The 22th Higashikawa Award Winners
The Overseas Photographer Award
Sara, Rani, Pinky 1990, from Bombay Mix
Ketaki Sheth Lives in Mumbai, India
Born in Mumbai, India in 1957. Graduated from the Arts in English Literature,
Elphinstone College, Bombay University, and the Communication Arts, Cornell
University, New York. Has lived in India and U.K. since her childhood. Started to engage
in photography in the 80s. Held exhibitions in India, U.K. and U.S.A. With the course of
the rapid economic growth in India, a group of women photographers have emerged
with Ketaki Sheth as a forerunner in the 90s. They have been looking at their own
country with a new perspective and are now in the limelight. The title of the
prizewinning Bombay Mix is taken from the name of the popular spicy salted snack
producing the scenes of chaotic Bombay street life, a tightly packed mixture.
The Domestic Photographer Award
from SAKURA, 2003
SUZUKI Risaku Lives in Tokyo
Born in Shingu-city, Wakayama Prefecture in 1963. Graduated from the Research
Department, Tokyo College of Photography. Started photography through a group
exhibition from 1985, held his first solo exhibition in 1990. Published Kumano taken
from the journey, Tokyo to his hometown Kumano. Received the 25th Kimura Ihee
Award for Piles of Time in 2000. Pursuing the relations between photography and
invisibility, he has been presenting his subject of works Mont Sainte Victoire ,
Sakura and Kumano . Appointed assistant professor of Department of Inter Media
Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music this spring.
The New Photographer Award
from How Many Miles?? 1998-2005
ANRAKUJI Emi Lives in Tokyo
Born in Tokyo, in 1963. Majored Oil Painting in Musashino Art University. After
struggling with illness over ten years from her early childhood, she started producing
etching and photograph since around 1998. Facing her own innermost, her way of
taking photographs has been continued as if looking into her life and liberating her
sexual drive and emotions with a delicate sense of touch. Photographs and forty
handmade pieces of portfolios and books attract attention also from abroad recently.
The Special Award
from Agenda, 2002
WATAYA Osamu Lives in Tokyo
Born in Engaru, Monbetsu, Hokkaido in 1963. Studied at the Design Course, Tokyo
Designer Gakuin College. Started publishing a series of photography books, Hysteric
Glamour, as an Art director in 1989. Began taking photographs through frequent trips
to hometown and abroad in 1991. Published RIVER BED , the lives of people along the
canal in Amsterdam, ENGARU and YUMENOKIGEN , his hometown scenery. Renoir ,
drowse at the cafe away from work. KIRIGIRISU
and LOVESTORY capturing girls he met. Published Agenda in 2002, which consists
of 600 photographs taken daily in Tokyo through the year. Recent publication Hirugao
was taken by panoramic camera revisiting to a skid row after 20 years to capture the
unchanged flow of time and people.

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