disease
Control, although drinking by persons
under the age
of 21 is illegal,
people aged
12 to 20 years
drink 11% of all alcohol consumed
in the United States. More than 90%
of this alcohol is consumed in the
form of binge drinks. On average,
underage drinkers consume more
drinks per drinking occasion than
adult drinkers. The 2013 Youth Risk
Behavior Survey found that among
high school students, during the past
30 days, 35% drank some amount of
alcohol, 21% binge drank, 10% drove
after drinking alcohol, 22% rode
with a driver who had been drinking
The first and obvious answer is
to pay attention to your teen and do
your best to communicate. If you are
having trouble talking, maybe that is
a place to start. If your attempts to
have a conversation aren’t working,
that in itself can be a red flag that
something is up. A therapist can
help troubleshoot the problem and
restore some degree of trust and open
If you do find out that your teen
has been drinking, the first rule is
keep your cool. Reacting with anger
will most likely get in the way of
having a productive conversation.
It’s important talk with your teen
and try to find out what is going
on. Is this early experimentation or
is it a regular habit? Are they driving or riding with drivers who are
drinking? It can be a real challenge
to stay rational if you find out that
your child is taking part in seriously
dangerous activities.
Many parents react by getting
angry, shaming the teen, and often
blaming themselves or their spouse.
This is understandable, however, it
risks further alienation, which can
lead to more acting out and rebellion.
A more skillful reaction is to seek to
find ways of helping the teen make
better decisions. Teens do need limits
and consequences, but limits and
consequences are often ineffective or
counter productive if the teen does
not have a positive connection to the
There are many reasons teens
drink. Obviously we live in a culture
in which they see alcohol consumption as a sign of adulthood. Communication is always important but
I think the biggest issue, which can
be addressed is the amount of stress
teens today feel. Kids who are doing
well in school and activities are
typically under enormous pressure to
perform. And kids who aren’t doing
well are under just as much pressure
– most of it negative. Many teens
have issues with self-confidence
and find drinking is a way to loosen
up and feel more relaxed in social
A preventive strategy for dealing
with alcohol abuse is, first, to have
a good sense of your teen’s level of
stress and how well they are developing coping skills. Life is going to
be full of stress. What we all want is
for our teens to grow up into adults
who can handle what life brings. If
you see your teen is not doing well,
maybe it’s time to get some help
from a skilled therapist. Some signs
of distress include outbursts of anger,
isolation, unwillingness to talk about
what is bothering them, depression,
dark moods, video game addictions,
binge eating, and social media addictions. While some of these may
seem “normal” they are all signs of
underlying distress that can lead to
run away problems including alcohol
and drug abuse.
In the next article I’ll discuss teens
and drug use. n
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